Summary of Wills - Marown post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800-2 E         QUAYLE       Christian                dated 30 Jul 1742;dau Christian Looney exex;witt + pledges Thos Karran + Robt Cretney x;
1801   A 51b     CRAINE       Catherine                [note dup # and out of sequence] dated 23 sep 1795;of Marown;deed of gift to son Robt Craine(onchan) all goods in house of son-i-law Thos Quirk(Braddan) 
1801-1 E         CUBBON       David                    formerly marown but late Dublin;mother mary cubbon;bro revd thos cubbon + charlotte d/o bro wm cubbon(ballacallen by deed of assignment to dau)
1802-1 E         COTTIER      Margaret    Kelly        d 3yrs ago;widow;petn by son thos cottier(douglas) + son-i-law john karran found no effects other that consideration money for a small house sold before her death to Mary Cannell(9) - didn't think woth administering as next of kin
                                                            2 daus + a son who are deaf + dumb since birth but not getting mary cannell to pay the remainging 4 10s applys to court.decree gives ch thos cottier,cath karran als cottier,philip,elizth,ann, ellinor,margt cottier;(philip,elizth + elinor deaf + dumb)
1805-1 E         CLAGUE       Patrick                  dated 13 Feb 1805;Neary;ch Mary(140 inc her mo's legacy), Isabel(140 inc mo's legacy), John; exors John Corlet(Lezayre) + John Clague(Douglas) in trust + guardians of sd ch during their minority - also Rev John Bridson(Marown) + Matthias Cain(Marown) as trustee of sd children;bro Thos Clague; names Margaret Kaighin(Kk Michael), Mary Curjeag(Kk Michael)
1806   A 26      CREER        Margaret                 dated 12 jun [?];'now in marown';bro john(+wife),thos(+wife);sis cath,jane,isabel;fa philip dead;mo cath late creer exex (now w/o wm colvin)
1807-1 E         GELLING      Robert                   d 8 jan;ch john,robt,margt,esther, mary (w/o thos caine) + jane (w/o robt cottier,cath (w/o thos clague;
1808-1 E         CAIN         Thomas                   dated 9 may 1808;ballagraw?;sons wm,thos,john,matts;dau margt,elizth,anne,jane + elinor;wife margt als kermode exex
1808   A 50      CLUCAS       Margaret    kennish      dated 16 mar 1808;garth;mo elizth kennish;ch elizth,thomas,john;names mrs rebecca clucas;husb thomas exor
1808   E 1       CAIN         Thomas                   dated 9 may 1808;ballagraw?;sons wm,thos,john,matts;dau margt,elizth,anne,jane + elinor;wife margt als kermode exex
1811   A 24      FAILE        Paul                     d 3 Feb 1811;ch Paul;wife Cath exex
1811   E 2       CRETNEY      Joseph                   d 30 jun 1811;only ch joseph admr; [?bapt ?m margt quayle Mal 17910219]
1815   A 20      GELLING      Robert                   dup #;petn by widow alice;charged thomas,john,charles + margt gelling;
1816-1 E      d  LINCHEY      John                     dated 13 Sep 1816;John Linchey from Ireland, bachelor, departed this life in Marown - court decreed Bernard MCCullen a principal creditor admr;pledges Robert Karran + Edward Magee (both Marown); petn states d 7 Jul 1816 leaving only a quantity of wearing apparel + a silver watch now in hands of several person but decree needed to allow auction of goods
1818-2 E         CRAIN        Robert                   d 9 sep 1818;will dated 10 sep 1818;late of Marown;names James Scarffe + wife Mary as exors
1820-1 E      d  Kelly        John                     d 26 Oct 1819;ch Wm, John and Letitia jt admrs - of too tender yrs - mother Letitia sworn admx + guardian of those ua;pledges Wm Caine + James Gell (both Marown)
1828-1 E         CORKISH      Ann                      dated 8 Aug 1827;ch Ann, Jane, Cath, Elizth;husb Wm exor
1828-2 E         KEWLEY       Ann                      dated 18 Jun 1828;ch Jane(w/o Mylrea), John, Wm, Margt, James, Edward exor
1832   A 19      GELLING      John                     dated 26 jan 1832;ch robt,jane,john,wm,james,ann,joseph;wife mary [als fayle]exex
1832   A 20      FAYLE        Mary                     jt will john + mary dated 26 nov 1831;bawshin;son robert(eldest exor),wm;dau elizth(w/o thomas creer),mary(w/o john gelling),margt(w/o thomas bridson),charlotte kenaght(money free from husb control);gdau ann kenaght
1833-2 E      w  KELLY        Thomas                   dated 19 Mar 1833;Ballavitchall;ch Cath(w/o Thomas Quine - 100), Margt(w/o John Cowley - 10), Robt exor;gch Thomas Kelly, Robt Kelly(half estate of the Nab?), Jane Quine(w/o Thomas Cain [m Ger 18200608]), Isabella Hampton(w/o George Moore [m Mar 18201021] [?c/o Ann Kelly m Thos Hampton]+ dau Cath Moore);gdau's daughters of Robt Kelly viz Elizth, Jane, Margt, Ann + Cath; Witt Wm Duggan, Robt Quine
1838-1 E         CREER        Philip                   John Creer(admr in trust), Thomas Creer, Cath(w/o James Tatlock) + mother Isabella Creer jt admrs;pledges Thos Creer(Marown) + James Tatlock(Douglas)
1840   A 14      CRETNEY      Isabella                 made 2 dec 1939;widow;Braid;son robt,wm,thos,joseph,john exec;dau isabella cretney als creer,cat cretney als quilliam
1852   E 35      CAIN         Matthias                 dated 4 jul 1851;late schoolmaster baldwin;dau isabella cowley als cain(w/o james cowley miller both beyonds the seas);gdau isabella cain (d/o decd son Thos);son matthias exor

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