Summary of Wills - German 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 95% summarised [690/713]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A [29a]c  GARRET       Margaret                 dated 5 apr 1672;margt carrett[garrett] (widow Peel) obo dau Alice Quaile;Will Clauag[clague] + wife Margt obo his son Sylvester;to marry within a fortnight;Margt to give half house etc at marriage + other half at her decease - none of her children stayed with her except Alice(if her son come comes out of Ireland to receive 20s only - if Alice has no issue then only 6d to return to her father's friends);Clague to give 4 now in Thos Clague's meadow + wife to give a cow + 2 blanketts;witt William cowper, finlo garrett x, michael [] x;;ack'd May ? 1680;accepted as will Margt Garret - dau alice sworn 
1700-1 A 31      CORRAS       Jane        QUAIL        d 6 jan 1700;husb john;
1700-1 A 32      KILLEY       Katherine                d 4 feb 1699;only son john;sill caine + james crellin overseers;husb john;fa henry
1700-1 A 33      CAINE        Catherine   kewley       [bur ger 21 Feb 1699]d 21 feb 1699;dau jony, jane;husb sill;
1700-1 A 34      KELLY        Henry                    son patrick; no wife and children to take care of him (sd son) ; court made wm kelly joint exec as no 6d value to to the elder son;
1700-1 A 35      CURLET       Thomas                   peel;12 oct 1699;dau mary;step dau margt in accordance with contact with step son in law wm cannel;3 ch thomas,  sarah mary;wife alive mary only one in island;
1700-1 A 36      CLUag        Silvester                Peel;d 15 nov 1699;eldest son danold cluag house + garden;childer upon his wife bearing;dau  alice;4 ch wm margt alice kath
1700-1 A 37      BODDAUGH     Margaret                 bur ger 15 Feb 1699;d about 9 feb 1699;names cath crellin, cath boddaugh, mable killey; dau bahee,son john
1700-1 A 38      CORRASS      William                  d 17 [torn] 1699;sis cath, margt,nelly's children;wife marriad mcylechrist als corras
1700-2 E      w  CROUGHAN     John                     d 1700;son john ua; wife jony creer
1700-2 E      mc CUNNERY      John                     articles of marriage betwen dorothy kewish on behalf dau jony + john cundry on behalf son thomas dated 1 jan 1699; couple get part of house + garden adj david callister's smithy
1700-2 E      d  KERMEEN      John                     d abt 2 yrs ago; dau ellin  + husb/ch of dau cath who survived fa by a year;;ellin + david callister sworn
1700-2 E      w  KERRAN       Thomas                   wife isabel  als shimin jw 11 nov 1699;
1700-2 E      w  THOMPSON     Mary                     d 22 oct 1700;bro nich thompson;dau emmy;sis jane craine;dau alice;her two bro thomas thompson in ireland;several others named;
1700-2 E      d  TWAITS       Ewan                     d 3 jan last + bro philip some years before;sis margt jane; memo these were ch of mrs elinr woods abovesd
1700-2 E      w  twatch       Thomas                   d 8 jan 1699;unamed sisters; mo  jane twatch alive;
1700-2 E      w  WOODS        Ellinor                  d 17 jan 1699;dau margt christian in kk bride;legacies to poor of german, lonan onchan;former husb thos twatch (who  bought squeens mill in ballaugh);gdau eleanor christian;s-i-l wm christian;mentions Balla ellison; gdau eliz taubman ;son james;dau christian left oates miln;several pieces of gold mentioned;neighbour oates clucas;dau jane exec  son james, capt nich christian & john wattleworth of ramsey overseers;bro james, sis mary taubman & margt christian; john taubman clerk + mary taubman als bankes ack from bro-i-law mathew cowle legacy from mother;
                                                          1730 mr james cowle of  peel acks from kinsman daniel christian kk bride a cow in calf for use of cousin ellin christian in dublin
1700-3 E      w  KARRAN       Mary        CRELLIN      d 4 aug 1700;gdau ellen freer;dau isable;dau elinor karran
1700-3 E      w  KERMEEN      Ellin       CAIN         d 8 oct 1700;dau ellin;gdau margt clucas;isaic colester uncle suprv
1700-3 E      d  MYLECHREEST  Jane        MOORE        d 7 nov 1700;5 ch wm ann thomas kath alice ? all ua philip moor + patr quirk supv
1701-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Anne        MOORE        [bur ger 1 Jun 1701]d 31 may 1701;sis-i-law margt Xtn;names ann woods als xtn;son john ua;husb edm ?
1701-1 E      d  GELL         Jane        LEECE        d 12 mar;only ch jane gell - next of kin Tho + Gilbt Leece supv;husb alive
1701-2 E      d  FAIRBROTHER  Sylvester                [Full]
1701-2 E      w  GELL         Catherine   THOMpSON     [Full]
1701-2 E      w  KEWISH       Joney                    d 27 jul 1701;sis cath(1/3pt linens);names ann kewish(1/3pt linens) -?same as ann kewish als colvin mentioned;bro-i-law thos mccullough;husb exor
1701-2 E      w  QUAILE       Elizabeth   FAIRBROTHER  [Full]
1701-2 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     d beg mar;ch tho,isabel,john,alice,patk + james jt admrs (2eldest supvs);wife alive;inv 7
1701-3 E      w  CORRAS       Catherine                d 18 oct 1701;dau jane dawson;son john dawson;bro-i-law john dawson;;ch john + jane jt execs;
1701-3 E      d  GELL         Isabel      DAWSON       d 1 may;ch wm,nelly,cath,charles,isabel jt admrs - next of kin on mo's side did not appear;husb + eldest son sworn supv;
1701-3 E      w  KELLY        Philip                   son john,philip(exor);gson wm (begotten by son wm);dau elizth;wife elinor als quirk
1701-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Thomas                   d 15 oct;ch wm,cath jt admrs - next of kin patk,jony + elizth kewley supv;wife alive;1715: patk crellin h/o cath acks supv patk kewley + from ,wm kelly h/o elizth kewley supv
1702   A 21      GELL         Mariod      mcylchreest  dated 1 dec 1701;husb henry exor;bro wm mylchreest(+ ch inc Wm + joney);dau margt  ua(no provision thus appt jt exec)
1702   A 22      Lowney       McLowney[Ma              d 28 feb 1701/2;wife jane als cown exex (but died before probate - dau Ann sworn);ch unnamed eldest son, john,margt,ann;
1702   A 23      LOONEY       Jane        Cown         d 19 mar 1701;ch Ann(eldest dau) exex, margt, john + philip - john Kaighin to be overseer;see McLowney -1707? - Philip at age  acks;1708: Margt looney at age acks from Gilbt Cown;1711: john at age acks Gilbt Cown;inv 1 18s
1702   A 24      COOPER       William                  d 11 apr 1702;peel;son wm;gson wm cooper (pt of nearer miln),charles (half of cosnahan's house left him by gmo - to be put to trade);sis ann gell;gdau margt + elizth exex (john cosnahan + charles moore to be supv)inv;was deputy customer?
1702   A 25      GELL         Mary                     d 1 feb 1700;names Jony Killip(her nurse),margt oats, margt quine;only sis margt cuben als gell (2 ch robt + mary cubon)exex;inv v small;
1702   A 26      COOPER       Mary        McYLEREA     d 20 jan 1701/2;peel;bro wm mcylerea;names cath mcyelerea,jony skillicorn,ann gell als cooper + several others;husb exor
1702   A 27      MACLRENIST   William                  d 31 mar 1701;names Sill Maclernist(ch cath, thos),Mary Quirk(w/o john Crellin), Margt Crellin(d/o Patrick);tho kennaugh snr + Patr Crellin jt exors; witt Patk crellin + Ann quine deemed too close relatives but notes that Wm was a cripple + harboured for many yrs by Thomas Kennaugh
1702   A 28      crellin      Ann         quail        [note indexed as ann quail]dated 5 dec 1701?;sibs wm, john(+ dau) quail;names Mary quail;husb john crellin exor;
1702   A 29      GELL         Patt ?                   d 14 dec 1701;ch jane + thomas jt execs;?other ch (eldest son or whoever heir the crop(;mentions his pt of Ballacrinck ? to other ch);wife alive;bro-i-law thomas Moare ? + edmond Cuben overseers
1702   A 30      CAIN         John                     ?bur ger 18 Mar 1700;dated 12 mar 1700/1;son Henry,james,john;dau jony;ch john,james + jony jt execs;
1702   A 31      HUGGIN       Anne        quirk        d 1 mar 1701/2;next relns Alice, ann + emmy johnson jt admrs
1702-2 E 098  w  carret ?     Charles                  d 20 jun 1702, Peel, only dau Ann;bur ger 20 Jun 1702
1702-2 E 099  d  CRAINE       Catherine   CRELLIN ALS  kINLEYd 17 jun 1702 children thos & Jane kinley
1703   A 19      CORRAS       John                     15 dec 1703 peel 6 children john, dolling, thomas, ellin, esther William, wife alive, john only at age
1703   A 21      QUIRK        Dorothy                  d 4 nov 1699;ch robt,henry + cath killey;robt exor; [q bur as dorothy quirk is she dorothy killey als quirk ?]
1703   A 23      CAIN         John                     d 13 jan 1702;dau bahy;son patk,john(heir),henry,wm;wife ellin; [very faint on film]
1703   A 24      COLVIN       Ann                      d 14 jun 1703;son arthur,john(arthur to teach him his trade of shoemkr),hugh;names margt carr who took care of her in sickness;;witt ann colvin als kewish,margt carr;
1703   A 25      KEWLEY       William                  d 28 feb 1702;ch jony, bessie, isabel, patk exor;gch cath kewley
1703   A 22      FARAGHER     Elizabeth   Quane        peel;sis ellen quane,sis bahee in onchan,kinswoman jony skillicorn; house to husband then to sis bahee's children but garden at charles Cowles not inc; husb phinlo; signed elizth fargher als quane
1703-1 E      w  CORRAS       John                     d 27 Apr 1703;ch Ellin(blanket in lieu of what he owed her), margt;son-i-law Wm Mcylchrist exor ;bro-in-law Wm Shimin;sis marriod;names Cath Shimin, Christopher Cotch [noted in Old Ger Bun1 28b as h/o Ellin Corras + fits in with gift of a butt of barley land to dau Ellin + Christopher Cotch], Wm Clark, Christian Clark;?wife alive as reads '; and two sheep to his wife'  after gift of land to Cotch - acks written on reverse but ? are these for a different John who d 15 Dec 1703 -Tho Corras acks from mo Mary als Lace (£2 19 2d = 5th pt of inv)+ bro Dollin Corras (5th pt of house);1715:John + Dollin  acks - John owns to have rcvd part of house, garden + smithy abt 2yrs ago - there is a  Mary als Lace  married  to John Corris Ger 16750720]
1703-1 E         CROSS        Stephen                  d 14 dec;ch john,margt,cath + isabel(in england);wife alive;inv 11 5s
1703-1 E      d  HUTCHIN      John                     d 5 mar ;bruised by a millstone;ch john,philip,ellin + jane - all ua uncles phil+Patk hutchin supv;wife alive
1703-2 E      w  BOIY         Jony                     [bur ger 13 May 1702]d 12 may 1702;husb edmond exor;
1703-2 E      d  CANNEL       Margaret    CAIN         [?bur ger 31 Dec 1703];d 3 Oct;ch wm,jony + Philip;eldest at age but absent;husb alive
1703-2 E      w  COLVIN       Anne                     d 10 jun 1703;son arthur exor(to instruct bro John in his own trade);other unnamed ch 6d;names Maggy Carr;witt Edmond Boiy + Ann Colvin
1704-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Henry                    d 10 dec 1699;ch thos + ann;
1703-2 E      d  DAWSON       Anne        LEESE        d 10 aug 1702;ch wm(eldest),hen,ann + Margt - some ua;husb alive
1703-2 E      w  Kewley       Mary        SHIMMIN      d 20 May 1703;son patrick(balley clough bought from John Bodaugh - qtrland of Coar?),John(there are explicitly 2 johns!),john(younger)+ philip(ua);dau ann;husb alive
1703-2 E      w  KILLEY       Jane        CANNEL       d 14 sep [1703];husbt Robt exor;
1703-2 E      d  KILLEY       Jane        Carran       d 22 aug;sister by the father + mother's side exex;husb alive (legacy 5s)
1703-2 E      d  LOONEY       Anne                     d 6 Oct;next relns Philip,John  Margt Loony jt admrs - phil + Margt at age;
1703-2 E      d  QUIRK        Henry                    d 26 feb 1701/2;ch bahee,majery,ann + mary;Tho Cottier h/o eldest dau;wife alive;ch sick - only son dead since fa death;inv inc parcel purchased land - 10 12s 6d
1704   A 10      KILLEY       Gilbert                  dated 12 nov 1704;ch john,robt(his pt of 1s rent in Marown), wm; robt + john  jt exeors;wife jony;gch gilbt maclchrist; to be buried in kk marown if weather permits.
