Summary of Wills - Santan 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-2 E      d  CREER        William                  [bur 10 Sep 1750];3 bros John,Thomas Robt sis Cath
1750-3 E      d  CALOW        Thomas                   [bur 31 Aug 1750] (fisherman);sibs Wm John,Hugh mary ellinr ann ; Wm fargher husb Margt; danl kneen husb Cath
1751-2 E      d  COWLL        Christopher              [bur 16 Mar 1750]; a minor s/o charles goods due by will of father 1745, only sister ellinor cowll, ua, her gfa Christopher cowll sworn;
1751-2 E      w  MOORE        Margaret    fargher      [bur 23 Jul 1751];ballachrink;only son Thos;dau isable;gdau Margt clark;dau susanna;wit christian black als prescott, christopher cowle;
1752-2 A 38      BREW         Mary        BRIDSON      [bur 29 Apr 1752];meary veg;husb robt,son Thos,John(now abroad), daus Isabel, alice;
1752-2 E      w  BREW         John                     [bur 29 May 1752]; will badly torn;quinney's miln;son & heir thomas a minor;dau isabel brew, dau ann kenish als brew; Margt moore als brew;bro robt, execs to rebuild dwelling house this summer in manner and order proposed vizt to a good loft  & garrett , rebuild mill next season vizt to slate and roof same with timber already prepared;wife mary brew   als killey;bro Robt brew of castletownb-i-l Robt kermod of kk braddan guardians (John Moore pulroish stepfather);miln rented out at £15 1 0 until 1757, then 15 11 0 in 1758, profit for 5 yrs 37 8 0;accts of work eg new water wheel = £ 3 4 -;£42 profit in 59-62;thos arrives at age 16 apr 1764
1753-2 A 31      KELLY        Henry                    [bur 11 Apr 1753];d 9 apr 1753;bequeathed to 'herself' (witt assumed his wife all except a colt to his landlord john kissack;;ellinor kelly since dead her exors christian,margt + wm cubbon (h/o jane sworn;
1753-2 A 32      Kelly        Elinor      KINLEY       [bur 19 Apr 1753];w/o henry;names wm brew;wm gelling,jane,christian + margt cubbon execs;wm cubbon h/o jane;wm brew neighbour acks;
1753-2 A 33      HAMPTON      Robert                   [bur 14 Nov 1752];mar agr dated 17 jul 1729;john + isobal ceig [keig] obo son thos and robt + jane hampton obo dau jane;gives houses ann rent 3/6d + other prop;thos keig exec
1753-2 E      d  JICK         Thomas                   [bur 22 Feb 1753];sibs chistopher, willm, ellinr isabel,John Shimin husb ellinr; 
1753-2 E      d  QUINNEY      John                     [bur 26 Jan 1753]; gliogreanaugh; 8 children william, ceasar, ann & Cath by former wife, John,Margt david Robt by later wife wm & ann abroad,4 latter ua ;wife ann quinney als costean;inv;ack has widow of John Quiney now wife of Robt oats; 27 jul 1754 John Brew an alledged transmarian + wife ann quinney againt will of Cath quinney 1737;fam 8084, 8075; [can't find marr of Robt Brew & Ann quinney nor m of widow to Robt Oats
1754-1 A 8    dg COSTEAN      Margaret    QUIRK        [bur 23 Jan 1754;s-i-l Wm callister husb dau isabel;s-i-l Thos quine taylor husb of dau alice;s-i-l Robt Stole husb  dau kath, s-i-l John Cain husb of dau Margt, dated 19 nov 1753?
1754-2 E      d  CREER        Elizabeth   BELL         [bur 15 Mar 1754]; 3 children Robt Cath thomas with John eldest having had a dowry,thos abroad,;pledges Ewan looney ballasalley, Thos quinney ballastrang;inv
1754-3 E      d  WARREN       Elizabeth   MCGUIRE      d 1752;Dublin;only son Wm McGwire (Dublin) admr - renounced admin to Crofton Warren(Dublin) who by PoA appt Wm Curghey(Castletown) to take admin(Curghey ill + John Quillin substitute)
1755-2 A 33      QUIRK        William                  [?bur Bra 25 Jul 1753 (mariner)];of crogga, fa dead, bro john, going abroad to be  a sailor  will dated 29 dec 1744
1755-2 E      c  COWLE        Isabel      MOORE        [bur 11 May 1755]; contract ic als moor widow ballacrine on behalf son John Cowle; to isable brew meary veg dated 16 Aug 1753;
1756-2 E      d  CROW         Jony        KILLIP       [bur 17 Apr 1756];d 15 Apr 1756;5 children robt margt john alice tho;ua; uncles tho killip & phil killip;6 mar 1779 margret kneen als crow & alice crow acks joney crow of parish of kk marown decd;john crow dead, robert off island, Thomas an idiot;inv
1756-2 E      d  OATES        Dorothy     LEECE        [bur  5 Jun 1756]; 2 children Wm Robt leece
1756-3 E      w  COWLE        Margaret    BRIDeSON     [bur  7 Oct 1756];dau mary cowle;witnesses Margt quirk, mary clauge - court says only 1 (?dead) but accepts will
