His Excellency HENRY BROUGHAM LOCH, Esquire, Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Lieutenant-Governor of the said Isle, &c., &c., &c.

To JOHN MOORE JEFFCOTT, High- Bailiff of Castletown ROBERT JOHN MOORE, High-Bailiff of Peel.; JOHN FRISSELL CRELLIN, of Orry e-dale, Justice of the Peace; WILLIAM Harrison, of Rockmount, Justice of the Peace; WILLIAM BARING STEVENSON, of Balladoole, Justice of the Peace; the Reverend WILLIAM KERMODE, Vicar of Maughold; the Reverend THEOPHILUS TALBOT, Clerk; and Messrs. WILLIAM KNEALE and JOHN GOLDSMITH, of the Town of Douglas.

WHEREAS the Isle of Man is rich in the possession of ancient monuments and other interesting remains, which it is generally felt ought to be preserved, and whereas it has long been represented to me that great destruction takes place from time to time of such ancient relics, and that in some instances they are removed from the Island.

Now know ye that I, reposing trust and confidence in your zeal, industry, ability, and discretion, have nominated, constituted, and appointed, and by these presents do nominate, constitute, and appoint you, the said John Moore Jeffcott, Robert John Moore, John Frissell Crellin, William Harrison, William Baring Stevenson, William Kermode, Theophilus Talbot, William Kneale, and John Goldsmith, to be Commissioners for the purpose of making inquiry as to the number and position of runic stones, been chapels, tumult barrows, stone circles and crosses, sculptured stones, Scribed slabs, and all other interesting monuments, coins, ornaments, and ancient instruments of war or husbandry, and I do hereby require you, or any five of you, to make diligent inquiry into -all the matters aforesaid, and to make a full and particular report as to the steps that seem to you most advisable to be taken to preserve the same, and whether ancient remains of interest and value exist in sufficient numbers to render desirable the establishment of a public museum in which they might be deposited, and, if so, the best means to be adopted for obtaining that object.

And for the better discovery of the truth in these premises, I do, by these presents, give and grant unto you, or any five or more of you, power and authority to call before you such persons whom you may deem necessary, by whom you may be the better informed of the premises, and to inquire of the premises, and every part thereof, by all other lawful ways and means, and to administer an oath or oaths to any person or persons to be examined before you touching and concerning the premises when the same shall appear to be requisite.

And my will and pleasure is that you do, as soon as conveniently may be, certify to me, under the hands of you, or any five or more of you, what you have done in these premises.

And I hereby command all officers, ecclesiastical and civil, clergy, landowners' tenants, and all other Her Majesty's subjects within this Isle to be assistant to you, and each of you, in the execution of these presents.

Given under my Hand, and the Seal Public of the said Isle, at the Government House, the 19th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six.




The Commissioners held their first meeting in the Court-house, Douglas, on Tuesday, January 2, 1877. Present:-Mr. J. M. Jeffcott, M.H.K., High-Bailiff, Castletown; Mr. R. J. Moore, M.H.K., High-Bailiff; Peel; Rev. W. Kermode, Vicar of Maughold; Mr. J. F. Crellin, Orry's-dale; Mr. W. B. Stevenson, Balladoole; and Mr. J. Goldsmith and Mr. W. Kneale, of Douglas

Mr. R. J. Moore moved, and Mr. W. B. Stevenson seconded, the appointment of Mr. Jeffcott, High Bailiff of Castletown, as Chairman of the Commissioners. The motion was carried unanimously. The Rev. W. Kermode moved, and Mr. Moore seconded, the appointment of the Rev. Theophilus Talbot and Mr. W. Kneale as Secretaries to the Commissioners. Mr. Kneale having declined the appointment it was agreed that Mr. Talbot and Mr. Goldsmith be secretaries. It was resolved that the Commission be designated " The Archaeological Commission."

CASTLETOWN, March 29th, 1878. SIR,-

I beg leave to transmit to your Excellency the following Report of the Archaeological Commissioners on the Pre-Historic Monuments and other Antiquities of the Isle of Man.

I have the honour to be, Sir, Your Excellency's most obedient servant,

J. M. JEFFCOTT, Chairman of the Commissioners

His Excellency Henry Brougham Loch, Esquire, C.B., Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, &c., &c.,&c.


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