Summary of Wills - Lonan 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 97% of 467 wills summarised;

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 1       CORRIN       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17500416] d 28 Mar 1750;names Philip Mylechreest ;wife ann;witt + pledges Philip Corrin & James Scarff 
1750-1 E      d  KELLY        Ann                      [bur Lon 17500316]d beg mar [1749/50]both bros Wm + james
1750-2 A 24   dg SKILLICORN   Thomas,snr               [bur Lon 17501122]dg made 11 dec 1745;Skinscoe;son philip
1750-2 A 25      SKILLICORN   John                     [bur Lon 17501231] d 30 dec 1750;sis isable;wife elizth als fargher; [in case she should have a child by him - posthumous son Thomas];mo margt; supv John Kelly,Ellinor Skillicorn,Ann Kermod als Skillicorn + Isable Skillicorn uncles + aunts apptd supv;under 1757 ep petn by wdw elizth that no maintenace from supv (allowed 12s/qtr) margt skillicorn wdw mo of decd husb
1750-2 E      w  BREW         Catherine                [?bur Lon 17500812 as jane]d aug 1750;husb philip exor;ch wm,alice - ua
1750-2 E      w  CALOW        John                     [bur Lon 17500524] d 23 May 1750;son Wm (crofts);gsons John Calow, Wm Callow, Thomas Callow;gch William Thomas Philip Henry + Bessy;1780 Thos Harrison h/o Bessy
1750-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  [bur Lon 17500708]d 7 jul 1750;ch robt,mary,thos;wife exex;gson charles,thos;
1751-1 E      d  KELLY        Marriot     costean      [bur Lon 17510418]d 12 apr 1751;ch john,wm,thos,mary,margt + philip(ua);husb john;inv
1751-2 E      w  CALOW        Joney                    [bur Lon 17510811] d 10 Aug 1751;sons John,Wm;dau Cath Calow
1751-2 E      d  cowin        william                  [bur Lon 17510913 - ballacannel];d 13 sep 1751;son thomas,philip jt admrs - other ch danl(given 4 + app fees),isabel,ellinor + jane provided for (last 3 had m/c);
1751-2 E      d  KNACLE       Ann         CHRISTIAN    [bur lon 17510220]d 28 feb;only ch thomas admr;husb thomas
1751-2 E      a  MOORE        Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17510219]art agreement dated 17 feb 1742; widow,ballacotgeen 'very weak + infirm';to only son philip give Ballacottgeen - philip to maintain her;witt thomas moore x, danl kermott x;
1751-2 E      d  SCARFFE      Catherine                [?bur;]c/o late John Scarfe [there is note dated 15 oct 1753 that thos + cath ch of john scarffe d in jan last  ? 1750/1 in smallpox - only bro john ua uncle philip scarffe + mo margt
1751-2 E      d  SCARFFE      Thomas                   [?bur lon 17481015] c/o late John Scarfe [?1748] only bro John;uncle Philip Scarfe;?mother margt
1752-1 E      w  CORRIN       Mary        KELLY        [bur Lon 17511027] [chk as br has mary kelly als corrin]
1752-2 A 32      COWN         Dorothy     CANELL       [displaced follows #36 1751] [bur Lon 17511120]d 19 nov 1758;ch isabel,dorithy + jane;husb paul exor - note this bk 1st on film follows #36 1751 with no sep]
1752-2 E      w  KELLY        Ellinor     CANNON       [bur Lon 17520505]badly torn ;d 4 may;husb wm un-named children
1752-2 E      w  KELLY        William                  [bur Lon 17520527]badly torn;names jane + john skillicorn;bro james killey;dau margt skillicorn als killey exex
1752-2 E      w  KILLEY       Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17520509]badly torn;bro james killey;sis dau mary kermod;sis jony kermod als killey,margt kermod exexs
1752-3 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    CALLIN       [bur Lon 17520822]d 22 aug 1752;gson wm curlett;son-i-law john kelly;son wm exor
1753-1 A 1       KERMOD       William                  [bur Lon 17530131];d 30 jan 1752;dau joney (half the brewing pan but not to receive any benefit whilst mother remained unmarried),other un-named;3 un-named sons;bro john,robt;?if wife margt pregnant;next of kin on fa's side John kermot, wm knickel + wm corlet;
1753-1 A 2       CORRIN       Ann         QUINE        [bur Lon 17521129];d 26 nov 1752;son philip mylechreest exec;witt phillip corrin + james scarffe (also pledges)
1753-2 A 22      CLAGUE       Phinlo                   [bur Lon 17530131]d 16 jan 1753;wife margt exex;son phinlo(heir),robt other son;daus ellinor,isabel,mary;some agreement as widow & eldest son agree that effects don't cover bequests;
1753-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Mary                     [bur Lon 17530408] d 28 apr 1753;dau ann,margt,dorothy,mary;son john;husb wm exor;1758 wm croughan h/o ann;1781 john killey h/o mary
1753-3 E      w  COwIN       Nicholas                  [bur Lon 17530620] [br has nichs corrin - def cowin in will]d 1 jun 1753;dau mary(not 12);son thomas;wife elinor exex;pledges thos cowin ballacannell + thos cowin drem xxgoaskeig [too dark];1760 mary acks
1753-3 E      d  GARRET       Daniel                   [bur Lon 17530908]perished by water in or nr laxey harbour 13 oct 1753;dau jane + ann;both ua no reln on fa's side  (later ewan garrett alice casement + edmd mchood sworn);wife alive;inv
1753-3 E      w  KNACLE       Ann                      [bur lon 17530615]d 15 jun 1753;cousin charles gelling;husb philip exor;names several inc mary cannell + margt corrin(all her cloathes)
1754-1 A 1       COLEASH      William                  [bur Lon 17540121 - kk maughold]ballarragh [?ballanagh]son+ heir wm;wife elinor als killey;2nd son james;dau isable;1755 wife remarried to john bailley;
1754-2 A 30      TEAR         Mary                     [bur Lon 17540400];d 18 apr 1754;names margt cown exex,james callister;uncle philip callister
1754-2 A 31      KNEAL        Daniel                   [bur Lon 17540218]d 16 feb 1754;son james;other ch
1754-2 A 65      CALLISTER    Jane                     [bur Lon 17540223]d 4 feb 1754;son james;dau margt,mary;gdau ann callister;husb philip exec
1754-2 E      d  BREW         Margaret    QUAYLE       [bur Lon 17540219];d 4 Feb;4 ch Margt,James,Philip + Daniel;3 others John Mary + Ann having had settlements;Thos Quay h/o margt;admin to Danl Colvin [?h/o Mary] of Marown
1754-2 E      d  FARGHER      Ann         VONDY        [bur Lon 17540312] d 10 mar;daus Margt + Alice (other ch had dowries)
1754-2 E      d  QUAY         Thomas                   left island abt 20 yrs ago - only account that he d 12 yrs ago;s/o thomas quay Brondle;sibs (whole blood) john + ann quay jt admrs goods due by death father;half-sibs (by mo side) wm,nicholas + jane knacle (goods due by death mo);
1754-3 E      d  BREW         Margaret    KELLY        [bur Lon 17540203] Margt brew als kelly d 19 feb 1754;gdau margt clague(w/o john mylroii) admx
1755-1 E      d  BREW         John                     [?bur Lon 17541200];d 10 jan 1755;ch john,math,james + jane(w/o david gelling) jt admrs
1755-2 A 24      KNAKIL       John                     [damaged rh margin][bur lon 17550228]d 29 jan 1755;the Close;step-dau Mar[?mary or Margt](10s as help towards rearing youngest child + other ch john + Wm Qu[]);wife Christian exex;pledges John Quay + Wm Kneale both Lezayre [m Christian Kissage Lon 17240414 - she of Lezayre]
1755-2 A 25      CHRISTIAN    Mary        KNEAL        [bur Lon 17550400]declard 23 dec 1754;widow;ch Tho , robt, + mary (jt execs_;dau-i-law mary Christian als Cowne;gson charles christian; [see Old Lon **** 8 for marr prob in 1706;Mary + SSS Oct 1745 29 for eldest son Wm ? dead ]
1755-2 A 26      KERMOTT      Ann         SKILLICORN   [?bur Lon 17550228] d 5 mar 1755;2 ch James + Jane;husb daniel;jno Kelly + Wm kelly sworn supv;
1755-2 A 27      COWN         Philip                   [bur Lon 17550402]d 5 apr 1755;ch mary, elizth, ellinr, thos, isable, margt, john;wife Ellinr (jt exec with John)
1755-2 E      w  CALISTER     Margaret    CLARK        [bur Lon 17550526]d 20 may 1755;dau ann callister, margt,joney;son james quirk,john callister (exec);gson thos hogg;
1756-1 A 1       KELLY        Isabel      LAWSON       [bur Lon 17560123] d 23 jan 1750;husb James;bro Wm (wife Jane, son John);disputed will with claims that husb forced her to make one in his favour; (court dispute also mentions dumb woman telling fortunes in Laxey)
1756-1 A 2       KNEAL        Christian                [?bur] d 29 nov 1745;sis mary,jane;bro james neale exor[?bur as cath kneal spinster]
1756-1 E         GARRET       Isabel                   [bur Lon 17550602]d 24 jun 1755;sibs alice,ewan(ch ewan,jane);dau mary mchood als rose exex (w/o Edwd)
1756-1 E         KNEALE       Catherine   MOORE        [bur Lon 17551205]d 5 dec 1755;ch john,thos + danl - all ua uncles john moore(sulbrick,santan),John Key(marown);husb john
1756-2 A 23      FAIRBROTHER  Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17560402] d 2 apr;laxey;names james s/o philip skillicorn of laxey(the house) ua father to keep in repair,margt d/o philip skillicorn;philip skillicorn + alice stole execs;pledges john kewley + james stole.
