Summary of Wills - Braddan pre1700

These are summaries of some wills[148/1416 1600-1699] for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1613   e 001     CORKILL      Willm                    d in England 9 Nov 1613;court decreed Qm Christian + Danold Christian next of kin on mo's side and Isabell + James Corkill next of kin on father's side and appt them admrs
1620   e 268     GELLINE      Paule                    [damaged top + lh margins]dau jony, elizabeth,john, nicholas, [ lost] + paul;wife joney cowine + eldest Danold jt execs
1620   e 056     CRELLIN      Tho                      [Douglas][lost top margin + rh margin lost in binding]son Philip, Wm(the elder?),?wm the younger;two daughters execs;wife alive ;bro Robert(2 sons), Richard(2 daus)
1620   e 121     MURREY       Margarett   HARRISONE    [? parish - indexers allocated to Marown but  witness are all Douglas]d 5 Nov 1620;Margret Quayle als Dawson [?Dawson als Quayle] + Cathren Quayle(now wife of Wm Dobson)  depose that were present at the last will + testament of Margt Harrison late wife of old David Murrey of Douglas decd, that she brought noe goods [] her said husband David Murrey and desired him to be good to her child wth wch the said Margt died
1624   e 135     STEPHEN      John                     d 2 Jun 1623;son Henry Stephen exor;inv 
1625   e 256     MURRAY       Robert                   [preceded by extensive list of debtors organised by parish + town + some in England] dated 25? Apr 1625;wife alive (all money etc) dau Alice;brother's son John Murray;bro David +  George(shop) - jt exors;names Henry Harrison, M[] Stevenson
1632   e 442     MURREY       Elizabeth   LUCAS        d 27 Feb 1631;ch Jane,Robt, David + Marye - uncle(mother's side) Robt Lucas  supv;husb alve;names Ellin Lucas als Qualtrough, Bessy Murrey, [], Mrs Ellin Moore, Kathrin Stanley, Jane Kenaige, Jony Clark; long inv of David Murrey
1635   e 119     FAILE        Elline                   dated 16 Jul 1635;5 unnamed children(my share of croft) exors - uncle + aunt on morther's side overseers;sister Christian [and?] Mally Faile;
1635   e 130     mURREY       David                    [Douglas]dated at top 30 Oct [1635] but this may be date case continued at Douglas;merchant, Douglas;wants burial Kk Braddan chancel;wife dead + the 3 younger child to have the 3 cellars in lieu of what was left them;4 ch David(eldest - my dwelling house + tables+ forms + the new brewhouse,garden + shop), Robt(cellar adj John Sharpe's houses, with the loft), Mary(cellar adj new brewhouse), Jeen[Jane](cellar adj young Phillip Moore's cellar + 10 left by mother) - all other goods inc lease on half the Bishop's third of Kk Santon[tythes] equally between ch;ch jt exors but ua overseers Thomas Huddleston - 
                                                           Jane, Robt Lucas Robt, Hurbert Anderson - David and Philip Moore - Mary - wives of overseers left 4 hats worth [] a pair - overseers also to keep household goods for children til at age or pay cost; brother Robert, George(wife + 3 ch);bro's son John Murrey(20 nobles wch my bro Rodert did lend him + goods in shop at cost price as bought in England - also 3rd part of the barke, my little horse + a cake of pitch);servant Catharan Joyner- long acct some problems following death of Robert Lucas as against custom he gave as security his lands wch was not at time accepted by court tho seems overseers did so accept - annexed notes Philip Moore has some goods for use of Marie Murrey, Hurbert Anderson also has goods for use of David Murrey (1638: acks for 70 10s by David Murrey to Anderson + to Moore)
1635   e 142     MURREY       George                   d 7 Aug [1635?];ch Kath, Mrgrt + Jane Murrey jt admxs - Jo Murrey next of kin fa's side + Tho Willsone uncle on mo's side sworn supv;
1636   e 166     STAINE       Hary                     ch Margt(eldest dau - his part of fishing boat), John(my part of team of oxen), Harry - jt exors;debts etc;inv
1639   e 211     CAINE        Margtt                   d 6 mar 1642;tho + Kath Caine admrs - next of kin by father's side supv
1639   e 211     QUIGGIN      Willm                    [rh margin lost in binding];d 27 mar 1640?;bro Wm admr - [?issable?] fargher + christopher fargher next of kin supvs;inv in fa's will
1640   e 219     GELLING      Willm                    dated 22 may 1640;sibs danold(6d), john(6d), Oats(6d),Jo (the other)(3s);names Jo Gelling, ann Gelling, Mariod Gelling, Isable Gelling;uncle Paul Gelling exor;
1642   A 35   w  CAIN         William                  d 23 oct 1642;ch margt,alice,wm,christopher;wife alive
