Summary of Wills - Jurby 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful [222/270 here summarised]- [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1751-1 A 27      CAIN         Ann                      d 26 apr;w/o wm;dau jane,elinor,cath,isabel;son wm
1751-1 A 28      KEWISH       Margaret                 d beg feb;w/o philip;son edmond;dau mary,ann,isabel,jane;wm tear next reln on mo's side overseer
1751-1 E      d  CONOLLY      William                  d mid may;ch mary,margt,esther,jane,ann jt exexs - all ua except mary next relns Philip Clark + mollineux bittal;wife alive;mary chooses gfa Wm Conolly + friend thos calister to help
1751-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Dollin                   dated 1 Oct 1751;d 6 yrs ago on coast Virginia;s/o Rev Mr John Christian late vicar Jurby;sibs Thomas, John, Elinor Baker als Christian, Esther(w/o Thomas Hunter), Cath(w/o Wm Clague) jt admrs
1751-2 E      w  CLARK        Margaret    COWLL        d 28 May 1751;ch cath, Margt(w/o Tho Calister), john;unnamed gdau(smoothing iron);dau Mary + Cath jt admx;Tho Calister h/o Margt acks smoothing iron to dau;
1751-2 E      d  CONOLY       Simon                    d end Feb [1750/1];s/o William Conolly junr(jurby);sis Mary (w/o John Callister)+ esther jt admxs;John Calister sworn + has goods by consent Philip Clark + Bittal Mollineaux;pledges James Cain(Jurby) + John Gill(smith lezayre);inv 1 18s 9d
1752-2 E      d  COWLE        John                     perished in river of sulby feb last;only dau elizth ua uncle john cowle;inv
1753-1 A 15      CHRISTIAN    William                  rcvr genl ballamore;to be buried nr wife's grave;to wch of gch that inherit b'more;son-i-law thos christian h/o margt;son-i-law thos christian of the Nappin;dau elizth (cornah mills) exex
1753-2 E      d  CLEATOR      Joney       COWLEY       d 27 jan 1752;ch Thos, Wm, John + Margt (w/o Nichs Christian) jt admrs;
1754-1 A 22      KERMOD       William                  [full]
1754-1 A 23      CRY          Catherine   KNEALE       d 1 jan 1754;husb wm;dau elizth + other ch
1754-3 E      w  CALOW        Ellinor     MCYLCARANE a made beg of harvest last;dau margt;sis dau cath mylvorey;lad in house John Howland;son Philip exor;
1756-2 E      d  BREW         John                     d 9 apr 1756;6 ch Phil, Jane, Margt, Isabel, John and Patrick ;wife alive
1756-3 E      d  CRISTRY      Phinloe                  d 5 apr 1756;ch Wm, Margt, Ann + Alice jt amdrs;[?wife alive as admrs consent to give dead's pt of a feather bed as legacy]
1757-3 E      w  GOLDSMITH    John                     d 1 may 1757;step-dau margt gawn;wife margt exex;son james
1757-3 E      w  TEAR         Mary                     d sep 1757;spinster,balna-tear;sis jane,alice;mo margt tear widow
1758-1 A 23      KILLIP       Jane                     d 22 Jan;names John Killip(+ wife), Wm Corlet(+ dau), Wm Quay(dau Joney), Wm Kermod(+ wife) exor
1758-2 A 67      CROW         Joney       CHRISTIAN    d 20 Mar 1758;ch joney, Robt,wm, thos, myles, patk, esther;husb John exor
1758-2 E      w  CAINE        Alice       TEARE        d 24 apr 1758;son wm;dau ellinor;gdau alice corlett,mary corlett;gson patk caine (not 20)son david exec;
1758-2 E      d  TEARE        Cesar                    d mar 1758;ch Cath + Margt (had m/cs), Wm, Thos, Pat, Mary , Jane (last 5 jt admrs)
1759-2 A 73      CHRISTIAN    Ann         KELLY        d 5 mar 1759;ch anne(exex),robt,cath,margt
1759-2 A 74      QUAY         Mary        KNEEN        d 8 apr 1759;kinswoman Hannah Kneen;names esther Grifin, Isable quay, Mary + Cath Cain;son Philip Quay exor
1760-2 E      d  BREW         Robert                   d 23 mar 1760;ballavarran;ch patk + esther(w/o revd wm crebbin),cath (now wife of thos clucas) had m/c
1761-1 A 59      RODGER       Robert                   d 20 apr 1761;son robt;dau cath,jane,mary;wife mary als christian;ch ua but no relns on fa's side
1761-3 E      d  CONOLLY      Esther                   spinster; sis of whole blood mary & margt goods by decease of mother mary conolly als clark; jane & ann sis of half blood (underage) goods by decease of fa Wm conolly;john callister husb of mary;
1761-3 E      d  McNAMEER     Ellinor     Boddaugh     d 12 Feb 1761;only son John admr;pledges Wm Nidderagh + John Calister (both Jurby)
1761-3 E      w  McYLWORREY   Patrick                  d 21 Oct;ch Patrick, jane(only dau);wife exex'pledges + wirts John Mcylvworrey + Wm Clark
1761-3 E      w  MYLEVOREY    John                     d 16 Oct 1761;ch Margt, John, Adam, Mary + Elinor(last 2 jt exexs + houses + land between them)
1763-1 A 28      CAINE        Thomas                   d 11 dec 1762;niece Mary Cannon(all lands to descend as inheritance) exex;ch Wm(4 to put him to trade)
1762-2 A 63      CHRISTIAN    Bahee       NHIDDERAGH   [full];d 11 mar 1762;kinsman Thomas Nhidderagh;kinswoman joney Nhitteragh exex
1762-2 A 64      KILLIP       Thomas                   d 12 Jan ? 1762;friend esher teare(a lamb),  Wm Kermode exor
1762-2 E      w  KEWISH       Philip                   d 27 apr 1762;son edmund;dau isabel;other un-named ch;wife cath als garrett exex;pledges wm + ewan garrett ballaugh;son edmund + dau jane bro + sis by fa's side supv [?2nd marr]
