Summary of Wills - Rushen pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1613   e 14      LOWEY        John                     d 3 Aug 1613;supvs of ch(unnamed) his father + Wm Qualtraugh
1623   e 410     STEVENSON    Richard                  d 1 Dec 1623; [long detailed room by room inv heading to some pages lost - rooms parlour,hall, chamber out the parlour, stone house loft, stone house, chamber over the kitchen,closett,chamber over the butterie in the kitchen,[]house, parlour,kitchen,milk house,[], kitchen,in pewter?,[], brewhouse, kill? house,[],Calf (house on Calf of Man)] - note referring to young Richard Stevenson not yet at years;wife Mrs Ami Stevenson
1637   A 66      MOORE        Christian   INEVORREY    d 22 jun 1637;[note will ineVorrey als moore]ch jony,ellin moore;names jony crebin,nicholas mcylvorrey
1637   A 67   w  GeLL         Henrey                   d 28 jun 1637;ch john,hen ann,cath;bro wm(Knock aspicke);bro wm + David? taylor supv;wife alive
1637   A 68   w  CAROWNE      Patricke                 d 15 jun 1637;gch John carowne, henry waterson,ann carone;son john exor;names patk + isabel carowne, wm shurlogue(+ son john),jony carowne
1637   A 69      TAYLOR       William                  d 25 jun 1637;son thos(heir);names Wm Shurlogue(to have croft during his life);da christian exex;others named
1637   A 70   w  caine        Alice       COWLEY       note alice cowley in wills;ch ann  john, patk + joney (jt execs)caine;niece jony cauley
1637   A 71      kneale       Ann         QUAY         d 12 oct 1637; ch (leg begotten) john,ann,mariott + cath kneale;supv robt + jony quay;
1637   e 355  w  Nelsone      Robert                   d 28 Nov 1637;ch John(the crop, plough etc), Ann + Marriad(jt exexs); debts due to Gilbt Nelson, Thos Nelson + others ; inv
1637   e 356  w  NELSONE      Gilbert                  [some loss of rh in binding]dated 5 Jan 1637;ch Henry, Ann, James, Wm + Margt (lst 3) jt execs; gchild Isable Gawn ...
1640   e 189     GALL         Jo                       d 18 Apr; ch Gilbt, Ann admrs - next of kin by fa supv;inv
1640   e 189     quah         Mariad      CLUCAS       [follows 1640 cover][loss of rh margin in binding]d 17 Oct;ch Jane + Margt Quah admxs - next of kindred Patr, Kath + Isabel Clucas supvs;husb alive;bro Gilbert  has agreement with Jos? Quah in behalf of admrs;inv
1640   e 189     TAYLOR       Margreat    QUALE        d 20 Jul 1640;son-i-law Willm Nelson;mentions part of fishing boat + nets;dau-i-law Margt Gawne;ch Thos (had m/c), Jane + Christian Taylor jt execs;
1640   e 190     CROBBIN      Jonie       CROBIN       d 10 Mar 1639;husb Wm Crobbin;unnamed younger [] + eldest son;ch Margt, Christian + Wm Crobbin jt execs - supv husb + Hen Taylor;note that part due to Christian wch John Moore (Kk Santan) bound for is paid to her husb Robt Stoaile;inv
1640   e 191     SHURLOGUE    Issabell                 d 7 Mar 1640;only bro Wm Shurlogue admr
1640   e 191     TAYLOR       Robt                     d 30 Oct 1640;bro Wm , John taylor;bro's dau Christian Taylor exex - at age;John Taylor claims 30s
1640   e 192     CROBBIN      John                     d 30 May 1641?;ch Wm + Marriad Crobbin exors;son-i-law Wm Crobin (seems to be in disfavour as not to sue for any further from m/c);inv
1640   e 195     NELSONE      Ann         HARISONE     d 24 Aug 1640;only child Hen:? Nelson admr - next of kin (mo's side) supvs;husb alive;inv;note that there was a m/c Wm Crobin + Wm Nelson named
1642   e 3       Crobbin      William                  d 25 Jun 1642;to be 'buried in churchyard of Saint Trinities of Rushen';ch Harie(son + heir), Wm(youngest son)Christian + Margt (last 3 exors); Christian ua wants John Moore (Santan) to be supv;, Wm also ua wants Hnry Taylor (Balla-Carky?) + Robt Brew(Santan) supvs;wife Margt als Nelson;bro Hary Crobin;names debtors Kathren Shurlogue, John Duke(+ mo), John Crobin(+ mo Kath Taylor) + several others;inv (incs part of fishing boat) - note of debts due to Margt Nelson before she was married ('testators latter wife') inc Kathren Taylor als Broadman;