1704-2 E      d  GELL         Margaret    QUILLIAM     d 4 jan;see Thomas
1704-2 E      w  GELL         Thomas                   son John;wife Margt als Quilliam(Sumpter's Meadow during life) - exex,she dead by probate;dau Nelly(had contract);her exeors John,Thos + Nelly
1704-2 E      d  LEESE        Elizabeth   HARRISON     d 26 Feb 1702;unmarried ch Wm + Dorathy jt admrs;husb alive;pledges John Leece + John Wattleworth + John Gell;
1704-3 E      w  GELL         Jane        CAIN         d 3 Oct  [1703];son Thomas Shimmin(eldest - half team + her part of bought lands - to pay his two sisters), John,Patk,James;dau isabel,alice;husb Henry
1704-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      Isabel                   d michaelmas 1704;father hugh shimmin admr - no other reln appearing in court
1705   A 43      RATCLIFFE    John                     d 10 nov 1704;peel;mo exex;inv secured in fa will
1705   A 44      lowney       Margaret    Gell         [note indexed as margt gell]d 26 feb 1704/5;(will dated 5 may 1705)ch john, mary + ellinor lowney;husb danl lowney exor
1705   A 45      QUIRK        Ellin       kaighin      d 8 nov;dau margery (house in Peel), mary(owed legacy from father) + margt quirk - jt exexs;noted that eldest dau had a contract inv bought land;court swaers two dau margery + Anne [?not mentioned by Ellin]
1705   A 46      cross        Esther                   d 1 nov ;names john killey;unnamed sibs inc cath, jane + Bessy as jt exexs (last 2 ua);father alive
1705-1 E      d  CROSS        Mary        HARRISON     petn by husb Sylvester that 5 children, eldest Cath being of age to be supv - agreement between Syl + Cath that he make good to 4 daus 15 ea (inc goods from their gmo's death),son philip(half crop + team)
1705-1 E      w  FAIRBROTHER  John                     dated 12 may 1705;Aunt Jane;names margt kerran, john sunter, dally fairbrother, will fairbrother, charles kerran;sis ann fairbrother exex
1705-1 E      d  Gelwing ?    Richard                  perished at sea sept last [?1704] no next of kindred appeard - genl sumner to handle; note 29 Oct 1711 in 1703 arch that Mrs Xtian milntown states her hus Capt James Christian claimed 8 from exors of Rich Gondin obo her mo Jane Burton(Whitehaven)
1705-1 E      c  KEWISH       Charles                  inc m/c dated 25 mar 1683; Charles kewish + wife Cath als Kelly obo dau Margt; Philip Gell obo himself;to marry before Mayday;Kewishes to settle half estate;witt John Macmullon x, Don Lace x, Charles Korran x;accepted as will Charles Kewish - Philip Gell + his wife Bahy are heirs. [?2nd marr]
1705-1 E      d  MOORE        William                  d 14 apr ;son Robt (out of country)+ thomas jt admrs 
1705-1 E      w  QUIRK        John                     d 21 sep;names john costain, john quirk(shleauwalylan), bahee cain;bro john;wife Margt exex
1705-1 E      d  RADCLIFE     Margaret    KNEEN        d 12 sep 1705;ch james, henry, jane, cath + david; inv 8- husb James petns that cannot maintain children without the barque (?presume he is a mariner) - he will give in the 8 due to children by inventory wch besides their whole maintenanace and discharge of debts is so much as he can do provided that if they should die under age the goods should return to himself - he offers the prisement of the barque to any mother's friend if they will take it & children in proportion - court allows him to keep barque
1705-1 E      d  RATCLIFFE    Henry                    d 29 sep 1704;ch john, thos + richd jt admrs - next of kin capt Sil ratcliff + thos ratcliffe;wife alive
1706   A 4       KILLEY       Robert                   d 20 jan 1706/7;nephew gilbt Mclchreest(bought land in Lammall);sibs john, wm(in dalby);niece Jony woods;mother + gilbt Mcyxt jt execs - one ua thus jony [] + gilbt Mcyxt (one of supvs sworn) - 'old wife' jony kaighin;1717: gilbt mcylxt one of execs acks father thos mcylxt
1706   A 5       CRELLIN      Elizabeth   taubman      d 2 dec 1706;husb pattk;ch john(heir), patk, bridget alice philip + henry (all except john jt exors) - ua uncles James + Tho Taubman supvs ;husb patk (all money + bills of mortgage except estate breck-a-broom);witt ellin clucas als gell, bahee cotter als quirk;
1706   A 6       CAIN         John                     d 25 feb 1706/7;only dau Christian admx;wife Ann als Quirke ? [?caine - blotted]
1706   A 7       kenagh       Bessy       quilliam     [note indexed as bessy quilliam]d 10 dec 1706;husb thomas kenagh(half a daymoth of hay at Greeba);gch thos sayle,isable kenagh, thos + ann kenagh;dau-i-law margt kneale;son tho;dau ann(exex) + marriod kenagh
1706   A 32      CALY         Jony                     [bur ger 28 Mar 1706]d 28 mar;uncle patk kewley;bro john;bro-i-law wm caly;names john kewley jun exor [?john kewley snr or jun as exor]
1706   A 33      CORRAS       William                  dau bessy;wife exex;inv 2 2s
1706-1 E      w  CRAINE       Hugh                     dated 25 may 1706;ch philip(lands in creg malin, half houses etc in peel),mary jt execs (at age);wife alive
1706-1 E      d  GELL         John                     d 10 mar 1705/6;ch john, grace + wm  + posthume(as yet unborn) admrs - ua - next of kin gilbt gell + john crellin;wife alive;1717: ann clark (mo of ch) rcvd from Jo Crellin half clear inv ;
1706-1 E      w  KOWLa[kewley Margaret    QUILLIAM     d 26 may 1706;ch philip, john;husb alive;referred to as margt kewley als quilliam in claims  [?bur as margt quilliam als kewley but ?24 dec 1706]
1706-1 E      w  LACE         Daniel                   d 21 may 1706;ch patrick, jane exex - ua his bro john + daniel lace to be supv;wife alive;mentions sister-in-law,mother-in-law + father
1707   A 9       CALLESTER    Jane                     d 18 apr 1707;son wm(her half land in Patk);dau margt,elinor (ua) - exexs - uncles David Collester + Thomas Fairbrother;inv
1707   A 34      KERRAN       Thomas                   d 8 nov 1707;bro charles;wife margt exex
1707-1 E      w  KELLY        nelly       KARRAN       d 27 apr 1707;son wm ua;husb john
1707-1 E      w  OATES        Margaret                 d 10 jun 1707;names margt quin,molly cain als crellin,margt gell als cubbon;jon crellin exor
1708   A 18      QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 7 feb 1707;wife cath als gell exex;unnamed ch - dau jane d 27 jan 1707 - she left to sibs harry + margt admrs - ua step-mo sworn
1708   A 19      CHRISTIAN    William                  john wm betty xtian ch of daniel + mary xtn als cooper (see her will) died some years ago underage; surv ann + jane,ann xtn in dublin
1708   A 20      CRAINE       Ann                      d 7 yrs ago;d/o wm + cath - bro Wm admr - inv in mother's will
1709   A 27      QUAYLE       John                     d 14 mar 1708/9;gch wm mcylvorrey, ann mcylvorrey(his pt of house);son-i-law alexander mcylvorrey exor
1708   A 52      GELL         William                  d 8 dec 1708;gunner of peel garrison;dau bessy,jane,cath,anne;bro richard;gson jon kelly;ann curlet sevnt of the house;goddau jane radcliffe;son jon exor
1708   A 53      QUAY         John                     d 23 feb 1708;sibs ann(sheep),wm(houses etc)
1708   A 54      KEWLEY       Isabel      loony        d 19 dec 1708;sibs cath + alice loony;father john looney;ch ann, cath jt exexs - ua;husb patk;names servt cath cannon;court notes that nothing left to maintain ch except small parcel of poor land - husb agrees to give ch pt of ye Ronaugh (rent 3s 9d) + may sell pt of the curragh[see also German old ded bun1 #15]
1708   A 55      NELSON       Edward                   dated 25 jan 1708/9;mentions mother + stepfather;sibs margt nelson, dan nelson,wm,christian;owed Ld Bishop 2s 11d + Mr Norris 1s;mother exex
1708-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Adam                     [Full]
1708-1 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   Gell         d 15 apr;only ch margt - next relns Philip Gell,Joney + Isable Kelly supvs;husb alive
1708-1 E      w  TAUBMAN      Alice                    d 13 jul 1707;names Thomas Taubman(grandson xd thru);gdau Bahe Christian;husb ratcliffe taubman exor;pledge james taubman;
1708-2 E      w  STEVENSON    James                    Largeydoo;wife Ann als Harrison;son wm(heir);dau margt(+posthume Mary) exex - bro-i-law Harry Harrison + David Young supvs;
1709   A 6       LEECE        Ellinor     KAIGHIN      [Full]
1709   A 26      CUBBON       Margaret                 d 29 dec 1708;ch robt, mary exex;goats were willed;names debtors john keoan, Jon crellin, isable Gell, john Quine;names Joney shimmin als Killip;inv 19s 3d
1709   A 28      SHIMMIN      Christian   kewley       d 25 mar 1708/9;reln Issable Cotteen (who took care of her) exex
1709-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      Jony        KILLEY       d 18 feb 1708;gch gilbt mcxt, james woods;dau mabel
1709-2 E 225  d  KILLEY       Jony        KAIGHIN      d 6 mar;son john killey
1709-2 E 226  w  McLeece      Alice       CUBON        d 19 jul 1709;gdau []ne gell;son gilbert + tho myclvore ?;
1710   A 9       CHRISTIAN    James                    d 29 oct 1710;bro david,wm,robt;uncle john woods exor
1710   A 30      SHIMMIN      John                     d 21 apr 1711;ballavarras;wife christian;ch nicholas, patt, mary + nelly;nich+mary at age
1710-1 E 329  w  KILLEY       Robert                   d 30 mar 1710;unnamed wife + child;sis cath - sworn supv;inv 4 + crop
1711   A 25      CANNELL      William                  d 6 jan 1711;ch philip,esther + cath jt execs ;bro wm + hugh cannell to be supv;will notes that james woods owes 5s 9d + 19days work at 1d/day
1711   A 26      McYLVORREY   Daniel                   [Full]d 8 feb 1711/2;wife anne;team(8 beasts 5oxen + 3 steers) to heir;son thos(eldest at la)henry,patk - thomas Mcylchreest overseer;
1711-2 E      d  CAIN         Henry                    [bur ger 3 Jun 1711]d 3 jan 1711;ch john,henry,james + joney jt admrs - all ua uncles + aunts John,james + joney Cain sworn;wife alive
1711-2 E      w  CAIN         Sylvester                [bur ger 14 Jul 1711]d 13 jul 1711;dau jony;son wm exor;gch wm,mary + william cain;pledge Hugh Cannell + Wm Quilliam schoolmaster
1712-2 E      w  clucas       gilbert                  d 29 sep 1712;names Nich Clucas(Marown),thos stean(douglas);bro Tho Clucas(Marown);wife ellinr als Freer exex(after her decease goods to return to kinsman Thos Stean(Douglas));stepson Wm Tear;
1711-2 E      d  CORRIS       Esther                   d 22 mar 1710;sibs john,dollin,thomas,Wm + nelly;inv in father's decree
1711-2 E      d  CORRIS       Isabel      TAUBMAN      d 17 jul 1711;only dau Bessy cain als Corris (w/o John Cain) - pledge James Cain bro of John;
1711-2 E      w  CORRIN       Isabel                   [Full]
1711-2 E 461  d  KELLY        Alice       MOORE        d 27 sep 1710;6 ch wm, gilbt, mary,john , wm[jnr?], jane jt admrs - last 3 ua, gilbt abroad - Wm snr + mary sworn;ch uncle John Moore;husb wm;inv 18;1717: Sam Mcylchrist h/o Mary[?m Ger 17110226 - see Old Ger Bun1 40], jane dead by 1717 - last ack by wm jnr 1724;
1711-2 E      d  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d 4 May 1711;only ch hugh admr - ua uncle John Shimin supv;wife alive;also note in will Hugh Shimin miller next relation in ye mothers side also sworn supervisor - [?does this refer to testator];1743: Hugh acks from John Shimin; 
1711-3 E      w  CALLIN       Elizabeth                [bur ger 9 Mar 1711];dated 6 mar 1711/12;cousin cath moore,cath shimin;names margt rattclyfe;father exor;
1711-3 E      d  CALLIN       Thomas                   d 3 yrs ago in Ireland;sis elizth callin admx;father john (exor of Elizth) sworn
1711-3 E      d  CROSS        Elizabeth                d 18 jul 1711;orphan;sibs philip,cath (w/o patk crellin) + jane;fa alive (allowed 30s for funeral costs)
1711-3 E      w  SHIMMIN      ellinr                   d 1 jan 1711;bro-i-law christopher callow,john Curlet;bro john(2 ch);mo margt shimmin exex
1711-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d 27 dec 1711;ballabwee;dau ellinr (survived him a few days) - her exrs admrs;wife Margt;son-i-law christopher callow;
1712   A 11      HIGGIN       Anne        CRELLIN      [Full]
1712   A 12      MARTIN       Thomas                   d 15 may 1711;clothier Belfast;court required  Mitchell Martin s/of John Martin bro to Thomas and Cath the relict  to appear - Michael appeared obo mother + delivered to Lewis Radcliffe the goods etc belonging to Thomas in IoM by delivering a straw - Lewis Radcliffe sworne admr
1712   A 13      CROSS        Philip                   [will partly damaged at edges]m/c dated 12 feb 1704/5 Wm Shimmin + Elizth Creer (both Kk German) to marry 13 Feb;Philip Cross stepfa + wife Isabel Kelley m/o Elizth to settle estate - young couple to pay Robt Creer bro of Elizth 5s when in complete possession;Witt Thomas Huiggin x,John Cross; Marriott Cross als Shimmin m/o Wm to give a mare etc + half of what part of crop she is at liberty (by her eldest son's contract) to dispose of - Wm to pay her debts;accepted as will Philip Cross Arch 1712 #13
1712   A 14      CLARK        William                  dated 23 apr 1712;wife cath;dau ann (jt exex with wife);gch john + others unnamed;names debtors inc wm clark (3 3s)wm + tho dawson, thos radcliffe(Peel), john crellin(Peel)
1712   A 15      KEWLEY       Jane                     jt will henry + jane kewley dated aug 1710;Henry being then sick left to wife Jane all (she to leave after her half to Margt Kewley + Cath Hutchin? als Cross equally); Jane left Hen exor + same condition;witt were Margt kneale als cross, cath huchin als cross;
1712-1 E 629  w  KILLEY       William                  d end sep 1711;wife exex;unnamed ch
1712-1 E 630  d  WHITE        Alice       COTTIER      [w/o michael]d 12 mar;unm son michael admr;husb alive;thos crellin sues for a furnished feather bed + green apron [?m/c]
1712-1 E 631  w  LEECE        Ann         QUIRK        d 8 jun 1712;sis mary quirk;mo alive;house servants ann dawson, jane kermod, margt dawson;names many dorothy shimin, jane leece,isable halsal als quirk;husb john exor;fa john quirk to pay 3 to husb and see her decently buried  - 'she brought him but little and would not any from him'
1712-1 E 632  w  LEECE        John                     d 17 may 1712;ch john(+ youngest dau), ellinr, elizth, Wm + dorothy (last 4 jt execs);gdau ann + margt dawson;son-i-law john gell;sworn statement by John Christian + jane kermod that testator said if Tho Christian + John Gell would
                                                            quit what part of portion due to them then they to be jt execs with Wm + Dorothy Leece otherwise ch Wm + Dorothy to be jt execs and that witnesses should conceal this will till after his death;
1712-2 E      w  CORKILL      William                  d 20 aug 1712;wife jony;bro john corkill;unnamed ch - ua mother sworn; inv 3 5s;
1712-2 E      w  CRAINE       John                     d 18 jun 1712;ch Tho + joney (ua - supv Pat Crellin + Tho Taubman(malew) jt execs, amy clucas als craine;decd dau alice(3 in hands of Patk Crellin fully paid);wife margt als cowill;
1712-2 E      w  ELLISON      Henry                    d 30 dec 1705;wife ann als boddaugh(cow + tuition of children) exex - goods inconsiderable
1712-2 E      w  HUTCHIN      Margaret                 d 28 oct 1712;wants master sylvester cross to see her decently buried;left goods to philip + sylvester cross
1712-3 E      d  GELL         Isabel      KEWLEY       d 29 jan [1712/13];ch wm, cath + jane Cannon + Margt gell jt admrs;wm + cath at age + john Gell uncle to Margt sworn (Jane also at age but abs);
1712-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Margaret    TEAR         d 22 dec 1712;con wm + mathias jt admrs - ua uncles John + Philip Tear supv;husb alive;1722: 4 inv now in hands of Tho Tear + the widow of Jo: Tear decd;1746: Math Kewley acks to be paid 1 3s 6d left in hands of widow of john tear from Wm Sayle who was married to sd widow;
1713   A 32      SUMPTER      Jane        CRAINE       [full]d 7 apr 1713;peel;only son john exor - wants capt nicholas christian senr ramsey + mr wm Harrison c'town to be overseers;
1713   A 33      GELL         Richard                  d 17 apr 1713;dau ann(feather bed),jane dawson als gell;wife alice als callin;wm dawson,edwd moore + wm gell consent(dated 10 jun 1713);
1713   A 34      KELLY        Isabel      boddaugh     d 21 Mar 1712/3;ch Patk,ann + james(jt execs with husb) - some ch ua;husb Gilbt;1714 Alice Boddaugh claims for wages;1727: James + Ann ack from stepmo Joney als Kewley
