Summary of Wills - Santan 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

All burials Santan unless otherwise indicated.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 15      FARGHER      John                     d 14 aug 1699;2 ch unnamed, wife;has goods of jo kneale's child;
1700-2 E 477  w  FARGHER      Finlo                    d 27 apr 1698;only dau Mary - ua - Jon Bridson + bro Wm Fargher supvs;father alive(had m/c - some goods still in fa's hands);sibs Wm, Tho, Christian Fargher, Margt Bridson;wife [Elln] alive
1700-2 E 478  d  FARGHER      Mary                     d  2 feb 1698 [see fa Finlo Fargher];mother Ellin Fargher
1700-2 E 481  w  KINNISH      Thomas                   d 10 Oct 1700;ch Tho, Wm, Isable - John Bridson(Aristall) + Jo Bridson(Ballaquackin) to be overseers;wife exex
1700-3 E      w  MARTIN       Thomas                   d 17 jan 1700;son Thos;2 youngest ; 2nd marriage youngest ch by that with heir
1701-2 E 627  w  CAIN         Robert                   d 16 Sep 1701;ch Margt,Margery(had marriage portion - w/o John Moore),Jane(w/o Tho Woods);son-i-law Tho Woods(all gears etc + what his wife had bequeathed them);bro Charles;2 unnamed gch;Margery + Jane jt exexs;mentions profits of lime on Hu Kinnish's land + crop bought from Jo Stevenson [? sharecropping of land]inv;17 3s
1701-2 E 628  w  CAIN         Catherine   GELLING      d 13 Aug 1701;gch Isable Fargher;dau Margery + Jane;son-i-law Tho Woods;husb Robt Cain exor - Robt dead by probate - his exors John Moore + Tho Woods sworn
1701-2 E 631  w  WOODS        Jane        CAIN         d 4 Oct 1701;sis Margt,Margery;sis' dau Isable Fargher;names Margt Kinley;husb Thos Woods exor pledges annexed to Robt Cain's will;
1701-2 E 632  w  BRIDSON      Margaret    KINLEY       d 11 Oct 1701;son Nicholas, Jon, Tho (exor)
1701-2 E 633  w  MOORE        Mary        FARGHER      d 20 Oct 1701;godch Ellinr Kissage + Mary Kelly;names Isable Kissage, Tho Moore, Jane Moore, Margery Moore, Robt Moore, Jane Calow,Will Fargher(+ ch), Richd Clucas(+ ch);dau Margt Fargher, Mary Fargher, Jony Clucas;husb Gilbt Moor exor;witt Tho Kinley x, Robt Hanton x;
1701-3 E 683  d  MOORE        Thomas                   d 9 Jan last;ch Margt, John, Isable, Tho, Nich + Wm jt admrs - next of kin supvs;wife alive + with eldest dau has goods;3 Feb 1704: John Moor(eldest son) acks crop, team etc + other half belonging to his mo (former half via m/c) + latter part his fa-i-law Robt Moor is willing to leave in his hands towards paying younger ch + sd Robt Moor may have same in his hands for time being - acks 11 from sd father [in law];1708: Jo Watterson h/o Margt Moor acks Robt Moor fa-i-law;1714: Tho Moor acks stepfa Robt Moor;1714: Robt Cannell h/o Isable Moor acks fa Robt Moor(Poleroish)
1702   A 9       CALOW        John                     d 25 Dec 1702;ch Christopher(youngest son - house + croft), John(now in Dublin - the house + croft if he comes but not to sell), Wm, Margt(now in Dublin); wife alive (jt exec with Christopher)
1703-3 E      d  MARTIN       William                  d 12 Oct;ch wm,tho,john + margt - all ua;wife alive
1704-2 E      w  MARTIN       Robert                   d 19 Oct 1704;sibs John(eldest bro - exor),Tho, Wm, Margt, Ann
1704-3 E      d  COWLE        Margaret    MOORE        d 11 Dec 1704;only ch Ellinor admx - supv uncles + aunts Philip, Isabel + Elizabeth Moore;husb alive (he + his fa + bro to bring in inv);inv
1705   A 22      MARTIN       Elinor                   [faint + diff to read]ch John(her part of Crott-ne-moaney left her by prev husband), William, Thomas, Ann (jt exec with John);husb alive
1705-2 E      w  QUAY         Isabel      CRAINE       dated [] Nov 1705?;gch Issable Moor, Mgt;son-i-law John Brew, Robt Moor(+ wife Mgt exors) ;ch Emmy, Carter, other unnamed ch;
1705-3 E      d  KNEAL        Ellin                    d mid sep 1705;ch John, Margt (her husb refused admin)+ Isabel jt admrs
1706-3 E      d  BREW         Jane        MOORE        d 6 Feb 1705/6;ch Christopher, Robt, Mary + Isable  jt admrs - surrended to their fa Robt Brew in consideration 5 ea;1708: Wm Clucas + Tho Brew h/o of 2 daus;
1708   A 48      COWLE        Ellin                    d 3 yrs ago ua;d/o margt cowle als moor;next of kin mo side robt,john,philip,isabel + bessy moor;mo dead;inv appears in mos's decree
1709   A 2       QUINNEY      Elinor      brew         d 16 nov 1709;ch thomas, ann + ellinor [4 ch - one name lost in edge];son john;dau christian(youngest exex);
1709   e      d  kennish      john                     supposed dead abroad;deed of gift dated 19 Sep 1690 accepted as will;gives to step-fa Hu Kennish the house + croft during lifetime of Hu and John's mother Ann als fargher; Hu + Ann give him 10s but if he or any of his issue come to live in croft 10s to be returned; if he doesn't return then eldest dau of Hu and Anne to enjoy; cuts off his 4 aunts Margt, Joan, Ellinor + Cath with 6d;
1710   A 4       FARGHER      John                     [Full];bur 25 Dec 1710;son Wm;gch Wm Fargher;dau Christian;son Thomas
