Summary of Wills - Rushen post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 39      CORLET       Ann                      sister Margaret Grimes, niece Elizabeth Corlett, niece Catharine Corlett; niece Betty Corlett; sister Elizabeth Faile; John Corlett's wife; brother John Corlett & his dau Elizabeth Corlett; niece Mary Corlet; niece Ann Corlett; Charles Duffey exec
1800   A 40      CANNAL       William                  d 13 feb 1800;son thos,wm (exec)
1800   A 41      MOORE        Jane                     made 29 Apr 1800: Bessy Maddrell her sister's dau; Isabel Kermod; Mally Kermod her brother's dau; friend John Gill of Rushen
1800-1 E         KERMODE      William                  formerly of rushen but late a mariner on ship 'Neptune' of Liverpool Inglis commander;bach;father john
1800-1 E         MOONEY       David                    dated 1 mar 1800;intend going to liverpool;wife margt (all my goods etc in Belfast)  exex
1800-2 E      d  MADDRELL     Margaret                 d 6 dec 1800;ch wm,james,thos + mary;husb James  in RN (on hm ship The Captain) + off island;uncle Wm Maddrell on fa's side + thos callow on mo's side supv (other uncles john callow + thos maddrell pledges)
1801   A 27      CREGEEN      John                     [full]made 20 mar 1800;port-le-murrey;sons john,thomas,wm;dau isabel (w/o thomas callister),ann gawn als crejeen (w/o henry);gch margt (d/o thomas)
1801-1 E         KERMODE      Thomas                   formerly rushen late fencible 2nd corps RMF d may 1801 on duty in Ireland;mo elinor;sis margt gell als kermod,isable kinley als kermod(w/o christopher)
1801-1 E         KINLEY       Edward                   d 5 may 1801;bro christopher;friend neddy s/o richd cubbon,john kneen;wife margt exex [?no ch mentioned]
1802   E      in COTTIER      Thomas                   between thos cottier rowany + henry clague arbory tailor h/o dau ann;son thos cottier;names margt w/o john gell kk arbory;dau elizth + mary cottier;son wm (eldest surv son - if he returns)
1802-1 E         SKELLY       Henry                    [note in pres1802] - d on calf of man;3ch henry,john + margt(all ua);wife elinor;pledges david + wm duggan;uncles john + hugh skelly guardians
1802-2 E         QUALTROUGH   William                  d 4 sep 1801;ch thos,john,edwd + isabel;[wdwr isabel decd mar 1771]
1803-1 E         WATERSON     Stanley                  bach;hm sea service left island several years ago;fa edward
1804   A 32      CORKISH      John                     d 7 feb 1804;friend henry kermod(son henry,john  + wife ann kermod als waterson)john + ann jt exors
1804   A 33      WATTERSON    Henry                    bro wm's son wm + henry  + john watterson;names eleanor steitch als lawson + others;sis elizth bell als watterson;bro wm + his wife ann als keigg  jt execs
1804   A 34      GELL         Elinor                   d 31 jan 1804;friend cath cregeen exex
1804   A 35      CURPHEY      Thomas                   made 14 feb 1804;dau elizth christian(w/o edmund christian) exex
1804-2 E         KELLY        Margery                  made 6 jun 1801;son wm (heir - fishing nets);gvh margt qualtrough,john,thos + elenor kelly;names eleanor nelson als kelly of c'town;dau margery qualtrough exex (w/o john)
1805   A 33      KEGGEN       Thomas                   d 7 feb 1805;son thos;dau jane kelly als keggen,susanna moore als keggen;wife jane als cooil exex
1807   A 41      Carine       Ann                      d 25 jan 1807;ch edmund,mark,esther exex
1807   A 43      Carine       Jane        nelson       widow;ch alice crellin als carrin,john,cath kneen als carin (w/o John)  exex;gson wm kneen;wants john kneen as guardian to son john
1807   A 44      McGAGADY     Isabel      carine       d 15 mar 1807;ch mosey[?mercy],margt,3 unnamed sons (if they would come for it);husb danl exor;
1808   A 84      QUALTROUGH   John                     dated 20 jan 1808;dau margt exex;claims
1809-2 E         BELL         Elizabeth   waterson     d 15 Sep 1809;son John admr
1809-2 E         CORKILL      Esther      Waterson     d 28 May 1809;ch John, Wm, Thomas, James + Margt jt admrs - sons absent + Mary ua thus father sworn
1809-2 E         CREBBIN      Timothy snr              d 19 Jun 1809;ch Timothy(my share of working tools belonging to forge), John, Thomas,Esther, James (5s if he claims), Wm;wife Margt als Cannell exex
1809-2 E         MYLREA       Charles                  d 22 jun 1809;bach;sis Margt(w/o Peter Christian) admx;pledges John Kneen + Thos Corkill(both Rushen) - Thos Cottier claims 30