1713   A 35      CROSS        Margaret                 d 3 dec 1712;dau margt,cath kneale;son john cross exor
1713   A 36      CLUCAS       Isabel                   dated 14 jun 1713;son john;henry,philip(exor);husb saml?
1713   A 37      CROW         Francis(m)               d may;wife elizth exex
1713   A 38      [boddaugh]   Elizabeth   CROW         d 18 jun 1713;[on same page as #37 and indexed as elizth crow];d/o francis crow;ch margt,ann + jony boddagh;husb wm boddaugh;mo elizth crow;1720 ann boddagh at age acks from bro-i-law wm pedan;1728 jony boddagh acks from bro-i-law wm pedan
1713   A 39      WHITE        Michael                  d 9 nov 1713;dau isabel crellin als white;gdau jane white(d/o wm) - gdau died immediately after testator
1713   A 40      CORRIS       Nelly                    d 7 nov 1712;bro thomas corris,wm,john,dollin;mother mary corris als lace exex
1713-1 E      d  CURRY        Philip                   d 23 may;only son thomas;wife alive
1713-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Catherine   COTTIER      d 7 may 1713;ch robt + ellen (ua) thus robt + robt's bro-i-law Nicholas Kewley sworn;husb alive
1713-1 E      d  VANCE        Mary        HARRISON     d 30 Oct ;2 of ch who were in Island departed without making any application to court - several creditors + insufficient effects - admn to genl sumner;Husb Thos tries to sue John Harrison sis of Mary but he states paid her husb the legacy due from Thos Harrision some 25yrs prev
1714-1 E      w  COWIN        Mary                     d 23 may 1714;kinsman gilbt cowin to take care of children;nameswm cowin jnr(lonan), wm cannell(+ dau for taking care of her), margt cowin als quay, nelly killey als quirk (last 2 are witts), nicholas cowin;ch john + mabel gell jt execs; court notes ch weak in understanding - john + hugh shimin to aid + assist them in nature of overseers
1714-2 E      a  KENAUGH      Thomas                   agreement dated 26 jul 1714 accepted as will - dispute between excrs or children - agree to make void will - son-i-law john sayle(h/o marriad kennaugh) to pay bro-i-law John Quaile(h/o ann als kenagh) 14s on account goods due by death of ann's mother - they to share equally goods due from father - thomas kenanaugh s/o testator to relinquish all claims + to have a small parcel of meadow land + crop (+ 2 sheep due his ch by death of their gmo)
1714-3 E      d  MYLCHREET    Alice       QUIRK        d 27 Nov;son gilbt admr;husb alive [w/o syl];Wm Clark claims against his m/c 
1715   A 20      CURRY        Jane                     dated 25 nov 1714;kinswoman ann cain,averick kelly;names ann mcylvorrey;son thomas exor
1715   A 21      GELL         Philip                   d 7 feb 1715;names margt saile als kennaugh(w/o john sayle) exex;wife alive (+ sold 5 beasts of which he got no money - she to be accountable);witt jony killip als shimin, jony bwoy;bro Wm Gell has quitted all claims to exorship being paid 4s as disputed that one witness too close to marriod sayle;dispute between john sayle, philip gell + isable cubbon -math curghey decrees John sayle had been at considerable expense
1715-1 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Sylvester                d 26 feb 1714/5;only son gilbt;wm clark claims re m/c;
1715-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Elizabeth   CRELLIN      d 5 mar 1714/5;ch john,isabel - ua next relns patr,john + margt crellin + Wm kelly overseers;husb john;agreement husb + admrs;
1715-2 E      d  CANNELL      Hugh                     d 27 sep;ch ann + alice - uncle wm cannell supv;wife alive;1717:widow lately dead [widow married John Cain Ger 17160403]
1715-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Henry                    d 4 sep 1715;reln Cath hutchin exex
1715-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d 25 jul 1715;dau cath;gch john shimmin,isable shimmin;sis margt shiimin;nieces margt + nelly quaile;wife alive
1716   A 29      CROW         Elizabeth   cannell      dated 18 feb 1714;peel;gdau ann boddagh, jony boddagh, margt boddagh exex;ch elizth crow, john crow;pledges jon boddagh + phinlo fargher
1716-1 E      d  CRAINE       Alice       SHIMMIN      d 9 apr 1716;only dau Mary Craine;husb alive
1716-1 E      d  JOHNSON      John                     d 18 apr 1716;ch alice, ann + amy(in Ireland)
1716-1 E      d  KILLEY       Daniel                   d 21 May 1716;ch philip, cath( had m/c w/o Sam Mcylchreest - contract not to be found + husb affirms that won't sue for it);wife alive
1716-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Nicholas                 d 24 apr 1716;sibs john,patk,mary + ellin;wife alive
1716-2 E      w  CAIN         Ann         QUIRK        d 8 oct 1716;son wm(heir);sis elinor;ch philip + mary jt execs - uncles John+patk quirk supvs;husb alive
1716-2 E      w  MYLCREEST    Jony        KAIGHIN      d 7 jul 1716;gch silvester Mcylchreest (balamoney ? moeadow), cath + Wm myclxt,philip cain;son John cain,james, henry (?decd - his ch all due to her from their mother);sis mary shimin als kaighen, ann dawson als kaighen,margery;stepch thomas Mcyxt, ann mcylxt;husb sylvester;son-i-law wm mcylxt (+ wife joney) execs;names margt corris,jon dawson,philip craine + othrs;
1716-2 E      d  QUIRK        William                  d 30 sep;widow stated debts exceed estate - eldest son vouched for this;unnamed ch
1716-3 E      d  CLARK        Catherine   CROSS        [bur ger 4 Nov 1716]d 6 nov 1716;only dau ann white als cross
1717   A 31      McLEECE      Gilbert                  [Full]
1717   A 32      GELL         Alice                    dated 2 feb 1716;peel;ch Mr wm gell(goods to be left in house for his use), ann (if she came for it),jane, cath moore als gell exex;dau-i-law mrs isable gell;gdau alice + isable gell
1717   A 34      WOODS        Ann                      d 9 apr 1717;relns John + Wm woods(6d ea);names Mrs Cath Moore exex who resigned to John Woods(ramsey) in an annexed agmt
1717   A 35      LACE         Nelly       KELLY        [Full][rh margin lost] d 9 feb 1716;son  [lost, henry(+dau),john(+ dau),robt(worried would follow bad ways and be a spendthrift) exor;dau jane sumpter als lace
1717   A 36      SHIMIN       John                     undated ?proved 26 jun 1717;;ch john(6d), hugh, thomas +  cath(last 3 jt execs);wife sarah ?
1717   A 37      CAIN         James                    [bur ger 15 Apr 1717]names john cain peel;nephews henry,james cain;niece joney cain;aunt margery kaighin;bro john cain jt exor with bro wm myclxt;
1717   A 66      KELLY        John                     d 31 oct [?1716]ch Wm(6d)philip(half of peter's garden ? after wife's decease), elinor + jane (house + garden jt),another dau ellinr by prev wife;wife Jony
1717   A 67      kaighin      hen                      m/c john kaighin + ann Erwin dated 30 dec 1702;son john exor
1717   A 68      gell         philip                   d 19 apr 1717;boat carpenter Peel;son phil(his pt of houses etc that came by wife),charles;dau margt;charles + margt jt execs;wife alive
1717-1 E      d  CAIN         Jony        KNEALE       d 3 may 1717;dau ann,alice aunt christian kneal supv;husb alive
1717-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Patrick                  d 16 apr 1717;dau ann elder,cath;next of kin wm(knock dow) + gilbt kelly;wife dead isable als looney mentioned in inv
1717-1 E      d  MOORE        Edward                   d 16 feb;3 ch edwd,robt,jane ua? next relns robt,henry + charles moor supv;wife alive bro mr gell
1717-2 E      d  QUIRK        Margaret    WATERSON     d 24 sep;only ch christian supv jo waterson;husb alive
1717-3 E      d  COWL         Matthew                  d 14 feb;capt math cowle;ch james,ellinr,anne,matthw + john - last 4 ua widow (jane) ,gfa charles + uncle henry cowle sworn + agremnt
1717-3 E      d  KILLIP       David                    d 7 jan;only dau esther colvin als killip
1718   A 19      HANTON       Jane        lewin        d 29 dec 1718;names esther cannell;son james(+ wife) exor;
1718   A 20      CRAIN        William                  d 18 nov 1718;ch anne,wm,john,gilbt + nicholas(last 3 jt exors);gson john cain;wife alive
1718-2 E      d  COWN         Gilbert                  d 9 sep 1718;ch gilbt, dorothy + mary jt admrs;inv 34s 6d; [?wife alive as 1/2 cow etc]
1718-2 E      w  Crellin      Patrick                  d 1 jun 1718;dau margt;goats to gson mathew crellin;son-i-law jon shimmin (h/o margt);wife exex
1718-2 E      d  CROSS        John                     d 7 may;sis margt kneale,cath hutchin;wife alive
1718-2 E      w  GAWN         Ann                      d 3 jun 1718;peel;dau ellen colvin,mary carrat;son wm shimmin,thos shimmin;son-i-law arthur colvin exor
1718-2 E      d  GELL         Margaret    KELLY        d 23 may 1718;ch cath,john,ellen ua aunt jony kelly + edmd cubbon h/o mary kelly supv;bro patk kelly in ireland;husb alive;1735 jo gell one of adm acks tho kerran bro to his step mo (fa d xmas 1734)
1718-2 E      d  johnson      alice                    d 1 jun;ch ann gell ua gfa heny gell
1718-2 E      w  KILLEY       Thomas                   d 11 sep 1718;son thos,ewan;unnamed ch ua;wife alive;pauper
1719-1 E      d  GELL         Catherine   CUBON        d 5 june;relict of philip;only sis isabel cubon
1719-1 E      d  GELL         Marriot                  d 25 jan;d/o henry gell,peel;uncle wm mcylxt admr
1719-1 E      d  GELL         Philip                   d 2 may;only dau jane
1719-1 E      d  STEVENSON    John                     d beg nov 1718;constable peel castle;only bro capt tho stevenson but declined admin;nephew john stevenson balladoole
1719-2 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 2yrs next nov [ie nov 1711];mariner;peel;only son wm admr;wife elizth als corrin;no relns on fa's side
1719-2 E      w  GELL         Margaret    McYLCHREEST  d 26 may 1719;son-i-law Phinlo Clucas;gch wm + margt clucas;husb john exor
1719-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Margaret    GELL         d 14 aug 1719;ch james,alice,ann + wm - aunt alice gell supv;husb alive
1719-3 E      d  COWN         William                  d 30 oct [1718] by drinking an imoderate amount of brandy;ch wm, margt, hugh, john, robt + mary jt admrs - next of kindred on fa's side - Gilbt, dorothy + mary cown supvs;wife alive (overseers agree to work a week apiece for widow for next 2 yrs);inv 9 1s 5d - widow allowed 15s in respect she to maintain ch;
1719-3 E      d  GELL         Catherine   LOONEY       d 25 jan 1719 [?1718/19];ch john, wm, margt, gilbt, sarah + ellin jt admrs - all ua father + aunt alice taggart als looney sworn;inv sworn to by aunt as 3;
1719-3 E      d  KILLEY       Henry                    d 4 sep last [?1718]gson John Killey admr
1720   A 19      RADCLIFFE    Margaret                 d 7 mar 1712;sis ellinr curlett als quayle;names jony kelly;husb john radcliffe exor;
1720   A 20      WATTLEWORTH  Csar                    Peel[full]dated 27 feb 1719/20;peel;dau barbara moore;only son caesar;wife ann;mentions cellar + garden near shore
1720   A 47      WHITE        Wiliiam                  d 11 apr 1720;unnamed ch + a posthumous uncle Michael White supv;unnamed wife
1720   A 48      GELL         John                     dated 19 nov 1720;sibs jane gell;unnamed stepmother;names alice quane; father Henry gell;own child John Gell jt exec with father Henry;alice quane claims 11s 6d agreed to by exors - 1722: court noted alice had a gold ring + silver buckles of John Gells - 19s and that 11s 6d debt be paid from these + that 3s 8d be added to inv  and divided between widow + admrs of henry gell[John Gell + alce Quane illegitimate ch John bapt Ger 17140703]
1720   A 49      CANNEL       Ellin                    [poor copy][bur ger 11 Mar 1719]d 11 mar last;husb richd exor
1720   A 50      QUIRK        Margaret    carrat       [poor copy]dated 18 dec 1718;ch nelly[?=ellinor], jane(two dau jt exexs),john quirk(? had m/c + land in lambfell settled on him),patk;gch wm + margt cain;bro ? john gell, Philip crain
1720-1 E      c  QUIRK        William                  m/c Patk Quirk + Margt Read - Patr Quirk decreed admr of father Wm;
1720-2 E      w  CANNELL      William                  [bur ger 14 Aug 1720];d 15 aug last;dau-i-law cath cannel ?;niece alice cannell;son-i-law john cain;son wm;dau jonel exex(w/o jon)
1720-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         GARRETT      [bur ger 28 May 1720];d abt 4 jun last; ch dorothy,jony,ann, + charles;dor + jony at age;husb wm;inv
1721   A 16      QUINE        Ann         taggart      d 12 apr;sis jane taubman;ch thomas exor ua uncle james taubman supv;husb alive
1721   A 17      QUINE        Ann         taggart      statement ann died in childbed;husb wm
1721   A 18   mc KEWISH       Sylvester                m/c gilbt gell + ann kewish [Old Ger Bun2 83] accepted as last will sylvester + son-i-law gilbt gell sworn
1721   A 50      KEWLEY       Patrick                  d 14 dec last;names ann kelly exex (all he had too little for her) - her husb sworn
1721-1 E      d  BWAY         Alice       MYLVORREY    [bur ger 15 Jan 1720]d 8 jan 1720;ch edmond,ann + grace jt admrs;jane cowle(widow) claims 4 10s)
1721-1 E      d  WILKS        Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 2 yrs ago in Dublin;ch John,Mary + Anne (last 2 in Ireland);John sworn pledges David Young + James Taubman;PoA dated 13 Oct 1720 from Dublin - from George Wilks (smith, dublin), Mary + Patrick Harrald + Ann Wilks - May 1721 George came to court + ack'd PoA;court proc as dispute 
                                                           between Wilks + Thomas Curry(Peel) re effects of mother Ann who was with sister Jane admrs of bro John(see decree wm 1708) + also deaths of sibs Wm + Bessy - court decrees Wilks due half a quarter of a dwelling house + garden of Daniel Christian decd and to pay 8s to exors of their gfa Daniel Christian being 4th part of sum John Christian rcvd from his father to whom John gave his part of hose + garden in pledge,  the brewhouse decreed a chattel in the inventory of their gmo and thus no remedy.
1721-2 E      d  CRAINE       Jane        CROSS        d 9 jun 1721;sibs philip + cath (goods by decease mo);half bros silvr,epineius,ralph + barnabas;husb alive;inv
1721-2 E      d  kaIGHIN      Elizabeth   loONEY       d 14 nov 1720;ch ann,john;no relns on mo's side appear;husb alive;nb nuried kk michael;bro john loony;pledges for husb jo shimin,jo kaighin
1721-3 E      w  FARGHER      Finlo                    d 22 oct 1721;wife jony;son john(eldest - houses),philip,hen
1722   A 14      CRAIN        Margaret    halsal       d 5 jan 1720;son john crain;only dau ellinr crain exex;husb Gilbt;names jane gell;
1722   A 15      CAINE        John                     [bur ger 25 Feb 1721]d 25 feb [1721/2];Peel;dau jony exex;wife alive
1722   A 16      COOPER       William                  d 16 apr 1722;peel;son-i-law John Crellin (h/o margt);dau elizth exex
1722   A 17      KILLEY       John                     d 20 apr 1722;bro Wm?, gilbt;names henry + cath kaighin;father John exor;cousin henry haighin(s.o Wm kaighin)
1722   A 18      WHITE        Jane                     [Full]
1722   A 34      KENAUGH      Philip                   d 10 nov 1722;dau-i-law jane kenaugh;gch gilbert, alice + margt kenaugh, elinor;son Wm;wife Margt(jt exec with Wm)
1722-1 E      d  CANNELL      Robert                   d 22 mar 1721/2;ch john,bahee(w/o John Cottier) jt admrs (later found  that a will named son John as exor but John wanted bro-i-law as jt admr)
1722-1 E      w  KILLEY       Elinor      QUIRK        d 8 may 1722;ch david(eldest son),thomas,patk(youngest son),henry(exor);niece mary cain
1722-1 E      w  McYLECREEST  elizabeth                d 9 sep 1721;dau isable cubbon exex;witt Wm Quirk + Wm Mcylxt - one dead by probate
1722-2 E      w  cannon       Isabel      shimin       w/o hugh - some dispute re will as witnesses state she wanted house in c'town to go to their child;next relns Tho Shimin
1722-2 E      w  CROSS        Sylvester                dated 12 mar 1720;ch Philip(eldest son + heir - dwelling house in Peel + brewhouse now occp by Hugh Cannan),silvester(house + garden in Peel known as Wm Radcliffe's house + a qtr tuck mill after death of mother),epinetus(house + croft in castletown);two dau [2nd page poor copy];claims inc Philip Cross 15, Revd Cha Wattleworth 80, Patk Crellin 20 + Wm Harrison(Cordiman) 20 + 4yrs interest;
1722-2 E      d  GELL         Henry                    d 20 aug 1722 by falling down a precipice beyond knockaloe;ch ann,mary,jane,jony(had m/c - verbal);costs
1722-2 E      d  KELLY        Ann         BOYD         d 9 jun 1722;ch john,wm ua uncle + aunt edmd + grace boyde
1722-2 E      d  MONTGOMERY   James                    d 2 yrs ago;portferry;robt christian prin cred;
1722-2 E      d  MYLVORREY    Ann                      d 6 jun 1722;sons henry,patk
1722-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Isabel                   d 15 jul 1722;dau cath moore;son john ;dau-i-law ann shimmin;gson john shimmin;niece may Craine,joney christian;sis joney,jane;gch hugh,thomas
1722-3 E      w  KEWISH       Dorothy     CLARK        d 6 oct 1722;ch dolly kewish(right in house),john(if he came),wm(jt exor with Dolly)
1722-3 E      dg RATCLIFF     Ann         KNIGHT       dated 8 oct 1717;widow;peel;nephew silvester ratcliffe(house in the old town 3.5d rent 1.5 ld, 2d brass);cath radcliffe sis to syl;
1723-1 E      w  CAIN         Alice       CALLIN       [bur ger 25 May 1723]d 23 May 1723;peel;husb Wm;dau Mary exex
