Summary of Wills - Michael post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

some 70% of those [245/338]in period 1800-1840 are summarised here; See index page for explanation of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 51      COTTIER      Adam                     dated 28 oct 1799;bishops demesne;ch thomas,adam,john,ann boyd [als cottier],isabel,mary;wife cath exex;
1800   A 52      KELLY        Ann         dawson       dated 29 jul 1799;ch thomas,philip 'Mathias or Matthew', cath,john(all other chattels etc - with advice John Kermod snr ballachrinck)
1800   A 53      CANNON       John                     dated 23 jan 1800;Ballanaa;bro wm;mother isable;son john,robt,wm;dau ann (1818: w/o wm cross);wife margt exex;petn by wife: d 24 feb - all 4ch ua
1800   A 54      KELLY        Matthias                 son-i-law david quayle;wife margt exex
1800   A 55      QUAYLE       John                     dated 21 jul 1800;ch Philip,Jane (2 youngest),john,cath,robt,ann;,thos;[?weaver all ch left webs];thos,robt + ann execs;wife alivepetn d 18 nov
1800-1 E         FARGHER      Margaret                 d 4 feb 1800;ch matts + ann (had m/cs),thos + Alice (admrs but relinquish wm),wm(sworn assisted by fa);husb robt;
1800-1 E         SHIMMIN      John                     dated 24 may 1800;balallise kk german;ch john(plow etc),hugh,wm,thos,philip,robt,isabel,elizth;wife joney als corlett;some ch ua
1801-2 E         CANNELL      William                  d nov 1801;father john admr
1800-2 E         CLARK        Patrick                  d 4 jul 1800;petn by wm cain + margt  clark that fa Patk left them execs but ignorant of law + now need probate
1800-2 E         CLARKE       Thomas                   dated 13 jan 1794;bro wm clark exor;sumner charges elinor cain + margt clark
1800-2 E         GAWNE        John,snr                 declrd 30 jun 1800;bishops desmesne;ch john exor,thomas;gson john gawn(s/o john)
1800-2 E         KISSACK      Hugh                     bach;petn by bros-i-law John Corkan(h/o margt),adam Caine(h/o Ann),Robt Quin(h/o cath) + bro  john kissack that Hugh/ewan Kissack commander of a Guineman of Liverpool in Nov 1799 parted company with other two ships on voyage home and no subsequent news;petnrs + thomas Kissack(off island) + Edward Kissack are next of kin ;court decree follows petn inappointing them jt admrs
1801   A 42      SAYLE        John                     dated 27 nov 1800;ballamanagh;ch john,danl,wm,philip,henry,thos,ann,jane;wife cath als tear exex
1801-2 E         MYLEVORREY   Thomas                   d 21 nov 1801;sibs adam(santan),philip(beyond  seas),wm(decd - ch patk, ellinor(w/o paul killip ballaugh),isabel (w/o thos kelly kk german)),elinor(decd [w/o john will 1799] - ch john(ballaugh),mathias[?=matthew](ballaugh) + thos(jurby) corlett);pledges thos kewin(jurby),charles lawson(ballaugh)
1801-1 E         BELL         Margaret    quayle       d 25 feb 1801;ch mary + margt jt admxs;husb thos
1801-1 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     d 2 jan 1801;bach;father wm admr
1801-2 E         FARGHER      Robert                   d 5 oct 1801;son thos,mathias,wm (weak in intellect);dau alice;son-i-law thos taggart;
1802   A 62      QUIGGIN      Anne                     dated 1 apr 1796;Knoa-ne-fessag ?;ch wm(eldest son), thos, robt, david, philip, daniel margt kelly als quiggin(all her shaped clothes), paul(exor)
1802   A 63      CORJEAGE     Patrick                  dated 22 dec 1801;Ballhioney;wife Mary exex
1802   A 64      CORLETT      Esther      kelly        dated 4 dec 1801;ch wm, thomas, phillip, jane, cath, ann, elizth, john;husb thomas exor;1814: Wm + ann ack from bro John (an exor of fa Thomas)
1802   A 65      CANNELL      Mary                     widow;kerroglass;son john,thos;dau isabel maxwell, christian caine als cannell exex;nieces mary ann barkley (?) Liverpool,margt + ann cannell (d/o john) ,maly quine (john quine h/o marcia maxwell);
1802   A 66      KELLY        Margaret                 widow;ballakilleycleau;gson john quayle (flock sheep);dau ann kelly exex
1802   A 67      GARRETT      Margaret    kneale       dated 4 feb 1802;husb Joseph exor (+ to be guardian of dau);ch wm(eldest son + heir - close Shimin lezyare + her pt of house + concerns in glenwillan excluding piece of land purchased by husb + her from Thomas Radcliffe (Kk Andreas) adj Wm Caine's barn),philip(wm to pay 20s), joseph(£5), john(£6), margt(£17)
1802   A 68      KEWLEY       Paul                     d 31 oct 1802;eary-ne-gean;ch isabella,eliza, nancy(anne), paul - all ua;wife exex; petn by John Shimmin(Kk German)  friend + nearest reln compalin that no guardian appointed some dispute plaintiffs John Shimmin + John Quirk(kk patk) noted as cousin german vs Philip Skillcorn & Ellinor his wife + Wm Gell(kk Michael) - plaintiffs apptd guardians;1815: elizabeth acks from guardian John Shimin;1813: ann acks from elinor skillicorn late kewley w/o Paul Kewley;1814 isabella acks from John Shimin;[Phillip Skillicorn + Ellinor Kewley m by sp lic (both noted as Kk Michael) Pat 18030106
1802   A 72      COWLEY       Catherine                d 2 sep 1802;sibs wm,john,nicholas,patk + thomas cowley, ann quayle als cowley, margt (exex);mo elizth;niece ann quirk, ann quayle (money in hands of margt, mary + ann crellin)
1802-1 E         CANNELL      Thomas                   d 19 dec 1801;only ch margt (w/o wm cowley) admx;pledges danl + wm cowley ballaugh
1802-1 E         COWLEY       John                     d 13 may 1802;ch john,thos,wm + cath jt admrs - ua;wife bahee;pledges capt thos cannell + wm cannell both kk michael;testr's bro Wm cowley + bro-i-law wm cowley sworn supvs;inv £1 11s 9d
1802-2 E         CORKAN       Mary        CRELLIN      d 4 jul 1802;dau margt,elliner + john sayle execs
1802-2 E         STEPHEN      Mary                     d may 1802;spinster;sis cath stephen (w/o wm caine)
1803   A 10      KEWLEY       Joseph                   dated 6 aug 1800;son joseph, 3 unnamed daus;wife ann als Gell exex
1803   A 56      CANNELL      Patrick                  shalghaige;son john,philip (youngest,if he comes);dau jane (w/o james crellin),cath,elizth christian als cannell exex (w/o robt);gch c/o james crellin,c/o wm garrett,jane garrett;son-i-law wm garrett;wife dead;gch jane + margt crellin;
1803   A 57      QUIGGIN      John                     [bur Mic 18030221];declrd 18 feb 1803;mason;names ch of john cain;wife christian;son john exec;
1803-1 E         CAINE        Mary                     d 24 apr 1803;only ch alice(w/o wm corlett)
1803-1 E         KERRON       Margaret                 d 2 jun 1803;ch john,thos,charles,ann,jane,christian + margt (all of age);husb wm;inv