1763-1 E      w  BURN         Ann         GARRET       d 1 Nov 1762;names Margt Clark, Ellinr Stephan, Isable Kissag(gave her money to pay for funeral);'what so ever dealing between her + Dan Clark no person had nothing to say';Ellinr + Cath Clark jt exexs - Dan Clark (their fa)to be guardian
1763-3 E      w  CAINE        Jane        KELLY        d 23 aug 1763;son john callister(prcl of purchased medow land - bought from Wm Sayle(Andreas)),thos callister;dau-i-law mary callister;dau anne;husb james + son john callister jt exors;
1763-1 E      d  FREER        William                  d 8 jun 1762;only son wm admr
1763-2 A 67      GAWN         Daniel                   [full]son thos + dan both ua;wife alive;Mary gawn acks 
1763-3 E      w  CAINE        Jane        KELLY        d 23 aug 1763;son john callister(prcl of purchased medow land - bought from Wm Sayle(Andreas)),thos callister;dau-i-law mary callister;dau anne;husb james + son john callister jt exiors;
1763-3 E      w  KNEAL        Bahee       LAWSON       d oct 1763;w/o john;dau bahee exex;son john(abroad - if he comes);neece margt clater als lawson;pledges stephen kneale ballaugh,patr kneale jurby
1764-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 16 jun 1763,peel,no relnsprin creditor wm cubbon;inv,sale
1765-1 A 29      CLARK        Thomas                   [full]
1765-1 A 30      KILLIP       Christian   KINRED       d end nov 1764;names ann,cath kindred,wm cain,cath tear;dau cath stole,jane exex;son wm killip;witt mary corkill als cannon,margt bittell
1765-2 A 80      NIDDERAGH    Esther      CHRISTIAN    d 13 feb 1765;neice cath brew (notes in ep 1765-2)
1765-2 A 82      BREW         Patrick                  d 7 mar 1765;ch christian, philip, cath,patrick,robt, jane;wife emmy
1765-3 E      w  CRYE         William                  dated 3 Sep 1763;ch Cath(2 daymoth hayland in close purchased from Wm Sayle), Grace(2 daymoth in westside of close), Margt(all property lately purchased from Duke of Atholl), Mary(10 + 10 left by her mo Cath), Wm(eldest + exor),Robt( ua - to be put to school)
1766-1 A 24      CRISTRY      Alice       KEE          d 11 feb 1766;son wm;dau-i-law mary (her choice of a cann or a little vessel called in manks meddyr);dau margt(+ 2 dau),ann(2 kishens pudatoes),alice (w/o john tear) exex;gch danl christy,margt garet
1766-1 A 25      McYLVORREY   John                     d 2 feb 1766;wife jane;dau jane,mary,elinor + cath jt exexs;son-i-law david kelly;son john
1766-1 E      d  Kelly        William                  d 2 Jan 1766;Balnyhasney;ch Wm(had m/c),Christian(abroad) + Elizth(jt admxs)
1766-3 E      d  CORLET       Averick     KELLY        d 22 Feb 1766;only son Wm admr
1767-2 E      d  CRYE         William                  d 14 mar 1767;only surv child mary crye exex
1767-3 E      d  GARRET       Ann         KISSAG als Kewish  d 12 jul only son wm
1768-1 A 27      KERRUISH     Joney       nidderagh    d 7 Feb 1768: husb William Kerruish; sis in law Isabel Nidderagh; Mary Sayle; sister Ellinor Moore; bro Wm Nidderagh exec  
1768-1 E      d  MARTYN       John                     d 5 nov;sis whole blood margt;half blood john + nichs tear
1768-2 E      d  BREW         William                  d 28? Mar;nephew + nieces Philip,John, Patk, Jane + Mary (c/o John Brew), John, Stephen, Rich + Bahee (c/o Philip Brew), Cath (w/o Dan Teare) + Margt (w/o Wm Kenneen) (c/o Alice Brew) jt admrs
1768-2 E      d  KEWIN        William                  d 21 apr 1768;only ch wm
1769-1 A 22      CAIN         Bridget                  d 1 mar 1769;ch patk,david,ann,mary;husb david exor;ann + mary ua - unnanmed next of kin
1769-2 A 57      STEPHEN      Thomas                   d 16 mar 1769;son john,james thomas;dau cath,ann;wife cath;(john only bch la)
1770-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Catherine   CANEEN       d 9 jun 1770;only ch john ua next of kin thos lace + robt cannell supv;husb david + ch gfa john christian;1784 john acks from isabel w/o gfa john;1781 john chooses uncle john christian + isaac vandy as guardians;1775 petn  of john christian re minor john now 7 yrs old  and to be sent to school too little money + 2 yrs ago david christian remarried;sale
1770-3 E      d  SAYLE        Ann         SKINNER      d 4 oct 1770;ch anne + isabel, dau margt had marr sett
1771-1 A 19      TEARE        Mary        cannel       d 23 nov 1770;lough chronk?;dau mary,jane,margt,cath cottier;son thos,wm;gch mary d/o wm teare,anne d/o john mcnameer,jane d/o thos teare;son patk exec
1771-1 A 20      CHRISTIAN    William                  d 25 nov 1770;names ewan crow,john crow (+son wm);un-named dau;son simon;dau mary
1771-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Mary        CALEY        d 11 may 1770;gson ewan crow;dau cath,mary;son wm;husb wm;by 4 feb 1771 husb wm dead but will had son wm exec
1771-1 E      d  GARRET       John                     perished by water sulby river 1 jan 1771;sibs philip + cath ;+ note to be taken of his illeg child
1771-2 A 67      KAIGHEN      Thomas                   d 20 feb 1771;son wm;dau jane  her son thos;wife jane ...
