Summary of Wills - German pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1602   e 180     COLBIN       Thomas                   [JMO had Thomas]d 22 Nov [1602] bro John Colbin(+ son Thomas); wife Kathrin Quaye exex; inv cow, horses + sheep
1630   e 336     KAIGHEN      Ralphe                   d 25 Oct [?1629] ; 3 ch Tho, Hugh & Jonye; admrs of father's side sworn;inv £12;bonds by Jo Gell(s/o Rich Gell)  and Tho Kaighen(Scaristall, Kk Michael)
1634   A      w  crellin      Ann         CAINE        [names rev in index]d 31 Dec [?1634];ch Richard (in consideration of his father's part0, Tho + Patrick jt exors; gch Katherin Crellin(d/o Tho), Anne, Bahy; dau-in-law Bahy Clercke
1636   e 226     KAIGHEN      Gilbte                   [lh margin lost in binding on film] ch dau[name lost in binding] - sheep in her husband's keeping [] Gilbt Kaihen junior],Ellin, Wm (exor);inv
1637   A [94] d  RATCLIFFE    Henry                    Deemster;wants burial St Peter's church Peel;wife(my part of lord's milne during years of the lease);ch Molyneux, Sarah(jt exex with wife);bro Wm Ratcliffe(gave me parcel of land called Lag gowine);son-in-law Willm Brydesonne (to have Lag Gowine jt with Henry's wife then to return to Silvester ratcliffe after 21yrs);cousin Sillvester Ratcliffe;Elizabeth Ratcliffe entreth? her Challony for 2 oxen etc, Jo: Moore claims from Mr Deemster Ratcliffe his father in law;inv [not always clear on film]
1637   e 402     KAIGHEN      Jo                       buried 9 Jan 1637;bro Gilbt exor; 2 unnamed sisters;
1640   e 169     KAIGHEN      Patr                     d 23 Jan 1640;infant;his sibs by both fa + mo admrs - thos at age supvs of ua; father alive;inv in epis reg
1640   e 175     CRELLIN      Jony        KILLEY       note that a will was exhibited but queried - Sr Wm Cosnahan stated she was directed by husb - court appoints ch admrs;husb Tho Crellin;Tho Radcliffe, Henry Geile + John Killey are bound by court to secure legcies (John Killey also for legacy Ellin Killey als Shimin) - until ch come to age;1640: note of dispute Tho Crellin + John Killey bro of sd Crellin's decd wife over a pretended m/c ;May 1656: John Quirk acks bro Tho Quirk all due by decease of mo Jony Killey w/o Tho Crellin; 1657: Ellen Killey satisfies childs pt of goods due to Ellinr Crellin;
1640   e 175     KAIGHEN      Ales        harrison     d 10 Apr 1640;ch Pat + Jane Kaighen - next of kin supvs;husb alive; Jane acks John + Hugh Shimmin;inv states Alice Harrison w/o Robt? Kaighen;
1640   e 178     INILLCHRISTE Jonye       GELL         page dated 24 May 1639;dau jony, Bahey, Jonie Corolle;son Wm Mcylchrist exor;inv
1641   e 512     RATLIFFE     Anne        SAMSBURY     d 12 apr 1641;ch Charles, Robt + Elizth Ratcliffe jt admrs - next of kin (mo's side) supvs;husb Charles (named in inv)
1641   e 525     KAIGHEN      Patr                     infant - inv of goods due sister Jane; noted that Patrick Cowley who was married to other sister had same for his wife's portion; Robt Kaighen gives pledges; noted also court allows a 10s legacy to Robt
1643   e 177     CRELLIN      Philip                   [rh margin lost in binding - v untidy hand + faded ink]dated 10 [] 1643;ch Richard(eldest son - half team),unnamed daus, ?sons Wm, Henry, Jo + Thomas;  Jo Quill[] supv inv
1644   e 238     CRELLIN      Thomas                   inv;Oct 1644: Edward Dawson (+ Mary Dawson als Crellin) ack bro-i-law Henry Crellin;Apr 1646: John Crellin(Schoolmaster) s/o Thos Crellin(Gunner) acks bro Henry (John signs Minister+ preacher);Nov 1648: Alice Crellin d/o John Crellin  acks 4marks(Eng) due as legacy gfa Tho Crellin (Gunner Peel Castle) from cousin Henry Crellin(now Mr Gunner at sd Castle)
1645   e 413     BRIDESON     Rich                     d 17 Dec 1644;only son of Wm Brideson(Peel) - 5 sisters Margt, Jane, Mally, Ellin + Dorothy admxs;
1645   e 428     CAYNE[cain]  Andrew                   dated 26 jul 1645;uncle henry cain exor;mother(croft during her life);Michael  crosse (owes money on land rented?);unnamed bro + sis 'begotten by Jo Kindred' [?half sibs];inv;Aug 1646: Bahee Keely claims as exex? of Henry Cayne roof of ye house + 1/4th pt of land noting that Henry kept the boy in meat + drink etc for 9 years without putting mo to any expense;
1645   e 430     LACE         Hen                      [damage at top]dated [] 1644;Peel;unnamed ch exors;wife alive;bro-i-law Thomas Clearke to be overseer;uncle Tho Cayne Largy Dooh;inv
1646   e 007     E.[Elletson] Anne                     [top + rh corner missing]sis Bessie;aunt Margt Elletson exex + overseer of 'poore children'; [noted that she is also to be sworne supervisor]names Bessie Cayne, 
1646   e 009     CALISTER     Kathrin     CONNOLEY     [top rh margin lost]husb david callister exor;ch jane, wm callister, john, isabel (provided for);gch alice Neen?;Wm Corin + wife calim agst execrs of mother-i-law  Kath Coneley;
