Summary of Wills - Rushen 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 80% summarised [425/555]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 12      WATERSON     James                    d 16 mar 1749;3bros john,thomas,patk;sis emmey 
1750-1 A 13      CREBBIN      John                     [full]d beg apr;son john;son-in-law christopher bell exec;
1750-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Stephen                  dated 17 Oct 1750;left Island 50yrs ago no acct recvd; admin to  prin creditor James Walker (Castletown)
1750-2 E      w  GELL         Ann                      dated July 1750;husb Henry;ch gilbt, henry, wm, ann, Marjery, Isabel - ch execs but absent husb sworn;gch john Gell
1750-2 E      d  STEVENSON    Thomas                   d 12 Mar [1749/50];Scaldaby;ch John, Jane, Grissell + Margt jt admrs - Jane + Grisell at age + abroad have renounced [in an annexed indenture] unto their mother Mrs Jane Stevenson 
1751-1 A 15      CREBBIN      Harry                    d 20 mar 1750/1;dau margt crebbin;son thos;gch via son-in-law Thos crein ?;cuts off son john 6d
1751-1 A 18   dg CANNEL       Cathrine    QUALTROUGH   to friend nicholar tyldesley;son john harrison
1752-1 A 15      GAWN         Henry, snr               d 5 nov 1751;rowany;son thos(pt of boat + nets),wm(youngest - exor);son-i-law thos nelson(ballaneale);stepson philip quirk;wife alive;wm ua (if dies ua half goods to mother other half to thos + Isable nelson als gawn) - also wants 
                                                           capt thos gawne(rushen) + thos goldsmith(cooper peel) as supvs;annexed note that intack purchased in former wife's lifetime from John Queellin(c'town) settled on eldest son henry after HG snr's death; Henry Gawn eldest bo + Thos Nelson bro-i-law sworn guardians of ch ua1773 wm acks from mo margt now w/o robt moore;inv;
1752-1 A 16      CORRIS       John                     d 10 jan 1751;dau jane(w/o henry nelson),ann(w/o john christian),sarah gell als corris exex(w/o wm) gch mary,eleanor, jane,henry + margt nelson, margt + mary christian;
1752-1 A 17a     BRIDSON      Catherine   gellin als watterson d 2 dec 1751;husb wm;dau elizth bridson exex
1752-2 A 45      WATERSON     Isabel                   nephews thomas waterson,james waterson;sis margt waterson + her son john waterson;nephew ? margery waterson (+ her sis margt);bros james + thos waterson;nephew john harry waterson; names john carin's 2 ch; niece margt kermode als waterson w/o harry  (execx);witt john cregeen, Ann Moleworray 
1751-2 E      d  HARRISON     Isabel                   d 20 May 1751;minor; due goods by death of mo Ann Harrison als Cubon(1748 bk 1) ;uncle (by mo's side) Thos Cubbon admr of all by mo's side + with half blood [sibs?] John + Richard Harrison all from fa's side - latter 2 ua thus Margt w/o Thos Cubon + Richard Harrison father of sd minors sworn
1752-3 E      d  CUBON        Ann   steich als crebbin d 8 aug 1752;only son andrew steich
1753-1 A 6       CUBBON       Thomas                   d 8 feb 1753;names ann keiggeen;reln charles cubbon of douglas;;names elizth watterson als cubbon,richd harrison;bro-i-law thos gawn,edwd gawn;5/- to minister that he might preach a sermon in manks at his funeral; godson thos woodworth;wife mart als gawn exex
1753-1 A 7       KELLY        Elinor      TAYLOR       d 12 nov 1752;son john;dau margery,mary,eleanor;margery's husband was to have no part of bequest;gdau margery kelly,eleanor nelson;goddau eleanor carine;maidserv eleanr nelson;isabel gawn maidserv to son john; thos nelson h/o mary,john nelson h/o ellinr;husb alive
1753-1 A 8       LOWEY        Catherine                linague;gson thos clucas;dau joney,ann;son philip exec;
1753-2 A 42      WATERSON     Marjery                  d 24 feb 1753;son john (eldest),patk;dau emmy (patk + emmy execs) other ch 6d;
1753-2 A 43      HUTCHIN      Margaret    KERMOD       d 20 mar 1753;sons thos,wm,harry;dau christian;gdau christian hutchin;son john exec;witt margt taylor als crebbin,eleanr mcdonald als waterson;husb john decd
1753-2 A 44      CORRIN       Thomas                   d 22 april 1753;wife ann als clague;dau mary,ann (exexs)
1753-3 E      w  CARIN        Eleanor     QUALTROUGH   d 21 aug 1753;dau ann,elenr + cath;husb john
1754-1 A 13      WATERSON     Margaret    KELLY        son thomas,john-henry,dau margery;husb james;son wm;james waterson's children he had with eliz crebbin;dau margt;son james;witt  Ann Keggenn als Christian ,Sarah Taylor als Oats 
1754-2 A 43      GELL         Henry                    daus ann,margery + isabel;son gilbt,henry,wm
1754-2 A 69      CORRIN       Jane        KINISH       art mar dated 10 sep 1731;edwd corrin + cath als cubbon obo son edwd and nichls corrin + jane als kinnish obo dau magery;
1755-1 A 8       CARIN        Christian   CUBON        d 30 Nov 1754;sibs Tho Cubbon(cow), Margt Kinveg als Cubbon, john Cubbon;sis-i-law Mary Carin;cousin Wm Cuvbbon's eldest dau;niece Cath + Isabel Kinveg;husb John Carin exor[?m Rus 17540224]
1755-1 A 9       CORRIN       Ellinor     LOWEY        d 22 Jan 1755;sibs Henry Lowey, Ann Quine als Lowey;nephew John Lowey;stepdau Margt Carin;husb Henry Corrin exor;witt Richd Carine, Elizth Gell als Maddrell
1755-1 A 10      TEAR         Ann                      d 19 Feb 1755;names Alice Costean (40s),Alice Costain als Gawn exex(w/o John Costain), Cath Costain, Jane Gawn;1777: John Hutchin(h/o Alice Costain) acks 40s;
1755-1 E      d  BRIDSON      William                  d 10 jan 1755;only dau elizth(w/o john kieg)
1755-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 25 apr 1755;ballaqueena;son wm;dau margery (exex) ua uncles thos + Jo nelson;wife margery als clucas;witt edward kinley,margt higgin als christian;1786 margery acks from her mo!
1756-2 A 28a     KEIG         Mary                     d 31 mar 1756;names cath cubbon;bro wm keig + dau dorothy quay als norris exec
1756-2 E      w  CARINE       Richard                  jt will Richd Carine + wife Jony als Cain - mutual execs - wife exex
1757-1 A 10      NELSON       Alice       CLAGUE       d 27 Dec 1756; ch Wm(all husbandry implements), Jane, John, Thomas - last 3 jt execs
1757-1 E      w  GAWN         Thomas                   [1st on gl711];ballagawn;son thos (heir - miln etc);bro wm (3sons thos,edwd + henry);dau margery calow als gawn;gch wm,edwd,elizth + margery calow;gdau elizth qualtrough execx;gsons thos + david qualtrough,wm qualtrough
1757-2 E      w  GAWN         John                     scaldaby;;bro thos;names isable gell;wife isabel
1757-3 E      w  CREBBIN      Catherine   CHRISTIAN    dated 29 sep 1757;son thos;dau cath creen als crebbin;dau-i-law margt crebbin;nephew alice crebbin;dau margt exex
1757-3 E      w  GELL         Christian   QUALTROUGH   d 16 jun 1757;reln elizth qualtrough c'town;names margt wdw of wm qualtrough late c'town,christian waterson,elinor d/o henry gawn,isabel clucas als farrant;wm clucas exec
1758-1 A 14      WATERSON     Robert                   7 nov 1757;ballafersin [?ballafesson;dau mary crebbin als w.;bro johns-i-l thomas crebbin;gch thomas crebbin,joney crebbin;sis anne w.som wm;
1758-1 A 17      QUALTROUGH   Mary        OATES        [full];d 14 nov 1757;son wm;dau ann,jane,mary,sarah
1758-2 A 53   s  TROLLAG      William                  Articles of Marriage: John Cubbon of Rushen on his own part & Wm Trollag and his wife Bridget Trollag als Moore of Rushen on behalf of dau Elizabeth
1758-2 A 58      GAWN         William, jn              [full]d 25 mar 1758;son henry;dau jane;fa wm;step-mo elizth gawn als corrin als harrison;wife elizth
1758-3 E      w  CARINe       Isabel      KERMOD       d 10 sep 1758;dau cath,isabel,margt;gson danl cry;son john (unmrd),wm;witt margt cubbon als gawne,jony taylor als corkish;john caley h/o cath (cath dead by 1789)
1758-3 E      w  CUBBON       Ann         GELL         d 6 oct 1758;daus joney,jane,cath + margt,anne;husb thos exec;ch ua uncles wm corrin,thos gell + wm gell
1758-3 E      d  KEGGEEN      John,snr                 d 10 may 1758;ch wm,richd + thos,edwd + john had dowries
1758-3 E      w  TAYLOR       Henry                    d 18 sep 1758;wife sarah taylor als corrin als oates;son richd;dau margery mcgray als taylor
1759-2 A 52      TROLLAGG     Bridget                  = m/c SSS Oct 1757 89;son-i-law john cubbon exor
1759-2 A 53      HARRISON     Richard                  = m/c SSS May 1742 90;son-i-law richd cooil exor
1759-2 A 54      CREJEEN      Eleanor     KEIG         d 23 dec 1758;son john,henry + thos,edmund;dau isabel hutchin als crejeen [?bapt - m john hutchin Rus 17490127],ellnr(pt of garden - end that had hemp growing in it);husb wm exor
1759-2 E      d  KNEEN        John                     Smith, 5 children nichs, wm richd thos isabl ;robt underage
1759-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Mary        SAYLE        d 2 jul 1759;relns wm crejeen, richard harrison;husb robt exor