1771-2 A 68      BREW         Patrick                  [full];d 26 Feb 1771;Ballavarran;no leg issue;sis Esther w/o Rev Wm Crebbin,sis Cath w/o Thomas Clucas;wife Elizabath
1771-2 A 69      MYLECHARAINE Mary        KEWISH       3 daus Cath, Mary, Ann; sis Jane Cain als Kewish; sis Isab Kewish; husb Edward Mylecharane; & by 1802: Dollin Moor is husb of Cath Mylecharane; Patrick Brew is husb of Mary Mylecharane
1771-2 E 729  d  CLEATER      Catherine                d 16 dec 1770;spinster;sibs joohn + alice;fa thomas;cath illeg d/o cath to be considered;inv
1771-2 E 732  d  BREW         Thomas                   d jan 1757 mountserrat;s/o robt brew + wife christian als christian; (will 1749);bro robt;only ch robt;pledges wm crebbin + thos clucas uncles by fa side;petn by son who claims to have been derived of rights states thos 2nd son,shipwright in liverpool,married mary horton of liv in 1754; went on vayage 1757;wife settled with her bro-i-law patrick brew now decd 
1771-3 E      w  CAIN         William                  d 21 jun 1771nephew patrick cain;names ann cain d/o david ( a chest he had going to herring fishery),david s/o david cain;bro david exor  (his bro-i-law patr nelson)
1771-3 E      d  CREBBIN      Esther      BREW         husb wm (vicar);ch wm,john,thos,christianesther + charlotte,eliz(w/o james brew had sett);inv
1771-3 E      w  VONDY        William                  d 27 aug 1771;wife cath;son isaac,thomas (owes 40s for cost of an anvil),wm,patrk exor;son-i-law wm cleator;gson patrick s/o thos
1772-1 A 22      McNAMEER     Mary        tear         d 28 oct 1771;dau anne ua;husb john;step-dau ellinr;sis cath w/o thos cottier (head cloths from decease of mo),jane;
1772-1 E      d  KELLY        Robert                   d 30 aug 1771;s/o robt kelly(will arch 1738-1) + margt cleater;anne + christian garret c/o aunt next of kin;uncles by mo side  thos,wm + john cleater;richd corlet h/o anne;john quilliam h/o christian [see also NSS May 1773 20]
1772-2 A 67      finemore     John                     paid 1/2 guinea apprentice fee of wm craine - exec to pay another 1/2 guinea to his mo.;names christian + esther crebbin;rev wm crebbin exec
1772-2 A 68      BITTLE       Joney       vondy        d 14 apr 1772;son thos;daus anne + margt exexs
1772-2 E      d  CLARK        Mary        CORLET       d 18 mar 1772;ch robt,james,john,patr + cath, philip + wm had marr portions - 4 named sons abroad beyond seas;husb john (pledge + john clark kerredoo);inv
1772-2 E      d  CREDJEEN     Mary        CLARK        [chk mally in marriage]
1772-2 E      d  KEWIN        Ann         killip als corras [full] inc m/c wm kewn + issable killip dated 4 apr 1744;ann then ann killip als corras;[bur as ann kewin als corras]
1772-3 E      w  KAIGHIN      William                  d 24 oct 1772;mo jane kaighin exex
1772-3 E      w  KISSAG       William                  d 11 sep 1772;son john(eldest),wm,thos,stephen;dau cath(eldest),esther,ann;wife esther exex;some ch ua john camaish + cath camaish bro+ sis to ch ua sworn guardians
1772-3 E      w  TEAR         John                     dated 11 oct 1769;mariner;'disposed to try my fortune in distant lands'; drowned 16 oct 1771 ship Rose of Liverpool Ja Welsh master;sis ann tear (ballatear),cath quane als tear;dau mary tear (now in ballaneddin)  execx+ her uncle john;inv;was exec of john tear snr (1769)(legacies john quane douglas (h/o cath tear d/o john tear),ch of alice tear);mo of execx  jane  tear(went to liverpool for effects);john tear h/o ann tear;
1773-1 A 21      HARRISON     Margaret                 of kk malew but now of jurby;;son nicholas,john;dau elinor;names john gill (7 over + above dowry provided he doth give no further trouble);sis margaret scofield ;gson wm s/o nich;dau christian vondy exex; w/o isaac;codicil dau anne gill als harrison
1773-2 A 56      BITTLE       Mollineux                d 4 mar 1773;bro-i-law wm stephen;ch thos + ann execrs
1773-2 A 57      McNAMEER     John,jnr                 d 7 mar 1773;sis ellinr + anne mcnameer (both ua);fa john;
1773-2 A 58      CRow         Esther                   d dec 1772;names margt d/o john corlet ramsey,jane quayle jurby,margt christian als cleator w/o nicholas,elinor mylevorrey spinster,esther quayle als christian w/o wm;nich christian exec;at court john crow fa objected but found groundless - acct dau age 15 at service with nich christian died of smallpox, petnr has 9 ch
1773-2 E      d  BITTAL       Margaret                 d 4 apr 1773;spinster;sibs thomas + ann
1773-2 E      d  CRYE         Mary                     d 28 jun 1773;spinster;nephews + nieces wm,robt(beyond seas),elizth(w/o john corlet),cath(w/o thos crye),grace(w/o john quiggin),margt + mary crye;inv
1773-2 E      d  GREER        Jane        STEPHAN als quayle  d 3 apr 1773;dau jane + ann stephen:husb wm greer;
1773-2 E      w  skillicorn   Margaret    clarke       d 28 apr 1773;dau margt kelley als skillicorn;gifts to poor of Lonan [?w/o john m Lon 17460303],ellinor kelley,isable nidderagh w/o wm exec [m Mau 17650815];names wm gill blindman;bro wm looney;gdau jane kermod;gson james kelley;
