Summary of Wills - Maughold 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - some 75% [731/907 ] they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-2 A 41      McYLVORREY   Elizabeth   christian    son henry,john,james;dau ellinor
1750-2 A 42      MoLLOY       Ann                      d 7 jan 1750;ramsey;un-named ch;names mrs eleanor callow;husb terence;no relns on mo's side appeared
1750-2 E      d  KERRISH      Alice       GARRET       d 24 mar 1711;next relns Esther Corlett als fayle(w/o robert) + Ellinor Fayle(abroad)
1751-1 A 33      COSTEAN      John                     d 15 apr 1751;Bwooilleevelt;gch isabel,ann,cath,john,margt,joney;dau ann kerruish als costean exex (w/o Robt);wife (?decd) joney;1778: john black h/o cath;1777: ann callow als kerruish acks from parents;
1751-1 E      d  christian    John                     perished by sea on coast scotland 5 Mar;ch thos + elizth - ua uncle Danl Lace;wife grace als corkill
1751-1 E      d  CORTEEN      Daniel                   perished by sea coast of Scotland 5th Mar;sibs thos,wm,robt,edmund + cath kermeen als corteen;
1751-1 E      d  CRY          Daniel                   perished by sea coast of Scotland 5th Mar;ch isabel, john,cath,danl + robt + posthume(wife pregnant) - all ua next reln Danl Cry;pledges john gill smith, arthur cowll junr;wife alive
1751-1 E      d  KERMEEN      Patrick                  perished by sea on coast scotland 5 Mar;dau ann,margt + mary;
1751-1 E      d  KERRUISH     Robert                   perished by sea on coast of scotland 5 Mar 1750/1;only ch cath ua uncle Danl kerruish;wife alive; inv
1751-2 E      w  CAMAISH      Catherine   CASEMENT     d 8 sep 1751;ramsey;names thomas s/o danl garrettl;danl garrett (landlord + friend) cooper ramsey exor;
1751-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary        PARR         d 10 Jun 1751;dau margt + Margt Kermeen als Tear jt exexs ("remembering the only persons took care of her in her latter days");Witt Robt Corlett (also pledge) + Margt Quark als Quay;
1751-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Catherine                dated 28 Jun 1751;Ramsey;sis Esther, Elizabeth, Margt;father exor
1751-2 E      w  CREECH       Isabel      QUALTROUGH   d 3 jun 1751;bro danl;names joney corlet,margt callow,ann callow;bro's dau isabel;husb wm
1751-2 E      w  CROW         William                  d 16 Oct 1751;bro's dau Ann Crow;wife Mary als Calow exex; Witt Ewan Calow x, Jane Christian als Cain x;
1751-2 E      d  HARTLEY      Elizabeth   KENNION      d 24 Sep 1751;only ch Robt Hartley admr - ua - father to have tuition + goods;
1751-2 E      d  KELVIE       Thomas                   [full]
1751-2 E      w  KERMEEN      William                  d 28 sep 1751;gch margt stole,wm + james kemeen;son john,wm;dau elinor,margt,jony;sis cath;wife ann als christian exex witt wm corkill,danl callow
1752-1 A 30      CASEMENT     John                     d 14 nov 1751;wife jane als kermeen exex;son robt exor in trust to see him buried (mo not able to travel)
1752-1 A 31      BLACK        John                     dated 18 jan 1744/5;jw John + Grace Black;mutual exorship;dau margt(60 inc legacy from her bro),ann martin, elizth flaxan, jean christian,grace christian;son john exor;gdau ann + grace martin;gson Hugh [lost];cousin Diana Nipe[knipe],jean christian;court 26 feb 1749 survivor John sworn exor
1752-2 E      w  CALLOW       Margaret    callow       will contested by Nichs Quirk + wife Cath als Callow(sister to Margt) - they + Wm Callow(father + named exor) + Wm Callow(husband)  + her bro Wm Callow agree that Wm Callow(father) , Nicholas Quirk + Wm Callow(bro) to pay Wm Callow(husb) 24 which he accepts as full legacy + also consents that Wm Callow the son(not in court) will rest satisfied; 1752: Wm Callow junr(Ballacreggen) acks Wm Callow senrm Nichs Quirk + Wm Callow junr exors of decd mother Margt Callow
1752-2 E      d  CALLOW       Thomas                   d Aug 1449;sibs Wm, Ann(w/o Edwd Callow), Cath (w/o John Black)+ Margt Cowle als Callow jt admrs
1752-2 E      d  GARRET       Daniel                   d 30 Mar 1752;ch Thos, John + Daniel jt admrs - all ua - uncles(fa's side) Wm Garret, Wm Kewley(h/o Margt Garret) supvs; wife Margt als Cannell;pledges John Gill(Lezayre) + John Cannell(Andreas)
1752-2 E      d  JOUGHIN      Mary        KERRUISH     d 9 jan;only dau mary ua (her gmo jane Joughin [?kerruish] + cath cowle als casement supv);husb james
1753-1 A 19      HOWARD       Elizabeth                ramsey;bro wm ... 
1753-1 A 20      JOUGHIN      Margaret    KINISH       d 8 dec 1752;names wm kinish (+wife + son),danl joughin,wm joughin,margt + cath joughin,ann joughin,danl joughin,robt joughin (+son danl),edwd cown,margt hogg,cath lowrey + others;anne corteen exex (w/o thos)
1753-1 A 21      KIRMEEN      Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 6 feb 1753;gdau margt stole (d/o thos);son-i-law thos corkill h/o dau ellinor;natural son john kermeen;dau joney,margt (exex);son wm (heir);margt is also exec to her fa wm; [natural son is unusual - possibly distinction to son-i-law, possibly illeg or possibly mentally deficient ('natural born idiot')]
1753-2 A 60      CALLOW       Margaret    kneale       d 14 feb 1753;ch margt,james + jane (cath xd thru);names elizth callow;husb james exec;1755:misplaced note that james callow indebted for 3/4yr + 6wks maintenance @12/- a qtr for his sd callow's child by margt callow als kneal & this since & from death of his sd callow's last wife jane killey
1753-2 A 61      KERRUISH     John                     d 1 mar 1753;ballafaile;sons robt (eldest + exec)ewan,thos,edmund,john,wm;dau isabel
1753-2 A 62      CALLOW       Edward                   d 4 mar 1753;ballaglass;daus mary,dorothy,cath;son wm (heir);wife pregnant + exex;rev thos allen + mr wm christian sworn suprv as per will;1774 anne callow als brown (sic ?rev) dau of edwd acks;robt christian h/o dorothy acks ?date
1753-2 A 63   jw SAYLE        Christian                both d 29 dec 1753;ch philip + elizth sayle execs
1753-2 A 63   jw SAYLE        Michael                  see wife christian;
1753-2 A 64      QUAYLE       Jane        STOLE        d mid Apr 1753;dau margt-the-eldest,margt-the-younger,ellinor;husb charles exec
1753-2 A 65   dg CORLET       Edward,snr               Ramsey;dated 13 feb 1747;to only son edward (prop in Ramsey);
1753-2 A 66   dg KNEAL        Alice       garrett      wm + alice als garrett to son-i-law wm cleater h/o dau jane; new house lately erected in garden + little house;also dg to eldest dau elizth dated 24 may 1750
1753-2 E      w  CORKILL      Joney       QUIRK        d may 1758;dau margt christian als corkil;john cannel ballafail exor
1753-2 E      d  KERRUISH     Thomas                   s/o thos (dfecd 1738) died 10 years ago in minority;next of kindred Mary Joughin ua gmo jane kerruish + gtaunt cath cowle supv;inv of sd thos + mo mary in gfa thos kerruish 1738;
1753-2 E      d  MOORHOUSE    Lucy        corlet       d end aug;only ch sarah ua no reln appears;court appts thos cowle
1754-1 A 28      KIRMEEN      Daniel                   d 21 dec;wife margt exex;no provn for ch wm,jane,cath + john uncle + aunt wm kirmeen + jane casement als kirmeen;inv
1754-1 A 29      STEVEN       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 14 feb 1754;dau christian + esther;bro john christian;bro-i-law wm nidderaugh (to ensure dau esther kept at school 3/4 year);accounts by supv;inv sale
1754-1 E      d  WATTLEWORTH  Edward                   left Island 47yrs ago - no account presumed dead;s/o capt john wattleworth;only sis margt wattleworth
1754-2 A 62      CORKIL       Ewan                     d 11 apr 1754;ballnejoarey;dau margt looney als corkill;gdau cath corkill;gson wm corkill,peter looney;son john exec
1754-2 A 63      MYLEVORREY   Patrick                  d 25 [mon blotted];ramsey;son john (carpenter tools),james,henry;son-i-law wm quiggin h/o eleanor (exex)
1754-2 A 64      COWLE        John                     marr art dated 2 oct 1747;john + mary cowle obo son john with mary bignall (wth consent her guardian wm christian);mary cowle als christian;
1754-2 E      d  LOWEY        Catherine   CALLOW       d 14 aug 1753;no legal will;dau isable(w/o philip brew) ,ann; other ch robt + cath (w/o john cowle) had contracts;
1754-3 E      d  CALLOW       Jane        KILLEY[Gill] d 27 Jul 1754;only child John admr - ua - uncle John Killey supv;husb John Callow;inv refers to her as Jane als Gill
1754-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 13 Nov 1754;Ballure;ch Hannah, John + Robt jt admrs, other dau Ellinor (w/o Wm Christian) had m/c; John + Robt ua - tuition of Hannah + Wm Christian(h/o Ellinor) + Capt Wm Callow supvs - pledges Wm Callow (Ballafayle) + John Gill(Churchtown, Lezayre);inv 166 16 1.5d inc over 50 of cash (extensive accounts); by 1761 John Christian h/o Hannah
1754-3 E      w  CORKILL      Catherine                d Aug [?1754];Ramsey;husb exor;ch Christo: + Isabell Corkill to have land - ua Cath Christian, Edmd Kneen + Thos Corlet supvs; if both ch die houses + lands to fall to son by former husband James Christian + his 2 sisters;sis Ann (w/o Edmd Kneen);other ch James Christian + three daughters;[Cath Christian als Corlet m Christopher Corkill Ram 17530729]
1754-3 E      d  CROW         Jane        GUTTERY      d 13 Nov 1754;Ramsey;ch Edmund(abroad) + Cath(w/o John Corlet) jt admrs;inv (clear 4 5s 11d)
1754-3 E      w  JOUGHIN      Daniel                   1748 will wife Joney als Kewish accepted as his; son Daniel admr
1755-1 A 22      CURGHEY      Esther      HOWARD       made 29 Aug 1754;Ramsey;unnamed ch ua;husb Wm Curghey exor;ch uncle Wm Howard supv;1764: Jony(d/o Esther) acks uncle Nichs Curghey, sis Jane d ua;
1755-1 A 23      KNEAL        Edmund                   d 13 Feb 1755;Ramsey;unnamed ch(6d) - youngest ua;wife Margret exex
1755-1 E      d  CASEMENT     Edmond                   mariner;ledt Isle 56yrs ago + no account for near 30yrs - sis Jane Joughin als Casement + Cath Cowle als Casement admxs
1755-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Margaret    KERRUISH     d 1 Jan 1755;ch John, Cath, Margt, Ann, Jane + Robt - last 2 ua - husb John Costean sworn;inv
1755-1 E      d  CROW         Edmond                   mariner;left Isle 17yrs ago - only acct that he died off coast of Jaimaca abt 8 yrs ago; only sis Cath Corlet als Crow (w/o John Corlet) admx; goods inc in mother's decree bk3 1754
1755-2 E      d  COWLE        Bahee       CORLET       d 17 Dec 1754;only dau Alice Cowle admx;husb Patk Cowle
1755-2 E      d  CREECH       Esther      KARRAN       [3 vrsns]d 16 mar 1755 ;husb wm; child john born before marr;only bro Wm Karran;inv
1755-2 E      d  KENNISH      John                     d 4 Feb 1755;bro Wm + Nicholas jt admrs
1755-3 E      d  CAINE        William                  [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 23 Oct 1755;Ramsey;bros James + Robt;
1755-3 E      w  CALLOW       Joney       CALLOW       d 8 Jul 1755;ch Cath, Dal, Edward, Wm;gfa John Callow;husb Wm Callow exor
1755-3 E      d  CALLOW       William, junr            d 14 Nov 1754;Ballafayle;5 sisters Abigail(w/o Wm Karran), Margret, Elizabeth, Mary + Joney Callow admxs; pledges John Corlet(Kk German), Wm Clucas(Kionsleau, Kk Patk)
1755-3 E      d  COWLEY       John                     [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 sept 1755;3ch cath,john + jane ua uncles + aunt Thos,wm + margt cowley
1755-3 E      d  CROW         William                  [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 sept 1755;bros thos,chas + Matthew
1755-3 E      d  GILL         James                    'otherwise James Killey';[full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 sept 1755;5ch john,james,ewan,ellinor + wm ua uncles Ewan Gill + Edwd Corlet;wife Ellinor als kneale;inv
1755-3 E      d  KNEALE       Catherine   SKEALY       dated 17 Jul 1755;sibs Thos, Wm, Jane + Mary jt admrs
1755-3 E      d  KNEALE       James                    [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 sept 1755;2ch john + isabel ua uncle John kneale;wife cath + posthumous dau Elizth; dau Isabel died mar 1758
1756-1 E      d  CAINE        Philip                   [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 13 sep 1755;6ch Cath. Elizth Samuel, Philip, Mary + Jane;ua uncle wm caine + also John Gill + John Shimmin
1756-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 27 Aug 1755;Ramsey;ch Edward(lands at Kk Maughold head - field called the Closes - my part of houses etc in Ramsey except a new house at south end of myy dwelling house reserved for my wife - mt part of Corna miln, Ballure? miln (Lewaige miln also mention in accts) - to be possed when reaches 20yrs), Elizth, Christian, Margt; wife Grace als Black exex;1769: Elizth acks bro Edward (exor of mo Grace);annexed note dated 12 Jul 1757 that Ballure Miln in a 
                                                           ruinous condition - proprietors Edward Christian, John Christian heir of Ballure with consent Capt Wm Callow guradian, Mrs Grace Christian with consent Ed Corlet + Wm Wattleworth guardians of her son Edward Christian + Rev James Wilks that miln be enlarged in breadth 2.5ft at least + rebuilt from foundation with lime + stone, timber work double gear sufficient to drive 2 pairs of stones [? chk if NSS Oct 1757 37]
1756-1 E      d  CORKILL      Martin                   [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 oct 1755;4ch Elizth, Isabel, Willm + Ellinr;wife ellinor
1756-1 E      d  COWLE        Charles                  [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 13 sep 1755;7ch  Cath, Chas, Margt, Isabel, Ann, Jane + Willm (6 ua) uncles Wm Cry,wm,saul + john Cowle;1780 philip tear h/o Margt
1756-1 E      d  COWLE        John                     [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 18 oct 1755;ch John,jane + margt ua uncle John Callister;inv 
1756-1 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 23 oct 1755;sibs John,edwd,margt + mary (w/o Robt lowy)
1756-1 E      d  CROW         William                  [full]perished by sea 23 Oct 1755;ch wm + john ua uncles + aunt Charles, James, Edmund + Margt Crow supv
1756-1 E      d  KNEALE       Thomas                   [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 13 sep 1755;parents dal + joney kneale als cowll Regaby;sibs Patr: John  and eliz kneale (w/o Emnd Kewn)
1756-1 E      d  LAWSON       David                    [full]perished by sea 23 Oct 1755;only ch Margt ua (no relns appeared);wife margt als howland;pledges Wm Howland + Wm Goldsmith;inv;later supv James Lawson + John cleater uncles by fa
1756-1 E      d  MARTIN       William                  [full]perished by sea 23 Oct 1755;3 ch Wm,robt + Elizth ua aunts Cath + Margt martin;
1756-1 E      d  SAYLE        James                    [full]perished by sea coast of scotland 13 sep 1755;;no perrson appeared - admin Wm + Philip sayle;parents wm + cath sayle;
1756-1 E      d  STOLE        Thomas                   [full]died coast of Scotland 19 Dec 1755;lately married Elizth Howard (but not pregnant nor married a year & a day);bro edwd
1756-2 A 50      crookington  Butler      jordan       dated 22 feb 1755;london but now in iom;anne vinsley lives with + takes care of me exex(inc houses in southwark) - after her death revenue to be distrubuted poor widows + orphans ramsey + maughold
1756-2 A 51      LOONEY       Robert                   d 8 apr 1756;only son john ua uncle wm looney supv;wife jane als kneen;inv
1756-2 A 52      CORKIL       Robert                   m/c Wm Corkill + Margt Callow; dated 19 Jun 1748;Robt Corkill(Ballnajora) obo son + heir William Corkill;William Callow + wife Margt als Cowle obo dau Margt Callow; to marry before 29 Jun;Corkill settles estate of Ballnejora at marriage reserving a cow;Callow gives dowry 5;young couple to main Robert; Witt Charles Cowle x, Daniel Corkill x
1756-1 E      d  GELL         John                     perished by sea coast of scotland  23 oct 1755;ch cath,john,thos,charles + mary - all ua uncle thos gell supv;wife cath als kaighin;pleddges sd Thos gell(malew) + gilbt kaighin(douglas)
1756-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Mary        KERRUSIH     d 16 Apr 1756;only son David admr - us - his gfa John Kerruish sworn;husb David Christian has tuition + goods 
1756-2 E      d  KERRUISH     William                  d 14 May 1756;Ramsey;sibs Robt, John, Ewan, Tho, Cath + Isabel(w/o Tho Kermeen)  jt admrs
1756-2 E      d  KEWLEY       James                    d beg Sep 1753;only surviving bro Danl admr (a mariner off Island);mother Elinor Kewley appt via a PoA dated 28 Oct 1754  from Danl ('mother Elinor Kewley now of the said Isle' this also mentions land purchased from him by John Martin(miller, Lezayre)[?can't find any deed]
