Summary of Wills - Jurby pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1637   e 366     CAINE        Patt                     [rh margin lost on film]dated 4? Feb 1637;ch Wm(all lands + had m/c), donald, John, Issable - jt execs; names Tho Kellie + wife (owes 4s?);inv
1637   e 386     KNEALE       Jony                     d 30 dec(10ber) 1637;only sister 'by father + mother' admx
1638   e 585     CAIN         Margret     CLERKE       [lh margin lost on film]dated 12 Apr 1638;ch Wm, Donald, John + Isable - jt execs;names Ann Caine (my daughter? [part lost] for her corbes 1 coffer, 1 silver broatch and a bowle)              
1643   e 162     CAINE        William                  [lh margin lost on film]wife Margt als Kellie;ch Thomas(all my fround);wants Jo Kellie (uncle [?of ch] to be supv of children;                     
1652   e 150     SKALYE[skall Jo                       court states will invalid - decrees ch ua gilbt, danl, patk, edward + margt admrs - eldest son Tho is heir, son Wm (40s - at age);wife alive;inv 10 10s
1655   A 105     Crebbin      Margaret    STEPHEN      (035)(page 32)dated 11 nov 1655;husb john crobin;dau margt crobin (her pt croft)exex;
1656   A 252  w  McNameer     Ellin       STEANE       (029)(page 30)dated 15 jun 1656;husb richd McNameer;sibs John Steane + margt steane execs;names Ebid? Callin, Do: Steane, Jony Steane;inv 42s 8d
1660   A 997  d  CRAINE       Issabel                  d 18 Dec 1659;sibs Nich, Finloe, Jo + margt craine admrs;
1660   A 998  d  CAINE        William                  [some loss on film]d 15 Dec;ch Patr, Ann,[],margt caine;some had m/cs;
1660   A 999  w  BITTLE       Thomas                   d 29 Oct 1659;4 unmarried ch;gch Tho Sayle;wife Averick als Dughartie exex;inv 4 18s;pledges Jo Sayle, Tho Dougherty
1660   A 1001 w  STEPHEN      Ann                      d 17 Nov 1659;sis Averick Stephen;names William Nidderigh, Donald Clucas (exor);inv 4s 6d
1665   e 341  jd CAINE        ann                      see John
1665   e 341  jd CAINE        Jo                       [jt decree with Ann ]c/o Dollin Caine (jurby) d mid march last;only sis by fa + mother - Jony Caine admx - ua - goods in fa's hands, inv in mo's will
1666   A      w  CAINE        John                     d 22 Apr 1667;sibs Marke Caine(20s in hands Jony Freere), unnamed sis in Ireland(3 of 4 due from Dollin Caine sertfield),Tho (+ daughter), Jony Kee (exex);stepson Gilbt Caine;names Michell Xtian(Andreas), Anne Kee, Margr: Kee, Wm Kellie, Tho Kellie;excx at age + pledges Will Kelly + Tho Kelly;inv 25s 6d
1666   A      w  Caine        Jony        BIRROUGH     d 6 Apr 1667;ch Wm Caine (heiffer at house of Patk Caine), Dollin Caine(living in Ireland), Tho Caine exor;dau-i-law Jony Conoley;gch Anne? Caine;godson Dollin Caine;inv 2 6s
1666   A      w  CALLISTER    Thomas                   d 6 Apr 1667;gch Thos Freere, Jony Clucas;dau Xtian Callister exex [see m/c in lib vas 1654]inv 3 6s;pledges Dollin Caine clerke, Will Callister
1666   A      w  Clarke       Anne        Crobbin als SAYLE  d 6 Mar 1666;ch Cath Crobbin(20s due of her fa's goods), John Crobbin, Wm Crobbin, James;stepson Wm Clarke;names Patr Clarke, Ann Cowley, Margt Brew( she was behind with her wages), Jo Clarke, Xtian Kneale;husband Patr Clark exor;inv 40s;
1666   A      w  Sayle        Jane        TEAR         d 26 Mar 1666;sibs Tho Teare, Dollin,Anne(best apparrell if she would come for it), Cath,Issable;;husb Tho Sayle;parents John Tear + Cath als Brew jt execs
