Summary of Wills - German post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription some 50% is available.of those pre 1840 [443/857]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 48      CRAINE       Nicholas                 dated 23 dec 1799;names ch philip quine - ellinor,jane + thos;son nich(+ ch ann + mary);dau cath quine exex(w/o philip quine)
1800   A 49      QUAYE        Elizabeth   cottier      dated 17 dec 1799?;peel;widow;corvalla;gch thos quaye(corvin's garden),sarah quaye;landlady margt cannan;son john exor;
1800   A 50      SHIMMIN      Catharine                of Airey Glass, German, widow of Charles Shimmin, son Jn Shimmin, dau Mgt dau Isab (md xxx McNabb), dau Ann (md Phil Quiggin), dau Cath (md Phil Killey, dau Cath Killey)
1800-1 E         CANNELL      Ann         Lace         d 16 mar 1799;only ch cath;
1800-1 E         CLARKE       Thomas                   dated 9 sep 1799;mariner;sis ann calow als clark exex(w/o john)
1800-1 E         COOIL        Isabel      JICK         d 4 yrs ago;peel;only ch james cooil;
1800-1 E         McCULLOCH    Elizabeth   cowin        d 5 may 1799;daus margt,eliz + jane;son alexander exec ua ,fa wm;wm cowin uncle supv;inv inc 1/4th of smacks Brilliant (75), Friends (40)+ Mayflower(20)
1800-1 E         QUIRK        Jane        QUINE als kelly dated 8 oct 1794;ch elinor,mary,margt(exex);[1st marr thos quine mar 17470725 + bur Ger 17520424;?2nd marr john quirk Ger 17530710]
1800-1 E         SAYLE        Catharine   corkan als mccartney  [very faint on film]d feb 1800;ch john corkan, wm + thos sayle jt admrs - all ua - uncle (by fa's side Patk Corkan supv of john, wm + thos sayle supvs of thers;pat corkan claims for  legacy left in will jane callow (cath sayle was exex);inv inc half fishing smack(other half wm sayle) 8 15s;[ist husb wm corkan ?marr; unless - cath chartes Ger 17820622 wm a wdwr bur Ger 17940517 ;2nd marr wm sayle Ger 17941220]
1800-1 E         SAYLE        Elizabeth   crellin      d 14 nov 1799;ch wm + thos - ua;husb thos
1800-1 E         Stowell      John                     d jul 1799;master free grammar school;bach;fa thos stowell;pledges son rev joseph stowell + john quine kk pat
1800-2 E         BOODLE       Robert                   d 5 jan 1800;ch john,elizth clucas als boodle(w/o thomas) jt admrs
1800-2 E         Boyle        Jane                     [bur Pat 18000829];made 23 aug 1800;sis isabella cleator als boyle exex(w/o john)
1800-2 E         COOIL        Thomas                   [very faint on film]d 19 march 1784;peel;son james;ch of dau cath,ch of dau jane jt admrs
1800-2 E         KELLY        Matthias                 dated 12 sep 1800;bro-i-law nicholas cowley + ellinor cowley als kelly execs;witt ahab sayle x, elinor quark x
1800-2 E         SCOTT        Ann         radcliffe    dated 3 dec 1798;sis isabella cain als radcliffe (1s);friend wm clucas kionsleau exor
1801   A 35      KILLEY       John                     d 30 oct 1800;ch john,margt;wife cath exex
1801   A 36      KAIGHIN      William                  peel;dau ann (eldest - house I live in + ground left to her by mother),eliz(land for a house adj bro Wm Kaighin's garden),elinor (land for house adj to her sister elizth);son philip exec,wm (if he return);wife dead;gson wm kaighin, philip kaighen;permission for ladder room for methodist preaching house [?shore rd]
1801   A 37      KELLY        Thomas                   dated 4 feb 1798;ch ann, john, cath, eleanor (last 3 jt execs);gdau ann clark;
1801   A 38      KILLIP       Catharine   caine        made 9 feb 1801;widow,Peel;dau Cath,Ann(exex);
1801   A 39      MYLCHREEST   Gilbert                  dated 27 feb 1801;d 21 feb 1801;names Wm Killey snr(ballakilley ne hawin kk german) exor
1801   A 40      CORRIS       William                  d 5 apr 1801;peel;ch ann(half fishing boat called the Henry lately purchased from Mathew Simpson douglas),edward(not yet 21);wife jane als gill exex;ch ua - uncle john corris supv;1816 john shimmin + ann als corris ack
1801   A 41      KELLY        John                     d 12 nov 1799;;corvally;gch john + elizth kelly(c/o thos);ch thos + isable(w/o thos cain) jt execs;thos dead before probate - his bro John (+ his son John) apptd
1801-1 E         FARGHER      Catharine   [quine]      d apr 1801;ch thos,cath,henry,ann + margt;husb wm ;[? bapt henry,ann + margt]
1801-1 E         HIGGINS      John snr                 son richd(eldest),john;dau ann(w/o henry clucas),molly,margt (exex)+ cath;gson john,thos + robt higgins(s/o john),philip higgins,john higgins(s/o richd) [?is ann a stepdau as wife cath hart als crebbin - dau ann by george hart]
1801-1 E         KELLY        Thomas                   d may 1801;ch john + elizth(too tender yrs) jt admrs - uncle John Kelly
1801-1 E         KISSACK      Margaret    CAIN         d 2 nov 1801;peel;only ch wm - uncles(mo's side) silvester + patk? cain supv;husb john;pledge adam caine kk michael [h/o ann kissack]+ daniel mylrea,snr, peel;
1801-1 E         MYLEVORREY   Ann         watterson    dated 12 nov 1796;relict peter mylevorrey;son(thos(heir);dau esther(w/o philip caine kk michael),ann(w/o john kelly),cath(w/o james mcCredy Lezayre);
1801-1 E         QUAY         Bridson                  d mar 1801;formerly peel lately mariner on board africa ship 'King-mills' of liverpool(thos maclean master);father john;pledges robt christian (wine mercht) + john radcliffe(p. clerk) both kk german
1801-1 E         QUIRK        James                    d nov 1799;bach formerly Kk German but late Scotland;bro wm quirk, ch of ann shimmin als quirk decd[w/o charles](john,charles + christian cannell als shimin - all  relinquish to wm);
1801-1 E         QUIRK        Thomas                   made 9 mar 1801;peel;son philip;wife cath als clark exex
1801-1 E         ROTHWELL     Elizabeth                sibs charlotte,john,george;father lately dead;uncle thomas sherad + bro-i-law richard douglas exors (both Dublin)
1801-1 E         ROTHWELL     William                  [very wide + difficult to read on film] dated 1 may 1801;wife ann;ch elizth, john,charlotte,george, harriett + richard;dau ann(her mothers silver snuff box);natural son [?illeg] jamesson-i-law richard douglas(of dublin) exor;bro-i-law thos sherrard;als some bequest to 'protestant' poor [no marr or bapts found]
1801-1 E         STOWELL      Joseph                   late master grammar + mathematical schools Peel;petn by edwd crellin(c'town) + john taylor(peel,shopkeeper) prin creditors as next of kin declined to sue letters of admin;pledges dominique lamothe surgeon + wm killey shopkeeper (both c'town);claims inc Bridget farrell (10),emilia smith,john shimin + wife elizth,wm shimin + wife jony,thos quay,ellinor taggart servt wages , Dr Thomas cartwright, sarah bell(32) a transmarian;1805: thos carran exor in trust of John taylor(an exor)
1801-2 E         BRIDSON      Catharine   fayle        d 10 sep 1801;peel;ch john,wm(off island),ellinor + cath jt admrs;husb thos;
1801-2 E         CANNON       Hugh                     d feb 1801;peel;ch george,hugh,wm,christian,ellinor + john(ua) jt admrs;wife ellinor;debts considerably exceed estate - indebted to several in other stange countries - court allows delay then appoints deputy epis registrar
1801-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 dated 29 jun 1801;bro charles;sis ann christian exex;;names henry,margt christian,mary quayle
1801-2 E         CLUCAS       Patrick                  made 14 aug 1801;peel;bro james;cousin john clucas (s/o wm clucas ballalaugh kk german)(house in peel)wife ann als crellin
1801-2 E         COWLE        John                     dated 26 feb 1800;peel;dau margt cowle(house in Peel) exex;son wm
1801-2 E         CRAINE       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 13 sep 1801;peel;ch philip,ann(w/o john quirk) + margt(w/o john wade) jt admrs
1801-2 E         CRAINE       Mary                     d 24 aug 1801;3 unnamed ua ch;dau cath(apparel);husb patk exor
1801-2 E         FARGHER      John                     d 1 sep 1801;ch cath;wife christian pregnant; + admx;petn states seafarer;pledge her father john quilliam
1801-2 E         KILLEY       William                  dated 13 apr 1801;lambfell beg;wife isabel als callister;son wm(heir + exor);bro thos fargher;sis ann quiggin;nephew[sic] ann killey
1801-2 E         KNEALE       Charles                  [very faint] d 18 jul 1801;nephew hugh kneale exor ?
1802   A 20      KILLEY       William                  dated 10 mar 1802;late marown (balleyeoman beg)now peel;son wm(heir),patk(100),chas(lately sailed from London);son-i-law thos carran(peel);wife exex;Wm acks from mrs margt killey als clague;patk + charles also ack 1802;1869: Wm Killey + esther als bankes guardians of Charles Killey inf s/o charles ack
1802   A 47      STARKEY      Catharine                d 26 dec 1801;husb exor;unnamed ch some ua;
1802   A 48      CORLETT      Henry                    dated 20 feb 1801;vicar German;to be buried in grave of wife as early as possible on 2nd day after decease;dau Barbara Corlet(eldest dau - now of Cork 5s only0;2nd dau Jane Brenan als corlet already dead + her ch provided for in Ireland but names gdau Cath Brenan as residing with him 'an old, poor, infirm gfa';dau marcia gell als corlet exex
1802   A 49      Corkin       Margaret                 d 16 dec 1801;sibs james, john, ann, wm(exor);
1802   A 50      CANNEL       Henry                    d 4 dec 1801;son-i-law Wm Killey(kk german) exor;
1802   A 51      SAVAGE       George                   dated 24 feb 1801;peel;dau Margery(who seldom comes to see me 5s);wife ann exex;
1802   A 52      CLUCAS       William                  declared 13 mar 1802;mariner;peel;ch wm, thomas, john, ann, margt + cath;wife margt als Keg(his pt of shared house with James Thompson of Peel + occp by him) exex
1802   A 53      COWIN        Catherine   cowell       dated ?10 mar 1801;dau elinor cowin exex - too tender years;husb hugh exor in trust + guardian - gfa Nicholas cowle also sworn supv;witt jane kermod als cretney, Eliz taggart als shimmin;
1802   A 54      BELL         Richard                  [full]dated 29 mar 1802;wife frances exec;dau frances brew als bell [w/o joshua ];
1802   A 55      MYLECHREEST  Sylvester                ch thomas(had settlement),john(70),elizth(50),mary(20),charlotte(20)other ch (2s 6d) - all sums to be paid by Thomas as part of his settlement;wife Margt exex;1805: elizth acks bro thomas1811 margt (widow)acks 40 left to her in will of dau Mary;1811: john acks;1823: Wm Leece h/o charlotte acks from THomas Mylechreest Ballagarrey
1802   A 56      CHRISTIAN    Catherine  crebbin als gill dated 11 jun 1795;peel;deed of gift to William Sayle accepted as will
1802   A 57      CLARK        Patrick                  Peel;ch thomas,alice colvin;wife alice exex
1802   A 58      CRELLIN      Henry                    dated 28 [] 1802;peel;wife ann als tear exex ;ch wm,alice (2 eldest),ann(youngest dau),wm(fishing nets)
1802   A 59      Kewley       Eleanor                  d 29 oct 1801;ch patk,thomas,john,ellinor, ester, cath,margt;husb patk exor;john creer h/o elinor
1802   A 60      CORKILL      Bahee       clark        dated 20 feb 1802;Beary;ch robt,jane,mary(with Jane purchased land in Jurby + jt exexs),thos,john,danl,jane;sis esther;
1802   A 61      CORLETT      Margaret    cannon       dated 9 apr 1799;jt will Robt Corlett(Peel) + Margt als cannon;ch robt,henry(exor after decease of both);mentions houses,cellar + garden adj to John Quay on south + west, Jane Quirk on east,Patt Crellin on north + street on north
1802-1 E         Black        jane                     d 4 oct 1800;peel;ch ann(ua);husb robt exor [the will is dated 28 may 1802!]
