Summary of Wills - Marown 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 70% summarised [238/295]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 E      md GELL         William                  d beg apr 1750;ch john,gilbert,margt,sarah + ellinor;there is an illeg child who the execs undertake to maintain the decd's part;
1750-1 E      w  KELLY        John                     dated 19 dec 1739;dau margt (eldest) exex - ua nephew Wm Corlet (ballaugh) to be guardian;bro thos;1750: john cain h/o margt - death of John not certain John Cain gave pledge Wm Corlet BallaMoaney beg in case of return;
1751-2 E      c  CHRISTIAN    Ann         Cottier      m/c john cottier + dau anne christian - john cottier admr
1751-2 E         KILLIP       Ewan                     d 14 may 1751;sons wm + jon;wife (cath killey w/o henry by 1752 who is now dead) execx
1752-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   [full]rev thomas vicar kk marown;
1753-2 A 28      KNEAL        Daniel                   son john,thos,danl;daus ann,joney + margt;wife margt exex;1763: thos mcylworrey marown h/o margt,,john knicle marown h/o joney acks,robt calvin marown h/o ann acks
1753-2 A 29      KINREAD      Isabel                   d 8 apr 1753;sis ann + ellinor;fa + mo (exex) alive;james killey h/o ann
1753-2 A 30      KELLeY       Robert                   d 18 apr 1753;names margt kelley als cubbon;nephew wm kelley;names james kelley,philip kelley,margt kelley,mary kelley and elln [missing but kelly in acks];bro patrick;robt kelley exec;mo margt kelly als crebbin; john creer h/o margt kelly;nephew patrick quiggin;in power of attorney robt kelly described as of kk german;
1753-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Marjery     RADCLIFFE    d 4 May 1753;ch Richard Clucas, Eliz Clucas, Jane, Thos(6d), Wm(6d);husb Ewan Clucas exor;1781: Anthony Merrin (h/o Jane - m Bra 17631120) acks Thos Quine exor of Euan Clucas
1753-2 E      d  QUIRK        Paul                     d 14 Feb 1753;ch Ellinr, John(lame), Philip + Mary Quirk - all ua - next of kin Philip Cowley, Robt Cowley, Mary Cowley + Cath Cowley supvs - wife Margt to have goods + maintaining them;1760 Margt now w/o John Kelly
1753-3 E      d  CRETNY       Thomas                   d 8 aug 1753;2ch thos + ann ua uncles wm + oseph cretney,wm,patr kelly + gilbt cubon;wife alive
1754-2 A 35      MADDRELL     John                     s/o john maddrell kk arbory;bro thos kelly;mo margt kelly als maddrell als quirk exex
1754-2 A 37      COTTIER      William                  d 27 feb 1754;son philip (heir ballagarrey),john (ballabeg);dau alice;bro-i-law thos fargher;wife ellinor als killey exex (other bequests)
1754-2 E      d  CLUCAS       Deborah     KISSACK       d 28 Jan 1754;ch Thos, Wm, John, Isabel,Henry + Ann Clucas jt admrs - all ua - uncles John Kissack, Willm Leece + John Bridson supvs;husb alive + has goods pledges John Kewley(Ballafreer), John Key(ny-Liargee);note that as crop was broken agreed ch to have 35 eually betwixt them
1754-3 E      w  KELLY        Ellinor                  d 15 aug 1754;mo ann kelly + sis isable(w/o david kelly) jt exexs
1755-1 A 5       KELLY        Thomas                   d 29 Jan 1755;ch Paul;gch Thos Kelly;wife exex
1755-2 A 32   w  KEWLEY       Jane                     d 11 Apr 1755;husb Patt Kewley;dau unnamed eldest dau(+ her son), Margt, Alice;son unnamed eldest(not 21); ch Thomas, Alice + Margt jt execs - alice + margt at age + appt overseer of Thomas;inv £21 11s (daus pass Thomas's share to father) [not 100% from wording if there are only 3 ch]
1755-2 E      d  Fayle        William                  d 19 May 1755;Cregwine;ch John, Isabel, Robt, Margt + Nichs jt admrs - last 2 ua - John sworn;inv; 1767: Margt Clark als Fayle acks bro Wm [not mentioned in admrs as eldest + heir]
1755-2 E      w  KEIG         Joney       CRAINE       d 26 Jun 1754;ch Esther(w/o John Kermod + ch);husb Wm Keig exor
1755-3 E      d  CALLIN       Patience                 d nov 1754;ch cath,patience + ann callin all ua uncle thos kelly;husb thos;inv
1755-3 E      dg KELLY        Ellinor     KILLEY       DoGift dated 5 Feb 1752;jt Wm Kelly + Ellinor gift to son Robt; - accepted as will of Ellinor + Robt sworn exor
1756-2 E      d  COTTIER      Isabel                   d 24 dec 1755;ch alexander, thos(2 sons abroad),dorothy + elizth(w/o david looney);
1757-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann         curghey      dau ann cashine als christian;son john,mathias;dau elizth,cath,margt (their uncle rev mathias cirghey);gch ann cashine;husb thos
1757-2 E      w  COWLEY       Ann                      d 18 may 1757;son thos;dau anne execx
1757-2 E      w  KELLY        Bahee                    d 5 may;dau emma kelly execx
1757-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Catherine   FAYLE        d 26 feb 1757;5ch wm,john,patr + margt + robt(eldest had mc);john kelly h/o margt
1757-3 E      w  CLUCAS       Isabel                   of the garf;son wm;gson thos clucas (heir);son thos;dau-i-law joney;gdau isabel + esther clucas;gch john,christian + margt clucas;gch (of son wm) thos + jane;dau jane,christian;son john,david;dau-i-law elizth;gson david cottier;son david + dau jane excs;philip cottier h/o jane;acks from christian quilliam,thomas kanan h/o margt,wm stevenson h/o isable ?;thos kinley h/o christian clucas,elizth clucas w/o john cretney