1647   e 093     CALLIN       Jo                       d 6 oct  ;only dau Mariade Callin;wife alive states noe more goods than 1s 6d
1648   e 226     KARRAN       Tho                      d 29 dec 1648;only son Finloe Carran admr - next of kindred to be supv;
1648   e 226     KNICKLE      Robt                     d 9 nov 1648;4 ch jo, kath, jony + Ann jt admrs - netxt relns to be supvs
1648   e 231     ARTHUR       Nicho                    d 5 Jan;ch Rich, Sande[?=Alexander] + Dorethy - next relns on fa's side supv; wife alive
1648   e 235     SHIMIN       Wm                       [rh margin lost] dated 26 []ber 1648;son gilbt;wife Margt [?kelly];bought intack between his sonnes ? Gilbt + Nicholas Shimin
1649   A 14   dc TUBMAN       Jayne                    d ireland 1639;sibs thomas,margery;covenant from silvester tubman + wife anne fletcher dated 11 feb 1734 marr contract  eldest son thomas + jane tomerson d/o wm tomerson of Branstie
1652   e 150     CANNELL      Jane        BANESTER     d 20 [];3 ch john, richard + Elling cannell - next of kindred on mo's side to be supvs;husb alive;inv £30 in husb's hands
1652   e 153     CHRISTIAN    Jo                       d 21 may [1652?]ch charles, john, dorathy + christian jt admrs - next relns supys;wife alive;inv £3 14s
1653   e 199     GIELLE       née         QUIRKE       d end dec inst[page headed 1652];ch margt + elling Gielle[gell] - next of kin supvs(Wm quirk sworn);husb alive
1653   e 210     DOASSNE      Jane        BRYDSONN     [?name = dawson]d 10 feb 1653;names jonie doassne;husb alive;son wm dossne exor
1654   A      w  CORDEIGE     John                     [rh margin lost on film]d 16 apr 1655;wife chistian als moore;bro patk;dau ellin
1655   A      d  kewley       Bahy        COTTER       (020)d abt 2 years ago;unmarried ch wm, nich + bahee kewley jt admrs but deliver up to genl sumner;claims inc Tho Quilliam for childs part;
1655   A 004  w  GELL         Issabel     gell         (001)dated 1 apr 1655;bro Patr;husb John Gell(+ son Wm);fa-i-law Wm Gell;names isabel teare, mally Crellin, Wm Crellin(wages);husb + her bro Patk jt exors;inv £4 15s
1655   A 060  w  CRELLIN      Henry                    (016)(page 11)dated 30 jan 1654[1654/5];wants to be buried by side of wife [Alice young ]ch christian(eldest dau - has £30 left by gmo),thomas, henry(both youngest sons),kath, john(eldest son - exor),henry(youngest) - Wm huddleston(cousin), bro john, wm whitehead + henry young overseers;mother alive;sis ann, mary;codicil alters overseers to parson jo harrison, sr Tho Harrison, hugh crayne + tho Crayne(of lairgie);inv;dau kath infirm 38s spent on Dr Gill + others
1655   A 069  w  Shimmin      Margaret    KELLY        (017)(page 15)d 23 apr 1655;husb Wm Shimmin(Ballavergus);ch gilbt, Cath(exex), ann, isable, dorothy, jony, wm;gch wm shimin;names christian freer;inv £3 + 10d rent intacks
1655   A 071  d  LECK         Thomas                   (018)(page 16) d 6 jan 1652 [1652/3]5 ch grace, ann(1st 2 at age), margt, john + henry - some ua;wife alive
1655   A 073     cain         Catherine   KAIGHEN      (019)(page 17)dated 25 aug 1655;husb Wm Caine(Peel);sis jony;ch wm, ellin, mary + Kath cain jt execs;inv incs boat + nets
1655   A 075  w  LACE         Jane        CLERK        (021)(page 18)d 25 mar 1654;sibs tho, hugh,wm;cousin barbary watleworth;ch john, kath lace execs - uncle thos + Barbary watleworth supvs;[son john d 1656 - noted as both parents dead]
1655   A 079  w  BROWN        Christopher              (022)(page 20);peel;unnamed ch - some ua - supvs alexander young + Wm Elletson;wife alive; inv before next court (7 may 1656 )inv
1655   A 081  w  CLAGUE       William                  (024)d 3 jan [1655/6];unnamed wife exex;names patr kelly + Tho Freer
1655   A 081  w  CROSS        Edmond                   bur 15 jan 1655[1655/6];ch ellin, mariott, silvester (at age + exor)
1656   A 217  d  CALLISTER    John                     (013)d 16 may 1656 in ireland;only dau elizth - next of kin Wm Jaine + elizth calister;wife alive;inv (goods in Peel);claims include for hides + skins;
1657   A 337  w  CROSS        Thomas                   (004)[poor condition]sis Isabel;ch Stephen,Wm(ua), jane, jane(jnr) + Ellin jt execs - wife + sis Isabel supvs;pledge Michael Cross
1657   A [338 d  EIGHERTY     Elizabeth                (005)[?missing from rb516 index][poor condition]d mar 1656 [1656/7];from ireland;next of kindred of fa + mo in Ireland except alexander Young who declares no goods except 40s owed her by Sam Calow (in Ireland)
1657   A [339 w  SHIMIN       Gilbert                  (006)[?missing from rb516 index]names gilbt Kaighen;wife Margt gell exex;[full - under 1756!]