1642   e 28      Cain         Hugh                     d 7 Nov 1642;ch Daniel + Isabel cain jt admrs - 'not a penie worth of any goods';
1642   e 29      Langtree     Christopher              d 7 Feb 1642;sis Margt Langtree admx;
1643   e 225     MURREY       Jane                     [some loss top + rh margin]d 15 Apl [1643]only sis Katherin Murrey (of lawful age) admx; inv in the father's inv
1644   e 338     CANNELL      Wm                       d 10 Feb 1643;only son Jo: Cannell admr - supvs Adam, Jo:, Robt + James Cannell
1644   e 338     GELLEN       Jo                       d 2 Mar 1644[?1643/4];bro Paul Gel[lin] admr; inv some linen 6s
1644   e 338     Kearemode    Kathren                  [tight binding on rh]d 12 Mar 1644[?1643/4];ch Robt, [?], Mary [?joint] - ?supv Christian + Margret  [Kathan xd thru] ka[];
1646   e 526     COWLEY       Anthony                  [undated]names Bahie Taggargt who dwelth with me;Paul Bridson(Douglas) exor;inv
1651   e 004     HALSALL      Henry                    [page 62][court 26 jan 1657[/8]]perished at sea 13 sep 1657;only dau margt halsall admx;wife alive
1651   e 005     MOORE        Tho                      d in England - court decrees unnamed sibs admrs - wife alive; noted that no goods other than crop + team;decd father Robt Moore (left 20s?) [?if children] - note signed by Thos Fairbrother + John Moore states no more at present until next court
1651   e 010     CORKILL      Elline      CUBBON       d 17 Apr 1658;ch Margt Kelly,Jo, Dollin, Marie, Jony (last 4 jt execs - all at age);gch Bahee Kelly;bro-in-law Wm Corkill; noted that the roofs of 2 houses were built by herself - her landlord? Mr Jo Thompson; inv
1652   e 125  w  MOORE        Robert                   [loss of rh margin]ch Tho(half tenment, team etc + to pay 20 to his sibs as they come to age or marriage), Ellin, Jo, Henry, Sill, Robt, Phil, Kath + Jane (last 7 jt execs);wife alive + sworn in court;bro Silvester;wants friends Tho F[], + Jo Moore overseers;list of debtors + creditors;inv inv 12 in money in house - Hugh Moor waterbaliff + Tho Qua sign off that goods in wife's hands
1652   e 182  w  MOORE        Phillip                  [lh margin lost in binding]d 14 Dec 1652;master Robt Moore exor; unnamed brother;names Margt Cloage, Patr Cottingam, George Gelling; small inv
1655   e 372     TAGARD       Jane        Rushellagh   d last day? 1654 [?24 Mar 1654/5]ch Averick(8 or marriage portion), Issable, Ann,henry (exor);husb alive
1656   e 490  d  MURREY       Christian   CRELLIN      [p48] inv [p49] decree;d 8? Oct [?1656];husb David Murrey;3 bros + sister  jt admrs - bro at age John but tho at age in regard his small capacity his parents Ja? Crellin clerk + [] [?young??] sworne
1657   e 560     TAGGART      Wm                       [lh margin lost] only [] admr - sick - no goods 'nihil habet'
1658   e 030  w  MURREY       Cathrin     MOORE        [page 81]dated [] Jan 1658;wife of David Murrey(Douglas);wanted to leave half of her goods to husb but her father [?James Moore] remonstrated that she should leave just 10 but Cath refused saying the contract was between herself and her father who then suggested 30 if David did not remarry but 10 if he does to wch Cath affirmed + then father asked what to do with child - to leave to father whilst unmarried and then to her father if husb remarries;sister Jane;serv Averick; names Nelly Ratcliff, Jony Calling, Peggy Moore;mother alive; [other half of will is too faint to read];court decrees her child David exor + next of kindred viz Jane Moore supv
1659-6 E 069  w  Taggart      Ellin       BRIDSON      d 30 Apr 1659;dau Isable  + margt jt exors;husb Don? ;exors at age
1659-6 E 078  w  CORKIL       William                  d 25 May 1660;bro John Corkill(ch Dollin?, Jony)
1660   e 099     TAGARD       Dan                      d 17 jul 1661? [single line entry! on last page ]
1661   E 057  w  corkill      margt       brydson      [some loss + dark on film]d 6 Nov 1660;Tho Christian + Bahy Corkil execs;names Wm Qualtrough + his wife, Margt Creere, Ann Christian;inv 13s 6d
1661   E 190  d  CASHIN       William                  [some loss lh margin esp to inv]d 24 Aug 1664;ch John, [], Gilbert, Cath?, Thomas, Jane, Mary;wife pregnant - ch at age supv of those ua + uncle John Cashin
1665   e 296     CAINE        Elizabeth   CHRISTIAN    [page 17 ]d 16 may;only son john caine admr - supv Philip Cowle + Jo Cubbon, Dan ,[?pat?], ellinr?, Jo + jony Xtian;1681: john Caine acks father John Caine  son John Caine + Wm Kelly (now h/o Margt Kewley who was sometime w/o to father John Caine snr ) agree re goods
