Summary of Wills - Jurby post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 57      CANNON       Joney                    dated 1 jul 1800;widow;ch john,thos(exor)
1800   A 58      CAINE        Patrick                  son patrick,wm,david;dau ealy [alice] (w/o wm kelly) ellinor,ann (w/o john mylecarane),margt, jane (w/o James craine)+ elizth;wife margt als callister exex;1819: eleanor(w/o john corlet),Margt(w/o stephen kneale) ack from mo margt caine als callister;
1800   A 60   dg CLEATOR      John                     d 3 mar 1791;carpenter now resident with nephew john corlet birrag (concerns in ballachurry
1800-1 E         BREW         Alice       [joughen]    d 10 dec 1799;[?dec in petn + bur reg aug in decree] ch patk [?bapt] ,john,george,ann + elizth all ua uncles john joughin + philip farger [h/o ann] supv;husb patrick;1808 patk,john + george ack
1801-1 E         WADE         John                     d 2 jun 1801;ch robt,wm.ann + cath;michael kewish h/o ann,wm corlett h/o cath
1800-2 E         CAIN         Dolin                    d jan 1799;ch wm,dollin jt admrs;dollin (h/o isabel) off island;inv 10 11s 5d
1801-2 E         KELLY        William Jnr              made 5 oct 1801;son wm;daus cath,elizth (not yet 21);fa wm;nephew wm qualtrough;wife cath exex;fa-i-law wm corlett + bro-i-law wm teare guardians;jury to appraise ballahasney fallen due to inf son wm;
1802   A 73      MYLVORREY    Adam                     declrd 10 jun 1801;old + feeble;ch cath(w/o hugh whiteside),margt(w/o patk crow),thos(now off island if he comes),adam,isaac, john,ann;gdau margt whiteside;wife cath exex;1827: adam morrison acks john morrison re legacies from father + mother (will 1809)
1802-1 E         CLARKE       John                     d 30 jul 1801;ch thos,patk(off island),margt + mary
1802-2 E         QUAY         William                  'being read and signed in his presence';ch Cath, Margt, Ann;unnamed son;wife Cath(?pregnant) exex; Wm Kermod + Thomas Killy[?killip]supvs;
1803   A 68      CORLET       Anne                     husb danl exec;sons john,wm;dau jane (lands piurchased by patrick brew + wife ann)
1803   A 69      CREBBIN      William                  [full]rev wm crebbin;
1803-1 E         KERMODE      John                     d Oct 1802;Bach;sibs Wm, Christian(w/o Philip Quayle),Thomas(decd - dau Margt Kermode)
1803-2 E         CLEATOR      John                     made 3 aug 1803;son john,wm,danl;wife bahee als killip exex
1803-2 E         CORLETT      Richard                  d Jun;ch Richd, Philip, John, Thomas, Matthew, William, Cath,(w/o Thomas Sayle) Margt (w/o David Cashin abroad)+ Ann(w/o John Cowley - had m/c) jt admrs;wife Ann;
1803-2 E         TEARE        Thomas                   d 25 sep 1803;ch Ceasar,danl, philip,jane lawson,isabel,judy,margt,cath kelley;wife isabel
1804   A 53      KEWIN        Isabel                   dated 30 jun 1801;widow;son danl,patk,philip,thos;dau isable
1805   A 57      CORKILL      John                     dated 27 mar 1805;son john(lands called nettin);daus jean, nancy;wife ann exex
1805   A 58      TEAR         Elinor      mylrea       dated 4 jan 1805;son james;dau jane,cath,margt;husb daniel exor
1806   A 65      KEWISH       Philip                   dated 22 Feb 1805;ch Jane(not 21);wife Margt exex
