[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of ANDREAS stretches from the Lhen Mooar for four miles along the north-western coast, to within three miles of the Point of Ayre, and is bounded on the south by the parish of Lezayre. Towards the east it is separated from the parish of Bride by an irregular boundary line. It contains about 15 square miles. In appearance and character it is similar to the adjoining parishes, and in fact it forms a part of the great sandy plain of the Curragh. Its northern parts are crossed by a range of low, rounded sandhills, which extend from Point Cranstal to Blue Head. It is a purely agricultural district, and contains a large scattered population. In 1851 its population was 2,165, but in 1871 this number had fallen to 1,757. This ecclesiastical division is a rectory, in the gift of the Crown, and is generally held by the Archdeacon of Man. The present incumbent is the Ven. Archdeacon Moore.


Allen, Thomas, farmer, Ballavarry


Bannen, Anne, West Craige
Brew, Catherine, dressmaker, Village
Brew, John, farmer, Ballacollum
Brew, Thomas, farmer, Loughdrewagh
Brew, Thomas, millwright, St. Jude’s
Browne, Anne, Guilgaugh
Brown, John M., farmer, Gat-e-whing
Bruce, Robert, labourer, St. Jude’s


Caine, James, tailor, Lhen
Cain, Mrs. Jane, Village
Caine, John James, farmer, Braust
Caley, Elizabeth, Braust
Caley, Thomas, sailor, Ballacollum
Callister, Caesar, labourer, Ballaradcliffe
Callister, Catherine, labourer, Ballaghaue
Callister, John, farmer, Bridge
Callister, Thomas, labourer, Ballavarry
Callow, John, butcher, Cronk-beg
Callow, John T., farmer, Ballacurry
Callow, Thomas, farmer, Ballathona
Casement, John, farmer, Ballacorey
Casement, Margaret, Ballacorey
Christian, Alfred, farmer, Braust
Christian, James, labourer, Braust
Christian, John, farmer, Ballabane
Christian, John, farmer and joiner, Ballaslig
Christian, John Murray, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian, Mary, farmer, Rye Hill
Christian, Nathaniel, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian, Robert, labourer, Craige
Christian, Thomas, labourer, Ballalenna
Christian, William, farmer, brick & tile maker, Ballacorey
Christian, William, farmer, Smeale
Christian, William, labourer, Larivane
Christian, William, shoemaker, St. Jude’s
Christian, William Watson, farmer, Ballacurry
Christory, John, labourer, Craige
Christory, William, labourer, Ballacurry
Clarke, Margaret, cottager, Lhen
Clarke, Thomas, senior, farmer, Ballaseyre
Clarke, Thomas, junior, farmer, Lheakerrow
Cleator, Ann, Ballacurry
Cleator, Daniel, farmer, Ballakiel
Cleator, John, labourer, Guilcaugh
Cleator, Thomas, farmer, BallaMcSkelley
Clucas, Robert, shoemaker, Ardonan
Colquett, Thomas, labourer, Ballaghaue
Colvin, Cornelius, farmer, Ballacurry
Colvin, Cornelius, farmer, Rhenwee
Colvin, John, farmer, Ballayockey
Comish, Anne, Penfold
Comish, Edward, labourer, Ballaseyre
Comish, John, fisherman, Lhen
Corkill, Anne, dressmaker, Ballalough
Corkill, Charles, labourer, Ballakinvig
Corkill, John, farmer, John-oies
Corlett, Ann, Ballacorey
Corlett, Ann, farmer, West Craige
Corlett, Ellen, Croggane
Corlett, James, tailor, Village
Corlett, John, labourer, Ballacammaish
Corlett, John, labourer, Kerrowgarrow
Corlett, John, labourer, Lilly Cottage
Corlett, John, labourer, Village
Corlett, Joseph C., fisherman, Ballaihen
Corlett, Philip, labourer, Lhen
Corlett, Robert, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Corlett, Robert, farmer, The Craige
Corlett, Thomas, farmer, Kieltushghag
Corlett, William, farmer, Ballaclucas
Corlett, William, farmer, Ballavastin
Cormode, Daniel, labourer, Knockdooney
Cormode, Daniel, labourer, Knock-e-Dhooney
Cormode, Daniel, farmer, Leodest
Cormode, James, farmer, Ballaclucas
Cormode, James, fishmonger, Ballakneen
Cormode, James, Village
Cormode, James, labourer, Ballaslig
Cormode, John, farmer, Koindroughed
Cormode, John, farmer, Knockenean
Cormode, Thomas, joiner, Ballakennag
Cormode, Thomas, labourer, Knockdooney
Cormode, William, farmer, Ballabirragh
Cormode, William, farmer, Ballaquane
Cottier, John, farmer, Ballavaston
Cottier, Thomas, butcher, Village
Cowin, Robert, labourer, Farrant’s Fort
Cowle, Charles H. E., farmer, captain of parish, Ballaghaue
Cowle, Margaret, Ballacunnor
Cowle, Mary Anne, Ballakaneen
Cowley, Elizabeth, cottager, Kiondroughed
Cowley, John, mason, Ballamegagha
Cowley, Thomas, butcher, Ballacurry
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Regaby-veg
Cowley, William, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Craine, Daniel, tailor, Ballaclucas
Craine, John, labourer, Ballaclucas
Crebbin, Jane, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Crellin, Henry, labourer, Ballavarry
Crennell, Catherine, seamstress, Braust
Crennell, William, farmer, Close-e-Cleator
Cretney, Robert, labourer, Close-e-Kee
Crowe, Mary, Penfold
Crowe, Robert, labourer, Braust
Crye, John, labourer, Ballayockey
Cundrey, Ellen, labourer, Ballacrebbin
Cunningham, Charles, labourer, Penf old
Curphey, Daniel, mariner, Village
Curphey, Edward, farmer, West Craige
Curphey, Henry, farmer, Ballacollum
Curphey, James, weaver, Dhowin


