Summary of Wills - Onchan pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

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Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1637   A 24      LOONE        John                     d 6 jul 1637;son eldest unnam,edmond,john;wife exex;names Mr squire as under steward;wife charged to bring his son up at the schoole
1640   e 185     CHRISTIN     Thomas                   d 10 Apr 1640;unmarried? dau Alice admx;inv
1651   e 012     CORRAN       Christian   CANNELL      [p20?]d [] Nov 1650;ch tho, isable cannell, William and Paule Corran her execs; inv incs fishing boat + nets + her part of houses and gardens
1661   E 059  w  TAGGART      Isabel                   [rh margin lost]d 27 sep 1660;[section naming exor lost];witt Jane Bell, John Woods;inv 1 cow + share of vessels 20s;
1665   e 302     HOGGE        Jaine       COWN         d 28 Jan;Tho + Henry admrs;husb Wm Hogge (had a m/c - + also pretends ye farme? is wth his sone in Ireland) - court states that if m/c proved then decree not to hold;inv
1665   e 302     LOWY         Donold                   [corner + date missings]d 2 [];wife alive + jt exec with children ;all ch at age - eldest dau Alice Lowey sworn;inv
1665   e 303     CHRISTIAN    Ann         COPPER       d [] May 1665;ch Thos Christian, Donold, Jony, Daniell;names Kathren Christian(all her wearing clothes) + Alice Christian(?dau as jt exex with son Daniell.goods 1s plus half the crop sown before her death;
1665   e 303     KEWLEY       Ann         QuAIGHIN     d 15 Mar 1664;only dau Jony Kewley admx - next of kin (mo's side) supvs;husb alive;inv
1655   e 371     CORKILL      Margrett    FARGHER      d 10 Mar 1654;son William Corkill, Mary, Phinlo Corkill exor;inv 14s
1665   e 392     MOORE        Thomas                   perished by sea 27 sep;5 ch john, ann, robt,margery + thos jt admrs - next of kin in Island Christian Moore supv;wife alive;1672: john, robt + Ann at age + ack
1666   A      w  CORRAN       William                  dated 24 Feb 1666/7;ch Bahie Corran(little chamber with 4 couples + his part in the [?]eny Garden), Tho(eldest son, half miln + his part of houses except little chamber), Issable(price of half a qtr? of his miln + to cut her out of ye others), Paul(netts) - all except Isable jt execs;son-i-law Wm Hogg;sames several debts etc
1671-2 E 750  d  CANNEL       Isabel      GOLDSMITH    d 21 Aug 1671;dau Christian + Ellin Cannell jt admxs - next of kin(mo's side) Don Goldsmith supv;husb alive;inv inc pt of boat + netts
1671-2 E 752  d  LOWNEY       Catherine   QUARK        d 6 Sep 1671;only ch james Lewney admr - ua - uncle John Quarke supv;husb alive;half goods in gfa Mallooney Quark's hands;inv;1679: husb dead + goods committed to John Quarke
1672-2 E 089  w  GELLING      Gilbet                   d 15 jan 1672;dau ann, ellin;son-i-law Wm Corrin(w/o margt - to have benefit of m/c);inv inc 3 horses + 16 goats;annexed note re m/c that Margt to have 3rd pt of goods but another m/c to dau Ann gives her half goods - court then rule that only 4th pt of goods to appear in inv.;Wm Gelling claims 24s
1673-1 E 169  d  LEWNEY       John                     d 1 mar ;sibs Jane, Wm  jt admrs;
1678-2 E 308  d  BRIDSON      Paul                     d 4 Oct 1676;ophan;s/o Paul Bridson;sibs jt admrs;inv in mo's will
1679-1 E 008  d  QUIRKE       Margaet     cotch        d 12 Nov 1679;only dau Jony Kelly admx;husband alive
1684-1 E      d  GELLIN       Kathrin                  d 10 jan;orphan;father Paul admr (by agreement with next of kin) - mo's will 1682
1686   A      w  CORKIL       Phinlo                   dated 10 Nov 1686;wife Margt;ch Finlo(eldest),John, Thomas, Mary, Margt + Jony - last 5 jt execs; 2 eldest daus at age - goods of Thomas + John in mo's hands - pledges Don + John Moore; 1687: Mary, Margt + Jony ack;; in 8 12s
1686-2 E 450     KEWLEY       William                  d 29 Nov 1686;orphan;sibs Esther, John + Phill jt admrs; goods in fa's inv
1688-1 E 690     KEWLEY       Ann         CORKILL      d 14 Nov 1688;unmarried ch Kath + margt jt admxs; inv with husb's will
1689-2 E 198  d  corkill      Alice       COWN         d 8 Mar last;ch Donald + John Corkill jt admrs - next of kin on mo's side Paul + Ann Cown supvs; husb alive; inv after funeral costs £1 4s
1689-2 E      mc CORRIN       Ellin       Callow       m/c dated 28 Oct 1689;Thomas Stean(webster, douglas) obo himself;Nicholas Corrin + wife Ellinor als Callow obo dau Averick to marry by 16 Nov next;Corrin to give half estate;Averick Oates late wife to Robt Quay from love to her goddau gives a small parcel of ground adj to northern end of Robt Corkill's new dwelling house of 1d rent and also use of her new dwelling house + garden (rent 0.5d) if they would maintain her so that she not be driven by extreme poverty to sell house witt Philip Clague x, Will Craine x, Willm Flexney;accepted as will Ellin - Thos stean sworn admr
1690-2 A      w  Gell         Ann         Skillicorn   d 7 feb 1690/1;[indexed as ann skillicorn]husb henry gell;names isabel banckes als corran;ch daniel,john + isabel - all ua;inv 1 10 6d
1691-1 A      c  FAYLE        Christian   killey       m/c dated 18 nov 1691;wm faile + wife christian killey obo son wm; ellen clague obo herself;witt nich faile x,jon kelley x,jon faile x;attested 28 jan 1691;
1691-2 A      w  Clukis[CLUCA Isabel                   gch Jony Skillicorn;mentions great house + chamber;dau Ellinor Kerran (w/o James Christian) exex - he surrended t exec to Sill Quine - a Sall Quion + wife owed her money but was left some of it + also the chamber;
1692-1 A      w  CORKIL       Margaret    LEWN         d 16 dec;ch Phinlo,Wm, Margt, Mary + joney (last 4 jt execs);2 unnamed gch;
1692-2 A      w  CORKIL       Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 14 Mar ;sibs Jon, Edmond, Margery;names Ellin Christian;husb Ewan Corkill exor;inv 9s 2d
1696-2 A      w  CASHEn       Isabel      HUDGEON      d 24 apr 1697;dau margt,son charles,dau aurick,kathrin,dorothy,mary,ann
1699-1 E 095  d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   being out of Island these ten years supposed dead;sibs Charles(in England) + Jane(w/o Tho Cannon);inv 3 inc with his mo's goods;5s left him as legacy from father-in-law Paul Bridson - pledges for Jane(who also has Charles' portion) are Jo oates + John Cannon;
1699-3 E      mc KEWN         John                     inc m/c Thos Kewn + margt gellin 1686;son Thomas admr

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