Summary of Wills - Marown 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 13      TEARE        Daniel                   d 24 Mar last;dau mariad tear - ua;wife alive;bro john;
1700-1 A 14      KELLY        William                  son john;dau christian;thomas martin supv
1700-2 E 474  d  KELLY        William                  d 20 Jun [1700]ch Nich,Wm, Tho, John, Margt + Henry jt admrs - all ua + destitute of relns; wife alive + sworn
1700-3 E      d  KElly        Margaret    CHRISTIAN    7 ch robt margt jane john tho isable esthr;husb alive
1701   A 13      CORRIN       Eliza       kelly        d 10 Jan 1701/2;sibs John Kelly, Mary Fayle exex (as she looked to her in her illness for 5yrs when all others had forsaken her);pledges Gilbert Killey, Philip Quilliam
1701   A 14      CORKILL      Alice       COTTIER      child upon her bearing;husb wm;neece quay's dau;;child dead
1701   A 15      FAILE        Mary        COTTIER      husb john;sis bessy;fa alive;;sis anne
1701   A 16      KEWLEY       [mitchell]               [RH margin lost]d beg Dec [1701?];ch pat;(eldest son), wm, john + bessy(jt execs) - the name Wm in index is probably wrong as the corner on the will is lost and the 'M' misread as Wm
1701   A 17      KEWLEY       Mitchell                 identical to #16 ;inv £5 ;pledges Nich Kewley + John Kelly
1701   A 18      KEWLEY       Bessie                   d 30 Dec [?1701];exex to Mitchell (see #16+17) bro Patk = John jt admrs;inv with father's;her own goods + those by mother = 10s
1701   A 19      FAILE        Henry                    d 22 Feb 1701/2;uncle Nicholas Faile;sibs Ellin, Mally, John Kelly, John Faile;father Paul Faile exor;serv maid Katy Kelly;dispute between exor + his stepson John Kelly
1701   A 20      FAILE        John                     d 23 Mar 1701/2;uncle Nicholas Faile, Wm Faile;sis Mary(his pt of goods left by bro Henry); mother alive;nephew Pat Kewley;hlf-bro John Kelly;father + sis Ellin jt execs;Phinlo Kewley h/o Mary;
1701   A 21      KINLEY       Jony        taggart      [rh margin lost]d 18 Apr [1701/2?];unnamed sibs;husb j[] exor;
1701-3 E      d  Calow        Hugh                     d 27 dec;ch isabel,margt,mary + jane - uncle Jo Calow(absent) supv;wife alive
1702   A  8      KEWLEY       Robert                   [faint]dated 18 feb? 1701/2;wife alive;dau cath(married)
1702-1 E 033  d  Kelly        Willm                    d 5 feb 1702 - 3 children John, Jane ,Elizabeth - supv father side John & Henry Kelly; wife formerly widow of  ? Clague - his fa Wm Clague died
1702-1 E 037  w  Kelly        Alice       Creer        d 6 May 1702;s-i-l William Killey, son John Kelly, dau catherine
1705   A 19      KEWLEY       Nicholas                 [very faint]d 4 Dec 1705;5 unmarried ch nicholas, robt,wm,thomas,alice jt admrs;wife alive;thos + alice ua - eldest son john + dau Mariot? supv;
1705-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   d 2 May last;ch Robt,Wm, Cath, Anne + Ellin jt admrs - Robt + Cath at age + supvs;wife alive; Thos Quine claims
1706-3 E      w  FAILE        Mally       QUIGGIN      d 7 Jun 1706;ch John, Nelly(a hive in Ballagraue), Mally(a hive);gch Patk + Wm;names Nicho Faile, Robt Faile of Algaie(owes her 27s); two daus (noted as ch of Paul Faile) jt exexs
1706-3 E      d  FAILE        Paul                     d 16 Jun 1706;ch Nelly + Mally jt admxs
1707-1 E      d  KILLEY       Gilbert                  d 12 jun 1707;ch cath,jony,james,ewan,bessy,wm + john;next of kin fa side cath + ellin killey;wife alive