1667   A      w  FAYLE        William                  [loss of rh margin on film]d 6 Nov 1667;wife alive;ch Jo + Jane jt execs - Wm Taggard + Tho Teare to be overseers [see also lib scacc 1670 p18 re ch's gfa Robt Clucas]
1668   A      d  CLERK        Dollin                   d 30 Dec [1668];bros John, Stephen, Pat + Robt Clark jt admrs of all gotten by his own industry - if any other goods his half brother(?s) to have a portion
1668   A      d  SKALY        Jony        KEE          d 15 Feb 1668;ch Ann, Isable, Margery + John Skally admrs - next of kin supvs (2 sworn + Bahee Kee to be sworn);husb alive
1675   A 4    w  CAIN         Ann                      d 5 oct 1675;dau cath,jony tear;son wm,danl tear exor;gson wm teare;husb dead;?in inv ann craine CHK;tho teere + wiife cath teere claim for his portion
1678-1 E 258  d  CHRISTIAN    David                    s/o John Christian; sibs Wm, Robt + Margt Christian jt admrs - mother to have custody as father is extravagant;inv;margt at age acks + pledges Dollin + Wm Clerke;1682: Robt Christian s/o Jon Christian (Jurby) at age acks from fa + mo all goods due by death of bro David Christian + also recvd that due to youngest bro Wm - pledges mother Emy Christian als Clerk + his sis Margt Xtian
1678-1 E 260  w  brew         Bahee       CRELLIN      headed 'woman dyed [sic ?declared?] abt 20 Aug 1675;ch Margt,Anny, Catherine;husb Patrick Brew exor ('his tender care during time of her long and tedious sickness');gch Jo Crowe's dau;one witt Patrick Clark + Will Kelly both dead -
                                                            28 Feb 1677: Catherin Kelly deposes that abt 1 Aug last  testx being sick declared she had made her will and would not alter it other to further bequeath to ch Margt + Jony 20s in money and that Capt Woods was also a witness - 
                                                            14 May 1678: Capt Woods says privie only casually in that husb seeing one witness dead and she spoke some words but not agreeable to will - Kath Kelly not in house in his sight - court postpones decision until next court at Jurby worried abt a non-cupative will made near 3 years before death but not committed to writing until after death and that the other witness [?Kath Kelly] 'is one that the executr keeps as his whore by common fame' declares invalid and unmarried ch Margt + Jony admxs - 31 Oct 1678: Margt Lewen ? acks + says other sis also has been paid;[woould appear from inv that had mortgages on several lands]inv 
1678-1 E 266  w  mughton      Mable       STEAN        d 11 Mar 1677;ch Arthur Moughton, Jony, Wm Moughton exor;names Clarke Caine's young children;inv 3s 5d
1678-1 E 266  w  STEAN        Margaret                 d 8 mar 1677;names Jony moughtin Ellin ine Vondy? (+ poor dau);sis Katherine Stean, Mable Steane exex; inv 2s 4d
1678-2 E 340  d  FREER        Patrick                  inc m/c;declaration by witnesses that agreed between Patk Freer + Ann Tear in Kk German, midsummer 1675;Patk's mo gave all lands reserving nothing (couple to maintain her) - no mention made of Ann Teares portion but took what goods due by fa's + mo's naming on her;
1679-1 E 054  d  CAINE        Alice                    d 24 oct 1679;unmar ch dollin, john, jony + mary caine jt admrs;bro-i-law thomas curlet supv of ch ua;husb alive
1679-1 E 055  d  CHRISTIAN    Hanuell ?   oates        d 17 aug 1679;ch george, kermod + wm christian jt admrs;
