Summary of Wills - Rushen 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available. Some 227/457 here

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 28      CORRIN       Margaret    Nelson       ch Ann,Jon - ua ; sibs John (also sworn overseer);inv
1701   A 33      CREBBIN      John                     d 18 mar 1701/2;mo alive;bro timothy;names isable hutchin;2 unnamed ua ch execs john crebbin(obo wife) + timothy crebbin sworn;1725: henry crebbin acks stepfa harry gawne;1730: henry gawne (h/o margt) acks from mo isable gawn als corkish re fa 
1701   A 34      WATERSON     Henry                    d 30 Mar 1701;ch Margt(feather bed), Averick, Henry, Cath, Ann, Margt - daus jt exexs (some married?);inv (?if inv of 2nd Heny Waterson?)
1701   A 35      TAYLOR       Ann         waterson     d 14 Mar 1701;ch Cath, Isable, Christian + Ann(youngest child)(last 3 jt exexs);husb alive + as exexs sick sworn;inv
1701   A 36      WATERSON     Henry                    d 14 Nov 1701;ch Wm, Margt, Margery, Isable exex(+ to sow half land for her bro wm)
1701   A 37      WATERSON     John                     dated 12 Jun 1701;ch Jony, Elizth Quinney;dau-i-law Ann Keig ;names Joney Nelson als Christian(if she will administer for her mother);dau Jony + Ann Keig to share land called Crono=Bock ? in Bradda if it can be recognised in law;
1701   A 38      GAWNE        Ann         COSTEEN      declared 18 Dec 1701;bro-i-law John Cottier;sibs Cath, Wm;sis-i-law Isable Gawn;names Ann Crobbin;husb Henry exor + overseer of unnamed ch execs[?just one child?];son Henry acks from father
1701   A 39      KINISH       Nicholas                 d 5 Jan ;ch Cath(youngest dau) , Mary, Wm(oldest son 6d to cutt off goods)+ other ch execs - Mary + John at age;wife alive
1701-1 E      d  KINNISH      Henry                    d 25 nov;mariner born Rushen;fell overboard the Harrington of Liverpool;only bro Nicholas
1702-1 E 05   d  Stanley      Edward                   + deed of gift 1691
1702-1 E 053  d  Crobbin      John                     [damaged with some loss]d 4 Feb 1701/2;ch Cath, John + Christian jt admrs;mentions eldest dau bu former wife + [lost - ?wife]  sworn supvs;inv
1702-2 E095   w  WATERSON     Henry                    dated 11 nov 1702;niece jane troughlog ('great care taken of him many a year in his old age) exex
1704-1 E      w  WATERSON     Catherine   QUALTROUGH   d 27 M?;sis eliz;husb john (title to land in lonan if he can recover it);names anne keone,margt costean
1704-2 E      c  BREW         Nicholas                 M/c dated 27 apr 1703;Thomas Costean + dau Isable Brew;son-i-law Thos Costean exor
1704-3 E      w  PRESCOTT     Samuel                   d 9 Oct 1704;steward of Abbey Lands; a will found in a trunk but named executors surrended it to the court + no next relns appeared; Mr Christian Genl Sumner to take admin;long series of accts with many names - one doc gives costs of repairing Kentraugh houses inc "english thatching ye dwelling house"
1704-3 E      w  WATERSON     Margaret                 decld 8 oct 1704;sibs unnamed bro(due 4s - son wm),cath(+ dau),isable, averick exex;names cath clage, jony clage, ann sayle, isable waterson,isabel gawn;sis-i-law alice waterson;bro's son john waterson;witt wm waterson, willm gawne - one dead, other sick by probate
1705   A 36      woodwort     Jane                     son thos exor;
1706-2 E      d  LLOYD        Robert                   d 3 years ago;smith to the miners;no relns or creditor;Mr Nich Harley has wages for his work on the lopes? mines from 7 sep to 8 mar 1707 for John peck ? esq
1707-2 E      w  GAWNE        Elizabeth   QUIRK        d 29 aug 1707;names isabel clague,margery caine,ann corin midwife;child upon her bearing;no sibs to leave legacies to;husb alive + sworn obo orphan;
1708   A 12      WATERSON     John                     d mar 1708;son John(eldest),Henry(other son) jt exors;witt isabel cojeen als sayle
1708   A 50      PAWSLEY      Edmund                   d 11 feb 1708/9;stepson jon waterson;jane crebbin his part of house + garden and if sd jon waterson would recover it he to pay her tenn shil;dau ann pawsley;jane crebbin exex
1708-2 E      w  QUALTROH     Alice       MOOR         d 12 aug 1708;husb john;niece ann moor;ch john,cath;sibs john,henry?;mo alive;1724: john qualtrough acks from ellinor widow john moor ballablack;
1708-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Elizabeth                dated 6 may 1708;bro wm;aunt cath;mo cath exex
1709   A 25      WATERSON     John                     d 5 mar 1708/9;Ballnerenny ;dau cath,margt(w/o henry crebbin);son henry;gson jon crebbin;wife ann als taylor exex;
1709-1 E 186  d  HARRISON     Henry                    d 28 Oct last;[inv states Ballachurry]wife alive; ch Eliz, Ellinor + Jane jt admxs - all ua  Wm Kneal + Isabel Kneal nearest relns by Henry's mother supv Isabel not appearing, Wm sworn - supvs impower Daniel Callister to act for them as being remote;inv  + claims inc Henry Crebbin claiming agt estate of son-in-law Henry Harrison; Jane d 28 Nov 1714; Dan Callister also dead as his widow allowed part of Jane's goods for his extraordinary pains (with consent of Stephen Tear) [see Old Rus **** 45 for m/c of Henry - widow marries Stephen Tear see Old Rus **** 48]
1709-1 E 190  d  HARRISON     Jane                     see Henry 1709
1710-1 E      w  FARAGHER     Margaret    COsTAIN      d 6 Mar 1709/10;nephew Wm Corin, Wm Costeine (her other nephew);sis Christian;niece Margt Corin, Bessie Corin;names Margt Croughan, Elin Cloage als Hignet; bro Nicholas Corin exor; Witts Cath Waterson als Qualtro, Marjery Stanley als Waterson
