Summary of Wills - Ballaugh post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - some 66% of those pre 1840 [249/360] - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 56      KELLY        Esther                   d 23 mar 1800;of the gill;ch thos,esther + margt;gdau esther kewley(d/o esther);husb patk exor
1800-1 E         CORLETT      John                     dated 19 mar 1800;the cronnan;unnamed ch inc cath,john(exor);wife alive
1800-1 E         CORLETT      Joney       QUAYLE       d 13 feb 1800;ch thos,wm,elinor,jane,margt (only elinor at la);husb wm;
1800-1 E         COWLEY       Ann                      of kk michael;bro john cowley;names thomas bell(kk michael) exor
1800-1 E         TEAR         Gilbert                  wife alice exex;ch cath,mary;properties close callow + croit-e-caine;cath cottier als tear + mary kneen als tear ack from alice;[alice christian 2nd wife m Bal 17841118 - no ch - she d 1825]
1800-2 E         CLARKE       Catharine   CALEY        d 29 aug 1800;ch thos,wm + christopher jt admrs;husb wm
1801   A 43      KELLY        Thomas                   dated 16 jun 1785;ch margt,ann,mary,esther,cath(jt exex with margt);1803: robt corlet h/o esther
1801   A 44      Caine        elinor      corlet       dated 28 mar 1801;niece Mary Killip(h/o John) jt execs;nephew Wm Corlet(wife ann +  children)
1801   A 45      KELLY        John                     dated 28 aug 1799;names Thos Kneen exor;
1801-2 E         COWLE        Robert                   dated 19 feb 1801;son patk,daniel exor
1802-1 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   d 4 jan 1802;bach;seaman (alias collett) on hm ship Aeste;sibs wm,john admrs;
1802-1 E         KELLY        John                     d 23 nov 1801;bach;fa wm kelly admr
1800-2 E         TEAR         John                     d 10 oct 1800;dated 9 oct 1800;ballaneddin;ch robt,danl,wm,philip,margt,cath(w/o thos cowley),john;wife margt exex
1801-1 E         CRAINE       Thomas                   will dated 30 sep 1791;formerly ballaugh lately parish Hanover,co cornwal in Jamaica;d some time ago;sibs john,wm,robt,philip + ellinor;
1802   A 69      STEPHEN      Esther      corlett      dated 8 oct 1800;relict Thomas Stephen late of the bp? Clagh ballaugh;names ann kneale d/o niece eleanor kneal als corlett (w/o john );niece eleanor Kneal(with whom she resides) exex
1802   A 70      KILLIP       Alice                    declrd 20 feb 1800;sis (w/o Thos Cowin kk michael + his daus in ann youngest);bro Wm(dau jane killip);names john killip,wm killip(hatter),philip craine(dollagh + wife)
1802   A 71      Caley        Eleanor                  dated 3 mar 1800;names margt d/o David Crellin(Ballaugh);dau margt exex;wife unable to attend court + uncle Patk cannell sworn exor in trust[margt illeg d/o john cannell + eleanor caley bapt Bal 17580301]
1802-1 E      w  CANNELL      Joney                    widow;son nicholas (bees),patrick exec;dau isabel mylvorrey [?bapt + marr],joney w/o john grimshaw;sis cath cowley;gdau jane mylvoirrey;gsons john + nicholas cannell c/o son nicholas;
1802-2 E         GAWNE        Margaret    MYLROI       dated 22 aug 1802;son john(eldest - not yet 19),wm + james(to be put to trade);dau margt(feather bed that belonged to her decd gfa john gawn);husb john exor;1823: thos quirk + wife esther(widow of john gawn s/o margt) acks
1803   A 60      CROSS        John                     dated 4 sep 1801;gson john corlett,robt corlett,thos corlett;gdau margt,jane + mary corlett;names thos boddagh,blind girls margt cannell + elinor caley;son-i-law robt corlet exec
1803-1 E         CALLISTER    Catharine                d 23 apr 1803;5 ch john, wm, thos, patk + david jt admrs - ua;husb john admr in trust;+ displaced inv  99 16s(9056d)
1803-1 E         CORKILL      Esther      quayle       d end mar 1803;ch cath + ann jt admxs - ua; husb john admr-in-trust;petn by husb states married about 5yrs and she was esther quayle of lezayre and that one child was born prior to marriage tho he was father;1832: both ch ack from father
1803-1 E         COWELL       Thomas                   dated 26 apr 1803;ch wm(loom + croft after wife's death);wife exex (old croft + croft wherein their dwelling house)
1803-1 E         COWLEY       Isabel                   d jan 1802;widow;decree accepts agreement between ch + next of kin Wm + John Cowley , Valentine Joice and appts Wm cowley admr;annexed agreement states widow of patk - ch thos, philip, john + elinor(w/o Valentine joice Peel) agree to give admin to bro Wm who agrees to give up consideration money due by [?from] thos Cowley by a bond of security on Faiehy-ny-bane ?;philip cowley acks from Liverpool (witt Elizth Quay)
1803-2 E         CALEY        Jane                     d 10 feb 1803;bro john caley;nephew john, thos,patk, wm + philip caley;niece elizth caley - all jt execs;john caley snr abs,john caley jnr + other nephews + wm cowin(h/o elizth) sworn
1803-2 E         CORLETT      Ann         kewley       dated 16 sep 1801;husb wm(lands during life, boat);dau margt,ellinor;son david, john, stephen, thos exor;1808: ?thomas christian h/o elinor [page copy poor]
1803-2 E         CORLETT      William                  written 17 aug 1803;unnamed sibs(1s ea);aunt cath kneal exex
1803-2 E         CRAINE       Margaret    ?kelly       dated 7 feb 1803;ballacorjeag;dau margt;son john, wm, thos, robt;husb john exor
1803-2 E         MYLREA       Jane                     made 22 jun 1803;husb john exec;ballacooiley;dau ann;other unnamed ch;john corlett h/o ann 
1804   A 49      CLARKE       Thomas                   dated 3 jan 1804;ballavolley;gch esther radcliffe,john quayle,thos clerk + anne cannell;dau esther w/o john quayle,cath + elinor;son john (heir) ;bro robert;son thos;wife jane
1804-1 E         TEARE        William                  [full];[1st on mm film]
1805   A 55      GAWN         Thomas                   declared 7 mar 1805;curragh side;sons john,thos,wm ;dau mary,elizth,jane;wife elinor exex
1805   A 56      CALLISTER    Catharine                dated 3 jul 1801;widow;dau ann exex
1806   A 57      COLLISTER    Alice       kneen        d 1 apr 1807;dated 23 nov 1805;ch patk,john,ralph(loom),mary,margt;husb ralph exor
1806   A 58      STEPHEN      John                     dated 30 dec 1805;ballacaine;ch john(heir),cath,jane;wife cath als craine exex;mentions morthage on ballacaine held by Daniel stephen of grange
1806   A 59      STEPHEN      Catharine   craine       widow of john [see #58] daniel stephen (grange) exor in trust + guardian
1806   A 60      WADE         Dolly       clucas       dated 10 feb 1806;husb john exor;ch john,wm + jane
1806   A 61      BODDAUGH     Margaret    quayle       inc m/c thos clark + elizth boddaugh - thos clark exor
1806   A 62      FAIL         Thomas                   dated 12 apr 1806;son thos exor