1657   A [340 w  CUBON        Philip                   (007)[?missing from rb516 index][poor condition]bro's dau Isabel cubon;sis's son Hugh Quirke;bro-i-law Patr Quirk;sis's dau isabel Quirk exex;inv 36s;names jane caine, john tunman, dorothy quirke
1660   A 931  w  KNICKEL      Margaret                 d 27 Jan 1659;names Anne Quirke, Kath Quirke, Alice Knickel; sibs Coonye Knickle exex, unnamed bro
1660   A 932  w  QUIRK        John                     d 13 Mar 1659;mother alive;unnamed sisters - mo + sisters execs ; inv 20s
1660   A 933  w  KILLEY       Robert                   d 29 Oct 1659;dau-i-law Ann Caine(mutton + lamb in hands Richd Crellin, Ballalagg);names execs of Jo Gell (+ wife Bahee Teare)ch Patr + Tho Killey exors;inv [most lost] inc wool from Bahee Teare als Cubbon
1660   A 935  w  COTTER       Catherine   LACE         dated 12 Feb 1659;cousin John Cayne, Patk Gell;servt Ann Quirke;names Margt Ellison;husb Patr Cotter exor(inc lands);inv
1660   A 939  w  WOODS        Ann         Norris als Fletcher [full] d 15 apr 1660;ch Tho Norris(her interest in Kentraugh), Tho Woods exor, George Woods, Amy Norris, Ann Norris, [Kath] Stevenson als Woods;gch Ann Cannell[; claims Amy Norris als Crayne claims agt mother Ann Fletcher;[will of husb Norris 1627]full]
1660   A 943  w  cowne        Catherine   Boyde als CO dated 22 Apr 1660;husb Mallony Cowne(jt exec with Bshy);son-i-law Wm Kaighan;ch Ann Cowne, Bahie Boy (a qtr of land ? if sold);names Jony Lowny, Gilbt Kaighan,Hugh [?shimmin];
1660   A 947  w  GELL         Patrick                  d 17 Mar 1659;master Capt Stevenson;ch Mally (at age)+ Jo Gell jt execs;wife alive (+ has goods of John) - pledges Tho Gell + Jo Gell (Airye begge)
1660   A 948  d  CARRAN       John                     orphan;sibs Tho, Jane + Margt Carran admrs;inv in fa's will
1660   A 959  w  quirke       Catherine   WATERSON     dated 12 Jun 1660;sis-i-law Isable Quirk;sibs Alice Waterson, Tho Waterson, John Waterson;husb Hugh Quirke exor;mother Kath Crobbin;names Henry Clucas;Ratcliffe Tubman, Will Crellin, Jo Gell(Ary), Isable Quirk;inv
1660   A 961  w  cain         Issabel     CURRY        dated 9 Mar 1656;sibs randolph Curry (her half of house + garden);ch Ellin(if she come - ? if dead);names Ellin Casement, Silvester Kewish;dau Ellin Knickle (now present ) exex;inv;[see lib vas p 110a 1661 Elnr Knickle d/o Issable curry sister of Randle - 3d cottage rent]
1660   A 963     STEVENSON    Jane        MOORE        [full]dated 16 Feb 1658;ch Marie Stevenson, Jane,james,child-on-my bearing,Wm Stevenson(son+ heir);had m/c;mother + father alive;husb Robt Stevenson;bro James Moore (+ her father) supvs
1661   E 087  w  KAIGHIN      William                  [lh margin decayed - poor photo]d 9 Feb 1660[1660/1];unmarried ch Hen, John + Jony
1661   E 209  d  TAGGARD      Donald                   [rh margin loss]d [] last;dau Margery admx - at age;
1661   E 212  w  CHRISTIAN    Ralph                    dated 29 feb 1660;gch ann christian;son wm;wife alive + jt exec with Wm
1661/1 A 1157 w  CORRIS       John                     d 3 apr 1661;unnamed son(roof of house after wife's decease)'wife alive;dau maryiad? exex
1663/1 A 60   w  RATCLIFFE    William                  [+ wife jane fargher]dated 1 Feb 1662;to be buried in St Peter's church Peel;names Henry Brockfield (lands currently in possession of kinsman Thomas Ratcliffe junr? of Knockalie);our [friend?] Henry Ratcliffe(Peel);any other bro + sis(6d);bro Charles Ratcliffe to see us buried + exor;witts Henry Brookfield, Charles Ratcliff;[partial will on next page]inv £1 17s;pledges Robt Stevenson, Robt Ratcliff;charges inc common lodging - include burial both of Jane + Wm
1665   A      w  KELLY        Oates                    [rh margin lost]d [] 1665;unnamed brother;mother exex
1665   A      w  KERMET       Jony                     d 12 jan 1665;ch john cain,jony;her 2 daus exex;husb alive;house in town[?peel] let to Robert Stevenson for 4 yrs to pay debts;1671: jane caine acks bro John for 35s 6d due by death of mother + father;(robt stevenson is a witt to will + to the ack)
1665   e 305     RATCLIFFE    Alexander                d 17 mar [1660];infant;bro wm ratcliffe(in ireland) + sis Jane Ratcliffe als Moor admrs;inv in mo's will;fa charles ratcliffe
1666   A      w  RANCHROFT    Hugh                     d 18 mar 1666 [?1667 as last digit overwritten];ch edward, hugh, mary;wife alive (jt exex with 2 sons);no effects other than house,croft + garden;
1666   e 218     KAIGHEN      Ellin                    d 4 Oct 1667;son Wm exor;husband alive(croft + crop during his life then to her son);sibs Wm, John(+ his son John), Margt;names Gilbt Kaighin;unnamed bro's daughters, unnamed daughter in law;husband refused to standdby will as it left land after his death to son - threatened to be sent to prison - court gives son 10th part of his mothers part
1666   e 487     QUIRKE                                d 20 nov [1668]; of bb Gown?;pauper 
1666   e 702     KILLEY       Allice      CORLETT      [page 34]d 19 may 1666;unnamed dau (had m/c);husb alive;3 ch tho , david + John Kelley jt exors - one child in Ireland[?is this the dau]
1666   e 705     RATCLIFFE    Hen                      [page 37]dau Ann(half cow);wife alive;son wm exor;note dated 15 Nov 1670 - exor is in Ireland and hearing there that the executorship was but small  made over to his mother as is avouched in court  and she dying lately in poverty had nothing to inventory and the exor being also dead his children cannot expect anything
1666   e 828     CORLETT      John                     [rh margin lost on film] d [] jun 1666;ch Kath, thomas(exor)
1668   A      w  CANNEL       Ellin                    d 18 mar 1669;ch Tho(eldest), Pat, william + joney jt exors - supv Sill Huggin;husb alive;goods in hands Tho + Pat Huggin
