Summary of Wills - Ballaugh pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.There are some 711 known wills for this period thus 50% here though tho 80% of those 1649 to 1699

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc. - Many of these wills are difficult to read and the error rate is probably higher in these summaries Also note that the Burial reg is deficient between 1676 and 1695 - entries [bur ...] = found in burial reg

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1632   A      d  casement     bessy       curlet       [lh margin lost] d 10 May;ch bessy, christian + ellin casement jt admxs;gch Donald Caisment + mrgery Caisment;
1632   A      d  CORLET       Phinlo                   [rh margin lost on film]d 13 may;dau [?] Christian, Jane + Margret jt admxs - 2 eldest sworn
1635   e         QUAYLE       Thomas                   [found in loose papers]dated 30 May 1635;ch Jony(6d - ackd goods due from mo), John(1 yd of cloth + a goose in lieu of mo's goods + 3 sheep), Patrick exor
1644   e 251     CARRETT      Jo                       d 30 Jan [lost];ch Finlo, Margt, Pat + Isabell Carrett admrs - next of fin(fa's side) supvs;wife alive;inv;
1644   e 252     CANNELL      Margrett    GAWNE        d 6 Apr 1644;husb James Cannell exor;bro Thomas, Do: Gawne (6d ea);inv (of Margt Gawne)
1644   e 256     ILLREA       Jaine       CANNELL      d 1? Feb 1643;ch Wm, Tho, Jo: + Ellen Illrea[Myclrea] admrs - some ua;inv
1645   A 33   w  GARRET       Thomas                   dated 9 feb 1643;son john,donnold,thos;dau cath, margt;names john cannel waterbailiff;wife alive;sons john + thos jt exors - john cannel supv;list of sums owed to him;inv
1645   e 441     CARRETT      Wm                       [parish assumed - some loss]d [] Mar 1644;bro Philip exor;sis Avericke Carrett;inv
1645   e 441     CRY          Margret                  d 6 Feb 1644;sibs Tho + Isable Cry jt admrs;inv
1645   e 442     CORLETT      Alice       IneLEREA     d 7 Jun  [];ch Jo: + Wm Corlett jt admrs;inv 4s
1645   e 442     McNEMEERE    Alice       CORL ETT     d 7? May [];husb Rich: nemera (his mo alive)+ 2 bros Wm + John exors;inv
1645   e 442     QUAILE       Phinlo                   d 21 Apr 1645;unnamed son;unnamed wife;unnamed bro;Gilbt Quaile claims for his part of fa's + mo's sheep;
1645   e 444     CLARKE       Kathrin     KEY          d 8 May 1645;ch Margrett(+ her ch), Robt exor;husb alive;inv
1645   e 445     CALOW        Wm                       d 3 Aug 1643;sibs John, Ed?, Margt + Cath Calow admrs;
1645   e 445     loony        Jony        kinred?      d 21 Feb 1644;ch Jo: + Isable Loony admrs (Isable at age, John ua);inv
1645   e 446     CRAINE       Margrett    CORLETT      d 28 Apr 1645;ch ed?(enefit of her wor?? in balnycooley), donnold, Jane;husb Finlo Crraine (jt exor with donald + jane);sibs Bessie,Philip Corlet (to be supv with tho craine);witt Tho Craine+ Jo Steane;inv
1646   e 022     CORLETT      John                     [top rh corner lost] d 15 [] 1646;brooghjarg;wife alive;ch tho(half crop), margt,John  - jt execs - bro tho + philip corlet to be supvs
1646   e 027     TEARE        Ellin       STEANE       [very badly damaged]son Wm teare admr
1648   e 282     CANNELL        CAYNE        [lh margin lost on film]ch Wm dougherdie, Kath Cannell, Bahee cannell - some ua;husb alive
1649   A [31] d  CAINE        Hugh                     d 25 jul 1649;mabel + margt caine(next of kin by fa + mo) and Patk + Donold Caine (next of kin by fa) jt admrs - all at age;inv  1 heiffer;
1649   A [32] w  STOAL        William                  d 1 nov 1649;son donold exor;wife alive;sis Kath stoale