1710-2 E      w  HINGLEY      Richard                  d 2 sep 1710;son wm;paid capt richd thompson for iron + pitch;son edwd exor;inv inc fishing nets,boats, smiths tools
1712-2 E      w  CREBBIN      John                     d 5 jun 1712;bradda;ch ann,timothy,mariott, jony;gch john + timothy crebbin;wife + ann jt exexs
1712-3 E      w  MADDRELL     Isabel      WATERSON     d 31 dec 1712;ch ann, henry, wm execs - all ua - danl waterson + fa sworn;step-dau christian;husb wm;inv 'to be annexed to wm maddrell's wife's will;1726 3 ch wm, hen + ann ack
1712-3 E      d  GELL         John                     d 25 nov 1712;ch margery(in ireland), john,jony,margt jt admrs - last 2 ua - next relns richd taylor + ann waterson supv;son desires mother to be admx
1712-3 E      w  CAVEEN       John                     d 16 feb 1712/3;ch john(best suit of cloase as he would go to church on sunday + right of house sold in port-limurry);son not to contest with his step-mother;son-i-law john kermod;names john garret(+ dau)
1712-3 E      w  TAYLOR       John                     dated 24 feb 1712/3;bradda;ch thomas, charles, isable, christian (last 3 jt execs);serv will troughlay [?= trollog];1714: all exexs at age + make an equal divn (isable signs as isable waterson als taylor)
1712-3 E      w  CORRIN       Isabel      KELLY        d 30 dec 1712;unnamed sibs;only child isable;husb nicholas;20s to margt corrin to take care of child;inv
1712-3 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d 30 jan;only ch marjery clague admx - ua - next reln robt clague supv;wife alive
1713   A 30      CALLISTER    Daniel,snr               dated 27 nov 1713;son daniel(eldest, Ballachroggan, suit modley cloth);ch richd,thomas + jane jt exexs;wife alive;3 gch ;names john smith s/o john smith miner, neighbour edwd hingley,edward nelson (these 2 also witts)
1713   A 31      CALLISTER    Daniel                   claim by son daniel dated 6 Nov 1714 for 4 12 7d (fifth part of crop corn,4th part crop hay);mentions house ballachreggan, chamber+kiln ballaveaerey allowed to go to ruin;stephen tear obo wife + [her?]  sister claims for goods of henry harrison  due to his children
1713-3 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   [partial]d 23 aug 1713;son henry,daniel,john(roof of house);son-i-law john keigg exor;
1714   A 13      WATERSON     Ann         TAYLOR       [full]
1714-1 E      w  WILDGOOsE    Frank                    miner of Moneyash in derbyshire ; witness William Beamwoll, tho taylor, John garret
1714-2 E      d  TAYLOR       Michael                  d 30 June;one of the miners;perished in a river of Kk Maughold;no relns;Jo Smith another miner states inv 3 18s due from Mr Wallis + his part of some copper ore;claims by Cuthbert Prescott, Cath Kenedy + Mary Wildgoose;
1715   A 18      CORKISH      Henry                    gdau margery gell,joney gell(castletown),margt Waterson;son john(in England),harry,richd exor;dau margt gell als corksih;Robt Maddrell obo John Corkish(Kent England) claims 4th part of crop as per will gmo Jane Taylor als Corkish;
1715-3 E      d  OLDHAM       Elizabeth   WOODWARD     d 1 feb 1715;nephew tho woodward admr
1716   A 25      CLUCAS       Isable      CARIN        d 4 jan 1716/7;port-le-morrey;son wm(eldest),john,isabel,elinor,thos,mary + jane - 4ua;husb john;1725/6: mary at la acks bro-i-law john crebbin
1717-1 E      w  QUALTROUGH   William                  d 1 may 1717;ch john,cath(money due from mo will in hands john harrison ballacury);john + henry qualtrough overseers;wife elizth;funeral charges note jon s/o wm dead sis cath
1717-1 E      d  WATERSON     Ann         KEIGG        d 13 feb;son thos,john(survived her - his exex ellinr)
1717-2 E      d  QUALTROUGH   John                     d 15 aug in castletown;next relns nephew bryan fox;robt radcliffe claims 3s 6d for shoes;unnamed bro in costs;inv
1717-2 E      d  SAILE        Isabel      crejeen      d 20 may 1717;only dau mary
1718   A 6       CUBBIN       Thomas                   d 6 jan 1717/8;son thomas,david jt exors;
1718   A 7       TAYLOR       Ann         quine        d beg apr 1718;dau joney gawn,isable(their fa dead);son-i=law wm gawn;gch henry gawn,elizth waterson;son henry waterson(his fa dead);step-dau cath cannell als taylor;son john taylor exor
1718   A 8       STANLEY      Margery     waterson     dayed 20 mar 1717/8;balla-ny-how;widow;bro john( ch james, edwd,margery);christian cubbon d/o wm cubbon marown + decd neice elizth waterson exex (ua reached la 1721 and acks from fa + uncle james waterson ballnahow)
1718-1 E      w  KERMOD       Margaret    MYLVORRY     d 30 apr 1718;ch thomas kermod, patk carin(+ 3 daus),margery gawn, isable;unnamed gch - in elizth carin;dau-i-law margt [carin? - name lost in margin], christian kerm[lost ? kermod];husb thos kermode exor;names cath read;
1718-2 E      w  KILLEY       Margaret    GAWN         d end jul 1718;bro john gawn;husb john(6d);sis mary woodworth(w/o tho), ann christian(w/o henry) jt exexs;husb states m/c - annexed agreement - exexs give to husb 'his indulgenge to their sister during her illness' and he to pay all debts - however both sisters + husbs later dissent ; inv 2 15s
1718-2 E      d  KERMOD       William                  d 14 may 1718;dau margt kermod admx;wife alive
1718-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 30 jul 1718;son-i-law tho cubon declare no goods except those that pd funeral costs;wife alive
1718-2 E      d  SHERLOCK     Ann                      d 30 apr 1718;orphan;sis isabel quirk als sherlock admx(w/o richd);inv in fa's will