1756-2 E      d  STOLE        William                  d coast of Jamaica on board Enterprise of Liverpool(cmndr capt Saml Greenhow);mariner late lonan;only sis Isabel(now w/o Robt Murrey - robt a seafaring man now abroad);wm + Jo stole sworn to render a just acct of goods;acct dated 1757: wm stole (ballagawn)gfa has goods by decease of fa Philip, + profits for 7rs of lands com michlmas 1747 + a further 2yrs;
1756-3 E      w  KILLEY       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17561106]
1756-3 E      w  SKILLICORN   Jane        QUAY         [bur Lon 17561003] d 26 sep 1756;dau jane,isabel,joney,cath,bessy,dorothy (exex);son wm,john,henry;un-named gdau;husb john
1757-1 A 1       STAPPAR      Ann                      [bur Lon 17561222];w/o john stappar of laxey;ch richd molly;john callister h/o molly stappar
1757-1 A 2       FARGHER      Ann         MOORE        [bur Lon 17561203];d 18 nov ;decd husb daniel;eldest dau ann fargher;daus eliner bahee eliz,,marg
1757-1 E      w  FARGHER      Daniel                   [bur Lon 17560613]d 1 jun 1756;dau ann(croft +house purchased from nichs kelly),margt,ellinr,bahee,elizth (last 2 ua);wife ann;dau margt + ann jt  exexs;
1757-2 A 26      QUAY         Joney                    [bur Lon 17570218];d 28 feb 1757;dau-i-law ann corrin;gdau joney bridson exex
1757-2 A 27      HOGG         Joney       KEWLEY       [bur Lon 17570420]d 16 apr 1757;son philip(intack clough goar ?gear + john hogg's crpft);husb john;other ch wm,mary,margt;1765 mary kewley als hogg wdw efwd kewley acks bro philip
1757-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary                     [bur Lon 17570604] d 2 jun 1757;sis margt lewn,magery stole execx;pledges thos christian ballahutchin + ro lewin ballargyin braddan
1757-2 E      d  CROW         Ellinor     KELLY        [?bur];d 22 feb 1757;only ch isabel ua unc+ aunt robt + isabel kelly supr;husb john;pledges john stowel jnr douglas + john clague ballagoan lonan; 1777: wm shimin h/o isabel acks from elinor crow wdw of fa john crow;inv
1757-2 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17570525];d 12 may 1757;bro's son gilbt moore;names john keig,john,thos + danl knakle 3ch of john knakle ballaloaney;friend james stole; names wm,thos + philip cowin,thos looney;wm curphy + his loving wife mary moor execs;many other bequests;;john brew h/o isabel cowin acks;1760: james stole dead wife isabel als christian intermarried with john quayle;1765 john + thos kneacle now 17;
1757-3 E      w  BREW         Isabel      KISSACK      [bur Lon 17570907];d 24 sep 1757;son gilbt;niece mary kissage execx
1757-3 E      w  COWIN        Philip                   [bur Lon 17570909]d 8 sep 1757;son thos;wife mary als clague;son philip;ch wm,mary,cath + philip;dau margt;witt mrgt kewley als waterson,margt kelley;inv
1757-3 E      d  KEWAN        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17570921];d 31 oct 1757;ch john,thos,chas + isabel
1758-1 A 1       MOORE        Esther                   [bur Lon 17571130]
1758-1 E      w  BREW         Thomas                   [?bur]d 28 sep 1757;son robt;dau jane;nephews wm + philip in dublin;daus isabel + margt;nephew wm roof ?;gson wm brew;son philip exec;inv
1758-2 A 34      HOGG         Margaret                 [bur Lon 17580307]will badly damaged  bro philip;sis mary exex;dispute edwd kewley + fa-i-law
1758-2 A 35      HOGG         William                  [bur Lon 17580219]badly damaged;bro philip;sis mary margt exex;margt dead
1758-2 E      w  CORTEEN      Margaret    QUAY         [bur Lon 17580606];d 15 may 1758;dau alice;gson john cotteen;dau ellinor execx (w/o john cowle)
1758-2 E      w  FARGHER      Margaret    CORLET       [bur Lon 17580429];dated 21 aug 1757;son john (eldest),wm;bro daid corlet (dau margt);serv isable lewn;wm corlett's poor dau;husb john
1758-2 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   KERMOD       [bur Lon 17580511];d 15 may 1758;4ch wm,philip,john + thos;inv
1758-3 E      w  BREW         Ellinor     CLAGUE       [?bur]d 19 sep 1758;son john,james,wm,thos;dau jane;husb john exec
1758-3 E      d  CURGHEY      Nathaniel                [bur Lon 17580622];vicar d 30 jun;4ch lucy,elizthcath + thos;inv;some problems with adm
1759-1 A 1       STOLE        William                  [bur Lon 17590202]d 31 Jan 1759;gch Thos Stole, Wm + James stole (c/o Thos), Jane stole, Philip (s/o James Stole decd);ch Thos, Jane, James(decd - wife isable (exex), ch Philip + Isable)
1759-1 A 2       CRELLIN      Joney       QUINE        [bur Lon 17581121]d 11? Nov 1758;ch John Crellin;son-i-law Gilbert Cowle exor
1759-1 A 3       CLAGUE       Ann         KINISH       [bur Lon 17581211]d 9 Dec 1758;ch Cath, Alice(w/o Wm Clague) exex;gch Wm + Cath Clahue;step dau Daniel Kermode's wife;
1759-1 A 4       CLAGUE       Stephen                  [bur Lon 17590116]d 14 Jan 1759;ch Wm, Cath (shared sheep in Knock-e-Choole), Ann (jt exor with Wm)
1759-1 E      d  KILLEY       John                     [?bur Lon 17581130]d 7 Dec  1758;son Philip Killey admr - other ch John + Ann had m/cs
1759-1 E      d  STOLE        James                    [bur Lon 17581211]d 12 dec 1758;ch Philip + Isabel jt admrs - ua uncle John Knacle supv;wife Isabel and by consent of supvs ch's goods committed to her;inv 16 19s
1759-2 A 34      FARGHER      Thomas                   [bur Lon 17590318];gson Thomas Skillicorn; dau Elizabeth Skillicorn als Fargher
1759-2 A 35      KNAKLE       William                  [?bur lon 17590329]d 15 Apr 1759;ch Isable, Joney, Jane, Wm, Nicholas;wife Cath als Cottier exex; Jane Knakle sworn supv of orphans
1759-2 A 36      BREW         Isabel                   [?bur Lon 17590226]dated + d 14 Mar [1759]; husb Philip Brew(all crop on land with lime + dung) exor;step ch Wm, cath + Margt Brew;ch John + Robt Brew
1759-2 E      w  QUARK        John                     [bur Lon 17590505];d 18 apr 1759;dau mary;gdau jane hogg,christian + cath cottier (d/o robt);son-i-law thos fargher;son-i-law james kermode exec;1760 mary mcylvory als quark acks from john knacle of ballalheany (a debtor)
1759-3 E      w  BREW         Jane        CORMOADE     [?bur Lon 17590520];d 9 jun 1759;w/o philip ballameanagh; names cath wattleworth,esther cowll,john cowill,saml castill all of kk bride;names many others;husb philip;son wm exec
1759-3 E      w  KINLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17590516];d 6 jun 1759;laxey;ch unnamed;wife jane als claigue
1760-1 A 1       KINLEY       Christopher              dated 17 mar 1756;son wm,thos (exec + ch edwd,,wm + cath),robt,john,david;dau margt
1760-1 E      w  CALISTER     Alice       QUINE        [bur Lon 17591011]d 10 oct 1759;husb danl exor;ch margt,ann,ellinor,alice,philip + mary;mo alice loane als quine als Cown;
1760-2 A 47      SCARFFE      Margaret    QUARK        [bur Lon 17600511] d 20 Apr 1759;d-i-l Anne Calister;;gson James Scarffe;names Elinor Scarffe als Christian;son Dan;[mother of John Scarfe  Philip  + Dan  
1760-2 A 48      SAYLE        Ann         GOLDSMITH    [bur Lon 17600215]
1760-2 E      d  CALISTER     Alice       Quill        [bur Lon 17600413]d 12 apr 1760;Crot-y-choat;son James(3);husb Phil  exor(croft during his life);names John Callister's dau;sis Mary Quill;maidservant Cath Kneal;court 10 Jul notes her relatives have objected in that will was forced on her by husb who threatened to turn her out - several confirm this inc Alice quill, Jane Kinley - court decrees son James admor and comitted to tuition of uncles + aunts by mo's side  - Wm Karran, , margt Quill + Cath quill;inv 7 11s + further 6 8s;1775: James callister  Wm Corkill (h/o Cath Quill);depositions of witnesses - Alice Quill is next door neighbour
1760-2 E      w  COWIN        Ellinor     STOLE        [bur Lon 17600516]d 15 May 1760;ch John(houses + lands Glooin Gawn), Thos, Mary, Elizabeth, Isabel, Ellinor(beehive), Margt  - John + Margtt Brew als Cowin jt execs;witt James Brew, Matths Brew
1760-2 E      w  MOORE        Isabel      OATES        [bur Lon 17600531]dated 17 apr 1754;Baldroma;wants burial in old church Kk Lonan by dau mary's grave in chancel (leaves 20s to help with repairs);dau Isabel Banks als Moore;gdau isabel bancks, isabel Moore;ch Henry + David Moore + Ellin Moore(w/o Stanley Tyldesley)  exors;husb Capt James Moore
1760-3 E      w  PARR         John                     [bur Lon 17600602]d 31 May 1760;ch Alexander, John(2s 6d), Margt(2s 6d), Isabel(2s 6d);wife Margt exex
1760-3 E      d  SKILLICORN   James                    [?bur];d jul 1757;ch james + margt,mary had dowry
1761-1 A 21      FARGHER      Joney       GOLDSMITH    [bur lon 17610118]d 12 jan 1761;dau Margt;husb wm exor
1761-2 E      w  KILLEY       Margaret    WATERSON     [bur Lon 17610521];d 20 may 1761;names margt killey d/o james killey + sd mk's sisters joney + jane;gson thos kermott;son james;gson wm kermott;dau margt;gdau margt mylroie;son-i-law thos kemott + wife joney; joney killey w/o james killey;;dau joney;dau margt mylroi (w/o david)execx (+ sevl other named bequests);petn by david
1761-3 E      w  ColliSTER    Mary        KNAKLE       [bur Lon 17610622];d22 jun 1761;dau margt,mary;son john,danl;gdau mary collister;husb philip
1761-3 E      w  KELLEY       James                    [bur Lon 17610724];dau Ellinor;son James;wife Ellinor als Clague alive;stepson Wm Kewley;witt Jon Oates,Wm Quayle;Ellinor acks 1800;
1761-3 E      w  KERMOTT      Robert                   [bur Lon 17610812];d 11 aug 1761;sis mary (+eldest dau ),ann;names james killey,jane tear,john kermott;execx james killey lonan + john kermott lezayre
1761-3 E      d  PERRY        Thomas                   [?bur]perished by water cornah river 10 oct 1761;only ch ann perry; chooses nichs kennish as her guardian;wife ann als peters;inv inc shoemkrs tools
1761-3 E      d  QUILL        William                  [bur Lon 17611107];d 5 nov 1761;ch thos + marjery, wm had mc;inv
1762-1 A 1       CALLOW       William                  [bur Lon 17611128]d 27 nov 1761;names Mary Quine(d/o John Quine);sibs Edward Callow, Kathrine, John(exor);witt Daniel Looney, Mary Callow als Fargher x;
1762-1 E      w  CORRIN       Philip                   [bur Lon 17610730];d 31 jul 1761 gson john corrin;gdau ann corrin;son philip
1762-1 E      d  LOONEY       Elizabeth   CALLOW       [bur Lon 17611206] d 6 dec;4 ch wm, eliz ann cath;wm of lawful age;husb daniel,inv 24+
1762-2 E      d  BREW         Joney       SAYLE        [bur Lon 17611126];d 25 nov;2 sons john james ;pledges john christian + thos kelly both of douglas carpenters; [? m And 17150521 to - brew of Lonan - can't identify ch]