Daugharty, John, labourer, Ballaslig
Deacon, George, farmer, Rose Cottage
Dugdale, Judith, farmer, Smeale
Dugdale, Thomas, labourer, Ballayockey


Ellison, Robert, farmer, Ballabeg


Faragher, Alice, cottager, Dhowin
Faragher, Anne, cottager, Dhowin
Faragher, Ann, Dhowin
Faragher, James, shoemaker, Village
Faragher, Jane, farmer, Dhowin
Faragher, Mary, cottager, Ballathona
Faragher, William, farmer, Lhen
Faragher, William, labourer, Ballawhane
Faragher, William, labourer, Cronk-e-cree
Fell, Mrs. Esther, farmer, Ballayockey
Forsythe, William J., farmer, Ardonan


Gale, James Henry, provision dealer, Ballalhen
Gale, William, farmer, Ballacammaish
Garrett, Catherine, Ballakinnig
Garrett, James, labourer, Ballacrebbin
Garrett, John, farmer, Dhowin
Garrett, William, farmer, Ballakinnig
Garrett, William, shoemaker, Ardonan
Gawne, John, farmer, Ballakinnig
Gawne, Thomas, shoemaker, Kieltushghag
Gawne, William, labourer, Ballathona
Goldsmith, Thomas, Grosvenor Inn, Village
Goldsmith, William, labourer, Ballavarry


Hampton, Adam, provision dealer, Ballalhen
Hampton, Catherine, cottager, Ballalhen
Harrison, Mary, cottager, St. Jude’s
Harrison, Thomas, joiner, Ballacurry
Harrison, William, joiner and farmer, Dhowin
Howland, James, farmer, Gat-e-whing
Howland, John, farmer, John-oies
Howland, John, labourer, Ballaghaue
Howland, John, labourer, Ballalenna
Howland, Thomas, labourer, Regaby
Howland, William, farmer, St. Jude’s


Joughin, John, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Joughin, William, grocer, draper, and Prudential Insurance agent, Village