1723-2 A 97      McLEECE      Thomas                   [Full]
1723-2 A 98      COMISH       Elinor      quayle       d 3? dec 1723;son john(croft),wm;husb alive
1723-2 E      d  CAIN         Thomas                   d 1 jul 1723;liargydoo;sons wm + tho jt admrs;wife alive;other ch John + alice had m/cs;Robt shimin claims for wages
1723-2 E      w  CLUCAS       John                     d 28 jul 1723;3 unnamed ch - ua uncle philip clucas;wife alive
1723-2 E      d  CROSS        Philip                   d 27 sep 1723;dau mabel admx (other dau elly ? had m/c)
1723-2 E      w  GELL         John                     [poor copy] d 19 oct 1723;soldier peel;wants burial in Cathedral;wife elizth(houses etc in Peel during life) exex;nephew John Kelly(the Rock - bro Robt);sis Ann
1723-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Elinor      QUAINE       d 20 sep 1723;peel;niece isable skillicorn(30s to be paid out of mortgage money in wm Mcylxt's garden);husb wm exor
1723-2 E      w  WHITE        Jane        COWLE        d 21 oct 1723;mother alive;'own servant maid';ch dorothy,christian, wm(lands according to fa's will);daus jt exexs;youngest to the tuition of daniel clague + wife - other ch to their gfa;court appots gfa + uncle henry cowle supvs;tho crellin claims for a furnished feather bed;inv etc
1723-3 E      d  CRELLIN      James                    d 15 nov 1723;ch mary, tho alice, Jo margt ?, anne jt admrs;wife alive
1724-1 A 38      TAUBMAN      Radcliffe                [Full]dated 26 Apr 1724;sons James, Thomas;gson Hugh Taubman;Pledges, Dan:Corlet & Hen: Kaighin
1724-1 A 39      MYLECHREEST  Catherine   correy       d 14 mar 1723/4;gch thos + wm Mcylcrest(both 'at home');dau isable,joney;dau-i-law isable lowey;husb wm exor;John Mcylchrest claims agt execs of mother;
1724-1 A 40      FREER        Patrick                  dated 12 jul 1722;d 15 feb 1723;ch elinor, cath;wife isable exex but d a few days afterwards - 2 daus exexs
1724-1 A 41      KELLY        Joney       christian    d 17 feb 1723/4;peel;ch elinor, joney(exex), wm, philip;gch john clucas
1724-1 A 42      CLUCAS       William                  d 3 feb 1723;ch tho, elizth(exex);
1724-1 A 43      DAWSON       John                     d 11 mar 1723;peel;ch wm,charles,cath,isabel(off island);gson patk lace
1724-1 A 44      CAINE        Mary        barry        [bur ger 24 Feb 1723]dated 20 Feb 1723;dau by marriage[?dau-i-law]Ann Cain als quay (widow of Tho Caine);ch  John Barry, Robt,Margt + Elizth Cain;gson John Cain(s/o Ann) + Ann jt execs;
1724-1 A 45      MYLCHREEST   Silvester                d 24 feb? 1722? [?1723];ballagie?;ch tho, ann + cath (6d ea), gilt + mary (ch by last wife) execs - son wm + philip craine supvs;wife alive
1724-1 A 46      FITZSYMMONS  Alice       quayle       [full];Peel;husb patk(houses etc in Peel)
1724-1 A 47      QUARK        John                     d 15 apr 1724;ch john,cath,ann (w/o Gilbt Kermott) exex;gson danl quark;witt Patrk Crellin, Mary Crellin;pledgges patk crellin + mr charles ratcliff
1724-1 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 10 mar 1723/4;s/o wm late of dublin;next reln Dolly Mcylera als Gell admx;fa's decease in lib 2 of 1719 among Peel defuncts;
1724-1 E      d  CROSS        Dorothy     CURGHEY      d 7 feb [?1723/4];ch silvester, epinetus, ralph + barnabas jt admrs - last 3 ua - Revd Mr Mathias Curghey, Philip Cross the half brother + Sillvester ? the whole brother sworn;Claims inc Wm Craine for 11 3 4d + late wife's proportion of 4 bowles barley;inv  inc charges Jane Cross's contract, goods sold in gross by Wm Curghey - noted as also inv of husb Silvester Cross which is to be cancelled
1724-1 E      d  KAIGHIN      Philip                   d 16 feb [?1723/4]ch john + ann jt admrs - orphans + ua uncles Thomas Cowley, John + Wm Kaighin + aunt Mary Looney sworn supvs
1724-2 A 131     GELL         Mary        quirk        d 21 jan 1724;unnamed heir;3 youngest ch;maidservt mary kewn;names midwife marrid shimmin;husb john;unnamed sisters
1724-2 A 132     QUINE        Margery     quirk        d 22? (end xd thru) Feb 1724;maidservt margt quayle;mother alive;aunt ellinr quirk;husb wm  + father finlo quirk jt exors
1724-2 A 133     CAINE        John                     [bur ger 6 Feb 1724];dated 1 feb 1724;dau mary;son james,john(james tubman to be supv);philip craine overseer;son sylvester exor;wiitnesses Nicholas Curghy, James Taubman + PhilipCraine - James Tauibman states testator left to Philip Craine what was due from his wife, likewise Craine states Tubman was left what was due from wife
1724-2 A 134     QUINE        Margaret    kelly        d 9 Feb 1724/5;gch ellimr taggart, John Quine;dau Ellinr (jt exec with John Quine);husb alive;names Jon Gell kinnaa,Nichs Taggard (these 2 also wittnesses)
1724-2 A 135     CRAINE       Gilbert                  d 15 feb 1724/5;dau ellinor craine(6d);son John exor;names Margt Craine;witt + pledges Wm + Philip Craine
1724-2 A 136     CUBIN        Jane        kinread      dated 22 oct 1724;peel;husb john;son thos quaile (now in ireland),john quaile(if he comes),Philip Kneal,Robt Cubin exor;
1724-2 E      d  Goldin/Goodwin Ann       FITZSIMMONS  bro Patrick Fitzsimmons states d possessed of concerns in Peel - decrd admr;in inv descr as relict Richd Goodwin - one houseroom, ruinous walls + garden 6;
1724-2 E      d  KEWLEY       Ann         KELLY        [poor copy] d 4? feb [?1723/4]4 ch Nicholas, Anne ?, Cath + ellinr jt admrs - ua supv Cath + Ellenr kewley - husb Nich; inv;1772: cath kennaugh als Kewley acks sis ellinor (exex of  within named nicholas [?husb or son]);1778: Gilbt Kennaugh h/o Ann kewley acks from elinor whatever due by death of mother
1724-2 E      w  KNEAL        Henry                    d 12 may 1724;ch philip(abroad), hen? (abroad),silvester, thomas, wm exor;wife alive
1724-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      margt       CANNON       dated 10 oct 1724(written 26 nov 1724);ballabooy;son-i-law john corlett(2 heifers given in bargain to gdau Cath Corlett), christopher callow;dau dorothy,mary;gson hu shimmin;niece jony shimmin;son john shimmin exor;names jony shimmin, jane leece
1724-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Jane        ALLEN        [bur ger 28 Nov 1724 (as Ann)]d 26 nov last;ch john + david jt admrs -  next reln within island John Corlet jnr(the Cleannaugh);husb John agrees settlemnt with supvs instead of inv; annexed agmnt states next relns of mo not on island - father by marriage [?stepfather] john corlet snr(Cleanagh) + his son John agree with John Callister that 10 covers;later note 19 feb 1725/6 d beg sep bro John admr
1724-3 E      d  LOONEY       John                     out of island 10 years + reported as dead;s/o Malloony Looney - only sis margt looney admx
1724-3 E      d  QUIRK        Mary                     d end jul 1724;sis bahee, marjery + ann Quirk jt admxs;Tho Cottier claims 4 for trouble in looking after her + 1 1s funeral costs
1724-3 E      d  WHITE        michael                  d 2? nov [?1724];ch wm, cath + jane - next reln on fa's side John Crellin + thos Fairbrother supvs;wife alive
1725-1 A 28      CRELLIN      John                     d 17 feb 1724;unnamed wife exex;unnamed ch 6d;witt John Leese, Jon Cotter
1725-1 A 29      CROSS        Silvester                [Full]
1725-1 A 30      CANNEL       John                     [bur ger 21 Feb 1724]d 21 feb 1724;son John(eldest),wm - ua aunt Bahee Cotter;wife alive
1725-1 A 31      KILLEY       John                     d 6 mar 1725;son Wm(eldest);5 other unnamed ch  ua;wife
1725-1 A 32      SUMPTER      William                  [Full]
1725-1 A 33      HARTLEY      John                     [Full]
1725-1 A 34      KINGLISH     Mary                     d 17 jan 1724/5;sis barbary + elizth kinglish,jane cubbon als kinglish exex
1725-1 A 35      CRELLIN      Isabel      white        d 28 aug;son Wm(youngest - half houses,garden + small parcells of land),John(eldest - to pay Wm 4 if he wanted the land),Tho - jt exors;sis-i-law ann white(+ 2 daus)
1725-1 E      d  CARR         Thomas                   d a yr ago inPeel;of Co Cown;creditors but no relns - genl sumner to handle;Nehemiah Kemp claims 5 5s
1725-1 E      d  COWLEY       Marjery     KAIGHIN      d 1 feb 1724/5;ch margt,bahee,mary senr(ireland), mary junr[note 2 Marys !];pledges sam mcylchreest,tho cowley
1725-1 E      w  gell         Ann         Cooper       [note indexed as ann cooper but court states w/o Wm Gell] dated 24 apr 1704;ch ann, cath, grace, charles, john, elizth gell(exex);husb alive;annexed PoA dated 6 jan 1723/4 John Curghey + wife elizth of Ramsey entitled to houses + gardens by will of fa + mother both of Peel appoint only son John to sue for same;court Dec 1723 Jo Callin deposed will was that of Ann Cooper and her husband Gunner Gell wrote it; Agrred between exex, her husb + son John Curhey on 
                                                           one part + Elizth Gell widow on other that Elizth gell widow to be possessed of house and to pay others 4 10s;annexed agreement to above agreemnt by John Black + Grace Black who describe Elizth exextrx as 'our sister';Ann Ratcliff als gell also signs[Elzth Gell widow is 2nd w/o Wm]
1725-1 E      d  KILLEY       Henry                    d 9 feb 1724/5;bro thos + patk jt admrs
1725-1 E      d  YOUNG        Thomas                   Valentine + Thos Young s/o Henry + Margt Young of Peel long since dead and being out of Island above 20yrs supposed to be dead - bro Norris + john (in Ireland) jt admrs;pledge jon taubman
1725-1 E      d  YOUNG        Valentine                see thos
1725-2 A 110     DAWSON       John                     d 2 dec 1725;peel;ch john (reeds),thomas(loom) + other unnamed;wife exex
1725-2 A 112     MYLCREEST    Joney       caine        d 27 dec 1725;ch silvester(heir - crop etc in kk german, corn,limestone + sheep in lonan, meadow in ballaugh),philip, thomas(youngest son to be put to trade), cath(unmarried) - last 3 jt execs;names margt corry, ann vince,cath clague,philip creen[kneen];husb alive + thos mcylchreest sworn overseer of 2 ua ch;
1725-2 A 113     QUINE        William                  d 31 jul 1725;son john(in ireland);gson john quine exor;
1725-2 A 114     Kneacle      William                  dated 30 Oct 1725;Peel;ch Thos + Jane (own houses jt but to pay 7 to exex - houses by 1st wife), Margt (dau by wife - houses that came by wife), Anne + Margt(6d ea ? 2 margts);other ch by wife 6d;wife margt exex;[def kneacle - ?bur reg misread
1725-2 A 115     QUAY         Henry                    d 27 feb 1725;names 6 old persons thos higgin, wm mcylrea?, jon higgin, margt gell, dorothy mcylrea + margt quirk;sis margt;parents alive;godson henry kaighin;bro will quay exor;
1725-2 A 116     CLAGUE       Catherine                d 16 apr 1725;sis alice clague,margt caine als clague(+ child);sis-i-law ann clague als kelly;bro danl,wm;mother exex
1725-2 A 117     KILLEY       David                    d 4 feb 1725;son wm(heir);wife margt als cown? pregnant exex; tho killey uncle of uach;
1725-2 E      w  CAIN         Isabel      QUARK        d 12 sep 1725;only ch Thos - ua;husb John;mo-i-law alive;names mabel kneal,ann mcylvore(the other maid);sis-i-law  alice Myclvore als cain[m Henry Mcylvorrey];court notes child is dead
1725-2 E      d  CALLISTER    David                    d beg sep 1725;orphan + minor;bro john callister admr;goods secured in hands of father john callister
1725-2 E      w  Dawson       Bahee       CURLETT      d 24 jun;son james? (half croft + chamber),dollin(unmarried), henry(half big croft + half garden on southside of house + half house) - as no exor named court appoints all 3 ch;
1725-2 E      d  KERMOT       Margaret    QUARK        d 20 feb;dau cath + christian(ua) kermot jt admxs;husb alive
1725-2 E      d  QUAILE       Ann         KENNAUGH     d mid mar 1724;ch eliz,wm,john, patk + isable jt admrs - last 4 ua - uncle Tho Keniagh + aunt Mariot ?quail[blotted];husb john
1726   A 20      CROSS        Jane        Dawson       [Full]
1726   A 21      MYLCREEST    William                  d 4 nov 1726;ch silvester(heir - estate in kk german, meadow Kk patrick + corn,limestones + sheep in Lonan left by his mother),thos, philip, cathrin (last 3 jt execs) - thos mcylchreest  Philip Craine to take care;wife alive - in inv noted as joney both late deceased
1726   A 22      McYLEWORE    Elinor                   d 23 mar 1725/6;peel;husb henry;dau dorothy, jane, joney (last 3 jt residuary exexs), bessy(5s)
1726-2 E    w    KELLY        Gilbert                  d 11 Sept 1726;son James;dau Anne;step dau Cath Corkill;son Patrick;son Thos ua;wife Jony; Witnesses Patrick Crellin and Margaret Kelly als Crellin.7 June 1733 Patrick Kelly acks from step mother Jony Kelly
1726-3 E      d  KEWISH       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 1 jan [?1725/6] bro wm+ thomas christian (out of island)  jt admrs;husb alive
1727   A 10      KELLY        William                  d 8 apr 1727;ch wm(eldest son), cath, ann (? other unnamed ch as three youngest - some ua); wife Jony als cannan;1746: Robt Quilliam h/o Margt kelly acks bro-i-law Wm kelly, Nichs Crain h/o Jony also acks, John kelly als acks bro Wm
1727-1 E      jw KAIGHIN      Gilbert                  dead abt 30yrs;mary shimin als kaighin sole admr of fa + margt quooile als keagle jt admrs mother
1727-1 E      jw KAIGHIN      Margaret    LACE         see gilbt
1727-2 E      w  CORRAs       Mary        LACE         d 25 jul 1727;son thomas(in ireland - if he came),dollin,wm,john
1727-2 E      d  CRAINE       Gilbert                  d feb;ch robt,ellen;wife alive
1727-2 E      d  McYLVORREY   Alexander                d 12 jun 1726;ch wm,tho,peter + ann
1727-3 E      d  HOPES        Edward                   perished by sea  november last;ch wm + elizth ua uncle john cowin;wife alive;inv
1728   A 11      FITZSYMMONS  Patrick                  peel;bro nich,kermaid in ireland;niece eliz mcmullin;dau eliz;maid ann cosnahan;nephew nicholas fitzsimmons exor;friends andrew + patk savage supv;claims
1728   A 12      McYLCHREEST  Samuel                   d 5 dec 1727;bro philip killey;wife cath exex;unnamed ch
1728   A 13      ELLISON      Jane        woods        dated 12 mar 1711/2;Peel;dog to John Shimin (peel) h/o her dau Margt;excludes son silvester + dau ellinor;side note re gch Mathew + John Shimin;
1728   A 55      CLUCAS       Margaret    carr         d 31 jan 1728;names Mrs Margery Young, jane clucas,margt clucas als radcliffe,esther colvin ,margt peddan + others;husb henry exor
1728   A 56      CRAINE       Margaret    shimmin      d 29 dec 1728;dau ann cain;gdau margt craine;son wm, john, nicholas(exor)
1728   A 57      KNEAL        Jane                     d 30 jan 1728;names Eliz dawson exex;witt Charles + Wm dawson
1728-1 E      d  CARTER       Philip                   [bur ger 2 Nov 1727]perished by sea 2 nov 1727;only dau mary carter admx w/o thomas canon;pledges james tubman + patrick lace
1728-1 E      d  CRAINE       Gilbert                  d 26 apr 1728;son gilbert ua;wife jony als killip;son philip + dau mary having had contracts;inv
1728-1 E      d  CUBON        Mary        CAINE        d 2 feb 1727/8;only son james cubon;uncle wm cain;husb alive
1728-1 E      w  KELLY        Catherine                d peel 30 may 1728;of kk marown;wants to be buried near to husbs grave kk marown;gdau ellinr kelly;sis anne gell als kelly at gneeb;son-i-law danl clague peel h/o dau anne exec
1728-1 E      d  KELLY        Christian   WATERSON     relict henry jick died 26 yrs ago;court swears  david callister jnr kk michael to whom her son henry jick + dau cath jick in ireland sold their old walls & gardens in peel
1728-1 E      d  KEWISH       William                  perished by sea 2 nov 1727;only sis dorothy kewish admx;pledges wm cooper,philip craine
1728-1 E      d  LACE         Robert                   perished by sea 2 nov 1727;ch danl,cath + dorothy lace admrs;supv uncle heny + john lace;aunt jane lace;wife alive;inv;pledges henry mcylvorrey,patk lace
1728-2 E      w  COWLE        Christian   CRELLIN      d 24 sep;gch christian cowle,christian white;son henry(her pt of money expected from England - + his wife);names margery quirk;husb charles exor;
1728-2 E      d  erwin        Ann         SHERLOCK     d midsummer 1728;ch thos + ann had m/cs,caesar + david jt admrs;
1728-2 E      d  KILLEY       Mary        LOONEY       d 23 sep 1728; son wm(eldest had m/c), philip;dau cath mcylchreest,widow, jt admr with philip;
1728-2 E      d  KNEAL        Henry                    d 8 jul 1728;bros philip,silvester,thos + wm;inv
1728-3 E      d  CAIN         Elinor      QUIRK        d 15 dec 1728;only ch james - ua uncle + aunt john,richd quirk + elizth quirk;silvester cain overseer
1728-3 E      d  CRELLIN      William                  d mid dec;only son thos;decd dau jane crain als crellin had portion
1728-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     d 9 dec 1728;son mathew(houses + garden);other ch john,wm ,cath,margt + charles;wife alive;3 ch at age
1728-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      John,jnr                 d 24 mar 1727;renass;only sis isabel kelly als shimin (w/o wm) admr but surrenders to father john in consideration of their marriage portion
1729-1 A 47      CORRAS       William                  d 26 nov 1728;bro john,thos,dollin(exor)
