Summary of Wills - Lonan pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1616   E 100     LOOWNYE      Willm                    [lh margin lost on film]dated 22 Mar 1617;sis Annas Lowny;ch Donald + Kath jt execs + their mother supv;
1616   E 244     LOWNY        Thomas                   d 26 Jan;ch John(6d), Ann(6d), Thos + Donald (jt execs)
1620   e 443     FARKER       Margrett                 d 20 Aug [1623?];poor unable to pay clark's silvr
1623   E 037     LEWNY        Elaine     MOORE         headed 1623;sibs John Moore, Elizabeth Moore; husb James Lewny exor
1623   E 040     LOWNY        Margret    COWINE        dated 6 Mar 1623?;ch Wm lowny, Donald Lowny;sis [?sis-in-law]Margrt Cowine, Malie Lowny
1623   E 042     LOWNY        Kathrine   GALL          [date mostly lost 24 ..]ch Pat Lowny(exor),Mariot + Jony Lowny, Philip + Wm  Lowny; names Kathrine Lowny, Margrt Gill,James Lowney,Ellin Moor, Margt Callye
1624   e 092     Fargher      Margrat                  d18 Mar 1623;poor
1625   e 247     FARGHER      Annas       KEWLEY       [some loss in inv] d 11 Sep1625; intestate ;court decrees her unmarried ch viz Thomas, Kathren + Ellyne? Fargher admrs - husband alive; inv notes rest of crop in possession of the [] Philip Fargher
1628   e 066     FARCHER      Phillipe                 [some loss in lh in binding on microfilm]d 15 Nov 1628;son Wm Farcher;ch Tho, Katherine + Ellinr execs;mentions miln ; inv taken by Wm Fargher, Wm Cowine + Sr Jo Moore[vicar] include a fishing boat wch daus sold to brother Thomas - ends with decree that if any man claims debt from Philip to claim within 14 [days?]
1635   e 115     FARGHER      Thomas                   dated 30 Apr 1635;ch Finlo + thomas farker jt exors;bro Robt + Finlo - to be overseers;wife alive
1637   A 16      LOENEY       William                  d 24 Aug 1637;ch Wm, Jo, Isable + Philip jt admrs  (some ua) wife alive
1637   e 331     MOORE        Ann                      dated 7 Sep 1637;sibs Philip Moore(exor), Kath Moore;cousin  Margt Woods;mother alive; inv 5
1640   e 236     OATS         ..ble                    ch Jo + Will Oats
1640   e 239     FARGHER      Jo                       dated 5 nov 1640;umarried ch Phillip, Mariott + Ann Fargher admrs;inv
1651   e 009     CHRISTIN     Jony        QUALTEROUGH  dated 8 ? Nov 1649;cousin Sr James Moore;Bro Wm Qualtrough ch patk, cath, james? - last 2 jt execs - Sr James Moore + Wm Qualtrough supvs;
1651   e 011     SKILLICORNE  Mariott     COLLEISH     [p19]dated 12 mar 1650;husb ? Philip Skilicorn exor;unnamed ch 6d but ch Ann, Jony ? + Mariot Skillicorn claim;Philip Knackil also claims 12s + firlet barley ;
1651   e 041     KEWLEY       Willm                    [page 90]dated 11 Jan 1657;ch Wm(20s + to be good to my poore wife), Philip senr(sheep in Knock-y-chood?),John(my right of BallaCowle + Balla Will as heirship in regard that I bought it in my now wife's tyme), Michael, James + Philip [?junr] - last 4 jt exors but wife to have tuition til thery came to age[?last 4 ch by 2nd wife?]; Witt Thos Bankes, James Moore clerk, Don Christin
1654   e 343     MOORE        Phillip                  dated 12 May 1652;wants burial in father's grave in chancel Kk Lonan;wife (miln in Laxa[Laxey] + croft in the how + my part of boat and netts etc during life); ch Sr James Moore(had m/c), Phillip + Hugh jt exors;names Jane Bancks (signs name)
1654   e 344     LOWNY        Donald                   d 26 Feb 1653;ch Jony, Margt,Donald + Christian (ch at age supv of ua children);wife alive;Jony Lowney sworn admx in trust [?wife or dau];inv 2 4s 6d in hands of joney;pledge Wm Skillicorne; Tho Calow(Kk Maughold) claims 25 bowles oats, cowll/ of a boate? and roof or timbers of 2 houses gone to decay thro said Patrick Lowney deceased
1654   e 344     QUALTEROUGH  Willm                    d 1 Apr 1653;unmarried dau Alice admx (other ch married); wife alive; inv 2 5s 4d