1710-2 E 352  c  BREW         John                     [bur 14 Jul 1710];marr contract  son chris brew + cath fargher;dated 26 Jun 1704 stated son Christopher + dau Isable to be jt execs with 6d to all other ch (noted also that wife not corpis mentis) - Nov 1704 acks recept of team etc;1710: Christopher surrenders his right + interest to bro Arthur and sis Isable;inv
1710-2 E      d  BRIDSON      Jane        BREW         [?bur 6 Sep 1710];d 26 sep last;ch christopher,cath + alice;husb alive
1710-2 E      w  FARGHER      Thomas                   [bur 23 Jun 1710];d 22 jun 1710;dau kneal's wife,jane gicks wife;jane + isable fargher exexs
1710-2 E      w  KINLEY       Thomas                   [bur 11 Oct 1710];d 9 oct 1710;eldest son tho,christopher;wife exex
1711-2 E 431  d  BREW         Arthur                   [bur 11 Sep 1711];d beg sep;sibs tho,christopher,john,ann(w/o John Moore) + isabel;wife alive
1711-2 E      w  KINNISH      Elinor      BRIDSON      [bur 10 Oct 1711]dated 19 Jun 1711;ch Tho(exor - crop,team etc Rogane beg), Jony(4th pt as promised in m/c),Wm;gch Elizh Kneal (in kk Christ [?lezayre]);names Margt Corris, Isable Keely,Ellnr Bridson(goddau),Jony Kewn
1711-3 E 523  w  BREW         Robert                   [bur 25 Nov 1711]d 23 Nov 1711;ch isable,mary(?decd - her ch 2 dau by Jon Kermot 1st husb,dau by 2nd husb Thos fargher, 5 ch by 3rd husb Wm Clugas),Robt(exor),Christopher;son-i-law Wm Clugas;Mary + Isable Kermot ack 5s ea, Margt Fargher acks 5s;1724: Robt Lewn h/o Cath Clucas acks from fa Wm Clucas her legacy;1724: Tho Brew(s/o Isabel Brew d/o Robt) acks 1 2s his part due after her decease;1726: Jane Daily als Brew acks 1 2s;Eliz Clucas acks
1712-1 E 590  d  COWLE        Isabel                   d 24 May 1712;bro Hugh, Tho Cowle;mo Ellinor Cowle als Moore exex
1712-1 E 594  d  BREW         Thomas                   [?bur 27 May 1712]d 27 may 1712;ch John, Tho, Jane, Margt + Isable jt admrs - ua uncle + aunts Christopher Brew, Isable + Ann Brew(w/o John Moor) supvs - John Moor gives his part to widow for 5yrs she to keep mill in good repair;posthumous son Robt;1726: Jane acks a corb chest;
1712-1 E 596  d  BREW         Margaret    KERMOD       [bur 17 Apr 1712]d 16 Apr 1712;ch Jane, Mary + Jony - all ua uncle Wm Kermode supv;inv 25 + that left by gfa Robt Brew;husb alive;20s of inv (Mary's pt) in hands William Kermode
1712-1 E 598  d  OATES        John                     [bur 11 May 1712]d 11 May 1712;ch Tho, John + Robt jt admrs - uncles + aunt Wm, Tho + Ann Oates supv;wife alive (her lagacy 5s 10d) - 1717 mo now w/o Wm Carran
1712-2 E      w  KENISH       Hugh                     [bur 8 Apr 1712]d 8 Apr 1712;ch Isable(in Dublin),Margt,Elinor(1s + her mo's goods),Carter, Anne,Hugh (exor - estate during life then to his eldest son - Huugh's wife to have no right other than widowright);Ellnr acks 10s (mo legacy lib 1697/8)
1712-2 E      d  KINLEY       Thomas                   [bur 17 May 1712]d beg may 1712;sibs Christopher + margery jt admrs
1713   A 16      QUINEY       Thomas[?john]            m/c thomas corrin + christian quinney (d/o of John quinney in contract and 'old John quinnety ballacrine bur 29 jan 1712/3)) - thos corrin exor
1713   A 16.1    Curghey      John                     [note dup#] d 20 feb 1712/3;dau isable;gson john curghey;son robt exor
1713   A 17      KNEAL        John                     bur 29 Oct 1713,d 28 Oct 1713;ch Christopher, Robt(if he come),Thomas(land being intack,houses);if Tho + Christopher die without issue land to fall to his brother's children in Lonan;wife Margt agrees in court to leave her goods to Thomas he to maintain her
1715-1 E      w  BRIDSON      Christopher              [bur 19 May 1715];will dated 24 Jul 1711;eldest son John;dau Margt Corkish als Bridson;dau Isabel Moore als Bridson;dau Alice Quail (als Bridson); sons Thomas, Arthur;gdau Isabel Bridson;wife alive (exec);wit Thos Corrin, John Cosnahan;
1715-1 E      w  CRETTNEY     Margaret    CREER        [bur 26 Nov 1714]dated 26 nov 1714;sibs cath,john;mother alive;husb john exor;pledges tho cain (tosaby),Tho Cain(bottin)
1715-1 E      w  QUINNEY      Thomas                   [bur 20 May 1715]d 19 may 1715;unnamed ch - supv John Martin + John Moore;wife alive;wife's bro john moore + fa John Moore;Thos Corrin + Wm Fargher h/o ch aunts mentioned
1715-2 E      d  CAIN         John                     [?bur 24 Dec 1714] d 24 sep;ch john, isabel
1715-2 E      w  CREBBIN      William                  [bur 17 May 1715];inc art of agreement [orig art of marriage but marriage xd thru] ?lib canc;dated 30 Nov 1691;Wm Crebin [+ wife Christian als Skillicorn] obo son John;Robt Oates obo dau alice Crebin als Oates;Crebbins to give half estate + other half at decease of him + wife;Oates to give 3;witt Wm bridson x,Jon Cosnahan;ack'd 27 feb 1691;accepted as will Wm + wife Christian - son wm exor
1715-2 E      d  KINNISH      Phillip                  d 4months ago Jamaica;dated21 Oct 1715;sibs john,marjery + jane
1715-3 E      d  CALLOW       Margaret    OATES        [bur 18 Oct 1715];d 18 oct;only son John Moor(ballaphurt) admr