1806   A 66      CLEATOR      Ann         lace         dated 17 Feb 1806;ch Jane (40 when 18) exex, Thomas;sis mary lace, Jane Radcliff ala lace, Elizabeth Lace;husb Thoams exor;petn by mother Jane Lace (Ramsey) that Ann (w/o Thomas Cleator) d some years ago leaving infant son  dau and Thomas not acted up to will but neglected education etc of ch - court appts uncles Wm+John Lace supvs
1806-2 E         CALLISTER    John                     declared 20 Feb 1802;ch John (his part of cart, harrows etc), Thomas,Jane Callister als Kneen, Esther Collister als Clark, Cath Collister als Mollychreest, Mary Collister exex;
1806-2 E         CORLETT      Ann                      dated 5 Aug 1803;widow Richard Corlett;late Thie bane Jurby;ch Margt Cashen,Cath Sayle, John Corlett, Mattheus, Philip,Thos, Wm,Richard exor; dau-i-law Ann Corlet, Ann Cowley, Cath Corlett; names Cath + Elinor Kewish;gch Ann Cashen;1808: Thos Corlet h/o Ann acks, Wm Corlett h/o Cath Corlett ack
1806-2 E         CORLETT      William                  d 30 Aug 1806;ch Wm, Cath + Alice(w/o Edward Curghey) jt execs
1806-2 E         KELLY        Jane                     dated 25 Jul 1806;widow;Ballameanagh;ch John Kelly (land called Cool-ny-pyng?),Wm Kelly + Jane Kelly(jt execs + land called Close-e-quayle situate on both sides of sweet water course - jt between them), Christian Kelly(w/o John Kelly), Thos Kelly
1807   A 61      CLARK        Catherine                dated 16 Nov 1806;nephew Philip Clark exor;petn by Philip states James Brown + wife objected to will but the parties now agreed {?james Brown h/o Ann Clark m Jur 17941005]
1807-1 E         QUAYLE       Mary                     d 13 Jan 1807;court decrees Wm Freer admr (on basis of deed of sale annexed[??]);pledges John Corlett + Andrew Joughin(both jurby)
1808   A 123     CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 11 Dec 1807;Lheaney Voar;'being old, sick + feeble';bro Simon;names WmChristian Lewin s/o niece Mary Lewin als Christian(lcroft whereon I now reside - pt of Lheaney voar after decease of his mo - if he dies to bro Thomas Lewin, then Mary or Cath Lewin);Mary Lewin exex (w/o John)
1808   A 124     CALLISTER    Mary                     d 23 Mar [1808];Ballachonnelly, widow;ch Esther (w/o Patk Clarke), Cath (w/o Thomas Mylchreest), Thomas, Mary Callister exex;1810: Esther Clarke acks Mary Callister(Peel) re mother Mary Callister who d 23 Mar 1808
1808   A 125     MYLEVORRY    Elinor                   dated 14 Apr 1807;sis Bahe Beardon, Cath Cowley, Ann Mylvorrey exex
1808   A 122     MYLVORREY    Catharine   corlett      dated 2 apr 1807;ch adam[?bapt], cath, margt, john exor;1809 patk crow (h/o margt als morrison) acks legacies left by adam morrison + cath morrison from John morrison;
1808-1 E      d  CLEATOR      William                  d 6 Feb 1808;only son John admr;
1808-2 E      w  CRYE         William snr              dated 4? Sep 1808;Ballachurry;ch Wm, John, Arthur(qtrland Ballagharraghan called Cooil-y-voaley purchased from late Philip Clark - to be possessed after death of my wife), Leonora, Elizth; wife Leonora exex;gch John Cry(s/o John), Anne Cry(d/o Arthur)[Ann is illeg d/o Arthur + Ann Corkan];
1809-1 E      d  KEY          Ann         kelly        d 24 Mar 1809;only child Robt Key admr - ua - husb Thomas Kay sworn
1809-1 E         KILLEY       William                  [in 1809 bk1]dated 22 jul 1807;cool lawry;dau ann(w/o andrew joughin),margery(w/o wm corlett),esther(decd w/o henry quayle - ch wm,andrew,james,george + elizth),eleanor(w/o thomas mylevorrey) exex;son thos;
1809-1 E      w  SAYLE        Mary                     declared 12 May 1809;husb John exor;unnamed ch;