1654   e 344     QUARKE       James                    by information d 3 years ago - intestate - next of kin wm, margt + Jony Quark admrs - goods in custofy of Wm Quark until it be known whether sd James being in England is alive or not; Wm quark to bring inv
1654   e 346     MOORE        Katherine   GILL         dated  19 Sep 1652;wants burial in mother's grave in chancel Kk Lonan;ch Sr James Moore(my part of croft in the How, miln in Laxa), Thos, Elizabeth, Philip + Hugh(jt exors), Jane;gch Kath Barrie?;sis's dau Kath Clarke
1654   e 349     CLUAGE       Phillip                  sis Ann Cluage exex; bro Donald(in England) jt exor if he returns; father alive; names Kathrine Kackill + Patrick Kerrowne (both wtts);inv 3 3s
1654   e 349     Fargher      Tho                      [split across 2 pages - ? 2 Tho's ] ch Philip the elder + the younger, Ann,Margt, Wm (exor); - other page has ch underage - wants supv Sr James Moore, Philip Moore, Philip Moore(Ballnanay?) + Wm cowin;sis Kath Fargher; inv 12s 6d
1654   e 349     SKILLICORNE  Christian   KNEALE       d 6 Sep 1655;husb William Skillicorn exor;unnamed ch;inv 34s
1655   e 427     CLOAGE       Ellin       STOALE       d 30 Jun 1655;ch Robt Curleod, Tho Curleod, Isable Curleod; husb Phinlo Cloage; court notes that not all children given goodsw and appoints then jt execs with their father and her bro Jo Stoale + elest dau Ellin Cloage jt supvs [see also m/c of Robt Curleod in LibCanc 1670 10]
1658   e 038     FARGHER      Ane         SKILLYCORNE  [page 88]d 2 May 1658; only son Phil Fargher admr - at age (he had a m/c);inv 20s; Phil gives James Kermod(Douglas) as security; various claims by Wm fargher, Robt Allen?, excrs of Wm Kewley, Kath Fargher
1662   E 476  w  LEWNEY       Donald                   d 20 jul 1662;wife to maintain his mother;son donald exor [?ua]; 1675: Donald at age;includes m/c donald lowney + bahy lowney (copy from lib canc) dated 26 jul 1652; Patricke Lowney + wife [?Eliz Kermod who signs after him] obo Donald Lowney;Wm Lowney obo sis Bahy Lowney; to marry at Kk Lonan before michalmas next;Phillip Lowney + wife Maggret Knakle give their right to ground called Ballamore rent 7s 2d on condition they main our [?father] Patr;Patricke + wife to give half crop if young couple pay debts + give one bowle [?of barley] + half firlet wheate;Wm Looney to give 2 oxen, 1 cow;witt James Kermod, James Skillicorne, Donald Lowney, Wm Kerush, John Woods;Phill Lowney acks contract made to his brother Donald Lowney;
1661/1 A      w  FARGHER      Philip                   d 23 Mar 1660/1;wife Ellin als Callister; sibs Bessie, Ann;bro's son Wm (exor), Tho; inv incs looms;
1663/1 A      w  MOORE        Thomas                   [page 33]:d 20 Jan 1663/4; ch Mary,  Ann, wife alive
1665   e 386     KNEALE       An                       [page 98]d 7 aug last;sis Elizth + Kath Kneale jt admxs - father alive + guardian
1666   e 163     FARGHER      Wm                       [poor photo]dated 19 Mar 1666;ch Phil(exor), John, Ann, Wm + Marriot
1666   e 422     MOORE        Mary        BANCKS       d 20 Mar 1667/8;all gch vizt c/o Ro Stevenson, James Moore + David Murrey jt admrs - all her linen as all crop given in m/cs
1667   A j77  w  FARGHER      Ann         moore        d 13 Feb 1667/8;husb Philip (her pt of boat + he to pay Jo Murrey what was due;1/4 of miln to pay other debts);ch Wm(half crop),Ann (at age),  Jo + Marriott(last 2 jt execs) - wants husb supv of those ua; 1674: John at age + acks father
1671-2 e 748     COWINE       Isabell     KNEALE       d 7 Aug 1671;sibs Jane(her clothes + to stay in house til May + have custody children), Dan, Wm;ch Tho(gears etc as left in fa's will - in arch book);if Dan and the heir would not agree then Wm was to take him on and John Kewley jt overseer;1676: Marriot Cown now at age + acks fully satified re goods of mo + father
1672-1 E 003  d  HOGG         William                  d 1 Apr 1672;sons Henry + Wm jt admrs - both at age but Wm living in Ireland; inv 2 14s;