1708-3 E      d  KELLY        William                  d 17months ago (dated 3 mar 1708/9),mariner, on voyage from Virginia;sibs living- Robt,john,henry,thomas,ann,cath,margt + mary - all absent fa wm sworn;
1710-1 E      d  carran       Isable      OATES        d 24 apr last;ch wm,tho,ann,jo,ewan + cath
1710-1 E      d  LEWNE        Ann         CAIN         d abt 14 yrs ago;ch Wm, John, jane, Alice, Ann+ isabel jt admrs
1712-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Charles                  dated 27 feb 1711/12 at whitehaven;mo Margt exex;names elizth burrick (my chest);note on back debt to landlady 4 weeks diet - also note that left 7 buck skins with John Garrett taylor back lane Dublin
1712-2 E      w  CRETTNEY     William                  d shortly after whitsun 1712;son wm(eldest);wife ann als cottier exex;other unnamed ch - supv uncles Finlo + John Cretney supy
1712-2 E      d  Clague       james                    d 28 dec 1711;ch margt, eliz,wm, james = anne jt admrs;wife alive;inv £11 16s 6d
1713-1 E      d  CORKAN       Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 23 Mar last;son john + hen Corkan jt admrs;husb alive
1713-1 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   COTTEEN      damaged corner missing;bur 24 May 1713;son [lost],robt(had m/c);dau jane kelley;husb john exor
1713-1 E      w  KERMOD       Catherine   QUARK        [significant loss]d 1 apr 1713;ggch Wm Clucas(s/o gson John Clucas); Isabel Clucas, Jony Clucas, John + Henry clucas;names Thomas clucas heir[lost], Margt Clucas, Ann Clucas; Alice clucas als Kermod + John Clucas(s/o Alice) execs
1714-2 E      d  CALLIN       Gilbert                  d 8 Oct last; sibs Thomas, Alice, Christian + Anne jt  admrs
1714-2 E      w  KELLY        Henry                    d 23 Oct [1714];bro John Kelley;ch Jane ua (heiress); wife + Jane jt admxs; wife consents that if Jane die ua then next heir to have half croft + tools etc
1715   A 6       NOWEL        Elinor      GELLING      dated 30 jan 1715/6;husb robt exor;sis dau jony callin;
1717   A 57      CLUCAS       Christian   COTTIER      [full]d 21 dec 1717;dau cath moor, margt + mary jt exexs;gdau elinor moor;husb thomas;servt wm gell
1717-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     Marriod     GELLING      d 7 may 1714;son james,robt,wm,patk exor;gdau mary quillin(d/o james),ann quilliam(d/o robt)
1717-2 E      d  Dymond       James                    merchant;bottin marown + dublin - much correspendance
1718-2 E      w  JOHNSON      Ann                      d aug 1718;names margt christian als kewley,ann gell als christian,mary d/o wm gell;isable karran exex;witt cath johnson als quine;mo sworn in place of ua exex goods only pay for funeral
1719-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     John                     d 28 jan 1718/9;wife jane als brew;refs a m/c to dau jane now w/o john kelly lezayre dated 26 sep 1718;
1719-2 E      d  MOORE        Isabel      WATERSON     d 14 May 1719;4 ch ua Jo,Robt,Mary + Ellin - henry Waterson + John Taylor supvs;husb alive
1720-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     d 12 Oct 1720;landlord Ewan Christian(marown);ch Kath,Wm(6d),anne(exex)
1720-3 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d 10 dec 1720;dau christian clucas als cottier (had no m/c) admx
1720-3 E      d  QUARK        Margaret    KINNISH      no rel appears;husb pat declares no goods for ch but remnants of some money to be collected in chrches of this island;