1649   A [33] w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 11 Jul 1649;Corvalley;sis Bahee Corlett;ch John(eldest son, pt of team etc),Tho exor - Tho Corlett(Broughjarg supv;wife alive;;inv;June 1650:  petn by Atty genl Robt Calcot obo Avericke Stephan,widow, that Jo Cowley + Mally Killip wrongfully deny her widowright of half a qtr of ground etc [much of doc lost]
1649   A [34] w  Cannell      Ellin       Garrett als  d 16 Jan 1649[1649/50];ch Margrett Carrett, Jon + Tho carrett (jt exors - 4th part crop Ballalargee) - wants Deemster Cannell supv;husb Hugh Cannell
1649   A [35] d  kermott      Margaret    DUCKaN       irish woman;ch Tho Kermott + Donald[] admrs - none of kindred in country thus husb sworn;[?first wife thomas kermott]
1649   A [36] w  TEAR         John                     d 15 Nov 1649;ch John)(team etc), Cath, Alice - jt execs;notes that Wm Bobson + exors of Isable Scarffe were fully paid;wife alive;inv
1649   A [37] w  McNAMEER     Phinlo                   d 25 Dec 1648;names Rich, Ann + Donald McNameer jt execs
1649   A [38] w  tear         Margery     CORLET       d 9 Jun;ch John(gears etc), Ann + Cath Teare jt exexs;inv
1649   A [39] d  killip       Catherine   COWLEY       d 22 Mar 1645[1645/6];ch Cath, Ann, Patr + john admrs - those at age supvs of ua;husb alive;inv
1649   A [40] w  CORAUGH      Daniel                   d 30 Mar [];son-i-law Tho Corlet;2 unnamed daus;dau is[] corragh exex;gch Jony Corlett;inv
1649   A [41] w  Corraigh     Jony        CARRET       d 23 Mar 1649;dau Isable(? had m/c);goods in inv of husb Do: [Donald] above
1649   A [42] w  stean        Jony        KELLY        d 20 Feb 1649[1649/50];sis Ann Kellie;father alive;ch Finlo + Mallie Stean jt execs - tho Cowley + Tho Steane supvs;husb [?Tho] alive;inv
1649   A [43] w  stean        finlo                    d 20 Mar 1649[1649/50];inf;sibs Tho + Mallie admrs;inv in mo's goods
1649   A [44] w  Carran       Kathren     Key          d 1 Mar 1649[1649/50];son? Henry Carran exor;inv
1652   e 149     CARRAD       Jo                       dated 16 Oct?;only son Wm(land);only dau Elling;Jo Corrage + Wm Boddagh to be supvs of his ua ch;wife alive
1655   A 024  w  Corraige     Jane        McYLREA      (006)dated 12 mar 1653[1653/4]ch john coraige, margt(exex);names jony casement
1655   A 086  w  CRAINE       John                     (025)perished at sea 20 J[] 1653;sibs jony, ellin, tho, ann exex
1655   A 087  w  Cowley       Margaret    CURGHY       (026)page 23)[will xd thru]d 27 mar 1655;husb tho cowley exor;sis Cath;names Wm Callister(half cow to repay debt);Court refuses will and appoints John + Cath Curghie (next of kindred) admrs - later an earlier will states she d 3 yrs ago[c. 1652] made Tho exor, she refused to leave a legacy to her sibs tho asked.
1655   A 089  w  CRAIN        John                     (027)(page 24)names Patk Crayne (to remain on croft on same terms as before + use of loomes);sis Jany? exex;inv = croft 2s 7.5d rent
1655   A 091  w  CORLET       Philip                   (028)(page 25)d 7 apr 1654;ballakeig;wife jony;ch john(his pt crop, team, gears + fishing boat) ua,wm exor;sibs wm(has been given all his fa's goods except 3s),isabel(still owed some from fa's goods), john, averick, margt;inv; John corlett claims for himselfm, 2 sisters + wife of Wm
1655   A 097  w  CORLET       William                  (030)(page 28)d 10 oct 1655;ch tho, patk (a brewing comb?),margt, elin, jony,alice,wm exor;gch isable corlet;mo-i-law Ellin corlet (owes him together with John Gawn 8s);inv
