Summary of Wills - German 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 99% of all wills [928/935]of this period are included here

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 14      BREW         John                     [bur ger 18 Nov 1749];d 16 nov 1749;only ch john;wife margt;no relns on fa side appeared
1750-1 A 15      WATTLEWORTH  Henry                    [Full]
1750-1 E      d  CROSS        Epinetus                 d 4 yrs ago on board Princess Anne of Liverpool;only dau Anne - ua - uncle Mr Wm Curghey;wife deborah als massiter?;[?s/o Silvester cross + dorothy Curghey - sis of Wm Curghey)
1750-1 E      w  CRAINE       John                     dated 15 may 1749;balnahawin;wants burial churchyard peel between grave Mr John Craine late vicar + late decd sis Elinor craine;gives £20 to school of kk german parish while continued at house of chapel at st johns (+ restrictions on management of money);ch of sibs hugh(ann,margt,cath,wm,hugh + elizth),margery(ballachrooink - elinr,margt + elizth cottier);sibs marjery cottier,alice,wm;sis-i-law margt craine;cousin margt quirk;names thos mcylchreest schoolmaster;james(son of philip craine - £2 towards putting him to trade);left Rev James wilks £4 to put a decent grave stone on grave raised with basis of lime + stone;nephew wm craine;bro Hugh(balnahowin) exor (long detailed will)
1750-2 E      d  PEADAN       William                  d in passage to virginia about 10 years ago;5 children wm gilbt ann elizth cath
1750-2 E      d  PEDAN        Margaret    PRAYDE       d 8 years ago
1750-2 E      d  PEDAN        William,jnr              d 10 years ago
1750-2 E      d  SUMPTER      John                     s/o wm left island 36 yrs ago;bro peter died 20 years ago;next reln henry mcylvorrey
1750-2 E      w  TAUBMAN      Hugh                     eldest son thomas;son john;wife alive;[can't find tho in bapt
1750-3 E      d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   left island 10 years ago - no account presume dead;only son wm - ua no reln on fa's side appeared;wife bahee
1750-3 E      d  CRELLIN      Margaret    COOPER       d 5 oct 1749 on passage to ireland;ch wm,esther + ann(ua) - two elder ch out of island Wm Dawson sumner appnted admr;claims (several have pledges (ie goods)) 
1750-3 E      w  GARRETT      John                     d 19 oct 1750;dau elizth garret exex
1750-3 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Mable       Killey       dated 19 Feb 1745;relict Thomas Mylechreest (Ballagarraghyn);recites that agreed on 9 May 1739 to several legacies + contracts in husbs will but as effects have increased can give more than in fa's will;ch Thomas(eldest son), Sylvester, Gilbt, John, Mathias, Ellin(w/o Henry Radcliffe[#3267]), Ann(w/o Danl Christian), Henry (exor);gch Thomas Radcliffe;1775: John acks from Henry;1753: Sivester acks from Henry
1750-3 E      d  SHEERER      Margaret    McHALLEN     d  oct 1749 on passage to ireland;had goods in island;only bro robt mchallen admr;jury aprise parcl of tea 2s 1d
1751-1 A 20      CLUCAS       Thomas                   dated 27 mar 1751;kerroo-ny-glogl?;son finlo(heir - not tet 21 - uncles Wm Clucas + Finlo Shimmin);unnamed other ch;wife sarah als fargher;agreement between supvs + sarah1765: ch John,Margt(w/o Thos Fargher) ack;1771: ch thos,jane(w/o patk crellin) ack from Finlo;
1751-1 A 21      CORLET       Ann         BODDAGUH     d 25 mar;of Kk Patrick;youngest ch Patk,danl + esther;dau Jane,margt;son john;husb christopher
1751-1 A 22      SHIMMIN      John,senr                d 22 mar 1750;ary moar;ch margery,isable,charles;names cath quayle;gson john shimmin(kion sleau),hugh shimin(air moar);ch charles + isabel jt execs;
1751-1 E      w  CLARK        Margaret    MOORE        dated 4 may 1751;son robt(goods due by death father);dau isabel,elizth exex
1751-1 E      d  COMISH       Gilbert                  d dec 1750;peel;ch john,wm,cath clark als comish,elinr(abroad) jt execs
1751-1 E      w  KILLEY       Ellinor     KAIGHIN      d 12 oct;4 ch (£3 between them);son henry(eldest);husb hen exor - hen dead by 1759 4ch hen,john,christian + margt acquit widow cath (john + margt ua)
1751-1 E      d  McYLCHREEST  John                     d 14 apr 1751;ch john,isabel,jane,thomas + patk - last 3 ua;wife ann;1769: Thos acks from mother ann now w/o Thos Cowin;1779: John Kaighin h/o Jane acks from mo-i-law ann w/o thos cowin
1751-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Thomas                   dated 4 apr 1751;jt will Thomas Shimin + wife alice als craine;ballagarraghan beg;mutual exors;son thos(heir) - alice reliquished to 3ch thos,john + Wm - all ua uncle Hugh Shimmin;1774: John Shimin only surv son acks Hugh Shimin rhenass
1751-2 E      d  COTtiER      James                    d on coast guinea on board 'new grace' of liverpool sept last;father john;inv
1751-2 E      d  OATS         Joney       CHRISTIAN    d 28 jun;dau cath died before court;husb wm;agreement re joneys infant dau philip cain + wife ann als christian + sis mary christian(ramsey) + bro in law wm oates(peel)
1752-1 A 18      McYLVORREY   Henry                    d 16 dec 1751;son john;dau jane(eldest),mary, anne(ua) + alice exexs;accts;inv
1752-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Richard                  d 24 oct 1751;dau jony,anne,isabel;sis-i-law margt gell;wife mary;son richd exor
1752-2 A 47      KNEAL        Thomas                   d 22 jan 1752;wife joney;son patk exor;witt james cain x,robt stephen x;
1752-2 A 48      KEWLEY       John                     d 1 feb 1752;names sarh clucas als fargher;gch wm welch exor - ua next reln Wm Corkill;1757: wm acks £1 10s
1752-2 A 49      KILLEY       William                  son wm(heir);dau ann,margt;illeg son henry (30s pa to Cath Shimin to bring up child);wife jony exex;some ch ua
1752-2 A 50      QUINE        Thomas                   d 15 mar 1752;son thos(heir);dau ellinor(ua);bro Matthias (supv ua ch);wife jane als kelly;inv
1752-2 A 51      CRELLING     Margaret    GELL         son thos,james exor;sis isabel gell;gch ellinor taggart,matt,isable + cath quayle;
1752-2 A 52      COMISH       Jony        GELL         son philip(house - fa decd);sis mary exor;mentions debts to Wm Clark + her husb dau Cath;
1752-2 E      d  CLARK        William                  d 20 may 1752;balawoillen; ch john,wm,silvester,mary mcylchreest als clark
1752-2 E         GILL         Jane        CALLISTER    d 13 apr;only sis eleanor
1752-2 E      d  LACE         Dorothy                  d minority 5 jan 1740;d/o robert lace peel due goods by death fa (lob 1 1728);sibs danl,cath woods als lace(w/o hugh)
1752-3 E      w  COLVIN       Ann                      d 19 may 1752;mo esther
1752-3 E      d  McYLEchreest Elizabeth   LOWEY        d may 1752;ch thos,danl(abroad),john + margt(w/o john shimmin);inv
1752-3 E      w  SAYLE        William                  d 6 aug? 1752;wife mary exex;2 unnamed sisters;
1752-3 E      d  SHIMIN       Thomas                   wm + thos s/o thomas shimmin ballagarraghan d in minorty thos 17 feb,wm 4 mar;due goods only bro john ua uncle hugh shimmin supv;1774? john acks from hugh
1752-3 E      d  SHIMIN       William                  see wm
1753-1 A 10      SHIMIN       Joney                    d 2 dec 1752;son thos (+wife + dau);gson nicholas shimmin,pillip creen [kneen],charles shimmin;gdau margt shimmin;names nicholas shimmins wife;son wm,nicholas execs
1753-1 A 11      KELLY        Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 3 jan 1753;ballaligg;dau isabel (child);goddau child of john shimin's liargy;husb patk exec;unle thos christian supv ua child;
1753-2 A 46      QUIGGIN      Margaret    CAIN         d 8 dec 1752;son wm (+ his son),thos,john (+ eldest dau);dau ellinor,jony (exex)
1753-2 A 47      CLARK        Patrick                  made 6 feb 1753;lands of knockaloe [knockaloe beg] lately purchased from philip corrin or houses/garden in peel to be sold to pay debts;wife alice;ch un-named;bro wm;nephew wm clark;;bro-i-law john callin;debts,
1753-2 A 48      CAIN         John                     made mar/apr 1752;peeltown;son john (a minor);wife christian exex
1753-2 E      d  CORKAN       Thomas                   d coast guinea on board 'the rider' of liverpool michl reesh commndr;sibs wm,john,philip,ellnr(w/o hen kelly)
1753-2 E      w  CORRiS       Jane                     made 11 jun 1750;ch mary + ann exors, other 6d - edwd,john,ann;nephew wm hopes (if money due recoverable);husb alive;john charles h/o ann
1753-2 E      dg MOORE        Dorothy                  m/c Mathias moore + Ellinr radcliffe - dated 16 apr 1743;Dorothy Moore als Leece obo son Matthias;Ellinor Radcliffe with consent mother Ellinor Radcliffe;to marry within one month;Moore to settle half estate - Matthias to maintain her;witt (revd Mr ) robt radcliffe,sill radcliffe,(Capt) thos radcliffe; - decree states gson Robt moore ua, Mr James parr uncle sworn
1753-2 E      d  NELSON       Ewan                     perished by sea on passage douglas to peel 26 nov;ch ewan,cath,margt ua uncle patk nelson;wife alive;inv;john nelson supv d at carlise 1759;wm christian ch half bro by mothers side;1769 john goddard h/o cath nelson
1753-2 E      d  THETFORD     William                  d 6 apr;only sis mrx ann dowdal als thetford(belfast);many claims;he died donmahadee boat;inv sale
1753-2 E      d  WATLEWORTH   Barbara                  d 24 Jun 1752;sibs Samuel, John, Esther, Alice Margt Maddrell als Wattleworth, Elizth Radcliffe als Wattleworth (w/o John)+ Jane Greaves als Wattleworth jt admrs - John radcliffe sworn; inv
1753-3 E      d  CAIN         Christian   ADDY als clark als quirk [bur ger 17 Aug 1753]d 16 aug;ch thos,george,elinor addy,john cain;all ua uncle wm quirk;bro john addy by fa side to have tuition;wm cannel + john caine uncles by fa;pledges wm cotteman cooper,henry quay boatman
1753-3 E      w  CAINE        William                  [bur ger 23 Oct 1753]made15 dec 1750;peel;gch alice cooil (concerns in peel + to resign to wm legacy left by mo),wm cooil,cath cooile
1753-3 E      d  GELL         Catherine                d 18 aug 1741;minor due goods by death mo ellinr gell als kelly(ep bk 3 1739);only sis ellinr
1753-3 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Ann         WALKER       d feb 1745;only son john
1753-3 E      d  SHIMIN       Ellinor                  d 4 oct 1753;sibs john,thos,wm of the whole blood by decease mo joney shimin als clucas + isable + ann of half blood;john + thos only at age;husb patk;1762 decree also notes half blood bros patk + hugh
1753-3 E      d  WATT         James                    perished by water neare peel 18 oct;native maybone,scotland;sibs john,sarah(w/o james watt),margt + agnes,court adds john watt + james mcclure h/o margt
1754-1 A 14      WADE         Elizabeth   Hopes        d 1743;mo alive,fa dead;bro wm hopes;husb wm
1754-1 A 15      SHIMIN       Esther      KILLEY       d 1 dec 1753;5ch john,hugh,ann,margt + cath;husb philip exec;uncle thos carran ? supv ua ch;1782: john mcleece h/o cath ack,patk kewley h/o ann,john shimmin h/o margt
1754-1 A 16      SHIMIN       Elizabeth   creer        son nich,patk;dau ann exex
1754-2 A 45      FEARON       Catherine   PARR         son john (not 14);husb john;un-named sibs;;many claims;inv sale
1754-2 A 46      AuDLEY       Catherine   higgin       [bur ger 28 Apr 1754];dau cath execx;other ch 6d
1754-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   [bur ger 26 Dec 1753];vicar German;only son robt(a posthume) - uncle wm christian supv + tuition by gfa Rev Robt radcliffe;wife elinor;pledges capt thos radcliffe + capt danl lace;inv
1754-2 E      d  KELLY        William                  d 13 feb 1754;sibs(whole blood) john,margt (w/o robt quilliam)+ joney(w/o nichs craine) + ann(half blood)(w/o john kinread)
1754-2 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d 1728 on coast guinea on board "Rose" of douglas (capt James Christian cmndr) - evidence from Anthony Whiteside;s/o edwd + cath moore due goods bk 1 1717 + bk 3 1729;sibs edwd + jane buth they sold houses etc to James Gell late Peel decd + he by DoG 1742 to dau Elinor Gell (also exex of mo elenor gell) - she is declrd admx pledges Rev Philip Moore + anthony whiteside
1754-2 E      d  SCOFIELD     Robert                   d 5 mar 1753;ch john,margt,james,ellinr + robt(ua);wife alive;pledges thos cannell schoolmaster of michael, thos quine(patrick)
1754-2 E      d  SIMPSON      Margaret    QUAY         d 8 jan 1754;only son robt - at age chooses uncle Robt quay as guardian;husb alive
1754-3 E      w  CAINE        Ann         McYLCHREEST  d 19 aug 1754;ch margt,jony,cath;husb john exor;gson john clark;inv
1754-3 E      w  KELLY        Mary        SHIMIN       d 18 jul 1754;ch thos(youngest son - exor),nichs(dau cath + jane;wife ellinor);names wm kelly(wife vath;dau mary);
1754-3 E      d  KENNEDY      Hugh                     d 8 nov 1754;of North Britain[scotland] perished on banks of Jurby;sibs anthony,john,david,margt + isabel jt admrs;inv inc 100galls rum
1755-1 A 11      LACE         William                  d 16 feb 1755;pee;son thos exor
1755-1 A 12      McYLCREEST   Thomas                   d 30 dec 1754;3ch john,margt + wm;mentions pay wch formerly belonged to school;wife margt als shimmin;ch ua uncles phil mylechreest + wm gell;pledges Math shimin (bro of margt) + philip quilliam;
1755-1 A 13      SHIMIN       John                     dated 1 Mar 1752;Renass;ch Hugh(intack purchased from Robt Wattleworth + wife), Isabel Kelly(+ 3 ch);wife Anne (jt exec with Hugh);gch John + Wm Shimin, Ann Shimin;serv Hen Crellin, Doll Cain
1755-1 A 14      ALLEN        Jane        COWILE       [full]bur ger 27 Jan 1755
1755-1 A 15      GOLDSMITH    Mary        CORLET       Peeltown: children Elizabeth & Thomas & child on her bearing; sisters Cath & Isabel; husb Thos Goldsmith
1755-2 A 43      BODDAUGH     William                  [bur ger 21 Apr 1755]d 20 apr 1755;ch thos,philip,danl , john,wm;wife isable exex;some ch ua supv wm clucas, danl boddagh + john joughin (they allow widow 30s towards maintenance of youngest child)
1755-2 A 44      CANNON       Mary        CARTER       [bur 6 Mar 1755]d 4 mar 1755;son john(houses + garden - currently in dublin);husb thos;dau ellinor,christian,jane + margt (lat 3 jt execs)
1755-2 A 45      COWLEY       John                     d beg apr;knockbane;bro's ch richd + cath (they to put coffin or linen on him to his grave);bro's son thos cowley;cousin john cowley;nephew patk cowley exor;
1755-2 E      w  STEVENSON    Ellinor     als quirk als moore d 15 may 1755;late husb john quirk,present husb capt Wm Stevenson exor;ch philip quirk(of ballavargher - meadow purchased by her),ellinr clark als quirk(ballawillin),cath clark als quirk(w/o danl peel) ; step-dau ann moore als stevenson(lonan),ellinr woods als stevenson(lonan),elizth clucas als stevenson(santan),jane stevenson;gch wm clark(ballawillin)
1755-3 E      d  BOYDE        Robert                   perished by sea 29 sep 1755;of innerskip N Britain[scotland] but late Peel;admn to Hugh Connor prin creditor Douglas;
1755-3 E      w  KENNIAGH     Jane        Quirk        dated 2 feb 1753;son gilbt(eldest),phill;dau ellinor,alice,mary,margt;gson phil kenniagh;philip + elinor jt execs
1755-3 E      w  KILLEY       Ann         CLUCAS       d 4 oct 1755;son john(eldest),james,wm,philip;dau margt,ann,cath,elizth(w/o John Garrett);maidserv margt clucas;husb philip exor;
1755-3 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Daniel                   dated 27 sep 1752;sibs thos (crop due by decease mother),margt (w/o thos shimmin)- jt execs
1755-3 E      w  SHIMMIN      Thomas                   d 4 aug 1755;gdau ann shimmin;son wm exor
1756-1 A 14      KAUGHIN      John                     d 31 jan 1756;peel;son john(eldest),david,henry;dau dorothy(w/o john clark);dau-i-law cath;gson john kaughin;gdau ann,margt;3 ch in ireland thos,ann,margt;son john+henry jt exors
1756-1 E      d  CRELLIN      William                  d 21 nov 1755;porter;ch wm,john,thos,henry + alice - all ua uncles Thos + John crellin(infirm wife Ann);wife alive
1756-2 A 33      CUBON        William                  d 19 feb 1756;peel;gson james cubbon;wife grace exex
1756-2 A 34      WATERSON     Thomas                   dated 7 may 1752;son thos,john;gdau ann watterson;dau-i-law jony waterson (washing tub);wife elinor exex
1756-2 A 35      CRELLIN      Patrick                  d beg dec 1755;ch patk,henry(had settlement), christian,jane jt execs
1756-2 A 36      GELL         Jane        Kelly        d 14 apr [1756];ch cath,margt,ann,mary(eldest dau );names elizth crellin(clothes),margt shimmin;husb john exor;ch ua - supv henry,pat + mary kelly;margt dead by 1761;exor John described as of the Bollaugh;
1756-2 A 37      McYLCHREEST  William                  d 15 apr 1756;lammal;gdau margt shimmin(in ary moar), isabel mylchreest;son thos,john(exor - wife margery);son-i-law john shimin (of airy moar - disputes will - wife margt);pledges pat lace(peel),thos cain(churchtown kk michael);
1756-2 A 38      CHRISTIAN    William                  [bur ger 27 Nov 1755]d 25 nov 1754 at farm of ballalargey Ballaugh at house of widow cowley but of Ballakaighin kk german;ch margt(w/o adam corlet),thos exor but relinquishes to adam corlet h/o margt);names cath cowley widow (took care of him),wm keig,wm callister,wm gawn and sev others
1756-2 A 39      McYLVORREY   William                  d 7 apr 1756;son-i-law patk kelly exor;wife isabel
1756-2 E      w  TEAR         William                  peel; wants to be bur 'St Patrick's of Jurby 'sis Alice Caine als. Tear (+ her dau Elinor in kk Michael);nephews David and William Caine ;cousin Margaret Tear of the Carlane, widow;son (+heir) John, his 3 bros Thomas, William and Richard Tear ;
                                                          cousin Silvester Tear;,thomas tear Ballamoney;niece Deborah Waterson als Tear ;cousin Elizabeth Gawn als. Robinson als. Cain ;names John Addy;cousin Mary Teare at Ballatear ;cousin Capt. Thomas Gawn of ballagawn;cousin Edward Gawn at Ballagawn ;wife alive
1756-2 E      d  QUAY         Patrick                  d 15 feb 1754;mariner d barbadoes;sibs john(refuses admn but is sworn later in 1759),isabel(w/o James Cain [m Ger 17560225]);fa patrick;pledges James Lace + Patk Lace(fa of james) both peel;inv (inc parcl secondhand books)
1756-3 E      w  FAIRBROTHER  William                  d 29 sep 1756;peel;son randall(house adj churchyard),john;wife exex
1757-1 A 13      KELLY        Christian   SEDDAN       w/o john kelly merchant;property in douglas & peel;;son wm;dau anne;witt jas wilks, george moore;
                                                     petn 27 jun 1761 from wm now 14 that fa infirm chooses thos fagher kk malew; jk 2nd marr to Christian smith als fine
1757-1 E      d  COLVIN       Esther      KILLIP       d 20 oct;sons john + danl + hen + arthur had dowry, + wm ;inv
1757-1 E      w  TEAR         Esther      HARRISON     peel;parents bur st peters;left house situate nr shore to poor;husb wm;cousin rev nath curgy,john addy,dorothy addy,cath robinson;names mrs elizth gawn als curphy;cosin wm curphey (late decd ramsey + children);sis ann henry now in 
                                                         ireland;cousin john robinson;decd bro revd mr curghy kk bride;codicil has cousin nichs harrison councillor ireland;1762: only sis ann henry now dead (wdr robt + sons);inv
1757-2 A 43      GELL         Ann                      peel;d mar last;son charles;dau ann cubbon;husb gilbt;son james
1757-2 A 44      CHRISTIAN    Susannah    MOORE        bur ger 13 Mar 1757;[full] d beg mar 1757;son john (ua);husb thos;sis isabel moore;spinner margt cannell + other bequests;no relns appear to act as supv;
1757-2 A 45      McYLCHREEST  Thomas                   lammall;d 4 mar 1757;bro john;john shimin jnr his sisters son;sis margt  w/o john shimin [9265];