1757-3 E      w  KARRAN       John                     dau anne,mary execx;sons w + thos not mentioned but court accepts will;robt key h/o ann 
1758-1 E      d  QUILLIAM     John                     left about 30yrs ago, no news for 20;mariner s/o philip quilliam marown;only bro philip
1758-1 E      w  QUINE        Robert                   d 12 oct 1757;ballaharry;bro thos;godson robt quine;goddau ann moore;gson robt quine;gdau jane clucas;names widdows moore,gell,kelly;dau cath clucas exex w/o thos
1758-2 E      w  KELLeY       Ann         CLAGUE       d 14 may 1758;dau eliz(2 ch),isable(son robt,dau mary);son john;gch cath mawee;son-i-law philip killip exor
1758-2 E      d  KEY          John                     d 4 apr 1758;ch robt,john + ellinor(at la) uncle robt key suprv;wife mary;inv
1759-1 E      d  GELL         Mary        QUILLIAM     d nov 1739;only bro Philip Quilliam admr;pledges John Quilliam Kk Patrick, John Caine(Sumner Michael)
1759-2 A 42      CRETNEY      Esther                   d 16 Apr 1749;ch John, Thos, Ann, Margt ; jt execs; names Wm Arthur; gch John, Wm, Thos + cath Cottier;husb alive
1759-2 A 43      MYLREA       Ann                      d 20 mar 1759;of douglas;bro hugh molrea exor;2 unnamed sisters;names others
1759-3 E      d  CAINE        Thomas                   d 27 mar 1759;son thos,wm (had mc)
1759-3 E      w  CANNEL       Thomas                   jt will Thos + ellinr als black;son hugh(eldest - land except parcell Liargy breck called turplackets),edwd,wm,danl,robt;dau margt ...
1759-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Mary                     d 5 jun 1759;ballafreer;names james cottier,elinr stevenson;sis margt;son john (eldest),wm,thos;husb john;
1759-3 E      d  QUARK        Margaret                 d 20 may 1759;sibs ann,robt,john + jane;fa thos quark;also owed goods from philip caine malew but not until death of margery caine who is still living.
1760-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Ann         KELLY        d 14 Dec 1759;ch Christopher + Isabel jt admrs - ua - next of kin Thos Cubon, Chas Key + Henry Kelley supvs;husb alive + has goods - pledges Thos Christian(Ballahutchin), Wm Clucas (Ballanicholas)
1760-1 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Jane        SHIMIN       d 10 oct 1759;ch thos,james,elizth,margt + jane;husb james exor
1760-2 E      w  KARRAN       Elizabeth   BELL         d 7 May 1760;gch Elizth Karran(d/o Wm Karran), William Arthur (to be paid by uncle Paul Kelly);ch Thos, Robt, Eliz, Isable;husb Thos Karran exor
1760-3 E      w  COTTIER      Philip                   d 30 Jul 1760;Ballabeg;ch David (parcel of land called Croit Otes being pt of Ballayarey?).Elinor;bro John Cottier;wife Jane exex;ch uncles Thos + John Cottier supvs;1774: David Cottier acks for himself + obo sister stepfa Tho Clucas
1760-3 E      w  KILLEY       Ewan                     d 1 Jul 1760;ch Ewan, James, Wm (ua);wife Margt exex - pledges (+ witts) Robt + John Kelly;1766: James + Wm acks mother now Margt Jick (w/o Christopher Jick)
1761-1 E      d  CREER        Isabel      COTTIER      d 29 sep 1760;only ch john ua uncle robt cottier + gfa robt cottier;husb philip
1761-2 E      d  COTTIER      James                    d 8 apr 1761;ballagarey;5ch Willm, Thos, Paul, James & Ann Cottier + alexander had mc;john creer h/o ann;annexed agreement with alexdr;inv
1761-3 E      w  KEY          Robert                   dated 7 jul 1761;stepson john kewley;3 ch robt,isabel + cath;wife alive;1773 john caine h/o isabel acks from john kewley h/o ellenor relict of robt;1778 robt kelly h/o cath
1762-1 E      d  KARRAN       Thomas                   d 28 jan;son wm 'no inv necessary'
1761-2 E      w  KELLY        Jane        QUILLIAM     Coolinill,Braddan; d 30 Apr 1761 - declared 25 Feb 1761;names John Kelly(Coroonaugh?) + wife , Jane Gell(widow + her dumb son) + several others;husb John Kelly exor;servant John Kelly
1762-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  perished by cold upon mountain called colden 19 feb;7 ch robt margt eliz thos john jane + chas (4 latter a ) wife margt alive;inv
1763-3 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d 15 jun 1763;son wm,john jt admrs but off island - son james appntd;other ch elizth(w/o Thos cowin, margt(widow of John dawson) + james had contracts;wife alive;
1763-3 E      w  CORLET       Ellinor     BODAUGH      dated 15 sep 1762;husb daniel;dau jane,joney exex;pledges neighbours John Quayle + Thos Mcylvorrey
1762-3 E      w  KELLY        Philip                   bal ne graue;d 4 nov 1762;dau anne,margt,son robt,philip;wife cath;1779 john fayle h/o margt acks
1763-3 E      w  KELLY        William                  d 4 May 1763;ch Robt (+ his daus Jane, Cath + Isabel) exor,John(Douglas)
1763-2 A      w  KEWLEY       Eleanor     CORRIN       d 22 Apr 1763;the Braid;husb John exor;ch Wm(eldest son - half crop etc + her part of purchased land Garey [SSS Oct 1745 43]), John(next bro), Cath - some ua;names Joney Corrin, Kath Kerrin, Ellinor Kerrin;1783: Wm + John ack bequests from father