1756-2 E      d  KILLEY       Ellinor     KNEALE       widow of James Gill
1756-2 E      d  WOODS        John                     perished at sea 23 oct 1755;ch thos,robt + john  - all ua uncles james gill(h/o ann) + aunt esther maddrell;wife alive
1756-3 E      d  KILLEY       James                    perished by sea on coast of scotland 13 oct 1755;ch john + jane - both ua no reln appeared;wife alive
1757-1 A 25      CHRISTIAN    Jane        TEAR         [full]made 28 dec 1756;ramsey;son cavaleiro,john;dau jane;sibs unnaned;husb edwd exec;ch ua bro thos tear supv
1757-1 E      d  CORLET       Ellinor     COWLE        d 21 jun 1756;next-o-kin john,danl,ann,margt + isable kneale;margt + isable abroad;inv
1757-1 E      d  COWLE        Catherine   LOWEY        d 9 feb 1757;4ch cath,ann,mary + margt ua unc robt lowey,philip brew + ann lowey sup;husb john;inv - funeral costs + costs of christening child;
1757-1 E      w  KINISH       Catherine   CURGHEY      ballallen;widow;dau ann kinish,mary kinish,cath (eldest) w/o ewan kewish;acks have mary kerruish d/o cath kerruish;1770 james kennish relict + supv of orphan child of anne kerruish d/o testator cath acks from bro-i-law ewan kerruish;
1757-1 E      w  QUIILLEISH   James                    d 28 sep 1756;dau cath,margt,elinor;names philip quilleash,john quayle;wife mary;1779 john kewley,laxey, h/o margt acks from stepfa john kneale;
1757-2 E      d  CALLOW       William                  d 24 may 1757;ballacreggan;3ch edwd,danl + cath,wm (eldest) had dowry;
1757-2 E      d  CASHEN       John                     d 21 aug 1756;dau cath;son wm ;gson wm kinry;son thos + dau margt execs
1757-2 E      d  GILL         Ewan                     perished by sea 14 feb on coast of scotland;3ch dorothy,ellinr + cath ua;wife margt;inv
1757-2 E      d  KNEALE       Ewan                     perished by sea 14 feb on coast of scotland;sibs robt,charles + cath;robt abroad + gives quit claim;pledges john gill + thos corlet
1757-2 E      d  TEAR         Daniel                   perished by sea 14 feb on coast of scotland;ramsey;4ch danl,elizth,jane + esther ua unc+aunt thos + cath tear + edmd gill h/o dorothy tear;wife margt als wattleworth;claims;petn 1765 by pledges for release as ch of la;1763 ch at la choose uncle thos tear + john gill both lezayre + mention legacy due from mrs cath halsal late of lancashire;inv
1757-3 E      w  CARTER       William                  mariner;ramsey;unnamed step bros + sisters;sis nancy;mo alive
1757-3 E      d  CLUCAS       Henry                    perished by sea end feb 1757;wife christian;inv
1757-3 E      w  CORKILL      Margaret    KELLY        names mary corkill,wm corkill;thomas corkil + his son wm execs
1757-3 E      d  COWLE        Arthur                   perished by sea bay of ramsey 20 sept 1757;sibs john,margt,jane,mary,ann,leonora,isabel,cath + elizth;standish christian h/o jane;wife ann;fa arthur cowle;claims substantial + sale of house;petns etc;acks by mary cowll dublin
1757-3 E      d  CROW         Mary        CALLOW       d 3 jul 1757;next of kin james cottier,wm callow,wm callow,james callow,john callow,john kermeen,joney corkill,elizth callow,esther callow & cath cottier;inv
1757-3 E      d  KAIGHIN      Catherine   KAIGHIN      d 28 feb 1757;4ch henry,thos,gilbt + cath gell als kaighin
1757-3 E      d  KERRUISH     Daniel                   d 18 oct 1757 fall among rocks maughold head;sibs thos,wm,robt ,john, margt + mary
1757-3 E      d  STEPHAN      Patrick                  d 20 sept 1757;sometime of sartfield beg now of Ramsey;inv;opetns etc;wife alice;he with a whole boat's crew perished in ramsey bay (in aug 1757 in one account ?sept); Pat Stephen was in debt to John Garrett but died before action;  children patt + margt; suprv Mary + Elizth stephan (aunts) petn that debts outweigh estate and get permission to sell land in jurby which is petioned against by widow;1765 patt stephen now at la chooses John killip + danl kneale both of jurby
1758-1 A 33      STOLE        Joney       CORLET       [full]dated 12 jan 1758;husb john;dau-i-law jane stoal als callow;dau jane kneen als stoal;;gson james kneen,thos corteen;dau isable,esther + mary;sis elinor
1758-1 E      w  WOODS        Thomas                   ramsey;bro john;sis ann,esther;uncle john quay;edmund christian s/o mathias exec
1758-2 A 77   w  CORTEEN      John                     dated 20 Feb 1757 Hexham;Ramsey;taylor but now impressed;sibs Thos + Margt & Catharine Corteen ;wife Ann Corteen als Kinread [mar Lez 17561116] [?margt + cath by mo's 2nd husb ?];
1758-2 A 78      KNEALE       Patrick                  [44]dated 14 feb 1758;ballacowill;unnamed daus;son thos;wife margt als cowin exex (also to take care of his poor boy John - a poor lame idiot)
1758-2 A 79      LOONEY       William                  d 1 apr 1758;3 ch (unnamed);wife (unn) witt Edward Hogg, Margt Cashen;pledges Edw Hogg + John Cleator
1758-3 E      d  CORKILL      William                  d 12 dec 1757 at hm hospital spithead (deposed by Peter Corkill who was there at time);only bro thos;wife alive;
1759-1 A 30      CALLOW       John                     [full]ballacraggan;gson wm callow exec
1759-1 A 31      CORLET       Edward                   Ramsey;son peter,edwd;dau cath execx;bro-i-law wm sayle;some delay re possible debts (long list of claims);pledge john gill wright;wife cath;claimers inc quaker George robinson + wm whaley of Liverpool;
1759-1 A 33      KNEEN        Margaret    COTTIER      last on this section of film - christian (ua);
1759-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 18 jan 1759;3 ch isabel (w/o thos corkill),mary + margt
1759-1 E      d  CORKILL      John                     d hm royal hospital portsmouth 2 june 1758,wit thomas christian who was there;sibs robt mary jane margt cath & christian (ua);
1759-1 E      w  CORTEAN      David, senr              d 12 Nov 1758;nephew David Corteen, John Corteen;bro John Corteen(his right to houses + backside wherein they dwell + to meadow in Lezayre - sd premises to fall to his son John Corteen junr);sister Margrett Corteen(room called the culley) exex
1759-1 E      d  CORTEEN      Robert                   d 24 feb 1759;3 ch robt,thos + nichs all ua uncle thos corteen;wife alive
1759-2 A 82      BLACK        Jane        moore        dated 6 jan 1753;widow;ramsey;agrmt (court Oct 1753) with son hugh(h/o mary);dau betty(to have room reserved)
1759-2 A 86      CALLOW       Alice       KISSAG       [m robt callow Mau 17390119]
1759-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 23 apr 1759;ramsey;ch john esther + isabel all ua supv ewan,danl,thos + ellinr christian;wife alive;inv
1759-2 E      d  CORKIL       Joney       KILLEY       d 7 may 1759;sons thos + wm ua supv uncles john killey,patr killey,wm radcliffe + ewan kneale;husb john;inv
1759-2 E      d  CORTEEN      John                     d 3 feb 1759;4 ch john,david,edwd + mary (w/o hugh martin)
1759-2 E      w  GARRET       Ewan                     d 25 jan 1759 on coast guinea;mo mary garret ;will impressed 20 jan 1757 at bonus now abroad hm tender sarah in rode of hull upon kingston yorks;mo mary als taylor (widow);witt to will wm christian ramsey and wm cowle impressed same time was other witt;danl kee also impressed ;letter by wm curphy  to mo Marriod Curphy dated 4 mar 1759
1759-2 E      d  GOLDSMITH    John                     cooper; died by fall from douglas quay;prin cred john callister
1760-1 A 45      CALLOW       Mary        SHIMIN       [full];widow;ballaglass;son edward (daus mary,dorothy,cath + anne,son wm);dau mary (w/o edwrd callow ballnaskeig+ son wm + 4 daus);son john;dau-i-law anne callow;1760 dau ann callow widow ballaglass;
1760-1 A 46      KINREAD      John                     d 24 nov ;son-i-law john sayle;son john;daus margt + ellinor;wife alive
1760-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   [full];perished by water in santan river 23 nov 1759;lewaigue;5 ch john,ewan,ellinor,edwd + robt; bro Ewan;wife Mary;
1760-1 E      w  COLE         Richard                  [full];dated 13 apr 1756;d 3 yrs ago barbadoes ;step bros John + james kelvie;john curphey s/o uncle Edwd (cooper);james singleton witt
1760-1 E      d  CORKILL      William                  perished by sea 1 oct 1759;sis (whole blood) margt + cath (their mo elizth);bros (half blood) john + thos
1760-2 A 74      CORTEEN      William                  d 2 dec 1759;dau margt (ua);wife margt;uncle thos corteen supv
1760-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 13 May 1760;Capt Wm Christian;wife alive;ch Cath + Ann jt admxs - ua uncle + aunts by fa's side John, Jane + Mary Christian supvs
1760-2 E      w  Crosbie      Robert                   d 1 oct 1760?;mariner;3 unnamed ch;wife jane als curghey exex;no relns on island - court appts wife tuition of orphan 
1760-2 E      d  KERRUISH     William                  d 26 Apr 1760;ch Ann, Mary + Joney jt admxs - other dau Jane(w/o Saml Christian had m/c)
1760-3 E      d  CAINE        Margaret                 d 18 nov 1759;spinster;sis jane(w/o robt Christian sworn),mary (w/o john corrin)+ ellinrr Gill als caine
1760-3 E      d  WILSON       John                     d 25 mar 1760 in Whitehaven;ch cath,elizth + isable jt amrs as other dau Mary (w/o george strahan) had a m/c;wife margt
1761-1 A 66      KNEEN        John                     d 3 mar;ch Jane(cattle in Tallo-e-mitchel + sheep in Ballaterson), John(sheep in Tallo-e-mitchell equal with Jane)exor;
1761-1 A 67      CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 d 12 Feb 1761;Ballafail;mother [name seems erased + partly lost in margin] exex;
1761-1 A 68      KILLEY       William                  dated 23 Jan? 1760;names ch of James Kneale - James, John;names John Kewn lockman Kk Maughold exor - mentions goods due by mother's decease
1761-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Mary                     d 13 oct 1760;spinster;sibs ewan,ann,jane + cath
1761-1 E      w  CORKILL      Catherine   CORLET       d sep 1760;dau Cath, John Kermod's wife; goddau Mary Knickle; son Wm; son John, husb John Corkill; children's uncles and aunts on mother's side: Thomas Corlet, John Kneale, Robert Kissack, Joney Corlet supervisors
1761-2 E      d  STOLE        John                     d dec 1761;dau isabel;son wm;son-i-law james kneen,john gill;gdau esther gill;gson robt costean;daus esther stole + mary gill execx;john kelley h/o mary;
1761-3 E      w  CALLOW       Edward                   d 20 sep;wm + marjery ch of bro;names cath cashin d/o john cashin glenshione decd;other legacies;gson edwd kinnish exec but ua edwd callow ballaskeg admr;john gell h/o marjery callow;james kennish fa of edward;[1778 note that ann callow's will 14 yrs ago]
1761-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   d 28 feb 1761;late ramsey;ch cavalier,john + jane (chooses uncle Thos Teare as guardian)
1761-3 E      w  COTTIER      Thomas                   dated 8 Oct 1747;Ramsey;mariner;sibs John Christian(1s),Ellinor Corkil als Christian exex;witt Hugh Martin junr, Christopher Johnson x, Edmund Kneen senr;Martin + Kneen depose they know of no other will; John Corlet h/o Elinor Corkill als Christian sworn
1761-3 E      w  KINREAD      Joney                    dau margt,elinor execx;cousin leonora sayle;1763 ellinor now ellinor killip 
1761-3 E      w  KINREAD      Margaret    CORKILL      d sep 1761;ramsey;son thos;dau elizth + cath ua uncle john corkill ;inv
1762-1 A 29      STOLE        John                     last will in one section - next #32 cath kewley als corrin lonan
1762-1 E      d  AUDLEY       Samuel                   d 18 oct 1760 by water in ramsey river;only ch margt ua uncle mo side wm kneale;wife alive
1762-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 14 Nov 1761;sons John + Edmund;pledges Rev Thos Woods (Maughold) + Rev John Gill (Lezayre)
1762-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    James                    perished by sea on coast of Ireland Nov 1759;mariner;sis Cath (w/o Thos Quine) + Ellinor;pledges John Christian Ballure + John Cowle Lezayre
1762-1 E      d  KERUISH      John                     perished by sea on coast of Scotland 24 Feb 1761;only sis Joney Kerruish;
1762-1 E      d  STOLE        William                  perished by sea on coast of Scotland 10 nov 1760;son christopher ua uncles fa side john stole, peter corkill,john cottiman,andrew crebbin;wife elizth pregnant
1762-2 A 78      MOORE        William                  died 21 Feb;Ramsey;sister Dorothy wife of James Lawson; wife Jane Moore als Martin; sis Jane wife of Daniel Craine   [Dorothy M md 1749 to James Lawson; Jane md Dan Crain 1750; Wm M md Jane Martin 1760]
1762-2 A 81      CORKILL      William,senr             d 27 Feb 1762; Port Lewage;settled lands etc on son + heir Wm who did not fulfill all of the conditions + wants Wm to pay 20 to his exor;wife Mary als Calow exex;pledges Thos Calister + Thos Corkil (both Maughold)
1762-2 A 82      CALLOW       John                     [full]d 26 oct 1761;son edwd(eldest),robt,john;dau jane,cath;wife jane exec;pledges thomas mylworrey maughold + edwd callow shoemaker Ramsey
1762-2 A 83      STOLE        Robert                   d beg spring 1762;mariner;ramsey;wife elizth exex;witt George stole cooper ramsey;disputed will by john stole, john cashin + john gill (all maughold);petn says cast away on coast of cumberland
1762-2 E      w  CALLOW       Ann         MYLREA       dated 24 apr 1762;son dan,wm,thos,edwd;dau margt + ann;sister decd;husb wm exor[?marr]
1762-2 E      dg CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 widow relict capt nich christian ramsey dg dau margret taubman als christian;;dau margery frissell +  her daus margt + margery;dau esther already has since death of husb a great part
1762-2 E      jw CORKILL      Ewan                     made 12 jun 1761;port league;wife cath als kneale execx;posthumous son ewan;pledges wm corkill port lewague + wm kneale bartley lezayre. [m Mau 17590519 ?bapt]
1762-2 E      d  COWIN        Philip                   perished by sea coast of scotland 12 nov;4 ch alice philip cath elizbth all ua wm, john eliz cowin supv;wife jane plege philip cowin gfa (? of ch);inv [Philip Cowin + Jane Killey m Lez 17520128]
1762-2 E      d  KARNAGHAN    Robert                   perished by sea coast of scotland 12 nov;2 sons robt thos;dau esther w/o john kermeen having had dowry;petn by 'first born' dau jane + husb thos connor now of dublin
1762-2 E      d  KNEAL        Daniel                   perished by sea coast of scotland 22 feb;ramsey;4 ch ann eliz margt ellinr;ann at la; inv no sig sums
1762-2 E      d  MARTIN       Catherine                d 11 apr;only bro hugh
1762-2 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   perished by sea coast of scotland 22 feb;5 ch john robt wm christian mary; john+ robt at la;inv no sig sums
1762-2 E      d  QUILL        James                    perished by sea abt 21 jan;two half bro's philip & john callister;3 half sisters joney margt ann callister;robt quark h/o margt;thos hog h/o joney;philip scarffe h/o ann;wife alice not sure if pregnant;inv
1762-2 E      d  SAYLE        John                     perished by sea coast of scotland 22 feb;4 ch leonora thos ann john all ua as john sayle illeg no lawful relns;inv;debt of 39
1762-2 E      w  STOCKDALE    Matthew                  juner ? of workington;purchased ballyfail;cousin wm callow his dau mary;bro john concerns in workington;sis mary thompson;sis dorothy stockdale;cousin mary callow; mariner perished by sea near bar at strangford ireland nov  1759;orig will had to be sent to york; letters concerning this
1762-2 E      mc WATERSON     Catherine   CREETCH als taggart  mc dated 25th July 1754 John Waterson of KK Andreas + cath creetch als taggart of kk maughold
1762-3 E      w  CORKILL      Mary                     made 31 May 1762;widow;ch Wm, Isabel exex;pledges Wm Christian(Ballayionag?, Bride) + Patrick Cottier(tailor, Lezayre)
1762-3 E      d  CUBON        Robert                   d Castle Rushen (inv notes in prison)28 Aug last[?1761 or 1762];late Ramsey;no reln appears - prin creditor John Stowel admr;
1763-1 A 31      MUIRE[Moore] Mary        CURGHEY      not numbered  follows #32 + earlier petn;d 20 Feb 1763: Nancy veg Sam (vizt., Ann Christian); niece Joney Kerruish (husb William Rigg); Ann Kerruish als Curghey [widow in 1763] & Jane Christian als Curghey sisters of Mary More als Curghey; John Xtn & Wm Xtn are nephews of Mgt Xtn;
1763-1 A 32      CHRISTIAN    Catherine                spinster ramsey;d 8 nov 1762;bro david;cousin peggy johnson;mo ellinor christian exex;pledges edward christian mariner Ramsey; edwd callow;
1763-1 E      d  GARRET       Thomas                   perished by sea on coast scotland nov 1761;sibs wm,john + jane - all ua ;father thos;1774: john gill h/o jane acks from Hugh martin all effects of her bro tho