1803-2 E         KAIGHIN      Hugh                     d 4 jul 1803;(dated 5 nov 1803;)scarisdale;son charles(eldest),hugh,john,phillip, james + thos;wife cath exex;1838: john + james ack;
1803-2 E         KELLY        Isabel      kneen        d 3 sep 1803;ch john + jane jt admrs - ua - uncles(mo side) wm kneen + john craine supvs;husb john admr in trust;supv + husb agree £16 inv
1803-2 E         QUAYLE       Elinor      moore        dated 26 sep 1803;dau mary exex
1803-2 E         SHIMMIN      John                     d 19 sep 1803;ballaellis;only ch george admr -ua - uncles(fa side) Wm + thos shimmin;wife jane admx in trust;inv £13 3s 10d
1803-2 E         SHIMMIN      Judy        CORLETT      son wm,thos,philip,robt,john,hugh (jt exec with isabel);dau elizth,isabel
1804   A 47      CAINE        Grace       killey       dated 15 dec 1803;husb john caine barregarroo;son thos(heir),john;dau mary caine als caine,jane quiggen exex(w/o philip);gdau elizth caine(d/o thomas);dau-i-law jony caine;
1805   A 52      QUAYLE       William                  d 3 dec 1804;bro thomas,john;sis elinor;fa  thomas)exor;names cath caine
1805   A 53      MACDONALD    William                  dated 6 nov 1804;nephew wm mcdonald;others named;exor john cain
1805   A 54      QUAYLE       John                     dated 19 dec 1801;ballacoain;son patk;daus margt + eliz exexs
1805-1 E      d  KELLY        Philip                   d 8 Mar 1805;wife Jane pregnant; 1826: Philip Kel;ly s/o of Philip now at age + acks £26 18s 5d 
1805-1 E      w  SHIMMIN      Elinor                   d 15 May 1805;husb John exor ;ch Wm, Margt + Ann - some ua
1805-2 E         CANNELL      Jane        CORJEAGE     d 10 aug 1805;son john,thomas;dau ann,margt,cath,isabel(exex);some ch ua
1805-2 E         QUAYLE       Catharine                dated 28 aug 1805;dau margt;names margery joughin[?sis],margt kaighin,cath shimin(kk geerman);husb thomas exor
1806-2 E         CAINE        William                  Close-y-Quayle; ch Eliz, Wm;wife Ann als Boddagh;gch Margt + Elizth Cain;m/c James Kinread + dau Eliz Cain accepted as will; James Kinread exor;1816: Thos Clark h/o gch Elizth, 1825: Wm Collister h/o Margt Cain
1806-2 E         CORKAN       William                  d 23 Oct 1806;only child John Corkan admr
1807   A 53      CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 17 feb 1796;jt will John (smith) + Ann als Corrin;ch Wm (heir),marjory,ann,cath;mutual execs
1807-1 E         CORKAN       Ann         CANNELL      dated 6 may 1807;glanwillan;dau elinor;son wm,john;1811:wm crow h/o elinor als corkan late decd
1807-1 E         ROGERS       John                     [bur Mic 18080407] d 7 Apr 1808;ch John, Cath, Margt + Ann;wife Margt pregnant;
1807-1 E         HARMAN       John                     d Bishopscourt;bach;sibs John, Elizabeth (widow + relict Wm Quillian, Castletown) jt admrs - Elizth sworn - pledges Daniel Tillet(Lezayre), John Reid (Kk Bride)
1807-1 E         ROGERS       John                     [bur Mic 18080407] d 7 Apr 1808;ch John, Cath, Margt + Ann;wife Margt pregnant;
1808   A 113     CANNoN       William                  dated 6 jun 1806;son John(heir - £40) ua;sis Mary Cannell;dau jane(all purchased lands + property) exex - ua John Corjeag (next of kin fa's side)supv of both ch (widow petns that supv from her side also appt - she + wm kewley supv also mentioned);inv inc parcel called the Gary, also rent of Cooilshellag;sumner also charges Cath Cannon re will of late husb Wm Cannon;1835: John Cannon acks from Wm Lewis (h/o Jane exex)
1808   A 114     CLARK        Nicholas                 [bur Mal 18080423]dated (made) 21 apr 1808;'of Kk Michael';gson Ennes Clark[ s/o Henry + Elizth Bridson];son charles(now off Island),thomas exor
1808-1 E      w  BURWARDE     Emma                     dated 4 Nov 1807;nephew Thomas Trebeck, Johnathan Trebeck (c/o Rev Thomas Trebeck vicar Wath, yorkshire);sis Mary (w/o Rev Henry Cooke rector of Spodborough? Yorks) residue estate
1808-1 E      d  CAINE        Elinor      NELSON       [bur Mic 18080527]d 27 May 18108;ch Wm,John, Thomas, philip (ua) + Margt jt admrs;husb Wm Cain; inv £107 incs £44 cash in house + £30 promisory note from Patk Nelson at 6%;
1808-1 E      w  CANNEL       John Stephe              [bur Mic 18070816]dated 3 Aug 1807;Slewne?;ch Wm, Thomas(lately decd - his widow Isabel to enjoy goods during her life);gch John Cannell, anne, Jane + Ellinor (last 3 c/o Thomas + Isabel)[Thos Cannell m Isabel Cannell m Bal 17941021 1st ch 1795] d Oct 1806 leaving 4 ch John + 3 daus]
1808-1 E      w  CRELLIN      John                     [bur Mic 18080611] dated 3 Aug 1807;vicar genl + rector of Bride;ch Betty Tellet(houses etc in Ramsey bought by me from Thmas McgGowan [NSS May 1778 48], John Frissell Crellin(my only son - exor);gch Wm Lhewellin(s/o decd dau Margt);names John Lhewellin, Mrs Charlotte Crellin, Mr Daniel Tillet;sis Deborah Christian, Ann Clucas;servant Isabel Corkill
1808-2 E         KAIGHIN      Elizabeth                dated 23 jun 1808;ballyquine;son john, charles;dau margt cannel,cath
1809   A 54      CRIGAN       Charles                  dated 13 feb 1797;mother mary exex (w/o bishop Cladius Crigan);witt Anna-maria + sarah Jammetta Crigan depose that Charles made will when of sound mind;
1809-1 E         KAIGHIN      John                     d 13 Apr 1809;Ballacreggy;has ch;admin given to James Quirk of Knockaloe Kk Pat + Daniel Lace snr + Daniel Lace jnr of Jurby + Ann Kaighin Kk Michael;pledges Wm Robert Christian of KK Patrick and Thomas Long of Peeltown Innkeeper
1809-1 E      d  KINREAD      Elizabeth   caine        [bur Mic 18090613]d 11 Jun 1809;ch John + Charlotte jt admrs - ua - uncle Wm Cain guardian;husb James Kinread;[?? bapt for charlotte];inv
1809-2 E         CAINE        Patrick                  decld 8 jun 1809;2 un-named ch;wife esther exex;witt john caine,isabel cannell
1809-2 E      w  CANNELL      John, senr               [bur Mic 18091008]dated 10 jan1806;Ballacarnane;ch John, Thomas, Hugh, Charles(if he comes), Elizth(Waterson als cannell by 1811), Margt (w/o Wm Christian);gch illeg c/o Hugh - Hugh + Thomas[these were bapt in 1803 in Andreas c/o hugh cann [sic] + cath fargher];sis Jony Quayle;£10 to poor;3 guineas to Methodist chapel;wife Ann als Crane exex;1819: illeg gch Hugh + Thos s/o Hugh decd ack Ann;1810: Elizth acks;1811: Charles Cannell is dead from acct recvd
1809-2 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     [?no bur recorded unless 20 jun]d 20 Aug 1809;dau Mary(w/o Wm Quayle)admx
1810   A 61      CORLETT      Thomas                   [?no burial recorded]son thomas,philip,john(eldest - parcel of land called the Breggan),wm;dau ann,cath,elizth,jane quayle;philip + elizth ua;