1729-1 E      d  BODDAUGH     Catherine   CRELLIN      [bur ger 18 May 1729]d may 1729;ch wm + alice admrs;husb alive;pledges wm christian smith + wm Christian(kk german);john kaighin claims 5s due to his wife;annexed m/c wm boddaugh(s/o cath + wm boddagh) + jane steane = Old Ger Bun1 8;
1729-1 E      d  CANNELL      Catherine                [bur ger 18 May 1729]d 18 may?;ch wm,john + thomas - all ua aunt mary shimmin als crellin;husb alive
1729-1 E      w  FAIRBROTHER  Thomas                   dated 2 may 1729;son silvester;dau dorothy,betty exexs;bro wm;wife alive
1729-1 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Ann                      d oct;sibs margt,ellin,jony,cath - all ua ;mother + thos mcylchreest sworn;
1729-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      John                     d 6 oct ;of the airy;ch wm,isabel,patrick + mary (lst 2 ua);wife alive;1741 patk shimmin sailor acks from mo elizth re 6 due by death fa who d abt 14yrs ago [assumed to be john shimin but he is not named - registrar left a blank]
1729-1 E      d  TAUBMAN      Mary        BANCKS       d 16 nov 1728;only dau elizth wa[]worth [?wattleworth] als taubman admx
1729-2 A 113     KEWLEY       Elinor                   d 13 nov 1729;husb philip;son richd radcliffe(half premises due by death of fa,bro + sis);stepdau ellinr kewley;philip + richd jt exors;
1729-2 E      d  DAWSON       John                     d 26 jan 1728/9;son henry,dollin jt admrs
1729-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Mary        CREJEEN      d 20 aug 1729;dau jane(?her 2 ch);son tho exor;husb phinlo
1729-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Phinlo                   d 15 oct 1729;dau jane;son thos exor
1729-3 E      d  MOORE        Catherine                d 28 sep 1728;ch edwd, robt + jane jt amrs - 1st two abroad;many claims inc one for 30 entered by Rev Mr Edwd Moore obo Mr Edward Moore of London due by decease of Edwd Moore of Peel
1729-3 E      d  RATCLIFF     Jane                     see thos
1729-3 E      d  RATCLIFF     Thomas                   thos d 16yrs ago,jane abt 12;c/o Henry radcliffe;their bro Richd radcliffe sole admr;philip kewley claims 18 agt admrs of Jane
1729-3 E      w  YOUNG        John                     dated 19 jan 1728/9;Rontain? sheepland co down;names john cottier of sheepland beg,mable cross Peel exex
1730   A 13      CRAINE       Esther      CHRISTIAN    [Full]
1730-2 E      w  TEAR         William                  d 3 sep 1740;dau jane,ellinor,mary - ua;son wm;wife dorothy ?;mary dead by probate;1747: john killy h/o jane acks from hu shimmin h/o dority tear als shimmin;james killey h/o elinor;inv
1730-3 E      d  KILLEY       John                     d 4 feb 1730/1;ch john,gilbt,wm (ua) + margt;
1731-1 A 10      CRAINE       Elinor      fargher      made 6 or 7 years ago;d 24 nov 1730;son john(heir Balnahown),hugh crain;dau margery,ellinr,ann radcliffe;husb john craine;;gson charles radcliffe;4 dau alice,jane,ellinr + margery jt exexs;noted that margery had a m/c since daye of will thus excluded from execship
1731-1 A 11      CAINE        Joney                    [bur ger 18 Dec 1730[1st on mm film]d 16 dec 1730;dau joney;son silvester coole + wife joney execs
1731-1 A 12      McYLEECE     Dorothy     GEELE        [Full]
1731-1 A 13      RADCLIFFE    Catherine                lawsuit cath radcliffe relict thos radcliffe peel + his son silvr radcliffe;cath is stepmo to silv;agreement silv to give her liberty of middle room + to put a door into street from room if necessy
1731-1 A 14      RADCLIFFE    thos                     dated 25 jan 1720;dau christian,elizth,cath;son silv exor;probate 1731;robt stephen claims houses ono wife christian as mo-i-law elizth radcliffe dying intestate;david crellin obo wife cath radcliffe(out of island)
1731-1 A 15      CHRISTIAN    Dorothy                  [bur ger 4 Apr 1731];d 10 apr 1731;sis ann christian;sis-i-law jane christian;bro charles;fa wm
1731-1 E      w  COOPER       Charles                  will dated 25 dec 1730;kingstown Jamaica (d a few days later acc to acct);sis Elizth (houses etc),margt;bro Wm;uncle Moore;witt Joseph Corrin (signs affadavit attached to will), James Moore(who attested he was present at funeral);Mr John Cort h/o exex
1731-1 E      d  LACE         Elizabeth   CHRISTIAN    d 14 feb 1730/1;peel;ch henry,elizth + jane - next relns mo side Jo + Cath Christian;husb hen;inv;expenses inc funeral of a child Charles who d since mother;
1731-2 A 44      KELLEY       Elizabeth   kewley       d 29 jan 1731/2;ch sarah(all shaped clothes),henry;husb Wm exor;pledges Finlo Kewley kerroo cloagh, wm Crain Ballagarraghym
1731-2 A 45      CORRIN       Thomas                   d 18 nov 1731;ch thos(eldest son - his half houses + adj flatt called Boalee Spitall to be enjoyed when reaches 27 yrs), other unanmed ch;wife margt exex
1731-2 A 46      KAIGHIN      Henry                    d 3 nov 1731;boalee gell part of Corvalley;sis cath kaighin;names margt cooil, mary cross;nephew henry kaighin;wife jony als costean exex;bro-i-law wm kaighin to plow croft for exex + deliver two boat loads of limestone
1731-2 E      d  CAIN         Jane        KEWLEY       [bur ger 9 Jun 1730]d 12 jun 1731;only ch eliz uncle nich kewley supv;husb alive
1731-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Jane        TEAR         dated 28 may 1731;peel;bro edwd;husb david exor;
1731-2 E      w  CARTER       Elinor      MCYLVORREY   [bur ger 29 Mar 1731];son-i-law thos cannon h/o mary;gch thos,jane,elinor;
1731-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Elinor      GELL         d 20 jul 1731;son thos;son-i-law thos brideson exor;gson robt brideson;gdau ann;
1731-2 E      d  GELL         Charles                  d 14 aug 1731;sibs philip,gilbt,margt hutchin als gell (w/o jo)
1731-2 E      d  KILLEY       Catherine   CROW         d 5 apr 1731;sons henry,john;
1731-2 E      w  Lace         Daniel                   d beg aug 1731;gson danl lace(house garden);dau jane;son henry
1731-2 E      d  SHAW         Dorothey                 d 18 jul 1731;bro peter,henry + richd sidebottom(in england);
1731-2 E      w  STEVENSON    Jane                     d 10 jun 1731;cousin bridget cottier als cannell;cousin wm stevenson exor
1731-3 E      d  WATERSON     Ann         CORRAs       d 9 jan;5 ch tho alice isabel eliz & jo
1732-1 A 29      gawn         isable                   deposition by rector matthias curghy that on her deathbed appointed gdau jane exex;her dau jane left island nr 20yrs ago no account her dau jane rxrx
1732-1 A 30      KELLY        Joney       cannon       d 30 dec 1731;son wm(eldest);dau joney(had m/c),margt;stepdau ann kelly;ch john,wm + margt(ua goods in hands bro-i-law nicholas craine) jt execs
1732-1 A 31      CAIN         Averick     shimmin      d 14 apr 1732;husb patk exor;neice jane shimin;cousin ellnr shimin;bro robt,wm
1732-1 E      d  CORRIN       Daniel                   peel;d 1 feb ;3 ch wm eliz isabel (ua);wife alive;has houses in peel
1732-2 A 64      CRELLIN      Ann         cannell      d 30 apr 1732;only ch cath ua next relns james hantan,thos cowley + isabel kneal;husb john
1732-2 A 66      CAINE        Nicholas                 [bur ger 26 Nov 1732]d 25 nov 1732;son john;wife + unnamed ch (decree names wm,thomas + 4 ua)
1732-2 E      d  ERWIN        John                     late of peel;sibs cesar, thomas david ann (w/o john caighen who has son john),david in ireland
1732-2 E      d  SAILE        Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 20 feb;only ch james;husb alive [?Thos Sayle];john & wm christian next rels dispute
1732-3 E      d  CALEY        Catherine   KEWLEY       bur ger 7 Dec 1723;adm has 20 sept 1732;3 ch wm jon margt
1733-1 A 29      QUAILE       Nickoloss                [peel][full]
1733-1 A 30      SHIMMIN      Christian   quayle       d 10 mar 1732 [?1732/3 - last digit in will overwritten];ch mary kelly als shimmin, patk shimmin, john shimmin (jt exec with Mary)
1733-2 A 80      McYLCHREEST  Gilbert                  dated 20 jul 1732;ch cath killey(all due her by her mo's death), ann (exex), margt bell;gch Wm + gilbt Mcylchreest, Mary Bell;servant Tho Keay;wife alive (a sarah mcylchreest agrees to give dau Ann her pt of meadow after her death);
1733-2 A 81      KILLEY       John                     d 23 dec 1732;son john,henry exor;names ann cain;gdau elinor
1733-2 A 82      QUAY         Margaret                 peel;d 13 dec 1733;dau margt coole;gdau mary quay;;gson henry quay;son wm;husb wm
1733-2 E      d  CALLIN       William                  bur ger 25 aug 1733;6 ch george jane ann margt charles isabel;;ua but no rels on fa's side
1733-2 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  bur ger 17 Jun 1733; of peel sibs daniel clague, alice
1733-2 E      d  CLUCAS       Phinlo                   d 24 aug;4 ch thos isabel cath margt
1733-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Bahee       QUAY         d apr;only son thos
1733-2 E      d  QUAY         Esther      CHRISTIAN    d 28 apr ;3 ch patrick john isabel ua next rels uncles wm & philip christian;husb pat 
1733-3 E      w  CLUGAS       John                     d 6 oct 1733;sis joney;neice ann clugas;nephew richd clugas;sibs thos & isable
1733-3 E      d  KELLY        William                  peel;orphan s/o wm kelly & ann boyd d apr 1731;only bro wm ua aunt grace boyd
1733-3 E      w  MOORE        Robert                   peel;mariner;mother cath of peel;sis jane;bro edward;witnesses in Liverpool ? anth halsal, john corrin
1733-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Catherine   READ         peel;d 8 aug;sis isabel in ireland,sis alice;neice mary corlet;friends peggy neagle, margery neagle d/o thomas;thomas goldsmith h/o mary
1733-3 E      w  WATTLEWORTH  Csar                    10 jul 1733;son john,son ceasar,dau anne eliz;sis barbara;wife eliz;claimant cath caddy als higgins;1745 anne corris als wattleworth w/o edw;dispute re miln road; 1748 robert wattleworth of peel in prison re non payment to step dau  eliz wattleworth & stepson ceasar wattleworth, john decd
1734-1 A 20      CUBBON       James                    d 29 apr 1734;ch james(houses lands etc etc 2 sheep between him + elizth taubman left to father Wm) ua - fa + mother jt execs;pledges chas cowle,thos shimin;
1734-1 A 21      COOIL        Marie       CAINE        d 15 feb 1733/4;peel;ch wm(her pt of houses + garden - exor - ua),alice,cath;husb wm;no reln of Marie in the Island - husb sworn
1734-1 A 22      CRAINE       Alice                    d 24 feb 1733/4;ch mary(50s in lieu of any claim on houses at home + land at Cregmallin),philip exor;dau-i-law cath craine;gch Jno Craine(sheep in Dauby),philip craine, averick kelly
1734-1 E      w  BODAUGH      William                  d 20 may 1734;gson john kaighin, hugh boddagh;ch wm, alice(w/o john kaighin) jt execs
1734-1 E      w  CANNELL      Christian   KELLY        d 24 apr 1734;mo alive(6d);husb robt(6d);cousin wm dawson exor;
1734-1 E      w  WHITE        Ann         CLARK        dated 25 apr 1734;ch cath, jane + wm white, john gell, grace gell;gch archibald kneal, gilbt gell;dau-i-law wife Wm Gell (dauby);cath, jane + wm white due money by death fa michael white;son wm white exor
1734-2 A 60      HERD         Dorothy                  [Full]d 11 nov 1733;wants to buried in cathedral;bro syl farbrother;cousin jane nelson,mabel radcliff als cross;sis elizth fairbrother (w/o thos crellin)  exex;mo alive
1734-2 A 61      GILL         John                     d 26 dec 1734;ch john(heir),cath,ellinor jt execs
1734-2 A 62      COWLEY       Margaret    COOIL        d 3 nov 1734;dau mary Cross ua;husb john exor;next relns William Radcliffe,Thomas Cooil + William Cooil supv of Mary - supvs ack 2 10s + 1 6s as money settled in mother's contract dated 17 apr 1732 [see NSS Oct 1733 5];1743 Mary acks from supvs;1765: John Cross(lezayre h/o Mary) acks from Thos Cooile (malew) supv
1734-2 A 63      CRELLIN      Henry                    d 4 decf [1734];gch jane kelly,john crellin;dau bridget(all sheep in knockbreck);wife alice als Kelly exex;noted he had paid son-i-law Patk Kelly all due as pt of portion;exex being old + infirm her son Pat Crellin sworn as exor in trust
1734-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Bahee                    d 16 oct 1734;peel;sis cath,ellinor;names elizth crellin,grace mcBoy,emmy steone;husb eor;
1734-2 E      d  McYLVORREY   Henry                    d mid mar 1732;weaver?;Peel;dau elizth,dorothy, jane + jony - all off isalnd - friend Wm Cain sworn admr in trust
1734-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Thomas                   wife exex;- court notes no explicit legacy to ch some ua - names ann,eliza,jane + cath appt jt admrs with mother
1734-3 E      w  BOID         Jane        STEPHEN      [bur ger 29 Sep 1734]d 27 sep 1734;son hugh(eldest);husb wm;dau jane,isabel,cath - some ch ua;named in acks etc as John(decd), cath,margt,isabel,joney + ann;j1759: jane acks from bro-i-law wm gawn (= goods due by death of mother Jane Boddagh);1759: wm (son + heir) at age 
1734-3 E      w  CRAIN        John                     d 27 sep 1734;son hugh,john,wm(if he comes);dau alice,joney, elinor,margery(+ 2 ch) - 1st three daus exexs
1735-1 E      c  COWLE        Charles                  jt will charles + christian both dead;son henry admr [?page missing]
1735-1 E      c  COWLE        Christian                see charles
1735-1 E      d  CRAIN        Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 25 nov 1734;ch robt + elinr jt admrs
1735-1 E      w  KEWISH       John                     d end apr 1735;niece dorothy kewish;bro patk declined exorship(+ propossed that he would rather choose moiety in patt lace's hands);nephew wm kewish exor
1735-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      Catherine   KNEEN        d 15 sep 1734;dau jane,margt,ann,elizth + cath - all other ch absent
1735-2 A 49      QUINE        Joney       GARRET       d 30 oct 1735;husb wm;ch matth,silvr,wm,margt + elizth jt execs - allowance to be made towards nursing youngest child;in accts debt due to her stepson thos quine from his mo's goods;jony's uncle = wm garrett
1735-2 A 50      CRELLIN      Mary        QUIRK        d 24 jan 1735;son thos,matthew(eldest),john,henry, wm(exor); gch mary,ann,john;dau-i-law ann
1735-2 A 51      CALLIN       John                     [bur ger 4 Feb 1735]dated 30 jan 1735/6;peel;only son john(half lands etc - mo to leave other half);dau alice exex;wife alive
1735-2 A 52      [kelly]      Ann         McYLVORREY   [note indexed as ann mcylvorrey];son wm kelly + his dau averick(ua) jt execs;gson thos kelly;inv
1735-2 A 53      DAWSON       Ann         LEECE        d 21 nov 1735;husb john peel;son john(eldest),thomas,wm;some ch ua;pledges thos cannon,wm dawson (conn:gary);inv inc loom;ch execs ;1760: husb john acks debt to two sons thos+wm;1783: thos + wm dawson of peel ack from gilbt mchutchin(h/o cath) legal reps of decd fa;
1735-2 E 060  d  FARGHER      John                     Peel;perished by sea 27 jun 1735;sibs philip,henry(off island) jt admrs;philip abt to leave island deposited 4 with stepfa gilbt comish + mentions bro john comish;claims exceed estate - creditors want half share in house left by fa phinlo (1721) but this was conditional and fell to 2nd son philip if john had no issue; court rules agt creditors
1735-2 E 068  w  CHRISTIAN    William                  Peel; bur 5 oct 1735];d 5 oct 1735;dau joney;son john exor;other unnamed ch
1735-3 E 155  d  CRELLIN      Mary        COTTIER      d 16 oct [?1735]ch henry, ann, thos + isable (1st 3 at age) jt admrs, patrick(had m/c)
1735-3 E 156  d  CRELLIN      Alice       KELLY        d 3 mar last;ch patk, cath, bahee + margt jt admrs; Patk + husb sworn;pledges John Shimmin miller + Wm Craine ballagarraghan
1736-1 A 11      TURNER       Margaret    ASCOUGH      d end jan 1735;names phil craine exor(in whose house resided a long time - he claims for 4yrs board)
1736-1 A 12      GELL         Ann         KELLY        d 6 jan 1735;only dau alice exex
1736-1 A 13      SHIMMIN      Thomas                   d 6 apr 1736;lands to heir of ballahimin(wm shimin - his mother alive);sis mary;decd bro stephen(youngest dau);sis-i-law ellin shimin(wife of ballahimin);names wm cain;
1736-1 A 14      QUILLIAM     Jony        CAINE        d 7 feb;son henry(eldest),philip(youngest),wm(if he comes);husb john;dau eliz + mary jt exexs
1736-1 E 239  d  CUMMING      James                    d 15 sep 1735;sometime of Newry,Ireland;ch thos,george, anna_catharine, mary Oliva Margt jt admrs - some out of island others ua - no reln on father's side - wife sworn pledges Philip crane, John Comish (both Peel)
1736-1 E 243  d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         MOORE        [bur ger 10 Apr 1736]d abt 10 Apr 1736;ch john,james + Wm jt admrs - all ua + no relns on mo's side oin Island - husb David sworn
1736-1 E 245  d  GELL         Catherine                d 15 apr 1736;sibs john + ellinr jt admrs - pledges Gilbt Gell neeb + John gell kenna;
1736-1 E 246  d  CRAINE       Robert                   d 12 feb 1735/6;ch alice, ann, ellinr + cath jt admrs - all ua uncle Wm Crain + aunt Ellinr Craine supvs ; wife alive
1736-1 E 248  w  QUAY         William                  dated 2 may 1736;ch wm(houses etc) exor
1736-2 A 43      QUIRK        William                  d 17 jan 1735;son peter,patk,hugh,wm;dau isabel;wife mary exex
1736-2 A 44      KEANey       John                     wife jony keany, children not named, wit william craine, Robt kelley, pledges patr Crellin  neeb ?, robt kelly kennee ?