1715-3 E      d  MOORE        Isabel      FARGHER      [bur 10 Jan 1715];d 8 jan;son john,philip(nver rcvd any m/c)
1716   A 9       QUAY         Thomas                   [bur  5 Nov 1716]
1716   A 10      CUBBON       John                     [bur  2 Dec 1716]
1716-2 E      w  QUINE        Isabel      CALOW        [bur 19 Jul 1716]d 18 jul 1716;ch john(eldest son),cath,ellinr,robt,wm,thos;husb wm;ch wm,thos,cath + ellinr jt execs;
1716-3 E      d  MOOR         John                     [bur 29 Jan 1716]d 28 Jan 1715;Knock-e-loughan;ch John + Philip Moor jt exors;Robt Moor claims agt exors of father for half estate by agreement dated 30 Nov 1713 [see Old deed San #48]
1717   A 13      COTTEEN      William                  [bur 22 Jun 1717];d 26 jun last;next relns (on both fa + mo's side) wm shimin, margt kennish (w/o daniel joughin), thomas brew, philip brew Kath [?brew][edges decayed] , philip, james + joney, james quill cath corlet;cath brew, jane cowen for herself + obo bro danl cown sworn;acks from danl joughin, dan cown,jane cown,james quill obo wife;wife marriaot als gelling
1717-2 E      d  KNEAL        John                     [bur 22 Jun 1717];perished at seajune last;ch john,isable,ann,wm;wife alive
1718   A 2       BRIDSON      Karter      KINNISH      [bur 15 Mar 1717];son thomas,arthur;3 daus margret corkil als bridson,eliz,alice;gson christopher bridson,gson thomas bridson;d-i-l elinor bridson;d-i-l alice bridson als taggart;d-i-l caterine bridson als quaile;elinor quay poor woman;gdau Margt quirk,gdau bessy;dau isable; gson Johnson arthur
1719-2 E      d  CUNNERY      Ann                      [bur 27 Jun 1719;d july last;sibs john + isable(w/o Tho Kewn);illeg child John Quiney
1720   A 9       KINLEY       Catherine   [Kinnish]    [bur 31 Mar 1720];knock froiy;husb philip;dau jane;son wm exor
1720   A 10      KINNISH      Hugh                     [bur 11 Apr 1720];Ballachurry,his father Thomas snr,children Christopher,Barnabas , John, & Catherine,wife Kath; Thomas Bridson snr Ballaquicken, John Moor Ballahow; wife marries John Kelly by 1732 (san 14 APR 1722);Cathrine  Creer als Kenish by 1757 (m Robert Creer San 09 AUG 1757) 
1720   A 11      KINLEY       Philip                   [bur 17 Apr 1720];Knockfrey;ch jane,wm(exor)
1720   A 44      KNEALE       Margaret                 [bur  6 Jan 1720]added note that a m/c produced in court since decree 
1720-1 E      w  FARGHER      Jony        KINNISH      [bur 30 Apr 1720]
1720-1 E      d  OATES        Mary        KEWLEY       [bur  4 Apr 1720];d 8 Apr 1720;3 children Tho. Jane, and Alice Oates;husb alive
1721   A 6       MOORE        Margaret    QUAY         [bur 19 Mar 1720];d 18 Mar;son John, Robt, dau Isab,  Catherine Gell, gchild; Margt Moore
1721   A 40      CALLOW       Christian   hanton       [bur 14 Dec 1721]dated 14 Jul 1716;son christopher exor;
1722   A 6       BRIDSON      Nicholas                 [bur 23 Apr 1722];d 22 Apr 1722. sons John, William; bro Thomas,  Cooil  overseer ; wife Carter Bridson als Kinish
1723-2 A 82      FARGHER      Robert                   [bur 22 Nov 1723];d 20 nov 1723;son thos(eldest - land,intacks etc);dau mary + margt (younger daus)wife margt exex;gdau joney kinley;witt jon keaney,mary kinley
1723-2 A 83      BRIDSON      Thomas                   [bur 7 Jan 1723];d 6 jan 1722/3;of malew;sibs robt,alice;nieces mariott,mary bridson;john moore ballnahow exec
1723-2 A 84      CAIN         Charles                  [bur 1 Jan 1723];d 30 dec 1723;son gibt,robt,charles,john exor;gson wm cain
1723-2 E      d  cowel        elinor      moore        [bur 31 Oct 1723];d 30 oct last;son tho
1723-2 E      d  KISSAG       John                     [bur 17 Sep 1723];d 17 sep;ch john,hugh;next relns jon kissag + mary fargher with  jane kissag supv;wife alive;petn by widow isable als crebbin that husb d 8 yrs ago had but 1 son who lived with her but is now decd;dispute between jane relict jo kissag + mo-i-law
1723-2 E      w  MOORE        John                     [bur 17 Jun 1723];d 16 jun 1723;3 ch elizth,cath,ann;son jon (eldest);1740 john key h/o elizth moore;son-i-law wm taggart;dau jane als taggat;bro thos moore
1723-2 E      w  MOORE        Margery     CAIN         [bur 15 May 1723];d 13 may 1723;son john(eldest);dau jane taggart (eldest);husb john exor (dead before probate);inv
1724-1 A 15      BRIDSON      John                     [bur  9 Mar 1723];ballavargher;dau mary;gsons Robt & Johnbrew;gdaus Margt isable brew;wife alive;gdau ann brew
1724-1 A 16      COSNAHAN     John                     [bur 16 Apr 1725]; vicar 34 yrs,son John, Hugh,charles;dau Kathrin,anne,margaret;wife [margaret] alive;
1724-1 E      w  CAIN         Jony        CALLOW       [bur 25 May 1725] (?callow/callin)d 24 may 1724;son gilbt + robt cain,charles,john exor;gson wm cain;mistress elizth moore;
1724-1 E      d  OATES        William                  [bur 18 Apr 1724];d18 April;5 children , Margt, Anne, Isabel, Wm, and John Oates,under age, tAunt Anne Curlett and John Martin their other kinsman ; wife Margt Oates als Cu[bbon] Wm Oates of KK Santon died 16 April 1724. April 30, 1739:John Oates apprentice Braddan ,acks stepfather Wm Clucas + Ann and Isabel Oates ack