1802-1 E         DAWSON       Margaret    taubman      d 6 feb 1802;ch thos,margt + ann - all ua - gfa thos taubman + uncle philip quilliam suvs;husb john
1802-1 E         KARRAN       Margaret    killey       d 16 jan 1802;only ch margt - ua;husb thos;pledges wm killey(fa-i-law) + wm clarke(bro-i-law) - pledges als supvs;petn by wm clark + philip killey(douglas) that estate 145 - petn by fathater that gmo margt killey + philip killey uncle to orphan to maintain her
1802-1 E         MYLCHREEST   Alice       murray       d 1 jul 1802;ch thos(ua),euphemia,isabella,wm + alice christian  (last 2 had setts);husb thos;robt christian (h/o alice)+  wm sworn guardians of ua;petn that thos snr pay 80 each to ch
1802-1 E         TAGGART      Jane                     dated 30 jun 1802;late largeydoo now douglas;dau eleanor,elizth(w/o thos whittam douglas) exex
1802-1 E         WATTLEWORTH  Catharine   clarke       d 12 jul 1802;ch caesar, john,thos + samuel - all ua supv uncle wm clarke;husb caesar;
1802-2 E         SHIMMIN      Elinor      cross        dated 17 aug 1801;son john,wm, Philip, Robt (exor);dau margt corlet als shimmin, eleanor christian als shimin, dorothy corkil als shimin;
1803   A 49      GELL         James                    d 10 nov 1802;son wm(eldest - library of books);other ch some ua bro patk gale + thos quine kinnah,thomas cannell ballacharnane supv ;wife isabel exex;etn by isabel gell
1803   A 50      KNAIL        Catharine                dated 6 oct 1802;peel;names eleanor shimmin,cath shimmin,elizth quayle all peel;nephew john cleather jurby;niece alice clucas als cleather exex (w/o robert);petn by robt
1803   A 51      GAWN         John                     made 29 dec 1802; peel;ch john (eldest ground of house adj school leaving 6 ft from his own dwelling house + 6ft at lower end from boundary wall betweem him + mathew oats for a road, + house called workshop ),wm(half share of work 
                                                         instruments),thos,james;sons john + wm  to teach his 2 apprentices(john to get 10 due from fa of john christian),margt;wife cath als costain exex
1803   A 52      LEECE        John                     d 17 jan 1803;son john;dau isabel gell,jane,margt,mary quayle,eleanor moore;bro wm;gson john leece (+ his eldest son ),james gell;wife eleanor als clague, son david + dau ann clague (w/o john) exexs
1803   A 53      COWIN        William                  jw dated 4 dec 1798;wm carpenter peel + alice;bro-i-law wm mccullock
1803   A 54      neel [KNEALE] Elizabeth               dated 10 jan 1803;largidoo;unnamed ch;husb wm exor
1803   A 55      KELLY        Henry                    d 20 jan 1803;sons henry(ch wm + mary) ,john;late servt mary gelling;wife exex
1803-1 E         COLVIN       John                     d 1 feb 1803;ch john, matthew, joseph + mary jt admrs - ua - uncles Thos colvin(fa side) + Wm Quayle(mo's side) supvs + admrs in trust;pledges James Cowle(Ballaquane) + Wm Cannell(shoemaker Peel);inv (30 = 1/4 fishing smack - total 49)
1803-1 E         CORKAN       John                     d apr 1802 in Liverpool;formerly of Peel but late of Liverpool - petn by prin creditor Patk Corkan that next of kin not taken out admin
1803-1 E         COWIN        Thomas                   d dec 1802;master's mate on board H M Sloop of war the Stork;mother elizth Cowin admx
1803-1 E         COWIN        Alice       cowin        dated 21 may 1803;peel;father James Cowin(1/4 patk cannell's boat);sibs thomas(1/4 ballacrayne's boat, 1/3 robt quilliam's boat), eleanor callin, cath corkin als cowin exex(w/o Wm);niece margt corkin;aunt cath archabel;3 to poor peel;names alexander mccollaugh(houses etc in peel - his 3 sisters)
1803-1 E         MORRISON     Csar                    d 28 jan 1803;wife ann admx;ch margt + elizth jt admxs - both ua - uncles(fa side) philip morrison + Thos Halsal supvs pledges wm + thos corkill
1803-1 E         MYLCHREEST   Elizabeth                widow;ch ellinor, isabella,wm(her part of cart),philip, john,christian exex
1803-1 E         QUAYLE       John                     d jun 1803;peel;5 ch john, martin, charles richard, margt_jane jt admrs - ua - wife Jane admx pledges Wm Quayle(uncle fa's side) John Bridson(malew)
1803-1 E         SHIMMIN      John                     d 2 jan  1803;ballavarkish;only ch john - ua - uncle(fa's side John Gell) + uncle (mo's side) thos Mylchreest sworn;inv;petn by creditors Thos Quine + Patk Kelly that left only an orphan;
1803-2 E         CRAINE       William                  dated 24 mar 1800;sis margt quiggin als craine;niece ann cardie;nephew thomas killip, nicholas craine(if he came - otherwise to his ch), john cottier;wife alive;bro-i-law silvester cottier(h/o sis Jane) exor;names philip quine+ wife;1805: ann + mary craine c/o Nicholas craine ack
1803-2 E         DAWSON       Henry                    ch thomas(purchased land), alice, cath, wm, ann, elinor;gdau margt cry;dau alice + cath jt exexs
1803-2 E         DAWSON       Thomas                   d 8 dec 1803;tailor, Peel,bach;niece margt dawson jnr admx
1803-2 E         GARETT       Alice                    d 26 nov 1803;peel;ch james, jane + cath jt admrs - ua - uncles(mo side) Thomas Mylechreest + Wm Quirk supvs;husb george admr in trust ;inv
1803-2 E         GARETT       Edmond                   d 10 sep 1803;the [[sta?]iaght;ch john, philip, wm, thos, charles, cath + unborn(wife Mary pregnant) - ua;wife admx pledges wm garret(bro of edmond) + nicholas cowley;inv
1803-2 E         KELLY        Patrick                  d 20 aug 1803;ch john + cath  jt admrs - other ch wm, ann, jane + mary had marr settlements;
1803-2 E         KEWIN        Isabel      goldsmith    dated 18? oct 1803;dau isabel -ua - philip goldsmith + John kelly supvs;husb john (jt exec with isabel)
1803-2 E         KEWLEY       Ann         CRETNEY      d 7 jul 1803;dau cath,esther,ann,christian,margt;husb john
1803-2 E         QUIRK        John                     d 20 jun 1803;ch john, elinor, ann, cath + elizth (ann + elinor at age);wife ann
1803-2 E         VONDY        John                     mariner on board Prince of Wales transport (of London) by info from Egypt);mother Dorothy admx(father dead)
1804   A 40      GELL         Thomas                   peel;ch 3 youngest charles,ann,john + dau margt  (house peel bounded north by henry killey,east highway,south thos martin,west richd ellison + other prop);bro wm gell kk patk + wm caley peel execs;inv
1804   A 41      KAIGHIN      Dorothy                  dated 13 feb 1804;ballakaighin;sons charles,thos (both out of island),john(eldest);dau ann wattleworth(w/o samuel),elinor kaighin,
1804   A 42      QUAY         Eleanor                  d 29 nov 1803;husb john;dau jane exex;other ch john,thomas + esther
1804   A 43      CORKAN       John                     dated 1 jan 1803;son thos;son-i-law john crellin(h/o ann);wife ann als kaighin exex;petn by ann
1804   A 44      CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 2 jan 1804;peelgson wm christian;gdau isabel christian;sis son thomas;son john (h/o jane) exor
1804   A 45      KELLY        Patrick                  d 13 jan 1804;ch john,patk,margt,eleanor;wife eleanor exex
1804   A 46      CORRIS       John                     made 13 mar 1804 (d same day);surveyor;uncle john corris blacksmith liverpool;aunt ann charles peel;cousin jane crosswhite;sis jane costain;bro michail(+ his 5 ch ann,cath,margt,eleanor + john),wm(2 ch edwd ann);bro [lost at edge]+
                                                          sis elizth jt exex;1838:widow ellinor ithell als corris acks;1835 ann corris acks;1827 john white acks re wife cath;1806 petn states bro caesar + sis elizth co exex  -;etn by michael
1804-1 E         BLACK        Robert                   dated 15 may 1804;innkeeper Peel;father Wm;bro John(carriage + horses);dau ann exex - Philip Moore (peel) to be guardian + exor in trust;pledges Hugh Clucas shopkeeper (c'town) + Dollin Gawn(c'town)
1804-1 E         COWIN        Margaret    christian al d 6 aug 1804;widow, Peel;ch caesar, margery cannell als christian (both by former husb), james + ellinr cowin (by later husb) - all resigned to  james quirk(knockaloe) a near relation + john moore merchant(prin creditor)
1804-1 E         CRELLIN      Thomas                   decree dated 4 mar 1804 - ch ua + relict Margt Crellin + bro John Crellin refused to take out letters of admin - court appoints James Wade prin creditor
1804-1 E         GRAVES       Jane        stephen      decree dated 6 apr 1804 [petn d some time ago];Peel;sis margt + ann stephen (w/o henry colvin);[in sumner's statement margt stephenson named]
1804-1 E         KNEALE       Hugh                     undated;Peel;ch robt, charles,ann;wife exex
1804-1 E         MYLCHREEST   William                  d 1802 on board H M frigate Seahorse in West Indies;bach;sis ann, cath + isbella(w/o charles christian) jt admxs
1804-1 E         SHIMMIN      John                     dated 8 aug 1803;Peel;wife sarah als cubbin(houses + house lately purchased from cath Faile - all in Peel) exex;6 unnamed ch(2s 6d ea)
1804-1 E         SKEALLEY     Thomas                   dated 21 apr 1803;ch cath(my half of house) exex, george, ann, malley, margt
1804-1 E         TAYLOR       John                     d 9 may 1804;shopkeeper Peel;only ch Wm admr - ua(age 8 in petn) - gfa Wm Taylor (petn also states James Henry Ramsey gfa) - Henry Cowell + Thomas Karran(both Peel) appt admrs in trust by agreement
1804-2 E      dg WOODS        Anne                     made 25 feb 1803;ballanair;to dau eleanor;other ch thos,john,jane + anne 6d;
1805   A 43      QUAY         John                     d 29 nov 1804;son john,thomas;dau esther,jane (w/o charles grimes) exex
1805   A 44   jw KEWLEY       Patrick                  dated 12 may 1803;patrick + ann als shimmin;dau esther,eleanor,cath (house in peel split between 3 sis);son patk(ground in peel where his house is)
1805   A 45      DAWSON       Thomas                   dated 10 dec 1804;peel;gdau ann dawson;gson thos dawson(house + garden peel);son thomas exor
1805   A 46      CHRISTIAN    James                    made 5 jan 1805;son john;dau margt crain(w/o edward)(exex - house in peel),ann carr
1805   A 47      CALLISTER    James                    d 20 jan 1805;peel;dau margt(exex - share house in peel),cath shimmin;nieces ann + cath shimmin
1805   A 48      CORLETT      Catherine   cottier      dated 9 jan 1805;dau isabel gell,margt clark;gson thos clark;son henry,thos;husb simon exor
1805   A 49      CLARK        William                  d 11 mar 1805;dau cath moor(house + west pt garden),margt(new house + east pt of garden);wife elizth als white exex
1805   A 50      SKELLY       Margaret    callin       d 18 mar 1805;peel;dau ann frazier,mally shimmin,margt corkill,cath(exex - house + cowhouse etc peel);son george
1805   A 51      COWLL        Henry                    dated 31 jan 1805;shopkeeper peel;dau ann_eliza;wife frances(house etc + range of buildings opp inc dwelling house,cellar situate nr harbour;ch ua uncle capt james gawn ballaquane 
1805-1 E         CORLETT      John, junr               [chk if  in index]d Apr 1804; only child John  Corlett admr - ua - mother Margt Corlett sworn; pledge Danl Corkill(Kk German) + John Corlet(Jurby gfa to child + sworn guardian);inv
1805-1 E         KAIGHIN      Isabella                 d 23 Apr 1805;ch Philip + Isabella Kaighen(ua)  jt admrs - Philip aged 14 but too young to admr father Philip sworn; undated ack by Isabella for 10 from legacy from father + noted that Philip junr now dead but had rcvd his legacy
1806   A 46      KELLY        Patrick                  dated 4 oct 1797;ch sarah, elinor, mary, ann, cath + matthew(all 2s ea), philip(wearing apparel),elizth(15),Thos(15);wife cath als cannell exex; some ch ua;Robt Quilliam h/o sarah petns that Patk was heavily indebted;[most ch by 1st wife cath Corkill m Ger 17571115; thos + elizth by 2nd wife  cath cannell m Mic 17930817]
