Summary of Wills - Malew post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 30      QUAY         Thomas                   dated 1 may 1797;mill st c'town;decd sis mary walkington (+ her ch);niece isable garret als bell,margt kelly als bell;;names isable w/o wm gell,cath kewn widow;serv jane corlett widow;nephew john bell s/o sis margt bell widow execs;1801 robt williams h/o isabel walkington
1800-1 E         CAIN         Martha      TAGGART      d 11 jun 1799;dau eleanor,ann,elizth,cath,jane;un-named son [?paul],wm,john;husb thos exec
1800-1 E         KELLY        Catherine                dated 7 Mar 1792;child on my bearing(1000); names Jane Wright(Billown); husb James Kelly(Castletown) exor; - court 12 Apr 1800;
1800-2 E         BRIDSON      Robert                   dated 13 Aug 1800;ch John (eldest son - purchased field), Wm(land already settled on him), Robert(land already settled on him - residuary legatee + exor), Anne Creer;gson Wm Creer(dwelling house at Crossag)
1800-2 E         BRIDSON      Thomas                   d 7 Aug 1800;BallaSalla;sis Ann Clague, Cath;names Thomas Quinneh?;wife Cath(all purchased lands) exex
1801   A 21      LAWSON       Joseph                   d 6 apr 1801;officer of derbyhaven + formerly from north of england;names john clague s/o richd clague derbyhaven;friend john smith derbyhaven exec
1801   A 22      MOORE        Thomas                   dated 15 dec 1789;mariner;sis jane moore exex
1801-1 E         CORRIS       William                  d 1790;only ch margt corriss - ua uncle(mo's side) richd taggart + cousin german(fa's side) John Duggan supv;petn by Richd that certain goods due to margt by death of grandmo[m ann taggart Mal 17850423]
1801-1 E         FARGHER      Ellinor                  d 2 Oct 1800;only ch John Fargher admr
1801-1 E         GELL         Ann         [quirk]      d 17 nov 1800;ch robt,margt - ua;husb john
1801-1 E         QUIRK        John                     [bur Mal 18010126 youth]d 11 jan 1801;bach;castletown;fa richard;
1801-1 E         WATERSON     Elizabeth   creech       only ch cathgfa(mo's side)hugh creech + uncle (fa's side) john taylor supv  - see Robt decree
1801-1 E         WATERSON     Robert                   d 3 sep 1799;formerly castletown late carpenter's mate on african ship 'Penelope' of Liverpool(Farqhar master);only ch cath - ua gfa(mo's side)hugh creech + uncle (fa's side) john taylor supv [m elizth creech (with parents consent) Mal 17941025 - there was a ch cath Ro watterson + elizth creer Mal 17950926 but illeg in reg]
1801-2 E         KELLY        John                     d autumn 1801 on board 'active guinea' of Liverpool (capt Mulleneaux);father Wm
1801-2 E         MOORE        William                  formerly Malew lately a mariner on african vessel 'Christopher' of Liverpool(mollineaux master) but later as a mariner on board HM Man of War [?readable] d feb;father john
1801-2 E         REDFERN      Thomas                   [full];
1802   A 21      CANNELL      William                  c'town;d 8 nov 1801;niece esther quine d/o sis esther w/o daniel quine c'town
1802   A 22      FARGHER      John                     bro thos (wife + dau);names several;eliz kinnish als gick + her dau margt execx
1802   A 23      QUAYLE       Catharine                widow relict robert quayle;dau margt moore relict late recvr john moore (property malew st purchased from revd david harrison);gdau ann moore;gdau elinor d/o son john;gdau cath d/o son robert;gson john s/o john quayle;son robert quayle merchant exec
1802   A 24      moore        margaret    [quayle]     widow c'town;dau cath moore (ballastole);husb was rev john moore;dau ann moore (house nr quay c'town);bro robert quayle merchant c'town
1802   A 25      REDFERN      Martha                   widow;[full]
1802   A 32      BRIDSON      Christopher              [full]dated 11 mar 1795;Ballavarane;wife margt;names Thomas Mylechresst + wife isable (concerns douglas),William Mylechreest  + wife Elizabeth ,Rev John Gell + wife margt [dau margt],Robt Moore + wife ellinor [#11920 dau elinor][,Christopher Bridson + wife ann [#12325 ann moore son christopher],thos Bell + esther [#28023 dau esther](concerns C'town)
1802   A 39      CREBBIN      Thomas                   copied from book 1 1790. jt will Thomas Crebbin + wife Mary als quayle d 6 aug 1789;dau mary (house etc) exex;thos crebbin now dead; Thos Corkil h/o Mary sworn exor;
1802-1 E         QUILLIN      William                  d dec 1801;castletown MHK 1795 + MD;no lawfull issue;sibs cath quirk als quillin(w/o richard c'town),charlotte mollineaux(w/o wm douglas),Elizth Cannel(decd  + ch),annabella longton(decd +ch)
1802-1 E         STEWART      John                     d oct 1801;shopkeeper c'town;only ch harriet;ua; wife jane ;pledges john duggan innkeeper c;town + john bridson arbory ensign 1st corp rmf;
1802-1 E      w  TAUBMAN      Catharine                dated 14 mar 1802;w/o john whitestone
1803   E         BELL         Thomas                   d port Greenock Scotland;bach;master + mariner;father Wm Bell(Castletown) admr;
1803   E         BRIDSON      John                     decree dated 31 Mar 1803; John Bridson(formerly Ballasalla) departed Island many years ago + not heard of for more than 10 years + court having recvd intelligence that now dead decrees bro Wm Bridson + ch of decd sibs Robt + Ann Bridson jt admrs - ch absent + Wm Bridson sworn
1803-1 E         HARRISON     Elizabeth                d 2 May 1803;husb Robert(Castletown) exor (inc her right in house in Chruch St);names Sara Harrison w/o Robt Harrison junr, Judith Quine, Margt Cain; [?is this Elizth Skillicorn m Mal 17820921 - ?no ch]