1806-2 E         BOYDE        Daniel                   perished by sea 31 Oct 1806 on coast on Scotland;ch John, Daniel, Thomas (ua), Margt, Mary + Jane(ua) Boyde jt admrs - older ch supv of those ua;wife Ann;inv
1806-2 E         CALEY        John                     perished by sea 31 Oct 1806 on coast on Scotland;ch John + Daniel Caley - ua - wife Margt supv + admx in trust;bro Wm + Thos Caley - also supvs;pledges Wm Caley + John Killip;bebts inc land rent to Danl Cowle + Mrs Tear;inv
1807   A 54      CORLETT      Margaret    cannell      dated 27 sep 1806;ch jane, ann,elizth,john(if he comes);husb john exor
1807   A 55      QUAYLE       Margaret    kinrade      dated 1 jan 1795;relict wm quayle glendoo;ch joney,cath exex
1807   A 56      STEPHEN      Thomas                   dated 21 jan 1807;son thos exor,patk(ch thos,margt,cath)
1807   A 57      CORLETT      Jane        craine       dated 28 march 1807;widow thos;ch mary(w/o james lawson),jane(w/o nicholas cannell),thos(wife margt - ch jane) exor,john
1807   A 58      CALEY        Margaret    gawn         dated 23 feb 1807;ch mary,wm,thos,dan;husb wm exor
1807   A 59      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 24 feb 1807;ballamoar;ch thos,john_james,cath - all ua;wife exex;bro robt corlet + patk kewish to be supvs
1807   A 60      COWLEY       Mary                     ch margt(w/o robt fell - estate of carmodel beg)exex,john;
1808   A 115     COWLE        Patrick                  dated 14 jan 1805;ch ann (w/o danl quayle)exex, patk ;gson wm cowle
1808   A 116     COLLISTER    Margaret    boyd         dated 3 jun 1807;son wm(+ wife - all her clothes);husb thos exor
1808   A 117     COWLEY       Daniel                   dated 24 may 1806;glanshogill;ch elizth exex, john, thos, danl;wife alive
1808   A 118     KEWLEY       Anthony                  dated 25 mar 1804?;Ballamoore;ch esther(purchased intack lezayre - close-e-chonnoly), ealey,mary(w/o thomas crye Peel), john, patk, wm ,thomaswife esther exex;1820 Mary Crye d/o Mary Crye(late peel now ballaugh) gd/o Anthony acks esther kewley
1808   A 119     BODDAUGH     Margery     corlet       dated 9 dec 1805;relict Robt Boddaugh;ch john(off Island),margery(w/o wm cain (holds mortgage on close-renny)), danl(all lands inc close renny) exor;
1808   A 120     CORLETT      Margaret                 dated 3 mar 1808;ch john(eldest son), danl,henry,jane clark, margt tear, anne + cath jt exexs;
1808   A 121     CORKILL      Ann      quayle als tear dated 29 may 1807;niece ann(w/o john bodaugh), elizth(w/o philip quayle lezayre);husb danl;son john quayle(intack croit robin) exor
1808-2 E      w  CORLETT      Elinor                   dated 26 May 1807;Ballanedin;dau Elinor exex;court notes Elinor is of weak understanding + appts Danl Stephen + John Teare (2 of parish wardens) exors in rust
1809   A 55      CLARKE       William                  dated 15 apr 1808;son thos, christopher, wm exor;(thos Corlett holds money for 1st 2)
1809   A 56      GARRETT      Ann                      dated 28 may 1809;relict Phillip Garrett Glanscronill? ;son matthias(if he comes to Island), philip exor;gdau cath kneale
1809   A 57      CORLETT      Elinor                   dated 30 sep 1807;relict Wm Corlett ballacrye;dau margt (eldest - w/o John Teare Brooghjiarg beg), isabel(w/o John Teare Ballaneddin), jane(purchased lands from Thos Cowley Ballacry - or Margt to pay the consideration money thereof) exex,ellen(lately decd - her ch);John Quayle acks from John Tear Brooghjairg the consideration money of 30 beg [?h/o Jane m Mic 18090314]
1809   A 58      CRAINE       Mary        cowle        dated 23 feb 1809;husb Thomas Craine Dollaugh beg exor;dau mary, ann, jane;son john, thomas(eldest);father patk cowle
1809   A 59      CORKIL       Daniel                   d 16 dec 1808;ch wm, john,cath, mary,margt,thomas(lands etc)exor;
1809   A 60      STEPHEN      Judy                     dated 26 dec 1808;husb john stephen;sharragh vane in the mountains;dau ellinor(w/o Thomas Corlet)
1809-1 E      w  CORLETT      Catharine                dated 15 Oct 1806;widow;ch Patk cowley, Mary, Cath(w/o John Fail) exex;gch Cath Corlet(w/o Thomas Corlett),Thomas Fail(s/o John Fail Marown);[?Cath Cowley + Jno Fayle son Thomas Mar 17990421 ?marr unless Cath = Cath mlyvorrey m Bal 17830118 + thus cath widow Thos Mylworrey m Bal 17780627]
1809-1 E      w  CORLETT      Simon                    dated 15 Oct 1808;ch John, Paul, Henry, Thomas, Simon, Margt, Alice;wife Margt exex
1809-1 E      w  COWLEY       Margaret    corlett      dated 8 Mar 1808;unnamed eldest son(purchased land in Ballacain? moar); ch Danl, Edward, Cath(w/o Robt Cannon), Jane, Leonora + Margt (4 daus last 2 ua jt exexs + Close woods in Lezayre);husb John Cowley;
1809-1 E      w  CRAINE       William                  dated 31 May 1809;Dollaugh moar;ch Wm(whole estate after decease of wife)),Ann Radcliffe als Craine;wife Anne exex
1809-1 E      d  KILLIP       William                  d 14 Oct 1808;ch John, William, Elinor + Jane(w/o Hugh Corlet) jt admrs;agt dated 29 Jun 1809 between widow Margt Killip als Kewley (Glenscondrel) + sons John + Wm Killip, Hugh Corlet(h/o Jane) + Phillip Craine(h/o Eleanor) that Margt shall admr estate + pay Hugh 49 13s 3d for labour etc
1809-2 E         CALLISTER    John                     dated 17 Nov 1808;ch John , Henry, Daniel, Isabel;wife Isable als Stephen exex;
1810   A 65      MYLECHARANE  John                     dau margt(eldest w/o john quayle),cath,ann;son thos(douglas);gson wm quayle;wife exex
1810   A 66      CRAIN        William                  dated 11 jan 1810;7 ch james, jane, henry, john, thos, philip + robt + child now upon bearing wife Jane
1810   A 67      CALLISTER    Thomas                   dated 1 feb 1810;ballachurn;son thos,hugh,wm,john(exor);gch stephen(in Liverpool)
1810   A 68      COTTIER      Margaret    kneen        dated 23 Jan 1810;ch margt,john;husb john exor;1843: John craine(liverpool) exor in trust of Roby Craine h/o Margt cottier acks from Thomas Kinrade exor in trust John Cottier
1810   A 69      BOYD         Jane        cowley       dated 4 jan 1810;son thos,john;dau eleanor,jane,esther;husb philip exor
1810   A 70      Cowley       isable                   dated 13 dec 1809;dau jane(w/o john corlet),isabel;husb patk exor (keeps Bulliven's ? Close if unm otherwise to daus);ch ua
1810   A 71      CORLETT      John                     [right margin lost on film] dau elinor (?w/o [but lost - next line] 'of  john mylrea');wife exex;petn by widow mary corlet re john corlett ballaneddin d 27 mar 1810;
1810-1 E      w  CALEY        Ann                      dated 28 Feb 1800;Ballacurn;husb Dan Caley;ch Wm, Robert, Margt exex but not to have possn until after death of fa(by 1810 w/o Charles Crow of Ballaugh);dispute noted d 9 Feb 1810, one witt John Corlett ill - Charles Crow petns John Corlett states he believes same will as he heard stated 10yrs ago, otherwitt Thos Corlett (Ballamoana)wrote it down, in presence of husband and no one prompted testatrix (also comments that will dated 28 Feb 1809)