1756-3 E      d  CREER        Isabel      JICK         [bur 10 Oct 1756];only dau Jane creer,ua, uncles christor jick, willm jick, John Shimin;husb robt;inv;jane creer acks  15 jun 1772
1757-1 A 7       KNEAL        Catherine   KERMOD       [bur 22 Jan 1757];d 20 jan 1757;son Thos,john;husb Thos;dau deborah;son robt,wm
1757-2 A 37      BREW         Carter      QUAY         [bur  5 Feb 1757]; s-i-l Robert Leece +dau Elinor [fam 8105],gson John Leece;one pledge Thomas Clucas Corvalley marown;                                            
1757-2 E      w  COWLE        Isabel      BREW         [bur  1 Jun 1757]; only child isabel cowll;husb jon ;isabel ua Robt brew & philip quay supv ;ic acks but no date !;inv
1757-3 E      d  MARTIN       Thomas                   [bur 15 Jul 1757];4 children isabel, Margt Cath Jane;3 later ua mother Margt;inv
1758-1 A 6       QUINEY       William                  [bur 29 Dec 1757];glengrenagh;wife Margt alive;eldest dau Eliz;daus mary, easter,cathrine,elinor,jane;eldest son Wm
1758-1 E      w  QUINNEY      Cesar                    will at his departing this isle ;date not clear 1756 ? april 14th ?; decree 8 jun 57; left all to half brother John quiney who is at lawful age;
1758-2 E      w  BREW         Robert                   [bur 29 May 1758];d 27 may;son John ballaquaggin;dau ellinor's children;sd john's younest ellinor;son Robt brew ballgick gson John Brew ballgick'pay further sum of ten shillings towards purchasing a stone wherewith to cover the testators tomb';dau Eliz + her children;stepson thomas brew meary veg,gson Robt brew meary veg;gdaus margaret & Cath brew  meary veg;dau elinor brew meary veg exectx (her husb rob);
1758-3 E      d  KARRAN       Alice       GELL         [bur  7 Aug 1758]; died 14th aug ?;nine children willm,thos,john,margt,peter,robt,elizth, alice, & Cath;3 eldest at age,husb alive;inv;1758 Thos John;ack;25 mar 1768 Robt acks;17 feb 1770 peter acks;2 apr 1770 Eliz & Cath  Margt alice ack
1758-3 E      d  KEGG         Christopher              [bur  5 Jun 1758]; 5 children Eliz Margt abigail esther ann ;ua uncle Thos kegg;inv;
1759-1 E      d  KISSACK      John                     [bur 18 Jan 1759]; ballakissage,eight children John,Willm Thos chas Eliz isabel esther Margt ;John & willm at la;inv;
1759-1 E      d  QUIRK        Margaret    MOORE        [bur 12 Dec 1758]; of crogga,5 children ellinr, esther,john, philip, ann,John Phil ann ua others not capable; John Clucas jnr of kk santan supv; father John Quirk;inv;16 jun 1767 John Fargher husb of ellnr + John& philip ack;
1759-2 A 44      CALLOW       Cooney      QUILLIAM     [bur 10 Mar 1759]; son thomas,john,dau mary,eliz;gdau dorety callow
1759-2 A 45      QUINNEY      Anne        MOORE        [bur 11 Apr 1756];d 10 Apr;dau Anne Quinney;witt Christopher Bridson, Margt Lonney als Duke
1760-1 E      d  COWLE        Ellinor                  perished by sea coast of ireland 20 nov 1759;hieress of balnyhowin;aunts by fa's side next of kin isable,ellinr,elizth + ann cowle; decd fa charles cowle;half bro's wm + thos karran ua & fa too sick;john christian h/o isabel,edwd crow h/o ellinr,john caralagh h/o ann;inv
1760-1 E      d  CREBBIN      Ann         BELL         [bur 13 Nov 1759];d d 12 nov 1759;3 ch john,wm + cath ua;husb john;inv
1760-1 E      d  KNEALE       Thomas                   [bur 29 Jan 1760];d 29 jan 1760;sibs john (resident in ireland),robt,deborah + wm
1760-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Ellinor     KISSACK [als Looney] [bur 29 Jan 1760]; 3 children william, Margt ellinr ;gilbert woods husb of ellinor;nichs woods husb of Margt; , James Shimmin 2nd husb
1761-1 A 33   w  CREBBIN      Margaret    BELL         [Full]husb John alive;sons Wm (eldest),John;daus Margaret, Isable; John & Margaret have children;1781 Thomas Cottier h/o  Margt Fannan & Francis Fannan the two eldest children of Margt Fannan the eldest grandchildren of Margt Crebbin        
1761-1 E      d  OATES        Ann         QUINNEY      [Full]5 ch Robt,Willm, James, Ann & Mary Oates;Isabel w/o Willm Taylor;husb alive
1761-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  perished by sea 29 july;5 children Ellinr, Robt John,Thos Cath;wm lewney husb of ellinor;Robt kelly husb of Cath;Robt absent
1761-3 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   perished by sea 29 july;3 children Thos hugh Margt;adam mcylvorrey husb of Margt
1761-3 E      d  FARGHER      John                     perished by sea 29 july;6 children Wm, Thos, Margt, ellinr Ann Mary;John Callow husb of ellinr;Robt callow h/o Margt Wm absent