1665   e 296     Moore        Philip                   [page 17 ]inserted at bottom of page - d 15 mar 1664[1664/5];orphan;sibs jo, henry, Ro, Ellin, Ann, jane kath + silvester jt admrs - jo + ellin sworn some ua - inv in fa's will
1665   e 396     RATCLIFFE    Mary                     [page 106]d abt 1 aug 1665;d/o Silvester Ratcliffe;sibs Tho Ratcliffe + Jane ratcliff als fle[fletcher?] jt admrs;goods in fa's will
1666   A      w  CORKIL       Edward                   dated 14 Mar 1664;sis Joney Corkill exex('small satisfaction for her expences + greate paines')
1666   A      i  CRAIN        John                     inv - will in 1665 book;
1666   e 192     RATCLIFFE    Wm                       [corner + rh margin lost on film]perished by sea 17 [lost] ;son Thomas admr - ua - next of kin(fa's side) supvs;[note dated 8 jan 1667]wife alive + has goods in her hands + has tuition
1669   A      w  MOORE        Philip                   [some loss rh margin]dated 11 Sep 1669;bro [+ bro-in-law?]Hugh Moore, Thomas Banks, John Caesar;ch Philip, Jane (if not willing to live with her bro Phillip to go to her sis Katherine Kelly or Isabel Nicolson), Elizbath Nicholson;names Elizth Nicholson + Jane jt exexs; Witt Henry Lowcay + David Murrey;
1669   E 111     KEWLEY       Wm                       [damaged with loss on microfilm]d 2 oct 169;douglas;only ch Ellin Kewley ua admx;bro Ro Kewley(out of country);harry + John Kewley + to quayle supv;wm kewley(ballasalla) claims 1s 8d;goods of child in mo's hands;inv
1669-7 E 237  d  MURREY       John, jnr                d 15 Feb 1669[1669/70] ch margt + Tho murrey admrs - uncles Robt, Adam ? + david + gfa john Murrey ;wife pregnant;note dated 24 aug 1677+ annexed memo 31 aug 1677: states John Murrey snr gfa is now dead - gmo Margt + ch's mother now Eleanor Roninson (w/o Mr Thomas Robinson) that gmo Margt have eldest dau+ her part of 100 - mother to have other 2 ch - Margt urrey to have curing loft + cellar as part due to child + eleanor to have that of vinches house as due to other ch;witt david murrey + Willm flexney; annexed note dated 20 aug 1670 by John Murrey[?gfa] explaining delay in inv as there were unsold goods in England + also that he[?john jnr] had a boat + half the nets the profits of which were for her + the children and that he had posted security of 100.  [not0991639 as per bl]
1669-7 E 243  d  moore        katherin    huddlestone  d 9 nov 1669;ch jane + robt - next of kin mo's side supv - capt tho huddleston uncle + aunts to to sworn (note that Mr John Barry sworn);husb alive
1670   A      w  crayne       William                  d  2 Dec 1670;ch Thomas(eldest son - half of farm etc), Danl, Jony, Jane + Elice? [?alice] - jt execs;wife Katerin als Quay
1670   A      w  KELLY        William                  dated last of Feb 1669;d 25 Mar 1670;ch John(eldest son - all the good wch his gmo left him - he to give to his eldest sister wedding diner 3 half firlets of malt + half firlet wheat), Ann (at age), Nich [?Rich], Wm, James + Mally (last 5 jt execs);wife alive
1670   A      w  PENDLEBERRY  Richard                  dated 30 Mar 1670;sibs John Quaile(+ ch), Jane Quaile;3 unnamed children - John Quaile to be supv;wife Margret exex; Thomas Billington(ironmonger, merchant, Chester) appoints Mr Thomas Norris(Castletown) to demand + receive 49 10s due for several parcels of merchant ware recvd by Richd Pendlebury - several supporting docs.
1671-1 E 682  d  CHRISTIAN    James                    d 22 [] 1671;only ch Steven Christian  admr - ua - uncles John Christian, Edw, margt, Kath,+ Phillip Christian supvs;14s of mo's inv to be deducted [?mo dead]
1671-1 e 683     CANNELL      Margrett    CAINE        d 26 May 1671;names Pegee Quayle, Gilbert Canell (her husband xd thru) exor - goods to go to his + her gch at latter day;
1671-2 E 743  w  CARALAUGH    John                     [1st in 2nd book 1671/2]d [] Aug 1671;son [?robert] exor;
1671-2 E 744  w  QUYNE        John                     d 14 Jun 1671;ch Margt(w/o John Christian), Robt, Thos(10s due by m/c);son-i-law John Creer;gch John Quyne;wife Margt als Quay exex;inv
1671-2 E 745  w  cowle        Catherine   RATCLIFFE    d 29 Oct 1671;sibs Wm Ratclife, Margrt, maria,jane;only dau Ellen (ua - next of kin supvs);husb Willam Cowle; 1684: Ellin Cowle at age acks father Wm Cowle;inv ;
1671-2 E 745  w  HUDDLESTONE  Jane        MURREY       dau Bessie, Ro Huddlestone exor;bro David Muurrey to be supv of her ch;annexed petn by Sr John Huddlestone + her sis Mrs Mary Quayle that always intention that son Robt could not dispose of any of houses (only wth consent of uncles Sr John H + Mr David Murrey) and all such as presume to deal with him their dealings shall bee reputed invalid;inv