1759-3 E      w  CREBBIN      Thomas                   d 26 aug 1759;fa john(2 wiggs + best hat);margt kelly(maid servant);names elizth kelly;sibs john,wm,ann kelly als crebbin exex(h/o john);decd mo isabel 1739;
1759-3 E      w  HUTCHIN      Margaret    GAWN         ch Robert(6d),Mary(if she comes to Island), Margaret (exex),Margery Ronan als Hutchin[m John Rone /Roan ?marr],John;names Jony Hutchin als MacDaniel, Ewan Qualtrough(+ wife Margt), John Corkish(roof of house I live in), Anne Corkish, Cath Hutchin, Isabel Hutchin [m Sampson Hodson Rus 17140126]
1760-1 A 23      WATERSON     Henry                    d 11 mar 1760;ch anne,john,joney,marjery,elizabeth,wm,henry;gson henry s/o andrew steitch;wife alive
1760-1 E      d  CORKISH      Henry                    d 2 sep 1759;ch john + joney (w/o john cubon)
1760-2 E      w  SKEALEY      Jony        KINVEG       d 21 jul 1760;dau w/o edward lawson;gdau isabel lawson;husb john
1761-1 A 9       WATERSON     Anne                     d 4 jan 1761;ballafesson;sis eleanor qualtrough;names jane qualtrough als taylor, Margaret Qualtrough als Corkish,Mary Crebbin als Waterson , Margaret Cooil als Waterson,Anne Waterson als Christian,henry qualtrough;bro john waterson (exec);sis Elizabeth Waterson in Dublin;sis jony waterson (exec)
1761-1 A 10      QUALTROUGH   Henry                    d 5 dec 1760;kentraugh miln;son wm,john, henry,ewan;wife ellinor;dau jane;gson richd qualtrough
1761-1 A 46      MADDRELL     Isabel      GAWN         d 6 nov;husb john;ch margt+ elinor execs,john(6d)
1762-1 A 14      MOORE        Patrick                  [full]d 24 jan 1762;dau christian casement als moore,isabel maddrel als moore, jane (to be taken care of);son john,thos;gch mary + cath moore;wife cath als waterson exex
1762-2 A 51      WATERSON     Elizabeth                d 23 apr 1762;fa patrick;bros thomas, john ;sis isabel;names Margret Kermod ;witt Jane Callister als Corrin ,Alice Mylworrey 
1763-1 A 18      cowley       nicholas                 d 8 jan 1763;sis cath cowley;bro thomas,john;son nicholas;serv philip hog;wife isable exex
1763-1 A 19      CLUCAS       Eleanor                  d 12 dec 1762;reln jane gell als clucas;bro wm,john exor;sis jony lowey als clucas
1763-1 E      d  HORE         John                     Ruish Ireland,perished by sea mar 1757 but no one has produced will; effects inc the Wherry John & Mary arrested in Douglas harbour (part claimed by son Nicholas Hore), links to John Callin of Peel who stored some of his goods
1763-1 E      d  KNEAL        Catherine   CORRIn       d 18 oct 62; sibs wm margt corrin ;john taylor husb of margt
1763-1 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   exec john harrison is attendant friend
1763-2 A 54      rade [read]  margery                  [full] d 4 mar 1763;of soroby ;names several no relns?
1763-2 E      d  CUBBON       Esther      HARRISON     d 24 dec - 2 children robert esther ua uncle john christian ;hus robt
1763-2 E      d  HARTLEY      Ellinor     HARRISON     d 28 nov 1762; only sis mary harrison now wife of wm corlet;widower leonard hartley;
1763-2 E      d  NELSON       Henry                    d 25 jan 1763 4 children robt james leonard john  all under age uncle john nelson
1763-2 E      d  WATERSON     Henry                    d 26 may 63; 5 children henry, john, ellnr, joney, margt; henry at age but incapable;wife ann alive - pledges thos cannel & richd moore of kk arbory
1763-2 E      d  WATERSON     John                     of cregneash - 3 children ann wm isabel, john eliz & cath having had dowries;9 feb 1782 robt cubon son & admr of esther cubbon als harrison; sister esther cubon late decd; father robert cubon - admin dated 8 jun 1763
1763-3 E      d  KNEEN        William                  4 bros nichs, richd,thos & robt
1763-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   perished by sea 19 jul 1763;ch ellinr(w/o wm corlet), ann,isabel,henry Edmd? (ua) ;wife isabel
1763-3 E      w  MADDRELL     Margaret    CORRIN       son wm;dau eleanor isabel;said wms dau margt maddrell;wm corrin husb ellinr; wm maddrell husb of isabel
1763-3 E      w  WATERSON     John                     of Saureby;nephew henry qualtrough
1763-3 E      d  WATERSON     William                  perished by sea at herring fishery 19 jul 1763;ch ellinr,ann,john,isabel + wm - all ua uncles john waterson + tho crebbin supvs
1764-1 A 6       KEIG         Thomas                   d 20 oct 1760;wife eleanor als curhey exex;son wm(eldest);ch thos,eleanor
1764-1 A 7       CREBBIN      Joney       KINNISH      d 1 feb 1764;niece isabel kinnish,cath harrison als cubbon,elizth waterson als cubon,alice corkan als cubbon,margt waterson als cubbon;nephew thos cubbon,john cubbon;husb wm exec
1764-2 A 42      WATERSON     Joney       cennal       d 18 apr 1762;dau isabel(younger),ann,elizth;son john;elizth+isabel (ua)jt exexs;husb thos;inv
1764-2 A 43      WATERSON     Ann         HANLON als COTTER [full]
1764-2 A 44      BLACK        Eleanor     calister als d 5 apr 1764;son thos calister exec,james black;dau eleanor curlet als calister,jane calister;names isabel keiggeen;
1764-2 A 45      MOOR         Robert                   d 1 sep 1763;tailor;dau debora exex
1764-2 A 46      CREBBIN      Margaret                 d 25 mar 1764;niece elizth crebbin;names elizth moore als corrin;sis ann gell als crebbin;bro john crebbin exec
1764-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Patrick                  perished by sea  19 july;only ch peter crellin ua; uncles john & wm (both of kk michael);1785 peter at age 
1764-3 E      w  CLUCAS       William                  d 8 may 1762;decld 31 oct 1761;port-le-morrey;son wm exec;petn by widow isable that was a suppressed will which inc ia dau marjery kelly + his sis elinor corris) but marjery + wm colluded;court case - witt wm carrin age 74,thos kermod age 55
1764-3 E      w  CUBBON       Joney       CORKISH      d 31 aug 1764;son henry;dau joney (exex),mary woods als cubbon,eleanor kneen als cubbon;names eleanor lewin als skelly,mary gell als nelson,margt d/o john taylor,esther d/o john christian;husb john
1764-3 E      d  WATERSON     John                     d 7 oct 1764;only sis margt waterson w/o thos crebbin;pledges Wm Fargher and Henry Kelly 
1765-1 A 15      CORRIN       John                     d 3 feb 1765; bro thomas;bro robt;sis isabel fargher (husb charles acks 'of kk arbory');bro wm exec;father alive;
1765-2 E      d  CALISTER     Thomas                   fa will bk2 1738;mo ellinr black als callister arch 1764;perished by sea last nov;2 sis of whole blood ellinr & jane;james black bro half blood; thos  corlett husb of elinor
1765-2 E      w  CORRIN       William                  ballakilpherick in advanced age;son robt, thomas;dau isabel farghyr als corrin (husb chas); possible dispute re an intack;son wm exec
1765-2 E      w  WATERSON     Isabel                   sister Anne her 2 holiday gowns;bro wm;sis eliz keigg;mo cath watterson als gawn
1765-3 E      d  BELL         Jane                     orphan d/o john late of rushen  (1755) died in minoriy 10 march; sibs christopher marjery
1765-3 E      w  KERMOD       Isabel      QUALTROUGH   d 10 jun 1765;husb wm;son wm(eldest),thos + john execs;stepdau margt kermod;niece eleanr qualtrough,esther qualtrough,isabel kermod;bro henry qualtrough;names ann waterson widow ballafesson;mo alive;witts eleanr crebbin als harrison,margory waterson als cretny;husb wm refuses to undertake tuition of son john ua thus forfeits all manner of benefit - thos+wm appointed guardians
1766-1 A 13      LOWEY        Henry                    d 2 feb 1766;nephew john lowey exor ;reln thomas kermod(+ ch thos cath)
1766-1 A 14      MADDRELL     John                     dated 20 nov 1765;gdau isabell keyan,margery + margt keyan;names ellenor keyan;son jon;gson thos corin? ;dau margt + eleanor exexs
1766-1 A 15      WATERSON     John                     d 18 jan 1766;corvalla;only dau emma exex;son john,thos
1766-1 A 16      NELSON       Ann         CREBBIN      d 26 jan 1766;son stephen,john,wm;gson henry cubbon,john nelson;gdau isabel nelson;gdau ann d/o thomas;dau-i-law jony nelson als costain,eleanr nelson als kelly,mary nelson als kelly;ch of son thomas nelson exor
1766-1 A 17      KEIG         Ann         GELL         d 21 jan 1766;dau cath,margt;son wm,john;husb wm exor;ch ua uncles + aunt wm,edwd,john.henry + isabel gell 
1766-2 A 57      HUTCHIN      Joney       CUBBON       d 27 Mar 1766;cousin Mary Quay, Dorothy Quay als Narrows?(+ 3 children), Cath Quay; bro John Keig(exor), John Cubbon [?m John Hutchin Mal 17340611 ?no ch]
1766-2 E       d GAWN         Isabel      TAYLOR       d 27 jan ;ch wm, thos (ua)+ jane (ua);husb henry ;1771 only thos+wm ack;
1766-3 E      d  COOILE       Ann         CORRIN als costean d 16 jun 1766;dau margt corrin(by former husb)(w/o wm gawn)+ cath,jane(ua) cooile(by latter);husb thos;1770: andrew steich h/o cath