1810   A 73      CORLETT      John                     west nappin;dau ann, cath,jane,elinor(exex);son wm(7th part of fishing smack 'Molly and Nelly');gch john corlett,eleanorr corlett, eleanor sayle;son-i-law james killey, Patrick Sayle(h/o jane);isable corlett widow (patk)+ margt corlet widow(german)also charged by sumner;
1810-1 E      d  KAIGHIN      John                     d 14 Dec [1809];bach;father Thomas sole admr
1810-2 E         KNEALE       Elizabeth   cowle        d 20? mar 1810;ch thos,cath (already provided for)+ elizth(w/o wm vondy)
1810-2 E         MYLVORREY    Margaret                 declrd 1 jun 1810;aunt elinor crow exex (w/o wm crow)
1811   A 53      CORLETT      Ann                      jt will Thomas (cooper) + Ann;dau elinor(w/o dal quirk);son john;mutual execs;
1811-1 E         KEWIN        Thomas                   d 20 oct 1810;ch  mary,ann,jane,cath(ua);mary + ann already provided for;pledges + guardians of cath thomas corlett [h/o mary kewen #4251)+ wm killip (h/o ann kewen #17821);
1811-2 E         KNEALE       William                  d 26 jun 1811;ch thos,cath (w/o Henry Inch) + elizth(w/o Wm Vondy)
1813   A 40      MYLCARANE    William                  d 15 feb 1813;son wm,philip(if he comes),john;dau cath,ann,jane;wife elizth exex
1813-1 E         KELLY        Esther                   [bur Jur 18090125 as als Kinread]d 25 Jan 1809;widow Robt Kelly(Jurby - d 3 Mar 1806);petn by son-i-law John Cowley(Kk German [h/o Esther Kelley m Jur 17891114 - ?bapt Esther]) + appt admr;Thom Key(Jurby) + Daniel Cowle(Ballaugh - ?h/o Elizth Kelly m Jur 17880626]) charged to appear
1813-1 E      w  VONDY        Christian                dated 15 Mar 1812;Balla luig?;ch Patk(+ his 3 sons - John, Thos + Wm), Christian vondy exex;
1813-2 E         BREW         Philip                   d Dec 1812;father Thomas Brew admr
1813-2 E         CLEATOR      Mary        crejeen      d Jul 1813;only son John admr
1813-2 E      w  FREER        William                  dated 4 Jan 1811;names Jane Lace(who now resides with me - meadow purchased from late Daniel Tear of Ballacunner [NSS Oct 1797 14]), Jane Cain(d/o of Jane Lace [?illeg d/o Jane Lace - bapt Onc 18001010]);sis -in-law Ann Stephen exex
1813-2 E         KISSACK      John                     d May 1813;ch John, Wm, Cath + Hester jt admrs (only Wm present + sworn);
1814   A 72      KELLY        William                  [bur Jur 18140220] dated 15 Jan 1814;Balnahasney;'in 91st year';dau Cath, Mary;gch William Kelly, Cath Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly, William Qualtrough;dau-i-law Cath Kelly(widow of Wm Kelly) exex [inc comments on where beds are positioned in house]
1814   A 73      GAWN         Joney       kneen        [bur Jur 18140326]dated 13 Dec 1813;husb Thomas Gawne;ch Daniel(her share of gers etc), John, Thomas,Joney, Elinor, Ann + jane (last 2 jt exexs;
1815   A 56      KINRADE      Dorothy                  [?bur]d 24 dec 1814;dau cath,mary;son thos,danl,wm exec;
1815   A 57      CRYE         Margaret                 [?bur]
1815   A 58      KINRADE      Catharine                [?bur];d 22 dec 1814;son danl,robt,wm;dau mary,ann;thos kinrade exec 
1815   A 59      BREW         Thomas,jnr               [?bur];ballameanagh;dau ann;wife jane als stephen;supv patrick stephen [?#4296] + andrew joughin [?reln]
1815   A 60   jw QUAYLE       Elinor                   [?bur]philip + elinor, ballachristory;son philip,john,danl;dau elinor,isabella,elizth