1724-1 E      d  QUAY         Thomas                   [bur  2 Jun 1724];perished by water 2 jun;ch tho,ann + posthume ua sill ratcliff + tho kenish;wife alive;inv
1724-2 A 99      STOLE        Elinor                   [bur 29 Jun 1724];fa Wm Stole exor;names Margt Christian
1724-2 E      w  GICK         Jane        FARGHER      [bur 22 Jun 1724];d 20 jun 1724;names John + Margery Corrin (c/o Nicholas Corrin Rushen),isable corrin;dau Jane(w/o Nicholas Corrin),Christopher Gick (her pt Ballagick).Margery Crain(Douglas);gson Christopher Gick;Dau Margery (w/o Gilbt Craine) + Jane jt exexs [Jane sworn ? widow]
1724-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Christian   CUBON        [bur 22 Nov 1724]d 20 Nov 1724;ch Isable + Mary Clague jt admxs - next relns Tho Fargher + Margt Cubon supv;husb John;costs;inv 4 15s;1731: Mary dead;later note names father + Jane Fayle als Cubbon sworn supv[?w/o Richd Fai]
1725-1 E      w  OATES        Margaret                 [bur 18 May 1725]d 18 May 1725;sis Isable,Ann;mother exex (+ to put a coffin on her)
1726-1 E      d  OATES        Andrew                   d beg mar 1725;ch thos, jane + alice - all at age jt admrs
1727   A 22      BRIDSON      Kathrin     MOORE        [bur  7 Oct 1727];ballaquicken,dau isabel (heir to ballaquickin),2 younger children;sis Eliz,sis anne,nephew thomas moore balnahow;maid joney christian, isabel gell;poor blind child of Robert Curghey of the Largey;father Robert, bros John Moore Balnahow, William Corran Ballameanagh;husb thomas;Stephen Kneal/Nelson husb of Elizabeth/Isable 1789? 1739
1727-1 E      d  KEGG         Elinor      HAMPTON      [?bur 23 Apr 1727]d abt 2 apr;only ch tho next of kindred vizt mathew & jo hampton + christian crenil als kinley supv;husb alive;inv notes inv half her mother ellin keigg als kneagle;inv
1728   A 33      BRIDSON      Ellinor                  [bur 25 Nov 1728]; ballaquickin, dau ellinor, Margt,kath, eldest dau Margt Quirk, dau Isable Gawn Rushen;gson Wm quirk;gson philip & John quirk;gchildren isable, kath & ann Bridson; nephew Thomas Bridson; servant Thomas Quark;husb thomas
1728-2 E      d  CORRIN       Gilbert                  [bur  2 Apr 1728]ch john (ua),margt;wife alive
1728-2 E      d  KERMOD       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    [bur 20 Sep 1728]d 18 sep 1728;sis to have all goods if she brings up her only child - sis relinquishes + court declares child admr - ua uncles + aunt wm christian, jony christian, Ewan + ellinr Christian;;1729: ewan Christian + james scarffe sworn supv 9note also that Robt Waterson sworn);inv includes cost of midwife + nursing child - child dead soon after
1729-1 A 15      QUAY         Isabel      [Moore]      [bur  3 Mar 1728];meary voar,s-i-l Sylvester Radcliffe, dau Cath;gson John Quay kk lonon,gdau isabel quay bal-ne-cregga,gdau kath clucas meary,dau of sd kath (ggrandau ?),gdau ann clucas corvalley,gson tho clucas corvalley,gson john Kinnish rogane,bro John Moor,dau isabel quay of corvalley,(Isable Quay + 3 grandchildren desc as of the Rock 
1729-1 A 16      KINLEY       Maria       [hampton]    [bur 8 Mar 1728]dated 10 jun 1718 (signed + sealed);widow Thomas Kinley Ballnehowin;deed of gift  to son-i-law John Brew(Barrose Lonan) h/o marjery;1729 Christopher Kinley claims agt mother's execs;1729: patk corlet + wife claim 23s consideration money as Mary Kinley was supv to wife + sold land + another 17s for wages
1729-1 A 17      BREW         John                     [bur 11 Apr 1729]; [full] knockfrey,dau isabel,anne,s-i-l Johncain;gson Johnleece;dau kathrine;wife kater brew;dau amy;
1729-1 E      d  CREBBIN      William                  [bur 26 Mar 1729]; d 25 March 1729. sons Revd Mr Paul Crebbin, John Crebbin son; wife Alice Crebbin als Oates (d 1735); John and Margaret have marriage contracts 
1729-1 E      d  KISSACK      John                     bur 7 Jun 1729]perished by sea 6 jun 1729;ch margt,carter,ellen + wm (last 2 ua);wife alive
1729-3 E      w  BREW         Thomas                   d 1 dec 1719;dau alice cowley(braddan),elinor(kk michael);son thos exor;gch isabel,ann(ballakelly), thos(ballakelly);dau-i-law eliz brew;wife alive
1730   A 32      KEIG         Isabel      QUINNEY      [bur  8 Dec 1730];son Thomas, John (if he comes, Christopher(youngest);dau Isabel;d-i-l Jane Keig;gson John Moor;husb John;1746 Christopher Keig acks from step mother Anne Keig
1730-2 E      w  MOORE        John                     [bur  2 Jul 1730];dated 15 apr 1729;nockalough;son john (eldest son but ua);unnamed ch;wife elizth  exex;mark cain + charles cowle supvs;mark cain + wife testify that john moore settled half heifer on dau margt other half left her by gmo margt moore als quay;inv;1731 john bridson m to relict;1742 heir john moore at la + chooses rev mr crebbin + capt john clucas;1742 john quirk junr crogga obo wife margt als moore acks from fa-i-law thos bridson for goods from fa or promised her by mo.