1757-2 E      d  COOILE       Thomas                   perished by sea 20 mar 1757 on coast of scotland;mariner;peel;sibs wm,james + margt
1757-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Catherine                formerly peel now of newry ireland;names thos costain cooper peel exec;bro patk;sis ester crellin otherwise finer (w/o thos);goddau ann might d/o robt + margt might cabinetmkr newry;
1757-2 E      w  CUBON        Margaret    GELLIN       dated dec 1756;peel;son thos (eldest),robt;dau jony,leonora;gch mary
1757-3 E      d  brown        James                    porter;d 17 oct 1757;ch sarah,thos,ellinr,jane (ellinr + jane ua); wife christian;inv
1757-3 E      w  CANNELL      Elizabeth   KINGLISH     d 4 mar 1757;peel;stepson john cannell (+ his dau);friend james cubbon exec
1757-3 E      w  CRELLIN      Alice       CRAINE       d 1 jul 1757;sis marjery cottier (w/o john) exex;niece elinor quirk,margt cottier;step-son john crellin (+ his dau anne + his wife);step-dau ellinor crellin
1757-3 E      w  CRELLIN      Thomas                   ch james,john,philip,alice + jane;wife jony
1757-3 E      w  KELLY        Jane        SHIMIN       d 24 aug 1757;niece margt shimin;son john kelly (inc right of roof of house);dau-i-law anne kelly als killey;son patk;dau-i-law isable kelly als mcylvorrey;husb robt exec
1757-3 E      w  KERMOD       Gilbert                  son wm (chest in loom house) exec;dau cath (eldest),christian;names maary quiggin;wife alive
1757-3 E      d  LACE         Jane        CHRISTIAN    d 27 jan 1757;ch ellinr,ann + elizth, wm + jane had dowries;richd ellison h/o ellinr,ann cannell als lace only 2 present;
1757-3 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Sarah                    d 1 jun 1757;son-i-law wm cooper jnr + dau ann execs
1757-3 E      d  QUIRK        Richard                  perished by crossing the river nr peel in the time of high flood 28 aug 1757;only son richd;dau margt now wife of thos clucas had dowry;
1758-1 A 18      KELLY        Robert                   d 6 nov 1757;son robt;son john & john's two  youngest daus mary jane kelly (?john jnr 9425);
1758-1 A 19      CUBON        James                    peel;wife cath cubbon als gell;
1758-1 E      d  COTTIMAN     Thomas                   perished by sea on coast of scotland 23 mar 1757;mariner peel;sibs wm,john,margt + cath;fa wm (+ also pledge, other john corlet ballatersyn ballaugh)
1758-2 A 63      KAIGHIN      Anne        ERVIN        [Full]
1758-2 E      d  CAINE        Ann         QUIRK        [bur ger 21 May 1758];d 20 may 1758;ch james,john,ann,leonora all ua next of kin philip cowley supv;husb john
1758-2 E      d  KILLEY       Henry                    d 19 feb 1758;ballakaighin;4ch Henry, Christian, John, and Margaret Killey ;wife alive
1758-3 E      w  CAINE        Thomas                   [bur ger 1 Jul 1758];peel;d 29 jun 1758;bros james,henry + gilbt,john (herring nets - his daus isabel + elizth);mo ann als craine;sis ann + jane;wife margt;bro wm; 1790 thos clucas h/o (sis) jane caine acks from wm corkan; 1758 wm corkan h/o margt caine relict of thos caine;
1758-3 E      w  COTTIER      Bahee       CANNELL      [full];d 12 sep 1758;knocksharry;dau mary; (her bro thos);dau eliz quay als cottier;gdau mary quay;gson john quay,thos quay;son philip;gch john + margt cottier;husb john;1765 math cowle h/o mary cottier;
1758-3 E      w  CURRY        Thomas                   d 16 oct 1757;peel;gson john colvin(house),thos colvin(house called brew house);son john(if he came);dau jane exex;gch ann colvin;tennant pat killip
1758-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Philip                   d 23 sep 1758;peel;bro nicholas;neice ellinor kewley,alice kewley;nephew john kewley;names john caine hatter;friend joseph cannel(h/o elizth) exor;bro nicholas alleges one witt cousin german;1761 john kelly h/o ellinr kewley
1759-1 A 10      COWLEY       Richard                  [Full]
1759-1 A 11      WATERSON     Elizabeth                bro thos & house she lately built on his land;sis alice killey als waterson; thos killey h/o alice;
1759-1 E      d  CLARK        Ann         McYLCHREEST  [bur ger 26 Sep 1758];4 ch wm john silv mary;syl mcylechreest h/o mary
1759-2 A 66      CLARK        Thomas                   d 17 mar 1759;uttered 16 mar;peel;wife elizth exex;3 unnamed ch - ua;inv inc 15gallon red wine,206gal brandy
1759-2 A 67      CORKILL      William                  made 14 mar 1759;son wm(to pay other ch their share of £9 - also to have choice of looms);other ch sarah,patk,joney,thos,john + jane;dau cath kelly als corkill(w/o patk kelly);wife ann als kewley exex;disputes - court accepts will 
                                                           - surviving ch patk,joney,thos,john + ann [sarah bur Ger 17590409]
1759-2 A 68      CAINE        John                     [bur Ger 17590311]dated 15 Oct 1758;ch john,philip,hugh + cath Lewion?;wife cath als kelly exex;pledges patk karran Creg-lhea + Gilbt Cain (kk german)
1759-2 E      w  CANNELL      Ellinor     FREER        [bur ger 9 May 1759];d 8 may 1759;son unnamed;sis cath;husb wm
1759-2 E      d  CORKILL      Sarah                    d 7 apr 1759;spinster;sibs wm,patr,thos,john,cath,joney + ann; patt kelly h/o cath;inv
1759-2 E      w  CRAINE       Hugh                     made 27 apr 1759;ballney howin;son wm (heir);ch hugh,margt + cath;tennant wm myleworrey;dau anne;wife margt als quay
1759-2 E      d  GELL         John                     d 14 mar 1759;Kynna;ch gilbt + philip, john had mc,elizth now w/o wm mcylchreest;pledges thos + philip kenniagh
1759-2 E      d  GELL         Margaret                 d 28 dec 1757;orphan goods due mo jane gell 1756;sis mary,cath + ann;uncle henry kelly (mo side) admr;pledges wm + patr kelly both of ballacurry;dau of john gell  e volley in funeral 'carrying corps over the river'
1759-2 E      d  KEWISH       John                     left island 40 yrs ago;only sis deborah shimin als kewish (peel)
1759-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Nicholas                 d 8 may 1759;dau ellinr kelly als kewley (w/o john);other ch ann,cath,wm + mathw had mcs
1759-2 E      d  Kewley       john                     d 25 apr 1759;5 ch john,patk,wm,henry + ellinr;wife alive;inv
1759-2 E      w  McYLWORREY   Catherine   CORKILL      d 9 may 1759;dau cath (eldest),ann,jane,isable,margt,alice;unnamed son;husb patk;edwd caralaugh h/o bahee acks;magt acks,philip craine h/o alice acks,1775 henry woods h/o jane acks
1759-3 E      w  CLUCAS       Margaret    QUIRK        d 9 sep 1759;peel;husb thomas(house + garden in peel) exor;son thomas ua;mo-i-law mary clucas;bro richard quirk (also supv ua son);1767: richd quirk dead thos clucas (fwidower) + his father Wm Clucas sworn supvs
1759-3 E      w  COLVIN       Esther      CAINE als garrett d 3 jul 1759;peel;dau Elizth Caine (eldest - qtr of house due unto her by death of mother Mary Garrett als shimmin + wch present husband arthur colvin had consented - Elizth's fa = James Caine), esther colvin;son John(decd), arthur colvin(half garden at the Green - half adj John Cubbon's house);sis elizth garrett;husb arthur exor;witt Eleanor Cottier als kneen x, Cath Kaighan als Stephan x
1759-3 E      w  CREllin      Ann                      d beg jul 1759;ch henry(her pt of miln),christian(ua),jane woods;husb john crellin exor
1759-3 E      d  CROSS        Dorothy     CHRISTIAN    d 29 aug 1759;ch john,ellinr(w/o john shimin),dorothy
1759-3 E      d  CUBON        Catherine   JUKE         d 20 jul 1759;son wm(an idiot),thomas,robt(had marriage portion);husb thomas
1759-3 E      d  DICKSON      Thomas                   mason;no one appeared - wm dawson sumner to handle;inv
1759-3 E      w  KNEALE       Daniel                   d 1 sep 1759;ch danl,isable,cath;wife margt als callister exex;ch ua wm,edwd + philip kneale sworn supv
1759-3 E      w  MYLREA       Thomas                   dated 14 sep 1759;made in ireland;merchant;peel;son daniel(£300 + house),thos;dau rose,cath;bro danl to be supv;wife rose exex;because made in ireland witnesses cannot appear - bros dan mylrea(rcvr genl),wm mylrea(rector kk bride) + capt wm callow(clough bane maughold) sworn guardians + depose handwritting is that of thos;dau cath dead by 1769 - surv ch danl,thos + rose
1759-3 E      w  QUIRK        Margaret    CRAINE       dated 16 aug 1759;son richd(all houses in + abt Peel)exor;dau margt clucas als quirk
1759-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      Margaret    KEANAH       d 1 jun 1759;ch wm,cath,thos + jane (last 3 ua);hus thos
1759-3 E      d  STEPHAN      Robert                   d 2 aug 1759;weaver;ch thos ua uncle edwd stephen;wife margt;inv
1760-1 A 26      LACE         Henry,snr                peel;eldest son henry;wife alice lace als brew;;son wm left his mothers oak chest (? 2nd marr);son peter;daus jane irvin, eliz kaighen;david h/o eliz
1760-1 A 27      SHIMIN       Mary        CROSS        dau eliz cowin als shimin;husb patrick;
1760-1 E      w  CORLET       Jane        CRELLIN      d 27 jul 1759;sis christian crellin;neice christian crellin her bro matthew's dau (9406);husb john corlet; some dispute but joney quayle sent for as midwife to attend witness Danl Kneale died before proving
1760-1 E      w  ERVIN        Ellinor     CLUCAS als Kelly    peel;son wm irvin now abroad in his majesties service;;bro phillip kelly's dau eliz alexander als kelly now in ireland;gson wm irvin;husb thos;sister joney corrin als kelly;another son James not mentioned - he and wife jane claim 
1760-2 A 63      KEONE        Robert                   peel;mo eliz koone;bro john; [?no obv bur]
1760-2 A 64      COWLEY       Joney       KILLEY [? als killey]  dau margt;son wm;;husb john;[ch of prev marr, m. 1753 ger when she was widowed - prev husb wm killey]
1760-2 A 65      MOORE        Margaret    QUAYLE       daus ann eliz joney (ch ua);sis-i-l abigail moore;husb wm [by 1781 m cath mylechreest and possibly dead] - need marr c. 1745
1760-2 A 66      CANNELL      John                     bur ger 8 Mar 1760;peel;d 6 mar;dau mary;wife alice cannel als cooil;
1760-2 A 67      KNEALE       Joney       QUAYLE       peel;dau elinr;s-i-l thomas corkan; 2 daus;gch philip, thomas wm eleanor john kneale [?fam 9142];son patrick
1760-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Christian   COOILE       d 5 nov 1759;ch thos + christian(w/o john cosnahan) jt admrs,henry(eldest) had m/c;dispute
1760-2 E      d  CRISTRY      William                  d 24 dec 1759;sometime jurby d in kk german;ch ann(w/o robt cubbon),jane(w/o hugh caine),margt(relict john quinney);mary (w/o john cleator), joney(w/o john gellin) + wm jt admrs ,thos(eldest son had m/c);robt cubbon sworn others absent;;pledges patk cowley south knockbane + phil killey (both kk michael) - goods to not amount to funeral expenses thus no inv required
1760-2 E      d  DAWSON       Edward                   perished by sea coast of scotland 12 mar 1760;sibs john + ann(w/o philip fargher);father wm to pay philip fargher £7 for right of admin and for work done on house;
1760-2 E      d  DAWSON       John                     d 19 mar 1759?;'the younger';ch ann,cath,wm + elizth - all ua tuition to uncles wm + thos dawson;wife alive;inv
1760-2 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   CRELLIN      dated 3 may 1759;jt will wm + cath als crellin;ch mary;gson wm(young heir),thos kelly + 7 unnamed(lamb each);mutual execs;1766: hugh shimin h/o mary acks wm kelly, son patk kelly acks lamb for each of his ch thos,wm + jane
1760-2 E      d  LACE         John                     d 4 apr 1760;peel;ch ellinr(w/o richd ellison), ann(w/o wm cannel - abroad in hm service) + elizth jt admrs;son wm(abroad in hm service) had m/c
1760-2 E      d  QUEIRK       William                  dated 10 jul 1758;disposed to leave island;mo joney christian(house in peel etc) exex; court notes since will he mar Mary Ann (his present wife) + had child jane quirk thus query validity of will; agreement that joney will use parlour during her life in consideration of expence + troble in assisting wm to build same - after which to pass to orphan;
1760-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Matthew                  d 10 dec 1759 in one hm hospital ships at plymouth;sibs john (ua),mary + jane jt admrs - fa john + uncle matth shimin pledges
1760-3 E      w  BREW         Elizabeth   CORRIN       [bur ger 19 Jul 1760];dated 13 jun 1760;peel;ch robt + cath (ua - houses in peel);husb joshua exor
1760-3 E      d  CRAINE       Thomas                   perished by sea on coast of scotland on or abt patrickms last[?17 mar 1760],only ch thomas ua uncle + aunt john craine + Margt Blackburn als craine supv;wife isabel
1760-3 E      w  QUIRK        Jane        GELL         d 30 apr 1760;dau margt,ann garrett als gell exex(w/o Dollin);gson john christian
1760-3 E      d  WATTLEWORTH  Samuel                   d 27 jul 1760;peel;ch margt,dorothy,jane,elizth + thos - all ua uncles John Radcliffe + John Graves;wife alive
1761-1 A 12      GELL         Alice       KILLEY       w/o phillip kneeb;d jul/aug; son philip ;mentions mill;,son wm;
1761-1 A 13      DOrE         Matthew                  peel;wife jane;witt capt richd slater; [md innkeeper]
1761-1 A 50      SHIMIN       Ann                      widow, renass moor;gson john shimin;son hugh shimin;reln henry crellin;gdau ann cowle,ggson james cowle;servants jane cowle, isable cowin
1761-1 A 51      COOPER       William,snr              wife cath cooper als moore;son wm; gsom matthew cowle;s-i-l james cowle
1761-1 A 52      KNACLE       Marjery     waterson     d 5 mar 1761;eliz simpson widow;servt elinor costean;robt christian's wife jane;alice kinread widow;husb thos;
1761-1 A 53      DAWSON       John                     son john;dau anne;gson thos, henry & james;  s/o thos; dau cath kelly
1761-1 E      d  BREW         Robert                   vicar;wife isable;ch john,robt eliz thos all ua, aunt cath brew;john callow + ann brew also uncle/aunt; (? john + jane brew)
1761-1 E      d  CORKILL      Isabel      QUINE        d 6 sept; 8 children christopher, nichs thos matthw, esther margt ellinr & mary [bapts nic thos ellinr - paul corkil]
1761-2 E      d  COOPER       Ann         MCYLCHREEST  d 8 feb 1761;ch cath,chas,john + philip - last 3 ua uncle _ Maddrell;husb alive
1761-2 E      d  COOPER       Philip                   d 20 yrs ago;c/o wm + margt als christian (see 1737-2);only sis by mo margt cooper(w/o patr lace now widower)
1761-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Thomas                   perished by sea on coast Scotland 29 dec 1760;ch elizth, ann,esther + james (3 last ua);wife Elizth
1761-3 E      d  COOILE       Joney       CAINE        d 30 nov 1760;ch wm(abroad),james + margt;husb silvester;inv
1761-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     [Full]d 10 may 1761 in minority; right to £15 in will mo susannah christian als moore 1757 (her hus thomas,sis isabel moore w/o thos christian)
1761-3 E      d  EWING        Patrick                  d jun 1757;of farley ayreshire;no relns;extensive inv of cargo of 'peggy & nelly'
1761-3 E      d  McYLWORREY   Catherine   crellin      d 28 jun 1761; uncles+aunts henry,john,wm,alice(w/o patr corkill),cath(w/o thos kelly),bahee,margt(w/o wm quay),mary (w/o john quayle)+ elizth crellin(w/o robt kelly) jt admrs
1761-3 E      d  McYLWORREY   William                  d 4 oct 1761;sibs thos,peter,ann(w/o wm crellin);pledge john crellin(math),nichs craine both kk german
1762-1 A 15      ELLISON      Silvester                wife jane;witt Patrick Kearn ,Silvester Coole ,James Parr
1762-1 A 16      CUBBON       Averick     SHIMIN       husb patrick;1774 john & thos cubbon ack from fa patrick;sister ann dead;ch ua supv phinlo shimmin, henry quilliam husb of margt quilliam als shimmin,nichs shimmin
1762-1 A 17      woods        margaret    cannon       husb henry;dau ann walker als cannon;dau mary;elliz kelly w/o robt who is abroad in hm service claims;
1762-1 A 18      GROSSENDOFF  Henry                    peeltown;sailor;perished at sea 29 nov 1761;wife dorothy grossend als colvin
1762-1 E      d  CoLVIN       Margaret    SANDELAND    d 10 nov;4 ch mary ann wm margt all ua uncle john cowin(?) ;husb wm;inv
1762-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Catherine   DAWSON       peel;d sept last;5 ch thos cath eliz chas margt all ua aunts ellr margt dawson;husb thomas;inv + herring nets + 1/4  boat
1762-1 E      d  KENNIAGH     Mary                     spinster; d 25 nov;sibs gilbt philip alice ellinr margt
1762-1 E      d  KNEAL        Ann         CALLIN       d 6 dec;husb robt;3 ch margt hugh robt all ua uncle by mo side thos skealy (patr karran another uncle being poor blind
                                                        + wife reliquishes tuition unto thos skealy);inv;1772 hugh + mary kneal now at la ack from fa + uncle;note that  robt had £32 in ready cas in 1762 - account of building a house inc philip fargher slater £6
1762-1 E      w  LACE         William                  impressed dated at Stranroar 1 jan 1757;son wm; property in peel;wife margt als cain;sis elinor elison ; hir (sic)dau elinor kaighin, hir son john elison;sis ann lace als cannel;sis eliz;sis jame shimmin;witt john nakwl, wm coole;
1762-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Hugh                     ballakaighin;d 22 nov;3 ch joney christian hugh all ua but no reln appeared; wife alive; inv;
1762-2 A 55      KELLY        John                     [Full];dated 28 apr 1761;merchant peel;wife christian als fine;son john (not 14),wm;dau christian,ann + posthumous son james;
1762-2 A 56      COMISH       Henry                    d 13 mar 1762;bro john comish;wife jane comish als shimin;other sibs excluded;john comish of kk arbory acks and also acks legacy from bro henry
1762-2 A 57      STEPHEN      John                     cooper, peel;eldest son john his bros thomas wm & sis mary;wife elizabeth stephen als corris
1762-2 A 58      McYLCHREEST  Isabel                   w/o philip;son john;mentions hides,skins tan pitts;dau abigail clucas als mylechreest (m wm clucas ger 3 feb 1761 -  no ch ? wm c dead bef 1765 marries david callister)
1762-2 A 59      LEECE        Ann         PARR         +ann leece als radcliffe claims;inv 
1762-2 A 60      OATES        William                  [Full]
1762-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Elizabeth   CLUCAS       husb thos;son robt;dau mary;gch (of mary);serv maid isable mcnemarreh;sons james thos bridson
1762-2 E      d  CORRIN       Margaret    KENNISH      peel; d june 1760;only ch eliz corrin w/o joshua brew survived her by a mnth
1762-2 E      d  CUBON        Ann         CAINE        d 2 feb;4 ch thos patr ann + robt; all ua Wm caine uncle;inv; ch's gfa thos cubon;
1762-2 E      dg SHIMIN       Dorothy     kewish       dg date 1755[=NSS May 1759 8] friend john corrin peel;house in peel adj wm kissage's rent on west, sillvester + henry mcylchreest on east;street on south, lords rent 1d; rest of effects scarely paid for funeral [wdw thomas m Ger 17280921]
1762-3 E      d  DAVIES       James                    Davies/Davison from perthshire - no reltns on island
1762-3 E      w  ERVIN        Thomas                   ? there is a note that jane ervin als lace sworn exectx but see no will on microfilm
1762-3 E      d  FARGHER      Henry                    d 8 sept 1762 -5 children thos, jane ann isabel elizth ;eliz underage, wm dawson husb of ann;robt corkil husb of jane; wife alive;pledges wm clucas ballalough, nichs corkill peel
1762-3 E      d  LEECE        John                     d 18 jul 1762; 3 children john, ellinor, margt, all under age - john corlet of ballaugh uncle - 'lives at considerable distance' consented that caesar parr & phil quirk uncles on mother's side acted as supversor (wife ann leece als parr - also died in same year - long inv + petition from cp) [no bapt margt ?]