1810   A 62      QUAYLE       Thomas                   [?no burial recorded]dated 30 nov 1809;knockaslin;son philip(purchased lands etc) + his unnamed 5sibs;wife mary exex;some ch ua - john quayle lezayre + john quayle michael guardians;[one page unreadable -acks by ann ? + John];1855: eleanor cannell als quayle widow
1810   A 63      CAINE        Margaret                 [?no burial recorded] dated 15 dec 1809;gdau margt caine;son john (exor), wm ;gson wm caine s/o Dollin caine ;dau margt reid?[?w/o simon Reed m 1782];1817: wm joughin h/o margt als cain acks from john caine;
1810   A 64      KAIGHIN      Jane                     [?no burial recorded]dated 24 feb 1810;sibs charles,cath (w/o charles casement  m Mic 17970305),ann,esther;sis-i-law ann kaighin - all jt execs
1810-1 E      w  BROWN        Sarah                    [?no burial recorded] dated 13 Apr 1809;noted she having reached 21yrs could now dispose of property - left all to husband Robert Ewing Brown inc the £100 bequeathed by late father Campbell Brown of Antigua, also plate left by him in trust to Daniel Hill junr (Antiqua) + late John Brown(Dublin) in trust to husb + our mutual friend Charles Connor(Belfast) - interest to be for my child wch I daily expect to be delivered;Witt Mary Stowell, Rebecca o'Neil x; Petn states d 13 Apr 1809;
1810-1 E      d  CORLETT      Alice       caine        [?no burial recorded] d Jan 1810;husb Wm Corlett;ch John, Thomas, William, Daniel, Catharine + Jane admrs  - most ua father supv + uncles (mo's side) Wm Cain + Thos Quayle;estate £84;Oct 1825: Thos acks from fa, Apr 1827: Wm, Danl + Philip Corlet(h/o Jane) ackfa,1842: John Quiggin(h/o Cath) acks elizth Corlett widow of fa Wm
1810-1 E      d  COWLEY       Richard                  [?no burial recorded] d 1 May 1810;ch Wm, John, Margt, Ann + Elizth jt admrs - all ua; wife Margt
1810-1 E      w  QUAYLE       David                    [?no burial recorded] dated 27 Jan 1810;Ballagawn;ch Wm(his share of boat);wife Catherine exex
1810-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Jane        corlett      [?no burial recorded] d 4 Apr 1810;only ch Jane admx - ua - uncle(mo's side) John Corlett supv;husb John Quayle;pledges John Cain(Ballaskr), Wm Corlett(Kk Michael); husb + supvs agree £80 estate;1827: Capt John Cain acks the £80 obo his ward + absent co-supv
1810-2 E         CORLETT      Philip                   [bur Mic 18100924]dated 19 sep 1810;ch thomas(heir at law),wm,cath;names james lawson;wife joney exex
1810-2 E         CORLETT      Robert                   [bur Mic 18100821]petn states d 20 aug 1810;ch robt, eliner,isabel + jane - all ua - wife joney admx
1811   A 46      CANNELL      William                  dated 15 jul 1809;d jan 1811;dau ann,margt,jane;wife ann (exex);claims
1811   A 47      BELL         Thomas                   dated 26 may 1809;dau margt(estate purchased lands) + mary jt exexs
1811   A 48      CORRIN       Bridget     adams        petn judith kelly (kk michael) - thos corrin(knockaloe beg patk) before marriage to late decd wife Bridget Adam signed papers (date 24 jul 1808) to allow Bidget to dispose of her property at will - Judith kelly exex;d 19 mar;inc marr agreement Thos Corrin edwr + bridget adams(spinster) - ack'd 6 apr 1811;will adted 17 jun 1808: parents George + elizth;sibs george,james,maurice,ann,elizth,margt + jane;aunt judith kelly all remaining effects
1811-1 E         BROWN        Robert Ewin              d 6 may in Ireland;;petn Ann Cannell prin creditor;will[ dated 10 apr 1811;son cambell rigg brown;poor copy] - decree displaced to later in film - Edw Forbes apptd admr
1811-1 E         CAINE        Thomas                   d jan 1811;ch john,elizth(w/o christopher clark),ann + jane jt admrs - jane ua ;petn by wife Joney
1811-1 E         CROW         Elinor      CORKAN       d 7 jan 1811;w/o wm (exec) [m Mic 18091217 ?no ch]
1811-2 E         CANNELL      Ann                      dated 20 mar 1811;dau ann,margt,jane (exex);uncle philip cain (cow promised in 1791);john caine + Wm kewley to act as guardian of Margt;1814: wm hannay h/o jane 
1811-2 E         CORLETT      Mary                     dated 30 sep 1811;ch thos,jane(eldest dau),mary(youngest dau - w/o patk cleator m 1822);names mary rattcliffe, nelly cubbin;husb exor
1811-2 E         CORLETT      Mary                     dated 30 sep 1811;ch thos,jane(eldest dau),mary(youngest dau - w/o patk cleator m 1822);names mary rattcliffe, nelly cubbin;husb exor
1811-2 E         COWLEY       Margaret    christian    d 27 sep 1811;ch wm,john + jane - all ua; husb john;inv
1811-2 E         QUAYLE       William                  dated 19 nov 1804;sis christian,mary,eleanor(jt exex with dau eleanor Grimshaw(w/o thomas quayle)
1811-2 E         TEARE        Elizabeth                husb james exor;sons danl + james(both to be given good educ);sis eleanor taylor,cath
1812   A 27      HADDEN       William                  dated 17 jun 1808;unnamed ch;wife elizth exex
1812-1 E         CORJEAGE     Mary        cowin        [bur Mic 18120303] d Mar 1812;husb Thos Corjeage admr [m Mic 18111128 - no ch found]; sumner charges Margt Cowin(Kk Michael) + Thos Kaighin (kk German)
1812-1 E         CORLETT      William                  [?bur Mic 18110819]ch John, Wm, elinor Quiggin als corlet, Cath Quirk; gch Phillip Quiggin, John Quirk;wife Catharine extx
1812-1 E         CORJEAGE     Mary        cowin        [bur Mic 18120303] d Mar 1812;husb Thos Corjeage admr [m Mic 18111128 - no ch found]; sumner charges Margt Cowin(Kk Michael) + Thos Kaighin (kk German)
1812-2 E      w  CANNELL      Catharine                dated 14 Sep 1812;aunt Jane Cannell exex
1812-2 E      w  COWLEY       Catherine   QUAYLE       dated 20 Mar 1810;knockbane;ch mary(w/o wm quayle),isabella,elizth(w/o john kaighin),patk;husb david exor
1812-2 E      w  COWLEY       Patrick                  dated 6 May 1812;ch john,ann(w/o john quiggin),wm,jane,cath,margt;gch john neal,4 unnamed c/o thos;wife margt jt exec with son john;
1812-2 E      d  GARRETT      Thomas                   d Jun 1812;bach;sibs Patk, Wm, George, Philip, Robt + Elinor jt admrs;
1812-2 E      jw McBOYDE      Ann                      see John
1812-2 E      jw McBOYDE      John                     John d  jul 1810, Ann Apr 1811;will dated 15 Mar 1800;after decease of longest liver names Margt Crow (d/o niece Esther Crow) - pledges Charles + Thomas Crow uncles of exex by fa's side; Petn by Margt Crow(Kk Michael) [esther Cannell m Charles Crow  Mic 17971209 - eldest dau Margt bapt Mic 17980202]
1812-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Margaret                 dated 9 Feb 1811;widow john (sill);ch thos(purchased land Ballachoan from thos kelly [NSS May 1769 11]),christian(w/o john cannell - purchased land Cronk-ny-rhees ,ballalheig from Wm Corlett [NSS May 1788 23]) exex,john(+ dau jane),jane(w/o john cannell),margt cannon;gch jane corris,elizth quayle(d/o john)