1644   e 313     CUBON        Elizabeth   JOUGHEN      d 3 Feb 1644;ch Gilbt, Wm + Jonie? Cubon admrs - Jonie + uncles + aunts Gilbt Shimyne, David Cubon, John Cubon + Kathrin Joughin supvs;Ann Cubon claims agt admrs El: Joughin
1645   e 358     KILLIP?kille Gilbt                    [after 1645 cover]d 14 Jul 1645;[?bro?] Nicho killey?;bro [?nichos] Killey?; sis Ann;names Wm + Tho Gawne, Ellin Gawne
1645   e 360     MADDRELL     Ann         NELSON       dated 24 Aug 1645;decd husb Roger Maddrell;ch Henry senr, Margt, Jonie, Isabel, John, Henry junr (last 3 jt execs);note by witnesses that Ann at the contraction bargain of Henry did give him + rest of ch the goods left by her husb Roger;
1645   e 361     CORRIN       James                    d 28 Feb 1645;son John admr;inv
1651   e 040     NELSON       Christian   TAYLOR       d 9 Dec 1650;husb Wm Nelson;husb's sis Margt Nelson(to have tuition of Jonie)ch Jonie(youngest dau), Margret,Wm(my part of house in Port Iron);sibs Jane Taylor, Tho Taylor;husb + Jane taylor supvs; Witt Jone + Ann Nelson;inv  17
1652   e 100     NELSON       Jony        KRENELL      dated 28 Dec 1652;husb John Nelson exor;ch Mary, Ann;sibs Jony; inv 13s
1657   e 516     NELSON       Wm                       [loss of lh edge]orphan;d May 1658;two sisters jt admxs;father alive (legacy on sight of mother's inv)
1657   e 518     NELSON       Katharan    KYSSACK      dated 7 Apr 1657; husb Wm Nelson (had a handfasting bargain);sibs Hugh(exor) sis [?in law] Margret Kissack als Kermod; names many others
1658   e 586     WATTERSON    John                     (2)dated 21 May? 1657;sibs Henry, Eliz, Christian Watterson exex;mother's sis Issable Watterson; mother Malley Watterson;master Christopher Bridson;
1658   e 588     WATERSON     Henry                    d 25 Mar 1658;3 unnamed sons at age jt admrs ;wife alive; inv 2 12s
1658   e 588     WATTERSON    Mary        KLERKE       (3)dated 22 Apr 1658;husb Wm Watterson exor; ch Issable, Hen;gch Margrett + Mary Mcylvorey
1658   e 589     WATTERSON    Mary        GELL         (4)dated 12 Apr 1658;husb John Watterson;;sibs Ann + Isabel
1658   e 590  d  WATERSON     Jony                     (5);d 25 Mar 1658;ch Henry, Christian - at age + jt admrs;
1658   e 591     GELL         Isabell                  kinswoman An Gell (with whom she lived) to be exex; unnamed bro to recve no part; no goods other than a blanket + smock; mention of a contract bargain proved before deemster
1658   e 591     SKELY        Avericke    McILREA      (6)dated 23 Jul 1658;ch tho, Wm, Christian(exex) ;sibs Wm (to be supv of ch)
1658   e 592     NELSON       Ane                      d abt May last; sibs Wm + Margt jt admrs
1658   e 592     READ         Roger                    (7)d 1 sep ;4 ch margt,wm?, issabel + Kath - next relns on fa side Rich + Wm supvs;wife alive; inv 
1658   e 593     MADDRELL     Margrett    TAYLOR       (8)Husb Henry Maddrell;sibs Wm (jt supv with husb);ch John,Jony(eldest dau) + Margt; mother alive; inv 8 1s 2dWm Kelly exor of Ann? Taylor als Kelly[?kelly als taylor) claims
1658   e 595     LOWEY        William                  (10)dated 8 Oct? 1658;ch Wm(eldest),Wm(2nd son 'the younger'?- 20s to be put to trade), Jony(youngest dau - my sister Kath),Margt - last 3 ch jt execs; inv 12 18s 6d
1658   e 595     NELSON       Christian                [1653 written at top of page but in diff hand 15 Nov (9ber) 1658 exor sworn]ch Margt(eldest dau),Ann, Gilbt (Ann + Gilbt jt execs)
1658   e 597     KELY         Ann         NORRIS       dated 25 Mar 1658;gch John Kelly;son John Kelly exor
1659-6 e 002     TAYLER       ?hen                     v damaged;sister []+ isable taylor admrs;note that Jo [?harrison] has resigned his pt of admin to sister-in-law
1662   E 399     HARRISON     John                     dated 20 May 1662 (being Whitsunday); late clerk of Rushen;wife alive [named Isabel in decree];names Wm Taylor(a house + 1 days plowing adj Harry Crobin's croft);ch John, Henry exors - ?ua as left John's lands with wife until he is 21 and wants Mr Jo Thompson, Charles Stanley, Wm Gawn + Henry Watterson as overseers; inv + claims 