1762-2 E      w  CALISTER     Philip                   [?bur] d 26 may 1762;sons john,danl, james,thos;son-i-l wm croughan [?=mary callister Lon 1744019 eldest son wm];son-i-l robt cowin [?=margaret callister lon 17400421 eldest son james];gson james cowin;sis' dau ann knacle;gson wm croughan;
1762-3 E      w  COWIN        William                  [bur Lon 17620623]d 12 jun;gretch voar;wife's cousin margt kinley als waterson exex
1762-3 E      w  KELLY        John                     [bur Lon 17620809] d 5 aug 1762;wife Margt Kelley als Skillicorn (land + houses);3 boys lawfully begotten; house to be left at whim of wife to one boy who is to give 4 to other three ?;3 eldest boys Thos, james + john;dai isable
1762-3 E      w  SAYLE        Ellinor     KERMOD       [bur Lon 17620818] d 20 aug 1762;dau ann;son thos,john(eldest) exor
1763-1 A 1       CALLOW       Ann         CLAGUE       [bur Lon 17621130];[after #80 on film];d 28 nov 1762;son edward, john(exor); gdau mary quine;dau cath;pledges john quayle smith,john callow
1763-1 A 2       LOONEY       William                  [bur Lon 17621213];d 6 dec 1762;dau elinor + isabel jt exexs;pledge wm kermod sumner,john quayle smith
1763-1 A 3       QUILL        James                    [?bur]d 11 feb 1763;dau cath corkill als quill exex(w/o wm)
1763-1 E      d  MOORE        Ann                      [bur Lon 17620726] spinster
1763-2 A 32      KEWLEY       Catherine   CORRIN       [bur Lon 17630319] [?dup # ?1762-1 - the following are 1762-1];[follows cath kew]
1763-2 E      d  CORLET       William                  [bur Lon 17630417]d 17 apr 1763;perished by fall down a precipice nr sea;ch jane (h/o Thos Quine)(by prev wife),wm,robt,ellinr,john,isabel,jane + philip by a latter wife;some ch ua;wife alive;costs etc;1773: wm Johnson h/o ellinr
1763-2 E      d  QUINE        Philip                   [?bur]d 22 nov 1762;ch isabel,mary,alice + ann - all ua uncles(fa side) thos + Robt Quine + john crow supvs;wife alice
1763-2 E      d  SAYLE        John                     [bur Lon 17630305]
1763-3 E      w  COWIN        Mary        CLAGUE       [bur Lon 17630613]d abt 17 jun 1763;son thos,philip exor;dau margt,mary,cath;gson edwd mylrea
1763-3 E      w  SKILLICORN   Margaret                 [?bur]d 7 jul 1763;gch ch of Robt kinrade;son james exec
1764-1 E      d  moore        Catherine   bridson      [?bur]d 12 jul 1764;w/o thomas;3 gch saml,thomas + eleanor brew;sis alice;sis's son john arthur;dau margt brew exex (w/o john);1791 gch saml + thos ack;1792 elinor brew acks
1764-1 E      d  MURRAY       Robert                   [?bur]
1764-2 A 23      KILLIP       John                     [bur Lon 17640316] d 17 mar 1764;late schoolmaster + clerk;son wm;only dau eleanor
1764-2 E      w  CROW         Ann         KEWIN        [bur Lon 17640603]d 2 jun 1764;ch cath,margt + ellinor(ua);husb wm exor
1764-2 E      w  HOGG         Philip                   [bur Lon 17640520]d 28 may 1764;son james;dau elizth;wife alice als fail
1764-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Matts                    [bur Lon 17640225] d 25 feb 1764;ch cath,wm,chas + isabel;all ua but no relns fa side appeae;wife cath;inv;1796 john cannon (h/o cath),john cowley(h/o isable) ack goods by death of mother ? and discharge widow cathne the mother;wm died in minority before 1767
1764-2 E      d  KILLIP       Joney       COWIN        [bur Lon 17640314]d 14 mar 1764;ch ellinr,jony,jane + margt,ann + wm (last 3 had settlmnts);john brew h/o joney,danl scarff h/o jane
1764-2 E      d  LEWNEY       Alice                    [bur Lon 17640502]d 28 may 1764;sibs robt;john,wm,margt,jony,elinor ;patk kelly h/o margt;inv
1765-1 A 1       FARGHER      John                     [bur Lon 17650131]d 29 1765;baldrine;dau margt,jane;sons john,wm;wife mary als kinley;daus ua ;
1765-1 A 2       GELLING      Jane        [brew]       [bur Lon 17650217];d 16 feb;mo ellinor brew;kinswomen margt + mary mylchreest;3 bros john,matthw + james brew;husb david (no ch from m )
1765-1 E      d  FARGHER      Thomas                   [bur Lon 17641211];perished by sea 11 dec;2 ch margt & john;both ua,john fargher gfa,john kewley gfa on mo;inv widow mary petitions as her portion inc with husb
1765-1 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     [bur lon 17641211] perished by sea 11 dec; 4 ch john wm james philip;all ua;wm kewley (aneash), james skeiley on fa side, nich kennish on mo; inv
1765-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Margaret    KENNISH      [bur Lon 17641211];w/o john
1765-2 A 41      CLAGUE       Isabel                   [bur Lon 17650315]d 12 mar 1765;sis elinor;names mary kewley als carrin;friend thos cowin exor
1765-2 A 42      COWN         Alice       LEWN         [?bur]d 1 dec 1764;names james s/o robt cowin;son-i-law nich knacle;gson johnknacle,philip callister;dau ann callister;gdau ann + ellinr callister,margt callister;corn due to her from ballacowin to robt cowin tennt;son-i-law nich knacle (h/o dau jane (goods left by her fa gilbt cowin)
1765-2 A 43      QUARK        Finlo                    [bur Lon 17650123];d 25 jan 1765;son john,wm,danl,thos;wife margt als kinread exex;some ch ua
1765-2 A 44      BREW         Philip                   [bur Lon 17641211]perished at sea 11 dec;declrd intens that intended to go abroad candlemas sis cath exex witt margt fargher als kinley,jane tear;court declares intestate + names sibs wm,cath,alice + margt (of whole blood) + john,robt half blood some ua
1765-3 E      w  CLAGUE       William                  [bur Lon 17650703]d 3 jul 1765;ch margt,ann,mary,john,thos exor;stepdau isabella knight;wife isabella als kneal;1774: wm crochan h/o ann;1774: john stole h/o isabella knight;1781: john killey h/o mary
1766-2 E      d  COWIN        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17660113]d 13 jan 1766;ch thos,wm,isable,elinor - all at age;
1766-2 E      w  SKILLICORN   Joney       LOONEY       [?bur]d 17 may 1766;bought land to be sold to pay debts;husb james;aunt ellinr looney;mother christian harrison;daniel kewley exor (+ to take care of her mother);names christian quayle
1766-2 A 43      STaPPER      John                     [bur Lon 17660226]d 25 feb 1766;son richd(late purchased lands from john quark - if he comes);son-i-law john callister(h/o mary) exor;gch stappar ,ewan,anncollister;
1766-3 E      w  BREW         Ellinor     COWLEY       [bur Lon 17661111]d 10 nov 1766;ch john,james,mathew(exor)
1766-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   [Lon 17661113];d 13 nov 1766;7 ch thos,wm,patrick,bahee,mary,eliz,+ anne;david gelling h/o anne,philip stole h/o mary;wm + pat ua;report of jury of enquiry that a cow sold by Thos Christian to John Corkill had leperosis or 'Moazleds'?
1766-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Joney       SKILLICORN   [bur Lon 17660405] d beg apr 1766;gch isabel kewley,john kewley,cath kewley,james skillicorn;dau-i-l ellinor kewley;son wm + dau cath skillicorn  execrs (will declared 6 or 7 yrs previous - court decrees son Philip admr other ch John, Willm, Ellinor & Cath: Kewley having had settlements;thos  skillicorn h/o cath;
1767-1 A 1       SKILLICORN   Catherine                [bur Lon 17661111];d 9 nov 1766;sis dorothy skillicorn;bro (?bro-i-law) John Quine + wife joney
1767-1 A 2       MOORE        Bridget     FARGHER      [bur Lon 17670104] d 2 Jan 1767: Wm Quark's dau Ann Quark; Mary Skillicorn the wife of Philip Skillicorn; Ellinor Callow; Mary Skillicorn & Margaret Skillicorn; John Skillicorn exec
1767-1 A 3       MOORE        Jane        HAMPTON      [bur Lon 17660326] d 26 Mar 1766;husb Thomas;only child Thomas;mo Ann, sibs William,thomas,isabel,margaret;father-in-law Thomas Moore;1767 Isabel in Dublin;[Full] 
1767-2 E      w  CARREEN      William                  [bur Lon 17670427];2 dau eliz-jane + anne;eld son james,thomas exec;wife alive
1767-2 E      d  LOONEY       Daniel                   [bur Lon 17670318] d 10 mar 1767;5 ch james,wm,eliz,anne + cath + thos eldest having had a settlmt;james + wm abroad;
1767-2 A 26      KELLY        Mary        HARRISON     [bur Lon 17661119] d 16 nov 1766;Raby;husb Nicholas;son wm;gson Wm Kelly (smith's son);gdau elinor Kelly;dau Alice + margt kelly;
1767-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17670614];d 12 june;nephew wm claigue
1767-3 E      d  CURGHEY      Patrick                  [bur Lon 17670906];d 6 sep;5 ch wm (at age) patk cath dorothy + margt;philip cowin h/o margt;wife isabel;1792: james kelly h/o cath;david kelly h/o dorothy death of their mother, philip cowin father in law;;inv [need patk bapt  ? marown/bra]
1767-3 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17670605] d 5 june 1767;engneash;5 ch patrk, james margt dorothy + isabel;wife margt;eldest son wm
1767-3 E      w  KEWN         John                     [bur Lon 17670531] d 3 june 1767;3 dau isabel anne margt;youngest dau jane house + lands
1767-3 E      d  PARr         Alexander                mariner s/o john parr laxey d liverpool oct 1760;wife eliz also died sept in liverpool;only ch margt w/o thos whittam [m Bra 17670613  - prob bapt 10 JUL 1750 St Nicholas, Liverpool  & born 14 Jun 1750 - prob wife Eliz Rice m 18 OCT 1737   Saint Peter Church Street, Liverpool]
1768-1 A 1       LOONEY       Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17680115]d 14 feb 1768;names jane looney;sis isabel looney exex
1768-1 A 2       FARGHER      Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17680106]d 6 jan 1768;dau cath,elinor,margt;son john(eldest - land);other unnamed ch some ua ;husb john exor;
1768-2 A 41      SCARFFE      Margaret    COWLE        [bur Lon 17680327] d 26 mar 1768; Ann wife of Philip Scarffe her bro-in-law;names Margt Quark; Ellinor w/o Philip Moore;Jane wife of Danl Scarffe her brother in law ;only son John Scarfe
1768-2 A 42      CRAINE       Robert                   [bur Lon 17680409]d 5 apr 1768;ballig;son john(30yds sq land for a house west end field called lanagin adj highroad in case his son should not marry), wm,matts,robt exor;dau christian,margt;gdau d/o wm kermeen;wife isabel
1768-2 A 43      CAINE        Jane        BREW         [bur Lon 17680227]d 27 feb 1768;son philip,john exor;names elinor moore
1768-2 A 44      CLAGUE       Mary                     [bur Lon 17680117]d 12 jan 1768;sis elinor looney als clague;names isabel,robt clague;finlo clague exor
1768-2 A 45      COWIN        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17680218][damaged]d 16 feb 1769;?ch philip,elizth,jane;wife pregnantson + heir thos;wife margt exex;3 ch ua philip cowinlonan, wm cowin onchan bro to testator sworn;1779 ch ack
1768-3 E      w  BREW         Margery     [kinley]     [bur Lon 17680819]d 19 aug;widow baldrine;sons philip + thos,wm;dau-i-l dorothy brew;gdau ellinor (eldest d/o thomas);gdau isabel kelly;son john exec