1812-2 E      w  QUIGGIN      Margaret                 dated 7 Apr 1804;ch Robert, Jane (w/o Wm Corlett) exex;names little maid[?servant] Margaret Kelly;
1812-2 E         TAUBMAN      John, junr               dated 22 Jun 1812;Colonel John Taubman junr, Whitehouse;wife Eliza Susanna als Harane (to have fortune he was to receive on condition she relinquish any interest in purchased properties);names John Frissell Crellin + Norris Moore (all my purchased lands to be applied to discharge debts) jt exors
1813-2 E         CALLISTER    John                     d sep 1813;ch John, Thos, Robt, Jane + Eleanor jt admrs - all ua - wife Margt sworn;pledges John + Robt Shimmin(Kk German)
1813-2 E         CORLETT      William                  dated 31 Jul 1813;Knock-ne-Fredjhag;ch Wm(heir + his moiety of purchased land called the Close), John, Jane, Margt + Elinor  - some ua - John Corlet + Paul Quiggin (uncles by both fa + mo ) supvs - ;wife Jane exex;1826: George Kewley h/o Margt
1814   A 63      QUAYLE       John                     dated 31 mar 1812;ch wm(eldest son),margt cannell,charles,philip,judy moughtin,thos (jt exor with philip mylecharane + margt cannell als quayle);gch margt shimin,jane mylecharane;son-i-law Philip Mylecharane;patk cannell relinquishes and Thomas Quayle + Philip Mylecharane sworn
1814   A 64      CANNELL      Elizabeth                dated 26 aug 1806;husb Wm (Ballafadjeen) exor;ch john(heir),wm,thomas, ann;1828: all ch ack from Wm snr
1814   A 65      CUBBIN       Mary        quayle       dated 919 nov 1804;names eloner corlett(d/o judith corlett w/o robt corlett);sis eloner grimshaw exex
1814   A 66      CORKILL      Jane        garrett      dated 15 feb 1814;dau christian(eldest),ann corkill,jane corkill (last two to have all shaped clothes)husb thomas exor;1807: Thomas Corkill h/o Ann acks
1814-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      dated 27 Feb 1809;the Village;widow of John Christian;ch Margery, Ann, Cath, Wm exor
1814-1 E      d  CLARKE       Thomas                   d 14 Mar 1814;wife Elizabeth;ch Wm, Margt, Elinor, Jane + Esther - all at age and give admin to mother who promises to pay £60 to ch within 2yrs; 1826: Philip Garret h/o Jane acks share of £60;
1814-2 E         CAINE        Catharine   STEPHEN      son john,wm(exor);
1814-2 E         CAINE        Joney       CANNELL      dated 12 nov 1814;ch ann(w/o wm kneen),joney,elinor,thos,john;husb john exor;1825: ann kneen now widow,thos morrison h/o joney,john cannel h/o ellinor
1815   A 44      KELLY        William                  mason;wife cath;sons john,wm,henry,thos;daus Elinor, Catherine,Jane, Christian Ann;bro richard
1815   A 45      QUAYLE       Catherine                [full];ballakilley slieu;son wm,charles,thomas,john,robt;dau elizth,cath (not 20);husb wm exec;john killip h/o cath;1820s wm quayle late of kk mic now of andreas;
1815   A 46      CAINE        Elinor      clark        dated 9 jan;ch william, margt, elizth;husb wm exor
1815   A 47      CANNELL      John,snr                 kerrowglass;son hugh;wife ann als corlett
1815   A 48      QUAYLE       Patrick                  dated 16 jan 1812;shoghlaig;dau ann (had an illeg ch by patk kelly  - if she married him excluded with2s 6d legacy);reln ann shimmin (coar renny while she lives);dau ann exex;'bequeathed to his son a cow as legacy & whatever the testator has exspended upon doctors & Bxxxding that no power or person can sue for the same together with that parcel of our land called thur-nooar shoghlaig';
1815-2 E         CANNELL      Ann                      dated 11 sep 1815;ch ann(w/o ralph kneale), isabella, esther exex;gch jane kneale;witt john caine hatter, john caine
1815-2 E         CANNELL      Mary        [caley]      dated 15 jan 1811;dau jane (w/o wm boyd),ann (w/o robt wade);gson john cannell;husb patk;son patk exec
1815-2 E         CANNON       John                     dated 22 jan 1813;gson wm cannell (s/o Thomas + Christian Cannell), john cannell, jane cannell, cath + ann cannell, thomas cannell;ch christian cannell exex;
1815-2 E         CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 21 mar 1815;sibs John Christian exor + margt corkill;wife alive;names little john corlett
1815-2 E         COWLEY       John                     [very dark on film]dated ? sep 1815;mother bridget cowley exex;sibs thos?, cath;
1815-2 E         LACE         Anne Lee    missing      dated 22 sep 1815;[note als is 'missing']husb danl(now residing Ballacreggy) exor;wants to be buried near late husb + child in Kk Michael;3 ch by prev husb Major Jon Missing - jno, chas + harriet ? (all now residing in England),2 ch residing with me - ann mariia (pianoforte) +  Cladius geoge edwin missing;serv Elizth Crellin;
1816   A 45      HADDEN       Elizabeth   KNEEN        dated 16 mar 1816;widow;dau mary(small house in village adj parish school house),elizth;son john (exor),wm,robt(still apprentice to john caine saddler),james [?bapt];some ch ua
1816   A 46      QUAYLE       David                    dated 1 dec 1815;wife Judy als Cannell exex;unnamed ch;
1816-1 E         CRELLIN      john frisse              dated 14 jan 1814;wife Charlotte exex(my half of Camlork braddan, Orrisdale   Kk Michael, Craigs Croft Lezaayre/andreas, houses called Malt kiln c'town + part of Bowling green purchased from John taubman, purchased lands in Bride Ballawhannell + Ballacregga);dau Charlotte Drinkwater als Crellin;son John  Christian Crellin;nephew John Llewellyn
1816-1 E         KNEALE       Catharine   christian    dated 30 aug 1816;dau jane,elinor;sis Judy;husb exor
1816-2 E         CANNELL      Patrick                  dated 12 sep 1816;dau jane(w/o wm boyd),ann(w/o robert wade);son patk exor
1816-2 E         COWLEY       William                  dated 27 aug 1816;son wm(eldest) exor+ 4 other ch john, christian, ann + charles;wife alive
1817   A 57      CAINE        William                  dated 16 jan 1817;barnagh;ch john,christian, elizth(exex + all purchased lands);sumner charges wm caine + wife Christian;wm caine(ballashayr ? Kk Michael)
1817   A 59      CANNELL      Anne        craine       dated 1 mar 1817;ballacarnane;petn by john states d 15 mar;[widow in one receipt];ch thomas, hugh,charles(if he returns),margt, john exor;dau-i-law elizth cannell;gch ann christian, thomas + james cannell, hugh cannell, ann cannell;names joney quayle(widow glanwillin - her dau ann colvin);one guinea to trustees of methodist preaching house kk michael village;hugh cannell(liverpool) acks;Wm Christian(kk bride - [h/o margt]);1818: thos cannell gson of ann s/o thos late douglas but now Kk german  acks;1819 james cannell acks;john caine(kk Michael a trustee methodist PH) acks;