Kaighin, Ann, farmer, Dhowin
Kaneen, Daniel, farmer, Ballasyre
Kee, Eliza, widow, Leodest
Kegg, James Edward, farmer, Balla McSkelley
Kegg, James Edward, provision dealer, St. Jude’s
Kelly, Ann, St. Jude’s
Kelly, Jane, farmer, Ballakiel
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballakelly
Kelly, John, farmer, Larivane
Kelly, Philip, saddler, Village
Kelly, Philip, schoolmaster, Village
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Ballawhane
Kelly, William, labourer, Ballalenna
Kennaugh, Cwsar, labourer, Ballalough
Kennaugh, John, labourer, Ballaghaue
Kermeen, Elizabeth, Ballaghaue
Kermeen, John, mason, Penfold
Kermeen, William, labourer, Craige
Kermode, Thomas, farmer, Ballayockey
Kennish, Caesar, labourer, Ballaseyre
Kewin, John Joseph, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Kewin, Thomas, farmer, Close-dark
Kewley, William, farmer, Mullenlawne
Kewley, William, labourer, Ballacrebbin
Kewley, William, labourer, Ballaghaue
Killey, Henry, labourer, Ballacunnor
Killip, John, farmer, Ballacollum
Killip, John, tailor, Ballacunnor
Killip, Thomas, farmer, Ballakiel
Kilpatrick, Joseph, farmer, Farrant’s Fort
Kinley, James, farmer, St. Jude’s
Kinnish, William, Ballavaston
Kinnish, William, Ballakelly
Kinrade, Daniel, fisherman, Ballawanton
Kinrade, Elizabeth, cottager, Village
Kinrade, Esther, cottager, Ballawanton
Kinrade, George, labourer, Ballaghaue.
Kinrade, Henry, fisherman, Ballalhen
Kinrade, Thomas, farmer, Ballawanton
Kirade, Thomas, labourer, Ballakiel
Kinvig, John, farmer, Ballasteen
Kissack, Daniel, provision dealer, St. Jude’s
Kissack, John, shoemaker, Leodest
Kissack, Robert, shoemaker, Leodest
Kissack, Thomas, labourer, Craige
Kneale, Ellen, Ballavaston
Kneale, John, farmer, Ballacurry
Kneale, John, farmer, Ballalenna
Kneale, John, farmer, Dhowin
Kneale, John, farmer, Kerrowmoor
Kneale, John, labourer, Leodest
Kneale, Robert, cottager, Regaby-veg
Kneale, Robert, Regaby-veg
Kneale, Thomas, sumner, farmer, and butcher, Ballacross
Kneale, Thomas, farmer, St. Jude’s
Kneale, Thomas, gardener, Glebe
Kneale, Thomas, mason, Ballabeg
Kneale, William, grocer and registrar, Post-office, Village
Kneen, Edward, blacksmith, Craige
Kneen, Jane, farmer, Craige
Kneen, Philip, miller, Lhen mill
Kneen, Philip, weaver, Lhen
Kneen, Robert, farmer, Ballavarry
Kneen, Thomas, farmer, Smeale
Kneen, William, farmer, Dhowin
Knight, John, labourer, Ballawanton


Lace, Charles, farmer, Ballagonnal
Lace, James, farmer, Ballaclucas
Lace, John, farmer, Dhowin
Lace, John, weaver, Dhowin
Lace, Philip, weaver, St. Jude’s
Lace, William, farmer, Balla McSkelley
Lace, William, farmer, Regaby-veg
Lace, William, Laravane
LaMothe, Rev. Frederick, Village
Lemaitre, Francois Etienne, farmer and veterinary surgeon, Ohio Cottage
Lord, Robert, labourer, Ballakelly


Martin, James, farmer, Knockdooney
McMahon, Jane R., Ballakaneen
Moore, J. C., The Venerable the Archdeacon, Glebe
Moore, Mary, farmer, Dhowin
Morrison, James, farmer, Ballacottier
Moughton, William, labourer, Ballacross
Mylecraine, Thomas, joiner and farmer, Close-e-Kee
Mylrea, John, tailor, Ballacross
Mylrea, William, blacksmith, Village


Phillips, James Little, schoolmaster, Village
Pogson, Jane, Laburnum Cottage, Village
Priestland, John, joiner and farmer, Glebe