1768-3 E      d  BREW         Thomas                   [bur Lon 17680828]d 28 aug;bach;only sis isabel w/o john kelly
1768-3 E      w  costean      daniel                   [bur Lon 17670713] d 1 jul 1767 [out of seq - follows christian craine braddan];son philip;wife margtother ch unnamed
1768-3 E      w  KEWN         Margaret                 [bur Lon 17681015] d 14 oct 1768;widow;eld dau isabel,anne,jane execx
1768-3 E      w  KILLEY       Margaret                 [bur Lon 17680916] d 15 sep 1768;widdow balla-chreggan;son philip (goats);dau ann;names mary quill;dau-i-l mary killey;son john exec;thos clague h/o anne
1769-1 E      w  MOORE        Elizabeth                [bur Lon 17681007] d 5 oct; 1768;widow ballabeg;son john hyndrick;dau margt,son james;son-i-law wm kewley exec
1769-1 E      d  tEAR         Bahee       FARGHER      [?bur] [ch cath,john + jane ua;uncles gilbt fargher + ewan kelly uncles by fa's [sic] side;husb robt;inv
1769-2 A 26.1    QUINE        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17690326][note dup # - numbered 25 and (26) - error in last will in prev book also #26]DoG dated 13 oct 1761;Capt Thos Quine + wife Margt als cowin to son-i-law Thos Cubbon(h/o Margt) settles half estate (there are 2 15 mortgages to son John + son Thos);son john,thos(abroad);reserves small part of estate - wild sheep pasture called gob-e-vullaghowr + Caoon Yajoles;[court Oct 1762 = SSS Oct 1762 27]
1769-2 A 27      QUINE        Ellinor     killip       [bur Lon 17690306]dated 28 oct 1768;husb thos(croft croit robin) exor;ch thos,elinor,margt(kermod's croft when she is 24),john quark(6d - by prev husb)
1769-2 E      d  KELLY        Joney       kneacle      [?bur] d 9 jan; w/o wm 
1769-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  [?bur] d 14 jan;5 ch margt john joney anne + mary ua exect margt (w/o wm callow) inv 
1769-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Ann         KILLEY       [bur Lon 17690425]d 25 apr 1769;3 ch wm margt + ann ua uncle john killay;husb thos;inv;1795 thos kneal h/o ann ack from jane clague w/o thos;philip callister acks  thos clague fa & sup of wife margt calgue als callister 
1769-3 E      w  CRAINE       John                     [?bur]d 9 oct 1769;ballig;bro matths,sis christian,margt;bro robt exec
1769-3 E      d  KELLY        William                  [?bur] d 6 jan;3 ch james,margt + ellinor;gilbt kermod h/o margt
1769-3 E      w  KERMOD       James                    [bur Lon 17690827] d 26 aug 1769;3 sons Thos (left loom in case would follow his (fa's) trade), james,Wm;2 dau Mar[], Joney;wife alive un-named
1770-1 A 1       SAYLE        Ann                      [bur Lon 17620818] d 9 dec 1769;decd mother ellinor sayle als kermod;bro john sayle (his eldest dau ellinor + dau joney),bro thomas;sis-i-l ellinor sayle als kelly [w/o john];
1770-1 A 2       LAWSON       John                     [bur Lon 17691206] d 7 dec 1769;son thos;dau jane;wife ann als fargher execx uncles robt + wm lawson supv;
1770-1 E      d  BREW         Matthias                 [bur Lon 17700123];perished by sea near douglas sands 24 jan;bros james + john brew;displaced agreement by james to give up right except to an intack
1770-1 E      d  COSTEAN      William                  [?bur]d minority may 1741;s/o danl costean + margt fayle;mo's will 1st bk 1741;bro + sis whole blood daniel + margt costean;simon farger h/o margt ;daniel an idiot;pledges philip kinley + edwd mylrea;petn by simon that danl costean [snr] lately dead mentions land purchased by margt from her bro in law to descend to son wm then her other son danl;wm died aged 7 within 3months of margt;danl costean died jul 1767;margt costean widow + her son philip charged [?2nd mar to Margt garrett]
1770-1 E      d  KELLY        John                     [bur Lon 17691001];d 1 oct;6 ch wm,john,philip,mary,margt + charles;all of age;philip cowin h/o mary [m Lon 17640519];pledges john christian lonan + john cowle douglas fidler;
1770-2 A 30      SCARFFE      James                    [bur Lon 17700210] only son james;wife eleanor als christian;gdau margt clark;dau mary quill;
1770-3 E      d  CRAINE       Matthias                 mariner d. coast of Guinea;sibs Robert,Christian (abroad), Isabel (w/o Wm Kermeen)) & Margaret; [Full]
1770-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Joney       CHRISTIAN    [bur Lon 17700518];d 17 may 1770;w/o james gretchveg;niece margt lewin w/o robt lewn;dau jane kewley(spinster);names jane w/o philip kewley;;stepson philip  + james kewley;names mary kewley als carrin;james + john s/o philip kewley;obj to by john kneen obo wife isabel als christian only sis (states james kewly snr blind
1770-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Philip                   [bur Lon 17700902];d 1 sep 1770;bro james;sis jane now in dublin;names thomas harrison;nephews james + john s/o philip kewley;wife mary als karrin
1770-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Jane        CRELLIN      [bur Lon 17700622]d abt 23 jun 1770;names joney kelly,margt karran,isabel grahams;gson john corlett,james quayle (eldest s/o john quayle);son wm,thos,james,john;dumb bro john crellin;dau-i-law jane quayle;niece jane knacle;husb wm; inv
1771-2 A 25      FARGHER      Margaret    martin       [bur Lon 17710320];d 18 mar 1771;dau margt w/o robt calow ,dau elinor w/o john calow [m San 17490502 ?no ch];dau ann w/o john clague 
1771-2 A 26      BREW         John                     [bur Lon 17710406];d 4 apr 1771;baldrine;wife dorothy als kewley execx
1771-3 E 773  w  COWIN        Mariot                   [bur Lon 17710616];d 15 jun 1771;niece cath cowin;names may w/o philip stole;sis margt knacle als cowin execx (w/o thomas)
1771-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Margaret    looney       [bur Lon 17710919]d sept 1771;[see wm quayle] gdau jane ryley 
1771-3 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  [bur Lon 17710703];laxey;wife margt;gson wm kewley,james ryley;daus margt kewley + jane ryley (w/o james);by oct margt dead;
1772-1 A 1       CORRIN       Ann         kewish       [bur Lon 17720131][note on mm film follows 1772-2]d 30 jan 1772;8 to ch of thos killip lezayre if dau joney to marry robt lawson but nothing if she doesn't;only dau joney (corkil als bridghen ? xd thru);wm corkil h/o joney
1772-1 A 2       TEARE        Margaret    hogg         [bur Lon 17720202]d 28 jan 1772;husb philip;petn by mary kewley als hogg widow that aunt had made her exex but husb philip threatened + got will changed;at court philip agrees to pay 5 to mary as quit claim
1772-1 E      d  HOGG         Alice       FAYLE        [bur Lon 17720106];d 6 jan 1772;ch james,john + elizth
1772-2 A 38      PARR         Margaret                 [bur Lon 17720210] [note dual #s from here 1..]widow;laxey;gson thos mcdonnell;gdau sally_sophia mcdonnell;daus margt nipe + isabel mcdonnell (money due by jury verdict from nich kenish + wm + john moore);son john when he returns;gdau margt witham exex (w/o wm);inv
1772-2 A 39      COTTIMAN     William                  [bur Lon 17720419]d 18 apr 1772;gdau letitia neale,jane quale;dau ann neale exex
1772-2 A 40      HOGG         John                     [bur Lon 17720216]d 10 feb 1772;dau mary kewley als hogg;gsch wm + john hogg,margt + joney hogg;son philip exec
1772-2 E      w  KNACLE       Thomas                   [bur lon 17720512];d 11 may 1772;son thos;names isabel callow;wife margt
1772-3 E      w  freer        John                     [?bur];dau jane killey;gdau margt kelly;gson john freer;gdaus joney + jane killey;son robt;,johndau joney killey
1772-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Mary                     [?bur];w/o wm,colbey;son robt kelly,mathias kelly;son-i-law wm kewley;dau joney kelly;gson john + wm kewley;dau cath kewley;stepdau ann kewley;stepson john kewley;son mathias;stepdau isabel kewley
1773-1 E      w  QUINE        Margaret                 [bur Lon 17720820] of lonan d in douglas july 1772;fa thos quine, mo margt;bro john quark, bro thos quine (quark overwritten) + sis elinor quine
1773-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   John, jnr                [bur Lon 17720913];d sep 1772;house + garden in laxey with 7s price of roof to dau joney quine;dau dorothy skillicorn;dau jane;his own dau elizabeth, own dau isabel;son wm
1773-2 A 26   w  BREW         john                     d 10 apr ;5ch saml,thos,wm,john + elinor;wife margt brew als moore execx;
1773-2 A 27   ds BREW         Philip                   [bur Lon 17721211];dated 14 jan 1771;ballamanagh;son + heir wm;lands inc 'big mill ' water corn mill lately purchased prev known as mullen vataag ?;
1773-2 E      w  COTTIER      Alice       QUINE als  lewn   [?bur];names thos cowin + wife (that were there with them in the croft);husb john cottier (the bees),son robt quine;gson robt quine,gdau joney quine;d-i-l margt quine; other d-i-l jane quine als corlett;own dau elinor w/o john crow;son thos quine
1773-3 E      d  BREW         William                  [bur Lon 17730911];ballnymanagh beg;perished by sea  herring fish 11 aug;son wm;wife pregnant;;margt brew sister + luke christian h/o other sister isabel appointed guardians;wife elinor;pledges danl quark jnr + edwd christian beemaghag both onchan;inv;petn by margt brew of douglas (undated but court 1786) luke christian 
                                                         dead and the burden of the guardianship devolved on her and burden too great;wm christian s/o luke ;court recommends robt ceasar + phillip cottier having consented;  another petn by mary brew stating that elinor has since intermarried with john skillicorn kk lonan [m Onc 17760218]; more paper work petn by widow elinor 1781 states she 
                                                         had two sons one posthumous her husb much indebted as he + his fa had purchased corn mill in laxey - forced to sell everything + for 18 months subsisted on generosity  of friends;eldest now 10 (youngest born dec 1773 [?thomas bp Onc])
1773-3 E      d  COWIN        John,jnr                 [bur Lon 17730811];perished by sea  herring fish 11 aug;5 ch paul ann wm margt + eliz last 3 ua;wife christian;inv
1773-3 E      d  CROW         John                     [bur Lon 17730811];perished by sea  herring fish 11 aug; 3 ch isabel [crebbin ?] by a former + elinor + ann by the later;ann ua;wife elinor; pledges thos quine onchan,robt crow marown ;wm shimmin h/o isable;inv
1773-3 E      w  KEWLEY       James,snr                [bur Lon 17730611] d 4 jun 1773;gretch veg;dau jane kewley,dau mary kewley;only 2 dutiful sons philip + james