1810-2 E         COWLEY       Mary        annitt       dated 2 aug 1810;ch mary_ann, elizth - ua;husb john(purchased qtrland ballacrossey) exor
1810-2 E         GARRETT      Elizabeth   sayle        dated 20 jun 1810;husb daniel exor;ch thos,danl,elizth + ann - some ua
1811   A 49      MYLREA       Margaet     kneen        dated 10 dec 1810;son john(her pt of boat + nets),wm,thos + James;husb exor;dau margt,cath;niece ann kneen
1811   A 50      CLARKE       Daniel                   dated 1 jan 1811;wife exex
1811   A 51      CORLETT      William                  d 9 jun 1810;parish clerk ballaugh;son thos (purchd lands close-e-callow,cronk-e-cheeny);dau ellinor,jane,margt (exexs);thos keggin (mallen? malew) + son-i-law patk caine(h/o elinor) jurby guardian of thomas ua;claims inc cath crenolt widow
1811   A 52      COWLEY       Catherine                made 6 apr 1811;glanshogil;son wm(h/o margt + dau margt),john;gdau cath cowley;bro-i-law thos cowley;dau cath exex
1811-1 E         CORLETT      Daniel                   d 5 jan 1811;wife Elizth + one child Daniel ua;estate does not cover debts
1811-1 E         CORLETT      Daniel                   d 23 jun 1811;?of Jurby [top of page has printhru from rev + unreadable but of Ballaugh in petn]dated 26 apr 1811;son john;dau jane(w/o thos Craine (nailor) ballaugh) exex;petn 
1811-1 E         CRAINE       Mary                     Glack;widow;ch cath(w/o john bridson ballacroink malew),john,thos (jt exec with cath)
1811-1 E         KEIG         Robert                   d 26 apr 1811;bach;fa john admr;debts greater than estate
1811-2 E         CRAINE       Catharine   cain         dated 26 mar 1811;husb robert exor;ballacrosha;ch john,thos, wm, isabel,marty,cath,ann
1812   A 31      CLARK        Jane                     dated 11 nov 1812;widow Thos clark,ballavolley;ch john,jane,thos,elinor,margery?, cath,esther (w/o john quayle)exex
1812-1 E         KNEEN        John                     d May 1811;dau Esther Kneen + Margt Crain d/o Isabel Craine als Kneen? declrd admxs;Margt ua - Wm Crain(h/o Esther) sworn guardian;petn by Wm caley that family slow to seek admin + that caley indebted to him; [?marr for Isabel + bapt]
1812-2 E      w  CAINE        John                     dated 26 Jul 1812;unnamed ch;wife Mary exex;claims ;
1812-2 E      d  CORLETT      Catharine                d 29 [?sep] 1812;ch Wm, John, Cath + Ann jt admrs
1812-2 E      d  CORLETT      Patrick                  d 2 Aug 1812;ch Margt(w/o Wm Gawn)+ Cath(w/o Charles Clague)  jt admxs
1812-2 E      w  gawn         John                     dated 28 Jan 1811?;curraghside;ch Wm, Anne, ester,Thos(parcel of intack called Close-y-vaaley);wife Jane exex
1813-1 E      d  BOYDE        William                  d sept 1811 in H M service on Jersey;ch George + leonora minors co-admrs - step-fa Robert Smith sworn with consent next of kin;petn was by Robt Smith + wife Ann Smith als Boyde als Gell [ at m Mal 17950204 wm was sergt 58 regt foot]
1813-1 E         CAINE        Mark                     [?bur - MI #130 d 4 may 1813][1st on MM film]dated 5 May 1813;unnamed ch;unnamed wife exex;decree names  Mary + dau Elinor as 
1813-1 E         CORLETT      Robert                   d apr 1813;bach;fa robt admr
1813-1 E         COWLE        Anne                     dated 1 Oct 1812;husb Thomas Cowle exor;only son Thomas (her right to parcel of curragh called Close-y-Vailey);mother Joney Cannell;sis Elinor, Elizth;husb's mother alive
1813-2 E         GAWNE        Eleanor                  dated 16 Mar 1813;ch Thomas, Wm (their fa dead), 3 unnamed daus exexs (roof of the house + all belonging to house);
1813-2 E         STEPHEN      Daniel                   d 3 sep 1813;Tobago(W Indies);bach;fa Daniel Stephen admr
1814   A 67      KAIGHIN      Jane                     dated 22 May 1813;ch philip;sis Elinor Kaighin(10) after decease alice tear als christian her step gmo who is exex - also testrix leaves to Alice any right to house in which Alice lives or the other house etc;witt John Caley, Mary Caley;20 Dec 1825: ack from Paul Corlett h/o eleanor corlet als kaighin from Thomas Cubbon exor of Alice Tear dec
1814   A 68      CORLETT      John                     [very faint];dated 25 Aug 1810?;Balla tersyn mooar ?;;dau jane corlett, margt corlet;wife Jane;son john,wm(lands eastside of Ballaugh river);1834: Daniell Corlet h/o Margt Corlett acks from Wm Corlett (exor John Corlett sometime ago of Ballaterson) [danl Corlet m Margt Corlett Bal 18130501]1834: Daniel Corlett h/o Jane Corlett acks from Wm Corlett [danl corlett m Jane Corlett Bal 18210105];
1814   A 70      KNEEN        Mary                     Squeen;Margt cottier d/o John Cottier (Ballaterson) exex;names Margt Caine ? who lives with me,Jane w/o Wm Preston(joiner + son Wm jnr);uncle Philip Stephen (+ dau Mary who lives in Cumberland);margt relinquishes exex to husb Wm;petn by Wm Preston (ramsey) states Mary Kneen (Ballaugh) signed will 8 Oct 1809 and shortly afterwards departed to London where she d sometime in 1812;will appt Margt Cottier exex but she has refused the burden
1814-1 E         QUAYLE       William                  farmer;s-i-l john crellin douglas;son wm;son philip;s-i-l thomas kaighen kk micheal his dau anne in liverpool if she comes for it (?wq or tk's dau);wife ann execx
1815   A 49      CAIN         William                  dated 8 oct 1814;dau jane, isabel, elinor + anne;son wm, john,thos;wife margery exex (to take care of eldest dau margery);1828 Thos caine(ballaugh) acks margery;1829: elinor (now douglas) acks margery
1815   A 50      KILLIP       Judith                   dated 10 jun 1813;names robt brew wheelwright ballaugh exor;names isable brew, cath brew
1815   A 51      COWLEY       John                     dated 28 mar 1814;gson john kewley exor
1815   A 53      TEARE        Elizabeth                [very faint  + mostly unreadable on film](in petn d 20 nov)husb philip brooghjarg beg;son john;dau elizth(w/o Thomas tear balla bane Andreas) residuary legatee
1815   A 54      CLAGUE       Ann                      [faint on film]dated 4 may 1811son richard(2s 6d);dau ann(2s 6d);nephew wm corlet exor
1815-2 E         CLARKE       John                     d 8 jun 1815;father richard admr
1815-2 E         CORLETT      Anne        mylrea       d sep 1815;ch john + jane jt admrs - ua - uncle (mo's side) john caly supv; husb john  (shoemaker)sworn
1815-2 E         MYLECARANE   Margaret                 dated 31 jan 1812;ch john, margt(w/o john quayle(ballaugh),cath(w/o Thomas quayle(ballaugh), thomas, ann(meadow close-e-chonaly lezayre) exex;gch wm + margt quayle(c/o dau margt)
1816   A 47      BRIDSON      Jane                     names Jane Bridson;husb wm;son henry, wm duke waterson exor;dau-i-law Elinor Waterson;son-i-law Wm Quine(dau elinor + elinor quine his dau) [wm watterson m elinor cowin Bal 18110526]