1806   A 47      CRELLIN      Margaret    kelly        made 3 feb 1803;gch john kelly,elizth kelly;ch james(to pay 4 at her decease for house in peel),ann(w/o edward lawson (douglas),matthew,philip exor; [?bapts for most of ch m john crellin Ger 17650901 + 3 ch in german]
1806   A 48      FARAGHER     William                  dated 24 nov 1805;peel;ch thos,alice,eleanor,cath(exex)
1806   A 49      MYLCHREEST   John                     dated 20 dec 1805;ch cath, thos(his cooper's tools) + jane(w/o wm quirk) (jt execs);gch (unnamed c/o george garrett [m alice mylchreest 1796 - she bur Ger 18031129])[cath d/o 2nd marr to joney cain]
1806   A 50      CRELLIN      Ann         tear         Peel;ch wm,alice (their fa [Henry]dead),ann (exex - ua bro wm + John kneal's wife to be supv);court decree states john kneal bro-i-law + that wm was beyond seas(gone to sea last may + is in W. indies);petn by alice gives Elizth w/o John Kneal that wm had set the house + left childs goods there - she was in service and has no time;[?john kneal h/o Elizth mylevorrey als crellin m Ger 17880216]
1806   A 51      COTTIER      Margaret                 dated 8 mar 1806;sis ann [?tear] als cottier,eleanor cottier exex;ch [?of ann]  thos,margt;names thos crellin (kerroooglass),cath kewley(kerrooglass),joseph kewley, esther cowley als kewley;bro's dau eleanor cottier;
1806   A 52      KEWLEY       Robert                   d 18 mar 1806;peel;ch margt(house in peel where he lives + half a yawl[boat]) exex,john(ground to build a house adj dwelling house),wm;
1806   A 53      LEECE        William                  dated 24 feb 1806;peel;ch elinor quirk als leece,jane,margt,ann,wm(house in peel) exor;names friend John gell junr;
1806   A 54      McNAB        Archibald                dated 25 nov 1805;Peel;ch elizth,jane;wife ann als Long? exex[?poor faint copy]
1806   A 55      STEVENSON    John                     largydoo;neice ann cannell als woods,jane woods;nephew john moore,wm woods;wife christian (dawsons house peel)
1806   A 56      CALLISTER    Margaret                 dated 30 nov 1805;sis jane callow(maughold),alice cowley(michael),elizth adams(douglas),christian boyde(peel),judith kelly(michael);bro david callister;names isabel farrant jurby,atty[?attorney] John Clague(douglas - compensation for securing + distrubuting money);nieces jane(house + garden in Peel)exex + elizth cowley, bridget adams;
1806-1 E         CORRIS       Elinor      woods        dated 28 Jul 1805;Peel;ch Robt Corris(her part of house + garden - Robt to pay bro Thos 5 when he possesses whole property), Thos, Elinor(w/o Patk Cannell), Jane, John + Dollin(both at sea - if they come); husb Dollin exor but he refuses admin - court passes admin to ch - 1809: Dollin  junr dead;inv + accts
1806-1 E         COTTIER      Thomas                   dated 29 May 1806;ch John;bro James Cottier;father Henry Cottier;wife Margt als Creer exex
1806-1 E         COWELL       Hugh                     DoG dated 19 May 1806; from James Cowll(Renass) to son + heir James Cowll(Ballaquane) the effects due to me by death of son Hugh Cowell who d abt 3yrs ago at Cape Coast Africa; court appts eldest bro James Cowll admr
1806-1 E         COWLEY       Thomas                   dated 18 Nov 1805;Knockbane;ch John(MeCrewn?), Thomas, Wm, Matthew (ua), Ellinor(w/o Peter Rodgers, Ireland), Ann (exex);Witt Patrock Cowley, Catherine Kaighin x;wife Ann appt guardian of Matthew
1806-1 E         CREER        Jane        LACE         dated 16 july 1806;sons john,mathew;dau leonora(not 21);husb patk exor
1806-1 E         GRAHAM       Jane                     w/o Charles Graham(Peel) d Sept 1805 without issue - Charles appt admr - long dispute + inv - petn by Arthur Graham re debts - Charles having died without paying debts (a James Graham admr is mentioned)
1806-1 E         KELLY        Patrick                  bach;late Peel; d Liverpool may 1806;father Thomas admr
1806-1 E         MOORE        Ann         KEWIN        dated 10 Apr 1806;late Castletown now Peel;bro John Kewin exor;
1806-1 E         PHIBBS       Richard                  bach;late lieut Royal Irish Dragoon Guards d in Liverpool 27 Sep 1806;sibs John Phibbs + Jane Irwin als Phibbs(w/o Arthur Irwin - sworn admr)
1806-1 E         QUIRK        Elinor      cottier      dated 18 Apr 1805;Ballacrink; ch Philip Quirk +  Elinor Shimin als Quirk(w/o John Shimin) execs;gdau Ann Shimin, Margt Shimin, Eleanor Shimin, Christian Shimin + Jane Shimin;names Barbara Quirk
1806-1 E         SMITH        Margaret                 d Jan 1805;Peel;only child Susanna Smith admx - John Smith(fa of sd child) off Island - John Cowin cousin german [first cousin = c/o aunt or uncle] on Mo's side appt supv [there is a bapt of a Susanna Smith to Wm Smith + Margt Smith Ger 17960808 - no marr for couple]
1807   A 49      MYLYCHREEST  Mary                     dated 17 jan 1807;unnamed sibs;nephew john shimin;mother margt exex
1807   A 50      SHIMMIN      Philip                   d 3 feb 1807;cooper;Peel;dau isable, elizth + elinor;wife exex
1807   A 51      CRAINE       Catherine,s              [bur Ger 18070226];dated 26 jan 1807;coolrenney?;ch nicholas(abroad if he comes),cath quine als craine exex;gdau eleanor quine
1807   A 52      GARRETT      Abigail     callister als mylechreest d 19 mar 1807;ch margt caine als callister,elizth garrett,ann garrett(Garrey Kewley lezayre + some purchased land from Philip Teare ballaugh),lenora cannan als callister(house in peel jt with Ann);husb thos;dau ann exex
1807-1 E      d  BREW         Joshua                   perished by sea 13 Aug 1806;of Peel;ch Caesar, Robt, Richard, Joshua + Jane jt admrs - all ua - wife Fanny sworn supv etc;pledges Thomas Taubman (her bro[in law h/o christian brew]) + Wm Ellison(Kk Patk)
1807-1 E      d  CAINE        Judith      dawson       d 29 Apr 1807;no issue; husb Gilbt admr
1807-1 E      d  COWLL        Philip                   perished by sea 1 Feb 1807;father Wm Cowle admr;petn states died in a storm on way back from Whitehaven;
1807-1 E      d  GELL         William                  d 5 Mar 1807;only [unnamed] child admr - he of age but too tender years - wife Ann Gell sworn;[wife Ann Cosnashan, child John bapt ger 17911002]
1807-1 E      d  MUNN         Angus                    perished by sea Feb 1807;ch ua + mo refused to sue out admin - prin creditors Thos Crellin(kk german) + Wm Gell(kk patk) admrs;claims etc
1807-1 E      jw SEWELL       Ann                      see john [1st wife Ann Sewell als Watson bur Ger 18060422]
1807-1 E      jw SEWELL       John                     dated 26 Oct 1802;jw John + Ann - mutual exec, Peel;dau-i-law Mary Sewell als Wilson;son John residuary exor (of Crosby nr Maryport, Cumberland) our concerns etc in Peel;[court initially accepts will ]pledges Charles Kayll(baker, Peel) + Qm Quine(yeoman, Kk Patrick);Danl Sewell, infant, by his mo Eli zSewell petns - court states danl s/o John Sewell is admr with mo supv [widwr John m Elizth Mylrea Ger 18060610]
1807-1 E      w  WOOLRICH     John                     [went thu court in Kk German]dated 27 Feb 1806;mariner, Liverpool but presently in Ramsey - being about to undertake a voyage to coast of Africa;wife Elinor exex; petn by widow states Master mariner + capt of African ship the Harriet of Liverpool + called in Ramsey where made will;Witt were Thos Howard, John Corlet junr,Wm Sayle
1808   A 101     MILNES       Robert                   dated 12 mar 1808;Robert M'hins alias milns ? of scotlatland but late of Peel;landlord Robert Grant exor;
1808   A 102     QUINE        Phoebe      mylechreest  d 1 sep 1807;sis isabella faragher als mylechreest;mo-i-law margt quine;names samuel lace(turkey ?), patk clucas(+ wife);dau elizth;husb wm exor
1808   A 103     CORKILL      Gilbert                  dated 3 feb 1807;peel;wife judy als woods exex;
1808   A 104     CRAINE       Margaret    halsal       dated 19 feb 1805;deed of gift to dau margt crain;excludes sons wm, patk (1s ea);witt patrick kewley, Wm Clucas;
1808   A 105  jw KILLIP       William                  wm + mary;son wm(crot-e-cain),john,robt,patk,thomas,james;dau cath;20s to preaching house in peel (ack by John Moore Largydhoo)
1808   A 106     COWILL       James                    dated 6 may 1803;Ballakeilmorrey;son james, henry, john(4th pt of cornmill purchased from John Shimmin) exor;dau ann, margt + eleanor;wife ann als shimmin (mortgage on Ballaneare, money from son james for Flatt purchased from Henry Clucas);25 Aug 1805:codicil mentions any right to legacy from son Henry to his9?nenry's) dau anne_elizth since decd to son John
1808   A 107  jw FARGHER      Margaret    clucas       dated 7 apr 1808;jw Thomas Fargher + margt als clucas;ch Hugh(loom), charles, elizth, Mary;gdau cath brew;mutaul execs - husb thomas d before probate + son hugh exor
1808   A 108     FARGHER      Thomas                   dated 20 apr 1808;gdau cath brew;son hugh exor;
1808   A 109     COTTIER      Thomas                   dated 16 apr 1808;Peel;ch cath(w/o john kelly, peel), margt(w/o John Quilliam kk patk), elizth,isabel, ann;wife margt als dawson? (purchased land Cronk bane, close whanell - after her decease to daus isabella + ann)exex;
1808   A 110     COWIN        Eleanor     craine       d 25 apr 1808;peel;ch eleanor teare (w/o john) als cown(ground of a dwelling house in her half of garden in Peel), ann dunaven? als fargher (half house, garden + properties), Mary Sutton ? als fargherr (2s 6d), philip(55);dau ann + eleanor jt exexs
1808   A 111     GAWNE        Margaret                 dated 8 jan 1807; Margt gawn(spinster Peel) names  Elizth Fargher (lower room in house left by father whilst unmarried), Margt Gray;mother cath(other part of house);bro Thomas,james, wm,john;[will in form of deed of settlement]
1808   A 112     CORLETT      Robert                   dated 3 oct 1806;clerk  of peeltown church;wife isabel als callister(pt of fishing smack called the Neptune) exex
1808-2 E      w  COWIN        Mary        lhewney      declared 20 May 1808;husb John Cowin exor;ch Margt(w/o John Caley), robt [?bapt]+ Elizth(youngest ch )
1808-2 E      d  KAIGHIN      jane        mylchreest   d Jul 1808;ch John, Thomas + Ann jt admrs 
1808-2 E      w  KERMODE      John                     dated 24 Jun 1808;ch Henry, Thomas(concerns in Peel equally betwwen them) jt exors, Cath(1813: acks as Cath gawne);gdau Eleanor Tear(by 1812 w/o David Christian, Lezayre);wife Eleanor
1808-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Jane                     d 15 Sep 1808;names Bella[isabella] shimmin(her sis's dau);sis Isable(w/o charles shimmin) exex
1808-2 E      d  QUIRK        William                  d 25 Jul 1808;ch John + Philip jt admrs - ua -uncle (mo's side) Patk Crain + Thomas Quirkj(nephew testator) supvs;[wife Ann als Crain bur Ger 18021001]inv includes goods in Lonan + German
1808-2 E      w  STEVENSON    Isabella                 dated 19 Mar 1805;Peel;widow + relict Wm Stevenson(Lhergydoo);nephew Wm Clark(Lonan), John Clark(Ramsey);names Wm Woods(Knocksharry), Margt Killey als Clark(d/o beforesd Wm Clark), Jane Kermod(d/o my nephew Wm Kermod - his 3 daus), John Moore(methodist preacher, Peel), Isabella widow my nephew John kermod, Mary kermod (wife nephew wm kermod - my dwelling house in Peel) exex;petn by Wm Kermod + wife Mary of Douglas;
1809   A 45      KELLY        Elinor                   d 10 mar 1809;widow;ch john, patk, elinor, margt (w/o samuel radcliffe)exex;