1763-1 E      d  MARTIN       Edward                   d 5 dec 1760 on board hm ship the Medway near Pondicherry in East indies; only ch margt ua - uncles hugh,wm + matthw martin supv;wife alice
1763-2 A 78      KNEALE       Thomas                   d 21 apr;ramsey;dau eleanor(eldest),christian;wife mary exex (pregnant);inv
1763-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      KERRUISH     d 29 dec 1762;ballatersyn;dau ellinor admx;other ch wm,joney (w/o wm corkill),elizth stole als Christian widow had marr settlmts;christopher corkill h/o ellinor;claim
1763-3 E      w  CALLOW       Ewan                     d 5 Jun 1763;ch Robert, Thomas, Christopher, Wm(eldest son - to have crop when Robt Creer's lease expires), Jane(youngest dau)Catrine(eldest dau) - some ch uder age 18 - wants Wm Cowle junr(Magher-e-Kieaue?)+ Thos Mcylcarraine(Lezayre) as guardians; wife Isabel als Mcylcaraine exex;
1763-3 E      w  GARRET       Thomas                   d 13 Jun 1763;ch Jane, Wm + John (last 2 ua - supv Robert Calcot (h/o Joney als Garret sis to Thomas);wife Jane exex;pledges Edwd Allen + Thos Corlet(Loughyn-y-Giy;177: John Gill h/o Jane acks Hugh Martin(h/o exex Jane)
1763-3 E      w  ROBINSON     George                   a Quaker
1763-3 E 2       CASHIN       John                     dated 20 feb 1757;late of ramsey;in Hexham jail;only ch John;wife Mary Cashin als Stole;witt Edwd Christian + Ann Corteen als Caroon; 1763 since had 2 ch Margt + mary cashin;rels on fa's side Cath,Marg,Mary + Jane Cashin suprv;
1764-1 A 19      COULTER      Margaret    christian    dau Jane (md xxx Corlet by 1784); fa Patrick Xtn; sis Esther Xtn (md Mat Underwood; dau Cath Underwood); Capt / Mr Edmond Christian of Ramsey; Revd James Wilks
1764-1 A 20      CHRISTIAN    Grace       BLACK        dated 16 jan 1763;widow capt thos christian ramsey;dau eliz(little house between our house + john gawn),margt;son edward exor;some ch ua 1765 elizth at la;1771 margt at la + later sues edward for legacy;inv
1764-1 A 21      CORTEEN      Margaret                 d 9 feb 1764;ramsey;niece w/o hugh martin(+his eldest dau),w/o robt crowsis cath
1764-1 A 22      CASHIN       Margery                  names Eliz Quine d/o Wm Quine;Mary Quine + Jony Corkill;Thos + Eliz Christian c/o John Christian;Ann Callow Ballaglass widow exec;witt Thos Neagle + Wm Ratcliff; Ann Christian als Callow sworn execx;
1764-2 A 57      COWN         John                     d beg lent last;son thos,wm;dau margt;wife ellinor exex
1764-2 A 58   dg KNEALE       Margaret                 dated 16 oct 1754;jw robt + margt;formerly ramsey now lezayre;daus margt + joney (house on mooragh wherein son-i-law alexr johnson dwells + cellar adj + the shade or apartment of our son ewan kneale's house;other ch elizth + ewan to be excluded; 1762 accepted as will robt wm joughin h/o joney;mart wife survived but now dead;timothy killip h/o elizth als kneale claims;ewan kneale ramsey acks
1764-2 A 59   dg KNEALE       William                  William Kneale of Ramsey + Alice Kneale als Garret his wife, deed: eldest dau Elizabeth Kneale; Alice died abt 1753; Wm died abt 1764; John Cleater is son in law of Wm & Alice, and Robert Corlet is the bro in law of John Cleater
1764-2 E      d  DURIE        John                     bro thomas,3 ch ua;last in 64 [david, john Margt]
1764-2 E      d  HOWARD       Ann         SKELTON      d 3 may 1764;ramsey;ch thos,elizth,jane(these 2 abroad) + ann;inv
1764-2 E      w  ROBINSON     William                  a Quaker, mother widow Ramsey
1764-2 E      d  tate         Catherine   CASEMENT     d 25 dec 1763;only dau mary;inv(gives name teat)
1764-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edmond                   d 7 dec 1764;merchant ramsey;ch quayle,edward + elizth;all ua gfa quayle curphy + uncle john christian by mo side since john christian(only bro) uncle by fa side has resigned admx;;long accts; letter states some things in inventory
                                                            of great bulk belong to brewery and Quayle Curphy not sure if can be disposed of as there is now no demand for such things;
1764-3 E      mc CORKILL      Mary                     m/c thos brew + margt corkill; son-i-law thos brew exor
1764-3 E      w  DOUGLASS     John                     d 24 jun 1764;ch maxwell(wearing apparel + utensils belonging to his trade),thos,john(ua - to be kept at parson's school for one year).mary;wife exex
1765-1 A 39      CORKILL      Edward                   d 5 Nov;wife Jane sole excx;pledges John Christian Ballure + Robt Christian of the Head, both Kk Maughold
1765-1 A 40      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    MARTIN       d 29 dec 1764;dau margery,jane;husb wm exec;ch ua Wm martin consents to fa being guardian; wm martin + edwd callow pledges;1787: james riley h/o margery
1765-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Cavaleio                 bro of john;only sis jane 
1765-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     bro cavaleio
1765-1 E      d  COwLE        Edward                   mariner ship Rose of Liverpool, capt Lawson commander died on board in west indies about 3 yrs ago; sibs john margt & mary (w/o wm kerruish);
1765-1 E      w  KNEEN        William                  impressed 1757;only s/o wm kneen ramsey;letter from carlisle 13 feb 1757;
1765-1 E      d  QUINE        William                  d 2 dec ;3 ch simon john eliz;all of age
1765-1 E      d  SAyLE        Esther      KNEEN        2 ch  edw & margt;ua uncles wm & thos; [an Edward Sayle + esther Kneen m 17610602 - no ch found in igi]
1765-2 E      d  CALLOW       William                  perished by sea 28 jan 1765;ch joney, isable, wm + may(ua);wife mary;inv states d in scotland;
1765-2 E      d  GARRET       Daniel                   see john;d 2 yrs ago in minority
1765-2 E      d  GARRET       John                     d oct 1761;due goods by death of fa danl (ep 1752-2 );only bro tho(aboad -poa to mother margt kissack(ramsey))
1765-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  d 7 jun 1765;only sis isabel callow als christian
1765-3 E      w  CORKILL      Joney                    d mid jul 1765;sis mary quine als corkill
1765-3 E      d  CORMODE      John                     d april 1762 or 1763 at batavia east indies on board the 'Medway';impressed hm service abt 1757;info fromjohn gawn,mariner, on board same time;only dau joney at age
1765-3 E      d  KNEEN        Catherine   WATTLEWORTH  d 4 jun 1765;only ch wm kneen - ua uncles john wattleworth + john sayle
1765-3 E      d  THOMPSON     John                     d 7 aug 1765 at peel;only ch ellinor admx ua but no relns on fa's side;wife cath
1765-2 A 96      LOONEY       Margery     [?looney]    d 20 mar;bro's son Peter Looney;bro's dau Jane Looney; bro's dau Isabel looney; sons Wm, James (exec)
1765-2 A 98      GRAVES       Abigail     CALLOW       [full]
1765-2 A100      WATTLEWORTH  Margaret                 [Full]
1766-1 A 38      WOODS        Joanna      COWLE        [full]
1766-2 A 79   jw CALLOW       William                  [full]wm + ellinor;ballafail;late son-i-law mathw stockdale of workington;gsons Wm christian (selegaby) + wm fargher;gson thomas fargher,wm karran;gdau jane christian;gdaus elinor + elizth morrison;gsons thos,wm,john + mathias morrison;daus abigail,elizth + jony;gsons thomas,john + matthias christian;gdau margt christian,elinor christian;dau elizth morrison;goddau jane underwood;son thos;jony w/o thomas fargher;
1766-2 A 81   j  HOWARD       Jane        LOONEY       [Ramsey]d 12 Apr 1766;husb Thomas Howard exor;ch Anne(eldest dau), Jane - both ua - next of kin on mo's side spv (?Wm Looney + ? - obscured at bottom of page on film); sis-in-law Nancy Howard;cousin Catharine McGowan, Jane McGowan,Catharine Kneale;names nursekeeper Ellinor Ellinor Kneale;names Philip Kneen(vulgo Voasts) + wife;
1766-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Joney       LEWNEY       d 28 Jun 1766;ch Wm, Ellinor + Joney jt admrs - all ua - uncles Robt Lewney, Wm + John Lewney, Patr Kelly + Philip Hogg supv; husb alive;pledges John Cannell + Thos Mcylvorrey (both Maughold)
1766-3 E      w  CORLET       Margaret                 d 7 jul 1766;spinster;fa edmond exor;pledges thos vondy + john cottier(hatter) both ramsey
1767-1 A 21      CORKILL      Mary        callow       d 16 jan 1767;port lewaige;dau joney execx;son wm;gson ewan corkill (to be supv of sd son wm); dau-i-law cathrin;witt mary quilliam + jane cowin
1767-1 A 22      CORRAGUE     Ann                      d beg jan 1767;ramsey;sis joney exex
1767-1 A 23      CHRISTIAN    Jane                     d 5 dec 1766;parents alive;sibs john,mary exex;names mis elinr christian lewaigue;aunt ann allen port-e-vullen;wm callow h/o mary
1767-1 A 24      CARRAN       Jane        CANNELL      d 23 feb 1767;dau margt carren,christian cain exex;1783 thomas stole h/o margt
1767-1 A 25      CHRISTIAN    Joney                    d feb 1765;husb mark
1767-1 E      d  STOLE        Thomas                   dept isle 20 yrs ago;marineruncle danl stole admr (relinquished to nephew wm stole)
1767-2 A 60      BLACK        Mary                     d 14 mar [?1767];3 daus;husb wm exor
1767-2 A 61      CORKILL      Peter                    d 20 jan;son samuel (eldest),peter (loom),Wm (not yet 24);dau Mary;gdau Margt corkil;wife margt als christian
1767-2 A 62      CALLOW       Margaret                 d 10 apr 1767;unnamed sisters;father James exor
1767-2 E      w  DOBSON       Ann         SAYLE        d 16 may 1767;ramsey;gson thos clark (money due from Thos Stevenson)- ua;son-i-law edmond clark exor
1767-2 E      d  KIRKPATRICK  John                     d 30 apr 1767 in london;native n britain[scotland] but late resident Ramsey;only child "john jane kirkpatrick" ? - ua uncle Wm Kirkpatrick supv
1767-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 13 jul 1766;crow-creen;only dau ann quayle exex (w/o peter murray)
1767-2 E      d  Stole        Margaret    CASEMENT     d 27 jan 1767;ch john + mary cashin als stole - jt admrs
1767-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ewan                     d 12 Aug 1767?;Ramsey;wife Cath als Keaney exex;
1767-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CORKILL      d 12 Jul 1767;widow;gch Robt + Wm Cannell (+ their younger bros James, John + Thos), Isabel Cannell, Joney + Margt Cannel;ch Isabel Corkil, Mary Christian;bro-i-law Danl Kewley;son-i-law Danl Cannel exor
1767-3 E      d  COWIN        William                  d 9 oct 1767;only sis joney
1767-3 E      w  KEE          Dorothy                  d 24 Jun [1767?];Ramsey;husb Danl Kee exor;sis Cath Cowll;sis-i-law Elizth Crenilt;names Mary Christian(Ballakey, Kk Bride), Jane Callow;
1768-1 A 39      VOAST        Joney       COTTIMAN     d feb 1767;widow;ramsey;dau jane cottiman exex
1768-1 E      d  CALLOW       Ann                      d 15 dec;spinster;only sis margt w/o david kinread
1768-1 E      w  CURGHEY      Catherine   CORTEEN als kewley  ramsey;d oct;dau margt kneal als corteen,cath picken als corteen (if she comes to island),esther corteen,alice corteen;gdau alice curphy,gson nicholas curphy;nicholas curphy + isobel curphy als corteen his wife exec
1768-2 A   70    CREER        William                  d jan 1768;son john (eldest + exec),thomas;dau ann;son-in-law Ann corkill;gson wm creer;wife alive
1768-2 E      d  CALLOW       Ellinor     [blank]      d 10 may 1768;only surv ch ann oates als callow but she refused;wm cubbon sumner gnl to benefit of creditors
1768-2 E      d  CALLOW       Margaret    LACE         d 22 may 1768;only sis cath crow als lace exex
1768-2 E      d  CORKILL      Barbara     [blank]      d 11 jan 1768;ch john,jane,isabel ;pledges john corlet + danl joughin both of the Abb maughold
1768-2 E      w  COTTIMAN     Ellinor     LOONEY       d 24 apr 1768;son robt(her half curragh);dau isabel(eldest),esther,christian;husb john exor;ch ua andrew crebbin sworn supv
1768-2 E      d  STOLE        Ann         [blank]      d 23 dec 1767;ch thos,john,edwd
1768-3 E      w  BLACK        Hugh                     d 1 aug 1767;ramsey;ch elizt,sarah;witt ann sprainger;jannet angus(since departed isle);pledges arthur lace + john black ramsey;inv;sale;debts exceed effects ;house + garden ramsey 2.25 rent
1768-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CORLET       d may 1768;late wife john vulgo john vark;ch john,robt,thomas(ua);only dau margt;husb john exor
1768-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mark                     d 20 sep 1768;unnamed ch;son-i-law thos callister (h/o joney) jt exors
1768-3 E      w  COWIN        Ellinor     KNEEN        d 19 aug 1768;son phil,wm,thos exor ;dau margt,elinor christian (jt exec with thos, w/o ewan);gdau elinor christian;
1768-3 E      w  KELLY        Elizabeth   HOGG         d 4 sep 1768;son wm(+ ch),heny(ch robt,nich,margt),robt(+ch),john;husb henry;sons henry + wm jt exors
1768-3 E      w  YOUNG        Joney                    d in summer last;husb wm exor
1769-2 A 62   jw CALLOW       Ellinor                  wm + ellinor callow,ballafail;late son-i-l mathew stockdale of workington;gsons wm christian regaby + wm fargher;other gch of slegaby + ballasaag;gson thomas fargher; gson wm karran;gdau jane christian,judy christian,elinor + eliz morrisson,gsons thos,wm,john + mathias morison;3 daus abigail,elizabeth + jony;
                                                           28 may 1766 ellinor having survived wm;thomas fargher son-in-law - long complicated set of acks + claims;thomas morrison h/o eliz morrison als callow (d/o wm),
                                                           thomas hampton h/o margt christian  a gchild;;wm lawson douglas h/o jane lawson als christian gdau;ellinor wheeler w/o thos wheeler glassmkr of liverpool  gdau;1776 wm christian s/o thomas kk onchan gson now wanting to go abroad assigns to sis joney;inv
1769-2 A 63      KNEEN        William                  dated 24 dec 1766;ramsey [will torn];nephew john kneen;wife margt only ch jane clark als kneen;gdau margt clark (motgage from wm + ellinr quiggin);
1769-2 A 64      CHRISTIAN    William                  Ramsey, blacksmith: nephew Edmund Christian & 3 nieces his sister (Mgt, Cath & ?), nephew Wm Christian, nephew John Christian (sons Jn & Wm)
1769-3 E      d  CALLEISH     Philip                   d 23 Jul 1769;2 ch Wm + Dorothy jt admrs - eldest son Philip had m/c;pledges John Corkill + Robt Quay(both Maughold)
1769-3 E      w  CALLOW       Mary                     d Aug 1769;husb Edwd(Balneskeig) exor;ch Wm(eldest son), Isabel, Ann,Edwd, Robt (ua), Mary, John, Jane
1769-3 E      w  CASHIN       William                  d Aug 1769;ch Wm Cashen;gch Wm Cashen + Cath Cashen(w/o James Kennish) (jt exors);ggdau Cath Allen;names debtors Danl Callow(+ dau Jane + her dau Cath), Robt davis, Margt Kerrush + his son-i-law Hugh Creetch;
1769-3 E      w  COWLE        Catherine   KERRUISH     d 14 Jun 1769;ch Wm, Robt, Christopher,  Cath (w/o John Crosby, Ramsey) exex;husb Wm;gch Cath Cowle, John Crosby, Cath Crosby
1769-3 E      w  CURLETT      Ellinor     QUAYLE       d 10 Sep 1769;husb John Corlet exor;ch Margt, Edwd, John - some ua - maternal uncles John, James + Thos Quayle supvs
1769-3 E      d  KERMEEN      John                     d 17 Jul 1769;6 ch James, Thos, Cath(w/o Wm Stole), Ann, Jane + Mary jt admrs - last 2 ua; wife Isabel
1769-3 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d May 1769;Ballaskegg;wife Alice als Corlet exex;ch Ann(eldest dau), Elinor + Margt, Wm, John, Thos, Samuel(husbandry gearsetc); bro Arthur Quayle;witt Robt Lowey, Mary Joughin als Stevens; thos, Elinor + Mary ua; displaced acks dated 1785 + 1788?;
1770-1 A 27      JOUGHAN      Daniel                   d 1 nov 1769;ramsey;son ewan,john;dau christian,jane;gch john + wm quay;wife jane exex
1770-1 A 28      KIRMEEN      William                  d 6 jan;son john,wm (exec);gson wm kermeen;gdau cath + isabel kermeen
1770-1 A 29      LOONEY       James                    d 9 jan;taylor ramsey;bro wmedwad sayle exec
1770-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   ramsey;d 14 aug 1769;sons john wm + george;dau janeeldest dau cathrin execx
1770-1 E      d  COLLEISH     Jane        CORKILL      d 14 jan 1770;2 ch wm + dorothy,other son philip provided for
1770-1 E      w  COWLE        Ann                      spinster,ramseyd sep 1769;mo anne cowle;pledge john corlett shopkeeper ramsey
1770-1 E      w  LOONEY       John                     [Full]
1770-2 A 62      SAYLE        Catherine                made 10 feb 1762;ramsey;nurse-keeper ann corage;husb wm exec;wm d some time ago (codicil to will appoints  son john as exec;inv but only house 8