1730-3 E      d  MARTIN       John                     [bur  7 Dec 1730];d 9 dec 1730;sibs tho,wm,margt(cannell als martin of dublin w/o john);halfsis ann martin;inv;1732vwm dead in liverpool - will leaves sibs execs
1731-1 A 4       QUINE        William                  [bur 21 Mar 1730]
1731-1 A 5       BRIDSON      John                     [bur  8 Mar 1730];son christopher, john,joseph,dau bessy, ellin, Jane,elizabeth (distinct from bessy!);gson robert quinney,wife alice;[full]
1731-1 E      d  CAIN         Gilbert                  [bur 29 Apr 1731];d 26 apr 1731;ch marjery, isabel, ellin + jane all ua except marjery;wife alive
1731-2 E      d  KINLEY       Isabel      FARAGHER     [bur 3 Oct 1731]d 3 oct 1731;7ch mary,jony,jane,isabel,ann,[?ewen],Thos all except mary ua;husb christopher; by inv 6 young ch Mary eldest dau sworn supv;Christoper remarries
1731-2 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   [bur 23 Jun 1731]d 22 jun 1731;knock-y-loughan;ch robt(in America),cath clark als moore;admn by Cath Clark + her bro-i-law Mark Cain + Thos Clark;Thos Bridson h/o Elizth Moore relict of John pay 14 due to decd Ro Moore for son Jo  Moore persuant to M/c date 22 May 1719
1731-3 E      d  QUINNEY      William                  [bur 26 Dec 1731];d 25 dec; 5 ch jo ceasar tho isabel esther (ua)
1732-1 E      w  KNEAL        Christian   BREW         [bur  7 May 1732];2 dau ann Jane;Nich Faile son-i-l;
1733-2 A 72      MOORE        John                     [bur  8 Mar 1732];senr ballafurt;d 7 apr 1733;wife margt;dau cath (refused to leave her anything);eldest son thos;
1733-2 A 73      QUINE        William                  [bur 28 Jan 1733];all goods to capt jon clugas + john moore;disputed
1733-2 E      c  BRIDSON      Thomas                   [bur  7 Sep 1733];mar agreement d 1727 between John Cain & isabel bridson (parents thomas & joney als corlett)
1733-2 E      w  FARGHER      Catherine                [bur 14 Jul 1733];aunt Margt cotter kk braddan;friend Margt fargher als caine, isabel kissage als moore
1733-3 E      d  MOORE        Ann         QUILLIAM     4 ch tho isabel jon & ann;isabel & fa admrs; jo quilliam admrs uncle
1733-3 E      d  QUINE        William                  d 28 jan;sibs John,Thos Robt ,cath moore w/o John,Ellen quaile w/o john [?chk];
1734-1 A 5       FARGHER      Karter      MOORE        [Full];bur 10 Apr 1734; s-i-l Thomas Moor, wife margaret, gdau Susanna Moor ;Margt Clague of Reeast;
1734-2 A 48      BREW         Ann         KINNISH      [bur 22 Dec 1734];?will made 11 jan 1734;dau ellinor,alice;gson robert son to John Brew ;son thomas gdau Eliz (of Thos);witness Eliz Cowill als Moor 
1734-2 E      w  COSNAHAN     Margaret    Moore        [bur 7 Sep 1734];widow [of Rev John Cosnahan d 1724],dau Ann, son Charles, dau Jane Bridson,gson Francis Cosnahan;son Rev John;bro-in-law John Brew Malew
1734-2 E      w  LOONEY       Philip                   bur 18 May 1734]ch jane nelson,thos,margt,henry,wm('had enough to charge him from his master')
1734-2 E      w  OATES        Jane        BREW         [bur 23 Jul 1734];Ballafurt [died in childbed] 5 ch Ann, Barbara, Isabel, William, and Mary;1737 Anne Fitzsimons als Oates ;1743 Barbara McCooley als Oates [m Pat Cooley]
1734-3 E      d  LOONEY       Barbara                  [bur 19 Nov 1734]d abt 19 nov 1734;ch jane,wm,tho,margt + henry;
1735-1 A 11      BRIDSON      Margaret                 [bur 14 May 1735];y vargher, dau Mary Brew,gson Robert Brew , s-i-l Robert Brew [h/o Mary m San 22 JUL 1712], gdau ann brew;
1735-1 A 12      CREBBIN      Alice       OATES        [bur 19 Feb 1734];son paul ,gdau isable quine, gdau elinor quine,gson Johnquine,gson Wm crebbin,son John, dau Margaret Quine als Crebbin;husb john;bro-i-l Rev Paul Crebbin;
1735-2 E 029  w  KINNISH      Isabel      QUAY         [?bur 9 Feb 1734]d 3 aug 1735ch tho, james,elinor,margt,elizth;husb tho exor;rogane beg;1741: margt shearman als kinish(dublin) acks stepmother marjory kinish + exors of father thos kinish
1736-1 A 8       LEWNY        Robert                   [bur 25 Dec 1735]d 24 dec 1735;son robt(eldest - loom);wife ann exex;other ch esther,isabel,christian, isabel junr,wm,john,ann,thos + mary - some ua;jan 1746/7: wm,ann + mary ack from step-fa john christian