1773-3 E      w  MOORE        James                    [bur Lon 17730712] ballaromey ?;youngest dau elinor tyldesly als moore;son wm;money to repair roof of chancel + preserve as a burying place;son david;gson james moore; gson james bankes;;son henry;eldest dau isabel bankes als moore;robert banckes h/o isabel;bro-i-l stanly tyldesly
1774-1 A 1       KNACLE       Margaret                 [follows after 1774-2][bur lon 17740110]d 9 jan 1774;names edwd cowin,cath crow;wm crow exec
1774-1 A 2       KNACLE       Philip                   [bur lon 17740113]d 12 jan 1774;son thos exec,dau margt (not 21);stepson wm + james stole;isabel christian d/o jane stole
1774-1 A 3       COWIN        Isabel      KNacLE       [bur Lon 17740115] d 14 jan 1774;son wm,thos,john;dau elizth,margt (ua);husb thos exec
1774-1 E      d  TEAR         Robert                   [bur Lon 17730811]d aug 1773;ch john,cath,jane ua uncle wm teare ballaugh;wife isabel step-mother of orphans;inv
1774-2 A 53      KNEALE       Thomas                   [note these follow from1773-2] [?bur]d 12 feb 1774;son wm;dau debora (kneale's croft);son robt's ch isabel + thos;son robt exec;james skillicorn h/o deb;family dispute
1774-2 A 54      COWIN        Margaret                 [bur Lon 17740302]d 25 feb 1774;widow;ballacannell;dau jane cain;son thos;names cath curphey;son philip exec
1774-2 A 55      MOORE        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17740319]d 17 mar 1774;ballneskelley ?;4gsons thos,john,charles + james moore;dau margt brew;20/- towards repairing old church;names john gorry;son thos exec
1774-2 A 56      COWIN        Mary                     [bur Lon 17740327]d 26 mar;names isable cowin execx
1774-2 A 57      SKILLICORN   Catherine                [bur Lon 17740206]d 3 feb 1774;husb john;son john exec
1774-2 A 58      MOORE        Mary        cowin        [bur Lon 17740406]d 4 apr 1774;nieces isable brew, jane cain;names isable gell,margt cowin,cath curphey,thos cowin,isable cowin,christian quayle;nephew philip cowin exec
1774-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Isabel      QUILLAISH    [bur Lon 17730610] d 10 jun 1773; 'in her great old age';4 ch James, John, Patrick & Jane Kewley now w/o Philip Kewley;
1774-2 E      d  KILLIP       Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17740517] d 17 May 1774;sibs Wm,Joney,Jane,Margt + Ann Killip;John Brew h/o joney,danl Scarffe h/o Jane;jas kneale h/o margt;rich corfu [?chk trans] h/o ann;admr Jas Kneale pledges Wm Killip + John Brew (his brothers)
1774-3 E      w  KNEAL        Daniel                   [bur Lon 17740613];d 11 jun 1774;graue;son wm,danl,james;dau mary,cath;wife joney
1775-1 A 1    dg CALLOW       Robert                   [bur Lon 17741122];ballaquark;son-i-law thos skillicorn h/o isabel
1775-1 A 2       CANNEL       Ann         Kelley       [bur Onc 17750106] [widow d douglas 28 dec 1774;daus jane,mary;dau elinor quark als cannell exex w/o robt quark [?Onc misfiled under Lon]
1775-2 A 37      KEWLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17750330] d 29 mar 1775;Colby;eldest son Wm,  charles,john;dau jane w/o james quayle (to put a stone on grave left extra 2s),isabel + anne (execx)
1775-3 E      w  COWIN        Margaret                 [bur Lon 17750717];d 16 jul 1775;widow gretch voar;friend margt kewley execx;names patk kewley jnr
1776-1 A 1       FARGHER      Margaret                 [bur Lon 17751215];w/o john,graue;d 14 dec;dau margt corkill;dau elinor fargher;dau ann kewley;gson john fargher
1776-1 A 2       Callow       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17751230];d 29 Dec 1775;Ballachrink;eldest son Edw Callow;dau cath Quine [john quine=cath callow lon 17571122];son John exec
1776-1 A 3       KEWLEY       James                    [bur Lon 17760128] d 27 jan 1776;ballacore;dau joney ? moore?;son james;gsons James & John Kewley c/o john exec;wife alive
1776-1 A 4       CLAGUE       Ann         stole        [bur Lon 17760202]d 1 feb 1776;laxey;dau jane callow;dau ellinor brew;gdau elinor brew,jane brew,cath clague;son john;dau ann clague execx
1776-1 E         KINLEY       Robert                   [bur Lon 17760127]
1776-2 E      d  QUINE        Thomas                   [?bur] dated 20 Jun 1776;prev Lonan but now Kirkby, Lancashire perished by sea on coast of Scotland about 19 Oct 1775;sibs John, Gilbert(abroad), Philip(abroad) + Margt Quine(w/o Thos Cubbon) jt admrs;inv states mariner GlanNeie, Lonan 18s 4.5d
1776-3 E      w  CALLISTER    Daniel                   [bur Lon 17760928];d 12 sep 1776;dau margt,ann,elleanor;gson wm callow;dau alice;names charles kewley;gson john kewley;dau mary (youngest)
1776-3 E      d  ELLGATE      Philip                   [bur Lon 17761002];yarmouth norfolk herring curer d 2 oct;no reln appeared;prin creditor john kinley;inv
1776-3 E      se QUINE        Margaret    Cowin        [bur lon 17760802]dated 16 oct 1762; 1769 accepted as will of thos;capt thos + margt;son-i-law thos cubbon;son john quine
1777-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17770103]d 3 jan 1777;3 bros john,wm james
1777-2 A 1       QUINE        William                  [bur Lon 17770212]d 25 feb 1777;amagary;niece ann cowin;names dal costean,wm killey,john kelly;sis margt cowin execx w/o paul cowin
1777-2 A 2       QUILL        William                  [bur Lon 17770405]d 3 apr 1777;3 ch wm ellinor + mary;wife mary als scarffe execx
1777-2 A 3       COWIN        Robert                   [?bur Lon 17770128] d 8 feb 1777 dau cath, christian carroon (?w/o son-in-law james caroon [james carroin=christian cowin lon 17680702 fam 15174] - left largest [] vessel whereon corn is cleaned),son philip,gilbert;wife execx
1777-2 E      w  CALLOW       Catherine                [bur Lon 17770514] d 13 may 1777;bro wm callow  his dau isabel
1777-2 E      w  CAROON       James                    [bur Lon 17770502] d 1 may;wife christian  ch all ua;aunts jane + anne carroon
1777-2 E      w  QUARK        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17770418] d 15 apr;son john, + thos?if wife preg;wife ann als faile;pledges john kelly + wm fayle kk marown;petn by robt,wm + danl quark bros 
1777-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Charles                  [bur Lon 17770723] d 25 jul;dau ann;fa-i-law patrick killip kk lonan;bro daniel;fa wm mo mary als cowin;names thos cother
1778-1 A 1       CALLISTER    Philip                   [bur Lon 17780117]dau margt,son  john,[lost]dau alice freer;daus margt + mary execx;made 5 feb 1773;
1778-1 A 2    jw KERMOD       James                    [bur Lon 17780224] James (dead) + wife Joney Kermod als Clague 'both of great age';son-in-law Patrick Killip; 1778 Joney Kermod appoints Patrick Killip as rep; 
1778-1 A 3       CORRIN       John                     [bur Lon 17791105];laxey.d 3 nov 1778;step dau esther mitchell execx
1778-1 E      d  BREW         William                  [bur Lon 17780502] d 2 may 1778;only ch elinor;pledges john kelly lonan + philip brew douglas
1778-2 E      d  GELLING      David                    [bur Lon 17781017];d 17 oct 1778;of Barroose;4 ch John,david,ellinor + mary + wife Bahee pregnant, all ua; uncles John gelling,wm cooilleish + daniel mylchreest (prop in Douglas)
1779-1 A 1       QUAY         John                     [bur Lon 17781121] d 22 Nov 1778;son Wm (eldest), John;daus Ann, margt, mary;gdau Ann Cannell;wife Ann; [Full];
1779-1 A 2       CARROON      Thomas                   [bur Lon 17790112]d 10 jan 1779;dau ellinor + ann;wife elinor
1779-1 E      d  HAMPTON      Robert                   [bur lon 17790114] d 14 jan;4 ch wm thos isable margt, robert had mar set;,wm thos isable off island;thos quine h/o margt;pledges ph moore + ph stole;inv + sale
1779-2 E      d  HOGG         John                     [bur lon 17790626]only ch margt hogg ua [?bap Lon 17790103] , wife eliz;thos hogg uncle guardian
1780   A 1       KELLY        Elizabeth                [bur lon 17791211]w/o james (wool + flax);2 sons wm + robt kelly;dau joney;eldest son james,john,danl; made 30 nov 1779;j1785 oney hamilton als kelly acks
1780   A 2       TEARE        Philip                   [bur Lon 17800207]names john kewley snr + jnr;cath d/o john tear;friend chareles kewley exec;inv
1780   A 3       KERMOD       Joney                    [bur Lon 17790414] see James 1778;
1780-1 E 706  w  KELLY        Patrick                  [bur Lon 17791019]d 19 oct 1779;laxey;bro john,james,thos (+wife isabel);names mary raventon now of liverpool;
1780-1 E 708  w  COWIN        Margaret    callister    [bur lon 17791008]widow ballacowin;son james,philip;daus cath cowley (goats in ballaugh),christian carroon;nephew philip callister;son gilbert exec
1780-2 E 380  d  CORKILL      Catherine   kelly        [bur Lon 17800229]d 29 feb 1780;only ch ann corkill
1780-2 E 670  w  cowin        elizabeth                [bur Lon 17790407] dated 18 jul 1778;spinster late of douglas now of kk lonan [mm index has under mic];sis mary karran douglas;bro thos cowin,john cowin;sis elinor brew (relict wm [?m Lon 17530210]),sis isabel woods (w/o john) ;niece elinor cowin (d/o wm),elinor brew;sis margt brew execx;dispute re authenticity of will? ewan karran douglas + others vs james brew + v.v.;james brew h/o margt ;petn states confined to bed 18 months until death end of apr? (on easter monday in petn[in 1779 this was 5 Aprl] ) - long case
1781   A 1       BREW         Philip                   [bur Lon 17810202];dated 28 dec 1780;wife margt brew als quayle;son wm;
1781   A 2       CALLOW       Catherine   knacle       [bur Lon 17810216];[filmed under 1782];dated 26 dec 1778;w/o wm;
1781-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   [bur Lon 17810531];d 31 may 1781;10 ch james thos john robt edwd philip,isable mary, elinor + joney all at age;philip christian h/o isabel,james skillicorn h/o mary inv
1781-1 E      se HAMPTON      Ann                      [bur Lon 17810523];widow of robt of pool-killey;son robt dog 23 mar 1779 inv
1781-1 E      d  MYLROII      William                  [bur Lon 17810205];d 5 feb 1781;6 ch margt esther mary elinr ann + jane ua john mylroi + david mylroi uncles;wife elizth;inv
1781-1 E      d  QUAYLE       William                  [bur Lon 17800812];d 18 aug 1780;bro philp + thomas
1781-2 E      d  COWIN        Margaret    Quine        [bur Lon 17811009];d 8 oct 1781;only ch margt w/o philip cowin
1781-2 E      w  CURPHEY      Isabel      Crain        [bur Lon 17810707];d 6 jul 1781;dau margt cowne als curphey,kath skelley als curphey,dorothy execx;son patk
1781-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Philip                   [bur Lon 17810801];d 1 aug 1781;bach;only bro thos
1782   A 1       CALLISTER    Daniel                   [bur Lon 17811116];d 14 nov 1781;amagary;son john;dau mary callister;