1762-1 A 5       LEECE        Robert                   [Full]sons John, James, Robert + Wm;daus Ellinor Isable & Emma (execx);son John married
1763-1 A 11      MOORE        John                     [Full]d 8 Feb 1763;sons Wm (eldest),Thomas;daus Elenor & Elizabeth Moore;wife Katherine
1763-1 A 12      FANNAN       Robert                   [Full];d 10 Feb 1763;son Frances;dau Margaret;wife Margaret Fannan als Crebbin
1763-2 A 45      QUINE        Thomas                   d 7 mar 1762;son robt;2 youngest sons jno Thos ua ;dau Cathrine;widow alice quine als costean;supv in will are Thos Callow, Wm moore
1764-1 A 3       TAGGART      Richard                  bros Wm,Nicholas,David;mo alive, father Nicholas;mentions fiddles
1764-2 A 34      TAGGART      Nicholas                 son Paul, Paul's dau Ann;sons  Wm, Nicholas,David;daus ellinor,margt;wife isabel (suspect paul,ann,elinr & Margt from earlier marriage)
1764-2 A 35   dg KINLEY       Christopher              [1st rb584] - [see SSS Oct 1761 31]
1764-2 E      d  CALLOW       William                  d 30 mar;sibs michael,thos,cath Elizth Margt ann Jane & ellinr callow;cath & Elizth at age;fa Robt callow
1764-2 E      w  OATES        William                  sis may,mo dead;bro james;fa thomas;witt anne shimmin, elinor killey
1765-1 E      w  CREBBIN      Paul                     vicar;sons thomas charles each £100;son Wm 24s 6d;dau Jane ;wife Jane; codicil restricts thomas to 6d unless he returns to island or proves he is alive by a letter;
1765-1 E      d  LEWNEY       Robert                   d 30 nov ; 5 ch Wm Cath, Jane Robt mary;wm & Cath at age;wife alive;1776 Cath acks from isable widow of Wm;1778 mary  acks from sis-i-l isabel w/o Wm ;inv
1765-2 A 55      OATES        John                     [Full]d 5 Jan 1765;sons Wm + Thomas (exec);daus Anne Fitzimmons als Oates, Barbara Qoolley als Oates, and Isable Cain als Oates + Mary;   marr contract 3 Jun 1747 re William Cain his son in law and Isable Cain als Oates
1765-2 A 56      BRIDSON      Elizabeth   MOORE als Moore    Ballaquiggin,husb Thomas,sons John & Charles Moore; son Daniel Bridson ;dau Elizabeth Quinney als Moore;husb's gdau Cathrine Nelson;her grandchildren of Knockaloughan;her gchildren of crogga; 3 ch Charles Moore, Thomas Bridson, and  Elizabeth Quinney als Moore execs
1766-2 E      w  CREER        John                     son robt,dau Cath;gch Wm Thos Marg Crear
1766-3 E      w  MOORE        John                     Balnyhow;widow Elizabeth;d 25 July;son Thomas;dau Isable Kissack als Moore;dau Margaret Bridson als Moore;dau Elizabeth Bridson als Moore; gdau Cathrine Quayle als Moore;gson Charles Kissack 
1767-1 A 7       MOORE        Elizabeth   Bridson als MOORE  widow John Moore Balnahow;son Christopher Bridson + wife Margaret of Ballavarvane Malew;son John Bridson and wife  Elizabeth Douglas;son John Moore and daughter Isable Kissack widow
1767-2 A 30      CHRISTIAN    Christean   KEIG         widow;sons Robert, Thomas + John (exec);dau Elinor Lewney als Christian;
1767-2 A 31      BREW         John                     ballachrink;;2 gch John Brew and Robert Bridson Brew, gdau jane brew;son Thos Brew (his dau ann);son Wm brew;gson thos wm brew;dau Ann Woods als Brew ; son robt;wife Elizabeth Brew alias Bridson 
1767-2 E      w  COWLE        Christopher              dau eleanor,eliz,anne execx w/o john caralagh;eleanor crow  als cowle acks
1767-2 E      d  TAGGART      Isabel      BRIDSON      d 2 feb 1767;3 ch wm,nich (abroad) + david
1767-3 E      d  KENNISH      Christopher              d 29 jun;widow + 4ch decline to admin;greatly indebted;inv
1768-2 A 52      OATES        Thomas                   [Full]ch Robert, Anne, Isabel, and Mary Oates, + son James; names Ann Shimmin;Witt Ann Shimmin + Thomas Quinney (of Malew)
1768-2 A 53      CREBBIN      Isabel      GELLING      [full]son john (eldest) ua,wm;sis-i-law margt fannan;sis elizth gelling;husb john exec;
1768-3 E      w  CALLOW       Christopher              son john;dau mary,eliz;gdau dorothy;son thos exec
1768-3 E      d  COWLE        Hugh                     d 17 sep 1768;3 ch john,wm elizth ua uncles thos cowle,dan mcylvorrey;wife ellnr;inv
1768-3 E      w  QUINE        John                     Glantrargh;wife alive;sons John (heir),Paul, thomas;daus Elinor , Margaret;gson John Taggart;names Jane Cain;
1769-1 A 6       COWLE        Jane        CORKILL      [Full]Husb Robert;6 ch Robert, - Wm, Charles,Thomas John ack [?1 missing]