1770-2 A 63      KERRUISH     Jane                     d 1768;ramsey;dau ann;dau-i-law jony kerruish exexs
1770-2 A 64      TAPLIN       Thomas                   friend james christian london;florid will;madam christian of the garey;niece martha taplin now jones dublin w/o samuel jones (woolcomber);sam jones attested martha d/o george taplin late of dublin;inv
1770-2 E      d  BREW         Catherine                d 13 jan 1770;late of ramsey formerly jurby;sibs robt,patr,philip,christian + jane;wm lawson h/o christian;pledges patr kneale smith + thos kelly both jurby
1770-2 E      w  CORTEEN      Christian                d 4 may 1770;Ramsey;gdau Margt Corteen;son David (+his ch)edwd exor;names Jane Corteen;
1770-2 E      d  JACKSON      Fisher                   d 12 march 1770;comptroller customs house ramsey;no next of kin;prin creditor john lewhallin;claims,inv,sale;petn + court ruling that natives paid before non-native creditors
1770-2 E      d  McYLWORREY   Ellinor     KELLY        d 9 apr 1770;2ch ellinor + ann ua uncles phinlo + thos kelly + aunts mary callister + jney kelly;?husb philip
1770-3 E      d  ALLEN        John                     s/o robt allen,mariner d some time ago coast of guinea;considerable effects in liverpool, fa moved them to island  thus complaint by peter moore prin creditor shopkeeper douglas;ann w/o robt allen;sibs robt,marg + ann;decree: d on board ship king of prussia ,liverpool,31 dec 1769;court case details sold effects
1770-3 E      d  BellenDEN    George                   gottenberg;d apr 1770;committed to john frissell mercht ramsey
1770-3 E      d  CRELLIN      Margaret    fRISSELL     d 18 aug 1770;w/o rev john crellin;inv room by room;3ch john frissel,margt + elizth crellin ua unc joh frissel + richd ambrose stevenson;1786: dispute with wm llewellin milntown h/o margt crellin
1770-3 E      d  KNEALE       Thomas                   d 23 mar 1770;only son ewan;
1771-1 A 24      KELLY        Margaret    callow       d 4 dec 1770;son john exec;daus ann,margt;husb john
1771-1 E      w  CALLOW       William                  shopkeeper ramsey; [poor microfilm] wife ann als kerruish;ch thos,charle + ann;charles + john callow + wm corkill uncles sworn supv of ua children
1771-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d 18 dec 1764 in minority;d/o capt wm christian decd will 1760;only sis cath ua uncles by fa john christian  + wm callow
1771-2 A 78      CALLOW       Catherine   LACE         [full]
1771-2 A 79      COWAN        William                  d jan 1771;youngest ch elinor,other ch wm anne cath +jony;wife execx;witt jsable calow als mcylcsarane, joney corkil als calow
1771-2 A 80      CORKIL       Joney                    d feb 1771;wm corki exec 'best friend & benefactor under many calamities';wc ballajora
1771-2 A 81      CAIN         Margaret    gill         d 27 nov 1770;dau mary,elinor;son-i-l robt christian exec
1771-2 A 82      McBOOY       William                  d 14 jan;ramsey;dau anne,son thomas (to be put to trade);wife margt execx;
1771-2 E 885  d  CURGHEY      Isabel      QUARK        d 4 nov 1770;only son edmd
1771-2 E 886  w  SAYLE        Philip                   d 18 may 1771;ramsey;names john s/o edward corteen,john s/o john corteen,john corteen snr;sis elizth sayle execx
1771-3 E      w  CORLET       Edmond                   d 20 jun 1771;ramsey;son edmd(house etc);gson edward(s/o edwd);dau lucy;wife (margt  named in ack)+ dau jt exexs
1771-3 E      d  FORBES       David                    formery ramsey but late dumfries d 26 feb 1771 edinburgh;nephew thos durie admr
1771-3 E      w  KARNAGHAN    Robert                   dated 14 sep? 1766;mariner;d aug 1770 coast guinea;mo dorothy kernaghan als christian
1771-3 E      w  MARTIN       Ann         BLACK        d 5 jul 1771;widow, ramsey;dau jane (w/o john callow);witt isabel kee als mason,cath cannell;
1771-3 E      w  STOLE        Ellinor     CASHIN       d 20 may;dau elinor, margery(exex);son james
1772-1 A 33      Cowll        Ann                      d 30 nov 1771;widow ramsey;dau jane,isabel;son charles + dau margt execs;1776: jane cowll acks from dan kneen exec
1772-1 A 34      CREECH       Hugh                     d 30 dec;son hugh,robt;daus cath, margt,mary;wm joughen h/o cath creetch
1772-1 A 35      COWLE        Jane                     late of kk bride;grandnephew wm cowle (smith);sons john + thos christian of niece ellinor christian (ballatersin);names wm cowle glantuan;grandniece cath christian ballatersin;nieces hannah christian,ellinor christian ballatersin; young cousin hannah cowle ballavair;cousin wm christian ballatersin;cousins dorothy + cath christian ballatersin execxs;hannah cowle ua moth isable + guardian wm cowle her uncle (fa side);john christian h/o hannah christian;
1772-1 A 36      KERMeen      Margaret    tear         d 2 jan 1772;widow ramsey;dau mary shimin (if she comes in person);gson patt vondy (dwelling house);son-i-law thos vondy exec
1772-1 A 37      COWIN        Edward                   dated 12 aug 1767;son wm 6d;(dutiful) dau jony cown  exex
1772-1 E      w  CHREETCH     Margret                  d 26 may 1771;w/o hugh;dau margt,mary;son hugh,robt;husb hugh dead by probate
1772-1 E      w  CORKIL       Thomas                   d 10 jul 1771;wife elinor als kermeen;witt christian corkill, margt ellison als clague;
1772-1 E      d  CORLET       Isabel                   d 2 dec 1770;ramsey;next relns by mo's side - robt,thos + danl kerruish,jane joughin + cath cowle;margt corlet +dau  lucy corlet legal reps of edmd corlet who survived her + was next of kin by fa side (her fa dead);agreement to set friend + reln wm callow attorney
1772-1 E      d  LACE         Philip                   d 23 nov 1771;dau anne+jane
1772-1 E      d  LOONEY       Daniel                   d 29 Jul;sibs Peter, John,Wm [?missing bapt], Jane + Isabel;pledges Edwd Callow Ballaskeige + Wm Callow Ballatersyn;
1772-2 A 76      STOLE        Esther                   made 8 feb 1772;bro wm stole;sis isable;esther killey d/o her sister;wm kneen s/o her sister;sis mary;uncle danl stole;bros-i-law james kneen + john killey execs
1772-2 A 77      KINNISH      William                  d 21 mar 1772;son peter (meadows westward of rivulet in Manks Sanan-nyn-ean) exec.john,thos;dau margt;wife mary
1772-2 A 78      TAGGARt      Jane        JOUGHIN      [Full];
1772-2 A 79      CORKIL       Margaret    callow       d 17 apr 1772;8 un-named ch (inc mary + jane at age guardians of ua ch);un-named husb
1772-2 A 80   dg CURGHEY      Esther      curghy als  quay   Edward Curghey of Maughold and wife Esther Curghey als Curghey als Quay, deed of gift made 25 Janry 1772:  their son & dau John Curghey and Jane Curghey; also John 'Joe' Curghey, Catharine Curghey (now md to Nicholas Corkill), Margaret Curghey (now md to Robt Crow).    Esther died first by April 1772
1772-2 A 81      CREER        Joney       carran       d 22 feb 1772;son john creer;,thosgdau esther creer;dau ann;names saml corkil's poor ch;thos+ enne execs;saml corkil h/o ann
1772-2 E      d  KISSAGE      Ewan                     d 3 may 1772;ch ewan,john,joney + wm,ann (w/o wm corkill) had m/c;wm cleator h/o joney
1772-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Joney                    dated 22 aug 1772;husb capt john christian exor but very infirm;gdau mary + jane callow;gson michael christian;dau mary
1772-3 E      w  JOHNSTON     Edward                   d 11 oct 1772;ramsey;names john corteen glover ramsey (tools of trade)wife margt als christian exex
1772-3 E      w  KINNISH      Mary        TEAR         d 12 aug 1772;stepson wm callow;son-i-law peter kinnish exor
1772-3 E      w  STOLE        Ann         CASEMENT     d 21 oct 1772;widow ramsey;gson edwd stole(house on mouiraugh adj to wm clague north + own soons house on south),thos;son edwd (h/o cath) exor;names mary cashen d/o john cashen decd
1772-3 E      w  VONDY        Ann         KERMEEN      d 30 may 1772;sons patk,john,thos + wm;dau ann,margt,cath;names margt quark;husb thos exor;some ch ua
1773-1 A 24   w  WATTLEWORTH  Jane                     d nov 1772;fa john;bro john exec;sis dorothy
1773-1 A 25      FORBES       Ann         christian    made 25 dec 1772;ramsey;neice mrs ann durie,mrs sarah corlet (+ her son john);names miss jane forbes kirkpatrick d/o mr wm kirkpatrick dumfries 
1773-1 E      d  CORKIL       Ewan                     d minority 27 jan 1773;s/o ewan (will 1762);next of kin fa side wm corkill + jony corkil;gilbt corlet h/o joney;both resigned rights to mo cath corkil;
1773-1 E      w  KISSAG       Margaret    CANNELL      d 1 nov 1772;son thos garrett now abroad(if he comes houses in ramsey - fa danl former husband);sis isabel cannell(son paul kelly in douglas),mary;names ann bailley;husb edwd kissage exor
1773-1 E      jw KNEEN        Edmond                   will dated 6 jul 1748;edmund + isabel als corlet;son john(youngest),edmond (eldest);both dead by 1773;john transmarian;no one appearing george strachan prin creditor
1773-1 E      d  RAUTLEDGE    Henry                    d 25 dec 1772;dep collector ramsey;ch john,ann,margt all ua + lately removed out of isle;no relns appeared prin creditor george strachan + james hendry both ramsey;claims;inv;fun costs
1773-2 A 62      TAGGART      John                     d feb last;son wm;other ch john,danl + anne 6d
1773-2 A 63   jw KNEALE       William                  wm + mary;made 5 dec 1770;4ch edwd,margt,cath + mary + eliz (to be jt execx);wm cashen h/o eliz
1773-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 10 apr 1773;carpenter;ch john(beyond seas);michael,jane others ua;wm callow uncle fa side admr + guardian;1778 petn by wm callow h/o mary christian refers to will of michael quirk d may 1775;inv inc trashbag
1773-2 E      w  CORKIL       Mary        MORRISON     d may 1773;folieu;husb james exor
1773-2 E      w  KEE          William                  d 12 jan 1773;wife isabel als mason exex;unnamed ch ua;effects wont pay debts;uncles john kee,danl kee + wm killey;petn by isabel;inv + sale
1773-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 20 jun 1773;ramsey;;no reln appeared;wm cubbon genl sumner admr;claims large;wife cath charged she woulld't give account books to admr;she claims distressed condition;inv inc half boat
1773-3 E      w  COTTIMAN     Philip                   jw with wife mary;son philip(heir),thos;dau mary;(see will mary 1797)
1773-3 E      d  KERMEEN      William                  d 3 aug 1773;ch john + ann,wm(eldest had marr portn) [last]
1773-3 E      w  KNEEN        Isabel      COTTIMAN     last on film;w/o john kneen faliew;step son evan kneen;step dau elinor kneen,step dau joney kneen;son philip
1774-1 E      d  CREER        Thomas                   d 3 feb 1774;ch Wm + Thos (ua);uncle (fa side) Saml corkil supv;wife elizth
1774-1 E      w  GAWN         John                     dated 11 sep 1773;ramsey;son john(houses etc in ramsey - edw curphy's houses purchased),edwd;wife cath als sayle exex
1774-1 E      d  HOG          Michael                  d 2 oct 1773;ch jane + anne ua uncle james hog;wife mary;inv
1774-1 E      d  KENNISH      Catherine   CASHIN       d 9 sep 1773;ch wm,thos,jane ua uncles+aunts wm,mary + jane cashin;husb james;inv;former wife of husb ann kerruish (+ dau ann);agreement  between relns + fa states cath died following twins (thomas + james) + prev ch wm;
1774-2 A 137     CORKIL       James                    d 13 feb 1774;folieu;son wm(decd as left heifer towards expenses of funeral);gson-i-law john quilliam exor
1774-2 A 138     CORLETT      Joney       corkill      d 1 mar 1774;husb gilbt exor
1774-2 A 139     CASHEN       John,snr                 dog(sale?) son john dated 5 may 1770;ball-ne-gorry;
1774-2 A 140     CORKIL       Mary        kneen        d 23 apr 1774;son robt;dau mary,cath,christian(exex),jane taggart;gdau cath kissage
1774-2 A 141     PATTERSON    Abraham                  no burial ?;ramsey;late wife agnes (will gave him lands cumbria 1762);sis mary harris widow john harris ... exec esther w/o john wattleworth execx
1774-2 A 142     CHRISTIAN    Jane        kerruish     d 25 mar 1774;w/o samuel; (the smithy as it was for the tools in it were not worth much)ramsey;6ch jane,wm,anne,esther,robt + cath;ch sam + mary jy execs
1774-2 A 143     CHRISTIAN    Jane        kerruish     d 25 mar 1774;w/o samuel; (the smithy as it was for the tools in it were not worth much)ramsey;6ch jane,wm,anne,esther,robt + cath;ch sam + mary jy execs
1774-2 E      w  CALLOW       Isabel      christian    d 13 aug 1773;ramsey;son john;dau ann exex
1774-2 E      w  CALLOW       John                     petn by sibs edwd,isable + ann allow ballneskieg that john served on board ship friendship (capt james cuming) d on passage africa to carolina;mr cuming at present in isle  but afflicted with corporal complaints;will names mates Goodwin + martin, surgeon john hamilton;sibs edwd,isable + ann to share equally;court names sibs wm,edwd,robt,jane,isable,mary (w/o robt cannel)+ ann
1774-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Jane        christian    d 7 oct 1773;widow of thos;only son wm admr;dau mary (w/o edwd martin had sett)
1774-2 E      w  COWLE        John                     d abroad;will dated 30 aug 1770;late ramsey now liverpool;parents george + margt;sibs david,christian
1774-2 E      w  rome         Andrew                   late of orchortown ? galloway;long scots will (edinburgh 23 jan 1773)bro james rome oversser + tutor for ch;names dau ann,barbara;wife euphemia(als donaldson);states farm on barule + sloop speedwell;in artnership with mr wm christian;
1774-3 E      d  CALLOW       Ellinor     davies       d 10 may 1774;widow;ramsey;only dau ann oates als callow declines admin;prin creditors john corlet(h/o ann cowell)+ john kelvin(h/o leonora cowell);jury of inquiry;wm leece of liverpool hap motgage on house
1774-3 E      w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 19 jun 1774;ramsey;wife ann als baker exex
1774-3 E      w  COWIN        Philip                   d jun 1774;son wm exor
1774-3 E      w  DOUGLAS      Elizabeth                d 5 jun 1774;widow;ramsey;son thos,john,maxwell exor;dau mary
1774-3 E      w  JOUGHIN      John                     d 1 aug 1774;ramsey;bro ewan (moiety his fa's house) exor;sis jane;mo (herring nets etc)
1774-3 E      d  LAWSON       James                    d 18 jul 1774;ch edmund,mary;
1774-3 E      w  MORRISON     Ann         kerruish     d 22 oct 1774;ramsey;bro robt(exor);husbs dau ann morrison;husb philip
1774-3 E      w  SPRAINGER    William,jnr              made 10 may 1774;ramsey;fa Wm;only ch elizth;wife jane als christian; Edwd + ann springer uncle + aunt supv;petn by wife re George Strachan claiming debt - decd in debt
1775-1 A 35      CORRAiGE     Joney                    d 4 feb 1775;?ramsey;bro thos;names wife wm lace;son stephen,johncragie? exor
1775-1 A 36      GILL         Rebecca     callow       d 17 feb 1775;ramsey;son thos,wm exor
1775-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         CALLOW       d 11 nov 1774;only son wm exec;daus mary (w/o john curphey),dorothy (w/o robt christian),cath (widow of John Christian),Ann (w/o james Brown);
1775-2 E      d  CAINE        William                  departed isle 20 yrs ago;thought died east indies about 17yrs ago;s/o wm;sis jane w/o robt christian of the head kk maughold,mary w/o john corrin castletown,eleanor gill wdw lezayre;petn by robt christian states charles cain d 1740 left to wm a legacy if he came;f wm had left will with carles lace snr then of liverpool but now ramsey but will cannot now be found
1775-2 E      d  COTTIER      Robert                   d 29 dec 1774;fell down rocks maughold head;bach;sis oney + cath;fa james
1775-2 E      w  CREETCH      Robert                   d 8 may 1775;m-i-law margt creetch;bro-i-law ewan looney;son wm;wife jane als looney exex;sibs hugh,cath (w/o wm joughin),margt + mary
1775-2 E      w  HOGG         Edward                   dated 10 dec 1772;ballure;ch (6d ea) thos,joney quayle als hogg,mary killy als hogg + margt (now residing lonan);names nicholas corlett(partner wth sheep,kella lez);gdau cath hog;dau-i-l margt hog als cashin;dau ann exex
1775-2 E      d  KNEEN        Margaret    corlett      d 3 mar 1775;only ch jane clark als kneen
1775-3 E      w  KERMOD       Thomas                   dated 2 feb 1762;stepson patk killey;wife exex
1775-3 E      w  kernaughan   Dorothy     CHRISTIAN    widow ramsey;gdau jane kermeen,ann kermeen;gson robt kermeen;dau esther exexkermeen
1775-3 E      d  KISSACK      John                     d 23 aug 1775;sons ewan,wm;ewan off island
1776-1 A 44      COSTEEN      Jane                     d 25 nov 1775;son john;dau christian,margt;husb john exor;pledges john corkill ballasloe maughold;thos corlet shoemkr lezayre;