1782   A 2       COttEEN      Jane                     [bur lon 17820424];d 26 apr 1782;dau jane skillicorn exec (ua);james skillicorn father of execx; [?illeg d/o James skillicorn + Jane Cojeen bapt Lon 17700701];inv 5
1782-1 E      w  COWIN        Margaret                 [bur Lon 17820511];d 10 may 1782;w/o philip Amagary;son john
1782-1 E      w  FARGHAR      John                     [bur lon 17820509];d 7 may 1782;graue;gson john fargher;dau margt corkill [wm corkill = margt fargher lon 17750122];gdau margt fargher; dau Ann Kewley [john kewley=ann fargher lon 17641110];dau Ellinor (now off Island)
1782-1 E      d  KILLEY       James                    [bur Lon 17820106] d 6 jan 1782;3 ch margt, joney + jane;Philip Skillicorn h/o joney [no marr found];james kelly h/o margt [m lon 17701211];
1782-1 E      d  SKILLICORN   John                     [bur Lon 17820113];d 13 jan;3 ch john philip + jane;john corkill h/o jane absent;
1782-2 E      d  FARGHAR      Mary       creggall      [bur Lon 17820617];d 17 jun;only ch philip;inv
1782-2 E      w  KNEALE       Joney                    [bur Lon 17811018]d 22 oct 1781;widow,graue;sons wm,danl,james;dau mary,joney,cath exex;names ellinor d/o john quine;cath kneale of liverpool;
1783   A 1       BREW         John                     [bur Lon 17821107];d 5 nov 1782;graue;dau ann,eldest son thos,john + james;wife isabel execx
1783-1 E      w  CROAGHAN     Mary        [callister]  [bur Lon 17830519];dated 27 dec 1782;close moar;husb wm;son wm (as yet un m);husbs bro Andrew;daus Ann + Jane,Alice;son thomas,daniel, philip,gilbert;dau peggy,son john,andrew;
1783-1 E      w  GARRETT      Margaret                 [bur Lon 17830529];d 28 may 1783;dau jane quark;son ewan;husb ewan
1783-1 E      w  KERMOD       eleanor     quayle       jt will wm + wife elinor als quayle [wm dead];ch wm,john,elinor + cath;dau mary quayle [?w/o wm m lon 17730221];inv;
1783-1 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17830516];d 15 may 1783; son thos (eldest - 8 left him by mo a former wife to youngest brethren wm);sons thos,john,charles, james;daus jane + anne;wife cath;thos cannell h/o jane 
1783-2 E      w  KELLY        John                     [Lon 17830625] amagary;dau joney w/o nicholas kinnish;dau alice,elinor;gson john callister exec
1783-2 E      jd LEWNEY       Joney                    [bur Lon 17830117] d 17 jan (joany);  robt 29 jan;5 ch robt,john,wm margt + elinor;together with wm, elinor + joney christian ch of joaney lewney decd another of their children;also ch of john lewney decd viz another son wm, john ellinor + ann who are all ua;patrick kelly h/o sd margt;Philip Hogg h/o elinor + wm ch of sd intestates (all others abs) declared exec;patk kelly snr of kk braddan sworn guardian;pledges patrick kelly jnr kk Braddan + james scarffe kk onchan
1783-2 E      jd LEWNEY       Robert                   [bur Lon 17830129] d 29 jan; see joney
1784   A 1    jw COWILL       Margaret    [crellin]    [bur Lon 17831118];dated 17 feb 1781;gilbt + margt;son john;dau isabel;gdau joney fargher;gdau margt kaighin;margt 's2 daus margt + isabel;gilbert infirm son john exec;pledges John kewley taylor, John hogg wheelwright
1784   A 2       KELLY        Nicholas                 [bur Lon 17831227] d 25 dec 1783;Grennane;son john,james;dau alice + margt
1784   A 3       BREW         Thomas                   [bur Lon 17831230];d 29 Dec 1793;ch Wm, Thomas, John, Daniel, James, Elinor, Jane + Margaret;wife Elinor Brew als Clague
1784   A 4       LAWSON       Jane                     [bur Lon 17840203] d 17 feb 1784;w/o wm;gdau elinor lawson;son wm;d-i-l joney;son robt;
1784   A 5       KILLEY       Joney       [freer]      [bur Lon 17840228] d 27 Feb 1784;widow of James Killey, Balgean;s-i-l James Kelley,daus Joney,Margt;gson james kelly;dau Jane Skillicorn exec; Jane's cousin Margt Freer;John Skillicorn h/o Jane; [?m Bra 17530804 but 2 james kelly + jony freer or jony fargher]
1784   A 6       GARRET       William                  [bur Lon 17840302];d 29 feb 1784;sis margt,alice;wife alive;friend james kelly exec; written in sickness;
1784   A 7       GELL         William                  [bur Lon 17840317];d 15 mar 1784;ballagawn;dau isabel gell,son philip (not yet 21)eldest son wm;wife isabel;list of claims
1784   A 8       MYLREA       Edward                   [bur Lon 17840326] d 25 mar 1784;wife dorothy als kewley; [?wife dorothy fargher als kewley ]
1784   A 9       SKILLICORN   Isabel      [callow]     [bur Lon 17840326] d mar 1784;sons thos + jas + 3 ch philip charles + elinor
1784   A 10      CLAGUE       Alice       crain        [bur Lon 17840402];d 1 apr 1784;eldest son wm,thos,john;dau cath,isabel,eliz;husb wm;witt james christian x,isabel quine x;1795 thos acks
1784   A 11      KNEEN        Catherine   [callow]     [bur Lon 17840406] d 4 apr 1784;widow;names john kewley with whom she lived;dau cath corlet;witt danl + john kewley xx;wm corlet h/o cath [William Corlett md Catharine Kneen 24 Oct 1772 Lezayre]
1784   A 12      KERMOD       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17840408] dated 19 jul 1782;colby 'infirm + worn with age';names wm garrett,alice kelly an object of charity;wife joney als killey [m Lon 17440223 no ch ?];witt john quine charles cannon xx
1784   A 13      CURGHEY      Ann         corkill      [bur Lon 17840413] d 12 apr 1784;only dau margt;husb patrick;by 9 june patrick also dead;margt ua uncles wm curghy,philip cowin [h/o margt curphy], daniel kelly + james kelly;pledges john kelly ballavriew kk braddan + john kelly ballachrink kk lonan
1784   A 14      QUINE        Isabel      [cowil]      [bur Lon 17840418] d 14 apr 1784;eldest son thos; names judy fargher,margt fargher,isable fargher [?ch of John fargher + margt cowil m lon 17611110];husb john; ch ua ;pledges john quine (husb) + charles kewley (a witt with cath kewley)
1784   A 15      KINLEY       Jane        [clague]     [bur Lon 17840419] d 18 apr 1784;widow;d-i-l eliz;son philip;dau jane clague exec[bapt nf];phinlo h/o jane
1784   A 16      FARGHER      Daniel                   [bur Lon 17840425];dated 3 apr 1784;baldrine;dau ann,wife margt als kelly;ch ua;pledges john kelly ballavriew + wm curghy
1784-1 E 892  d  BREW         William                  [bur Lon 17840402];minor d 2 apr 1794;mo elinor skllicorn als brew als quark;bro thos brew ua;john skillicorn h/o elinor;petn states wm brew ballamennagh beg former husb - new husb wants some money for maintenance since aug 1781
1784-1 E 904  d  COWIN        Jane        cowin        [bur Lon 17840502];d 2 may;ch margt,jane,ann w/o danl boddagh(ballaugh)
1784-1 E 905  w  CURPHEY      Patrick                  [bur Lon 17840427];d 25 apr 1784;bro wm (h/o bahee);fa-i-law john corkhill;only dau margt execx ua philip cowin,danl kelly + james kelly bros + next of kin to decd;inv
1784-1 E 917  d  GELL         William                  [bur Lon 17840317];d 15 mar 1784;ballagawn;dau isabel gell,son philip (not yet 21)eldest son wm;wife isabel;list of claims [see decree in epis will]
1784-1 E 885  d  KELLY        Margaret    SKILLICORN   [bur Lon 17840328] d 3 mar;3 ch James ,John + isabel , with thomas having had a marr settlmt
1784-1 E 886  d  KELLY        Margaret    KILLEY       [bur lon 17840303]?=Joney;d 27 feb 1784;widow (w/o james Balgean);son-i-law James Kelley;dau joney,margt;gson james kelly;dau jane skillicorn w/o John execx;cousin margt freer
1784-1 E 876  d  KENNISH      Nicholas                 d 25 feb 1784;ch john,thos,mary,elinor,margt + joney ua;john + charles kewley half bros decline;john kneale prin creditor (petn by him as stood bail for nicholas kinnish + wm garrett douglas for 16 - not covered by effects);wife jony;1791 john kennish s/o nicholas reaches 14 chooses john fayle kk braddan + john callister kk lonan
1784-1 E 899  w  KEWLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17840507] d 1 may 1784;son john (lands),wm;wife cath;witt charles kewley;uncles James Quayle and John Kewley surpv
1784-1 E 902  w  CALLOW       William                  [bur Lon 17840511];d 10 may 1784;dau cath cowin;son-i-law wm cowin + wife isable exec;witt philip fargher (of the intack),john cown cronk-e-chooill
1784-2 E      w  CAIN         John                     [bur Lon 17840815];d 13 aug;son george, john dau isabel curphey als cain [?fam 34069];wife jane
1784-2 E      w  COWIN        John                     [bur lon 17841013];date 16 may;son john;wife ann als fayle
1784-2 E      d  KELLY        Elinor      CLAGUE       [bur Lon 17840305] widow;d 5 mar;3 ch wm james ellinor
1784-2 E      d  KILLIP       Isabel      CREETCH      [bur Lon 17840503] d 1 may; (held at Isaac White's)3 ch william thomas + jane [? I init read james];husb wm
1785   A 1       CALLISTER    Margaret                 [bur Lon 17850130];d 28 jan 1785;bro jon callister now in Liverpool;names john freer,margt freer;
1785   A 2       COWIN        Paul                     [bur Lon 17850403];d 2 apr;4 daus isabel,dorothy,jane + ann;gson john cowin;wife ann;made 10 may 1783;petn by widow ann that edmd kewn by right of wife
1785-1 E      w  COWIN        Paul                     [bur Lon 17850403] [?= same pc as have in arch]?no will in this court
1785-1 E      d  KERMOD       James                    [?bur]perished by sea feb 1785;mo jane;sis thomas,wm,mary + joney
1786   A 1       QUARK        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17860224] croft quark;sist margt;sibs john + anne;mo alice  w/o wm
1786   A 2       KEWLEY       Ann                      [?bur] d 14 nov 1785;greetch veg;bro thos;sis joney moore;sis-i-l elinor kewley [philip=elinor quayle];sis in law john's wife;sis mary kewley execx
1786   A 3       SCARFFE      Ellinor                  [bur Lon 17860416];widow;dau-i-l mary scarff [james scarffe=mary callister lon 17730221];dau mary quill [Wm Quill=mary scarffe lon 175402026];son james scarffe exec
1786   A 4       COTTEEN      Christian                [?bur];w/o john ballig;gdau margt cotteen;dau-i-l margt cotteen;3 dau margt,ann, isabel;son john 
1786-1 E      w  BREW         Margaret    [cowin]      [bur Lon 17860511];d 10 May 1786;son James;husb james (herring materials + nets);names jane Stowell;dau Elinor Brew exec
1786-1 E      w  HENDRACK     John                     [bur Lon 17860602];dated 25 may 1786;son philip,john,james;dau dorothy shimin [robert shimin=dorothy h Mal 17710609];dau jane radcliffe [Henry Radcliffe=Jane Mal 17731030];dau ann kelly [no marr/ch found];son thos;daus isabel + margt;wife jane [Jane Kneal]
1786-1 E      w  KERMOD       William                  [bur Lon 17860513d] ate 9 feb 1784;4 ch wm john eleanor + cath;gdau isabel quayle + her sis margt quayle;s-i-l wm quayle + his wife mary (dau ?)