1816   A 48      MYLCARANE    Jane                     dated 12 dec 1815;[spinster] names Ann + Margt d/o Thos Craine(nailer, ballaugh  + wife jane corlett exex - lheaby chroie(andreas) adj Patk Brew on south,- Mylecarane on west, john sayle on north + high road east , also close-y-quayle(lezayre) adj Patk Brew on south, thos mylecarane on west + east, Ewan Kneen on north - Jane craine to enjoy during her life);bro John(dau cath), thos;sis two children (cath + elizth);names john corlett(jurby - dau jane);john sayle(andreas) h/o jane mylcharane nieceof testx acks Thos Craine h/o Jane Craine als Corlett;Andrew tear h/o Jane tear als mylecharane acks from Thos;cath + elizth mylecharane (d/o John Mylecharane Lezayre nieces) ack; john corlet(jurby - father of Jane corlett minor) acks
1816   A 49      COWLEY       William                  dated 21 mar 1816;glanshogil;ch wm,margt,james(loom);wife exex
1816   A 50      CAINE        John                     dated 26 oct 1814;ch elinor(w/o thos cannon jurby), isabel(w/o john boddaugh), elizabeth(w/o thomas boddaugh ballaugh), thomas(2 if he came to this isle to receive it);son-i-law robt craine;stepson robt teare (jurby);names cath clark gdau of his wife who resided with him;wife margt als teare als craine exex [m Margt teare als craine Bal 17870208 - ?no ch];1821: james kneen(ballaugh) h/o cath als Clark acks [?is cath clark illeg c/o philip clark = elizth teare]
1816   A 51      MOUGHTIN     Arthur                   dated 14 jan 1814;4 unnamed sons(2 2s ea);dau elinor;late decd son wm's dau;wife cath exex
1816-2 E         BOYD         Daniel                   perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;sibs John, margt, mary (w/o thomas corlet)+ jane(w/o Thomas Kelly) admrs;pledges daniel Cowell(ballaugh) + Robert Fargher(Ramsey)
1816-2 E         BOYD         Thomas                   perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;sibs John, margt, mary (w/o thomas corlet)+ jane(w/o Thomas Kelly) admrs;pledges daniel Cowell(ballaugh) + Robert Fargher(Ramsey)
1816-2 E         Boyde        ann                      dated 9 jun 1816;widow of daniel;ch danl, thos, mary(w/o Thos Corlett), Jane(w/o thos kelly),margt caly als boyd (widow john caly) exex, john;gson john boyd;gson illegit s/o son john boyd ;
1816-2 E         CALISTER     John, jnr                perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;Smack 'Felicity' of Peel wrecked in Lane Mooar Kk Andreas;wife cath ;annexed note [?posthumous] son John - John Clark sworn guardian;inv
1816-2 E         Corlett      James                    perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;father James admr
1816-2 E         COWELL       John                     perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;father daniel admr;pledges Thomas Corlet + John Boyde (both ballaugh)
1816-2 E         MYLREA       William                  perished at sea abt 23 Oct 1816;ch wm, ann, jane, elinor + margt - all ua - John Cain + Wm Kaneen ? supvs;wife elinor sworn
1817   A 64      CORLETT      Matthias                 dated 30 jan 1816;ch robt(10 if he comes for it), john;wife ann exex (close-e-vaillee);1821: Robert Corlet (soldier 6 dragoon guards) acks jane Craine als corlett (w/o john)exex of ann corlett als garrett
1817   A 65      GAWNE        Mary                     dated 28 mar 1812;gch mary (left acneckroeel ? + smoothing iron etc - she to pay bros 1 ea)wm, thomas + danl caley;husb wm
1817   A 66      CAINE        John                     [?undated] ballakinnag;bro's son Wm Caine(all his pt of lands etc inc intack croit-yn-acre nick - he to pay debts of 58 on land);wife Christian exex;bro thos;30 in trust to wardens to educate poorest children of parish [?is this john caine + christian quayle m Mic 17790619 - ?no ch]1823: vicar + wardens ack 30
1817   A 67      CALLISTER    Mary        [quayle]     dated 16 jan 1817;husb wm (mason) exor;ch wm,mary, thomas - uncle (by mo's side) thos quayle guardian
1817-1 E         CORLETT      William                  dated 10 mar 1814;ch wm, john, ann, cath exex;gson danl + john corlett
1817-1 E         GRIMSHAW     John                     d 21 mar 1817;dau jane, margt + ann jt admxs;pledges thomas corlett + William craine (both ballaugh)
1817-1 E         KELLY        William                  d 18 dec 1816;farmer;next of kin Thomas Kewish (by right of wife Elinor)+ Robt Teare (by right wife isabel) jt admrs;wife alive (+ consents)
1817-1 E         KEWISH       William, jnr             d 19 feb 1817;ch wm, john, james, thomas + Jane jt admrs - ua - uncle Patk Kewish guardian;wife Jane sworn admx in trust but shortly afterwards married John Mylecharane who did not fully understand the accounts - requested time + permission to return a correct inventory etc - debts exceed effects (paid about 80% in )
1817-1 E         KEWLEY       William                  d 27 mar 1814 beyond seas;bach;late of HM ship Hebries? ;mother ellinor Kewley admx;pledges Wm Rogers (Kk Michael) + Norris Clague(Douglas);
1817-2 E         CAINE        Mary        gawn         dated 4 jul 1817;dau margt exex;gdau jane killey
1817-2 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   d 14 sep 1817;broughjiarg moar, farmer;ch thos, philip, mary, eleanor; wife Mary delined admin; ch gfa Thomas Craine admr;inv
1817-2 E         CORKAN       Catherine   cannell      dated 10? sep 1817;dau cath;husb patk exor
1817-2 E         CRELLIN      William                  dated 29 mar 1817;sibs mary shimin als crellin, cath kermode als crellin(dau ann), nicholas(son Wm + 3daus of 2nd wife margt als cottier + dau +2 sons by 3rd + present wife), philip(dau cath + margt);names mary clarke als crellin w/o peter clark(Lezayre);step-dau Mary Keig als teare (w/o John - john to spend 8 on a decent grave - ch wm, john, isabel + mary);some legacies to come from a 300 promissory note from Wm Kelly of Union mills;wife isabel exex
1817-2 E         KNEEN        Margaret                 dated 10 may 1817;gdau cath tear;son john tear exornamesmary kelly;bro thomas;petn states d abt 6 may
1817-2 E         QUAYLE       William                  d 6 jul 1817;wife exex;pledges thos corlet(kk michael) + richard corlett(ballaugh)
1817-2 E         Taggart      Henry                    d some years ago Rhode Island, USA;had one son Henry who d intestate + without issue;court decres Wm Kewley + Jane Teare als Kewley next of kin of deced henry;petn states Wm Kewley + Jane Tear als Henry Taggart was maternal uncle to Kewley (both Ballaugh) - henry had property + both wife + ch are dead [ Wm + Jane would appear to be ch of John Kewley + Alice taggart m Bal 17280818
1818   A 43      KILLIP       Jane        kewish als s dated 28 mar 1817;ballamona moar;son daniel kewish;dau jane hughes exex(w/o John);[1st hus edmond kewish 10441 - 2nd wm killip m Bra 17790916 - no ch from 2nd m ?]