1772-3 E      w  TEAR         John                     dated 11 oct 1769;mariner;'disposed to try my fortune in distant lands'; drowned 16 oct 1771 ship Rose of Liverpool Ja Welsh master;sis ann tear (ballatear),cath quane als tear;dau mary tear (now in ballaneddin)  execx+ her uncle john;inv;was exec of john tear snr (1769)(legacies john quane douglas (h/o cath tear d/o john tear),ch of alice tear);mo of execx  jane  tear(went to liverpool for effects);john tear h/o ann tear;
1773-3 E      w  CAINE        Margaret    KELLY        d 13 jul 1773;daus mary + margt;sis ellinor kelly;husb john exec;names mary caine
1774-1 A 30      McYLVORREY   Jane        KEWISH       d 17 jan 1774;dau jane,cath,elinor exex(w/o john corlet);niece w/o philip cain;gson wm kelly;names david kelly (h/o dau jane)tub of corn if exex would not keep gson wm till next mayy;
1774-1 A 31      QUAYLE       Edward                   d 28 jan 1774;son thomas,john;dau jane;wife ann als tear exex
1774-1 E      d  CLARK        Patrick                  d 20 dec 1773;ch john,margt (w/o wm kermod)
1774-1 E      d  McNAMEER     Ann                      d in minority with right to goods from mo's will 1772;d/o john + mary als tear;next of kin on mo's side wm cottier(h/o margt),wm tear,patk tear + thos cottier(h/o cath) relinquish rights to dan corkish h/o mary;petn from thos cottier that wife's sister mary tear w/o john mcnameer
1774-1 E      d  McNAMEER     Elizabeth   KNEAL        [last on gl717];d 20 feb 1774;ch john,elizth,wm ua uncles + aunt wm kneale,margt  kneale (w/o john splean ? beyond seas),wm + ann kneale, wm laud (h/o christian kneale);husb john petn can't afford to keep fam
1774-2 A 115     CLARK        Joney       criggart     d 13 mar 1774;dau margt kermod,joney kermod,bahy carmode;gdaus margt + cath clark;son john exec;wm kermod h/o margt
1774-2 E      d  CAIN         Ann         QUAY         d 1 feb 1774;2ch dollin + wm (ua);husb dollin;wm quay (only uncle on mo's side) supv;
1774-3 E      w  BITTLE       Thomas                   d 17 jul 1774;sis ann(w/o patk vondy)exex;many named
1774-3 E      d  KELLY        Patrick                  d 25 oct 1774;bach;sibs john,thos ,cath
1774-3 E      w  MYLREA       Jane        kneale       d 19 jun 1774;dau cath,margt,jane,mary;son -i-law danl teare (h/o mary) exor
1775-1 A 27      GOLDSMITH    John                     d 20 feb 1775;bro thos;wife joney exex
1775-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d 28 Mar 1775;ch Bahee(w/o Thos Cannel), Cath(w/o John Corlet),Daniel,Ann,Jane, Mary, Ellinor,Nicholas (last 3 ua elder sibs or husbs supv);wife Cath (admin resigned to her)
1775-3 E      w  Cristy       Lucy        Keeh         d 22 sep 1775;dau isabel;son thomas,john(not 24);hus thos exec
1775-3 E      w  MARTIN       Thomas                   d 22 jun 1775;son thos;dau jane + (?husb) robt curlett execs
1776-1 A 37   jw CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 20 Oct 1774;Capt Thomas + Margt,ballamore;son wm (his gfa Wm's legacy);son-i-law robert moore;dau ann Ann Moore;gch margt,hester + ann moore;[full]
1776-2 A 85      GARRETT      Catherine                d 11 feb 1776;son philip;dau cath;fa alive
1776-2 A 86      KERMOD       Elizabeth   FARGHER      [Full]
1776-2 A 87      KEWIN        William                  d 28 oct 1776;bro patrick,danl,philip;fa wm
1776-3 E      w  CLARK        Catharine   KERMOD       d 8 sep;husb Wm exec,nappin;daus patience + Elizth;sons Wm (6d),robt + John (4 ea)
1777-1 A 28      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 11 jan 1777;Ballachurry;ch esther,cath(not 21),john,jane(exex);wife alive;gch John;[full]
1777-2 A 38      VONDY        Catherine   kewin        d 28 mar 1777;gdau cath vondy 'poor child son john';dau-i-law joney kneal
1777-2 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   STEPHEN      d jan 1777;dau margt;son robt exor agreeable to petn by sons wm,patk + john kelly;petn by robt kelly jurby that three bros objected court case which one witt stated that cath lived with dau margt but unhappy as margt did not use her well and thus moved to son robt but another wiit stated tht if cath would not leave everything to him he would throw her out into the highroad and die on the dunghill;dau margt widow
1777-3 E      w  CORLETT      Mary                     d 26 aug 1777;sis ann,jane;bro john;mo alive
1778-1 A 58      MOUGHTIN     Catharine                d 28 nov 1777;son john teare;bro john moughtin;dau cath teare execx [cath + john illeg c/o John Teare bapt Jur 17540322 + Jur 17590104]
1778-1 A 59      LACE         Catherine   TEAR         w/o capt John Lace,sartfield;son john (eldest + heir),wm (if he come),danl;dau anne w/o John Kaighin (kk michael)
1778-1 A 60      TEARE        William                  d 20 december 177;wife majery sayle;son john,thos,philip;gson john teare;dau esther,ann + son stephen execs (stephen reliquished exec to widow margery
1778-1 A 61      GARRET       John                     d 2 jan 1778;gch john,wm,stephen + cath kissag;son john,patk,robt (if he should come);dau margt,cath;son-i-law john knox;dau esther kissag exex