1671-2 E 747  w  QUIRK        Isabel      MOORE        d 12 Jun 1671;gch [?joh]n Quirk, Robert Quirk, Kath Quirk;sis Dorothie(her pt of chamber in Douglas during life;husb Peter Quirk exor;inv
1672-1 E 020  d  CREER        Isabel      GELLING      d [] Apr 1672;unmarried dau Isable Creere admx;husb alive;inv
1672-2 E 085  w  TAGGART      Richard                  d 2 jul 1672;ch Margt, Mally, Kath + Averick (5s ea); rest of goods to wife (unles she married then to go to ch)
1674-1 e 291     LEWN         Catherin    CANNELL      d 2 Mar 1673;ch John + Robt Lewn jt admrs - next of kin supvs (Wm Cannel Kk Michael + his sister sworn);husb alive
1674-1 e 291     TAGGART      An                       orphan;sibs Christopher, Margt  + Jane admrs;inv in fathers + mothers wills
1674-2 E 388  w  KILLIP       Ann         LAWSON       d 11 Jun [1674];ch John + Tho jt admrs - next of kin mo's side vizt Robt, John + Margt Lawson  supv;husb alive; 22 Dec1692: John surv admr now at age + acquits father Wm Killip
1674-2 e 388     KILLIP       Tho                      bro John Killip admr
1674-2 E 389  d  CREER        Mariod      MOORE        d 18 Jun 1674;only son Gilbt - next of kin mo's side supv; husb alive; inv
1674-2 E 390  w  KIRMEEN      Edmond                   d 24 Jul;ch John + Marie jt execs; Alice Quayle claims 2s; inv inc house 10s
1675   A      w  STEAN        Margaret    CUBON        d 19 Nov 1675;ch John(the heir -he to pay to his sister Jane what is due by contract), Thomas, Robt, Margt, Jane, Isabel; Isabel + Robt jt execs;son-i-law Robt Crayne ;inv
1675-2 E 691  d  STEAN        John                     d 24 May last;2 unmarried sons Robt + Thomas + dau Isabel (unmarried) jt admrs;wife alive; married ch John + Margt dispute this and are made jt admrs; inv includes 1/4 boat;
1675-2 E 692  w  GELLING      William                  d 31 apr 1675;ch cath(6d), Wm exor;servant ann cloage;names jane claoge'gson wm gelling(pt of teame);inv ~4
1678   A      w  CREER        Gilbert                  d 17 Mar 1677;wanted burial Kk Braddan;ch Thomas exor, Bahee, Paul;names Ann Creer, Ann Creer(d/o John Creer);inv
1678   A      w  CUBON        William                  dated 26 Nov 1674;wife Jane als Kennaugh exex;sis Ellin, Ann, Kath (+ Richard Christian the house where David Christian lived in after decease of his wife - if Kath has no issue then Richard to have house after her decease);left half his tools + half of smithy to John Christian (who also has his part of exorship after decease of wife;names Ed Moore, Joney Moor, Thomas oates his son [?illeg?], peggy christian;
1678   A      w  SHARP        Elinor                   dated 27 Nov 1676;sis Joan (Jony) Radcliffe;husb David Sharp;unnamed ch - jony Racliffe + Henry Radcliffe supv;inv
1678-1 e 226  c  Sharpe       John                     m/c dated 5 Nov 1658 John Sharpe(Douglas) + wife Bahie als Kelly obo son David Sharpe; Ellen Cooil (widow, Kk Santan) obo herself;to marry by 25 Nob at Santan;Sharpe to settle half estate;witt Thomas Huddleston, Robt Hutchen x, John Wood x;accepted as will John Sharpe - son David admr [see also will Ellin 1669]
1678-1 E 227  w  Lewne        Alice                    d 19 May 1678;sibs Robt, John, Margt, Ginoe,Thos senr, Thos junr, Jony exex;Aunt Kath Lewne als Qualtrough;bro's dau margt lewne
1678-1 E 229  w  Canon        katherin    oats als sca d 10 apr 1678;ch by former husb averick, ann, jony, isable + Thomas oats admrs of half goods (Averick + ann at age);husb Wm cannon admr of other half by m/c;inv;uncle of ch Thos Oats
1678-1 E 231  w  fairbrother  thomas                   dated 28 May 1678;ch John(20s), Thomas(5),ellinor christian als fairbrother exex (w/o Wm Christian);bro Wm;gch Joney + Martha Christian;displaced ack in bk 2  [p6068d] John + Thos fairbrother  s/o Thos Fairbrother + Mary Aysie ? acks legacies due by fa + mo + acquits bro-i-law Wm Christian
1678-1 E 231  w  Quaile       jane                     d 22 Nov [?1677] ;intestate + under years;sibs Wm, Bessie + Margt admrs - goods in fa's + mo's inv - goods disposed of in funeral costs
1678-1 E 233  w  creere       thomas                   d 25 Dec 1677;sibs Robt Creer, Ann Creer jt admrs;wife Alice als Cannon
1678-1 A      d  MOOR         Hugh                     dated 2 Dec 1678;Douglas;wants burial in chancel of Kk Conchan at SE end of altar;cousin Charles Moor;ch Ann(6 + furnished bed), John(4 in case dead to Ann), James, Hugh exor, Jane;wife alive(the little close) ;names James Taylor(Castletown), Wm Christian(kk Bride 'for neglecting his office), James Christian (Lough Malogh's business + a qtr of chamber + shop at Ramsey due to my wife by contract bargain);