1656   A 234  d  McYLREA      Thomas                   (022)d 30 apr 1656;sibs Wm, John, Ellin - Wm produces instrument which shows Ellin has no part of goods due by death of fa + mother - ellin agrees in court but john absent + court decrees trial - anneded agreement by ellin that Wm maintained Thos during long illness that that any goods would not fully compensate him
1656   A 238  w  COWLEY       Thomas                   (023)d 17 apr 1656;wife Ellin Christian exex;names Tho Corlett(house + croft - on condition to pay funeral costs etc)
1656   A 240  w  casmt        Christian   CRAIN        (024)d 5 apr 1656;ch averick, jony(+ 2 ch), tho, john casement exor;inv
1656   A 242  w  CRAIN        Nicholas                 (025)d 17 mar 1655[1655/6];wife alive;son john exor;names margt craine, Tho Calow(owed 20s for which his wife as exex claims)
1659   A 791  w  CURLET       Patrick                  [some loss of lh margin in decree]d 1 Feb 1659;ch Tho(team of oxen etc),Patr,Jony + Alice (jt exexs);wife Mallie;bro Wm (to be jt supv with wife but refuses) - next of kin Tho, Wm, Jony, Alice + Margt sworn along with wife;[there is a n agreement signed Tho Corlet very faint + not 100% readable]
1660   A 991  w  KILLIP       Ewan                     d 26 apr 1660;wife alive;ch John Killip, Mallie,margerie(half roof if she comes + lives with them + ch Jo + Gilbt teare),Kath,Wm + tho jt exors;inv
1660   A 993  w  CRAINE       James                    d 7 Feb 1659;wife Calaghwooney Quine als Craine(purchased croft in Glanshegill during her life)ch Tho Craine(owed mo's goods), joney craine(due mo's goods),ellen craine exex;unnamed stepch;inv;tho, Ellin + kath curleod, jony crayne + tho crayne claim for their mo's part + half crop of 2 crofts
1660 B E 333  w  crenilt      Catherine   CORLET       d 4 nov 1660;bro's dau jony corlett;husb john crenilt;only ? sister [] crenilt exex;
1660 B E 334  w  CORLET       Margaret                 d 21 jan 1660;ch john(eldest son - crop), isable, wm, tho + mallie (last 3 execs)
1660 B E 334  w  killip       Jony        CORLET       [poor copy diff to read]d 13 nov 1660;ch wm(her pt of land after death of husb), tho, john, elizth ?, philip + robt (last 3 execs);husb wm killip;
1660 B E 335  d  LOWRY        Catherine                d 28 oct 1660;ch tho + grace [T?oaits?]
1661   e 133     CORLETT      Tho                      d 19 jun 1660;ch John(had m/c + to enjoy lands in Carmadall), tho + isable jt execs; wife pregnant + any child to be added as exec - James Corine ? to take care of wife + children - also appoints bro-i-law Jo: Barie? + Wm Killip supervisors;claims by patr crain + don boddaugh;overseers of will of Hu Corlett + his exors claim 3;inv (includes netts;wife has custody of infant (+ gives pledge Jo Leece Kk German + Jo Quirk father? of Phill Quirk, of Kk Patr)
1661/1 A [37] w  Corlett      Margery     CHRISTIAN    [37][in bl 1661/1663]d 25 dec 1662;ch john corlett(team etc + wife),isable,margrt,averick - 3 daus jt exexs;gch john corlett(heir of ballaloug?;illeg gson john corlett;
1661   E      w  QUAYLE       John                     ch tho, margt jt execs - cath quail + ellinr ? quail supvs;wife ellin carrett;tho d 1669(aunt Cath quaile states fineral charhes 5s 6d)
1662   E 513  d  CORLET       Elizabeth                d 12 apr 1662;only unmarried dau admx;
1663/1 A 8    w  CARRET       Margaret    KINLEY       dated feb 1663;husb philip (? finlo in agreement re ch with tho kinley);names thos Kinley overseer ch;
1663/1 A [9)  w  Killip       Jony        cowley als CORLET (166)dated 8 Dec 1663;son-i-law Patrick Craine;husb Will Killip;ch Patrick Cowley, Ann, Margt, Wm (2 daymoth hayland called Close varly?), Tho + Philip jt exors;sis Kath Corlet
1664   e 110     STEANE       Don                      d 11 jul 1663;bro Robt;son tho, donold + wm (last 2 jt exors);inv
