Summary of Wills - Ballaugh 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available. Over 95% [466/474]wills are summarised here (I think nearer 99% as some included in Lawson's index seem to be misread entries from indices.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 45      KELLEY       Maryod                   d 15 apr 1700;;names mary quayle, elinr kewish;2 unnamed bros;unnamed ua children (2 sons(younger son) at least) - 1734: anne caine formerly w/o Jon Carret the heir mentioned by Marriod Kelly (testatrix) acks from fa-i-law Philip Carret 1 15s in ful satisfaction of beast left the heir;
                                                         Note in 1701 epis wills re isable tear als carrett  by Sam wattlewoth that 40s due to ch in fa's hands Philip Carrett who married shortly after her death Isable Teare who d after a yr intestate - her only ch by a former husb was admtr + her mo's goods were added to fa's inv with consideration to the 40s
1700-1 A 46      COWLEY       Thomas                   d 12 mar 1699/1700;nephew[sic] margt kelley;names thos cowley, jon corlett;dau margt + jony jt exexs woth wife;
1700-1 E      d  CURLET       Joney       STEVEN       d 10 Nov [?1699];ch wm,silvester quayle admrs - next of kin tho stephan, anne Stephen + Phinlo Stephen  supvs;husb alive ;1708: Bro John has half inv 30s 6d;displaced is ack dated 14 Mar 1704 Jo Corlet acks from bro Thomas Steane 3 due after death of Corlet's wife  + also the 4t pt of all the small things mentioned in will of Patt quayle (1698) to Wm Quayle my eldest son [?Joney's 1st husb Patt Quayle with 2 sons, then 2nd John Corlet (?no ch]
1700-2 E      w  KELLY        Alice       QUALTROUGH   d 11 oct;son phil,nich,steph;other ch;husb + ch jt execs;ch ua uncles wm qualtrough + wm crane
1700-2 E      w  McYLREA      Anne        KNEEN        bur 4 nov 1700;mo alive;sis jony;bro wm;husb alive
1701   A 55      CORLETT      Elizabeth   [?crain]     rh margin lost - als Cr...];d 10 mar 1701/2;son robt,nicholas;dau ann,elinr exex;;wm corlett clerk + tho Corlett Broughjarg to be supv of ch but refused - next of kin Wm crain sworn
1701   A 56      COWLEY       Margery                  d aug; see philip
1701   A 56      COWLEY       Philip                   d 8 nov ;(wife margery pre decd him);ch john(eldest),margt,mary + philip (close-e-kenish between them);if ch should die Finlo Corlett(corvally) to enjoy land - Robt Killip + thos corlett to be overseers;
1701   A 57      GAWNE        Ellin       cowley       d 4 mar 1701/2;son wm curlett,thos curlett;dau ann + mally curlett;gch ellin steane;husb robt gawn exor
1701   A 58      KELLY        Mally       corlett      d beg mar 1701;stepdau ellin kelly;son thos corris;husb Wm kelly(land that came by him) jt exor with son Thos corris
1701   A 59      CRINNILL     John                     d mid feb;ch jony + cath (?ua next of kin john tear karlane supv)
1701   A 60      CORLETT      Joney       cotter       d 6 jan 1700/1?;husb john;sis nelly,cath;mo isable christian als cotter exex;names wm kelly,goddau isable cowle;exex gives right to dau nelly cotter;1703/4: dispute John Curlet + sis-i-law nelly cotter - arbitration
1701-3 E      d  GARRET       Isabel      TEAR         d 8 oct 1701;only dau mariod tear - uncle John tear supv;husb alive - note by Sam Wattleworth re Marriod Kelly (d 1700) dated 1705:  that 40s due to ch in fa's hands Philip Carrett who married shortly after her death Isable Teare who d after a yr intestate - her only ch by a former husb was admtr + her mo's goods were added to fa's inv with no consideration to the 40s
1702   A 35      Steone       Thomas                   d 24 nov 1702;niece ellin steone;wife cath steone als quayle;bro robt steane;nephew robt steone,patt steone;bro wm (purchased parcell of land in the hill)
1702   A 36      CRY          Isabel      mcnameer     d end of feb 1702;husb edwddau bahe + bessy jt exexs;husb gave a yoke of oxen to his son at the Dooly[Dollaugh?] and she had no satisfaction;
1702   A 37      KNEEN        Bahee       curlet       son thos,wm;dau jony(abroad) exex
1702-2 E 105  w  COWLEY       Thomas                   [full]
1702-2 E 110  d  craine       Margaret    SKALY        d 21 may 1702;4 ch patk,jony,wm + mary craine;husb john crain;uncle john skelly;no effects;note filed as margt skaly
1702-3 E      d  QUIRK        Dorothy                  d 24 jan;in house + under care patk kewish;no relns appeared
1703   A 29      KILLIP       John                     d 2 nov 1703;gson philip curlett;son-i-law wm curlett(half Ballamoney? - had m/c by which would be exor);servant dan daughardy;
1703-1 E      d  QUAIL        Jane                     d 29 jan;sibs philip,john + ann jt admrs of what came by mo and Hester + Wm (both ua) admrs with them of such goods as came by father
1704   A 12      staine       Averick                  d 16 dec 1704;son micheal exor,patk;
1704   A 13      COWLEY       Michael                  d 21 dec 1704;sibs isabel,nicholas,thos,averick;names several owing money inc jony mcnameer als saile;mo + bro john cowley jt execs
1704-2 E      w  crain        Patrick                  d 14 oct 1704;dau margt (is owed 5 of her portion);son thos(+wife) exor
1704-2 E      w  CRY          Margaret                 d [blank] sep 1704;sibs joney,cath,wm exor
1704-2 E      w  KILLIP       William                  d 27 Oct? 1704;[added note on will (+others in Bal prov'd 10 Nov 1704 - also other corrections]dau mally;gch Mally killip,Wm Killip exor;+ names several debtors
1705   A 47      STEAVEN      Thomas                   d 11 jan 1705;ch john,joney,isable,margt,robt(if he came for it),[lost],thos + philip exors;
1705-1 E      w  CALLIE       Anne        crain        d 29 sep 1705;ch wm (40s + lamb bought with godfather's money),mary;bro wm craine;husb exor (May 1709 noted been sick ever since probabte)
1705-1 E      w  CORLETT      Thomas                   d 17 Oct 1705;son philip(half crop + 3 draught beasts nominated to him by grandmother, + ballatesson flat provided he redeem it - to pay 30);other unnamed ch;wife exex
1705-1 E      w  KILLIP       Patrick                  d 21 jul 1705;wife ellinr;ch philip (purchased land known as Catnys),John
1705-1 E      d  TEAR         Thomas                   d 16 dec 1705;unmarried ch Thomas,cath,margt,ellin,philip & Ann jt admrs some ua;wife alive; ch at age are Gilbert, John,Thomas, Cath + margt + wife are supvs
1706   A 8       QUAYLE       William                  d 10 Oct 1706;ch Wm,david,jane  Mary admrs - david+mary ua;wife alive
1706   A 35      COWLEY       Ann                      d 15 mar 1705/6;sibs thos, cath;husb alive (to pay children of Ballnecree);sis cath,jony cowley,margt cowley;bro John Caly, Wm Caly,thos cowley(+ his ch);names Jony Macleyharane,ann cowley d/o uncle Thomas,ellin Cowley, Margt Cowley,anne corlet, + jony corlet  Ballnecree;sis-i-law Ann Stain;reported that sis Cath said to her that she had paid more than thomas;thomas caly exor;John Corlet h/o jony cowley acks 20d + large pott;
1706   A 36      GARRETT      Patrick                  dated 20 may 1706;names Philip garrett, john garrett,ewan garrett exor;names debtors
1706-2 E      w  COWIL        Thomas                   d 2 sep 1706;unnamed wife + 2 ch jt execs;inv 1 13s 6d;posthumous dau Mary decreed jt exex
1706-2 E      d  CURLETT      Dorothy     CHRISTIAN    d 9 jun 1706;ch ewan, robt + anne - next of kindred Jo + Margt Christian supvs;husb Mr Tho Curlet  + John Christian(League) sworn - other supv ua;note that inv is 40 which is in hands of Mrs Ann Christian gmo of admrs
1706-2 E      w  McCARAIN     Jony                     d 24 aug 1706;uncle michael maccarrin(+ son tho), john caly, tho caly;godson Robt Curlot;names margt kneen, will caly, jony kewn, ellinr caly, abigale stean;mo(right in intack close woods + close kepaugh + whatever linen left by will of An ? Cowley);
1707   A 11      KEWISH       Ann         kemain?      d 26 mar 1706;dau Mary(eldest),ann,dorothy;son Wm;husb Patk exor; petn by Patk that youngest ch only 6mnths[poor copy re 'als'];1712/3: Mary acks from step gfa wm cannell;1726: ann Wainwright als Kewish w/o John acks;1727: Wm acks from fa
1708   A 22      Kneene       William                  d 5 jan 1707;son wm,john;dau cath.margt (youngest - exex);wife alive
1708   A 23      STOEN        Elinor      craine       d ladyday [25 mar] 1708;son phinlo,thos,john,wm (exor);dau-i-law margt stoen;gdau cath mcylkerrane,ellnr stoen
1708   A 57      CRAIN        Thomas                   d 18 feb 1708;sis joney kneal als crain (half steer in hands anne curlet),ellin cannel als crain;gdau cath killy;nephew wm.john + thos caley;niece cath caley, mary + ann curlett;gdau ellinor kelly exex;debtors Wm Crain glack, tho tear ballaneddin;
1708   A 58      CRY          Patrick                  d 2 mar 1708;dau bessy,mary;wife alive + jt exex with mary ;gson patk cry;son-i-law philip garret
1708-1 E      d  COWLE        John                     d 9 nov 1708;ch john,dan + margt;wife alive
1708-2 E      w  TEAR         Anne        CANNELL      [damaged margin]d 28 jul 1708;husb thos (+ his son thos);son adam mcBwee?;son Wm;gch alice;stepdau elinor tear;her son thos(if he came to country & made a demand cut off with 6d);dau Cath exex - husb thos should not pay any sums due to her former husb;
1709-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Christian                d beg aug 1709;dau cath admr;husb adam
1709-3 E      w  McYLVORREY   Jony        MOUGHTIN     d 28 jun 1709;son patk(lands to descend to him),thos;dau jony,margt;son wm mcylvorrey(in ireland 6d);patk + margt jt execs;husb alive
1710   A 11      COWLEY       John                     d 17 jan 1710;dau ellinr exex;list of creditor + debtors;wife cath;inv 2 19s 0d
1710   A 12      CANNELL      Jony        mcbooy       d 13 feb 1710/11;only son henry quayle;husb alive
1710-1 E      d  CORLETT      Robert                   d 7 jul 1707 in Barbadoes; effects in hands Mr John Murrey,Mmerchant,Liverpool;court had some difficulty in determining next relns thomas,wm curlet, daniel mcylrea + Ann christian (wm mcylrea refused + sis Ann Christian did not appear)
1710-3 E      w  BODAUGH      William                  d 13 aug 1710;wife(garrett's meadow);ch thos(eldest - lands in ballaugh + jurby),thos junr, ellinr,mary;wife alive
1710-3 E      w  CORRAS       Thomas                   d 29 sep 1710;uncle John corras dyer, wm corlet,wm corras(son john corras),james corras(dau margt curlet als corras) exor;kinsman Patk curlet;adam caine owed him 10s;worked some days in harvest for Thos caine;
1710-3 E      w  KILLIP       Elinor      COWLEY       d 6 jul 1710;son Philip(lands) exor,john
1711   A 32      COTTIMAN     Philip                   [very faint + unreadable] wife alive;dau jane
1711   A 33      McYLREA      Thomas                   bur 14 mar 1711;balnecooley;unnamed son-i-law in Oolikkan in Braddan;son wm;other ch thos,jane + wm;son john;wife + dau jony jt exexs
1711   A 34      COTTIMAN     Catherine                d 22 feb 1711;bro John (+ wife);mo(sworn exex)+ fa alive;sister in ireland;
1711   A 35      CLARKE       Bessy       COWLEY       [faint + not very readable] jt will ;dated 14 nov 1711;husb robt d 9 or 10 yrs ago;names Thomas Curlet of Brooghjarg,ch of philip cowley Balnelargy?;robt
1711   A 36      CALLISTER    Mally       quark        dated 24 dec 1711;only ch wm(left 15s of her own towards nursing) exor - Mally's bro John supv;sis Margt;bro John;husb Wm
1711   A 37      CURLET       Katherine   CHRISTIAN    dated 9 nov 1711;brooghjarg;son wm,robt;dau nelly;gch katy,wm vandy (+ other ch at alk mill);husb john exec
1711-2 E      w  BODAUGH      Donald                   d 23 may 1711;sons philip,donald,wm exor;dau jony,margt;gson donald boddagh;philip boddaugh claims for 4th pt of goods due by death of father Wm Boddagh [bottom of will worn + not easily readable]