1721-2 E      w  CREER        Elizabeth                d jul 1721;sis margt woods;mo ann kinley exex;names anthony woods,jane d/o capt bridson,mary quane
1722   A 5       CHRISTIAN    Ann         CLUCAS       d 29 mar 1722;husb ewan exor;son Nich(to be sent to school in some mkt town then put to trade), Ewan,Wm;dau ann,eleanor,mary;gdau ann christian;
1723-1 A 4       CLUCAS       Nicholas                 d week before easter;ch philip,ewan,john,cath + margt execs;son thomas;wife alive;inv
1723-1 A 5       MOore        Robert                   d 14 mar 1722/3;son robt(eldest lands marown,braddan);other ch margt,mary,philip + jane jt execs;names mariot kelly w/o robt at baling miln;
1723-1 A 6       FAIL         Catherine   gelling      d 24 apr 1724;husb danl;dau ann + son john execs;witt john kelley x,ellinor fail als quay x;
1723-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Ann         KELLY        d 4 Feb last;only son Thomas Cain admr; inv 10s
1723-1 E         KEWLEY       Alice                    d beg Feb [1722/3];sibs John, nicholas,Robt,Wm,Thomas(out of Island),Mariod als Kelly;inv apparell£1 14s + purchased housestead some part divided £3
1723-1 E         KEWLEY       John                     d 24 Oct 1723;Braide;ch john(eldest son = ua),Wm = jt exors;wife Cath als Cowley;wife gives her part to her father + mother-in-law prived her own son inherits;witt Isabel kewley(overseer), wm bridson;pledge for wife her bro Wm Cowley(lezayre). for Isable capt Wm Cottier;1737: John Kewley(braid) acks from uncle Robt Kewley all due by death of father John
1723-2 E      w  FAILE        William                  son-in-law Wm Cretney;wife alive(his part of the lime in Henry Christian's land);ch Cath,Ann Paul ;Paul + Cath exors; 
1723-2 E      w  KELLY        Gilbert                  d 14 Oct 1723;Ballavargher;son Thomas Kelley, John,Ann(in Peel); wife exex
1723-2 E      w  KELLY        Jony                     ?+ 5069d;d 17 Sep 1723;dau Cath (ua);husb Wm;annexed note dated 5 Dec 1737 Cath Kelly(Marown) rcvd today £1 8s from John Kay pledge to Paul Kissack wch was portion of goods due her by death of mother Jony Stoale
1723-2 E      w  QUAILE       William                  dated Jun 1723;Ballacotch;son Robt; all his ch jt execs - ua wife appt; inv £5 9s; pledges Jo Loony + Ewan Christian
1723-3 E      w  MOOR         Elizabeth   CHRISTIAN    d 2 Jan 1723/4;ch Cath, Wm, Anne + Mary Moor jt admrs - Wm + Ann Christian uncle + aunt supvs; husb alive; 1731: son Wm acks 14s spent on sis Cath's funeral
1724-1 A 13      KELLY        Henry                    DoGift dated 2 Oct 1718; by Henry + Kath;ch John(wife Isabel) - all goods at decease of langest liver; accepted as will of Henry - John sworn exor
1724-2 A 95      KELLY        William                  d 14 jan [1724];'the rock;son robt(heir),john('what money Peeltown shoomakers were indebted unto him'),thos jt exec with wife;dau ann,cath,mary;wife Cath dead by probate;1725: Philip Curlet claims against exrs of his father & mother.inv £94 11s inc £47 10s cash
1724-2 A 96      KELLY        Catherine                d 21 jan ;see thomas;son-i-law edward christian (h/o Mary)
1724-2 A 97      CLUCAS       Allice      KERMATT      [full];d 9 feb 1724/5;son john, wm + henr (jt exors);gch isable fargher als clucas,wm clucas, john clucas, henry clucas;dau isable (w/o john kissag),margt (w/o John Quirk); [have m/c old deed patk #43 for dau margt]
1724-2 A 98      HARRISON     Thomas                   d 26 jan 1724;sibs john,mary,wm,jane;names christian + Wm cubon, mary cretney;father Wm exor