1766-3 E       w QUALTROUGH   Ellinor     WATERSON     d 5 sep 1766;son wm,ewan (mortgage on estate Wm Corrin colby),son henry execx (kentruagh miln)
1767-1 A 9       QUALTROUGH   Henry                    d 26 dec 1766;kentraugh Miln;cut off bro Wm 6d;cousin Wm Qualtrough,Eleanr Cashin als Qualtrough;bro Ewan;witt Mart Qaltrough als Crebbin,Eleanr Cashin als Qualtrough;some dispute as earlier will naming mo Eleanor Qualtrough als Waterson (since dead); bro wm referred to 'the drummer'
1767-2 A 38      CREBBIN      Ellinor     KNEEN        [full];d 20 apr 1767;dau-i-law Anne crebbin als Lowey;dau anne christian als johnson als crebbin;gsons john crebbin,thomass crebbin;names anne steich;sis joney kermod als kneen;husb John (fishing boat);son john;dau cath cooil als crebbin (w/o henry cooil) execx
1767-2 E      d  CUBBON       John                     d 8 may 1767;2 ch Henry + Joney;other ch Mary + ellinor already provided for by marr contract
1767-3 E      w  McDANIEL     John                     d 26 May 1767;ch Elizabeth(his moiety of house), Eleanor(a room in sd house but if daus would not agree then liberty to build a small house in little garden);gch John Crebbin;wife Eleanor Mcdannal als Waterson exex;witt + pledges John Crebbin x, John Carine x;
1767-3 E      w  NELSON       Ellinor                  d 19 Sep 1767;bro-in-law Wm Kermode(h/o of her sister Jane) exor; sibs Jane Kermode, Mary Gell als Nelson;niece Anne Kermode
1768-1 A 16      GAWN         Margery     QUALTROUGH   [full]
1768-1 A 17      DUKE         Alice       QUALTROUGH   d 20 feb 1768;husb henry;bro wm,henry ;sis cath, eleanor cashin (w/o john);niece jane cashin
1768-1 A 18      HARRISON     John                     d 10 mar 1768;wife Margt als Clark;ch Thomas(exor) ua , John (eldest [?from prev marr] - supv)
1768-1 A 19      WATERSON     Elizabeth   CUBBON       d 24 mar 1767;orrestol;eldest son richd,son john;dau cath waterson;witt john waterson, Christian Qualtrough als Taylor (infirm w/o wm)
1768-2 A 57      TAYLOR       Sarah       corrin als OATES        [full];
1768-2 A 58      QUALTROUGH   Christian   TAYLOR       d dec 1767;names catrine kinvig als qualtrough;husb wm;sons joseph + john;
1768-2 E      d  QUAY         Mary                     d 17 may 1768;spinster;sibs jane(w/o john christian),margery,ellinor
1768-3 E      w  COTTIER      John                     d 12 oct 1768;wife magery als Waterson;gson john crebbin;dau elizth cottier;son Michael (jt exec with Eliz)
1768-3 E      w  KERMOD       Margery     CORRIN       d 23 jun 1768;husb thomas;son john,edwd;dau cath waterson als corrin,elizth waterson als kermod;gdau margt waterson;gch thos + jane waterson;dau jane qualtrough als corrin (w/o ewan)+ cath waterson als corrin(w/o patr) exexs;witt margt carine als crinnel,margt keiggeen als maddrel
1768-3 E      w  QUALTROUGH   William                  d 18 jul;son john,wm;dau cath kinvig als qualtrough;names joney gell;wife margt als crebbin;henry qualtrough + john cashin unclkes guardians
1769-2 A 50      WATERSON     Ellinor     quark        d 9 jan 1769;gson john waterson;dau thos crebbin's wife;names wm cooil's wife;dau-i-l ann waterson als christian;
1769-2 A 51   mc HARRISON     Ann                      marr contract  richd cooil and richard + ann harrison als waterson on behalf dau cath;margt taylor als crebbin dau to Anne Harrison;
1769-2 A 52      GAWN         Elizabeth                w/o wm[full]
1770-1 A 16      KNEEN        Isabel                   d nov 1769;dau-i-l nich's wife;gdau isable;dau-i-l elinor kneen;son richd;son thos exec;
1770-1 E      d  CREBBIN      John                     d 4 feb 1770;only ch john ua uncles timothy crebbin + christopher gaghaney[?who];widow anne;inv
1770-2 A 43      KELLY        Isabel      watterson    husb john;names cath harrison als cubbon,anne watterson als cooil;only child jane ua exex;john waterson uncle supv
1770-2 E      d  CUBBON       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 8 dec 1769;2ch john + elizth ua uncles john + wm christian;husb james;1778 thos waterson h/o elizth;inv
1770-2 E      w  CUBBON       Thomas                   d 7 apr 1770;wife cath als kewley;dau ann + hester execxs;dau joney 'by her mothers decease' paid;decree has joney,jane,cath + margt by prev wife;henry cooil h/o joney,inv
1770-3 E      d  KEGG         Philip                   d 30 may 1770;8ch john,wm,nichs,philip,edwd,patrick,mary + cath;
1770-3 E      w  KEGG         William                  made 1 aug 1770;ballakillowey;names mry lawson;fa dead;bro john;sis eleanr karran als keigg + isabel keigg;wife mary als christian execx
1770-3 E      w  TAYLOR       John                     d 6 oct 1770;gson john taylor;son henry;dau margery shimmin als taylor;gtgch wm + margt shimin;wife margt als corrin;gson john ,wm shimmin
1771-1 A 10      GELL         Elizabeth   gell         d 17 nov 1770;son wm,charles,thomas,john;daus isabel + jony;john clucas h/o isabel;wm clucas h/o joney
1771-1 A 11      MADDRELL     Margaret    maddrell     d 18 nov 1770;3 daus isabel, eleanor + elizth;witt cath kinley als keiggeen, margery maddrell als keiggeen;execx ua uncles wm maddrell + john waterson;husb john;inv
1771-1 A 12      TAYLOR       Margaret    crebbin      d 11 dec 1770;son henry,dau isabel;witt elizth moore als corrin,isabel utchin als crejeen;1771 john waterson h/o isable
1771-1 E      d  CORRIN       William                  d west indies abt 10 yrs ago;c/o rich corrin + margt als kissag (will arch 1757-1) sibs james,mary,cath(w/o thos woodworth);pledges fa rich corrin + richd crellin castletown
1771-2 A 53      KINLEY       Ann         cannel       d 11 mar 1771;son thos;dau janey christian als kinley,margery quayle als kinley,son wm;dau cath killey als kinley;husb thomas exec
1771-2 A 54      CREBBIN      John                     [full]
1771-2 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Isabel      KELLY        d 6 mar 1771;5ch isabel,thos,wm,john + david (4 ua) ;husb wm;inv
1771-3 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 2 oct 1771;son wm(eldest),walker,thomas;dau alicewife jane als nelson exex;witt cath cooil als costain,margt maddrell als gell;ch ua uncles henry kermod,john & ? henry waterson
1772-1 A 11      CLAGUE       Robert                   d 31 jan 1772;cregneish;nephew thos carran (his aunt joney walker);3 sis anne corrin,mary carran + oney walker exexs;mary karran dead by probate,joney sick
1772-1 A 12      LOWEy        Philip                   d 8 feb 1772;dau elinor exex
1772-2 A 53      GAWN         Margaret    crebbin      d 17 Dec 1771, Cregneish, husb Henry; day Catherine Gell,Margaret Gawne;1772, William Gawne h/p Margaret & John Gell h/o Catherine 
1772-2 A 54      cARRAN       Mary                     d 19 dec 1771;cregneish;names ann d/o john nelson;son wm (black barcelona hankerchief if he should recover to wear it) + his dau elinr;names thos s/o thos carran;son thos exec
1772-2 E      d  FARGHER      Margaret    CARIN        d 30 apr 1772;only sis margt kewley als carin(widow)
1772-2 E      w  GAWN         Elizabeth   ROBINSON als curgey d 7 may 1772;ballagawne;son john robinson mariner;dau cath gennest als robinson [?marr but elizth bapt DSM 17671021 d/o john geneste + cath] ;gdau eliz gennest;cousin john addy(cooper late peel);husb capt thomas gawne exor;[m capt thomas gawne Bri 17510924]
1772-2 E      w  KEGG         John                     d 3 may 1772;crodjecaly;cousin hester + cath quay,mary keigg als quay;;names philip keig;sis mrs gennest,douglas,richd kneen smith + others;cousins hester + cath exexs to place a stone on grave
1772-2 E      d  KERMOD       John                     d 14 dec 1772;ch john,thos,henry,margt + isabel;some ua uncles wm + thos kermod guardians;inv
1772-2 E      d  MADDRELL     Christian   GELL         d 7 aug 1771;niece ann gell;sis isabel gell;niece amy quill als gell; bro wm gell;niece sarah waterson als gell(dau jane + cath);sis sarah;reln margt maddrell als gell,john harrison;names robt callister + anne corlet  poor objects in portlemorrey;husb henry exor;inv;
1772-2 E      w  WATERSON     Ellinor     QUAYLE       d 3 may 1772;gson john crejeen(ua),thos crejeen;dau cath (w/o john crejeen),eleanor (w/o john gell),margt killey als w.,jony crejeen als w.;son henry,wm(exor);witt john lowy,anne kermod als kelly
1773-1 A 10      HARRISON     Christian   christian    d 9 nov 1772;niece's dau ann harrison;nephew john christian,robt christian (his ch),richd christian (ch john + richd);niece mary shimin;niece ann harrison exex w/o richd
1773-1 A 11      GILL         William                  d 23 dec 1772;dau isabel exex
1773-1 E      d  CREJEEN      Catherine   WATERSON     d 21 nov;5 ch thos john wm ann + isabel;thos + ann at la;husb john;inv;1804 ack: henry gawn h/o ann;thos john + wm credgeen + thos callister h/o isabel
1773-1 E      d  GAWN         Margaret    WATERSON     d 22 nov;only ch john;gfa henry waterson;husb henry;inv