1815   A 60   jw QUAYLE       Philip                   see elinor
1815-2 E         CARRAN       Margaret    [cowin]      [bur Jur 18150705]]d 2 Jul 1815;ch Thomas, Robt + Isabel jt admrs - all ua ;husb Thomas Karran sworn
1815-2 E         STEPHEN      Ann                      [bur Jur 18150801]dated 29 Jul 1815;unnamed sister's children;names Wm Stephen(kinsman + friend who has taken care of me - BallaXXnney meadow[blotted]) exor;
1816   A 52      CLEATOR      William                  [?bur]d 5 Apr 1816;sonThomas exor;wife mary
1816-2 E         BREW         Thomas                   [bur Jur 18160605]dated 18 May 1816;Ballacaneen??;ch Cath, Elizth (money due from Jane Brew), Thomas(decd - widow Jane);wife Cath exex;1819: Patk Stephen h/o Jane Brew acks legacy to sd Elizth [?Thos m Jane Stephen 1811 but wording looks strange ]
1816-2 E         MYLREA       James                    perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;[?bur Bal 18161106];drowned near lahn mooar;wife cath admx;pledges father John Kelly (jurby) + Wm Christian(bride)
1817-1 E         CHRISTORY    Thomas                   [?bur Jur 18170510][copy very dark rh margin not readable] d 14 jan last;farmer;ch Thomas, Abijah, Wm+ john; James Kinrade in right of wife Cath creditors;
1817-1 E         TAYLOR       Elinor                   [bur Jur 18161028]decree dated 10 jan 1817;spinster;illeg;no next of kin admrs - John Lewin sumner of Jurby ;note dated 19 Dec 1816 states been on paupers list some years past [?bapt Jur 17520620 d/o Wm Taylor + Margt Christian]
1817-2 E         KELLY        Jane                     d Oct 1816;son-i-law Thomas Curphy exor
1818-2 E         GARRETT      Thomas                   [bur Jur 18180813]ch Wm, Eleanor(w/o Thos Quine), Ann, Cath, Robt exor
1818-2 E         GAWNE        Thomas                   dated 7 Jul 1818;ch Daniel, Thomas (due goods by mother)+ Jane(w/o James Quine) jt execs
1819   A 44      MYLEVORREY   Ann                      dated 20 Jan 1816;names Ann Cowley(d/o Thos Cowley Glion shoggil), Jane + Cath Cowley(d/o sd Thos Cowley);names the sd Thos Cowley (her sister's son) exor [c/o Thos + Cath Tear  - Thos s/o Danl Cowley + Cath mylvorrey m Bal 17640205 - Cath's parents dead + uncle John Clarke]
1819   A 46   jw CORLETT      Jane        sayle        dated 13 Feb 1819;jt will John Corlet(Birrag, Jurby) + Jane als Sayle;ch Elizth(w/o Humphrey Stephenson), Jane, Thomas, Robt, John exor - some ua John supv; gch Jane, Humphrey + John  Stephen(c/o Humphrey); pledges Thomas Sayle(andreas) + Thomas Corlett(jurby) who are also guardians of ua ch;1837: Robt Corlett(Lonan) acks John Corlett Birrag;1839: Thomas Corlett(andreas) acks;1838: John Kneale h/o Jane als Stephen acks;Jan 1841: John Stephen (Philadelphia, USA) acks [?if on Island as before Henry Maddrell]1841: Thos Corlett(Jurby) acks;1831: Robt acks;sumner charges Robt Coret next of kin to Jane + Thos Corlett(Lezayre) - husb John d shortly after wife
1819   A 47      MUGHTIN      Anne                     dated 20 Nov 1818;widow + relict John Mughtin;dau Cath(w/o John Quayle, Kk Michael) exex; gson Thomas Moughtin
1820-1 E         WADE         Robert                   dated 20 Oct 1819;sibs John, Wm, James, Thomas, Ann + Margt - legacies to be paid at decease of aunt Mary Caine;father Robert Wade exor;1837: Wm Corlett h/o Ann Wade acks 
1821-1 E      d  BREW         Margaret    RADCLIFFE    d ash wednesday [24 Feb] 1819;ch Cath, Mariane - tender year;husb George sworn