1762-3 E      w  QUIRK        William                  lamfell;d 22 may 1762;son wm,james;bro thomas quirk;maid serv isable cowlle;wife jane
1763   E         CHRISTIAN    Isabell     KILLY        [Full]
1763-1 A 22      hutchin      patrick                  peel;d 18/10 jan last;son john,patrick,charles,dau cathrine;wife ellinor hutchin als comaish
1763-1 A 23      christian    isabell     killey       peel;w/o john christian,cooper;d 4 feb 1763;only child john christian;sister's dau unnamed;
1763-1 A 24      crellin      william                  d 8 feb 1763;sons wm nicholas, philip,patrick;dau cathrine, mary;wife sarah crellin als kelly;
1763-1 A 25      colvin       eleanor     radcliffe    made 28 dec 1762;dau meable Mcquiney als colvin;ch james anne colvin;dau eleanor;husb arthur
1763-1 E      d  Hore         john                     perished by sea mar 1757 on passage from Ireland to this island - native of Rush but possessed of effecs - no admin taken out -principal creditor Mr George Moore requests genl sumner to admin - he alleges effects in hands of Wm Crellin peel but jury find otherwise - john callin states he held 91lb of tea but was taken away by Philip Grumbley who accted to widow of john hore at 2s 5d per lb + some brandy + rum 
                                                           - Hore's widow had right to quarter of a wherry master then + now John Cain;john cain examined states wherry "john + Mary" now lying at douglas harbour + was not indebted to widow who he thinks made a gift of wherry to her son nichs who paid £4 6s 1/4 part of repair costs
1763-1 E      d  QUAY         Christopher              d 2 nov 1762;dau mary + cath jt admxs - other dau Ann(w/o hugh kennish) had m/c
1763-2 A 58      BREW         Robert                   under seq for year/book = 1763-2 - next #59 patrick corkill
1763-2 A 59      corkill      patrick                  wife alice;eldest son john;4 sons patrick, wm thomas,philip;2 dau cath anne;pledges patr crellin (homy), john crellin taylor;
1763-2 A 60      neal         patrick                  d 25 nov 1762;peel;wife margret neal als crain;1779 ack thos kneale,wm kneale, john kneale wm kelly husb ellinor kneale
1763-2 A 61      DAWSON       Margaret    QUILLIAM     peel;d 22 feb 1763;dau anne fargher als dawson;son john;gdau anne fargher, margt fargher;husb wm
1763-2 A 62      COWLE        Charles                  peel;son wm;dau isable clucas als cowle;
1763-2 A 63      WOODS        Catherine   LACE         peel;w/o hugh;dau leonora;son john;child on her bearing;godson in kk andreas;bro daniel lace objected as will obtained by force & ill treatment
1763-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Catherine   SHIMIN       d 4 feb 1763;only ch mary crellin als clague;pledges Nichs craine, Patr Crellin(hommy) both Kk German;
1763-2 E      d  CRELLIN      John                     d 21 jul 1761;late kk german;dau esther (w/o john brew)+ ann jt admrs
1763-2 E      w  CRINGAL      Elizabeth   COWIN        d 28 may 1763;dau jane,ellinor;husb john exor
1763-2 E      d  FARGHER      Margaret    COTTIER      d 26 aug 1762;ch wm + ann killey by former husb, chas,margt + robt by latter husb;all at age;
1763-2 E      d  KAIGHIN      Philip                   Peel;d 29 sep;3 ch Willm, James, and Ann Kaighin;wm out of Island;pledges Patrick Lace Senior of Peeltown +Wm Quine of KK Patrick
1763-3 E      w  CLUCAS       Thomas                   dated 11 dec 1762 but declrd sep 1759;peel;ch ann,henry,margt (house in peel),wm (ua);wife isable als cowle exex
1763-3 E      w  CUBBON       Thomas                   d 15 oct 1763;dau margt cowley;son wm,john,thomas,robt (snr) exor;1764: patk cowley h/o margt acks
1763-3 E      d  GELL         Silvester                d 26 nov 1763;son thos(abroad),john;
1763-3 E      d  KILLEY       Philip                   [Full]
1763-3 E      w  McYLWORREY   Ellinor     CRAINE       d 12 sep 1763;niece ann cowin als crain,cath archibald als crain,elinor cowin als crain,alice mylechreest als crain exex (w/o Henry);husb henry
1763-3 E      w  QUAY         Thomas                   d 19 oct [?1763];dau margt quirk als quay;son-i-law wm quirk;neighbour Thos quine;wife mary als looney exex
1764-1 A 9       COWIN        Ann                      d 23 dec 1763;son wm,danl (exor - abroad h/o ellr)
1764-1 A 10      CORKILL      Joney                    d 1 jun 1764;sibs thomas,john,ann,cath,patk(exor);mo alive
1764-1 A 11      CORKILL      William                  d 10 dec 1763;sibs jony,thos,john,ann,patk(houses + lands)
1764-1 E      w  CORLETT      Daniel                   peel;sis jane bell(w/o richd),esther (lived at mr parr's)
1764-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Catherine   DAWSON       d 24 jun 1763;peel;son wm(little croft n side of highway),john(if he comes);gch john crellin;dau elizth crellin exex;1770 wm acks from john dawson h/o elizth
1764-1 E      d  GELL         Philip                   d 28 oct 1763;peel;ch philip(abroad in n america),john,elinor,cath(w/o thos christian);wife alive
1764-1 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Henry                    d 4 jul 1763;peel;sis jane kneale,cath radcliffe,isabel lace (+ daus isabel + elenor or crellin?) exex (w/o patrick)
1764-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Hugh                     d 24 jan 1764;Kneeb;only son hugh
1764-2 A 48      CLARK        Catherine   QUIRK        d sun 25 mar last;peel;son danl,john;dau elinor;ch ua;husb daniel exor;uncles philip quirk + robt clark supv;pledges nicholas corkil + thos cubon both peel;jan 1771 son john dead;mortgage? by danl 1771 house 3d ab rent adj john addi + john cannon + rheat ballaterson adj john callister,wm white + wm cowin  ld rent 2d
1764-2 A 49      CRELLIN      Thomas                   [Full]d 6 apr 1764;peel;intending to go to ireland;parents thos + elizth;un-named sibs;
1764-2 A 50      KNAILE       Margaret                 peel;bro wm knaile;mo aalive;sis cath exex
1764-2 E      d  COTTIER      Robert                   d 27 apr;6 ch john ellinor thos, willm ann & margt;all ua;uncles by mother pat crellin, john kermod thos crellin & john cottier;wife alive;1765 thos & wm died of spox
1764-2 E      d  ELLISON      Elizabeth                c/o cath ellison als norris dec 1689 - no account for 20 years presumed dead;wm ellison bro's son + john & margt cottier c/o alice ellison their bro's dau (alice d about 8 years ago);petn by William ellison of kk pat
1764-2 E      d  ELLISON      William                  see eliz; court case witnesses William Cooile aged 74
1764-2 E      d  KILLEY       Jane        MYLREA       d 18 mar;2 ch thos & margt killey;thos abroad
1764-2 E      w  OATES        John                     now of peel formerly of ramsey; mo alive;bro wm, sis-i-l isabel oates;share of boat; dau eleanor exec;wife ann oates als calow cut off with 6d;exec ua uncle wm oates;formerly on hm antelope 
1764-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Isabel      kenniagh als QUILLIAM  3 ch thos, william & john kenniagh by a former husband + philip qilliam by a later;thos abroad others at age
1764-2 E      d  QUIRK        William                  mariner s/o patrick late of this parish, died at grand terr guardalupe apr 1761;sibs john margt jane & anne quirk
1764-3 E      d  BAILEY       Alexander                perished by sea 28 aug 1764;ch john + alexander both ua but no reln; wife consents to Wm Quine(kk patk) as admr
1764-3 E      w  CRELLIN      John                     d beg apr 1764;ch henry + christian jt execs;names james sayle(right of corn in moane moor)
1764-3 E      w  Cringle[KNICKLE]  John                     d 27 sep 1764;ch john,robt, jane;son-i-law henry crellin exor
1764-3 E      w  QUILLIAM     Margaret    CLUCAS       d 4 may 1764;ch patk clucas,wm clucas exor;dau-i-law elinor clucas als crellin,margt clucas als crellin
1765-1 A 18      MYLEVORREY   Bridget     CRELLIN      [full]
1765-1 A 20      DAWSON       Eleanor                  d 4 jan 1765;widow;congaary;son henry;dau joney exex;gdau elinor dawson
1765-1 A 21      LIDDERDALE   William                  capt wm lidderdale;appoints george williams to take care of claims etc;eleanor maddrell exex - williams declines + eleanor sworn exex;claims inc john callin + philip moore supervisors of peel harbour for £37 being harbour dues from midsummer 1764 - court case Geo williams pays £21 but Wm Cowin h/o exex(?eleanor maddrell) has to pay £15
1765-1 E      w  FAIRBROTHER  Randel                   d 27 apr 1764;bro john;mo joney alive
1765-1 E      w  KERMOD       Marjery     KELLY        peel;husb thomas;3 ch john thos marjery not given 6d thus become jt exec
1765-1 E      w  STEPHAN      John, jnr                cooper in peel;concerns in peel to eldest bro thos but mo eliz stephan als corras to have for first 14 years;bro wm sis mary
1765-2 E      w  CLUCAS       William                  of peel;bro patrick all my carpentry tools;bro james;wife abigail clucas als mylechreest [m Ger 17610203 no ch - wm  bp Bal 17300330 ]
1765-2 E      d  McNEILL      Hugh                     of town of ayr;died near antigua in jul/aug last;alledged goods of his in this island - petition etc thos taylor merchant of peel owed £70
1765-2 E      w  SHIMIN       Nicholas                 dau margt;wife margery;eldest son nicholas;rest of ch pat, hugh john wm thos mary & anne;wife margery shimmin als creer
                                                        1788 pat corkill husb of ann;1796 john garret h/o mary [not found bapt of all ch hugh john missing but have 2x nich + pat but without burials ?]
1765-3 E      w  CORLET       Jane        CRAIN        w/o rev henry corlet;3 ch;sis elinor crain;
1765-3 E      w  COSNAHAN     Ann                      dated 28 jul 1765;peel;names thos cosnahan(kk patk),patk lace(peel),jane lace(peel),james lace(peel) exor - lately departed this isle PoA to Wm Quine(kk patk)
1765-3 E      w  MURRAY       John                     some time deputy searcher in Peel; wm arthur h/o ann arthur als murray acks;charles murray acks dated annan witt wm 
                                                        fleming master of Neptune of Irvine & john madrile mariner on board sd vessel;wm flemming says charles signed in his presence
1765-3 E      w  QUAY         Jane        [?kelly]     of late years lived at service co down;died at John Ross's near ballawalter (in sd kingdom - ireland);named margaret commins w/o thos commins of peel [cummins = comish];jane shanks als dawson testified;margt commins als corrin;dispute with thos quirk suing in right of margt kelly testator's mother re house & croft;
1766-1 A 18      RADCLIFFE    Catherine                [Full];Peel;sis jane Neacle als Radcliffe (w/o john);sis Isabel Lace als radcliffe (w/o Patrick Lace) execx
1766-1 A 19      QUIRK        Joney       MCYLCHREEST  d 14 jan 1766;elizth(d/o john gell + wife ellinor);child on her bearing;husb thos exor
1766-1 A 20      SHIMMIN      John                     d 9 jan 1766;son phinloe;gson john shimin ballavarkish;son nicholas;dau mary quilliam als shimmin(w/o henry)
1766-1 E      d  CAINE        John                     ballagirr;ch by 2nd marr john & isabel;ch by 1st joney w/o sylvester clark,margt w/o wm cooile  & cath w/o thos killip, john & isabel ua - uncles supv;pldge for widow john quiggin & wm cannell butcher both of kk mich;john christian smith of german
1766-2 A 61      PARR         Elizabeth   QUALTROUGH   [Full] peel; bros William, Cavalier, Thomas, Edward, John & Charles;husn caesar 
1766-2 A 62      CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 26 mar 1766;bro james;sis elizth jane + debora crellin;fa henry crellin
1766-2 A 63      COTTIER      Thomas                   d 19 dec 1765;son john(eldest - new house son had built + backside adj as was marked out) exor,cath;wife alive;pledge thomas crellin + Wm Killey shoemaker;1787: Wm cowle h/o cath acks
1766-2 A 64      STEPHEN      Elizabeth   CORRIS       dated 29 mar 1766;peel;son william(youngest - house),thos,mary;bro dollin corris exor (power to sell small piece of land in Ballaugh to cover debts);thos + wm ua;inv
1766-2 A 66      BOYD         Grace                    d 1 nov 1766;peel;names cath crellin,thos crellin, thos quay;bro edmond boyd;jane mcylevorrey exex;pledges thos + john quay
1766-2 A 65      FAIRBROTHER  Joney       QUARK        [Full];d 24 feb 1766;peel;son john (house adj churchyard);niece mary cowley als cowil;sis's dau margt kewley;little john gell ;
1766-2 E      d  KAIGHIN      John                     Junior, late of peel;sibs thos ann corkil als kaighen husb thos ;
1766-2 E      d  McYLWORREY   Henry                    d 5 feb 1766;only bro patrick
1766-3 E      w  KELLY        Catherine   CRELLIN      d beg aug 1766;ch ann,cath + elinor;sis bahee(youngest);husb thos exor;supv to ch uncles john crellin + thos shimin
1766-3 E      w  QUAY         Robert                   dated 17 sep 1766;peelnames cath corkil(d/o robt corkill tailor Peel) (half his dwelling house - she to pay £10 to wife);wife elizth exex;bro thos(wife elizth to pay his burial costs if too poor)
1767-1 A 12      HUNTER       Jane        DOre         [m Ger 17631024]d 11 mar 1767;sis anne taylor exex with wm quine admr in trust during her absence;inv;
1767-1 A 13      KILLEY       Gilbert                  d 4 feb 1767;peel;names robt + margt killey (bees);bro wm exor
1767-1 A 14      KELLY        Ellinor     CORKAN       d 24 jan 1767;child on her bearing;husb henry exor;sibs wm,john,philip;names cath kelly knock-doo her dominee
1767-1 A 15      FAIRBROTHER  John                     made 5 mar 1767;names charles kewley lezayre(his wife margt);bro-i-law john saint,sis-i-law jane saint;names sylvester fairbrother;nephew john gell(silver watch);wife jane exex
1767-1 E      d  CANNELL      Patrick                  d 4 apr;5 ch wm, margt ann, patrick + robt;all la [?wife Eliz Quayle; missing bapt ann ]
1767-1 E      w  FARGHER      William                  made 25 june 1766;wife mary;son wm;other ch not mentioned thus court made co-exec had son thos by prev  wife  plus silvester,mary + hugh fargher by a latter;silvester fargher uncle;1776 mary reaches 14 chooses thos clark ballaugh as guardian;inv;1770 syl + mary ack from hen s/o silvester fargher decd;1770 thos caley h/o widow mary
1767-1 E      jw HUTCHIN      John                     d-i-l eleanor hutchin house + garden; gson john hutchin
1767-1 E      d  KELLY        Margaret    CRELLIN      d 21 jan;3 dau margt,eliz jane;son pat already prov for;patr quayle h/o margt ;wm kneale h/o  eliz ;wm karran h/o jane ;husb patrick [m Ger 17191128]
1767-1 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Elizabeth   WATLEWORTH   peel;no ch or relns appear;creditors thus sumner genl appointed but no goods to be found
1767-2 A 43      COWLEY       Matthew                  d 20 mar 1767;sibs john,wm,joney,elinor;parents John + Elinor execs
1767-2 A 44      CAINE        Philip                   d 18 mar 1767;ch john(eldest loom),paul,hugh,philip,margt ua uncles thomas + james cain;wife margery als shimin exor;pledges matthew crellin + hugh shimmin need
1767-2 A 45   mc COTTIER      John                     inc m/c Matthew Cowle + Mary Cottier [NSS May 1767 11];m/c give John Cottier Knocksharee;son-i-law Mathw Cowle admr
1767-2 A 46      Crellin      Mary        cubbon       d 27 mar 1767;gdau christian cannell,isabel + margt (d/o john cannel kk michael);dau mary (w/o john cannell);so thos crellin exor
1767-2 A 47      QUAYLE       Catherine   quayle       d 25 apr 1767;ch john,philip,wm,ann;sis isabel;mo elizabeth killey;husb wm exor
1767-2 A 48      CRAINE       Margaret                 d 23 dec 1766;unnamed sibs;niece elizth cannell,cath corlett;mo margt craine exex;pledges wm craine s/o margt + ewan garrett late of ballabroij lezayre
1767-2 A 49      CAINE        William, snr             d 1 jan 1767;ballavaish;son wm,henry,gilbert,james + dau ? anne,jane execs;james relinq to bro jone, jane off island
1767-2 E      d  CAINE        Ann         CRAINE       d 19 may 1767;6 ch john,james,henry,gilbt,ann,jane + wm(had m/c);inv;will  follows decree stepson wm(heir ballavaish)dau cath exex
1767-2 E      d  CAINE        William                  d 1 jan 1767;wife ann als crain d may last - petn by dau ann cain that john caine had unfairly previaled on the court and she unaware that parents had made a will;wm caine maase moar d 28 dec - court decrees same ch as wife ann
1767-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   dated 11 jun 1764;jw robt (peel) + jane als knackle 'now in declining years'dau ellinor,jane,elizth,anne exex
1767-2 E      d  CROSTHWAITE  William                  d in ireland 7yrs ago - principal creditor wm quayle appnt admr - pledges rev hen corlet kk german + rev john gill lezayre - sale of moity of intack called the Jolly kk Malew realised £5 2 6 (£5 1s 1d net)
1767-3 E      w  COTTIER      John                     d 2 oct 1767;s-i-l patrick crellin
1768-1 A 24      WILSON       James                    dated 3 feb 1768;peel;only ch james_geoge;wife ann als hanton exex
1768-1 E      d  McYLCHREEST  Grace       WOODS        d 27 feb 1768;ch jane,ellinr,margt,ann,esther + elizth - all ua uncles+ aunt (mo side) thos woods, dollin corris,heny lace + margt woods supv;husb thos;1778 Wm kewley h/o jane;1790: thos morrison h/o esther acks from thos;
1768-1 E      w  QUIRK        Richard                  d 20 sep;disputed will;in petn nephew + heir at law thomas clucas describes him as 'simple + weak in his conduct' which allowed an injurious contract with Mrs Isable Brew (widow rev Robt Brew kk German) that his friends had great e
                                                           expense in undoing - Quirk in 1762 entered voluntary deed of trust with friends Philip quirk ballavargher + Wm quine Foxdale;Richd Quirk was seized with violent disorder in house[pub] of James Parr Peel who knowing Quirk's weakness 
                                                           prevailed on him to declare some words - commited to writing post mortem;Richd Quirk had for some years been schoolmaster - witness Joshua brew wanted to write will after declaration but Parr said no occasion;
1768-2 E      d  KERMOD       Jane        QUAGGIN      d 26 dec 1767;only ch mary w/o wm kermod
1768-2 E      w  QUINE        Margaret                 d 4 jun 1768;names ann fargher d/o philip, john dawson peel was uncle to ann ua;names eliz crellin d/o john brackabrown, ann crellin d/o john exec
1768-3 E      d  CLARK        William                  jt will dated 2 apr 1762;bro wm waever peel + sis mary clark spinster;lived together these many years
1768-3 E      d  GELL         James                    perished by fall of a sandbank kk michael 19 feb 1768;boat carpenter peel;only ch ann ua;wife averick;inv
1768-3 E      w  KELLY        William                  d 29 oct 1768;dau sarah crellin als kelly;gch jane kelly;son henry exor
1769-1 A 14      FAIRBROTHER  Jane        SAINT        [Full]
1769-1 A 15      COOPER       Catherine   MOORE        [Full]
1769-1 A 16      WOODS        John                     dated 7 jan 1769;knocksharry;names richd woods;son thos;wife jane als killey exex
1769-1 A 17      KAIGEN       Elizabeth   lace         dated 19 jan 1769;son david;dau ann,elizth;money in hands thos crellin shoemaker peel;husb david exor
1769-1 A 18      CRELLIN      Catherine   kewley       d 15 feb 1769;[edge too dark] yougest dau[?bridgt];son wm,henry,john;dau bridget
1769-1 E      w  CRAINE       Margaret    CLUCAS       d 15 oct 1768;dau margt kneal als crain;husb wm exor
1769-1 E      d  CRELLIN      John                     d 28 dec 1768;ch patk(eldest), john + mary;wife alive
1769-1 E      d  FARGHER      Silvester                d 27 dec 1768;ch henry + silvester;dau jane(w/o wm shimin) had sett;wife alive
1769-1 E      w  KNACLE       Thomas                   declrd 4 aug 1768;peel;cousin james Knickle(house etc);witt wm quine + james parr; - disputed by Hugh hugh mcGill + wife elizth who had another will but reaches agreement with James; 
                                                           Hugh gets court date changed as 'frenzy of business in Ireland'; 2nd will annexed - elizth clague a witt states with Knackle 2wks before death when appared v ill and when asked if he would leave anything to John Kneacle's sons said not a pins worth;other witt wm coole said Knackle told him that would leave all to Hugh + wife Elizth with whom he lived;other witt thomas crellin shopkeeper - sates knackle had noone to support him for 2yrs or more;Wm Cotteman (cooper Peel) mentions Ann sis of Elizth McGill
1769-2 A 54      KILLEY       Thomas                   d 28 feb 1769;dau ann crellin,dau grace cain;gson thomas cain;son patrick;gson thos crellin;wife execx
1769-2 A 55      RADCLIFFE    Mabel       CROSS        [Full]
1769-2 E      w  CALLISTER    John                     peel;wife leonora als radcliffe exex;ch david(sandy's croft + adj clay pits),saml(shenarrek purch from wm clucas),cath(little house adj south gable of dwelling house),john,silvester;son-i-law angus munn, caesar wattleworth
1769-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 26 mar 1767;only bro wm cannell admr
1769-2 E      d  CLARK        Elinor                   d 8 mar 1769 at Ardee Lowth Ireland;due good by fa patr clark arch 1753-2;bro whole blood Thos admr of goods via father;margt + elizth kennedy sis of half blood co-admrs of anything due by her own  - kennedy's ua their fa Anthony (out of Isle) - alice w/o anthony + mo of all ch sworn;
1769-2 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    WOODS        dated 1 jul 1769;if child on her bearing survived then exor;husb robt;sis ellinor;sis-i-law elizth corlet
1769-2 E      w  CORRIS       John                     dated 29 may 1769;peel;son john;dau jane white,ann charles,marg cross exex
1769-2 E      d  KELLY        Joney       CRELLIN      d 28 jan 1769;only ch john kelly - ua uncle patk crellin supv;husb thos;1793: john acks from patk crellin;accts have 4s to midwife + 17s 5d funeral costs + deads half of £15 legacy to ch of thos kelly by awill of prev wife;
1769-2 E      w  KELLY        Patrick                  d 1 jun 1769;sis jane garrett als kelly,ann kermod als kelly(w/o gilbt),margt,cath,elizth,ellinr;bro john,wm,thos,henry;father henry exor