Qualtraugh, Catherine, common lodging house, Village
Quarrie, Margaret, widow, Leodest
Quayle, George, labourer, Ballavoddan
Quayle, Mrs. Jane, Village
Quayle, John, farmer, Ardonan
Quayle, John, farmer, Regahy
Quayle, John, labourer, R by-veg
Quayle, John, labourer, Ballaslig
Quayle, John, mason and farmer, Lhen
Quayle, John, mason, Ballawhane
Quayle, Nancy, Kerrowgarrow
Quayle, William, farmer, Ballacurry
Quayle, William, labourer and brick & tile maker, St. Jude’s
Quirk, Caesar, mason, Ballacross
Quirk, Charles, labourer, Ballacoran
Quirk, Charles, labourer, Ballalenna
Quirk, Charles, labourer, Penf old
Quirk, Daniel, druggist and chemist, Ballasyre
Quirk, John, labourer, Village


Radcliffe, Catherine, farmer, Ballacurry
Radcliffe, Catherine, Village
Radcliffe, Charles, mason, Village
Radcliffe, Eleanor, farmer, Ballacurry
Radcliffe, Elizabeth, Ballacrebbin
Radcliffe, Evan, labourer, Village
Radcliffe, Frederick, tailor, draper, and parish clerk, Eden Cottage
Radcliffe, Henry, sailor, Ballawhane-gate
Radcliffe, James, labourer, Ballacottier
Radcliffe, Jane, cottager, Lhen
Radcliffe, Jane, provision dealer, Ballakie
Radcliffe, John, farmer, Ballavaston
Radcliffe, John, labourer, Greenhill
Radcliffe, John, shoemaker, Gat-e-whing
Radcliffe, John J., grocer, Village
Radcliffe, Margaret, cottager, Bilfast
Radcliffe, Maria, cottager, Lhen
Radcliffe, Richard, millwright and farmer, Greenhill
Radcliffe, Robert, farmer, Ballakiel
Radcliffe, Thomas, farmer, Ballacleator
Radcliffe, Thomas, farmer, Ballaradcliffe
Radcliffe, Thomas, fisherman, Lhen
Radcliffe, William, constable, farmer, highway overseer, and rate collector, Ohio Cottage
Radcliffe, William, farmer, Ballaslig
Radcliffe, William, labourer and provision dealer, Penfold
Radcliffe, William Lace, grocer and shoemaker, Village


Sayle, Christopher, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Sayle, Daniel, labourer, Ballacrebbin
Sayle, Elizabeth, Sydney Cottage, Village
Sayle, John, farmer, Ballavaston
Sayle, John, labourer, Ballacurry
Sayle, John James, farmer, Kieltushghag
Sayle, Robert, joiner, Village
Sayle, Thomas, farmer, Ballacottier
Sayle, Thomas, labourer, Ardonan
Sayle, William, farmer, Ballathone
Sayle, William, shoemaker, Smeale-beg
Shepheard, John, cattle dealer, West Craige
Skinner, Jane, farmer, Ballacottier
Skillicorn, William, labourer, Ballakelly
Stafford, James, labourer, Village
Stephenson, Catherine, Ballaseyre


Teare, Charles, blacksmith, Regaby-gate
Teare, Daniel, farmer, Ballacollum
Teare, Daniel, farmer, Ballacunnor
Teare, Daniel, farmer, Braust
Teare, Elizabeth, cottager, Ballakiel
Teare, Elizabeth, cottager, Ballawhane
Teare, Elizabeth, Ballacottier
Teare, Esther, Ballacunnor
Teare, John, blacksmith, Ballacunnor
Teare, John, farmer, Ballabane
Teare, John, farmer, Ballacunnor
Teare, John, farmer, Ballakinnag
Teare, John, farmer, Close-ne-Colly
Teare, John, farmer, Dhowin
Teare, John, farmer, Oatland
Teare, John, joiner, Ballacunnor
Teare, John, mariner, Ballakiel
Teare, Mrs . Margaret, Penfold
Teare, Philip, farmer, Ballaseyre
Teare, Robert, farmer, Ballalhen
Teare, Thomas, farmer, Guilcaugh
Teare, Thomas, fisherman, Ballawanton
Teare, Thomas, shoemaker, Dhowin


Vondy, Thomas, farmer, Ballayockey


Wade, Catherine H., cottager, Ballaquane
Wade, William, labourer, Cronk-e-Cree
Wilkinson, Rev. James S., parsonage, St. Jude’s
Winter, Thomas, coachman, Glebe


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