1664   e 126     MacILVORY    Tho                      d 29 may 1664;only dau jony mclvorry admx - aunt Jony supv;wife alive;inv 3
1664   e 127     KNEEN        Katherin                 d 13 may 1664;names wm, jony + ellin Kewish jt execs
1664   e 128     TEARE        Tho                      d 3 jun 1664;wife elin;ch jony, tho(half team etc), elin;names john, donold, elin + jony tear [?ch] jt execs - ua supv Tho Teare + tho Corlett
1665   A      d  STEAN        Philip                   [page 1]d 15 Feb 1664;ch Phillip  John jt admrs  - next of kin Ellin + Isable Stean supvs;inv - Gubbon Craine has half crop?[?part very faint];wife alive + hath goods - pledges Gubbon Craine + Finlo Carrett;24 Oct 1685 Philip acks satisfied by mother
1665   A      w  STEAN        Thomas                   [page 2 - poor copy]d 19 Apr 1665;wife Margt als Craine exex;brother [?philips] two sons Finlo[?= philip] + Jo (3s)
1665   e 339  d  GAUNE[gawn]  Jony                     [page 53 - headed 1665] d 28 mar last[1664/5]only bro Dollin Gaune admr;inv in gmo's will
1665   e 339  d  QUAY         Marriot                  [page 53 - headed 1665]d 16 may 1665;sibs john, wm , margt + cath jt admrs (edler at age);inv 42s
1665   e 365     KNEEN        John                     [page 76]d 10 jul 1664;names wm knean, john crenilt exor
1665   e 366  w  KILLIP       Phillip                  [page 77] [some lh margin lost] d 5 jun 1665;ch john(20s + his mo's goods), jane, patr, kath killip exex;
1665   e 426     CARRETT      Jaine                    [page 131]d 12 sep 1665;sibs john, jony, ellin, cath + marg: Carrett jt admrs (1st 2 at age);unnamed husband - inv 8;pledges Phillip + Tho? Carrett
1666   e 734     STEANE       Isable      CORLET       [page 49]d 25 jun 1666;husband alive;ch Tho, Joney,John +  margt (jt execs); [poor copy of inv on page 50]
1668   A      d  CARRET       Margaret    SKALY        [rh margin lost]d 16 Feb 1668;ch Ewan + Pat Carrett jt admrs - next of kindred Edwd + Gilbt Skally supvs (Jo Skally to be sworn by sumner Lezayre);husb alive;1689: Ewan acks satisfied from father
1668   A      d  STEAN        John??                   [rh margin lost - not sure name indexed as John ]d 6 [] 1668;her?? only bro Finlo Steane supv - next of kin? on fa's side Isable + ellin Steane the goods inc in fathers inv next of kin beinge supvs are sworne there - [if John then possibly c/o Philip which fits well]
1669   A      w  Craine       Bahy        Carret als C d 24? Feb 1669;husb exor;unnamed 2 sons + other daus;dau An Craine;her first husb's dau Ellin Carrett;bro John Corraig
1669   A      w  HARRISON     Daniel                   undated;master Nicho Thompson;names Tho Cowley(new coat);bro Wm Kermode;court notes next of kindred in Lezayre 
1669   A      w  LEINAGHAN    Mary                     d 18 Dec 1669;dau? Margret Carrett;names Finlo Carrett(+ 2 daus Margt + Ellin) who owed her goods?;sis Margt (in Ireland);dau Ellan? exex;
1669   A      w  mcylvorry    Catherine   CALOW        [rh margin lost on film]d 18Dec 1669;unnamed husb;son Robt(her pt of croft in Jurby), phillip? (croft in Ballaugh);5 ch tho,robt,margt Ann + Alice jt exors - margt + ann at age + supv of others;Margt Mclyvorry(one of execs) acked satisfied by her husb Ed Cowle in court;displace ack dated Apr 1677 Ann Mcylvorrey acks bro Philip for all due by death of fa + mo
1669   A      w  SAYLE        Ann                      d 10 Nov 1669;ch John Quaile, Tho Crenilt exor;unnamed dau-i-law(+ her dau Margt);gch Patr + Margt(afforesd)
1669   e 188     STEAN        Margreat    CAINE        d 24 aug 1669;husb nicholas stean;dau issable;son wm(her part of lands), Patk(youngest son) exor;inv 36s?