1818   A 44      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 2 Mar 1818;Ballamonea beg;ch Wm(heir - incs intack lately purchased from John Christian of Curragh, Lezayre),John (Wm + John's mo lately decd), Thomas, Philip,Margt;aunt Margrett Corlett(bequeathed houses + intack in Douglas to fall to me at death of sister Cath - to fall to my two ch John + Margt equally);ch Thos + Margt jt execs;long dispute re removal of funiture + papers- petn states d mar 1818 + that Wm obsctructed execs when they wanted to remove some furniture
1818-2 E         COWLEY       Catharine                husb william cowley, glenshoggel;ch wm, james,margt exex
1818-2 E         QUAYLE       Margret                  ch john(living in whitehaven), philip, margt(w/o patk cannell) + judy (w/o patk mughtin)(jt exexs);
1818-2 E         STEPHEN      Catharine                dated 11 jan 1818;ballamoar;dau cath(ch john,jane, cath, elinor + elizth kelley), jane (w/o Richd Quirk kk patk) exex;son wm
1819   A 43   w  Corruin      Christian   Cowin        d 17 Jan 1819;names Jonny Cowley(d/o Danl Cowley);ch James Corruin,Jane Cowley(w/o Danl Cowley) exex,Margt Stowell; [widow James Carrooin]
1819   A 45   w  STEPHEN      Thomas                   dated 9 Nov 1818;Ballany?;bro Patrk Stephen;bro's son Danl Stephen, Thomas Stephen (all lands inc Close-e-callister, Close-e-callow (both in Ballaugh) + Close-woods in Lezayre)exor;bro's dau Margt Stephen [Patk Stephen (only bro m Cath Caley Bal 1789 + had thomas, danl, margt, john + cath]
1819-1 E      w  CRAINE       Ann         CAINE        dated 3 Apr 1812;widow Wm Craine(shoemaker, Bollaugh moar);ch Wm Craine(bed in room above parlour end of dwelling house)[?bapt], Ann (w/o Thos Radcliffe) exex;bro-i-law Philip Craine(Dollaugh)
1819-2 E      w  CAINE        William                  dated 7 Apr 1797;curragh side; ch Wm,Cath, Thomas, Anne;wife Mary(intack called Croit-cly-chuny) exex;Sumner of Ballaugh cites Cath Corlett + Hugh Callister + Wm Cain;1833: Wm cain acks;
1819-2 E      w  KILLIP       Eleanor     morrison     dated 9 Jun 1819;husb Patk Killip(her half of cow);ch Patk, Margt Cannell als Killip, John exor;gch Jane Cannell
1820   A 56   w  Killip       margt                    dated 20 Jan 1820;ch Wm, Eleanor,Jane, John exor;gch Ann Craine;1842: Ann Craine(Ballaugh) acks John Killip [eleanor m Philip Craine 1790]
1820   A 57   w  CORLETT      Ann                      dated 10 Apr 1820;widow;ch John(parcel intack in Ballaugh known as Close-e-vailee), Wm, Robt(abroad - 5 if he came);sis Margt(w/o Wm Cain);gch Ann + Robt (c/o Wm), Jane (d/o Wm) exex;1821: Robt Corlet soldier in 6th Dragoons acks  John Craine (h/o Jane Craine als Corlett exex);1821: Wm Corlet(late Ballaugh now Lezayre) acks from bro John Corlett
1820   A 58   w  KEWISH       William                  dated 11 Feb 1818;ch Patk,Thos(tool wallet + tools therein), Mary, Wm(+ his ch),Leonora exex;
1820   A 59   w  KEWISH       Patrick                  dated 30 Nov 1796;m/c Patrick Kewish(hatter, Ballaugh) + Margret Corlet(Ballamoney beg, Ballaugh) to marry within a month;Patk to settle estate on Margt;if Margt die before Patk she can dispose of her property;Witt John Hughes, Catherine Craine;accepted as will Patk 1820;
1820   A 60   w  CALLISTER    Elinor                   dated 4 Feb 1820;husb William Callister(Ballacoan keil, Ballaugh) exor;ch Cath, John, James, Elizth, Thomas - some ua;
1820-1 E         Callister    Elizabeth   QUAYLE       d 4 Jan 1820;husb John BallaChoan? Mooare sworn admr; ch John, Anne + Elizabeth - all ua - ch maternal gfa Wm Quayle guardian
1820-2 E         COLLISTER    Thomas                   dated 1 Feb 1819;wife Ann exex
1820-2 E         CORLETT      John                     dated 1 Jun 1820;names Margt Cain(at present a servant with Thos Corlett in Ballabeg, Ballaugh - parcel s of land known as Croit-yn-Ellan and Freagh-ne-Glaickey), Rev Philip Corlett(Ramsey - his right to Ballkinnag);names Thomas Corlett(Ballabeg, Ballaugh) exor + residuary legatee
1821-1 E         QUAYLE       Jane        CANNELL      d 4 feb 1821;ch jane, margt, cath, anne jt admxs but all of tender age;husb wm sworn admr in trust + guardian of ua ch
1821-2 E         CALEY        Dorothy     CANNELL      dated 25 jun 1821;bishops demesne;husb wm;son daniel,thos + wm(jt exors);dau ann clark als caley(w/o wm)
1821-2 E         COWLEY       Nicholas                 dated 9 jul 1821;sis cath(w/o John tear ballaugh)exex
1821-2 E         CRAINE       Margaret    CORLETT      dated 25 sep 1821;bro daniel(h/o alice[alais])exor [?#6224 danl corlet h/o alice mylvorrey m bal 17810113]
1821-2 E      d  CROW         Margaret                 dated 9 sep 1821;dau ann to have all' but court decides not named as exex - however appoints only ch anne admx but of too tender age; husb charles sworn [Margt caley m charles crow  Bal 18090430]
1821-2 E         KELLY        Isabella    CAINE        d 12 apr 1821;son wm admr
1821-2 E      d  Mylecharane  William                  d feb 1821;wife eleanor;ch thomas,william,eleanor + jane jt admrs - daniel christian deputy sumnr genl admr-in-trust;pledges william wilson + thos cowle both ramsey constables;
1821-2 E         QUAYLE       Thomas                   perished by sea oct 1821;ch thomas, john, jane + margt - all too tender years - wife Cath sworn;pledges John Mylecharane(maternal uncle of ch) + Philip Quayle (paternal uncle) - pledges also sworn guardians
1821-2 E         WADE         John                     dated 6 mar 1821;son wm;dau jane exex
1822-1 E      d  CALLISTER    John                     d jan 1822;ch thos, wm + patk together with the child of decd bro John Callister jt admrs
1822-1 E         KEWLEY       Esther                   dated 12 feb 1816;widow;dau mary cry als kewley, esther kewley(lands in lezayre known as close-e-conley) exex, ealy clague(w/o norris);son john(liverpool - to pay  300 to esther for lands in Ballaugh), patk(5s), Wm(5s), Thos(5s);
1822-2 E         HUNTER       George                   perished at sea dec 1816;surviving issue James + Wm - jt admrs - too tender years wife Ann sworn - ch gfa James Wade sworn guardian
1822-2 E         KELLY        Judith                   dated 28 oct 1817;son capt Wm Kelly;unnamed gch;dau elizth(w/o robt tear) + elinor(w/o thomas kewsh) jt exexs(mentions a deed of sale dated  this day- 2 daus to have money)
1823   A      w  COWLEY       William                  dated 14 Mar 1823;Ballacry;ch Wm(all landed property), Thomas(10) - jt exors
1823-2 E      w  COLLISTER    John                     dated 12 Jul 1823;bro Wm, Hugh + Thomas;niece Ann Collister;wife Ann exex
1823-2 E      w  CORLETT      Catharine                dated 1 Oct 1825;husb John Corlet, exor curraghside Balluagh;ch 3 unnamed+ ua sons, 3 unnamed + ua daus;wants bro James Corlet + Thos Kneen (curraugh, Ballaugh) exors in trust;1826: Ealy_ann acks fa;1828 eldest son John acks, 1832: Robert Corlett acks
1823-2 E      w  CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 18 Aug 1822;curraughside Ballaugh;ch Jane(parcel of intack purchased by him from Cath Kneale(widow David Kneale) [NSS May 1800 9]);wife Margt als Mylrea exex (+ all other purchased land)