1672-1 E 009  d  FARGHER      Isabel                   d 7 Nov [1671]only ch Bahy?;husb alive; next of kin Jony Knaycle; ?husb William[v dark on microfilm]
1673-2 E 235  d  LOONY        Daniel                   d 3 Nov 1679;next of kin Gilbt Brew + Issable Brew admrs;4 sworn men of inv includes 2 wm Looneys! - 16s
1676 a E 024  w  CHRISTIAN    Catherine   FARGHER      bur 7 Aug 1676;sis Christian Cluag;names Margt Gell;bro Thomas Fargher;husb James? Christian;inv
1678-1 E 235  w  Kneale       christopher              d 12 jun 1678;[name is given as Knackill xd thr each time + Kneale overwritten] son Donald exor - wm kneale to be overseer(+ 1/3 of goods + all if Donald dies ua);inv inc half roof of half a house;1682: Don Kneale at age + acks supv Wm Kneal
1678-1 E 236  w  Waterson     robt                     bur 16 Nov 1677;ch John, Kath - both ua - uncle Richs Waterson + aunt Usley [sic] Waterson supv;wife Alice als Christian exex;inv 27s
1678-1 E 237  w  Farcher      wm                       [rh margin lost] d 25 Nov 1677;only unmarried and at age dau Ann admx;wife alive
1678-1 E 237  w  Quine        margt                    d 20 Nov 1677;only sis Mariod quine admx;inv (v small)
1678-2 E 307  w  Cotteene     Margaret                 bur 10 Oct 1678;sibs Tho Cotteen, Ellin, James Killey( his fa Oates Killey (decd)), Mariott (+ husb), Ann Cotteen (jt exex with Issable Kennish + Wm + Kath Brew);names Isabel Kennish; Gilbert Brew fa-i-law Cath + m Brew (being ua) sworn as other 2 did not appear;inv
1679-1 E 009  d  FARGHER      Ellin       cowine       d 6 Feb 1679;ch Thomas + Wm Fargher jt admrs;husband alive;inv
1680/1 A      w  CORRIN       James                    d 24 jan 1680;son wm,james;wife exex
1680/1 A      w  LOONEY       Alice       CANNELL      d 10 apr 1681;names donald looney;son james;dau elllin exex;
1681   A      w  MOORE        Jane        FLETCHER     [damaged top + rh corner + margin]ch Daniel + Wm(youngest son)(jt exors), james, Phill, Thomas, Alice; names Sr Tho Thwaites, Margarett Thwaites; bro Mr James Fetcher (to be supv of Wm); noted at charge in repairing walk miln at Laxey + + had received no benefit since new wheel had been made - that the walk miln erected and built since she  married capt James Moore and it was her portion that [] for erecting it; Exor Wm dead before probate
1681-1 E 272  d  SKILLICORN   Issabel                  unnamed ch;Philip Kneale declares no goods
1681-2 E 355  w  QUAILE       William                  d 1 Jul 1681;ch Phill, Wm(half a qtr of land + 10d cottage rent bought from Donald Knackil), Richd, John, Christian, Margt (+ children);;wife Alice als Knackill exex;gch (c/o Phill Quayle);inv
1681-2 E 356  d  LOONEY       William                  d 7 July 1681;unmarried ch Gilbt, Philip(an idiot) + James jt admrs;inv;James sworn + Gilbt to be sworne by Mr Robinson[?wch parish];wife alive + has goods of Philip;
1683-1 E 605  d  QUILL        Margaret                 d 24 Mar [?1682/3]bro James Quill admr
1683-2 E 669  mc CLOAGE       Jony        KNAKILL      [2nd circuit starts here - patk headed Oct 1683 = m/c of John Quarke + Jane Cluage accepted as will
1684-1 E 006  d  LEWNEY       James                    d 15 may;orphan;next of kindred Jon Quark admr of goods that came by mother;goods in mo's inv 1671
1684-1 E 008  mc CLOAGE       Bahee       LEWNEY       m/c Finlo Clague + Isable Clague;dated  4 Aug 1677;to marry when they come to years of discretion
1684-1 E 011  w  CALLIN       Issable     KEGEENE      d 7 Jun ;neighbour Essie Skillicorn;son + heir Philip Callin ;dau Mariott Callin(youngest ) + Mariot jt exexs;husb Gilbt  Callin;bro Willm Keggeene;pledges Don Loony Ballamore + James Skillicorn;
1689-2 E 118  d  callow       Margaret    LOONEY       [?name Looney als Callow ?]d 21 Oct;ch James, Thomas + Ann jt admrs (all at age) ;husb alive;inv 4;Dan Looney enters claim agt Margt Looney for 1/4 of crop[?is Dan the husb?]