1736-2 A 45      CHRISTIAN    Jane                     [bur ger 27 Dec 1736];names barbara attleworth;beloved friend wm fairbrother's ch exors all ua;1758: john fairbrother acks mo joney als quark exex of wm;
1736-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Jony        QUACKIN      d 9 jun 1735;ch richd,wm;gch john crellin,jony,bahy;;dau-i-law (w/o John [?decd as not mentioned]+ their ch));husb philip exor
1736-2 E      w  LEECE        William                  d 7 aug 1736;ch wm(youngest),john,david + ellinor (last 3 jt execs);wife alive
1736-2 E      d  QUiRK        Alice       CREER        ch thos,jane + ann all ua;husb thomas;1748 jane widow thos quirk paid ann her portn of inv 5s 3d
1736-3 E      d  KELLY        William                  d 8 jan [1735/6?] ch thos, avarick jt admrs - ua kinsman harry mcylvorrey jnr supv;wife alive
1736-3 E      d  MYLVORREY    William                  perished by sea beg jan 1735;ch john + jane jt admrs - ua aunt ann quay(w/o thos quay) supv;
1737-2 A 67      TAUBMAN      Jane        TAGGART      [Full]names Hugh Taubman's ch;gch James + Jane Cowll;s-i-l Henry Cowll h/o Alice;s-i-l Wm Quirk;witt Robt Goldmith Thos Crellin;
1737-2 A 68      CALLISTER    David                    d 1 dec ;peel;ch david,cath,john + margt gell als callister(w/o phil)jt execs;codicil son philip forgotten + left 3
1737-2 A [68a]   COLVIN       Arthur                   d 5 dec 1737;peel;7 ch john,henry,ann,arthur,danl,wm + david;wife esther als killip exex
1737-2 E      w  CANNON       Marjery     QUIRK        [bur 12 Aug 1737]d 12 aug 1737;peel;husb Wm;ch Christian cowle, wm + cath(last 2 jt execs - ua aunt Isabel quirk overseer);1759: Wm + cath ack kinsman James Halsal
1737-2 E      w  CONWAY       Ann         CRAINE       dated 7 jul 1737;peel;widow;names deborah woods, mary killey widow, Cath crane;friend Philip Craine exor
1737-2 E      w  COOPER       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 12 jul 1737;Peel;ch margt(not 20), philip(heir);husb Wm exor;mo-i-law cath cooper;fa-i-law Wm cooper;mo Christian Christian;sis jane christian;servts Jane Christian, jane quilliam, christian dawson;fa-i-law Wm Cooper + Finlo Quirk supvs of 2 ch;1754: Patk Lace h/o Margt Cooper junr acks from fa-i-law Wm Cooper
1737-2 E      w  KEWLEY       John                     declared 30 may 1737;bro Phinloe, wm (jt exor along with Thos Mcylvorrey + wife);names Maly(w/o Thos Quay)
1737-2 E      w  QUAY         Margaret    CORKILL      dated 1 jan 1736/7;DoG to dau Bahee Quay(peel) all my effects
1737-2 E      d  TAUBMAN      James                    d 27 feb 1736/7;ballakillmurrey;ch alice (w/o henry Cowel)+ jane(w/o Wm Quirk) jt admxs;wife alive;pledges Wm Cooper + Peter Quirk (both Peel)
1737-3 E      d  MYLCHREEST   Catherine   Killey       d 19 Aug 1737;ch margt, ellinr, joney + cath jt admrs (last 2 ua);inv dated 4 jan 1738 of 'goods + effects of Cath Mcylchreest decd as left her by her father + mother decd' [?mother of dau Cath]
1737-3 E      d  YOUNG        David                    d 6 nov 1737;dau ellinor + cath jt admxs;pledges richard radcliffe + henry cowel;wife majery als harrison;1741: ellinor transfers to mo as mother paid her debts
1738-1 A 43      WOODS        Mary        KILLEY       dated 8 mar 1738/9;son james,pat;dau jony,margt jt exexs;gson patk crellin
1738-1 A 44      HANTON       Ann                      [Full]
1738-1 A 45      LEECE        Ellinor     TAUBMAN      [Full]
1738-1 A 46      TAYLOR       William                  d 6 jan 1737; 3 sis isabel,catherine margaret, fa john taylor, mother margery taylor als cain ; wit + pledges henry quay + thos faragher
1738-2 A 86      RADCLIFFE    James                    dated 12 jan 1738;peel;dau cath,jane,isable(+ch);son henry;names wm knacle;wife jane + dau isabel exexs
1738-2 A 87      CRELLIN      Philip                   d 16 dec;son richd,wm;dau-i-law bahee crellin exex
1738-2 A 88      KEWLEY       John                     d 27 dec 1738;balnaharrow;thos stephan, nichs kewley + charles casement supv of gch;wife alive;gch thos myylxtt + 2nd ch john committed to uncle philip mcylxt (he + gmo have youngest between them)
1738-1 E      d  ALLEN        William                  perished by sea end Aug 1737;only ch jony allen ua - relns Thos Clerk + Thos' bro Patk Clark; wife alive - pledges Thos Clark(jurby) + Patk Lace(Peel)
1738-1 E      w  CLUCAS       Jane        CURLETT      d 16 jun 1738;names thos Bridson(+dau);husb alive;unnamed child exec ua - uncles John + Robt Corlett + john Bridson(h/o aunt Ann);father + mother alive;[w/o Thomas Clucas m mic 17350306 - only child John bapt Ger 17380611]
1738-1 E      d  CLUCAS       Oates                    d 9 apr 1738;heir wm;ch david, jane, eliz, cath, christian, amy + ellin jt admrs - david,eliz + christian out of island Henry crellin (h/o jane) + amy + ellin sworn - pledges matthew crellin + hugh taubman;wife alive;jane cowle(+son james) widow + other exors of Matthew Cowle claim 15 + other small claims;
                                                           inv inc goats + sheep + cheese chests 9 19 7d;petn by admrs + also other 3 David Clucas, Elizth Christian  + Cath Clucas - one of whom is in America - also had a parcel of intack in Beary still unenclosed + is a burden want to sell intack to pay debts - agreed by court; court also requires heir Wm Clucas of Ballalough to deliver up various items
1738-1 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Ann         KEWLEY       see silvester
1738-1 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Silvester                m/c dated 4 feb 1726/7;Silvester Mcylchreest (kk german) + Ann Kewley (Lezayre); to be married;John Kewley + wife to give dau Anne 30;Thos Mcylchreest superv of Sil;aggreed that John Kewley shall have half of Silv Mxylchreest lands during their natural lives;Thos Stevenson uncle Ann to give a cow;witt John Leece,philip Craine,charles casement,edm Corkill
1738-1 E      w  QUIRK        John                     d 4 may 1738;ch wm, christian clark;wife joney exex;pledge John Kewley(Balna hanah) + Jon Cowley(Boilley Grill)
1738-1 E      d  WOODS        James                    d 3 mar 1737/8;ch james, Oats(ua), Jony + margt jt admrs;pledges Silvester Ellison + Henry Lace;1758: Robt Stephan h/o Margt acks from bro-i-law James Woods
1738-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Catherine   CROSS        d 14 jun 1738;ch matthew,patk,christian,jane + henry;husb patk;inv
1738-2 E      w  KENNEAGH     William                  dated 1 jun 1738;unnamed ch(+ son + heir),youngest ch phil,mary elinor;wife alive
1738-3 E      d  GELL         Marg        JOUGHIN      d in kk bride abt 1 yr ago (dec d 16 feb 1738/9);only son patrick gell;ua fa gilbt 
1738-3 E      d  KELLY        John                     s/o wm kelly & ann boyd;died ua about 3 yrs ago;uncle & aunt edmond & grace boyd;edmond abroad, sis grace;mo anne kelly als boyd d 17 yrs ago
1738-3 E      d  MYLLWORREY   Henry                    peel;gson patrick myclvorrey;dau ann mcylvorrey,gdau mary mcylvorrey; no witnesses;son henry
1738-3 E      jd RATCLIFF     David                    c/o james radcliffe late of peel;david died 30yrs ago in minority, james above 20 yrs ago;sibs henry jane cath;cath abroad;exec james radcliffe snr;
1738-3 E      d  SAILE        Mariot      KENNAGH      d end sept 1738;3 children jo joney anne
1739-1 A 20      CAIN         Patrick                  [bur ger 19 Mar 1738]d 17 mar 1738/9;niece jane cain(d/o bro henry);bro henry exor
1739-1 E      d  CANnON       Hugh                     peel;bur 13 Feb 1738;perished by sea;2 children anna mary;next relns jo & cha cannon;wife margt alive;inv dispute re debt; owned claddagh intack
1739-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Silvester                perished by sea 4 jan 1738/9;2 dau isabel ellinr ua uncle david crellin & aunt ann crellin;1749 isabel la chooses reln joseph cannel & john cain hatmaker;wife isable crellin als radcliffe
1739-1 E      d  KERRAN       Charles                  d abt 30 yrs ago;only child margt kerran
1739-1 E      d  QUAY         William                  perished by sea 14 jan 1738/9;4 children mary henry john margt all ua;wife alive ;funeral cost of john & margt 
1739-2 A 57      McYLCHREEST  Thomas                   Ballagarraghan;wife Mabel als Killey;sons Henry (Lammal),John (house in Peel + Hunter's Meadow), Sylvester, Mathias, Gilbert
                                                       dau Anne;1741 Anne Christian wife of Daniel Christian acks;1749 Mathias McYlchreest acks five guineas due at mothers death
1739-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    David                    [bur ger 27 Aug 1739];3 ch john james wm ua uncle john christian ballafayle kk bride supv;jc dead bro wm christian in his place
1739-2 E      w  CORRIN       Isabel                   peel;sibs wm eliz;mo margt
1739-2 E      w  COTTIER      Bahee       QUIRK        dau eliz, son -; gson thomas quirk;husb alive;gdaus ellinr margt cottier;son thomas;dau ellinr
1739-2 E      d  CRELLIN      Ann         LEECE        5 ch john mary ann wm ellinor;3 at la;husb alive
1739-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Margaret                 peel wm mylrea;ann crellin;margt kelly als crellin;isable skillicorn;ann quay;others no fam named
1739-2 E      d  HUTCHIN      John                     perished by sea 19 jan 1738/9;ch john elinor ua their gf john hutchin;wife ellinr hutchin als lace; her fa jo lace
1739-2 E      d  KEwleY       James                    dept island about 2 yrs ago;died upon coast of guinea;sibs wm anne alice kewley;alice beyond sea
1739-3 E      w  CORRIN       Robert                   going overseas;mother;bro thos ;fa dead
1739-3 E      d  GeLL         Ellinor     KELLY        ch ellinr cath ua uncle john kelly;husb james gell;large claims 2000,  500 etc;strong letter to murreys (john murrey was dep searcher at Peel)
1740-1 A 20      CAINE        Averick                  [bur ger 9 Apr 1740];d 8 apr ;niece cath caine(great white chest);sis-i-law mary cain als woods + nieces Cath + Elizth cain jt exexs
1740-1 A 22      Stevenson    Isable      Curghy       d 1 Mar 1739/40;Lhergydhoo;names margt killey(maid in house);dau ann exex;court queries why other younger ch cut off with 6d witness states testx "I hope my mother? will provide for 2 of my children';husb alive
1740-1 A 23      CLUCAS       Emma        CRAINE       d ash_wedsnesday 1739;ch cath,christian(6d),david (ch cut off 6d),elinor(w/o wm boddagh - dead by probate her son wm appt but ua thus wm appt) - uncles wm clucas,harry crellin + matt shimin))cath + elnr jt exexs;gch oates clucas, wm boddagh,harry + elizth crellin(ch of harry + jane crellin + 2 more ch)
1740-1 A 24      BODDAUGH     William                  [bur ger 9 Apr 1740]d abt 16 apl 1740;ch cath, margt, joney + anne (last 2  youngest), wm(heir - ua), isabel(exex);wife's son thomas cain;wife Mary;inv [1st wife of wm was jane stephen ;2 mary cain als cannell]
1740-1 A 25      BODDAGH      Ellinor     CLUCAS       [bur ger 4 mar 1739]d abt 4 mar [?1739];husb wm;sis cath clucas;ch wm - ua uncles wm clucas, harry crellin + math shimmin sworn;1754: Wm Boddagh arrived at age;inv
1740-1 A 26      LACE         Mary        KILLEY       d 19 apr 1740;peel;husb john;dau ann (w/o john shimmin)all her clothes) exex;wtt anne gell als kewish, isabell cowl
1740-1 A 27      McYLCHREEST  Marjery     Quirk        d 25 mar 1740;husb john exor;ch john,ellinor, wm,isabel(youngest dau);witt + pledges Thos + Wm fargher;
1740-1 A 28      Woods        John                     dated 22 feb 1738;vicar genl + vicar Kk german;dau margt + deborah;wife margt als powel exex;1749 James wilks h/o Margt woods acks from mo-i-law margt craine als woods als powel 20 in form of a mortgage on Brackabroom kk german
1740-1 E      w  BODDAGH      Mary        CANNELL      d 24 apr 1740;isabel boddagh;godson john fargher;son thomas cain; dau mary cain;witt jony christian als killip
1740-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Isabel      KARRAN       d 18 apr 1740;3 ch ua phinloe harry thomas;uncle wm gell + her sis christian & conny karran supv [?husb thomas]
1740-1 E      d  GELL         Margaret    KEWIN        d 3 apr 1740 2 ch ua thos john;uncles thos kewin thos quay and aunt alice kewin;husb silvester gell
1740-1 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     d 13 may 1740;2 sons patt jon ;dau isable (a chest belonging to her mo);ch wm eliz;youngest ch mary jane alice wife alive (?2nd marr)
1740-1 E      w  QUINNEY      Ann         BODDAGH      ch john ann;husb john;ch ua overseer wm danl boddagh;prev of douglas taylor had a house on sandside douglas (0.75d rent) and borrowed money from john quay kk santan - wants to sell/mortgage
1740-2 A 107     RADCLIFFE    Richard                  [Full]d 10 feb 1740/1;peel;apprentice john radcliffe;wife mabel;names sylvester radcliffe,john corkan
1740-2 E      d  CAINE        Elizabeth   CORRAS       d 24 jun 1740;ch james, john + Mary(off Island) admrs
1740-2 E      w  CLUCAS       Elinor                   d 14 sep 1740;husb john;son thomas Gell;husb John Clucas, John Gell + Esther Caine jt execs;gson john gell;Thomas Gell bro of John Gell;
1740-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Jane        CHRISTIAN    d 19 jul 1740;husb wm;dau esther + cath as all in house due to their industry;son Patk excluded by 6d;when asked who should be exor replied ' that her goods being so often distrained and taken up for debts on her husband's acct she had no proper goods of her own to be executor of'.