                                                           will declared invalid as exor dead before testator (d 21 Dec last)- court decrees unmarried ch admrs - Mr james Moor + his sis Ann Moor plus mother sworn obo John + Margt Moor; John + Nicholas Christian obo themselves + admrs of Ewan Sumpter re land in Lezayre + Maughold; 
                                                           detached note dated 8 Mar 1675 by William Kermod of Balla vidle? aged 80yrs deposes if need require that Thomas Quaile of Ballamanaugh was bro to Jo Quaile of Ballaquaile and Margery Quaile was dau to sd Tho Quaile and that Jane Quaile w/o Ewan Corkil was dau to sd Margery + that Issable Fargher? als Bankes is gch of Jo Quaile of Ballaquaile + jane Quaile w/o of sd Euan Corkill was gch of Thomas Quaile Ballamanaugh - also that Mr John Quale of the Nunnery and Cathrin Moor als Bankes w/o Hugh Moor of Douglas is of same degree of consanguinity to above Jane Quaile as is the above Issabell Fargher
1678/1 A      w  KELLY        Margaret    QUIRK        d 28 Dec 1678;son Gilbert Kelly exor;noted no reln on mo's side in Island thus fa sworn supv of the child
1678/1 A      w  KEWLEY       Christopher              [?bur Bra 16790101] dated 8 Apr 1677;gch Ann Kewley, john kewley;ch Donell, John Kewley exor
1678-2 e 299     STOOLE       Tho                      d 16 sep;names Kath Cubbon;ch John, Ann, Thomas(had m/c, looms - exor)
1678-2 E 300  d  VINCH        John                     s/o Hen Vinch - out of Island 12 yrs with no news save d in France 7 yrs ago - next of kin Aunts Ann + Cath Vinch admxs;Philip Christian s/o Cath Vinch (who is sick), likewise Alice (w/o David Murrey obo mother who is sick + infirm);pledges for Philip Christian Sr John Christian (Kk Andrews);inv of goods in Robt Kellis house 3, David murry has several brass weights;annexed undated letter from John Vinch, Dublin, to Geffoyre? Calley + an IoU 1667 to Tho Crellin 21s 6d;
1679/1 A      w  COTTIER      Oats                     [bur Bra 16800417]d 16 Apr [1680];ch Richard(6d);unnamed wife exex but to leave all to son at her death)
1679/1 A      w  GELLING      Paul                     d 16 Dec 1679;wife exex;ch Pat, John(eldest son), Robt, John junr, Elizth, Margt, Paul(+ his mo's part of crop);gch Paul;1689: Pat acks in a note by bearer bro-i-law John Gelling that Robert Lwne who is security for mother had paid all due;inv
1679/1 A      w  KELLEY       Robert                   d 4 Jan 1679;names Wm Cloage;ch unnamed son(qtr of team etc + goods left by his gmo), Jony, Kath, Mariod? + Jane (last 3 jt exexs); James Fayle to be overseer;wife alive;mo-i-law Ann Creer(30s portion due to his wife + her ch)
1679/1 A      w  LAWNEY       Averick     CANNEL       d 23 Nov 1679;sibs Robert Cannell, Ann Cannell, Ellinor Cannell;mother alive;husb Robert Lawney exor;witt Bessee Oats, Ann Cowley 
1679/1 A      w  LEWIN        gilnoe                   d 23 Apr 1680;half bro John Lewne;sis Margt Lewne, John Lewne (? a different bro), Robert, Thos senr + Thomas junr (lst 3 jt exors);names Robert Creetch senr
1679-2 E 096  d  KEWLEY       Nicholas                 perished by sea 26 jan 1679;ch margt (by former wife) + paul (by present wife) - both ua - next of kin fa side aunt christian kewley + uncle john kewley supv;goods of margt in hands Jo Crellin kk german;1692: margt at age acks from exrs of jon? crellin;
1680/1 A      w  CORREEN?     Jony        bodaugh      d 17 apr 1681;husb john;gch john,margt,jane cottingham;son jo cottingham exor
1680-2 E 198  d  LEWIN        John                     d 18 Mar;orphan; next of kin from wwhere goods decended - Wm Cannell, Mally Cannell + Jon Corlet obo wife Alice Cannell
1680-2 E 203  d  CLARK        Margaret    KERMANE      d 22 Feb last;only bro John Kermane admr;husb alive(legacy 20s);Grace Clearke(transmarian) claims 47s 6d
1680-2 E 203  d  NORMiSELL    John                     d 28 Jan 1679;bros (one in England, one in Ireland) admrs - in regard no kindred on Island genl sumner to admr;debts inc a drum,costs inc the soldiers at the grave
1681-1 E 273  d  GELLIN       William                  orphan;d 12months ago;sibs John + Catharine Gelling jt admrs - goods in father + mother's invs
1683-1 A      w  MURREY       Margaret                 dated 24 Jun 1682;Douglas;bro Richard Joyner(50);dau Margt Murrey plus gch 4 in chester, 4 in Douglas + 1 in Ramsey jt exors;wants dau's goods to go to her child;what bro Richard owes to shop to be remitted;bro John Taubman debts to be remitted to my sis Ellnor his wife;clothes to sister Elenor + sis[in law] Isabel (w/o bro Richard);gch Margt Murrey 10 above other gch;