1786-2 E      d  KELLY        Philip                   [bur Lon 17851208]d 8 nov;no next of kin appeared;creditor philip kelly shopkeeper douglas
1786-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Elizabeth   brew         [?bur]d 24 sep 1786;5 ch james,wm,ellinor,emma + jane;son john married
1786-2 E      d  KNEALE       Margaret    killip       [?bur]d 24 aug 1786;dau isable cowin als kneale w/o james admr;wm,mary + danl having had settlmnts;;inv + sale
1787   A 1       FARAGHER     Thomas                   [bur Lon 17861113];d 12 nov 1786;son simon,thos;dau ann skillicorn;dau christian moore;dau jane mccoy;dau elinor cowley;dau eliz fargher;wife margt
1787   A 2    jw CHRISTIAN    William                  [bur lon 17861212];baldromma christian + wife mary christian als cowin;son wm (if he comes for it),son john (already provided for);son edwrd;dau isable christian;gdau isable christian
1787   A 3       KILLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17861222] son thomas,john
1787   A 4       KEWLEY       John,snr                 [bur lon 17870304] baldooin;son john;dau jane
1787-2 E      w  CANNON       John                     [bur Lon 17870622]d 21 jun 1787;son john,dau ellinor;other daus;wife cath + son charles exec
1787-2 E      w  CLAGUE       William                  [bur Lon 17870712]d 28 jun;eldest dau cath (cow called dooag),isabel,eliz;son john,thos,wm (exec)
1787-2 E      d  COWIN        William                  [bur Lon 17870518]d 12 may;7 ch wm,john,philip,thos,pat,danl + james
1787-2 E      w  MYLROIE      William                  d 14 may 1787;ch margt + ann;wife ann als quark; ch ua
1788   A 1    w  KELLY        Esther      Cowin        [bur Lon 17861127];d 24 nov 1786;3ch james,ellenor + margt;names thos clucas;husb james exec;witt robert casement + thomas quark
1788   A 2    a  KELLY        James                    [bur Lon 17880309]marr agreement james kelly lonan + widow jane kneale als kewney lezayre dated 14 june 1784 [m Lez 17840617]
1788-1 E      d  KILLIP       William                  [bur Lon 17870718];d 18 jul;ch refused to act;prin creditor mary christian balladromma;inv
1788-1 E      d  McYLROI      Elizabeth   CALLOW       [bur Lon 17870710] d 21 jan;4 ch margt esther mary + ann;ua/too tender;uncles david + john mcylroi;michael callow + thomas callow uncles by mo's side
1788-2 E      d  KILLEY       Philip                   [bur Lon 17800721]
1789   A 1       COWILL       Gilbert                  [bur Lon 17881122];d 20 nov 1788;son john
1789   A 2       KEWLEY       John                     [bur lon 17890408]d 7 apr 1789;ch ann ellinor + jane;wife ellinor als killip;
1789-1 E178   d  COWIN        Isabel      SKILLICORN   [bur Lon 17881118];d 8 nov 1788;ch philip,thomas,jane,isabel + elinor;another ch william relinquished right;elinor carron als cowin widow;
1789-2 E      w  KELLY        Margaret    SKILLICORN   [?bur] d 27 jun 1789;laxey;dau Ann + Margt
1789-2 E      w  LOONEY       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17890603]d 20 jun 1789;friend thomas looney ballamoar exor
1789-2 E      w  SKILLICORN   Margaret                 [bur Lon 17890606]dau jane corkil (ballnagorry kk maughold);names peter + christopher  s/o john corkill ballnagorry ;dau-i-law jane killey;margt skillicorn eldest d/o john skillicorn;son philip,john (eldest + exec)
1790   A 1       KNEALE       Isabel                   [?bur]d 18 feb 1790;names margt callow,eleanor callow d/o wm,jane d/o james kelly (his wife joney);only dau cath kelly execx
1790   A 2       KILLIP       Jane        KERMOD       [bur Lon 17900222] d 22 feb 1790;son Wm, Patrick;daus jane,eleanor Kewley [?marr], margt scarffe als Killip [15152],mary Fargher als Killip [?marr];husb philip [?chk - patk]
1790   A 3       SKILICORN    Thomas                   [bur Lon 17900324]d 28 mar 1790;only son john ua;wife ann als kelly [?marr]
1790   A 4    jw KEWLEY       Patrick                  [bur Lon 17891106]made 9 may 1789;gretch voar;son patk,dau margt,dau isable christian;wife margt;
1790-1 E      w  GELL         Catherine   COSNAHAN     [bur Lon 17890119];dated 15 jun 1789;son john,dau mrs Isabel thorp als gell (in england),mrs Margt Brew als gell +  Elinor Gell (upper grosvenor st London, spinster - deed of assignment witt by John Kayll);john brew h/o margt [m lon 17871004 no ch];husb rev sam gell;
1790-1 E      d  QUARK        John                     [?bur] d apr 1790;ch joney,christian,mary kinnish als quark (w/o nichls);another ch thomas having had set;
1790-1 E      d  QUARK        Joney       corkill      [bur Lon 17890723];d jul 1789;ch joney,christian,mary kinnish ... see john
1791   A 1       KEWLY        Christian   TEAR         [bur Lon 17910405] declared 4 feb 1791;gdau ann quark;dau jane kewley execx; witt+pledges thos quark + Wm kermod
1791   A 2       LAWSON       Joney       KERMODE      [bur Lon 17900407]d 7 apr 1791;son john(eldest),robt + james;mo alive;names eleanor lawson;husb robt
1791   A 3       KELLY        Philip                   [bur Lon 17910224];dated 24 jan 1791;sis mary cowin als kelly;only son wm;step dau elizth cowin;wife margt als kenley
1791-1 E      w  COTTIMAN     Jane                     [bur Lon 17900624];widow;gdau margt cowin;son thomas (if he comes);son-i-l thomas cowin exec
1791-1 E      w  COWIN        John                     [bur Lon 17901011];d 9 oct 1790;names mary w/o philip stole,elizth w/o john callow;bro thos cowin;sis mary cottiman als cowin;neice margt fargher;names mary d/o david gelling;neice bahee w/o wm curphey execx
1791-1 E 2       KEWLEY       Patrick                  [bur Lon 17900723] d 21 jul 1790;2 ch James + Jane;wife Margt als Moore
1792   A 1       LOONEY       Jane        cowin        [bur Lon 17920101] friend thos looney of ballamore;
1792   A 2       KELLY        James                    [bur Lon 17901219] James Kelly jnr;fa James, mo Joney;bro Wm
1792-1 E      d  CANNON       Catherine   KERRUISH     [bur Lon 17920409] d 9 apr 1792;ch charles,john,margt,cath,elinor,isabel,mary
1792-1 E      w  KELLY        Ann                      [?bur];d 16 jul 1791;laxey;fa john kelly;sis margt
1792-1 E      w  KNEALE       William                  [?bur - have a john kneale in reg]son + heir wm;,danl,james;daus jane,cath + anne;wife jane
1792-1 E      ds LAWSON       William                  [bur Lon 17910504]son wm;
1792-1 E      d  QUILLEISH    William                  [bur Lon 17911128];d 28 nov 1791;fa wm exec
1792-2 E      w  COWLEY       Elinor      FARGHER      [bur Lon 17920603];decd 20 jan 1792;husb john to give trade to sons john + thomas;daus elith,elinor + mary;names elinor cowin
1793   A 1       CALLOW       Elizabeth   [christian]  [bur Lon 17921212];d 4 dec 1792;4 ch John, William, Isable and Ann;husb john
1793   A 2       COTTIER      Thomas                   [bur Lon 17930219];Graue; nephew William Cottier of naar-altal, sister Margaret the wife of Daniel Tear;  Jane Fargher, John Fargher; brother John Cottier; brother Robert (has sons); niece Jane Corlet
1793   A 3       CALLOW       William                  [bur Lon 17930401];d 13 Apr 1793 ;5 sons + 4 daus (unnamed);wife Mary
1793   A 4       KEWLEY       Jane                     [bur Lon 17930416] declrd 28 mar 1793;bro-i-l daniel kneale with whom she resides
1793   A 5    jw KEWLEY       Margaret    [?waterson]  [bur Lon 17920204] see patrick
1793   A 5    jw KEWLEY       Patrick                  [?bur] getch voar;son patrick;dau margt,isabel christian;son-i-l daniel christian ;patrick d first followed by margt before probate;thos cowin h/o margt 
1793   A 6       FREER        Alice       [callister]  [bur Lon 17930228];d 26 feb 1793;w/o robert laxey;son robt;daus mary + margt;serv margt skillicorn;
1793-1 E108   w  KELLY        Margaret    quay         [?bur] made 28 apr 1793;son thos;dau elizabeth execx
1793-1 E109   w  KELLY        James,snr                [bur Lon 17910530] d 27 May 1791?;James;gson Philip Kelly;wife Joney
1793-2 E      d  CORLETT      Patrick                  [?bur] d 16 oct 1793;ch robt,wm,thos,edmund,john,daniel,patrick,jane,cath + mary;wife cath;inv
1793-2 E      d  FARGHER      Philip                   [?bur] d 30 aug 1793; only ch philip;
1793-2 E      d  KINLEY       Elizabeth   SKILLICORN als fargher [bur Lon 17930117] d 17 jan 1793;dau jane casement w/o john [fam 15175];husb philip
1793-2 E      w  SKILLICORN   Ann         CHRISTIAN    [?bur Lon 17930508];d 9 may 1793;gdau cath skillicorn;dau ellinor
1794   A 1       COWIN        Jane                     [?bur] d 3 feb 1794;fa thomas cowin;aunt jane cain;names ann cowley;sis ann boyde ;names cath callister,mary cowin
1794   A 2       SKILLICORN   Thomas                   [bur Lon 17940126] skinvoae;son james,thos,john;daus eleanor,isabella jane;gson john;serv cath kewley;dau margt execx
1794   A 3       COWIN        Philip                   [bur Lon 17940205];son thomas;4 ch john thos isabel, margt;wife isabel;ch ua
1794   A 4       SAYLE        John                     [?bur - 2 in 1794]ballaglass;wife elinor als kelly;4 ch john,judy,cath + ann;
1794   A 5    w  KINLEY       John                     lost at sea 11 apr 1794;[strange will]of laxey;wife alice (the house) 4ch john thos margt + jane;1 witt john kelly
1794   A 6       COWIN        Jane        corrin       [bur Lon 17940111];declared 1 nov 1793;dau-i-l elinor cowin als lewin ? [?thomas cowin = elinor lewin 1777];d-i-l alice cowin als clague  [?Patrick cowin = alice clague 1776];dau ? isabel;son patrick with whom she resided exec
1794   A 7       SKILLICORN   Ann         FARAGHER     [?bur Lon 17940322] d 19 apr 1794;unnamd dau;names jane cubbin;husb james [james skilicorn = ann lawson als fargher lon 17710205]
1794-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Joseph                   [bur Lon 17940723];d 23 jul;ballagraue;6 ch joseph john james edmund jane + elinor clague (joseph of age) wife mary;wm kneal uncle later sworn [?wm kneale = isabel clague Lon 17611119]
1794-1 E      d  COWIN        Joney                    [bur Lon 17940124];1808 ack from robt cowin,danl cowin + mary cowin from bro thomas cowin effects of father + mother james cowin + joney cowin decd;1805 james cowin + john kelly h/o cath kelly als cowin from thomas + gilbert - no decree ?
1794-1 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     [bur Lon 17940428] d apr ;6 ch thos,john,margt,isabel,mary + jane;claims;
1794-1 E      d  QUILL        James                    [full];perished by sea 11 Apr 1794;4 ch James,Margt,Mary + Elinor (all ua);wife Mary
1794-1 E      w  QUINE        John                     [bur Lon 17940314] d 22 mar; isabel cowin widow philip cowin alledged jq had published a will in favr of sd philip;niece ann cowin; petn thomas kneal + wife ann kneal als cowin sole next of kin of john quine;wife ann quine in the will  which appointed philip cown dated 2 apr 1792- confused !