1817   A 60      WATERSON     Elizabeth   cannell      dated 22 dec 1816;formerly douglas now ballacranane;dau jane mercer(eldest );Mr George Herold + Mrs [margt]Herold (my son-i-law exor + dau cronk league in Malew);bro john cannell(Ballacarnane)George herold living in Dublin asks John mercer to be appointed exor-in-trust
1817   A 61      CANNELL      William                  d 21 feb 1817;ch thos,margt rodgers;wife exex
1817   A 62      GELL         William                  dated 17 jun 1816;jt deed of gift with wife Elizth als Kewley;Wm Gell snr, Neary, give to son Wm whole estate inc croit vessy(intack/cottage) - wm to maintain parents + also to keep + maintain maidservant Judith Kaighin + also to pay £20 to Elizth Gell d/o john gell by former wife cath freer when she reaches 21 + also to his bro John Gell;witt john woods, Rich cowley
1817   A 63      CORLETT      John                     d dec 1816;tailor;wife cath exex;ch thos(heir),wm,john,danl,cath,elizth,elinor, jane;gdau cath corlet;cath kelly als corlet + elizth caley als corlet(w/o michael caley) acks from Thos Quirk who purchased parcel of lands + houses from Thos Corlet  + sold for the sevl legacies;wm corlett (peel) acks refers to lands sold as Sartel;
1817-2 E         DENT         Abraham                  perished at sea?;late lieut adjutant 59th regt;father thomas admr
1818   A 41      CANNELL      Thomas                   dated 4 apr 1818;Bark;ch elizth(£100), george(£50), john, danl,thomas,charles, edward, isabel,margt, anne + elizth;gch margt, mariah + thomas kneen (s/o dau anne), robt, jane + john joughen(c/o dau isabel), thomas, harriet + Daniel Cannel(c/o son danl);wife margt als croughan exex - later codicil son Thomas exor in trust + adds gch John,thomas,louisa (c/o son John);claims;1821: John Scott h/o Elizth acks;dispute that Scott attempted to claim legacy twice
1818   A 42      CANNELL      John                     d 2 nov 1817;chester, Kk Michael;wife Jane exex;son Thomas(to have lands after mo's death but John has option of paying him£50 in lieu),John;dau margt, cath + jane;
1818-2 E         CANNELL      Isabella    CAINE        [very faint on film]dated 19 aug 1818;ch eliza, wm;husb john exor;1829: John kissack h/o elizth acks;
1818-2 E         KAIGHEN      Margaret                 dated 1 may 1818;ch john,wm, ann(w/o wm quayle) exex;gson john quayle
1818-2 E         ROGERS       Margaret    CANNELL      dated 27 apr 1818;widow;ch cath,margt,anne + wm shimmin;son john,thomas;names thomas skillicorn jt exor with son wm shimmin
1819   A 37   w  CANNON       Isabella    Creere       dated 3 Nov 1818;Ballanoa;son Wm Cannon [Xd thru], gdau Elinor Cannon [Xd thru];gson Robt Cannon, Wm Cannon(Ballanea), Ann Cross als Cannon exex;1820: Wm Cannon(Kk German) + Eleanor Cannon(Kk German)  ack from Ann Cross als Cannon(Kk Michael)
1819   A 38   w  QUIGGIN      John                     dated 23 Jan 1819;Shalghaige;ch Wm,John,Thomas, Elizth(+ her son John Cannell), Jane;gch John + Wm Quiggin, Wm Kelly;wife Grace exex
1819   A 39      QUAYLE       Joney       CANNELL      dated 15 sep 1818;son wm;dau ann,joney,alice,isabella,margt exex;gch john,mary colvin
1819   A 40      CROSS        William                  dated 27 jan 1819;only dau jane;wife exex
1819   A 41   w  CAINE        John                     dated 3 Jan 1819;ch unnamed(5s), John(apparel) - sh ua;wife Leonora(my moiety of house + garden whilst she remains in my name - house known as Johnny Kelly's house)exex
1819   A 42   w  COWLEY       Charles                  dated 23 Mar 1815;unnamed wife(his moiety of house + garden purchased from Capt Thos Cannell [see NSS May 1805 3]);ch Jane,Wm(lives in Douglas);witt Cath Kneale als Croaghan, John Corjeag junr
1819-2 E         CANNELL      John                     kerrowglass;dau jane,margt,ann,isabella,eleanor,mary + elizth;wife margt als kaighin;1824: john cannon h/o jane,charles kaighin h/o margt,thos lace h/o isabella;1829: thomas collister h/o eleanor;1818 patk kneale admr late wife ann(+ her ch ellen,jane,margt,john + elizth)
1819-2 E      w  LEWIN        James                    dated 23 Sep 1819;Skirestel;wife Cath als Corkil exex;wife supv of ua ch
1819-2 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     d 11 Jun 1819;father John Quayle admr
1820   A 53   w  KAIGHIN      William                  dated 20 Apr 1818;Lezayre;neice Cath Casement(+ her 2nd dau Cath) exex;names charles + Wm Casement [Cath Kaighin m Charles Casement lezayre Mic 17970305 - charles + Wm are her ch]
1820   A 54   w  KELLY        Mary                     dated 21 Jan 1812;Glenwillen;widow + relict Robert Kelly;ch John(eldest son + heir), Esther, Robt , Ann, Jane(last 3 jt execs + my moiety of house in glanwillan)
1820   A 55      CORKAN       Patrick                  decld 13 dec 1813;son john;gdau elinor (d/o john);son wm exec
1820-1 E         CANNELL      George                   dated 28 Jul 1819;sibs Anne, Margt + others unnamed;names Thomas Joughin; mother Margaret Cannell exex
1820-1 E         CLARKE       robert                   d 14 Jul 1820;sibs Richard, Hesther Crellin, Bahee(decd - her unnamed ch) + Thomas(?decd as his children) jt admrs - Richard sworn; inv
1821-2 E      w  CAIN         Christian                d 5 aug 1824;widow;of Kk Michael but late of Ballaugh;nephew John Kelly(kk michael);neices(? described as sisters to john kelly) cath + elizth kelly (mentions deed of settlement from christian caine to Wm Caine of Ballaugh);sister isabella kelly exex (w/o John)
1821-2 E         CAIN         John                     dated 18 sep 1821;'in old age';dau elizth, mary, jane;son john exor; ann caine eldest d/o son john;1823:john caine h/o elizth[m Mic 17841116] ,john caine h/o mary [m Mic 17891219]+ philip quiggin h/o jane [?marr]all ack from john
1821-1 E         COWLEY       Catharine   CORKILL      dated 23 nov 1819;son Wm(half garden on north);dau ann, jane(house, half garden half prop adj house) exex(w/o John Cannell who is off island but at request of exex his fa john cannell sworn exor + also guardian to ua ch[?gch]);gch cath cowley, christopher cannell, ann cannell
1821-1 E         FITZACKERLY  Anne                     petn by Simon Reid (h/o Margt Caine one of the next of kin of Ann) that Ann Fisakly a servant resided with him - accused of obstructing the sumner - later decree appts Simon Reid admr;sumner charges john cain + Wm Caine (of Kk michael) - next of kin
1821-1 E         NELSON       Patrick                  dated 18 feb 1819;ballarenny;son patk, thomas, wm(close mooar in Levone? but patk could pay consideration money), david(field called Loghan adj to their own garden - patk can choose to pay consideration money);dau jane (w/o John Christian), elinor(mortgaged land in Ballaugh called squeens croft);wife elinor als waterson exex (David named as exor in trust in ack - a requst by elinor for thisis xd thru however - a later note by her declines - decree states Patk d 8 apr)