1769-1 A 7       BRIDSON      Thomas                   [Full]dau Cath; s-i-l's Stephen Nelson & Paul Corran;gsons Arthur & Thomas Bridson, Boltane;gdau Cath Nelson;son Daniel (house in C'town);gch Paul & Jane Bridson,Ballaquicken gsons Robert & Paul Corran;gdaus Elizabeth & Isabel Nelson;gdau Anne Bridson, Boltane
1769-1 E      d  KEGG         Jane        HAMPTON      d 22 May; only ch Robert
1769-2 A 39      BRIDSON      Thomas                   sons thomas, john;dau ann & Catherine (ua);wife joney [Quackin]; cellars in douglas, house castletown
1769-2 A 40      MOORE        Catherine   QUINE        [Full]Ballavilley;daus Elizabeth, Cathrine, Isabel, Ann;son Thomas;gch Wm Moore, Cathrine Moor, Matthias Harrison;
1770-1 E      d  CREETCH      Jane        COWLEY       d 27 Jan;3 ch Danl, Philip + Elizabeth Creetch;other daus Joney and Cath had marr contracts;husb Daniel alive;
1770-1 E      d  KENNISH      John                     d 7 Oct; 3 bros Thomas, Christopher & Wm (all la); fa Barnabas;pledges John Moore,Sulbrick + Wm Callow 
1770-3 E      d  CALLOW       William                  d may 1770;illeg;prin cred thos callin
1771-1 A 3    jw CLUCAS       John                     Mary voar;Capt John Clucas + Cath als Quay;John dead;5 ch John Clucas,William Clucas (Rev ), Isable Kelly w/o Robt Kelly, Anne Kissage w/o John Kissage and Cathrine Moore w/o John Moore;pledges Thos fargher Malew + Thos Moore Balnyhow Santan
1771-1 A 4       OATES        Anne                     sister Mary;sis Isable w/o William Taylor 
1771-1 A 5       CALLISTER    John                     d 14 jan 1771;wife judy als callin;
1771-2 A 46      CROW         Isabel      kegg         widow;richard kneen exec
1771-2 A 47      BREW         Elizabeth   BRIDSON      [Full];widow of John Brew;son Robert (heir),wm;dau Ann w/o James Woods (kk German);2 gsons John + Robert Brew at Rogane Moar;d-i-l Margaret Brew w/o Robert ;gdau Ann Brew d/o Thos execx (ua) ;witt Robert Black William Callister; pledges John Quinney Ballacrine + Wm Callister
1771-2 E      d  COWLE        Hugh                     d 31 may 1771;[see thos] only ch robt ua wife mary;inv
1771-2 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   d 12 mar 1771;bach;sibs robt,john,wm chas + james + execx of decd bro hugh;inv
1772-2 A 47      KNEALE       William                  wife alice pregnant + exex;sibs john + cath;names thos quinney who lives with charles cotterman;
1772-3 E      jw CARRAN       William                  wm + jane als kelly;son wm,thos,john,peter,robt,richd;dau margt bridson,eliz,cath,jane,isable,alice;john karran son by prev ventor
1772-3 E      d  COWLE        Robert                   d 22 aug 1772 in minority; orphan s/o hugh cowle (will 1771) uncles by fa robt,john,wm,chas + james admrs
1772-3 E      w  CREBBIN      John                     d 11 Oct 1772;[Wife Margaret Bell d May 1761];son Wm Crebbin; son in law Wm Lewney,  gdau : Margrett Fannan, [she married Thomas Cottier]; gson Francis Fannan; gsons John + Wm Crebbin s/o John; dau Margrett Fannan [ mother in law of Thomas Cottier, the husband of Margt Fannan]
1772-3 E      d  CREETCH      Daniel                   perished by sea back of Longnose [langness] 25 Jul 1772;sibs Wm,Joney, Cath, and Elizth;john Quinney h/o joney,Thos Leland h/o cath;pledges Robt Cowle + Thos Looney; 
1772-3 E      d  CURGHEY      John                     perished by sea back of Longnose 25 jul 1772;8 ch john,wm,thos,mary,margt,isabel,cath + jane;wm looney h/o isabel;some dispute
1772-3 E      d  KISSACK      Margaret    KELLY        d 30 mar 1772;ch john,robt,wm + chas ;husb john;inv
1773-1 A 6       CARRALAGH    Ann         cowl         dated 19 oct 1772;sis elizth;serv cath mcewee;goddau adam molverry's gerl;names margt kelly moor echrinks serv,others inc jane callow als christian,cath crow,ann crow,elizth nelson als christian;sis elenor;husb john exec;elinor crow als cowle acks;john callister h/o sis elizth,wm callow h/o jane christian;
1773-1 E      w  LEECE        Ellinor     BREW         d 6 oct 1772;son john,james,robt,wm;dau ellinor,isabel;d-i-l jane leece als crebbin ;dau susanna exectx
1773-2 A 34      CALLIN       Catherine                d 17 feb 1773;mo christian callin;sis margt;sis' child thos cretney;names margt clucas;aunt anne callin,esther kelley;names christian kelley;fa thomas;
1773-2 A 35      CALLIN       Patience                 d 20 jan 1773;sis cath;aunt anne callin;her child thomas cretney;sis margtfa thos exec