1668   A      w  CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 18 Apr 1669;ch John(half a qtr of purchased land), Kath, Henry, Wm, Tho, Richard jt execs - John + Henry sworn
1668   A         RAMSCROFT    Mary                     [?is this mary watterson als Ramscrof][rh margin lost]d 16 Feb;ch Tho (upper part of house), Ann(+ qtr of garden) exex, Robert;witt William Callister + Mary Crellin? (noted as husb + wife thus not competent) - 3 ch Tho, Ann + Robt Watterson admrs;inv 4s
1669   A         COLVIN       Catherine                d 22 Feb 1669;ch Tho(forgave 10s bequeathed him by father to pay funeral costs), John + Alice(execs) ;inv 3s 4d [Alice m Thos Crellin]
1669-7 E 297  d  Geile        Thomas                   d 24 nov 1669;only sis margt geile admx;wife alive (+query if with child then child to be admr)
1669-7 E 298  d  kinglish     Elizabeth   ROBINSON     d 20 jan [1669/70];ch alice, joney, john, katherin kinglish jt admrs - all at age John sworn;husb alive;inv 5s 6d
1669-7 E 298  d  QUAY         Margaret    LAMB         d 24 dec 1669;unmarried ch barbary, john, jane + dorothy admrs - all at age some in Ireland;inv 6s 4d
1669-7 E 299  w  CHARRAN      John                     dated 4 dec 1669;cousin john mcylchrist d/o Thos mcylchrist;mother alive [indicated as poor and at great trouble in bringing him up - the father's kindred at no trouble allowed 2 parts of inv];master robert stevenson?;inv 3s 8d?;pledge tho McLees
1669-7 E 299  d  cotch        kat: [cath]              d nov [1669];pauper;nil habet
1670/2 E 405  w  Caine        jony        cannell      d 25? jun 1670;ch John, Thomas, Bahye + William Caine jt execs - some ua;husb alive;1671 John + Thos at age
1672   A      w  CARRAN       Thomas                   d 9 mar 1672;sis jane,margt;dau isable, ellin exexs ua mother sworn aunt margt carran;inv;1707: john kelly w/o an unnamed dau acks from margt carran;
1672   A      w  CRAIN        Thomas                   [1st on rb519 + last on rb518?]d 27 Nov 1672;ch Hugh + Alice jt execs;wife alive; 26 May 1679: Alice Crayn(Hollomtown ?=Peel) ack fully satisfied from bro Hugh re goods of father + mother
1672   A      w  gell         Margaret    ELISON       dated 20 jun 1673;kinswomen bahy crelling,ann caine;names james caine;husb patrick gill;
1672   A      w  KAIGIN       Margaret                 dated 20 jun 1693;son-i-law thos gell;bro [?christ] kaighin;son john cown;
1672   A      w  KEWISH       Ebod                     d 25 apr 1673;names joney,ann sayle,+ others inc robt kewish;her son john kewish exor;
1672   A      w  QUIRK        Margaret                 d 9 nov 1672;unnamed son,sis;thomas shimmin exor
1672-2 E 108  w  BODDAGH      Hugh                     d 14 july 1672;ch margt(had m/c), ellin, wm, robt, bahie;wife alive + jt exex with bahie;gson john killey;names tho quilliam;witt phillip kelly + john woods clerk(sr john woods vicar);wm killey claims for a mare or 20s;philip kelly in right of Robt Boddagh (?being rh margin lost) wife's extrs for 17s in m/c;
1673-1 E 186  d  MOORE        Margaret                 d 20 mar 1672 in Kk Braddan;only sis ann moore admx;
1673-1 E 190  w  corkill      Jane        QUAIL        d 22 Apr 1672;husb Ewan Corkill, son Wm Corkill exor;names Daniel Christian(a ploughing of oates land + []of flax  during his life);inv 44s; court somewhat unhappy with with will and allows Wm only the goods mentioned
1673-2 E 250  d  COLBIN       Daniel                   [noted as porter Peel Castle 1670] [decree is found under Malew] decree is based on depositions by witt George Stole that he when he was to go to Lord Bishop of St Asaph some 3 yrs ago he asked Stole + David Murray to note his will in wch his wife + children to have his goods with 6d to all others;another deposition names wife Ellin + child (dau + under age) in Ireland left to her care
1674   A      w  COLVIN       Hugh                     d 14 Feb 1684;ch Ann, Henry(exor) ; [bur reg has a souldier - noted in Peel garrison 1670]
1674-2 E 432     CROSS        Michael                  [page 38] d 12 may;ch slivester, philip, margt,alexander jt admrs - eldest son Silvester declares no goods other than his apparell;Mr Ewan Curghie claims £40
1675   A      d  SUMPTER      Peter                    d 8 feb 1675;ch wm, jane jt admrs;wife alive;inv
1675-1 E 602  d  CORKLE[corkil] William                depositions by Thos Mcylchrist (aged 70+ yrs) that Jony Quaile was 20yrs afore he knew her - sister to thos quaile(Peel) who was gfa to Wm Corkill decd;Richd Quirk (aged 60+ yrs) confirms he was told such;Wm Corrin(aged 60+) said the Quailes came from Ballakeg;Margt Lace(aged 30) stated her mo-i-law Ann Lowey  said Thomas Quaile was on the Quailes of Ballamore;court decides Wm Christian(peel) next of kin
1675-1 E 617  d  leike        Anne        CASEMENT     d 26 oct 1675;ch margt, john + hen Lecke admrs - all at age (some off Island)
1675-2 E 741     []           Ann                      [?name not Kaighen] d 29 Mar 1675;ch Margt, Alice, Kath;husb alive
1676   A      w  CAIN         Mary                     d 10 dec 1676;son silvester,wm;gch mary ?noagh;dau joney,jane;ch wm + jane execs
1676   A      d  CORRIN       William                  [rh margin lost on film]d 30 [lost];only son robt admr;note that goods formerly disputed but nothing other than clothes;
1676   A      d  FAIRBROTHER  Randle                   d 10 june;3 ch thomas, wm + dorothy all ua - sylvester + elizth fairbrother sworn supv;wife alive pledge Michael White, other half goods in hands of Sylvester + issable fairbrother who are to main one of children
1676 a E 055  w  CAIN         James                    [top of page lost]son Wm;wife exex (can leave to wch child she pleases);inv abt £3
1677-2 E 101  w  Cown         Ann                      d 4 jan 1676;Match Kaighin decreed admx - next of kin on mo's side to be supvs;husb alive;the goods in the hands of the father with the child; [?is she Ann Kaighin als Cown - dau match
