Summary of Wills - Malew pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1603   e 313     McILLREA     Annas       QUAIN        [not 100% sure of year]son Thos Mcillrea exor;dau-i-law Alice Bell;names Jo Corkill, Will Brew, Henry? Brew; witt Jo Corkill clark, Will Brew?
1613   e 146     WHEATSTONE   Katherine                [1st in 2nd batch[bottom margi = rh corner decayed]]husb Thomas Wheatstone exor;wants burial in churchyard Kk malew in or near grave of Margret Leathome; ch Elizabeth Kelly, Patrick Kelly;step-dau Jayne;mentions croft in Castletown
1613   e 147     KELLY        Robt                     dated 5 ? Feb 1612; wife Margrett;son-in-law Wm Cowle;unnamed sister(dau in Kk Braddan + Santan);names John Tubman, Richard Corkill (mostle bequests of sheep)
1620   e 140     STEVENSONE   Elline                   d [] Mar ? 1620;sis Joan;ch Jane, John Brideson + Thos? Bridson, Lawrence(land after fa's death), Nicholas (last 2 jt exors);husb alive; [?is this elin bridson als stevenson? ]
1620   e 181     Fargher      Ann         KELLIE       d 22 Dec 1621;unmarried ch Margt, Marrie?, John, Christian + Ellyn Fargher; some ua; husb alive + some unnamed married ch; inv notes that Christian + Ellin are ua + notes other ch as Tho, John, Margt, An + Maly Fargher; inv £31 13s;
1633   A      w  calester     ann         kneene       d 12 Apr 1634;no goods free to prove a will
1633   A      w  kynaige      edward                   d 7 Apr 1634;unnamed wife;no goods free to prove a will
1633   A      w  NORRIS       Isabel                   d 13 Apr 1634;sis Jony? exex;pledge gilbt norris
1633   A      w  quiggin      Clement     Mcylrea      sis Alice;husb Hugh Quiggin exor;names Margrett Beck? (+ child);inv ;pledge Gilbt Mcila?
1634   e 046     LOWNY        Robart                   d 20 Feb 1633;wants burial in malew Churchyard;ch Thomas + Margt execs;bro Thomas Lowny;sis Sisly[Cicely] Lowny;wife alive
1636   A      w  TAGGART      William                  [very damaged with significant loss - conserved]d 12 Apr 1636;unnamed eldest son;ch Jo, Nicholas + [?ellinr ?Alice] jt execs,unnamed unmarried daus;[annexed note 1661 - much of lh side missing[]llr Taggrt one of ye exor above sd.. acks ye corn .. her ye sd ellin  .. brother sonne Wm Taggart 
1636   e 207     TUBMAN       Ann         STANLEY      dated 3 Feb 1636;ch Kathrin, John, Mathias[Mathew in codicil], Elin, Jony;gch John, Mary, Kath + Margrt Tubman;
1636   e 209     TUBMAN       Thomas                   [lh margin lost on film[]dated 17 Jan 1636;wants burial in fa's grave in chancel of Kk Malew;ch John(eldest son);brother's son(a firlet barley);sibs john'(+ dau;), Kathran Tubman, Mathew, Jaine, Elin; unnamed ch execs;father in law John Fargher;bro-in-law John [Stoale?]; George Whetston;brother? Mathew Tubman (last set names were wanted as supvs to ch);names Wm Brew;extensive inv
1637   A 57      HARRISON     Thomas                   d 8 Sep 1637; only bro Nicholas admr; inv £3
1637   A 61      TAGGARD      Nicholas                 d 12 Aug 1637;bro Humphrey + other sibs jt execs
1640   e 201     BRIDSONE     Kathren     KELLIE       d 17 Sep; ch Jo:, Kathren, + Isable Bridsone jt admrs;husb alive;inv
1640   e 204     BELL         Magrett     HARISONE     d 19 Apr 1640;son Henry Bell admr - next of kin supv;inv
1640   e 204     GARRET       Elinor      WHETSTONE née STEVENSON dated 28 Oct 1641;ch Tho Whetstone(all land inc Billown etc), Elizth Whetstone, Will Garrett + Kath Garrett jt execs;bro Tho Stevenson;mother alive;dau-i-law Ellin Whetstone als Tunman; some dispute re goods;claims;1659: recites Kath Allen wife to Mr Tho Allen ministr decd becoming bound for goods due to Kath Garrett by decease of her mo - Kath Garrad accepts £3 1s
1640   e 204     TAGARTT      Nicho                    d 3 May [1640?] Humphrey Tagart 'next of kindred' admr;inv = 1 cow;
1640   e 211     CALISTER     Margrett                 [loss of lh margin];d 27 Apr 1640;ch Thomas,[dau? = jaine],Jaine(exex),Margt;
1640   e 212     Corras       Jo                       d 5 May [1639];pauper 'nil habet' [?page is dated 1639 but follows page headed 28 May 1640]
1640   e 212     HARISONE     Kathren     STEVENSONE   d 1 Mar [1638?];ch Ann, Coony? + Alice Harrison admxs - next of kindred supvs[[?page is dated 1639 but follows page headed 28 May 1640]
1640   e 212     MOORE        Issabell                 d 7 May [1639];pauper 'nil habet'; [?page is dated 1639 but follows page headed 28 May 1640]
1640   e 212     SHIMIN       Issabell                 d 11Apr [1639];pauper 'nil habet';[?page is dated 1639 but follows page headed 28 May 1640]
1640   e 213     TUBMAN       Margrett                 d [] Mar 1640;sis Ellen,?Jaine;mother alive exex (+ to be good unto litle Tho Samsburie ^Tubman ?^ above all ye rest);inv in father's will
1642   A      w  ARTHUR       Hugh                     dated 24 Oct 1642; unnamed sister in Peel;ch Giles(heir - best looms wool + linen gear), Hugh, Philip(youngest) + Nicholas - Hugh + Nicholas (?not married yet as Giles was to give each a bowl of corn for their marriage)- sons jt exors; wife alive
1642   A      w  Quott        Ann         TAGGARD      d 22 Dec 1642;ch Alice?, Jo, Adam, + Wm Quott jt execs;inv
1642   e 8       Patton       Anthonie                 d 8 Jul [1642?];only son Caesar admr - Jo Caesar + Jo Waterson supv;wife alive;claims inc Arthur Caesar;inv; [some pages further on is a will ]dated 4 Jul 1642;son Ceaser (portion due from bro Wm + Thomas Patton) - wants Mr Deemster Christin overseer;wife Elin Patton (house etc) - noted that this will exhibited 15 Mar 1642 [sic - ?1643]] where noted that court for want of info proceeded to decree + noted this will + Deemster Christian to be called to be overseer
1642   e 9       Moore        Isabel                   d 6 Dec 1642;ch Jo:, Edward + Mary Moore admrs;inv
1642   e 10      Tatloe       John                     d 14 Oct 1642; unmarried dau Mary admx - not in country thus her bro Tho Tatloo sworn (10 Jun 1644);inv  inc half croft in Castletown- [half of most items ? wife alive] ch + his own [goods?] - noted ch by 1st wife are Edward + Wm Brew
1642   e 14      Warbarton    William                  dated 21 Oct 1642;to be buried Kk Malew;gch Mary Brew?;decd dau Elizth (her heirs begotten of John Thompson);son-i-law John Thompson exor;
1642   e 15      Shurlocke    Jony        Carran       dated 17? Aug 1642;son John Shurlocke,Ciceley Moughtin als Shurlocke;son-i-law Wm Moughtin (promised some goods in his handfasting bargain)
1642   e 16      Quayle       John                     dated 12 Aug 1642;gch (c/o Wm senr - Ellin, mrgery, Alice + Thomas Quayle)ch Thomas, Elizth, Wm junr (exor - no corne to give as given all in m/c to eldest son);names Cath Cormoad (also witness + Ann Quayle);inv
1642   e 17      Cayne        Tho                      dated 6 Sep 1642;unnamed ch (all under 21yrs); unnamed wife;
1642   e 18      Knackill     Margt       Corrin       dated 17 Jul 1641;bro's dau;unnamed sis;names Willm Sansbury;husb Donald Knackill exor;inv
1643   e 203     McYLRIAH     Ellin       STOELL       d 22 may 1642;ch Kath + Jane Mcylrea jt admxs;inv
1644   A      w  BRIDSON      Katherine   TAGGART      dated 4 Dec 1644;ch Henry + Marriot jt execs;names Ellin Churghie;inv
1644   e 314     Quiney       Kathren                  d 15 Mar 1643;sibs Wm, Nicho + Christian Quiney adrmrs;inv (small)
1645   e 372     CAINE        Gilbt                    [top of page + much rh margin lost] unnamed children(their tuition);wife Isable Bridson? [part lost], unnamed brothers; sisters Christian Caine, Oates Caine; inv inc oxe, old horse,sheep,goats
1645   e 372     CLOAGE       Kathrin                  [rh margin lost in binding] d 20 [] 1645;ch Willm, Jane + Margt [] admrs - aunt Issabel Cloage (next of kin) supv;
1645   e 380     Kinley       Margrette   Bell         [lh margin lost in binding]undated - inv dated 7 Nov 1645;ch Christian Kinley (+ child);[?son] Jo Kinley exor;inv
1645   e 384     Moore        Alice       CROPPER      d 26 jun 1645;ch Anthonie, Richard, John + Alice Mo[] admrs;husb alive;inv names Alice Cropper als Moore;pledges Tho Moore + edward [??]