1776-1 A 45      JOUGHEN      Jane        kerruish als casement dated 27 dec 1775;ramsey;sis cath cowle als casement widow(garden on murraugh - merchant casements garden);niece jane craine;gdau mary joughin exex
1776-1 A 46      KERMOD       Elizabeth   Kissag       [Full] d 11 Jan 1776;son John (of Ballajora), Richard (5 to put to trade  if he staid in Island), James, Wm;dau Ann;gdau Elizabeth Corkil;dau Jane w/o Thos Kerruish, Elinor w/o Thos Corkil;husb John; dau Ann execx but James Cannel mentioned (?husb)
1776-1 A 47      CURGHEY      William                  dated 19 mar 1768;weaver ramsey;dau alice callow,cath kneal;son nicholas exor
1776-2 A 95      COWLE        Christian                d end apr 1776;w/o robt;dau jane;son robt (his wife margt)
1776-2 A 96      KERMOD       Ellinor     killey als kneale d 10 apr 1776;dau cath kneale;dau jane radcliffe;gson thos kneale;son john killey;gson wm killey s/o son john;gdau esther killey (pair of stays);son patt exec
1776-2 A 97      CROW         Ewan                     d 14 jan 1777;ramsey;gdau ann crow (d/o son ewan);son edmd,robt;son ewan exec
1776-2 A 98      CHRISTIAN    John                     Ballnakilley [full]
1776-2 A 99      GILL         Mary                     d 18 jan 1776;widow late of ramsey;dau betty,nancy;names ann w/o john gill,esther w/o mathew underwood;son danl exec
1776-3 E      w  CORKILL      Jane        callister    made 3 jun 1776; jane callister (xd thru corkill overwritten);husb robt exec;bros thos,mark + wm;mo alive;sis judy callister;fa thomas callister [m Mau 17720125 ?no ch]
1776-3 E      d  CORTEEN      John                     d 23 jun 1776;3ch margt,christian + john;pledge edward corteen uncle;inv
1776-3 E      w  COWELL       William                  d 7 jun 1776;margher-e-kew;son wm (eldest),robt,christor (a son he had in dublin);dau cath crosby;gdau cath cowl (in the house);gch cath + john crosby;bro robt;sons wm + robt exec
1776-3 E      w  CREETCH      Margret     KERMEEN      d 17 aug 1776;husb wm;dau cath,mary;sons John,wm (ch execrs not yet 21);
1776-3 E      w  KILLIP       Margaret                 made 2 may 1776;spinster;bro john;names cath crebbin,john crebin,john killip,andrew crebbin;sis elinor sayle als killip w/o danl execx;sis-i-law ellior killip;agreemnt john sayle + danl sayle,john crebbin jnr;
1776-3 E      w  TAGGART      John                     d jun 1776;ch jane,cath,john + mary;wife jane execx;pledges bro wm taggart bro-i-law wm cannell;
1777-1 A 35      CAMAISH      Joney       cottier      d12 dec 1776;Ramsey;husb mark; (houses ramsey);son-i-law david corlet h/o isable;gsonwm corlet;son-i-law hugh kissage h/o margt;son-i-law charles cowle h/o alice ;
1777-1 A 36      KeRMEEN      Isabel      kerruish     d 24 jan 1777;som wm (eldest);dau mary,joney,cath;son john;5 dau cathren,isabel,marry,joney + ann;husb wm;robt kermeen acks from bro wm
1777-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      kelvin       died some yrs ago;w/o danl ramsey;5 ch john,wm,george,jane + cath who should have been admrs as certain concerns of houses etc in ramsey;petn by mary corlet who bought some;searces fail for will,bur mau 22 apr; [full]
1777-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Jane        curphey      made 26 feb 1775;widow,ramsey;bro john 4 ch;3 nieces;grand niece jane christian execx;names rev john christian kk marown
1777-1 E      d  HOGG         Ann         christry     d 28 jan 1777;only ch james 
1777-1 E      d  HOWLAND      Mary        christian    d 5 dec 1776;only ch ann ua aunts jane + esther christian supr
1777-1 E      d  KISSACK      Isabel      kerruish     d 28 sep 1776;sons ewan + wm; [full]
1777-2 A 45   jw KERUISH      Robert                   jt will robt + anne;bwooillevelt ;dau ann callow (w/o wm);gch ann + thos callow;son john;ch joney,isabel,cath + margt 10s each;danl joughin h/o isabel,ewan kerruish h/o joney;john kermad h/o margt;cath black d/o robt acks
1777-2 A 46      KELLY        Henry                    d 24 jan 1777;son john,wm,robt (+4 ch),henry exec;gch margt kelly,ann kelly (glion shoin),wm kelly;
1777-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   d beg may 1777;son wm;son-i-law edwd callow exor
1777-3 E      w  KNEALE       John                     d 19 aug 1777;sibs james,ann,isabel;names john wartleworth;mo jane als skillicorn exex;witt jane quayle,margt wartleworth
1777-3 E      w  STOLE        Mary                     d beg may [1777];da hannah,mary;son wm,john,quale,david(ua),edward'gson john stole;dau-i-law margt stole;husb john exex;1784: ewan kissage h/o mary
1778-1 A 70   jw CALLOW       William                  wm + margt boille calane;son wm;dau margt corkil als callow;gdau jane corkill;sons charles john
1778-1 A 71      KERMEEN      Catherine                d 16 feb 1778;made 13 feb;sis isabel harrison(gowns for 2 youngest sisters),mary,joney;aunt w/o robt kerruish(+dau jane);bro unnamed;uncle robt kerruish exor
1778-1 E      d  BLAKENEY     Robert                   d feb 1778 at house of john black;native ireland;indebted to john black shopkeeper (who fractured leg in May 1778 but appnts wife cath as atty - john is dead by june 1779)costs inc 9 years 46wks rent furnished room 38 11 0 + 12 1 7 0 washing cleaning;court case
1778-1 E      d  BRIGGS       Thomas                   d 7 mar 1777;wife elizth exex but will not proved thus prin cred wm kissack appt admr
1778-1 E      d  KERMOD       William                  perished by sea Liverpool Nov 1777;3 ch john,wm + elizth;wife cath;pledges matt coull + hugh black [full]
1778-1 E      d  KNEAL        John                     d 21 mar 1778;ch john,robt, margt, jane + elizth all ua robt kneal,robt kelly + joney kneal uncles + aunt supv;wife margt ;inv
1778-1 E      d  KNEALE       Mary        brew         d dec 1777;widow;,folieuch wm,edwd, margt,mary (w/o dollin caine), cath + elizth(w/o wm cashin);
1778-1 E      d  QUILLIAM     John                     d 10 mar 1778;ch john, robt, jane,elinor + mary all ua next of kin robt quilliam + wm cashin(douglas) supvs;wife wary;inv
1778-1 E      d  WEIRE        Daniel                   d 7 jan 1778;ch hugh,danl,robt,joseph,ann,elizth mary some ua;inv
1779-1 A 56      CALLOW       Margaret    cowell       dated 12 jan 1779;husb wm callow;son charles,john exor;gdau mary+jane corkill (+esther+margt);
1779-1 A 57      KARRAN       Hugh                     dated 18 jan 1799;gson hugh karran;ggson john;dau-i-law ellinor karran exex
1779-1 A 58      KERRUISH     Ann                       Bwooillee-velt, Maughold (her husb is Rbt Kerruish): dau Ann Callow (?husb dead by 1779; her dau is Ann Logan als Callow); dau Joney Kerruish; dau Isabel Joughin (husb is Danl); son Jn Kerruish (he died intestate by June 1807; has son Wm); An's dau Mgt Kermode (husb Jn of Bwooillee-velt) ; dau Cath Black (husb Jn);  Ewan Kerruish  is husb of Joney or Judith Kerruish (dau of Ann who died)
1779-1 A 60      CORLETT      Gilbert                  Port Lewiague, Maughold (deed of settlement made 26 Jul 1776): wife Isabel Corlet als Crye als Carrin
1779-1 A 61      CORTEEN      Ann         kennish      d 18 mar 1779;son thos,john;names ann corteen,alice craine;dau ann,margt;dau-i-law margt corteen;gdau ann cashen,cath moore;gch thos + ann corteen;husb thos exor
1779-1 A 62      KNEAL        Bahee       CORLET       dictated 22 March 1779, written 27 March 1779: son Robert; dau Isabel, dau  Joney, granddau Catharine Kelley, dau Mary (husb Robert Kelly), dau Ann, son Philip, sons Patrick & Ewan, husband alive & exec.  Robt Kelly husb of May Keale & Robt Kneale & Joney Kneale are supervisors of brothers underage
1779-1 A 63   dg CURGHEY      Edward                   dg dated 25 jan 1772 edward + esther als curghey;sonjohn+ wife jane;foeliew+ houses in ramsey;esther dead 1772
1779-1 A 64      CORKILL      Thomas                   d 10 nov 1778;wife cath;gson thos brew;dau margt exex(w/o thos brew)
1779-1 A 65      CALLOW       Mary        CHRISTIAN    dated 14 dec 1178;Balnykilley;husb Wm;ch William, John, Mary, Jane, Catharine, & Betty
1779-1 A 66      MARTIN       Mary        kissag       dated 15 sep 1778;ramsey;gch margt + isabel martin;son hugh exor
1779-1 A 67      HUTCHIN      Ruth                     d 3 mar;sis margt,ellenor,sarah;mo + fa alive
1779-1 E      d  CALLOW       Joney                    only ch daniel
1779-1 E      d  CORKILL      Elizabeth                d 16 oct;only ch thomas corkill;last in book 1
1779-1 E      w  CORKILL      James                    balnasloe;son james edward robert;gson john corkill, robert corkill;names cath quay this in in the house with me;gson edward corkill;son john;wife cath
1779-1 E      w  LACE         Rachel      cowle als harrison als lyon; w/o charles lace ramsey;maidservant margt joughin;son charles lace
1779-1 E      w  VONDY        Patrick                  ramsey;died in Liverpool 29 july 1778;fa thomas vondy 
1779-2 E      w  CALLOW       Ann         corteen      eldest son wm, sons thos, john daniel ;2 dau jane ellinor;husb wm;
1779-2 E      w  CALLOW       Jane        corlett      widow;dau cath quine als callow (w/o john quine);son robt;dau jane;son edward
1779-2 E      w  COWIN        William                  d aug 1779;ch elizabeth,jane,wm,john  (1ch ua) + anne;wife isabel
1779-2 E      d  DUrie        David                    bach;ramsey;d 5 dec1778;mo jane durie + two sisters jane + margt keon durie;
1779-2 E      d  LOWEY        John                     bach;late mariner on ship Lively (capt wetherdin) d 30 june;fa robt lowey
1780   A 68      HANNAH       John                     d 16 nov 1779;ramsey;unnamed ch;wife ellen
1780   A 69      LOONEY       Jane        [kneen]      widow [of Robt Looney m. Mau 17480207];dated 28 feb 1780;sis esther cashion ;bro john kneen;neice Mary w/o Robt Kissack;only son John exec
1780   A 70      GARRET       John                     cooper,Ramsey;son wm,robt,john (exec);dau jane (youngest),elizth,margt,elinor
1780   A 71      HUNTER       Esther      baker als christian d 28 mar 1780;ramsey;2 sons 6d;son john;dau esther exex
1780   A 72      LOGAN        Elizabeth                dated 29 nov 1779;w/o john exec;6 ch john,jane,margt,elizth,cath + christian;some ch ua jane guardian;petn by robt corteen pledge wooried john makes awy with effects
1780-1 E880   w  STRACHAN     Alexander                made 21 may 1780;mercht ramsey;mo mary exex
1780-1 E881      KERRUISH     John                     d 27 apr 1780;cooper ramsey;ch ewan,john,thomas,william,margt,mary + anne;wife margt als christian exex;some ch ua
1780-1 E882      QUAYLE       Grace       corkill      d 19 apr 1779;only ch ann quayle w/o peter murray admx
1780-1 E883      COWIN        joney                    d 17 sep 1779;some disputes with philip qilliam douglas + wm cowin maughold - court appoints david kinread sumner maughold
1780-2 E 470  w  cowin        joney                    petn by philip cowin kk maughold;dispute with philip quilliam now of douglas
1780-2 E669   se COWIN        Judith      killey       [doc very dark]to son  in law philip quilliam + wife alice als cowin
1780-2 E 702  w  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      lewaigue;cousin mary christian w/o john christian of lewaigue execx
1780-2 E 703  w  QUAY         Margaret    custain      d 19 oct 1780;son robt
1781   A 48      KARRAN       Ellinor                  rain nabb ?;d 12 jan 1781;son wm (youngest) if he comes;sis catrine,margt;elinor her eldest son's dau;son hugh exec
1781   A 49      MARTIN       John                     made 12 may 1778;roan;dau margt stole als martin;gson john stole;wife marg;daus ann + isable (ua);marg dead by probate with isable execx;thos creer h/o ann martin;
1781   A 50      CASHIN       William                  son-i-law robt kerruish ?[?h/o jane cashen m m Mau 17770823] ;dau margt;gdau esther + cath cashin;gson thos keruish ?;wife esther + son wm execs
1781-1 E      w  CANNELL      Robert                   made 18 jun 1781;son edwd (not 21, husbandy gears due to me from fa),other 4 ch;wife mary exex;1800: john looney (kk michael) h/o ann
1781-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Dorothy     wattleworth  d 16 may 1781;ch wm john, ellinor + cath;all ua;husb wm;john + margt wattleworth unc + aunt guardians
1781-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  ramsey;dau esther underwood als christian exex (w/o mathew)
1781-1 E      w  COWLE        Mary        clucas       d 12 may 1781;ch arthur, mary;wm cashen + wife elizth execs;inv
1781-1 E      w  DAVIS        Robert                   son robt (land in doon),john;dau margt;gson thos davis;wifejeane ? alive;1790: thos kerruish h/o margt
1781-1 E      d  HOGG         James                    d 3 mar 1781;son james;gch jane + ann c/o micheal hogg decd
1781-1 E      d  KERRUISH     Edward                   d jul 1780;ch robt,edwd,euan,elizth,isabel + cath;nicholas keig h/o elizth
1781-1 E      d  STOWELL      John                     d 24 dec ;9 ch john,edwd,wm,quayle,david,robt,math,hannah + mary (some ua);wife christian;inv;seems effects don't cover debts + legacies;inv;christian remarried john sayle by 1784;1784 ewan kissage h/o mary
1781-1 E      d  joughin      ewan                     d 8 sep 1780 of ramsey ;no reln appeared;prin creditors wm kissack,john kermode
1781-2 E      w  CORKILL      Robert                   made 10 jun 1780;dau elinor ua; exex;wife jane;bro john;uncle james corkil guardian;inv;1801: peter corkill h/o elinor acks from wm clague h/o jane corkil mo of elinor
1781-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  ramsey;made 25 apr 1781;dau margt elizth;son edwd (garden at coopers land),hugh,wm,john;wife margt exex
1781-2 E      d  CREER        William                  minor;entitled by death fa thomas (1774) d 28 may 1781;mo elizth + bro thomas
1781-2 E      dg CURGHEY      Catherine   allen        widow rev matthias;to mr john lewhellin mercht ramsey + nephew richd allen lezayre;bro robt allen,decd bro francis (+ his ch barbara) + many others inc maid servant christian knee;mrs jane christian als curghy wdw wm christian shopkeeper ramsey late decd
1781-2 E      w  JOHNSTON     John                     ramsey;son david,wm;dau jane mcwirie ?,elizth robinson,margt;wife jane als christian exex;inv
1781-2 E      se KERRUISH     John                     prev ramsey but now ballure to son-i-law john christian + wife judy dated 1 aug 1781
1781-2 E      d  LOWEE        Robert                   d 24 oct 1781;only ch daniel ua;wife cath gfa robt lowee guardians;inv;petn
1781-2 E      d  WATTERSON    John                     d 30 aug 1781;ch margt + mary;assignment by mary to margt states jw of kerrow nel ard
1782   A 67      KNEALE       Robert                   dated 18 feb 1782;ramsey;dau margt(eldest wth whom he dwells),esther,elizth;bro edmund;wife jony exex
1782   A 68      KNEALE       Margaret    christian    dated 9 feb 1782;ramsey;husb wm snr exex;gdau jane sayes(little house + concerns between little house and where river did run purchsd from wm clague + son john);dau margt(w/o david sayes;son wm
1782   A 69      QUAY         Patrick                  dated 3 apr 1782;balacallen;dau margt;son robt;two daus ann kermod (w/o james) + esther quay exexs
1782   A 70      BLACK        Margaret                 dated 18 oct 1781;spinster;Ramsey;nephew john black (shopkeeper);sis-i-law cath black als callow exex;witt + pledges hugh martin,john callow[full]
1782   A 71      CHRISTIAN    Ellinor                  d 8 jul 1782;ramsey;dau ellinor(fa ?edmund dead),isable exex;1788 elinor holme (?w/o wm) acks
1782   A 72      COWLE        Charles                  deed sett dated 22 dec 1781(thro bishops bar court),ramsey to nephew kneale with whom reside;house lords rent garden bishops bar;names patrick christian leodest;nephew john kneale regaby[dead by 1787 son john];names andrew craine ramsey;old maid servant jane cain
1782-1 E      d  CALLOW       Daniel                   d 17 feb 1782;only ch danl admr
1782-1 E      d  CALLOW       John                     d 7 jan 1782;bach;fa james admr
1782-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Matthias                 dated 21 may 1782;flat west end town ramsey;to be buried in fa's grave kk maughold;gson quayle christian;gch edwd,elizth + jane christian (ch of mrs jane gill als christian als curphey);gdau bella anne d/o son john christian d/o cath als callow;gson john christian only s/o my son john (houses etc) exec ua;wm callow hb ramsey + john lace attorney guardians;prob to be sold + john (+ other gch) put to school
1782-1 E      w  KERRUISH     Elizabeth   christian    dated 12 jul 1780;widow;son ewan,robt,edwd;dau elizth,cath,isable;names jane cowley;nicholas keig h/o elizth
1782-1 E      w  LEWHELLIN    John                     dated 6 may 1782;dau jane durie;son john thos died in Dominica WI ....