1719   A 8       HARRISON     John                     d 4 mar [1718/9];kentraugh;only son john(his half house etc in castletown - if he remained at home and worked ballacorkish he to get half share);wife elinor als gawne exex;gch john corrin?;dau elizh corrin;witt robert gelling x, john moor x
1719   A 9       KELLEY       William                  dated 11 apr 1719;ballachurrey;son john;dau margt waterson,ann taylor(+ch eldest john),jane qualtrough,elinor + cath (jt exexs);wife alive
1719   A 32      PRESTON      James                    dated 10 dec 1719;dau elizth(his pt of house) exex  - ua - wants robt radcliffe + wm preston as overseers;wife sworn;christopher taggart claims 6 6s 1.75d 
1719-2 E      d  Carin        Ann         Lewn         d 24 Aug 1719;sibs Wm, John(abroad) + Robt + Jane(w/o Jo Cain) jt admrs; husb alive
1719-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mark                     d 1 Feb last [1719/20];wife deadch Henry, Patk(exor); pledge + witt Tho Nelson;
1719-2 E      w  GAWNE        William                  d 10 Sep 1719; ch Thomas, Thomas, Issable - ch ua;sibs Thomas, John; wife Jony exex; mother alive;pledges + witts John Gawn, Philip Kermod
1719-2 E      w  GELL         Margaret    WATERSON     dated 14 jul 1719;ch william lowey(all lands etc),margery;gch margt kelly exex,ann kelly,will lowey;
1719-2 E      w  Kerran       John                     d 5? oct 1719;ch wm, john, thos;wife margt als maddrell exex
1719-2 E      d  WATERSON     Alice       BRIDSON      d 6  oct 1719;only dau isabel waterson admx;wm waterson claims (+ als for his bro john)
1719-3 E      d  Mercer       George                   d 18 Dec 1719; 'one of the miners';ch Jane + Isabel admxa - ua ' Capt Wm Mercer claims 1 15s + other claims including Hen Dickenson (dead by 1721);inv as goods insufficient to discharge debts includes small tools at Polebash + 600 flags;
1719-3 E      d  NELSON       Henry                    d 4 Feb 1719[1719/20]; wife alive;unnamed bro declare no goods + family sussisted mainly on charity
1720   A 18      QUALTROUGH   Jane        EGGER        dated 16 mar 1719/20;dau margt(living in ireland),mary corrin als qualtrough;son wm;names john crebbin;son-i-law richard corrin exor but he utterly refused;letter from john crebbin that jane desired him + wife to give her bedroom and that she would not go to her dau + son-i-law as he turned out her poor husb 3 days before he died  thus john gave her room where she was often very sick but son nor dau came;dau margt maxwell als qualtrough armagh acks re  mother + farther hugh;
1720-2 E      w  CUBON        Catherine   VONDY        d  2 jul 1720;crot-y-caly;husb john;fa john vondy (mentions a m/c);names jony vody(her uncle's dau),margery hutchin(aunt's dau),Thos + david cubon(aunt's sons),mary keig (cared for her during illness);dau ann;sis-i-law jony cubon;uncle wm crebbin
1720-2 E      w  LOWEY        Margaret    GARRET       d end may 1720;Sorby;husb Wm(her half of roof of new house + her part of lands during his life - afterwards to his son Wm);ch henry(if he comes for it), wm christian, elizth, margt - some ua;[?is Wm also her son];1721: henry acks from father Wm;1740: Wm aquits bro-i-law Tho Keiggeen of what was due by death of sis Margt and did promise to pay sd Keiggeen 10s;Henry Cooil also appeared + acquits Alice Lowee + above Keiggeen of all debts + demands due from them by death his sd sis Margt
1720-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   humphra                  + decd dau isable - mix of two sets of bequests;d 8 jun 1720;dau cath (her sis cath that lives in Ireland);wife exex
1720-2 E      w  QUIRK        Isabel      SHERLOCK     d 1 oct [1720];breda;ch on her bearing -dead;husb richd;had m/c;mo alive
1720-3 E      d  PRESCOT      Isabel      CAROON       d 11 dec 1720;ch margt,james,christin,ellin;husb alive;inv
1721   A 49      WATTERSON    Catharine   QUALTROUGH   d 26 nov 1721;gdau margt cannell,isabel kelly;gson mark christian;dau joney, dau magery (execx);other daus
1721-3 E      d  CORKISH      John                     d dec 1720,London;son John,dau [blank];Robt Maddrell had PoA
1722-1 E      d  DUCkAN       Jane        CORRiN       d 15 feb 1721;only ch margt ua next reln isabel cubon;inv;husb wm;1735 wm cubon h/o margt acks from her fa wm
1722-2 E      w  HARRISON     john                     d 22 may 1722;port iron;ch thos + cath jt execs - ua - next relns james, isabel + ellin harrison;bro james + unnamed sisters;father alive;wife alive
1723-1 E      d  CLUCAS       John                     d 30 mar 1723;7 ch margt, john, isabel, ellnr, tho, mary + jane (last 2 ua) jt admrs - wm(heir) had a m/c;wife alive
1723-1 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Isabel      SHIRLOGUE    d 1 may 1723;soroby;gdau cath qualtrough;dau cathin ireland) exex;names many others;Rich Keates + wife Cath als qualtrough ack 1725
1723-2 A 92      COTTIER      John                     d 11 Jan 1723;rowany;son john(jt exor with James watterson + also overseers of gson Richd dempsey);dau margt taylor;,mary (in ireland - her son Richd Demsey),ann;gdau mrgt taylor
1723-2 A 93      KERMODE      Henry                    m/c Old Rus deed 75 - accepted as will - exex wife margt als clucas
1723-2 A 94      SKALY        William                  d 13 jan;mother alive;sibs henry(+ dau),john, wm (in ireland);step-fa thomas sherlock;cousin john christian, thos christian,elinor christian(sheep between him + tho kinley of lingeague);aunt christian;goddau marjery hodson;due 34s 8d wages from stephen tear ballachurrey;mother sworn exex;witt margt corris, alice shurlock.