1778-1 A 62      CHRISTIAN    Catherine                d 8 feb 1778;widow danl christian;son danl,nichsdau cath,mary,bahee (w/o thos cannell),elinor,jane exex;gson thos cannel;some ch ua;1784: john cottier h/o ann
1778-1 A 63   jw CLEATER      Thomas                   dead see cath
1778-1 A 63   jw CLEATOR      Catherine   mylecharane  made 29 nov 1777;gdau cath garratt;unnamed son;dau alice;petn by pledges thos brew + john kelly that gdau cath lately married philip garrett needs legacy but thinks cath insolvent
1779-1 A 46      KILLIP       Mary        kneale       dated 13 mar 1774;ballasalley;son john(heir);dau margt,ann,elinor;husb john exor
1779-1 A 47      COWLE        Catherine   kneale       dated 18 nov 1778;widow patk cowle granaby;son wm;dau ann cashen als cowle(w/o john kk maughold),christian kelly(w/o wm ballahasney ? jurby) ;wm kelly exor
1779-1 A 48      KNEALE       William                  d 9 apr 1779;wife bahee als quayle exex
1779-1 E      d  CORMOAD      Margaret    Corlett      3ch christian, cath marg;husb wm;inv
1779-2 E      d  cannon       Daniel                   perished by sea 29 jul 1779;2 ch john + jane cannon (both ua);wife mary;supvs bros john + thos cannon;fa danl cannon;inv
1779-2 E      w  CROWE        Edmond                   eldest son edmund;youngest son james;eldest dau jane,youngest dau mary kneen als crow;wife else crow als cannel execx
1780   A 53      KINREAD      William                  d 24 jan 1780;ch wm,danl,cath + anne exec;thos killey h/o ann;(also left 6d to 'each of his three own(xd thru) children'
1780   A 54      TAYLOR       Thomas                   d 27 jan 1780;names margt martin exex
1780   A 55      TEARE        Joney       Caine        d 11 feb 1780;husb danl exec;kerroo;son john;dau jony;john brew h/o jony
1780   A 56      CLARKE       John                     nephew john clark castal logh ballaugh;ch of bro thomas clark vizt patk,danl,thomas,wm + ann w/o john caley peel;sis' ch ann + ellinor mylevorrey exexs
1780-1 E 838  w  KEWIN        Margaret    quayle       made 7 mar 1780;son philip,thos,wm;gch mary tear;son-i-law patrick tear + wife execs
1780-2 E 645     CORLETT      Bahee       Moore        late of birag  widow now of derbyhaven;buried jurby + thus her will appeared under jur not malew petn by john clague derbyhaven that court be in malew;son john corlet,dau jane shimin,alice clague w/o john;wm shimin w/o jane;petn of wm shimmn peel that he married 1779 and bahee lived peaceably with them until some designing persons influenced her;court case inv
1780-2 E 662     MYLCHARANE   Philip                   d 16 jun 1780;son philip;dau anne,son wm exec
1780-2 E 663     QUAY         Isabel                   w/o wm;son wm;dau ann,joney + margt;1803 court execx joney lace + margt shimmin vs cath quay relict of wm quay (son of isabel)
1781   A 37      MYLVORREY    Ann         christian    dated 29 dec 1780;son patk;dau jane killey als mylevorrey w/o wm (land in qtrs land west nappin, kerrow quirk) exex;husb patrick
1781   A 38      BREW         Emmy        christian    d 30 mar 1781;son robt,patk,philip exec;gson wm lawson;dau christian (w/o wm lawson)
1781-1 E      w  BREW         Robert                   mariner of liverpool;mo mary brew exex;petn of mary brew of liverpool;
1781-2 E      w  SAYLE        William                  made 15 dec 1780;son wm,mark,john exec
1782   A 52      CLEATOR      William                  d 6 nov 1781;son john;wife jane exex
1782-1 E      d  CORKISH      Daniel                   d 15 may;only ch mary corkish;wife mary;inv crops inc wheat + rye
1782-2 E      w  CLARK        Daniel                   made 23 jul 1782;dau ann ua;names elinor taylor;wife margt exex
1783   A 30      KILLIP       John,snr                 dated 27 feb 1783;ballasalley;gson wm cleator(s/o dau bahee);dau anne,mary,margt,elinor;son john(meadow close y kinlhieye)gch john killip,john cleator,patk cannell;dau bahee exex w/o john
1783   A 31      TEARE        Thomas                   d 16 mar 1783;3ch unnamed(two sons);wife exex
1783-1 E      w  BREW         Philip                   dated 28 mar 1782;ch Margaret Brew ,john,jane,thomas;gson john brew,gdau eleanor + jane brew,gson thos brew;wife margt
1783-2 E      w  ROGER        Mary                     made 6 jul;widow;sis cath;dau cath (eldest);gson james kneale;gdau jane cleator;dau mary;son-i-law john cleator
1784   A105      KNEALE       Isabel                   dated 23 mar 1782;husb daniel exor;son wm;dau ann,cath
1784   A106      kelly        Thomas                   dated 11 oct 1783;ch christian,jane,john,wm,thomas(not 17);wife jane exex (had marr article re the pholley + cool-ny-ping);1798 john kelly h/o christian
1784   A107      SAYLE        Gilbert                  d 10 nov; dau Margt,Ann;son-i-law James Killey;son Gilbert;gson Thos Killey
1784   A108      MUGHTIN      John                     made 2 feb 1784;dau elinor kaighin als moughtin;wife cath;sons arthur, david,john + patrick