1711-2 E      w  GAWN         William                  d beg May 1711;wife Ammy;son wm exor;dau margt
1711-3 E      d  CANNELL      William                  d 10 dec;only son john;
1712   A 17      KILLIP       Jony                     jt will Wm Killip + wife Joney;Joney d 2 Apr 1712 + Wm d 12 Apr 1712;son Wm(eldest),thos(the croft);dau Jane exex
1712   A 17      KILLIP       William                  see jony
1712   A 18      COWLEY       Thomas                   d 27 mar 1712;dau Nelly(eldest - close-y-killip lezayre),ann,?jony;son Thomas(?heir),nicholas(youngest);wife [Margt] alive;bro Wm+ Nicholas(to be overseers of ch);nephew henry cowley;1726: ellinr(nelly) w/o thos christian(onchan);wife Margt married Patk Cannel (decd)[m Bal 17141003,bur Bal 17250116] 
1712   A 19      CLEARK       Robert                   d 20 apr 1712;names Phill Corlett(Broujarg - half share fishing boat until his exor was able to enjoy),John Corlett (Brougjarg - due a sheep by will of his wife lately decd), Phill + Margt Cowley;niece  Kath Clark;dau averick (jt exex with Kath Clark);Cath clark claims agt exors of Robt + wife 36s
1712   A 20      CURLET       William                  d 4 apr 1712;Bishops  Demesne;ch margt, jony, mary;wife margt exex;bro Philip;cousin Robt Curlet to be overseers;inv 5 18s;1727: Margt at age acks from mother margt corlet als Mcylrea what was due from father + by death of sister Mary;1733: Wm Cain h/o Jony acks from mmo-i-law margt Brew als Mcylroy + what was due by death of Mary
1712   A 21      KELLY        Margaret    kewish       some loss rh margin on film]d 4 apr 1712;dau [?ja ?Is ..],cath exex;son-i-law john cain;sibs joney,philip,nelly;witt James Cain, John Mcylvorrey
1712-1 E 638  d  CURLETT      Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 2 aug 1711;sibs tho, wm, margt, jane, margery jt admrs - all absent + some ua - father robert christian - husbs legacy 20s
1712-2 E      d  CURLET       John                     d 30 jan 1711/2;7 unmarried ch tho, alice, anne, mary, robt, Tho jnr, Isabel + Patr jt admrs - all at age;wife alive;pledges for wife wm corlett + her son Thomas snr;annexed agreemt  between ch + mother joney als cowley - many debts, mother feeble + antient + it would soon reduce her to poverty to take out of her hands such small sums - thus agree not to demand them - mother to pay funeral costs + bring up son Patk until age 14 if she lives to that time
1712-2 E      d  Killip       Philip                   d 6 may 1712;ch john + ellin jt admrs - uncle John Killip supv;wife alive - pledges Wm Cry + Tho Stephan;
1712-2 E      w  Stephan      Elin        CRY          d 2 jul 1712;son philip (right in Close Woods in Lezayre)+ thomas jt exors;dau jony, isable;gdau ellin killip;names little mary Stephan;dau-i-law isable stephan als curlet
1712-3 E      d  COWLEY       Margret                  d 11 jan 1712/13;ch gilbt, mary, patk, jane + margt - all at age but surrender to genl sumner who is to sell effects + pay debts proportionally
1712-3 E      w  COWLEY       William                  dated 15 jan 1712/13;d 4 dec 1712;dau margt;stepdau jony thompson;son thomas cowley exor;pro patk cowley;names wm cowley(listy);wife alive
1712-3 E      w  KILLIP       Patrick                  dated 11 dec 1712;married ch wm, thomas, margt, ellin, cath + john (1s ea - and are fully satisfied for what due by death of mo);ch nicholas (as yet unpaid),ewan(roofs of houses),isable(daymoth of hay in close-y-lvolly wch I took in mortgage for 10s);ewan + isable jt execs;wife alive;[bur Bal 17121224 - bishops turbary]
1713   A         COWLEY       Mary        quayle       in defuncts but ?will;
1713-1 E      d  CURLETT      John, snr                d 4 jul 1713;broughjarg begg;son robt;wife alive (legacy due by m/c);one pledge is john curlet bro to robt;annexed agreement between 3 sons john,wm + robt
1713-3 E      d  QUAYLE       Jony        COWLEY       d 23 mar 1711;ch philip,wm;husb alive
1714   A 19      THOMPSON     Margaret    craine       [poor copy]d 6 apr 1714;names john crain(Balnehowin 20s),wm crain(Peel 20s),cath cannon, mally lace, alice lace
1714   A 20      BODAUGH      Robert                   d 7 mar 1714;ch wm(eldest son),jony,ann (two yougest),danl, marrgt, nelly + bahy jt execs;wife alive;
1714   A 21      CAIN         Jane        killip       d last day [31] mar 1713;ch wm, john, cath;sis cath;aunt jony cain;names john cain, jane cain, isabel cowley,christian sittleton,cath cowley,john mcylvorry;husb  exor
1714   A 22      CORRAS       Joney       tear         [poor copy]dau nelly,ann,cath(+dau alice brown);son john + dau elinor + ann jt execs;sis isabel1720: cath brown als corris(+ dau alice brown) ack legacies from mo 
1714-1 E      w  KILLIP       Thomas                   d 17 may 1714;bps demesne;son wm(half roofs);dau margt ua;wife alive
1714-1 E      d  McYLREA      William                  d 22 feb last;orphan;sibs tho, ellin + jane +  halfsibs john, wm, margt + Cath jt admrs - all at age;goods 20s in f's will
1714-1 E      d  SKALY        Margaret                 ?copy from lib 2 1702;d 21 May 1702;4 small ch admr;husb john + ch uncle John Skaly attested no goods after debts paid - Jun 1714: Patk Craine now alleges more goods than debts required
1714-2 E      w  Cowley       Jane        CURGHEY      d 14 aug 1714;ch thomas,margt(sheet bequeathed by father), jony exex;9yds of linen in house to provide burial linen - rest to be divided amongst 2 daus;note by court that Jony Thompson exex surrenders right to bro tho cowley (she to have half the cow)
1714-2 E      d  McYLVORY     Philip                   d beg Nov 1714;ch wm(in ireland (Dublin)- money acked by Alexr Battersby C'town),thos, margt (w/o John Curghy) + joney;Wm in his ack mentions brother John Clague
1714-2 E      w  STEPHEN      Finlo                    d 2 Jul 1714;names Jon Cowley(+ dau);ch Thomas philip;wife mary als cowley exex;inv 15s 4d
1715   A 23      KNEEN        Elinor      tear         d 28 mar 1715;husb michael;sibs thomas, cath;only ch jane exex;annexed note that husb michael, if he has no son, then dau jane to have lands but if there is a son then she is to have no part - if Jnae has no issue then to decend by any [half]sisters;[there is a m/c ref'd - Old Bal #40];exex ua uncle + aunt thos + cath tear;Philip Curlet claims in behalf of fa-i-law Wm Kelly of Kk Marown 20s
1715   A 24      COWLEY       Thomas                   [poor copy]d 2 dec? 1715[bur TC taylor 3 dec];ch ellinr, anne, patk exor;son-i-law wm quayle;sevl mentions of sheep in creg moar;
1715-1 E      w  BODAUGH      Patrick                  unnamed 2 daus at age but incapable - to be assisted by John Curghy + Wm Callow;wife alive;incs m/c patk with Mary Cowley als Cain dated 15 may 1710;disput re widows share of goods - contract states 1/3rd
1715-1 E      w  CORRIS       James                    d 10 jun 1715;son john;dau margt(w/o Finlo Curlet) - residuary legatee;wife alive - surrenders exectrship to son-i-law Finlo they to maintain her;
1715-2 E      d  STEANE       Philip                   d 14 feb 1715;ballamoar;ch ellinor, wm,philip + patk(ua);debts great
1716   A 40      MYLREA       Daniel                   deed of sett Danl (deemster) + wife Margt to son Dan;lpurch land in jurby (8d rentt Rushin close end of lough-ne-greagh to run as inheritance along with Dollaugh + Corraig's land)sons thomas,wm
1716   A 41      MYLREA       margt                    written with deed (#40);dau ann christian;gch margt + mary Christian
1716   A 42      CURLET       William                  d 17 nov;2 unnamed ua ch;wife alive
1716   A 43      STEPHAN      Isabel      tear         d 20 nov 1716;ch wm(exor),elinr,philip & patrick
1716   A 44      TEAR         John                     d 30 nov 1716;ch margt,john (close-y-killey, close-y-cannell ,thos(their - rough-beg in lezayre);fa thomas tear; Thomas (ch gfa) + ch mother agree that exors should have 4 instead of exexship + whatever is due by contract to their fa + mother;
1716   A 45      STEPHAN      Catherine   quayle       dated 9 jun 1716;cousin thomas stephan;joney stephen als cowley exex;names several others
1716   A 46      KELLY        Ann                      [?check jurby heading]d 9 dec 1716;ch john(6d),Jane,ann,gilbert,daniel exor;names John gell,Patrick Kelly(now in ireland)
1716   A 47      KNEAL        Joney       kelley       d 18 jan 1714/5;husb john;dau jony kneal exex;gdau ann;court notes eldest dau had a mc;
1716-1 E      d  TEAR         Anne                     d 20 may 1716;sibs john,philip,thos, gilbt,margt + ellen;inv in fa will 1705;funeral charges 16s
1716-2 E      w  STEPHEN      Robert                   d 26 sep 1716;wife exex;bro wm(if his son marry a reln of wife + she approve then whole to fall to couple after wife's decease)
1716-3 E      d  STEPHAN      Patrick                  d 27 nov 1716;half-bro michael quaile + next reln Wm Stephen jt admrs
1717   A 38      CANNELL      Mary        seacome      d 13 mar 1716;husb alive (jt exec)gch wm kewish, ann + dorothy, mary kewish (jt exec with husb + residuary legatee)
1717   A 39      COWLEY       Catherine   fail         dated 7 nov 1716;ch john(land + houses),nicholas exor;other unnamed ch(6d);annexed agreemnt by nicholas to surrender any right in Lagbane + Lackyn to bro John
1717   A 40      TEAR         Thomas                   [faint on film];d 15 apr 1717;miller squeen;ch margt, barbara,edward(heir);wife alive;father exor;names mary cannel, Michael kneen;tho tear snr declared before witnesses (the contract being lost) that he gave him ? were half his goods + sd thos tear snr's wife owned she had given young couple half her goods.[?thos tear jnr m margt kneen Bal 17091223 - in ch bapt tc jnr squeen
1717   A 71      CALLISTER    Gilbert                  [faint on film]d 14 nov 1717;3 ch by former wife - wm, jon? + Mally?[?nelly];wife alive(roof of house during her life - then to son Thos who is to pay 15s due to Ld Bishop);states he recvd just 2s 4d by death of mother;ch thos + margt jt exors [?bishops demesne - bur mic 15 nov bps demesne]
1717   A 72      CORLETT      Jony        stephan      d dec 1717;ch wm killip(eldest son) exor, thomas curlet(houses etc that came by his father), isable(her half of mortgage money in Crains close), wm,robt,jony, nelly;states 3 daus to share her linen;if thomas prove a spendthrift then isable to have half;1731: john cally h/o isable;1731: wm killip + doncan corlet stepfa of sd wm agreement [doncan corlett m jony stephen als killip Bal 16981210 where noted dc s/o danl curragh;js wdw will killip curragh]; 1725: Robt Killip(ballaugh), Michael kneen(h/o Joney als killip) + thos Quayle(h/o ellinr als killip) ack satisfied all due by deaths of fa + mother + discharge wm killip(exor of mother);thos + isable corlet ack;
1717-1 E      w  KINRED       Thomas                   d 7 may 1717;no goods;wife alive + unnamed h
1717-2 E      d  KEMAYN       William                  depart 16yrs ago;no acct;nieces + nephews mary,an,dorothy + wm kewish, their fa patk kewish
1717-2 E      d  QUAILE       William                  d 9 sep;only bro silvester
1717-2 E      w  STEPHAN      Thomas                   dated 8 jun 1717;carbiddle;ch jony,cath exex;son-i-law wm quayle;
1717-2 E      w  STEPHENSON   Ann         KELLY        d 18 oct 1717;ch john quayle,margt quayle,wm quayle;what was left by husb to return to his own ch;there was a m/c for wm
1717-3 E      d  STEPHEN      Gilbert                  d 26 nov;ch margt,ann + john; wife alive + jt admr with daus as 'son being scarcely at age'
1718   A 9       TEAR         Thomas                   d 14 apr 1714;ch john,alice exex;wife (croft called crott y volly during her life)