1724-2 E      w  CAIN         Jane        CREER        dated 5 dec 1724;husb thos exor;
1724-2 E      w  GELL         Margaret    woods        bur 14 Aug;names Mary Taggart, Isable Brideson;child upon her bearing exor - ua - gmo + Margt's husb sworn; mother Ann Taggart
1724-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d beg apr 1724;ch john + elizth jt admrs,ann(had m/c);wife alive;annexed agreemnt that John has crop + gears, Elizth household good
1725-1 A 7       CORRIN       William                  bur 6 mar 1724;child on his wife's bearing (£5 of portion promised by father);fa wm;sis Margt,cath;
1725-1 A 8       KEWLEY       John                     [braddan xd thru - marown added]dated 4 or 19th? Jun 1725;John Kewley(of the Brade in Kk Marown[corrected from Braddan] )d 17 Mar last;wife Alias [alice] Kewley;ch Robt,Elizth(d abt a fortnight after her father) execs - mentions 20s due to a dumb boy that was in the house; witt Finlo Kewley, Gilbert Cashin
1725-1 A 9       GELL         William                  bur 3 Apr 1725;wife Jane als Christian (if pregnant any child exor other Jane exex + to have Ballacotch if she did not remarry);names Thomas Gell youngest son of Patk Gell(Ana:Lungry Kk Michael) as residuary legatee of Ballacotch;names Thomas s/o Kath Karran (kath a witness + John Costain);4 Jun 1726: Wm + Patk Gell great uncles to posthume sworn supvs;1743: Cath Gell (the posthume) acks satisfied  + stepfather Thomas Carran to deliver crop; J[] Kinley als Taggart claims
1725-1 A 10      GELL         Bessy[Eliza kaighen      d 3 Feb 1724/5;ch John Gell,ellinr jt execs
1725-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CLAGUE       d beg Feb [1724/5];ch Ann, Margt + Tho Christian jt amrs - ua - uncles + aunt Wm, James + Isabel Clague supvs;husb alive
1725-1 E      w  CLAIG        William                  d mid Feb 1724/5;Ary-ne-seiy? ;ch Robt (eldest son),unnamed other ch(6d);wife Katharine als Fayle exex;Witt Patk Kelly (dead by probate) + Ann Kelly - court decrees in absence of 2 witts the 5 ch Robt, Wm, Jo, Margt + Patk Clague jt admrs - all ua - next of kin supvs;1736: Robt (eldest ) sworn
1725-1 E      w  CRETTNEY     Catherine   FAILE        d abt a fortnight in May 1724;husb John Cretney;bro's son Wm Cretney;sis's dau Ann + Cath retney;mother alive;only ch Margt cretney exex - ua - gmo not able so her ch Paul + Ann Fail sworn supv;witt isable Clucas als Kelly, Alice Callin;pledges Wm Fargher + Paul Faile;1744: James Radcliffe h/o Margt Cretney acks Wm Cretney
1725-1 E      d  KELLY        John                     d 22 Feb 1724/5;Trollaby;only dau Cath Corrin als Kelly (widow) admx
1725-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     William                  declrd abt 6 years ago;bro Robt's dau Jane Quilliam;bro Pat Quilliam exor; court notes he d in Lezayre
1725-2 A 102     KEWLEY       Ellinor     cannon       d 2 May 1724/5;ch Robert(half her pt of crop), nicholas, Wm(h/o anne) - prev 3 sons jt exors,thomas(20s),mariot als kelly; 1725:tho cowley[sic but signs thus] acks from bros robt + wm 20s due by mo's will + 10s due by death of sister Alice kewley
1725-2 E      w  GELL         Elizabeth                d 31 Jul 1725;bro Philip Gell(6d);mother Byhee Gell exex;
1726   A 11      COTTIER      Patrick                  son robt;fa-i-law wm kerran;wife mart exex;dau jane;pledge james cottier
1726-1 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d end feb 1724;ch robt, wm, jon, margt + patr jt admrs - only robt at age;wife alive;inv £7 9s 10d (the will is xd thru )