1794-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Margaret                 [bur Lon 17940511] d 13 jun 1794;w/o john;son john,thos;dau jane shimmin [w/o philip];3daus margt,jane isabel;
1794-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary                     [bur Lon 17941005];widow,baldroma;sons john (mortgage on thos woods house douglas),edward;gdau isabella christian,eliz christian (capt christian's dau);5 gch of son john (eldest margt);gdau ann d/o edw christian;dau isabella christian w/o daniel execx 
1794-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17940615];d 23 jun 1794;without issue;fa thos clague
1794-2 E      w  corrin       James                    [?bur] d 28 jan;h/o joney d 24 jan qv [will badly torn]
1794-2 E      w  corrin       Joney                    [?bur] d 24 jan;w/o james;james d 28 jan;7 ch thos,james,robt,daniel,cath,margt + mary thos + cat at age;uncle gilbt cowin [will badly torn]
1794-2 E      w  CORRIN       Margaret    cowin        [bur Lon 1794081];8sons wm + thos;mo margt cowin als curphey;husb thos
1794-2 E      w  CROW         Catherine   KEWLEY als CORRIN  [bur Lon 17940702];made 7 apr 1788;husb wm;son charles kewley;dau cath cannon als kewley;dau isable kewley execx;john cannon h/o cath;john cowley h/o isabel;charles acks 1805
1794-2 E      w  KEWLEY       William                  [bur Lon 17941006] d 4 oct 1794;of the mona;3 ch james,isable + jane (four is xd thru as is a john);wife elinor + 2 ch wm + eliz exec
1794-2 E      w  KNEALE       William                  [bur Lon 17940626] d 2 jul 1794;raby; wife margt;
1794-2 E      d  SKILLICORN   Margaret    clague       [bur Lon 17940623] d 23 jun 1794;husb thos
1795   A 1       CANNON       John                     [?bur];d 6 nov 1794;names jane clague;bro charles exec
1795   A 2       KERMOD       William                  [?bur] d 10 nov 1794;laxey;wife margt als kelly;
1795   A 3       QUAY         Ann                      [?bur] d 10 jan 1795;dau jean,ann;4 gdau c/o jean;wm quay,edward caley jean cannel + ann crain execs
1795   A 4       BREW         Dorothy     kewley       [?bur]gson wm kelly;gdau ann fargher;dau isabella kelly als brew + gdau ann kelly execs;witt jno gell,mary woods als brew;
1795   A 5       COTTIER      William                  [?bur];only ch thomas;wife eleanor als brew;witt john fargher + ellinor cowin but court states only 1 will but accepts will
1795   A 6       KERRUISH     Ann                      [?bur] made 14 mar 1793;nephew robt costeane;niece jane costeane;names sarah kerruish kk maughold ;her master  thos quayle ballagawn ?;names margt moore als cannon; + her sis ellinor cannon;,isabel + mary cannon; + others;charles cannon exec;robt moore h/o margt moore als cannon;ann costean widow + exec of robt costean
1795   A 7       COTTIER      Isabel                   [?bur];d 8 feb 1795;w/o john;eldest dau isable callister;dau-i-l john cottier's wife
1795   A 8       KELLY        William                  [?bur] d 23 feb 1794;ch john,james + ann;wife elinor kelly als Skillicorn
1795-1 E      d  HOGG         Elenor      moore        [?bur] d 19 feb 1795;3 ch john,wm,edwd; ua husb john;uncles james moore + christopher bridson;in petn eldest is 6;inv
1795-1 E      d  SKILLICORN   Isabel      GOLDSMITH    see thos; uncles john + henry skillicorn;gfa thos goldsmith 
1795-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Thomas                   [bur Lon 17941019] d end oct 1794 [;appoints thos looney snr guardian;eldest son thos,john;dau isabel,elinor;wife isabel who died shortly afterwards; uncles john +  henry skillicorn + [gfa] thomas goldsmith;by 1808 henry is dead and thos,isabel + elinor ack from his excrs john + thos;inv
1795-1 E      d  stole        william                  [?bur] d 24 feb 1795;only ch thomas ua wife ann;uncles james + thos stole;
1795-1 E      w  WOODS        John                     [bur Lon 17940922] d 28 mar 1794;wife isable als cowin
1795-2 E      w  QUILL        Mary        SCARFE       [?bur]dau ellinor,son wm,dau mary quill als moore w/o john moore
1795-2 E      d  QUINE        Ann                      [?bur]d 12 jul 1794;petn by thos moore kk lonan to whom estate gifted;widow of john quine ammary;deed dated 4 jul 1794;pleges james scarffe + thos clucas both kk lonan
1796   A 1    w  McCUDD       James                    [bur Lon 17951122] d 24 sep 1795;laxey;inv;no issue,petn by thos moore,philip stole,thos kewley + james scarff re wife isabel refusing to admr; displaced claim of execs to mr philip shimmin repairing sails + boats etc - 'jane' belonging patrick killip,boat 'galloping nancy' of john hutchin, john skillicorn's boat,
1796   A 2       CANNON       Elinor      quork        [bur Lon 17951124] d 11 nov (? overwritten);dau eliz;husb john
1796   A 3       CLAGUE       John                     [bur Lon 17951130]d 25 nov;ballavarrane;friend thos kneal (whose wife is niece);
1796   A 4       KEWLEY       Jane                     [?bur] w/o philip gretch veg;son james,daus joney + mary;3 gdau of decd john kewly - nancy,elinor + jane;gdau margt kewley;maide nancy creer;son thomas exec
1796-2 E      w  BREW         Isabel                   [bur Lon 17960723]declared 16 mar 1792;ballafargher grawe;eldest son thos h/o ellinor ch john;son john brew,james brew;gdau d/o mary her dau by jno kewley;gch john + isable c/o jno cain + dau ann;sis jane cain widow;jane cowin d/o thos her bro;sis' dau margt kermod als fargher;to gilbert brew  in case he should survive her as much linen as would make a suit; daus mary w/o john kewley + ann w/o john cain exec;inv
1796-2 E      d  CALLISTER    John                     [bur Lon 17960621] d jun;only dau margt ua;wife joney;uncle thomas callister;1801 petn by joney callister widow kk andreas that john callister's fa now dead
1796-2 E      w  CANNELL      Judith                   [bur Lon 17960702]; d 1 jul 1796;son daniel,john;dau isable,catharine;husb james;gson john;daus may + ann execx
1796-2 E      w  KELLY        James                    [bur Lon 17961012] Ballgean;eldest son James,sons Thomas,John;dau Jane;wife ellinor (some ch ua)
1796-2 E      d  MOORE        Philip                   [bur Lon 17960624] d 7 jun;ch elinor,jane + isabel;thos + margt had settlements;john fargher h/o elinor,james kewley h/o isabel
1796-2 E      ds MYclROI      David                    [bur Lon 17960529]close moar;son james
1797   A 1       CLAGUE       Margaret    moore        [bur Lon 17970330] made 29 mar 1797;3 dau elinor,mary + cath;husb john exec
1797   A 2       COWIN        James                    [bur Lon 17970404] d 2 apr 1797;son james;wife elizth
1797   A 3       KEWLEY       Margaret                 [bur Lon 17961118] engneash;made 8 nov 1796;son patrick kewley;dau dorothy cowin ;names philip cowin;
1797   A 4       HENDRICK     Jane        kneale       [bur Lon 17970313] widow,intack raby;ch out of island thos,issable + margt;son john (his wife isable),james,dau dorothy clucas,ann clucas; son philip (land purchased off john kelly);dau mary
1797   A 5       COWIN        Elinor      sayle        [bur Lon 17970316] d 15 mar 1797;w/o philip exec;3 ch thos james + elinor
1797   A 6       QUINE        Thomas                   [?bur] d apr 1797;wife margt als hanton;son wm,dau ann box als quine,margt,isabella,mary,jane
1797   A 7       KERMOD       Jane        quark        [?bur] d 11 feb 1797;widow;son-i-l thos skillicorn + wife joney exec
1797-1 E      d  COWIN        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17961219] d dec;indebted to charles cannon petn;wife mary als collister;thomas cowley h/o margt by a former wife + another dau
1797-1 E      d  FARGHER      Robert                   [?bur] d nov last;4 ch robt,jane,elizbth + esther ua wife jane;pledges + uncles fa side james fargher + john garrett;inv
1797-1 E      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [bur Lon 17970505] d 3 may;balnekilley;daus isable, margt + jane;son thos;wife margt;edward clague h/o margt,philip mylrea h/o jane
1797-2 E      d  BREW         Thomas                   mariner hm ship diadem;died hospital Lisbon 1 jun 1797;only ch ann brew ua;wife ann;pledges saml brew + john brew uncles also appnt guardians
1797-2 E      w  CALLOW       Margaret    Fargher      [?bur] dated 20 Jul 1797;dau Anne w/o George Killey ('the worst of the coverlids') ;dau Elinor w/o Daniel Quayle exec [ (? only match anne/ellinor 8 + 10th ch)
1797-2 E      w  KERMOD       Mary        SKILLICORN   [bur Lon 17970816] d 15 Aug 1797;son Jon,wm;names Mary + Ann Skillicorn;dau-i-l Ann Kermod;husb wm
1798   A 1       WOODS        Isabel                   [bur Lon 17971128] d end nov 1797;son james;dau elinor cowin;son john,thos
1798   A 2       CLUCAS       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17980225] d 23 feb 1798;sons john, thos,wm, ,patrick + joseph;daus ann + jane;wife cath execx
1798   A 7       COWLE        Ann                      [bur Lon 17980311] d 6 mar 1798;w/o john;son john;5 ch james,margt,ann,isable + jane
1798   A 8       QUAYLE       Thomas                   [bur Lon 17971224] Ballagare + Ballamilgin; decd bro Philip;serv Charles cannon;maidservant Ann Kerruish,Ann Croaghan;serv David Croaghan;dispute with Philip Skillicorn weaver of Laxey;kinsman Wm Crebbin of Douglas (where according to petn by Philip Skillicorn he died and was unduly prevailed  upon to annul a sale);1798 Wm Crebbin dies + widow Hester petns but comes to an agreement; her son in law Harry Grice; ;[Full]
1798   A 9       quayle       thos                     d feb (petn has 23 dec);petn by philip skillicorn re thomas quayle ballagawn lonan deed 2 aug 1788 re petn by wm crebbin (now decd hester his wife  execx) sumner charges robert kneal + wife cath,henry skillicorn snr +thos quayle as next of kin;long dispute 
1798   A 10      HOGG         Jane                     [bur Lon 17980318] d 22 mar 1798;husb thos exec
1798-1 E      dg KNEALE       James                    [bur Lon 17980430]wm kneale + wife ann killip son wm + his wife margt
1798-1 E      w  KNEALE       Jane        GELLING      [bur Lon 17980517]son wm,danl,james;dau cath scarffe als kneale [w/o james s/o john scarffe + margt killip],ann (ua);james + ann execs;supr Robt + John Gelling;
1798-1 E      d  QUINE        Elinor                   [?bur]d 12 yrs ago;fa thos lated decd neglected to sue out lettrs admin - his wife margt who petns that thos prev wife (+ mo of ellior) was elinor killip
1798-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Catherine   kewley       [bur Lon 17980521]d 29 may 1798;gson john skillicorn;unmar dau margt skillicorn execx
1798-2 E635   d  freer        robert                   [bur Lon 17971026]d 28 oct 1798;ch robt freere,margt killip als freere w/o patrick + mary cooill als freer (widow) [=james quill]
1798-2 E639   w  SKILLICORN   Joney                    [bur Lon 17980604]see thomas [?is this 2nd marr for thomas to joney looney]
1798-2 E639   w  SKILLICORN   Thomas                   [bur Lon 17980604] d 2 jun;son thos (eldest),james,philip + charles execrs + guardians of ua ch;dau ellinor,mary;petn by phil + charles;next of kin james + john skillicorn for thos,danl kermod ? for joney
1799   A 1       CALLOW       Mary                     [bur Lon 17990202] d 31 Jan 1799;son patrick,Wm,Thos;dau Eliz Harrison,dau Margt Madderal [?fam 1809],Elinor Karran [?fam 14014],Ann Kermod;dau-i-l Isable Callow;gdau Elinor calow;son John exec [?widow of Wm Calow m Lon 17380224]
1799   A 2       KILLIP       Patrick                  [bur Lon 17990215] eldest dau Jane Fargher [?fam 15419];dau Elinor Kewley [?fam],dau Ann Kneale [fam 15403], Isabel Lewney [?bapt; ?fam];son Wm, patrick, ?son Wm;
1799   A 3       FARGHER      John                     [bur Lon 17990227]d 21 feb 1799;son john (eldest),thomas exec;names john tear;gdau elinr skillicorn
1799-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Joney                    [bur Lon 17980604]d 2 jun;son thos (eldest),james,philip + charles execrs + guardns of ua ch;dau ellinor,mary;petn by phil + charles;next of kin james + john skillicorn for thos,danl kermod ? for joney
1799-1 E      w  SKILLICORN   Thomas                   [bur Lon 17980604] see joney
1799-1 E864   jd CLAGUE       Elinor                   [bur Lon 17980212]dated 15 dec 1788;relict john clague ballagrow to son joseph
1799-1 E1129  jd CLAGUE       Joseph                   [?= 1794]died in lifetime of mo elinor;wife mary;ch joseph,john,james,edward,jane + elinor
1799-1 E      d  Freer        Robert                   d 28 oct 1798;ch robt freere,margt killip als freere w/o patrick + mary cooill als freer (widow)
1799-1 E862   w  MYLROIY      John                     [?bur]d 28 jun 1798;unnamed ch ;wife margt execx
1799-1 E      w  SCARFF       Jane        KILLIP       ?bur;d 1 may 1798; names Jane Killip;only son Wm;wit Joseph Clague; pledge Joseph Clague + Philip Scarffe
1799-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   son Wm , dau Anne w/o Thomas Kneale , dau Margret w/o Philip callister  d-i-l Margaret Clague als scarffe, wife Jane;house in Douglas
1799-2 E      d  COWIN        Thomas                   [?bur]d 14 dec 1798;ch philip,thos,wm,john + james;inv
1799-2 E      w  KERMOD       William                  [bur Lon 17991031]d 2 oct 1799;son wm(eldest) exec,john;maid serv ann skillicorn;bro john
1799-2 E      w  SKILLICORN   John                     [bur Lon 17990421]made 15 may 1799;son john (eldest + heir)other ch;wife jane;ch ua
1799-2 E      d  SKILLICORN   Margaret                 [bur Lon 17990718]d 18 jul 1799;ch thos + margt ua;husb thomas;inv

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