1677-2 E 103  d  Quay         Margt       caine        d 8 jul 1677;only child jony quay admx - next of kin of mo's side to be supv - uncle Wm caine sworn;husb alive
1678-1 A      w  CRELLIN      Thomas                   d 12 Jun 1679;wife alive;ch John, Alice + Henry jt execs - Robt + John Crellin supvs; inv; 28 Mar 1687: John + Alice ack all due by deaths of fa + mother from uncle John Waterson - noted that Alice is Watterson als Crellin; 6 Jan 1687: Hen one of execs to sd Thomas + Alice his wife being now at age acks half of goods held by uncle John Crellin, other hal;f with uncle Richard; 13 Oct 1693 : John + Alice ack satisfied from hands of exors of uncle Rich Crellin
1678-1 A      d  WATLEWORTH   John                     d abt 2yrs ago;s/o Caesar Wattleworth;due goods by death gmo;only bro Alexander Wattleworth admr
1678-1 E 247  d  KAIGHIN      Gilbert                  d 28 feb 1677; m/c John Killip - Jony Kaighin accepted as will
1678-1 E 247  d  ?Kaighin     Margaret    GELL         m/c dated 17 Jul 1669;John Killip + wife Jony als Kaighin obo son John Killip;John Kaighin + wife Match als Kelly obo dau Katherin Kaighin;to marry Kk Michael by 14 Feb;Kaighin to give £13 + parcel of intack (4d rent) in Kk German known as Curraugh Bodugh ?;Killip to give all lately in possession of fa Gilbert Kaighin + his wife (A Margt Gell marks after Gilbert)(they being present assent half now rest after their decease - reserving what is intended for a legacy to dau Jony );witt Wm Kaighin, Wm Quayle, John Christian, John Killip - all parties 'x'; accepted as will for both Margt Gell [?margt Kaighin als Gell] + Gilbert Kaighin
1678-1 E 247  w  KILLY        William                  d 1 may 1678;ch John, Bahee + Mary jt exors;father Wm alive and sworn 'is the fittest' - Margt Killey also sworn;wife alive;inv + more due by contract bargain from exors Hugh Boddagh + father Willm Killey;1684: Mary + Bahee at age ack 10s ea from mother + stepfa Silvester Huggin
1678-2 e 320     BROADS       Joney                    d 13 Jul 1678;ch Ann, Jony(half house);husb + jony jt execs;inv 5s
1678-2 e 321     CRAYNE?      Margret     KILLY        d 4 Oct 1678;ch Isabel, Wm exor;witt Gilbt Crayne + Ann Killey;Wm Craine swears no goods and will pay 4th pt of his own debts - pledge Gilbt Crayne;
1678-2 e 322     CRELLIN      Silvester                d 15 Aug 1678;son John;wife jt exec with son;inv 1/4 house;wife sworn
1678-2 e 322     SCARFFE      John                     d 26 Jun 1678;names Henry Kewley (all goods due him by death fa + mo);wife exex;mungo hartley + Stevan cross wittnesses + pledges
1679-1 E 038  w  CROSS        William                  d 22 aug 1679;thomas crayne owed him 7s wages;unnamed sister;mother + bro steven jt execs;
1679-1 E 039  d  killip       Kathrin     GELL         d 20 oct 1679;only ch jony killip admx - ua - next of kin mo's side margt  + mary gell supv;husb pat killip;pledges john killip, jo shimin;1690: pat killip dead - margt gell taken tuition of ye admx
1680/1 A      w  KILLY        William                  [poor copy]d 20 nov 1680;ch margt, bess, mary + mally exexs;wife alive - Wm Kaighin + Jon Cain supvs - inv goods of eldest son in hands Hen ? + Jon Kaighin ...
1680-1 A      w  McYLECHRIIS  Randle                   [rh margin lost on film] d dec 1680;bahie mcylchrist exex;names issable mcylchrist;inv 5s
1680-1 E 178  w  DAWSON       William                  d 29 sep 1680;ch john(half the croft), hugh(eldest son),unnamed youngest son;wife exex
1680-1 E 179  d  CUBBON       Thomas                   mc thos cubbon + isable maclchrist;dated 7 feb [?year] but ack'd jul 1671;thomas cubon (kk german)+ wife[?issable] obo son Thomas;issable Maclchrist (kk german) obo herself;to marry st peter chapel[Peel] ;cubon to settle half estate; witt john shimin x, john gell x, tho quirk x,john woods
1680-1 E      d  SAYLE        Thomas                   d 21? aug;ch joh, mariod + cath -ua? john + patt? sayle supvs;wife alive
1681-2 E 38   w  KILLEY       Ann                      names Issable Young;unnamed dau-in-law;ch Hugh, Robt, Patrick, John(exor); inv 7s
1683-1 A      w  CHRISTIAN    Mariod/mary COOPER       d 18 mar 1683/4;husb Dan(looms + sheep);ch ann, jane, john(eldest son), wm, betty + jane (last 3 the brewhouse + other two gardens betwixt them - jt execs - ua - inv £2 12s household, £1 brewhouse
1683-1 E 639  d  CRAINE       Ann                      orphan;d 21 may 1683;only sis Eliz Craine admx - at age + sworn;goods in fa + mo's invs
1683-1 E 639  d  MacLCHREEST  Jonie                    d 12 may 1683;father(her part of a cow);nephew Wm Mclechrist exor - at age + sworn;inv 8s 6d
1683-1 E 641  w  FAIRBROTHER  Jonie       ELLISON      d 15 may 1683;ch christopher, elizth, thomas,randle(+ his ch);husb wm exor
1683-2 E 700  d  COWLEY       Margrett                 d 11 Oct 1683;neice Mary C[?] exex at age
1684   A      w  QUANE        Randle                   d 12 Aug 1684;ch Thomas,Jony, Christian, patrick(exor);unnamed eldest dau + youngest son Thomas ;names Bessy Quaine;wiit John Kelly + wife - John Kelly sworn in place of exor who is in Irealnd;inv 15s
1684-2 E 121  d  HUGGIN       Patrick                  pauper - had no goods what would pay his debts;wife alive;pledges Hen Crellin + Sill Huggin
1684-2 E 127  d  COWLE        Catherine                d 3 sep 1683;orphan;next of kin [lost in binding] cowle admr;goods in fa's inv
1685-1 A      w  KEWLEY       Nicholas                 dated 7 Aug 1684;ch Christian, Patrick, John(in Ireland) wife alive + jt exec with John; bro-i-law Sill Boddagh
1685-1 E 242     Conning      Elizabeth                d 23 May [1685?];orphan;only bro David Conning admr;goods in mo's inv
1685-1 E 242     curlett      Silvester                d 30 May [1685?];next of kin - aunts Jony + Ellinr Carrett jt admxs;goods in mo's inv