1782-2 E      w  BLACK        Elizabeth                dated 5 feb 1781;ramsey;nephew hugh corlett;sis jane black exex
1782-2 E      w  BREW         Thomas                   d 28 jun 1782;wife margt;son thos + robt jt exors
1782-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ewan                     made 16 jul 1762;lewaigue;sis-i-law mary christian(+ son john) jt execs
1782-2 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d 3 sep 1782;wife cath als crow;3  ch john_charles ,margt + james reliquish ;pledges charles casement + edmd crow both lezayre
1782-2 E      d  MARTIN       Robert                   d mar 1781;only ch elizth ua (her gfa by marriage timothy killen admr
1783   A 45      CALLOW       Ann                      churchtown;cousin robert callow;cousin jane quine;neice cath quine als callow
1783   A 46      CALLOW       Robert                   bach;churchtown;sis cath quine als callow execx
1783-1 E      d  CALLISTER    Thomas                   d nov;3 ch cath,jane ellinor all ua;wife joney;mark callister, wm callister + wm cowin   uncles guardians;pledges john quine + james cottier her fa both of kk maughold
1783-1 E      d  CALOW        Edward                   formerly of maughold but late of liverpool d march past;fa capt wm callow
1783-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     made 14 may 1783;marriner;fa john;sibs thos,margt;wife elizth als cleator exex
1783-1 E      w  COttiER      Catherine                jw dated 1 jan 1779;james + cath ;dau joney callister;dau cath cottier;;gdau cath callister;names robt kerruish s/o esther callow;
1783-1 E      d  HOWLAND      William                  ramsey 
1783-1 E      dg KINNISH      Nicholas                 dated 9 may 1772;to bro wm kinnish corrony;
1783-1 E      w  LOoNEY       John                     uttered 24 may 1783;only son john ua;wife margt exex
1783-1 E      d  MOORE        John                     d 19 jun; 3 ch john thomas ellinor
1783-1 E      d  STOLE        Edward                   petn of john sole - edwd died at sea some yrs ago;whole blood john stole, wm quayle,david,hannah + mary;half bros robt + matthias stole;ewan kissage h/o mary;; decree died 2 yrs ago;1796 a petn from robt stole kk bride + mathias now on a man of war, edw died 15 yrs ago bro on fa's side complaining orig petn  did not name them ;acct
1784   A 157     MOORE        Joney       kneale       d 28 nov 1783;dau esther(house where wm mcdonold lives),elizth,margt(a manchester cotton gown acks as margt kneale);esther + elizth ua;mo alive;husb ewan exor but refuses maintenance of ch + also any right or title to properties; supv john kneal aust + wm castell andreas;1794: esther + elizth kneale two surviving ch of robt kneale + joney ack from guardians john cottier,matts cowle,wm caistell + john kneale for legacies from fa + mo;1791 margt kneale acks re decd fa + mo - 1791 account;inv
1784   A 158     CORKILL      Catherine                lately decd;niece jane (w/o peter corkill);names john corkill + wife jane execs
1784   A 159     CASHEN       Esther      kneen        d 14 jan 1784;dau mary,jean,margt (her share of bees);gson thos kinnish,wm cashin;son wm (jt exec with margt)
1784   A 160     UNDERWOOD    Esther                   dated 4 aug 1783;d jan 1784;ramsey;son david (houses ramsey),thomas,wm,charles(1 11s 6d pa during apprenticeship);dau cath exex (about to leave island)
1784   A 161     GILL         Margaret    stowell      interred sunday 25 jan 1784;dau margt,cath(two younges);son patk(+ch);husb john exor
1784   A 162     CREETCH      William                  made 8 feb 1783;ballacrinck;mentions crowcreen ground;left land for a schoolhouse;wife margt als looney als kelvie + wm joughin jt execs;various creditors
1784   A 163     CORKILL      Catherine                made 3 june 1783;ballnasloe;gson wm corkill(s/o john);son john (exor),james,edwd,robt(his dau);gdau cath quay,dau isable tear;dispute between john + james
1784   A 164     WILSON       Jane        frears       d 9 mar 1784;husb robt exor;ramsey;sis betty;names miss sarah littledale;dau sarah,hannah(one dollar piece of silver);unnamed sibs
1784   A 165     LEWHILLIN    Jane        ALLEN        [full]
1784   A 166     CORKILL      Margaret    christian    d 11 apr 1784;son peter,samuel(h/o ann),wm(wife mally);dau mary creer exex(w/o john);gdau margt corkill junr;
1784   A 167     KNEEN        James                    made 16 apr 1784;son james(herring nets) exor;dau joney(w/o arthur tear;sis elizth
1784   A 168     CORKILL      John                     dated 3 apr 1784;dau margt,esther,cath,mary;son john(his part of lands), thos;wife margt exex
1784   A 169     KNEEN        Elizabeth                made 20 apr 1784;bro wm kneen;names joney christian(d/o ewan vaek);james + joney jt execs
1784   A 170     QUINE        Nicholas                 jt will/deed sett nicholas (taylor ramsey) + margt als moore;dated 10 feb 1783; four ch arthur, joney,margt + cath
1784-1 E      w  CALCOTT      Robert                   dated 12 may 1784;son wm(dau joney),ewan(eldest dau joney);wife joney (houses etc purchased from wm callow ballagilly) exex
1784-1aE      d  CALLOW       John                     perished by sea apr 1784;ch margt + cath;wife cath pregnant;uncle charles callow supv;inv;1804: thomas caine h/o margt als callow acks from wm christian h/o cath callow exex in trust [?m Mau 17970627]
1784-1 E      w  CASHIN       John                     dated 23 jan 1779;wife anne(close ny muck);half step-son john corlett (rheynabb);gdau ann cashen;cousins mary,jane + margt cashin;uncle wm cashin;aunt margt + cath cashin;son john exor
1784-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Esther                   d 24 jun 1783;spinster;ramsey;niece mary ann howland,jane+esther curphy;nephews wm,james + thomas christian;sis cath christian exex
1784-1 E      d  COWLE        Mark                     died abroad 10 yrs ago;formerly ramsey;mo cath;sibs mathias,jane,mary(w/o philip tear)
1784-1 E      d  COWLE        Thomas                   perished by sea nov 1783;ramsey;wife cath als cockrane d 10 mar 1784;5 ch wm,thos,isabel,jane,elizth(most ua) uncles(by fa side) patk cain,charles cowle + christopher crinnilt
1784-1aE      w  CREBBIN      Andrew                   made 24 mar 1784;bro john;?bro's son john(eldest);sis anne(sons ewan,thos harrison [?w/o thos harrisonm And 17370731]),mary(ch edward , cath + mary quark [w/o John quark  m And 17290928),joney(ch wm,robt,thos ,ann corlett);names wm radcliffe taylor;names others;mentions cooper's tools;wife christian als looney exex [m Mau 17470630 ?no ch]
1784-1 E      d  CROSS        William                  perished by sea nov 1783;ramsey;sis joney;mo elizth;both decline prin creditor john cottier ramsey;claims etc
1784-1aE      d  KERRUISH     Joney       kerruish     d 3 apr 1784;ch robt,ewan,william,isabel + ann(isabel + ann ua);husb ewan;uncles john kerruish + danl joughin pledges;inv viewed + valued by her bro john kerruish bwoilley velt + bro-i-law danl joughin rhenab
1784-1 E      d  KNEEN        Jane        STOLE        d 12 mar 1784;ch jane + joney
1784-1 E      w  KNEEN        John,snr                 d 15 may 1784;ramsey;son john;wife jane exex
1784-1 E      w  SAYLE        Daniel                   d 5 sep 1783;ramsey;son edwd;wife ellinor als killip exex
1784-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     perished by sea nov 1783;ramsey;only ch jane ua;wife ann;inv etc
1784-1 E      w  TAGGART      Jane        CORKILL      made 7 oct 1782;widow;dau Catherine Moore w/o robt [#22162];names Christian Cannell w/o John Cannel ,Isabel Kissage;daus jane + mary taggart;robt kennish h/o jane[#22165];
1784-1 E 855  d  Callow       William                  d dec 1783;ch john,wm,robt,mary,isabel + cath;all ua widow jane relinquished admin uncle robert callow sworn;claims;inv names balnaskeig;sale(all to jane callow)
1784-2 E      d  CASSON       James                    d 9 dec 1783;cashen or casson;taylor, native of this isle d kingston jamaica without lawful issue;sibs wm,ann(off isle),ellinor(w/o patk caley) + cath;petn by john cashen kk maughold + ann cashen widow, also gives bro john decd + isable;ann + john petnrs are execs? of decd john had no notice of court
1784-2 E      d  KiNNISH      Catherine   KILLEY       only child Thomas
1785   A 73      HOGG         Margaret    cashin       widow, declared 4 Feb: dau Catharine wife of John Corkil; dau Margt wife of Henry Corkis; son in law Thomas Corlett & wife Judy
1785   A 74      HUTCHINson   Michael                  dau margt,sarah,elinor;gdau esther looney;wife marjery exex
1785   A 75      CANNELL      Joney                    dated 23 may 1764;jt will james + joney;ramsey;son james
1785   A 76      BLACK        John                     dated 19 aug 1783 ?;shopkeeper ramsey;3 ch john,wm + cath some ua;wife cath exex
1785-1 E      d  CALLOW       William                  d 19 Jan  1785; Cardle veg;petn by Danl Joughin + Wm Kissage that orphan ch either ua or not capable of admin;decree notes ch as Wm, Thos, John, Daniel, Jane + Elinor  - Wm, Thos, Jane + Elinor at age + choose uncle Robt Costeen to transact admin; inv(displaced)
1785-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Mary        Berkley      d 30 Mar 1785;ch John, Ewan, Edward, Robert + Elinor jt admrs - only Edward present - pledges John Sayle(Ramsey) + Richard Allen(Lezayre);claims
1785-1 E      d  CORKIL       Joney       KERMEEN      petn by Ann Corkill(spinster, Ramsey) that mo d end of June 1784;- 2ch Ann + Daniel(at sea); decree notes of Ramsey - ann sworn admx
1785-1 E      w  JOGHIN       William                  Ramsey;d 12 Oct 1784;dau Margt + Isable; wife Joney als Kneale exex
1785-1 E      w  KINNISH      Edward                   dated 11 Jul 1771;intending to leave isle;son of James Kinnish(Maughold) exorsworn);sister Ann
1785-1 E      d  KNEEN        Jane        CAMAISH      d 16 Jul 1784;only child John Kneen admr;
1785-1 E      d  KNEEN        John                     Formerly Ramsey but late of Ostend d Feb 1784; only ch Wm Kneen admr; pkledges John Wattleworth(mercht, Ramsey) + John Shimin(inn-keeper, Ramsey);petn by Wm that his business calls him abroad;claims agt John Kneen decd inc John Christian 60, John Sayle 250, Wm Kneen transmarine claims 40+ also Messrs Buchanan + Co of Ostend claim 300
1785-2 E      d  JOHNSON      Joney       als cannell als crow  widow;d 2 oct 1785;gsons wm + thos killip (prop in ramsey);names christian moore,wm moore;petn by wm killip on behalf of son wm who is abroad - jj was mo-i-l;wm + thos ch by decd wife margaret cannell dau &
1785-2 E      d  KERMODE      Jane        gill         d 28 Jul 1784;sons Wm + John admrs (both off island) + appt Wm Christian(Ramsey) as agent; PoA states father was Wm (witts were Thos Crye + Dan Cowll)
1786   A 67      MARTIN       Jane        Garret als Lord dated 5 Feb 1786;husb Hugh Martin(Ramsey) exor in houses + gardens;ch Jane Gill als Garrett, Wm Garret, John Garrett(now resident in London)
1786   A 68      STEVENSON    William                  dated 17 Mar 1786;Ramsey;friend Wm Cowley(Ramsey) exor
1786   A 69      CALLOW       Joney       corlett      dated 18 Mar? 1786;husb Thos Callow(Ramsey);dau Jan + Betty (her share of purchased land, houses etc in Ramsey) jt exexs;son wm, Dan;
1786   A 70      CURGHEY      John                     Deed of sett [= NSS May 1786 56];dated 24 Jan 1785;now of Falue, Maughold;settles on son Edwd when reaches 21 all lands etc - if he dies beore age then to other child in descending order John, Wm, Jane, Esther;wife Jane to enjoy till heir at age;Witt Philip Cowin x, John Callow  - accepted as will;1799: Jane + Esther , Jane widow of John junr ack Edwd - Wm lately decd;
1786-1 E      w  CALLOW       Elizabeth                d 30 may 1786;spinster;nephew james callow;names mary king ? widow;elizth king ? spinster exex
1786-1 E      d  CREER        Mary        corkill      d 7 dec 1785;8 ch William, John, Edward, Esther, Margt., Ann, Mary & Isabel Creer (most ua);husb john;pledges peter murray + peter corkill;
1786-1 E      d  KEE          Margaret    cormod       d nov 1785;ramsey;w/o danl kee;only dau by prev husb joney cowley als cormode w/o wm admr;pledge john mylrea cooper ramsey + danl kneale kk bride
1786-1 E      d  WOODS        Hannah      cowle        d 28 jan 1786;ramsey;only ch thos woods
1786-2 E      d  CAIN         William                  d 20 aug 1786;bach ramsey;fa wm admr
1786-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Elinor      christian    d abt 3 years ago;widow ramsey;only child david christian admr
1786-2 E      d  JOHNSTON     Mary        christian    d 23 feb 1786;widow ramsey;nephew + next of kin david christian
1786-2 E      w  KERRUISH     Thomas                   dau mary,ann,margt;son robt;wife margt execx
1786-2 E      w  KINNISH      John                     dated 11 apr 1786;dau cath,margt,jane;gson wm kissack;wife cath exex
1786-2 E      d  KNEALE       Daniel                   d 26 aug 1786;ramsey;fa danl admr
1786-2 E      d  MORRISON     Thomas                   d 22 jun 1786;ch Thomas,Wm,John,Matthew,Robt,Elinor, Elizth + margt;pledges John Kerruish boailley velt + Robt Corteen both maughold
1786-2 E      w  WOOD         Christopher              made 2 oct 1786;ramsey;names elizth callow ramsey  exex(w/o thomas)
1786-2 E      w  KINNISH      John                     dated 11 apr 1786;dau cath,margt,jane;gsom wm kissack;wife cath exex
1786-2 E      w  KINREAD      Patrick                  made 3 sep 1785;names Jon + Mary Creer;Alice creer als kinrade (w/o John)exex;thos skillicorn h/o mary creer ack
1786-2 E      d  KNEALE       Daniel                   d 26 aug 1786;ramsey;fa danl admr
1786-2 E      d  MORRISON     Thomas                   d 22 jun 1786;ch Thomas,Wm,John,Matthew,Robt,Elinor, Elizth + margt;pledges John Kerruish boailley velt + Robt Corteen both maughold
1786-2 E      w  WOOD         Christopher              made 2 oct 1786;ramsey;names elizth callow ramsey  exex(w/o thomas)
1787   A 70      CREER        Robert                   made 11 nov 1786;son-i-l wm kermode (h/o isable);son robt
1787   A 73      KENRADE      Ann         KEWLEY       19 dec 1786;dau cath kenrade als stowell, ann crear als kenrade (w/o John) [m 1778 22199]; [?widow patt kinreade m Mau 17380520 - can't find ch]
1787-1 E      w  KERRUISH     Thomas                   cooper prev ramsey now maughold;nephew john keruish(of bwoalie belt ? maughold - houses on nicholson's qtrland where henry inch lives + houses on mooragh ramsey - exor
1787-1 E      d  QUINE        Margaret    MOORE        d 20 sep 1786;widow;ch arthur,jpney,margt + cath
1787-1 E      w  STRACHAN     Mary                     dated 2 aug 1785;ramsey;spinster;bro james(eldest),wm;sis margt;mo mary exex
1787-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Catherine                dated 23 jul 1787;ramsey;very faint on film;nephews david ? + james corteen,edward christian(acked by john christian of ballure obo edward + cath of liverpool);niece margt corteen;mary corteen(w/o david) als cottier exor
1787-2 E      se CHRISTIAN    Dollin                   dated 13 apr 1784;to wife ellinor als carlow (land + houses 4d rent ramsey)