1803-2 E         BRIDSON      Elinor                   d 4 Oct 1803;ch Wm, John, Elizth, Margt + Isabella jt admrs - Wm + Elizth off Island - others sworn; husb John
1803-2 E         BRIDSON      Elizabeth   KERRUISH als CREER made 27 may 1803;w/o john bridson (exec balla-chruink malew);sons robt kerruish ,philip bridson;dau eliz bridson;maths creer guardian of robt kerruish ;sumner charges joseph hampton + wife margt;
1803-2 E         CRELLIN      Catharine                d 25 Apr 1803;ch Patk, Philip, John + Elizth(w/o Charles Hutchin) jt admrs
1803-2 E         QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 23 Apr 1803;son Thos admr;decree mentions annexed agreement[not seen]
1803-2 E         SHIMMIN      William                  d coast of africa;formerly Malew late a mate on board African vessel of Liverpool;2 ch James + jane jt admrs - ua uncle (fa side) Robt Shimmin(malew) + Thos Moore(douglas) (mo's side)supv;wife also dead
1804   A 22      LA MOTHE     Susanna                  made 6 nov 1803;w/o dominique surgeon c'town exec;ch john,frederick,henry,sophia,elizth,susanna + rose
1804-1 E         CREER        Jane        [moore]      d 13 may 1804;castletown;widow;bro john moore;sons robt,thos + wm;sis isabel creetch exex
1804-1 E         QUAYLE       Mark Hildes              petn by widow mary wilson (d/o stenhouse + sis of danl)  that posthumous chils mark;sumner charges capt geo quayle,basil quayle,miss cath quayle,eliza quayle + sarah quayle
1804-2 E         CAINE        Thomas                   d 25 Dec 1803;wife Margt exex
1804-2 E         GELL         Elinor                   dated 18 Jul 1804;Castletown;ch Margt(half my dwelling house + garden) exex, Robt(other half house etc)
1804-2 E         KILLEY       Thomas                   dated 14 Jan 1797;ballasalla;ch Jane(half house + adj garden in Ballasalla), Anne, Margt(exex);
1804-2 E         QUINNEY      Thomas                   d 18 Jun 1804;ballastrang;ch Robt(half husb gears after death of wife), Thos(who alledges a later will),Jane McCrea, Elizth Taggart,;gson Thomas Quinneh(half barn in Glan Greanagh, Santan wch was purchased from Wm Quinneh [?SSS May 1757 70]);wife Mary exex
1804-2 E         REDFERN      Robert                   [full];
1804-2 E         WATTERSON    Ann                      jt will Henry + Ann;dated 14 May 1804;mutual execs;ch Elinor(dwelling house after our decease), Elizth, Ann, Margt (money paid out of Ballacharry);Heny exor;1831: Wm Corrin h/o Margt acks, Ann Harpur(w/o Thomas but he not heard off for last 14yrs), John Harrison(h/o Elizth) acks from Eleanor Ritchie
1805   A 25      KNEEN        Edmund                   dated 27 Oct 1792;Ballagrangy(Malew)ch Ann Kneen, John Kneen, Thos Kneen, Cath Kneen, Margt Kneen (w/o Charles Kissage)exex
1805-1 E         BELL         Margaret                 dated 17 Mar 1801;Mill St Castletown;ch Isabel garrett als Bell, Margt Kelly als bell, John exor;niece Margt Garrett;nephew John Garret
1805-1 E         CAINE        William                  d 2 Oct 1805;youngest dau Cath exex;(others unnamed 6d ea)
1805-1 E         KEWIN        John                     d Feb 1805;ch Wm, John, Margt, Cath + Ann - Wm only one at age but too tender yrs - John Kewin(father of John) admr; debts exceed estate;
1805-2 E         CAINE        John                     d 24 Mar 1805;ch John, Thomas, Elizabeth + Ann jt admrs - all ua;wife Elizabeth sworn supy + guardian
1805-2 E         KELLY        James                    dated 19 May 1803;Attorney;wife Faith Kelly(house in Dublin + had marr articles);prev wife Cath als Moore(d/o Philip Moore + gd/o Sir George Moore)ch John(house in castletown lately purchased from Thomas Farrant + other property in Peel etc),Christian_Cath Kelly; (later Llewellyn) sister Christian Wattleworth - mentions London Bankrupts who caused losses to him + other partners of IoM Bank ...
1806   A 38      FARGHER      Elizabeth   quayle       dated 1 Mar 1798;widow Thomas Shenvalla; son John, Quayle; gdau Esther kinley; gch John, Wm Thomas + Quayle Clucas, Elizth + Cath Clucas; dau Margt Clucas + Elizth Kinley - jt exexs;1806 codicil gson Clave Clucas.
1807   A 27      LA MOTHE     Dominique                [full]
1807   A 28      LOONEY       Thomas                   d 29 Jan 1807;bowling green castletown;dau Margt;wife Margt als Preston exex
1807   A 29      DUFF         Ann                      [Castletown]dated 15 Feb 1807;husb John exor;unnamed ua ch;
1807   A 33      KINVIG       John                     [Castletown]dated 11 Dec 1805;ch John , Margt, Richd; wife exex
1807-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Mary                     d 26 apr 1806;castletown;2 ch john + ann
1807-1 E         CAINE        Elinor      quayle       d 14 jun 1807;ch thomas quayle + elinor quaggin als quayle;sumner charged wm caine [?m wm caine Mal 17650428 ?no ch from this m]
1807-1 E      d  CAINE        John                     d 21 mar 1807;no issue;sibs wm caine +  ann comish als caine[?#32026 w/o Henry m Mal 17920526]
1807-1 E         CLARKE       Henry                    accts;d 20 jan 1807;ch eneas,margt + elizth by former wife;john + ann by latter wife;eneas + margt at la but too tender yrs;wife elizth admx;bro thomas clarke,wm bridson uncle to ch by mo's side of first wife
1807-1 E      d  KENNAUGH     John                     d 17 may 1807;ch edwad + jane