1723-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   William, senr            dated 21 jun 1722;kentraugh;sis Cath Rothmel;only son wm(as yet no issue - redeemed land of Kentraugh) exor;wife elizth
1723-3 E      d  FARGHER      Hannah     carin         d 29 Dec 1723;ch Isabel, Robt + Wm jt admrs - next relns Henry Quooil + Jo Gawn supvs;husb alive; inv 6s 2d; children noted as very young [m Rus 17150921]
1723-3 E      w  VONDY        John                     undated;son John(+ ch John,Thomas) exor;court notes no other child;
1724-1 E      w  hingley      John                     dated 10 jun 1724;niece ann sherlock;sis margt cain(in dublin);cousin mary shimmin(castletown);aunt christian hingley;godson joseph sherlock;nephew edward hingley(+ his son richd) exor
1724-2 A 123     HARRISON     John                     dated 4 Jun 1723;Ballichurry; gch viz Stephen Tear's children; names Elizabeth Tear + sister Ellinor Harrison; mentions bill of sale to Mary Callister; friend Tho Gawn exor; Witt Rich Stevenson, Robert Parr; inv
1724-2 A 126     WATTERSON    John                     d 26 jan;corvalla;ch cath, christian,harry, ann(in england),marjory;dau cathy + christian jt exexs;
1724-2 E      d  McYLREA      Jony                     d 26 sep 1724;d/o tho mcylrea decd (will 1723 lib 2);mother margt als waterson admx
1724-2 E      d  WAINWRIGHT   John                     d 4 yrs ago;of liverpool - no relns;mr wm bramhal prin creditor has charge of 16 appt admr
1724-2 E      w  WATERSON     Jane        COSTEAN      d 21 aug [1724]only ch elizth waterson -ua ;husb harry;fa thos costean;sibs john, thomas;husb's nephew john moor;sis-i-law jony waterson;1734: elizth waterson acks from fa henry
1725-1 A 19      WATERSON     Isabel      [gell als] t dated 6 Feb 1724;husb Gilbt Waterson;ch Gilbt Gell, Thomas Gell, Harry Gell + Wm Gell (jt exors);gch John Corkan;step-dau Elizth Waterson;names Xtian Karran, Margt Kinley;[m Henry Gell Mal 16820515 - hg noted of Rushen]
1725-1 A 20      CREBBIN      William                  d 26 Mar 1725;names Robert Cubbin, John Vandy, David Cubbin, Margery Hutchin, John Cubbin,Tho Cubbin(exor);
1725-1 A 21      QUALTROUGH   Ann                      dated 1 oct 1722;step-dau christian gill;son henry,wm
1725-1 A 22      CLUGAS       John                     d 21 mar 1724/5;fiztard;bro thomas(houses + land);sis jane,margt,ellinor,mary,isable (exex);nephew john clugas portle murrey
1725-2 A 107     NELSON       Joney       karran       d 24 jan;only ch elinor nelson - wants margt corrin(her gossip [godparent] supv;husb wm;sibs john(eldest bro, margt, jony, harry;mo-i-law jane karran
1725-2 E      d  CORRIN       Isabel                   d 21 jul 1725;d/o nich corin + isabel corin als corin (decd) - ua - father admr (see mo will 1712/13 bk 3);noted bapt  isabel d/o nicholas corrin + isabel kelley bapt 21 oct  1711[note this predates the surviving register]
1725-2 E      w  CREBBIN      Marriot                  d 2 jul 1725;only son john;dau ann corrin exex;bro timothy(wife cath);husb alive
1725-2 E      w  WATERSON     Henry                    d 20 oct 1725;orvally;sis cath, ann, christian;bro-i-law john waterson exor
1725-2 E      w  WATERSON     Jane        GARRETT      d 19 jul 1725;ch john,wm,thos(purchased land in knock-skippald),jane + ann jt exexs - elinor waterson(ballnahow) to be overseer of ua jane;names elizth trollag,john trollog(+ dau);husb tho
1726   A 17      CREBBIN      Henry                    [full]d 13 nov 1726;sorroby;dau elizth harrison als crebbin;gdau elizabeth tear als harrison;gdau elinor harrison exex
1726-1 E      w  CARIN        Mable                    d 1st day pred? 1726;husb richd;ch wm,cath exex
1727   A 36      KELLEY       Mary        GELL         dated 6 feb 1727;to be buried nr husb;son john;gch john kelley,ellinor +_ ann Qualtrough;dau ellinor + cath jt exexs
1727-1 E      w  GELL         Gilbert                  d 4 may 1727;glenchass;ch john,sarah,ann,amy,gell? may?