1740-2 E      jw Corris       Averick     McBoid       jw dollin & averick corris als mcboid of peel who died end aug 1740;only son dollin his 2 sis eliz isabel;1763 wm oates husb of isabel corris (fam 9227) and eliz stephen als corris ack [husb John Stephen fam 9068]
1740-2 E      w  GELL         John                     d 24 jul;mo alice shimin als quane exex
1740-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      William                  d 12 jun ;thomas quirk; alice quane younger;wife alice shimin als quane
1741-1 A 68      SHIMIN       Margaret    ELLISON      peel;sons john wm mathew;d-i-l emma;dau margt,cath [dau = amy clucas]
1741-1 A 69   jw CRELLIN      John                     jt will john + joney als quine;son david crellin dau-i-l isable;gson thos;their son john dawson & wife exec; he refused 
1741-1 A 69   jw CRELLIN      Joney       QUINE        see john
1741-1 A 70      CLARK        Jane        HAMILTON     d 9 mar ;dau margt;son samuel;
1741-1 A 71      SHIMIN       Hesther     KILLIP       mid apr 1741;husb john;eldest son patrick; other ch cathrine, isabel, mary, hugh exec all ua uncles & aunt john killip,  thos killip,nich killip, mary killip, jon craine,john killy & ann caley als killip;john shimin miller claims; security nich kewley ny braid & hugh shimin his bro.;heirs grandfather john shimmin
1741-1 A 72      WOODS        Isabel      McYLCHREEST  d 23 feb 1740/1;husb richd;sis joney;margaret mychrest;;2 ch wm joney woods ua uncles wm jon mcylchresest;1751 wm joney at la
1741-1 A 73      MYLVORREY    Thomas                   [Full]d 5 jan 1740;drynee;son thomas(half lands etc inc meadow in greebeyy known as leaney vaggoag);wife bridget als crellin exex;other unnamed ch
1741-1 A 74      LEECE        Elinor                   [Full]dated 20 mar 1740/1;peel;son wm(youngest - ua),david,john (jt exor with ellinor);dau elinor
1741-1 A 75      CLARK        Thomas                   d 19 mar 1740;2 dau isabel & eliz;eldest son robt;wife margret;1753 isabel clark acks from mother margret clark als moore
1741-1 A 76      CORRIN       Thomas                   peel;bwoally spittal;bro john corrin;bro henry corrin, sis margt;mother dead;claims include  detailed accts of trade; rev john crain preached funeral sermons; margt thomas cath
1741-1 A 77      DAWSON       Charles                  d 11 jan 1740;dau cath;wife alive
1741-1 A 78      KAIGHIN      Joney       COSTEAN      d 21 mar;mary cross;thos cooil's dau isabel;thos cooil's sis ann;thos cooil exectr
1741-1 A 79      stUBBIN      Catherine   COWIN        dau alice stubbens begotten by fa simon queried if legitimate
1741-1 A 80      CORRIN       Margaret    COWLE        peel, widow;dau margt,son thos,dau cath ;coopers tools [ Thomas Corrin = Margt Cowle And 29 May 1715;]
1741-1 E      w  ADDI         Mary        CURGHEY      [bur ger 28 Feb 1740];d 26 feb;to be interred in cathedral church with her sisters;sis elizth curghy;husb john exor;ch unmentioned in will john,sarah,dorothy;mr nathl curghy + sis mrs elizth robinson sworn overseers
1741-1 E      w  CANNELL      John                     d 30 may 1741;mo ann exex
1741-1 E      d  CORRIN       Catherine                d 16 jan 1740/1; d/o thos due goods;sibs john,henry,margt; (arthur cowle + john callin admrs in trust for bros 'trammarians')
1741-1 E      d  CRAINE       John                     d 14 feb 1740/1;ch margt,thos + john ua no relns appear;wife alive;inv
1741-1 E      w  SHIMMIN      Thomas                   d oct 1740;son-i-law jon quaggin;dau isable,cath,margt exex
1741-1 E      d  SHIMMIN      William                  d 25 jan 1740/1;dau ann other ch patk,nichs + mary had mar setts
1741-2 A129      MOORe        Thomas                   peel;d 29 nov 1741;son mathw? his son's uncle robt moore;dau elinor;son robt;wife dorothy;pledges john leece + wm cooper snr;
1741-2 A130      CRELLIN      Dorothey    LEECE        [Full]
1741-2 A131      Leece        john,jnr                 d 14 dec 1741;only son john;fa john leece;mo dead mentions his part of miln;servt man richd killey; wife abigail leece als callow; uncles thos mcylcrest + joseph cannel + elinor quane als leece superv
1741-2 A132      CRELLIN      Patrick,snr              [Full]
1741-2 A133      KILLEY       Catherine   McYLCHEEEST  d 24 feb 1741;som wm;dau ann;dau esther shimmin als killey w/o philip exectx;
1741-2 E      d  CLARK        Elinor                   children john clark decd john 16 dec 40, elinr 26 sep 41;next reln uncles + aunts by fa thos, wm, patrick, dollin phillip sarah mary ;thos eldest;dispute thos clark nappin in jurby + john addy peel (thos cubbon husb of sarah ?)
1741-2 E      d  CLARK        John                     see ellinor
1741-2 E      w  CLUcAS       Henry                    peel:gson thomas clucas;gdau jane clucas;d-i-l ellinor clucas als ervin her dau ellinor
1741-2 E      w  CUBBIN       Elinor      Gell         peel:jane moore als gell;neice ann dawson;dau christian kelly;husb patt cubbin;nephew wm dawson exec;wit jane lace als  sumpter
1741-2 E      d  HUDGON       Philip      HUTCHIN      d aug 1740;sibs ann patrick charles;anne abroad others ua father john hudgon/hutchin
1741-2 E      d  KILLEY       John                     1752 jony killey acks aunt margt kneen als killey due death fa john and gmother  mary, daiel tear of jurby present husb of joney formerly wife of john killey als agrees to look after sd margt; 1765 stephen brew husb of margt
1741-2 E      d  KILLeY       Mary        KILLEY       children wm margt + orphans of son john;wm dumb; john dead see will ; 
1741-2 E      d  McNEAL       Daniel                   peel:children archibald ann;widow + her bro john gell;widow grace cubbon als mcneal als gell by 1744
1741-2 E      w  TAYLOR       John                     s-i-l  nicholas caine;wife margery;als caine 2 children of dau margt;s-i-l hugh shimmin;3 daus isabel cath margt
1741-2 E      d  WOODS        Oates                    sibs james margt jony;1758 ro stephen  husb margt woods
1741-3 E      d  COWLE        Charles                  cooper;only son john cowle ua uncle george cowle; claims john quayle, wm cottiman thos goldsmith, jas gell + jon kelly (30),
                                                        mr kelly;inv includes large amount of staves , ten gallon hoops etc; sale gives names of buyers;john shimmin shoemaker,john stephen cottler knockaloe,robt cokan tailor, james gell bought many staves as also wm cottiman, john quayle a cooper's grate;widow margt [Margt Brew]
1741-3 E      d  KEWLEY       Daniel                   late of whitehaven perished by water; 3 children danl james eliz, patrick kinread husb of their aunt by fa;1747 danl at la appoints kinsman wm corkil kk maughold guard
1741-3 e      d  quaggin      john                     d 1  sep 1741;child john & mary;wife alive
1741-3 E      d  SAYLE        John                     airy glass;3 children john jony ann
1742-1 A 24      COOILE       Thomas                   peel;dg dated 15 feb 1732/3 between thomas + wife margt and son thos + d-i-l isable;house + garden of 3d lords rent; dau cath;
1742-1 A 25      COTTIER      Thomas                   d 10 june 1742;fa thomas;sis eliz's son thos quirk;bro john;sis eliz,sis ellinor shimmin als cottier exec w/o john;
1742-1 A 26      CLAGUE       Ann         KELLY        bur ger 15 Apr 1742;neice ellinr kelly of kk braddan;husb daniel;names margt radcliffe + robt lace
1742-1 A 27      RADCLIFFE    John                     d 5 apr;only son john given half of all his houses 
1742-1 A 28      CRAINE       John                     vicar;fa + mo alive;bro james;wife margaret als powell
1742-1 A 29      CUBON        Jane        KINGLISH     gson james cubin;bro-in-law's dau cath cubin;husb wm;sis bessy
1742-1 A 30      HARTLEY      Ann         fairbrother  peel; son thomas;husb dead;cath fairbrother als hartley;gdau ann fairbrother;seems to have orig intended cath fairbrother als hartley as exec but x'd thro and son thos hartley;mentions brewing pan;thomas abroad his bro-i-law sylvester required to produce inv
1742-1 E      w  CRELLIN      John                     ballaoates;son thomas,eldest son john,son james
1742-1 E      w  KEANsH       Jony        WATERSON     3 children wm margt cath Conney, dau Alice Conney exec (note in title conney xd thr and keansh overwritten)
1742-1 E      w  KeNNAGH      Thomas                   son tho, dau elinor bessy isable margt (quail);2 gc isable quilliam, betty quail;2 more gc tho kennaugh margt cottier;s-i-l wm quail;wife margt
1742-2 A 79      BOYDE        Ann         KNICKEL      peel;d 19 dec 1742;bro robt knickal;gdau ann penay ? exec but ua robt quay to take over;1745 ann penay acks
1742-2 A 80      MOORE        William                  peel;d 20 nov 1742;dau margt;son thos;wife jane alive
1742-2 A 81      CRAINE       Hugh                     [Full]d 12 dec 1742;wants tio be buried in fa grave at Peel;wife mary als lace (?pregnant ?would be 1st male child) exex;bro-i-law capt kohn lace + wm lace supv;nephew richard quirk (small croft adj john corris's flat);sis margt + cath quirk;dau eliz at la 1748(w/o philip cottier by 1754);dau cath + mary at la 1756;inv
1742-2 A 82      SHIMIN       Grace       WOODS        ballabwooy;d 29 nov;son + heir hugh;d-i-l christian shimin als lace;husb john;son john;dau grace cannel als shimmin; servant maid christian shimmin + ann cannell;
1742-2 E      w  CRAINE       William                  ballagarraghan;heiress alice ;wife mary crain als casement;alice ua  uncle henry mcylvorrey;1745 thomas shimin h/o alice
1742-2 E      d  CROSS        Philip                   4 children john silvester ellinor dorothy
1742-2 E      d  KELLY        Ann         KILLEY als Read 6 ch by former husb james, ewan wm john joney eliz;thomas christian husb joney,john nowell husb eliz
1742-2 E      w  QUIGGIN      John                     dau ellinor,joney,sons thos, wm philip;wife alive
1742-2 E      w  SKILLECORN   Issabel                  neice eliz quay als cubbon;robt quay husb
1742-3 E      d  CUBBON       Stephen                  died beg 1739;sis whole blood eliz quay als cubon;mo joney cubbon als skillicorn;robt quay husb eliz
1742-3 E      w  KEWLEY       Ann         STEVENSON    widow john kewley d 1738
1742-3 E      d  McYLVORREY   Alice       CAINE        5 ch jane mary john alice anne;husb henry
1742-3 E      d  RADCLIFF     Jane        KEANSH       only dau isable crellin als radcliff
1743-1 A 35      CAINE        James                    bur ger 4 Mar 1742;d 2 mar 1742;son john;dau elizth;wife esther als garrett exex;ch ua john + mary caine uncle + aunt overseers
1743-1 A 36      QUAY         Catherine                d 19 feb;nephew patk quay + niece isabel quay jt execs- both ua  - their fa Patk quay to enjoy goods during his lifetime;
1743-1 A 37      COWIN        Robert                   d 2 apr 1743;ch wm,daniel;wife ann exex
1743-1 A 38      GELL         Gilbert                  d 10 jan 1743?;son patk(youngest);unnamed other ch;dau mary exex (+also overseer patk who is ua)
1743-1 A 39      SHIMIN       Thomas                   d 31 jan 1742/3;ch richd,phill,john,elizth + margt;wife elizth('to be kind' to margt') exex;names john shimin + bro-i-law robt kelly as supvs;witt isabel mcylchreest als quirk x, isabel kneen als shimmin x
1743-1 A 41   jw Crain        Philip                   [not numbered but #41 missing in seq]jw philip crain + cath als young dated 24 feb 1739/40;son john (curate kk german),james;mutual execs
1743-1 E         CROSS        Silvester                orphan of philip cross sibs john ellinor dorothy [john nf but gap in ch c.1729]
1743-1 E      d  GELL         James                    late of peeltown;only dau elinor gell a minor; john moore & edwd christian refused admin - adm wm murrey snr & robt murrey (also extr john murrey) as creditors; disputes Mrs Mary Reeves involved;large sums of money
1743-1 E      d  STEPHAN      Catherine                w/o thomas ;contract dau anne hus chas dawson  + dau cath husb jo kaighen ;died st andrews last
1743-3 E      w  CAIN         John                     [bur ger 17 Oct 1742]
1743-3 E      d  COWLE        Henry                    widow refused exex - Capt Wm Christian sumner gnl appt;
1743-3 E      w  CRELLIN      John                     d 28 may 1742;peel;ch john(eldest son), wm, elizth;wife cath(house, garden + croft for 16yrs then to ch) exex
1743-3 E      w  CUBON        joney                    d 21 oct 1743;sibs bessy(a gown), Patk(house in Peel),john;names Mrs Jane Gell;,Mr John Gell exor;uncle's dau in Jurby;robt quay acks the rcpt of the gown left to Bessy;
1743-3 E      w  Curry        Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 25 jun [1748]Peel;dau jane (house castle st, croft at claddagh);son John;names margt richardson;husb thos exor
1743-3 E      w  DAWSON       William                  d 27 sep 1743;peel;wife elizth als lace exex;witt wm white, jane lace als dawson x;
1743-3 E      w  KELLY        Thomas                   d 29 jun [1743];peel;sis averick kelly;mother mary als craine exex
1743-3 E      c  McGUIRE      Dennis                   m/c dated 2 sep 1742;Dennis McGuire + Margt Cannon;wife margt exex
1743-3 E      d  McYLVORREY   Thomas                   d 16 jan 1743;only ch john;wife margt refuses admn - ch uncle + aunt wm + isabel mcylvorry overseers;inv
1743-3 E      w  MOORE        matthew                  declrd 17 aug 1743;sibs Robt,ellinor;wife ellinor als radcliffe;mo Dorothy als Leece exex;posthume son Robt;Dorothy confined in St Germans for not providing inv - Mr James Parr + Patr Karran sworn supvs;1773 Robt acks from Mr James Parr
1743-3 E      w  RADCLIFF     Margaret    black        d 14 jul 1743;knockaloe moar;gdau margt cottiman;dau grace,leonora,margt;gson john radcliffe;names wm mcylrea,marriot cubbon;dau ann cottiman als radcliffe(w/o Wm) exex;witt marriot cubbon als gelling,wm tear;
1743-3 E      d  SHIMIN       Ann         CREBBIN      d beg aug;ch john + ann(ua);husb john;1764: pat cowley h/o ann
1743-3 E      w  SHIMIN       Ellinor     COTTIER      d 22 jun [1743];husb john (ary Moar) exor;child now on her bearing;sibs john cottier, elizth cottier;witt margt kelly als shimmin x, Ann Killey als clucas x
1743-3 E      d  SHIMMIN      Hugh                     d end jul [1743];ch charles, thomas + grace jt admrs - all ua unclcles John Shimin + Willm Cannell supvs;wife alive (to settle qtr of crop that falls due to her by death of John Shimin senr on whichever of ch succeeds);pledges Chas Lace (father of wife) + tho Cain (B:lhei);1771: Grace acks from step-fa Thos Mcylchreest
1743-3 E      d  YOUNG        James                    [d 1 aug 1742;ch james,george,john,ann + ellinor (all at age but refuse to admr - Danl Christian appointed);wife alive; parents david + Margery;1745 Mrs cath callin als young an admr of david;[full]
1744-1 E      d  CORRIS       Elizabeth   saint        d jul 1743;sibs jane,elinor,john,thos(ua);
1744-1 E      d  KENNIAGH     Margaret    KNEAL        petn that DoG dated end May 1742 settled on son-i-law Wm Quayle + wife but deed destroyed (wiits + clerk make oath) - deed found + Wm Quayle sworn;pledges Thos Crellin shopkeeper Peel, John Gell(Kenna)