1787-2 E      w  KERMEEN      Isabel      callow       d 4 may 1787;son john,wm;gdau jeane, ann + margt kermeen;dau ann exex
1787-2 E      d  KEWLEY       William                  d 6 may 1787;ch wm,philip,james,elinor,jane + margt;
1787-2 E      w  KILLEY       John                     dated 19 jun 1787;west end ramsey;son charles,wm,daniel,patk;dau mary,margt,cath (land below burn in ramsey purchased from wm quayle cooper)
1787-2 E      w  KNEAL        Margaret                 niece cath cryre w/o thomas(their son robt)decd parents capt robert kneale + margt;names joney w/o wm joughin (6d)
1787-2 E      d  MOORE        Ewan                     d 12 sep 1787;ch ewan,robt, ann + cath
1788   A 55      CALLOW       James                    conahtown ?;son ewan,dau eleanor,elizth;wife christian;
1788   A 56      CASEMENT     Daniel                   late of dublin but now of ramsey;names sarah kinnish w/o john;nephew john stowell;john + edwd s/o john stowell;relation hannah stowell + her sis mary stowell w/o ewan kissag;patk ,danl ,margt + cath killey,mary killey; nephew john cannell;dau of cath cannel sis of john;relation edwd stowell;blindman robt kerruish;gilbert brew lameman; + many others inc jane parry  widow;reltn mary lace ? widow;acks cath crellin d/o cath cannell,ann garrett als cannell, john cowle h/o margt killey,thos kegg h/o margt stowell;john leard ? h/o mary killey;wm shimmin h/o hannah stowell
1788   A 57      DURIE        Jane                     [full]
1788   A 58      DURIE        Jane        junior       [full]
1788   A 59      KErruISH     Dorothy     [christian]  booilleevelt;made 25 nov 1787;son unnamed,3 daus unnamed, husb john
1788-2 E 083  w  HODGSON      Sarah                    d 28 mar 1787;sis margt looney als hodgson;niece esther looney;bro i law john looney;bro-i-l wm corkill;sis elinr,anne;mo margery
1788-2 E 086  d  KISSACK      Robert                   d 11 jun 1788;4 ch ewan,thomas,robt + mary
1788-2 E 087  d  KnEEN        Ewan                     d 12 oct 1788;bach;fa john
1788-2 E 088  jw CoLLISTER    Judith      CHRISTIAN    ch wm + judith;son mark exec
1788-2 E 088  jw CoLLISTER    Thomas                   see judith
1789   A 82      KISSAG       John                     d 13 feb 1789;taylor;eldest sis ann corkil;sis joney cleator;bro wm,ewan (wife cath + ch john + cath);names jane kerruish glaan voillan;joney poor d/o saml corkill;nephew ewan eldest s/o bro ewan exec;disputed by john corkil h/o ann + wm cleator h/o joney
1789   A 83   dg COWLE        Catherine   casement     son-i-law philip teare ramsey h/o dau mary ;gson philip teare now abroad;gdau elizth teare;decd son mark;son mathias;dau jane labbin (?) als cowell;gson john labbin
1789-1 E 948  w  CORLETT      joney       kissage      dated 15 jan 1785;widow thomas loghdoo late decd;dau cath exex;son john(eldest),thomas,philip,wm
1789-1 E 1037 d  CROSBIE      John                     d 26 sep 1788;ramsey;son john;dau cath moore had m/c
1789-1 E 1043 d  WILSON       Robert                   d 19 aug 1789;bro george(declines to act);ch ua;wife elizth did not appear;prin creditor thos howard,thos mylrea + wm kissack;sumner als serves john wilson;claims;inv (rm by rm)
1789-1 E 1097 w  CORLETT      margaret                 dated 1 apr 1789;ramsey;'old + feeble';;gson john tyre;dau elizth;stepson-i-law edward stowell(house + garden ramsey);1790 elizth mcbride als tyre acks obo son john
1789-1 E 1107 w  CORLETT      edmund                   dated 7 aug [?year] leaves to mo margt a house + garden if he never returns
1789-2 E      w  CASHIN       Ann         COWLE        dated 29 Aug 1789;names John Cashen (his part of Curragh in Lez);sis-i-l Mary Cowle als Cowle;nieces Catherine, Lenora and Elizabeth Cowle  of Grenaby;bro-i-l Wm Kelly + wife Christian (Ballnahasney) + their 4 ch Wm Cath, Mary + Patrick;names Mary w/o Daniel Qualtrough Lez (+2 ch Margt + Mary Qualtrough - not yet la); above Cath's dau Cath Tear;
                                                         names Ann Kneal Bride,Samuel Corkill + Robt Kerruish Maughold;Ann d/o John Cashen;Margt w/o John Cashen;Wm Cashen Thalloo Mitchal's wife;maid Elenor  Callow;Daniel Qualtrough's wife;John Corlet's wife;Margt Corkil widow;niece Cath + Wm Killey's dau at Ballnahasney;Margt Cashen Thalloo Mitchal;sis Christian Kelly  Balnahasney + her dau Mary Qualtrough;Wm Kelley + son Wm of Ballanea[];exec John Cashen;Danl Qual h/o Mary Qualtrough als Kelly;
1789-2 E      d  COSTEAN      John                     d 23 dec 1788;sibs robt,cath,jane + margt(decd pre probate)
1789-2 E      d  GLAISTER     Robert                   d 14 oct 1789;ramsey;ch mary + margt both ua;wife margt (d/o wm wattleworth);claims inc wm leece 21
1789-2 E      w  MURRAY       Ann         QUAYLE       made 25 may 1789;ch john,margt,peter,ann,elizth;husb peter exor;peter murray exor abjured island thus elizth + ann sworn 
1789-2 E      w  SAYLE        Elizabeth                dated 20 jun 1789;spinster,ramsey;friend ed corteen exor
1789-2 E      d  TEARE        Esther                   d 29 june 1789;ramsey;ch jane,esther jt admxs,wm (declines in court),margt shimin als teare had marr sett;jane + esther ua;fa wm;inv
1790   A 43      CORLETT      Joney       hogg         made 7 Nov 1789: 2 sons; dau; husb Thomas Corlett 
1790   A 44      COWIN        William                  d 24 feb 1790;son wm;dau cath,jane;wife jony exex + pregnant;ch ua
1790   A 45      CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 22 mar 1790;ramsey;son wm(house etc + small meadow close-e-geal in lezayre);dau magery,jane;wife isabel als corkill exex;1791: thomas riley h/o margery,john quayle h/o hristian
1790   A 46      CHRISTIAN    John                     mariner;names ship St Michael;bro thos being at gibralter on board saint michael exor;wii robert bale (?surgeon hospital),robert tear 
1790   A 47   se CAMAISH      Mark                     dated 28 sep 1789;ramsey;supported by son-i-law david corelt (h/o isabel)
1790-1 E      se CORMODE      William,snr              dated 31 jan 1787;ramsey;son wm 
1790-1 E      d  KERRUISH     Robert                   d jun 1790;only ch robt ua;gfa ewan kerruish;wife elizth
1790-1 E      d  QUARK        Margaret                 spinster;d 10 apr 1790;nephew + neice wm corkil,margt brew als corkil;
1790-1 E      w  SPRAINGER    William                  son john,ewd,edmnd,thos;daus ann,jane;wife ann als martin;gdau eliz spainger
1790-2 E      w  CORTEEN      Thomas                   d 12 may 1790;gson thos corteen;gdau Ann and Sarah Corteen ;dau Margt;gdau Ann Cashin;gdau Ellinor Callow;names w/o Wm Creche;gdau Cath Moore;son Robt;dau-i-law Margt Corteen;sons Thos + John (execs)
1790-2 E      w  HUNTER       Thomas                   dated 29 sep 1789;son john exor
1791   A 68   w  KERMOD       John                     dated 18 Feb 1788;Balnejora;son + heir John Kermode
1791-1 E      d  BLACK        Jane        CURGHEY      d 18 jan 1791;ramsey;ch elizth,jane + cath(off isle)
1791-1 E      d  Broom        John                     mariner perished at sea coast england jan 1791;only ch mary ua wife elizth off island;bro wm admr in trust;
1791-1 E      w  CARRAN       Hugh                     dated 16 oct 1790;son john(eldest),wm;dau ellinor,ann;wife joney exex some ch ua
1791-1 E      d  CORLETT      Isabel      COTTIER      d nov 1790;ramsey;only ch jane;pledge john cottier her uncle + arthur ? quine both ramsey
1791-1 E      w  COWIN        Catherine                dated 4 may 1784;widow;son wm;dau joney,cath callow,ann kinnish,ellinor(exex) ;gdau isabel callow;pledge thos callow carpenter ramsey
1791-1 E      d  FRISSELL     John                     inv etc ?decree;son john decd by 1797(his wife elizth);decree displaced ;john snr d 1786 next of kin refused to administer;prin creditor thomas stevenson whitson;
1791-1 E      d  FRISSELL     Margery                  w/o john; d 1788;john christian sumner genl appt;inv of house etc
1791-1 E      d  KERRUISH     john        kerish       late of deal kent;uncle robt kerruish
1791-1 E      w  KERRUISH     Robert                   dated 27 apr 1790;ballafaile;son john(jt exor with wife),robt(still in apprenticeship),edmond,wm;dau jane,margt;wife margt(als harrison); 1830 edwd curphy h/o jane 
1791-1 E      w  KEWLEY       Mary                     made 18 aug 1790;ramsey;dau isable snedding als kewley widow(house) exex,ellinor(un),mary kermode,jane
1791-1 E      w  LOWEY        Robert                   dated 27 dec 1790;ballnadoo;son patk(to pay ewan kissage exor john kissage),danl;,wmdau margt(unm),ann kinnish;wife mart
1791-1 E      d  peate        Joseph                   d 26 sep 1790;only dau mary;wife alice
1791-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Hugh                     d 1 feb 1791;without issue;petn by fa charles formerly ballabooey now of peel;hugh shopkeeper ramsey;pledge john shimmin bro of charles ;inv,claims
1791-2 E      d  CASEMENT     Ann         CURPHEY      [Full];d 28 Jun; ch  William, John, Robert, Elinor and Mary;husb Robt;pledge Wm Callow Ballacreggan; 1807 Elinor Corkill als Casement acks [fam 22108]
1791-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 24 aug 1791;ramsey;exor wm sayle s/o john sayle
1791-2 E      d  KEE          Daniel                   d 18 aug 1791;ramsey;ch of bros wm + john + sis elizth crinnilt + alice gill;;inv
1792   A 57a     SHIELDS      Ann         kewin        [unnumbered]d dec last;widow;ramsey;names averick w/o edward gawne;niece margt;nephew in law daniel corlett ballaugh;charded dorothy kinread als lace w/o wm;
1792   A 58      MOORE        Elinor                   dated 16 nov 1791;widow pert league[port lewague];son thos;gdau eleanor
1792   A 59      KIRMEEN      Isabel                   dated 3 apr 1788;son james (son wm + dau cath);dau margt(dau cath casement),jane exex
1792   A 60      JOUGHEN      William                  dated 12 mar 1792;ch wm,danl,robert;wife cath exex
1792   A 61      CHRISTIAN    Elinor      Cowle        [Full]dau Cathrine (+ her dau Joney);gson John Christian;son John (+his dau Cath);dau Elonor Wattleworth; dau-i-l Ann Christian, dau-i-l Cath;dau Cath Christian + gson John Christian;son Wm;son-i-l John Wattleworth; husb Ewan
1792   A 62   jw CANNELL      John                     john + christian ballafail;5 ch wm,james,thos,isabel + margt
1792-1 E      d  HENDRY       James, jnr               d 27 Oct 1791 in north west part of North Britain;master of sloop Endeavor (of Ramsey), bach; father James admr
1792-2 E 76   d  MOORE        Catherine   TAGGART      d 3 oct 1792;only child robt ua husb robert;uncles ewan looney [?h/o mary]+ robt kennish [?h/o jane taggarrt]guardians;inv
1792-2 E 84   w  CORTEEN      David,jnr                [bur Mau 17920909];ramsey;wife cath als curphy;fa david;ch isabel,david,esther + wm (some ua);
1792-2 E 88   w  BLACK        Catherine   CALLOW       widow john black ramsey;son hugh;dau ann;gch john black,wm black,cath black,esther black;bro capt wm callow;dau-i-law cath black exec
1792-2 E 92   ds KISSACK      William                  son robt (houses etc ballamannaugh lezayre)
1792-2 E 96   w  MARTIN       Margaret    KNEALE       lhen;dau ann w/o thos creer,isable w/o ewan callow exex;bro robt kneale
1792-2 E 100  d  CORMODE      John                     bach;d 25 jun 1792;bro wm;sis elizth warren als cormode;mo cath admr
1792-2 E 101  w  KEniSH       William                  son nicholas (xd thru);mary w/o son ewan kinish;wife alles kinish
1793   A 79      SMITH        Thomas                   dated 2 nov 1790;flax dresser, ramsey;son edward;wife beller;dau fanny(w/o samuell skellon manchester),margt (now widow leigh/lee )near newcastle under line);son thos now at newcastle,wm now at london;names mary baker ramsey;wife sarah house bought rom wm johnson exex
1793   A 80      KNEALE       William,snr              dated 19 may 1792;'old + infirm' ramsey;dau margt;son wm exor;petn wm jnr mariner that wife cath + fa died - not in island at last court
1793   A 81      KNEALE       Catherine                d 7 feb 1793;dau cath;son wm;husb wm exor;other unnamed ch ua;[see wm snr #80]
1793   A 82      CORKILL      William,snr              dated 4 feb 1793;ballnejoney;dau jane,esther,margt,cath,mary exex;son john(sheep at home or folding);gdau jane creer
1793   A 83      CREETCH      William                  made 12 mar 1793;son wm,john;dau caterin + mary (w/o danl kinread);names peter murray + patherick corkil (debtors);
1793   A 84      QUAYLE       Arthur                   dated 1 oct 1792;nephew thomas quayle + sis-i-law alice quayle execs;niece ann costean als quayle,eleanor crane als quayle,margt christian als quayle
1793-1 E 353  d  KILLIP       William                  d 15 mar 1793;shopkeeper ramsey;ch wm(off island),thomas;[note will marked bk 1 1793]
1793-1 E 359  d  COTTIER      James                    dated 25 feb 1788;dau joney callister exex;gdau cath callister;son james;names robt kerruish;inv
1793-1 E 360  d  FRISSELL     John                     d 1 feb;6 ch john charles wm henry nicholas christian;admrs edward smith frissell + eliz frissell
1793-1 E 383  d  COWLEY       Thomas                   bach;ramsey;late mariner on board ship Lion of london died st thomas off coast of africa;fa thomas
1793-1 E 384  d  HOGG         Jane                     d 9 oct;ch john,ann,jane,cath + margt hogg only ann of age;husb james;1827 john cowin h/o margt;daniel joughin h/o cath ack john execr of fa james;inv
1793-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   dated 28 aug 1792;son wm;wife ann;dau isabel;gson c/o wm
1793-2 E      d  CORKILL      Joney       CHRISTIAN    d 16 jan 1793;only ch mary quilliam als corkil admx
1793-2 E      d  COWLE        Edmond                   not heard of for 10 years after withdrawing himself from family;wife cath dead 5 yrs;sis cath cleater als cowle(+son john) ;nieces+nephws edmond,john,isabel,ann mason;inv;sale
1793-2 E      d  GARRETT      John                     died abt oct 1792;bach;cooper;prin creditor john wallace;sumner serves jane garret + son wm;thos killip + wife elinor ;margt garret + sis eliz
1793-2 E      w  KENNISH      William                  dated 28 oct 1793;aunt margt cashon exex
1793-2 E      w  KERMEEN      John                     dated 25 jan 1793;shoemaker ramsey;bro robert,wm (eldest exor);sis isabel(w/o ewan kerruish,mary;uncles son robert kirmeen;fa alive;40 to build a new schoolhouse on wm cashon's estate;saml corkill's poor dau,fanlagh clague ballnacregga kk lonon poor son
1793-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Jane        SAYLE        made 7 aug 1793;son john,thos,james;dau jane.ann;husb james exor
1794   A 72      QUAYLE       Alice       corlet       made 4 apr 1791;widow balneskieg;dau ann costean als quayle(w/o john),elinor crow als quayle(w/o ewan),margt christian als quayle(w/o thomas kk maughold);son thos exor,wm,saml;gdau cath quayle
1794   A 73      TEARE        Esther                   dated 20 jan 1794;sis dau ann corkill;saml corkil's poor dau judy;friend judy carran exx
1794   A 74      CALCOTT      Joney       garrett      d 19 apr;gson robt colcoate s/o wm;gdau ann  + judyd/o ewan calcoate;gdau ann d/o wm calcoate;gdaus margt,judy,ann,jane + esther ds/o wm colquett