1807-1 E      w  LOONEY       Elinor                   d 7 aug 1806;ballasalla;dau ellinor (house in ballasalla adj to high road on SW + to robt quayle + wm crellin),cath,isabel;son henry(abroad);gdau jane christian;husb henry exec
1807-1 E      d  TAGGART      Ann                      d jul 1806;ch thomas + ann;ua but father since dead uncle thomas fargher (mo's side) guardian
1807-1 E      d  TAUBMAN      Jane                     d 17 mar 1807;4 ch thomas,kermod,henry + deborah;all ua fa henry;pledges john taubman + thomas stowell both malew
1807-1 E      w  WALKINGTON   Elizabeth   shimin       d 7 yrs ago;w/o james walkington castletown;some property was to devolve onto wm kelly s/o elizth but if he died to cath clague als kelly  w/o john (petnr) james walkington dead,wm kelly been off island for some yrs;will made 30 nov 1798;son wm kelly begotten before marriage to have houses in mill st bequeathed her by will wm shimmin (in trust with john lace esq),wm now in hm service;otherwise to john clague h/o her sis cath shimin;niece margt cleator;husb james exec
1808   A 68      TAGGART      Paul                     son richd (his son john + 2 daus isabel + Eliz);dau ann gell (her dau anne brew);gson john maddrell;dau margt maddrell (her son wm );gch ch of Paul bridson (richd + Elizabeth);wife margt
1808   A 73      CREER        Ann                      d 17 mar 1808;dau ann,isabella;son bridson,robt,wm (slate house + loom);husb exor
1808-1 E         CREER        Esther                   dated 18 apr 1808;ballasalla;dau margt(oldest - little slate house),eleanor (if she comes),margt,ann;son john exor;gch john + esther
1808-1 E         MYLECHREEST  Isabel                   dated 12 jun 1807;balladda;dau elizth(w/o wm fargher colcam);names elizth mylchreest(w/o john mylcreest);husb thomas (his son john)
1809   A 26      TAGGART      William                  date 5 sep 1808;son john (share in a sloop);dau Cath Tear + mary taggart;gdau mary tear,gson wm tear;son john has children;names elinor corlet widow c'town;
1809-2 E         CAINE        William                  d 9 Oct 1909;names Tho Shimmin + wife Esther als Cain execs;sumner charges Thos Cain(soldier, Castletown), John Watterson, Thos Kewley + wife Margt Cain - all of Malew
1809-2 E         CRIGAN       Alexander                [faint + difficult to read on microfilm]dated 2 Aug 1809;late of Ireland;wife Grace? ;bro to Bishop Claudius Crigan;
1809-2 E         HALSALL      William                  petn by bro Matthias Halsal that Wm been abroad beyond seas for 18yrs and not heard of for last 10; - assumed dead sibs Thos, James, Mathias, Saml, Margt, Elizth + Ann Halsal admrs
1809-2 E         SHIMMIN      John                     dated 28 Dec 1808;late schoolmaster Ballasalla;ch Jane(w/o John Lawson), Dinah(w/o Matt Taggart), Cath(house + garden in Ballasalla known as George Young's house adj Charles Hudson + Wm Crellin + Ballasalla street), Charlotte(w/o John Kneal);John Kneal exor
1809-2 E         WATERSON     Ann                      dated 19 Jun 1806;widow of John Watterson;Castletown;ch Jane(w/o John Taylor - one undivided half of  dwelling house in Church St where Wm Gelling at present  lives bounded on north + west by Thos Corkill, southeast by Robert Harrison, northeast by James Cuming + on west + southwest by street);gch Cath Watterson(dwelling house wherein I live in Church St , bounded on north by John Quayle, SE by Wm Kelly) exex - too tender yrs + appts Hugh Creetch gfa by mo's side to be supv
1810-1 E         DINWOODY     Leonara                  dated 3 Oct 1809;husb Wm Dinwoody(rope maker) (house on bowling green estate) exor;ch mary, Margt
1810-1 E      d  SLOAN        James                    d 12 Jun 1807;of Stranraur, North Britain;ch Thomas_Moore, Wm, John_George, Mary_Ann, Elizabeth_Bell + Margt_Eunice jt admrs;
1811-1 E      d  CASEMENT     Bailey faster?           d abroad 1810;sibs John, Thos + Hannah jt admrs
1811-1 E         TAGGART      William                  date 29 apr 1811;gibdale;eldest son wm 4 dau ann,Elinor Elizabeth and Jane Taggart ,son henry,john, james,samuel;wife cath als waterson;1818: john maddrell h/o ann;wm quiggin h/o ellinor
1811-2 E         TAGGART      Nicholas                 [Full];
1812   A 52      BRIDSON      John                     dated 31 Mar 1812;declared 24 Jun 1811;Balain;ch Thos, Elizth, Issabel(w/o Robt Bridson - m Mal 17970122), Jane(w/o John Cally); Wife Elizth + dau Elizth jt exexs
1812   A 56      Duggan       John                     [Castletown]dated 23 Mar 1811;wife Jane(exex, dwelling house wherein we live + shade,garden + cowhouse near shore + dwelling house near stone bridge(C'town);son John(mariner, property after mo's death);gch(son + dau of  John Ellis + wife Eleanor);niece Elinor Kewlry
1812   A 60      DUGGAN       Thomas                   dated 1 Apr 1812;ch Wm,John,Margt(w/o late John Comish)Ann (jt exex with mo);wife jt exex
1813-1 E         BELL         Patience                 dated 16? Dec 1811;relict Wm Bell(Totaby);ch Thomas, John, Robt(mariner, off Island), Patience(w/o James Cretney, Malew), Mary(w/o Thomas Kegeen), Elizth(w/o John Bridson), Wm exor;gch John Kelly [?c/o John Kewlly + Ann Bell], Margt Keggeen(who lives with me)
1813-1 E         CALLISTER    Jane        gell         [microfilm poor][?1st husb John Costean]husb Phill Callister exor; ch Robt, Richd, Jane,Cath, Margt
1813-1 E         COMISH       William                  [decree almost unreadable on microfilm]petn by relict Margt Ready [?= w/o Anthony Riddy m Mic 18110903]  - [marr Mal 18000419 as wm cummings] d abt 2 yrs ago;ch Wm, John, ?eliza ?, Margt + Marianne?