1685-2 E         KELLY        Ellin                    d 16 Apr?;orphan;sibs Wm, bessy + mally jt admrs - all at age;goods in mo's inv
1686-2 E 489     QUAYLE       Michell                  d 1 oct;ch Ro, Henry + Mary jt admrs - next of kin Jon + Wm Quayle supvs;wife alive;inv
1687-1 A      w  RADCLIFFE    Samuel                   dated 2 apr 1687;ch peggy(40s to feed + clothe her);2 unnamed ch (both unmarried + under 21( jt execs;unnamed wife + mother
1687-1 E 573     CALLISTER    Alice                    d 16 may 1687;peel;dau sara, elizth;son john exor;
1687-2 E 65      Kewley       Bahee                    d 20 Oct 1687;bro Wm Kewley(cow shared with Harry Crellin); sis Kath (+ john Crellin) execs;unnamed bro + sis in Marowne (6d ea)
1688   A      w  TUBMAN       Ellinor     STEVENSON    jw Robt Stevenson dated 3 May 1662;[?no ch]
1688-1 A      d  CAIN         Edmond                   d 20 feb 1687;sibs wm, john + ann jt admrs;inv 10s
1688-1 A      w  WOODS        Catherine   STEVENSON    d 10 feb 1687;ch tho, john, jane + cath jt admrs;husb capt hugh?[blotted];bro capt Stevenson
1688-1 E         CROSS        Thomas                   d 4 jan;only ch Gilbt cross admr ua - next of kindred on fa's side Phill + Wm cross;wife alive(2s 6d legacy allowed);inv £1 5 8d
1688-2 E 781     RATCLIFE     William                  [rh margin lost in binding] 29 Oct last;Peel;ch [], thomas, Kathrin + William - all ua - next of kin supv;wife alive
1689-1 A      w  Dawson       Elin        WATERSON     dated 28 jan 1689;sis margt kerran;niece isable cown exex
1689-1 E      d  CRAINE       Jane        Ronerson?    d 30 Oct;ch Thomas + Issa Tubman jt admrs - Thomas out of country + his bro Radcliffe Tubman sworn to act for him;husb alive;Issa Tubman swore in court that she is yet to be paid out of father's goods - court orders to be paid out of 1st part of inv [some further text too dark to read on film]
1689-1 E      d  Crellin      Issabel     CROSS        [indexed as Issa Cross]d 1 oct ;ch margt + christian crellin jt admrs - supv (mo side) Phill Cross;husb alive;inv £2 13s; Thomas Crellin + rest? of exrs of Jon Crellin claim 28s due debt
1689-1 E      w  Killip       Patrick                  d 5 oct 1689;dau by 1st wife;croft + mill to present wife for bringing up children until his 1st dau come to lawful years; wife + ch jt execs;ch uncle Jon Killip supy;witt John Looney, Looney McLooney 
1689-1 E      d  McYLCHRIST   Jony                     d 15 sep; ch margt, john, ellin, issa + Cath jt admrs - 2 ch at age supvs of others;husb alive;inv 4s
1689-1 E      w  QUIRK        Phinlo                   d 23 oct 1689;dau ellin;names wm kewley + wife Kooney[Cooney] 
1689-1 E      d  SHIMIN       Thomas                   d 24 nov;next of kindred by fa + mo admrs - john quackin, Ro: Quackin + Margt Quackin on fa's side, Wm,Christor , Issa + ellnr Harrison on mo's side - margt +ellinr at age + sworn;wife alive;1690: Alice Mcylvorrey + Kath Carret claim 22s from admrs of thomas shimmin due by death of aunt. [?confused as to why these admrs
1689-2 A      d  YOUNG        Margaret    NORRIS       d 12 mar 1689
1689-2 E      w  CLUAG        Thomas                   d 16 oct;gch ann gell [?gellin as rh margin frayed];wife alive ;only dau + son-i-law execs;inv - only + house + gaeden
1689-2 E      w  CRELLIN      John                     d 6 sep 1689;gch patr,gdau name xd thru;son patk(+ ch),henry jt exors;wife alive
1689-2 E      d  WATERSON     cath                     died 20 Oct; see wm
1689-2 E      d  WATERSON     William                  d 12 apr [?1689] ;wife Cath died 20 Oct;ch - charles (another name xd thru - already dead), Eliz ? jt admrs;inv £4
1689-2 E      d  YOUNG        John                     d 7 jun 1689;ch ann, eliz, mary, cath + john - all ua - no relns of father in Isle;wife alive
1690-1 A      w  COLVIN       Henry                    son arthur (his loomes) other ch jane ann henry thomas + john;son hugh
1690-1 E      d  Corras       Bahee       creer        d 9 aug 1689;ch wm, john + margt jt admrs;inv 10s
1690-1 E      d  CORRIN       Robert                   d 16 feb 1689;ch danold, mary + thomas;wife alive + sworn [?ch ua];inv £1 9s inc half of garden bought from Wm Christian[being 17s 6d - house + other half not prized]
1690-1 E      d  CRELLIN      John                     d 12 apr 1690;sibs henry, cath, wm ,thos + richd jt admrs;inv £3
1690-1 E      d  GARRETT      Ann         LAKE         d 24 apr 1690 in england?;ch cath, wm, john + robt garrett jt admrs
1690-1 E      d  GARRETT      William                  d 10 may  1690;ch cath, wm, john + robt jt admrss
1690-1 E      d  QUAILE       Katherine   CARRETT      d 21 jan 1689;ch stephen ?, thomas, christopher + elizth - next of kin on mo's side Danl + edward garrett sworn
1690-1 E      d  QUAILE       Kathrine                 d 15 jan 1689;ch wm + jony - ua next of kin Wm + John Quaile ;husb alive
1690-2 A      w  KILLIP       Christian   LOONY        d 3 mar 1690;eldest + youngest son;eldest bro john loaney;names margt looney;isable looney d/o bro john;dau kath killip;2 uncles sworn
1690-2 E      d  CUBBON       Gilbert                  d 4 feb 1690;only dau jane admx;
1690-2 E      d  Samsbury     William                  d 1jan 1689;only ch jane;wife alive
1690-3 E      d  CLUCAS       Barbary     BOY          d 17 sep ;ch john, thomas, + mary clucas jt admrs - next of kin on mo's side supvs;husb alive
1690-3 E      c  CUBBON       ?robert                  dated 25 apr 1689;Thomas Cubbon + Margt Gell;Robert Cubbon father of Thomas to give all goods except 6d legacy to dau Margt - witt John Caine,John Shimin;court accepts this as made to benefit of children no opposition made by child Margt - the same repeated on his deathbed