1727-3 E      d  TEAR         Elizabeth   HARRISON     d 23 dec 1727;ballachurry;ch alice + deborah ua aunt ellen harrison;husb stephen
1728   A 49      QUAILE       Isabel      HARRISON     dau isabel;son charles execdau-i-law jane;gch thomas quayle,jane quayle,robt quayle
1728   A 50      HUTCHIN      Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 3 dec 1728;gch john + wm hutchin (s/o john);gch paul hutchin;son wm,john (exec);other named bequests[full]
1728-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    BRETNEY      d 14 feb 1727/8;ch john + cath cottier;john in ireland;john christian h/o cath;inv name margt christian bretney
1728-1 E      d  CORKISH      Richard                  d 28 mar 1728;ch henry,rich + cath;next rels fa side henry,jony + margt corkish supv;wife alive;inc etc
1728-2 E      d  TAYLOR       William                  d 17 oct 1728;dau christian,ann jt admxs - cath + isabel had m/cs
1729-1 A 35      BELL         William                  [full];
1729-1 A 41      CREBIN       Elenor      DOUGHERTY    husb John;son John;dau Catharine (by 1764 Cath Bell m Rus 13 JAN 1732)
1729-1 E      w  CORKISH      John                     d 30 apr 1728;dau joney ua;wife alive
1729-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Alice       GELLING      d 12 oct 1729;widow,kentraugh;names ann nelson als crebbin,jane kinley,james waterson(s/o edwd),wm qualtrough (kentraugh);henry quayle (+wife christian) execs;dispute over brewing pan (apparently rented by year at 8 except over xmas + that alice qualtrough had pan brought to house every xmas + that she set it to hire to some neighbours about a fortnight before)
1730   A 34      COTTER       Catherine   cousteen     d 2 jan 1730/1;gdau cath hanton;dau ann hanton,mary corkish(her 3 ch);gdau margt taylor;gdau cath cotter;names wm cousteen,margt cousteen;dau mary corksh + thomas taylors ch(john,henry + margt xd thru) + dau anne's ch(cath,mary + glassley ? - xd thu) jt execs - court names mary corkish,margt taylor(mo of ch) + ann hanton(mo of ch) in place of ua ch
1730-1 E      w  CORKISH      Margaret    BRIDSON      d 6 may 1730;surby;son john (inc pt of boat );dau cath cooil als corkish(eldest),joney corkish (cath + joney exexs),ellinor clucas als taylor,isabel clucas als taylor;dau-i-law mary corkish;husb john
1730-2 E      w  GELL         Elinor      CURGHEY      d beg jun 1730;husb wm;ch thos exor,isabel,philip,wm;1730 david cubon rvcd obo wm + philip
1731-1 A 8       CARIN        Isabel      [cousteen als] BREW d 16 apr 1731;ballakilpatrick;son john cousteen[costean];dau joney (ua?),elizth cousteen exex;names cat cousteen,dorothy corrin;husb patk;john,joney + elizth have goods by both mo + fa wills [2nd marr for isabel];1759:john keig h/o joney
1731-2 A 41      CORKISH      Katherine   QUALTROUGH   dau joney
1731-3 E      d  CORKISH      Mary        COTTIER      d 18 dec 1731;ch patk,john,margt;john,anne + margt cottier + thos taylor h/o cathsupvs;husb john (pledges fa hen corkish + mr edwd waterson);inv
1731-3 E      d  STEICH       Thomas                   d 30 dec 1731;ch ann,jane,mary + andrew - ann sworn along with wife
1732-1 A 22      BELL         Christopher              [full];Scard;ch Christopher(only son), Anne(unmarried) - decree implies other mar daus;wife alive;
1732-1 A 23      CORRIN       Margaret    lowey        d 1 mar 1731/2;dau cath(eldest),margt,isable exex;gson wm,john;husb thos(pledge + danl waterson);witt margery cannell als waterson;
1732-1 A 24      CORRIN       Nicholas                 d 21 jan 1731/2;son henry;gch jane corrin,henry corrin;wife margt als charry exex
1732-1 A 25      CLUCAS       Jony                     d 14 dec 1731;sis elizth clucas kk pat;,mary clucas exexneice jane clucas(her dau margery)
1732-1 A 26      CARIN        Richard                  d 2 dec 1731;gch john,ellinr;son wm;dau cath exex
1732-1 A 27      KERMOD       Thomas, sen              d mar 1731;surby;declrd 23 apr 1730;dau isabel gawn(rouany - her 4ch);son thos exor(3 ch)
1732-1 E      d  LOWEY        William                  d 23 apr 1732;only sis Margt lower admx
1732-1 E      w  WATERSON     Jane        JUCKE        d 29 apr 1732;son-i-law john kermod;dau ann, ellin mcdonnell exex;gch isable kermod, 3 sons of John Kermod, jony mcdonnel, jane myclchreest
1732-3 E      w  QUALTROUGH   William                  d 27 jan 1732/3;godsons wm qualtrough(miln),henry waterson;aunt cath cannell;names ellinr carin,cath qualtrough,alice gawn,ann gawne;mo cath exex
1733-1 A 25      STEICH       Ann                      mo ann streich als crebbin
1733-1 A 26      GAWN         Isabel      BRIDSON      [full]d 30 dec 1732;husb henry (her part Cregneash);sis Margt (exex),peggy,ellinor,cath; bro Thomas;sis-i-law Ann Gawn [see m/c SSS Oct 1727 45 - m San 17261022 - no ch]
1733-1 E      d  STEICH       Jane                     daus of thomas died 6 wks ago; bro andrew;see will of sis anne
1733-1 E      d  STEICH       Mary                     see jane
1733-2 E      d  CORRIS       Margaret    Carin        d 7 aug 1733;dau anne(w/o John Christian), sarah jt admrs;
1734-1 E      d  Quayle       anne        sayle        d 20 ? feb 1733/4;son Henry Waterson admr(in ireland)  - next reln Mary Clague als saile sworn
1734-2 A 56      KERMOD       Christian   CREBBIN      d 4 jan 1734/5;soroby;husb thomas;son wm (eldest),henry + thos (jt execs);names others inc goddaus
1734-2 E      w  LOWEY        William                  dated 15 feb 1733/4;dau christian (older dau - fishing gear),elizth (exex),margt(decd - funeral costs 15s - her mo also dead - had 2 sis + 2 bros);wife alice als clucas;son wm,henry;mentions purchased lands from John Wattleworth C'town;
1734-2 E      w  MADDRELL     Mary        READ         d 15 sep 1734;son richd exor;husb alive
1735-1 A 21      CREBBIN      Henry                    wife Margret Crebbin als Waterson;5 daus Alice, Joney, Isabel, Ann and Cathrine Crebbin;son John; gsons John and Patrick Crebbin;s-i-l John Crebbin;by 1741 Anne Cowin als Crebbin ;by 1742 Thomas Walton h/o Isabel ;John Crebbinm Margt Crebbin 27 OCT 1733
1735-2 E 04   w  CORRin       Margaret    CHARRY       Corrin in mm index
1736-1 A 10      CREBBIN      John                     d 6 apr 1736;son henry,wm;gdau elizth crebbin;landlord danl callister;gson wm crebbin exor
1736-1 E 233  d  QUALTROUGH   Jane        MADDRELL     d 9 apr 1736;sibs margt,eliz,alice,wm,jo,robt + charles maddrell; some ua;husb wm?