1645   e 385     Quarke       christian   SHIMINE      d 10 Oct 1645;only child Margt Quarke admx;
1646   e 550     CRISTIAN     Will                     headed 1645;ch Donnell(eldest, lands etc) + 3 unnamed sons + 2 unnamed daus;wife Kath exex;inv
1646   e 552     BREW         Will                     d 18 Apr 1647;dau Alice + margt admxs;(Alice at age, Margt ua unnamed Aunt supv);inv 
1646   e 553     CARRETT      Arement     CAISMT nee f [some loss] d 7 May [];ch Tho Caisment + Marie [] by former husband + Margt Carrett by husb - ch admrs
1646   e 607     MacYLREA     Ales        BELL         [some loss to lh margin]d 30 mar 1646;gch Jane Bridson;ch Finlo Macilrea, Thomas Macilrea, Isabel - 4ch John, [], Hugh and Isabel (the cow betwixt them for my funeral expenses), my 3 ch John , Thomas + Isabel Macilrea jt execs;
1646   e 610     BRiDESON     John                     dated 12 mar 1645;ballasally;ch elizth(had m/c),harry
1647   e 162     QUILL        Alice       GARRETT      ch Jo Quill,Ellin Quill jt execs;
1648   e 320     BARRY        Margrett    MOORE        dated 30 May 1643;chJohn(to be left whole lands in Santan because it came for exchange of lands), Kath, Mary - jt execs - Sr James Moore, Thos Banckes, Philip + Hugh Moore supvs;mother alive (the gold ring she gave me);sibs James Moore, John Cesar, Philip? Moore + Hugh Moore freely surrender any legacies
1649   e 499     TAGGART      Humphrey                 [very damaged major loss of top half];wife alive;Wm Taggart + Jo Fargher to be supvs;ch Wm + Ellin exors;inv;Aug 1656: Robt Taggart acks filial portion due by death of father Humphrey Taggart; annexed note [partly lost] there is only [] 2 children Wm + Ellin Taggart 29s.
1649   e 513     McILREA      Gilbt                    [lh margin lost in binding on film]d 23 Sep 1649;dau [name lost] exex - Mr Willm Huddleston overseer;inv 38s
1651   e 020     BARREY       Robert                   [p25]dated 24 Dec 1650;wants burial in parish church of St malew as near as possible to decd wife;ch Kath(£40), Mary (£40)+ John(farme in Santan); long 3 page will - mentions tithes of Kk Lonan to bro [?bro-i-law] Sr John Moore;wants cousin Wm Huddleston + bro John Caesar to be supvs - notes that the £40 to each dau incs mo's part;wants son to be brought up by bro Hugh Moore, Kath to her gmo + aunt Issable, Mary to bro Sr James + his wife;nurse Xp[tian?] Cowne;serv John Duckan;cousin Anthony Halsall, Richd Tyldesley;several others named
1651   e 035     MACILLREA    Jane                     PoA dated 27 Dec 1658;Jane(Kk Malew) appoints bro-i-law Thomas quaile(Malew) to recover all money etc  from Eiling Bell wife of my uncle John Mcylrea decd and what was due by death of my gfa Thomas Stowle and his wife and what due by death of my father + mother Finlo Mcylrea and Ellinge Stowle his wife + any other money [see will of Wm 1657] Jane obtains £3 0s 10d  + 15s 7d from Ellin Bell als Mcylrea; 
1651   e 035     McYLLERIAH   ffinloe                  [p 29];[headed at top 30 Jan 1650];ch Kathrin(oldest dau), Jaine(youngest - 'his right in part of the broken crop of Corne in the haggarth') exex; inv includes old looms;note by John Mcylleria (being supervisor) as to what he paid out re brother Finlo
1653   e 242     CAINE        Mally       QUACKIN      d Mar 1652; ch Jo + Marriad Caine jt admrs - agreement dated 17 Mar 1652 - Will cayne + wife Mally als Quackin[Quiggin] to son James Cayne +  Mary Cayne all their goods equally after their decease
1654   e 289     LOWNY        Jony        TAGGART      d last michelmas;ch John,Mary, patrick, Tho, Margret (last 2 jt execs);husb John Lowny;gch john lowny; execs at age
1654   e 291     LOWeY?       Ann                      d 25 apr 1654;Elling Norris admx;inv [?is this Lowey rather than Lowny]
1654   e 292     LOWeY?       Issable     crobin       d 13 Oct [];5 ch Wm senr, Wm junr, margt, Jony + Avrick Lowny [?is name Lowey?] admrs - next of kin on mo's side Rivhard Crobin supv;1658: Katherin Lowy? overseer of youngest child by will of Wm Lowy (recorded 1658) who hath the sd Jony + her fathers part [a Wm Lowy is recorded 1658 in Rushen]
1654   e 296     McYLLERIAH   John                     names Tho Bell,Thos Caine(+ his children);son Thomas Mcylleriah(his pt of 3 oxen + horse - wife to have use during her life + team to be kept together);wife Elinor als Bell (jt exec with Thomas - wife to have lands + tenement);Kathryn + Ellin Illrea sworn supv;inv £10 2s wch includes half plough; Ellin Mcylrea als Bell pledges for inv  £7 12s 2d to son Jo Bell + Nicholas Gelling s/o Jo Gelling;6 Jan 1658 Thos Mcylrea acks rct
1657   e 534     McYLREA      Wrn                      Bro Jo Mcylrea;names Mrgrett Lowy?, James Shimin, Jo Corrin(+ dau), Phill Costean
1665   e 261     SHYMYNE      Jane                     [start of book  - 1664-1665 pencilled - ?1665 - verso cover court dated 15 Jun 1665];[badly damaged - date lost]Husb Robt Shymin;son Wm + Thos Shymin exors;inv £4 19s 8d;1701: Wm Shimin sole living exor - fa + mo dead
1665   e 262     TAYLOR       Henry                    [very badly damaged]son Tho Taylor; sister [?of whom] Ellin Taylor supv ;wife alive;inv
1656   e 469     BELL         John                     [28]dated 13 apr 1656;wife Margt als Callister;ch John(not yet 21),Margt + Ellinor jt exexs;Margt to have lands etc until son reaches age of 21;indebted to Marriot Taggart 29s whereof paid 10s twice + 6s for keeping of her child - rest of money to be paid if she will come for it;Jo Bridson + Tho Bell supvs
1656   e 470     TAGGART      Christian   BELL         [29][v diff to read on film]d 26 Jan 1655;ch Ellinor Taggart, Wm Taggart (jt exors);Henry + Robt taggart to maintain the exors in the farme or tenements for three years -Ellinor to go to tuition of Alice taggartbro Jo Bell in Ireland;inv £7 5s 4d 
1658   e 619     HARRISON     Robt                     bur 25 Aug 1658;wife alive(the purchased land from tho Bell to dispose as she saw fit);ch Nicholas(eldest son - had m/c - 3?ch),Phillip + Ann jt exors; inv £16 2s 7d - several claims inv dispute by Christian Bell(unable to travel) that her son Robt Harrison owed her 20s; dispute by Phillip that nicholas held back some apparell - went to court
1658   e 628     HARRISON     Jaine                    inv only - 32 3s 9d
1659-6 e 046     ARTHUR       Richd                    dated 21 Apr 1660;brother [?alexander] in Ireland; Hu Arthur sworn exor;Witt Xpher Harrison, Wm Harrison; inv has pt of a house? in Peel
1659   e 099     WHETTSTON    George                   dated 27 Apr [1659];ch Anthony, Richard, Ales[Alice] exex; inv 5s 6d
1659   e 107     HARRISON     Issable     BELL         d 8 Jun 1659;husb Tho Harrison;gch John Kinish,Isable Kinish, Jo Harrison(half the ground + crop) exor;ch Jane?;pledges? Tho + Nicholas Harrison; Jo Harrison claims agt exors for benefit of a m/c given by her to son Jo Harrison + by death of sd Jo Harrison
1661   E 178  w  TAGGART      Jane        BRIDSON      [prev photo Thos Harrison mal]dated 22 Jun 1661;only child Mary Taggart (£4 + all clothes);husb John Taggart;wants bro Gyles Bridson + William Taggart supvs
1663/4 A      w  SANSBURY     Ellin                    d. c.20 Febr 1664/5  bro William Sansbury, sister in law & her son Thomas, Thomas Stole, sister in law, Henry Stafford, grandchild Henry Stafford, Sam Ratcliffe owes her money
1664   e 097     CORRIN       Anthony                  headed 1663;ch Edward(half house + garden), James, Marie + Ellinor jt execs; inv; claims by John Caesar + Tho Quartin? obo his wife
1664   e 151     STANLEY      Thomas                   d 28 jan 1663;major thos stanley;ch james, thomas, richard + unnamed dau - all in england - mr charles stanley has letter of attorney;wife alice als lewis;claims inv john norris hatter 40s local money, john ottiwell
1665   A      w  TAGGARD      Ellin       KEWLEY       dated 20 Feb 1665;aunt Ann Fargher;neighbour's dau Kath Killey;sis Averick Keawley;husb John Taggart;dau Ales Taggart exex;witt Alezs Kissage als Cowley, Katherine Killey als Norris, Franke: Keawley (her mark), Edward Brew;inv  (extensive)
1665   e 378     TAGGART      Isable      SHIMIN       [page 91]d 20 Apr 1665;ch Christian + Alice Taggart admxs;husb alive;inv £2 12s
1665   e 436     KARRAN       Christopher              [page 140 - headed May 1664 tho title 'Curia habite Saint Marie de Castle Rushin March 22 1665';uncle Tho Kerran;aunt Mary Costen als karran;mother Ann Karran als Bridson exex;