1690-3 E      d  GELL         John                     d ua - uncle Sill Gell  mother Ann Kelly  admrs - goods with fa's will 1685
1690-3 E      d  GELL         William                  see john
1690-3 E      w  otiwell      William                  d 17 Oct 1690;names Thomas Ottiwell(2 ch);wife Elizth als Quine exex;
1691-2 A      w  CUBON        Margaret                 d 14 apr 1692;husb alive;2 ch gilbt + richd gell exors - ua fa sworn;pledge tho cannell, hen gell;
1691-2 A      w  CUBON        Philip                   d 31 mar 1692;2 unnamed sis;mo(his right in great house) exex;inv 5s
1691-2 E      w  CAINE        William                  d 20 jun 1691;son john,wm,thos exor;inv 11s
1692-1 A      w  QUAILE       Elin        CARRET       d 7 jan 1692;bro wm clark;niece ann clerk;nephew hugh macbooy;son huan quaile exor; names wm cowle;
1692-1 E      d  CROSS        Margaret    GELLIN       d 25 apr;unmarried dau ann adnx;husb phil;
1692-1 E      d  KILLIP       John                     d 19 may;wife [pregnant;there was a m/c between him + wife;next of kin fa side Wm Killip;inv abt £7 - goods due to child by former wife not included.later note in inv + charges by overseers Hugh Shimmin (who has taken land to farm)+ Will Killip - Gilbt Killip now heir of Ballakaughin;
1692-1 E      d  [Woods]      Issbel      [KAIghIN]    note indexed as Issa Kaighin;d 14 [lost in binding] last;husb alive; ch Coony?,[?ellin, ?Wm ] + Jony Woods jt admrs;next of kindred on mo's side Hen + Jon Kaighen
1692-2 A      w  curlett      thomas                   [full]d 15 mar 1692;gson gilbt clark;dau bahie exex;
1692-2 E      w  COWLE        Patrick                  d 14 aug 1692;sis Mary(goods from mo + father);wife + only ch execs;goods do not pay debts;
1692-2 E      d  KNEALE       Bahie                    d 14 jul 1692;gch Mally Christian(w/o Tho Kelly),Thomas + John Clucas(John Clucas acks obo his ch);witt Bessie Hunter + Sam Watleworth;includes a copy of contract dated 31 jan 1669/70;Bahie Kneal now wife Mungo Hartley (Peel) + Patrick Christian s/o Robt Christian(late dec of Lewage) with her dau Jane Clark that Bessuie will give in dowry 20s + one pair of sheets (which includes goods due from fa) + to 
                                                           have executorship after her decease ;witt Rich Hare?, Jon Curghy;- ack'd 4 feb 1677 but diff witt
1692-3 E      d  CRELLIN      Richard                  d 10 Dec? [?1691]; son John adrmr;pledges Sill Mclechreest + Patr Crellin (they pay £10 and are excused having to bring in any inventory);a Jno Crellin claims for an in calf cow + 9 sheep due by death of mother
1693-1 A      w  TUNMAN       Barbara     CRAINE       [full]d 12 feb 1679/80;sibs thomas,john,isable,alice;dau bessy[elizth] + jane exexs;goods left in hands of bro ratcliff taubman when went to Ireland;only Bessy (w/o Patk crellin) alive
1693-2 A      w  CANNEL       Mabel                    d 20 mar 1693;son hugh (+ unnamed bros);unnamed dau-i-law(apparell)
1693-2 E 078  d  STEVENSON    Robert                   d 3 sep 1692;lhergydoo;ch robt, mathew, jane + ellin jt admrs - all out of island their bro James Stevenson sworne [?other ch as yet unprovided for by m/c shence admrs]inv
1693-2 E 079  d  CAINE        John                     d 5 jul [1692?]largydoo;8 ch viz thomas(eldest + reliquished right in court), john(out of island), margt, charles, wm, barry, robt + bessy jt admrs;wife alive;margt + charles at age + sworne - some ch ua;Sill Kenish obo his mo Dorothy claims, Jas Kenish claims;inv £20
1694-2 A      w  COLLISTER    William                  d 10 apr;former wife's ch david + jane calister;wife mary crellin + dau cath jt exexs
1694-2 A      w  COWLE        Mary                     d 20 jan;sis margt,bahee(exex)
1694-2 A      w  QUIRK        John                     d 22 feb 1694;only ch exec - john gell to be supv;wife alive
1694-2 E 165  w  CLARK        Patrick                  d 23 sep 1694;names bessie fairbrother(lands), daivd young, john caine(lergydoo), tho Cain,robt clark?;caesar Watleworth + Silvr farirbrother exors;bro Stephen + robt Clark;eliz young als fairbrother claims 22s 9d
1694-2 E 165  d  KILLEY       William                  d 9 Oct;orphan - next reln John Killey admr - goods in fa's will
1695-1 A      w  CANNEL       Elizabetht  STEVENSON    son + heir;other 3 ch jane,bahee + caesar execs -ua;bro john stevenson;husb alive
1695-1 A      w  KELLEY       John                     bro-i-law hen maclevorrey;ch wm,averick jt execs - ua;wife alive
1695-2 A      w  KILLEY       Jane        QUIRK        d 25 mar 1696;niece jane quirk;names henry quirk(+dau);only dau (unnamed);husb henry exor
1695-3 E 302  d  KILLIP       Gilbert                  d dec last;orphan;sis jony by fa's side admx - in regard she is admx to her father to whom goods of sd Gilbt were left by mo if child should die ua;see invs in fa John Killip (lib 1 1692) + wife Kath;inv
1696-1 E 364  d  CONNING      William                  perished by water in Scotland in april last[1696];4 ch david, robt, Wm + Margt - all except david ua - david + wife Margt sworn supv;inv £11 8s;detailede inv (a merchant) + list of debtors
1696-1 E 364  d  ervin        James                    d 11 Apr [1696];ch Ann, Tho, david, John + ?C[] - no relns on fa's side on island - wife sworn
1696-2 A      w  COTCH        Jony        clucas       dat 19 apr 1697; names ellin crain Pat Hutchin's wife;sister's son gilbert crain;sis's dau ann crain;kinswoman margt cross als Harrison;
1696-2 A      w  KINGLISH     John                     dat 2 feb 1696/7;peeltown;wife jane; house + garden with croft;mort 43s to Henry Mcylvorrey on croft;ack by Henry Mcylvorrey says John Kinglish fa of jane cubbon als kinglish w/o wm cubbon; wit to ack daniel lace + henry mcylvorrey jnr
1696-2 E 425  w  KELLY        Jane        christian    d 31 jul 1696;husb exor;unnamed sis's son (at Edwd Moore's?)