1794   A 75      STOLE        Jane                     w/o wm ramsey;son danl,dau jane
1794-1 E      d  CASEMENT     John                     d 12 sep 1793 Greneda;bach;father Robert admr
1794-1 E      w  CORKILL      William                  dated 13 Jun 1794;bro John Corlett;unnamed sisters;sis Ellinr (w/o Thos Kaneen [m Bri 17780207]) exex
1794-1 E      d  COTTIER      Daniel                   mariner;of ramsey;father john admr
1794-1 E      d  McKNIGHT     Alexander                d 13 sep 1794;ch john,esther - both ua;wife ann
1794-2 E      d  BAILEY       Elinor      QUILLAISH als killey d 3 nov 1793;ch wm,james + john quilleash jt admrs
1794-2 E      w  CALLOW       Elinor                   dated 4 Feb 1793;widow + relict Wm Callow(Curragh doo, Maughold);nephew Wm Callow(Bwooille-losht, + his dau Cath), James Cottier(+ his sis Jony + Cath);names Elinor Corkill(who now lives with me), Ann Callow(d/o Edward Callow), Mary Cannell's poor dau, Wm Clague(who lives with me) exor
1794-2 E      w  Cashon       Thomas                   dated 19 Feb 1793;sis's dau Cath Corkish(w/o John Corkish, Ramsey), Margt Corkish(w/o Henry Corkish, Ramsey);names John Vondy(+ his 2 poor ch Kk Bride), Thomas Davis(Glone Shone, Maughold) exor
1794-2 E      w  CORKILL      Catherine                dated 28 Nov 1793;Ballnagorry;ch Thomas(eldest son), Elinor + Cathrin jt exexs;husb Wm;1799: Cath Brew als Corkill acks from Ellinor Corkill;
1794-2 E      d  OATES        Robert Csar             d 9 Dec 1794;mother Elizth;sibs James, Philip(Too tender years), Eunice Moore als Oates, Mary_Ann Cummins als Oates(off Island), Cath Christian als  Oates jt admrs - Jjames Oates, Norris Moore (h/o Eunice Moore) + John Christian(h/o Cath Christian) sworn
1794-2 E      w  STOWELL      Jane        CORLETT      dated 26 May 1794;Kuro-Carne?, Maughold;husb Robt Stowell exor;ch Eleanor, Margt (1805: w/o Daniel Lowey),Wm;gdau Elizth Hampton
1795   A 86      CORTEEN      John                     bro thos;nephew thos corteen (share of bill kelly's boat);niece anne corteen;nephew robt corteen;niece sarah corteen;nephew daniel callow;sis margt;niece ann cashin; niece elinor callow;names cath kermeen maid;bro robt
1795   A 87      CHRISTIAN    Jane        caine        made 3 jul 1793;balladromma;gdau elizth logan;son wm + son-i-law edward corkil execs
1795   A 88      quillleash   Philip                   d 28 feb 1795;rheine-roij;dau margt,jane;son phill,wm (to put him to school + trade),john;gdau margt qu[];names john kelly;wife margt als kelly exex;james cannell h/o margt + charles cain h/o jane
1795   A 89      KERRUISH     Sarah       CALLOW       made 4 jul 1792;widow;son john (oldest),wm;dau mary,judy,cath,jane;
1795   A 90      CREETCH      John                     mariner ;d 16 mar 1795 liverpool;cousin hugh charran exec hu since dead wife joney;dispute joney + john's sibs john,wm,cath,danl kinread h/o mary; agreement mentions esther crellin relict of henry crellin [copies of wills/decrees](d 1799 late of whitehaven),esther creetch als karran d 16 mar (?yr) only bro wm says only ch john creetch born before marr, wm creetch widower
1795   A[91]     KERRUISH     ewan                     [unnumbered] made 19 jan 1795;wife isabel + dau isabel execx
1795-1 E      d  CALLOW       William                  d 21 apr 1795;without issue;fa charles
1795-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary                     dated 1 Jun 1791;spinster;mistress Cath Callow als Christian als Moore exex - Wm Callow (h/o Cath sworn)
1795-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 17 Mar 1795;ch Wm, John, Charles, cath, Margaret + Ann jt admrs - all ua - wife Margt + gfa(by fa's side) Wm Christian sworn overseers
1795-1 E      d  CREER        Isabel                   d 23 jan;ch robert creer exec (but off island) other ch John William and Elizabeth  having had settlemnts;wm kermode h/o elizth
1795-1 E      d  CRYE         Thomas                   d 5 Jun 1794 Martiinico;carpenter HM Reprisal;father Thomas Crye(Ramsey) admr
1795-1 E      w  ELISON       John                     wife margt;names john Mcnemeer (croft in Andreas + fishing lines etc),anne Mcnemeer (house at lezayre);sis Lucy Skinner ;wife Margt + ann Macnemeer exex
1795-1 E      d  HOWLAND      Martha                   d 25 Sep 1794;Ramsey;only child Thomas Howland admr
1795-1 E      d  KNEALE       Ewan                     d 9 Jul 1794;ch Thomas, Elizth + Elinor jt admrs - all too tender years - their mo Elinor sworn
1795-1 E      d  QUINE        Arthur                   [= NSS May 1795 84]dated 6 Feb 1795;Arthur Quine(mariner, Ramsey) gives to wife Jane als Lace the south moiety of our dwelling house together with the Shad[?shed] backwards and the closet being half the garden situate on west side of Ramsey in Nicholson's qtrland and to be at her own disposal - other moiety (north half) to my two spinster sisters Judith + Margt (now resident in Ramsey) - also 2 sisters to have yearly rack rents of my concerns in Liverpool - at their decease sd concerns to fall to sis Cath Boskah[Boscow] in Liverpool;Witt John Corlet, John Callow
1795-1 E     jw  SHIMIN       John                     jt will John Shimin(Ramsey) + wife Jane als Radcliff - mutual execs;;son John(use of upstarirs closet + 2nd best bed);other unnamed ch (6d); John dead Jane exex
1795-2 E      d  CALLOW       Joney       LAWSON       d 30 jan 1795;ch William, John,Robert, Catherine, Joney + Jane Callow;husb wm
1795-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   ch wm,edward + thomas_newsham; ua, wife cath;wm christian now of london gentleman
1795-2 E      d  CORLETT      Lucy                     ramsey spinster;sis cath stole w/o edward
1796   A 66      KILLIP       William                  d 26 nov 1795;bro thomas;315 to charity
1796   A 67      CORKILL      John                     dated 28 jun 1796;balnejoney;daus margt,jane,isabella;wife margt als tear exex
1796   A 68      KISSAGE      Isabel                   dated 21 apr 1796;dau mary exex
1796-1 E      d  CALLOW       William                  bach, formerly Maughold but lately a mariner - d 1793 at Jamaica on board ship Isabella of Bristol(Thomas Givens master); fa Wm Callow(Maughold) admr
1796-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Grace                    d Jun 1795;widow;ch Thomas + Elizth jt admrs
1796-1 E      jd HODSON       John                     + wife Rebekah, both Ramsey , d Aug 1795; ch Thomas Mary + Dinah - Mary on Island + sworn admx;claims, inv + sale; also see petn by Jane Quine re rented prop
1796-1 E      w  JOHNSTON     Jane        christian    dated 16 Jun 1796;widow of John Johnson, Ramsey; ch Margrett, Wm, Jane, Elizabeth (meadow in Lezayre called Rooses Meadow,w/o John Crosbie) exex;petn by John Crosbie(Ramsey) 
1796-1 E      d  Lace         Arthur                   d 10 Aug 1796; ch Wm, John, Jane - all ua - mo Jane sworn admr + supv
1796-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Isabel      stole als ch d 7 Aug 1795;ch Philip + Isabel Stowell, Wm(sworn) , John(acks from Lancashire) + Margt Quayle jt admrs [?prev marr James Stole]
1796-1 E      d  STOLE        John                     late Maughold, mariner d 1795 on board the Eliza (of Liverpool, Capt Oliver); fa Robert Stole admr
1797   A 91      CALLOW       William                  dated 24 sep 1797;ballacreggan;son john,edwd;son-i-law edward coulthard;wife cath exex
1797   A 92      CLARK        Isabel                   dated 12 dec 1796;husb edmund exor,ramsey;ch thomas,james,wm,edward + ann;dau margt(her fa dead)
1797   A 93      MORRISON     Elizabeth   callow       widow;sons thos,wm.john,matthew;dau margt;son robt + dau margt jt exors
1797   A 94      COWLE        William                  made 31 dec 1796;names john s/o thomas moore maugher e cane;wife elizth als cowin exex
1797   A 95      KNEEN        John                     mcontract phil quileash obo son john + john kneen obo dau joney dated 2 jan 1793;
1797   A 96      CRAINE       Margaret    gill         dated 8 dec 1796;names patk howland,margery christian exex
1797-1 E      d  BAILEY       John                     petn by Wm Lace(Andreas) - John Bailey(Ramsey) d some years ago deeply indebted - no admin sought by children;notice served on Mrs Elizth Bailey (late Liverpool now Ramsey )+ Jane Lace als Bailey;decree states d 1 sep 1794;ch Margt, Jane, Ann + Elizth having declined admin - Wm Lace an alledged prin creditor appointed admr
1797-1 E      w  CALLOW       Edward                   dated 3 mar 1797;balnaskeig;ch edward,robert, isabel(of weak intellect) + anne jt exexs;names wm kneal;serv lad robt corkil;
1797-1 E      w  KELLY        Catherine                w/o wm;dau cath w/o thos davies,nancy w/o wm collister;son wm;gson wm collister
1797-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Esther      CREER        d jun [?1797];only ch mary ua;husb john;pledges john creer + john cashin both maughold
1797-1 E      w  QUINE        Mary        CORKILL      made 16 Nov 1796;ch John, Simon, Elizth Creer exex
1797-2 E      w  COTTIMAN     Mary                     dated 18 Jan 1793;widow (of Philip Cottiman), Ramsey;ch Philip(half house, Meadow in Lezayre + half field called Thour Flaggat in Maughold lately purchased from John Curphey + wife jane) exor, Thomas(half Thour Flaggart, principal money on mortgage Ballacreggan,Maughold),Mary Cannell(mortgage on Hills of Port Lewaigue)  [?is this mary Cowin]
1797-2 E      w  KELLY        Robert                   undated;ch Cath;gch Henry Kelly;wife exex
1797-2 E      w  STOWELL      William                  d 13 may 1797;wife cath stowell [?alias] Kermeen;son edwd exor
1798   A 84      CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 5 sep 1797;ballaterson;son thomas;dau ellinor,jane,cath,isabel;wife elinor (curragh ballure) exex
1798   A 85      KNEALE       Catherine   kneen        d 1 feb 1798;gson henry kelly (ua);husb wm exec;dau cath kelly als kneale;son wm;gdau cath kneale
1798   A 86      QUINE        Simon                    dated 17 jan 1798;sis elizth creer als quine;bro john
1798   A 87      CORMODE      Catherine                dated 22 nov 1797;ramsey;gson wm warriner (eldest s/o dau elizth) house etc after decease of elizth (exex);jonathan warriner h/o elizth - petn by jonathan that he is in service in england where he lives.
1798   A 88      KERRUISH     Robert                   dated 22 mar 1793;fidler, ramsey;dau joney,margt (the new house);son robert (rest of houses);gson john kerruish;wife judy exex
1798   A 89      KILLIN       Timothy                  [full]
1798   A 90      KINREAD      Catherine   tear         d 22 mar 1798;ramsey;husb exec (unnamed)
1798-1 E      w  CALLOW       Thomas                   dated 3 may 1798;ramsey;son danl,wm;gdau ann callow;dau jane,elizth (houses between them - jt exexs)
1798-1 E 599  w  WILLIAMS     John                     doctor + surgeon john williams;wm kissack exec;inv (many drugs) + sale;in debt creditors get approx 25%
1798-1 E 620  w  SPRAINGER    John                     dated 29 apr 1780;ramsey;sis ann + jane;parents wm + ann execrs;by probate ann widow 'son departed island some years ago, informed died abroad;
1798-1 E 623  w  Kennedy      Alexander                liverpool;made 29 apr 1796;unnamed wife execx
1798-2 e844      callow       catharine                w/o wm exec;claughbane sons john,philip;dau elizth,ellinor
1798-2 e837      callow       mary        coulthard    d 4 sep 1798;only ch jane;husb john;pledges rev thos corlett vcr lez wm callow cloghbane uncle mo's side
1798-2 e838   w  christian    robert,snr               baldroma;declrd 7 mar 1797;gdau eliz + christian logan;son-i-law edward corkill exec
1798-2 e843      corkil       john                     ballagorrey;d 13 may 1798;ch john,wm,thos,peter,christopher,jane + margt ua excp john wm
1798-2 e851   de creetch      margaret    looney als kelvie [Full]
1798-2 e839   w  curphey      john                     bro edward curphey;sis jane curphey,esther;mo alive
1798-2 e842   d  kermode      ann                      d 3 apr 1798;only ch ester;pledges john callow ballaskeig + wm kennish
1798-2 e850   w  LOOONY       Peter                    d 6 Jun 1798;wife Cath;ch un-named
1798-2 e841   d  mcnameer     ann                      d 16 mar 1798;ch john,ann + mary;husb john sworn;pledges john callow ballacreggan + john callow ballaskeig
1798-2 e854      moore        catharine   crosbie      d may 1798;ch john,thomas,henry,ann cath,jane,elizth + isabel all ua;husb thomas ;uncle john crosbie supvr
1798-2 e848   w  quilleash    james                    ramsey,mariner;names judith kissack who resides with him bro john;
1798-2 e846   jw shimin       thomas                   ramsey + wife elenr ...
1799   A 80      KERRUISH     Ewan                     made 21 june 1778 [?1798];son wm,robt,john;dau isabel;gch wm,cath + ann kerruish;wife ann (co-exec with son john)
1799   A 82      CALLISTER    Catherine                d 10 nov;spinster;made 29 sep 1799;fa david;2 bros;sisters now in kk maughold;aunt jane w/o charles callow
1799-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Edward                   mariner late of liverpool some time ago(7 yrs) died;only ch edward;next of kin david cotton;wife cath christian lives liverpool, david cotton h/o mary the aunt
1799-1 E      d  CORLETT      William                  mariner liverpool ship jamaica died jamaica may 1798;fa david
1799-1 E      d  LOWEE        Patrick                  wife esther admr;mo mary;sibs danl,wm,margt,ann kennish als loweee(w/o wm ?ann als kenry ?);nephew dal loweee disputed + agreement;bro wm deranged
1799-1 E      d  STOLE        Edward                   mariner d 14 nov jamaica;schooner maria liverpool;fa edward
1799-1 E      d  STOWELL      John,jnr                 perished by sea 12 may 1798;only ch margt ua;wife mary,fa john
1799-1 E      d  WALACE       Adam                     d 25 jun 1798;ch james,isabel + ann;wm wallace representive of decd son john;john radcliffe h/o isabel,john kneal h/o ann;
1799-1 E      ds WeKE         Frances                  ramsey;d 23 dec;2 ch charles weke + frances walker als weke w/o john
1799-1 E      w  CALLISTER    Joney                    dau ellinor (liftime interest in house in churchtown maughold),cath,jane,elinor;bro james;aunt esther callow
1799-2 E      w  CROW         Catherine                widow,Ramsey;sons john (exec),wm,charles + edwd;dau esther (room over parlour whilst unmarried)
1799-2 E      ds KERRUISH     John                     [full]Bwooily Velt;to son wm;dau Ellinor, Ann,Catherine 
1799-2 E      w  CROW         Ewan                     dated 3 Apr 1798;ch John(exor - house + garden in the Morragh, Ramsey + half of another house adj garden - after decease of wife), Esther, Wm,Charles,Edward;wife Cath
1799-2 E      w  GILL         Ann         woods        jw james + ann als woods; james d 1792, Ann 1799;ch James, Ann(house - residuary exex),Jane Cottier;no legacies etc to be paid until after decease of both
1799-2 E      w  QUINE        Judith                   [full]

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