1718   A 22      COWLEY       Grace       gawn         d 23 dec 1716;son wm kelly;dau margt curlet,elinor;son-i-law john quayle + wife ie her dau margt quayle als cowley
1718-2 E    w    KILLIP       William                  d 7 oct 1718;names ewan + wm Killip,john sharp(son of Douglas) + sevl others;mother + sis Margt jt exexs;left his best coat to pay for drink at marriage of sister 
1718-2 E    w    LOONEY       Daniel                   d 3 jun 1716?;ch john, mary (3yds of russet cloth ea),ellinr exex(w/o Philip Kaighin);names jane + Wm cry + others;inv 1 12 6d
1718-2 E      w  STEPHAN      Jony        COWLEY       d 7 aug 1718;sis isabel;son thomas;gch thomas caley;dau nelly;husb wm exor
1718-3 E      d  CALLISTER    Thomas                   d 18 jan ;ch thomas + wm jt admrs - both ua next reln John saile supv;wife alive - she keeps goods + brings up ch but if they die 20s to be paid to John Saile (his wife Cath agreed)
1718-3 E      d  CRAIN        John                     d 17 oct 1718;7 ch patk,jony,wm,mary by former wife,isabel,tho + wm;goods will not extend;john skealy overseer of 1st wifes ch; ch by former wife want their share of intack land - ageemnt by 2nd wife ellinor harrison als crain
1718-3 E      w  TEAR         Thomas                   [very faint on film]d 7 [?apr ];squeen;ch thomas, cath(20s due by mo death  of wch 6 or 7s paid);gdau jane kneen(not yet 14), margt + barbara jt exexs - commited to their mo + his wife [?2nd marr]
1718-3 E      d  SKALY        Margaret                 1st wife john crain - extracted - d21 may 1702;admrs patk,jony,wm + marysupv uncle john skaly;husb john - no goods debts discharged;
1719   A 13      KAIGHIN      jony        cain ?       d 21 feb 1716;[v faint on film];ch margt,cath,ann + wm jt execs;husb alive;
1719   A 14      GAWN         Robert                   d 29 mar? 1719;names ch of wm stephen(john, gilbt + wm);stepdau ann curlet;stepson wm stephen;names nelly stephen;son thomas gawn, wm gawn exor;gdau bahy gawn;Pat cannell + wife owe him 35s, Philip Garret glanshoggil 2s 4d?;
1719   A 35      CALLISTER    Margaret    kinred       d 5 dec 1719;ch thos + margt execs
1719   A 36      CURLET       Grace                    d 16? jan 1719;corvalley;mo alive - 20s to husb that he provide her with a winding sheet at latter day;bro's dau ellinr curlet;only dau mary exex;fa dead as ellinor curlet sues for goods due by death of fa left in grace's hands;
1719-1 E      d  STEPHAN      John                     d 31 mar 1719;ballyvolley;6ch margt,isabel,joney,ann,john,thomas ;wife isabel + 2 eldest sworn
1719-2 E      w  CANNELL      William                  d 1 jun 1719;names christian cannel, wm corras;bro adam(+ his son), patk(son john - his violin);nephew patk cannell;names Patk kewish(3 ch wm, ann + dorothy), poor lad thomas cowley;godch wm curlet, margt tear;niece mary curlet;names mary kewish exex;names mary corlet d/o john corris
1719-2 E      d  CURLETT      Mary                     d 7 apr 1719;orphan - ua;sis margt + jony jt admxs;goods in fa Wm's will - funeral costs 4s 8d;
1719-3 E         CAIN         Margaret                 husb gilbt made oath that no effects remaining after funeral expenses
1720   A 22      McNAMEER     Margaret    curlet       d 17 apr 1720;states all her husband's good would not pay debts thus bequeathes her pt of lands to him;ch danl, cath, ann(6d) + jony(6d); all ch at age + consent
1720   A 51      CORAIG       John                     d 5 dec 1720;names 2 sons of daniel cowle - wm + mathias;son thos;danl cowle exor;
1720   A 52      CORLETT      William                  [parish] clerk of Ballaugh;cousin widow caine to see all things done + ordered in the house at his funeral;ch wm(eldest son),cath, john(half team vizt bullock at glack wth 2 in the plow + cow in plow to be taken out + also all monies in the Knockan)sister Cath;nephew thomas curlet;if Wm recover 1d rent he sold to Wm Cowley then he left sd Wm Cowley as much land in Croft-ne-cony in lieu;cath (w/o john cannell)+ john jt execs;annexed agreement between heir + execs - john to have croft, wm complete team, cannells the cow bought from ballakinley
1720-1 E      w  COWLE        Ann         TEAR         d 15 may 1720;dau cath(+ 2 sons Tho + Nich?);Kath mcylrea als cowle sworn exex
1720-2 E      w  CALEY        Jony        COTTIER      d 24 jun 1720;dau isabel(eldest),margt,cath;son thos;gdau margt cleator;husb alive
1720-2 E      w  COWLEY       Mally       BwEE         d 8 jul 1720;son thos;dau nelly;ch patk + joney(w/o thos gawn) jt execs;husb alive
1720-2 E      d  KILLIP       Margaret    CAIN         d 20 jul;only dau margt (w/o dan boddagh) admx
1720-3 E      d  FLANNIGAN    Jane        CROSS        d last summer [dated feb 1720/1] in dublin;husb James;relns in several courts decline admin - gnl sumner to handle;claim by Ewan Killip for work done (weaving 38yds huccaback 1.5d/yd)
1720-3 E      d  LOWEY        Alice       CREBBIN      d 13 nov 1720;sibs John + Jony (w/o Philip Christian) jt admrs;husb alive
1721   A 21      KEGG         John                     d 15 mar 1720;ch nelly, mary, john, bessy;wife alive;nelly + mary jt exexs;1732: john kinread h/o nelly
1721   A 22      CRY          [elinor]    CALEY        d 19 mar 1720;ch cath, ellin + elizth jt exexs;gch wm quayle, patrick + nicholas curlet;john skillicorn + Wm Curlet h/o 2 exexs;annexed agreement between execs
1721   A 23      CALLISTER    Adam                     d 12 apr 1721;bro dollin callister(son thos);sis joney;unnamed gch (6s ea when at age to receive money);wife exex
1721-1 E      w  BODAUGH      William                  d 9 may 1721;ch jony, ann,wm + margt;pat crain owed 7s 6d, Finlo Stephan Knockold 40s;bro Philip;wife exex
1721-1 E      w  KEGG         Elinor      KELLY        d 28 apr 1721;dau mary,joney,nelly exex;stepson john kegg;1732 john kinread(lexayre) h/o ellinr exex acks from john kegg
1721-2 E      w  CRAINE       William                  d 17 aug 1721;glack;bro john;son thos(heir),wm(had sufficient goods);dau jane,margt;ch robt,philip (these 2 to be put to trde)+ alice execs
1721-2 E      w  GARRETT      Ewan                     d 11 oct 1721;ballaneddine;ch philip (exor),alice,joney, jane, mabel,wm, john,ewan,anne, cath(last 4 ua);wife alive
1722   A 20      CRAIN        Margaret    curlet       d 31 mar 1722;sibs joney, wm;sis's dau alice sayle;names wm crain, jony crain + sevl others;husb nich crain(+ his dau mary crain) jt execs
1722   A 21      MOORE        Gilbert                  undated;wife exex;john + wm killip exrs of Mary Moore als killip former wife of gilbt surrender right + title to crop gerars etc unto exex cath moore als shimin she paying 3 + bowl of meatcorn to John + 3 3s to Wm;witt tho corlet genl sumnr, Jon shimmin x;
1722   A 22      COTTIMAN     Thomas                   d 12 apr 1722;forrestors lodge;ch daniel,wm(exor);wife alive;pledges wm kelly + Wm Kelly snr
1722   A 39      CLERK        Ann         gawn         d 21 nov 1722;ch john, thos, bessy,margt, alice;gch john + thomas clerk;dau-i-law bahee;husb patt;bessy + alice jt exexs
1722   A 40      CURLET       John                     d 1 jan 1722;ch elizth,robt(croft after wife's death)exor;wife alive;witt pat cowley, silvester cowle (m to Corlet's only dau has consented to will)
1722-1 E      w  COWLEY       Mary                     d 28 feb 1721;sis nelly,isable;mo exex;owed 4d wage ballachranane, loughchrout a qtrs wages
1722-2 E      w  CANNELL      Averick     CLARK        d 28 feb ;ch mary, cath,margt,patk,john;gch mary kaighin(4yds fine linen),john kaighin, thomas cannell;names anne curlet;husb patk jt exor with son john but surrenders to son patk, mary thinks goods left her somewhat larger than estate can bear + resigns to bros;
1723-1 A 14      COTTIER      Mary                     d 13 nov 1723;uncle wm caly;fa wm cottier;names margt (sis of Pat)+ pat Caley(h/o sis ann als cottier) + their dau Margt - her right of close in curragh);pat caley exor;unnamed bro + 3 sis;
1723-1 A 15      KILLIP       Isabel                   d 9 dec 1723;dau ann crain;son wm crain,phinlo crain exor;gch pat craine;one wittnes was thos Stean now dead;?husb wm killip,senr;[isabel crain als Garret m Bal 16981201]
1723-1 A 16      Cain         Jane        WOODS        d 12 jan;bro's dau ellinor woods,henry woods dau;husb gilbt caine exor [m Bal 17201119] - note indexex as Jane woods
1723-1 A 17      CRAIN        John                     d 20 dec 1723;sis ann;nephew john crain exor;
1723-1 A 18      KNEEN        William                  d 11 dec 1723;bro thomas;mich kneen exor + surrenders to kinsman Thomas Kneen
1723-1 A 19      STEANE       Thomas                   dated 17 feb 1723/4;fa wm;wife pregnant - child to be exor if lives
1723-1 A 20      GARRETT      Bahey                    d 4 jan [1723/4];names adam cannell senr + junr;nelly cannell exex;names others
1723-2 A 103     TEAR         Alice       CHRISTIAN    [full];d 24 dec 1723;son john;dau alice exex
1723-2 A 104     COWLEY       Edmund                   d 28 dec 1723;ch john(sheep in the Knockean);sis joney,bahy;wife ellin als colister exex;
1723-2 E      w  CLARK        William                  dated 18 oct 1723;ch john(eldest son not yet 21),thos exor - ua - john, thomas, Alice + elizth clark sworn;wife alive;inv includes dead's pt of Crott-y-quayle crops
1723-2 E      d  CURLETT      Catherine   SHIMMIN      d trinity sun;only dau cath;husb john
1723-2 E      w  GOLDSMITH    Jony        CHRISTIAN    d 2 nov 1723;son thos, john + robt jt exors;husb alive
1723-2 E      w  KELLY        Averick     QUAYLE       dated 2 dec 1723;d a week after husb wm;sis nelly;names ann craine;dau nelly exex
1723-2 E      w  KELLY        margt       JOHNSON      d 26? oct 1723;dau ann(+ her dau isabel), jony, cath(pot she brought with her to house), james, margt, john,wm ;gch ellinr corkan;dau cath + jony exexs;husb wm;1724: Wm corrin obo wife cath als corkill claims 4
1723-2 E      w  KELLY        William                  d 20 oct 1723;dau margt,nelly exex;wife alive [her will dated 2 dec 1723]
1723-3 E      d  CRAIN        Patrick                  d 11 feb 1723/4;next relns refused admin - gnl sumner to handle;list of claims(abt 18s)
1724-1 A 51      CRAIN        Elinor      tear         d 14 jan 1723/4;dau mary(feather bed + new smoothing iron),ellinr;son thomas,nich,patk,gilbt,wm,danl (jt exec with dau mary);gdau elinr,elin crain;husb thos;dau-i-law margery
1724-1 A 52      CORLETT      Thomas                   ballacaine;dau isabel(eldest),ann (jt exex with gch wm Corlett + isable stean);wife alive;wife's cousin wm corlet;;list of debtors;
1724-1 A 53      GAWNE        William                  dated 11 mar 1723/4;son wm(eldest not yet 21),john,anthony(part of looms);dau margt(eldest),cath,ann;wife exex - her bro Pat Corlet pledge
1724-1 A 54      TEARE        Thomas                   d 21 feb 1743/4;ballavolley;unnamed eldest dau heiress;other unnamed ch,dau jony exex ua - uncle john teare supv;wife alive;sibs john,margt(to be supv)
1724-1 E      w  CRAINE       Finlo                    d 26 apr 1724;ch patk(eldest son),isable, margt, ellin, thos + john jt exors;sis anne (due by death of her mother);wife alive;ch at age but sick and unable to attend - stepfa Wm killip had pd the court fees[?is this father-i-law as wife margt killip]Oct 1724: Patk + ellin raine Corvalla sworn overseers of their brethren, john craine exor ua;inv of ua John (note that uncle Wm Craine claims pt of a steer);Nov 1724: tho craine exr at age recvd his pt in kind has surrended to uncle Wm Killip
1724-1 E      d  GARRETT      Philip                   d 24 dec 1723;late sumner of parish;ch wm + jony jt admrs;wife alive
1724-1 E      w  McYLREA      Daniel                   dated 25 mar 1721;wants to be buried in wife's grave;dau anne (?sons tho + wm curlett);son daniel exor;