1784   A109      CHRISTIAN    Robet                    d 12 mar 1784son robt (exor),thomas;wife margt;dau margt,cath,ann + jane
1784   A110      STEPHEN      Alice       QUAYLE       made 15 may 1779;widow (of patrick);sertfield;son patrick;dau margt (execx);gdau joney + elizth stephen [full]
1784   A111      KNEALE       Joney       corlett      Clage-y-Quayle, Lezayre: son Wiliam; son Thomas, dau Ellinor; Tho & Ellinor of lawful age by 1787
1784   A112      KELLY        Thomas                   dated 10 mar 1784;ballasalley jurby;sis mary (her 3 ch),joney;bro-i-law philip mylevorrey ramsey(+ his dau elinor + ann);bro john,phinlo (jt exor with joney);1786 mary callister als kelly  widow douglas + dau christian appoint dau elnor atty
1784   A113      TEARE        Margaret                 deed of sett  dated 13 jul 170;margt tear widow ballnatear to son james;son john(purchased lands balna cooiley curragh ballagh),thomas,philip,danl
1784-1 E      d  QUAY         William                  d 13 dec 1783;ch wm joney margt + ann;john lace h/o joney reliquished rights
1784-1 E      d  TEARE        William                  d 15 oct 1783;ch wm thos mary + ann
1784-2 E      d  KEWIN        William                  d 6 jul 1784;4 ch Daniel, Philip, Robert , Isabel + Thos & Patrick having marr sets;
1786   A 52      CORLETT      Thomas                   d 7 nov 1785;2  ch  ua;wife exex
1786   A 54      NIDDERAGH    William                  dated 2 Jun 1783;deed of sett ;wife Isabel als Skillicorn(lands during life then to his sis Ellinor - except meadow in Andreas pt of Close Homm to benefit poor of Jurby);decd parents Daniel + Cath als Kelly;sibs Ellinor(w/o John Moore);witt John Crowe, Dan Cowll
1786   A 55      CAINE        James                    made 3 nov 1785;ballaconnaly;stepson john callister(ch mary,jane,esther,john) exor - land in curragh(as his wife (mo of John Callister) had left her part to John;
1786   A 56      KELLY        Jane        myllavore    dated 6 Nov 1786;ch Wm, John, David, Philip, James, Jane;husb David(her pt of land) exor
1786-1 E      w  CRAINE       Alice                    decld 15 may 1786;bro john craine;names (sis xd thru) bahee craine craine als kneal;nephew john crain s/o bro john;sis isabel craine w/o philip craine;danl, ann,elizth  craine c/o bro john;bro thos;names mary craine;sis joney cannon als craine exex
1786-1 E      d  KNEEN        Mary        CROW         d 29 apr 1786 (inv has d 18 apr);husb danl;3 ch (all ua) John, Anne and Mary Kneen ;inv
1786-1 E      d  STEPHEN      Elizabeth   taggart      d 22 mar 1786;widow;only son humphrey
1786-2 E      w  KILLEY       Margaret    sayle        d 12 jul 1786;ch thos + wm;inv
1786-2 E      w  LACE         John                     made 14 apr 1779;sartfield;son john,wm,danl exec;dau ann w/o john kaighin kk michael;codicil adds gch john,danl,cath + ann ch of danl;1827: hugh quirk h/o gdau ann
1787   A 57      CORLETT      Robert                   made 16 Apr 1787: cousin Ann wife of Patrick Kewin [m bal17810203]; brother Wm Corlett; Joney Cleator
1787   A 58      CANNON       Daniel                   dated 18 jan 1787;7 unnamed gch;ch John + Thomas (Close Thomson beyween them);wife Jully exex;Thos, Wm + Ellinor Cannon claim 2;petn by widow Judith Cannon that d 24 Jan 1787 + that he was exor of goods of Alish Crain(Jurby) in summer 1786 + is still owed money
1787   A 59      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    cleator      husb Nicholas;bro John Cleator exor;claim noted buried Apr 1787;
1787   A 60      CHRISTIAN    Nicholas                 dated 28 Oct 1787;Loughan;names Jane Cleator als Rodger(Jurby), Mary Lace als Rodger(Jurby - w/o Danl Lace)), Daniel Lace(Jurby - for assisting Wm Kissage + wife Jane in dividing a parcel of land called the Pholly), Esther Quayle als Christian(Jurby), Jane Kissag als Quayle (Loughan - his house + lands) exex;[the Rodgers are c/o Mary Christian]
1787-1 E      d  CLARK        Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 5 jun 1787;only ch elizth clarke;
1787-1 E      w  KNEALE       Patrick                  dated 29 may 1787;son wm(eldest),stephen,john;dau cath(eldest),margt,elizth,christian;wife christian exex;petn by christian
1787-2 E      w  brew         margaret                 declared 25 jun 1787;widow;son john(ch elinor + jane),thomas;dau margt(w/o thomas christian ramsey);gch thomas + philip brew(s/o thomas);dau-i-law cath brew
1787-2 E      w  CANNELL      Thomas                   d 3 aug 1787;son thos(eldest);other ch some ua;wife bahee als christian exex
1788   A 41      TEARE        John                     made 18 oct 1787;ballateare;sons thomas (heir),james,wm,danl;daus cath,margt + ann
1788   A 42      kneale       daniel                   son wm,dau cath;wife cath als craine (houses in peel);30 dec 1788 ann callister d/o danl acks from step mother christian nail (ann's mo isabel [?cannon]); ack finlo corkil onchan [?h/o cath], wm kneal jurby, ann callister w/o john late of orrisdale michael but now douglas ack from christian als craine of ballasalley jurby