1679-1 E 056  d  vandy        Jony        RADCLIFFE    d 6 Aug 1679;only unmarried child Patk Vandy sworn admr;husb alive;inv
1679-2 E 110  d  BREW         William                  d 27 Oct [1679];bro (of whole blood) Micheel Brew (half goods)+ sis Margt + kath (of half blood - other half between them)
1679-2 E 110  d  CALOW        Bahee                    d 9 Apr 1680;2 sis of whole blood admxs of all that came from mother + brethren of half blood
1680-2 E 236  w  CAINE        Thomas                   [rh margin lost];d 24 [];ch Dollin Caine exor, jony caine;wife alive;inv
1681   A      w  CAIN         Patrick                  d 17 jan 1681;son wm,patk;dau an,averick(w/o wm crow),cath
1681   A      w  TEAR         John                     d 24 Mar 1681;?wife preg - if son then goods + lands otherwise if 'woman' then to have 8 left to Jane + Jane to have lands - if she die ua then to next sis;ch jane(8),Margr:,names rich Teare, Katherine Teare;wife Katherine Teare exex;Thos Tear + Wm Killip to be supvs;exex dead by probate  - her exex Ann Teare sworn exex + supv of ch;
1681-1 E 296  d  FAYLE        jaine                    [rh margin lost];d 25 [] ; bro Tho + Jon Fayle admrs - one ua + other in noe condition to come to court  decreed Wm Clucas uncle to admr until they are able
1681-1 E 296  d  kellee       Jony        TEAR         d 25 Apr 1681;husb Dollin Kellie;ch Elizth, Wm, Ro + Dollin Kellie jt execs - supv Jo Tear, Phil + Mary Tear;inv
1681-1 E 297  d  COWLEY       Ann                      d 2 Nov 1680;bro John Cowley(Kk Braddan) admr she having no lawful issue but provision for illeg child to be consider by court;inv 4s
1683-1 E 649  d  TEAR         Ann                      d 20 mar;sis to jane; - only sis margt admx;goods in inv of fa + mo;
1683-1 E 649  d  TEAR         jane                     orphan;d 2 yrs ago - only sis margt admx
1684   A      w  Charran      Jony        COnLEY?      ?conley not cowley;?d 6 nov [not very readable];ch Finloe,wm, Patrick, ellin + jony charran (all jt execs);husb Henry Charran - goods inc in will of husb Henry Charran
1684-1 E 052  d  Kneen        Elizabeth   CASEMENT     d 20 mar [1683/4?];only ch Wm Kneen admr - at age
1685-1 E 254     FAYLE        John                     d 24 Oct;orphan;uncles on fa's side Thomas + Dollin Tear admr of goods by that side + uncle Wm Clucas goods by mo' side [?only ch of Wm Fayle + Alice Clucas m jur 16510120 + bapt Jur 16670818]
1685-1 E 254     kelly        Jony        CONOLY       d 28 Apr;next of kindred - aunts(fa side) Margt + Jony Conoley admrs that came by fa side + Philip Kelly admr of all came thru mo' side;husb alive
1685-1 E 255     CAMAISH      Daniel                   d 4 May;bro Jon Camaish admr
1685-1 E 255     MUGHTON      Jony                     [poor contrast on film];d 10 May 1685;names Ann Kewish, [] christian;Ellinor Mughtin, [ann?] Mughtin + patr ? Kewish jt execs;
1685-1 E 255     STEAN        Daniel                   d 7 May;son thomas admr
1685-1 E 256     GAWNE        William                  d 9 Jun 1685;ch Wm(his half crop etc), Tho exor - Dollin Gawne senr + junr supvs;wife alive - goods in her hands pledges Tho Gawne + Ri? Gawne
1685-1 E 257     KEWLEY       William                  [poor contrast on film]sis Jane admx
1685-1 E 258     VANDIE       Patrick                  rh margin lost in binding on microfilm - my photo poor]d 17 May 1685;sibs Wm Vandie, Bahy?, Jony;bro-in-law John Clark;ch Ann + Margt jt exexs - ua - wife his bro Wm supv;pledges Ro Clark, Patt Clark;inv;1710: Thomas fargher h/o only surviving admx Ann Vandy acks paid from Will Sayle