1666   A      w  BELL         Marriad     DUCCAN       dated Feb 1666;husb Henry Bell(crop, team etc);cousin Cath Bridson;sis-i-law Jane Bell;bro Phinlo Duccan exor;bro's dau Marriott duccan;names many;inv £4 13s 4d
1666   A      w  BRIDSON      John, senr               dated 4 Dec 1666;Aristle[Oristal];gch John Bridson(lands, team etc), Ellin Bridson, Tho Bridson, Hen Bridson;dau-i-law cath Bridson als shimine;son Tho Bridson(all his wearing clothes + hat),Christo Bridson, Wm(in Ireland) jt exors;names Christo Bridson(in Ireland ? = son but Christo is sworn)Cath Bridson d/o Tho, John s/o Tho;names Robt Quay(+ wife) + several others;inv £1 17s
1666   A      w  BRIDSON      Thomas                   dated 8 Nov 1666;Breckvolley;names Mary Taggart d/o John taggart;[?bro] John Bridson(Castletown owes 34s being due to brethren by death of fa);dau Mary(eldest dau - house),Marriott exex - uncle Christopher Bridson supv;wife alive
1666   A      w  CLERK        Issable     CUBON        buried 9 Jan 1666;ch John Clarke, Tho Clarke(had m/c), Christian,Wm + Daniel jt execs - next of kin(mo's side) Finlo Cubbon supv;husb alive;inv 35s
1666   A      w  PRESCOT      Humphrey                 dated 20 Sep 1666;son Edward Staine? + wife Alice execs;'pauper nihil habet'
1666   A      w  QUALTROUGH   Catherine   CLARKE       dated 22 Oct 1666;husb Daniel Qualtrough;child Isable Qualtrough exex;father Thomas Clarke supv of child;claims inc Will Calow(Maughold), Donll Qualtrough(Lonan); [there is a petn re Don Qualtrough not adhering to m/c by Thomas Clarke - Don Q + now wife Margt als Killey?will not trouble them - m/c annexed ]
1666   A      w  STOLE        John                     dated 14 Nov 1666;ch Martin(his part of house + croft), Dorothy exex - Robt Corrin(+ wife) supvs; wife alive;inv 3s clear
1666   A      w  STOLE        Margaret                 dated May 1667;names John Qualtrough + wife execs;unnamed sis' dau to have flax in ballasalla;  'pauper nihil habet'
1666   e 007     LOWIE        Margt       KEWN         [loss of rh margin] d 26 July 1666;only child jo[] admr - ua;husb alive;inv
1666   e 476     GICKE        Margt                    d 28 Sep 1667;only dau Ellinor Kermott (at age)admx; inv 7s
1666   e 476     KEWLEY       Christian   QUAYLE       d 7 Sep [];unmarried ch Robt, []senr, Jo sunr, Isable jt admrs; husb alive;ch at age supv of those ua;
1666   e 681     QUIGGIN      Jony        BRIDSON      headed May 1666;ch hugh,tho, john quiggin,william quiggin(her half of field rent 12d - he had other half by m/c), issable + kath jt exex;inv incs her pt of purchased land 1s? single rent
1666   e 824     CHRISTIAN    Richard                  [page 86]headed 1666 (inventory dated 24 Sept 1666);only dau Ellinor exex - ua;Sis Christian Christian;wife alive
1668   A      w  WATLEWORTH   Mary        BREW         [full]
1669-7 E 277  d  COMISH       Ann         KERMOtt      d jan 1669;sibs john, wm,alice + cath kermott refused admin;husb finlo comish;inv £1 4s debts inc funeral costs £1 5s 9d [? annexed agreement dated 1 nov 1666 re dispute between Tho Kermott(Kk marown - balla???lay) + John kermott plwwright kk malew re intack rent 12d bought by father for benefit of sd Tho and sold by thos with consent of both parties, that John was to pay 12d yearly for sd intack ]
1671-1 E 648  w  CLARK        Margery     CANNEL       [date lost] gch Isable Qualtrough;Elinor Gellin exex;names Katrin d/o ho Clark, Katrin Clarke w/o John Shimin (in gill), John caughin(Kk Michael), John Quiggin, Danl Clark, Tho Clark, Issable Quiggin; a displaced m/c   henry Kaighin + Ellin Gellin [gdau Match Cannell + her exex]
1671-1 E 660  w  CHRISTIAN    Ewan                     dated 19 Apr 1671;[Ronoldsway;doubted if goods would extend to debts;only child Eliz Christian exex; - wants deemster Edwd Christian(Milntown) + Tho Parre(clerk) + Tho Stole supvs;aunt Mrs Christian w/o uncle Major Christian;sis Mrs Mary Stanley als Christian;stated had borrowed £100 of his uncle to redeem goods belonging to farm;note by Edwd Christian that father John Christian  + uncle Nicholas Christian stand bound for inv of cousin Mr Ewan Christian and undertakes to be accountable for goods;
                                                           Many claims etc - inc 27 Apr 1672: Charles Christian obo bro Mr George Christian claims agt Ewan Christian their bro 40s of estate Ronaldsway for 8yrs + of Cornah Milne(Maughold) + other things left by gfa Mr Ewan Christian;detailed inventory; note that Mr Wm Curghey engaged [?= owed] to Wm Christian(Staneburn, Cumberland) in sum £10 + sent bill to Ewan Christian decd + he owing John Ottiwell gave him this bill, Curghey ordering John Ottiwell to pay sum to Wm Christian - Ottiwell now claims £10 + wants speedy execution as Curghey being now ready out of Island;
1671-1 E 691  w  STOCKAN      Robert                   dated 14 Apr 1671;bro's ch (unnamed) 6d if they came;wife Coony exex;inv;dau sworn admx as wife sick
1671-1 E 692     KISSAGE      John                     d 14 ... [blank];inv
1671-1 e 693     SHIMINE      John                     d 1 Apr 1671 in England;4 bro + 3 sis (all unnamed) admrs;several claims;inv states Clerk of Kk Malew;goods in dep governor's house - delivered to edward Shimin admr + John Ratcliff (admr in his own behalf + childn )inv includes + mare = follower on the calf, profit of Christian's ground + unspecified purchased ground £7 17s;accts
1671-1 E 692  d  QUINEY       Thomas                   d 20 May 1671;only son William Quiney admr;inv
1671-1 E 694  w  MADDREL      John                     bur 10 Apr 1671;should be buried by his son John [?is John dead];ch James(houses after his mo's decease), Jony + Charles (jt execs with a share to James);inv
1671-1 E 695  w  DUGLAS       Thomas                   dated 12 Mar 1670;ch John, Ann, Elizabeth;wife exex;inv
1671-1 E 696  d  HARRISON     Alice                    [rh margin lost in binding]d 11 Mar 1670;sibs Walker + Nicholas Harrison, Cath Harrison(in Ireland) jt admrs
1671-1 e 696     PRESTON      Dorothy     CARRETT      dated 28 Apr 1671;dau-i-law Christian Preston;son Wm(she desired him to contunue in the house with a pillow there);gch Margt Preston, John Preston, Dorothy Preston;husb William Preston exor;names Ellin Shimin als quayle;inv
1671-1 E 696  d  STEVAN       John                     d 9 Mar 1670;infant; s/o Wm;next of kin [] Watterson als Kneale admx;goods in mo's decree
1671-1 E 697  w  QUIGGIN      Nicholas                 bur May 2? 1671;will made 8 Apr 1669;gch Nicho Quiggin, []arn? Shimin, ssable Shimin;dau jane Quiggin exex;inv
1671-2 E 761  d  ALLEN        Marrian     RICHIE       d 24 Mar 1670;next of kin (none in Island) admrs;husb alive;inv
1671-2 E 762  d  SEDDEN       Ann         NELSON       deed of gift dated 26 Aug 1670;widow castletown gives to son Humphrey Sedden(Castletown) all my part of houses, gardens at my decease + debar any children from claiming;witt George Stowell, Tho Parre; accepted as will;inv;
1671-2 E 764  w  HARRISON     Nicholas                 dated 4 Nov 1670;of ye Hill;ch Tho, Wm, John(+ ch) + Jony jt execs;mentions debts due inc from Tho Tunman joiner and Margt Cowley als Harrison;gch (c/o John)Tho, John, Mary + Eliz Harrison;inv
1671-2 E 765  w  KILLEY       Hugh                     Castletown;ch Daniel, Wm + Cath jt execs;inv
1671-2 E 767  w  RATCLIFFE    Jane        SHIMIN       dated 23 Jun 1671;fa alive;fa-in-law Jon Ratcliffe;unnamed child;husb alive;pledges Hen Ratcliffe + Robt Shimin;inv;anneded note that William Shimin(lymekiln, Malew) indebted 25s to son-i-law John Ratcliffe;further court proceedings name husb John Ratcliffe, Wm shimmin gfa [to child?] + edward his son that if child die under 14yrs her goods  equally divided between fa + next relns - Wm Shimin to bring up child on his own charge + have half goods.1680: Edward shimin overseer of sd Jane Ratcliffe's child ack'd Christian Bridson als Quinney late wife of John Ratcliffe + her previous husb Giles Bridson £5 16s being clear inv of Jane Shimin
1672   A      w  FARGHER      Richard                  dated 14 jan 1672/3;brethren in Ireland;sis margt;wife alive;queries if wife with child;;children of bro thomas exors;several names imc debtors;margin of will lost