1809   A 45      Cowley       Robert                   [note #79 xd thru, 49 xd thru + 45 added - this is a dup #]dated 9 jan 1809;deed of settlement to wife margt cowley als cowley accpt as will - margt exex; wm cowley, philip boyde, arthur mughtin (last 3 of ballaugh) + thos cowley(andreas all charged to appear1809   A 46      KAIGHIN      Thomas                   dated 20 dec 1808;late peel;unnamed ch + gch;wife jane exex;
1809   A 46      KAIGHIN      Thomas                   dated 20 dec 1808;late peel;unnamed ch + gch;wife jane exex;
1809   A 47      KENNAGH      Ann         Corkill      d 20 mar 1809;kerro-garrow;son john(eldest),philip,charles,caesar,edwd,joseph,wm;dau elizth creer als kennagh,ann exex (too tender yrs);husb philip exec in trust;uncle john corkil + son jon supv ch ua;
1809   A 48      CRAIN        Philip                   d 11 apr 1809;5 ch james, jane, margt, philip + cath;wife jane als garrett
1809   A 49      PEAT         Eleanor     quirk        dated 9 jan 1806;peel;dau margt(house etc) (w/o robt haye)exex,ann;
1809   A 50      KELLY        Robert                   dated 30 jan 1809;ch wm, mary,eleanor(eldest dau) + jane(youngst dau - w/o wm clague) jt exexs;
1809   A 51      MUNN         Leonora     callister    dated 24 aug 1808;peel;ch christain stewart,ann clark,mary clark, lenorah exex;gdau lenorah, jane_christian + elizth munn [?lenorah = leonora];1814: Jane munn mother of elizth acks
1809   A 52      CAINE        William                  dated 12 apr 1807;ballanock?;names john quayle;ch james, wm, cath, hugh, ann (last 3 jt execs);gson james cain
1809   A 53      SHIMIN       John                     declared 25 jul 1808;airy glass;son charles)heir;states that John Caine has a bonf(?mortgage) on part airy glass - if he should recover it Charles was to pay;other unnamed ch(6d ea) - some ua;wife cath exex;petn states d 20 jan - inv states d dissington England;
1809-1 E      d  CAMPBELL     Jane                     d 2 May 1809;native of Ireland;names Thomas Clucas(Peel) exor
1809-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d 30 Apr 1830;Peel;bro Charles Christian;nephew Henry Christian;neice Jane Christian, Margt Chringal als Christian(w/o John Crenilt) (jt exex with Elizth Cain (w/o Paul Cain);names Ann Quiggin
1809-1 E      d  CLARKE       Thomas                   d 23 May 1808;High Bailiff Peel;dau Eliza Clarke admx;
1809-1 E         COWLEY       Ann                      d Apr 1808;ch John, Patk, Ann, Margt,Tho(decd - his ch) co-admrs - Patk sworn pledges bro John + Wm Kewley(Kk German)
1809-1 E      jw CRELLIN      Thomas                   dated 16 Jun 1808;Thomas + Anne als Quirk;ch Thomas, John, Wm, Ellinor, ann, Cath,Phillip(youngest son - lands + edifices in Kk German + Kk Patk);1831: Thomas acks,John Gelling(h/o Ellinor) acks
1809-1 E         CRYE         Thomas                   d abroad in July 1808;ch John, Wm, Mary + Ann - ua - widow Catharine Crye  sworn[?error Cath McHutchin who had petioned as creditor but ?wife Mary] + asks admin granted to John McHutchin 
1809-1 E      d  GRAVES       Charles                  d abt May 1808;bach;Peel;mother Judish Salmon als Graves + her dau Ann + Jane Graves(daus ua) + half_sibs John_Thos, Henry, Thos_Joshua + George Graves, Margt Graves jt admrs
1809-1 E      d  GRAVES       William                  d Jun 1808;bach;Peel;sibs John_Thos, Henry, Thos_Joshua + George Graves, Margt Graves jt admrs
1809-1 E      w  KELLY        Catharine,               dated 14 May 1804;ch Thos(half my sheep),Henry, Patk, Cath, Elinor, Margt exex;gdau Cath callow
1809-1 E      d  KIRK         William Mor              petn by prin creditors Elinor Moore + James Moore;d 19 Jan 1809;ch Daniel, John, Wm, Ann, Elinor + Georgina co-admrs - all ua - their step-mother Ann Kirk sworn
1809-1 E      w  LEECE        Margaret    caine        dated 8 Jun 1807;unnamed ch - ua - uncle(mo side) John Cain(Largydoo) guardian;husb John Leece exor; 1811: Marsha Leece acks fa John, 1812: Margt Corkan als Leece acks, 1815: John Leece acks;1820: Cath acks Eleizth Leece als Quay widow of John ;1820: Jane Leece acks Elizth,1821: Charles + Anne Leece ack Elizth
1809-1 E      d  MORRISON     Elinor                   d 11 Apr 1809;husb Adam Morrison admr [m adam mylvoirey Ger 18001129 ?no ch]
1809-1 E      d  MORRISON     Isabel                   d 4 Jan 1809;spinter;sibs Bahee, Cath,Margt Alice(w/o Philip Crain), Henry(decd - his ch), Jane(decd - her ch) + Ann[?bapt](decd - her ch) jt admrs
1809-1 E      d  QUAYLE       William                  d 26 May 1809;Ballavarkish;sibs Thos Quayle;wife Elizth als Shimmin exex [m Ger 18031210 ?no ch]
1809-1 E         QUIRK        John                     dated 23 Feb 1803;Eary veg;ch Patk,Phillip, esther, isabel, hugh exor; gch John Stowle, margt stowle; disputed by Patk(Castletown)- court depositions by witnesses court accepts will
1809-2 E         CALLISTER    Philip                   dated 28 Aug 1809;now of Kk German;ch Elizth, Philip, Nelly, Thomas, John + Wm;wife Margt als Cubbin exex
1809-2 E         KILLEY       John                     d 30 Sep 1809;Lambfell beg;ch John, Wm, Henry, Charles,Elinor(w/o Charles Kaighin), Margt, Elizth;wife margt als Mylechreest exex
1809-2 E         MYLCHREEST   John                     [very faint] dated 25 Feb 1808;Peel;niece Elizth Garrett(my dwelling house in Peel), Sarah Cannon, Margt Caine, Ann Garret(mortgage I have in Wm Quirk's house in Peel), Elizth Garrett exex;names George Cannon's two ch John + Ann
1809-2 E         QUIRK        Alice                    dated 11 Jan 1809;widow of John Quirk(Moaney veg)ch Patrick(+ ch John + Ann), Philip, Cath Stowell als Quirk(+ dau margt), Isabel Killey als Quirk(w/o Wm Killey), Ann;, Hugh exorgson John Stowell;names Philip Garrett(Kk Michael); Philip acks Hugh(Eary veg), Patrick(Castletown) acks, Margt Stowell acks, Cath Stowell(Co Down) acks  from bro Hugh
1810   A 56      KNEALE       Thomas                   dated 1 may 1810;labourer;ch thos,john,david,jane + elinor (8s each);wife elizth als quayle exex
1810   A 57      SHIMMIN      Alice       [corkill als] crellin d 21 apr 1810;sons patrick,wm,thos + philip corkill,john corkill;dau cath + ann;sis bridget crellin;gch thos + wm kelly,margt corkill;dau-i-law ann corkill;husb thos shimmin exor;acks bridget crellin, margt crellin als corkill;[?1st husb patk corkill bur Ger 17621203 [will] but ?marr ?c 1745;2nd hus thos shimmin m Ger 17650525 ?no ch]
1810   A 58      COTTIER      Elizabeth   craine       dated 3 mar 1809;DoSett to so,gdau,ggdau etc;Knockshary;son philip(if he comes himself);ggson philip corris;gdau elizth corris exex (w/o thomas);1guinea to preaching house peel;
1810   A 59      SHIMMIN      Sarah       ?cubbon      [very faint on film]d 29 dec 1810;peel;son danl,robt,thos,john;dau cath gell? als shimmin,elinor (jt exex)
1810   A 60      CANNELL      Joney                    [very faint on film and nearly unreadable]dated 17 jun 1807;dau jane kelly(money to be without control of husb daniel? );gdau jane caine als cannell(lhergydoo);gdau isabella kelly exex
1809   A 79      COWLEY       Robert                   [note #79 xd thru, 49 xd thru + 45 added - this is a dup #]dated 9 jan 1809;deed of settlement to wife margt cowley als cowley accpt as will - margt exex; wm cowley, philip boyde, arthur mughtin (last 3 of ballaugh) + thos cowley(andreas all charged to appear
1810-1 E      d  BIRCHILL     James                    d 27 Jan 1810;surgeon, Peel;no friends or relns on Island - prin creditor Robert Moore admr
1810-1 E      d  CALDWELL     Janet       maxwell      d Aug 1806;ch Andrew, robt, James, Jane + Barbara jt admrs - some ua;husb James Caldwell admr in trust
1810-1 E      d  COWLEY       Thomas                   d Jul 1809;ch Christian, Cath, Ann + Eleanor; wife Esther Cowley + her bro Wm Crellin admrs in trust
1810-1 E      w  KERMODE      Thomas                   d 12 Dec 1808;wife Elizth als Martin(his pt of dwelling house + garden in Peel) exex;pledges Thomas Martin + Charles Kaighin(both Peel);witt Charles Kaighin, Eleanor Kaighin x;
1810-1 E         KILLIP       William                  d 28 may 1810;bach;sibs john,robt,patk,thos,james + cath + their mo jt admrs
1810-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Charles                  dated 14 may 1810;Peel;dau margt cringal(son wm - to have 10yrds of west end of croft),an + cath(garden to dwelling hose between them),eleanor Christian(dwelling house + so much in breadth as direct line from south end),elizth(smithy, cowhouse + pt of croft from direct line to South as length of 2 houses in the front);wife isabell als mylchreest exex
1810-2 E         COLVIN       Jane        kay als mylevorry 16 apr 1805;widow of John;peel;names ann , john,christian c/o John Mcylvorrey jnr(peel) - exor, margt grey d/o cath gray widow peel, cath crellin serv to john Mcylvorrey,cath d/o thomas colvin peel,mary w/o hugh ware marriner peel,john + ann c/o john gregor jnr Peel
1810-2 E         CORLETT      Henry                    d sep 1810;wife jane + bro thomas corlett jt admrs;one ch cath ua
1810-2 E         Kaighin      John                     dated 2 apr 1808;Peel;ch ann(w/o thomas mylchreest - land + houses lately built there - exex),john(eldest son),thos(youngest);bro Wm(dau ellinor);witt ann mcylchreest als kelly x,john kaighin
1810-2 E         MYLCHREEST   Thomas                   d 17 sep 1810;10 ch wm(lonan in pledges),thos,jane,elinor,ann(w/o Robt Cottier),margt,esther,elizth,alice + isabel;most already provided for - elinor admx
1810-2 E         SHIMMIN      Jane        corkill      d jul 1810;ch john + jane jt admrs - ua;husb alive;inv
1810-2 E         SHIMMIN      Thomas                   d 18 feb 1810;peel;only ch margt - ua - wife alive
1811   A 41      QUILLIAM     William                  niece isabella tear;names john quayle(+ wife eleanor), ch of John quayle (peel) + also ch of John Crellin;bro henry exor;names silvester tear(to possess claddagh kk patrk), james crellin(s/o John) houses and land Ballaotes;cousin charles quayle;names gilno quilliam;
                                                         john quayle obo his ua ch petns that henry quilliam slow to take out admin - chancery court 4 mar 1819 names ch of john quayle - ann, margt, cath, saml, john, emmy, mary, joseph + henry(dead by 1819) (their guardians John Fitzsions c'town + charles quayle Peel) - money reserved on estate of Close Booie now prop Robert Cunninhame C'town who in 1828 pays out 50 to those ch still waiting
1811   A 42      CRELLIN      Eleanor     key          made 27 dec 1802;husb thos(exor),peel;dau margt,deborah;son john; concerns in peel (houses etc) husb during his life then to ch;
1811   A 43      CRELLIN      Margaret    quayle       d 24 mar 1810;dau margt;son jahn,james;husb John (concerns in Peel) exor
1811   A 45      HIGGIN       John                     d 8 dec 1810;peel;dau cath;bro richard;unnamed sisters;son robt;gson andrew;wife elizth + son robt jt execs;
1811-1 E         CANNON       George                   d 13 jul 1811;leonora cannon admx;ch ua
1811-1 E         COOPER       Charles                  dated 4 feb 1811;peel;wife's niece Cath Christian;late bro John;wife ann exex
1811-1 E         GELL         Thomas                   d 5 dec 1810;bach;fa admr
1811-1 E         KERMODE      William                  d 10 may 1811;son wm,thos,john;dau margt mary;gson wm cannell;serv cath cain;wife mary exex;witt isabel gell als corlett,jane sayle als shimin
1811-1 E         KILLEY       Margaret    mylechreest  made 6 may 1811;widow (w/o john killey lambfell);son john(son john),charles,henry (jt exec with elizth);dau margt,elizth
1811-1 E         SHIMMIN      John                     d beg jan 1809;long dispute over will which was declared but not committed to paper until after death - supposed left all to kinsman Wm shimmin (kerroocord) in whose house he lived and son patk shimmin - petn of Thos Gelling(douglas) + wife ann als shimmin