1685-2 E 344     CAINE        Kathrin                  d 12 Feb ;all she had was expended on funeral;
1685-2 E 344     MOOR         Mary                     d 6 May;orphan;aunt Jony + Averick Moughten admrs;
1687-1 E 580     brew         Katherin    KELLY        [rh margin lost];d 24 jan ;only dau Jane Brew admx - uncles Harry + Wm supv;husb alive;John Macylevorrey claiams agt adms of []-in-law Kath Kelly;1706: Jane acks stepmother Cath Brew of goods [ not very readable ? Wm Caine] 
1687-1 E 580     moughton     Ellin       INY VORREY   [rh margin lost];d 11 May; 2 ch [] + Patr Moughtin - next of kin Tho Mcylvorrey supvs;husb alive 
1688-2 A 64      CROW         Margret     QUAIL        [full]d 9 jan 1688/9;ch charles,ellen ua next kindred wm + ellin quayle;husb sr wm crow
1690-1 A      w  CHRISTRY     Isabel                   d 24 Dec [1690];ch Thomas(10s mortgaged in ye hill of Ballimenagh), Bahie, Ann, Cath, Joney exex - Bahie to be supv;names Cathrin Vhristian(Ballimore);sibs Margret Christry, Will Chrystery
1690-1 A      w  KELLY        William                  d 26 jan 1689;unnamed ch(6d ea),Wm exor,Alice + Kath(owed 17s of mo's goods)
1690-2 A      w  KELLEY       William                  a fair hand copy of that in bk 1!
1690-1 E 322  d  STEAN        John                     d 2 Dec 1688;4 ch Wm, Finlo, Wm + Joney jt admrs - all at age;agreement that as fa had small croft rent 8d intack eldest son Wm to have and if he dies with no issue then to other ch;1697: Finlo acks 20s of fa's goods from Pat Karran (Jurby)
1691-1 A      w  STEAN        William                  bur 22 Dec ;bro Phinlo, Wm(the elder);mother Margt Crebbin; sis [] stean exex at age
1691-1 A      w  VANDY        Ann         [caine]      d 26 Nov;bro Patk (to be supv of her child);uncle Gilber Killey;dau Margt exex - ua;husb Wm;mentions mortgaged lands called Garie-begg(to bro Patt + Thomas Vandy;names several - Jon Christery,Cath Comish, Robt Christian, Ellin Kisag, An Vandy, Wm Vandy junr, Wm Cain, Averick Cain;displaced inv etc (indexed under Ann caine) inv only dated 21 dec 1691 ;noted goods due to child by former wife;legacy to Gill Kelley, Patt Cain, Averick Cain;goods in Will Vondy's hands  1703: Wm Vandy dead - exex Margt content to secure same in hands of her? bro Tho Vandy
1692-1 A      d  Corlett      Mariod      CORKIL       d 27 Feb [?1690];only ch Thomas Corlett admr - next of kin aunts Ann, Margt + Kath Corkill;husb alive;inv 2 15s
1692-1 A      w  MOUGHTON     Jony                     bur 19 Mar 1690;uncle + aunt Wm + Jony Moughten (her pt of land) execs
1692-2 A      w  KELLEY       William                  d 9 Feb 1692/3?;sibs Henry Kelley exor, cath kelley, ann + Bahey kelley;
1692-2 A      w  QUARK        Wiliam                   d 26 Feb 1692/3;ch Wm exor;wife alive;names Wm Kelly, Wm? kermod;
1692-3 E 763  w  [?crigart]   Bahie       CAIN         [faint][indexed as Bahee Cain]d 26 Feb ?;ch Cath, Daniel, Andrew(if he came),Wm exor; ch at age[ch esp Andrew match Bahee Cain w/o Thos Crigartt]
1692-3 E 764  d  killip       Jane        cally nee ca d 20? Jan;ch Margt(xd thru),Averick + Kath Calley by former husb + Ann Killip by latter jt admrs - some ua - Margt sworn supv [?did margt have m/c];usb alive
1693-1 E 028  w  CLARK        Robert                   d 30 Apr 1683;ch Ann, John, Thos(his pt of Croft) exor