1823-2 E      w  GRIMSHAW     Margaret                 dated 16 May 1820;mother Cath;father Thomas(parcel of land bought from Robt Gawne - pt of Ballacrossey [NSS Oct 1824 12])
1824   A 34      TEARE        Philip                   petn states d 21 oct 1823;dated 17 oct 1823;brooghjarg beg;son john exor;sumner charges caley lewin,margt + elizth lewin + john gill(last 3 noted as gch), thos tear + wife elizth
1824   A 35      KNEEN        Catharine                petn states d 17 jan ;ch margt kneen(field known as magher cooil frii ? adj garden on east + way to curragh on norrth + house known as weaver's house or loomshop) exex, cath craine(widow), thos, wm,mary(w/o john corkill), philip(lands jt with john,cart, plough etc)john
1824   A 36      CORLETT      Ann                      [extremely faint on film]dated 20 dec1823;ballaterson;names wm caine(purchased land called close -e-[] lezayre), john cowin(+ ch);husb wm exor; [MI cronk #83 age 82 w/o Wm ballatessin - ann kelly m Bal 17800520 - no ch]
1824   A 37      CORKILL      Christian                dated 6 oct 1823;ch jane, ann, david (exor)+ margt(houses jt between then);other unnamed ch 1s ea
1824   A 38      CHRISTIAN    Philip                   petn states d 20 nov ;petn by wife mary (exex) - dispute by next of kin Thomas Cubbon + Thomas Kelly but they withdrew - [will tba - missed from my copy ?] [mary corlet m Philip christian Bal 18080130 ? no ch]
1824-2 E         BOYDE        Anne        CORLETT      dated 15 Jan 1823;ch James, cath + Ann(w/o Thos Roberts) jt exexs;witt Ann + Thos Gawn
1824-2 E         CORLETT      Catharine                dated 13 Aug 1824;bro Wm Corlet;nephew Daniel Corlet exor;sumner charges Wm Corlet + Ann Corlet of Braddan
1824-2 E         GAWNE        Catharine                dated 16 Aug 1828;names Margt Cowley(the Close now residing with me - right of the loft which I lately purchased from my bro Robrt) exex;bro Robert;
1825   A 44      KEWISH       Margaret                 dated 7 jun 1820;relict Patk Kewish;ch cath(dwelling house),margt(stables + adj workshop + moiety of purchased lands) - jt exexs;26 mar 1825: codicil alter moiety to whole stackyard east + southeast of preaching house - then withdrawn + explained that margt to have moiety of lands with stables + to have moiety lying backwards eastward + northward of workshop nr ballaugh brewery + dwelling house adj sd premises;dau Cath now cath taubman(w/o thomas)
1825   A 45      GRIMSHAW     Catherine   cowley       dated 16 oct 1824;unnamed ch (1 ea);son wm(youngest);sis ann cowley(a place to build a house on);husb thos exor;
1825   A 46      CALLISTER    Patrick                  declrd 3 jan 1825;ch john, patk, thomas, mary, margt;wife dorothy als killip exex
1825   A 47      CORLETT      William                  petn states d 7 feb 1825;dated May 1821;ballaterson beg;names Hugh Corlet + wife(jane als killip) ramsey;nephew wm caine jnr(Kk michael - half receiver's close (or Close-ey-sowere?) and he to pay sis mary + isabella caine 7ea);bro thomas;sis w/o Wm Mylecraine(+ his ch);wife (purchased lands brought from Wm Corlett Ballaterson moar);Eleanor Cowin(w/o John) exex;Charles Quiggin(h/o Mary Caine) + isabella caine ack 7 from Wm Caine;Thomas Corlet guardian of elr, thomas, jane + Wm mylecraine (c/o Wm) acks john cowin
1825   A 48      CORLETT      William                  dated 10 jan 1817;ch stephen, elinor, john, david, margt exex(w/o thomas christian)
1825-2 E         TEARE        Alice                    dated 13 dec 1824;(petn states d end sep 1825)widow;names margt(w/o Thos Cubbon - intack close-e-callow), margt + cath (the other) d/o thos cubbon;thos cubbon exor (in petn of Ballaugh);[alice christian widow of Gilbert - his will 1800 - no ch by this his 2nd marr]
1826   A 34      ROBERTS      Ann                      dated 8 mar 1826;4 unnamed sons + 1 dau;husb thos exor
1826   A 35      CORKILL      John                     dated 11 apr 1826;curragh side;dau ann(liverpool),cath (w/o john clark) exex;
1827   A 27      Mylevorrey   Patrick                  dated 10 ? aug 1824;glanseroundle ?;ch patk,thos,adam,jane(w/o james cowley),ann(w/o john cottier),margt (my share of clock and of furnace used for bleaching);john + margt jt execs;unnamed gch(c/o patk and of Ann);1873: thos morrison (als mylevorry) labouer of peel acks;
1827   A 28      CALLISTER    William                  dated 7 feb 1827;ballacurn moar;son wm,james (cart + plough between them),thos,margt + jane (jt exexs)
1827   A 29      QUAYLE       Esther                   dated 2 apr 1827;niece cath cain;sis jane kewish, cath cain, elenor corlett;husb john;son john exor
1827   A 30      MYLECRAINE   William                  dated 7 oct 1826;dau elinor(w/o john craine),cath(w/o john cain),ann(w/o thos kneen),jane;decd son wm(ch eleanor,thos,jane + wm mylecraine);son thos exor;wife alive;intack in ballaugh + lezayre
1827   A 31      TEARE        Jane        kewley       dated 14 oct 1826;widow;decd husb Thos;ch cath (w/o john christian ballacurry),jane (w/o james taubman ballaugh),thos(ballamona moar) exor;gch john christian jnr,thos tear;ann,jane + margt teare (d/o son thos) + eliza + maria tear (my granddaus xd thru)
1827-2 E         TAUBMAN      Jane        [teare]      petn w/o james (brewer as stock inc brewing utensils)ch Henry, Edward Moore, James,Robert, John, Jane, Elizth, Catherine and Margaret (all under 21) pledges John Teare Senior and John Caley  - John Tear  (supv of children) + husb James appointed execs
1828   A 33      KEIG         Ann                      dated 30 nov 1826;(petn states d 3 feb 1828);widow of Thomas Keig of Ballacain;ch thos, john, eleanor_ann exex;1828:Eleanor_ann w/o John Quayle;pledges John Teare snr + junr (also wittnesses)
1828   A 34      QUAYLE       Daniel                   dated 28 nov 1827;wife ann als cowle exex(intack close connery during life);names Wm Stephan(s/o sister Nelly)[?wm s/o Thos stephan + ellinor quayle], charles s/o sis eleanor stephan [?bapt - ?is this christopher?] [m Bal 18051030 ?no ch]
1828   A 35      MYLECRAINE   Elinor      CORLETT      dated 15 nov 1827;widow;ballamoar;ch cath(w/o john caine kk bride),ann(w/o thos kneen),jane(w/o thos collister),thos(close mooar ballaugh + meadow Freagh e kewley in Lezayre) exor;gch thos,wm,ellinor + jane  mylecraine;1837: adam watson h/o gch jane
1828   A 36      MYLYCARANE   Catharine                dated15 dec 1826;husb thos exor;ch john,patk,wm,thos(close y quell lezayre),judy(w/o robt corlet),jane
1828   A 37      CORLETT      Margaret    cain         dated 29 jun 1827;dolley moar[dollaugh moar];ch john(+wife), Daniel(wife cath + dau margt, nancy, cath),Philip(wife mary + ch philip, john, mary_ann, margt, betty_jane)exor
1828   A 38      NIDDERAGH    William                  recital that Wm Nidderagh by will dated 2 jun 1783 did estate on wife isabella als Skillicorn a parcel of land(2.5 daymoth of hayland) during her life but to poor of jurby after her decease tho exor could choose to pay 10 - isabella lately sold land to Philip Quayle (hatter) her exor who has given the 10 - vicar + wardens ack 10 [Wm + isabell m Mau 17650815 - ?no ch - isabel mcnameer bur Jur 18260325 age 97]
