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The parish of BRIDE (or St. Bridget) extends from the Point of Ayre on the north, to Lezayre on the south; and from Andreas eastward to the sea. It includes an area of about nine square miles. Physically it is a continuation of the district of Andreas, being the eastern portion of the low, flat district, which forms the northern extremity of the Island. The coastline throughout is composed of drift gravels, sands, and clays, generally of no great elevation ; but at some points, as at Point Cranstal and Jurby Point, it rises to the height of about 200 feet, and at these points some fine sections of the drift, or superficial deposits, may be found. This coastline is singularly unbroken, not an inlet breaking its outline from Ramsey to the Lhen Mooar, a distance of above 12 miles. Several extensive sandbanks have been formed along this coast from the waste of its materials, which, from their position in the track of vessels navigating the North Channel, are very dangerous to shipping. Among these are the Point of Ayre Bank, the Whitestone Bank, the Bahama Bank, and King William’s Bank, which stretch along the coast from the Point of Ayre southwards. The extreme north of the district of Bride is a barren sandy waste, but further from the shore the soil becomes more fertile. A range of rounded sandhills crosses the parish from Point Cranstal, from which, notwithstanding their low elevation, a fine view is obtained of the low district of The Curragh with the towering mountains, and deep wooded glens of the northern portion of the great insular range, while towards the north and east the Scottish and Cambrian mountains are distinctly visible. The Galloway coast, distant about 18 miles, is especially distinct, looking almost like the further bank of a wide estuary. On the Point of Ayre is a lighthouse about 100 feet above the sea-level. In the old map of the Island before referred to, Point Cranstal is called " Shellack Poynt," and a small village named " Cranston " is marked close to it, but it has long disappeared. The parish of Bride contains a scattered agricultural population of 880. It is a rectory, the present incumbent being the Rev. E. W. Kissack, rural dean.



Allon, James, labourer, Lark-hill


Boyde, John, farmer, Ballavarkish
Boyde, John, labourer, Ballavair
Boyde, William, Village
Bruce, Robert, farmer, Ballacowle
Burnyeat, William, farmer, Ballaragh
Burnyeat, William, farmer, Kerroo-dhoo
Burnyeat, William, farmer, Ballahard


Cain, John, farmer, Ballavarteen
Cain, John, labourer, Curragh-beg
Cain, William, labourer, Curragh
Caley, William, farmer, Ballafayle
Callow, Mary Ann, spinster, Ballafayle
Carr, William, labourer, Poolushtay
Casement, Margaret, widow, Ballakelmane
Christain, Catherine, Ballaquirk
Christian, Edward, farmer, Windsor-view
Christian, Thomas, blacksmith, Village
Christian, John, joiner, Village
Christian, John, labourer, Ballacain
Christian, Lucy, spinster, Ballakeigh
Christian, Mary, widow, Curragh-beg
Christian, Robert, farmer, Ballakilmane
Christian, William, blacksmith, Village
Christian, William, farmer, Alma Cottage
Christian, William, farmer, Ballacarrin
Christian, William, farmer, Ballakeigh
Christian, William, Lamb-hill
Clague, Eleanor, widow, Ballafayle
Clague, John, labourer, Grenaby
Clarke, John, farmer, Rhenash
Cleator, Margaret, widow, Ballafayle
Cork, Ann, widow, Ballakilmane
Cork, Charles, labourer, Ballagarrett
Corkill, John, blacksmith, Glentruan
Corkill, Ralph, labourer, Ballagarrett
Corkill, Thomas, farmer, Glentruan
Corkill, William, labourer, Ballakeigh
Corkish, Charles, farmer, Ballavarteen
Corkish, Mary Ann, spinster, Ballafayle
Corkish, Robert, labourer, Ballafayle
Corlett, Ann, spinster, Ballagenriy
Corlett, James, labourer, Ballacallow
Corlett, James, labourer, Ballaskelly
Corlett, John, labourer, Ballacregga
Corlett, John, labourer, Ballamartin
Corlett, William, fisherman, Ballafageen
Costain, John, labourer, Ballacowle
Cottier, John, labourer, Ballacottier
Cowin, John, farmer, Ballakilley
Cowin, Margaret, farmer, Antigua
Cowle, John, labourer, Ballacregga
Cowle, John, labourer, Ballamartin
Cowle, Margaret, widow, Ballakilmane
Cowle, Samuel, farmer, Ballakilmane
Cowle, Samuel, farmer, Ballavair
Cowley, Thomas, labourer, Ballacree
Craine, Thomas, farmer, Ballavarteen
Creer, William, farmer, Ballavair
Crellin, Mary Ann, widow, Ballafayle
Crellin, John, labourer, Ballachrink
Crellin, William, labourer, Grenaby
Crowe, John, labourer, Ballabeg
Crowe, John, labourer, Ballakilmane
Crowe, Mary, farmer, Ballamoar
Crye, John, fisherman, Ballakilley
Crye, John E., farmer, Ballemin
Cunningham, John, labourer, Ballacregga