1736-1 E 217  w  MARTIN       Thomas                   [bur 8 May 1736]dated 20 Apr 1736;ch Thos(half crops etc - he to pay 4 - also croft lately purchased from Tho Marteen - Tho jnr to pay 4 consideration money due to Tho Bridson Knock-y-loghan), Isable(croft purchased from Robt Bridson - she paying 7 to redeem mortgage John Quine has on it), Jane;gch that is Philip Carrin's dau (a sheep);wife alive;dau Margt + Isable jt exexs;desires that Anne Keoge als Ball to be sworn to my bro John's goods.
1736-2 E      w  BREW         Isabel                   [bur 25 May 1736]dated 15 Feb 1735/6;widow;Quinney's mill;ch John(eldest son),robt,isable (exex - she to pay bro Robt what was due by death fa + gfa),thos,jane,margt; gch Elizth Daily?,isable brew, john corrin
1737-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   [bur 14 Apr 1737]d apr 1737;2 unmarried daus Cath + Margt jt admxs;pledges Rev Wm Crebbin + John Moore Ball-na-how
1737-2 E      d  BREW         Robert                   [bur 30 Aug 1737];Meary Veg;10 children Jane,Mary, Jony, Robert, Anne, Margaret, John, Isabel, Thos, and Alice Brew (later 3 ua);1757 Wm Cowle h/o Isabel, Thos Quay h/o Alice + John Cowle h/o Anne ack;1740 Jane Quay + Joney Gellin ack;inv
1737-2 E      d  COWIN        Margaret    CREER        [bur Bra 11 Jun 1737];d 10 Jun;4 ch Margaret, John (abroad), Ann (abs) & Alice (ua);husb John; pledges Wm Creer Bal-ny-moddey + husb John;inv 
1737-2 E         MADDREL      Catherine                [bur 11 Aug 1737] displaced funeral costs of Cath Maddrell d/o John Maddrell late Balladoole=garden? by John kelly + sd Cathrine's mother d abt 15 Aug 1737;cost 1 9 5d inc gallon brandy
1737-2 E      w  MOORE        Ann                      [bur 20 Jun 1737]jw Thos Moor (Ballavilla) + wife Ann Moo;ch John(20s + all lands in possession of Thomas),Thos, Isabel,ann(whatever was lent to her + husb) mut ex - husb Thos sworn
1737-2 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [bur  8 Mar 1735]
1737-2 E      w  QUINNEY      Catherine   BRIDSON      [bur 23 Jul 1737]d 22 jul 1737;ch robt quinney (eldest son), thos, wm Quinney, caesar, ann, kath;husb john exor;(some land mortgaged);1765: Kath acks step-mo Ann;John Quinney s/o John Quinney exor by another wife  + exor of bro Caesar acks from mo Ann
1737-2 E      w  QUIRK        Philip                   [bur 16 Jul 1737]dated 29 mar 1737;ch john, elizth, wm + margt jt execs;gch philip, margtcath(d/o Margt);dau-i-law margt
1737-3 E      d  QUIGGIN      Thomas                   [bur 23 Nov 1737]d 22 nov 1737;only dau Mary Loony als Quiggin(w/o Wm Loony) exex
1738-1 A 18      BREW         Emmy                     [bur  4 Feb 1737];sis ellinor,jane, Elizabeth,cath;mother alive; several Leece's mentioned Isable + bro Wm, Emmy, John  Robert;
1738-1 A 19      MOORE        Margaret                 [bur  8 Apr 1738]d 7 apr 1738;gdau ann quinney(of ballacrine);son thos exor
1738-1 E      d  KINLEY       Christian   CANNELL      [bur  2 Apr 1738]; 3 ch Margt elinr & christian kinley;ua;uncles Johnwm Robt & Thos cannell;inv
1738-1 E      d  QUARK        Isabel      CAIN         [bur  2 Apr 1738];only ch Margt;nxt reln Wm Quaile
1738-2 E      d  COWL         Hugh                     [bur 30 Sep 1738]; [Ballacrine]d 10 sept last;7 ch Hugh, Jo, Isabel,Carter, Alice, Robt, Elizabeth cowl;all absent except Hugh(rest ua) wife alive;
1738-2 E      d  MARTIN       William                  being abroad many yrs reported dead;sis anne martin
1738-2 E      w  QUIRK        Elizabeth   QUAY         son John(married);son philip sis hester quay in kk braddan;dau Elizabeth quay als quirk;son Wm;daus Margt & Eliz exec
1739-2 A 42      Kissag       Hugh                     [bur 28 Nov 1739]; elinr and Eliz brew; aunt mary brew als Fargher, hus Wm [?8022]
1739-2 A 43      COWLE        Karter                   [bur 16 Dec 1739]; mother isable, her sister Elizabeth, mentions deceased bro hugh (? fam 8124);
1739-2 A 48      COWLE        Hugh                     note #44 missing;[bur 28 Nov 1739], (Hu Cowle jnr Ballacryne) chk mis-indexed as 1740 A10 prob refers;
1739-3 E      d  Cowin        James                    [bur 16 Mar 1738];d 17 mar;6 ch John, Philip,james thomas ann christian ua uncle paul cown;wife alive;inv;
1740-1 A 10      COWLE        Hugh                     [bur 28 Nov 1739];Hu Cowle jnr Ballacryne;  inv [will elsewhere?]