1736-2 A 36      LOWEE        Harry, snr               gson thomas clucas, son harry, wife, son philip exec, wit & pledges john taylor + john taylor
1736-2 A 37      LOWEE        Henry, jnr               of lingaig wife, godson william son of wm gell, god dau anne kelly of scard, children philip & anne, wife bearing a child; wit nich christian john taylor ; philip lowee + john kelly uncles, jony gell + anne clucas aunts sworn supervisors
1736-2 A 38      QUAY         Catherine   MADDRELL     d 30 dec 1736;bro johnwm exor;nephew henry maddrell;sis joan;
1737-3 E      d  WATERSON     Mariot      CREER        d 30 oct 1737;2 ch Thomas & Ann Waterson;next relns jo creer, wm Robt, Tho, Nich, Jane (w/o Chr Kinley), Ellinor, Susanna Creer ;husb thos
1738-1 E      d  HUTCHIN      Mary        BRIDSON      d 25 Mar 1738;ch Isabel, Cath + Margt (w/o John Harrison) jt admrs - Isabel + Cath off Island many years
1738-2 E      w  CLARK        Nicholas                 d 2 Oct 1738;dau margaret(6d);wife exex;pledges John Garret, Robt Moore
1739-1 A 15      Kinley       Mary        Cubbon       d 10 Feb;dau mary,margt jt exexs;gson thos key [?w/o thos]
1739-2 A 50      CLUCAS       Jane        CALLISTER    d 14 jan 1739;port-le-morey;bro richard(+ ch);niece mary callister;sis-i-law majery callister als corrin, eleanor corris als clucas;sis elenor;cousin ann mcylvorrey,alice callister;dau marjery exex;son wm;'some money to be spent lofting dwelling;husb wm;acks from wm + danl callister re legacies to fa's children;mo mary callister als mcylvorrey + her son i law james waterson,wm clucas
1739-2 A 51      CARRAN       William                  d 28 dec 1739;bro john guardian of unnamed ch(all ua);wife alive;inv
1739-2 A 52      KELLY        Margery     LOWEY        d 15 dec 1732;gdau margt keig,marjery watterson;dau ann kinley als kelly,elizth,margt;son henry exor;witt john waterson,isabel shimin als costean
1739-2 A 53      LOWEE        Margaret                 dated 4 nov 1736;relns henry corkish,joney corkish als waterson,margt corkish als clucas;friend isabel gawn als corkish(w/o henry gawn) exex
1739-2 A 54      WOODWORTH    Mary        GAWN         d 28 nov 1739;mo alive;sis ann christian als gawn;nephew robt christian,wm gawn;neice mary carin als christian,eleant keiggeen,ann + cath  christian;husb's son thos wordworth (ua);husb thos exor
1739-2 E      w  KINLEY       Thomas                   d 14 aug 1739;dau mary,margt exexs;witt Thos Key x, Kathrin Brison als waterson x
1739-3 E      w  CREBBIN      Isabel      clucas       d 16 oct 1739;dau anne;son thos;husb jon;bro wm clucas;witt anne cubbon als steich, eleanor crebbin als kneen; under rus not san;inv;1769 thos at la sister ann kelly als crebbin husb john;
1740-1 A 18      Taylor       Catherine   Crellin      d 7 Apr 1740;ch john,margt(w/o jon taylor braue),isabel gell als taylor exex(w/o wm)
1742-1 A 20      GAWN         Jane                     dated 20 feb 1741;ballagawn;son thos;gdau elizth qualtrough;gson charles killey (exor with her dau elizth);husb's gch margery + thomas callow;dau elizth[full]
1740-2 A 97      CORRIN       Dorothy     QUAYLE       d 23 feb 1740;son john,wm,robt,thomas;only dau isabel exex;sis cath;names alice costain als gawn;husb (herring nets)[full]
1740-2 A 98      WATERSON     Thomas                   d 10 dec 1740;son thos,dau isabel;gson james waterson;gdau margt waterson;d-i-law margt waterson als kelly exectrx (w/o son james)
1740-2 A 99      GAWN         Elizabeth   [maddrell]   d 13 dec 1740;son thomas,henry,edward;dau margt,jane;gdau ann keiggeen;ch jt exors;henry + edwd ua thomas + margt + john cottiman h/o jane watterson supv[full]
1741-1 A 52      BELL         Christopher              [full];
1741-1 A 58      CREBBIN      Joney       BELL als CALLIN d 28 feb 1740/1;dau margt,ann;husb john;son christober bell exor [full]
1741-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Elizabeth                d 8 dec 1740;sibs john,jony(ua);inv;legacy by her mo to joney unpaid;1758 john kegg h/o joney
1741-1 E      w  CREBBIN      Isabel      TAYLOR       d 30 apr 1741;son john;dau ann(unmarried) exex;husb alive
1741-1 E      w  CREBBIN      Margaret    WATERSON     d 24 apr 1741;son john(intack called the garrey,dau margt);son-i-law john crebbin;dau alice,isabel,anne (legacies left by fa);gson thos quark;dau joney,cath jt exexs;george cowin h/o anne crebbin ack;
1741-1 E      d  CREBBIN      William                  perished by sea at herring fishery sept 1740;ch wm,isabel,elizth
1741-1 E      d  HARRISON     Isabel                   d 4 feb 1740/1;only son richd
1741-1 E      d  hINLEY       Elizabeth   MADDRELL     d 25 jan 1740/1;only ch frances ua;aunt mrs margt killy als maddrell;husb richd;inv 95 11 9d;petn 1749 by riobt maddrell states elizth died when he + next relns were off isle on return found frances not cared for as she ought + took her homr to grandmother where been 3 yrs and richard not given more than 3s to maint;1755 frances chooses robt kennedy as guardian;expenses inc galbanum plaister by dr jenkinson
1741-1 E      d  MADDRELL     John                     d 1 feb 1740/1;ch thos + issabel;no relns  fa side;wife alive
1741-1 E      d  READ         Catherine   BRIDSON      d 29 mar 1741;dau margery(unm) admr
1741-2 A 124     KERMOD       Mary        CLUCAS       soroby;d 13 jan 1741;sis jane,elinor;husb alive,names marjery read,joney carine, servant isabel quoil;aunt mary  clucas;dau margt (ua);bro thomas if he should come to island;cuts off bro wm + sis margt;fa-i-aw thomas kermode  + bro wm clucas supervisors;husb wm;supv also thomas waterson ballahane ?,ellinor corras als clucas aunt + thomas waterson h/o jane other aunt;1761 margt kermod exectx acks from fa.inv.