1672   A      w  MOORE        Alice       QUIRK        mother alive;sibs Eling, John;unnamed husb + chind(ren?) 
1672   A      d  QUAIL        Jane        McYLREA      d 13 jan 1672/3;left margin lost;ch john,thomas,[lost],margery;next of kindred on mo's side supv;husb alive
1672   A      w  TAYLOR       Isabel      MOORE        eldest son thos (his ch john,wm,joney);other 2 unnamed ch exors;
1672-1 E 022  d  CoRRIN       Margaret    christian nee CORKISH [missing will - to be added + annexed m/c] note that Tho Quayle, Hen + John Corkish for themselves wives etc have resigned their interest in goods of Margt Corrin als Christian to fa Wm Corrin who obliges himself to keep the child; annexed letter from Dublin by Kath, Margt + elizabeth Corrin to their father stating they would not disturb him for anything but would not agree to sale of house and are angrey that their gmo's tenancy was sold - note also writen to uncle Henry Corrin that they would not demand anything of their mo's good [?are these the child of wm by 1st wife]
1672-2 E 094  d  TAGGART      Henry                    d 1 Nov 1672;ch Christian(married but did not have any goods) + Alice jt exexs - both at age;inv; 
1672-2 E 096  w  GELLIN       Christopher              [lh margin lost] dated 20 [] 1672;sibs richd, jane, edwd, robt,nicholas(ch wm,ellin),margt (exex - referred to as Margt inyneah);godson John Bell(s/o Thos);wife alive;bro-i-law john Bell;inv
1673-2 E 254  w  TAGGART      John                     dated 1 ? Aug 1673;two unnamed sons (eldest half crop, gears etc), youngest exor; - goods in hands of wife to manage farm until the heir? be 14;wife refuses to agree to will + to get no benefit - court appoints Cath + Marriod Taggart supvs;1691: Nichs ? Taggart at age;other admr Wm Taggart acks;inv - seems some dispute? as administration delivered by a straw [ie given up] and general sumner to handle, creditors etc to claim within a month
1673-2 E 256  w  TAGGART      Alice       DUCAN        dated 1 Oct 1673;son John Taggart (half crop etc);husb alive;dau Alice, Jony, Mary; names Alice Quaile d/o Jo;Alice + Jony jt exexs - testatrix wants her bros + sis supervisors;witts Ro Taggart, Ann Quaile;inv £6 8s 8d - some due to Wm Taggart, Ro Taggart, Mary Taggart
1674-1 E 304  d  LOWNY [Looney] Robert                 d 25 Jan 1673/4;ch Thos, Robt, Isable, Cath + Christian Lownie - some ua; wife alive + supv of ua ch;
1674-1 E 304  d  TAGGART      Phinlo                   d Nov 1673;dau Cath, Marriot jt admrs - both at age;wife alive
1674-2 E 408  w  TAYLOR       Catherine   [Sant als Bordman] dated 16 Aug 1674;ch John Sant, Will Sant + Cathren Christian als Sant jt execs
1675   A      w  CAvEEN       Isabel      HARRISON     headed 7br 1675;dau isabel(+ her ch),christian(decd),margt(last 2 unmarried);son wm(eldest);husb danl;
1675   A      w  CESAR        Margaret    CLERK        son arhur;buried in chancel;
1675   A      d  CREDEEN      Averick     kinread      d 29 nov 1675;only dau isable;husb alive
1675   A      w  KEWLEY       Elizabeth   GELLIN       headed dec 1675;bro john gellin;sis alic gellin;husb pat kewley;had m/c;
1675-1 E 548     BARRY        Margaret    HUDDLESTONE  dated 13 Oct 1669;husb John exor;dau Elizth - kinsmen Charles Stanley, John Otiwell + John Wattleworth supv;sibs Robt, silvester, John + Charles huddleston, thomas huddleston + sisters?(6d);cousin Charles Stanley;witt John Wattlewort, Alice Kissage als Cowley;charles stanley + john ottiwell dead by probate - Silvester Huddleston + Sr John Huddleston appt
1676 a E 028  w  Baylie       Margaret    tubman       d 12 sep 1676;dau elizth + alice;mother alive; husband exor
1677-2 E 084  c  TAGGART      Ellin       BRIDSON      m/c john callister + cath taggart dated 2[?12] Nov 1674;John Calister obo son John Calister;Ellin Taggart als Bridson obo dau Cathrine Taggart;to marry as soon as possible;Callister to leave John as much of his goods as any other of his children save the youngest;Taggart to leave all goods at decease - young couple to maintain her;witt Tho Bridson x, John Shimine, Edward Shimine x, John Bridson x, Tho Parre;accepted as will Ellin Taggart als Bridson 1677
1678   A      w  BRIDSON      Jony        QUAIL        dated 6 Mar 1677;husb alive;bro Nicho Quail, Jo Quail, Tho Quail;names Margt Bridson, John Bridson;ch Gilb (what she had herself by contract bargain), Marriod(only dau) exex;inv;1705: Mariod acks father Gyles Bridson
1678   A      w  GELL         Margaret    MOUGHTY      dated 30 Jan 1677;fa-in-law Robt Gell;maidservant Isable Shurlock;names Margt Hick, Philip Brew; sibs Henry Moughtie, Alice Crideene als Moughtie;husb Wm Gell exor;
1678/1 A      w  FARRANT      Margaret    TAGGART      dated Feb 1678;husb John Farrant; ch John, Margt (exex - her part of bought lands);gch John Farrant, Ann Farrant; inv (inc purchased land called Coolkchally);1707: Thomas Woods + wife carter Woods ack now satisfied re land by exor of John Farrant
1678/1 A      c  QUAIL        William                  m/c wm gelling + alice quayle dated 25 apr 1674; wm gelling sworn exor
1678/1 A      de SHIMMIN      elinor      quayle       deed of gift between Segt[?officer of Abbey Lands?] Robt Shimin (Castletown) + late deceased wife Eliinor als Quayle - if Elenor predeceased Robt was to have all her part of goods - wearing clothes left to her brother's children, likewise if Robt predeceased she was to have his part of goods; witnesses' (Tho Killey + Hen Stafford] deposition dated 15 Jun 1677 that said deed was to be their last will + testament [part of court comment last at bottom of page (but a second copy a page later noting that 1st copy obliterated) - query if witnesses saw Elinor agree]; accepted as will by court and Robt sworn admr;detailed inv (stated as that of Ellr Quayle wife of Robt Shimin) 
1678/1 A      w  TAGGART      Mary        BRIDSON      dated Jan [1678];husb Wm exor; ch Wm(+ 3 unnamed ch - a Jane d/o Wm named), unnamed dau(w/o Jon Caine of Tottabi), Jony Taggart, Issable Taggart; gch Jane Caine, Jo + Robt Moore(s/o of Gilbt of Sulbrick), Hen Nelson,unnamed d/o Gilbt Moore;great [spinning?] wheel to be kept in house for use of her husband's son and daughters [?was Mary a 2nd wife?]