1724-2 A 142     CROSS        Jony        KELLY        declrd nov 1723,d 15 dec 1723;husb mich;son John(h/o jane als cannell);dau cath;gch Mich + Mary Cain [c/o john cain + margt cross m bal 17160302]
1724-2 A 143     CORLETT      William                  undated;Ballacry;son Patk(heir),michael,john,wm,ewan,thomas(abroad - if he be alive),philip(Balnemonney - owedd his fa Wm a qtr of crop);dau margt(youngest - exex unless she marries without consent of mother);wife ?elinor as signs agreemt with philip ;philip reaches agreement with widow + margt that claims + counterclaims balance;
1724-2 A 145     COWLEY       ann                      jt deed of gift Philip + wife Ann dated 16 dec 1723 to son-i-law Wm Creer(Douglas - h/o joney);witt Gilbert Cowley x,john mcylvorey x;Ann dead Philip sworn exor;
1724-2 A 146     COWLEY       John                     d 29 jan;dau margt,ann,cath,isabel - jt execs ua;sibs Nich + isable to supv ch;wife alive
1724-2 A 147     KELLY        William                  agreement dated 26 Oct 1724;Wm Kelly + wife Ann als Quaile and Philip Garrett + wife margt als kelly (all ballaugh); Wm agrees inheritance(?lands) to return to the? own? exrs of both (excepting her linnen etc to be at her disposing)
                                                            - Philip to give Ann a butt of wheat + butt of pease during her widowhood - the kellys give 3 half firlets of barlay at sowing time;claims by James Quayle, Jomes Corkill, Cath Corrin als Corkill;; Widow Ann notes James Corkill debt as per contract, James Quayle + wife Joney, Wm Karran debt by contract of his wife and former husb;Adam Cain moar 9d
1724-2 A 148     CRAIN        William                  ballabeg;son John,Patk + youngest 4 ch ua;wife alive;ch john,patk, isabel + dorothy sworn;1739: Patk acks from John;1744: cath crain acks bahee Crain als kneal exex of John Crain;1739 John Crain acks debt to sister Margt Katyn of Dublin;
1724-2 A 149     TEAR         William                  d 5 feb 1724/5;unnaned ua ch;unnamed wife;pledges Nich Cowley + Tho: Bodaugh[full]
1724-2 A 150     GAWN         Ann         curlett      d 11 feb 1724;son wm(eldest - her pt of land),john,anthony(half loom - other half left by fa);dau cath(eldest),ann;wm + cath jt execs;witt thos gawn x,ellinr crain als harrison x;3 ch ua john,ann + anthony
1724-2 A 151     CURLETT      Joney       cowley       d 14 feb 1724;dau mary,jony,isabel, alice,ann; son thos junr,thos senr,robt,patk;gch isabel crowe,john moore;ch patk,thos junr + mary corlet jt execs;
1724-2 A 152     McNAMEER     Joney                    d 25 mar 1725;husb Wm exor;son John,wm;gch John's daus;Wm Mcnameer,son to her husb, be used after his father's discretion;
1724-2 E      d  KILIP        Nicholas                 d 8 nov 1723;sibs wm, thos, margt, nelly, cath, ewan + isabel killip jt admrs;isabel half blood has no right to goods due to decd by death of his own mother
1724-3 E      w  QUAILE       Ann         KEWISH       d 29 dec;ch wm, jony(eldest), ann;husb john exor;wants James cain + Wm Killip as overseers of her eldest son;witt margt cain als cross x, ann quaile als cain x;witt ann quaile objected to as too close a relative as brother's wife of named exor; court decrees 4 ch wm, jony, patk + anne quayle jt admrs - eldest dau was ua at making of will + even now weak in judgment;Mar 1728/9: Wm quayle Glandow,ballaugh acks from overseers;1725: jony quayle acks;inv
1724-3 E      d  TEAR         Margaret                 dated 26 feb 1724;d a yr ago;only bro john admr;pledges John tear(his stepfa) + wm Stephan
1724-3 E      d  TEAR         Thomas                   d 15 jan 1724;gson john tear admr but he surrended admin to Tho Corlett genl sumner who is to bring an inv + pay debts proportioanlly;claims by john tear + wife jony als [? - ?jony als tear als cain widow of john tear]
1725-1 A 42      KILLIP       Catherine   quayle       son wm (his fa dead);dau cath;kinswoman ann collin;husb thomas
1725-1 A 43      CANNELL      Patrick                  d 4 apr 1725;bps demense;dau mary;son john,pat(exec)
1725-1 A 44      McYLVOR      Thomas                   d 16 apr 1724;fa-i-law Jon Crain;bro Pat;only dau mary exex ua - uncles Patk Mcylvorrey + John Curghey;wife Margt als Crain
1725-1 A 45      CORLETT      John                     d 9 mar 1724;son john (ua);dau cath,margt;bro wm;wife alive
1725-1 A 46      QUAYLE       Joney       stephan      d 20 dec 1724;dau ellinr,cath - ua aunt Cath Stean;some problem in that Joney originally left utensils in house to daus and exex to husb but witnesses pointed out problems better to leave daus money thus 20s ea or 10s if husb wanted but husb refused exec on these terms - thus she left him lands for 21years
1725-1 E      d  CANNELL      Patrick                  d 16 Jan 1724;sibs john, philip, mary + Leonora(w/o tho cannon) jt adrms;wife alive;Tho + Jony Cowley obo themselves + sibs claim 17;admrs surrender admin to sis-i-law margt cannel widow and her son thos cowley Margt to pay 10s to others
1725-1 E      w  KILLIP       Isabel      STEPHEN      d 17 may 1725;ch john, thomas, wm, robt; names isabel caley,avarick kinred,ellinor w/o adam cannell (each to have petticaots etc);husb john exor
1725-2 A 121     COWLE        Jane        boddaugh     d 7 Dec 1724;bro's dau Alice Bodaugh;dau Margt Quay exex;husb alive
1725-2 E      d  CALLISTER    Jony        NORRIS       d mid harvest 1725;son adam,john,thomas eldest had m/c)
1725-2 E      d  callister    william                  [not sure as to which fam this refers]dated 21 may 1725;Thos Callister + wife Grace, ballacurn, ack from stepfa Daniel Tear to have recvd bro William Callister's goods (1 15s 6d) which they are to account for to sd bro or his assigns when he comes to age - pledges John Tear(parish clerk) + pat craine; remainder of goods in hands of Daniel Tear + wife elinor - pledges Thos callister + Patk + Daniel Craine(former pledges tho crain + wm curlet discharged)
1725-2 E      d  COWLEY       Mary        CRAIN        d 10 oct [?1725];only ch Mary admr - ua - next relns patk, gilbt, danl + Tho Crain supvs;noted that Mary + husb not been married for a year + a day; child Mary d 3 feb 1725 [?1725/6]- uncles patk, gilbt, dal, nicholas + tho crain + aunt ellinr tear als crain jt admrs [?m Ger 17230610 but would be longer than year+day]]
1725-2 E      d  COWLEY       Thomas                   d 20 nov 1723;sibs john, isable quayle als cowley jt admrs;
1726   A 24      CLERK        Alice                    d 24 nov 1726;nephew thos clerk (the 30s due her by her mo's decease by contract of thomas's fa + mo);sis bessy;bro john,thomas;fa patk exor
1726   A 25      CORLETT      John                     d 20 jan;son john jt exor withunnamedwife;bro wm
1726-1 E      w  BODAUGH      Alice       KINNISH      ch joney(+ 20s due from fa's goods),anne,mary,margt, jony, danl,wm killip,wm(youngest) - youngest son + dau wm + margt jt execs; 
1726-2 E      w  CALY         ellinr      KILLIP       d 3 oct 1726;ch ellinor(meadow in lezayre adj close y nollan),john(close y Callow ballaugh + her pt of Deemster's curragh in lezayre),isabel;husb john exor;noted that mich mcylcarane owed her 4;1752: thos clucas h/o Isabel Caley acks
1726-2 E      w  CORLETT      William                  d 7 aug 1726;bps demesne;son john(roof of houses);wife mariot als saile exex;children john + elinor ua - aunts Anne Kaighin + Mally corlet supv;noted that children's pt was 2/3 of inv
1727   A 11      STEPHAN      Thomas                   d 11 mar 1726;knockhold;bro John(pt of Crott-y-karran for life to pay a debt - johhn refused land to heir;wife alive;dau cath,ellinr + anne exexs;unnamed heir)inv;1752 John Bridson h/o cath acks from mo-i-law
1727-1 E      w  COWEL        Mary        KEIG         d 27 apr 1727;bro john keig;sis jony,rosie,nelly exex;husb john
1727-2 E      d  CORLETT      Esther      THOMSON      d 27 mar 1727;brooghjarg;ch thos,jane,anne,mary + jony all ua except heir;husb philip;inv;deductions allow 3 10s to aunt mary banks if she demand the same;1740 Patk vandy h/o dorothy vandy als thompson acks from philip corlett father of admr of esther corlet
1728   A 15      COWLEY       Patrick                  d 9 apr 1728;son thos(eldest) exor,patt(to pay arrears of rent owing);dau jony gawn als cowley(+3 ch - note cowley als gawn in will),cath,ellinr;dispute between thos + patk re rent - thos agrees to pay rent + lands to be divided
1728   A 59      COWLEY       Alice       gawn         d 14 jan 1728;gson james reily;dau averick exex;1729: John Kewley + wife clain agt execs of Wm Cowley + wife Alice als gawn
1728   A 60      COWLEY       William                  d 2 jan 1728;ballacurn;son john;son-i-law John Kewley;dau averick exex;wife alice stated she intended to leave all to Averick
1728   A 61      CLAGUE       Joney       garret       d 1 feb 1727/8;dau cath,jane,nelly (w/o Jon Cowle)exex;
1728-2 E      w  COWLEY       Jony                     made 4 sep;d 25 sep 1728;sibs ann(2 daus),thos,mariott(+dau),wm,ellen;parents execs;witt pattk Cowley,nich cowley (also both pledges)
1728-2 E      w  CRAIN        Jony        CORLETT      d 29 jul 1728;names ann curlet(all her shaped clothes),margt crain,margt corlet;son john,wm exor,robt,philip;
1728-2 E      d  STEPHEN      William                  d 20 oct 1728;only dau eli[rest lost on film] w/o tho caly
1728-3 E      d  QUAILE       Margaret    STEPHEN      d 10 dec 1728;sis ann;mother alive;husb philip + ch margt,mary,cath + john all ua - aunt ann stephen supv as no exor named
1729-1 A 54      BODDAUGH     William                  d 22 apr 1729;sis joney boddaugh, ann boddaugh,bahee,elinor;bro daniel exor
1729-1 A 55      TEAR         Joney       crain        d 15 feb 1728;ballaneddin;dau joney tear;gdau esther tear;husb john (inc croft at Bollough);sch john + joney jt exor;ch ua
1729-1 A 56      CANNELL      Adam                     d 3 apr 1729;cousin thos killey(kk german),patk cannell(kk michae);old serv mary kelly;fa adam cannell exor;
1729-1 A 57      CORLET       Thomas                   dated 3 apr 1729;ballakeig;wants to be buried 1st wife's grave ballaugh;son john(+wife - crop + fishing boat),thomas,peter(maimed),robert (exec),ewan;dau margt corlett(+son john),mary (+ 2 dau by john cannon decd - their stepfa john faile baldin, 1751 dau jane w/o thomas goldsmith;1753 isable w/o paul kewley);gch wm christian;wife jane als christian (described as heir's mother);inv;1758 dispute between widow + robt corlett exor bro john[full]
1729-1 E      d  CORLET       William                  d 9 feb 1728/9;ballaterson;ch ellin,averick,wm,robt, ewan + posthume Thos; - all ua next relns john cannell overseer;wife alive
1729-1 E      d  COWLEY       Catherine   STEPHAN      d beg apr 1729;dau cath + isabel jt admrs - ua next reln (mo's side) ellinr quayle overseer;1732: cath at age
1729-1 E      d  crain        Jony        BODAUGH      d 17 may 1729;only ch wm - ua uncles dal+thos boddagh + aunt mary boddagh;husb alive;1745 wm acks from uncles dan + thos boddagh + finlo quayle
1729-1 E      w  GARRETT      John                     d 25 may 1729;glioshoggyl;wife ann als corlet (? if pregnant) exex;bro wm;father phil;1733: due by death mother marriod als kelly one bullock - ann als corlet acks  16s for use of child phil garrett exor of his fa john;
1729-1 E      d  STEPHEN      Jony        BODAUGH      d 23 may 1729;ch philip,john + margt jt admrs - thos(eldest), ellin + margt,junr had m/cs[note 2 margts];husb alive
1729-1 E      w  WALKER       William                  [rev Wm Walker]see FHSoc transcription
1729-3 E      d  CRAIN        Patrick                  d end jan 1728/9 ?;only ch ellinr - ua next relns tho + isable craine;wife margt als corlet + great uncle (of ch) wm killip;thos craine obo sis isab + margt craine claims 8