1726-1 E      w  CUBON        Ann         KEIG         d 19 may 1726;foster ? child robert gell;nephew john duke;aunt's dau elizth christian;husb thomas;ch margt, robt + john - all ua  jt execs with husb - supv aunts margt + nelly kegg;inv;1747: ch ack from fa
1726-1 E      w  FARAGHER     Bahee       KELLY        d 28 may 1726;gch jony quayle, jon + ann fargher;dau-i-law cath;ch mary gell als fargher;husb john jt exor with Mary;john quayle (+also obo dau jony + ann) claims for money + a choice bed
1726-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Nicholas                 d 12 dec [?1725] son nicholas admr (other ch had m/cs) - pledges paul + wm gelling
1726-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Patrick                  d 29 sep [?1726] only ch philip admr - ua aunt ann kewley supv;wife alive; supv gives pledges finlo + Wm Kewley - crop + husbandry gears in hands of philip's gfa;paul kissag claims obo wife for wages;1745: Philip acks from aunt Anne Kewley
1727   A 3       KEY          Margaret    CUBON        bur 10 mar 1726;son philip cowley knockrule;dau elinor moor,isabel key exex;husb jon;
1728-1 E      d  MOORE        William                  d 10 mar 1727/8;sons wm + robt(out of island);heir jon had m contrct
1728-1 E      w  ROSWELL      Mary        WhetSTONE    ireland;d aug 1723;only dau mrs elizth hutchinson als heyland w/o mr hartley hutchinson
1728-3 E      d  STEVENSON    Mary        CORKILL      d 16 nov 1728;ch john,thos,robt + margt - uncle finlo corkill supv;husb thos;
1729-1 E      d  KILLEY       James                    d 29 ? mar 1729;sibs john(non corpis mentis),thos,mary snr , mary junr, jane + ellen
1729-1 A 14      GELL         Margaret    CRETNEY      decrd 4 mar 1728/9;ch john,margt;sis mary;husb alive
1729-1 E      d  NOWELL       Ann         CLAGUE       d 16 mar;ch philip + ann admrs;
1729-2 A 97      CLUCAS       Margaret    QUAY         bur march;son thomas(elder);dau ann; other unnamed ch;husb thomas;bro thomas (+his ch);inv[full]
1729-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     d 22 oct 1729;bro patk,wm;neice ann kewley;names mary d/o cath Cottier;neighbour philip clucas;bro-i-law patk + henry Kelly;wife cath als Kelly exex;pledges + witts Wm Garrett + Robt Kewley;
1730-2 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   d 26 mar 1730;9 ch john,jane,tho,isabel,esther(w/o tho cretney),ann,ellin,amy + margt;wife bahee als loony
1732-1 A 7       BELL         Jane        fargher      dated 10 may 1732;ch thos,mary;husb alive;1742 thos bell acks from cath bell als callister exex to nics bell;1744 mary bell acks from exors nic bell
1732-1 A 8       KEY          Robert                   dated 14 feb 1732;ballalough;son john(eldest);other ch;wife isable als moore exex
1732-1 A 9a      gell         william                  dated jan 1734;dau cath;ch wm,thos,mary jt exors
1732-1 A 9       MOORE        Catherine   gellin       dated 23 ? 1732;dau isable;gdau ann moore;son jon? exor
1732-1 A 10      CAROON       Jony        cottiam      dau jane,elizth,mary;son john,wm(his daus)thomas;husb alive;may + thos jt execs
1734-1 A 4       CAINE        John                     d 20 apr 1734;only ch mary exex;wife jane creer;inv
1734-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   [full]d 16 apr 1734;[the rock]capt robt kelly;ch cath,wm,robt (?ua next relns tho,anne christian, mary(w/o edwd christian)+ cath kelly supv);wife alive
1734-2 E      w  BLACKMORE    Francis                  sis dionis  her 4 ch + hus thos tobin ...