1773-3 E      w  BRIDSON      Christopher              petn by wm bridson wigmaker peel next of kin to uncle chris bridson;d 8 oct without issue;advanced age  weak + helped by generosity of neighbours - disputed will depositions by jane kegg  + others of santan 
1773-3 E      d  CORLETT      Mary        brew         d 28 oct;only dau margt w/o thos karran
1774-1 A 12      BRIDSON      Esther      killip       d 16 jan;eldest dau (unnamed),son [?john],dau esther;husb wm died soon after
1774-1 A 13      briDSON      William                  ?bridson not Pindson (Wm Bridson d 2 Feb 1774 of consumption h/o Hester)
1774-2 A 72      SHIMMIN      Ann                      sis cath;unnamed dau;names jane sayle als maddrell;witt joney quiney als cretch,dorothy moore als calloweney;dau bahee fargher now in ireland
1774-3 E      d  CREER        Robert                   d 1 may 'last past' [?1775 given as date court];only ch jane creer (la)
1774-3 E      w  FARGHER      Thomas                   d jun 1774;will dated apr 1774;ballacaragher;names 3ch of thomas callin  john,margt + ellinor;illeg dau bridget faragher (£48 if she comes for it);bro-i-law patrick cowley;sis mary(w/o patrick quayle(margt (w/o patrk cowley) + als   christian (w/o thomas callin) exexs;patr quayle h/o mary
1775-1 A 9       GICK         Christopher              Christopher jnr;dated 8 Nov 1778;sons John, Wm (elder), daus Elinor, Elizabeth, Jane, ?Eliza Ann (?=Elizth);wife alive;bro Wm Gick;witt Barnabas Kinnish Robert Brew;
1775-2 A 42      LEWNEY       William                  d 11 mar 1775;wife isabel 
1775-3 E      d  MOORE        Alice       BRIDSON      d 12 Nov;5 ch Jane,Margt, Thos, Ann and John Moore all ua;uncles by mother Robt Brew, Thomas Oats and Thos Bridson superv;husb Thomas;petn by suprvs suggesting fa may embezle money; 24 Feb 1780 Jane Moore arrives at la and is appointd superv
1776-2 A 63      BREW         John                     [Full]wife [Margt] als Cubbon (her fa Wm + bro Wm) dau Jane, Margaret and Ellinor, son Wm ua;John's fa Robert Brew
1776-2 A 64      QUIRK        Margaret    BRIDSON      [Full]Crogga;dau Margt;gson Philip Quirk exec;
1776-2 E      d  MARTIN       John                     d 26 Mar 1776;4 ch Cath (absent), Elizth, Esther + Mary Martin;Robert Brew h/o Esther;Wm Christian h/o Eliz;Wm Taggart h/o Mary;   
1777-2 A 11      QUINE        Margaret    CREBBIN      [Full]Glentraugh;daus Ellinor, Cath, Margt (w/o Ewan Key),Esther Cannell (w/o Wm),Isabel Taggart (w/o Robert);sons Thomas, Paul,John (heir)witt Alice Quane, Jane Cain
1777-2 A 12   jw KINLEY       Margaret    Looney       christopher kinley + wife margt with son wm + his wife elinor;made 7 may 1764
1772-2 E      w  KEG          Abigail                  ballafurt;sis margt kegg;mo jane execx
1772-2 E      d  KNEALE       John                     late of dublin;sibs robt,wm + deborah;james skillicorn h/o deborah;pledges thos fargher shenvalley + wm kinley santan
1778-1 A 12      KEGG         Esther                   d 25 feb;mo jane alive;sis eliz + ann (croft),margt
1778-1 A 13      QUINEY       Margaret    BRIDSON      w/o John Quinney, Ballacrine;son John, daus Margaret + Cath (exec)John Knickal h/o Cath;
1778-1 E759   w  GICK         Christopher              now of Ballagick;dated 7 Dec 1772;son Christopher;wife Margt;gdau Jane Creer;son Wm + dau Ellinor Shimmin execs;John Shimmin h/o Ellinor;
1778-1 E761   d  KNEEN        Jane                     d 22 dec 1777;ch thos + john
1779-1 A 17      KENNISH      Margaret    FARGHER      sons Christopher, Thomas, Wm (exec + Ballacorris),husb alive ;gch daniel + jane kennish;bro John Fargher; s-i-l Catherine Creer; names Elizabeth Kennish, Jane Sail,Deborah Quark,Mary Keanney, Hannah Kinley  
1779-2 e      d  cottier      thomas                   d oct last;4 ch Thos, Cath ann + esther;simon corlett h/o Cath ;Ann ua;?Ester ua] ; wife esther
1779-2 E      d  CREECH       Daniel                   d 3 aug;son philip exec(other ch joney, Cath + Eliz having had settlements)
1780   A 23      MOORE        Dorothy                  ballachrink;son john (if he come);dau jane,elizabeth;husb thos exec;wm gick h/o jane
1780-1 E742      KEIG         Thomas                   d 19 aug 1779;only ch robt
1780-1 E743      LOONEY       Margaret                 d 11 jun 1780;dau margt moore;gson thos looney;husb thos
1780-1 E747   jw BRIDSON      Jane        COSNAHAN     jw Christopher + Jane;Jane dead;Rogane Moar;daus Karter, Ann;gch (ch of dau Alice);dau Margaret + husb Robert Brew ;sister Jane;gson Thos Bridson;gch John Oates, Margaret Carron, Alice Oates and James Cubbon,Alice Brew + ch of Robt Brew + ch Thos Bridson (10 in number)