1769-2 E      d  QUAY         William                  d 28 feb 1769;corvalley;ch john(by prev wife + abroad)Thos(had marr sett thus not admr but supv),john,robt + mary - last 3 ua;costs inc 2s 4d to carpenter to make coffin
1769-2 E      d  YOUNG        James                    d mar 1768;of Ayr;thos taylor prin creditor - Wm Quine admr - some dispute re valuation of hogsheads of white wine in care of Thos Tailor merchant Peel;
1769-3 E      d  CRELLIN      William                  d 1751 in ireland;c/o john crellin + margt als cooper;due goods by decease of parents - ep will 1750-3;sis esther(w/o john brew - both abroad) + ann crellin (w/o george savage)jt admxs;pledges thos fargher + john lace attornies at law
1769-3 E      w  QUAY         Thomas                   dated 12 may 1769;sis's son robert simpson;other sis's son Wm bridson;wife margt exex
1770-1 E      d  CAINE        Stevenson                orphans s/o john caine lhergydoo (d 1743) stevenson d 27 nov 1741,wm 8 jul 1761;bros john thos + james
1770-1 E      d  CAINE        William                  orphans
1770-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Henry                    perished by sea in peel bay 26 jul 1769;3 ch wm, henry + jane;all ua; uncle + aunts chas, ann + magt christian;;principal creditor thos mcylworrey
1770-1 E      w  COOILE       Silvester                d 6 aug 1769;late parish clerk;bro wm;son wm (horse),dau margt (house)
1770-1 E      w  QUIRK        Ann                      peel;dated 14 oct 1769;dau margt (ua);husb thos;2 sis + mo alive;
1770-1 E      d  TEARE        William                  left island some 25 yrs ago [29 in petn];s/o wm teare kneeb;sis jane + ellinor;john killey h/o jane;james killey h/o ellinor;pledges henry kelly kneeb,thos fargher lambfield;inv;petn states half brother (on mo's side) hugh shimmin of kneeb
1770-2 A 48      QUAY         Elizabeth   cubbon       d 5 feb 1770;cousin jane cubbon (exec);names ann corkill,john quayle,patrick cubbon,thomas cubbon,ricd ellison + others;jane out of isle fa richard;
1770-2 A 49      CLUCAS       Jane        cottier als  d 9 apr 1770;peel;dau ellinor cottier,son david cottier;husb thomas;recital in annexed doc: philip cottier ballabeg marown will 3 nov 1760 bequeathed dau ellinor 
                                           clucas       cottier £12 + appt wife jane execx;jane married thos clucas kk german d 9 apr 1770 appointing thos as exec who is charged by sd ellinor;philip's son david counterclaims £3
1770-2 A 50   jw QUIRK        Peter                    dated 18 feb 1768;philip + ann als cowle;peel;5 ch ellinor,wm, matthw,isabel + ann
1770-2 E      dg LEECE        Margaret    RADCLIFFE    dated 17 may 1753;to son-i-law john corlett (h/o anne)
1770-3 E      w  KARRAN       Ann         RADCLIFFE    d 4 sep 1770;peel;bro capt thos radcliffe;sis margery parr,elinr moore + jane simmin;robt christian s/o decd sis cath radcliffe;niece margt christian,margt currin + bequests to poor;1781: john shimmin ramsey acks from wdw ellinor carran w/o patrick being legacy left by sis ann carran former wife of sd patrk carran;
1770-3 E      d  PAIT         Mary        GLAISTER     d 12 jul 1770;ch jeremiah + agnes ua no reln on island;husb wm;inv
1770-3 E      w  SHIMMIN      Dorothy     TEAR als shimmin d 20 jul 1770;daus  jane + elinor killey;son wm tear;son-i-law john killey;son wm  tear (due money by death of fa);son hugh shimmin exec
1770-3 E      w  WATERSON     Thomas                   d 27 may 1770;son thos;wife jony
1771-1 A 15      OATES        Dorothy     COWLE        son Wm Oates;gdau Ellinor Oates of Ramsey,gdau Isabel,Margret Oates;dau-i-l Isabel Oates (Isable Corris)
1771-1 A 16   jw CHRISTIAN    Jane        knacle       peel;robt + jane christian als knacle;dau ellinor,elizabeth,ann (execx);david leece h/o ann;
1771-2 A 58      CRELLIN      Jane        CLUCAS       [Full]
1771-2 A 59      BREW         Jane        [Killey]     [Full];Peel;gson Robert Brew (his gfa Robert Brew, mo dead, fa alive, sis Cath[ ch of Josuah by 1st wife]);son Josuah (exec);gch Caesar + Jane Brew [9114 ch of Josuah by 2nd wife];
1771-2 A 60      CRELLIN      Elizabeth                [Full]
1771-2 A 61   dg McYLCHREEST  Mary        kelly        dated 7 feb 1768;jt samuel mcylchreest + mary als kelly,kerroo garroo;son gilbert
1771-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      Ellinor     QUAY als cowile d 1 may 1771;peel;son wm kaighen (land intack between john cubbon's garden + thos craine's garden);dau mary addy;dau ann kaighin;dau-i-law mary kaighin;son hugh quay exec;witt cath kaighin + ann cowile
1771-2 E      w  Kelley       Margaret                 dau in law isabel kelley;unnamed gdau d/o thos;;sons thos + wm (beehive);dau ann baxter (w/o john) exex
1771-2 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Thomas                   d 15? jul 1771;ballagarraghyn;dau jane(her mother dead),alice(mo dead),elizth;son sylvstr(houses);son-i-law john gell(boat);gson thos gell;wife christian exex
1771-2 E      w  QUIRK        Ann         COWLE        wdw;ch elinr,wm,math,isabel + jane;mathw writes from drogheda to sell off any shop goods
1771-2 E708   w  FAIRBROTHER  Silvester                peel;wife cath exex
1771-3 E      w  COWIN        Hugh                     d 16 jul 1771;peel;son hugh(youngest - close foayll + quayles land);wife elinor als shimmin exex;son wm
1771-3 E      d  FARGHER      Thomas                   d 26 sep 1771;ch robt,thos + margt(w/o john corkan)
1772-1 A 14      CRELLIN      Mary        cowley als crain d 4 nov 1771;gch john,thos,anne + margt cowley;son patk cowley exec
1772-1 A 15      KELLY        Thomas                   d 13 nov 1771;names little anne + silvester;wm;thos + isable execs
1772-1 A 16   dg MYLECHREEST  samuel                   dated 27 feb 1768;saml  + mary als kelly, kerrogarroo;to son gilbt (+ other un-named ch excluded);accepted as will of mary + now as that of saml
1772-1 A 17      CRELLIN      John                     [Full]
1772-1 A 18      SHIMMIN      John                     d 11 jan 1772;peel;son john (hartley's garden - houses etc);dau mary,jane;wife anne exex
1772-1 A 19      CRELLIN      henry                    d 5 feb;sis isabel cottier als crellin,anne shimmin als crellin;bro thos,patk;names margt blackmoore als craine,isabel shimmin,jane crellin,thos shimmin,john shimmin boillry craine,dollin caine,john gelling,ewan kinread,anne cowlle als shimin;brethren pat + thos crellin;thos eldest s/o patk crellin;hugh shimmin rennass exec;
1772-1 E      d  CORLET       Esther                   d belfast 14 aug 1771;sibs patk,john,margt + jane;richd bell h/o jane
1772-1 E      w  CORRIN       Margaret                 peel;names ellinr + margt leece;aunt mrs magery parr;mo alive;uncle patk carran of peel exec
1772-1 E      d  KILLEY       Catherine   KILLIP als CALLIN d 5 jul 1771;sons john + wm killip
1772-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Joney       COWIN        d 24 jan 1772;sibs james,alice,ann + isabel;robt cannell h/o isabel;wm skealley h/o anne,thos key h/o alice
1772-1 E      d  QUIRK        Hugh                     d 21 nov 1771;peel;ch hugh,ceasar,peter,wm + elizth;hugh abroad rest ua uncle thos quiggin;wife alive;inv
1772-1 E      w  WOODS        John                     dated 12 jun 1771;knocksharry;fa + mo exors
1772-2 A 58      CORKAN       Margaret    fargher      d 3 mar 1772;ch thos corkan;bros robt + thos fargher;sis-i-law isable fargher;husb john exec;thos fargher guardian;1790: son thos acks 
1772-2 A 59      QUAY         Margaret    [cuming]     peel;names john addi's wife,robt corlett's wife,christian brown,wm oates wife,wm clarke's wife,henry quay,robt simpson,wm clucas's wife;friend wm clucas of marown exec
1772-2 A 60      WATERSON     Jony                     [full]
1772-2 A 61      SHIMMIN      Christian   kewley       [full]
1772-2 A 62   jw COWIN        Gilbert                  made 11 jan 1769;gilbt + cath als shimin;peel;ch john,james + thos;son matthew exec
1772-2 E      d  CAINE        John                     dated 25 apr 1771;peel;friend hugh cannon(1 qtr share of house hugh cannon now lives in from date of deed if john caine does not come to island himself
1772-3 E      d  CASHIN       Philip                   d 10 nov 1771;sibs john,thos,jane,susanna,margt;fa wm
1772-3 E      d  CLUCAS       Joney       BOYDE        d 23 jun 1772;son james,patr, oates(eldest had m/c)
1772-3 E      w  CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 27 sep 1772;peel;son henry;wife ann (step mo to hen),patk;dau alice (jt exec with patk)
1772-3 E      d  QUAY         Ann         MCYLWORREY   d 15 apr 1772;neice jane mcylvorrey admx
1773-1 A 15      Cannell      Thomas                   d 9 nov 1772;peel;un-named ch (elizth sworn guardian of ua sibs;wife isabel;claims,inv,sale
1773-1 A 16      KILLEY       Henry                    missing from film
1773-1 E      d  CLARK        Joney       CAINE        d 16 oct;8 ch john robt cath margt ellinor ann isabel + wm  4 latter ua;husb silvester; pledges john crelin smith + wm clark both kk german;inv
1773-1 E      d  CRELLIN      John                     ballalyig;d 1 feb 1779;2 ch jane + patr + wife pregnant;uncles hen crellin,robt kelly + thos shimmin;wife margt;inv
1773-1 E      w  GELL         Gilbert                  peel;gson charles cubbon;nephew john gell;;gdau ann gell execx; ag ua thus committed to averick gell (?mo); pledge john craine shopkeeper + patr leece jnr both of peel
1773-2 A 50      CRINGAL      Robert                   d 27 jan 1773;names henry crelin h/o ellinor exec
1773-2 A 51      KARRAN       Patrick                  d 12 jan 1773;peel;3 unnamed daus;wife jane als callin execx
1773-2 A 52      CUBBIN       John                     d 4 nov 1772;peel;son charles (house + garden);other ch; (mary + john ua)wife ann
1773-2 E      d  CORLET       Catherine   COOIL        peel;perished by water;w/o wm corlett;only ch margt corlet ua wm cooil + alice cannel als cooil supervs;inv
1773-2 E      de CORLET       Ellinor                  see barbara moore
1773-2 E      w  COTTIMAN     William                  peel;house in peel + small piece of land upon shore adj rent of excrs john kelly on east, road to peel  castle on the west,robt moore on south;also mill croft;son jon;;wife alive jt execx with dau cath
1773-2 E      de MOORE        Barbara     wattleworth  d 16 jun 1755;barbara moore als wattleworth widow, elinor corlet als moore widow + henry corlet gson of  bm and s/o ec late of douglas but now of ballaugh;both bm + ec dead
1773-2 E      d  QUILLIAM     Mary        CRELLIN      d 30 may 1773;3 ch john cath + ann all ua uncles wm cowley;thos cretney + ptr shimmin;husb john;pledge  patrick crellin knockbreck  + wm cowley;1791 ann acks from john exc of fa john late decd;petn by husb re dispute invloving a marriage contact  by john crellin + wife bahee one part & wm shimmin + eliz other re john crellin date 6 aug 1739; 1796 john + cath quilliam ack from patrick shimmin + bahee crellin;inv
1773-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Ann         QUIRK        ballabooie d 19 may; 4 ch john hugh chas + christian ua uncles wm + james quirk;husb chas;1780 john + hugh at l. age chose john gell snr of the kennah + john kaighin jnr of ballakaighin as guardians;1810 john cannel h/o christian
1773-3 E      w  CRELLIN      Joney       QUIRK        d 18 sep 1773;son thos,james,philip
1773-3 E      w  KELLY        Sarah       KELLY        d 30 jul 1773;eldest dau cath crellin;son wm;dau mary crellin;son pat crellin
1773-3 E      w  McYLVORREY   Patrick                  dau bahee;guardian of gch edward kellinder for looking after ch for 4 years;dau ann,jane,isabel,margt ( + chest given her when last in island);son henry;dau cath crellin als m. execx;wm crellin h/o cath;edward caralagh h/o bahee ;philip craine h/o alice;henry woods h/o jane
1773-3 E      w  QUAY         Patrick                  peel;dau isabel;d-i-l elinor quay + jane karran widdow execxs;john quay h/o elinor
1773-3 E      d  STEPHEN      Mary                     spinster d/o john + eliz late of Peel decd;d at donaghadee ireland 5th mar;2 bros thos + wm;inv
1774-1 E      d  BREW         Robert                   d 21 jan 1774;bach;peel;rights via mo elizth brew als corrin epwill 1760-3,gfa robt brew 1763;gmo jane brew 1771;sis of whole blood cath brew admx + sibs half blood ceasar,jane + christian brew ua fa josha brew
1774-1 E      w  BRIDSON      James                    d 12 july 1773;bro tho exor,robt(dau isabel);sis mary(+son);fa tho
1774-1 E      d  CALLIN       John                     [full]
1774-1 E      se CRAINE       Philip                   m/c philip craine kk german + ann craine as quilliam obo son philip + patrick mylevorry kk german obo dau alice dated 4 may 1770;ballig german;phil craine junr acks fa-i-law patr mylevorrey + wm crellin h/o exex named in fa-i-laws will
1774-2 A 99      KILLEY       Oates                    d 1 feb 1774;dau margt corkill;son thos killey exec (of liverpool who appoints james cain of peel to admr)
1774-2 A100      CRELLIN      John                     d 3 mar 1774;brack-e-brown;son john (eldest),patrick;;dau elizth;wife elinor;daus ann + margt crellin execx;thomas sayle h/o elizth
1774-2 A101      KEWLEY       Ellinor                  d 6 mar;neice cath kewley,christian kewley,elinor kewley (d/o john kewley),esther kewley (d/o patk),elinor (d/o patk);mother alive,fa john dead;bro john
1774-2 A102      MOORE        William                  d 24 mar 1774;of kk patrick;7 younger ch;3 daus by a prev wife;dau elizth;wife cath
1774-2 A103      KELLY        Margaret    corrin       husb james;gch christian cannell;dau anne cannell als kelly;gch elinor cannell,hugh cannell;son thos exec
1774-2 A104   dg CRAINE       Catherine                relict philip;son james;houses etc in peel; dated 14 may 1753 inc dog to james craine  dated 14 may 1759 by rev james wilks + wife margt wilks als woods re testament of mrs margt craine als woods als powell 
1774-2 A105      QUAYLE       Ann         quilliam     d 30 jan 1774;peel;mo alive;husb henry;henry + wm quilliam uncles supv ua ch;settlement by henry quayle - dau mary (part of knockaloe),margt,ann;sons henry,saml + john
1774-2 A106      CHRISTIAN    Joney/Judy               d 29 jan 1774;dau elizth + cath
1774-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 28 may 1774;sibs philip,nicholas,wm,cath,mary;sisters exexs
1774-2 E      w  CRETNEY      Thomas                   d 31 may 1774;dau margt cottier(w/o thos);son john,thos;son-i-law john kewley;wife bahee als crellin exex
1774-2 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Silvester                dated 7 feb 1769;sibs thomas,john,mathew,ann;wife mary als clark
1774-2 E      se QUILLIAM     Robert                   mutual settlement between rq + wife margt als kelly;
1774-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Phinloe                  d 28 may 1774;kneeb;son thos(eldest),john(kerrowglass),wm(leany hunter);wife isable als clucas exex
1774-3 E      w  COWEL        Joney       corkish      d 3 jul 1774;gdau elizth clark exex (w/o wm)
1774-3 E      w  GELLING      John                     d aug 1774;4 ch john,charles,isabel + edn ?[?edw];wife mary exex;thomas gellin uncle to ch by fa's side
1774-3 E      d  KENNAGH      Philip                   d 10 aug 1774;ch philip,jane,john,ann,eliz,ellinor (last 2 ua);pledges john quirk (airey-beg) +ngilbt kennagh both kk german;inv
1774-3 E      w  KNEAL        Catherine   FREER        d 26 apr 1774;son philip,wm + henry jt exors
1774-3 E      w  MYLREA       Jane                     see thos
1774-3 E      w  MYLREA       Thomas                   jt will thomas + jane als karran dated 29 mar 1773;son-i-law wm caine
1774-3 E      w  SHIMIN       Ann                      dated 3 nov 1772;brethren nicholas + patk shimmin;sis mary crellin als shimmin;niece mary crellin;nephew john crellin exor
1775-1 A 21      WOODS        Jane        killey       d 2 dec;dau ann+elinor;son thos exor
1775-1 A 22      CRELLIN      William                  d dec 1774;dau mary;son thos exor
1775-1 A 23      CLUCAS       William                  d 16 jan 1775;son wm,thos, philip + danl(youngest);gch margt clucas;ch philip, elinor + ann jt execs
1775-1 A 24      CRAINE       Jane        crellin      dated 30 nov 1772;peel;son john;gson thos craine(lands creg mallin);dau margt + gson thos(ua fa john craine) execs;inv
1775-1 E      d  CLUCAS       William                  d 12 aug 1774;son patk + james jt admrs,oates(eldest had m/c)
1775-1 E      jw COWIN        Catherine   shimmin      dated 11 jan 1769;jt will gilbt cowin + cath als shimmin;ch john,james ,thomas + mathew(heir);gilbt dead 1774; Cath now dead - matthew cowin exor
1775-1 E      w  DOWNEY       Ann         YOUNG        d 24 oct 1774;only son wm;husb wm exor
1775-1 E      d  GILL         Edward                   d 2 feb 1774;only ch eleanor gill - ua (no relns of fa appeared);wife Cath admr + guardian;Matt Caine (peel) bro-i-law to Cath pledge
1775-1 E      d  GOLDSMITH    Isabel      kelly        d 1 jan 1775;only dau isabel - ua gfa(mo side) Patk Kelly guardian;husb wm
1775-1 E      d  SHIMIN       John                     d 29 aug 1774;bach;airy-glass;sibs nichs,patk,hugh,thos,wm (ua),margt,mary + ann;Patk+hugh abroad;Nich sworn
1775-2 A 55      CRELLIN      Thomas                   [Full]
1775-2 A 56      GELL         John                     d 1 apr 1775;ch cath(youngest dau);wife cath als dawson exex;inv;cath died before probate  appt dau cath exex ua bro whole blood john gell,john corkil h/o mary gell,thos clucas h/o cath gell sisters of half blood;inv,sale costs;estate of bollaugh
1775-2 A 57      CORKAN       William                  d 3 apr 1775;son wm(eldest),james,john;dau margt,ann;wife cath als cubbon exex;some ch ua
1775-2 A 58      DAWSON       William                  d 3 apr 1775;peel;dau ann fargher als dawson;son john exor;pledges james cain peel,robt corrin knockaloe
1775-2 A 59      GELL         Catherine   dawson       d 8 apr 1775;son john;dau cath exex;if cath died ua goods to her 2 sis by fa side ann gell + mary corkill als gell;names john corkill;cath ua john bro of hole blood,john corkill h/o mary + thos clucas h/o cath  sis by half blood;1784 cath at la chhoses hugh shimmin rhenny + robt kelly rock as guardians - sometime later by 1794 cath sues hugh shimmin for legacies
1775-2 A 60      KILLEY       Margaret                 d [] apr 1775;bro wm;friend philip quirk ballachrink exor
1775-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Margaret    kelly        d 16 may 1775;names Nicholas crain(dau jony,cath,jane), margt quiggin als crain,nichols crain junr;sis Jony Crain;bro john kelly;sis anne kinread als kelly;jony+jane craine (d/o nicholas) exexs
1775-2 E      d  STEVENSON    William                  d 9 apr 1775;capt WS largydoo;ch john,Ann (w/o Wm Moore) + Elizth(w/o John Clucas) had dowries,Thos Woods(h/o elinor) + Matthias Taggart (h/o jane) sworn admrs;
1775-3 E      w  GELL         Philip,snr               [Full]
1775-3 E      w  QUAY         Mary        LOONEY       d 8 sep 1775;dau margt quirk als quay + emmy cosnaham (exex)
1775-3 E      w  SHIMIN       Isabel      CLUCAS       d 26 oct 1775;names anne clucas d/o phinlo,cath clucas als gell,margt fargher as clucas,margt clucas als kelly;dau-i-law alice shimmin;names isable + ann shimmin,jane crellin;son wm(hunters meadow),thos (house + croft qtrl kerroo-ne-clogh),john(faie clogh);sons thos,john + wm jt exec
1775-3 E      w  woods        James,jnr                d 9 jul 1775;mo ann woods als brew w/o james;uncle robt brew + (?uncle) james cowll keelvorrey guardians;sis eleanor woods;inv
1776-1 A 28      KELLY        Alice       gell         d 1 nov 1775;son robt(4 eldest ch robt,elinor,mary ? + cath jt execs);witt henry kelly + patk corkill remonstrated that she used her son badly which she replied he used her badly, had struck her and should die.execs ua;petn by robt kelly of rock that she d without lawful issue, widow had lived sometime alone in a small house on croft but left a month before death - illeg son robt kelly of doulas;inv
1776-1 A 29      WOODS        Richard                  d 10 aug 1775;names jane + john c/o thos woods knocksharry;thos woods exor
1776-1 A 30      QUAYLE       William                  dated 21 dec 1775;peel;son thos(tuckmiln);dau christian;wife margt als kinnaugh exex
1776-1 A 31      QUAY         Ann         dawson       d 13 jan 1777;names thos skeally + wife margt (his dau) exex + dau margt(croft lenont?);dau jane
1776-1 A 32      MLYCHREEST   Mary        gell         d 14 jan 1776;sis alice (dau alice,margt,elizth + cath karran),christian(dau isable,elinor looney);names schoolmaster john mcylechreest;bro wm gell;maidserv margt mylechreest;husb philip exor
1776-2 A 75   jw DAWSON       Ann         crellin      [Full]
1776-2 A 76      COWLE        Elizabeth                late of ballaugh;made 17 apr 1776;mo alive + exec excld her 2 bros;sibs have ch;robt cowle h/o execx;pledges john craine dyer peel,patr cowle ballaugh
1776-2 A 77      LACE         Anne        WOODS        [Full]
1776-2 A 78      COOPER       William                  peel;d 15 dec 1775;sons john + philip;gson pat lace;dau margt (+ her ch);dau cath kneal als cooper;son + heir charles [attached is some ack re ann lace als kneale dated 1787];charle cooper transmarine by consent of cath kneale als cooper appoints wm quine
1776-2 A 78a     CRELLIN      Bahee                    dup # follows 79 in film;gdau cath + anne quilliam;gson john quilliam;son-i-l patrick shimmin (given knock breck);3 daus bahee cretney,elizabeth cowley,cath shimin;wm 
                                                         cowley h/o eliz;petn by mary shimin als crellin; marr art 6 aug 1739 john crellin + wife bahee prom half crop - bahee d 12 nov
1776-2 A 79      CLARK        Mary        cain         peel;widow;4 sons wm,danl,john + patk;3 dau mary, elinor + margt;;dau cath;son dollin + cath execs;made []th nov 1773;dollin clark transmarine;inv
1776-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Thomas                   d 17 may 1776;ch robt,thos;stepdau isabel kneal(fraaw kk german) exex;wife margt als callister;1794 wm leece h/o isabel;
1776-2 E      w  CALLIN       Catherine                dated 3 may 1775;peel;cousin thos clark;mother cath exex;john christian(transmarian) claims £80;expenses inc 15 weeks attendance, doctors fee 2s 6d for almonds!