1811-2 E         BELL         Francis     glaster      dated 22 apr 1810;dau franis Brew exex
1811-2 E         BRIDSON      Ann         kelly        dated 13 apr 1808;widow peel;dau sarah,barbara jt exexs
1811-2 E         CANNELL      William                  dated 20 sep 1811;Peel;two (three overwritten) unnamed sons;gson richd s/o Wm Ellison;wife isabella exex
1811-2 E         CHARLES      Ann                      d 8 mar 1811;widow,peel;dau ann,isabella;gson john king exor
1811-2 E         CLUCAS       Thomas                   d 19 aug 1811;wife elizth admx;pledges hugh clucas hb peel,david leece;jane cannell widow +exex of edwd cannel claims 10
1811-2 E         COMISH       Jane        cashen       dated 24 sep 1811;late arbory now Peel;sis susanna Mylrea als cadjen;gdau esther holms als gell;ch joshua comish, ann costain als comish, esther callister als comish (w/o david callister)exex;
1811-2 E         COOIL        William                  d 16 apr 1811;peel;only sis margt dawson admx
1811-2 E         COTTIER      Jane        cowin        dated 12 sep 1811;dau dina kelly als cottier (w/o john + 4 sons);gdau jane kelly;husb silvester;son thos,wm (moiety in purchased lands);names ann kaighin;sons jt exors;
1811-2 E         KAIGhIN      Ann                      dated 19 jun 1811;sibs isabel,ellinor,jane;names thos killip;fa exor
1811-2 E         SHIMMIN      Christian   kewley       husb wm exor;unnamed 2 youngest sons to trade
1812   A 38      MOORE        Mary        reed         dated 1 Apr 1812;widow Peel;ch Thomas + Robt (both mariners Peel - jt exors) + other unnamed ch;
1812   A 43      CALLASTER    Thomas                   dated 22 Dec 1803;ch Silvester(my part of cart + plough);wife Ann als Kelly(my part of Kelly's land in Kk Patrick) exex; names Mary Mylchreest, Cath Mylchreest; [Ann = 2nd wife m Ger 17860518]
1812-1 E         BRIDSON      Ann         faragher     made 11 Jun 1811;Peel;nephew Thos Faragher, Wm Faragher;names Thomas Kelly;sis-i-law Elinor Faragher exex(Elinor Purvis w/o Wm Fargher m Ger 18040512)
1812-1 E         COSTAIN      Elizabeth   corrin       dated 17 Jan 1812;Peel;ch Eliza(eldest dau), Cath,Emelia, Charlotte, John(eldest son),Thomas - some ua; husb Thomas exor;1828: Eliza acks fa as Eliza Joynson
1812-1 E         COWLEY       Henry                    dated 16 May 1812;[petn states d 18 Jun];bro John Cowley;mother Elizth Cain als Garrett exor
1812-1 E         CRELLIN      Alice                    [Peel]names Elizth Crellin(w/o John Kneale + his dau Jane), Ann Woods,Jane Crellin(w/o Thos Cubbon);sis Ann Crellin exex [?sis Ann from fa  Wm's 2nd marr, Elizth m as Eliz mylworrey als crellin]
1812-1 E         CRELLIN      Matthias                 d Mar 1812;ch Wm, John, Dan, Thos, ChristopherMary_Ann, Jane  jt admrs - ua -wife sworn - pledges John Crellin + John Corkill (both Kk German)
1812-1 E         KELLY        Jane        patterson     beg Dec 1812;(in petn of Ireland) husb Henry Kelly (Peel)admr - pledges Matthias + Wm Caine (both Marown) [m Ger 18100911 - ?no ch]
1812-1 E         LACE         Catharine   corkill      d Aug 1811;ch John, Wm, Thomas jt exors - ua - husb John Lace sworn
1812-1 E         LACE         Patrick                  dated 18 Feb 1811;Peel;sis Jane;names Margt Gell(d/o late Thos Gell - half houses + garden in Peel known as Willey Killey's concerns);son John exor;court notes posthumous son Patk by wife Cath + appts jt exor - ua - next-of-kin Wm Bridson admr
1812-1 E         MOUGHIN      Margaret                 [Peel]d 25 Aug 1811;ch John, Samuel, Ann Shimin als Moughtin(her half of dwelling housein Peel after death of father);husb John exor
1812-1 E         WADE         John                     d 12 Feb 1812;only ch John Wade admr - ua - wife supv pledges John Quirk(Patk) + Matthias Oates(Kk German)
1812-1 E         WATERSON     Elinor                   d some [short in petn] time ago;bro Henry Watterson(Arbory), sis's son Robt Gell(Rushen) + John Crignal(h/o sis Elizth) jt admrs; sumner charges Margt Bell malew
1812-2 E         CRANE        James Parr               Petn by Elizth widow + relict James Parr Craine [son of James Parr]- decree dated 30 Oct 1812 states d 29 Sep 1812;ch John, Margery , Mary + Cath - ua 
1812-2 E         CRANE        John                     dated 3 Mar 1812;[Peel]ch Thomas + Margery (jt - my dwelling house + other houses etc - the same purchased from James Quirk + known as Caesar Parr's concerns[?SSS May 1802 5] + concerns purchased from Robt Black(Peel)[SSS Oct 1804 5]) - jt execs, Cath, James parr (named in codicil);names dau Jane Lee's ch [see m Mic 17920402]; Thomas, Lieut in H M Army, relinquishes admin to Margery;
1812-2 E      w  GELLING      Amelia                   dated 3 Apr 1812;Peel;spinster;names Amelia Gawne(d/o Edwd Gawne);father James Gelling(Castletown) exor;nephew Frederick Gelling
1812-2 E      d  LEECE        William                  d lately;father John Leece admr
1812-2 E      jw QUAYLE       Mary                     dated [] May [lost too dark];jw Thomas + Mary - mutual exor;ch Wm, Thos, Bazil, Cath;mentions dwelling house + garden;petn by Thomas (Peel) + 2nd by dau Cath(Peel) stating that will found but  father very ill 
1812-2 E         UNIT         Richard                  d Aug 1812;no relns or kindred on Island - genl sumner to handle
1814   A 57      KILLIP       Mary        cowley       dated 13 aug 1812;widow(relict Wm Killip);ch john.thos,cath kewley als killip (w/o john Kewley),robt, patk + james (last 3 jt exors),leaves 40s to Methodist preaching house in Peel;gdau elinor kewley;servant elizth quayle;john moore larghydhoo  trustee of preaching house acks
1814   A 58      HAY [hayes]  Margaret    pate         d 14 jan 1814;ch wm,robt,margt;sis ann pate;aunt ann killey;husb robt exor
1814   A 59      KELLY        Thomas                   made 14 feb 1812;gdau margt curlett;ch mary;names wm kelly ballacurry;wife isabel als cannel exex
1814   A 60      KNEALE       William                  dated 2 jul 1807;Peel;ch wm,ann, jane, margt + cath;wife margt als Killey exex
1814   A 61      QUANE        Jane                     d 26 feb 1814;son philip higgin exor;sis isabella
1814   A 62      CLARK        Elinor                   see robt
1814   A 62      CLARK        Robert                   jt will robt + ellinor; son thomas, philip, isabella exex;gch ellinor brownrigg, john garrett, robt garrett;names thomas shimmin;john quirk h/o isabella sworn;petn by isabella quirk(w/o john kk patrick) exex that could not attend court but submitted inv that showed estate insufficient to pay legacies; [note dau isabella m 1st Mathias garret 2nd John quirk;
1815-2 E         COTTIER      Margaret                 peel;relict Thomas Cottier schoolmaster;dau margt quilliam, cath kelly, isabella, ann (w/o joseph dodd, schoolmaster Peel - lands Cronkbane ?+ Clieu [])exex
1815-2 E         COWLE        Catherine   Cottier      decree added to will of predecd husb Wm - died shortly after Wm; dau alice(w/o harry Karran), ann + gdau elizth carran(ua) declrd jt admxs
1815-2 E         COWLE        William                  d 8 dec 1815[will dated 11 dec];Peel;ch james, allice carran, ann cowll;wife cath als cottier exex
1815-2 E         CRELLIN      Jane        clucas       knock brack;dau cath kelly (w/o patrick),elizth clucas (w/o wm),mary crellin [?bapt] ;son patk;husb patrick;sis-i-law mary crellin;manservant john crellin (exex was mary crellin);gdau margt crellin;money for repair greba meth chapel
1815-2 E         ELLISON      Ellinor                  d 3 oct 1815;sis alice king als ellison, sarah ellison, mary bell als ellison;neice eleanor bell;nephew john king(+ ch);bro thomas ellison;father richd ellison exor;
1815-2 E         KENNAUGH     Thomas                   dated 15 jul 1815;ch john, charles(20), wm(100),ann(20), elizth(50), robt exor (legacies to be discharged after death of my (?thos's) mother margt)
1815-2 E         LEECE        William                  dated 15 sep 1815;peel;sis margt karran,elinor Quirk, ann harrison (all 6d);housekeeper ann clark exex
1815-2 E         QUINE        Ann                      dated 3 aug 1809;peel;sis cath shimmin;nephew richd shimmin exor [?s/o wm shimmin + christian quine]
1816   A 44      COWIN        William                  dated 19 mar 1815;Peel;gch charles cowin(house I live in),joseph cowin(house in peel adj Thos Waterson on east, street on North and on west to rent called John Dawson's), wm cowin(old house adj my own on the east), eleanor cowin;only son hugh exor;names rose maddrel;4 guineas to poor widows of peel (john moor of lhargydoo to distribute)
1816-2 E         CANNELL      Ann                      declrd 22 aug 1816;bro Patk, charles;names thomas kermod;neice jane + margt cannell (c/o bro Thomas) jt exexs; - margery cannell m/o exexs (of too tender yrs) sworn
1816-2 E         CANNELL      Patrick                  d 28 mar [1816];ch patk, charles, thomas(decd ? - ch charles, jane + margt cannell - ua - their mo margery) - pledges John King + thomas kewney (both kk german)
1816-2 E         CRAINE       Philip                   decld 26 may 1816;son-i-law silvester callister(land - the croft);ch john, cath;wife alice exex
1816-2 E         CRELLIN      John, jnr                d 7 sep [1816];father john;sibs wm, tho, elizt; aunt Mary crellin exex
1816-2 E         CRINGAL      Margaret    [?christian] d 15 may 1816;son john;sis eleanor christian,eliz,cath,ann;mo alive;husb john exor;
1817   A 54      CAIN         Elinor      WATTLEWORTH  dated 8 mar 1817;husb john cain ballagirr exor;ch wm,james,margt,leonora,ceaser,john(if alive);poor of peel;1817 nicholas quayle h/o margt
1817-1 E         COWLE        James                    d 19 mar 1817;ch thomas(douglas), wm(patk) jt admrs with Thos clarke(Peel h/o cath cowill);widow ann petitions that there was a will (she as exex) but had not been summonedsumner charhes ann cowell widow, john, joseph + christian cowell - court appts then all jt admrs
1817-1 E         GARRETT      Hugh                     [v dark on film]d 29 jan 1817;wife alice admx;ch mary, john, hugh, alice;
1817-1 E         MOORE        Jane Price               dated 12 feb 1817;widow Philip Moore(Peel), douglas;ch philip,wm (1s ea - tho seems Wm had property in Peel from fa), margt, martha + jane Pryce;appts Lewis Geneste jnr(merchant douglas) exor;Petn by creditor Robt Fell(Douglas) that Lewis Geneste appt exor but had not taken on burden - court appts Robt Fell admr;inv - paid abt 20% in ;
1817-1 E         MYLCHREEST   Annie                    d 17 feb 1816;widow, peel;ch patk, john, thomas, ann(w/o hugh cowin) jt admrs
1817-1 E         QUINE        Thomas                   dated 28 dec 1815;kenna;ch john,wm,eleanor cubbon,ann lace,jane kewish;wife margt exex
1817-1 E         REID         Andrew                   d dec 1816;shopkeeper Peel;no relns on island;Thos Henry Leeson(douglas) prin creditor petns + appt admr;inv
1817-2 E         CANNELL      Charles                  d dec 1816;court notes deed of assignment ;petn by bro + assignee patk cannell(peel) - apptd admr
1817-2 E         CLARK        Catharine                dated 11 jul 1817;sibs wm, ann, isabella exex;bro's dau elinor clark;;sis's dau elinor tear xd thru;
1817-2 E         CLUCAS       Hugh                     d 15 nov 1817;late high bailiff Peel;prin creditors sylvester teare + John Crellin jt admr
1817-2 E         KILLEY       John                     dated 26 mar 1816;bwooley cowill;sibs alice garrett(w/o hugh, peel + ch john, alice,mary),ellinor killey,cath killey exex(petn states w/o charles quay);
1817-2 E         QUINE        Isabella    kneale       dated 14 apr 1817;Peel;dau jane(not 21);husb thos exor;father john kneale(andreas) supv + pledge + witt charles cowle(also andreas);1839 Jane Quine(douglas) acks from Thomas Quine(Peel)