1773-1 E      w  GELL         Jane        CRETNEY      step dau cath gell;dau jane + magery exectx;husb wm;witt wm cooil Ann waterson als christian
1773-2 A 43      STEITCH      Catherine   waterson     d 10 mar 1773;son thos,henry (fishing tackle,andrew;dau ann taylor als steitch;gdau anne steich;dau cath execx
1773-2 A 44      CARINE       William                  d 28 dec 1772;sis isabel cry als carine,margt mcquire als carine;bro john exec; nephews  thos + hugh mcquire;isabel corlet als cry als carine acks;
1773-2 E      d  BLACK        James                    s/o James + Elinor Black als Callister als Christian;died coast of Africa about 3 years ago; sisters of whole blood Elliner + Jane Callister (jane w/o Chas Gelling  ellinor relict Thos Corlet 
1773-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     sumner;4 ch john wm thos + mary
1773-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d 12 aug 1773;gdau mary harrison, other ch;dau isabel exec; witt wm fargher, margt madrell als gell;
1773-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 16 jul 1773;son thomas;dau anne,cath;wife jony als kinley'john christian + mary keig als xtian uncle  + aunt sworn guardian
1773-3 E      w  COOIL        Catherine   COSTEAN      d 11 jul 1773;dau jane keggeen als cooil;cousin cath hutchin;d-i-l anne cooil als watterson;husb james; son james
1773-3 E      w  CREBBIN      John                     sorody;d 24 may;son john,dau margt qualtrough als crebbin;son patrick (mentions herring nets);gsons john + pat crebbin;wife eliz als carine;dau elenor waterson als crebbin w/o wm
1773-3 E      w  GAWN         Henry                    cregneash;son wm;dau margt gawne als gawne w/o wm;dau cath gell als gawn
1774-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Dollin                   d 2 jun 1774;son thos(boat, herring nets);wife elizth als kermod exex;witt margt carine als crinnel,margery maddrel als kegeen
1774-2 E      w  CARIN        John                     d 28 apr 1774;dau margt + isabel;names christopher bell,servt john  kelly et al;son john(qtrland etc);wife margery als bell exex;1778: wm cowin h/o margt acks from christo bell + henry kelly execs in trust
1774-2 E      w  CORRIN       Henry                    d 28 may 1774;son-i-law john moore(h/o elizth) exor
1774-2 E      w  QUIGGEN      Jane        WOODS        d 26 may 1774;dau margt,jane,eleanor;husb wm exor
1774-2 E      w  WATTERSON    Margaret    COTTIMAN     son wm(if he comes),thomas;dau margt;sis mary(if she comes);husb exor
1774-3 E      w  CREBBIN      Ann         christian    d 19 jul 1774;son james;mo-i-law ann crebbin als nelson;sis isabel watterson als christian;sis's dau margt corlet(c/o wm - other ch ann + isabel;mo isabel christian als carine;husb timothy exor;bro henry ,edmund christian 
1774-3 E      w  MADDRELL     Elizabeth   corrin       d 9 jul 1774;dau elizth w/o john gell exex;
1774-3 E      w  TAYLOR       Richard                  d 29 may 1774;corvalley;wife margt als nelson;unnamed son + 2 daus ua  aunt by fa sidemargt mcrea 
1774-3 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 4 sep 1774;son thos(boat + nets),james (part of the furnace ? - exor);dau-i-law isabel waterson als christian;gson james waterson
1775-1 A 14      CREBBIN      Ellinor     HARRISON     [full]
1775-1 A 15      NIXON        Mark                     [full]
1775-1 A 16      KERMOD       Gilbert                  d 21 jan 1775;son john (goods from mo's will);gson thos clark;son thos
1775-1 A 17      CUBBON       David                    d 20 jan 1775;dau elinor,cath;gdau elizth cubbin;son james;philip garrett h/o cath;john kelly h/o eleanor
1775-1 A 18      KINLEY       Thomas                   d jan 1775;dau joney;son thos;dau margery;son wm
1775-1 E      d  WATERSON     Catherine   gawn         d 30 dec 1774;ch wm + ann (w/o wm cannell) admrs;other ch john,elizth + cath had settlements
1775-1 E      w  WOODWORTH    John                     d 22 aug 1774;niece cath woodworth;bro pter woodworth,tho woodworth exec;sis jane kegg als woodworth;cousin john watterson;
1775-2 A 48      CUBBON       Ellinor     cubon        d 2 mar 1775;bro john cubon;sis cath kelly als cubon,joney moore als cubon;husb john exor;names anne callister;witt cath corlet als waterson,jane watterson als norris;
1775-2 A 49      TAYLOR       Margaret                 d 6 mar 1775;gson john shimmin,wm shimmin,wm taylor;,john taylorgdau molly taylor;dau-i-law ann taylor;dau margery;names old wm cregeen;son henry exor
1775-2 A 50      KELLY        Henry                    d 21 apr 1775;son henry,john,charles;wife cath als moore exex;witt danl gawn,jony costean als kegg;
1775-2 A 51      KERMOD       Christian   QUORK        [full]
1775-2 E      d  GAWN         Thomas                   d Apr 1773 in Virginia; will made before he departed Island;sibs Wm(his pt of meadow), Elizth exex;
1775-3 E      w  CARINE       William                  d 18 sep 1775;son john exec;wife margt als crenel; (houses etc portlemurre + a field called the bolly addey );dau mary;gson thomas carin;gch cath + ann cannell;1779 charles maddrell h/o mary
1775-3 E      w  CORKISH      John                     d 26 aug 1775;son john,henry;dau anne execx
1775-3 E      w  CREDJEEN     William                  dated 13 nov 1774;son john exec,thos,henry,edmund;son-i-law robt cubbon(house + garden + his son thomas);dau elenor(land to enlarge small house bequeathed by mo),isable;
1776-1 A 25      KELLY        John                     dog john kelly ballacorrey to son-i-law john nelson(h/o ellinr) ?dated 11 aug 1755 but also elinor nelson als kelly w/o john nelson allows 16 apr 1772 (court feb 1776) - on bottom of 1755 doc john nelson acks from margery kelly als clucas widow dated 8 apr 1772
1776-1 A 26      KELLY        Joney       quirk        d 11 jan 1776;son philip,john exor;dau ellinor;gch john kelly's son + john quirks dau margt;
1776-1 E      w  CALLISTER    Robert                   dated 6 nov 1775;port-le-murrey;wife exex;son Robt(eldest) + other unnamed ch(6d)
1776-1 E      d  GAWN         Ann                      d 30 Dec 1775;spinster;sibs Henry, John + Margt gawn jt admrs - Margt ua and her father absent
1776-1 E      d  Gawn         Margaret    gawn         d 17 Jan 1776;ch Henry, John + Margt (ua - other sibs supvs);pledges Henry Gawn + Wm Clucas (both Rushen)
1776-2 A 70      CHRISTIAN    Isabel      CARINE       [full]
1776-2 A 71      WATERSON     Isabel                   1st on film;d end nov; dau margt [?],ann,margery;gson henery watterson;sons henry + wm;dau elizabeth,joney;son john;3 poorest of parish viz wm cregeen,robt colister + john corrin;
1776-3 E      w  WATTERSON    John                     d 16 sep 1776;3ch of bro-i-law rich karran (jane,john + cath - henry waterson guardian for cath);sis esther waterson;aunt cath waterson;wife cath als moore execx;witt cath woodworth als oates,cath curlet als waterson;
1777-1 A 16      GAWN         Thomas                   ballagawn;step dau cath gennist als robinson (her dau elizabeth gennist);sis margery;only son edwd gawne exec
1777-1 A 17      COOIL        Henry                    dau ann cooil;son henry exec
1777-1 E      d  KARRAN       Margaret    waterson     d 17 jan 1777;ch john,jane + cath ua uncle + aunt henry waterson + esther waterson supv;husb alive;inv
1777-2 A 18      CREBBIN      Elizabeth   CARINE       [full]
1777-2 A 19      FITZPATRICK  Jane        tompson      d 28 apr 1777;names wm watterson,elinor watterson als crebbin,robt callister (h/o mary watterson);margery cottier als watterson,elizth cottier exexs
1777-2 E      w  WATTERSON    Richard                  d 25 apr 1777;son john;dau joney;wife margt als taylor execx;uncles john waterson + john corlet supr
1777-3 E      w  Carine       Margery     BELL         uttered 20 jul 1777;dau margt corrin als carine(w/o wm),isab;son john exor (14 yrs old choose christopher bell + henry kelly
1777-3 E      d  CLUCAS       Thomas                   d 29 sep 1777;only ch elinor
1777-3 E      d  CUBBON       John                     d 27 jun 1777;sibs thos,margt(w/o henry kinveg)
1777-3 E      w  KEIG         Margaret                 art marr dated 8th oct 1773 between henry clague + margt keig obo dau cath kegg (court nov 1777)
1777-3 E      w  McDONALD     Ellinor     waterson     d 8 jul 1777;dau joney hutchin,christian paterson,eleanor quilliam,elizth waterson (all 6d)son-i-law thomas curghey exor
1777-3 E      w  NELSON       Thomas                   dated 24 sep 1777;ballakegg;son thos(eldest - beam in the loft),edwd(youngest(houses in Peel);wife isabel
1778-1 A 31      CUBBON       John                     d 20 dec 1777;braddah;wife elizth als trolag;son john exec
1778-1 A 32      WATERSON     Catherine                made 4 jan 1778;esther d/o bro wm watterson renwillan + margt karran w/o thos cregneash joint exexs
1778-1 A 33      QUALTROUGH   William                  nr Kewintraugh;dau elinor w/o peter kennish (water mill),jane w/o Mathias Corin (Bradda lands);wife jane [als taylor];[s/o Henry Q. + elinor Waterson]