1678-1 E 238  d  shimin       john                     d 20 [];inf sibs Wm + Marriot jt admrs;goods in fa's inv
1678-1 E 239  d  STEveNSON    Alice       MOORE        d 3 Jan 1677; unmarried ch Richard, Mary + Ann admrs - married ch overseers;goods in hands of eldest bro John Stevenson;inv
1678-2 E 309  w  Crebin       Isabel      HARRISON     bur 11 Aug;gch Mary fargher, Tho Fargher;son-i-law Tho Fargher;ch Isable Fargher, Ann Crebin (benefit limed land in ballaGarray), Wm Crebin(gears, crop);Wm + Ann jt execs
1678-2 E 309  w  QUAY         Margaret    QUALTHROUGH  bur 28 ul 1678;sibs Margery, Ellin(+ dau);husb's sis Margt Quay(in Ireland);husb Tho Quay exor;
1678-2 E 310  w  CORRIN       John                     dated  aug 1678;Castletown;wife exex - she to give worth of house to dau;+ m/c dated 15 nov 1674;John Corrin(Malew) + Margery Kewne (Malew);to marry at their parish;if John predeceases then Margery to have his goods reserving 10s;if Margery predeceases John to have her goods (inc houses + garden;witt John G???ston x, John Corrin x
1679-1 E 016  d  GELLIN       William                  d 17 Sep 1679;ch Ellin(eldest dau) + Mary(ua) jt admxs;inv in mo's will
1679-1 E 017  w  CAIN         marke                    d 31 Dec 1679;ch Thos, Kath + Margery jt admrs - all at age;wife alive;inv 
1679-1 E 017  d  CAINE        Ellin       QUINNEY      d 26 Aug 1679;only child Ellin: Caine admx - ua - Giles Bredson, Margt Quinney Kath Quinney, John Quinney(sworn obo Wm, John + Bahey Quinney) - goods with Giles Bredson, Margt + John Quinney
1679-1 E 018  d  MADDRELL     Jony                     d 30 Sep 1679;bro James + Chas Maddrell jt admrs;husband alive [? is this James Comish Mal 16790609;
1679-2 E 113  d  MURREY       David                    Mr David Murrey(merchant Castletown) d 6 Aug 1678 in England; 5 ch Ellen, Isabel, Cath, David + Susanna jt admrs - next of kin on fa's side (David Murrey, Douglas + Margt Murrey d/o John Murrey)supv of ua ch; wife alive;noted that  eldest dau was out of country and next dau not capable of being an overseer;detailed inv includes 12 hogsheads of herring + casks;mentions a shop; also mentions herring at Ramsey;incs detailed costs of house reparation given in by widow ;1704: Susanna dead + Mrs Ellinr Reece als Murrey + sibs David, Isabel + Cath jt admrs
1679-2 e 114     Murrey       susanna                  annexed to will of father david 1679 - 1704: Susanna Murrey being dead + Mrs Ellinr Reece als Murrey + sibs David, Isabel + Cath jt admrs
1680-1 E 159  w  FARGHER      Thomas                   dated 5? Sep 1680;bur 25 Oct;milner;only dau exex - wants Wm Crebin + Jo Fargher (hill )supvs;wife alive;ack'd that his mo had paid him 5s of fa's goods;inv £5 13s 7d - goods in hands of Issa Crobin [?= wife] added to inv 50s left to wife by her fa Hen Crobin payable by her bro Will Crobin
1680-1 E 160  w  MCYLLRIA     John                     dated 8 Jun 1680;son Wm exor;wife Cathrine;inv £8 6s 7d
1680-1 E 161  d  caine        ellin                    orphan;next of kin Tho [] sworn;goods in mo's inv 1679
1680-1 E 161  d  SHIMIN       Isabella                 [rh margin lost] [in defuncts Oct 1680 noted perished by sea coast of north of England]sibs Robt + Kath Shimin [by whole ..] displaced inv
1681   A      c  QUORK        Christian   KENVIG       m/c dated 19 oct 1676 of Tho Bridson + Jane Conilt ?[name not clear]; giles bridson(Malew) obo son Thomas;christian quorke als kinvig  obo dau Jane Conilt?;Bridson to give a cow, half a cow + 2 looms;Quork to give a cow, horse + 20s + all goods at her decease - young couple to look after her in sickness;witt Thos Cubon, Christo Bridson x, William Quorke x, Gyles Bridson x; Thos Bridson sworn exor
1681-2 E 374  w  TAGGART      William                  dated 14 Sep 1687;owes 29s 3d to Jo Corrin (being his mothers goods), owes £8 of their portion [?m/c] to Jo Caine + daughter his wife;2 daus as yet unmarried Isable + Jony taggart jt exexs - at age + sworn;note that money left + due to Jo Corrin is paid + acked annexed to mother's will in 1663;
1682 ? A      w  Inyreah[mcyl Ellin                    [some loss to both lh + rh margins]dated 6 Mar 1682;names Thomas Bell {+ his or her? daughter Joney Bell], Elizth + Cathrine Bell;gch Thomas Mcylleriah;ch cathrine, Thomas Mcylrea(exor);inv 25s
1682 ? A      w  SCARF        John                     dated 8 Mar 1682;of Scarlett;ch unnamed dau in Ireland(6d),Elizabeth Scarfe exex (as only she  lived with him + tended him in his long sickness);inv £3 18 inc 2 cows 
1682-1 E 461  w  KARRAN       Thomas                   dated 2 Nov 1681;unnamed daus youngest(14s + house in arbory),eldest(enjoys gfa's effects) - jt exexs;wife alive + supv;parents alive;2 unnamed sisters;bro William Shimine(forgiven their half part of 14?] s he owed to his sis Isable Shimin decd) [2 daus likely Margt + Isable - wife Cath Shimin m  Mal 16750109]
1683-2 E 684  d  BRIDSON      Hugh                     d several years ago;no will or decree made;relns Thomas + Jon Bridson jt admrs;inv a parcel of land
1683-2 E 685  w  TUBMAN       Thomas                   [castletown][d 1 aug 1683]dated 24 Jul 1683;wife Elizth (all goods during life);son John Brew + wife Ann als fletcher (meadow or close  rent 5s - also that house now in 2 partitions that stands aver agt Edmond Knene's ? house - rent 4d + half garden from ye gooseberries trees yt crosses to Edward Stanley's garden and so buy his owne garden [] privie + [] joyning to John Saints  garden on ye one side ... 1d lords rent - they may take it unto their own garden);bro John Norrys;sis Kath Tubman, sister Samsbury Norris als Tubman(6d);witt HenyleSquire, Daniel Morrison, Robert Shimin;debts;inv
1683-2 E 692  w  BOrDMAN      Elizabeth   GALLOWAY     [Castletown][d 12 jun 1683; sister Ellinor als Stevenson?;son Robt exor(inc goods due by death her mo + father;husb John Bordman - to have tuition of child;inv [poor copy] ;note dated 1 Feb 1709/9 that John Boardman + son Robt to settle accts because of said john's infirm condition - accts inc rent of Alice Teare's house etc
1683-2 E 693  d  REDFERN      edward                   d 7 oct 1683;ch Jon, Thomas + George jt admrs - some ua;wife alive
1683-2 E 694  d  KEWNE        Edmond                   d 5 oct 1683;2 ch by former wife Jon + Thomas, only child Margt by latter wife exex - ch at age supvs;wife alive;- the 2 ch age give up admin by the straw to genl sumner;inv
1683-2 E 696  w  WATTLEWORTH  Ann                      dated 4 Feb 1674/5;deed of gift to bro John all due by wills of deceased parents
1684   A      w  CAIN         William                  ch John(house + crop), Mary?[?margt - v dark on film], Isable + Christian (lst 3 jt exexs);wife alive + to have tuition of ch;inv £3 2s; 1685: John Lewn obo Mariad claims 12s debt; 1715: Tho Moore + wife Isable ack what was due by death of Wm [?father of Isable]
1684   A      w  HINGLEY      Ewan                     dated 30 dec 1784;poolvash
1684   A      w  TUBMAN       Jane        GARRET       dau jane
1684-2 E 102  d  CORRIS       Issable     QUAY         agreement dated 9 Jul 1684;sibs Kath + Elizabeth Quay noting that Isable d within a year + day of marriage [m Mal 16830625] agree not to seek any of sis's good from bro-i-law Edw Corris whether or not child dies - Edwd is to maintain child
1684-2 E 104  d  LESQUIrE     Ann                      d 20 jun [1684];next of kin not in island - court appts husb Mr Henry Lesquire admr
1685-1 A      w  ARTHUR       Hugh                     dated 28 Apr;4 ch John (eldest), Joney, Hugh & Wm exec; bro Thomas; wife alive(house etc);inv
1685-1 E 212     CORRIN       John                     dated 6 Jul 1685;unnamed sis;names Wm Cubon, William Duccan(+ ch);uncle Jo Corris;jane Karran exex;several others either owing or owed money are named;
1685-1 E 217     TAGGART      John                     bur 4 Mar 1684/5;Castletown;wife alive;dau Alice (houses + garden agreed between him + her decd mother);Court noted no 6d to ch thus Thos, Wm + Margt appt jt exors with their mother - half sister supv;inv;July 1734: Tho Taggart owned to be paid from his sister Margt Farrant als Taggart all his portion of fa John's goods