1734-2 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   adjudication of a claim
1735-1 A 10      KELLY        John                     dated 8 Feb 1734;Ballany Grau;ch Patrick, Mary, Philip(+ wife);wife Jane exex
1735-2 A 42      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    KELLY        d 13 dec 1734;gch thos,mary + elizth;gson charles christian;dau ann christian als gell;son wm exec
1735-2 E 020  w  CALLIN       Thomas                   dated 24 may 1735;son thos;dau alice,ann (pt intack above house viz n. part from new lodge to mountain fence);alice+ann execs
1737-2 A 46      KEWLEY       Isabel      GELLIN       ch Patrick(+ch) exor,nicholas,ann(w/o robt cottier);gdau isabel,alice;witt Philip Cross + Robert Kewley(also pledge)
1738-1 A 16      Creer        Mary        CORLET       d 17 feb 1737/8;unnamed daus;husb robt exor
1738-1 A 17      CLUCAS       Ann         quay         d 1 apr 1738;husb alive;unnamed heir;2 daus jt exexs - dau ann dead;uncles capt clucas,hugh crain,john kaighin overseers;other dau ester;husb wm of ballanicholas;bro henry dead by 1751;1755 esther w/o wm alexander
1738-1 E      d  clucas       ann                      dated 15 may 1738;orphan d/o wm clucas + ann als quay who died in childbed,d soon after mother;sibs henry,esther
1738-1 E      d  COLVIN       William                  d 30 nov 1737;ch joseph,stephen,isable,wm - next relns danl+henry colvin overseers;wife margt als christian;agrmt  wife + arthur+ danl colvin
1738-2 E      w  CAIN         Adam                     d 21 jun 1738;son edw,john,adam;dau cath;wife exex
1739-1 A 9       KELLY        John                     d 24 Jan 1738/9;ch Thomas, James, John exor;gdau Mary(d/o Thos)
1739-2 A 41      GELL         Alice       CARRAN       d 2 jan 1739;bro john,gilbt karran;names wm karran,thos karran jt exors
1740-1 A 7       KARRAN       Catherine   KELLY        d 4 apr 1740;son thomas oates;son robt,wm karran,nicholas karran;dau ann + margt karran;1753 margt at la + mentions fa wm karran's will;[full]
1740-1 A 8       COTTIER      Alexander                d 16 dec;son alexr;ch thos eliz + dorothy jt execs
1740-1 A 9       KELLY        Ann                      d 29 mar;sibs wm,margt exec(w/o wm fail?)
1740-1 E 20      stole        Isabel      KNEAL        d 21 Apr 1740;4ch Mary, Margt, Isabel + Alice - no relation of mo in court ch comitted to father John Stole
1740-2 A 72      Cubbon       Ann         cretney      note apparently filed under maiden name;d beg dec last;h most unamed, son thomas apprentice fee; dau cath, margt anne;mother alive;gilbert cubbon husband
1740-2 E      w  ARTHUR       Catherine   CORKAN       d 8 Aug [1739];w/o john;[m Mic 17381028]child Christian Arthur exex - ua - child's uncles Patr Corkan + Henry Kewley supv;sibs Elinor, Patk, Jony;names Anne Cottier; widower to have goods - inv £5 9s 4d inc flax seed + flax yarn etc
1740-2 E      w  KELLY        Mary                     d 20 Jun 1740;bro John(+ wife), James, Paul, Thos; parents Thos + Elizth Kelly jt execs
1740-3 E      d  GELL         Mary        QUILLIAM     d 15 Dec 1740;only son John Gell admr - ua aunt Cath Quilliam supv; husb Gilbt Gell
1741-1 A 22      QUINE        Jane        KELLY        d 20 Feb;to the heir(the new intack);dau Cath (+ another unnamed ch);pregnant;father dead - husb to sue for goods due her;;husb exor
1741-1 E      d  FARGHER      Ann         QUINNEY      d 23 mar 1740/1;only son wm
1741-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     d 13 Jun 1741;ch Margt, Mary, Thos, Ellinor, Phillip,Catherine, james; wife Margt exex
1741-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Finloe                   d 10 Oct 1741;son[? in law] Wm Killey, ann(exex);gson Phil Kewley(+ dau Anne Kewley); bro Wm(two children twins);gch Jane + joney killey,wm killey;witt nich kewley, robt kewley
1742-1 A 4       KELLY        Catherine   CREER        d 13 apr 1742;son henry;gson thos kelly,wm kelly,robt kelly,paul kelly;son nicholas exor;names gilbt creer(+wife),ann quirk,ann gell