1776-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Silvester                d 1 may 1776;peel;wife elinor als cowle + dau alice + ellinor jt exexs;premises on SE to be wife's, other half shared between daus;son james had no provision court adds; all ch ua - uncles caesar wattleworth + angus munn
1776-2 E      w  Crellin      Mary        BRIDSON      d 27 may 1776;ch john(eldest son),thos(youngest son - ua),cath,wm(exor);husb henry
1776-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Henry                    d 24 may 1776;ch cath(eldest dau not 20),ann(houses etc in peel currently belonging to his bro john),wm;wife alice(benefit of lambfell 16yrs) exex;1784 john bridson h/o alice
1776-3 E      w  COWELL       James                    made 14 jun 1776;ballaquane nr peel;son john,wm (had marr contract),philip + joseph(have been at some expence),matthew (largest iron pot);dau ellinor callister als cowll;sons john+wm execrs;wife alive
1776-3 E      w  Creer        robert                   [?in index]d 22 sep 1776;dau jane (land tc),patrick,ann,matthew + wm;wife jane als colvin excex
1776-3 E      d  MEIMEKE      Bernard                  druntheim norway,merchant;died 1775;no relns within isle court appoints john lace attorney at law
1776-3 E      w  MYLEVORREY   Margaret    CAINe        made 21 sep 1776;daus margt + ann;son wm (to be put to trade);4ch to share equally ;husb alive
1776-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Philip                   made 15 oct 1776;peel;dau cath w/o thos kelly;daus elizth + alice,elinor (w/o patrick karran),ann (w/o robt kelly);wife eliz;farm ballaquayle;son patrick;gson philip kelly;1787 thos kelly acks from john crellin exec eliz quayle exec philip re his dau cath;
1777-1 A 18      CURRY        John                     c'town;wife elizabeth als lace;nephew john colvin;sis jane colvin als curry
1777-1 A 19      COTTIER      Ann         christian    d 13 nov 1776;dau ann (w/o john quine);husb john;sons silvester,john,wm,henry + james
1777-1 A 20      CANNELL      Elizabeth   [quayle]     made 31 mar 1775;son wm (inc her share of roof);,robt;her bro wm quayle;dau margt,ann;son patrick exec
1777-1 A 21      CRELLIN      Margaret                 [Full]
1777-1 A 22   dg CHRISTIAN    John                     formerly kk bride;friends robrt cubbon + wife margt als christian (lands qtrland kerro ne chronk)
1777-1 A 23   dg TAUBMAN      Margaret    WOODS        peel;son john
1777-1 A 24      KELLY        William                  petn says d 16 feb;ballacurrey;son henry,dau mary w/o hugh shimmin;gson thos kelley;gson wm + sd thos kelley (bees);son patrick exec
1777-1 A 25      KENNIAGH     Ann         corkill als kewley  husb gilbert;sons thos + john corkill;dau cath kelly;son patrick corkill;gsom wm corkill;gdau elinor kelly;sisters son philip kennagh;dau ann corkil execx
1777-1 E      d  CANNELL      Robert                   d 6 jan 1777;ch thos,patrick,margt + elizabeth [?bapt]; ua supv patrick,wm,margt cannel + anthony woods h/o ann cannell [fam 12479] ;1784 thos at age chooses james cowin jnr as guardian;inv
1777-1 E      d  COTTIER      Marjery     CRANE        d 27 jan 1777;dau eliz (daus elinor + margt provided for);wm kennagh h/o elizth
1777-1 E      d  GARRETT      Jane        CALEY        d 13 dec 1776;ch thos,jane + mary ua uncles edmd,patrick,wm,matt + edwd caley;husb thos;inv £16;agreent supv + fa  late of ballacaley but at decease of peel; some dispute
1777-2 A 20      McYLCHREEST  Catherine   kneale       d 7 feb 1777;peel;sons james + thomas;dau unnamed [eldest] + alicia [youngest];husb john exe;supv henry gell,danl kneale + joney kneale uncles+aunt
1777-2 A 21      KILLEY       Alice       waterson     d 2 apr 1777;son patk;dau grace,anne (exex + w/o thomas crellin)
1777-2 A 22      McYLCHREEST  John                     d 12 mar 1777;lambfell;dau jane,margery,isabell;wife margery;isabel ua john killey h/o margt mcylchreest one of the sisters superv
1777-2 A 23      CRELLIN      Henry                    [Full]
1777-2 A 24      KAIGHEN      John                     Peel, s-i-l Thomas Corkill ;living son Thomas;pledges Thomas Cummins and Thos Caine both of Peel
1777-2 A 26      KAIGHIN      Catherine   STEPHEN      Peel d 1 Feb 1777;s-i-l Thomas Corkill ;son Thomas Kaighin ; witt John Clague  + Matt Oates however court said only 1 witt;
1777-2 A 27      MOORE        Jane        gell         dau Margaret Sidleton als Moore; grandson Thomas Sidleton exec
1777-2 A 28      KELLY        Ann         cottier      d 27 mar? 1777;dau alice;s-i-l wm christian;gson wm s/o robt kelly;daus margt,cath,ann;son patk,robert (exec;witts wm shimmin,ann quine als kneen
1777-2 A 29      COWIN        Hugh                     d 17 apr 1777;peelmo elinor cowin als shimmin exex
1777-2 E      d  CAINE        John                     d 25 may 1777;largydoo;ch john,robt,margt,esther + cath;uncle james + thos cain;petn that john very much in debt
1777-2 E      d  COOPER       Philip                   d 19 aug on board ship Hope fletcher commander at the cameroons;sibs charles,jojn + cath w/o robt kneal
1777-2 E      w  CRELLIN      William                  d 25 apr 1777;dau cath;wife cath als cannell execx;john dawson uncle by fa side supv
1777-2 E      d  GELL         John                     d 29 jun 1777;ship carpenter;next of kin thos christian;considerably indebted;sis cath + elinor gell;thos christian h/o cath,ellinor henry als gell widow;
1777-2 E      w  GOLDSMITH    Thomas                   peel;son thos;dau elizth;wife mary execx
1777-2 E      d  leetch       Isabel      DAWSON       d dublin nov 1775 (on oath wm bancks);next of kin john + elizth crellin;john dawson h/o elizth;petn by john quaine + thos cottier they too are equally near of kin;
1777-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Isabel      gell         names henry dawson's wife,margt craine,john craine 2 ch,wm kegg's wife,margt kegg,robt killey,ann kegg,elinor kegg,wm kegg's wife;husb ohn exec
1777-2 E      d  PARR         John                     d 17 apr 1777;master of free gammar school + curate trinity rushen;sibs caesar,mary,margery + margt;margt w/o john christian (both off isle),philip quirk h/o mary ,john craine h/o margery;
1777-2 E      d  SIMPSON      Robert                   d 27 mar 1777;no relns appear;inv
1777-3 E      w  CALLISTER    David                    dated 11 may 1777;peel;dau margt,isabel,lenorah;wife abigail als mylchrest exex
1777-3 E      w  CUMMINS      Margaret    corrin       dated 5 feb 1777;husb thos(croft called reast);son henry,robt(boilley spittal)
1777-3 E      d  KELLY        James                    d feb 1777;ch thos + ann(w/o henry cannell)
1777-3 E      w  KELLY        Joney                    dated 28 jan 1777;dau-i-law isabel;gdau ellinor;dau alice,jane;son phil exor
1777-3 E      w  KENNEDY      Alice       clark als callin uttered 8 jun 1777;peel;husb anthony;son thos clark;dau margt kennedy
1778-1 A 37      KELLY        Alice       callister    made 15 dec 1777;ch thomas,cath;husb john exec
1778-1 A 38      KILLEY       Jane        tear         d 23 jan 1778;son philip (eldest - to pay uncle james killey),john ua;dau jane shimin als killey (w/o nichs),margt
1778-1 A 39      KILLEY       John                     d 26 nov 1777; son-i-law nicholas shimmin;son philip,john;petn by margt killey + ann killey eary voar that john d 28 nov + jane 23 jan
1778-1 A 40      CUMMINS      Jane        coole        d 20 mar 1778;son thos exec,john (house bsps land);dau elinor (share of house lds rent),jane
1778-1 A 41      CHRISTIAN    Jane        shimin       d 22 mar 1778;dau jane,annexex,margt;husb john;son charles
1778-1 E      d  BROWN        Christian                d 1 may 1778;ch ellinor scott + jane parr;inv
1778-1 E      d  CAINE        Thomas                   d 18 oct 1777;peel;ch thos,john,esther,ann, margt + mary all ua uncle james cain;wife margt als maddrell;claims exceed estate;he als had the rent of peel bay salmon fishery + land called quays croft
1778-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Ellinor     garrett      dated 3 may 1778;dau mary;sons wm,thos;husb thos exor
1778-1 E      d  GELL         Mary        quirk        d 18 may 1778;kena;only ch philip(ship carpenter + intends soon for england)
1778-1 E      d  GRAINGER     Dorothy     mcylvorrey   d 1750 Domnaghadee ireland;geo moore petns re house in peel 5d rent left to bro john rainy + wife jane als mcylvorrey who in 1751 sold to hugh woods (being pt of concerns of henry mcylvorrey fa of dor + jane admin 1734),1762 hugh woods + cath sold geo moore who has not yet been able to be entered as tennt;geo m appoints gilbt mchutchin as atty
1778-2 E      w  COOPER       Mary        lace         dated 24 mar 1778;peel; dau elzth,cath (w/o john cannell ?), mary(jt exex with gdau elizth cannell)
1778-2 E      d  COSNAHAN     Hugh                     perished by sea in his minority 3 may 1773;s/o revd joseph cosnahan (vcr kk braddan) late decd + ellinor oates als cosnahan als christian als radclife als decdin will fa 1768,gfa robt radcliffe vg 1769;sibs wholw blood john_joseph  + cath cosnahan + halfblood  sibs ju;ius,jane, ann + margt cosnahan;thos radcliffe knockaloe atty john_joseph cosnahan guardian cath
1778-2 E      w  COWLEY       Ellinor     sayle        dated 1 jun 1778;dau joney,ellinor;son wm,john;husb john exor;
1778-2 E      d  CUBBON       Averick     [?kelly]     d 23 jan 1778;ch alice,margt;husb thos;petn by alice states d 2 feb
1778-2 E      d  KILLIP       Ann         CAINE        d 6 aug 1778;ch john,ann ua uncle john caine supv;husb thos;inv
1779-1 A 36      SHIMMIN      Patrick                  d 10 jan 1779;peel;dau ann shimin als quayle,christian,elinor shimin als cowin;dau elizth shimin als cowin exex
1779-1 A 37      CREER        John                     d 11 mar 1779;names patk creer(s/o robt creer decd);names john shimmin(+wife jane) execs
1779-1 A 38      HAMPTON      Thomas                   d 13 feb 1779;son john(eldest);bro wm,robt;dau margt,elizth + elinor exexs
1779-1 A 39      KEWLEY       Isabel      cottier      d 18 mar 1779;son john;dau ellinor;sis ellinor cottier;serv anne shimmin;husb wm exor;ch ua john + ann cottier uncle+ aunt guardians
1779-1 A 40      KNEAL        William                  made 23 mar 1779;peel;sis cath kneal;half sis mary;wife margt exex
1779-1 E      d  CALLISTER    Isabel      gell         only ch silvester (aged 14) uncle by mo  nicholas gell + henry quilliam (johny) of kk pat to be guardians;inv  [Silvester s/o Thomas Callister + Elizabeth Gell bapt Ger 17640314]
1779-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Ann                      eldest dau jane house in peeltown,dau eliz,dau ann myleworrey als crellin;husb wm
1779-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Thomas                   3 ch patrick, thomas + jon all ua;uncle + aunt john crellin + cath crellin;;wife cath;petn by patrick crellin + widow cath;inv
1779-1 E      w  DAWSON       John + ann               joint will john + wife ann als crellin;peel;dau cath;sons wm thomas + silvester;ann dawson dead as also john;gilbert Machutchin h/o cath
1779-1 E      d  HENDRY       Moses                    no isue now in isle;ellinor kinley admr in trust
1779-1 E      d  QUAY         Thomas                   peel;n of kin thos, john, robt john [?one name] & mary quay ch of bro wm quay, john + isable quay ch bro patrick;inv
1779-2 E      s  COSNAHAN     Emmy                     sis margt quoark; 'as i am at present most grievously afflicted .. bedridden other friend';
1779-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 28 jan 1779;only ch jane crellin;wfe ann;uncles henry + alice crellin guardians;inv
1779-2 E      w  KENNAGH      William                  d 14 jul 1779;6 ch wm,john,philip,cath,elinor & margt;wife eliz als cottier execx (it was little enough for his exectx to help bring up or maintain the children');will written 19 jul 1779;
1779-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Mary        Clark        peel;widow;bros john, wm,silvester;niece cath clark,isabel clark,ann clark;niece elinor clark (d/o silvester) execx
1779-2 E      d  MYLVORREY    John                     perished by sea 1767;sis jane;
1780   A 44      QUAYLE       William                  dated 20 nov 1779;unnamed ch;gson wm;wife anne exex but she dead before probate
1780   A 45      QUAYLE       Ann                      dated 10 dec 1779;dau cath,mary,elizth,jane,isable;son john,thos
1780   A 46      COWLE        Alice       cooper       dated 14 jun 1776;husb james ballaquane;dau elinor callister als cowll;maidserv alice cannell;gdau alice callister;son mathias,joseph,philip,jon + wm exors
1780   A 47   dg CLUCAS       Isabel      cowll        dated 4 dec 1779;peel;son wm
1780-1 E829   d  MYLVORREY    John                     perished by sea end of july last [?1779];without issue;fa thomas;pledges john mylevorrey (bro thos)+ john clarke both ballaugh
1780-1 E830   d  LACE         William                  d 9 may 1780 in ireland;ch ann + margt;pledges henry lace + thos killip both kk german
1780-1 E831   w  CAIN         Joney       [?quiggin]   made 11 jun 1779;ballgair;dau isabella;names james craine peel (dau),wm gawne snr,wm coole peel (wife),thos radcliffe peel (twins),wm kaighin,
                                                     thos s/o arthur colvin,ellinor w/o john leece,thos caine (son),thos corkill (son),widow cannell's dau;nursekeeper ? ann crellin;dau mary cannel;son's maid serv ann quirk;
                                                     names peter quirk;bro's son thos quiggin;son john caine exec;1 guinea for grave stone + grave to be raised stone + lime mortar 9 inches from surface;
1780-1 E831   w  CRAINE       Marjery     parr         peel;sons ceasar,john,james parr ,radcliffe,thos + wm craine;dau jane,margery,mary,ann + cath craine;husb john (house,factory);decd mo margery parr
1780-2 E515   w  COWLEY       William                  d sat last [dated 19 july 1780];names elinor hampton;wife margt
1780-2 E516   w  SHIMMIN      Ann         radcliffe    ballabooie;only dau ann shimmin (houses in peel);husb charles;thos radcliffe + tos quine uncles by mo side guardians;1788 petn by dau ann that she is of age + living in kk pat + wants legacy
1780-2 E522   d  BOYD         Isabel      kermod       d 6 dec 1780;ch thos,danl + john;
1780-2 E525   d  LACE         John                     d 1 feb 1780;5 ch john,thos,christian,jane + anne;wife dorothy;in debt to prin creditor john quirk lambfield
1780-2 E530   d  richmond     richard                  d 4 feb 1780 london;bishop died intestate;sibs robt,thos + mary appoint wm clucas vicar malew to administer;in debt to wm robinson late of liverpool now of tideswell; + many others;inv of b'court + library
1780-2 E637   d  CUBBON       Ann         craine       d 10 [] 1780;will torn;ch edmund + ann (ua);uncles wm + nich craine + silvester cottier h/o jane craine guardians;husb wm 
1781   A 25      CORRISS      Edward                   d 30 dec 1780;peel;son wm + michael (smithy),cesar,john;dau elizth (house between her + caesar),jane;wife ann als wattleworth exex
1781   A 26      CRELLIN      Thomas,snr               dated 11 jan 1781;son thos exec;dau mary (garden next street,little shade in garden adj dwelling hse)
1781   A 27      CRELLIN      John                     d 10 feb 1781;son thos,wm (eldest);dau esther,jane (both not 20);bro patk;wife jane als cosnahan exex;wm crellin uncle guardian
1781   A 28      Honton       Robert                   dated 17 jan 1781;peel;bro wm;wife elizth honton als shimmin exex;
1781   A 29      SHIMMIN      John                     d 12 apr 1781;ballavarkish;3 daus;wife elizth als mylechreest exex;son + heir (to be kept at school);wants sillvtr mylechreest + phinlo clucas overseers (court adds bro thos shimmin);petn by widow re acts of overseers - one child just 4 all minors,heir john;inv;1794: wm bell h/o eldest dau elinor acks
1781   A 30      KNEEN        Philip                   d 19 apr 1781;wife margt als killey;dau margt (in ireland),isabel;son philip;stepson john myleworey;son patk + dau ann quine (w/o thos) als kneen exexs
1781   A 31      QUIRK        John                     d 17 jan 1781;sons hugh,james,charles,matthew,philip;dau mary,margt quirk;wife jane als kelly exex;some ch ua
1781-1 E      d  CAIN         James                    d jan 1781;bach peel;only living rel mo mary cain;inv
1781-1 E      w  CAIN         Mary        kissack      d 15 may 1781;dau margt;son wm,john;husb john exec;ch ua thos cottier uncle
1781-1 E      w  CANNELL      Catherine                peel;son-i-law silvester dawson h/o margt;son john,hugh,gilbert,wm,thomas exec
1781-1 E      d  CORRIN       Henry                    formerly of peel but late bluefields musqueto shore d 9 or 10 yrs ago;no issue;n of kin refused to take out admin;john quirk patrick apptd;petn by john quirk that margt cummings als corrin his sister entitled to land bwoilley spittal in peel mortgaged by margt + husb thos to john quirk for £22 feb 1774(town jury appointed to search out any other effects)
1781-1 E      d  COTTIMAN     John                     mariner peel died sick quarters in sunderland 16 jun 1781;mo ann cottiman + sibs wm,margt + cath admrs;john moore h/o margt,edmund kneen h/o cath;petn by wm
1781-1 E      d  ELLISON      Ellinor     hutchen als lace  d 14 mar 1781;son john;gch wm,john,margt,elizth + jane gawn  ch of ellinor gawn als ellison;
1781-1 E      d  GAWN         Ellinor     hutchen      d 3 jul 1780;ch edwd,wm,john,margt,elizth jane all except edwd ua;husb edward
1781-1 E      d  KENNAGH      Gilbert                  d 22 jan 1781;no issue;sis margt + elinor (since dead);ch of bro philip (philip,john,jane,ann,elizth + elinor);petn by philip 
1781-2 E      w  CORCHAN      Margaret    caine als kelly bro robt kelly;bro-i-law wm christian (half the house he himself has built ie new house on garden by said wm + husb wm corkan);margt d/o sd wm;sister ann chrisian;husb wm exec
1781-2 E      d  DAWSON       John                     d 8 dec 1780;only ch margt ua wife margt unle thos dawson supv (+ pledge other john white peel);inv
1781-2 E      d  GARRETT      Dollin                   bach;d 20 sept 1781;fa thomas ;pledges john quayle cammal + wm cain ballagier both kk michael;inv
1781-2 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   cottier      d 29 sep 1781;ch robt,wm,ellinor,mary,cath + jane most ua;husb robt
1782   A 35      KELLY        Ann         cretney      d 30 nov 1781;eary coayn?;husb patk exor;son wm(heir),john,patk,philip;dau margt(w/o henry cottier),cath(w/o wm kelly);gdau ann kelly
1782   A 36      BREW         Joshua                   dated 26 nov 1781;peel;son ceasar;,joshua;dau jane,christian;decd son robt;dau cath w/o john walker [19383];wife eleanor
1782   A 37      COTTIMAN     Ann         radcliffe    s-i-l john moore (douglas) h/o margaret als cottiman ;s-i-l edmund kneen h/o cath 
1782   A 38      MYLCHREEST   Silvester                dated 6 feb 1782;dau isable christian als myl.;son thos;dau ann,dau cath;som wm;wife isable als fargher