1663/1 A      w  READ         John                     dated 9 mar 1663/4'ch Henry,john snr,ann,thomas,john jnr;wife alive
1664   e 167     KERMOTT      Anne        SHURLOCK     d 26 dec 1664;only son richd admr;
1664   e 167     LOWY         Jony                     d 15 dec 1664;'young girl abt 15 yrs of age';sibs wm(snr),Wm(jnr) + margt lowy admrs
1665   e 276     WATTERSON    Jo                       [badly damaged - date lost]dau Ann Watterson admx - uncles+ aunts supvs (Thos Quirk one of the overseers);wife alive;will preceded by several pages of court records - difficult to fit together but Ann's gfa Henry Waterson had custody of some part of goods(plowshare etc), part of security names Margt Watterson + dau Ann of Balleyvragy- 1681:  Dan Callister + wife Ann ack  41s 6d in lieu of goods - 1685 they ack execs of sd Henry; 1685:Thomas waterson(Castletown) acks Dan callister re bowles of corn due to him, Ro, Mary, Margt Watterson,widow, + dau Ann Waterson by annexed contract of Jon Waterson;a Jony Watterson also acks Dan Callister
1666   e 484     CREBIN       John                     dated 26 sep 1668;wife jony exex;inv 2 2s 6d
1671-1 E 702  w  McYLVORY     William                  dated 2 Aug 1670;son-i-law John Caveene;wife (gt meadow containing 2 daymoths);ch Margarrett, Mary (jt exex with wife);inv
1671-1 e 703     CROBIN       Issable     READ         d 24 May 1671;ch Margt, Marriott + John Crobin - all ua - next of kin supvs;husb alive;inv;1694: Jon Creben acks fa-i-law Jon Creben
1671-1 e 704     CROBIN       Henery                   d 9 Dec 1670;unmarried daus Jony + Ann jt admxs;wife alive;inv 12s
1671-2 E 769  w  KERMOD       Anne                     dated 27 Oct 1671;dau Isable, Ann exex;inv 1 6s
1671-2 E 770  w  Watterson    John                     dated 15 Jun 1671;ch Wm, Gilbt  exor, Ann;sis Margarett; gch John Watterson
1673-1 E 180  w  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   [damaged]wife alive;3 ch Isable, Ann + joney jt exex;unnamed eldest son;inv
1675   A j119 d  NELSON       William                  d 11 Jan 1675/6;ch John + Isabel jt admrs
1676   A j33  w  HARRISON     Margaret    watterson    dated 8 Jan 1676/7;husband Wm Harrison(herring nets, croft called the New Meddow, Balley Vrarey for 10yrs);ch Ann ua? - wants Hen Watterson junr overseer until reaches 21; inv
1676   A j34  w  NELSON       William                  dated 8 Jan 1676/7;wife dead;ch Wm(half house),Margt,Joney;gch Margt Watterson
1676   A j35  w  NELSON       Gilbert                  dated 19 Oct 1676;wife Issable(his pt of croft);ch unnamed son, Kath(sworn),Christian + Isabel jt exexs (1 is ua, 1 in Ireland)
1678/1 A      w  KERMOT       Christian                dated 6 jan 1678/9;sibs margt juke, alice juke, john juke(in ireland), danielhusb hen kermot;sis-i-law ann corrin;unnamed child [?unborn] - dan duke to be supv with husb;neice ann duke;goddau christian qualtrough
1678/1 A      w  TAYLOR       Henry                    dated 22 apr 1679;sibs christian, wm,john;son john exor -ua uncles wm + john to be supv;nephew wm maddrell;father alive;inv 8
1678/1 A      w  TAYLOR       Jony                     dated 4 feb 1677/8;sis margt,avericke;2 ch wm + richd exors - brethren tho + wm gell to be overseers;husb alive
1678-2 E 311  w  TAYLOR       Jane        SHIMMIN      dated 9 Jul 1678;husb Henry Taylor;sibs John, Margery, Ellinor;son John exor - her sibs John + Margery Shimin to be overseers ;names several inc debts (one from unnamed fa-i-law);inv - 'goods in hands of the gfa  and fater'
1678-2 E 312  w  Taylor       Jony                     d 1 feb 1677;only child Richard Taylor exor - next of kin supv;husb alive + states no goods
1679/1 A      w  CORRIN       Henry                    dated 8 nov 1679;wife alive;gch hen corrin;dau margt;son john exor;inv 1 14s
1679/1 A 21   w  GAWN         Jony        watterson    bro wm(wife isable);husb heny;2 ch overseer bro henry watterson;sibs margt,elizth;1715 Thos kneal h/o isabel gawne;?hen and wife alice als quayle