1730   A 16      McNAMEER     Margaret    kinread      d 14 dec 1729;sis averick kinread, mary;sis dau mary kelley;dau catrin;husb wm exor;
1730   A 37      COWLEY       Elinor                   d 22 inst;son ewan(statisfied with fa's goods);dau mary cowley exex
1730   A 38      MYLEREA      John                     dated 26 nov 1730;wife jony als corlett exex
1730-1 E      w  CLARK        Patrick                  dated 21 jan 1729;son thos,john;dau elizth exex;dau-i-law bahie als crow;gson john clark
1730-1 E      d  CRAIN        Elizabeth                orphan d end aug;uncles + aunts thos,john,ellinr (w/o wm cowley),isabel + margt craine;agreement by margt crain als corlet widow + m/o + admx of late decd wm cowley with  thos,john,isable + margt that what due to margt by marr with pat crain + her own houswifery since coming into estate carbadle but surrenders her interest in team;thos crain(s/o phinlo) heir of carbadle to pay her 21s/yr for her widowright
1730-1 E      w  McYLCARANE   Michael                  d 4 jun;ballamoae;wife cath als stevan;son john(eldest) exor,tho ;dau ann (youngest);other ch som uanames john caly taylor (end of close y kissaig ? 'until he receive his own money')
1730-2 E      d  cain         gilbt                    pauper in defuncts - inv inc shoemakers tools, no decree - widow states whole goods expanded in funeral costs
1730-2 E      d  COWLEY       Patrick                  d 18 jun 1730;ch esther,cath,margt + mary - aunt anne + ellin cowley  (+ their husbs)supv;wife alive;inv;1752 thos killy h/o esther,wm kneen h/o cath + mary ack from mother cath cowley als killip;inv
1730-2 E      d  COWLEY       Philip                   d 6 years ago jamaica;s/o philip cowley late of ballaliarghey;sibs john,margt keig als cowley,ann callister als cowley(w/o robt);john cowley states being in bristol 6yrs ago he recived act of bro's deth
1730-3 E      d  MYLCARANE    Robert                   s/o Wm Mylcarane - robt d 1701, Wm 1704 both ua;only sis Jony will Eps 1706 devised right in parcl of intack Close Woods to uncle Thos Caly (her exec) + Close Cappagh to uncle John Caly after death of mother Cath clater als Caly (d Oct 1730) - Tho + John sworn admrs
1730-3 E      d  MYLCARANE    William                  see robt
1731-1 A 17      KNAIL        Margaret    crain        d 19 apr 1731;husb philip;dau mary molevory exex ua uncle pat mcylvorrey;1732 pat m dead wife ann als crain sworn overseer;1737: mary mcylvorrey acquits ann craine + is fully satisified good will of gfa + gmo at their latter days;
1731-1 E      d  KILLIP       Robert                   d 20 Feb 1730/1;sibs wm,ellin,jane of whole blood;sibs thos + isable corlett of half blood
1731-1 E      d  KILLIP       Thomas                   d 11 feb 1730/1;only dau cath cowley als killip,widow, exex excepting what was settled in contract on Pat Cowley decd
1731-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Michael                  d 29? jan 1730/1;only dau ellin
1731-2 A 49      BODAUGH      Bahee       calow        ch anne(2 cows),danl (exor);
1731-2 A 50      CANNEL       Margaret                 d 29 dec 1731;ch cath(eldest dau),margt,joney;husb john exor;1757: John Grimshaw h/o margt cannell acks fa-i-law john cannell, joney cannell also acks
1731-2 E      w  cowley       Averick     KINREAD      d 4 sep 1731;als cowley xd thru;sis dau mary kelley;sis mary kinread,margt(+ dau cath maneen ?);husb thos exor
1731-3 E      d  CAIN         Alice       LOONY        d 4 nov 1731;ch alice,jane,james + wm;next reln mo side margt crow als looney;husb alive;invhusb wm;1754 john cain h/o alice - her sis jane dead
1731-3 E      w  CRY          William                  d beg may 1731;dau alice,isabel,averick,cath;son patk(had contract),john;gch isabel;wife jane als killip exex
1732-1 E      d  CORLETT      Jony                     d 8 yrs ago;no will appearing;2 sis Isabel + ann corlet(w/o Robt corlet);Mary Corlet, widow, claims 6 expended on surgeon on Joney's acct
1732-1 E      d  McYLVORREY   Patrick                  d 15 apr 1732;ch john(only one at age),thos,isabel + phillip;wife alive;1756: John,Thos + philp surviving ch ack from mother
1732-2 A 67      CALEY        William                  d 20 jan 1732;nephew patk caly;mo dead;dau mary exex
1732-2 E      w  Corras       William                  d 27 may 1732;dau cath brown,ellinr,anne;names alice tear;son john exor
1732-2 E      d  CURLETT      Elinor      CRY          d 20 aug 1732;ch patk,tho,ewan,nich + john jt admrs
1732-2 E      d  KILLIP       Mary                     d 23 sep 1732;bro wm killip admr of goods due by decease fa Wm) + half-bro danl + wm boddaugh + 3 half-sis jony,ann + margt boddaugh
1732-3 E      w  CROSS        Ann                      d 20 jul 1732;husb michael exor;ch john,michael,phil + ann
1733-1 A 39      COWLEY       Margret                  d 26 jan 1732/3;dau cath,jony + isable;gch margt;son john,nicholas,thos;nicholas + john exors;witt sylvester quail x,mary stephan als corlett x;
1733-1 A 40      McYLREA      William                  [full]
1733-1 A 41      QUAYLE       William                  d mid apr 1733; ch (3 younger) wm,john + isable;elder son ua;elder dau jony jt exex with wife Ann;witt Jon Cain x, Wm Cowley x - witts desired to be overseers but declined but declare they will do all good offices they can;1739: wm acks stepfa Wm Kerran [?no marr of an Ann to Wm Kerran found - ?error Wm Quaggin of malew 
1733-1 A 42      GOLDSMITH    John                     d 26 mar 1732/3;son thos,john,robt (mo of sons dead);wife exex
1733-1 A 43      CRAIN        Thomas                   witnesses confirm an unwritten deed of surrender of lands to son Danl(who was to maintain him etc) by delivery of a straw;witt william craine x,joney mcnameer als mcylchreest x;
1733-1 A 44      SKELY        Christian   gawn         d 18 mar 1732;son wm(piece of land called acre);dau nelly (+ her aunt nelly),margt;gch christian,john;husb john exor
1733-1 E      w  COWLEY       Jane        KELLY        d 15 may 1733;husb wm exor;gdau margt,margery + ellinr;dau ann,marjery,ellinr;son wm;gson wm mylvorrey
1733-2 A 88      CORLETT      Mary                     dated 26 oct 1733;bro tho(lezayre - his dau margt);neice margt garret als tear,ellinor stevenson als tear,jane quilliam als corlet,margt garret;nephew wm corlet,gilbt tear(son john),john corlet;names Gilbt teare(+ dau mary);3 married neices jt exex - paul stevenson,phil garret + ptr quilliam sworn
1733-2 A 89      SKEALY       John                     d 2 jan 1733/4;son wm(looms + acres in the curragh - to give 40s to the 'poor thing rhat was with him');gson(patricks little boy);neighbour thos callister;dau margt exex
1733-2 A 90      KILLIP       Mary        CALEY        d 15 jan 1733/4;son john;unnamed other ch inc 2 daus;sis isabel moore;husb wm exor;
1733-2 E      w  CALY         John                     d 22 jul 1733;dau ellinr(the close - half already left by her mo),isable(to be paid 5 by ellinor,2 by John);son John(Kiapagh? - rest of lands settled on him in mo's will);ellinor + john jt execs;1752: thos clucas h/o isabelacks from Ewan Corlet h/o ellinor;
1733-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Catherine   CAIN         3 ch anne wm jo;next rels pat jony mary & ellen cain;eldest child an idiot;husb wm; christian described as sd wm's former wife
1733-2 E      w  CLARK        George                   d 3 jul 1733;nephew john clark(lived in same house - half fishing boat)names bahee clark als crow exex;
1733-2 E      d  MYLREA       Ellinor     QUAYLE       d 34 jun 1733;ch wm,john,thos,edwd.margt + mary - jt admrs;
1734-2 A 66      CALEY        michael                  d 12 dec 1733;gch margt +patk caly,thos tear;son patk,tho;dau isabel steane,ellinr kelly,cath cleator,margt exex;
1734-2 A 67      McYLVORREY   Thomas                   d beg feb 1733/4;sis alice;ann mcylvorry, with whom he lived, exex
1734-2 A 68      KNEEN        Thomas                   dated 6 dec 1734;wife bahee;son thos(jt exec with bahee),wm(croft in andreas)
1734-2 A 69      COWLEY       John                     wife ellin;wife's son thos;son-i-law john brew;son wm('yr his first wife died') exor;son-i-law thos boddagh;
1734-2 A 70      CORLETT      Jane        GAWN         m/c Thomas Corlet + Jane gawn  Bal 17300929];Bishops demense;husb thos exor (with consent som thos)- the cow reserved in son's m/c was sold some yrs ago  decd's pt 7s 6d;funeral costs 1; pledges Thos Bodaugh bane, Thos Bodaugh Gliodoo
1734-2 E      w  CORLET       William                  made 19 apr 1734;ballatersin moar;ch simon Corlet + margt crain als corlet jt execs;margt craine,widow claims agt fa for ?9 being remainder of her portion (?m/c) unpaid
1734-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Margaret    CLARK        d 19 may 1734;only ch ellen boddagh als quayle admx(w/o danl)
1734-3 E      d  CORLETT      Esther                   orphans;mary d 12 oct1699;esther 10Oct 1699;sis isabel (exex of half + w/o Nicho Corlet)),Robt Corlet (h/o sis Anne) who declares in court surrenders to execs of Mary Corlet relict late Thos Corlet of Ballacain
1734-3 E      d  CORLETT      Mary                     see esther
1735-1 A 26      CORLETT      Thomas                   d 1 apr 1735;ballacoig;ch john,isabel + jane;wife exex;ch ua john + robt Corlet (also pledges)
1735-1 A 27      COWLEY       Mary                     d 22 mar 1733/4;bro edwd cowley;nephew wm cowley exor;
1735-1 A 28      KELLY        Ellinor                  d 3 feb;gson john kelly;gdau ellinor kelly;names james kelly; husband (?tom?unlikely);son david;dau mary
1735-1 A 29      QUAYLE       Margaret                 son Finlo (eldest croft magher close ghurrey),wm;husb alive;dau bahee,cath,margt
1735-1 E      d  CORKILL      Elinor      KELLY        d 23 mar 1734/5;ch isabel, ann,david, jphn,wm,christopher + wm(1st 2 only at age);husb alive
1735-2 A 54      COWLEY       William                  d 11 nov 1735;dau elinr cannell as cowley; dau ann quay als cowley + gdau elinr corlet as mcylvorry jt execs;son wm due 1/3 goods by m/c;names wm stephen(+ wife mary)
1735-2 A 55      CORLETT      Isabel      stephan      d 13 nov 1713;dau margt,isable;husb nichs corlet ;ch john stephen(heir - eary lean),thos,joney(w/o thos crain) + ann stephen(w/o matthew cowle(; joney + ann  jt execs)
1735-2 E 078  d  TEAR         Alice                    d 26 mar 1735;only bro john tear
1735-2 E 079  d  CORLETT      Margaret    KELLY        d mid jul 1735;son robt corlet admr
1736-1 A 16      STEPHAN      Ellinor                  d 6 apr 1736;bro john stephan,gilbert stephan,wm stephan exor;aunt anne kaighin als curlett;mother alive;witt margt craine als curlett,jane keig
1736-2 E      w  McYLECHREEST Thomas                   d 18 sep 1736;sibs patt, joney mcynameer als mvylchreest (w/o wm)+ ann skillicorn als mcylchreest (dau margt skillicorn) jt exexs;several debtors inc exors of mary curghey als boddaugh w/o Robt curghey;
1736-2 E      d  STEPHEN      Isabel      CALY         d 4 sep 1736;only ch tho admr;
1737-2 A 74      CORLET       Mary        PARRE        dated 8 feb 1730;ballakaig;aunt mary christian,margt parr;sis-i-law eliz corlet als parr;names thos cannell;husb john exor dead by 1738 bro robt sworn;
1737-2 A 75      COWLE        John                     d 31 jan 1737;sis margt;names thomas mcylrea,jane clague;poor of ballaugh viz thomas cowley,joney claig,wm cowin's child;wife exex
1737-2 A 76      CHRISTIAN    Jane        FREER        d 16 nov 1737;names jane,elizth lace;isable mughtin exex(w/o patk)
1737-2 A 77      McYLVORREY   Ann                      d 13 jan 1737;husb tho;son patt cain(had money via a mortgage on his own land),thos cain(borrowed 10s secired in mortgage on prcl called bretny;dau ann w/o dan clark,own sd dau(2 ch);gdau cath;serv maid isable cowley;son thos cain + dau mary (w/o patt canon)jt execs