1696-2 e 429     ATKINSON                              [rh margin lost] d 2 nov 1696;wife jane kneakle exex;
1697-1 A      d  CORRAs       Catherine                d 6 feb;only au jane moor;s-i-l silvester mcylchreest
1697-1 A      w  TEAR         William                  d dec last; son thos;dau jane + kath;gson robt quane ?;son wm + appointed son edw overseer;
1697-1 E 470  d  CAIN         John                     d 6 feb;only ch esther admx - ua next of kin tho cain;wife alive;
1697-2 A      w  CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 20 mar 1698;ch margt,wm (exor as he has been my great assist + support in my old + feeble days), tho;wife margt
1698-1 A      w  cotter       Ann         christian    [very difficult to read faint]d 27 dec 1698/9;dumb child gilbt cross?;husb mark christian;stepson Patk Christian;son thomas killip
1698-1 A      w  CRELLIN      Bahy                     date 22 feb 1697/8;names ann crellin;patt crellin's dau margt;james crellin's wife;gilbt kermott; nphinlo crellin half bro john crellin;kinsman patrk crellin;
1698-2 A      w  Quaile       Ewan                     d 8 apr 1699 in parish Kk Lonan;will declared mid apr 1696;mo-i-law margt Moor;bro-i-law john gell;ch wm exor - ua;wife margt;court notes a posthume - uncle Will Clerk supv
1698-2 A      w  QUIRK        Bahy        MCYLECHReest d 16 feb;ch mary,john, patk - jt execs;husb alive
1698-2 E      w  CURLETT      Patrick                  26 jun 1698;son wm ua;wife alive;wm gell & kath thompson overseers
1698-2 E      w  McLCHREEST   William                  d 14 apr 1698;gdau kath mcylxt;son syl;gson sam mcylxt;dau john gell's wife;;gson wm son of syl;son gilbt
1699-2 E      d  cain         thos                     d 24 oct 1699;dau ann;son philip;3ch ann wm philip execrs;wm cain uncle
1699-2 E      w  CALLISTER    Catherine                d 18 oct 1699;eldest son wm;lands & house via death of husb's parents;son david harrison (other ch unnamed);2 daus 4 ch john david margt kath callister exers;david harrison acks from step father daniel
1699-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Dorothy     WHITE        d 17 aug 1699;sis jane,son wm,dau dority;dau ann christian;dau's son; husb daniel son tho fairbrother exec
1699-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 18 oct 1699;house & lands,son john;dau issable;dau margt;daus kath & isable execs;dau ellin ommitted 
1699-2 E      d  CroSS        Alice       CRELLIN      d 1 sep 2 ch mary cath ua supv philip & jo crellin; husb alive
1699-2 E      d  DAWSON       Henry                    d 14 M[] 2 ch john & jane ua
1699-2 E      w  ELLISON      Bahee       CANELL       d 25 sep 1699;husb & sibs unnamed no children
1699-2 E      w  ELLISON      Marriod     HOG          d 22 sep;dau cath skillicorn;sis cath
1699-2 E      d  GELL         Mary        CLAGUE       d 12 oct;ch john,jony,ann,mary + jane(1st 2 at age);husb henry;inv £7;francis brew enters claim for half garden,half a cow etc all obtained wrongly from him
1699-2 E      w  GELL         Patrick                  land & mill;heir philip gell ua;ch phil & ann;uncle philip gell;claim by mark christian & son patrick;1719 isabel  gell living with john kelly
1699-2 E      w  harrison     cath        shimin       only son thos
1699-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      Ann         kinglish     peel;d 11 oct;names jane kinglish,barbary kinglish,mary kinglish;bessy kinglish;s-i-l joney kaighen;names nelly cross, mable cross;jane cowle, bessy fairbrother;husb henry;
1699-2 E      w  KERISH       Thomas                   d 28 oct ;3 ch 
1699-2 E      w  kneale       philip                   d 8 sept;youngest dau ;bro henry;middlemost dau
1699-2 E      d  kneale       ann                      d 1 sep 3ch isabel jony christian;xtn ua
1699-2 E      d  quirk        john                     orphan d 14 sep mother maryott mcylchreest;fa john quirk
1699-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Margaret    QUAY         d 16 oct;dau mary;son philip;land in glan rushin;
1699-2 E      w  WATERSON     Henry                    d 1 oct 1699 son wm, bro's son son thos & wm;mentions tan pitts;3 ch margt letitia john
1699-2 E      w  WATERSON     betty                    d 26 sept 1699;money due to her from exrship of mother to bro Wm;half sisters margt & letitia watterson;
1699-3 E      w  FAIRBROTHER  Margery                  d 27 oct 1699;husb, dau; bro's daus alice & margery;ch wm & ann:bro john craine overseer; husb sill fairbrother

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