1693-2 E 086  w  kewen        Jony        KNENYLT      d 10 Oct 1692;ch Patk Kewen, Jony, Ann Cain, Mary (jt exec with Patk - Patk als supv of ua ch);gch Alice Cain;names Robt Christian;husb alive; [ann Kewn m Wm Cain  Jur 16821003]
1694-1 E 144  d  GAWN         Thomas                   d 24 Apr ;ch Phil + Thomas gawn admrs - ua but no relns in Island then mo has tuition + goods
1694-1 E 144  d  MOORE        Michael                  d 7 Mar;unmarried ch Patk + Alice jt admrs - pledges uncle Rich Moore + John Kneen;part of inv in mortgaged lands;
1694-2 A      w  CAIN         Dollin                   dated 13 Feb 1694;ch Cath(eldest dau - houses + lands - unless wife pregnant with a son), Ann - Parson John Christian + bro-i-law Tho Corlet supvs;sibs John(to be maintained by wife),joney,Mary;wife to make up loft (loose boards in house);
                                                            1728: dispute between Thos Clerk(west Nappin) + Rev Jno Christian - went to arbitration - Clark to have half crop in east Nappin as was possessed by late mo-i-law, Christian to have dung of East Nappin belonging to exex of his mo-i-law + grass excepting south end Close-gayl, Druin-y-close, Gatt, Croit-y-Cain + Lheane moar;
1694-2 A      w  CURLET       Thomas                   dated 20 Mar 1695;ch Wm(had m/c), John(pr english netts);wife Cath als Christian exex;debtors - Finlo Stean owes 20s, Jon Clark 1 11s + others;goddau Joney Cain Ballavarry;names Dollin Cain(+ dau Cath);inv 7 11s
1694-2 A      w  TEAR         Dollin                   d 1 Mar 1694;ch James(eldest son - 50s he had in mortgage on Ballacurry land called ye Dollaugh + half crop due by death of mo);wife Kath;ch James, Jon, Nich + Kath jt execs;witt Matt Bittle,Tho Cleark(v ill;[some ch ua as mo + overseers sworn];inv - noted that tuition of ch in mo's hands - noted that a contract existed between Dollin + wife by wch all mortgaged lands to her and confirmed by James;19 feb 1700/1: John Tear acks from Tho Tear supv;1733: John tear + Nicho Tear [survr?] of execs of  Dollin Tear ack fully satisfied by mo Kath Tear; m/c 1689 Contract Dollin Tear + Ann Tear
1695-1 A      w  stean        Margaret    SAYLE        d 20 Nov 1695?;sis Elen Sayle;names Elen Tear, Jony Stean;husband Finlo Stean;ch Ewan Stean(eldest son),unnamed youngest child;ch ua - supv Dan + Nelly Sayle (John Quark sworn obo wife)
1695-2 e 264     KELLEY       Tho                      [margin lost in binding - some loss on 2nd page] m/c dated 9 J[un] 1690 wm Kelley + Margt Christian;Thomas Kelley + wife Margrett Kelly als Steane obo son Thomas Kelley;Jon Christian + wife Eemey Christian als Cleark obo dau Margaret (with consent eldest son + heir Robt Christian);to marry before St John Baptist day [25 June];Christian to give 8 and in lieu of same to give part of qtrland called ye pollaugh adj to sd Kelley's croft;Kelley to give half goods - other half at decease of longest liver;Witt Tho Christian, Fin Craine x;accepted as last will of Thomas Kelley - Wm + Margt appointed exors
1696-1 A      w  kelly        Kathrin     McYLVORY     made 5 jan 1696[1696/7]ch kath(in ireland),patk(her part of land), joney, margt + mally(last 4 jt execs) - jony + margt at age + supvs;husb Patk;inv 2 19s;1719: Mally acks from John Gell(h/o Margt) [Patt remarried to Ann Oates - his will 1712, Ann 1716 - see Old Jur #32][full]
1696-2 e 432     DOUGHERTIE   William                  being 8 yrs out of Island without being heard of - supoosed dead in nany? vessels;sibs Wm, Averick + Nelly;inv in fa's will [rest of page lost]