1780-2 E441   w  SHIMMIN      John                     dated 16 oct 1778;Ballacorris;sons wm,john;daus jane,elinor;wife elinor als gick;1783 jane dead;1783 john cottier h/o ellr
1780-2 E445   w  GICK         Judy        cannell      ballagick;son john (legacy due from fa),wm (eldest);2 daus elizth + [];dau jane;gdau esther craine;gson wm craine [leg to poor santan + andreas]
1781-1 E      d  CREBBIN      Catherine                d 26 feb 1781;ch john,edwd (L of A to john),wm,jane,cath + margt ;john leece h/o jane,wm brew h/o cath, (margt abroad);inv
1781-2 E      w  CREeR        John                     d 24 Jun 1781;wife Mary;son Wm + Thos (exec);dau Margt + Margt's son James Crain;
1782   A 17      CURGHEY      Thomas                   d 6 mar 1782;bro john,wm;sis mary;bro-i-law wm looney; sis cath;mo alive (execx)
1782-2 E      w  OATES        Catherine                dated 27 Jun 1782; husb Thomas(her right to a Meadow called Balla-curry’s Meadow as long as he remained single.) son John; dau Jane, Margaret: ;gsons (c/o Thomas Karran) Thomas Karran and John Karran: gdau Jane Oates;Thomas Karran  h/o Margaret 
1783-1 E      d  CREETCH      Mary        CURGHEY      d 30 nov 1782;only ch john ua(not a month old) mo side uncles philip creetch,john curghey,wm curghey,wm looney;husb philip;petn when john at age to spend part of money to send him to trade;inv
1783-1 E      d  KARRAN       Catherine   CROW         d 20 nov 1782;ch john,robt,jane,elizth + ellinor - aunt margt crow;husb john;inv;1798 elizth carran als carran acks
1783-1 E      w  OATES        Thomas                   dated 4 jun 1783;names ch of wm quay + wife cath oates;bro's dau ann wife of wm kneale(houses in douglas) exex,wm oates dau in dublin
1783-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Jane                     d 15 jan 1783;spinster;mo ellinor;sibs wm,john,ellinor
1783-2 E      d  CRETNEY      Thomas                   bach;perished by sea beg 1782 in darckberckey ? dutch east indiaman caputured in sadana bay a prize to  hm squadron under commodore johnston (tc belonged to hm ship jupiter capt pasley);info from wm lewn + Robert colvin marriners who then beloged to sd jupiter;fa john
1784   A 43      KENNISH      James                    rogane beg;son peter, dau margt,son james,dau jane crebbin;wife ann
1784   A 44   w  BRIDSON      Christopher              [Full]Rogane Moar;daus Ann, Margt Brew als Bridson (exec) w/o Robert;gdau Jane, Margt Moore, Ann Moore, Thos Moore, John Moore;s-i-l Thos Oates Ballafurt; sis Jane Bridson; grandson [] Oates; gdau Jane Cubbon als Brew;gdau Margaret Karran als Oates, gson Thos Brew;gch Brews + Bridsons; names Judy Corkil als Bridson;witt John Quine, John Crebbin
1784-1 E      d  CREBBIN      Thomas                   d 24 feb 1784;bach;surgeon hm navy;mo jane;sibs wm + rev charles crebbin,jane;inv of dr crebbin of ballafurt taken by edwd + wife  jane wynne(als crebbin)
1784-1 E      w  CRETNEY      John                     uttered 18 may 1784;son joseph,thomas(+ other unnamed ch);wife exex
1785   A 24      GELL         William                  d 11 dec 1784;son wm,thos;dau margt;?other ch;wife elizth;
1785   A 25      KEIGG        Jane                     widow of Christor Keigg, daus Elizabeth, Ann + Margaret (exec);witt John Crebbin, John Quine
1785-2 E      d  COWLE        Ann         fargher      d 11 may;3 ch john jane + ann ;husb john;james fargher uncle by mo's side
1785-2 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   bach;d 5 aug;sis mary w/o adam mylvoirrey;john wm & eliz cowle ch of decd bro hugh cowle
1785-2 E      d  KINNISH      William                  d 10 sept;only ch margt kinnish;wife eliz;uncles thos + christopher kinnish;pleges wm jick + wm jick  her bro + uncle
1786   A 16      MOORE        Margaret    kelley       d 18 dec 1785;son philip quirk,thos quirk,patk quirk,wm gawne;dau margt quirk;husb john moore exor unwell son-i-law partk quirk attorney
1786   E      d  COSNAHAN     Julius                   vicar of Braddan;bro Joseph;sisters Jane, Margaret, Ann, and Catherine;wife Margaret Cosnahan als Moore;pledges Francis DelaPryme (Malew) + James Kelly (attorney c'town); agrement to transfer exec to widow signed by Francis DelaPryme, John Joseph Bacon, Margt Tenison + Catharine Cosnahan
1786-2 E      d  COWLL        Robert                   d 21 jul 1786;6ch robt,richd,jane,eliz,isabella + margt all ua exct jane wife eliz;inv