1763-3 E      w  CLUCAS       Philip                   d 16 Oct 1763;ch Ann, Philip,Nicholas(+ children), Cath + Lenora jt exexs;son-in-law John Fayle(herring nets) {?= step son];gch (ch of son Philip); [his 2nd + current wife was Isable Fayle als Brew]
1763-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Ellinor     CAINE        d 5 aug 1763;ch ellinor, joney,willm,thos + david jt admrs - all ua uncles + aunt Patr Caine, Wm Caine + Cath Cain supvs;husb wm;pledges John Quayle cammal + gilbt corlet both kk michael;
1764-1 E      w  CUBBON       John                     ballaquinney beg;d 8 jan 1764;son john(heir)paul (botchin),philip + robt(knocktrodan),wm (house douglas);dau margt;wife ann exex but fearing debts outweigh effects relinquishes to ch;also son john by prev wife (on his return to isle)
1764-2 E      w  CAINE        Ann                      w/o wm of ballnygrawe ;dau ann boddagh als caine;son philip
1764-2 E      d  CUBBON       Thomas                   mariner s/o john of kk marown;d port royal martinique 1762;hm ship the Dublin;sibs john, wm,robt philip,paul,margaret; afadavit impressed 9 years ago
1765-1 A  7   w  KEWLEY       Mary                     d 24 Dec 1764;Ballalough;husb Nicholas (exor + her part of purchased land [SSS Oct 1730 20] during life);ch Thos(6d), Patrick(£20), Elizth Fayle als Kewley; gch John, Thos + Mary Faile of Ballnyleaney; sis widow Crellin; names "Ballakeish widow + Mary Key widow;
1765-1 E      d  CRETNEY      Mary        BOWLES       next rel mary craine als kermod; mary's husb thos
1765-1 E      w  KILLEY       Christian   FARGHER      youngest son thomas molverry
1765-2 A 53      KINDRED      John                     d 17 jan 1765;wife anne;sons john,wm,thos;mentions croft ballaquinney;wife + thos execs
1765-2 E      d  KARRAN       Thomas                   d 6 may; 5 ch john thos willm robt & ewan;2 latter ua;wife isabel
1765-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     Cooil Injil;left 60 to build a school in lezayre at place called the ayres; educate both sexes;wants to purchase croft & house crot ne kewin belonging capt john oates;other bequests
1765-3 E      w  CLAGUE       James                    parish clerk kk marown;son john, dau ann; wife joney alive;son norris; neice cath curlet;ann dead by 1771;1779 revd john clague is son;
1765-3 E      w  CURPHEY      Richard                  ch unnamed ua uncles john curghy robt curghy wm sayle (? quayle)
1765-3 E      d  GELL         John                     7 ch john thos philip wm margt esther isabel all ua next of kin on fa's side wm cretney, john cretney & wm gill;1774 john cottier also a supv
1766-1 A 7    dg COTTIER      Ann                      dated 1 nov 1746;widow;bal:gommy to son robt;robt stevenson h/o elizth als cottier to whom robt now decd bequeathed all his goods
1766-1 E      d  GELL         Thomas                   a dumb lad;sibs james, wm jane & margt; a legacie left him by jane kelly w/o john of quingile
1767-1 E      d  Key          isabel                   will mislaid - agreement exor Thos Key + sis isabel(now wife of thos key) thos to pay to bro-i-law thos key half of 2 cows + wearing apparel + bowl meat corn - Isabele reliquishes any right to rest of estate;signed thos key + margt Key, thos key + isabel key
1767-3 E      w  KILLIP       William                  d 25 aug 1767;eldest son wm,son john,dau deborah;wife deborah [Deborah spooner]
1768-2 E      w  KELLY        Philip                   d abt 16 Apr;sibs Elinor (?w/o Wm Crellin + her son John Crellin), Mary(+ ch Wm, Thos + Margt Creer),Margt(+ sons John + Wm Creer), Jas Kelly;neice Margt Creer;names several;mother Margt Kelly als Crebin exex
1768-3 E      w  COTTIER      Robert                   d end may;bro james;gson john creer;son wm exor
1769-2 A 38      MOORE        William                  [#14 xd thru]d 6 mar 1769;ch philip,wm,isabella;wife ann exex;pledges thos clucas(of the gart) + paul kelly mason (both marown)
1769-3 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   [?cowle als] [bur Mar 17690624]d june 1769;ch Isable(w/o John Cain), Mary([?cowle]w/o John Kneen), Thos Cowle, Philip(6d), Margt [?kelly](w/o John Fayle - exor);step-dau Ann Kelly;;gch Thos Cain(s/o Isable)
1769-3 E      d  KELLY        Esther      CLUCAS       d 18 apr 1769;sibs John (ua), Isable(w/o Wm Stevenson), Margt (w/o Thos Karran)+ Christian clucas(w/o John Quilliam) jt admrs;husb James Kelly;pledges Thos Clucas (Gart),Thos Clucas(taylor, Peel);petn by John Kelly that there was a m/c but Esther d without being married a year + a day;inc m/c = SSS May 1774 75(note marr was marown 17680827)
1770-1 A 10      CLUCAS       Catherine   QUINE        [full]d 30 Nov 1769;ch  Robert, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elinor,  Margret (all ua);step-ch Thos,wm,henry,isabel + ann;un-named husb exec;
1770-2 A 35      KEWLEY       Patrick                  d 12 apr 1770;dau isabel (eldest),alice,margt;(exex)son thos (eldest),
1770-2 A 36      FAILE        Margaret    carran       d april last;dau isable kermode als faile;gdau esther fargher;un-named husb;dau margt faile exex