1821-2 E         KAIGIN       Margaret    CLARKE       d 17 may 1821;only dau christian admx - ua - husb hugh admr in trust + guardian
1822   A 38      CANNELL      Jane                     dated 13 nov 1821;names jeane ann + cath  kneale, isabella cannell;exor ralph kneale
1822-1 E      d  CANNELL      Margaret                 d nov 1821;bark;petn by creditors that heir-at-law John Cannell has obstructed attempts to administer - Danl Christian sumner gnl apptd + allocates estate - about 40% of debt, list of creditors + payments
1822-2 E         CANNELL      Joney       CAIN         [extremely dark on film]dated 3 may 1821;west ballacranane;ch wm, thos, charles, hugh, george, elinor, elizth, mary callister;gch thomas cowle, elizth + thomas callister;husb exor;
1822-2 E         SYMES        William                  petn states d 23 Oct 1822;will dated 22 Oct 1822;names Mrs Ann Cannell, Miss [] Cannell;Miss Louisa Cannell exex; states Oxford estate in parish of St Mary, Jamaica was left to him by father Wm Leigh Symes some years decd;Deposition by Robert Scotland (of North Britain) taken at house of Johnathan Barker Kk Michael 28 Oct 1822 that he witnessed the will in presence of Thos Kelly + James J Moore advocate who wrote will - Symes was weak but sound in mind - Robert Scotland died shortly afterwards
1823-2 E      w  CORKAN       Margaret                 dated 9 Oct 1823;names Cath Corkan with whom she lives, Elinor Tear(a minor);son John exor [Elinor = illeg c/o Cath Corkan bapt Bal 18130801]
1823-2 E      w  COWLEY       Patrick                  dated 20 Jul 1823;ch Thos(my part of dwelling house), Charles, John(my part of barn) - count notes no exec + appts ch John(eldest), William, Patk, Charles + Thomas jt admrs
1823-2 E      d  CRELLIN      William                  d 18 Aug 1823;ch John, Patk, Thomas + Margt + Philip(decd - his ch ) jt admrs
1823-2 E      d  GARRETT      William                  dated 10 Jul 1823;ch John, Thomas, Philip + Elizth jt admrs
1823-2 E      w  REID         Simon                    dated 28 Sep 1823;nephew Simon Bell exor
1824   A 31      HUBBARD      John                     dated 18 nov 1823;names peter martin (cook in my lord's family)mother alive;decd sis Ann(+ ch),wm , james;names margt killey, jane wright, george wake? + William Caine jt exors [MI Mic A1.5 coachman to bishop]
1824   A 32      CAINE        John                     dated 24 may 1823;ballacorlett;ch wm, elinor, mary (w/o Charles Quiggin + dau jane), jane(+ her husb), cath, isabella exex;sibs cath,Wm;gson danl lace, thomas callister;witt William corlett, john caine;
1824   A 33      WOODS        Elizbeth                 dated 26 aug 1823;son thos(all houses etc in Kk Michael) exor;gch thos, charles + elizabeth Fayle, james, joseph, robt + charlotte fayle
1825   A 40      SKILLICORN   Edmund                   dated 15 feb 1824;ch wm, edmund, james_edwrd, ann (all under 21), john, thos;wife cath als cannon (jt exex with John) [1st wife ann cannell, 2nd wife cath cannon (?als quayle)]
1825   A 41      CAINE        John                     dated 6 nov 1824;glanwillan;names john kelly(mony mollagh);sis elinor, cath, sarah, margt (exex);witt john caine ballaskyr + john caine;
1825   A 42      CRELLIN      John                     dated 21 aug 1824;ballalheiy;dau margt kaighin als crellin(purchased lands);gch mary kaighin, john kaighin;wife eleanor als christian exex
1825   A 43      KNEALE       Ralph                    dated 2 feb 1825;son john(eldest),wm;dau jane cannell als kneale,ann,cath;wife ann als cannell exex;estate less than £70;
1825-2 E         GARRETT      Joseph                   dated 24 may 1825;sibs margt joice, wm, philip(son joseph), john(any right in house in glanwillan now in possession of father + meadow in lezayre bought from father) exor; father alive
1825-2 E         QUAYLE       Mary        caley        dated 20 oct 1828;ch john, ann exex - ua - John Caley (bro of Mary) sworn 
1825-2 E         QUIGGIN      Grace       crye         dated 9 jun 1815;ch philip, wm, thos,john, elizth, jane exex(w/o Thos fayle);dau-i-law jane quiggin als cain;gch wm kelly, elinor kelly, ann kelly, jane cannell
1825-2 E         RAY          William                  little london;ch james, john(Jamaica), wilson, mary (w/o Henry Rawson), Mrs rainer; wife alice (little London kk michael + Ballaspick kk patk);james ray + henry rawson jt exors;
1826   A 31      KELLY        Robert                   dated 17 jan 1825;sis ann,jane(houses + lands glenwillin - jt to sis)jt exexs
1826   A 32      QUAYLE       Thomas                   dated 25 jan 1816;4 unnamed sons;dau margt;wife isabella exex
1826   A 33      CAINE        Hugh                     dated 6 oct 1825;ch wm,john,thos,elinor;gson wm corlett;wife mary exex;;1828 thos acks
1827   A 23      CAINE        Philip                   dated 15 apr 1826;niece ann kelly;names wm caine ballaskyr,john cain ballanea,charles cain,john cain ballskyr exor;christian caine w/o wm acks
1827   A 24      CAINE        Thomas                   dated 30 mar 1825;ballafadgeen;names john cannel, ballafadgeen s/o john cannel + isabella caine;(purchd lands scarisdale kk german);sis son patk cowley ballaugh exor;sis sons patk + john cowley
1827   A 25      DAUGHERDY    Daniel                   dated 29 sep 1813;Ballagawn;sis Margt Christian(dau Elizth);  decd bro Edmund Daugherty (his ch Charles, Cath (w/o Wm Caine),edmund,wm);decd bro Wm;niece Ellinor Sayle als Christian;Elizth Christian + Wm Daugherty execs but married by probate;witt Wm Kewley,Dan Stephen
1827   A 26      INGLIS       Andrew                   dated 19 oct 1827;names daniel tear(ballacragie - lives with him)exor;petn states had a military pension;
1828   A 29      COWLEY       John                     dated 1 sep 1827;ch john(£20 +purchased lands tho reserve benefit for wife during her life), jane(£80);nephew John Kneale(£6 10s);wife cath exex;1850: John Kneale h/o Jane cowley  acks £80 to Jane + £6 10s to himself from Cath Cowley exex
1828   A 30      CORLETT      Catherine                dated 12 jan 1824;bro thos(house in Kk Michael village + 2 daus cath + Elinor)exor
1828   A 31      HILLS        John                     dated 2 jan 1828;son john thompson hills;wife cath als christian exex;[m Ger 18260822 ?no ch from this marr]
1828   A 32      CANNELL      John                     dated 24 jun 1826;ballacrennane beg;ch wm, thos, hugh, eleanor kaighin, george exor;son-i-law thomas callister;gson thos cowle
1828-1 E         CANNELL      Isabella    quiggin      d 23 jan 1828;admin to Wm Crow sumner;[?m Wm Cannell(wdwr) Pat 17980213 - no ch?]