1786-2 E      jw MOORE        Thomas                   balnehowin;wife margt als brew;son thos (heir) peter robt dau elizbth clucas als moore
1787   A 24      OATES        Thomas                   [Full]ch of Wm Quay + wife Cath als Oates;Wm Oates dau in Dublin;bro's dau w/o William Kneale;bro's dau Ann Kneal als Oates (exec) w/o Wm Kneale; names Margaret Teare  Robert Quay, William Gell h/o Catharine Quay, Thomas Cormode h/o Ann Quay, John Cannell h/o Dorothy Quay, Elizabeth Quay ack;Jane Oates dau of Wm Oates in Dublin acks
1787   A 25      MOORE        John                     [Full]Sulbrick;son John (exec);eldest dau Mary w/o Patrick Quirk;dau Jane w/o Robt Keig;Dau Isabel w/o John Curphey;sons Thomaas, Robert (off Island); gsons Wm Quirk;gdaus Margaret, Mary & Isabel Quirk daus of Patrick Quirk;gson Charles Quirk;gson Thomas; witt Wm Kinley snr, Henry Kermod; John transfers exec to Patrick Quirk
1787   A 26      KERMOD       Alice       cotteen      d 28 Mar 1787;formery Kk Lonan but now Santan;Wm Tyldesley(Santan - who took care of her in her sickness) exor
1787-1 E      w  BREW         Isabel      CLAGUE       made 20 jan 1784;gson thos taggart,dau esther taggart;gdau sally taggart;margt killip her only [sic] dau execx
1787-1 E      d  BREW         Robert                   d 3 aug 1787;dau jane w/o john kneen;
1787-2 E      d  COWLE        Robert                   d 7 nov 1786;4 ch john,charles,wm + james;eldest son bobt had set
1787-2 E      d  QUARK        Thomas                   d 21 apr 1787;2 ch robt + john
1788   A 13      OATES        James                    [Full]dated 6 Feb 1788;oatland;ch wm(lands etc called oatland - rent £3 6s, house in douglas where Senhouse Wilson lives), robt_caesar(tanyard ramsey purchased from Nich Christian),james;dau eunice(w/o Norris Moore, douglas),mary_ann, cath, margtwife elizth;Hugh Cosnahan + WWm Bridson claim £3000, John Joseph Bacon claims £3000;
1788   A 14      OATES        Thomas                   [Full]Balafurt;
1788   A 15      KENNISH      Barnabas                 son Christopher;son William's daughter;d-i-l Ann Kennish;son Thomas
1789   A 17      KNEAL        John                     e fort;son john,robt;wife isabel als martin;dau isabel [] ,cath fargher (?);gdau wm kneale's child;
1790   A 13      CALLOW       Margaret                 d 20 dec 1789;sis elizth (+4 daus);parents alive;guinea to methodists to help build a preaching house;fa robt
1790   A 14      MARTIN       Margaret    BRIDSON      [Full]
1790-1 E      w  BREW         Elinor                   (1st mm gl725 film)dated 14 jan 1790;mere beg;son john,robt;dau cath,elinor,margt;husb robt;
1790-1 E      w  CARRALAGH    John                     d 8 jul 1789;4 ch isabel,margt,jane + john;wife ann als christian execx;uncle edward carralagh guardian acks from wm maddrell h/o execx ann [m San 17901116]
1790-1 E      w  CORLET       Simon                    dated 13 apr 1790;4ch john,simon,jane + elizth;wife joney execx
1790-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Margaret                 d 10 oct 1789;bro wm crellinnames isabel lewney als crebbin;fa nicholas exor
1790-1 E      d  Fannin       Margaret    CREBIN       d 25 Nov 1790;2 ch Francis Fannin + Margaret Fannin als Cottier;Thomas Cottier h/o Margaret;pledges James Scillicorn + Christopher Kinnish both of Santan
1791   A 20   jw TEARE        Margaret                 Dan Tear and wife Margaret Tear als xxx of Santan: John Kissage of Ballakissage; dau Mary, dau Ann, dau Ellinor, dau John, dau Margaret (lunatic);  gch Isabel & Wm & Mgt & Elizath Corlett
1791   A 21      QUINNEY      Margaret    christian    made 2 feb 1791;dau jane(w/o john fargher;witt john quiney,judith quiney als creetch;john fargher als sworn guardian of elinor quinney an idiot
1791   A 22      MARTIN       Margaret                 dated 19 mar 1791;castletown;sister's son wm leece;sis jane martin exex
1791-1 E      d  BOYD         Isabel      KNEALE       d jul 1790;only ch wm ua;husb robt;petn by robt late santan now ballaugh states dispute with bro robt kneale;inv
1791-1 E      d  MADDRELL     Ann         Caralaugh als christian d jul 1791;ch john,isabel,margt + jane;all except isabel ua(+she too tender yrs) uncle edward caralaugh guardian + admr in trust;petn by edward + richd caralaugh both douglas bros of late john (d 2 yrs ago) states ann sub remarrieds christian   wm maddrell;no issue by last marr