1778-1 E      d  WATTERSON    Joney                    d jan 1778;no relns appeared;creditor elizth waterson
1778-2 E      d  BREW         Robert                   perished by sea latter end jul 1778;bach;fa philip (kk lonan)
1778-2 E      w  COOIL        William                  dated 25 may 1778;ballaferson;son john;nephew henry cooil;names anne gawn;bro henry cooil;wife margt als waterson;dau margt exex ua;inv
1778-2 E      d  COWIN        Philip                   d 1 jul 1778;ch john ua,elinor;wife mary;inv
1778-2 E      d  KARRAN       Richard                  perished by sea latter end jul 1778;ch john,jane + cath by prev wife(margt als watterson), richd by current wife all ua uncles henry karran l]kk marown + john karran douglas (3 former ch) pledges thos radcliffe douglas, saml quayle tromode miln;wife margt als carin;inv
1778-2 E      w  MADDRELL     Catherine   kelly        dated 13 sep 1778;gdaus c/o thomas maddrell;gch henry,thos maddrell,thos  + margt harrison;dau-i-law margt maddrell als gell;husb wm;son thos exor;witt elizth callister als kermod,eleanor gell als keiggeen
1778-2 E      w  TAYLOR       Henry                    dated 4 apr 1778;bro john(if he comes),thomas;sis ann,jane qualtrough exex
1778-2 E      d  WATTERSON    Thomas                   perished by sea 15 jul 1778;bach;james watterson  bro of whole blood admr;
1779-1 A 27      WATERSON     Isabel                   d 2 jan 1779;2 ch thomas + margt;mo-i-law jane watterson;names isabel watterson;husb thomas;gfa henry kewn supv chn ua;pledges John Waterson (of Oristal) & ..... Waterson cregneash
1779-1 A 28      STEITCH      Thomas                   d 22 jan 1779;bro henry(exor +ch andrew,margt),andrew  steitch;names anne taylor als steitch;bro-i-law wm keig;sis margt corris als steitch;niece anne steitch;field called nai-veg
1779-1 A 29      GAWN         Margaret    gell         dated 4 feb 1779;sis' dau ann kelley;names john karran(+fam) c'town;several other named;gch jane gawn;son henry exor
1779-1 A 30      CREBBIN      John                     made 29 jan 1778;soroby;son henry;gson john kinley;gdau margt crebbin;dau elizth kinley als crebbin w/o nicholas execx;[full]
1779-1 E      w  MADDRELL     Margaret    clucas       son james;dau margt;3 gch robert charles matthias;daus eliz + joney execrs [only charles(?dead) + jony in bapt reg]
1779-1 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Charles                  bathelor;d island of Jamaica;fa wm admr; [bapt Rus 17540611]
1779-1 E      d  QUALTROUGH   cavalier                 sibs wm thos edward john + jane + charles decd
1779-2 E      d  CLUCAS       Ann         taubman      6 ch thos wm john henry nicholas daniel;husb wm;inv
1780   A 40      NIXON        Mary        qualtrough   expressed 24 oct 1779;dau margt waterson als nixon;nephew edwd qualtrough;niece isabel qualtrough;sis sarah qualtrough;son mark exor
1780-1 E818   w  HUTCHIN      Isabel      crejeen      made 15 may 1780;dau christian maddrell als hutchin,isabel;husb john exec;witt eleanor hutchin als kermod,anne taylor als steitch;charles maddrell h/o christian
1780-1 E820   w  GELL         Joney       gell         made 7 may 1780;dau isabel (houses etc after hr fa's death),jane fargher als gell;gson thos fargher;husb thos exec
1780-1 E821   w  COOIL        Henry                    d 17 dec 1779;ch henry,jane ua aunt ann cooil guardian;wife jony supv;inv
1781   A 15      KERMOD       Ann                      nancy;spinster;sis margt killy;sis isabel kermod;names isabel collister als cregeen;bro thos;sister eliz collister als kermod
1781   A 16      GAWN         Daniel                   d 25 dec 1780;wife isable gawn als gawn exex
1781   A 17      CALLISTER    Catherine   waterson     d 30 jan 1781;son john,wm exec;dau jane costain als callister,elizth bailey als callister,eleanor moore als callister;husb alive
1781   A 18      WATERSON     Thomas                   d 18 feb 1781;dau cath,margt also karran;son james (loom);names elizth kennish + others;son james + dau cath execs
1781   A 19      KINLEY       William                  d 13 mar 1781;ch thos,christopher,richd,willm,cath,elizth + jane;wife cath als bell exex
1781-1 E      d  MYLREA       Isabel      shimin       d 10 mar 1781;ch charles,joney,deborah + margt
1781-1 E      d  WATTERSON    John                     d 9 nov 1780;formerly kk arbory;ch john,henry,cath,jane,ellinor,margt + elizth;thos gell h/o cath;john gell h/o jane
1781-1 E      dg WOODS        Nicholas                 son-i-law thos clucas h/o margt
1781-2 E      w  GELL         Isabel      taylor       d 24 jul 1781;dau-i-law jane gell;names anne gell;son henry (+ch);dau isabel exex
1781-2 E      w  KINLEY       Robert                   d 29 sep 1781;son edwd exec
1782   A 27      QUIRK        John                     d 26 nov 1781;wife isabel als gawne;ch john,margt,ellinor,joney + cath
1782   A 28      BELL         Catherine   crebbin      dated 23 jan 1782;dau ellinor,cath,margt,jane;son christopher exor
1782   A 29      CORLETT      Catherine   waterson     d 30 mar 1782;fa john;names margt qualtrough als taylor als nelson;3 ch unnamed - some ua;sis-i-law anne corlett;husb john exor;witt cath waterson als waterson,margt karran als cormit als carine
1782   A 30      CORRIN       William                  d 6 apr 1782;howe;son john,thos(loom etc);dau cath;wife mary als bridson exex;witt anne waterson als maddrell,cath kinley als keggeen
1782-1 E      d  QUALTROUGH   William                  d 29 Mar;2 ch Joseph + john
1782-1 E      d  WATTERSON    Thomas                   d 20 feb;3 ch ann eliz + isabel hugh cain h/o isabel;john Cristain ?Costian ? h/o ann
1782-2 E      d  COOIL        Catherine   crebbin      d 25 jul 1782;only ch elinor 
1782-2 E      w  COSTAIN      Anne        [crebbin]    son john,richd;dau christian (her ch anne + margt),isabel (her son thos xd thru),ann;unnamed husb exec
1782-2 E      w  CREBBIN      William                  dated 15 aug 1782;port st mary;names elizth waterson als clague(garden in psm adj edwd gawne on west + road to his house on east);sis elizth crebbin exex (her son john watterson)
1782-2 E      w  CUBBON       Thomas                   made 1 jul 1782;son john exor
1783   A 19      CORLETT      Mary        harrison     d 7 apr 1783;portlamorey;dau cath,isabel fargher als corlet,margt graham als corlet,anne;husb wm;son john;cath + ann jt exex;witt margt carine als crinnell x,jane callister als cubbon x
1783-1 E      w  BODGAN       Mary                     dated 31 jan 1783;dau mary;niece isable christian als cannell;dau margt savage exex
1783-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 d 1 apr 1882;rev nich christian vicar rushen;ch robt,john,elizth,cath + ann
1783-1 E      d  CREBBIN      Margaret    CALLISTER    d 1 jun 1783;ch wm,jane,anne,elizth all ua;husb wm;i]unles robt christian,wm waterson + robert callister guardians
1783-1 E      d  CUBBON       Elizabeth   trallag      d 6 jan 1783;only ch john
1783-1 E      w  WATTERSON    William                  dated 10 dec 1779;wife jane;son john(kirkall) exor;gch margt, jane
1783-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   s/o rev nich christian late vicar rushen;perished by sea oct 1781 sailing master hm camelian;mo cath sibs robt john eliz (w/o charles lindsay),cath + ann;
1783-2 E      w  SHIMIN       Ann         KINVIGG      d 20 sep 1783;names margt cubbin spinster;2 ch unnm ua;husb john;bros richd + wm kinvig  sworn;inv
1783-2 E      w  WATERSON     John                     gdau ann waterson (lands + house port iron);son jno (money in hands of thos redfern c'town);gson henry  waterson exec
1783-2 E      d  WATERSON     William                  d 23 sep;rhienwillan;2 ch henry + esther;thos corkil h/o esther;
1784   A 60      CORLETT      William                  son John Corlet, son in law William Fargher, son in law Thomas Grimes, daus Catharine Corlet (md Jn Killey by June 1784 & Ann Corlet
1784   A 61      CORRIN       Ann                      dated 11 apr 1782;scoeleby;dau ann,mary (exex
1784   A 62      MADDREL      William                  dated 19 feb 1784;son thos(house,boat),james,wm(eldest);wife margt exex;dau margt
1784   A 63      CALLISTER    Thomas                   dated 12 may 1783;ballakorkish;dau elr moore als callister exex;depriving sons jno,wm + daus jane costain,elizth baily with 6d;
1784   A 64      SKEALEY      John                     d 7 mar 1784;dau eleanor lawson als skealey (+ her dau Ann);gson wm lawson;gdau isabel lawson execx
1784-1 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     d 18 nov 1783;ch richd,henry,john,wm,margt,thos all ua;wife mary admx in trust ;pledges henry clague + wm cannell(arbory)uncles to admrsby fa + mothers side;uncles also sworn guardians;inv;1795: mary remarried robert cubbon arbory + uncles petn that no settlement yet received;court finds one ch thomas dead ua,mo paid apprentice 4guineas fees for henry etc
