Summary of Wills - Marown pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1625   e 261     KEWLEY       John                     d 4 may [1625?] infant due goods by death of mother;unnamed bro? + sister admrs;father alive
1638   e 446     CRETNI       Maly                     d 17 Feb; intestate ;no goods + no kindred
1639-1 e 006     KERMOTT      Humphrey                 [rh margin lost]d 10 dec 1639;infant;bro? tho + John kermott admrs - supv on mothers? side Tho + Hnry Quiggan to be sworn;inv contained in mothers will Mally Quiggin
1641   e 626     KEWLEY       Alice                    d 16 mar 1641;sibs robt + margt jt admrs;inv in mo's will
1642   A      w  FAYLE        William                  d 19 Mar 1642/3;ch John, Wm,Eliz,Donold;wife Kathren als Kneele; inv 24s 6d(inc 1 cow + 1 bullock)
1642   e 22      Gellen       Jo                       d 28 Jan 1642;infant;aunt Christian Kewley (next of kin by mo's side by whom the goods came) admx;father John Gellen
1645   e 434     CLUCAS       Hugh                     foxdale;bro henry clucas;wife alive;only legitimate dau Ellin Clucas exex - Henry clucas supv;Oct 1668: Wm Quirke h/o Ellin;
1645   e 434     Quirke?      isabell     CORRIS       [loss at rh margin]only dau Marriad Qu[irke?] exex (at age);witt jo Harrison + Philip Quirke;
1651   e 051     CLUCAS       Kathrene                 d 28 dec;gilbt clucas admr
1651   e 051     MOORE        John                     d 23 jun;ch john, thos, richd, wm + ann moore jt admrs - care of next rels fa's side;wife alive
1651   e 053     COWLEY       John                     d 23 Sep; wife alive;only sister[unnamed] admx
1659   e 116     KEWLEY       Christian   KELLY        [indexed as Christian kelly]d 3 dec 1658;only dau christian kewley admx - at age
1661   e 070     kewley       Ann      KELLY nee LEWNE [damaged with loss at rh margin] d 19 may [1661];ch patrick ke[],; jane + margt kelly + margt kewley + Will kewley - ch at age overseers of ua ch;husb alive
1661/1 A 2080 d  LEWN         William                  (page 26)d 13 jan [1662/3?];7 [] ch - wm, john, rob, jain, alice, ann + issable - 3 eldest at age; inv 15s 6d
1661/1 A 2101 w  caine        Christian                (36)d 26 Nov? 1662;sibs Ann(6d), Nicho;younger sis [?same Ann]Ann caine exex;inv 12s 6d
1666   e 633     KEWLEY       Joney                    [page 1]]headed 1666 [index has infant]i[v faint]nfant,d 1 Apr ;decreed [] Isable Kelly, phillip kelly;joney?,marg:, bessie kelly admrs
1669   E 135     KEWLEY       William                  d 25 Aug last[?1669];sibs (all at age) admrs;father alive;one sib john(only one fit to travel);unnamed illeg child of Wm ;inv 7s 6d
1670-2 E 481     KEWLEY       Bessie      CALLOW       d 10 Apr 1670?l;ch bessie + Alice kewley jt admxs - next of kindred supv;husb alive;inv 13s;1676: alice at age
1671-1 E 678     KEWLEY       ..le                     [losss] d 22 Apr 1671;'had nothing'
1671-2 E 753     KEWLET       Ellin       COWNE        d 2 Sep 1671;ch John + Pat Kewlie, christian kewlie, Rich Kewlie exor;
1672-2 E 090  w  QUIGGIN      John                     d 12 sep 1672;nephew henry fayle;sis mally Quigin exex;owed wages from Margt? thomas fletcher;inv 4 sheep,1 cow
1673-1 E 154  d  caine        Mally       CUBON        [1st in 1673-1]d 7? Apr 1673;ch Jony + Christian caine jt admxs - next of kin on mo's side supvs;inv in 1st bk 1674;
1674-1 E 299  d  CAINE        Stephen                  d 20 dec 1679;ch Jony + Christian jt admrs - next of kin(fa's side) supv [see also lib vas 1785]
1678/1 A      w  CREER        Averick                  d 2 Apr 1779;son-i-law Oats Kelly;gch John Curghey;ch Margt, Oates Kelly exor;names Nicholas Curghey
1678-1 E 234  w  Fargher      edward                   d 20 Apr;ch John(off Island), Jony + Robt jt admrs  - all at age;wife alive
1680-1 E 150  w  CAINE        Thomas                   d 12 Sep 1680;gch Thomas Caine, Cath Caine, John;wife Mary als Crellesh (jt exex with son John);wife's sis Jony Crellish;names Jon Caine (Kk German), Dorothy Quirk;inv
1683-1 A      w  CAIN         John                     d 3 dec 1683;ch Tho(half a qtr mortgaged land, half crop,gears etc), Kath + Ann jt exexs - Thos Kermott + Will Killey overseers (sd ch being orphans);serv Robt fargher;wife alive;inv