1817-2 E         STEVENSON    John                     d 9 sep 1817 at liverpool, late of peel;ch robt, john, thomas, cath + mary;petn states wife cath als howland;
1818   A 39      KAIGIN       Phillip                  Moaney voar;fa Philip (sic Wm);sis Ellinor, Isabella Kaighin;dau Ann;wife Jane als Cowley; May 1838 Ann Kaighin acks from Patrick Kaighin (step fa)
1818-1 E         GRACEY       Robert                   d dec 1815;creditors  thomas carran + thomas taubman 
1818-1 E         GRACY        Catherine                d 14 feb 1817;widow robert peel;creditors thomas carran + thomas taubman jt admrs;inv
1818-2 E         ASTYr        George                   d 18 sep 1818;wife sarah als wilde als Rolfe admx;inv 5 15s
1818-2 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     made 9 sep 1818;ch john, robt, wm, jane, anne, ellinor, margt + hannah;wife eleanor als shimmin exex
1818-2 E         Cowle        Christian                petn by husb james Cowle, ballaquane, that d 31 jul 1818 + left will [?not on film]
1818-2 E         KENNAUGH     William                  d 9 mar 1818;only surv next of kin sis Elinor (but incompetant of mind - her kinsman Philip Quirk sworn in trust & also supv of elinor)
1818-2 E         SHIMMIN      Robert                   d 30 sep 1818;peel;ch ann,wm;wife elizth exex(his pt of house during her life, his pt of field, garden + cart house known as John Quayle's croft nr Peel lately purchased from Wm Cowin)
1819   A 32      KIAGHYN      Thomas                   made 17 sep 1818;wife margt;5 ch john,patrick,philip,margaret + jane (40/- ea);son thomas exec;sister jane (if she be alive after his death) 5/-
1819   A 35      CLARK        William                  dated 4 jan 1819;ballawillan;dau ellinor,margt [?bapt];son thos,wm,philip,john,robt;wife eleanor als carran
1819   A 36      KILLEY       John                     wife eleanor exex;;10s to Grebey's Preaching House + Lambfield Preaching House
1819   E         MYLECHREEST  Ann         CRAINE       d 18 oct 1818;ch thomas,philip,margt,ann + eleanor (all ua);husb thomas Ballagarraghyn;guardians wm quine + john quirk (both kk german);1838 wm dinwoody h/o margt,philip clark h/o ann;1848 ann mylchresest relict thomas
1819-1 E      d  CANNELL      Isabella    CLARKE       d 19 Dec 1818;only ch Elizabeth Higgins als Cannell admx
1819-1 E      d  CANNELL      Patrick                  d 14 Oct 1818;ch Wm, Ann, Mary + Margt jt admrs - John sworn
1819-1 E      d  CORKILL      Dorothy     SHIMMIN      d 15 Sep 1818;ch Jane, Charlotte, Christian + Hannah jt admxs - ua - their fa Daniel Corkill sworn + also guardian
1819-1 E      w  KELLY        Honora      CHRISTIAN    d 23 May 1819;ch Wm + Hugh(Thomas Kelly's Croft + house at present in occupn of John Kelly + Patk Corkill - purchased sometime ago by Wm + Honora from Thos Kelly [see SSS May 1798 11]), Thomas(field known as John Shimmin's croft at present in tenure of Patk Crellin - sometime ago purchased from John Shimmin),Ann;gdau Ann(d/o John Kelly);names Ann Kelly(d/o husb's bro John Kelly senr);husb Wm exor(inc lands purchased from Wm Kelly cronkdoo);Petn by husb Wm Kelly Ballachurry;Sumner cites John,Wm, Hugh, Thomas + John Kelly h/o Ann Kelly
1819-1 E      d  KERMODE      John                     d 12 Aug 1818;bach;bro Wm + Thomas Kermode jt admrs
1819-2 E      w  CORRIS       Dollin                   dated 26 Feb 1818;cooper, Peel;ch John, Thomas, Robt, Eleanor Cannell als Corris, Jane Corris(his half of dwelling house + concerns in Peel + mortgage on estate of Thos Quine Ballaharry Marown) exex
1819-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Ann         cowle        d 7 Sep 1819;only child John_Norris - too tender yrs - father John Clague sworn - pleges Wm Cowle (father of Ann) + Rev John Cottier [?m Mal 18190516 but ?bapt]
1819-2 E      w  COLVIN       Ann                      declared 1 May 1819;Peel;husb Henry (my share of dwelling house + garden) exor;ch Stephen, philip;
1819-2 E         CORKAN       Margaret    leece        d 8 dec 1818;husb John Corkan admr
1819-2 E      jw CRELLIN      Judith                   [bur Ger 18190520 als quiggin]see Thomas
1819-2 E      jw CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 27 Sep 1819]jw Thomas + Judith Crellin;ch Wm, Margery,Thomas,John, Christian, Margery + Jane jt exexs - Jane reliquishes to Margery
1819-2 E      d  FARRANT      Thomas                   [bur Ger 18190727]d some time ago;merchant, Peel;only child Anne admx - ua - wife Isabella sworn [?bapt - m Isabella slates?slater Mal 17920320]
1819-2 E      d  FRISSELL     William Hen              d sep 1819 beyond the seas;Lieut in H M Navy;ch Edwd + Catherine_Lee - jt amrs - ua - no next of kin appearing + Isabella Farrant(Peel) prin creditor appt admr with consent widow Cath Frissell
1819-2 E      d  KELLY        Ann         waterson     d 16 Aug 1819;ch Wm + Kohn jt admrs - too tender yrs - husb John Kelly sworn + Thomas Waterson(maternal uncle to ch) guardian;inv
1819-2 E      d  KELLY        Catharine   quilliam     d 8 Nov 1819;only son Henry admr - too tender of years - husb Henry sworn - pledges Patk Quilliam + Wm Cannell(also witnesses to annexed agt) - Henry Kelly, smith, Peel, with mo-i-law Cath Quilliam(Kk Patk) that legacy due from mo-i-law be held for child until age 24; 
1819-2 E      w  KERMODE      Mary                     declared 16 Jun 1819;widow + relict William Kermode(Cronk-eh-Killey, Kk German);ch Margt Cannell als Kermode, Mary Corkill als Kermode, Thomas, Wm exor; gch Mary Cannell, Mary Corkill;maidservant Cath Caine
1819-2 E      w  KNEALE       Elizabeth                dated 9 May 1819;ch Jane exex, thomas, ann;
1819-2 E      w  LEECE        David                    dated 8 Sep 1819;wife Esther als Cain exex
1819-2 E         WATTLEWORTH  Samuel                   dated 12 aug 1819;peel;son john (eldest),cesar;dau margt (eldest),elizabeth,elinor;wife ann
1820   A 44      KEWIN        Elinor      dawson       [peel]dated 9 Jan 1818;ch Robt(my moiety of croft in side of hill in Kk Patk),John,Cath(w/o John Tear - my part of house called the 'Cow house' wch adjs Wm Tear's house + sd Robt Kewins house situate on north side of main street which leads to Douglas);husb John Kewen exor
1820   A 45      COWLEY       Judith                   made 17 Nov 1818;sis's dau Ellinor Garrett;names Elizth Cowley widow of Henry Cowley + dau Esther, Richd Cowley junr, Ann + Margt (d/o Richd Cowley), Matths Cowley, Anne shimmin, Margt Shimmin;sis' son Philip Cowley;bro's son Richard Cowley senr exor
1820   A 46      CANNELL      Ann         quilliam     [peel]declared 10 Jan 1820;ch Philip(her part of dwelling house, garden etc in Peel - the same as descended to her from father Robert Quilliam), John;husb John Cannell exor
1820-1 E         KILLEY       Thomas                   DoG dated 24 Dec 1816; settles on wife Margt als Corlett my dwelling house + yard in Peel adj late Bernard? Higgin on west, main street to Kk Patk on north or NE, street leading to well + Wm Cannell on south; Witt Thomas Kelly x, Willm Lace
1820-2 E         ARCHIBALD    Isabella                 d 28 Feb 1820;ch Joseph, Caesar, John, Robt, Ellinor,mary + Elenora jt admrs;husb George sworn admr in trust + supv of ua ch;pledges John Corkill + Wm Turbett(both Kk German)
1820-2 E         CAIN         Isabella                 dated 12 Dec 1819;ch Silvester, Robt, Ann exex
1820-2 E         CAIN         James                    dated 2 Apr 1818;ch Sylvester(all the carpenter tools of mine he has), Robt, Ann exex
1821   A 34      KILLEY       Elinor                   made 20 Dec 1819;sis Alice Garrett(widow Hugh Garrett of Peel), Catherine Quay (w/o Charles Quay exex);sis'ter's dau Alice Morrison(w/o Adam Morrison of Peel)
1821   A 35      TAUBMAN      John                     [peel]dated 11 Dec 1821;ch Margt -ua; wife Margt(his share of boates) exex;pledges Wm Cannell (witness) + John Corkil(both Kk German)
1821   A 40      KILLEY       Christian                made 1 oct 1820;ballakaighan;bro wm;gch john connan (john cannon kk german),ellinor connan,ellinor kelly,cath kelly (w/o edward corkill),jane kelly (douglas),john kelly,wm kelly,heny kelly, ann killey (w/o thomas killip);dau cath (w/o wm kelly),ellinor (w/o wm cannan) exexs;husb alive;1824 cath corkil als kelly w/o edward corkil now of [?off] the island
1821-1 E      w  ARCHIBALD    Catharine   CRANE        dated 5 jun 1820;peel;ch thos(eldest son),george, cath shimin als archibald(house + concerns in peel for life then to her dau elizth) exex;gch alice  + eleanor akins. elizth shimmin;
1821-1 E         CAINE        Robert                   d 13 oct 1820;bach;court appts david leece (in right of hester sis of decd) + ch of bro john(thos, james, wm, john, mary + cath (w/o wm turbitt))jt admrs - most ua Wm Turbitt + wife sworn admrs + as guardians of ua ch of John caine
1821-1 E         CORKISH      Nancy                    dated 28 jul 1820;husb daniel exor;dau elizth + anne; [ann kennagh m danl corkish m Ger 18150225]
1821-1 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d 22 dec 1820;knocksharry;ch john,margt,charlotte + elinor jt admrs - transfer admin to their mother Charlotte - john moore snr(lhiargy dhoo) gt uncle to ch guardian (+ also pledge with Wm Woods knocksharry snr) - Philip Cottier snr (knocksharrey states on aoth that never authorised any to claim agat estate of decd son John;acct of agreement - widow Charlotte sued (+ won) bros James (now off Island)+ Philip Cottier for defamation + scandal;
                                                           their mother Margret sued Charlotte for board + lodging + anne boyde mother of Margaret also sued Charlotte + Wm Caine as trustee for Margt obtained an order against Charlotte as admr - family patched up differences james,philip,margt Cottier, wm caine, mathias caine and eleanor Cottier(d/o Margt) agree on costs and not to continue cases;
1821-2 E         CAINE        John                     d 30 jun 1821;late of Ballaghiyr;petn by Wm Caine + james Caine, Nicholas Quayle + Alexander McCulloch to act as admrs granted
1823   A 31   w  MOORE        Robert                   [Peel] dated 21 Dec 1813;jw Robert + Eliza - mutual execs;any child(100);mentions lands in Kk Patk known as Kennedy's fields pt of Knockaloe beg, dwelling house etc in Peel known as Kennedy's concerns now occup by Robert Lewney, John Tate? + house near Peel called the White Stable with a plot of ground at rear near the river ; Eliza appt guardian of ua children - pledge Thomas Karran(also witness) + Jon Moore(Pulrose); Petn stated d end of Dec 1822; claims Edward Gawne 500, Leonora Munn 160
1823-1 E         KERMODE      William                  dated 8 Oct 1821;Cronk-e-killey;sibs Thos Kermode, Margt Cannell (widow)+ Mary Corkill (w/o Thos Corkill)jt exexs;sis's dau Anne Cannell;bro's dau Cth Kermode;sis's son Wm Corkill;sis's dau Mary Corkill;maidserv Cath Caine;
1824   A 27      WHITE        John                     dated 6 nov 1823;Peel;ch wm,john,christian oates;wife cath exex
1824   A 28      CAIN         John                     dated 13 feb 1824;Largydhoo;bequeathes 7 2s to Wesleyan Methodist missionary fund , 3 towards building a WM sunday school in Peel+ interest on 15 to poor of parish;mother eleanor exex
1824   A 29      CAINE        William                  dated 1 aug 1823;tenant in Largydhoo;ch wm(+ other half of purchased concerns in Peel), Ann, Jane, John, Thomas + Charles;wife elinor als Kewin exex;acks by wm, thos + wm Gelling [h/o Jane]
1824   A 30      CLUCAS       Margaret    kegg         dated 28 may 1823;dau margt;other unnamed ch 1s ea;