1788   A 43                                            number not used
1789   A 58      CLARK        John                     dec 2 feb 1787;helped his ch when they went abroad;dau cath clark (legacy from her gmo)
1789   A 59      CROW         John                     made 8 dec 1789;d 20th inst;dau cath;son simon exec;note that he had suffered a loss by having timber cut down + jury summoned;letter from john crow jnr now resident in scotland stating that john crow fa,mary crow sis to rev wm christian lately dead ch ewan (beyond seas),simon + cath, + peter by prev marr;john jnr came back to look after ch;inv + sale
1789   A 60      WADE         Ann         CHRISTIAN    made 3 jan 1789;dau cath;other ch;named margt christian widow;husb john;1801 wm corlett h/o cath,michael kewish h/o ann;
1789   A 61      KNEEN        John                     d 18 mar 1789;dau cath;son stephen exec;wife alive
1789-1 E 954  w  CLUgAS       Catherine                unreadable on microfilm;inv;?d 2 dec 1788;charles radcliffe h/o exex ?margt;
1789-1 E 965  d  STEPHEN      Mary                     d 27 dec 1788;sis elizth brew als stephen,patk stephen+ margt stephen(c/o patk stephen decd) + humphrey stephen s/o john stephen decd
1789-2 E      w  Caine        David                    dated 2 feb 1789;dau ann (w/o thos callister jurby),mary;son patrick exor (to take care of son david);1794:david caine h/o mary
1789-2 E      w  CORLETT      Ann                      dated 1 aug 1789;husb thos exor;son wm,john;gson jojn (s/o john corlett);niece to her husb ann corlett
1790-1 E      jw KELLY        Catherine                alive
1790-1 E      jw KELLY        John                     dated 30 nov 1789;john+ cath;son thos (field in ballaminagh);daus isable,cath + margt exexs;wm quay h/o cath,dollin caine h/o isabel;1 wm quay dead by 1804;
1791   A 51      KINREAD      Joney                    made 15 jun 1785;son john,david;dau margt,ann (her eldest dau jane killey),cath;names wm s/o david kinread
1791   A 52      CLEATER      Thomas                   deed of settlement dated 22 Apr 1789 [NSS May 1791 25] to kinswoman Judith Hunter als Cleator(w/o Wm Hunter) accepted as will + Judith sworn exex;gives lands of qtrland Loughan known as Chooi-e-Ghreasy? 
1791   A 53      CHRISTIAN    Ann                      Ballachurry, widow of David Christian: dau Ann & Jane, son Rbt, son Thomas, son David, son Daniel (underage),(?all the children underage), Patrick Christian is uncle of children
1791-1 E      w  GILL         Isabel                   dated 28 jul 1790;husb james exor;son john (eldest - land kerrow croie),james,thos;dau elinor,jane
1791-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      ?cant find - marked with cross indicator in defuncts - suspect Ann Christian in Arch wills
1792   A 47      CLARK        Joney       lewin        w/o john,son thos;dau margt,mary(lands ballajockey)[almost unreadable both on film + on paper]
1792-2 E 48   w  CAin         Elinor [Elender]         sis jane mylecharane;son dollin moore exex
1793   A 65      CORKAN       Robert                   dated 26 nov 1792;(proclaimed 8 nov);dau ann,cath,eleanor;son john;wife ann exex
1793   A 66      CLARKE       John                     dau;son john (clough bane + meadow bought of Philip clark),philip,wm;son-i-law thos brew (h/o cath);dau cath;gson thos + philip brew;wife cath
1793   A 67      CLEAToR      Elinor                   dated 31 mar 1789;widow,late andreas now jurby;dau margt,alice;son wm exor
1793-1 E 326  w  CLARKE       Jane                     dated 1 sep 1792;ballaganahen ?;dau ann;son philip;husb exor;1844:james brown h/o ann;
1793-1 E 329  d  CALLISTER    Margaret    clark        d 26 dec 1792;thos,john,jane(w/o wm crow),margt(w/o patk cain);husb thomas
1793-2 E      w  KINRADE      John                     wife cath(exec)
1794   A 63      CHRISTIAN    Isabel      vondy        ballacurrey;d 3 dec 1793;gch anne crow,john christian,judy christian;bro john vondy's poor children;dau jane christian execx
1794-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   tellet als redfern d 24 may 1794;Ballamoar;ch Wm, Daniel, Ann Nichol als Tellet jt admrs (only Danl on Island  sworn);pledges Rev John Crellin (epis Reg) + Rev Danl Gelling
1794-1 E      w  CLARK        William,snr              west nappin;son wm,robt,john;dau eliz (execx) w/o david mughtin;wife alive
1795   A 65      CLUCAS       Thomas                   d 8 apr;made oct 1794;sons john,wm,miles,robt exec;dau cath (w/o charles radcliffe),christian (w/o thos corrin),dorothy (w/o john wade),margt (w/o wm curphey),joney (resident in scotland;owed 2/- dollin cain for shoes
1795-1 E      d  BREW         Mary        horton       d 0ct 1794;liverpool;court decrees mary webster lawful w/o saml webster neice, admx;sam appoints hugh anderson also liverpool to sue out lettes of admin;recital of transfers elizth brew widow ballavarran sold for 383 to robt brew liverpool, he died leavingto his mo mary brew widow, she died with mary webster next of kin;