Daugherty, Ann, widow, Ballakeigh
Daugherty, John, labourer, Ballakilmane
Dawson, John, joiner, Curragh-heg


Farguson, John, blacksmith, Kionlough
Farguson, John, farmer, Grenaby-beg
Farrant, E. C., M.HK., Ballavarkish
Fell, John, farmer, Ballavarteen


Garrett, Eliza, widow, Grenaby
Garrett, Elizabeth, spinster, Ballamartin
Garrett, John, farmer, Ballagenny
Garrett, Robert, farmer, Ballagenny
Garrett, S amson, labourer, Glentruan
Garrett, Thomas, farmer, Ballagenny
Garrett, Thomas, labourer, Ballakilmane
Garrett, William E., fisherman, Grenaby-beg
Gawne, John, labourer, Ballawhannell
Gawne, Mary, widow, Poolushtay
Gawne, Thomas, farmer, Ballacallow
Gill, Philip, labourer, Crosby


Howland, Elizabeth, spinster, Ballavair
Howland, Hugh, farmer, Glentruan
Howland, James, labourer, Ballagenny


Joughin, Daniel, farmer, Ballaquirk
Joughin, Daniel, farmer, Cronkhane
Joughin, Edward, labourer, Ballamartin
Joughin, Mark, farmer, Ballawhannel
Joughin, Mark, farmer, Tudor Cottage
Joughin, William, farmer, Ballaragh
Joughin, William, farmer, Ballaskelly
Joughin, William, Poolushtay


Kaighin, Thomas, farmer, Ballagarrett
Kaighin, Thomas, labourer, West Kimmeragh
Kelly, Charles, farmer, Ballakilmane
Kelly, Edward, farmer, Glentruan
Kelly, Edward H., farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly, James, labourer, Ballachrink
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballagarrett
Kelly, John, farmer, West Kimmeragh
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Creggaby
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Village
Kelly, William, farmer, Antigua Cottage
Kelly, William, farmer, Curragh-beg
Kelly, William, farmer, Grenaby-beg
Kermode, Margaret, farmer, Grenaby-beg
Kermode, Margaret, Sea-view House, Antigua
Kermode, Robert, labourer, Grenaby
Kermode, Thomas, fisherman, Ballakilmane
Kewin, John, farmer, Ballakilley
Kewley, Philip, sailor, Ballavarten
Kewin, Margaret, spinster, Village
Kewin, Mary Ann, spinster, Village
Killip, Thomas, fisherman, Curragh-beg
Kinnish, Robert, labourer, Ballavair
Kinnish, Thomas, labourer, Glascoe
Kinrade, William, labourer, Kionlough
Kissack, Robert, farmer, Fort Bride
Kneale, Daniel, farmer, Ballakesh
Kneale, James, farmer, Nassau
Kneale, John, farmer, Ballacregga
Kneale, John, farmer, Ballagarrett
Kneale, John C., farmer, Ballagarrett
Kneale, Thomas, farmer, Ballagenny
Kneale, Thomas, farmer, Nassau
Kneale, William, miller, Dog Mills


Lace, Thomas, farm steward, Grenaby


Martin, Robert, farmer, Ballamartin
Milligan, John, farmer, Ballakelmone
Moore, Daniel, farmer, Ballacregga
Moore, William, labourer, Grenaby


Pitts, Thomas, farmer, Glentruan


Quarrie, Thomas, labourer, Ballacowle
Quarrie, Walter, farmer, Glentruan
Quayle, John, farmer, East Kimmeragh
Quayle, John, labourer, Ballakilmone
Quilliam, Ann, widow, Ballafayle
Quine, Charles, labourer, Ballagenny
Quine, Thomas, farmer, Kionlough
Quirk, Ellen, widow, Ballakermeen
Quirk, William, farmer, Ballayonague


Radcliffe, James, labourer, Ballavair
Radcliffe, James, labourer, Glascoe
Radcliffe, John, coachman, Orry’s Mount
Radcliffe, John, farmer, Ballacowle


Sayle, Daniel, labourer, Ballakish
Sayle, John, shoemaker, Village
Sayle, Robert, mason, Ballacowle
Sayle, William, farmer, Balnalerghy
Shimmin, John, labourer, Ballagenny
Shimmin, William, farmer, Crosby
Skinner, William, farmer and shoemaker, Crosby, Bride


Teare, Daniel, farmer, Ballaskelly
Teare, Edward, farmer, City
Teare, James, labourer, Ballakeigh
Teare, Philip, joiner, Ballacregga
Teare, Robert, labourer, Ballakilmane
Teare, William, farmer, Ballacondra
Teare, William, farmer, Ballacregga


Vondy, John W., farmer and road surveyor, Ballacottier
Vondy, Thomas, junior, farmer, Glascoe
Vondy, Thomas, farmer, Kionlough
Vondy, Thomas, farmer, Orry’s Mount


Wallace, James, assistant lighthouse keeper, Bride


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