1784-1 E      w  COSTAIN      John                     d 4 may 1784;ballakilpatrick;niece joney keig;gson john christian (books inc 2nd vol manks bible);dau jane christian als costain;dau alice hutchin als costain;wife alice costain als gawne;son-i-law chrostopher bell exec;1794 john corrin h/o joney corrin als keig,john christian h/o jane .. ack
1784-1 E      w  KERMOD       John                     dated 29 apr 1779;mariner;bro thomas;fa wm exor;petn by wm;sumner called bro wm jnr,bro-i-law james watterson + john shimmin
1784-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      James                    d 29 dec 1783;in minority but entitled in will ann shimmin als kinvig 1783;fa john shimmin insane thus bro bro-i-law john gell sworn admr in trust
1785   A 38      KILLEY       John                     mar art: dated 1 may 1784 john killey(widower) + cath curlett spinster to marry
1785   A 39      KEIG         Philip                   d 22 nov 1784;cross-e-caley;son wm,thos + edwd(3 youngest);dau cath;wife mary als quay exex;son john not yet 21;inv
1785   A 40      NELSON       Jane        CORRaS       d 1 dec 1784;ballaneal;gson henry nelson;gdau jane gawn;husb henry
1785   A 41      KEIG         Elizabeth                dated 18? mar 1784;son john(eldest),wm;dau cath exex;pledges john keig snr + junr
1785   A 42      MADDREL      Henry                    dated 12 dec 1784;names john,thos,margt maddrell,richard cubbin;wife margt exex
1785   A 43      KEGG         Marjery     gell         dated 1 may 1778;ballakillowee;son john;dau elinor karran,isabel kegg exex;nephew robt karran;witt wm hutchin x,anne kermoad als kelley x
1785-1 E      d  BELL         Margaret    RADCLIFFE    d 26 may 1785;5 ch Isabel,Catharine, Christopher, John, and William Bell (all ua);husb christopher;inv
1786   A 28      GELL         William                  dated 3 oct 1785;son henry;wife ellinor;gson john gell;dau margery quark(w/o thos),mary watterson (h/o james)exexs
1786   A 29      STEITCH      Andrew                   dated 13 aug 1785;glan-e-cain;son thos(eldest - douchallou + glan-e-cain),andrew(faey veg honey);other ch john,henry,ann,cath;wife cath als cooil;
1786   A 30      TAYLOR       John                     d 29 jan 1786;dau margt watterson als taylor,cath bridson,ann exex(w/o john cubbon);son wm;wife joney;gch wm bridson,john + jony watterson;1789 john christian h/o margt als watterson als taylor
1786   A 31      KERMOD       Thomas, sen              dated 10 Feb 1786;ch Cath Waterson, Thos, Anne, John, Jane (w/o John Taylor) exex - one ch ua;wife Ann als Kelly (purchased land in Surby);nephew Thos Clark
1786   A 32      KEGGEEN      Nancy[Ann]               undated;ch Mary, Wm, Henry + Edmond(both abroad 5s if they come);dau-i-law isable waterson als Keggin;gch Edmond Keggin. Nancy Keggin;husb exor
1786-1 E      w  CLUCAS       Ann         lowey        bealevear;gdau eliz gell;dau ann clucas;2sons + dau  richd james clucas + nany clucas
1786-1 E      d  HALLAND      Henry                    petn by edward + henry waterson; hh formerly a brewer in sd parish perished at sea 29 july 1784;petnrs principal creditors;no relns;inv + sale
1786-1 E      d  LOWEY        Henry                    d 3 july 1785;only ch henry
1786-1 E      d  LOWEY        Isabel      CASHEN als Lowey d 20 feb 1786;widow;ch Henry Lowey, John Cashen (if living - off island) + Ellinor Cashen + Mary Cashen (already provided for);pledges Wm Quine s/o Thos Quine + [] Mylrea miller of Abby miln;
1786-1 E      d  WATERSON     Patrick                  d 14 aug 1785;only ch thomas
1786-2 E      w  COOILE       Thomas                   made 20 may 1786;glan-e-cain;son-i-law wm kermode;nephew thos + henry stytch;neice ann stytch;dau cath stytch als cooile
1786-2 E      w  CUBBON       Jane        moughtin     only son james;husb james exec
1786-2 E      w  WATERSON     William                  d 12 oct 1786;scoloby;son wm;son-i-law james gaugherdy;;wife jane als gawne exex
1787   A 39      HUTCHIN      John                     Bandala?(Rushen);ch Christian Maddrell als Hutchin(w/o Charles Maddrell, 10 + half herrings + half potatoes - left nets + buoys to Charles), Isabel Crebbin als Maddrell (w/o John Crebbin - exex), John ;son-in-law John Crebbin(nets + buoys);gson Nicholas Crebbin
1787-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Judith                   dated 2 jun 1787;son john(eldest),edmond,wm,james;dau esther qualtrough;niece cath christian;gson thos christian who lived along her;husb john exor;
1787-1 E      d  CREBBIN      Margaret                 d 17 nov 1786;only ch john crebbin;
1787-2 E      d  CORRIN       Thomas                   perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch wm + cath ua supv uncles wm + john corrin ;wife jane;inv
1787-2 E      d  CREBBIN      John                     perished by sea 22 sep 1787;wife isabel pregnant;only chils nicholas prev dead;inv
1787-2 E      d  CUBBON       John                     perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch john + margt ua ;wife margt;inv
1787-2 E      w  CUMMINS      Mary                     dated 14 oct 1785;dau cath,anne (exex);anne petns that can't procure pledges as debts too great;john harrison atty edmund gelling and thompson + richardson prin creditors;
1787-2 E      d  GAWN         Henry                    d 18 jun 1787;only ch henry admr
1787-2 E      d  GELL         Henry                    perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch wm,john + edward ua supv gfa john gell snr + uncle john gell jnr;mo isabel;inv
1787-2 E      d  KINLEY       Thomas                   perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch john,thomas + ann; all ua supv thos kinley gsa;wife cath pregnant;inv;[full]
1787-2 E      d  MOORE        John                     perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch john,robt,jane + elinor all ua ;wife elinor;inv
1787-2 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     perished by sea 22 sep 1787;ch john,ann + esther all ua;uncle wm shimmin;;wife cath;pledges john gell snr + john gell jun her fa + bro;inv
1787-2 E      d  shimmin      John                     d 13 aug 1787;only ch ellinor ua supv wm shimmin ;wife ellinor;inv
1787-2 E      d  TAYLOR       Henry                    perished by sea 22 sep 1787;only ch jane ua;wife jane;inv
1787-2 E      d  WATERSON     John                     perished by sea 22 sep 1787;mo ann;sibs henry,ellinor(w/o edmund christian),joney (w/o thomas moore)+ margt(w/o thomas kinley)[full]
1788   A 23      QUALTROUGH   William                  [full]
1788-2 E      w  WATTERSON    Jane                     dated 23 jun 1788;balnahow;dau rose waterson;4 sons Samuel, John, Edward, and William Waterson;husb edward;witt edward kneen,james cottier;pledges Rev John Clague and Mr Wm Qualtrough  both rushen
1789   A 28      KERMOD       Thomas                   names amy waterson;dau elizth kermode als watterson;gdau esther + jane watterson;son john kermod
1789   A 29      HARRISON     Catherine                dated 26 nov 1788;sis mary,ellinor,anne;eln infant dau of eln harrison als shimin;bro richard;godson wm harrison;mo alive + excx; [full]
1789   A 30      NELSON       Isabel      callister    made 11 Aug 1787:Ballakilley, Rushen,   son Daniel Nelson, son Wm Nelson, daus Ellinor Xtn als Nelson [md Edwd Xtn 1767 Rushen & Onchan] & Margery Xtn als Nelson [md  Mat Xtn 1768 Rushen] & Margt Harrison als Nelson [md Edwd Harrison 1776 Rushen]; dau in law Ann Nelson als Moore als Taggart [Ann  md 1) Sam Moore 1761 Malew; 2) Wm Nelson 1778], husb John Nelson exec
1789   A 31      NELSON       Isabel                   ballaneal;son john;dau margt nelson als crebbin,isabel nelson als carin;names margt hutchin;son thomas exec
1789   A 32      WATERSON     John                     bro-i-law robt callister,bro wm (+son patk);niece jane collister;fa dead,mo alive;witt isabel waterson als taylor,alice waterson
1789   A 33      KNEEN        Thomas                   in debt petn by john kermode;smith;bro-i-law edwd kinley;ch ua unnamed;wife elinor
1789   A 34      NELSON       Henry,snr                made 14 mar 1785;dau eleanor kewley als nelson,mary gawn als nelson (w/o thomas),jane carine als nelson,margt watterson als nelson;gdau jane gawn;
1789   A 35      CREBBIN      Elizabeth                made 12 mar 1789;port st mary;son john watterson;names mary kelley;
1789-1 E 744  w  CLUgAS       James                    bro john's gson thomas clugas;bro richard(netts etc),henry(+son son),john;sis anne exex
1789-1 E 746  d  CUBBON       Elinor      credjeen     d 9 apr 1789;ch edmund + thomas
1789-1 E 752  w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    watterson al d 29 may 1789;dau joney watterson;son john watterson;husb john exor;ch ua thomas bridson + john cubbon uncles
1789-1 E 766  d  MOORE        John                     perished at sea;bach;only s/o thos moore ballacrunck santan;fa admr but paaes to son-law wm jick + wm moore