                                                           codicils that goods left to gch continue with son David Murrey to improve them to best advantage, son Robt Murrey;cousin Henry Lowcay chaplain at Castletown + 3 pieces of gold to my 3 daus-i-law;2nd codicil dau Margt Murrey qtr of my goods, nephew Tho Joyner(to mainatain him at school);gch Robert Murrey of Ramsey;my part of Lough to Jane Cottier;witt Elinor Robinson als Quaile;annexed agreement dated 1 Aug 1684 between Elizth, John, Daid, Robt, Margt Murrey, Ellir Robinson + Margt Murrey junr - names Chester gch as susanna, John, Hannah + Robert + summarises the will - names David Murrey junr(Douglas) as husband to her dau Margt Murrey
1684   A      w  GELLING      Paul                     d 4 jan 1684;sis isable,margt;unnamed stepmother;bro patk exor
1684   A      w  KERMOD       Jane        fargher      d 12 jan 1684;son wm,john,patk;dau cath;husb robt exor
1684   A      w  MOORE        Philip                   [1st on film]dated 14 Aug 1684;wants burial in Kk Onchan in or near father Philip Moore;ch Philip(all houses + gardens that were in my father's possession), Eliin,Barbara, Robt, Margt + Christian?;wife Alice exex agrees to legacy to Philip but reserves half of premises during her life;serv Mally Clark;sibs James Moore, Elizth; wife,cousin John Barry + bro-in-law Sam Wattleworth supvs
1684-1 E      d  RADCLIFFE    James                    d 7 jan;Douglas;ch cath, eliz,margt,james, sam + ellinor jt admrs - next of kindred Henry + samuel(being only in the Island) supvs (to be sworn at Peel); wife alive;claims by John Radcliffe, robt cowley, David Murrey jnr - many claims exceed estate - contract with Ro Coultry re a large number of sheep + goat skins;
1685-1 E 182     MURREY       Elizabeth                d 18 Oct 1684;sis Mrs Margt Murrey and bro Mr Jon Murrey jt admrs;invtry in annexed note sent from Mr Robt Murrey and the rest included in the father's inv and now hands of mother Mrs Eleanor Robinson;annexed rcpts by Robt Murrey 24 10s rcvd by order bro Mr David Murrey junr Douglas being on demand and use of my cousin Mrs Elizth Murrey decd being her part? of extx of my mother Mrs Margt Murrey(Douglas) 
1686-2 E 437     STEANE       Mariod      GELLING      d 29 jun 1686;fa george gelling;mo jane als Corrin;husb robert steane;only dau jane exex;witt john hanton, isable cubon als quay;inv;George claims 7 [?part of m/c]1687: Robt has delivered goods + child to tuition of overseer John Gelling + discharges father + pledges 1697: George authorises son John to discharge Robt Steane of 2 10s;1710: Robt Hanton h/o jane Stean is paid 30s in part payment by Robt Steane; 1710: Robt Hanton paid 10s by Margt Gellin [] and relict Paul Craine;1710: robt Hanton acks 50s from overseer John Gellin + 4 10s in land and acquits all
1686-2 E 448     Crellin      Thomas                   d 29 Nov 1686;ch Margt, Thos, Wm, Henry + John jt admrs - only eldest dau Margt at age who passed admin 'by the straw' to the court who appt genrl sumner; John Christian claims 5 lent money
1686-2 E 454     STEVENSON    Charles                  dated 23 May 1683;barbadoes;sibs John Stevenson, Wm,Amy;kinsman John Whetstone (now in Barbadoes - exor of effects in Bardoes);country Wm Lucas[?also in Bardoes] (20s);
1687-1 A      w  HANTON       Robert                   d 20 feb 1686;eldest son robt;3 gch jo,gilb & Ann Hanton;gch john hanton;jo hanton's son gilbert;gdau ellin clucas;names james hanton + thos hanton;son jo hanton;son christopher;
1688-1 E         KEWLEY       John                     [poor condition]dated 6 Mar 1666/7;notes bound himself to Giles Arthur [] for 7 years and bound for Ireland;names stepfa Philip cowill;aunt Marie Kewin als Kewley;bro Heny  Kewley +  half bro James cowell jt exors with mother Isable Christian
1689-2 E      w  COWLE        Margaret    CAINE        d 1 nov 1689;bro john, wm(+ ch), edwd (+ch);names john + robt Murray;son wm exor;husb wm;inv;1714: husb Wm Cowle declared on deathbed that funeral charges amounted to 30s
1687-2 E 637     MOOR         John                     d 10 jun [?1687];mariner, douglas;ch ellinor, thomas + margt jt admrs - next of kin Ann Moore supv;wife alive;Capt  Patk Christian claims 5
1688-1 E 684     QUAYLE       Mary        Murrey       d 18 Apr [1688];ch Wm + Margt jt admrs - both at age but only Margt on Island;pledge Mr David Murrey junr