1684-1 E 023  w  Taggart      Margaret    Hanton       dated 15 May 1683;son John Taggart;half brother Will Moore;names Robt Hanton in Braddan; her loveing [??ister ?master] Tho ? Kermett exor;inv only her clothes
1685-1 A         KEWLEY       John                     d 20 Sep 1679;ch John(half crop etc), Robt, Nicholas, Elizth + Alice (last 4 jt execs - 3 at age) ;wife Alice
1688-2 E 796     KEWLEY       Alice       Crellin      dated 26 Jul 1687;ch Robt, Nicholas, Elizth, Alice, John;unnamed dau-in-law; daus Eliz + Alice jt exexs;youngest child ua + in hands of bro nich??  [overleaf note that Jon Creere claims agt mo-in-law Christian Kewley for 6s yet behind of his portion
1689-1 A         CLUCAS       John                     [full]dated 3 dec 1689;fa wm;bro thos(+ his dau cath) jt execs;
1689-1 A      w  Kelly        Ann         CURLET       [names reversed in index] d 18 Dec 1689;husb John Kelly;ch Margt Quay, Jon Kelly, Margt Kelly,Robt, Wm Quay(youngest son) - last 3 jt exors all at age
1689-2 E 139  w  KELLY        John                     wife Margt;ch John, James + Cath exors - supv James Kelly, Ro Kelly + Hen Crellin; 1714: John acks uncle James the remainder of what was unpaid to James (now decd) viz 5s 6d; 1719: Cath Kewley als Kelly acks to have been pd 20s from Robt Kelly decd
1689-2 E 140  d  CURLET       William                  d 15 Oct  [?1689];ch Mary, Ann + Margt Curlet jt admrs - all at age;inv  10s
1689-2 E 141  d  KELLY        William                  d 1 Feb last;ch Wm, Phil + Margt admrs - next of kin viz James Kelly , Ro Kelly + Henry? Crellin?[inserted text] sworn in court ; wife alive; inv decd's part of 12s stoakes of corn in the croft [] - 4 15s; 1699: Wm + Margt ack paid their portion
1689-2 E 142  w  QUILLIAM     Thomas                   dated 20 Aug 1689;names Patk + Elizth Kewley; unnamed sister + her son; Capt Quilliam + his son Jon the roofe of the house;wife Ann exex
1689-2 E 143  w  Kewley       Catherine   Scarfe       ch Nich(6d), Ann(6d), Mary (2/3 estate)+ Christian jt exexs; names margt creere;inv 8s 6d
1689-2 E 145  w  QUACKIN      Thomas                   dated 9 Aug 1689;ch Jony(a qtr of his croft below the river called Boly veg, + a room of 2 couples for herself until she married) exex, Tho;names Margt his bro's dau;granchild Elizth Preston; inv (extensive 918s 9d
1689-2 E 146  d  QUACKIN      Ellinor                  d 2 Aug;sibs Tho + Jony jt admrs
1690-2 A      w  CURLET       Margaret    CANNEL       d 14 mar 1690/1;husb john corlett exor;names thos corlett,ellin christian;witt will cannell x, margt xtianals kelley x;inv 3 6d
1690-2 A      w  KEWLEY       Ann                      d 28 Jan 1690/1;sis Cath;names Phill + Wm Kewley exors  
1692-2 E 678  w  KEWLEY       Philip                   d 29 Aug 1692;ch Finlo(eldest son),Ann(6d),Elizabeth(6d),Alice(6d),Mary, John + Wm jt execs[Mary sworn other 2 ua ? ];wife alive(+ has goods of John + Wm plege Nicho Kewley] inv £1 12s 8d
1692-2 E 690  w  TAGGART      Ellinor     BRIDSON      dated 22 Aug 1692;2 unnamed daus - her bro Will Bridson + John Duccan to be supvs;husb John Taggart exor
1693-1 E 009  d  CREER        Ann                      d 24 Feb;sis Mally + Kath jt admxs;husb alive; Wm Kelly claims
1694-2 E 153  d  JICK         Henry                    d 16 Sep last[?1694];ch Robt, Henry + Kathrine Jick jt admrs - next of kin (fa's side)uncles  Phinlo, Wm + John Jick supv;wife alive;1712: Henry acks from uncles his part 9s 5.25d, 1713: Robt acks
1694-2 E 154  w  FAYLE        Daniel                   d 24 Sep 1694; ch James, John, Dan, Catherine jt execs;gch James Faile
1695-2 A      w  CONSNAHAN    Margaret                 [full]
1696-1 E 342  d  Kewley       Jony        KEWN         d 11 Feb 1695/6;unmarried ch John, Mary + Wm(ua) jt admrs;husb alive;goods of youngest child in hands of eldest son Phinlo
1699   A      w  QUILLIAM     Thomas                   d 14 jan 1699;son wm,philip;dau  ann;dau-i-l ann clague;son & dau philip & anne quilliam execs
1699-2 E 140  d  KEWLEY       Ann         Kelly        d 25 Apr last;ch Patrick, Wm, Elizth + John jt admrs;husb alive;inv £3 6s pledges Nich Kewlley + Phill Quilliam
1699-2 E 231  d  KEWLEY       Mary        Killey       d 25 Jun last;ch Wm, Cath + Anne jt admrs; pledges James Clague + Jo Kewley

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