1813-1 E         CUBBON       Margaret    quiggin      d 2 Jun 1813;ch Richd(eldest son - half house + garden), Robt, Elizth, Cath;husb Robt exor
1813-1 E         GELL         Thomas                   dated 30 Jun 1811;cooper, Castletown;unnamed ch (to share equally his half of house);wife Ann exex
1813-1 E         GELLING      Daniel                   dated 1 Dec 1808;jw Daniel Gelling + wife Cath - mutual exors (Cath sworn);ch Elizth, Jane, Charlotte + cath, Edward(land nr St Matthews chapel, Douglas purchased from George Moore - SSS Oct 1806 12)
1813-1 E         KILLEY       William                  d 30 May 1813;Bowling Green;ch Jane(cowhouse + half dwelling house, fishing nets) exex, Margt(other pt of barn + half dwelling house)
1813-1 E      w  MADDRELL     Margaret    taggart      ch Wm(eldest son - 20 to send him to trade), John, Paul, James;[sons left 20 to be put to trade - condition on Wm 'provided he doth not , ^he the said Wm Maddrell ^ [possess ? obscured by stamp] his father's estate of Grenaby] ;husb John Maddrell exor; Wm acks 1836, John + paul 1830, James 1834;
1813-1 E         QUAYLE       William                  d 10 May 1813;Ballasalla;wife Margt als Harrison exex
1813-1 E         QUIGGIN      Catharine   moore        dated 1 Jan 1812;ch Jane, Margt Quiggin, Ann(w/o Thos Kinvig) exex;gch Elinr? Cubbon, Cath Quayle, Elizth Quayle
1813-2 E         DUGGAN       Jane        corlett      dated 15 Jul 1813;widow Castletown;bro Thomas Corlett( exor - Douglas - dwelling house in Douglas currently in occup Isaac Dixon, butcher + half of a dwelling house in Castletown at present in occup of Cath Corlett + half dwelling house in castletown wherein I live) [m John Duggan Bra 17880223 - ?no ch]
1813-2 E         FITZSIMMONS  Nicholas                 d Jan 1813;Castletown;son John admr
1814   A 31   w  KNEALE       Mary                     [Castletown]dated 6 Jan 1814;wife of Robt Kneale(Mill St);ch Elizth exex
1814   A 37   w  BRIDSON      William                  [pt 1st on mm film]Richd Fargher h/o Ann Bridson acks from Thos Bridson exor (inc for his ua ch Wm + Thos), John Bridson acks (+ for 4 ua ch Esther, Ann, Margt + Elizth)
1814   A 38   w  QUAYLE       William                  d 9 Dec 1813;ch Wm(lands, + wife Esther), Thomas exor, Charlotte Clague;wife Ann;names Elizth Clague
1814-1 E         ARTHUR       Walter                   [bur Mal 18141010] sometime of ennis co clare late of c'town;
1814-1 E         CORRIN       John                     d 28 Aug 1813;Langness;ch Wm, Edward, Robt, Jane Elizth, Ellin, Richd, Thomas, Ann + Cath (2s ea)wife Ann exex
1814-1 E         CUBBON       Jane        radcliff     d 2 Aug 1813;ch Richard, Robt, Wm;husb Wm Cubbon (+ his son Wm) exor;sis Ann Tear als Radcliff;names Deborah Cubbon;
1814-1 E         LACE         Bridget                  d 22 May 1814;bowling green;dau Margaret exex;
1814-1 E         PROCTOR      Sarah                    d 26 Oct 1813;ch John_Henry, Wm_Spedding, Margt jt admrs - husb John Proctor sworn admr in trust;
1814-1 E         QUAYLE       Elinor                   [badly filmed on microfilm]dated 4 May 1814;widow of John Quayle, Castletown;names Mary Joyner(widow John Joyner, Castletown) + her ch by John - Ellinor, Mary, Charles,Isabella, Cath), Wm Quayle(advocate, castletown), Elinor Cottiman, Isabella Cottiman, John Cottiman(Whitehaven), Thos Teare(my seat in Kk Malew church);Elinor + Isabella Cottiman residuary legatees + Wm Quayle exor;[various poorly filmed acks some referring to will of John Quayle (+ his nephew John Quayle - one ack is by Wm Kewn(Liverpool)]
1814-1 E         QUIRK        John                     d 7 May 1813;Castletown;ch Robt, Esther, Elizth, margt, Cath + Jane jt admrs(last 3 ua) - wife sworn admx in trust;pledges John Costain + Patk Quirk(both Castletown)
1814-1 E         SWAN         Edmund                   petn by John Hopkins(Milford Haven) that uncle + aunt Edward Swan  d Dec 1813 + wife Grace (d Jan 1814);jt will Edwd + Grace dated 29 Jul 1807 - John Hopkins residuary legatee
1814-1 E         WOODWORTH    Thomas                   bach;late Royal Navy;d some years ago beyond seas;sis Cathrine(w/o Wm Watterson) admx
1815   A 42      STEVENSON    Christian   fine         [full];argydoo now c'town;gson john wattleworth;names christian wattleworth + bro john;dau-i-law mrs kelly;names edwd + james moore + others;gson john kelly exec;guardians nephew edwd moore + mr cotten of c'town
1815-1 E         TAUBMAN      Margaret                 dated 7 dec 1814;spinster;names cath clucas (of ramsey)  who resides with her 300);nephew john taubman brewr castletown;;niece mrs jane shuttleworth,mrs elizth smith als gawne w/o wm late liverpool,esther gawne(spinster ballagawne);nephew mathew harrison castletown mercht;old serv isabel vondy;john taubman(resigns to others), william cuninghame + robert cuninghame execs in trust
1816   A 22      BRIDSON      Alice                    d 13 Nov 1815;ch Wm [?bapt]+ Isabel(jt execs), Joshua, Elinor, Cath, Margt
1816   A 23      CLUCAS       Mary                     dated 21 apr 1812;bro wm clucas(barool);sis isabel callister als clucas (1819 henry callister kk patk acks as admr);names cath moore(shares house);bro henry clucas + sis elenor exors;1821: cath moore now Peel acks
1816   A 26      MYLCHREEST   Thomas                   d 19 mar 1816;ballamoda;names wm fargher(+ wife elizth),esther fargher, jane fargher (d/o wm+elizth),john cane(+wife elinor),robt quayle(+wife elizth) + many others;son john
1816   A 27      FARRANT      William                  d 15 mar 1816;son-i-law richd clucas;dau cath clucas (two butts previously promised to son-i-law richd if she remains seperated - m Mal 18120920);wife margt exex;son john + bro ? robt(whose - ?son)
1816-2 E         FARGHER      Isabella                 d 12 oct 1816;ch wm,peter,john,thomas,margt,isabella (w/o thomas cowley),elinor + elizth(w/o daniel tear)
1816-2 E         HAMPTON      Margaret lewin als creer dated 1 may 1816;husb joseph,balagrangey exor;son robt [lewn],mathias hampton,john hampton;dau elizth hampton,margt hampton
1817   A 32      BRIDSON      Margaret                 dated 15 june 1814;names christopher bridson(+ wife Ann) ballagarey ;dau elizth mylchreest , elinor moore(widow);names rev john gell + wife margt;gch thos + christopher Bell,charles bell;;names thos bell(h/o esther) balleykilley exor