1789-1 E 772  d  LARKIN       John                     perished by sea nr port erin mar 1789;of county down;sibs charles,arthur,margt brown als larkin,jane mccarty,susanna forman
1789-2 E      d  COTTIER      James                    perished by sea 20 oct 1789;bach;fa thomas
1789-2 E      w  GELL         John                     dated 7 may 1789;sis elinor;bro wm,henry,richd(exor)
1789-2 E      w  KEIG         Mary        CHRISTIAN    dated 9 jan 1788;cath christian d/o brom wm;sis joney christian als kinley widow;bro john christian,thomas christian;nephew thos christian (s/o decd bro wm) exor
1789-2 E      w  KERMOD       Margaret    WATERSON     dated 30 jul 1789;port-le-morrey;son thos;husb henry;dau isabel(house in psm) exex;bro jno_henry watterson;petn by isabel that he fa thos objected
1790   A 25      KERMOD       William                  soroby;dau margt,isabel;son john;wife margt als mylchreest exex;ch ua
1790   A 26      WATERSON     Jane        NORRIS       [full]
1790-1 E      w  BEEDON       Ann                      made 24 may 1790;son patk,thomas,wm;dau ann crieall,mary wilson,elizth taubman;husb john exec
1790-1 E      w  CREBBIN      John                     made 9 mar 1790;lingeage;sons john,wm;gson jno bell;wife margt als quaggin;son-i-law john bell exec
1790-1 E      w  GELL         Elizabeth   MADDRELL     gson thos keggin;dau ann keggin als gell exex (w/o thos)
1790-2 E      w  CUBBON       Margaret    GAWN         dated 28 mar 1789;husb thomas exor
1790-2 E      w  GELL         William                  dated 26 jul 1790;5 ch by former wife - john,ann,cath,jane + marjery;wife elr;son wm exor
1790-2 E      d  MADDREL      William                  d 29 jun 1790;son thos
1791   A 32      KERMOD       Catherine   gell als mylchreest dated 31 jan 1791;gdau ann maarton;dau esther maarton als gell;husb wm exor;1792:thos nelson + anne nelson als maarton ack;[prev husb wm gell kk pat - see also NSS May 1773 3]
1791   A 33      GELL         Edward                   d 7 feb 1791;wife ann als carine;gson edwd waterson;sons-i-law thos + patk waterson;gdau esther waterson;gch thos,ann waterson;dau cath waterson als gell,ann waterson als gell,mary exex
1791   A 34      GELL         Ann                      dated 16 feb 1791;dau cath waterson als gell,ann waterson als gell,mary exex
1791   A 35      SHIMMIN      Edward                   dated 23 mar 1791;son edwrd,richard(boat + buoys);dau margt,jane,ann;gdau cath waterson;richd + ann exors
1791   A 36      GAWN         Edward                   [Full]
1791-1 E      d  GAWN         William                  d 10 feb 1791;ch john,henry,margt(w/o john kelly);inv
1791-1 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     dated 16 jun 1790;port eren ?;dau jane,margt;son-i-law john caley;son john;wife margt exex
1791-1 E      d  SHIMmIN      Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 10 aug 1790;ch john,edwd,richd,margt,jane + ann all at age;husb edwd who is dead by probate(apointed richd + ann execs
1791-1 E      w  WATERSON     Margaret    WATERSON     dated 7 apr 1791;son john;dau margt,jane,elenor,elizth,cath,esther;mo deborah;husb exor;some ch ua
1791-1 E      d  WATTERSON    Elinor      BELL         d 20 jan 1791;only ch margt;husb wm
1791-2 E      w  COSTAIN      Alice                    dated 26 feb 1791;ballakilpatrick;son-i-law christopher bell;dau alice hutchin als costain,ann bell als costain;names widow keig;son-i-la john christian exor
1791-2 E      w  COWLEY       Philip                   made 16 jul 1791;bro thos(watch + herring nets),gilbert;sis joney;names isabel lawson;god-dau elr keggin;wm gawn rowany exor
1791-2 E      d  CREJEEN      Joney                    d 18 jan 1791;ch elinor(w/o james christian),isabel(w/o wm waterson),esther(w/o thos keggeen) + cath;husb thomas
1791-2 E      d  GELL         Elinor      QUIRK        d 13 dec 1790;ch john,hen + joney
1791-2 E      w  KEIGgeen     Isabel      GAWN         d 2 jul 1791;cregneash;dau eleanor kneen;son thos exor;husb alive;witt jane waterson als kelley,anne gawn als crejeen;
1791-2 E      d  QUAY         Deborah     KERMOD       d 17 feb 1791;ch john,cath + margt all ua;husb thomas admr;inv
1791-2 E      w  WATERSON     Margaret                 dated 25 jul 1791;ballakillowey;son john;dau jane(ua?);husb john exor
1792   A 25      GELL         Gilbert                  ballakilley;d 7 nov 1791;dau elenor,isabel,son john,richd,gilbert;gch isabel gell;
1792   A 26      WATERSON     John                     oristal;son john
1792   A 27      CARRAN       Anna        gawn         gson richard carran;gdau jane,cath;sis jane watterson als gawne ;gdau jane watterson als gawne widow acks
1792   A 28      CARINE       John                     made 17 mar 1792;son-i-l john kneen;son john;dau alice;wife jane;names ewan mcguirk
1792   A 29      CORRIN       Jane        gell         dated 17 apr 1792;son wm,dau elinor,jane;dau-i-l jane corrin als caghin;gson wm corrin,gdau cath corrin;husb wm;names jane faragher als gell;
1792-1 E      ds Costean      Thomas                   enrolled deed of gift dated 13 Jul 1788;ch John, Christian Scofield, Isable Christian, Ann Costean exex;
1792-1 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Margaret                 d mar;6 ch Jane, William, Margaret, John,Eleanor and Joseph;husb john;pledges Patrick Crebbin and William Waterson  uncles to ch by mo;
1792-2 E      w  KEGGIN       Thomas                   dated 17 sep 1792;ch Christian Smitherson, Cath Gawn, Elizth Kelly, Margt Keggin exex(land called Boalley-fail)
1792-2 E      w  LOWEY        Judith      CLUCAS       dated 24 Apr 1781;dau Elinor (w/o John Moore) exex
1792-2 E      d  SHUTTLEWORTH Charles                  d Sep 1791;of Liverpool;ch Jane + Elizth - ua - wife Jane als Gawn supv + admr in trust;pledges her bro Thomas Gawn + Norris Moore
1792-2 E      w  WATTERSON    Ann         gawn         dated 28 Apr 1792;widow;ch Wm, Mary;gch Wm Watterson, Judy Watterson, Cath Callister, Wm Gill, Jane Gill (w/o Wm Callister )exex
1793   A 41      WOODWORTH    Isabel      crebbin      dated 1 may 1782;son peter exor,thomas;dau jane keig als woodworth;sis elizth crebbin
1793   A 42      GAWN         Henry                    d 9 Jan 1793;Rowany; son wm,john;dau Jane Kelly als Gawne
1793   A 43      KERMOD       William                  d 6 feb 1793;son john;dau ann bell als kermod;wife ann exex
1793   A 44      GELL         Thomas                   dated 17 feb 1793;soroby;dau jane fargher als gell;gson thos fargher(loom + herring nets);dau isabel corlet als gell exex (w/o john)
1793-1 E239   d  GELL         William                  perished by sea 26 jul 1793 (herring fishery);sibs john,jane,cath,margery + ann;petn by robt colvin(h/o ann),thos kelly(jane),john crebbin(h/o cath),john gell,margery gell states that wm was youngest son + exor of fa wm(d 26 jul 1790);mo elinor
1793-1 E242   w  KEGGiN       Elinor      christian    dated 21 apr 1793;dau cath,isabel;son edwd exor
1793-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann         BELL         dated 29 jun 1793;saurby;gdau cath,esther + margt cooile;son-i-law james cooile(boat + nets after decease husb john christian);dau margt cooile exex
1793-2 E      w  CLUCAS       William                  dated 6 aug 1793;gdau elizth + cath taylor;gson wm taylor;dau cath taylor als clucas;wife joney exex
1793-2 E      d  KEGG         John                     d 13 aug 1793;bach;fa john
1793-2 E      d  WATERSON     John                     d 13 jun 1793;only ch ann waterson als kermode (w/o henry kermode)
1793-2 E      w  WATERSON     Mary        DUGGAN       dated 3 mar 1792;son thomas;husb john ;dau margt exex
1794   A 41      BELL         John                     [full]
1794   A 42      RowNON       Marjery                  gdau (niece xd thru) esther shimmin;dau molley rownon;son thomas exec;witt margery cowley als higgin,margt harrison;
1794   A 43      KELLY        Ann                      dated 23 nov 1793;names margt mcquire,jane d/o richd kneen,alice carin,jane moore,ann shimin, danl + eleanor karran  + others;  left unto henry all the legacies left unto [her] by aunt alice? gawn als gellrobert karran exec
1794   A 44      NELSON       John                     dated 20 jan [yr lost];dau ann(eldest - to give her step mo use of husbandry gears),elinor(house port iron);wife isabel;sis jane nelson;nephew thomas nelson (netts etc)
1794   A 45      WATERSON     John                     d 12 feb 1794;corvala;son patrick;Pekey Watterson eldest dau of son thomas ;son wm;dau margery waterson (execx)
1794   A 46      QUAYLE       Ann         QUALTROUGH   dated 28 feb 1794;nephew john qualtrough,nephew ? elizabeth Gill als Qualtrough;nephew edward Q + wife Eliz als Maddrell;bro wm,sis sarah;names elizabeth kermod (rushen) + mary waterson;nephew thomas qualtrough (exec)