1792   A 11      CUBBON       Richard                  gson John Cubbon; dau in law Elinor Cubbon; unnamed sons and daus; wife Mary Cubbon als Moore
1792   A 12      HARRISON     James                    fa john execr
1792   A 13      KERMOD       Ann                      dated 5 mar 1792;son john;dau eliz;husb robt
1792-2 E      w  GICK         William,snr              part of Ballavartin;dated 12 Jan 1792;sons Thomas (eldest),Wm,Christopher + John;dau Margaret;wife Jane als Moore;witt Jno Crebbin,James Skillicorn + John Boyde;
1793   A 22   w  FANNEN       Francis                  dated 28 May 1792;uncle John Crebbin exec but transfers to Thos Cottier;
1793-1 E196   w  MOORE        William                  ballaviley;d 16 aug 1793;son wm,robt,peter,robt (pt of a boat);dau isabel;wife isabel als leece execx
1793-2 E      d  QUINNEY      John                     d 13 aug 1793;ch thomas,eliz + ann all ua;wife isabel;uncle robert quinney;inv
1794   A 30      CALLOW       Robert                   [Full]
1794-1 E      js FARGHER      William                  jw Wm + Cathrine als Dawson (Wm dead) mutual settlement no others named; 
1794-2 E      w  BREW         Robert                   d 19 Jul 1794;dau Margt,Cath;son John;gson Thos Cowley;gdau Elinor Quirk;gson Thomas Brew;Thos Cowley exec;witt Robert Quark + Elinor Kneen;
1794-2 E      w  FARGHER      William                  s-i-l Philip Clague;gson John Lawson;wife Alice (exec);witt Robt Brew + Ellinor Keen however court states proved by one;pledges Robt Brew (witt) + Robt Quark;
1795   A 28      KNEALE       Isabel                   dated 28 jan 1795;widow;gdau isabel fargher,margt argher;names mary fail;dau cath;son robt exor
1795-1 E      w  CURPHEY      Mary                     dated 25 Apr 1794;widow;eldest son john;son wm,dau isabel;gson john creech ;daus margt jane;thomas curghy h/o margt; wm morrison h/o jane 
1795-1 E      w  LEECE        John                     dated 12 Jul 1794;son john wm;wife jane als crebbin;bro of wm liverpool
1795-1 E      w  WOODS        Elinor                   dated 7 Apr 1794;widow;of ballawoods malew;son james;beast in walk miln;gdau eliz quirk;;s-i-l pat quirk + wife cath als woods  prop in ballasalla; dau anne bridson; [#2518]
1795-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Ann         Moore        d 28 jul  1795;son charles
1796   A 20      LOONEY       Thomas                   wife eleanor;dated 5 dec 1795
1796   A 21      CALLOW       Thomas                   d 19 jan;bach;sis isabel;[niece] dorothy moore als callow execx w/o thomas
1796   A 22      FARGHER      William                  son-i-l philip clague;gson john lawson;wife alice
1796-1 E      w  OATES        John                     ballacastean;son richd;dau esther,margt,ann,elizth;son wm (to put him to trade);wife margt als quirk exex
1796-1 E      w  SHIMMIN      Eleanor     GICK         Son John;dau Eleanor Cottier als Shimmin;son Wm Shimmin exec;1798: Robert Quirk husband of Eleanor Shimmin als Cottier acks; 1801:John Shimmin acks 
1796-2 E      w  CREER        Catherine   kinish       names Philip Kelly (who lives with her) exec;names Simon corlet's wife;
1796-2 E      d  QUINE        Christian   [crebbin]    d 8 sep 1796;husb john;ch john,wm,cth,esther + margt;all too tender yrs;revd john clague uncle by mo's side admr;inv
1797-1 E      d  CREBBIN      John                     d 23 jan 1797;bro revd wm crebbin;sis isable lewney + margt cottier als fannan d/o margt fannan als crebbin decd;thos cottier h/o margt
1797-1 E      w  CALLOW       William                  d 6 oct 1796;dau cath;son thomas;gson wm (s/o john callow),wm + thos (s/o thos callow);dau ann;son john;dau alice;son thos + dau cath execs
1798   A 26      MOORE        Eunice                   [Full]
1798   A 27      CALLOW       Isabel                   [Full]
1798-2 e671   w  quayle       elizabeth                dated 2 jun 1798;now of santan;names ann callow,jane kelly,thomas oates,margt oates w/o john ballafurt(houses etc) exex
1799   A 24      QUINE        Elinor                   dated 4 oct 1796;glantraih;sis margt kay,esther cannell;3 nieces of bro john viz cath,esther + margt (various sums secured on mortgages);bro john exec
1799   A 25      boyd         Nicholas                 dated 15 jul 1795;dau isabel;son nicholas,john;wife jane als caine exex
1799-2 E      w  FARGHER      Alice                    widow;dau Esther w/o John Lawson ;dau Elinor w/o Philip Clague (execrs);only one  witness John Quine

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