1817-2 E         BRIDSON      William                  dated 18 Aug 1817;wife Ann (land pt of Money moor rent 4d)exex;names Edward Skilley, Margt Skilley, Robt Skilley;sibs Elinor Christian(w/o John Christian), John Bridson
1817-2 E         CANNELL      Easter                   dated 26 Sep 1817;Castletown; ch John, Esther(w/o Daniel Quine) exex;gdau Esther Radcliffe(w/o Thos Radcliffe)
1817-2 E         KING         John                     d 12 sep;castletown;sisters Frances + Sophia jt admrs - philip Craghen h/o Sophia + Roger Roney h/o Frances sworn;petn by roger roney + wife fanny als king sister of john king(c'town) 
1817-2 E      jw TAGGART      John                     dated 30 dec 1816;jt will wife ann;ch john,thos,sarah,margt,esther + ann taggart on one side;ch on other side ellinor,patk ,mart+ charlotte quayle + ann taggart;
1819   A 27      LELAND       Catharine                husb thomas castletown;son james exor;dau mary kelly (wm cubbon's house);names cath + harry burns(bourne) + others (first name only)
1819-1 E         BRIDSON      John                     petn by wife Jane;d 27 Nov 1818;ch John, Elizth, Jane + Cath jt admrs - all ua mother Jane sworn supv; pledges Wm Cain(Castletown) + John Quayle(Ramsey)
1819-1 E         FARAGHER     John                     d 17 Oct 1818;ch Thomas, William, Edmund, Robert, Elizth, Judy + Esther;wife Margt exex (+ appt supv of ua ch)
1819-1 E         KeNNISH      Thomas                   d 20 feb 1819;ch danl[?bapt],john,wm,thomas,jane(w/o peter fargher ),elizth(w/o thomas quinney )
1820-1 E         BRIDSON      John                     d 24 Jan 1820;ch Robt + Elizth jt admrs;pledges John Kelly(Santan), Wm Bridson(Malew)
1820-1 E         WATTERSON    Margaret                 jt will with Wm ;dated 5 Jul 1819;ch John(back house + 3rd pt of garden), Thomas(south end of our dwelling house + 3rd pt of garden), Wm (20s), Cath(w/o Phillip Killey - the north half of our dwelling house + 3rd pt of garden) exex;husb Wm  admx; pledges Thos Corkill senr + junr [see SSS May 1791 87]
1821   A 15      REDFERN      Joshua                   [Castletown]dated 7 Aug 1820;wife Elizabeth - dwelling house + shed adj opposite Castle gate at present in occupation of John Shimmin stonecutter) exex; nephew John Redfern(my late eldest bro's son - sailmaker,Liverpool - my dwelling house in Castletown + backyard, offices, stable + yard in front - after death of wife + for life afterwch to his eldest son who is to pay 40 to James Stowell(Liverpool, s/o James Stowell decd);niece Ann Stowell(Liverpool, widow of James Stowell);names Leonora Quayle(widow of Capt James Quayle, Liverpool), Henry Quayle(Kk Santan)vicar + wardens Malew my small meadow
1821   A 16      KELLY        Thomas                   [Castletown]declared 3 Apr 1821;d 6 Apr 1821;wife Margaret als Bell (house on north side of bridge adj Colonell Cunningham) exex;3 unnamed sons(1s ea0
1821   A 17      CORLETT      Isabel                   [Castletown]dated 18 Jan 1819;formerly of Ballagawne Kk Michael but now Castletown;sis Mary Corlett exex
1821   A 18      CUBBON       Alice                    [Castletown]dated 2 Apr 1816;ch Wm(eldest son) John, Thomas, Alice, Jane,Margaret, Ann + Elizabeth Cubbon(last 2 share Harrison's Croft for life then to descend to Wm and are  jt exexs);
1821   A 19      BAXTER       John                     [Castletown]declrd 1 Jul 1821;d 6 Jan 1821;ch Mary Bridson, Leonora Quine;Wife Leonora exex;
1821   A 20      QUILLIAM     Thomas                   declrd 26 Dec 1820;d 26 Dec 1820;names Cath w/o John Kelly(Arbory), Jane Quilliam(Malew), John Quayle(Castletown + son Wm) exor, Ann Stephen(Malew), John Stephen(whose ch were with him in house);sibs John(+ dau Joney);son Philip;wife Catharine;gson Thomas Quilliam; sumner charges John + Cath Quilliam as next of kin
1821-1 E         QUAYLE       William                  d 27 Apr 1821;advocate late of Castletown;bro John admr;;pledges John Christian Crellin + Robt Quayle (both Castletown)
1821-1 E         WOOD         Peter Crank              dated 5 Mar 1819;late of Peel but now residing in Castletown;mentions sett dated 1804 by which all monies vested in trustees to be divided amongst children when they reach 21;sisters Ann, Mary, Elizth, Martha + Christian (now residing with their father) + Sarah Blake; appnts Sarah Blake + his bro Thos Wood junr(Leicester); decree notes late of Bowling Green Castletown - sumner Richard fargher to admin
1821-2 E      w  CAIN         John                     d 16 July 1821;will declrd 9 jul;ch Margt(not 14);wife Ann exex
1821-2 E      w  GELL         Ann                      dated 10 nov 1819;castletown;ch john gell,ann smith,elizth holmes;sibs edward gelling, isabella gelling,ann caine;names philip + sarah gell;gdau eleanor gell(d/o John - seat in castletown chapel - jt exex with fa john);marshall duncan h/o elenor gell exex
1821-2 E      w  SHARP        Elizabeth   corkill      [poor copy]ch Jane, Robt, Margt, Elizabeth, Wm, Elinor; husb John exor
1822   A 25   jw CREETCH      Hugh                     jt will + wife isabella moore;dau isabella (w/o robt shimmin);son wm,edwd,hugh
1822-2 E         TAGGART      Margaret                 dated 7 dec 1810;widow;gson wm maddrell (s/o + heir john grenaby);gch wm,john + james maddrell;son richard taggart;gdau ann kissack als gell;john maddrell exor;1845: elizth taggard widow + exex rich taggard
1824   A 13      TAUBMAN      John                     c'town;sis cath;wife cath als cotteen;Charlotte Lawrence and  to Harriet Lawrence  d/o Henry Lawrence + wife's sister;cousins Catharine Moore and Margaret Moore;wife's niece Elizabeth Gelling ;Jane Kelly daughter of William Kelly  + wife's sister;serv Alice Burniston 
1825   E         BRIDSON      John                     dated 4 Jun 1825;John Bridson senr(Castletown);dau Ann Derimple exex, John, Thomas, Elizth (last 3 6d ea);d 6 Jun 1825;
1826   A 14      QUAYLE       Robert                   [1st on mm film]dated 28 Dec 1825;[Billown]ch Margt(all my purchased lands called Wiggin, Malew, in qtrland 'Cassas Faie' or small qtrland bounded on NE by Wm Taggart, Wm Tear on west, qtrland road on south), Ann(Cow + choice of clock or chest), Eliza(property + houses in Douglas as settled on her 2 Dec 1825);names Rev Thos Kewy(+ son Thos);wife Ann exex;1841: Eliza Hughes acks legacy from fa Robt Quayle [m Edwd Hughes Mar 18380815] by 1864 acks as Eliza Moffat als hughes als Quayle , widow late Thomas Moffat;Richd Quirk(Raby,Kk Patk, h/o Margt) acks Mrs Ann Quayle Billown