1828-2 E         CAINE        John                     dated 22 sep 1828;ch ann, judey, thomas, john(dau ann), ellenor (w/o john cannell)exex;pledges Wm + henry caine (both kk michael)
1828-2 E         KELLY        Patrick                  wife Ann;ch john, Wm, jane, ann, Elizth + cath (jt exexs)
1829   A 30      CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 31 dec 1828;sis ann,cath(w/o John kelly),marjery Christian(exex)
1829   A 31      CORLETT      Thomas                   d feb 1829;TC villy;wife isabella exex
1831   A 12      CAINE        John                     ch wm,john,philip,james,charles,alexander(exor - inc meadow in lezayre late purchased from Thos Calley);1839: wm caine acks from Kent
1831-1 E         RAY          William                  d 24 dec 1830 ;surgeon;james ray admr
1831-2 E         KAIGHIN      Hugh                     d some time ago;only ch christian;robert dodd admr in trust + guardian;mo cath petns that dau christian age 11 has resided with her for 2 yrs and she should be guardian etc - hugh d at sea;costs inc by robert dodd(inc 2x 10s passage money to liverpool) [robt dodd h/o sis eleanor kaighin]
1831-2 E         KNIGHT       John                     dated 30 jan 1831;ch daniel,john,wm,philip, ann (exex);nephew john knight(s/o philip)
1831-2 E         PLIMPTON     Jeremiah                 d 23 oct 1831;sergeant 9 regt infantry;petn by Wm crow sumner obo creditors
1831-2 E         QUAY         Isabella    kelly        dated 7 sep 1830;stockfield;ch margt garrett als quay,isabella curphy als quay,jane caine als quay + thos(last 2 jt execs);husb john;
1832   A 35      QUAYLE       Leonora                  dated 20 nov 1828;widow;ch john,thos(+ ch),robt,cath skillicorn,ann clucas(w/o john),philip;gch john quayle(s/o philip),john kerran, ann clucas(w/o thos cretney),jane kerran,charles kerran,james kerran;dau jane kerran (w/o thomas)exex
1832   A 36      ABBOTT       Mary                     dated 21 sep 1831;husb joseph;7 unnamed ch;gch ann cannon(d/o margt house + garden in kk michael village);dau margt + elizth jt exexs
1832   A 37      CAINE        Jane                     dated 11 jul 1831;widow;glanwillin;dau elinor,cath,sarah,margt (exex);gdau ann cannell
1832-1 E         CAINE        William                  d 15 feb 1832;wm,john,thos + margt joughin als cain jt admrs;
1832-1 E         CANNELL      William                  d 23 may 1832;dated 13 nov 1827;ballafageen;ch john(heir at law),wm,thos,ann exex;
1832-1 E         GARRETT      Catharine   cannell      d 4 jun 1832;ch john,philip + elizth jt admrs;estate does not exceed £16;inv
1832-1 E         KILLEY       William                  d some time ago;bach;petn by wm kelly(wife is a next of kin) that he resided with them;court appnts wm kelly admr
1832-2 E      d  CLEGG        Ann                      d 24 aug 1832;formerly Daneen's hill, south Mimms mddx;sis elizth kneen als clegg(kk michael) w/o Wm;wm kneen appt admr;
1833   A 33      CANNELL      Ann                      dated 2 jan 1830;widow;glenwillan;son cladius_thomas;dau louise,ann,susanna_margt exex;names isable cleator(widow of John) who lives with her,ann (w/o daniel cannell)
1833   A 34      HEATLEY      William Dan              dated 17 jan 1833;Royal staff corps;disposed of propert in Wicklow + [] to ch;names isabella tear,thos tear + isabella tear junr;danl tear exor;states 'born in Wakefield Yorksire 17 jun 1775;petn states of ballymoon? Eastance ? county Dublin
1833-1 E      d  BARKER       Ann                      d 15 Nov 1832;husb Jonathan;ch Thomas, Eliza, Elizth + Isabella jt admrs - to tender years - father admr in trust;inv
1833-2 E         COWLEY       William                  d nov 1833 ;dated 17 jan 1832;revokes an earlier jt will Wm + Alice;the close braddan;ch wm, thomas, elizth(+ her son thos quirk), ann(w/o wm killip), john exor;son john petns;
1834   A 17      SKILLICORN   Philip                   dated 3 ? nov 1834;wife margt(pt qtrland whitehouse) exex;unnamed ch
1834   A 18      KELLY        John                     dated 14 jan 1831;baark;dau cath quayle(w/o philip),elizth caine exex(w/o wm caine);gch jane quayle(d/o philip quayle ballalei),john caine
1834   A 19      CAINE        Elizabeth   fell         dated 29 nov 1833;relict Wm caine scarisdale beg but now of ballafajeen;gch john cannell (s/o john cannell exor),elith kissack als cannell(w/o john kissack santan); names john cannell,snr, of ballafajeen exor;
1834-1 E      d  CORKILL      James                    d 22 Feb 1834;petn by Wm Cowley;John Corkill brother's ? son of decdrelinquished in favour of Wm Cowley; claims, inv - estate insufficient;
1834-2 E      d  MOFFAT       John                     d sometime ago;petn by Robt Millican + wife Mary (d/o John Moffat);court appts Robt Millican admr [John Moffit dyer - Milliken fam #7646]
1835-1 E      w  CAIN         John                     dated 28 Jul 1835;GlenWillyn;ch Jane Crow als Cain, John exor
1835-1 E      d  CRAINE       Jane                     d some years ago;husb Thomas exor;ch Ann (w/o Thomas Garrett) + other ch;petn by Ann that father possessed himself of goods and converted same to his own use and refuses to come to any settlement;
1836   A 31      HILL         John                     dated 13 dec 1835;bro James(associated with erecting a brewery in Seacommbe, cheshire - ch wm,john,edwd,);wife Emma;mother Eleanor Hillexors in trust wants James Holmes banker, Francis Byne + Samuel Harris;witt Henry Pritchett Hulme MD, Robert Johnston surgeon, Ann Cain x;
1836   A 32      SAYLE        John                     dated 21 dec 1835;ch thomas,wm_alexander,elinor,ann(house + garden in queen st C'town between daus), john(6d);wife elizth als bridson(houses in Kk Michael) exex
1836-1 E      jw QUIRK        Catharine   corlett      dated 4 Jun 1833;Jt will Thomas  + Cath als Corlet - mutual exec;ch Thomas, Wm, Philip, Daniel, Robert, Elinor - husb exor; 1856: Wm Quirk acks Robt exor of father Thomas; 1848: Elinor married Mathias Christian(Kk Patk) but Mathias now decd (Elinor admx) acks Thomas;
1836-2 E         CANNON       Margaret                 dated 11 oct 1836;widow(of John Cannon);Ballanea;ch john,robt,wm(exor);