1782   A 39      CHRISTIAN    Mary        bell         dated 15 oct 1781;eldest son john..
1782   A 40      CAINE        James                    dated 13 feb 1782;peel;bro's son john caine;names ann d/o james craine peel;philip shimin(in whose hse I now live);cousin margt cool als lace als carine (w/o wm cool) exex;inv
1782   A 41      SHIMMIN      John                     d 17 jan 1782;son-i-law henry morrison,daniel croghyn;son charles(goats);dau ellinor,jane(jt exec with charles)
1782   A 42      MYLCHREEST   jane                     d 7 mar 1782;bro silvester mylchreest(+ dau anne);sis elizth shimmin als mylchreest,ellinor gell als mylchreest exex(w/o john);aunt wife of joseph shimmin;niece elizth clucas als gell;names elinor quine d/o thomas
1782   A 43      BRIDSON      Christopher              dated 23 feb 1782;peel;niece jane brew;nephew casar + joshua brew;wife jane;names thos halsal;fa-i-law alive;sis elinor brew exex;in inv deacribed moaney moar malew;exex stated as not able to travel;petn by exex that debts exceed effects
1782-1 E      d  CANNELL      Hugh                     bach;perished by sea 6 Nov;fa henry ;inv
1782-1 E      jw COLVIN       Daniel                   peel;wife jane als curry; un named ch;danl alive
1782-1 E      jw COLVIN       Jane        currey       dead
1782-1 E      d  COTTIMAN     William                  bach;d 25 feb;mo ann cottiman + 2 sis cath + margt;ann since dead;edmund kneen h/o cath ;pledges wm graves + dan colvin both of peel;inv; [can't find margt]
1782-1 E      d  COWLEY       John                     bach;d c 1747;only bro pat cowley
1782-1 E      w  CRAINE       Thomas                   peel;date 22 oct 1779;mo alive; sibs John,david william + Margt Irvin [?half blood ],aunt  margt blackmore als craine execx [?can't find marr]
1782-1 E      d  KENNAGH      Thomas                   d july last past;3 ch thomas wm ellinor wm ua
1782-1 E      d  KINREAD      John                     d 6 mar;no person appears;henry clague prin creditor appt;inv
1782-2 E      w  CANNON       Thomas                   peel;dog 15 jul 1782 with consent robert corlett (+ wife margt als cannon) clerke of peel to dau christian cannon of peel (croft known as plantation adj rent patk lace lords rent 0.5d) als exex;witt nichs corkill, thomas witham
1782-2 E      w  CLARK        John                     jt will john + wife dorothy als kaighin;dau ann(w/o thos fargher),cath exex
1782-2 E      w  COTTIER      John                     declrd 5 dec 1781;ballachrink;dau elizth kennaugh als cottier exex
1782-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Alice                    d 3 jul 1781;names jane w/o david kaighin;bro henry(+wife);mo exex
1782-2 E      w  CRETNEY      John                     declared 10 may 1782;bro thos;sis margt;names wm kewley;bro-i-law john kewley(daus christian,ellinor,anne,esther + margt);nephew john,thos + charles kewley;nephew patk kewley(renndoo + the moaney) exor;dau cath;sis ann kewley als cretney;
1782-2 E      d  GIBSON       Andrew                   perished by sea 16 aug 1782;peel;only child john ua;wife mary;pledges + guardians caesar parr + angus munn as no reln by fa side in isle;wm graves has debt + widow petns that she is to be imprisoned
1782-2 E      w  KELLY        Henry                    d 9 jul 1782;son henry,patk;dau cath,margt,ellinor;wife cath exex;court states thos ?+ cath being at age guardians 
1782-2 E      d  KNAICKLE     William                  perished by sea 16 aug 1782;ch john (ua)+ margery;wife esther
1782-2 E      d  KNEEN        Edmund                   d 10 oct 1782;only ch mary ua;wife cath;inv
1782-2 E      w  QUIRK        Paul                     d 14 sep 1782;son john;3 gch;son-i-law wm kneale,john kneale;wife elizth exex
1782-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Nicholas                 d 31 jul 1782;nephew hugh shimmin,john shimmin(+3 daus);niece margt crellin als shimmin;names elizth shimmin als mylcreest;bro-i-law henry quilliam (h/o mary + dau mary);nephew patk,thos cubbon,thos shimin(s/o patk),thos shimin(s/o phinlo),john shimin,wm shimin;bro patk;names wm christian,john kelly joiner;sis-i-law ann shim + patks daus issable + anne exexs;elizth shimmin widow mo of three daus acks along with thos shimmin,sil mylchreest + phinlo clucas their guardians.
1783   A 25      CUBBON       Thomas                   dated 23 jan 1783;peel;son robt(concerns peel);dau sarah,mary;wife sarah als clark exex
1783-1 E      d  COTTIER      Thomas                   d 5 nov 1781;5 ch john,ellinor,ann alice + christian (last 3 ua);wife ann
1783-1 E      d  CrELLIN      Alice       COTTIER      d nov 1782;2 ch john + cath [?=ann]
1783-1 E      w  SHIMIN       Catherine   QUAYLE       d 7 may 1783;2 dau ann + joney;husb unnmd alive
1783-2 E      d  HIGGINS      Isabel      FARGHER      d 20 jul;without issue;husb john
1783-2 E      w  KELLY        William                  d 19 jul 1783;widow jane;ch ann + margery who are at age sworn guardians of ua ch.
1783-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Patrick                  d 9 aug 1783;sons thos + hugh,wm,patrick;dau margt crellin als shimmin;wife ann als crellin;2 eldest daus isable + ann execx
1784   A 71      CRAINE       Ann         quilliam     art of marr dated 4 may 1770;between phillip + ann craine als quilliam obo son wm and patrick mylevorrey (kk patk) obo dau alice;part of ballg
1784   A 72      CALLISTER    Leonora     RADCLIFFE    [Full]Peel;widow;s-i-l Angus McMunn [ h/o leonora];dau cath;d-i-l ellinor Callister als Cowill [ w/o sylvester];son sylvester dead; s-i-l ceasar Wattleworth;son samuel;
1784   A 73      CRELLIN      John                     d 10 dec 1783;john crellin snr balloates;son john,thomas,james,philip (exor);dau-i-law elinor crellin als quirk;bro james
1784   A 74      Fale         John                     dated 22 dec 1783;peel;wife jane als morrison exex;mo alive
1784   A 75      MYLEVOREY    Philip                   [Full]
1784   A 76      CRAIN        Nicholas                 dated 7 feb 1784;wife margt;ch patk,ann,margt jt exors
1784   A 77      KELLY        Isabel      quayle       d 14 mar 1784;sis mary quayle;cousins margt (w/o wm neale taylor peel+ ann killey(w/o philip corkan);husb thomas exor
1784   A 78      DAWSON       Jane        white        dated 15 mar 1784;peel;son thomas;dau ann;husb thomas exor
1784   A 79      CHRISTIAN    William                  d 25 mar 1784;peel;peel;wife ann exex;dau margt
1784   A 80      CRELLIN      Catherine   cannell      d 20 apr 1784;peel;dau cath(little croft) exex;sis margt kigg,ann karran
1784-1 e      d  Caine        William,snr              ballavaish;d 6 jun 1784;no nof kin appeared;sibs hugh, thomas jane margt + grace;chf creditor thomas cowin peel;
1784-1 E      d  CORKILL      Thomas                   peel;perished by sea 5 nov 1784;3 ch thomas, john + mathew
1784-1 E      d  LACE         Philip                   bach;late of peel died south carolina 1784;fa patrick
1784-1 E      w  MADDREL      Margaret    smith als watterson [Full]
1784-1 E 005  d  ATKINSON     William                  [1st on film gl722]late of leeds;d in liverpool;bro to hannah stead (w/o richard)
1784-1 E 006  w  COLVIN       Ellinor                  d 23 may 1784;sibs mabel, ann + james
1784-1 E 1238 d  DAWSON       William                  d 6 yrs ago;formerly peel;mo margt;sibs ann,cath + elizth
1784-1 E 1239 w  SHIMMIN      Matthew                  d 13 oct 1783;schoolmaster;two sons abroad;son john(latin books etc);gdau jane shimmin;wife amy als clucas;son-i-law thomas southward (h/o sarah als shimmin)exor;witt thos crellin,margt kennaugh widow;
1784-1 E 1241 d  COWLEY       John                     d 6 jan 1784;ch john,joney,elinor
1784-1 E 1242 d  KAIGHIN      Margaret    tear         d 2 apr 1784;ch john,ann,jane,ellinor,mary all ua uncles wm kneen,john tear;wm als philip kaighin father;inv
1784-1 E 1247 d  TAGGART      Ann         cottier      d 20 apr 1784;only ch john ua uncles simon corlett + thos cottier,aunt esther cottier;husb john
1785   A 52      QUILLIAM     Margaret    garrett      d 20 feb 1785;son john(youngest),thomas,james,henry;dau isabell,margt;husb james exor
1785   A 53      LEECE        Margaret                 made 3 mar 1785;Peel;dau jane + other unnamed ch;husb wm exec
1785   A 54      McYLVORREY   William                  dated 8 mar 1785;son john + dau margt(w/o thos quiggin); jt execs;gson john;1805 ann quayle als mylvorry acks from thos quiggin
1785   A 55      CANNELL      John                     d 22 mar 1785;peel;dau judy exex
1785   A 56      DAWSON       John                     dated 14 apr 1785;d 16 apr;ch john,wm,cath;wife elizth (houses in peel) exex
1785-1 E      d  CUBBON       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 29 dec 1784;ch john,hugh,philip,jane,margt,elinor + cath - all too tender years except hugh + john;husb robt;1792 margt cubbon als callister acks fa robt cybbon;1797: john boyd h/o jane + cath cubbon ack from hugh exor fa robt;dispute + agreemnt
1785-1 E      w  CUBBON       Robert                   dated 2 aug 1779;unnamed dau (w/o samuel callister);wife exex;
1785-1 E      d  GRAVES       Roger                    petn by peter sornson + wife jane als graves;janes prev husband d 1779 beyond seas leaving behind son samuel;dec states late liverpool mariner formerly peel
1785-1 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Joney       CAIN         d 19 dec 1784;only ch cath ua;husb john;edwd tear uncle by mo side supv;inv
1785-2 E      d  COTTIER      Ann         quirk        d 12 june;only 1 ch margt who too is now dead -husb philip cottier jnr;pledge philip cottier snr fa
1785-2 E      se CRELLIN      Henry                    with wife cath als kneale [?no ch hc widower when m Ger 17761005]
1785-2 E      w  CUBBON       Patrick                  d 6 sep;3 sons jon thos + eoman ? [edmund] ;dau ann;son pat;wife ann [note can't find bapt pat john + thos but gaps in fam]
1785-2 E      d  CURRY        Elizabeth   lace         d 27 dec;[m John Curry Ger 17631002 - no ch];sis jane + ann lace; wm lace s/o decd bro wm ;john lace s/o decd sis elinor lace;wm cannel h/o ann [m 1755] ;wm shimin h/o jane [?m Pat 17430528
1785-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Elizabeth   [buckeley]   peel;widow;dau alice (prop in peel);gdau anne kelly d/o dau cath (w/o thomas ), anne's bro 
                                                         philip;s-i-l robt quilliam h/o eliz ;s-i-l robt kelly h/o anne [can't find ann ?];gdaus eliz , elinor karran [pat karran + ellinor q];dau cath;mother alive;son patrick;gdau eliz crellin;  gch robt + ann quilliam;dau alice w/o john crellin ;david crellin s/o eliz crellin legatee acks 1786
1785-2 E      d  QUIRK        John                     bach;d 20 dec;mother elinor quirk;sis elinor;john killip h/o elinor 
1786   A 39      Quay         Thomas                   dated 27 nov 1758;corvally;son thos(heir),john exor;half-bro john quay;sis mary quay;gson thos quay;wife (mansion house + purchased lands during her life)
1786   A 40      KELLY        Jane        crellin      d 24 jan 1786;ch John,elizth - ua;husb thos exor
1786   A 41      CLARK        William                  d 9 apr 1786;(will made 4 apr);peel;son-i-law thos quirk(h/o cath - east end of dwelling house);son thos(west end dwelling house),wm,john;dau cath(w/o thos quirk);ch jt execs
1786-1 E      d  CAINE        Thomas                   d 2 yrs ago;bach;in hm service;sibs wm,hugh,jane,margt,grace;thos morrison h/o jane,patk kneen h/o grace;pledges blank;
1786-1 E      w  CHARLES      John                     made 19 sep 1785;peel;ch john,wm,jane,ann,isable;wife ann als corris exex
1786-1 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d 19 apr 1786;6 ch john,wm,hen,james,silvester + ann;john quine h/o ann;
1786-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Jane        HARRISON     d 3 Sep 1786;7 ch Patrick, Matthew, Catharine, Christian, Jane, Mary and Margaret, + John (already provided for by marr) - all except christian + Jane both deaf and dumb;james crellin h/o christian, Thos kelly h/o Jane;husb thomas;pledges Patrick Crellin and James Cowell snr;
1786-1 E      d  CUMMINS      John                     d liverpool abt 12 months ago;bach;on board hm ship of war Panther;mo elinor als hutchin ?;sis cath hodgson als cummins (in London)
1786-1 E      w  GELL         Philip                   d 25 apr 1786;greebey;son james (eldest + heir - land),philip (in apprenticeship),dau cath;son-i-law patk kelly,wife cathnote 2nd page of will displaced;1791: acks state philip s/o phillip + cath cain als gell lte decd re estate of
                                                          john caine late decd exexr wm caine;richard kelly h/o cath als gell a legatee recvd from wm cain curragh kk michael [date missing];
1786-1 E      d  KILLIP       Elinor      quirk        d 3 aug 1786;only ch john killip ua;husb john;pledges john kermode marown,john killip lezayre;henry quayle cousin german + next of kin supv;inv
1786-1 E      w  KILLIP       Joney       craine       d 29 may 1786;son thos ua;husb thos
1786-1 E      w  SAYLE        William                  peel;wife elizth (house 3d lords rent, also tholtan adj widow corkill east,widow kneakle south + west,lane north, cottage lord rent 3d)
1786-2 E      w  CRAINE       Margaret    QUAY         made 14 aug 1786;son hugh (+legacy left by fa + uncles);dau Ann,Cath;margt craine d/o son Wm execx
1786-2 E      d  MADDRELL     Jane        killey       d feb 1786;only ch jane ua;husb john;inv
1786-2 E      w  QUAY         Thomas                   corvalley;bro john;son thos ua;wife [jane] exex;fa thos quay
1786-2 E      se QUIGGEN      Margaret    mylevorry    thos quiggin late arbory now peel + margt mylevorry m 18 jun 1781 kk german [film too faint]
1786-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      John                     d jun 1786;son hugh;dau margt kinraide als shimmin exex (w/o hugh)
1786-2 E      d  SHIMMIN      Margaret    quirk        d 14 may 1786;only ch ann cowle als shimmin (w/o james);pledges john gell jnr kenna + hugh shimmin fa-i-law james shimmin [?ie husb margt ?]