1825   A 34      LACE         Patrick                  dated 29 nov 1823;wife judith;ch henry(half house adj 'mean road' elis? lace on south, ceasar wattleworth on east + half a garden adj ceasar corriss),patk(field before my own door , elis lace's on north, wm dawson on east, ceasar corriss on south) exor;inv;[pat lace wdwr m joney carran Pat 18020220 - ? prev wife alice als lace m And 17760817 (patk noted as kk germa] - with patk youngest son - ?bur reg has bur 18231205 lagan]
1825   A 35      CANNELL      Isabella                 dated 7 sep 1820;Peel;relict Wm Cannell;gson richd ellison, wm ellison;ch thomas,ann(w/o Wm ellison - exor)
1825   A 36      QUIRK        Philip                   [peel][1st page missing from my copy]dated 19 may 1824;nephew john shimmin(Ballabooie) exor;sis ellinor shimmin(rent big house Peel - she to pay ellinor kennaugh 2 pa);several legacies to poor inc interest on  20 to be paid to schoolmaster at St Johns to allow 2 poor children to attend;nephew John Shimmin (2 adc dwelling houses + shed + garden - concerns  in Peel;neice Ellinor shimin(half of dwelling house purchd from Wm Killey),christian cowle(w/o joseph cowle);names John Shimmin(ballabooie - dau elizth, ann + jane), isabella corlet(right to a room in peel where she now lives), ann cottier(with the one hand), christian cannell(douglas),charles shimmin(douglas), ann kennaugh(peel) - many others named
1825   A 37      CRELLIN      Judith                   declrd 24 mar 1825;widow;peel;ch james, margt,sophia crellin exex
1825   A 38      CRELLIN      Matthew                  dated 16 aug 1824;peel;3 unnamed ch(1s ea);wife margt als callow exex
1825   A 39      CUBBON       Thomas                   dated 9 jun 1824;Peel;housekeeper Ann Crellin(half of house in Peel - she in possession of other half);nephew thos cubbon(s/o my bro hugh cubbon);sis margt kneale(half promissory note from bro-i-law thos kneale),eleanor crellen, cath criance?;bro hugh , robt, patk, philip;ann crellin + nephew thos cubbon jt execs
1825-1 E         CORKILL      Thomas                   perished by sea Oct 1824;5 ch - Wm, Robt, Mary, Ann + Catharine - jt admrs - some ua; wife Mary admr in trust + supv of ua children; pledges John Crellin + Henry Clucas (both Peel)  
1825-2 E         CLARKE       Elizabeth                dated 8 feb 1825;2 gdau ?[?ann ? elinor]  + Margt Moore exexs [?c/o Cath Clarke + john Moore]
1826-1 E         KAIGHIN      William                  perished at sea 3 dec 1823;bach;only living next of kin bro Philip;
1826   A 28      ELLISON      Richard                  [peel][bur Ger 18251207]dated 16 jun 1826;ch mary bell,thomas,sarah,wm;gson thos king;thos + sarah(w/o hugh crellin) jt execs;personal property not exceeds 30
1826   A 29      WATTERSON    Margaret    cowin        [peel]dated 5 may 1825;husb thos exor;ch thos,james,philip,wm,john;gch john + wm (s/o john kelly)
1826   A 30      KAIGHIN      Philip                   dated 25 oct 1825;knocksharry;ch isabella(w/o john clinton kk patrick),eleanor(w/o paul corlet maughold),philip;stepdau jane quayle [?illeg c/o thos quayle + margery tear];gch ann kaighin(d/o philip);wife margery exex [1st wife margt tear; 2nd wife isabel garrett m Ger 17891010; 3rd wife magery tear m Pat 18090715 (no ch)]
1826-2 E         MORRISON     Charles                  decllrd 24 Oct 1826;constable;peel;ch thomas(half house after death of mother),Ann (w/o Benjamin Gregor - to occupy house bequeathed to gdau Jane until she is at age + 2 small houses purchased from Robt Quilliam), john (2s 6d);wife
                                                            Ann exex;gdau Jane Gregor(his share of dwelling house purchased by him known as Willy beg's house); witt Henry Creer, [?
1827   A 17      SHIMMIN      Ann                      declrd 20 mar 1827;husb john;ballacross;gdau ann clucas(houses in peel - henry clucas's concerns);ch dorothy(w/o john gelling - daniel colvin's concerns + philip shimin's concerns + white's meadow in peel),cath (w/o thos corkan,peel 5),thomas, ann(w/o john callister peel).john;gdau jane shimmin;husb + dorothy jt execs
1827   A 18      MOORE        Margaret                 [peel]dated 6 may 1826;gch thos moore(s/o james - half dwelling house in Peel in which sd James lives),john, margt + james (c/o james);son thos,james(exor);
1827   A 19      CORRISS      Elizabeth                [peel]dated 22 nov 1826;spinster;sis jane costain als corris(her son-i-law john watterson acks);bro michael corris(son john + caesar - peel) exor;names (?all c/o Michael - all 5) ann(d/o michael corris),cath (w/o John White peel),ellinor + thos corris;names cath waterson als costain(w/o john);nephew richard costain(liverpool),edward corris(peel);names ann shimin als corris,john corris;John Cown h/o Elinor cown als corris acks
1827   A 20      LACE         Jane                     dated 7 mar 1827;nephew john lace(s/o john) exor
1827   A 21      CRELLIN      John                     dated 29 nov 1826;ch caesar,elizth,edwd,charles;names thos callow,thos + james gell;wife isabella exex
1828   A 28      COTTIER      Silvester                dated 15 jan 1828;gson john kelly;ch thos,dinah(w/o john kelly);wife cath exex [cath craine m Ger 18141222 is 2nd wife - ch by 1st jane craine]
1828-2 E         KILLIP       John                     dated 20 feb 1822;moaney-voar;bro's son thos killip(purchased land) exor, patk killip(100), james killip, robt killip, john killip;bro's dau cath kewley als killip(w/o john kewley + ch);15 to Lambfell methodist preaching house + 15 to methodist missionary soc;
1829   A 25      Kennin       Margaret    caine        dated 11 mar 1828;relict John Kennin;ch john, philip, robt,paul,charles, margt(w/o matthias hampton)
1829   A 26      KILLEY       William                  dated 20 sep 1827;ballakilley-ne-howin;natural dau ann killey(pt of Ballakilley-ne-howin called tom? yemishes land purchd by me from my father + pts qtrland beary + ballakilley known as Tom petter's concerns purchd from John Morrison + pleasant cottage purchd from my father);mother ellinor williams als taggart(pt qtrland Beary or Ballaloig + house erected by me purchased from Mrs Crellin called Tom Harreys croft);wife ann als crellin exex; [ann Killey c/o wm killey + ann crellin bapt Ger 18260105 - no marr found, ann crellin had ch by george radcliffe - no marr found]
1829   A 27      KEWLEY       Henry                    dated 5 dec 1828;kerroo cord?;ch cath, ann[?w/o charles corkill],jane, esther(w/o james bell), nicholas, thomas(purchased lands);gch ann corkill;wife ann (jt exex with thomas)
1829   A 28      KELLY        Catherine   kelly        jt will Wm + cath kelly als kelly; - see Wm;[cath bur Ger 18290210, Wm bur Ger 18290222]
1829   A 28      KELLY        William                  dated 29 mar 1825;jt will Wm + cath kelly als kelly;ch wm,john exor,henry, margt halsal;names james kelly;gch ceasar, cath + elinor kelly, ann + jane kelly, cath,elinor + philip kelly,ann + jane kelly (?dup as on 2nd page]
1829   A 29      QUINE        Christian   corlett      dated 22 jul 1824;jt will robert + christian Quine als corlett;peel;gdau ann kneal(house);gch john, robt, john + margt kneal;son-i-law thomas kneal exor;both decd;[Robert bur Ger 18251016, ?christian bur ?Bal 18281023 or Pat 18270121]
1829-1 E         CLUCAS       William                  petn states ch henry,wm, john, ellr(widow thos clucas - dau cath clucas), isabella(w/o john quilliam, margt(w/o john fayle)
1829-2 E         CAINE        John                     sibs Matthias, Thomas, Wm;wife's son John Cowley;wife Elizabeth als Garrett
1829-2 E         COWLEY       Catharine   Key          dated 28 May 1822;ch Wm Cowley;husb Thomas Cowley(house in Peel where Thos Cowley + Esther Corlett now reside) exor;names Cath Cain
1831   A 10   jw COTTIER      John                     dated 24 feb 1824;[peel]jw John + Elizth;son wm,john;dau elizth(w/o joshua graves),mary_ann,jane + christian;mutual exec  house + small cellar adj late Robt Gracy called 'fee? faragh' concerns, also 1/4 flax mill  Grenaby Malew + another 1/4 pt Glen Olden flax mill lezayre + 1/2 pt of Abbey corn mill Kk german + also Peel Mill)
1831   A 11      QUILLIAM     John                     [peel] [poor copy]dated 14 dec 1830;wife jane als shimmin exex
1831-1 E         CAINE        Jane        joughin      d oct 1830;ch caesar,james,joseph,jane + charlotte - some ua;husb caesar admr;undated claim John Morrison,Peel, for 9 from caesar cain as admr to decd wife jane cain als joughin
1831-1 E         COTTIER      Isabella                 Peel;no issue;bro-i-law Joseph Dodd(with whom she resided) admr
1831-1 E         MYLECHREEST  William                  wife elizth admx;ch john,ann,mary + jane all ua - philip kelly + john mylechreest sworn guardians;debts greatly exceed estate
1831-1 E         QUIRK        Ellinor                  d in harvest time, unmarried and without issue;mo cath quirk nominated her son-i-law john clark to act
1831-1 E         TEARE        Isabella                 d jun 1825;ch silvr + ann tear admrs
1831-2 E         BRYANT       James                    dated 16 may 1830;sis charlotte Halsal[?halsar in marr ] als Briant(w/o thos) exex
1831-2 E         CORKILL      Patrick                  dated 22 may 1829;sibs thos,wm philip,john (decd wife ann) corkill,ann kelly;names cath kewley,ceasar crellin(s/o thos),joseph kewley(all property inc that bought from thos crellin) exor
1831-2 E         KELLY        Thomas                   [headed german but court in Douglas] petn by Thos Crellin creditor; d 5 yrs ago;thos crellin appt admr
1831-2 E         KILLEY       John                     [bur Ger 18311125];dated 26 oct 1831;lambfell;ch john(cart,plow etc),henry,charles,cath;wife cath als killey exex;
1831-2 E         QUAY         John                     [bur Ger 18310708];dated 3 jun 1831;ch thos,cath exex;gch jane quay(d/o thos);pledges charles quay + john cowley
1831-2 E         TOUGH        Joseph                   [bur Ger 18310706];Peel;surgeon;bach no relns;lodged with elizth clucas (peel) who petns + is appt admx
1832-1 E         CAINE        Ellinor                  dated 3 may 1832;now in Peel;ch ann,jane gelling als caine,charles(money on wm caine's property in ballaugh if he comes home from abroad),thos exor;5 to wesleyan mission;decd husb wm;
1832-1 E         CLUCAS       Ann                      dated 1 aug 1827;widow;peel;ch isabella,elizth,ann radcliffe als clucas exex(w/o david);gdau christian cotteen als bailey
1832-1 E         GARRETT      Alice                    d some time ago;peel;petn by creditor john kelly(bride) (appt admr by court)
1832-1 E         GRAVES       Goodwin                  d some time ago age 5;due legacy from will mrs elizth redfern(c'town);father henry
1832-1 E         KILLEY       John                     d some yrs ago;bach;mother margt (peel) admx
1832-1 E         WARING       James                    wife margt admx;ch james,jane - ua wm henry Bulton? esq guardian
1832-2 E         MOORE        Ann                      d 10 mar 1832;widow, peel;surviving ch esther(w/o Henry Clarke admr),thomas, philip, john + cath
1833   A 28      dawson       ann                      dated 8 jan 1833;Peel;sibs thos dawson(marriner),jane quine(w/o H[Henry m Ger 18231206] exor - house in Peel belonging hereto to my father but purchased by coroners auction from John Quirk cor)
1833   A 29      QUAGGIN      Elizabeth   ?fargher     dated 10 dec 1832;widow;Peel;son john(heir),wm(malew - land called thallaws well adj road to St Marks + other land);gdau ann kelly (peel);names ann kelly als quaggin exex
1833   A 30      KILLEY       Catharine                dated 14 jan 1831;Peel;dau margt(house bought of John Killey + wife in peel) exex;son john
1833   A 31      KELLY        John                     dated 3 nov 1832;wife mary als shimmin exex
1833   A 32      COWLEY       Nicholas                 dated 2 sep 1828;son thos,patk,john,charles(lands etc after decease of wife) exor;wife elinor;gdau elinor cowley