1836-2 E         NELSON       Anne        cannell      d 17 [jun 1836];petn states d in childbed;husb patk admr;ballarenny;ch pat,jane,elizth,ann,elinor_margt + margt; ch uncle thomas + wm cannell;ch ack as reach age
1836-2 E         SUTHERLAND   Mary Ann                 jw wm + mary ann  dated 9 feb 1826;only dau juliana sutherland;mutual exeors - moiety of qtrland Ballacain onchan purchased from coroner Robert Cowin; mary_ann bur Mic 18340222, - 2nd will by wm t coroner of Michael; wm bur Mic 18360522 ;1839 juliana only surv dau [sic ?] + hieress - her sister eleanor sutherland a minor over who Juliana supv - acks £100 from admors
1837   A 44      CAINE        William                  dated 2 jan 1836;jw Wm + mary;ch wm,margt(w/o wm callister),elizth(w/o thos clark),jane(w/o john grimshaw),eleanor(w/o david kelly), isabella(w/o edwd Caine);mary's cloths to her dau margt;longest liver exec;witt deborah fargher x, patrick kelly
1837   A 45      CAIN         Judy                     dated 12 aug 1835;ch elizth(w/o christopher clark),john,jane(w/o phillip cannell),ann (exex);gdau elizth clark;witt john quiggin,philip quiggin
1837   A 46      CAINE        John                     dated 29 oct 1836;Clageen [?=clycur];sis Margt Karran(all purchased lands in ballaugh pt of ballatersin - exex - w/o john),jane oates,cath kerrin;bro wm caine, thos caine;witt john cannan, william corjeag
1837   A 47      QUAYLE       Ann         CRELLIN      dated 22 aug 1835;ballalheih;son-i-law john quayle (son john);ch ann,isabella,jane(exex - w/o charles christian);witt john quiggin, john caine
1837   A 48      KAIGHIN      Catherine   kelley       dated 16 jan 1834;ch philip,charles,john,james,eleanor (w/o robert dodd);philip + eleanor jt execs;neice christian kaighin,cath, ann + margt kaighin;witt thos quay,charles garrett
1837   A 49      QUAYLE       John                     dated 4 oct 1836;ballalhie;son john(cool daree lhie),wm,thos;dau jane garrett,margt,elizth;wife mary exex;1866: elizth quayle(cronk urleigh) exex of late mary quayle acks from robert cretney(grocer douglas) + wife ann (d/o late john quayle + gdau john quayle testator;
1837-1 E    w    CAINE        Jane        CHRISTIAN    dated 4 Aug 1837;Husb Alexander Cain;only child John Cain(infant) exor - husb + Thos Cain (glen-e-yiey) to be guardians (court notes Alexander + Robt CHristian as supvs); father + mother alive;sibs Elizth(bedding I have in England), Ann ; names Charlotte Caine, John Cain (glen-e-yiey); [poorly preserved agreement by Alexander to sell to Robt Christian whole of drapery in shop £49 and household furniture - Robt to pay 5% interest towards maintenance of child];inv   
1837-1 E    w    CAINE        John                     [deed of settlement/agreement accepted as will]dated 27 Jul 1831;Orrisdale;ch Henry, Thomas(heir-at-law - whole of my inheritance lands + my share of cattle etc - but reserving for my son Henry the house where the Bishop's pleasure boat is in); Thomas to support father + pay Henry £30 at decease of longest liver of father + mother - Henry not to bring forward any claim for the building of the houses; Thomas is to give up the half of the purchased lands to his mother during her life; Witt William Caine, Patrick Kelly; annexed note that Isabella Caine (m/o Thomas) d 13 Jul 1836 and Henry Caine (of Ballaugh)  (her only other child) took out admin - agreed that goods be valued and shared Henry acks £20 and by agt dated 1846 discharges bro re goods of mother + acks £30 from fa's will
1837-1 E    w    CANNELL      Isabella                 dated 6 Jan 1837;husb Thomas exor;  ch Isabella Cannell(my half of meadow Lheaney Loghan in Kk Miichael adj Dal Dougherdy on north, Bishop's demesne on east, Wm Cannell on south and John Cain(decd) + others on west), Thomas(to pay Isabella £50 for meadow on death of father); 1869: 75 Blundell St Liverpool: Isabella(w/o Wm Hogan) acks £50 fro Thos
1837-1 E      w  CORJEAG      John,snr                 dated 28 sep 1832;dau christian garrett(eldest),margt quayle(late decd + her ch),ann gell (youngest dau exex - w/o John Corjeag);son thos(late decd + his ch),john,philip;Codicil 26 Sep 1832: gson john gell (minor - son john corgeage shoemaker to be his guardian)
1837-1 E    d    HIGGINS      Sarah                    d 8 Apr 1837;bro Robt Higgins appt admr     
1837-1 E    w    MOUGHTIN     Jane                     dated 30 Jan 1837;husb Thomas exor ;ch Thomas, Margt, Jane, Catharine Caine, John_Arthur(my share of house in Ramsey), Eliza; nephew Thos Bland    
1838-1 E         CANNELL      Jane        [corlett]    dated 6 aug 1838;husb thos;ch ann + ellinor - ua maternal gfa john corlett
1838-1 E         CANNELL      Philip                   wife ann;ch james, mary(w/o thos camaish), elizth + ann;estate £35
1838-1 E         CORKAN       Catharine                dated 22 sep 1838;sis ann corkan;dau elinor teare exex
1838-1 E         COWLEY       Alice                    declared;written 10 nov 1838;ch ann,margt,john(heir at law) - all ua Thos kewley guardian;husb john exor;
1838-1 E         CROW         Ann                      dated 10 jul 1838;husb john;ch ann(1843:w/o thos cannell),cath,margt(1845: w/o edwd lewin),elizth cowley als crow(w/o thos),wm,eleanor exex;
1839   A 32      CANNELL      Jane                     dated 9 mar 1839;Balla [?poor copy unreadable] moore;mother elizth cannell
1839-1 E         CAIN         John                     d 15 Jun 1839 [in72nd yr];Ballaskir;will dated 12 Feb 1838; jw John + Elizth - mutl execs;ch John, Thomas, Philip, Ann(w/o John Shimin)(Croit-e-caine in Kk German ), Elizabeth, Jane(2 dwelling houses in Douglas);gch John Caine(heir at law - pt of Bargarroo called the Money), Elizth Caine(d/o John) - Edward Metcalfe widower of Elizth Caine[bur  bur Mic 18470430  in 1847];
1839-2 E         CANNELL      Eleanor                  dated 22 mar 1809;jw patk + elinor;ch ann,cath(barn cowhouse etc on south side village),thos(dwelling house),wm;?dau [in context that wm to pay to his sister ?whose his] elinor(w/o charles kaighin?)[?from earlier marr as wm + eleanor corr m 1792
1839-2 E         CHRISTIAN    James                    dated 31 jul 1839;formerly of New York;wife jane als corlett;sibs wm,ann(w/o wm corlett kk michael),thos (labourer New York USA in 1839 - gives PoA to John Tear (of New York city))

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