1737-2 A 78      McYLVORREY   Thomas                   d 15 jan 1737;husb of above ann;cash in gate-ne-bunt to wm cain;dau ellinor(+ her ch);only sis margt - stepch as per wife  exors;1738: wm cain acks from mary relict patr cannon;1739: ellinr clark als cain m/o pat clark junr
1737-2 E      d  COWLEY       Ann         Craine       d 17 aug 1737;ch john(eldest),patk, margt + philip jt admrs;pledges john tear(y volley), Wm tear(weaver);husb john
1737-3 E      d  BODAUGH      Philip                   d 2 nov;ch danl, tho + margt jt admrs
1738-1 A 49      CANNEL       John                     d 8 mar ;sons pat,cha(exor) + wm
1738-1 A 50      CANNEL       Catherine   cowley       d 15 feb;son pat,ralph,wm(purchased land inballnelargey),cha exor;husb john (dead by probate)
1738-1 A 51      CANNEL       Christen    GOOLDSMITH   d 3 mar 1738;husb adam;sis joney goldsmith exex
1738-1 A 52      BODAUGH      Daniel                   d 7 Mar;son Robt, wife Elinor Bodaugh als Quayle pregnant ?;
1738-1 A 53      COWIN        Joney       clague       d 25 mar 1738;'a poor woman';son adam owed 1 10s;dau cath cain;son john cown(his dau joney) exor;
1738-1 A 54      CRAIN        Joney                    d 19 apr 1738;cousin joney crain,alice crain,john crain;nephew john crain;ch thos mcylrea,chn clague als mcylrea;dau jane w/o oates killey exex
1738-1 A 55      GARRETT      Patrick                  d 21 apr 1738;sis ann;bro phi: garrett;nephew phi garrett;fa phi exex
1738-1 E      d  CANNON       Patrick                  d 21 may 1738;ch cath, mary + jony jt admxs - next relns on fa's side tho, Dan, ellinr + issable cannon overseers; wife mary;inv;some dispute between widow + overseers Mary offers to give ch 3 over + above amount inventoried on condition goods remain in her hands - overseers(described by court as not of the best charity) object but court accepts petn - she gives pledges John Kee(abdreas) ,John Tear (Canane) + Thos + patk Cain her bro's + gilbt cowley (Ballaugh) + Wm vandy
1738-1 E      w  CORLET       John                     dated 22 may 1738;ballakegg;sibs robt(a daymoth of hay in Close-e-volly Robt Christian of Lezayre has the other 2 - left in lieu of 10 promised to Robt at time of his marr) exor, margt corlet(+ her children), mary fail, ewan corlet;bro-i-law Wm Corlet (Ballaterson);Bro Robt's children(ann, eliz, thomas, john, margt + robt);servant maid jony corlet(his wife's gown)
1738-1 E      w  CORRIS       John                     d 21 may 1738;son-i-law Robt Corlet(+ his 5 daus);gdau margt corlet(eldest d/o robt);gson thomas exor;wife alive [robt corlet m mary corris Bal 17121204]
1738-1 E      d  CRAINE       William                  d 2 apr;only bro john
1738-1 E      w  CURLET       William                  d 12 may 1738;sis elizth(+ son),mary;parents robt + ann execs;
1738-1 E      w  kinred       Margaret    joughin      d 10 may 1738;husb Ewn;only dau w/o John Quayle exex;neice cath + hester cowle;
1738-1 E      w  STEPHEN      Catherine   CLAGUE       d 28 apr 1738;husb philip exor; child on her bearing ; ;sibs ellinor cowle, wm clague;names margt kelly a blind woman(a tub of mault for Xtmas) [?marr - there is an MI in Feltham age 40 w/o Philip - no ch found]
1738-1 E      w  STEPHEN      Thomas                   d 18 may 1738;ch edward(eldest), charles, robt(looms),ann;wife alive;edward to pay debts to John Stephen + john curghey(Ramsey)
1738-2 A 94      COWLEY       Catherine   mylrea       d 10 dec;nephew tho clague;bro john mylrea;sis jane;names magt crain,joney mylrea;husb gilbt exor
1738-2 A 95      McYLREA      John                     d 22 jan;nephew + heir(airy ween) tho mylrea exex,john mylrea,nich mylrea;bro tho;sis margt(her child),cath,jane;wife alive;his cotter jon cowley;
1738-2 E      w  CLARK        Bahee       CROW         d 11 jun 1738;bro-i-law john clark;son thos;son john clark exor;names elizth + elinr mylworry, ann lace als killip, jony mylrea
1738-2 E      w  CORLETT      phinlo                   d 13 sep 1738;croft after deceae of wife to fall to neighbour john crain of dollagh beg he paying money in mortgage;son robt,adam,wm + james jt exors;gson james corlet
1738-2 E      w  COWLE        Thomas                   d 12 aug 1738;ch thos(purchased land pooldowee after decease wife),isable(eldest dau),mary;bro mathew,robt cowle;wife exex;ch ua gfa danl cowle,wm cowle uncle supv;1754: john caine ballakioge h/o isable acks step fa philip kelly marown
1738-2 E      d  KEIG         Jane        SKEALLY      d 10 sep 1738;5 ch john(out of island),jony,jane,mary + margt;husb john
1738-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Anthony                  d trinity eve 1738;fa wm exor;bro john,wm
1739-1 A 23      CORLET       Christian   GRIMShEY     d 10 apr 1739;dau jane,ann ,cath corlet;son danl,wm,john exor;husb john d same day
1739-1 A 24      STEPHEN      Isabel      CHRISTIAN    d 8 apr 1739;ch edw(eldest son)robt,ann exex,charles (to be taught trade 'anvavor'? by robt)
1739-1 A 25      CRAIN        Jane        HARRISON     d 2 dec 1738;dau ellinor,margt,jane,mary(eldest exex);husb pat
1739-1 E      d  CAIN         Ann         CALLISTER    d 20 may 1739;2 ch patk,cath cannel als cain w/o  john;husb adam;
1739-1 E      w  WOODS        John                     d 4 jun 1739;son-i=law thos callister;dau ann,alice + margt exexs;wife alive
1739-2 A 67      CAIN         Margaret    CROSS        d 8 jan;dau mary,cath,joney(youngest) jt exex;son michael;pledges adam cain, wm cowley
1739-2 A 68      CORRAS       Alice       GARRET       d 28 jan;gdau mally corlett,margt corlett;dau mary corlett;gson tho corlet exor
1739-2 A 69      KILLIP       William                  d 20 dec 1739;sons thos,john,robt,patk,ewan;dau ellinor exex;wife jane
1739-2 A 70      Cannel       Bahee       Corlet       d 24 nov 1739;only dau ann cannel;husb john exec;sis cath cannel als corlet
1739-2 A 71      MYCLEWORY    Marriot     COWLEY       d 1 jan 1739;son thos,adam,philip(execs to pay his master),wm exor;sis elinor cowley als cannell;sis-i-law bahee myclvorrey;dau elinr
1739-2 A 72      Corlett      Mary        Corris       d 17 feb 1739;8 ch robt,david,wm,margt,hester , cath,mary + elizth;puchased lands from marjery clark to go to heir;husb exor
1739-2 A 73      Cross        Michael                  d 29 jan 1739;only dau ann;son wm(little),john,michael (dead by probate);
1739-2 A 74      Cross        Michael                  d 14 feb;see michael #73;cousin john cross;sibs wm + ann execs;ann ua
1739-2 A 75      Kneen        Bahee       Cowle        d 29 dec 1739;dau elinor crow;son tho exor,wm;sis margt cowle
1739-2 A 76      Teare        Margaret    Caley         d 19 Jan 1739;dau margt;son michael kneen;gch barbary teare exex
1739-2 A 77      CORLET       Jane        CHRISTIAN    d 27 nov 1739;ballakeag;sis majory;son john;dau isabel,jane(youngest);serv maid mart quayle;Court 10 jan 1739 'it being a sickly time in ballaugh';aunt margt;uncles ewan + robt corlet; 1750 john cottier h/o isabel;john corlet h/o jane corlett;1751 john the heir at la; long will + inventory
1739-2 A 78      Crain        Mary        [?cain]      d 18 dec 1739, husb John Crain; 3 ch by former husband cath,joney + mary canan [?pat cannon but can't find 2nd marr]sis elinr;bro thos cain;nephew wm callin;sibs pat cain,thos cain, john kee, elinor clark jt suprvisors;1744 thos cain + danl clark(h/o elinor) ack from bahee crain;1739 pat caine overseer dead(his exor david caine)
1739-2 A 79      GARRET       Margaret    KINLEY       d 26 Novr 1739;gdau margt quine exex;her cousin john killip lezayre to be guardian - he refuses no other reln thus father of exex wm quine appt;cath crain her nurse keeper;inv
1739-2 A 80      Kaighyn      Anne        Corlet       d 21 Feb 1739/40;nephews john,gilbt + wm stephan;stepdau cath kaighin;husb wm exor
1739-2 A 81      GARRET       Catherine   CRY          d 20 Jan 1739/40;son phil;dau ann,cath exex;husb phil
1739-2 A 82      Cain         Thomas                   d 15 Jan 1739/40;3 ch lawfully begotten;wife exex;insufficient goods to bury the dead - pauper
1739-2 A 83      Corkill      John                     d 16 Dec 1739;son daniel,wm exor, ewan,thos;other unnamed ch;wife alive
1739-2 A 84      Cotiman      John                     d 20 Nov 1739, sumner;son phil,thos;dau cath exex;wife alive
1739-2 E      w  McYLREA      Lucy                     dated 24 apr 1734;husb Dan Mcylrea atty Genl;unnamed ch(5 ea);husb exor;signed + sealed
1739-3 E      d  COTTIMAN     Patrick                  d 9 nov 1739;sibs philip,thomas ua + cath
1739-3 E      d  COWLEY       Patrick                  d 30 Dec 1739, wife Elinor 26 Dec;ch wm,thos + John all ua Thos Cowley uncle by fa side,Thos Gawn h/o jony + Philip Cooil h/o Cath aunts by fa side + Thos Cannon, Danl Cannon + Isabel Cannon uncles + aunts by mo's side
1739-3 E      d  CROSS        William                  d 1 jan 1739;ch jane,wm,patk,mary + margt (last 2 ua) uncle john cross;inv sale;1757 andrew cowley h/o mary ack jane caley als cross
1739-3 E      d  STEPHAN      Thomas                   d 26 dec;only son tho
1740-1 A 42   a  GAWN         John                     agreement to reliquish exec of his uncle Dollin Gawn to widow Mary als Corlet - she or execs to pay 3 to him (& also all debts on estate); witt Wm Corlet x,John Cain x, John Bridson
1740-1 A 43      CAINE        John                     d 17 mar 1739;wife alive;son thomas,john(his mo dead - 20s paid to his master);dau mary
1740-1 A 44      COWLEY       Catherine   KERMOD       d 8 apr 1740;dau isable,jony,margt(fa dead);gch patk cowley,margt + cath cowley,cath collister;husb thos exor
1740-1 A 45      ALLIN        Joney                    d mar last;mo Jane Allin als Cowle;
1740-1 A 46      COWLEY       William                  d apr 1740;son Patt(eldest inc purchased land in Ballaghurn),wm,phil;wife elinor exex ( to give her part of purchased lands to younger sons wm+Phil);1753: Wm cowley at age acks from bro Patt;1761: Cath d/o Wm acks 40s from Patt
1740-1 A 47      Stephan      Mary        Corlett      d 1 feb 1739/40;son john(eldest),Wm(small pt of intack called kuidny binry ?),Gilbt,john;gdau elinr stephan;sister ann;husb Wm exor who surrenders exor to sons john,gilbt + wm
1740-1 E      w  BREW         Margaret    MYLROI       d 1 may 1740;son Wm(crop + share of lately purchased Qtrland Balnalarga );decd dau Margt corlet;husb Phil;dau Mary jt execs;gdau isable cain
1740-1 E      d  Cain         William                  d 20 feb 1739/40;ch john,isable + esther all ua John Cain, Thos Cain + Mary Cain uncles + aunt;1749: isable (eldest) at age;1753 Danl Corkil h/o Margt late relict  of John Cain supv paid unto John + Esther  one third part of their  share of goods;inv - some beasts shared with father;costs include rent paid to Ld Bishop 4s 4.5d + fee to Bishop's sergt (?tenant of Bps Demesne);attached agreement dated 18 Aug 1740 between John Caine,thos caine, Mary Caine, 
                                                           cath  Caine, John Cowley, Mary Brew and Wm Brew; witt Thos Caine + John Gawn (all sign x) - Thos + Mary two of execs of John Cain on Bps Demense do give to their bro + co-exec John Cain their share of roofs of houses (ie 2/6 parts) he discharging them from any futher charge for labour due on account of bro's children;Cath Caine widow of John settles her half upon stepson John Caine after her decease. All agree that 1/4 of crop on Ld Bishops land is right of Cath, another 1/4 prop of execs of John cain senr, another 1/4 right of Jony relict of Wm Cain + remaining 1/4 belongs to orphans of Wm; the present crop on Kewley Lusty is to be in same proportion - for future entirely property of Jony + children.