1740-1 A 11      QUINEY       Averick     cain         [bur  4 Mar 1739];d 3 mar 1739;dau isabel + esther jt exex;sons john,caesar + thos;gson thos fitzsimons
1740-1 A 12      OATES        Joney                    [bur 10 Jan 1739];[Full]Knockfreiy;sister Mary;husb John;names Margaret Kinley, William Kinley & Anne Keig
1740-1 A 13      OATES        John                     [bur 24 Feb 1739];[Full]Knockfreiy; husb of Mary above; son Wm; daus Catherine & Ann (exectrs) ua;Robert and Thomas Oates uncles + Wm Kelly gfa (of daus);mo alive;
1740-1 E 26   d  MOORE        Ellinor     SANSBURY als scarff [bur 21 Mar 1739];3 ch Eliz ellinor & james sansbury;james ua;uncle richd scarf;husb John Moore
1740-2 E      d  BUTLER       Edward                   mariner s/o edward butler of kk santan died onboard the Angola upon coast of Guinea apr 1739;
1740-2 E      w  COSTEAN      William                  [bur 21 Aug 1740];dau ann,isabel (croft & house at church);;wife alive; s-i-l Johncain;wife Margt costean als quirk
1740-2 E      w  COWLE        Elizabeth   MOORE        [bur 12 Jun 1740];balnahown;3 dau isabel, ellinr ann;eliz if she comes to island;son charles;husb Xtophr alive;1745 edwd crow husb ellinor;feb 1742/3 John Christian of kk bride h/o isable
1740-2 E      d  FARGHER      Thomas                   [bur  1 Jul 1740]; 3 ch John, Thos, Ann;
1740-2 E      w  MARTIN       Isabel      COMISH       [bur 16 Aug 1740];2 dau kath Elizabeth, Margt ellinr;husb john
1741-1 A 27      MARTIN       Margaret    CARRAN       [bur Mal 5 Feb 1740];d 4 feb;dau kathrin;gdau Eliz martin;;dau magret;sis Eliz moore;dau Jane exectx
1741-1 A 28      GELL         John                     [bur 15 Apr 1741];d tues 14 apr 1741;god dau Robt gells dau;;long line legacy to Johnquinney glangreanagh;wife kath
1741-1 A 29      CLUCAS       William                  [bur 26 Apr 1741];wife alive;stepson John Oates (in Douglas);bro Thomas, sister Ellinor; Joney Clucas of the gart exectx (husb Thomas);Ballacostain
1741-1 E      w  CREER        Catherine   CLAGUE       [bur 10 Aug 1738];dau Cath;d-i-l Eliz Creer als Bell;husb Thos;thos died before probate
1741-1 E      w  CREER        Thomas                   The Park; dated 15 Feb 1740;dau cath;d-i-l eliz creer als bell (exec);pledges Robt Hanton + Harry Bridson
1741-1 E      d  KENNISH      Thomas                   [bur 31 Mar 1741];rogane beg;d 29 mar ;5 ch Thos james Margt Elizabeth ellinr, thos james ,margt abroad;wife alive;1742 Thos woods husb of ellinr;margery mcylcreest relict Thos kinnish; rogane beg left by isabel kinish als quay to son Thos 1737/8;petn
1741-2 E      w  BELL         Nicholas                 [bur 23 Jul 1741]; d 24 jul;wife alive, 2 children (to be paid their mothers goods)
1741-2 E      d  BREW         Elizabeth                died abt 7 yrs ago in minority; left 1 12 6 + a cow by gmother ann brew (bib 2 1734);sibs Thos & Eliz ;money in hands John Brew
1741-2 E      w  BREW         Thomas                   [bur 1 Jun 1741];wife alive;nephew Robt brew;2 children;bro John guardian; paid 4 10s as apprentice fee for thomas to patr corlett 
1741-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      James                    [bur 18 Aug 1741];d 17 aug 1741;sis John Quinney's wife of castletown [alice shimmin m 13 may 1718];wife alive ellinor [?Kissack m 15 apr 1732 no ch]
1741-3 E      w  KINNISH      Kartar      BREW         [bur  9 Jun 1741];son hugh,john,dau elinor;sis Elizabeth;cath kinnish; husb chris;fa Robt brew; bro john;by 1741 John & elinor died in minority
1741-3 E      d  KINNISH      Ellinor                  [bur 15 Aug 1741] see mother's will Ellinor  Kinnish
1741-3 E      d  KINNISH      John                     [bur 27 Jul 1741] see mother's will Ellinor  Kinnish
1742-2 A 61      KNEALE       Grace       QUINEY       [bur 29 Oct 1742];sons John,Wm thomas;isable quine;isable moore;eleanor fargher;husb John alive;wm & Thos ack 1760;  overseer uncle John Quinney
1742-2 A 62      COTTIER      Margaret    LEWNEY       [bur 30 Dec 1742];d 28 dec;husb robert;bro John Lewney; a striped holy day petty coat to her mistress;dan teare's wife mentioned;
1742-2 A 63      FARGHER      Margaret    CAIN         [bur  2 Mar 1741];d about 3 March 1742. gson.Thomas Curphey [?, or Cowley], 3 daus Jony, Mary, Margrett,; s-i-l Patrick Cowley; gdau Jony Kinley; son Thomas Fargher, 
1742-2 E      d  KINNISH      Thomas                   son & heir of thomas kinnish late of rogane beg left island about 5 years ago died about 12 months ago;sibs james, ellinor, Margt Eliz