1828-1 E         BOYDE        Thomas                   dated 4 feb 1826;son john(eldest), thomas, james, Wm;dau isabella(w/o john cain), ann(w/o James lace), margt;wife elizth exex;pledges Wm boyde(ballaugh) + John Boyde(german)
1828-1 E         KERRUISH     Christian                petn states d 30 aug ;exex elizth cowle als Kerruish (w/o James) + her dau elizth cowle jt exexs; [writes name Krewish]nephew John Krewish(+ son john);names Mary Quail, Elizth Cowle(d/o James Cowle + Elizth als Krewish) exex; inv
1828-1 E         QUAYLE       John                     dated 9 may 1827;wife judy als briew(intack - croght polvein ? + croght veg);dau jane, mary;pledges daniel Boyde + john Corlett (both ballaugh)
1828-1 E         STEPHEN      Daniel                   d abt may - no will + no relations willing to admr - Wm Radcliffe sumner Andreas apptd
1828-2 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 7 aug 1828;ch wm, thomas, john, daniel, edward + mary (5s ea when they reach 14);wife mary als boyde exex;pledges john killip + john corlett(both ballaugh)
1828-2 E         FAYLE        Catherine                declrd 7 aug 1828;husb john;ballacorage;dau cath corlett, margt callow + ann brew(1s ea);son john, thomas jt exors;john renounced exrship + thos sworn;
1829   A 32      CORLETT      William                  [date lost];WC bane;son wm;dau isabella curphey, ann,eleanor corlett(land in Ballnahawin Kk Michael);wife ann exex
1829   A 33      Callister    Isabella    stephen      dated 1 jun 1819;widow john callister Kairlane;ch john,isabel(w/o daniel Rogers ballaugh) exex, henry,daniel,
1829   A 34      TAUBMAN      James                    d 24 dec 1828;brewer;will made 16 dec 1828;ch edward Moore taubman (houses etc in ballaugh - exor),james,robt,jane,elizth + cath(last 5 500 each),henry(family bible + 5);edward under 21 john tear junr (ballaugh) guardian sworn
1829   A 35      MYLECRAINE   Thomas                   dated 3 may 1828;ch john(pt of cart, plow + harrows),patk, wm, thos, judy(w/o Robt Corlett), jane; Thos + Judy jt execs;petn states d Dec 1828
1829   A 36      CORLETT      Isabella                 dated 16 oct 1826;relict thomas corlett broughjarg moar;ch elinor(w/o henry corlet douglas),isabella caine(w/o charles caine lezayre),thomas(late decd - his ch thomas_wm,philip.margt_mary + ellinor),elizth(brooghjarg mooar - exex); 1840 eleanor widow of Henry acks
1830   A 20      CALLISTER    Ann         christian    [very faint + diff to read]d 27 feb ;late wife of thomas callister;neice Jane Lewthwaite(d/o Anthony Lewthwaite), douglas, exex;mentions land in qtr land Broughjiarg moar known as Catherin ? Croit-ne-Aague bounded by Bishops land on south, thomas bell on west, Broogh jiag mooar on north and late Wm Corlett and a private road on east; [m Thomas Callister Bal 18080519 - no ch? - anthony Lewthwaite h/o cath christian]
1830   A 21      CRELLIN      Isabella                 +dispute john keig + charles lawson - Isabella wanted to make will without knowledge of John Keig - will written by Thos Caine who kept will in his possession - she said that Isabel Keig was her exex as she deserved it and that Charles Lawson should not have any (winesses sd that she had told them that he had threatened to kill her whilst he was drunk)
1831   A 13      QUAYLE       Ann         cowle        dated 2 jan 1829;widow;curraghside;nephew wm cowle(ballaugh);bro pat cowle;niece margt cowle(d/o patk - exex - intack called close conny + dunalds croft Ballaugh adj north Wm cowle,east + south John Killip,west Philip Kneen);margt w/o wm wade
1831-2 E         DOWNWARD     Catharine                dated 2 apr 1831;at present village kk michael;niece isabella simpson exex
1831-2 E         KEWISH       Elenor      kelly        dated 3 aug 1831;'loverly' husb thos exor;ch elinr(w/o thos corlett),ann,judith,christian;gdau elinor corlett;names thos s/o wm kewish;1848: judith howland als kewish acks;1852 gdau elinor corlet acks;1853: edward gill h/o christian acks from john craine exor of thos kewish
1831-2 E         McCLEAN      James                    dated 25 mar 1826 (codical 24 oct 1827 sates purchased property);major 80th regt foot;wife emma exex
1831-2 E         QUAYLE       Ann                      dated 7 jun 1831;ballacrosha;ch thomas, ann;husb thomas exor;1857: robert Keig h/o ann acks
1832   A 38      TAUBMAN      Edward Moore             petn of richard teare + thos moore admrs of john tear decd that e.m taubman died many years ago probate 1832;bill of complaint 1854 re execr james taubman who died + wife jane appt exec 1862 - she is dead + no legal rep to estate; 1832 will - wife eliz als teare;bro james;names thomas taubman [m Bal 18301127 ?no ch]
1832   A 39      KELLY        Patrick                  dated 14 oct 1829;jane(w/o son wm)(land called shenvalley + part of dollaugh mooar);son wm exor
1832   A 40      CAINE        William                  dated 27 nov 1831;son john exor;
1832   A 41      STEPHEN      Elizabeth                dated 24 jul 1828;jw wm + elizth;son wm,john,thos;dau christian(w/o wm corlet),jane,elizth + cath
1832-1 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   d 26 dec 1831;bach;wm,john + margt corlett jt admrs
1832-1 E         COWLEY       Ann                      d 8 jan 1832;dated 21 sep 1831;bro thos cowley;niece cath quayle(malew),ann collister(jurby)nephew john grimshaw(ballaugh) exor;petn by john grimsha that ann cowley was aunt + he is on point of leaving for America;
1832-1 E         CRELLIN      Isabella                 d 2.5 yrs ago but no admn;decd husb wm;large sums of money owed by people about to depart for america;court appoints john killip(ballaugh)
1832-1 E      w  GAWNE        Thomas                   dated 26 mar 1832;ch john, thomas, wm, daniel, philip, jane, cath, mary (most legacies 5s);wife elizth exex
1832-2 E      w  CALEY        Elinor      MYLREA       dated 5 jul 1831;ch john,ann, jane, elenor,elizthabeth,thomas(all purchased land);husb john exor
1832-2 E      d  CORLETT      James                    d 4 oct 1832;bro john;wife elinor;ch danl, james, john, thomas, henry, jane, helen, cath, maria + eliza - some ua
1832-2 E      d  TEARE        Thomas                   d 20 sep 1832;bro robt admr;
1833   A 36      CORLETT      Robert                   dated 20 apr 1830;ballakinnay;sis cath cannon;niece jane cannon;dau jane decd;gdau cath,jane,judith + ann corlett;son robt(purchased lands)exor;1854: james corlett h/o judith;1859: charles kaighin h/o ann;1871 jane acks
1833   A 37      CAINE        Mary                     dated 3 jan 1829;widow;curraghside;son wm(intack croit cly curry)gdau amelia caine;dau ann(w/o hugh callister) exex;1836: amelia cain (braddan) acks
1833-2 E         BREW         Robert                   dated 5 mar 1832;son john(sams croft or magher e vroogh adj on east side leading from ballaugh brewery to scrondyl mill),wm;wife elinor als cowle exex;dau isabella(w/o john kinrade m Bal 18210401)[?bapt],cath(w/o patk mylecraine)
1833-2 E         CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 8? may 1833;ch robt, thomas, margt, isabella;wife ellinor exex