1795-1 E      d  CRYE         Mary                     d oct 1794;formerly jurby but late liverpool;sibs wm,elizth corlet(w/o john),cath cry als cry(w/o thos),grace quiggin(w/o john),margt crye;
1795-1 E      w  KNEEN        Margaret    SAYLE        dated 19 mar 1791;husb wm;son ewan(loom);dau margt + cath exexs
1796   A 48      McYLVORREY   John,jnr                 made 11 dec 1795;dau jane at present my only dau (? if wife preg etc as son would be heir);wife jane als corlet exex;dan stephen uncle by mo's side + humphrey steven by fa's side guardians
1796   A 49      TEAR         Marjery     saile        dated 13 feb 1789;widow;gson john tear s/o thos tear;dau ann tear exex
1796   A 50      MUGHTIN      John                     d 10 nov 1795;son thos;dau cath;wife exex
1797   A 76      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 12 jan 1797;son wm  + john (6d),charles (6);wife bahee exex;one ch ua
1797   A 77      STEVEN       Patrick                  dated 5 sep 1794;niece ann steven,cath lawson exex (ann acks from david lawson exor)
1797-1 E      w  COWLEY       Catherine                dau isable clark an infant, all her goods;parents thos + isable execs;bro john cowley;danl stephen sworn guardian
1797-1 E      w  KELLY        Thomas                   doolough;nephew thomas (s/o bro john kelly + sd thos sibs john,isabel,cath + margt);sis cath;various giftssis cath execx;in acks isabel cain, wm quay h/o cath kelly (niece);1804 dollin cain h/o isabel
1798   A 54      KELLY        Joney                    dated 12 june [year lost];bro john kelly;sis mary callister (widow douglas);nephew john callister liverpool;niece elinor w/o matthias kelly douglas,christian w/o robt clague douglas,elinor w/o robt kerruish ramsey;god dau elizth d/o wm kneale jurby;john killip with whom I reside; niece ann mylvoirrey exex;by probate mary callister dead, john kelly incompetant his nephew john callister appointed
1798   A 55      CALEY        Margaret                 dated 7 jan 1795;w/o michael;son john, patrick (2 eldest joint execs),michael,thomas,daniel;dau margt (w/o john kelly),ann; [out of place - 1821: ack by robt kerruish h/o ellinor als morrison of ramsey from wm cowley peel exor judith kelly
1798   A 56      KAIGHEN      Jane                     [Full]widow: dau Jane wife of Wm Radcliffe; gdau Ellinor dau of Tho Kaighin; son Thomas
1798   A 57      KNEALE       William                  made 13 jan 1768;graue, of curragh lezayre;names thomas mylevoirrey (adam)(share of boat);aunt cath wife of adam mylevoirrey;bro thos kneale;sis elinor kneale exex
1798   A 58      VONDY        Ann         bittle       dated 31 mar 1798;w/o patrick (intack close quayle lezayre called gatt ny dorlish which after his death to fall to thomas cleator who now lives with her);names mary cleater (who also lives with her);thomas + ann execs
1798   A 59      CHRISTIAN    William                  [full]
1798-1 E      w  CLARK        Philip,snr               dated 14 sep 1792;nalkgharaghyn?;son philip exec,john;wife jane;dau ann
1798-2 e756      caley        michael                  dated 11 jul 1798;son john,michael,thomas (loom),patk (land houses);dau margt,anne;wm clarke h/o ann;john kelly h/o margt;
1799   A 64      TEAR         Daniel                   dated 29 jan 1799;son john;dau isable;step dau margt w/o john kinread;gdau isable d/o s-i-l thos tear;gdau jane tear d/o sd thos (execx);1799: wm lawson h/o execx
1799   A 65      KELLY        Christian   COWLE        dated 11 mar 1799;w/o wm ballahasney (exec);son wm (close hom);dau mary qualtrough,cath kelly (w/o wm teare);gdau christian teare,cath kelly,mary + margt qualtrough;maidservs jane+elizth moore
1799-1 E      d  CAIN         Dollin                   petn by isabel w/o dollin caine jnr (now in hm service);wm cain (s/o dollin snr) disputes - depositions - seems dollin made will in house (?pub) of paul clague + was committed to writing sometime afterwards;will son wm;nieces cath  + alice quay (their mother sis Mary quay);son dollin exec
1799-1 E      d  CRYE         Margaret    CORLETT      d 2 nov 1798;2ch wm + elizth ua;husb wm;inv
1799-2 E      w  CAIN         Mary        MYLVORREY    dated 28 jan 1799;widow of dollin;nieces mary + ann cannell d/o sis ellinor;bro adam (+ dau cath now in ireland if she come for it);sis ellinor w/o wm cannell exex
1799-2 E      w  CANNELL      William                  made 20 sep 1799;unnamed ch;son wm (+ ch);wife elinor
1799-2 E      d  CORKISH      Mary                     d 10 jul 1799;only ch mary nelson als corkish w/o wm;claims by james corkil + wife bidget;
1799-2 E      jw FREER        Jane                     see wm
1799-2 E      jw FREER        William                  wm + jane als stephen;bro robt wade;jane lace cousin jane freer;sister ann stephen (houses) exec as decease of longer liver;1818: margt caley late wade widow robt acks
1799-2 E      w  KNEEN        Daniel                   decld 9 jul 1799;wife margt;daus anne + mary (exexs)
1799-2 E      w  McNAMEER     John                     dated 18 may 1799;son-i-law philip quayle;wife isable exex

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