1685-1 E 218     RATCLIFFE    Robt                     inv  dated 12 Mar 1684/5 + court decree dated 13 Jul 1685 giving same towards maintenance of his illeg child
1685-1 E 218     TEARE        John                     dated 1 May 1685;sibs Tho, Margery (last 2 declared exors), Will Quorke;names Paul Quork;goods in fa's + mo's inv
1685-1 E 219     CUBON        Ann         KEGG         decln by witnesses as to will ;son-i-law Rich Corrin apparently chided her during declaration + said the house + garden set to Phil Moore for debt due to him;names Joh Kegg, Mary Kegg;dau + dau's husb to be exors; later dispute between Jon Kegg junr + Richard Corrin - agreed that Rich to pay 7s wrt qtr of house
1685-1 E 221     GALLOWAY     Ursula                   [very faint]Castletown;dau Elin Galoway exex; great house to grandchildren; 12 jul 1708:Robt + Ann Boardman sell for 20s(sterling) to kinsman Henry Corrin + Amy Corrin als Stevenson all title to half the great house bequeathed by Ursula Galloway
1685-1 E 223     RATCLIFFE    Catherin                 decree dated 1 jul 1685 states inventory being very small same given to mother towards maintenance of his illegitimate child
1685-1 E 224     BARRY        Margaret    APLETON      d 6 Jun;ch Margt, Ellin + Judith jt execs - as no relns on Island husb John supv;husb claims had a m/c made between Thomas Calcot + himself
1685-1 E 224     HALSALL      Richard                  [poor copy]d 28? May ;orphan;Aunt Jony Walls(next of kin) admx but off Island - Mrs Eliz Calcot als Walls  sworn in  her behalf being next related in Island; [only ch of Arthur Halsal + Mary Walls m Mal 16820211 bapt mal 16831205 - Mary dying shortly after birth]
1685-1 E 226     SHIMIN       Edward                   made 30 Apr 1685;sibs Charles(20s on acct of his infirmity), Eliza: (last 2 jt execs),Wm(in england 6d);names Ann Woods(for care of his bro Charles);niece Isable Ratcliffe;kinswoman Dorothy Preston;list of debts owed + owing;
1685-1 E 229     GELLIN       Alice       Quaile       ch Christian + other unnamed - her sis Kathrin to be overseer (Wm Cubbon obo wife sworne supv);husb Wm Gellin exor;court notes that no exlicit provision for youngest child made jt admr with father;1702: Wm Gellin pd dau Xtian 11s + the other 10s 6d to John Quaile for her use within 12months;inv dated 4 May 1685;
1685-2 E 303     KEGEYN       Christian   KEWN         d 19 Oct  1685;ch Isabel(house + garden), Alice (last 2 jt exexs_,Robt, Elinor
1685-2 E 303     KEWLEY       Patrick                  undated;wife Jane als Moore;unnamed ch (court decress then exors) - ua - Rich Horton,Jon Crellin + jon Kewley supvs;wife alive
1685-1 E         MOOR         Jane                     d 30 May;orphan;sibs Henry + Alice jt admrs;goods inv in father's will [burial reg suggest d smallpox bur 3 May d/o Martin]
1686   A      w  REDFERN      Jane        ROBINSON     dated 25 Nov 1686;3 sons John, Thomas + George + neice Frances [Oaw? jt exors (Frances relinquishes right but has Janes right to 1/4 house + some rights by her mother)
1686   A      w  TAGGART      Jony        BRIDSON      dated at top 21 Dec 1786;Husb Ro;ch Mary, Ellin (last 2 jt exex),Alice;inv;1690? Mary + Ellin ack
1686   A      w  TAYLOR       Thomas                   dated 21 Jun 1686;ch Elizth(had all due to her), Hen Taylor exor;inv 
1686-1 E 397     TAGGART      John                     d abt a month ago;orphan - ua - bro + sister admrs;inv with father's
1686-1 E 398     Ottewell     Mary        foard        d 17 May 1686;sis Kath, [xx];husb exor;inv with husb who died year following
1686-2 E 479     FOX          William                  d 9 sep 1686;ensign Castle Rushen;ch Wm, Richard, Robt, Byron + Kathrin jt admrs - next of kin Mrs Dorothy Norris als Fox supv(husb deemster Norris sworn);wife alive;1726: Byron acks John Hamilton (exor Mr John Rothmel 2nd husb to relict [John Rothmel m Cath Fox  Mal 16961004)
1686-2 E 480     TUBMAN       Thomas                   dated 10 Jun 1686;wife alive;ch Margt(eldest dau, land at Ballasalla rent 12d), Ellinor (4th part of the Begg Croft near the river), Kath, Elizabeth - Margt + Elinor jt exexs;sister ?oase; inv
1686-2 E 485     NORRIS       John                     d 2 Jun 1686;of Scarlet; dau Elr being unmarried declared admx; wife alive; inv
1686-2 E 486     GELLIN       Ellizabeth               d 1 Dec;orphan;sis Christian Gellin admx;goods in mo's inv;1702 father declares spent 3s 6d on this + other child's funeral
1687-1 E 548     ottiwell     Thomas                   d 29 Jan 1686;castletown, shopkeeper;ch John, Alice + Mary jt admrs - all ua + no kindred (fa or mo's side)on Island - genl sumner appt;claims inc David Murrey(douglas) + his bro Ro Murrey(Chester)
1688-2 A      w  RATCLIFF     Henry                    dated 24 nov 1688;ballaslley;gch issable ratcliffe, cath bell, ellin quaile;dau elizth bell als ratcliffe exex;bro john;housekeeper margt quay;'bequeathed to his granchild daughter to Jny Quiney Margrett Ratcliffe half a garden..'inv
1688-2 A         WOODS        William                  [full]d 15 Dec 1688;ch Thos, Carter jt admrs - ua John + Margt Woods supv;inv;1699: Thos Woods s/o Margt Woods als Farrant(late decd) acquits cousin John Farrant (who took care of Margt) all moveable goods due by my fa's will
1687-2 E 642     MOORE        Thomas                   bur 3 jul 1687;castletown;all children (6d) except youngest Hugh who is residuary legatee;wife alive and tio have advantage of goods in her lifetime;inv
1687-2 E 642     RATCLIFFE    William                  d 28 jun [?1687];only ch John ratcliffe admr - no relation on fa's side on Island - wife supv;
1687-2 E 644     SCARFE       Ann         HOULDIN      dated 17 Sep 1678;sis Christian Houldin;husb John Scarfe exor;inv incs 6 glass bottles
1687-2 E 644     Scarfe       edward                   [no will] who was buried 17 Oct [1687] inv £6 + wages for the year past ending at this Hallowtide
1689-1 A      w  TAGGART      John                     ch Jony Taggart (his part of barley of croft of Ballasalla), Marie(has ch), John(croft at Ballasalla), Jane (owed some of mo's goods);names Ro Taggart;daus Marie, Alice + jony taggart jt exexs;inv 
1689-1 E      mc MOOR         Nicholas                 [bur Mal 16891126];dated 10 jul 1688;Nichs Moor(Castletown) + Jane Lowney(Ballasalla) obo themselves;to marry at Kk Malew within 2  weeks;longer liver to enjoy all goods;witt Jon Parre, Thomas Looney, Jon Quilliam x, Caesar Patten;accepted as will 
1689-1 E 045  d  TUBMAN       John                     d 14 Jan [?1689]Bowling Green;unmarried ch Thomas, John + Dorothy (out of Island) jt admrs - all at age; wife alive
1689-2 E 219  d  BRIDSON      Elinor      TUBMAN       d 6 Mar; husb Jon Bridson;ch Carter., Margret + Alice Bridson jt admrs - next of kin on mo's side Margt Tubman supv;
1690-1 A      w  RATCLIFF     Catherine   COTTER       son thos lowney,son robt lowney;dau issa lowney now in dublin;gch Ann ratcliffe;dau christian lowney (money that is in frank lowne[] hand;clothes tto issa christian + cath her daughtershusb john ratcliffe
1690-1 E      w  CORRIN       Ann         TUBMAN       [note have agreement libcanc 1684 53]
1690-1 E 277  w  WAnrICK[wain William                  dated sep 1689;wife alive;unnamed daus(6d ea);son Robt exor;Tho Stole ackd all that was due to his wife from her parents Wm + Alice Wainwright;inv
1690-1 E 286  d  GICK         Robert                   d 14 Oct last;ch Christo + Ann Gick jt admrs;Ann at age + sworn
1690-1 E 286  d  GICK         christopher              d 5 Dec last;sister Ann admx of all 'his' goods;inv in fa's will
1690-1 E 287  d  SCOTSON      Alice                    d 21 Feb;ch Mrs Margt Calcott, Geo Scotson jt admrs;
1690-2 E 359  d  SHIMIN       Jony                     d 23 Feb [1689/90];husb Hugh;only son Hugh admr - ua - next of kin on mo's side Jon + Hugh Shimmin supvs
1690-2 E 360  d  WALKER       John                     d 15 Mar 1689[/90?];ch John, Charles, George, Wm, Thomas + Margt jt admrs;wife alive;claims inc tyhes inc 6d cottage tyth in Ballasalla upaid from 1675-1692;;acct of money distb by Geo to sis Margt who went to Dublin june 1699 + freight of her husband;inv - added in Feb 1709 the smithy sold to trustees for Castletown Chapel £3 10s (George was left half smithy + tools in mo's will);1717: Cha acks bro Geo