1771-2 A 42      GELL         John                     d beg feb;7 gch;dau-i-l barbary gell als callow;bro robt gell;names robt clucas,elizabeth clucas;sis eleanor gell als cretney;thos clucas snr of corvalley exec; acks by wm cretney,john cretney + john cotter granduncles and guardians - john gell,thos gell,ester gell,wm cretney,jon cretney + jon cotter
1771-2 A 43      CRETNEY      William                  shickadow ?;d 10 feb 1771;4 eldest sons thos, john wm + david cretney;4 youngest ch elinor james jane + esther;wife elinor cretney als cubbon;last 3 ch ua
1771-2 A 44      CREBBIN      Henry                    [full]
1771-2 A 45      FAILE        Paul                     d 17 apr 1771;son wm,paul,john ;names esther fargher;dau margt execx
1771-2 E      w  WOODS        Margaret    CORKIL       d 1 may  1771?;dau anne;son james;husb anthony exor;james corkill uncle to ch mo's side guardian
1772-1 A 7       MOORE        William                  d 21 jan 1772;son robt,charles exec
1772-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Robert                   d may last;kerrow garrow;son patk(eldest intack + overseer of thomas),john,robt,thomas;dau isabel;wife mary als gell exex; thos kewley h/o isable
1772-3 E      d  CRELLIN      Mary        CREBBIN      d 5 may 1772;ch margt,wm both ua uncle + aunt willm crebbin,wm quirk + margt crebbin;husb nicholas;inv
1772-3 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    CLAGUE       d 16 apr 1772;ch john,wm + cath (2 latter ua);husb john;uncle john clague supv;inv
1773-2 A 33   jw COTTIER      Abigail     christian    wm + abigail ballayammy ?;son john
1774-1 A 11      MOORE        Ann                      d 18 nov 1773;relict wm;son philip,wm;dau ann + isabel jt exexs
1774-1 E      d  KILLEY       James                    d 14 jan 1774;son wm;dau margt(w/o wm clague) had setl
1774-1 E      d  QUINE        Ann         KINLEY       d 21 may 1774;only son john ua uncle wm kinley + wm arthur h/o isabel kinley;husb paul
1774-2 A 69      FARGHER      William                  d 8 feb 1774;wife elinor als cubbon;ch ua next of kin paul quork + wm corrin guardian
1774-2 A 70      KELLY        John                     d 27 mar 1774;son wm;dau cath;wife cath als clucas;ch (inc son wm) ua next of kin paul quork + wm corrin guardian
1774-2 A 71      CLUCAS       Ewan                     d 28 oct 1774;gch thos,margt + elly cowin;gson john cowin;gch jane + cath merrin[?];dau jane merrin ? als clucas[#10424];son wm,thos;bro philips five ch;sis margt gick als clucas;dau eliz cowin als clucas execx;thomas lewin h/o etty cowin (gda)
1774-2 E      d  KELLY        John,jnr                 d 28 feb 1774;bach;sibs wm + cath;wm ua uncles john quilliam + wm corrin sworn;inv
1774-3 E      w  COWIN        James                    d 16 oct 1774;4 unnamed ch;wife elizth exex;john kinread uncle to ch guardian
1774-3 E      d  McYLCHREEST  Jony        WOODS        ??not in mm index
1776-1 A 14      KARRAN       William                  [full]
1776-1 A 15      ARTHUR       John                     d 15 dec 1775;son wm arthur;names nicholas fayle,robt fayle(5 ch isabella,robt,wm,paul,margt);wife margt als kinnagh;dau christian fayle als arthur exex(w/o robt)
1776-1 A 16      FAYLE        Ann         clucas       bur 7 may 1775;bro philip,nicholas(son john);sis leonora,cath;husb john exor
1776-1 A 17      COTTIER      Mary                     dated 7 nov 1770;dau ann exex(w/o john creer);gch mary cottier;son alexander;pledges charles moore smith douglas,phil creer marown
1776-3 E      w  CLUCAS       Isabel  [faile als]brew  m/c dated 27 Nov 1766  dau Isable Fayle + Thomas Killey/Kelley; Thos Kelley appt  admr; [Isable first hus Wm Fayle (m Bra 17270617)- m Philip Clucas Mar 17570720]
1777-1 A 7       KERMOD       John                     d 21 dec 1776;ballachrink;son thomas,john (iron sledge) + his son john,robt,edwd,wm;dau mary cottier als kermod (+ dau cath),joney;thos+wm exec;
1777-1 E      w  KERMOD       john                     ?will in defuncts with x
1777-2 A 10      CLUCAS       Joney       CORLET       [full]
1777-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Philip                   d 10 jun 1777;[surviving] ch isabel + mary;thos killip h/o isabel,thos moore h/o mary;inv
1777-2 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Thomas                   d 5 may 1777;ch cath,ellinor + ann
1777-3 E      d  KELLY        Ann                      d 16 oct 1777;ch isabel,anne,jane(w/o john cottier),joney + james;pledges john cottier snr ballayemmy + robt kelly rock;claims exceed estate;note that 2 10s payable by wm clague junr crosby on death of wm kelly's stepmo is to be distributed 'penny pound like' - a promissory note (note inv + claims mixed with cath kellys
1777-3 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   key          d 29 oct 1777only ch john ua uncles john caine,robt key,john kewley & charles christian;inv;
1777-3 E      d  kennish      ann                      d aug 1777;ch wm,christopher,anne + isabel;only anne at age;husb hugh;inv
1777-3 E      w  KILLEY       Ann                      dated 26 sep 1777;ballyayemmy beg?;dau jane (money promised her at marr),judy (legacies from gpars ? john kewley balleygarroo),ellinor(w/o john karran) exex;son wm;gson robt quine;pledges john cottier snr ballayemmy + robt kelly 