1743-1 A 13      CORRIN       Catherine   [?corkill]   d 23 jan 1742/3;sis anne;names other people;bro wm corkill, james corkill + his dau margt;sis joney;husb wm; [?m Mal 17240519]
1743-1 A 14      CUBBON       Margaret    CORRIN ?corr dau ann,margt,christian;nephew thomas stole;gch john + wm cubbon;son thomas;1743 john cottier h/o anne cubbon;
1743-1 A 15      KERMOD       Letitia                  d 15 ap; husb jon heir + other 2 ch;1769 wm cottier h/o mary kermod acks
1743-1 A 16      FARGHER      Ann         KEG          eldest son john;dau ann;2 ch wm + robt fargher
1743-3 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d end jul 1743 in Dublin;s/o Robt Moore Ballalough;next relns uncle Philip Moore + aunts margt,mary + Jane Moore;pledges John kelly Ballalough, john Callow sumner
1744-1 E      d  ARTHUR       Ann         Kerran       d beg Feb 1744;ch John + Wm jt admrs - ua - next relns Robt + Isabel Kerran(uncle + aunt); Ewan Currann uncle also supv
1744-2 E      d  CARRAN       ann                      d mid may;ch wm,anne,mary + thos all at age
1744-3 E      d  McYLCHREEST  Jony        WOODS        d end aug 1743;only son thos
1745-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Henry                    d end dec 1744;minor due goods by death mo ann als quay;only sis esther - at age but as yet inacpable, her fa Wm + uncle John Kaighin sworn;1755: Esther now w/o Wm Alexander acks from fa;
1745-1 E      d  KELLY        Richard                  decree dated 20 May 1745;left Isaland abt 3 yrs ago + certain intelligence that d intestate;s/o Thos Kelly due goods by death of mother Jane Kelly als Clark;sis of whole blood Jane Kelly admx of goods wch descended by his mother - pledges Wm Caine(BallaGraue),John Kelly(e Vullyn)
1746-2 E      w  KILLEY       John                     d abroad;had goods by decease of parents Gilbt + Ann Killey ;sibs James, cath ?,[?overwritten] wm , jony + elizth(w/o john nowel)
1747-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Patrick                  d 1 mar 1746/7;dau ann admx ;other dau Mary had m/c)
1747-2 E      d  FARGHER      John                     perished by sea abt 2 yrs ago;sibs wm,robt (ua)+ anne;
1747-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Philip                   d 23 sep 1747;dau ann;wife ellinr;wm moore half bro superv;wm moor + robt key (2nd husb of ellinor) were guardians of john kewley heir to ballagarroo + petn;1763 john at la
1748-1 A 11      KEWLEY       Mary        FAILE        d 1 dec 1748;gch ellinor killy,wm killey,jane + jony killey;names ann kewley,philip kewley;dau ann killey als kewley exex
1748-2 E      d  BRIDSON      Esther      KELLY        d 24 Jun 1748;ch Elizth, Anne, Wm + John jt admrs - all ua uncle Wm Kelly + Nicholas Halsall(h/o of aunt Margery ) overseers - also noted that uncle Thos kelly, aunt Isabel + Ann to be sworn
1749-1 E      d  MOORE        Thomas                   d xmas 1748 at Ulverston Lancs(in house Mary Taylor widow) having left Island abt 7 yrs ago.sibs wm, ann, mary + elizth
1748-2 A 113     FAYLE        John                     dated 19 Dec 1748;names Gilbert Cubbon's ch - Ann(eldest dau), Wm + Margt(2 youngest ch);names John Cretney(s/o Wm Cretney), Wm Cretney senr(all sheep that was between tewm); names Cath Cubbon als Cretney exex; wit Christopher Kinley x, Ann Callin x
1749-2 A 36      FAYLE        Judith      quirk        dated 16 Dec [yr lost in binding];widow;gch Margt + Marey Cretney, Thomas, John + Paul Cretney; names Wm Cretney(all sheep between us), Judith Cretney (w/o sd Wm step father to sd children)) names Wm Callin, Ellinor Cretney; son Paul Fail(my cow);son-in-law Wm Cretney exor

1749-3 E      d  KELLY        Ann         KELLY        d 24 jan 1749/50;ch ann,john - both ua uncles John + Robt kelly overseers;husb james

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