1744-1 E      w  MOORE        Ellinor                  uttered 17 sep 1743;cousin ann + Margt Callin;names elizth d/o joseph cannell;sis-i-law ellinr moore als radcliffe (6d) + 6d to her child if born alive (?whose child);bro robt;mo dorothy moore als leece exex;codicil 13 dec 1743 added 5 to poor from a mortgage on small parcel called Kewish's croft;decd fa thomas
1744-2 A 48      SHIMIN       Elizabeth                d nov 1743;son wm(heir of eary shimin);dau mary kelly(jt exec with wm);bro sillr shimmin;1760: petn by john + mary caine als kelly als shimmin states that at time of elizth death Mary was in a defenceless position (?) and Wm did not share equally - court dismisses it as too long after event
1744-2 A 49      KENNIAGH     Thomas                   d 2 jan 1744/5;son thos(heir),wm + john;wife isable als quilliam
1744-2 E      w  CAINE        mary                     jt will wife mary als woods;mary dead beg sept 1744
1744-2 E      w  COTTIER      Thomas                   dated 29 sep 1744;[ballacrink ?];son john(eldest);gson thos quirk (Bees at various places);dau elizth quirk als cottier exex
1744-3 E      d  COOIL        Margaret    KNACLE       d michaelmas 1743;ch silvester admr,thomas(youngest son had m/c), cath(had m/c)
1744-3 E      d  CORRIN       John                     d near portsmouth abt 2 years ago;late Peel; due goods by decease of fa Thomas, mo Margt + sibs Thos + Cath;sibs henry (abroad)+ margt admrs;pledges john + Joseph Cannell (both peel)
1744-3 E      c  HARRISON     Jane                     m/c math crellin + dau jane harrison - see NSS Oct 1740 12 - son-i-law Math Crellin sworn
1744-3 E      d  QUAY         Ann         FAIRbrother  d 17 nov 1742;ch mary(abroad),cath,ann,wm jt admrs - anneded agreement with father;husb christopher;pledges silvester ellison + silvester radcliff
1744-3 E      w  QUILLIAM     John                     d 25 sep 1744;ch philip (half crop etc for helping his stepmother + also qtr part of the roof of dwelling house + cow house);wife margt exex (to cloathe philip as usual whilst he labours with her) - philip accepts instead a third of ensuing yrs crop of the croft + 1/4 crop and 1/3 potatoes - widow to sow land
1744-3 E         SHIMMIN      Richard                  d 10 jan 1744;orphan due goods by fa Thomas shimmin;sibs philip,john,elizth + margt admrs all ua - mother Elizth;funeral costs 11s
1745-1 A 15      QUILLIAM     Isabel      FARGHER      declrd 12 sep 1742?;names finlo,john + cath clucas,mary moore;thos clucas + wife sarah execs;1765: finlo + john are s/o thos and ack from mother + her present husb thos kelly
1745-1 A 16      QUIRK        Thomas                   d 25 apr 1745;ch by first wife - thos,ann + jane + joney by curr wife;wife jane als karran exex
1745-2 A 44      CRAINE       Jane                     d 26 feb 1745/6;sis alice,margey(dau eleanor cottier) jt exec with her husb john cottier;names math crellin
1745-2 A 45      Hopes        Jane        RADCLIFFE    d 7 dec;dau ann,joney;bro henry(+ wife);names mary shimmin als kaighin, alice coole,cath neele als freere,ann clark;son wm hopes exor;
1745-2 A 46      CLARK        Catherine                [bur ger 14 Nov 1745]d 13 nov 1745;dau cath(in douglas);gch cath clark;son john exor
1745-2 A 61      QUILLIAM     Patrick                  m/c = NSS Oct 1727 1; son-i-law philip craine exor
1745-2 E      d  KNACLE       Margaret    CROSS        d abt 2 yrs ago;son john admr;other ch Margt + Elizth abroad;left no goods to pay debts + house + concerns already mortgaged - court allows sale
1745-2 E      w  MYLCHREEST   Jane        LEECE        d 27 aug 1745;ballagarraghan;ch silvester(heir),elinor,jane + alice - gfa John leece supv (with elinor);names robt caine,joney mcylchreest;husb thos exor;1772: thos dead(1771-2) jane acks stepmo Christian Mcylchreest
1746-1 A 10   jw KELLY        William,snr              dated 2 jun 1743;d 10 mar;ballacurry;son thos(youngest),nichs,thos(snr) + richd;unnamed former wife's ch;present wife mary als shimmin(house + land purchased from philip quirk - pt of kerrooglass 3.5d lds rent) exex
1746-1 E      d  KELLY        Jony        KEWLEY       d beg Feb;ch Cath (w/o Patk Mcylvorrey) + Patk Corkill, Thos Kelly jt admrs;
1746-1 E      d  KEWLEY       Nicholas                 d 20 may 1746;fa nicholas;sis ann(w/o wm corkill), cath + ellonr jt admxs
1746-1 E      w  SMITH        William                  late of battersea,surrey;wife margt als wattleworth exex;pledges Mr John Callin (mercht peel) + Wm Quayle(cooper kk michael)
1746-2 A 37      KELLY        Catherine   QUILLIAM     d 5 nov 1746;bro philip quiliam;nephew thos crain,john gell;husb robt exor
1746-2 E      d  KELLY        Catherine   COOILE       d 12 sep 1746;ch wm, john, ann, jane + patk jt admrs - all ua uncle patk cooile supv;husb henry
1746-2 E      d  KELLY        Margaret                 d 6 may 1744;orphan due goods by death fa John Kelly (late Braddan);goods in hands stepmother Mary Kelly als Shimmin (see epis 1742-2)
1746-2 E      d  SHIMIN       Jony        CLUCAS       d 14 jul 1746;ch john, ellinor, thomas, isable, ann + Wm jt admrs - all ua uncles Wm + Thos clucas, thos kelly + finloe shimmin sworn overseers;husb patk
1746-2 E      w  SHIMIN       Robert                   d 22 may 1746;sis cath(w/o wm clague) exex
1746-3 E      d  QUILLIAM     Thomas                   left Island 30yrs ago no account of him presumed dead;s/o Thomas Quilliam late of Peel;next of kindred nephew John Killip(Lezayre) s/o John Killip + Cath Quilliam(sis to decd) admr
1747-1 A 10      CORKILL      Catherine   QUAYLE       d 17 feb 1746/7;dau ann(eldest),cath(youngest);husb robt exor
1747-1 E      d  MATHEW       Thomas                   d 29 may 1747;late of porterdown armagh d in Peel;dau ann(w/o Wm Wm Camock) + judith jt amdxs;pledges Mr Patk Savage + son Mr Edwd Savage;annexed note by Edw Moore warning re debts to pledges as there is a bond of 69 irish payable by Wm Camock in effects that should be secured (inv stated found by washerwoam in sleeve of nightgown) inv
1747-1 E      w  SHIMIN       Margaret    CRELLIN      d mid feb 1746/7;chmajory, isabel, charles jt execs;husb john;gdau margt shimmin;pledges witnesess huh + Nich shimmin
1747-2 A 50   jw COWLE        Margaret    quayle       jw charles + margt als quayle dated 14 feb 1745/6;son wm(house + garden);dau isabel(+ her dau ann clucas)
1747-2 A 51      KARRAN       Alice       SHIMIN ALS QUANE d 20 nov 1747;names alice shimmin als quane,christian quane,ann cain,jane moore widow(+ dau peggy);husb pat;niece isable quane exex
1747-2 A 52      CHRISTIAN    Joney       Killip       [bur ger 18 Dec 1747]dated 14 dec 1747;ch thos,isabel (ua), margt,john;husb wm exor
1747-2 A 53      SHIMIN       Thomas                   d 8 jan 1747;wife dorothy(loom - land to descend to his nephew john cowin) exex;names james cowin,thos cowin;
1747-2 A 54      QUAY         Bahy        COWLE        d 17 jan 1747/8;son philip;dau ann crellin exex
1747-2 A 55      SHIMIN       Ellinor     FAYLE        d 20 jan 1747/8;husb john;son finlo(+ dau cath),nichs;dau mary + averick jt exexsnephew john shimmin
1747-2 A 56      QUIRK        Patrick                  dated 19 jan 1747;eary-veg;son john(eldest - lands to descend as inhertance ),wm(abroad);dau margt,jane + ann jt exexs;wife jane als gell;
1747-2 A 57      DAWSON       Elizabeth                [Full]
1747-2 A 58      CRAIN        Margaret    Woods als Powell   [Full]
1747-2 A 59      KERMOD       Charles                  d 20 feb 1747/8;dau joney,isabele;wife joney als camaish exex
1747-2 A 60      KELLY        John                     d 9 feb 1747/8;will declard 1 may 1746;son wm,henry;dau cath(w/o henry kelly by 1755),margt;wife ann;ch hen,robt,thos,margt + ann jt execs - one witness mentions dau alice(6d) + ?son patk
1747-2 A 61      WATTLEWORTH  Elizabeth   TAUBMAN      [Full]
1747-2 A 62      CUBON        Isabel                   dated 10 feb 1747/8;names ann killey,mary callin,elinor quirk,thos fargher,hugh shimin, jane corkan;thos corkan exor
1747-2 A 131     LEECE        John, jnr                d 14 dec 1747;only son john;fa john;mo margt;manservant richd killey;capt thos radcliffe knockaloe desired supr;wife abigail als callow exex [looks like error as in 1741 not 1747]
1747-2 E      w  ADDY         John                     bur ger 13 Aug 1747;son john;garden adj james cowles old house;son john still an aprrentice (?same trade as father as to be left shop tools), dau dorothy, 3 youngest thomas, george ellinor; note 11 aug 1763 appears by annex to decree christian caine als addy lib 3 1753
1747-2 E      d  COWLE        Alice       TAUBMAN      of balla-killmoirry inv but no decree; 1753 dau jane, isabel; their uncle wm quirk; 3 jan 1748/9 dau christian, son james
1747-2 E      d  FARGHER      Margaret    CRELLIN      d 26 jun;2 children thomas, john;john ua uncle wm crelling;husb wm;
1747-2 E      w  WOODS        Mary        JANE         d 27 aug; gdau via son john,son henry;kathrin audley als higgins exectx
1747-3 E      w  KELLY        Mary        CRAINE       nephew james craine,dau averick kelly
1747-3 E      d  KERR         John                     perished by sea 10 dec last;late of loughswade stranraer scotland;john crellin principal creditor
1748-1 A 55      ELLISON      Dorothy                  husb Sylvester, dau Dorothy w/o [Hugh] Colvin, gdau dorothy; son John, son Ricard,son John's dau; mentions Catherine Ellison & Catherine Shimin ;witt Jane Commins, Wm Cooper, jnr;
1748-1 A 56      MOORE        Joney       KELLY        son wm,patk;dau abigail;husb john;step-dau mary moore
1748-1 A 57      KILLEY       Catherine                d 19 mar 1747;names joney killey;jane killey exex w/o oates killey
1748-1 A 58      CRELLIN      Mathew                   d 19 mar 1747;wife alice;son john,wm;dau ann,mary,ellinr exex;gdau anne
1748-1 A 59      LEECE        John                     [Full]
1748-1 A 60      QUAY         Marriot                  d 23 jan 1747;gdau ellinor quay;son robt exec,thos (of kk pat);robt dead by probate his ch ellinr,jane,margery + mary wch together with ch on deads pt committed to mo sarah
1748-1 A 61      ELLISON      Alice       QUANE        d 1 mar 1747;peel;dau alice;son thos,richd;husb richd exec;overssers chas,thos + wm quane;
1748-1 E      d  COWELL       Jane        TWAITE       Peel; children john anne ;john out of island, peter quirk husb anne
1748-1 E      w  COWLEY       John                     son john;neice susanna cowley;wife mary cowley als craine;youngest son patrick
1748-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Patrick                  nine children patrick, harry, margt mary john cath wm betsy bahee 4 last ua pat margt sick;;1762 betsy crellin husb robt kelly impressed
1748-1 E      d  KEWLEY       William                  s/o John left island 6 years ago died 2 years ago in Kings service;sis alice anne kewley;anne abroad
1748-1 E      d  QUAY         Robert                   4 children ellinor jane margaret mary all ua;uncle thos quay;wife sarah quay als crenilt
1748-2 A 124     KEWLEY       Elizabeth   LEECE        [Full]
1748-2 A 125     QUIRK        John                     [Full]
1748-2 E      w  CRELLIN      Patrick                  son henry;wife mary crellin als clague, mother cathrin crellin als kewley;sis cathrin crellin
1748-2 E      w  LACE         Jony        CREBBIN      son peter,wm;step dau jane lace;husb henry
1748-2 E      w  LOCKHART     Philip                   bro george of carnwarth north britain; legacy to educate a poor boy; english books to mr john craine balnahown then 
                                                       nephew wm craine heir to balnahown;admin to mr Montgomery lockhart;inv had 6 french books, 7 latin & one greek
1748-2 E      d  QUAY         Ann         CARRAN als cooile  dau margt carran;son thos
1748-2 E      w  SHIMIN       John                     ballabooie;wife margt shimin als gawn;son john exec ;exclding dau grace; extr satified for goods due to him by mother's
                                                       decease (2nd mar of John ?);john woods sworn overseer of orpans;1753 charles shimin s/o hugh (gson of John) came
                                                       to lawful years heir  stepfather thos mylechreest (3 children mentioned in account not named ) - long settlement
1748-2 E      c  STEPHEN      Thomas                   [Full] mc 1737 john keaughin + Ann for son John + thomas + Cathrin stephen for dau cathrin; thomas survior died may 1748;s-i-l john kaughin exec
1748-2 E      d  WATTLEWORTH  john                     s/o ceasar  late of peeltown (will lib 3 1733) died  in minority about 12 years ago ;sibs ceasar, anne elizabeth;edw corris husb of anne
1749-1 A 17      QUIRK        Margaret                 [Full]d 1 apr 1749;Lamel;son thos,wm,philip (exec);dau ann fargher,margt shimmin;gch John + ann quirk;
1749-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     [bur ger 3 May 1749]; sibs whole blood thos isab margt; half blood hugh shimin; fa wm ; 1754 margt of age
1749-1 E      d  CORRIN       William                  only sis eliz corrin refused mother margt corrin als kinnish;pledge john shimin miller reinnass [? widow of Dan Corrin]
1749-1 E      d  ERWIN        Margaret    CLUCAS als radcliffe  3 children thomas clucas , jane clucas m in ireland, arthur Irwin [? w/o JohnClucas 9987]
1749-1 E      w  SAVAGE       Rebecca     REEVES       w/o george;dau margery;geo fa alexander;thos heywood & robt reeves overseer; geo does now promise that magery be brought up in protestant religion;magery acks 1771; see also petn of geo failed in concerns - john callin seems to have  enjoyed houses etc due to mortgage; thos heywood dead by 1761, robt reeves lives off island
1749-2 A 40      DAWSON       Henry                    d 19 dec 1749;nephw John dawson(loom + house + lands), edwd dawson;neice Ann dawson(d/o wm);bro dollin(money due from John Christian,smith), wm exor;1760: philip fargher h/o ann dawson
1749-2 A 41      QUINE        William                  d 16 feb 1749/50;wife ann als lowey;ch robt, margt(due 3 part payment by death of her gmo),wm, matthew exor;
1749-2 E      d  Hopes        William                  d abt 18months ago on board H M ship [blank];fa edwd;next of kindred - fa side jane corras als hopes + dumb woman Ann Hopes + aunt on mo's side Anne Killey als radcliff;pledges Harry Killeyt + wm Killey(dauby)
1749-2 E      d  STEVENSON    Elinor      PLANT        disputed settlement - petition by Ann Plant sis of Elinor that she had married Robert Stevenson, lived together in Liverpool for 2 years (no issue) then Robert wished to return to Kk German where he lived for a year before death in march 1747 - Elinor due her moiety but the admr Capt Wm Stevenson Lergydoo refused to pay anything - estate 400 - elinor died april 1749 without having rcvd anything - sister Ann (residing Liverpool) exex; - long dispute
1749-2 E      d  WHITE        Isabel      COWLE        d 10 sep 1749;sibs john,danl,charles,margt + esther
1749-3 E      d  LACE         Jane        COSNAHAN     [Full]d 30 jan last;sons Patk + james;husb patk;james also acks 3 by death of his gmo Mary Gelling als quayle;

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