1777-3 E      d  MOORE        Ann         cneen        d 23 sept 1777;ch wm,thos,robt + charles moore,john kewley (prev husb)
1778-1 A 11      COTTIER      Ann                      ballaclucas;gson john creer;gdau isobel cottier;bro-i-law's dau anne cottier;son wm exec
1778-1 E751   w  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   TAUBMAN      dated 15 nov 1777;husb revd john christian ballanekilley exor;son thos(eldest),wm,john_osborne;dau elizth,cath ,honoria,esther,elinor,jane,margt + ann;maidservant jane creer
1778-1 E753   d  CREER        Ellinor     kissack      d 6 feb 1778;6ch John, Wm, Isabel, Ann Cath + Jane (ua);husb Paul
1778-1 E756   w  CAINE        William,snr              dated 29 aug 1777;balleygraue;son-i-law wm boddaugh;son thos,philip,wm (heir exor)
1778-2 E      w  CRAINE       Gilbert                  dated 13 jun 1778;son wm(heir exor),thos,robt,;dau anne,jane,mary,cath;wife cath als geale
1778-2 E      w  FARGHAR      Catherine   kewley       d 25 oct 1778;sons thos,henry,silvester;dau jane shimin als fargher (w/o wm)exex
1778-2 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas                   d 18 jun 1778;wife margt + dau margt exexs;nov 1778 robt brew now husb of wife margt;
1778-2 E      w  KILLIP       Thomas                   d jul 1778;bach;sis margt;mo isabel brew als killip(w/o robt) jt admxs
1779-1 A 14      KINREAD      Ann         kelly        decld 22 jan 1779;widow john kinread;gch john + wm ,thos mary,ann kinread;son thos,wm exor
1779-1 A 15   jw FARGHER      William                  dated 10 nov 1779;wm + ann als kelley;son wm,thos;dau margt cretney(w/o james);gson wm fargher;poor of marown - isable quark,cath moore
1779-1 A 16      QUAYLE       Jane        kelly        d 18 feb 1779;son henry ua;husbs ch by earlier mar - cath,jane + margt;husb paul exor;uncles thos + john + wm kelly guardian ua ch
1779-2 E      d  CAINE        John                     john + paul nephews of paul cain kk pat died some years ago in their minority;sibs thos wm + robt
1779-2 E      d  CAINE        Paul                     see john
1779-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 26 sep;vicar; petn thos,elizth,cath,honora,ellinor + jane christian;rev thos christian eldest son + also margt + ann;wm crow h/o esther
1779-2 E      dg CLUCAS       William                  Ballanicholas;'no child to depend on except my eldest' john;dg dated 23 mar 1779
1779-2 E      w  COWle        Ann                      dau ann (un mar);husb daniel exec;son john,james;1779 daniel dead ;                   
1779-2 E      d  COWILL       Daniel                   3 ch john james ann [husb of above Ann]
1779-2 E      w  KINLEY       John                     d 30 sep 1779;wife cath kinley als callister execx;
1780   A 20      Corrin       William                  d 16 dec 1779;son thos,wm;dau joney thos + judy execs;wife alive
1780   A 21      KEY          Robert                   ballalough;only son john;wife isabel als oates;made 10 feb 1780;?bur
1780   A 22      STEVENSON    Thomas                   breashen ?;made 15 may 1769;son john,thos, robt; (sledge + limestones);gsom wm stevenson;wife alive;da margaret cowley;his grandson s/o son thos that he had reared
1780-1 E733   w  KARRAN       Jane        fargher      decd 11 apr 1780;son ewan;dau isabel,son thomas,wm,john;husb thomas (6d);dau ann execx;witt elinor fargher als cubbon,cath karran als lewin
1780-1 E735   d  CALLIN       Ann                      d 10 dec 1779;spinster;only bro thos callin (art of agreement);petn by wm taggart c'town wm + john killip german re aunt sis to margt taggart m/o wm taggart + sis to cath killip m/o killips ;small parcel of land to fall to bro thos of ballacallin who took all her cash etc considerable amount no account rendered;agree to a quit claim
1780-2 E439   w  KEANEY       William                  son wm (abroad),john (kk pat);dau cath execx
1781-1 E      w  COVIN        John                     unnamed ch + wife
1781-1 E      w  kenNAGH      Ellenor                  d 6 weeks ago;son thomas crellin;hugh quirk of ballachrink + thomas kennagh of st johns chapel in charge;nephew philip kennagh;rest of her bro's children;court names execrs john kennagh,jane,ann,elizth + ellinor kennaugh
1781-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     d oct 1781;petn by john kewley snr + widow cath als clague re son john (heir ballafreer marown) that he jk snr reliqishes execr;will dated 20 may 1781son john(not 18 - heir, mathematical instruments + books)daus elizth, margt
1782   A 11      kelly        Paul                     d 7 dec 1781;ch paul,thos + wm;wife exex + gdn ch ua
1782   A 12      COTTIER      Margaret    hampton      dated 15 mar 1782;balley clucas [ballaclucas];dau isabel + margt;sis cath cottier [w/o john cottier #12451];son john,robt;poor of parish viz john fayle,isabel quark + jane shimmin;husb robt exor;ch ua john cottier pledge + guardian
1782   A 13      CROW         Catherine                dated 19 feb 1782;ch wm,philip + cath;husb robt exor died before probate - ch cath + philip execs
1782   A 14      COTTIER      James                    dated 21 apr 1782;wife margt;dau ellinor;son john exor