1696-2 E 427  w  KEWEN        William                  court 3 Jul 1696;ch Bahey, Mary, Jony(lands in Kk Andreas 5s ? rent),Patt exor,Ann (Cain's wife?);gch Alice Caine
1697-1 A      w  CAIN         William                  d 4 feb 1697/8;son patt(eldest at la);other unnamed ch ua but next relns refused supv;wife ann;sibs patt,averick
1697-1 A      w  CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  dated 2? Jan 1691?;ch Robt, Pat, Mary,Wm, Christian, Margt;gch Elizth Flexney;wife Elinor exex;cousin Tho Christian;
1697-1 A      w  TEAR         Elin                     d 1 jan;cousin joney;sis ann teare exex;
1697-1 E 479  w  CLEATOR      Margaret                 [?missing page]d 27 Apr 1697;ch John, Joney, Dority?, Ann;dau-i-law Janey?;
1698-1 A      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  d 3 Jan 1698/9;ch John, Alice, Bahye,  Margt (last 4 6d ea),Cath(sheep + linen);son-i-law Jon McHenery;sis Cath;friend Wm Corlett exor;
1699   A      w  DAUGHERDY    Dollin                   d 30 Oct 1699;ch cath(20s),Dollin exor;wife Ann als Clator (5s) - pregnant(unborn child(40s if lives);sis Ellinor,Averick;list of debtors inc Mullnex Bittle, jon Camish;ch ua - Mullnex Bittle + Wm Killip supv ;inv;1701 wife Ann resigned her pt  of the meadow called Camaish's keeping her half of overplus (rest for use of ch )
1699   A      w  McMEER       John                     d 12 dec 1699;wife ann als Kelly;bro Mark Meer;declares unsatisfied in goods fa Wm Meer gave in contract (half a cow etc);ch Mally, John + Wm jt execs with half goods, wife other half jt with bro Mark Meer; Loving gossip[godparent] Mr Jo Christian + Wm Kelly to be supvs;1730: John + Wm Mcnameer ack from stepfa Wm Vaundy;inv;1699: Ann Kelly claims
1699   A      w  McNAMEER     Mark                     [very faint - mostly unreadable] wife Cath;ch ua
1699   A      w  McNAMEER     William                  [very faint]d 12 dec 1699;ch Mark McMeer(+ children ann = Jean?),John(his ch);Averick(d/o Mark Meer) exex;1715: Wm Vaundy + wife Ann Kelly (formerly w/o Wm Meer's son John) ack legacy to John's ch from Jony Mcnameer
1699   A      w  STEON        Elin                     d 18 Oct 1699;husb Wm stean;bro Phinlo Karran - unnamed ua child;nothing remains after debts;
1699-1 E 125  d  TEAR         Catherine   CANNEL       d7 Mar;ch [?1698/9] Wm, John + Nich jt admrs - her bros Wm + John Cannell supvs;husb alive
1699-2 E 319  w  kneen        Ann         FREER        d 8 Oct 1698;husb Thomas Kneen(6d);son Wm Singer? (20s due by fa's will) exor;mentions purchased land called pollough 12d rent mortgaged to minister of Ballaugh being in great necessity of money
1699-2 E 320  w  CHRISTIAN    Elinor                   d 23 Jul 1699;wants burial in churchyard of Jurby as near as possible to husb;ch John(Close-equayle) Christian exor, Wm, Margt, Christian, Patrick, Robt(in Ireland) - some ch ua;mentions concerns in Douglas to be sold to pay debts;cousin Thomas Christian;pledges Thos + Wm Curlett;1699: ack by Ro Christian discharging bro John Christian;1716: Christian Christian acks from bro John Christian vicar of Jurby + bro-i-law Wm Flexney(Douglas) - refers to some 2 settled by Ld Bishop;1718: Margt Christian acks bro John all due by death fa + mo, Christian acks bro re goods from fa Patrick + mo Ellinr
1699-2 E 328  d  Curlet       Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 5 Sep [1699];ch Wm + John jt admrs

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