1690-3 E 418  w  ROTHmELL     Alice       QUAILE       dated 4 Jan 1689;ch John(my share of the new house where he works called the Smithy), Alice exex;husb alive;inv
1690-3 E 419  w  OATS         Thomas                   bur 18 Sep 1690;son-i-law John Woods exor;no goods
1691-1 A      w  Kelly        Christian                kinsman john quay exor
1691-1 A         BARRY        John                     [full]
1691-2 E      w  BARRY        John                     [full]
1691-2 A      w  CANNEL       William                  d 20 Feb 1691;Castletown;wife alive;5 unnamed ch exors - only eldest son at age;witt James Madrell, Thomas Caine
1691-1 E 547  w  CORRIS       Sara        GeLDERneau?/ dated 22 Dec 1687;ch Edward?, Tho exor (inc what her husband had bequeathed); on next page is a decree stating d 3 Feb and her unm son Thos exor
1691-1 E 548  d  BELL         Margaret                 d 1 Dec last;next of kin Kath yllera [? = Cath Mcylrea] admx;goods only her wearing apparel;
1692-1 E 592  d  BRIDSON      Richard                  [some loss rh margin + poor copy] d 28 Apr ;ch Richd, Kath + Wm? - [] looney next of kin on fa's side supv, Wm Bridson also sworn ;wife alive;1696: Wm Bridson hath goods in own hands + acquits Tho Bell + Jo Curghey
1692-1 E 596  w  norris       Ann         CORRIN       [faint + not easy to read] made? 22 May 1692;bro-i-law Wm Qualtro;dau Margt (jt exec with bro? Jo Norris);1700: Margt Bullock als Norris acks to be indebted 30s to bro John Norris for his part of our mo's goods - leaves her part of house in Castletown till he be satisfied
1692-2 E 688  w  BRIDSON      Christian   TAGGART      dau Margt,Alice;gson Thos Bridson son of Jo Bridson;son John Bridson + Ellin Quaile jt execs
1692-2 E 700  d  HARRISON     Margaret    taggart      d 12 Oct last;ch John + Mary Harrison jt admrs - ua next of kin supvs (William Harrison, + Sill Cross + John Kelly in right of wives);husb John - had a m/c by which had to maintain gfa Walter Harrison thus some goods left in his hands during lifetime of gfa then to return price of them to children;some dispute + claims;also accounts between thos parr , walter harrison + gson john Harrison involving tithes of Ballaglanney? + the Larghy, Parr owed for rent of croft in Castletown
1693-1 A      w  HALSALL      Henry                    [some loss rh margin]dated 1 Nov 1693;Castletown;wife Margret (to ?maintain his mother);unnamed ch jt execs;witt David Jenkins , Ellinor Murrey x;Gib [];
1693-1 A      w  OATS         Alice                    dau cath kneale exex;what was in robt ceasar's hands for half the roof of the house to be laid out in returning her to the ground and funerall'; Robt Ceasar left £12 + to see her buried;son robt knicle(6d - deserved not better)
1693-1 A      w  RATCLIFFE    Thomas                   dated 8 Dec 1693;son John (£3 10s his pt of mo's goods + clothes), Henry exor;
1693-1 A      w  Quott        John                     undated tho headed 1693;unnamed ch (6d ea) includes youngest daus;wants 20s sent to Dublin to put son Charles to trade;wife exex
1693-1 A      w  WOODS        John                     dated 30 Oct 1693;Castletown;ch Ellin(£30 left by her mo + land etc Plessington, Lancashire - properties named),3 unnamed daus(6d ea);wife Elizth (my now wife) exex
1693-3 e 111  mc Taylor       Thomas                   m/c John Redfern + Cath Taylor (d/o Thomas Taylor billown)dated 21 Sep 1687 - John Redfern exor
1693-3 e 112     HARRISON     John                     d 24 Dec 1693;orphan;only sis Mary Harrison admx - inv in mo's will
1694-1 E 138  d  QUORK        Henry                    d in Ireland 3 May last;ch Margt (in Dublin) + Kath jt admxs - not but half the goods to pay debts
1694-1 A      w  CLERK        Jony        FARGHER      sibs john,robt,cath;husb dan clerk;dau margt -ua jt exex with husb)
1694-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   [full]d 7 Feb 16945;ch John,Wm + Elizth jt admrs - supv Jo + Jaine Bridson;wife alive;inv inc brewing pan at 40s;claims inc Wm Harrision for 7s 6d for maintenance of Robt Shimin by agreement with Tho Bridson;1701: John + Eliz dead, Wm acks stepfa Edwd Quay
1694-1 E 135  w  CAVEEN       John                     dated 28 May 1694;ch Elizth(eldest dau) exex, Ellin, Robt(+ a sheet his mo left him)
1694-1 E 135  d  SHERLOCK     Anthony                  d 1 Jan [1693/4];dau Kath admx - out of Island her mo sworn
1694-2 A      w  BELL         Jane        GELLIN       [full]
1694-3 e 187     BELL         Margrett    BRIDSON      dated 22 Oct 1694;ch Margt(eldest dau), John, Kath, Wm + Christopher( two youngest) all ch jt execs - Wm Bridson + Thos Bell to be overseers of ch ua;husb (land til heir came to 21);witt Tho Bell, Marriott Scotson als Bell
1694-3 e 191     DUCCAN       Ellin       TAGGART      dated 24 Oct [?1694]husb john Duccan exor;sis Mary, Alice;names Alice Duccan;husb's mother Alice Quail;
1695-1 E 211  d  CALOW        William                  d 2 years ago;of Dublin;only son John - off island - aunts Emmy + Kath Callow sworn;1701: John Calow supposed dead - next reln Kath Brew(w/o Caesar Brew)
1695-1 E 214  w  NORRIS       Margaret                 dated 4 Aug 1688;bequests to poor of Braddan + Malew;bro-i-law patrick Thomson;unnamed mo-i-law;unnamed ch of sibs;husb John Norris exor;names little Elizabeth Norris now living with me;
1695-1 E 326     SMITH        James                    down patrick, Co Down;had goods in hands of Mr Henry LeSquire
1695-2 A      c  BELL         Thomas                   m/c dated 14 Oct 1677;Thomas Bell(Malew) obo dau Ellin;Thos Tayler(Malew) obo himself;Bell to give half goods (other half except 10s at decease) - young couple to maintain him;witt Charles Moore, Thos Ratcliffe x, Tho Taylor x, Robt Lowney x, Tho Parre (only Thos Taylor + Robt Lowney survive) - accepted as will of Thos - Ellin sworn exex;
1695-2 A      w  QUACKIN      John                     undated (inv dated 19 Feb 1695);ch Wm (land etc), John;wife alive + exex - pregnant court decrees him jt exor;inv £7 
1695-2 A      w  Rothmell     Charles                  dated 17 apr 1696?;son john;dau ellin exex;'would alter nothing of his wife's will';
1696-1 A      w  GREEN        Mary        QUILL        dated 27 nov 1696;aunt  ellin sankey (dau emma);son edward green;husb robt;pledges thomas lamb,saml green
1696-2 E 416  w  CAIN         Katherine   McYLREA      dated Aug 1696;son Wm Cain exor ;bro's dau Jonu Mcylrea;gson Wm Cain
1697-1 A      w  QUIRK        Elin                     dau ellin killy;bro robt quirk;
1697-1 A         PARR         Christian                made 27 oct 1697;gson john christian dublin;sons robt,john;dau margt;decd husb thos;
1697-1 e 457     CAIN         Alice       KENNIAGH     d oct last [1697 ? there is a burial Mal 16971023 for an Alice Cain ];ch jo,nich,ellin,alice,anne,marjory;all of age;husb alive;pledges hen taylor;wm kermod 
1697-2 A         NORRIS       Salisbury   TUBMAN       [full]
1697-2 A      w  QUAY         Robert                   declared abt lammas [1 Aug 1697];ch Catherine, Thos,Edward, Robt (jt exec);wife (jt exec)unnamed daus in Dublin;names Robrt (s/o Edwd Corris 6d + what was due by his mo's death)
1698-1 A      w  CUDDY        Thomas                   dated 15 Feb 1698;ch Margt (5s to help her out of countrey?), Mary;wife exex
1698-1 A      w  FARGER       Thomas                   d 10 Dec 1698;only ch Margrett - supv uncles Jo + Wm Fragher;bro Wm;wife Mary als brew exex
1698-1 A      w  OATS         Anne                     dated 15 Feb 1698/9;ch Mary(eldest dau), John, + 2 youngest ch;husb exor
1698-1 A      w  QUAYLE       Thomas                   dated 12 Mar 1697/8;Ballasalla;ch Charles (as much portion in money or goods as he had in contract with his[?tho]dau Kath), John, Robt;gch Margt + Elizth(c/o Robt);sis Kath Samsbury als Quayle;Charles + Kath jt execs;inv
1698-1 A      w  QUINY        Elin        HARRISON     dated 1 Oct? 1698;son Jo Callister, Tho Quaile;husb Wm Quiney(looms, house + close, boat during his life then to son John Callister) ;husb jt exor with son Tho Quaile;inv