1782   A 15      STEVENSON    Eleanor     moore        dated 4 sep 1777;sis cath,margt skelly als moore exex
1782   A 16      KELLY        Margaret    quirk        d 10 dec 1781;douglas;dau elizth exex
1782-1 E      w  COTTIER      Margaret                 balla yoaman;dated 27 Apr 1782;mother Elinr Cottier;father John; bro Wm 
1782-1 E      w  CROW         Robert                   Mar not Lez?;d 24 may 1782;son thos;ch philip + cath exec;petn by Philip + cath saying that thomas + margt crow + others of ch of Robt disputed as no legay left them
1782-2 E      d  BRIDSON      John                     d 13 jul 1782;minor entitled under will bro henry;fa wm admr
1782-2 E      w  KEANEY       Alice                    thomas callow + jane callow als shimin execs
1782-2 E      w  KERMOD       Ellinor     cottier      d 14 jun 1782;son robt,wm,edwd(if he came),thos exor;names anne kirmod als callow,anne kermod als harrison
1783   A 12   jw CLAGUE       William,snr              dated 12 feb 1783;with wife margt clague als cannon;crosby;son wm (forge + smithy)dau margt killey;gson john clau
1783   A 13      KELLEY       Mary        KEWLEY       dau ellinor corkill w/o richard;gdau anne boyle (house on sandside douglas parlour + half house,half inner garden + whole of outer garden);daus jane,cath,margt
1783-2 E      w  FAILE        Margaret   [gellin]      w/o paul;son john,wm,james;dau eliz w/o john cain,ann faile;1787 john creer h/o ann;;1792 eliz  + james ack;(als not 100% readable..llin)
1783-2 E      w  FAILE        Richard                  bach;bro wm (herring nets),sis isable;fa alive
1783-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     jk snr;ballafreer;neice rebecca clucas als stevenson;gson john kewley;dau margt kewley;gdau eliz kewley execx;inv 9  + fun costs 3-15-0;petn y gdau eliz kewley ballfreer
1783-2 E      d  LEWNEY       John                     d 7 mar;4 ch wm, john,elinor + ann; all ua;wife elinorpledges patr kelly snr + jnr;pat kelly snr guardian
1784   A 40      KEWLEY       Ellinor     kelly        dated 29 dec 1783;son robt,john(of ballygarroo);dau ann(w/o charles christian),isabel(w/o john cain);husb john exor
1784   A 41      GELLING      John                     jt will dated 8 aug 1781;john + ann;ballig;son patk(25),robt(2),john(6d);dau ann,cath;gdau margt corrin that resides with us;1797 john skillicorn h/o gch margt
1784   A 42      CLARK        James                    d 19 feb 1784;ch john,james,thomas,wm + margt;wife margt als fayle exex;ch ua
1784-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Mary        garrett      d 11 may 1784;widow;sibs philip,cath(w/o john kermoad)
1784-1 E      w  clucas       Margaret                 d 22 may 1784;husb nicholas exor;dau jane
1784-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 30 may 1784;ch thomas,john,ann + isabel
1784-1 E      d  GELL         John                     see thomas
1784-1 E      d  GELL         Thomas                   thomas + john gale or gell;d on hm ship raisanable 1777;mo barbary gell;sibs philip,wm,margt,esther + isable;letter from pair dated 9 mar 1777 talks about 8 or nine manksmen together,names wm cottier soldier from marown on the 'ocean'
1784-1 E      d  LoWREY       David                    d 7 mar 1784;ch wm,ceasar,david,alexander,james + isabel(w/o wm cormode)
1784-1 E      d  MOORE        Thomas                   d 11 feb 1784;only dau isabel admx
1784-1 E      d  TAGGART      William                  d 1 may 1784;uncl(by mo's side) thos callin next of kin;
1784-2 E      w  KELLY        Emma                     spinster;nephew Thos Cottier, Jno Cottier;sis Elinor(+ daus Anne + Mary), Margt Cottier als Kelly exex (house etc pt of Ballakelly rent 1d);neice Eliz Kelly
1785   A 22      KELLY        Jane        faile        dated 9 feb 1785;husb thos exor;son robt(purchased lands ballawillin braddan rent 1s),john;dau mary,elinor;son-i-law obt gell
1785   A 23      COTTIER      Margaret                 dated 16 jul 1782;husb john exor; gson john cottier;son james,robt,charles,edward;dau cath,esther;three eldest + two youngest daus
1785-1 E      d  Crellin      Elinor      kelly        declared 9 Apr 1785;d 4 May 1785;bro James Kelly;nephew John Creer(+ wife Ann);sis Mary(w/o Robt Cottier);nephew Wm + Thos Creer;neice Margt Creer (the ch of sis Mary);neice Margt Creer(Douglas); nephew Wm Creer;sis-in-law Alice Kelly; husb Wm Crellin exor; acks from various
1785-2 E      d  CRANE        William                  depted life at house of thomas quine kk pat on 10 mar;only ch ann crane;wife isabel;pledge thos quine h her fa + wm quine of kk pat
1785-2 E      jw CRETNEY      John                     son john,thos,james dau ellinor cowle als cretney,ann cannal als cretney, cath corlet als cretney;son robt;sons wm + robt;robt cowle h/o ellinor;wm corlet h/o cath;wm cannell h/o ann
1786   A 15      BRIDESON     William                  declared 8 nov 1784,d 25th inst;dau elizth callow als bridson,ann mcgray,issable cottier (wife to lay out 1mx for clothes) ;son christopher;wife jane als cubbon exex
1786   A 42      CANNELL      Jane                     d 28 jan 1786;dau jane,cath,elizth;son john,philip;husb patk exor;some ch ua