1821-2 E      w  CORLETT      Margaret    KEWIN        dated 28 Jun 1821;Golane;husb Thomas exor;ch Thomas,Elizth, Mary + Cath (last 2 not 21)
1821-2 E      d  CRYE         Arthur                   d 20 Oct 1821;ch Wm, Elizth + Jane jt admrs - too tender years;wife Isabella sworn;pledges Thomas Kewin(uncle also supy) + Patk Kewin;Wm Cry (paternal uncle) also supv;
1821-2 E      w  MOUGHTIN     David                    dated 10 Mar 1821;ch Charles, Cath, Robt, Leonora;wife Elizabethals Clarke exex
1822-1 E         CROW         Anne                     dated 19 Apr 1821; ch Charles(15), John(10),Wm(3s)Mary(a quilt the manks making Cloak..), Ann, Kity(rest of apparel);husb Simon exor; - acks include Thomas Looney acks legacy left by mother-in-law
1822-2 E         CLARKE       Catherine                dated 6 May 1818;spinster;sibs Thomas,Elizth Tear als Clark(her children),Elinor Kneale als Clark exex
1823-2 E         TEARE        Anne        STEPHEN      d 25 Dec 1822;ch Anne, Margery, + Jane jt admxs - husb John Teare sworn;
1824-2 E         KELLY        Christian                declared 27 Jul 1824;husb John Kelly(Doolough, Jurby) exor;ch Cath(w/o Wm Killip), Thomas Kelly, Christian + Margaret(half of dwelling house + garden), John, Wm, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane;pledges Wm Kelly(Doolough, Jurby), Thomas Kelly(Ballamena, Jurby)
1824-2 E         KELLY        Mary                     sis Jane;mo exex;John Kelly sworn admr
1824-2 E         KEWISH       Catharine                dated 12 Jul 1824;sis Margt Corlett, Elinor Kewish exex;niece Ann Kaighin, Margret Corlett;
1824-2 E         McGILL       Thomas                   d May 1824;prin creditor Thomas Kelly(Jurby) admr - sumner John Leewin to handle - claims 6 11s 6d, estate 414s 2d;petn states wife Ann declined being sworn [wife Ann Black m Pat 18130206]
1824-2 E         QUAYLE       Margaret                 dated 24 Jun 1824;names Jane + Eliza Kelly, Elizabeth kelly ('the eldest dau') exex - all c/o Wm Kelly;pledges Wm Fargher(BallaCurry), John Kelly(Dooloagh, Jurby)
1825   A 49      CLUCAS       Alice                    Ballachrink;jw Robt + wife Alice;ch Thomas, Wm (resid exor);gson Wm Clucas(s/o son Wm),John, Robt + Elizth;both Alice + Robt dead;
1825   A 49      CLUCAS       Robert                   see Alice
1825-2 E      jw CLEATOR      William                  dated 12 Sep 1825;jw with wife Elizabeth als Stephen - mutual execs - wife sworn;ch Wm, Thomas, Ann, Jane, Elizth + Cath; [?bapt for Wm]
1825-2 E         COWLEY       Ann                      dated 17 Feb 1825;Ballasally,Jurby;aunt Eleanor Killip;father John cowley;uncle John Killip(with whom I reside exor;
1825-2 E         QUAYLE       Jane        tear         declared 13 Aug 1825;aunt Mary Cleather;sis Mary Tear, Elizth Tear;mother alive;son John Quayle;husb John Quayle exor;[?marr John Tear bapt  Jur 18230316]
1826   A 36      COWLEY       John                     dated 21 Nov 1825;ch John(eldest son),Cath, Ellinor, Wm;wife Mary exex
1828-1 E         KNEALE       Elinor      CLARKE       petn by Wm Christian Ballawanton  Andreas d 12 Nov 1827 and had resided with him;dated 5 Jul 1825;widow;nephew Charles Clark, Thomas + Daniel Clarke, Daniel + James Tear;niece Cath (w/o John Tear), Isabella (w/o Wm Brew);cousin Isabella(w/o Robt Tear);names James s/o Wm Christian (Ballawanton);Wm Christian (Ballawanton) exor