1698-1 A      w  WATERSON     Richard                  dated 5 Jan 1694/5;Castletown;gch Richard Waterson(hill-barn + my part of garden belonging to it), Thomas Waterson(my dwelling house), Margt Waterson(house until Thomas comes to age);son Thomas (+ wife) exor
1698-1 E      w  CALCOTT      Elizabeth   walls        richard calcot & her ch as extrs
1698-1 E      mc kneale       John                     john kneale & ellinor quackin both of malew 15 jan 1673; jo & margt quackin parents
1698-2 A      w  McYLREA      Catherine   BELL         dated 25 Apr 1699;husb Thos Mcylrea(land + tenement if he thought fit to continue there);dau Jony(committed to care of bro John Bell + Jony Kinley als Corrin (w/o Tho Corrin) as overseers and to take child into their tuition);sibs John Bell, Margt Bell(not to be entrusted with her child or  goods), Ellin, Elizth;sis-i-law Kath Mcylrea;mother alive;names Jony Harrison
1698-3 E 087  w  McYLREA      Martin                   undated;gch Jo Mcylrea,3 unnamed gdaus;only son John exor
1698-3 E 089  d  TEAR         Thomas                   d 18 Oct [1698]ch Thomas, Wm, Jo, Cath + Isabel jt admrs - aunt Marjery supv;wife alive;1700: Tho Bridson acks Madge Tear the supv;inv
1698-3 E 089  d  WATERSON     Patrick                  d 5 Feb ;only son John Waterson admr;wife alive
1699   A      w  CALCOT       Margaret                 dated 1 Jan 1699;son robt (at age);sis ellinor;dau eliz;;husb alive
1699   A      w  FARRANT      Margaret                 nephew john farrant;
1699   A      w  HARRISON     Nicholas                 dated 27 Nov 1699;Cordaman;gch Jane Quaile, Philip Harrison, Wm + Christian Quaile;ch Jony, Mary, Wm(only son exor);
1699   A      w  KEWN         Thomas                   d 31 Dec ;Ballasalla;unnamed wiife + unnamed ua ch;
1699   A      w  MOOR         Alice       SHERLOCK     dated 21 Dec 1699;dau elin coat;d-i-l frances moore;dau christian;son hugh moore;
1699   A      w  QUAIL        John                     date 7 jan 1699;2 dau ellin cath, son john; land Gary near silverburn mentions lime;wife alive; mentions sons but only names john
1699   A         QUAIL        Thomas                   d 11 Feb 1697;wife Elinor exexwife's ch [?= stepch] mary, Jane, Kath Caine(+ her son Thomas), Thomas Cain;names John(s/o John Quail, Ballatrollag);own dau Margery(in Ireland - if she came), Ellin Quail(not compos mentis);wife appoints her eldest dau Ellinor to be her exex;
1699   A      w  QUAY         John                     dau eliz;sons;
1699   A      w  QUORK        Mary        CORKISH      [castletown]d 5 Dec 1699;husb Thomas Quork (6d as he had made his will at his going to England);ch Wm (out of Island) + jane exors;
1699   A      w  RATCLIFFE    William                  [castletown]being destitute of any friend to look to me in this my old age  - b-i-l  john nelson
1699-1 E 114  dg BRIDSON      Jane        lea          deed of gift dated 27 Apr 1697;Jane Bridson als Lea, widow, Castletown, being aged and through sickness weak in body gives to dau Alice Bridson all houses etc;witt Richard Parr, John Broadman sen x;
1699-1 E 117  d  ATKINSON     Margaret    QUIGGIN      d 26 May [1699]gdau Margt Atkinson admx - ua + her mother sworn overseer)
1699-1 E 117  w  RADCLIFF     Ann         GAWN         declared 30 May 1699;husb Wm Radcliff exor
1699-2 E 241  w  CREER        Christopher              made 10? Jun 1699;wife Ann;ch John Daniel + Ellin jt execs (house to fall to them after mo's deceease) - uncles John + Wm Creer supvs 
1699-2 E 243  w  QUAY         Catherine   KNEAL        dated 24 Oct 1699;bro John;husb John Quay;unnamed child
1699-2 E 244  d  Caroon       William                  d 12 Jun [1699];ch Wm + Jane jt admrs - Wm in Ireland so Jane sworn;wife alive
1699-2 E 245  w  BRATHWAIT    James                    made 12 Jun 1699;3rd pt of what he has in England + that in Island to wife + ch (Norris + tho?);wife Eliz exex + states goods insufficient to meet debts;
1699-2 E 246     KISSACK      Ann         CANNELL      dated 4 Jul 1699;ch Ann (elder) + Issable(land + goods in north side jt betwixt them) - jt exexs;noted that buying + building walls in Castletown cost her £5 + that was to be divided between the 2 daus;1701: house mentioned sold to Eliz Calcot for £3 12s whereof 20s paid to aunt Margt Elsemore for maintaining ch till 14;1702 Margt Elsemore widow acks remaining £2 12s from Cath Killey (to whom Eliz Calcot sold house + garden);undated petn by Ann Kissack that shortly to depart Island + wants goods of sister still in minority secured [reply dated 30 Jan 1700/1;
1699-2 E 252  w  KNEAL        Thomas                   dated 19 Oct 1699;ch Edward(40s due from payment of the house from John Quaile) exor, John;friend Thomas Keneen;
1699-2 E 255  w  stewan       Margaret    CRELLIN      undated;dau Jane Stewan exex - ua - next of kin Jony Quay supv;1711: Jane Boodagh als Stewan(w/o Wm)acks in the inv of mo Margt Crellin;some dispute re Philip Cottiman (security for goods) + Wm Boddagh - noted agreement + also inv of admx's fa Wm Stewan
1699-2 E 256     TAGGART      Margery     BRIDSON      [some loss at bottom of page] unnamed son's wife;dau Ann(not yet at years of discretion -all her cloathes), Jane;son-i-law James Tubman;bro Wm Bridson(+ son Wm);names Jony Taggart, Jane Samsbury;gch Wm Taggart;husb exor; 1703: Wm Taggart heir acks paid all due by death of mother;1706: Wm Quine (h/o Ann) acks paid from father Wm Taggart except that the heir is obliged to pay her towards her marriage;1712: Wm Taggart states paid all due by his wife's will;1713
                                                           : decree signed by Bishop Tho Wilson noting that long, tedious + costly dispute between supvs of Wm Taggart junr and Isabel Harrison mother of ye sd Heir left to deceased Wm + succeeding heirs by his mother's will; - Wilson states that perishable items such as crop + team descend only to first heir + ye sd Wm Taggart's children have an equal share in husbandry gears etc
1699-2 E 260  d  PIGGOTT      John                     d 21 Jul [];unmarried ch Wm, Charles + Ann jt admrs;wife alive;admrs + Mrs Eliz Calcot the other sister transfer admin to mother;
1699-2 E 261  w  McYLREA      John                     dated 25 Sep 1699;son John(house + croft);unamed daus 3 eldest + youngest;wife Elizabeth exex
1699-2 E 262  w  PRESTON      Dorothy                  dated 11 Aug 1699; sibs John, Wm, James + Jane (jt execs)
1699-2 E 263  w  SCOTSON      George                   dated 1 Jun 1699;unnamed bro;sis Margrett Calcot;son Roger(house + garden) exor;wife alive + sworn overseer
1699-2 E 265  w  QUINNEY      Thomas                   dated 24 Oct 1699;ch Tho(looms + lands),elizth, jane;wife Ellen als Harrison (jt exex with ch)
1699-2 E 267  w  Quinney      William                  dated 20 Sep 1699;bro's son Tho Quinney(looms);bro John,Thos(+ dau isabel);names John Callister exor
1699-3 E 143  w  HARRISON     Jane        CAESAR       dated 1 Oct 1699;eldest dau alice, unnamed youngest dau exex;sis margt,bro charles,mrs margt cosnahan, robt ceasar junr;husb alive;Robt Caesar senr+ Cha Moore overseers;inv (adds 4th part of team after death of gfa + gmo of exrs
1699-3 E 150  dg WOODS        Jane                     deed of gift dated 6 Jul 1697;Jane Woods(Ballasalla) gives to kinsman + kinswoman Daniell Wood + his sister Jane Wood my house + garden (+ household stuff etc) - they to come and maintain her + pay her just debts;witt Wm Cain, Tho Quackin, Jno Kneale + Robt Harrison (all x); accepted as will + tho Samsbury sworn exor [a Tho Samsbury m Jane Woods Mal 16660127 - ?same]
1699-3 E 151  d  CALLIN       Marriod                  d 9 Sep [1699];sibs Philip + Jony jt admrs - Jony in Ireland so Philip sworn
1699-3 E 152  w  QUALE        Elizabeth   Keneen als c dated 25 Sep 1699;ch Dollin Cain, Margt Cain, dorothy quaile, Patr Quaile, Wm Cain;step-ch Cathrine Quaile, Robt Quaile;husb Nich Quaile exor;
1699-3 E 153  w  CORRIN       Jony        KINLEY       made 17 Oct 1699;ch Jon Corrin(her pt of bought land),unnamed eldest dau - Ellinr, Isable, Jony, Tho + Wm jt execs - her bro's Tho Kinley + Christopher Bridson to be overseers;husb alive;agreed by husb + overseers that ch to get £10 ea as come to age;names many owing debts inc Jane Waterson als Woods

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