1786   A 43      COTTIER      Mary                     dated 8 apr 1786;sibs cath,adam(dau mary,isabel) exor,christian;names cath cannell;
1786-1 E      w  CREER        Ann                      w/o daniel;tenants ball ne killey;d 29 may 1786;dau elenor;sis jane kinley
1787-1 E      d  MOORE        John                     d 13 jan 1787;ch edwd,ann,esther(w/o john callister) + cath;inv
1787-2 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   perished by sea 23 sep;fa thomas
1787-2 E      d  KELLY        Thomas                   perished by sea
1787-2 E      d  QUINE        Jane        CORRIN       d 12 feb;5 ch robt,john,joney,jane + cath ua husb thos;inv
1788   A 11   w  STEveNSON    Robert                   botchin;dau margt,elizth,jane,mary,ann;wife elizth;nephew wm stevenson;made 11 oct 1787;patk lace h/o jane;1794 acks from robt kelly braddan,jno fail marown + wm fail douglas from philip kelly of ballagaue + elizth stevenson als cottier re legacy from fa-i-law robt stevenson
1788   A 12   w  TAGGART      Catherine   kelly als callister dau isable bridson;dau cath clague;gdau elinr bridson ;son-i-law wm gell h/o dau elizth execx 
1788-1 E      d  BREW         Esther                   d 7 feb 1788;husb robt;ch wm,john,margt,jane,elinor + esther (some ua - uncle wm taggart);petn by robt that esther's mo had but one sister to esther lawfully begotten viz w/o wm taghart
1788-1 E      d  LAURIE       James                    d 19 aug 1787;mo elizth;sibs wm,caesar,david,alexander,isabel(w/o wm kermod
1789   A 16      KEWLEY       John                     braiyd;son john (his ch eliz + james),wm(daus jane + elizth);gdau margt + elinr kewley ballagarroo;dau cath kewleyw/o robt kewley(ballagarroo)
1789-1 E340   d  KELLY        Ann                      spinster,perished by sea march 1788?;mo mary;sis esther
1789-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Jane        [cubbon]     dated 20 sept 1789;widow of john;now with john cubbon kk braddan;bro wm,richd(h/o mary) cubbon;others named 
1789-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Judith                   dated 25 may 1789;widow;the gart;dau christian quilliam als clucas,margt karran als clucas,rebecca clucas als marrison;gdau esther morrison;gch thos karran illegimate c/o elizth clucas;gdau margt stevenson;names isable faile,phillip cannell;ch now living christian  + margt exexs
1789-2 E      w  KELLY        Jane                     made 9 jun 1789;mo margt kelly;bro-i-law robt garrett exor
1789-2 E      w  KEWLY        Nicholas                 ballough;gch (c/o john faile) - thos,mary,elizth,cath+isable;gch (c/o pat kewley) patk,wm,thos,john,ellinor,isable,esther + elizth;dau christian (w/o robt lewn);son thos;gdau margt (d/o son patk);gch (c/o son thos) patk,thos,john,cath, elinor + jane;son patk exor;1790 mary faile w/o patk craine,elizth faile w/o philip quayle;1802: christopher corkil l h/o margt corkil als kewley
1790   A 10      QUAYLE       William                  decld 6 apr 1794;son john,wm,thos,henry,david;dau ann;wife cath execx
1790   A 11   dg QUARK        Joney                    wife joney als kinley;dau cath
1790   A 12      KELLY        William                  ballaglionney;dau ann w/o thos cottier;jane w/o john cottier;son james;dau isabel w/o james killey;dau judith execx (but decld compas mentis + bro james apptd)
1790-1 E      d  MOORE        William                  d dec 1789, bombay;fa wm
1790-2 E      jw COTTIER      Elinor      CANNON       see john
1790-2 E      jw COTTIER      John                     dated 13 feb 1790;jw john + ellinor als cannon;ballayerman;son wm
1790-2 E      d  KILLEY       Ann         QUAYLE       d 2 aug 1790;son wm;dau margt had settlement
1790-2 E      w  KNEAL        Isabel      KERMOD       dated 4 aug 1790;husb john exor;cunna grinjah ?;son john(eldest),thomas,henry;dau isable,cath;gdau isabel knail
1791   A 18      CREER        Margaret                 [note #18]late of douglas;names jane widow robt cain + her dau margt,richard maley's wife;margt kelly d/o uncle james kelly(marown),cath crellin;margt creer d/o bro john;bro wm;sis [eleanor] w/o patrick kewley;sis-in-law ann creer;
1791   A 19.1    stevenson    Isabel      clucas       [note duplicated #19]d 19 dec 1790;dau elinor;ch wm,john,esther,elinor + margt jt exors;son thomas off island
1791-1 E      w  KELLY        Thomas                   dated 6 jun 1789;trollaby;sons wm,thos,john;dau margt key,cath cottier(+dau elizth);sis ann kelly;wife margt als curghey;dau jane gelling als kelly exex(w/o robt)
1792   A  7  jw  CALLIN       Thomas                   BallaCallin, Thomas & Christian Callin alias Killey alias Curphey, proved 29 March 1792; eldest son & heir Richard Callin, son John Callin, son James Callin, dau Margaret Callin (md Matthias Hampton), gson Matthias Hampton, dau Ellinor Callin (executrix of mother Christian's will; md William Bridson by 1793); gch Thomas & William & Elizabeth Callin.  Testator Thomas died first
1792   A  8      GELLING      Ann                      widow,ballaling;son john,patrick,robt;dau kath,ann;philip corris h/o ann,wm cubbon h/o cath
1792   A  9      CRELLIN      Isabel                   ch unnamed;husb's son by former marr;dau cath + isabel;husb nicholas;