1740-1 E      d  Killey       Jony        Carroon      d 13 May 1740;only son Thos;husb John
1740-2 A 112     BANKS        Mary                     d dec 1740?;godchildren mary d/o john kaighin(kk michael), mary d/o wm skilley, ann mylrea;niece dorothy vandry?;names philip corlet exor;witt john corlet sick + weak
1740-2 A 113     CRAINE       Margaret    QUALTROUGH   d 3 nov 1740;ch cath(cow + other goods), dorothy,john(eldest son - fa dead),margt,robt,thos,patt( jt exec with dorothy);cath relinquinshed legacies and made by consent 3rd exex;
1740-2 A 114     CORLET       Marriot                  d 6 of this inst;bro's dau ann saile(her shaped linen);names margt bodaugh + jane callister;son john exor
1740-2 A 115     CLARK        Ellinor                  d 2 jan 1740[?1740/1];husb nicholas;ch john(+ his wife),wm,nicholas,alice,thos + dan(6d ea),margt exex;pledge wm cain + robt corlet(smith)
1740-2 E      d  CANNELL      Catherine                d may 1740;d/o john cannel due goods by death of mother margt cannell als cannell - sis margt + jony cannell;
1740-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    William                  being at herring fishery driven of Island by violent storm perished on coast of scotland 5 aug 1740;ch wm,margt + john all ua uncles John + Patk Christian overseers who agree to maintain half children;wife alive pledge John Cannell her father
1740-2 E      d  KILLIP       Ewan                     being at herring fishery driven of Island by violent storm perished on coast of scotland 5 aug 1740; sibs wm,thos,margt,cath + Isabel(w/o Ewan Kneal);wife Jane becomes admx agrees to pay 50s  (40s to some) of ch.1748 Wm Kelly h/o Jane pays 40s to Margt Crain exex of Margt Killip decd;1753 Wm Kelly pays 40s to Thos Craine exor Wm Killip;
1740-2 E      d  STEPHAN      Margaret                 d 26 feb 1739/40;ch thos,wm,ewan,philip + cath (last two ua);husb alive
1741-1 A 83      QUAYLE       Catherine                d april;father wm exor;stepmo Christian Quayle;sibs ellinr,wm,thos
1741-1 A 84      CALY         Ann         COTTIER      d [] feb 1740;husb patr exor;son patr(purchased lands except close-e-callow);ch thos,mary,margt,ellinor
1741-1 A 85      COWIN        Margaret                 d 1 apr 1741;husb john exor;son john,wm,thos,philip;dau joney;witt nichs corlet at sea;husb john dead by probate - dau joney exex (her uncle Wm Cowin pledge)
1741-1 A 86      WOODS        Ann         CHRISTIAN    d 15 [?jan] 1741;dau margt + alice (jt exexs),grace;son john;
1741-1 A 87      QUAYLE       Thomas                   d 4 apr 1741;wife joney;dau cath,alice;son wm
1741-1 E      w  CALY         Elinor      STEPHAN      d 20 may 1741;husb tho exor;dau cath(ink curraugh-e-vriwoo),?elinor ua;son tho;
1741-1 E      w  COWN         John                     d 26 apr 1741;son john,wm,thos + philip (each 40s inc legacy from mo);adam cain owes him 40s;dau Joney (lands lately purchased - she to discharge debts) exex;pledge Wm Cown uncle jony + John Killip lezayre;1753 Nich Mcylrea h/o Jony;1764 Philip cown being of weak judgement and the exex wanting to discharge legacies pays 30s to bro Thos
1741-1 E      d  CORLETT      Simon                    d 27 mar 1740;dispute between Wm Curlet + John Crebbin + wife Margt over exorship brother Simon + their mother Margt Corlet als crain? late decd - both wills should be voided - John + margt to have 6 allowed + paid them in full of what was due her by former marriage portion + 18s due from a note to bro simon;court decrees that legacies stand - sheep to bro Wm's children;nephew Wm Corlett(his carpenters tools), Thos(10s)
1741-1 E      d  GAWN         William                  d 13 may [1741];ch robt,margt,cath all ua - uncles john,gilbt + wm stephan + aunt ellinr cormoad supv;wife cath als cowley;debts excced estate widow ordered + empowered to mortgage or sell by public cant a parcell of lands - to give public notice upon the Lord's day next at the church style
1741-1 E      w  STEPHAN      William                  dated 16 may 1741;son john(houses etc but not purchased land),gilbt,wm exor;;pledges john tear old clerk, john killip lezayre
1741-2 A 136     COWLE        Isabel      KISSAG       husb danl exor;son maths, robt;mentions consideration money paid to cains;dau-i-law Ann Cowle;gch tho cowle, isabel + mary cowle, math cowle;witt Willm Cain x, Willm Fayle x;;1754: john Cain h/o isabel acks uncles math + robt cowle for legacy due from gmo, mary cowle now at 18 also acks
1741-2 A 137     CORLET       John                     d 4 feb 1741;son philip, john exor;inv + sale inc carpeneter's tools + small parcel of land with edices thereon (6 10s 0d);funeral costs inc 2 coffins + 2 fees
1741-2 A 138     QUAYLE       Margaret    BODAUGH      d 30 dec 1741;husb finlo exor;2 unnamed ch (one ua)
1741-2 A 139     STEPHAN      John                     d 2 nov last;cousin thos stephan(his mother margt), silvr quayle;niece anne stephan, elinor stephan;bro Wm stephan, phinlo;names anne quayle, jane crain, john killip, john cross + other debtors inc Robt corlet joiner, edwd stephan 
                                                           + sister ann;niece cath stephan exex;witt John Stephan + john crain - noted that wittness old + very infirm;pledge by cath - her bro thos stephan + wm Kelly;1764: Thos corlet(late ballaugh now Jurby+ + wife ann als stephan(+ niece to John) acks from John Bridson(arbory) h/o cath als stephan exex
1741-2 E      w  CRAIN        Elinor                   d 23 jun 1741;niece margt mcylcraine;sis cath;husb john exor;unnaned ch
1741-2 E      w  GARRET       Margaret                 d 2 jun 1741;dau ann,christian;son wm;husb phil
1741-2 E      w  KNEAL        James                    d 30 may 1741;nephew james kneal;fa phil exor;nephew paul oates;bro phil dead
1741-2 E      w  McYLEACRAINE Catherine                d 8 aug;ch tho(kinbbagh),margt(intack crott cly yhuury - after 6yrs when danl kelly's setting expires - if ch die then residuary legatee pat cain),isabel,wm(aprrentice),john;bro john,stephan
1741-2 E      w  MYLREA       Jony        CORLETT      d 8 aug;old & feeble;niece margt clark;nephew wm clark (bro to margt)exor
1741-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Jony        STEPHAN      d 11 jun 1741;ch wm,alice + cath(jt exexs)
1741-2 E      w  STEPHAN      Philip                   d 20 sep 1741;sibs john,margt corlet (w/o nichs)(to be jt overseers of ch);fa finlo;aunt ann boddaugh;wife cath;ch ua;inv;bro john decd
1741-2 E      w  CANNELL      Adam                     d 7 aug;niece mary cottier,cath kaighin;nephew john cannell,patk cannell exor;names john cannell
1741-3 E      d  CALEY        John                     d 12 nov 1741;sis elinor,isable (w/o ewan corlet) admrs
1741-3 E      w  CLARK        Margery                  d jul last;unnamed brethren in Ireland;names ewan curlet exor (has money of hers;names nich clark (h/o ellinor),isable Clark
1741-3 E      w  CORLET       Margaret    CURGHEY      d 19 oct;son john,philip;husb john exor;john dead by probate - son john exor;
1742-1 A 33      CORLET       Joney       caly         d 12 mar 1741;son john;gson wm corlet;dau cath exex, magtt
1742-1 A 34      CORLET       Elinor                   d 15 apr 1742;dau ellinr(w/o thos boddagh)averick exex;son wm,robt,john,thos
1742-1 A 35      MYLREA       Margaret    CORKILL      d 26 feb 1741[1741/2];cousin wm corkil;names oates killey;nephew wm cowley(+his sis mary + 2 other bros);niece cath kneal,cath lace als corkill,mary corkill;+ many others names;bro john corkill exor
1742-1 E      d  CALEY        Margaret                 d 30 apr 1742;d/o patrick;sibs pat,elinr,+ mary jt admrs - sis ua,pat too young - husb patk (dead by feb 1743) then found that will proved at douglas where she died - aunt margt cally;nephew thos tear;her mo dead - her execs ua uncle patk kelly appted
1742-1 E      w  CALEY        Thomas                   d 26 may 1742;land close woods + parcel of new intack to pass as inheritance;son danl,tho + mich jt exors;dau elinor.cath
1742-1 E      w  Cry          Patrick                  d 2 may 1742;son-i-law james fayle;bro-i-law john cowley;gdau ann fayle;wife jony exex
1742-2 A 85      CORLET       Mary        [corlet]     d 24 nov 1742;husb nich;cousin elinor corlet,isable cain;aunt alice cannell;names cath cowley;husb + fa wm corlet;execs
1742-2 A 86      COWLE        Daniel                   d 2 feb [];son robt(pt of fishing boat) + matthew jt exors (lands being chattels to descend as inheritance);gdau mary cowle(to be maintained until 16 by execs);servants thos cry + bahee stephan;
1742-2 A 87      KNEALE       Philip                   d 21 dec 1742;dau cath(w/o edmd crow);pledges Thos Caine + bro-i-law Philip Kneale;
1742-2 A 100     MOGHTIN      Arthur                   d nov ;sibs cath, john;father Patt exor;stepmother mentioned
1742-2 E      w  KEWLEY       Margaret    KELLY        d 9 sep 1742;gdau jane cannon;dau margt cannon als taggart,alice kewley als taggart;gdau margt steven als ?bridson;son john taggart
1742-2 E      w  KILLIP       John                     d 20 jun;son wm,robt,john,thomas;dau isabel(ua);wife ann  exex
1743-1 A 45      CRAINE       Thomas                   d 29 nov 1742;bro john;only ch margt;wife ann craine als carran exex (states she is pregnant) - ch ua uncles + aunts  patk, john, dorothy + cath crain;
1743-1 A 46      MOGHTYN      Ann         STEPHAN      d 7 feb 1742;aunt margt corlet;bro charlesneighbour john killip;only ch patt;husb john exor;sis-i-law cath moughtin
1743-1 A 47      KEIG         John                     d 8 apr 1742;dau joney,mary,margt, jane corkil(w/o Danl) exex
1743-1 A 48      CAINE        Ellinor     CRAINE       d 2 feb 1742;ch cath,wm [cowley] ;sis isabel,margt craine;stepdau joney caine;own dau cath cowley;husb john + son pat cowley exors;1753 wm cowley at la;1781 cath cowley at la
1743-1 A 49      QUAYLE       John                     d 25 mar 1743;son Finlo;dau margt(exex),cath,bahee;son-i-law robt corkil;wife alive;gdau ann corkil