1741-2 A 125     GAWN         Henry,snr                d 26 mar 1741;cregneash;son harry;gson wm gawn,thomas keiggeen;son-i-law richd keiggeen jt exor with wife isabel [full]
1742-1 A 19      TAYLOR       Ann                      dau christian;husb alive;other 3 daus inc Ann;son henry ;ann abroad;
1742-1 A 20      GAWN         Jane                     dated 20 feb 1741;ballagawn;son thos;gdau elizth qualtrough;gson charles killey (exor with her dau elizth);husb's gch margery + thomas callow;dau elizth[full]
1742-2 A 70      QUALTROUGH   Katherine   WATERSON     dated 6 dec 1742;castletown;relict wm qualtrough renwollin rushen;mortgage on new corn miln in malew;names ann mcylvorrey (rushen - half dwelling house c;town);other half property to thomas watterson s/o nephew thomas watterson;names isabel nelson als callister (rushen),marjery gawn als qualtrough widow of john gawn - many other names [full]
1742-2 A 101     KINISH       John                     d 12 dec;sis isabel,cath + jony(both abroad);father(houses etc port le morrey) exor
1742-2 E      w  ELSTON       Thomas                   dated 4 feb 1741;lancaster castle [gaol]bro wm (decd - + daus);serv isabella waterson exex;witt john sharp glazier of lancaster;inv[full]
1743-1 A 25      QUALTROUGH   William                  dated 15 apr 1743;sis cath gill;wife cath
1743-1 A 27      LOWEE        Alice       CLUCAS       last on film/1st rb579;d 25 apr 1743;nephews wife jony nelson als quayle;bro thos nelson exor;husb dead
1743-1 A 28      CORRIN       Nicholas                 inc m/c Edward Corrin with dau Margery Corrin  [=SSS May 1732 72];ch aunt jony corrin surrenders right to nicholas corrin uncle
1743-1 E      d  CALLISTER    Mary        mcylvorrey   d 20 Mar 1742/3;dau elinor (w/o james watterson) + son-i-law wm clucas jt exors;
1743-2 A 76      CALISTER     Daniel                   declared 12 Sep last [?1742] + stated intended to depart Island;mother(house called the Collagh);sibs Wm,Margery + other unnamed sisters;witt Isabel Crebbin als Clague, Joney Crebbin als Kenish
1744-1 A 12      WATERSON     Elinor      [mcylvorrey] d 4 mar 1743;Ballahone;husb james;son edward,james,wm;dau elinor (execx),magery;decd mo Ann Maylvorrey;john cottier's ch thos,john,wm + eleanor (john cottier acks fa in law + mother in law james + elinor re marr contract with wife 
                                                     Margery);Margt and Margery Callister  + decd bro Danl callister (mortgage on ballakeig);bro richard's son daniel;d-i-l Elizabeth Watterson als Skillicorn
1744-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Christian   SKEALY       d 8 apr 1744;ch john,thos(abroad) + elinor;
1744-1 E      d  KEIGGEEN     Mary        CORRIN       d 16 may 1744;sibs john,eliz(her mo elizth gawn)
1744-2 E      w  HINGLEY      Edward                   son richd (his cousin ann alice & joseph sherlock)wife elinor als thompson?; joseph died on coast of africa by 1766
1744-2 E      w  KERMOD       Thomas                   d 28 jul;son henry,thomas(mortgage on land in jurby owned by thomas clerk),wm exex;witt nic christian + henry qualtrough(court stated too near related)
1744-2 E      w  TROLLAG      William                  s/o wm of bradda;sis eliz ;fa exec
1745-1 A 13      CREBBIN      Timothy                  dau isabel (bees);son john, timothy,thomas exec;[full]
1745-1 A 14      HUTCHIN      John                     d 12 Apr 1745;ch John(eldest son - to pay 20s debts owed by John senr), Thomas, Henry, Wm; wife Margt
1745-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Jane        TYDESLEY     d 10 oct 1744;ch ewan, Charles + John (last 2 as yet upbaptised);husb Mr Nicholas Christian exor;capt rich tyldesley + Mr Wm Harrison uncles of ch sworn;1764: ewan acks from fa Revd Nicholas Christian
1745-2 A 41      CLUCAS       Margaret    CORKISH      mc dated 14 apr 1733;margt clucas als corkish dau margt gell to henry gawn
1745-2 A 42      TAYLOR       Richard                  [full]
1745-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     John Kennall;d 9 Aug 1745;ch John, Alice, Robt, Thos(if he came for it); wife + son John jt execs
1745-2 E      w  GAWN         Isabel      KERMOD       d 13 aug 1745;rowany;son henry,thomas;dau isabel;husb henry(intack wattleworth's curragh late purchd from john quelling + wife cath of c'town);servts margt + eleanor maddrell;1747 thomas kneal h/o isabel;1762 thomas nelson[=kneal] (ballaneal) h/o isabel nelson als gawne
1745-3 E      d  HARRISON     Ellinor     CariNE       d beg nov 1745;ch thos + john - ua uncles philip kewley + Wm ?[?aighn]
1745-3 E      d  WATERSON     William                  d 4 feb 1745;3 ch John, Harry & Katherine harrison + sons wm + thos having had bargains
1746-1 E      d  DUCCAN       Margaret                 d abt candlemas last[2 feb 1745/6]only dau Mary admx