1826   A 15      KINVIG       Margaret                 [Castletown]dated 24 Jan 1826;Mill St;widow(of John Kinvig);ch John, Margt exex
1826   A 16      SHIMMIN      Isabella                 dated 21 Mar 1825;Grenaby;gch Elizth, Jane + Isabella Gawne, Ellinor Gawne;ch Wm(eldest son);son-i-law John Madrell(+ ch), Wm Gawne;husb John exor;[John Maddrell m Isabella shimmin Mal 18100328];1832: John Quayle(malew, h/o Isabella als Gawne) acks
1826   A 17      BRIDSON      Elinor                   dated 16 Sep 1825;sibs Paul, Robt,David, Elizth,Mary(w/o Thos Kelly, Thommay?, Arbory)  exex
1826   A 18      McGRAY       David                    [Castletown]dated 26 Jan 1824;ch Jane, John;wife Jane als Quinney (dwelling house + garden in Castletown) exex
1826   A 19      COTTIER      James                    [Castletown]d 21 Dec 1825;will declrd 12 Dec;niece Elizabeth(w/o Frankerville Quayle - Elizth Cubbon m Frankville Quayle Bra 18061026] - dwelling house + concerns during life then to her nephew James Lewin);names Wm Lewin nephew to Elizth
1826   A 20      DINWOODIE    James                    [Castletown]dated 18 Oct 1825;ch Richd, James, Thos, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Margt;wife Ann (house etc bought from late father + mother + house in Water St purchased from John Killey dated 15 Oct 1825) exex
1826   A 21      DUGGAN       William                  [Castletown]dated 1 Feb 1825;wife Eleanor exex;gch Eleanor Duggan(spinster, house in Malew St now in possession of Rev Mr Falboys after decease of my wife);son Revd Wm Duggan(parcel of land near Maddrell's bridge Arbory called Duggan's field) [Wm Duggan m Elinor Cubbon Arb 17920317 ? no ch]
1826   A 22      LEYLAND      Ann                      [Castletown]dated 8 Feb 1826;ch James(not 21);illeg dau Cath Kewin;husb  James exor; [Ann Cowle m James Leland Bra 18111109 - illeg ch Cath to Wm Kewin bapt Bra 17961127]
1826-1 E         CHRISTIAN    James                    dated 30 Jul 1825;shoemaker, Castletown;ch James (70 when reaches 21, + my dwelling house in West St now in occupation of my sisters Ann + Cath Christian)), Ann(not 21);wife Elinor(house in Castletown , exex);1832: James + Ann (both minors + ch of James + Elinor Christian both decd) ack from Robt + John Duff (merchants in Castletown) the purchases of property [Cas deed michlmas term #1 Malew]
1827   A 13      BELL         Thomas                   d 15 Mar 1827;ch Thomas,Wm,Ann(w/o James Taggart),Elizth(w/o Charles Cain);gdau Margt Cain;wife Margt exex
1828   A 18      CUBBON       William                  [Castletown]dated 24 Nov 1827;boat carpenter, Castletown;wife Joney als Kelly exex(dwelling house, cowhouse + backyard situated in Queen Street) [?m judith kelly Mal 18191121 ? ch + earlier m Mau 1811 but Judith/joney Killey]]
1828   A 19      CORKILL      Thomas                   [bur Mal 18260126]Petn by John Bell (h/o Isabella) that exor John Corkill (Liverpool had not acted) - court appts Bell admr;dated 24 Dec 1825;ch Isabella Bell(100), John exor;gdau Margt Bell, Ann Bell, Margt Qualtrough;
1828   A 21      CORKILL      Hannah                   [bur Mal 18280417 age 88]Deed of settlement  dated 17 Apr 1827;widow (of Thomas Corkill);son-i-law John Bell(h/o Isabella) - whole of personal estate, farming stock etc + my interest in estate of late husband, also 75  Thomas Clucas(Barrool) became entitled under will of Henry Clucas (dated 15 Nov 1803) + which Thomas Corkill purchased from John Clague(Lockman) by sale dated 18 Apr 1823 - John Bell appt admr
1828-1 E         BOYDE        Ann                      petn by John, Edward + Thomas Boyde + Thomas Gilnow(h/o Ann Boyde) all c/o Ann; Court appts Thomas admr; dispute between Thomas + others (Gilnow's claim for maintenence of mo-i-law voided by arbitrs)
1828-1 E         BRISON       Thomas                   d 10 Feb 1828;son Thomas admr
1828-1 E         DUGGAN       Eleanor     cubbon       d 15 Apr 1828;castletown'only son Rev Wm Duggan admr
1828-1 E         RADCLIFFE    David                    d 24 Mar 1828;Court appts Wm Kinnish (sumner of Malew) admr
1828-2 E         CALLISTER    John                     dated 12 Mar 1827;Cronkrenny;ch Elizth(w/o Wm Faragher - 3 to be pd out of legacy left by my sis-in-law Ann Moore + her dau Esther now decd), Thomas(10(Manks - his mo's legacy being abroad?), Fanny(5 for sole use of her funeral expences to be paid from Ann Moore's legacy). Paul, John + Ann (jt execs); gch Thomas Fargher, Charles Fargher, John Collister, Elinor Bridson(by 1842 w/o Thomas Stowell of Douglas); inv;agreement dated May 1834 Wm Faragher + Clucas Faragher and Thos Faragher - Thos to pass over to father Wm + uncle Clucas the 20 legacy from gfa John Callister at present in hands of Cath Moore
1828-2 E         PRESTON      Margaret                 dated 19 Nov 1825;husb Charles ;ch John(her half of lands after death of Charles), 3 unnamed daus (named in acks Margt Keggeen widow, Cath (w/o John John Keggeen) + Ann (w/o Wm Bridson); Charles dead by 1845;
1828-2 E         QUAGGIN      John                     dated 12 Jun 1828;Tallow Vell(Malew)ch Thomas, Wm, Ann Kelly als Quaggin(widow), John(houses + lands) exor;
1828-2 E         SHIMMIN      Catharine                dated 2 Jun 1825;jt will Cath + John;son John exor (house, garden + part of Mill situate in BallaKewn or Silverburn bounded by Wm Kewn on north, south + west and Wm Bridson on east)
1828-2 E         SHIMMIN      John                     see Cath;
1830   A 9       BRIDSON      Ann                      dated 26 oct 1829;spinster,castletown;nephew wm bridson liverpool (carpenter),john bridson (liverpool carpenter) - both ch of bro john bridson castletown tidewaiter;names thomas + wm shimmin (s/o thomas  + neice elizth both decd);niece isabella lawson w/o edward(property in liverpool - residual legatee);friend wm kinnish baker c'town exor
1830-1 E         BRIDSON      Mary                     d 4 may 1830;only ch ann_esther ua;husb philip;pledges wm dinwoody (malew),robt duff(douglas)