1794   A 47      CURPHEY      Ann                      made 18 nov 1792;dau cath,margt;son thos,wm;husb thos exor
1794   A 48      WATERSON     James                    d 14 feb ;ch john,thos,james + wm;wife ann exex
1794-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Richard                  perished by sea 12 aug 1794;3 ch john richd + ann ua wife mary;pledges wm keggeen + henry christian both rushen
1794-1 E      d  CORRIN       Elinor                   d oct last;2 ch thos + wm
1794-1 E      d  GELL         John                     d sep last;only ch john
1794-1 E      d  LAWSON       Edward                   perished by sea 12 aug 1794;2 ch thomas + edward ua wife alive;pledges edward miller rushen + john lawson douglas
1794-1 E      d  MADDRELL     John                     perished by sea 12 aug 1794;8 ch isabel, elinor + eliz by a former mar, wm john susanna,margt + jane by the widow margt;inv farming + nets
1794-1 E      d  MILLAR       William                  d 1 may 1793;only ch ann ua;wife margt;pledges edward miller + henry christian;inv
1794-1 E      d  WATERSON     Henry                    perished by sea 12 aug 1794;
1794-1 E      d  WATERSON     William                  perished by sea 12 aug 1794;2 ch thos + elinor ua;wife isabel;pledges thos crejeen + john christian;inv 
1794-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Joney       cubbon       husb joseph;youngest son joseph;dau jane
1795-1 E      w  Crebbin      John                     dated 25 jun 1789;droad;son john(purchased land from john nelson ballakilley in ballafesson);gdau margt crebbin(d/o henry crebbin);wife joney exex but she dead before john court appts ch john,ann(w/o thos cooil),margt(w/o henry crebbin)
1795-1 E      w  KINLY        Emma        gelling      dated 21 feb 1793;husb thomas exor;
1795-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Edward                   d 18 mar 1795;ch charles,jane hutchen als shimmin(w/o john) jt admrs,wm had m.c;
1796   A 27      NELSON       John                     dated 13 june 1793;late ballakilley now port st mary;son rev danl nelson,wm;dau elr christian als nelson,margery christian als nelso;gdau ann + jane christian dau margt harrison als nelson (+ dau ann harrison + sons john + james );gson danl nelson;gson-in-law thomas clucas;
1796-2 E      d  BELL         Ann                      d 18 aug 1796;ch Wm,Patrick, Ann, and Jane Bell (all ua) ;husb Christopher;
1797   A 44      GELL         Margaret                 kirkle in rushen;gson wm gell;bros edw + john gell;son wm;dau cath shimmin als gell;gson john shimmin;gdau cath shimmin;dau-i-l isabel;husb john
1797   A 45      WATERSON     Thomas                   d 30 mar 1797;names henry s/o john taylor(who is exor),john s/o edmund christian,elizth taylor,jane d/o john taylor;
1797   A 46      KEIG         John                     d 21 apr 1797;son john(fishing boat + long line);4 daus;bro thomas;wife exex;witt joney corrin als keig,ann bell als costean;[missing from mm film]
1797   A 47      CARINE       John                     d 22 apr 1797;dau molly crebbin als carine(w/o thos - small boat);son henry,thos;wife margt exex
1797   A 48      LoWEE        John                     d 10 dec 1796;soroby;dau ann(land to build a house),isabel,margt,abigail + joney;son john (herring nets etc;wife margt als fargher exex;witt cath gell als bridson,elinor moore als lowee
1797-1 E      w  CLUCAS       William                  port st mary;son thos(heir + exec),wm,henry,nicholas.danl,john (money controlled by son thomas);wife jony;wife jony dead by probate (without issue + next of kin ross mckissack who went to court));capt geo quayle bro to ross mckissack; ac inc statement that ross mckissack 'the drunken fellow' nephew to joney;danl clucas late liverpool now rushen bro thomas
1797-1 E      d  GAWN         Mary        NELSON       d 8 may 1797;ch john,jane (w/o thos kermode),isabella(had marr contract)
1797-2 E      w  GAWN         William                  made 3 oct 1797;rowany;son wm(heir),james,matthew,henry,thos (apprentice fee only + 6d if he contends));dau susannah;wife susannah exex
1797-2 E      d  KINLEY       Catherine                d 25 Sep 1797;ch Cath (w/o Wm Quark)+ Jane(w/o Thomas waterson) jt admxs
1797-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Esther      christian    dated 17 Jun 1797 but d 11 Jun;ch Wm, Thomas,Isabel, Joney, Esther + Mary - some ua - husb sworn guardian;husb Thomas exor
1798   A 36      WATERSON     Ann         cooil ?      d 17nov 1797;gdau ann kinley;dau cath [m thos kinley Rus 17760427 #1936] ;husb john exec
1798   A 37      TAYLOR       John                     d 21 feb 1798;dau jane taylor,elinor taylor,esther (youngest);son henry,john (plough etc);wife jane exex
1798   A 38      WATERSON     Joney                    dated 21 mar 1798;Ballarhenny;nephews wm watterson,john watterson,henry watterson;names Margaret Corris als Steitch ;bro wm waterson(exec)
1798   A 39      CHRISTIAN    Isabel                   d 24 apr 1798;names bessy keegan;margt harrison execx
1798   A 40      CANNELL      William                  made 28 mar 1798;daus cath, jane;wife jane execx
1798   E         QUALTROUGH   Elizabeth                made 13 jan 1798;son edwd;gdau jane qualtrough;dau-i-law martha qualtrough;gson thomasQ.;dau jane Q. execx
1798-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Joney                    widow,Port-le-mary;next of kin ross,quayle,robt,cath + jane mckissack nephews+neices;disputes with wm clucas rushen
1798-1 E      w  HUTCHIN      Richard                  d 2 jun 1797;wife elizth als waterson exex (land bequeathed by mo)
1798-2 e684   d  hutchin      thomas                   d 1 jan 1798;only ch john
1798-2 E683   d  KEIG         Elizabeth   WATERSON     d 15 may 1798;5 ch john,wm,philip,pat,cath;husb thomas
1798-2 E680   w  QUALTROUGH   Elizabeth                made 13 jan 1798;son edwd;gdau jane qualtrough;dau-i-law martha qualtrough;gson thomas Q.;dau jane Q. execx
1799   A 35      GELL         John                     dated 19 nov 1798;son wm(+ch),john(+ch);gdau esther shimmin(+her bro john);son john,wm;dau cath shimmin exex;
1799   A 36      MOORE        Judith      carin        of Bradda, Rushen:  son Robert Moore; Elinor Waterson als Crebbin; grandson Thomas Moore; son Thomas Moore [Ellinor's parents are Jn Crebbin of Surby & Elizth Carin md 1729 Rushen]
1799   A 37      TAYLOR       William                  d 11 dec 1798;dau jane exex,cath
1799   A 38      QUaRK        Marjery     gell         d 24 dec 1798;sons wm,james + thomas,michael (youngest);dau jane;husb thos exec
1799   A 39      QUALTROUGH   Ewan                     soroby;wife jane als corrin exexsons Ewan,wm,edwd,richd;dau esther curjeag als qualtrough [jane 2nbd wife 1st margt coirkish d 1766;
1799   A 40      CANNELL      Margaret    bridson      dated 23 feb 1799;son thos;dau-i-law ann cannell als watterson exex (w/o wm)
1799   A 41      nelson       Margaret    maddrell     [?names reversed + bur margt kneale Rus 17990227]dated 2 mar 1799; son wm maddrell(eldest),thomas maddrell,james maddrell;dau margt maddrell exex + gdau(+serv) margt maddrell jt exexs
1799   A 42      CREBBIN      William                  dated 23 apr 1799;daus jane,margt,eleanor,cath;wife joney als taylor exex
1799-1 E947   d  BURCH        Thomas                   d 18 jan 1799;ch edwrd [?bapt],elizth,mary,ann ,margt all ua ;wife margt [eliz + mary by elizth ore [#16028], ann + margt by margt waterson [#1902]
1799-1 E958   w  BEADON       Martha      munce        ballacarkish;hub patk;dau jane otherwise spence,ann;sons john,patk,edward,william + thomas;husb  patk to put sons joseph,cornelius,james + robt to trade;witt wm walton,cath crangle;some ch ua fa supv
1799-1 E      d  KINLEY       Thomas                   d 12 mar 1799;ch margery,ann + cathrine ua;wife cath
1799-2 E      d  CREBBIN      Elizabeth                d 13 aug 1799;dau margt steich als crebbin(w/o andrew) admx;son henry had m/c;
1799-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Edward                   made 24 jun 1799;nephew thos qualtrough;serv jane quayle;names elr quiggin;cath cannel;wife ann exex
1799-2 E      w  KEGGEEN      Elizabeth                d 5 jun 1799;ch margt(lands) exex, isabel, bessy, cath;
1799-2 E      d  MADDRELL     Isabel                   d 5 jun 1799;ch Rose_margt, mary (w/o john gell), isabel jt admxs;pledges Andrew Steich (rushen), Richd Gell(Arbory)
1799-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Edward                   made 24 jun 1799;nephew thos qualtrough;serv jane quayle;names elr quiggin;cath cannel;wife ann exex
1799-2 E      w  WATERSON     Margaret                 d 2 jul 1799;aunt Jane Kinley, Elizth Bell;names Isabel Watterson als Credgeen;father Wm Watterson exor
1799-2 E      d  WATERSON     Marjery                  d 3 jul 1799;only ch Henry Watterson admr;pledges Wm Waterson + Andrew Steich (both Rushen);

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