1689-1 E 009  d  CANNELL      Patrick                  d 10 Dec [?1688];only dau Averick Cannell admx - next of kin (fa's side) John Tear(obo wife) + other supv Margt Cannell to be sworn;wife alive;inv includes a qtr of the house + a qtr of the croft - goods in hands of supv Jon Tear + Mallony Stoale
1689-2 A      w  CRELLIN      Margaret    TEAR         dated 17 jan 1689/90;gch margt + Jony Macleriegh;son philip, wm crellin(6d ea);dau isable Maclereigh exex
1689-2 E 133  w  MOORE        Nicholas                 dated 11 Sep 1689;sibs Susan, Margt , Isabel, Thomas(+ 2 ch);father alive;only child Elizabeth Moore exex (ua - supvs bro Thomas + friend Thomas Quay);wife alive;1703: Isabel Moor exex to Nich Moor acks 40s from Robt Moor(Poleroish) via Capt John Moor her grandfather; 1723: Paul Gellin h/o Isabel Moor acks what was due by death of her father Nick & acquits her father Thos Quine[?= step father?] [note Elizabeth + Isabel often interchangeable at this period]inv 6 15s notes Capt Jon Moor father to Nicholas - some 40s? promised in m/c
1689-2 E 137  w  FINCH        Margrett    WILSON       d 13 Oct 1689;ch Michael + Ally[?Alice] ;husb alive;1730: Alice Quail als Finch acks fully pd by bro Michael
1689-2 E 138  w  CANNELL      Robert                   d 1 Jan 1699;wife Bessy als Oates;step-dau Cath Cubon(2 sheep due by death of father), Margt Cubon;sibs Robt Creer, Ann Creer;mother Margt Cotter + her two daus Ann Cannel + Ellin Cannell with Cath + Margt Cubon exexs;inv 5
1689-2 e 200  w  Corrin       Ellin       Callow       [?parish Onc or Bra - property in Douglas]m/c dated 28 Oct 1679;Tho Steane to her dau Averick Corrin accepted as will
1689-2 E      w  CREER        William                  d 20 jun 1689;names cath cannell;sibs tho, gilbert, margery, christian;father exor
1689-2 E      w  ELLISON      Silvester                d 13 jun 1689;wife cath als kenish(house + gardens wch he got when he married her) exex;bro michael, john,wm;
1690-1 E 261  d  cubbon       Elizabeth   OATES        d 10 May [1690];ch Margt + Kath Cubon jt admrs - at age;small inv inc 1 old cow
1690-1 E 261  d  CUBBON       Robert                   d 20 Feb [];ch Robt(at age), Edmond, Jno?, Ann + Tho admrs - some ua;wife alive;inv inc cattle,sheep; 5 Feb 1707/8: Jo acks paid his share 11s 3d + sister Ann is dead
1690-1 E 270  d  CANNELL      Kathrin     cloage       d [] May [?1690];ch Philip, Wm + Margt Cannell admrs - next of kin supvs;husb alive;inv 2
1690-2 A      w  CURLET       John                     d 26 feb 1690/1;names gch of Wm Curphey - wm + john curphy, nicholas curphey;sibs wm,margt,ann;uncle tho curphey,aunt isable curlett
1691-1 E      d  BREW         John                     d 10 Apr 1692;ch Thomas, Jony + Ro Brew jt admrs - all at age;
1691-2 E      w  KINLEY       John                     d 24? jun 1690;dau  Mary ? Christian + Issable;wife Jane als Caloe
1692-1 E 580  d  BREW         John                     d 10 Apr 1692;ch Thomas, Jony + Ro Brew jt admrs - all at age;
1692-2 E 667  d  QUAY         Humphrey                 [bur Bra 16920731]d 30 Jul [1692];ch Tho, Philip, Ann, Robt & John Quay jt admrs - eldest son at age + his(the son's) mother sworn - goods in mo's hands pledges Robt Faile + Sil Quine; Mrs Elizth Barry claims 6s
1692-2 E 667  d  TAGGART      Jane        CRAINE       [bur Bra 16920623]d 23 jun [1692] ch Walter + john jt admrs - next of kin uncle Thos Corkill + gfa Tho Craine supvs;inv 6;1705: Wm Craine senr + Christopher Taggart re goods of Walter Taggart decd + John Taggart his brother, children to the above sd Christopher and his first wife Jane Crane, goods lodged in hands of gfa Wm Craine + father Christopher Taggart - now divided goods equitably  between them
1692-2 E 673  w  LEWEN        Edmond                   dated 11 Jan 1692;ch Robt(limed ands in BallaOats) exor;wife alive
1692-3 E 741  d  kinish       john                     perished by sea 2 nov;dau kath + margt jt admxs;wife margt als halstead
1693-1 A      w  CANNEL       Margaret    GELL         d 20 jan 1693/4;husb wm exor;unnamed child - ua;un-named sibs;fa+mo-i-law alive;
1694-1 A      w  GELLING      Ellin       Quayne       d 28 Dec 1694; son Thomas exor
1695-2 A 48   w  CARALAUGH    Averick     TAGGART      d 22 Mar 1695;husb Patrick?(her part of house);gch Patrick Caralaugh, Jane Caralaugh;ch Wm Jane + Jony jt execs ; inv 4
1696-2 A      w  CASHEN       John                     d 9 feb 1696/7;dau averick;wife mabel als hudgson;other ch charles margt ann
1697-1 A      w  BARNS        Elizabeth                [full]
1697-1 A[5]   w  MOORE        Anne                     douglas;bro robt;sis averick;half bro gilbert brew;bro silvester moore;