1786-2 E      jw STEPHEN      Phillip                  philip + jane (died 1st philip dead by nov 1786);son wm (lands thrack ? ele beg ?);dau margt (eldest),jane,ann colven (w/o henry);house in peel;
1787   A 49      KELLY        Patrick                  dated 27 dec 1786;son patk;dau margt,elizth,jane;wife mary als crellin als clague exex
1787   A 50      MYLEVORREY   William                  [Full]
1787   A 51      MADDRELL     John                     dated 17 jul 1786;peel;son john(eldest);dau jane exex -ua uncle charles killey supv;1794: john at la chooses john quirk + john quilliam(kk pat)
1787   A 52      CUBBON       Ann         christy      d 24 apr 1787;gdau ellinor callister(house etc in peel);son-i-law samuel callister(h/o mary als cubbon) exor
1787-1 E      d  COTTIER      John                     d beg jan 1787;wife ann refused to admr(debts exceed effects);ch john + ellinor (both ua);court appts wm oates sumner geman as admr;petn;inv;sale
1787-1 E      d  LACE         Joney       MOORE        d 13 feb 1787;ch wm,christian + jane (all ua);husb wm;uncles charles + john moore guardians;inv
1787-1 E      d  LEECE        Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 30 jan 1787;only ch ann
1787-1 E      d  McCULLOCK    William                  d nov 1786;lately of peel;petn by caesar parr that wm greatly indebted;cout appnts caesar parr as admr as son wm mcculloch declined to appear or exhibit any will;summner charges wm mcculloch + philip cown;
1787-1 E      d  MYLVORREY    Joney                    petn by george moore that he has legal right of admin spinster d/o heny mylvorrey (d 1735);appoints robt farrant of peel atty
1787-1 E      d  NICHOLSON    Samuel                   d beg mar 1787;formerly Peel;ch john(off island) + elizth(w/o james tear)
1787-1 E      d  PARVIS       Thomas                   formerly kk german + late of hm navy departed isle 7 yrs ago + no account rcvd;wife mary;ch thos,mary + isabel (all ua);pledges john crane shopkeeper + thos witham tobacconist both peel;petn by mary states aunt elizth garrett peel 
                                                         had disorder of memory and mary wen to live with her (eliz settled part of house + garden on her) wants decree so can dispose of premises of decd aunt
1787-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Patrick                  d 30 jan 1787;ch ann + ellinor (other ch wm + cath had settlmts);pledges hugh + wm shimmin
1787-2 E      w  CALLIN       Catherine                dictated 2 may 1785;names ann cowin w/o james + their dau margt for taking care of her
1787-2 E      w  COLVIN       William                  dated 19 apr 1787;peel;wife mary exex;pledges hugh walker + john cannell shoemaker both peel
1787-2 E      w  GAWN         Edward                   [Full]made 15 Oct 1787;dau Margt (exec),Eliz + Jane;sons Edw,Wm,John; some ch ua;
1787-2 E      d  Hogdson      John                     d 3 nov 1787(5th in decree);peel;ch john,george,mary + agnes;wife jane
1787-2 E      w  KELLY        Margaret    CAIN         dated 18 apr 1784;widow ballavarkish;dau jane craine als kelly,margt widoww john crellin jt exexs
1787-2 E      d  MYLREA       Jane        KARRAN       d 16 nov 1785;only ch isabel cain als mylrea (w/o wm);
1787-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Isabel                   dated 5 sep 1779;eary glass;sis margery caine als shimmin widow;bro charles exor(wife cath);bro's dau cath killey als shimmin,margt shimmin;bro's son john shimmin (her pt of sheep)
1788   A 28      KINREAD      Margaret    SHIMIN       made 11 feb 1788;d mar 1788;son hugh,john;dau margt (not yet 21);husb hugh;names jony shimin kk german + anne quiggin kk michael
1788   A 29      CORKAN       Alice       cubbin       d 7 mar 1788;widow;son james [?bapt],wm,john;dau margt,ann;witt john gawn,wm gawn
1788   A 30      CLUCAS       Oates                    d 24 mar 1788;son thos,james;daus esther, margt,jane (youngest);wife isabel execx
1788   A 31      COLVIN       Arthur                   d 14 nov 1787;wife mary als morrison (little house + hse called toltan);son arthur (went to sea),thos,john;dau easter;
1788   A 32      CRELLIN      Ann                      d 2 apr 1788 (?2th);widow peel;names wm cowin,cath crellin,cath radcliffe;bro's dau alice woods als crellin,bro's son james crellin;jane myllaworrey her other niece;names nelly crellin snr widow;unnamed dau-i-law;gdau jane crellin execx (ua d/o ann crellin);inv
1788-1 E      w  COOILE       Margaret    [lace als] CAINE dated 30 apr 1788;unnamed eldest gson, charles(younger);unnamed gdau;sis-i-law margt coole;son wm;husb wm exor;petn names gch as wm,charles + jane lace - guardian john moore who sues exor [c/o wm lace + joney/judith moore - margt lace als cain m wm coole 1764 ?no ch - prev marr wm lace 1755]]
1788-1 E      w  Corlett      John                     d 29 may 1788;peel;names jane quark exex;pledges Philip sayle kk patk, Robt Corlett cooper(kk german)
1788-1 E      d  GELL         Elinor      MYLCHREEST   d 1 mar 1788;son henry gell admr(surrenders to fa john) - other ch john,elizth + ellinr provided for;husb john;
1788-1 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Elizabeth   GAWN         d aug 1787;only ch margt admx - ua (fa john passes to her gfa wm)petn by fa Wm gawn states w/o john (peel) + left only ch margt
1788-1 E      d  SAYLE        Catherine   CRELLIN      d 21 feb 1788;7 ch edmond, james, ahab, wm,james, henry + taubman jt admrs;
1788-1 E      w  SAYLE        James                    son henry,taubman;wife exex;wife [cath als crellin] d before probate her admrs ahab,wm + james sworn;
1788-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     d 14 sep 1787;ch john,robt,wm,margt + dorothy - philip  elinor had m/cs;pledges john + nicholas shimmin their brethren
1788-1 E      d  STEPHEN      William                  d Jamaica 1780;petn of thos stephen(peel) states only sib living;decree states late of Liverpool, mariner, d Kingston jamaica - bro thos admr
1788-2 E 016  w  MYLECHREEST  Margery     cannan       d 15 jun 1788;dau margery,jane,isabel (execx);son-i-law john killey;witt jane shimmin,james killey;
1788-2 E 022  w  CRELLIN      John,snr                 made 11 june 1788;beary;son wm,mathew,thos + john;wife ann als quirk (flacks mill) excx;pledge wm quirk fa of ann + wm kelly;petn by matthew crellin (fa) that ann married her servant + other acts of imprudence - court appointed john harrison (kk santan) uncle by fa + wm quirk (kk pat) grandfather by mo;
1788-2 E 025  dg TEAR         Elizabeth   corlett      dead;see wm
1788-2 E 025  dg TEAR         William                  dated 8 dec 1785;peel;daus ann + elizth
1788-2 E 030  w  PARR         Mary        kelley als cannell d 12 sep 1788;ceasar exec but on condition gives up all right to estates she brought to marriage;son wm,mathias;2 unnamed half sisters;names elinor leece,serv ellinr cumming;petn by ceasar parr 2nd h/o mary parr als kelley als cannell;mc was pro of ballamianagh + ballligg, her 1st husb matthias kelly bought concerns in douglas + devised to youngest son mathias; mary died leaving eldest son wm 11 + matthias nine;court case;guardians of children uncles by fa side john kelly douglas,wm cain ballagaue marown ,robt creer ballamoady marown;hugh + john shimin air shimin uncles by mo's side;inv
1788-2 E 040  d  SHIMMIN      Ann         CRELLIN      d 20 jun 1788;2 ch hugh + margt ; husb john;inv names george redfern sailmaker;
1788-2 E 046  d  KILLEY       Robert                   d 6 june 1788 at sea;mariner,peel;2 ch ann + margt ua;wife ann;wife can't raise pledges + asks wm oates sumner to handle but effects don't cover debts (after expenses 10% div);sale names wm fargher miller;
1789   A 41      BOYDE        Thomas                   d 16 dec 1788;5 ch unnamed;wife ann als cain
1789   A 42      GAWN         Isabel      boddaugh     made 20 dec 1788;w/o wm son dollin;serv ann corkan,margt cowley;son wm exec
1789   A 43      MORRISON     Christian                nr peel;son henry,john exec
1789   A 44      COTTIER      Esther      killip       made 21 Jan 1789: dau Esther, dau Catharine & her husb Simon Corlett, grandchild son of John Taggart
1789   A 45      QUIRK        Hugh                     d 2 feb 1789;son hugh,dau eleanor;wife ester als kelly execx
1789-1 E 780  w  COWIN        Matthew                  dated 9 oct 1789;peel;son james;dau elinor;wife margt exex;ch ua;pleges wm christian kk bride gentleman,bro ceasar cain peel;claims  inc £120 from caesar parr;inv;sale
1789-1 E 793  d  KILLEY       Robert                   d 6 jun 1788 at sea off east  of ireland;ch ann,margt ua;wife ann (states robt died insolvent + refused to admr) - sumner wm oates appt pledges james cowin(house carpenter) + henry quayle(mason);petn by wife states philip quayle + 
                                                           john killey of peel were with him (both at sea now)
1789-1 E 797  d  KENNAGH      Elizabeth   COTTIER      d 16 jan 1789;ch wm,john,cath + margt(ua);pledges john shimmin ballaboij,philip quirk schoolmaster both kk german
1789-1 E 799  d  COTTIER      John                     d apr 1789;only ch ann ua;wife jane;aunt elinor cowley als cottier guardian
1789-1 E 805  d  WHITE        Charles                  d on coast of africa;bach formerly peel mariner on board the vessel 'called there Mars'? of liverpool;fa wm
1789-1 E 807  jw BAYLEY       William                  jw wm + cath als callister;wm dead
1789-1 E 809  d  CALEY        Patrick                  d on coast of africa;bach formerly peel mariner on board the vessel Mars (capt wade) liverpool; sibs  john(admr),wm,ann,cath
1789-1 E 811  w  CRAINE       Nicholas                 d 4 may 1789;booill-renney;dau margt quiggin(widow),jane + her husb sylvester cottier exors;son nicholas;claims
1789-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   KELLY        d feb 1789;only ch john christian
1789-2 E      w  COWIN        Elinor      SHIMIN       d 5 sep [?1789];widow;peel;niece christian shimmin (house);son wm exor;witt dollin gawn + jame grimshaw;1796: thos kinley h/o christian shimin
1789-2 E      w  CRAIN        James                    dated 6 oct 1788;peel;3 ch margt,ann + philip;wife margt als christian exex;1790 legatees margt wade + ann quirk
1789-2 E      w  CRAINE       Judith                   d 21 sep 1789;booill-reanny;dau margt quiggin widow;dau jane (w/o silvester cottier) exex
1789-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Patrick                  made 14 mar 1788;corvalley;wife margt als kelly exex;son philip,john,mathias + james;dau ann lawson,margt;gch john + elizth kelly;1799 jane fowler als crellin relict john crellin
1789-2 E      w  KNEALE       William                  petn by cath kneal widow of wm late liverpool;cath now in ireland (displaced from will which follows);will dated 24 sep 1783b- wife cath als curphy exex - 5 ch by her - wm,cath,elizth,margt + sarah
1790   A 30      CORKILL      Mary        gell         d 17 nov ? (will dated 24 nov);airey lane;dau cath,ann;husb john exor
1790   A 31      ELLISON      Richard                  son John, son Richard, d-i-l Mary w/o Richard;gdau Alice d/o William White and dau Alice; gson richard & Robert s/o Richard;witt Dollin Cain, John Mylchreest;exctx Alice
1790   A 32      WHITE        William                  d 30 jan 1790;peel;dau jane,ann,christian,elizth;son john;wife jane als corris exex;petn by jane
1790   A 33      KEY          Margrett                 peel;dau elinor key (property in peel);husb thos;dau margt kermode als mylechreest;son [? in law] john mylechreest;dispute between margt kermode + sis ellinor crellin w/o thos crellin of peel;
1790   A 34      COSNAHAN     Christian   CRELLIN      [Full]
1790-1 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   corkill      d 3 mar 1790;ch matthew,philip (ua),elinor,sarah,mary,ann + cath;nicholas cowley h/o elinor,edmund garret h/o mary;inv
1790-1 E      d  WITHAM       Thomas                   d 18 dec 1789;peel;ch james,michael,john,elizth,ann; (last 3 at la & reliquished right);wife mary
1790-2 E      w  OATES        Isabel      CORRISS      dated 5 jan 1788;dau margt (exex), isabel,elinor;son  matthew,wm;danl boddagh h/o margt;inv (states w/o wm oates peel)
1791   A 42      CALLOW       John                     [Full]
1791   A 43      quilliam     isabella    callister    gdau Ann Quayle, gdau Mgt Quayle, gdau Mary Quayle, gson John Quayle; son Henry, son William
1791   A 44      CRELLIN      William                  d 20 apr 1791;dau cath;bro john;s dau(cath crellin);wife cath als mylvorrey xex
1791   A 45      CALLISTER    Nicholas                 dated 28 feb 1791;peel;wife alice;ch robt,john,cath,ellinor exex
1791   A 46      CLARK        Silvester                son wm;dau isabel,cath (execx);pledges Hugh Wall and John Whitham  both of Peel
1791-1 E      w  CANNELL      Joseph,snr               dated 10 may 1791;ch joseph,eleanor,margt,elizth(exex houses etc in peel w/o wm coole)
1791-1 E      w  CLARK        Catherine   CUMMINS      made 8 nov 1786;peel;dau cath(w/o thos quirk + son wm)(east end or kitchen + loft over it of house) exex;gdau elenor quirk
1791-1 E      w  COLVIN       Esther                   dated 14 jul 1791;peel;bro thomas colvin(house in peel bounded on west by john cubbon decd,south by philip kelly,street on north);names francis w/o richd bell officer hm customs exex
1791-1 E      d  COSNAHAN     John                     d 25 jan 1791;dau christian sole admx;other ch wm,jane,ann + elinor had mcs;christian off island bro wm sworn; pledges patk kewley(his bro in law) + john kaighin;petn by wm states christian left some yrs ago now at london;sumner charged patk kewley,wm gell + jane crellin
1791-1 E      w  COTTIER      Ann         KNEALE       d 28 apr 1791;dau ann exex
1791-1 E      w  ELLISON      Mary        CUBBON       son Wm, dau Mary (flax at Thomas Jone's), daus Eleanor Alice Sarah (4 daus in all) sons Robert Richard; witt Wm Leece Thomas Siddleton;husb Richard
1791-1 E      w  HAMPTON      Elinor                   d 1 may 1791;dau margt,elizth,elinor exex;son john
1791-1 E      d  KNEALE       Philip                   d 20 oct 1790;ch wm,philip,cath
1791-1 E      w  LEECE        David                    d 14 sep 1790;peel;bro wm;nephew david leece;names ch of john gell tailor;only ch ann exex
1791-1 E      d  SAYLE        Edward                   d some yrs ago in hm service;bach;sibs thomas,ahab,wm,james,taubman + henry
1791-1 E      w  SHIMIN       Margaret    MYLCHREEST   d 29 apr 1791;dau elenor mylevorrey,margery croghan,ann mylevorrey,jane shimmin;son charles + dau jane jt execs
1791-2 E      w  BRIDSON      William                  d 15 jun 1791;peel;dau sarah,barbary;wife exex
1791-2 E      w  CAINE        Dolin                    d 30 sep 1791;gson dollin;son thos,hugh;gdau cath;names john shimmin eary shimin;wife mary als moore exex
1791-2 E      d  CAINE        John                     d 11 nov 1790;only ch elizth cubbon als cain(w/o patk)
1791-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Elinor      COWLE        dated 14 jun 1791;peel;son-i-law hugh knail(mentions his boat + houses in peel);dau ellinor;ch hugh + alice kneal execs
1791-2 E      d  CLARKE       Daniel                   d 9 jul 1791 in guernsey - formerly of peel;ch danl (off island)+ elinor(w/o jon ellison);claims(substantial) - inv etc displaced claims exceed effects
1791-2 E      d  COWLE        Ann                      d 13 jul 1791;only ch cath white(w/o wm)
1791-2 E      d  COWLEY       Joney                    d 11 sep 1791;spinster;sibs john + elinor
1791-2 E      w  MYLECHREEST  John                     dau elinor(eldest),cath exex;son robt
1792   A 34      CLUCAS       Finlo                    kerro-ney-cloagh;ch wm,margt,cath,jane + elizth;sons thomas hugh + john;dau ann w/o philip creer;wife margt;henry quine acks for wife (not named)
1792   A 35      myleworrey   peter                    d 29 oct 1791;wife ann als waterson;son thos;dau easther,ann;gdau jane kelly;gdau ann mylevorrey;gson john kelly,john mylevorrey
1792   A 36      CALLISTER    John                     peel;d 6 apr 1792;dau isabel callister,mary callister;dau jane's children (if any come);only son david;inv + sale + fun accts
1792-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Thomas                   [Full]
1792-1 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d jul 1791;bach;fa patk admr
1792-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Matthew                  c/o John Crellin (Beary) + ann sayle als crellin als quirk (who petns) - d abt 5yrs ago - sibs john + wm crellin  - ua gfa(mo's side) Wm Quirk + uncle(fa's side) John Harrison supv; Ahab Sayle h/o ann
1792-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 27 jun 1791;ch john(admr),cath,thos(decd - sons john,thos),patk(had m/c);
1792-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Thomas                   c/o John Crellin (Beary)  - see matthew
1792-1 E      w  GRAVES       Elizabeth                Peel;son John Thomas Graves (house at the cross wherein his uncle Wm lives with that pt of house bought of John Shimmin and wife and ten yards in front of the big 
                                                     garden and along through sfd garden to be a garden for sd house at cross);son Henry (house adjoining the church yard with the yard thereunto belonging  + 10 yrds in front 
                                                     of the sd big garden);Wm Graves (my part of the house at the Red Gap );son George,son Thomas Joshua (Nicholason House + Thomas Quayle¹s House );dau Margt 
                                                     (house + garden near the Cross commonly called John Fairbrother¹s House );dau elizth;robert farrant (HB)+ rev John bridson guardians;husb henry
1792-1 E      d  IRWIN        William                  perished by sea 18 oct 1791;peel;ch wm,john,jane,cath,leonora + ann - all ua (except jane);wife ann
1792-1 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   perished by sea nov 1791;mariner;peel;widow + ch declined to sue out admin - prin creditor isabel leece to sell goods by public auction;
1792-1 E      jw MUNN         Angus                    jw Angus + leonora;made 25 apr 1791;peel;son angus(concerns in Peel,close beg);dau leonora munn(house in big st occp by Thos Morrison,christian munn als stuart, ann munn;also son + dau Wm + Mary Clark 1811: leonora d 1808 - dau ann w/o thos clark, dau leonora exex of mo;
1792-1 E      d  PARR         Cęsar                    d apr;sis Margt Cowin als christian als parr;James Quirk, Philip Quirk, Nicholas Quirk, Elinor Quirk als Quirk and Ann Kneale als Quirk (ch of Mary quirk als Parr another
                                                      sis);Elinor Shimin als Leece and Margaret Clucas als Leece (ch Anne Leece als Parr decd);Cęsar Crane, John Crane, James Crane, Radcliffe Crane, Thomas Crane, William
                                                      Crane, Jane Lee als Crane, Margery Crane, and Catharine Crane (ch of Margery Crane als Parr dec);pledges John Taubman of the Nunnery Esquire and Curwen Dobinson ? (now of Michael)
1792-1 E      w  Peate        William                  dated 11 jul 1790;peel;ch charles,wm,ann + margt;wife elinor exex;petn by creditors that considerably indebted - wife elinor + bro mathew quirk (attorney james cowle) decline to give pledges court appoints james cowle exec in trust
1792-1 E      dg Shimmin      Catherine                DoSett dated 14 oct 1789 to son john(h/o rebecca) - he to maintain her
1792-2 E 4    d  KNEALE       Joney       CAINE        d 13 jan 1792;only child john
1792-2 E 5    d  COLVIN       Mary        MYLEVORREY   d 14 dec 1792;ch john + thos
1792-2 E 6    w  CRELLIN      Catherine   COWLEY       widow thos;peel;unnamed son + dau execs;gson thos radcliffe,philip radcliffe;sworn are thos quine,thos radcliffe & thos crellin;
1792-2 E 7    w  CRELLIN      Christian                Beary;daus jane + christian'names thos kelly,james crellin;gson john kelly;daus cath + margt execs both deaf + dumb joh harrison appt execrin trust;ahab sayle prevailed upon to execute will; petn by thos kelly re christian's bro mathew crellin who  died and appt john harrison exec who refuses to act
1792-2 E 9    w  CRELLIN      Mathew                   dau janes,christian;names thos kelly,james crelliun;gson john kelly;daua cath + margt  (both deaf and dumb )(ballavaish) John Harrison (malew exec in trust) but refused and vicar + church wardens to find a suitable person - ahab sayle (beary) offers
1792-2 E 034  w  COLVIN       John                     dated 12 aug 1792;peel;sisters's son george grigger ;bro henry(+son philip),judith grigger;wife jane als feale als mylevorrey exex
1792-2 E 38   d  BLACKMORE    Margaret    CRAINE       d abt dec 1791;bro john craine (only next of kin on island) refused;creditor john gell admr
1793   A 51      WOODS        Henry                    d 17 dec 1791;peel;bro hugh;bro dau margt wood exex
1793   A 52      SHIMMIN      Charles                  of Airey Glass, German: wife Cath Shimmin als Quayle; son in heir Jn Shimmin; Charles Quiggin (his fa is Philip) his grandson; 3 dau Mgt, Cath, Ann; dau Isabel Shimmin; gdau Cath Killey (husb is Jn Killey)
1793   A 53      QUIRK        Philip                   BallaCrink, German, died 16 Feb 1793: wife Eleanor Quirk als Cottier
1793   A 54      WOODS        William                  d 12 mar 1793;knocksharee;sis joney corkil als woods (w/o gilbert);bequest to poor of methodist soc + peeltown preaching hse;thomas woods knocksharee exor but since decd wife elinor exex
1793   A 55      CORRIS       Ann         wattleworth  dated 18 aug 1791;widow,peel;son john,wm + michael (right in garden adj westend smithy  a roadway of 3yds adj westend of buildings to be setout from highrd at lower or westend in direct line to south side),ceasar;dau jane,elizth exex
1793   A 56      WOODS        Thomas                   dated 27 mar 1792;dau jane,ann;sonwm(heir);wife exex
1793   A 57      MYLCHREEST   Mary        kelly        d 18 apr 1793(will dated 26);6 ch;dau sarah;husb robt exor;ch ua
1793   A 58      KILLEY       John                     d 24 apr ;charles + philip killey s/o bro philip;apprentice john lace (a new pair of soes then in shop);bro philip exor
1793-1 E 260  w  KAIGHIN      Mary                     peel;d aug last;dau anne (land 10 yrds from the front eastward from gable of her house + 8 into the field);husb wm;5 ch inc ellinor + eliz
1793-1 E 262  d  SIDDLETON    Thomas                   departed life at sea 1 dec last;wife jane preg + 3 ch thos,jane,margt; little but a house left by his gmo;ch gfa robert siddleton other pledge wm cowle kk pat;inv
1793-1 E 267  w  BRIDSON      Margaret    KNEALE       d 31 may 1793;gch margt kneale,wm kneale;dau isabel;names wm leece;son dal exor
1793-1 E 269  d  KELLY        Ann         CLUCAS       d 12 mar 1793;ch jon + cath admrs,jane,ann+ mary had mc
1793-1 E 271  d  BODDAGH      William                  petn by wm cottier son in law;d 18 feb 1793 only ch margt cottier als boddagh;
1793-1 E 274  w  CLAGUE       Jane                     dated 12 apr 1793;peel;husb john exor;unnamed ch
1793-1 E 277  d  PURVIS       Mary                     widow of thomas formerly of peel mariner;3 ch thos,mary isabel;john crane principal creditor
1793-1 E 281  d  SAYLE        William                  d 19 apr 1793;4 ch john wm philip margt; all ua mother margt;inv
1793-1 E 288  d  GAWN         John                     petn by bro edwd peel;peel;d feb last;sibs edwrd,wm,margt,elizabeth + jane (ua)
1793-1 E 293  w  LACE         Isabel                   peel;d 3 may;;son joseph,dau-i-l jane lace;dau jane w/o john shimmin;husb patrick;son-i-l philip shimmin h/o ellinor(her new bible);dau isable w/o patrick [sic]shimin
1793-2 E      w  COTTIER      Ann         CHRISTIAN    5 ch;dau cath,elizth,ann,elinor;husb john exor
1793-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Philip                   perished by sea sept 1793;sibs john + wm quayle decline;john quine kk patk principal creditor;inv
1793-2 E      ds sayle        Elizabeth   COWL als cane[cain] dated 5 sep 1793;ds to dau cath sayle
1793-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     dated 2 may 1793;eary shimmin;dau charlotte + isable;wife jane als moore exex;son wm;ch ua
1793-2 E      d  THOMPSON     Joseph                   d 3 nov 1793;slate quarrier peel;2 ch off island;other ch too tender yrs;wife mary ann who passed to john taylor mercht + hugh walker cabinet mkr;pledges james quirk gentleman,richard bell,peel,custom house officier;claims;inv + sale
1793-2 E      w  WATTLEWORTH  John                     dated 11 jan 1791;linnen weaver peel;wife elizth als cross exex
1793-2 E      w  WILSON       Mary                     d 23 aug 1793;w/o richd master mathematical school;ch john,mary jewel als wilson,isabel;husb exor
1794   A 51      KEWLEY       Christian                made 11 may 1793;son thomas(ua);sis ellinor kelley;husb thomas exor
1794   A 52      WATTLEWORTH  Cęsar,snr                [full];Peel;dau Barbara,eliz,son samuel;elinor caine als W.,margt gill als W.;leonora Cowin als W .;son + heir Ceasar;wife Margaret W. als Callister
1794   A 53      KELLY        Patrick                  [some of will lost in binding]dated 19 [] 1794;son philip;gch thomas + margt kelly(c/o wm);son-i-law wm;dau margt(w/o henry cottier);sons patk,jon + dau margt execs
1794   A 54      KEWLEY       Mary        shimmin      d 30 mar 1794;peel;dau margt exex;son john
1794   A 55      CORKAN       William                  dated 29 mar 1794;peel;son john;wife cath(concerns,houses etc) exex;bro patk
1794   A 56      WOODS        James                    dated 4 may 1792;ballanear;ch thos,john,hugh,jane hampten als woods,ellinor,ann;wife an exex
1794-1 E      w  BRIDSON      Alice       CRAINE       dated 16 may 1792;ch wm,cath,ann,john(5s 10d); wm,cath(w/o john killip) +ann(w/o john kelly) jt execs
1794-1 E      d  CORRIS       William                  bach;peel;d 11 oct 1792;fa dollin
1794-1 E      w  COWELL       Margaret                 w/o john,peel;son wm,john;dau margt
1794-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Elinor                   relict john crellin;dau eliz sayle als crellin;gch;gdau jane crellin d/o ann
1794-1 E      d  DICKIE       Matthew                  late of edinburgh,writer, agent + attorney - all non manx names inc adam lymburner late of quebec
1794-1 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   CORKILL      d 1 mar;7 ch matthias,philip,elinor,sarah,mary,ann + cath;nicholas cowley h/o elinor,edmund garrett h/o mary
1794-1 E      s  SAYLE        John                     names ahab sayle;2 ch of bro thos when they reach 21;ann sayle acks for ch wm + jane sayle
1794-1 E      w  SHIMMIN      William                  peel;wm cannel's wife with whom he recently resided;isobel leece for taking care of him;nephew john mylechreest with whom he resided
1795   A 46      QUIRK        Elinor      leece        art marr dated 21 apr 1785;john killip bach kk german + elinor leece widow obo dau elinor
1795   A 47      WATTLEWORTH  Margaret    CALLISTER    dated 17 dec 1794;peel;daus  barbara + elizabeth w.;son samuel;gch john + margt caine;dau ellinor caine als w.;dau leonora cowin als w.;dau margt gell als w.;
1795   A 48      CRELLIN      Patrick                  d 5 jan;sis cath,bro joseph;uncle john crellin;names margt cottier;mo alive;bro thomas,john (exec)
1795   A 49   ds CAIN         Mary        stephenson   d 2 feb;widow peel;formerly of lhergydoo caine;hugh walker;list of claims £50 each robert cain,margt leece als cain,esther cain (2)cath cain,thos cain,john cain,ann cain;inv + sale;dispute
1795   A 50      DAWSON       Elizabeth   crellin      made 13 feb 1793;son john,wm (house adj john kewn's concerns on west,street on north,henry quayle east,john quayle south),knockaloe beg;
1795   A 51      MADDREL      Hesther     woods        douglas late of german;eldest dau margt;gdau cath cain lherydoo;youngest dau cath madderal otherwise cain execx
1795   A 52      QUAYLE       John                     peel;made 12 mar 1795;dau joney lheunee als quayle;wife eliz als quirk;
1795   A 53      LACE         Patrick, senr            dated 28 sep 1793;3 sons patt,james + joseph;gdau isabel shimin;gson charles s/o pady;son-i-law john shimin (exec)
1795-1 E      d  ARCHIBALD    John                     petn of bro thomas + george;petn of widow margt late of peel but now of lezayre;fa george;d 29 dec;2ch margt + jane
1795-1 E      jd CHRISTIAN    Catherine   Cubbin als Gell  alive; petn cath christian als cubbin als gell
1795-1 E      jd CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   peel;cath als gell wife
1795-1 E      d  CORLETT      Thomas                   3ch thos jane ann;wife alive
1795-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Charles                  petn of margt relict; 4 ch one being a cripple;peel;d 22 feb;in petn john shimin charles shimin john cannell (cs + jc of douglas fencibles ?)  & john mylvorrey bros of ch ua
1796   A 33      MYLREA       Joney       cowin        dated 25 dec 1795;now peel;dau ann oates als mylrea;gch ann,michael,wm + cath oats,margt,ann + mary clague,john,wm,elizth,charles + thos quayle;ch of son thos now in Liverpool;bro wm cowin douglas;dau mary clague als mylrea;gch c/o son wm;son thos;others named (sevl of ballaugh);matthew oates h/o ann;wm quayle h/o cath
1796   A 34      KENNIAGH     Catherine   kewley       d dec;dated 1 oct 1795;dau eleanor,jane,elizth + ann exexs;sons philip,john;1796: thos cowley weaverh/o cath acks re dowry + agreement.