1792   A 10      CALLIN       Christian   kelly        see thomas 1792 #7
1793   A 21      GELL         Barbara                  dated 23 apr 1793;widow;dau elinor,mary;her[?mary or barbara]  ch philip + mary;3 ch wm,esther + isabel 6d ea;dau margt gell exex
1793-2 E      w  GARRETT      Philip                   arrey vane;son wm;daus ann w/o wm cottier + jane w/o patrick corkill;3 gch of decd son john - philip,cath + jane garrett;son robt exec
1793-2 E      d  KARRAN       William                  d 19 jun 1793;only ch margt sherlock als karran w/o john
1793-2 E      dg QUARK        James                    james + wife joney als kinley;dau cath w/o charles cottier
1793-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Margaret    christian als kewley dec 6 mar 1792;dau eliz christian;son thomas quayle;dau mary quayle,dau magery christian;ch charles christian,magery christian,elizabeth christian,wm quayle,robt quayle,margt cottier als quayle, esther kelly als quayle;
1794   A 25      FAYLE        Isabel                   dated 13 dec 1733;husb wm + dau isabel execs
1794   A 26      CHRISTIAN    Mathias                  dated 7 dec 1793;ballaquinney mooar;unnamed ch + wife exex;ch ua
1794   A 27      CLAGUE       Mary        gell         dated 3 sep 1792;son john(cooper douglas),robt,patk;dau isable(w/o thos kewley);son patk + thos exors
1794   A 28      CREER        Philip                   delivered 7 feb 1794;son wm;wife cath;4 unnamed daus
1794   A 29      CROW         Margaret    CREER        d 23 apr,delivered 21 apr;w/o philip;mo ann creer w/o john (kk braddan)
1794-1 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  d 24 Aug 1794;ch John (half estate Ballahutchen), Wm(Ballanard ), James, Margt,Jane;note that Ballakewley Cowle exchanged for Ballahutchin;wife Margt als Cowle - but daus given gowns of their late mother;Wm + John at age + sworn supv of ua ch;
1794-1 E      d  QUINE        Isabel      kelly        d 13 jun 1794;formerly marown late of Liverpool;bro(whole blood) robt kelly + sis(half blood) margt fayle als kelly + elizth kneen als kelly(w/o thos kneen)
1794-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     perished by sea 7 jul 1794;bach;mother majory Christian + sibs ann+ jane (both ua) - Rev Nicholas Christian curate St Georges douglas pledge + guardian
1796   A 17      KELLY        John                     sis ann + cath;fa thos;dated 23 nov 1795;d 15 nov;
1796   A 18      SHIMMIN      Alice                    d 5 jan 1796;dau ann;husb thomas exec
1796   A 19      MYLECHREEST  Dorothy                  d 19 apr 1796;widow;gdau [niece xd thru] kermode ? [partly lost in binding];dau cath mylechreest
1796-1 E      jw KELLY        John                     jw John Kelly + wife Catharine als Craine;dated 5 May 1795;mutual execs;John dead Cath exex
1796-1 E      d  KERMOTT      Isabel      LOWREY       d 2 Aug 1796;ch Thomas, Robert, James, Wm, Elizabeth (w/o Thos Cubbon), Isabel + Margaret - Robt, James, Wm + Margt ua - father Wm  admr + supv of ua ch;
1797   A 23      KEWLEY       Margaret    mylevoirrey  dated 6 oct 1797;husb patk exor ballalough;son thomas,patk (both ua);sis elizth mylevoirrey;names elizth killey;
1797   A 24      KELLY        Robert                   dated 30 nov 1796;rock;son john,robt(heir,wm(youngest exor));son-i-law john quay (h/o isabel).charles moore
1797   A 25   dg COTTIER      Robert                   dated 30 jan 1792;ballaclucas to stepson thos creer;[Robt m Mary Creer San 17841111 - no ch] son john reaches la 17 nov 1796 chooses bro robt + thos corkill kk braddan as guardian;agreement charles kneen [?chk as have mar  thomas to an isable cottier]entitled as husb of dau isabel to give up right;ch margt,robt + john(via guardian thos corkill oolican) agree for 20
1797-1 E      w  CROW         Philip                   made 12 feb 1797;wm kewley exec
1797-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Patrick                  neary;names patrick clague jnr exec
1798   A 24      KELLY        Ann                      dated 12 dec 1797;dau jane;husb wnm exor
1798   A 25      CLAGUE       Isabel                   nearry;ch john,mary,isabel;mo isabel;husb patk exor
1798-1 E      w  CLAGUE       Judith      CANNON       dated 7 nov 1793;widow;dau cath w/o john kewley marown,ann w/o thos lonney kk lonan;son john vicar rushen,norris (houses douglas) exec
1798-2 e667   d  cormode      john                     d 19 jul 1798;4 ch thomas,john,james + wm
1798-2 e669   d  kneale       john                     d feb 1798;6 ch john,wm,thos,henry,isabel + cath;dau ann had settlement;pledges john bridson curate marown + charles lace ballacrebbin andreas
1799   A 23      CAIN         William                  dated 26 mar 1799;banagraue;son thomas,wm,john,mathias exec (5 to poor)
1799-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Margaret    CUBBON       d 7 oct 1798;6 ch john,james,wm,thomas,norris + robt
1799-2 E      w  KERMODE      Elinor   Caine als leece d 6 Sep 1799;Ballachrink;ch James Kermod, Paul Kermode, Edward Kermode, John Kermode, Thomas Caine, Wm Caine, Robt Caine, Margt Caine als kermod;husb john kermode exor;

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