1833-1 E         CAIN         James                    petn by John Cannell, John Gell, Isabella Farrant + Henry Clucas states James Cain(Ballavaish) d some yrs ago - with will + appts wife Ann exex - the personal property of James insufficient  + since then Ann also dead + no admr appt (see also petn re Ann - ?will in 1830 epis
1833-1 E      d  COWIN        John                     petn by Eleanor Cowin widow;John Corris admr;claims etc
1833-1 E      w  COWLEY       Elinor      kelly        dated 31 Dec 1831;ch John, Thomas, Patk, Charles(my share property etc) exor;
1833-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 17 Apr 1833;wife Margt admx;pledges John + Thomas Crellin(both Kk German)
1833-1 E      d  GILL         Margaret                 husb John Gill(Peel) admr;inf dau Margt
1833-1 E      d  WADE         John                     petn of James Sayle(Peel - ? if reln or just advocate) that d abt Aug 1832; Peel;no issue but widow Leonora who since m to James Kermode(Peel);James Sayle + his bros John + Wm next of kin [?john Wade c/o John Wade + Margt Sayle als Crain - her ch by 1st m to Wm Sayle include John, Wm + James  thus they are half bros]
1833-2 E      w  clucas       eleanor                  dated 24 feb 1826;peel;bro Wm + henry clucas;nephew henry clucas(+ wife jane - garden known as joseph cowll's garden in Peel) exor;
1833-2 E      w  COWLEY       Ann                      declrd 22 jul 1833;husb richard exor;ch richard, wm, thomas, ann, margt(w/o wm corlet), jane, elizth + cath(w/o james killey by 1842)
1833-2 E      w  dawson       william                  dated 6 oct 1833;Peel;mason;natural[illegitimate] dau ann wade als dawson now of liverpool;, natural dau cath dawson exex;cousin ann cain widow;1836: ann acks from cath now w/o Joseph Dodd jnr,Peel;[these are 2 illeg ch of Wm dawson + elizth/isable Fick - ann bapt Ger 17991200, cath bapt Ger 18081020
1833-2 E      w  kneale       daniel                   dated 14 aug 1832;jt will daniel + christian als shimmin;ch john, wm, margt(w/o john corkan peel), cath(w/o charles cannell), jane(w/o philip garrett)  who resides with us exex
1834   A 15      KILLEY       Catharine                dated 26 may 1832;ch john shimin,cath quayle als shimin,jane kelly als shimin,elizth killey exex
1834   A 16      COTTIER      Charlotte                dated 9 jan 1834;mother charlotte quay als shimmin (renounces in favour margt cottier) + sis margt Cottier jt exexs;witt patk kaighin x, margt killip als callister x;
1834-1 E         CAIN         Ann                      Petn by Henry Clucas that as pledge to her decd husb James cain Ann was considerably indebted - court appts him admr - inv 1 8s 9d but raised only 10s 5d at sale
1834-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Daniel                   d 30 Mar 1834;ch Daniel, Joseph, Cath + Christian jt admrs - all too tender yrs - wife[Mary Corlett] sworn admx + guardian of ua ch;
1834-1 E      d  CORRIS       Mary        KELLY        d 16 Nov 1833;ch Thomas, Wm, John, Robt, James, Mary + Elizth jt admrs;husb Patrick sworn admr in trust
1834-1 E      d  COTTIER      Eleanor                  d 8 Nov 1833;sibs John (too tender yrs)+ Margt Cottier jt admrs;
1834-1 E      w  HALSAL       Thomas                   perished at sea some time ago;dated 18 Jan 1834;Peel;cousin Thos Halsay (Kk Patk);wife Charlotte Halsay als Briant exex [m Bra 18260129 ?no ch] - debts exceed estate + court note states action at law
1834-2 E         CLARKE       Robert                   GlynMoore;petn by Robert Cubbon + David Forbes; court appts them admrs;list of claims
1834-2 E         KAIGHIN      William                  dated 9 Apr 1830;mariner Peel;wife Cathrine als Kewley (a purchase (floor) room + part of a yard adj sd room adj Patrick Kewley's (shoemaker) house on west,Archibald Cregeen on north, Esther Kewley spinster on east + main road on south) exex; sis Margt Cowin [?w/o James Cowin], Jane Farnain?[? w/o John Farnen], Anne Cottier [?w/o Thomas Cottier], Eleanor Kaighin, Cath Kaighin [m Ger 18150211 ?no ch]
1834-2 E         MORRISON     Thomas                   dated 11 Feb 1834;tailor, Peel;wife Isabella als Brom?[?brown but mar Mic 18160302 to Brom]; inv;wife marries Thomas Corlett by Oct 1835 [Ger 18341019];
1834-2 E         ROHRS        Charles Jam              Lieut Charles James Rohrs; judgement dated 2 Oct 1835; Robt Keown(sumner) appt admr - debts considerably more than effects;
1834-2 E         WATTERSON    Jane        cannell als  d 20 sep 1834;husb James Watterson admr [m Ger 18311029 ? no ch by this mar, prev Philip Cannell Ger 18250925 + again no ch?]
1835-1 E         COSNAHAN     Jane                     dated 12 May 1835;ch Jane, Elizth, James?, Joseph, Charles, John + Wm (jt exors)
1835-1 E         COWLL        John                     dated 2 Jun 1834;Ballaquane;natural son John Cowll(100 at age 21);sibs Henry Cowll(interest for life on 200 to wch I will be entitled after death of Aunt Cath Cowll + by will of Matthew Cowll);wife Ellinor exex; Robt Lewn(sumner, Kk German) handles it;1842: John Cowll acks 100 [?John Cowll = illeg s/o John Cowll + Ann Crellin bapt Ger 18210521]
1835-1 E         KELLY        Patrick                  petn by creditors Wm Crellin(Kk German) + John Kewley - court appts then admrs
1836   A 25      CORRIS       Michael                  dated 8 nov 1834;son john(eldest - estate ballachrinck purchased from hugh quirk),caesar(mortage on Kissacks houses in Peel) - jt exors;dau ann corris,cath (w/o john white),eleanor(widow/o john cowin);George Ithel w/o Eleanor (2marr Bra 18360622) acks from Liverpool;
1836   A 26      SHIMMIN      John                     dated 5 jun 1833;ballacross;son john(heir - concerns in Peel purchased from coroner Philip Quilliam)exor, thomas(blacksmith);dau cath (w/o thomas corkan),ann callister(widow),dorothy(w/o John gelling miller);gson george Callister
1836   A 27      KILLEY       William                  dated 9 jan 1836;names john moore(dyer - h/o jane),mrs Elinor williams als taggart;Ann Killey (relict nephew Wm Killey) exex
1836   A 28      KAIGHIN      Jane                     dated 7 mar 1836;husb david;peel;dau jane cannell;Christian Millar(d/o late John Millar of Belfast resident with me - possession after death of dau) exex
1836   A 29      COWIN        John                     dated 8 apr 1834;dau mary_ann higgins,cath moore, ann garrett + jane cowin,margt(house kk michael st Peel + creg Mallin field - to provide for sis jane) exex,
1836   A 30      WADE         Robert                   dated 8 jun 1835;jt will Robert + ann;land - Nappin in Lezayre;mutual execs;pledges wm quayle + robt wade(peel) [?burial]
1836-2 E         DOWNWARD     John                     dated [blank] jul 1835;Peel; of money in hands of Holmes bankers douglasdeed of gift to dau Jane (now of Workington)
1836-2 E         GARRETT      John                     dated 14 jul 1836;taylor;peel;ch ann kewish(eldest dau),jane,john,margt;wife christian (share of house Peel) exex
1836-2 E         GELL         John                     dated 29 jan 1834;jt will John + Elizth;kenna;ch elizth, mary, margt(w/o john clucas),robt(house + concerns in Douglas now occp by Mr Grayson),wm,philip(house in douglas now occp by Dr Arden),Ewan(house on quay Peel + kermode's croft + curragh-ne-laghey at Greeba), james(exor - but if health poor then Rev Henry Maddrell exor in trust);
                                                           nephew John Gell(house in douglas occp by John Christian(cleps)); nephews [sic] James + Philip (s/o our son John);ewan sworn exor in trust;john clucas acks re daus by current wife margt + also 50 to James gell nephew or gson of deceadent John Gell (John Clucas had been appt guardian);pages of acks inc long recital dated 1842  Thos Mylecharane h/o Mary
1836-2 E         Kermeen      Catharine                dated 3 may 1835;ch wm(h/o Ann) + other unnamed ch;husb john exor;sumner charges Thomas kermeen(michael),john kermeen(german),Wm ratcliffe(+ wife Ramsey)
1836-2 E         MOORE        Eliza                    dated 1 jun 1836;;widow (relict Robert Moore);peel;ch eliza,robert_john jt execs
1837   A 40      CHRISTIAN    Henry                    dictated 26 nov 1836;sis jane christian(whole property nr Peel - exex);witt joseph dodd jnr, Henry Gell x
1837   A 41      LEWNEY       Robert                   dated 25 jan 1836;[peel];wife patience als cain(my half houses etc in Peel - exex)[m Bra 18070705 ?no ch]
1837   A 42      CRELLIN      margaret                 Cronkbeck;son edward(houses etc purchased from Wm Gill 1830),caesar(cronkbreck meadow pt of ballnahown);dau elizth, eliza(1848: w/o john quinney),sarah,ellinor(w/o james killey);gson william callister;husb john exor
1837   A 43      LEWNEY       Thomas                   dated 12 apr 1834;ch thomas,elizth(w/o thomas lace),jane(w/o david johnson);wife alice als callow exex;witt robert kinnin, richd cowley
1837-1 E         CLUCAS       William                  ballalough;wife elizabeth;ch margt, wm, john + elizth uawife + john callin brackabroom sworn admrs
1837-1 E         CRELLIN      Jane        COSNAHAN     dated 4 mar 1834;names jane callister als crellin;gdau christian cowley,ann cowle als cowley,elinor cowley;dau esther cowley als crellin(pt of intack in mountain) (exex),jane callister;
1837-1 E         CRELLIN      John                     bach;fa james
1837-1 E         ELLIOT       Henry Nassa              petn by prin creditor Robert Duff;states Elliot rented a house in Peel + his effects should be sold;Duff appt admr;claims,accts
1837-1 E         TAGGART      Isabella                 d 22 jan 1835;jt will John + isabella;peel;dau isabella(house Big St peel during her life),elizth(exex w/o john crellin),john;John Taggart
1837-1 E         TAGGART      John                     see Isabella - note dated 21 dec 1852 - john survived Eliz d abt 2 yrs ago [?bur Pat 18500721 age 68] - John Crellin h/o exex appt - petn Oct 1852 of Danl Shimin + Wm Corlett that d 1850 indebted
1838   A 25      KELLY        William                  dated 27 may 1833;ballacaine;dau ann kelly;gson john joseph kelly;illeg son john kelly;son hugh decd(his illeg son john kelly),john,wm + thos(last two get the property + jt exors);gdau ann kelly(d/o hugh);niece ann kelly(dau bro john kelly)
1838   A 26      CAINE        Jane        CUBBON       dated 4 feb 1830;jt will matthias + jane als cubbon;son john,wm,thos;mutual execs;matthias relinquishes to son wm
1838   A 27      GLEW         Joseph Berry             dated 1 aug 1836;[Peel]son-i-law William Beckwith;now at Peel Cottage, Port Iron (but hous in Peel now occp by Mrs Moore);propty to be sold by G W Dumbell + Wm Beckwith;wife Ann Celia;dau caroline(youngest);ch frances harriet beckwith(w/o Wm),joseph_thomas Glew + caroline glew;
1839   A 28      KEGG         Thomas                   dated 23 jan 1839;[peel]dau ann kermode,mary oates;wife mary als cannal exex
1839   A 29      DAWSON       Eleanor                  dated 18 jan 1839;son henry;husb wm exor;dau ann
1839   A 30      KAIGHIN      Margret     cubbon       dated 3 jun 1837;husb john exor;son wm;dau jane
1839   A 31      MYLCHREEST   John                     dated 18 sep 1839;ballaganaghyn;sis elizth colvill als mylchreest,charlotte leece als mylchreest;names philip clark(peel) exor
1838-2 E         SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d 2 nov 1838;wife ann admx;son thos(infant);inv 24 9s;chas kneale,labourer, pledge + guardian
1839-2 E         KENNAUGH     William                  wife jane kennaugh admx;ch wm + margt
1839-2 E         MYLECHREEST  Catharine                dated 12 sep 1839;sis's dau cath christian;john caine? (inc pt of house where I live);john cringall,jnr exor

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