1690-1 A      w  CALLIN       Gilbert                  bur 13 Apr 1690;ch Philip, Jony, Mariod + Wm Callin (last 3 jt execs) - some ua Thos Skillicorn supv wth the chils at age on ye fa's side and Aunt + uncle on ye mother's side Wm + Margt Keggeen;Witt Tho Skillicorn + Gilbt Skillicorn
1689-2 E      d  KISSAGE      William                  d 25 may;ch wm, john,mary, tho + Issa jt admrs -1st 3  at age;wife alive
1690-3 E 388     LEWNEY       ?Kath       [?Scarff]    [significant loss of date + name - rh corner missing][looks like new book starts here]ch Xtian Looney, Gilbert [?assumed as previous words lost], Wm (exor); followed at botton of page by inv of ye above lty deceased Katherine Skarff inv 3 6s
1690-3 E 390     LEWNEY       James                    d 19 May [1690];sibs Wm, Gilbt + Christian jt admrs; court notes Wm + Kathrine[?what relation?] appeared + took oaths;on next page inv of [lost]Looney of ???elgilley [not clear on my photo]who d 19 May 1 2s
1692-1 E 577  d  KNAKILL      Gilbert                  d 7? Mar; ch Philip, Gilbt, Thomas?, Jane + Ann jt admrs - Philip at age sworn supv;wife alive;
1692-2 E 658  w  QUARK        John                     d 20 Jul [1692];wife exex;
1692-2 E 658  d  QUARK        Philip                   d 29 Jul [1692]ch Dan, James,Philip, Cath, John + Isable jt admrs;wife alive
1692-2 E 659  d  BREW         William                  d 17 Oct; ch john + Isabel jt admrs - uncles Robt + Tho Brew supvs;wife alive
1694-1 E 127  w  KNAKILL      Catherine   cowine       dated 14 May 1694;son-i-law Richard quaile + wife;other dau Issable Knackle(linen);son Wm ;gch - ch of Wm;husb Wm Knackle exor;inv 5 2s
1696-2 E 371  w  KNAKILL      William                  dated 24 Feb [year lost in a fold on film]]ch William (all lands in Brandle + team + crop + horse bought at Maughold fair for the plow), isable(legacies bequeathed by her mo), Jon - all jt execs;gch Isable Knackil(d/o Wm);son-i-law Richd Quail
1697-1 A      w  CALLOW       Daniel                   [faint + diff to read on film]dated 20 Nov 1697;dau i-law joney callow als Co??ill?;son Tho Callow exor(out of country + his bro James sworn)
1697-1 A      w  KEWLEY       Philip                   d 14 Nov;gch Philip + James Kewley jt exors - ua - their fa sworn;dau Elinor Cloage als Kewley
1697-1 A      w  LOONY        Mary        MOOR         dated 29 Dec 1697;bro Phil Moore;husb Danl Looney;ch Dan (eldest son)Jane, Ellinr, James - last 3 jt execs;[?reads as tho other unnamed ch ' my woine? ch - Dan + Jane supvs of ua ch];inv 6 6s 10d includes pt of a fishing boat;pledges James Callow, Robt Carran;1717: Ellinor Looney acks  father for that due by death of mother + sis Jane
1697-1 A      w  QUARK        Christian   looney       date 25 nov 1697/8;dau cath;step son jo quark + wife jane quark als cluage;son thos moore;husb john
1698-3 E 079  w  CROW         Margaret    SHIMIN       d 1 Aug 1696;2 unnamed ch; tuition of eldest dau Dorridy carleton to husb;husb Wm Crowe exor
1698-3 E 080  w  BREW         William                  dated 6 may 1698;father Phil Brew exor - being sick Phinlo Brew sworn
1699   A      w  CHRISTIAN    Elin        COWN         dated 30 nov 1699;widow;gch dorothy kewley, cath kewley, wm kewley,ellr corran als kewley;ch (in Island) John, Isable +cath, Charles(in London);dau Alice Christian als Kewley (with whom I live) exex;son-i-law Robt Moore, John Corlett
1699   A      w  KNAKIL       Thomas                   d 1 Nov 1699;ch Thos + Phill Knackill - ua - three uncles supvs;wife alive
1699   A      w  SKILLICORN   Margaret    COLLISH      d 4 feb 1699;son philip,john,danold;dau ellin;sibs isabel,philip (overseer of ch);husb thomas exor
1699-3 E 129  d  QUAILE       Isabel      GELL         d 17 Jan [?1698/9];only child John Quaile admr  - ua - next of kin(Mo's side) John, Wm, Patrick + Margt Gell supvs;husb John Quaile;agreement between supvs + fa that fa to bring up child; agreed that child to have 3 goods
1699-3 E 130  c  BREW         Philip                   inc m/c Finlo Brew + Alice Christian dated 1 Nov 1698;Philip Brew father of Finlo Brew being sick + unable to come to contraction;son Finlo sworn exor
1699-3 E 131  d  COWIN        Philip                   d 1 Feb;ch Philip, Tho, John + Eliz jt admrs - all ua uncle John Christian supv;wife alive

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