1810   A 39      SUMMERS      John                     Kintraugh;son john (700 but his mo to have interest during her life), matthew;dau hannah,mary,ann;wife mary;requests capt Matthw summers,Wm Scott esq douglas + Humphrey Stephen Jurby execs/trustees;sis hannah,elizth dickenson (children);serv John Allen
1810   A 40      Nin[Kneen]   Mary        kelly        [bur Rus 18100222]sis ann kelly(spinster) with whom she lived;only dau sarah (w/o patk cringal port erin) exex
1810-1 E         WATERSON     Samuel                   d 5 mar 1810;2 ch Edward and Nelson Waterson;wife isabel;
1810-2 E         COSTAIN      John                     dated 12 jul 1810;wife ann als quayle;dau margt(eldest),ann,margery,alice;son wm + john jt exors
1811-1 E         CREGEEN      Edmund                   d 8 may 1810;wife isabel (herring nets);son edmund;dau isabel watterson als crejeen exex
1812-2 E      d  CORKILL      Thomas                   d May 1812;ch John, Wm(absent), Thomas, James + Margt jt admrs;pledges John Cannell(arb) + Richard Cannell(Castletown)
1813-1 E         COTTIER      Ann                      dated 13 Feb 1806;widow Thos Cottier(Rowany, Rushen);ch Margt(w/o John Gell), Elizth, Mary Crebbin exex, Thos, Ann Clague, Jane Gawne;gch ann Clague, Ann Gawne, Ann Gell;names Cath Woodworth;witnesses understood that the half of house known as Mary Maddrell's house was bequeathed to exex;
1813-1 E         CREBBIN      Elinor      cottier?     dated 14 Mar 1810;ch John, Patk, Michael exor;
1813-1 E         GELL         Richard                  dated 14 May 1813;ch Thos(fishing nets + hand line),Isabella, Jane;wife Isabella als Cringel exex
1813-1 E         TAYLOR       Mary        lawson       d 7 May 1813;ch Henry, James, Ann, Margt;Husb John exor;gch Wm Taylor
1813-1 E         WATERSON     William                  d 27 Dec 1812;ch Jane + Elinor jt admxs
1814-1 E         GELL         Anne        keggeen      d 13 Aug 1813;only child John admr sworn;
1814-2 E         KEIGH        Thomas                   ?thomas keig d abt oct;2 ch thomas + cath
1815-2 E      ds WATTERSON    Elizabeth                made 6 june 1808;widow;ballanahow;dau susannah gawne als waterson;
1816   A 34      CHRISTIAN    James                    dated 1 feb 1816;son thomas,john,richd and james;dau ann & margt;wife isabel exex
1816-1 E      w  GAWNE        Catharine                dated 16 Jul 1816;husb Edward Gawne(exor, all estate in Rushen called Kentraugh and Strand Hall with all houses etc as well as Claghbane purchased by him from John Moore - on his death to fall to my only son Edwd Moore Gawn and if he dies ua then to may eldest dau etc);dau Alicia Catharine Gawn(3000 at age 21), Amelia(3000 at age 21), Isabella(3000 at age 21), Eleanor Jane (3000 at age 21);also mentions Woods House in Castletown
1817   A 35      MORRISON     Alice                    d 31 Jan 1817;names Jane Kelley junr;nephew John Morrison(Peel) exor
1820-2 E         HARRISON     Elizabeth   CALLOW       d 14 jul 1820;son wm,henry (+ wife jane);dau ellinor moore als harrison,jane watterson als harrison,margt exex;sis margt (+ her son thomas madrell)
1820-2 E         HARRISON     Thomas                   d 6 jul 1820;ch William, Henry, Margaret, Elinor w/o John Moore, Jane w/o Henry Waterson; John s/o son  John Harrison;
1820-2 E         NELSON       Thomas                   ch Thomas, John, Margaret + Cath jt admrs but all too tender yrs - wife Margt als Cooile sworn
1821-2 E         Waterson     Martha      kinley       d Nov 1820;ch Samuel, Edward + Margt jt admrs - too tender yrs father Mark Watterson sworn;pledge Thomas Kinley (Malew) + Edward Gill(Ramsey)
1825-2 E         KINLEY       Henry                    dated 26 jul 1825;ch samuel,cath.esther;wife eleanor exex
1825-2 E         WATTERSON    William                  d some time ago;ch Jane Watterson admx in trust, Wm, Patk, John, Thos + Henry Watterson (all named in petn by Wm) ; Wm + Patk (both Rushen) are pledges
1828-1 E         SANSBURY     William                  d 23 Nov 1827;only surv son Wm(a minor);widow renounced admin in favour of her bro John Taubman
1838-1 E      d  CORRIN       William                  date 23rd May 1838 ; ch William,Thomas,John,Ann,Jane and Esther Corrin;wife Esther;pledges William Gill and William Clague, both of Rushen 
1840-1 E      d  GORREE       Ann                      d 12 Apr 1840;of Rushen;husb John admr;pledges Wm Qualtrough(Corvalla) + Thomas Costain(Laughbane)
1840-1 E      d  GORREE       Thomas                   d 1 Oct 1840;Thomas Costain admr in trust for gdau Eleanor Gorree (only child of Thomas Gorree) - also her uncle John Gorree sworn;pledges Archibald Cregeen(Colby) + Thomas Sayle(sumner)

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