1796   A 35      TAGGART      William,jnr              dated 15 oct 1795;now at largydoo;;mo jane taggart als stevenson exex;wife alive (codeman malew)
1796   A 36      CAIN         Mary                     son thos,hugh(dau cath) exec
1796   A 37      CRAINE       William                  dated 5 oct 1790;ballnehowin;sis ann + cath;dau margt exex (w/o thos shimmin;claims (inc one £130 + one from thos clark transmarian);
                                                         disputes between thos shimmin + wife & hugh craine,john cannel h/o ann kk michael,cath corlet widow lezayre - property involved mill;agreement mentions wm illeg son wm crain;wm's wife was margt ?
1796   A 38      COWLEY       Patrick                  d 7 feb 1796;ch john,thos,ann ,margt,patk exec
1796   A 39      GELLING      John                     d 10 feb 1796;sibs charles,isabel;mo exex
1796   A 40      McCYLCHREEST Philip                   made 4 dec 1795;dau abigail (w/o thos garrett peel);gch leonorah w/o george cannon;wife joney;gdau elizth garret;son john exec
1796   A 41      LACE         Alice                    d apr 1796;made 26 feb 1796;son thos,charles,john,patk;dau ann;husb patk exec;some ch ua
1796   A 42   jw COTTIER      Philip                   d 8 apr 1796;philip + elizth knocksharry;made 22 feb 1796;gch elizth moore,john,philip,james + ann cottier,edwd,philip + jane moore;son philip (eldest);sis 
                                                         mary crane peel;petn by widow;philip cottier + thos moore guardians of gch  john,philip,jane + ann cottier
1796   A 43      MORRISON     Jane        craine       dated 18 mar 1795;dau isabella broom als morrison,eleanor,mary mcthale,ann;son charles;gdau elinr cxxlny ?;husb thos exec
1796   E      w  LORD         Henry,jnr                of Douglas late Chief Mate of the Dispatch Guineaman d kingston jamaica; petn by relict judith 2 small ch[henry + james ] left £21 mortgage [NSM May 1779 6]in prop in peel ;husb's bro john (kk pat) - by death of magery lord widow of henry lord snr mortgage split between john + eldest son;
1796-1 E      d  COTTIER      Jane        [gell]       d oct ;only ch james ua;husb phillip;thos gell gfa by mo side guardian
1796-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Henry                    d mar 1795;late whitehaven;next of kin philip, matthew, james + john crellin, edwd lawson, margt,margt + cath crellin, thos kelly;only matthias + thos kelly present;petn states henry bro to matthew + thos kelly h/o d/o matthew now decd + mathew crellin s/o decd patrk crellin
1796-1 E      d  TAYLOR       Elinor      HENDRY       d 27 jul 1796;husb john taylor shopkeeper;only ch wm ua gfa james henry (ramsey) guardian (husb + james agree to deal with debts and pay wm £60 when at la)
1796-2 E      d  CALLISTER    Catherine   knickall     d 2 apr 1796;ch cath,margt;husb james
1796-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Mary                     dated 8 aug 1796;peel;dau jane,cath;son wm,john,thos;husb thos exor;ch ua
1796-2 E      d  KELLY        Mary        KELLY        d 8 aug 1796;ch wm,john jt admrs - ua uncles wm,john Kelly + john corkill;husb wm
1796-2 E      d  LEECE        William                  d may 1796;ch john,ellinor;wife mary
1796-2 E      ds McHUTCHIN    Gilbert                  dated 27 jun 1797;long DoSett Gilbt + esther als Dawson to son George(dwelling house etc prev prop John Radcliffe - now let to Richd Bell)to son John(house in Peel formerly prop Chas Radcliffe now wher Robt Greasy[Gracy] lives);to dau Mary(house formerly John Dawson now let to Thos Lord + mortgage on James Callister's house);dau cath(£40);wife cath sworn exex
1796-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     John                     d 24 jul 1796;sis isabel quirk;niece mary quirk, isabel quilliam,margt quilliam,esther bridson;nephew wm quirk;bro james,philip(+dau) exor,thos(+4 daus);names jane d/o thos quirk,john quine,patrk cubbon(+ blind son)
1796-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Elinor                   d 18 aug 1796;only ch john shimmin - ua - gfa(mo side) silvester Mylchreest;husb john
1796-2 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Margaret                 d july 1796;spinster;fa charles declines admn;bro thos;pledge Wm Quirk (ballaspick Patk), Peter Quirk(hatter Peel)
1797   A 59      COWIN        Ann         young        d 29 oct 1796;uttered 14 oct 1796;peel;son james (eldest),john;dau cath corras als cowin,margt waterson als cowin,ann exex (house etc in peel)
1797   A 60      COWLEY       Patrick                  d abt 2 jan 1797;dated 7 jan 1797;ballakaighin;wife elizth als garrett exex;son + heir not 21 - other ch henry,john,jane;jane acks from john cain h/o elizth cain als cowley als garrett
1797   A 61      CRAINE       Eleanor                  dated 14 jan 1796;nieces daus of rev hen corlett (barbary,jane brennan als corlet,marian gell als corlett);names marcial gell als corlett [w/o hen] sons john (eldest) + son henry;nieces jane + ellinor harrison als cowellkk arbory;bro-i-law rev hen corlet exec
1797   A 62      QUIRK        Peter                    d 11 dec 1796;peel;wife mary als gell exex
1797   A 63      CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 d 11 dec 1796;w/o james;dau margt exe,ann;son john
1797   A 64      CALLISTER    Catherine                uttered 15 dec 1796;peel;dau margt;sons james,wm;husb wm exec
1797   A 65      KILLEY       Mary                     d 14 jan 1797;aunt mary quirk als gell peel exex
1797   A 66      WALKER       Ann         cannon       made 29 aug 1796;dau mary dorin;son john,hugh exec
1797   A 67      SHIMMIN      Elizabeth   wattleworth  d 23 mar 1797;infant charles;names elenor cain,cath killey;mo-i-law alive;unnamed sisters;hus john exor
1797   A 68      DAWSON       Catherine   stephen      d 14 feb 1796;son thos,wm,henry;dau ann,alice,cath,elinor(house elinor had built);husb henry exor
1797   A 69      CORKILL      Catherine   cottier?     dated 30 nov 1796;son hugh(eldest - houses in c'town),john;husb john exor
1797-1 E      d  BREW         Cęsar                    bach;late of peel;d 7 yrs ago at sea;mo elinor;sibs joshua, cath,jane + christian;john walker h/o cath,thos aubman h/o christian
1797-1 E      w  callow       jane        camaish als shimmin made 29 may 1797;names john corkan;cath sayle als corkan als mccartney (w/o wm)execx;;witt isabel gell als leece,margt lord als stephen;patk corkan guardian of john corkan [?2nd marr john callow Ger 17710105 - bur Ger 17910131;  John Corkan is s/o wm corkan + cath McCartney - see will cath sayle als corkan als mccartney 1800]
1797-1 E      d  CLARKE       Robert                   bach,perished at sea 20 dec 1796;petn by fa robt
1797-1 E      d  CLEGG [clague] William                  d 20 dec;petn by thomas cowin (wm was bro-i-law);petn by john caine + wife mary als clague (kk michael) + elizth + ann clague of london who are next of kin by fa james bro to wm;john clague + margt dawson als clague bro + sis 
                                                       together with thomas cowin h/o elizth cowin als clague sis took possesn without legal notice
1797-1 E      w  CRAINE       Esther      QUANE        d 15 june 1796;dau jane;husb james
1797-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Silvester                former peel but lately carpenter on-board liverpool trading ship duke of cumberland;d few months ago in kingston;petn by fa thos crellin requesting son rev john crellin kk michael handle affairs;
1797-1 E      d  FARGHER      Thomas                   d 5 nov 1796;ch thomas,john,henry + ann (henry ua);
1797-1 E      w  gELL         John                     d 25 june;petn by thomas clucas h/o dau elizth , john gell formerly of kennah;son + heir john,son henry;dau ellinor callister als gell;gdau ellinor callister;gch john,richd,elinor,margt + elizth clucas (ch of dau elizth execx)
1797-1 E      d  KNEALE       Robert                   petn son hugh kneal of peel;d 15 nov 1794 in france;7 ch hugh + margt by former wife,charles,wm,philip,cath + ann by 2nd - all la
1797-1 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Thomas                   d 1 oct 1796;sons john + thomas,patrick;dau ann
1797-1 E      w  MYLCHREEST   William                  dat 27 may 1797;son philip;daua anne,ellinor,christian + eliz;son wm john;wife eliz als gell
1797-1 E      w  NICHOLSON    Elizabeth   corkan       d 22 oct 1797 (petn);gdau cath (execx) + elizth teare;dau betty;sis cath holshal als corkan;
1797-1 E      w  QUILLIAM     Philip                   too light to read on microfilm
1797-1 E      w  WATTERSON    Isabel                   made 17 oct 1796;peel;son henry (eldest),thos (youngest);dau margt clucas als watterson;former ser maid ann tear als cottier;husb thomas;d 20 ?oct 1776;witt john taubman + thomas cottier - in petn one of these going back to sea
1797-2 E      w  ARCHIBALD    George                   [archible in will];son thos,george (youngest);dau elizth;illeg gson wm archible;youngest dau cath execx (ground lately purchased for a house in peel)
1797-2 E      w  CALLISTER    William                  d 24 sep 1797;peel;sons wm + james;dau margt execx
1797-2 E      w  CRAIN        Catherine   GAWN         d 12 may 1797;dau cath;son wm;husb thos exec
1797-2 E      w  CUBBON       Sarah       clarke       peel;gson wm ellison (houses + gardens in peel, exec);gdau ally ellison;dau sarah shimmin;gdaus eliner + cath shimmin;
1797-2 E      d  hiGGEN       Catherine                d 5 nov 1797; ch richd,john,mary,margt + cath;husb john
1797-2 E      w  HODSON       Jane        harrison     widow,peel;son george;dau agnes (execx),mary;son john
1798   A 43   w  COWLE        Mary        cottier      made 21 sep 1797;dau christian (eldest),cath,alice corrin als cowle,husb matthew exec
1798   A 44   w  GRAVES       Henry                    [Full]
1798   A 45   w  KILLEY       James                    made nov 1797;daus elinor,cath,alice;gdau alice garret,gson hugh garrett;son john exec
1798   A 46   w  GELL         Catharine   White        made 27 apr 1787;son john exec (house + grn peel)
1798   A 47   w  MYLVORREY    Jane        QUIRK        [Full]
1798   A 48   w  CUBBON       Robert                   peel;son robt,phil,thos,john,patk,hugh;dau anne,margt,jane,cath,elinor;gson john + charles s/o patk cubbon;gch ann, robt,john  c/o hugh cubbon;gson phil boddagh;gch phil +  eliz callister
1798-1 E      jw COWIN        Elizabeth   clague       peel;houses in peel;
1798-1 E      jw COWIN        Thomas                   dead;
1798-1 E      d  EYRE         Susanna     SEDDEN       d 31 mar 1798;next of kin ann christian als kelly w/o rev evan christian
1798-1 E      w  SHIMIN       John                     d 24 may 1798;ballagaraghyn;3 sons + 6 daus ;wife jane als lace execx [full]
1798-1 E      d  TEAR         James                    d nov 1797;next of kin refused admin;isabel leece peel creditor
1798-2 e739   mc cottier      margery     shimmin als creer d 11 oct ;petn by son-i-law patk corkill states marr contract from john + marjery dated 7 nov 1785 re dau ann;
1798-2 e721   dg crellin      mary        shimmin      dated 20 nov 1789;widow knockbreck;to dau mary crellin;sons patk + john (1s each)
1798-2 e726   d  kneal        thomas                   mariner d abt 15 months ago [from oct 1798] on hm ship Captain;2 ch john + mary ua wm kermod h/o mother elinor late kneal [als kelly] sworn guardian;wm kneal gfa also sworn (petn by wm) inv inc £14 prize money
1798-2 e689   ds mylvoirrey   thomas                   dated 29 mar 1798;son wm(heir purchased land the kieu);dau elizth w/o wm halsal (house on green nr c'town),jane w/o wm cosnahan (her daus jane + elizth);gdau jane cowle (land called giat in bride);gson thos cowle;claims inv 
                                                          inc3/4 of  fishing smack the jenny of peel purchased by david kaughin of peel for £14 5s mx;petn by wm halsal as debts exceed estate
1798-2 e725   d  wilson       richard                  d 18 apr 1798;late mathematical master;3 ch john (relinquishes rights),mary + isabella;pledges john wilson + robt christian kk patrick wine merchant
1799   A 48      KAIGHIN      James                    d 1 jan 1799;dales + timber around house to be used to finish house except his coffin;wife cath exex
1799   A 49      RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   made 15 feb 1799;son charles,wm,henry;wife cath als crellin exex + supv ch ua
1799   A 50      QUAY         Catherine                d 6 mar 1799;peel;sis dau ann kennish;+ her other sister;margt siddleton exex
1799   A 51      QUIRK        Christian   BRIDSON als duggan      [Full][Full]w/o Phil Quirk of Ballavargher, Patrick: son Wm Bridson, dau Ann Bridson, dau Mgt Bridson; chidren Jn & Joseph & Tho & Charles & Xtn & Cath Quirk; husb Phil alive
1799-1 E      d  BREW         Elinor      BRIDSON      d 16 aug 1798;peel;son joshua;dau jane execx(half house where john cain lives - quaye begs house + concerns),christain taubman als brew (other half);step dau cath walker als brew
1799-1 E      d  CAIN         John                     d 7 apr 1799;ch thos,james,ann + mary most ua;wife mary;uncle philip clucas supv;pledges thos taubman + philip clucas;inv;4 oct 1799 thos cain s/o john guardian lately drowned in douglas harbour and entitled to prop in ballaugh petn by thos taubman;
1799-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Henry                    d apr 1796;late of whitehaven,;petn by wife esther of whitehaven; quit claim by edward lawson douglas, matthias crellin peel
1799-1 E      d  TAUBMAN      James                    d oct 1798;bach;fa thomas
1799-1 E      w  MYLECHREEST  John                     d 17 may 1799;late schoolmaster in peel;names isabel mcleece (half house called wm shimmins adj wm lace for her lifetime),dau margt (other half houuse),her sisters youngest dau isabella kermode;mm ua john gell next of kin mo's side,wm gell + margt kermod on fa's side supv;inv
1799-1 E      d  TAUBMAN      James                    ?mal;dated 13 dec 1794;c'town;wife esther;only son john;dau christian cunningham w/o major wm (house called fitzgerald's house c'town);gdaus margt,isbel + dorothy taubman;gson major John taubman;gson John christian s/o dau margt;gson robert cunningham;names Nichols christian  of Douglas s/o Francis christian decd;large bequests + ballahott;
1799-2 E      ds CROSS        John                     [1st on film];my sister's son john shimmin (considerable land);js's mother elinor shimin als cross ;js's 3 unnamed bro's.,3 sis elenor, margt dorothy;dated 23 jan 1799;1802 danl corkil h/o dorothy [shimmin];john christian h/o elinor [shimin];wm shimin acks,robt shimin acks
1799-2 E      ds DAWSON       Margaret                 peel;dau ann dawson
1799-2 E      d  ERVINE       James                    peel;d 25 mar;3 ch christian watson als ervine,ann + eliz ervin;
1799-2 E      w  QUILLIAM     Catherine   KILLEY       nephew ? cath crellin;dau elinor w/o john morison ;names thos garret;john garret;,edmd garret
                                                       bro philip killey;dau cath crellin als quilliam w/o john ;
1799-2 E 1211 w  WARE         Elizabeth                made 17 jun 1799;ch robt,danl,mary;husb hugh exor;some ch ua

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