1743-1 A 50   w  bodaugh      margaret                 d 14 mar 1742;cousin edwd stephan;names margt + elinor corlet (sisters);nephew john stephan;cousin isabel mxylcaraine;kinswoman margt corlet exex (w/o nicholas corlet)
1743-1 A 51      KNEEN        Michael                  d 23 feb 1742/3;son wm(lands but to discharge debt + carpenters tools);wife exex
1743-1 E      d  CORLET       Jane                     d 17 mar 1742/3;sibs John,wm,danl(abroad)
1743-1 E      d  CORLET       Patrick                  d 9 mar 1742/3;only ch John - ua - uncles Ewan + John Corlet;wife alive
1743-1 E      d  STEPHAN      Thomas                   d 29 apr 1743;sibs john,margt,isabel,jony(w/o thos crain) + ann(w/o Math Cowle)
1743-2 A 80      CALY         Patrick                  dated 9 nov 1743;ch patk,ellinor,mary. margt(decd but owes him money + wants exors to persue debts);nephew Tho Tear(5s to help put him to trade);sister Margt (jt exor with Patk);bro Thomas (abroad);1774: Patk cannel h/o Mary ack'd 10s left)
1743-3 E      w  CLARK        Nicholas                 son john,thomas(looms jt with john - ?has dau),qm(youngest);dau margt,eals [alice] Quillam (als clark) exex;dua's oldest girl unnamed;
1743-3 E      w  CAIN         James                    d end jun 1743;dau-i-law margt cain;gson wm cain,wm boddaugh,tho + jon boddaugh,james cown;;son wm;son-i-law patk cain;dau cath,jane cown(w/o thos) + cath boddaugh(w/o thos) jt exexs;wife alive;adam caine owed him 2s 4d;
1743-3 E      w  CRAIN        John                     d 2 oct 1743;ballabeg;bro patk;serv thos callister;wife bahee als kneal;2ch - one Margt - ua uncle Patk Crain supv;1757: "one of the children.. in embryo + died upbaptised", bahee died in labour (will may 1748) - margt surviving child acquits stephen kneal + phil gawn exors of her mo
1743-3 E      w  CRY          Jony        COWLE        made 1 apr 1743;son-i-law thos cowley(h/o dau cath);dau mary fayle,jony mylrea(w/o john mylrea) exex;son thos kinread,ewan kinread
1743-3 E      w  TEAR         Margaret    COWLE        d 10 oct 1743;ch john tear, anne quilliam(+ dau),mary costeane(+ 2 sons);other gch john tear, Cath tear, margt tear, tho tear(5s to help put him to trade);dau-i-law Kath tear;sis-i-law cath tear;husb gilbt exor
1744-1 A 22      KELLY        Ann                      d 1 mar 1743;gdau cath gawn;dau exex(w/o wm gawn)
1744-1 A 23      QUAYLE       Margaret                 d 30 mar 1744;sibs cath Corkil (w/o robt corkil + dau ann) , bahee, Finlo + wm quayle;fa dead;phinlo + robt corkil exors;witt ellinr kneal als quayle  + Cath Mcnemeer;
1744-1 A 24      TEAR         Gilbert                  d 11 apr 1744;son john;dau ann,mary;gch mary quilliam, john costean,margt,cath, ann + philip tear,john tear;bro john;ch john,ann + mary execs
1744-1 E      w  KILLEY       John                     d 11 oct 1743;son thos exor
1744-2 A 53      KELLY        Margaret    CORLET       d 16 dec 1744;husb patt exor;dau margt,alice;son john,patt
1744-2 A 54      MYLREA       Thomas                   d 9 jan 1744;son john;dau mary;bro nicholas;wife isabel exex;ch uncle nicholas mylrea supv
1744-2 E      d  KAIGHIN      William                  d 29 jul 1744;only dau cath corlet als kaighin (w/o john)
1744-3 E      d  CLEATER      John                     d 1 dec 1744;formerly ramsey;ch john,ellinr Corlet als Cleator(w/o John)
1744-3 E         KNEAL        James                    d 20 jan 1744;minor having right to lands from will uncle James Kneal - relns of uncle Philip Kneal (bro) + Cath Crow als Kneal (sis - w/o edmd) jt admrs
1745-1 A 20      QUAYLE       William                  d 29 mar 1745;dau peggy;other unnamed ch;wife isabel als bittle exex
1745-2 A 47      TEAR         Catherine   CORLET       d 9 jan 1745;son philip(crop etc of Brooghjaarg by death of her mother yet still lying in fa john corlet's hands);dau margt,cath + ann;husb john exor;names tho+john tear;
1745-2 A 48      GARRET       Philip                   d 22 dec 1745;son philip;dau ann(w/o robt kewley),cath(w/o patk mcylwee) exex;gson patr garret;gson (suceeding heir of estate);
1745-1 A 19      CRY          Jane        KILLIP       d beg mar 1745;made 29 mar 1735;dau cath curghy,isable clarke exex,alice corlet;husb danl
1745-1 E      w  CRAIN        Bahee       KNEAL        d 28 may 1745;only ch margt;serv maid joney corlet;sibs anne,mary,wm,margt (w/o Phil Gawn) + stephan execs;inv gives estate as ballabeg - valued at 8 10s pa but noone offers to tenant farm - exors to take it court allowing 6 10s pa for maintenance of orphan;1757: accts 
1745-3 E      d  CAINE        Jony        KEVISH       d feast st luke[18 Oct];dau jane(w/o thomas cowin),alice(w/o patk cain);
1746-1 E      w  CALLISTER    William                  d 14 may 1746;son wm(if he came),john(houses + lands in ballaugh to fall as inheritance) exor;wife alive
1746-1 E      w  Corras       John                     d 6 jun 1746;son wm(eldest),john;dau christian;wife jt exex with christian (to sell land in curragh to pay debts)
1746-2 A 39      KINRED       Joney       KILLIP       d 3 [] 1746;only dau ann exex
1746-2 A 40      KEWISH       Patrick                  made 26 dec 1744;d 18 feb? 1746;dau ann,dorothy;son wm exor;wife bahee;gson wm kewish(house,gardens + smith utensils or tools + roof + floor smithy - if he die to john,patr or Cha kewish who should stay in Island to learn trade);gdau christian kewish;servt christian stephan;1751 ann w/o Wm wainright who replies from stratford 'I cannot possibly come to London' - james oates acts;
1747-1 A 12      CORLETT      William                  d 9 mar 1746;names thos cain,wm cowin;cousin wm corlet junr;bro-i-law john cannell;nephew wm corlet exor
1747-1 A 13      BODDAUGH     Margaret                 d 9 Apr;Bishop's Desmense;gdau Margt Boddaugh;names Cath + Anne Boddaugh; Son Danl Boddaugh, son Thomas Boddaugh (exec)
1747-2 A 68      CAIN         Elinor      kelley       d 28 Oct 1747;son john,edwd,mark,mathew & Patt - uncle Robt Kelly overseer;maid Anne Kinley;husb wm exor;1755 John Cain at age
1747-2 A 69      CANNELL      John                     d 29 dec 1747;bishops domains;dau alice(w/o Edmond Crow);wife alice cannell exex
1747-2 A 70      COWIN        Isabella    cowil        d 31 dec 1747;husb wm;only son wm ua - uncle Tho Cowle supv;
1747-2 A 71      CAIN         William                  d 14 jan 1747/8;unnamed sibs 6d;fa Wm exor;witt Robt cowle, Eliz Tear als Corlet;
1747-2 A 72      Corlet       Cath        Keig         d 18 jan 1747/8;son John(3 ch) exor;gdau mary corlet;gson john corlet(her part of croft);sis dorothy;bro Thos Lewn
1747-2 A 73      KELLEY       Adam                     d 20 jan 1747/8;son-i-law wm gawn (h/o ann) exor;
1747-2 A 74      BODDAUGH     Thomas                   d 28 jan 1747/8;son simon;neighbour Thos Callister; wife ellinor exex;1760 Simon acks from John Killip 'now husband of the exex
1747-2 A 75      STEPHAN      Margaret                 d 4 feb 1747/8;dau ann,cath,elinor;gch jane bridson;bro's son james kneale;son thos exor;1750: Thos Corlet h/o Ann
1747-2 A 76      Kelley       Ann         CORLET       d 7 feb 1747/8;son wm,john + thos jt exors;gdau eldest dau of thos killip;son-i-law thos killip;names margt cowley;dau-i-law hester kelley;dau jane (w/o james cain),hester(w/o Thos killip)
1747-2 A 77      CRAINE       John                     d 19 feb 1747/8;son thos,edwd,Wm + John jt exors
1747-2 E      d  CALLISTER    Catherine   CLARK        d mar ;only ch John Callister admr;
1747-2 E      d  COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 9 jul 1747;ch john,patk,philip + margt;
1747-2 E      w  CRAIN        Margaret    KILLIP       d 10 oct 1747;son thomas(goats);son-i-law john killip(w/o dau isabel);gdau ellinr;dau margt exex
1747-2 E      d  McNAMEER     William                  d 10 jul 1747;only dau cath quayle als mcnameer (w/o Patk);
1747-2 E      d  MOORE        Isabel      KEIG         d 8 aug 1747;ch john,mary,ann + thos (last 2 ua);husb alive
1748-1 A 68      KILLEY       Margaret    GOLDSMITH    d 1 mar 1747;dau cath,ann,mary,margt;gson patt stephan (heifer shared with cath);husb john exor;
1748-1 A 69      CORLETT      Philip                   d 11 mar 1747/8;dau ann,mary,joney;step-son silv tear;son thos exec;wife alive
1748-1 A 70      COWLEY       Catherine   CRINNILT     d 18 mar 1747/8;only son Tho;dau mary;husb exor
1748-1 A 71      CANNON       Ellinor     Kelley       d 7 feb 1747/8;ch wm(eldest),thos,john,dan + ellinor;husb exor
1748-1 E      w  COWLEY       isable                   d 17 may 1748;sibs john, cath, thos exor;sis-i-law esther cowley;inv 1 3s;
1748-1 E      w  killip       William                  d 5 may 1748;sibs thomas, cath, isabel;niece isabel(w/o john killip + ch), margt;nephew thomas crain exor
1748-2 A 127     CANNON       Thomas                   d 6 nov 1748;ch Wm,thos,john,dan + ellinor jt execs;witt Ann Mcylvorrey als Crain,Christian corlet;inv
1749-1 A 21      CROSS        Jaine                    d 3 feb 1749;ch Michael,isabel,jane,cath,john;husb alive - he + his son John supv of ua ch
1749-1 E      w  CORLETT      John                     d 1 may 1749;brooghjarg;will made 17 aug 1746;son-i-law john tear;bro robt(xd thru);nephew john corlet;maid mary crow;gson (+heir) Philip Tear ua;gdau margt,cath + ann jt exexs - John tear + robt corlet overseers;wife alive;codicil
                                                            amended overseer to bro Robt Tear as 'doubted John Tear would come 'having now married a decd ? wife';court appts john tear + robt corlet overseers;estate valued 5 2s 9d pa;inv etc
1749-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d xmas 1747;cooper late ballaugh;uncle Mr Wm Curghy castletown (a prin creditor)
1749-2 A 43      COWIN        William                  d 13 feb 1749;fa wm;uncle thos cowle
1749-2 A 44      KEWISH       Bahee       JOUGHIN      made dec 1746;husb patk;niece Eliz Corras (w/o Phinlo Quayle)+ niece's  husb John Tear(money in mortgage on Cooil Bane) jt execs;nephew Wm + Thos Christian(Kk Bride);stepson wm kewish;maid Christian Stephen;niece's son Tho Stephan

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