1831   A 3       FARRAUGHER[Fargher] Ann               dated 24 Dec 1830;sis's ch Thomas Bridson, Betsy Bridson, Ann Bridson, John Bridson(exor);decribes house now live in in Strand st bounded by late Daniel Cannell's new house on north, by sea shore on east, Christian Clague on south and street on west;
1831   A 4       TEARE        Catharine                dated 7 dec 1830;husb thomas exor;son wm;dau mary(eldest w/o wm shimmin ),cath,isabella
1831-1 E         BAXTER       Leonora                  Samuel Quine appt admr
1831-1 E         BELL         John                     petn by John Kelly that John Bell(Derbyhaven) d considerably in debt;Court appts John Bridson admr
1831-1 E         HALL         Jonas                    John Bridson Sumner Malew petns + appntd admr
1831-1 E         HARRISON     John                     d Feb last;wife Isabella exex
1831-1 E         KINLEY       Thomas                   declared 3 Dec + 4 Dec;assigns lease of Ballahot to wife 'for benefit of children';next day sells lease of ballahot for 1s to Henry Kelly + names Henry Kelly exor; - a somewhat confused will; court appts Henry Kelly admr
1831-1 E         MASON        William                  d 5 May 1830;formerly Liverpool but late of Castletown;wife jane exex
1831-1 E         QUAYLE       John                     wife Cath exex
1831-1 E         REDFERN      Elizabeth                dated 4 Apr 1831;Castletown;widow + exctx of Joshua Redfern;cousin Thomas Watlleworth (lOndon);names Isabella Adams(w/o John Adams baker late of Douglas), Mr Richard Quirk(daus Leonora, Eliza + Margt), John Lucas(KnockRushen + daus), Wm Redfern(sailmaker, Douglas), John Redfern(sailmaker, Liverpool - lefdt certain houses in castletown), James Moore(bleacher, Douglas + wife Elizth), John Graves (Peel), Henry Graves, collector Peel + my godson _ Graves) + several others; old faithful servant Margt Kinry als Quayle, present servant Margt Stott, late servant Elizth Keid(d/o Martha Keid late of c'town);friends George Quirk + Robt Cunningham (he refuses to act) jt exors;
1831-1 E         SANSBURY     Catharine                petn by John Bridson, sumner malew, that was heavily in debt;Richard Corlett appt admr;bond given by Richard Corlett, Henry Sambury + William Bell (all Malew)
1831-1 E         WOODS        James                    petn by James Woods + Elizth Woods that letters of admin granted to their mother Isabella Woods who a short time afterwards married Christopher Doran who these several years deserted her and lives beyond the seas - petiioners want new letters of admin [?is the orig decree 1814 - Doran m isabella woods Mal 18171123]
1831-2 E         KINLEY       Eleanor                  husb thos;servants margt quayle,robt radcliffe, thos bridson?;1837: james clague(rowany h/o cath) acks fa-i-law thos kinley
1831-2 E         RADCLIFFE    Samuel                   dated 9 Feb 1826;Castletown;ch Margt, Jane (money for her upkeep), Elenor_Jane [Elenor has been inserted + a marginal signature J Cain], Stephen, Robt + Henry;gson James Radcliffe;wife Margt (exex - house I live in + out offices etc bounded by rent John Cain on north, Malew st on east, John Faragher on south miss [] on west, + garden (boundaries given) + barn in sd street + also dwelling house in the church road from Castletown to Malew church called Mitchell's house;Witt John Cain, Philip Brison, Robt Shimmin, Christian Kinrade x
1832-1 E         BRIDSON      Ann                      dated 3 oct 1831;ballavarvane;dau margt(ballayack arbory);bequest to wesleyan methodist connexion;husb john;bro john,james
1832-2 E         FITZSIMMONS  isabella    waterson     petn by john fitzsimmons prev husb samuel waterson;
1832-2 E         QUAYLE       Isabella                 charles quayle admr
1833   A 13      DORAN        Isabella    WOOD als CORLETT dated 13 nov 1832;dau elizth wood(house malew st) exex;son james wood [m christopher doran Mal 18171123]
1833   A 15      QUILLIAM     Jane        McGray       dated 20 Nov 1832;ch Elinor(w/o Thos Tear)(exex -my half of dwelling house,garden,stable,cowhouse + barn = half horses etc),Robert (2s 6d), Cath(2s 6d), Margt(2s 6d);dau-i-law Margt Quilliam + other dau-i-law Margt Quilliam;
1833-1 E         CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 13 feb 1833;stanly colquit h/o elizth crellin admr(with consent thomas crellin)
1833-1 E         HARRISON     Margaret    NELSON       dated 31 jan 1827;ballaclague arbory;bequest to methodist missionary cmtee;names edward clucas(s/o late thomas clucas druggist douglas);son-i-law john bridson ballavarane(+dau margt,isabella,ann_jane);son john,james;dau ann(w/o john bridson)
1833-1 E      d  KNEALE       Judith                   d Apr 1833;Edwd Kinley (in right of wife Margt) appt admr;
1833-1 E      d  SKILLICORN   Elinor                   d in Liverpool;petn by Margt + Thos Fargher (2 of next of kin);court notes that Wm Dinwoody appt admr
1834-1 E      d  HARPER       Thomas                   left Island 16 yrs ago + not heard oiff;mariner;wife Ann;only child Margt - ua;
1834-1 E         SHIMMIN      Catharine                dated 28 Sep 1832;Catharine Shimmin(widow Thomas Shimmin mariner, Castletown) names William Watterson(Castletown - 2 dwelling houses + adj garden in Malew St adj Mrs Tabman on south + street on north together with field called Close Fickett adj Genl James Cummins on south + highroad on west - proceeds of sale to give dau Ann Shimmin support during her life - if she wishes she may accept 20pa + Watterson to keep premises), wife of Phillip Killey(Douglas - the 'long field' adj Robt Quayle + highroad after decease of dau Ann); dau Ann exex ; Ann states unable to undertake admin + request cousin Wm Watterson be appt;[see also Castletown Deed Hil 1834 1]
1834-2 E      d  BELL         Catherine   Callister    d 28 Jul 1834;ch Wm, Thos, Jane, Elizth, Helen, Hesther + Ann jt admrs - all agreed husb Thos be admr
1834-2 E      w  COLLINS      Peter                    dated 17 Oct 1834;Castletown;ch Sarah(w/o Wm Radcliffe, Castletown)(my half of dwelling house) exex, george, Wm + Mary;wife Jane;mentions money chargeable [?mortgage] on Ellinor Karran's house;
1834-2 E      d  KEWLEY       John                     petn by Robert Kewley(Arbory);d sometime ago;wife Jane;ch Rev Thomas, Kewley, Robt, Elizabeth(w/o Thomas H[??])