1743-1 A 17      QUIRK        John                     [bur 21 Jan 1742];will has died 19 feb;sons John, Wm, Paul, Philip (if he comes for it), dau Margt (not yet 20),wife Mary Bridson alive, gdau elinor quirk;whatever is due from Mrs Qualtrough's effects,Margt husb John Oates by 1753;1756 Paul Quirk in Douglas
1743-1 E      d  OATES        William                  [bur 21 Mar 1742]; sibs John,Anne isabel ;incase widow brings forth a child tba 
1743-3 E      w  BRIDSON      Alice       TAGGART      [bur 10 Jul 1743];son christopher,john,joseph,dau Eliz karran als bridson - other children 6d,jane bridson;
1744-1 E      d  QUAY         Ann         BRIDSON      [bur  9 Feb 1743];d 7 feb 1743;5 dau Cath isabel Margt leonora esther; husb capt jon clucas, John Kaighin, hugh craine, nicholas harrison, John Moore;husb John Quay
1744-2 A 46      QUAY         John                     [bur 13 Dec 1744];meary voar,wife dead,s-i-l John Kaighin balnacregga + wife isabel;s-i-l nichs harrison cordeman + wife leonora;gdau esther clucas balnicholas;jane eldest dau of John Kaighin balnecregga;s-i-l capt John Clucas + wife  Cath; execs hugh craine + wife Margt balnahown, John Moore + esther knock-e-loughan
1745-2 A 31      COTcHEEN     Marriot     QUINNEY als Gellin [bur 21 Jan 1745];gdau Catherine quinney;son John Quinney
1745-2 A 32      KISSAG       Thomas                   [bur 15 Nov 1745];brother (unnamed),sis elinor Bridson (her dau Eliz),sis isable Leece (her dau isabel), sister Jane, sister deborah,bro-i-l thomas clucas,fa & mo alive;
1745-2 E      w  COWLE        Charles                  [bur  1 Jul 1745];son heir christopher;dau elinor;sis isabel & elinor guardians;John Christian husb isabel,edward crow  other supv;long acct
1745-2 E      w  CRAIN        Elizabeth   MOoRE        [bur  8 Jul 1745]; of kk braddan;sis lucy;sis isable;if she was delivered of a son;witness robert & thomas hanton objected to as near relations of husb
1747-3 E      d  BREW         Jane        KELLY        [bur 21 Jan 1747];dau isabel, rest of children having had contracts;husb john;
1747-3 E      d  KISSACK      William                  [bur 31 Dec 1747];children john, ellinor isabel deborah;jon bridson husb elinor,wm leece husb of isabel,thomas clucas h/o deborah
1748-1 A 12      CALLOW       William                  [bur  5 Mar 1747];wife exec no names
1748-1 A 13      KISSAG       Isable      MOORE        [bur  8 Jan 1747];gdau Eliz Bridson;gchildren Daniel Looney's children;maid servant Christian Gell;deceased son Thomas,children John, William Leece husb of isabel, Thomas Clucas husb of Deborah
1748-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Margaret    CUBON        [bur  4 Apr 1748];2 children John & anne, dau isabel having had a contract
1748-2 A114      CURGHEY      Robert                   [bur 28 Jan 1748;son robt; John, Mary & margret children of son john;wm & margret ch of son patrick;dau isable's child;wife alive
1748-2 A115      CHRISTIAN    Ann         CUBbIN       [bur 21 Dec 1748;dau hester; dau isable (the eldest);dau christian;dau isable (the youngest);son Wm;sons John & thomas;dau mary; sheep held between mary & her stepfather;husb John Christian;
1748-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Carter      KINISH       [bur  8 Jul 1748];sis Jane;son Wm;
1748-2 E      d  CREBBIN      John                     [bur 22 May 1748];6 children Jane kathrine John,Margt,Edwd,Wm ;4 last ua uncle rev mr crebbin + Wm cowin lanjaghyn kk  conchan overseers
1748-2 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [?bur 19 Apr 1749]; ballachrink d 27 jun 1748;3 dau anne susanna isobel ;dau Margt clarke als moore of moaney mooar  Kk malew + her 3 children;wife Margt moore als fargher
1748-3 E      d  KEIG         John                     [bur 28 Jan 1747]d beg Feb 1747;son Thomas + Christor jt admrs but surrender to mo;wife Ann als Bell
1749-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         CROW         [bur 20 Jun 1748; 5 children Margt thomas patrick esther ellinr ;4 later ua  husb luke;uncles Wm crow & Wm kinley superv
1749-2 E      w  MOORE        Mary        CLUCAS       [bur 12 Jun 1749]d 9 jun 1749;Sulbrick;son John(heir);7 other ch thos,robt,chas,wm,mary,jane + isabel;husb exor
1749-2 E      d  QUINNEY      Robert                   d 3 yrs ago in west indies on board HM ship 'the sea horse';fa john quinney;sibs thos,wm.caesar, ann + cath - all absent or abroad fa John sworn

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