1833-2 E         MYLECHRAINE  Thomas                   dated 7 aug 1833;late Ballamoar;ch thomas(land called Freigh-ey-kewley + Close mooar when reaches 24);wife's bro John Garrett;bro Wm (son thomas);wife margt exex
1834   A 20      CORLETT      Jane                     dated 15 nov 1828;widow;ballaterson?;ch jane(w/o daniel corlett - ballaugh curraghside),margt (w/o daniel corlett ballaugh glen), john,wm(meadow of receiver's close + 2 fields dollaugh moar lately purchased jas taubman) exor;decd husb john;gch margt(d/o margt)
1835-1 E         CRAINE       Thomas                   dated 29 Dec 1834;Glaik;left money to poor of Kk Michael,Ballaugh,Andreas,Bride,Lezayre + Jurby;ch John_Thomas(200).Ann_Elizth(both under 21);wife Ann exex;1858: John_Thomas(grocer, Rmsey) acks
1836-2 E         COWLE        Patrick                  dated 2 may 1836;gson thomas cowle (s/o dau cath cowle - to put him to trade);wife margt als callister (close-e-kewin lezayre, close-e-callow intack ballaugh) exex - of jurby in probate
1836-2 E         MYLCHARANE   Ann                      will disputed - petn by John Mylecharane + Cath Quayle(some of next of kin) state Thomas Clark appt but after objections (debts of 40 exceed estate of abr 10) James Crain, late sumner Ballaugh, appt, but petrs state not a fit person as removed from office - court appts Robt Lewin current sumner
1836-2 E         TEARE        Robert                   dated 31 jan 1836;ch john(house etc - cottage + intack where lives), Thomas(ballacorage + crotyn-hom-nichlas + croit paddy paul + field called gatt or gate + turfland cooil ny bingey + close y vaille),Wm (if he comes),margt(callister field Ballamona moar),christian(w/o Wm Killey jurby);gson john tear;wife isabella als kelly (house etc in Ballaterson moar)exex;1857: Wm Killy acks from Thomas exor of Isabella
1837   A 50      CLARKE       Thomas                   dated 30 dec 1836;ravensdale;names mary moore(lived with him at col Shumm's);mother alive;john beck exor in trust;witt john beck x, ann beck x;;[?= bur  Pat 18361231 age 23 mother ann kelly/caley? - ann + john beck are farm steward ravensdale cottage]
1837   A 51      Cowley       Margaret                 dated 28 nov 1835;close;dau ann quirk(w/o john craine) exex;witt thos cowley, thos corlett;[ann quirk is illeg c/o thos quirk + margt cowley]
1837   A 52      Cowle        Margaret    callister    dated 15 nov 1836;relict(+exex) Patrick Cowle;ch thos(meadow - close-e-kewin),margt(w/o Wm Wade), cath(all intack land - close-e-callow ballaugh - exex;gch Thos Cowle (s/o dau Cath - 6 being a legacy from Patk),cath cowle(d/o cath),thomas(s/o Thomas),wm wade(s/o margt)
1837-1 E      d  CORLETT      William                  d 9 Jan 1837;Ballaterson moar;Robt Lewin (sumner) appt admr;inv 18s 1d
1837-1 E      d  CRAINE       William                  d without issue;wife Cath + father Phillip admrs - Philip declines + his son John appt
1838   A 28      COWIN        John                     dated 18 jan 1838;ballacry;dau elinor(pt of turbary in close-e-callow),jane,cath;gdau ann_jane lace;son john(close lheaney lexayre);wife elinor exex
1838   A 29      CORLETT      Mary                     dated  5 jan 1837;dollaugh moar;husb philip exor;[?page missing] dau named in decree mary_ann,margt + elizh_ann;1843 agreement as to how money to daus is safeguarded
1838   A 30      KILLIP       John                     [poor copy]dated 14 may 1836;ballakinnay;son john,wm,thos;dau mary corlet als killip,isabella gawn als killip;gdau ann killip;neighbour cath cowle;wife mary exex
1838-2 E         CLARKE       John                     dated 19 sep 1838;ballavolley;ch john(in Liverpool),wm(in North America),mary,jane(w/o thomas cowle ballaugh),thos,danl(land previously possessed by the testator's uncle + aunt robt + cath clark)exor ;gdau jane cowle;pledges john looney + wm cannell hatter kk michl village
1838-2 E         CORLETT      Robert                   dated 9 nov 1838;wife judith als mylecraine(meadow in lezayre bought from trustees Mrs Maria Kelly + house+ croft bought from Eleanor kermode decd) exex;ch john,cath_margt, + jane_elizth - all ua John Mylecarane supv;
1838-2 E         HUGHES       John Robert              ballamona;wife mary ann;illeg son wm hughes(to educate + put to trade);son john_willim(furniture,pistols + family sword);30 to make vault in new church ballaugh;friends thos moore(brewer Ramsey) + Wm Kelly Balnahasney(jurby) guardians for sons + exors;1854: JW hughes acks
1839   A 33      KILLIP       Judith      caine        ch william,joney(+ ch),Jane caine(w/o wm +ch);names john caine, cath w/o Patk Cannon;sis's dau;dau's ch to be paid from interest after jane's death - seemed to cause many problems john killip + thomas gawne jt exors - however renonounced and Wm Cannell appointed in 1867 who it seems did not fully administer by his death by 1880;jane widow;1853: john cain s/o jane acks;1856: philip + judith caine c/o jane ack;some ch in USA - thomas caine;
                                                         various resumes  appears jane d/o judith died leaving 4 sons wm,robt,thomas + danl + one dau judith craine als caine (widow of john) surviving her; james cain d in USA -jane had 3 other ch john cain d USA unmarried , james married als d USA  but no known relns,+ philip cain d IoM leaving bequests to bro's thomas + daniel(michigan);after much litigation in 1883 each surviving child gets 1/8th of residual estate
1840-1 E         CAIN         Daniel                   left Island abt 50yrs ago + not heard of for upwards of 25yrs - assumed dead;petn by Wm Callister(Ballaugh) that Dal was bro to his gfa;court appts Wm Callister, Ralfe Callister + Thos Callister 9all next of kin) as jt admrs
1840-1 E         WILKS        Catharine                see james
1840-1 E         WILKS        James                    petn by misses cath + eliza_elinor wilks only surv ch of james + cath (will 1834);pledge mrs jane cambell widow c'town
1840-2 E         MYLECRAINE   William                  made 7 feb 1840;curragh;dau mary,jane + ann;son wm,thos;wife mary als keig exex;
1843   A 47      TAUBMAN      Catharine                dated 29 apr 1842;w/o Thomas;Carmodyl beg;son thos(eldest brewery + stock),wm,henry,john,edward;dau margt,cath,eliz
1850   A 56      REDHEAD      Mary        kneal        [Full]dated 30 jan 1847;widow isaac redhead;dau jane copeland, rachel looney, margt wheeler;son wm,isaac redhead
1855   A 64      TAUBMAN      Mary                     dated 13 jul 1850;widow henry;dau ann,jane exex;wiit john craine,robt taubman
1856   E 16      TAUBMAN      Henry                    petn of thos moore + richd teare admrs of estate John teare - henry died some years ago, mary taubman appt execx, since dead; 
                                                          decree names James Taubman, Robert Taubman, Csar Stephen in right of wife Anne,Robert Teare in right of his wife Catherine;Edward Corlett in right of his wife Elizabeth, Thomas Allen in behalf of his children by Jane Allen alias Taubman his wife, Thomas Taubman,Robt Taubman, James Taubman, William Taubman and Jane Taubman minors , John Taubman off island, jane Taubman admtx;Mary taubman off island his only next of kin; Mary lately died john dawson appt

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