1835-2 E         BENNETT      Martha                   [full]
1836-1 E         Bridson      John                     petn by wife Elizth;Ballagranjey;will dated 13 Dec 1835;ch Robert, Ann, Margt, Elizth;wife Elizth exex
1836-2 E         CAIN         Barnabas                 dated 23 Mar 1835;jt will Barnabas Cain + wife Elizth (Ballasalla) ;names Danl Tear s/o Isabella Quaggin (the said Isabella our neice) our dwelling house, garden etc in or near Ballasalla + all goods after the death of the longest liver (if Danl dies before age 21 then Isabella to possess) - Danl + Isabella jt execs - court notes Isabella surviving name
1836-2 E         TAUBMAN      Margaret                 ?not in defuncts for book 2
1837-1 E         GICK         William                  [full]dated 19 may 1837;cordeman;dau elizth kelly,dorothy(w/o john clucas),esther(w/o john quine);gch isabella,jane,ann,agnus + elizth(d/o wm kelly decd balla(g)lonney,ann + elizth bridson(d/o thos brids on ballalonney),gch wm,thos,john,christian,cath,elizth + esther gick(c/o son wm decd),john (douglas) + james(marown) kelly (s/o wm kelly decd),christiana davidson;dau isabell davidson exex
1838-1 E         BATEMAN      Joseph                   wife Sarah Ann (Castletown)admx + guardian of ua ch Cath, Charlotte and Sarah(clara in decree + bapt);claims - debts considerably more than estate 
1838-1 E         BELL         Margaret                 dated 27 Nov 1827;widow;ch Thomas(2s 6d),Ann(w/o James Taggart 2s 6d), Elizth (w/o Charles Caine - feather bed), Wm exor;gch Margt Caine(d/o Ann)
1838-1 E         CLARK        Thomas                   d 17 Apr 1838;ch Robert, Cath Cloments[McClements w/o Thos], Margt, Eleanor, Daniel, Elizth + Thomas agree to resign admin in favour of their mother Eleanor;
1838-1 E         FITZSIMMONS  John                     dated 17 Sep 1832;ch Jane(houses occupied by J Ferguson decd - if she dies between the entire + half sisters), Margt(house in Queen st during life + also house in Malew St where Capt Harris lives), Isabella(house I now live in), Eliza (house at the chapel + house Mr Cullen lives in), Francis(dau - house + concerns purchased from Arch Cregeen coroner called Duggan's concerns + garden at end of town called Paradise Garden), Cath(house where Rich Stote? + Wm Christian lives),
                                                            Eliza(house purchased from Mrs Quayle), John(6d);daus jt exexs - added note 'these were left after my death to Isalin?, Jane and Ann their mother's share of certain houses but in order to make my daus alike I have included in the sd share;;Petn by John Kermode (in right of Cath), Johnathan Cregeen(in right of Isabella), Jane Fitzsimons + Ann Fitzsimons c/o John decd - other ch ua
1838-1 E         MASON        Jane                     dated 4 Jan 1838;widow of Wm Mason, mariner formerly of Liverpool;ch John, Mary(w/o George Duncan), Jane + Elizth(w/o Hugh Williams , liverpool) - all property inc Pilot boat called "Town of Liverpool" of Liverpool share alike, Cath Harper(5s as already provided for);gch mary_Jane Harpur; notes that George Duncan has been beyond seas for some time and not heard off thus share in Pilot boat for sole use of Mary;son John (liverpool) exor
1838-1 E         NORRIS       John                     d Oct 1838;Castletown;bro (+ only next of kin) Wm Norris(Liverpool);wife Ann admx by agreement of Wm;
1838-2 E         REID         Elizabeth                d 28 Mar 1838;widow, Castletown;ch Andrew,Wm, John, Alexander, Henry, Sarah, Margt + Betty - Wm, John, Alexdr, Sarah + betty beyond seas, David Buchan(h/o Margt) + Henry refuse to admr - Andrew sworn
1839-1 E      d  GORDON       Margaret                 husb George Gordon(Castletown) admrMal 
1839-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Elizabeth                dated 9 Apr 1833;widow (of Henry);ch Elizabeth(w/o Wm Cooile + ch Thos, John, Elizth + Elly), Thomas exor
1839-2 E      w  KENNAUGH     John                     dated 5 Jul 1839;Ballashimmin;ch John,Wm, Robt,Edwd, Ann(a dwelling house lately erected in Ballasalla + 2/3 of my share of garden - she to pay mortgage),Jane Muncaster als Cain als Kennaugh(w/o Thomas Muncaster - a thatch house + my share of one third of garden at rear of house in Ballasalla);wife Elizabeth(my share of purchased lands being pt of Ballashimmin - 6pa to be paid to on Robt)exex
1840-1 E         FARGHER      Elizabeth                d 20 jul 1840;w/o wm cooilcam;admrs are Wm + thos shimmin 
1843-1 E         QUINNEY      Robert                   dated 6 feb 1843;ballastrang;dau margt w/o caesar crellin ;son john;wife margt
1849-2 E         TAUBMAN      George Cannon            ?not on film not in defuncts no burial
1860   A 30      CORKILL      John                     petn states next of kin John + Thos Corkill in Liverpool, widow Eleanor Corkill also dead;Will dated 21 Sep 1859;Mount Strange;names Thomas Lace senr + Thomas Lace junr (all my goods after decease of wife Eleanor) - they to sell property etc + give half to son John, other half to be laid out at interest + interest paid to son Thomas during his life + at his cease the proceeds to be paid to granddau Anne_Maria Corkill, my wife Eleanor to have all benefit of estate during her life;full details of sale etc;July 1863: Thomas Corkil(son) d 7 Jun 1863 + Anne_Maria has married Thomas Tate(Liverpool)
1860   A 32      CORRIN       Catherine                [Castletown][bur Mal 18600109 age 79]dated 3 Oct 1856;[long complicated will ]describes property own dwelling house + garden, adj dwelling house + premises currently in occupn of Robert Rankin(gardener) as tennant, + dwelling house in holding of John Mylchreest (hatter) + dwelling house formerly belonging to Wm Corkill(carrier) + a dwelling house in Hope st in occupation of a widow Cubbon - the other houses in Malew st; - exors to lease etc as they see fit - except premises now in occup of Patk Corkish (tenant) formerly belonging to Wm Corkill to be disposed of - the money + rental income to be given for 3yrs to my sister Ann (w/o Robt Comish) for her own exclusive use; after 3yrs exors to make over to eldest son of my late husb Wm Corrin(Brackwilly, Malew) the house occup by Rankin - other house to Jane Gelling (d/o Cath Gelling who lives with me);niece Cath Comish;sibs Elizth(w/o Bernard Fitzpatrick), Richard, Elinor Fitzpatrick[?is this an error in drafting];appts John Quayle(cartwright + James Kewley(Rolls office) as exors in trust;in, accounts etc [Ann McGevy m Rich Comish Mal 18360503; an Elizth Neal m Barney Fitzpatrick Bra 18080108 ]
1864   A 62      CRELLIN      John                     [bur Mal 18640131 age 68]dated 27 May 1863;Ballakilley;ch James, Margt, Ellen, Thomas, John, William, Betsy + Sarah;wife Ann exex

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