1679-1 E 035  d  HARRISON     Jony        NELSON       d 24 Jan 1679;ch Hen, Richd + Elizth jt admrs - next of kin(mo's side) John, Wm + Margt Nelson supvs (noted as all on northside - goods in husbs hands);husb alive;inv
1681   A 27   w  WATERSON     Elizabeth                dated 29 jan 1681/2;son heny,wm(dead),john(in ireland);day cath exex;gch cath waterson,henr + wm watterson,isabel;
1681   A 28   w  CHARRY       William                  dated 30 jan 1681/2;dau margt(eldest),elizth,isabel;wife alive
1681   A 29   w  QUALTROUGH   John                     dated 19 dec 1681;dau cath exex ua (supv ricd + edmond qualtrough);sis-i-law christian qualtrough [?als nelson - see will 1691](her ch henry);nephew Richd Qualtrough(+ ch)
1683-1 E 634  d  CORRiN       Margery                  gives costs of her + bro Wm's funeral costs exhibited by Hen Kermod + sis-i-law Ellinr Corrin - annexed to will of their fa Jon Corrin - 22s falling due to Ellinr by death of Wm [part of doc lost] note that parents will 1674/5;
1686   A 13      McYLEVORY    Isabel                   Henry Watterson of Spaldcicke[?]; 2 goddaus Isabel Kelly of the Curragh & Margt Crebbin; Ann Clark; Mary Clark; grandchild Ann Carine; grandchild Thomas Kermod; grandchild Patrick Carine; dau Margaret; daughter is pregnant; nephew William Watterson; son in law Thomas Kermott & his wife Margaret are exec; Thomas Kermott is stepfatherof Pat & Ann Carine
1686   A 14   w  READ         William                  Isabel Read; wife; Mary Read; cousins Henry & Richard Read exec
1686   A 15   w  QUALTROUGH   Henry                    wife margt;dau christian;
1687-1 A      c  GELL         Gilbert                  [full] inc marriage contract son Wm Gell + dau of his wife  Cath Watterson
1687-2 E 649     RADCLIFFE    William                  d 19 Oct [?1687];ch henry, thomas, willm + Kath jt admrs - next of kin supvs [there is a note 'this decree is made & perfected in ye next years book]
1688-2 A 49   w  CHRISTIAN    Catherine   [?christian] Margaret Trollague; sister Christian; sister in law Joney Christian; mother in law Ann Clucas; son Henry Christian; brother John; supervisors on mos side William Christian & John Hutchin see also Archd  will 1688/9 #51 Rushen of William Christian see also Archd will 1700 #29 Rushen of Ann Waterson als Christian als Clucas
1688-2 A 50      juke         richard                  made 24 Nov 1688: Daniel Juke exec; also John Juke is mentioned is owed money by Richard
1688-2 A 51   w  CHRISTIAN    William                  son Henry Christian exec; stepfather John Watterson; John Surlogue junior; John Shurlogue; Daniel Juke; John Hutchin; cousin William Christian; the Sumner his brother in law; Thomas Crebbin; sister Joney sister Isabel; wife Catharine; his other sister Joney; sister Isabel & cousin William Xtn are overseers. John Hutchin is the husb of sis Isab. See also Archd will 1688/9 #49 Rushen of Catharine Christian see also Archd will 1700 #29 Rushen of Ann Waterson als Christian als Clucas
1688-2 E 812     RATCLIFFE    William                  [rh margin lost in binding] d 18 jun 1688;ch sampson, frances? + ste[stephan?] - next of kin Wm Ma[] supv;wife alive
1692-1 E 612  d  HUTCHIN      John                     d by fall down Bradda 19 Nov;ch Wm, John + possible posthumous;inv; pledges Patr Hutchin + John Hutchin(Dawby) ;Wm Gawn(h/o Isable Steich) named as a supv obo his wife
1693-1 A      w  HARRISON     Margaret    CREBIN       dated 27 Dec 1691;sister's dau Christian Stoole;step dau Isable Harrison; sibs Wm Crobin, Christian; husb Jon Harrison (gave her a m/c) exor; Henry Harrison son of husb;inv
1696-2 A      w  GAWN         Thomas                   dated 15 apr 1697;son henry;daus isable margt;bro henry + wm;wife alive
1696-2 E 425  d  NELSON       William                  d 26 Aug last;ch Henry + Wm jt admrs - ua - next of kin on fa's side Margt Postley als Nelson supv; wife alive

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