1828-1 E         SAYLE        William                  petn d 4 Jan 1828;dated 7 Jun 1827;Bach;sibs James(1s);nephew Thomas Sayle(s/o John Sayle)(a cart called John Sayle's Cart);niece Mary Sayle, Cath + Isabella Sayle, Jane Sayle exex
1828-2 E         COLLISTER    John                     dated 16 Sep 1828;Ballacunally;ch Thomas(200), John(eldest son + heir at law - his wife Jane als Kewley);wife Cath exex
1828-2 E         COLLISTER    Thomas                   [bur Jur 18280428];dated 26 Apr 1828;sons Tho (exor), John; other ch ? as 'leave all my ch 2 each married and unmarried';
1828-2 E         HAMPTON      Jane        BRIDSON      made 27 Mar 1828;husb Thomas exor;ch Jane, Eliza, Robt + Thomas
1828-2 E         Kaighen      Ann         CORLETT      dated 23 May 1828;husb Wm Kaighan(Whitehouse, Jurby) exor;ch John, ann ,ellinor (chnot yet 21)
1828-2 E         KELLY        David                    dated 23 Aug 1826;ch John(20 pt of mortgage have on his land),David, Thomas, James, Jane quayle als Kelly exex(w/o Thomas);gch Philip Kelly s/o Philip Kelly) (if he comees)
1828-2 E         STEPHEN      Patrick                  [?bur 15 Sep 1828]d 15 Dec 1826;son Thomas admr;pledges Rev John Harrison, Adrew Joughin (both Jurby)
1829-1 E         CORLETT      Isabel                   d 19 Nov 1828;husb John admr
1829-1 E         CROW         Miles                    [?bur]petn states d 18 Nov 1828,sis Janet Maxwell als Crow (w/o Robert) now of Kircudbright + Janet Crow admrs;petn by Robert states Jane Crow als Bell died some years ago leaving Miles, Janet Crow + Judith Crow (now w/o Robt Maxwell) + that no admin granted for Jane Crow  [?marr + bapts]
1830   A 22      CALLISTER    John                     declared 27 Dec 1829;2s 6d to all claimers;wife Judith als quayle exex;witt (+ pledges) John Teare + John Callister [bur age 72 18300101]
1830   A 23      REDHEAD      John                     dated 16 Feb 1830;wife Eleanor als Corlett exex;ch Elinor;
1831-2 E         WADE         William                  dated 19 apr 1831;Ballavarran;bro John;ch elizth,john both ua;wife cath als kewin exex;1842: Wm quayle h/o ann  acks
1834   A 21      CORLETT      William                  dated 22 Nov 1833;ch John(son Wm), William(dau Eleanor),Ann;wife Cath als Wade exex(blind - son Wm sworn);pledges Thomas Cannell, Thomas Wade(both Jurby)
1835-2 E         CAIN         Elizabeth                dated 12 Sep 1835;Ballacaine;bro David Caine exor;pledges John Morrison(Ballaroney?) + Thomas Caine(both Jurby)
1836-2 E         KELLY        Catharine   kneen        dated 1 Mar 1801;husb Wm Kelly(now of Loughan) exor;ch Jane
1838-2 E         CALLISTER    Eliza       mylechreest  husb John Callister(Ballaconnelly); ch Elizabeth, Ann, John, Catharine, Thomas + Humphrey - all infants; admin granted to John + the children; John Lace + Wm Kelly supervisors + guardians of under age children
1839-1 E         CALLISTER    Thomas                   dated 6 Jul 1839;blacksmith;ch Thomas(in Jamaica, Queens,New York by 1862), Wm, John, James - ua Wm Clark (Bretney)+ John J Callister (Kewin-droaghad, Kk Michael)guardians;wife Jane exex - her will 1 Oct 1861 appt Wm as exor;
1840-1 E         BROWN        Leonora                  d intestate leaving only child Thomas Brown a minor of 14yrs and only surviving next of kin - John Lace appt admr
1840-2 e         STEPHEN      Patrick                  d feb 1840; hatter Ramsey but formerly Jurby;wife jane;ch thos,john,danl + jane

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