1746-2 A 36      QUALTROUGH   William                  d 7 feb 1746;son wm;dau anne,mary,jane + sarah;wife exex
1746-2 E      w  GAWN         Isabel      CORKISH      d 24 sep 1746;son henry(if he come);dau isabel exex
1746-2 E      w  NELSON       William                  d 20 Aug 1746;ch Eleanr, Wm, John, Thomas + Jane; Wife Alice als Clague; Thos ua - ch at age supvs;
1747-1 E      d  CORKISH      Isabel      [lowee als ?] d beg may;dau isabel lowee by prev husb henry lowee +  henry & anne corkish admrs;husb john [full]
1747-1 E      w  LOWEY        William                  d 13 May 1747;Ballakillowey;sibs Thomas, Eleanor,Anne, Henry(exor);stated that his mother had left him all the ready money but had recvd no part of it - probably 3 that sis Eleanor has;witt Margery Gawn als Qualtrough, Eleanr waterson als Quayle;
1747-2 E      w  BELL         Ann         WATERSON     d 15 jun 1747;names alice w/o john costain fidler;kinswoman cath cannel als qualtrough + margery gawn als qualtrough jt exexs;witt christian qualtrough als hartley, eleanr hartley als harrisson
1747-2 E      w  BRUTON       Jane        CALLISTER    d 2 oct 1747;sis isabel nelson als callister,margt kelly als callister;mo + sis margery jt exex;mo marjery absent;[last on gl707]
1747-2 E      w  CUBBON       John                     d 28 aug 1747;son thos;wife dead;gdau isable harrison;son-i-law richd harrison;dau anne,jane jt exexs;jane abroard, richd harrison h/o anne;inv;1759 anne died intestate + dau isabel exex but d in minority - her uncle thos cubbon will 1753 appointed wife margt exex since married thos cubbon thus he gets 1/4th part,richd harrison has 1/4th + jane other exex 1/2;1748 jane ball als cubbon acks from bro-i-law ricd harrison
1747-3 E      d  CORRIN       John                     only child margt ua aunt elizabeth corrin;wife ann
1747-3 E      d  NELSON       Ellinor                  half bro wm jon & thos (a minor);her fa dead; uncle john carran;mother jony carran dead
1747-3 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Henry                    left island about 40 years ago;sister of whole blood (no other relns) christian gell als qualtrough
1748-1 A 35      WATERSON     James                    d 8 feb 1747;ballarone;son wm (1/4 boat + netts in henry quail's house + buoys at Maddrell's house); s-i-l john cottier;son edward;d-i-l elizabeth;gdau Rose Waterson;son james (if he came home),dau elinor harrison w/o john;witt wm gawne, wm maddrell
1748-1 A 36      CORRIN       John                     d 9 mar 1747;sis isabel;mo execx;
1748-1 A 37   jw GELL         John                     john gell + christian als qualtrough mutual will;
1748-1 A 38      CUBON        Catherine   CRINNIL      d 18 feb 1747;step-sons john+thos cubbon;step-dau margt+christian cubbon;reln margt crennil;husb thos;son henry
1748-1 A 39      KERMOD       john                     bredda;son john (eldest),wm,thos;dau isable,mary,ann + deb (3 last exexs but ua);claims etc inc inv mary kermod als clucas;
1748-1 A 40      QUALTROUGH   Elizabeth   [cubbon]     [full]
1748-1 A 41      HARRISON     James                    d 12 mar 1747;son richd (looms,fishing line,portlemorrey);sis margt (+ch);bro-i-law wm christian (son richd);wife exex
1748-1 A 42      KENISH       John                     port-lemorrey;sis joney exex (w/o wm crebbin);dau isabel;gdau jane thomas;
1748-1 A 43      SAYLE        Margaret    KELLY        d 17 mar 1747;names cath kelley,margt watterson,jane kelley;bros henry + thos kelley;her []ds=man wm keig exec
1748-1 E      d  CALLISTER    Marger                   3 dau isabel, margaret margery;john nelson husb isabel,john quayle husb margery;margt married but refused to be admr her husband  unnamed
1748-1 E      d  CALLISTER    William                  s/o danl died nov 1745 - three sisters isabel margt margery ;john nelson husb isabel, john kelly husb margt;john quayle husb margery
1748-1 E      d  HARRISON     Ann         CUBON        only dau isabel ua no reln ;uncle tho cubbon in weak condition, aunt jane being marryed in Liverpool;husb richd; isabel died in minority by 1759;uncle thos cubon dead 1750 his wife margt cubon als gawne remarried to thos cubon(31 jan 1754)
1748-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     3 children john cath margt ;margt absent
1748-2 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    CALLISTER    sis isabel margery ;john nelso husb isabel, john quayle husb margery
1749-1 E         TAYLOR       Henry                    d 3 may 1749;son Henry(land to fall to henry snr at death of mo-i-law);dau isabel;ch ua;wife margt als crebbin;
1749-2 E      dg CREBBIN      John                     Ballayarrad;son john;wife dead;dau ann w/o thos costean;
1749-3 E      d  GELL         Philip                   s/o wm late of glenshast left island 11 years not heard of 9years;sibs wm isabel

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