1698-1 A      w  CANNEL       Martha      CHRISTIAN    d 9 Dec 1698;sis Jony Christian; ch Jon, Martha + Kath Cannell jt exors - all ua supv Jony;husb alive + agrees to maintain ch;displaced inv
1698-1 E 005  d  LEWN         Margaret    KELLY        [1st on film]d 4 Nov? last;ch Mary + Ann jt admxs - Gilbt + Wm Kelly next of kin on mo's sidesupv;husb alive
1698-1 E 006  d  cannell      Ann         CREER        d 29 May [?1699];ch Patrick + Ellin Cannell admrs - next of kin Ellin + Alice Creer supv;husb alive - husb + Wm Clague + Wm Kinish husbs of supvs sworn;inv 2 16s; pledges Patk Cannell + Tho Creer; 1726: Patk Cannell only surviving admr acks 2 3s 2d from fa Hugh Cannell
1698-1 E 007  w  CORKILL      Robert                   d 3 Jun 1698;wife exex;names Phllip Claige(+ son John Claige), left clothes to the poor;
1698-2 A      w  FINCH        Elin        KELLY        dated 15 Apr 1699;husb exor;ch John(my half of houses + lands + my part of meadow in Marown), Cath,Margt;sis-in-law wife of Philip Finch;
1698-2 E 048  w  TAGGART      Elizabeth   SHIMIN       dated 12 jul 1698;3 dau abroad margt cath marie;dau Averick? execx
1698-3 E 083  d  CUBBON       Mary                     [Douglas]d 14 Nov;only son Jo exor - next of kin Nick, James + Anne Kelly supvs;husb alive
1698-3 E 085  d  SHARP        Thomas                   d 12 Nov 1697;only bro Jo Sharp admr; inv 1 19s 11d being what was due by death of father + mother
1699-1 E 095     CRANE        Catherine   stean        d 20 Feb last [?1699/1700];ch Wm + Anne Crane jt admrs;husb alive
1699-1 E 096  d  KELLY        Marjory     BROUGHTON    d 27 may last; [?1699]ch Jane, Tho + John Kelly jt admrs - all ua - her bro Mr John Broughton supv;husb John;inv;annexed agreement that husb John is to maintain ch - Broughton quits all claims; 1710 Jane Kelly acks 47 2s 7d from Mr John Brecken [?= Broughton] of Douglas - John Kelly also ,marks
1699-1 E 105  w  READ         John                     dated 28 May 1699; Dougals;ch by 1st wife Henry, Cath + Issable (6d ea) and to pay 10s towards their mo's and eldest bro's funerals;2 ch by present wife John(ua) + Alse [Alice] - jt execs
1699-1 E 106  w  READ         Margt       lewin        dated 2 Jun 1699;ch Alse + John jt execs;husbs ch by his prev wife to pay half of 1 6s that myself, husb + John Murrey paid wch debt contracted in their mo's lifetime but pd in mine; inv
1699-1 E 110  w  KISSACK      Ellin       KERMOT       d 1 May 1699;ch Issable, Jony , Ann + John(in Ireland) jt execs; husb alive; inv 20s
1699-1 E 111  w  CANNELL      Isabel                   d 27 May 1699;Douglas;names Christian Cannell(all her clothes);6d to any of her friends? who should make any attempt to claim;names Phillip Cannell exor;
1699-2 E 201  w  Lowne        John                     d 20 Jun 1699;dau Isable(6d if she came);son-i-law Wm Corran (+ his wife Isable Lewin [?6d legacy]);dau Alice exex
1699-2 E 202  w  LEWN         Catherine   QUALTROUGH   d 23 Jun 1699;ch Issabel, Alice exex; Witt Robt Lewin, Wm Cannell, Alice Creer; annexed inv of late decd John Lewin + his wife of Ballamainagh; Robt Lewin obo exors of Jane Qualtrough clain against exors of Jo Lewn + wife
1699-2 E 216  d  COWLEY       Margaret    MOOR         d 7 Oct [1699?] 3 bros on mothers side Robt, John + Wm Moor jt admrs;husb alive; Robt + John at age + sworn
1699-2 E 216  d  McYLREA      William                  d 27 Jul [?1699];ch John, Margt, Elln + Ann jt admrs - all ua - Rich Cannel(h/o aunt Mary Mcylrea) sworn supv; wife alive + has goods 2 pledges Wm Crane junr + Jo Cottiman
1699-2 E 217  w  BROUGHTON    Mary                     dated 31 Mar 1693;widow, Douglas;ch David, Margery, John(concerns in England  + my part of house + garden in Douglas) exor
1699-2 E 223     MOORE        Catherine   BANKS        dated 22 Jan 1698/9;ch Jane Radcliffe als Moor;gch James Radcliff(the meddow), saml, Cath, Eliz, Margt + Ellin jt execs (but dau Jane Radcliffe to have use of houses during her life)
1699-2 E 224  w  CORKILL      Alice       CANNON       d Sep last;names John s/o Philip Cloage, Kathren Cloage;only dau Elinor Kelly exex
1699-2 E 225  d  BRIDSON      Margaret    JOYNER       dated 5 Jul 1699;gch Ann Bridson + other unnamed gch;son John Bridson exor
1699-2 E      w  LOwCAY       Henry                    rev henry lowcay [not John Locay] detailed will
1699-2 E      d  PARR         Mary        CARRET       widow of charles ? parr late parson of ballaugh died 1 yr ago ireland;dwelling house + brewing house in douglas;

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