1669   e 189     SKARFFE      Margerle    INEBOOY      d 24 jul 1669;son phillip, donold skarffe,richard, wm;names patr cannon, calyphon? Caighen,jo skarffe,ellen skarffe (+husband robt Cannell ) , amne skarffe;ch donold, ellin + Ann Skarffe execs;(most bequest cloth in hands of Patr Cannon);pledges for don scarfe wm cannon and for pat cannel (? husb of dau ellin) Edm Lewn
1669   e 190     COMISH       Kathrine    BREW         [some damage rh margin + copy difficult to read]d 15 oct 1669;husb [lost] comish exor;sister issaable;names hen comish
1669   e 192  mc Curlett      thomas                   dated 9 Feb;note that Margt Quayle wife to Tho Curlett deceased and Wm Bodaugh + wife Joney (d/o Thomas) are content that contraction bargan shall stand [annexed m/c]  and to be acceptyed as will of sd Thomas;m/c dated 28 jun 1663 [top line obscured by pinned sheet + copy not easily readable] Thomas Curlett + Margt obo dau Joney + Wm Boddaugh father to Wm Boddaugh all of ballaugh; Boddaugh to give 40s?;witt john coreltt, patr crane x, john corlett x, john corran x, john crennilt x
1669-7 E 302  d  TEARe        John                     d 2 nov [1669]ch coony + jane teare jt admxs - next of kin (fa + mo's side) supv;incv 8s in hands finlo quayle + tho cowley
1669-7 E 311  d  CRAINE       Robert                   d 7 jan 1669[1669/70];orphan;sibs? john + patk crayne admrs;inv in fa's will
1669-7 E 312  d  CHRISTIAN    Henry                    d May 1669;unmarried ch Nich, John, Amy + jane admrs - 3 at age to be supvs - nicholas has goods - wife alive;inv inc house in Ramsey 2 12s 6d
1669-7 E 312  d  CRAINE       William                  infant;d last day jan 1669[1669/70];only bro [jon? - most lost in binding];inv in mothers
1669-7 E 312  d  Curlett      Jo                       note states that Dan Corlet s/o John states that father (defunct in ballaugh) had no goods
1669-7 E 312  d  Mclevorrey   Bahy        CARRET       d 25 jan 1669[1669/70];unmarried son adam mclyvorrey admr at age;inv 1 19s;[there is a faint paragraph which mentions philip gawne, Jo Corlett, Jo [casmnt?], tho corlett, margret cowley]
1669-7 E 312  d  molleyvorey  Mary        CASEMENT     d 1 feb 1669[1669/70];ch joney + thomas mollevorrey admrs - next of kin Ann Illereah [=mcylrea ?] supv;joney mclyvorrey next of kindred on fa's side has children 'because ye next on ye mothers side is not in place'
1669-7 E 312  d  teare        thos                     note states that Gilbt Clarke states Thos Teare(defunct in ballaugh) has not 12d of goods after winding sheet + buriall
1670   A      w  BODAUGH      Elizabeth                d 24 Mar 1669;names Donold Bodaugh, Tho Bodaugh exor;bro Wm Bodaugh;inv 13s 4d
1670   A      w  CANNELL      Gilbert                  d 16 Mar 1669[1669/70];wife isable als Coraige exex;ch Ann, Margt;unnamed sister(a cow in dispute);owes 12s to John Muray,junr(merchant);inv 1 11s
1670   A      w  COMISH       Ann         Carrett      d 2 Feb;ch John, Tho, Coaney + Margt (lst 3 jt execs) - John Comish + Margt Carrett sworn supv;sis Margt Kermod
1670   A      w  COMISH       Daniel                   d 14 Feb;ch John,Tho, Cooney + Margt(lst 3 jt execs) - John Comish supv (being young? Margt Carrett also sworn);wife Ann als Carret;1684: Kooney in full goods due by death of fa + mo;tnv
1670   A      w  Corlet       Jony        BODAUGH      d 7 Apr 1670;father Wm Boddaugh;john(eldest son - her pt of land, house + crop after husb's death),Ann Corlet exex,other unnamed ch(6d) some (?all) ua- wants Wm Killip supy but he declines? - Tho Boyde + Patk + Robt [] ;husb Donald Corlet + goods in his hands;inv
1670   A      w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 21 dec 1670?;ch john(6d),Will(croft by curragh ditch rent 6d),Isable,Mally (last 3 jt exors)
1670   A      w  GARRET       Christian                d 15 Mar 1667 [?1669];names Phillip Carret + Bahey Carret execs [some additional text not readily readable on my copy]
1670   A      w  GARRET       Philip                   d 16 Mar 1669;ch Margt, John(lands etc),jony,ellin, kath - jt execs (3 at age supv of others);wife Elizabeth als Cowley;sis-i-law Margt Cowley;notes 20s in mortgage of a croft - whosoever of ch pays 20s to have croft;inv (one member Adam Caine);1678: Margt Carrett at age + acks;
1670   A      w  GAWN         Margaret                 d 13 Nov 1670;ch Jo Mcylvorry,Wm Mcylvorry(money due by death fa),Patr (roof of house) exor,Ellin, Margt;noted that Patk, ellin + Margt's father's good taken out of inv
1670   A      w  GAWN         William                  d 21 feb 1670[;ch Wm(had m/c) exor;
1670   A      w  kneen        Margaret    COWLEY       [damaged - top line lost]only ch Margt Kneen exex;husb alive;
1670   A      w  KNEEN        Thomas                   d 26 Feb;ch John,Tho exor;inv 1s 4d
1670-2 E 426  w  CALLY        Michael                  [part v faint] and some text lost in bindingd 29 Sep 1670;left 5s for his funeral;ch michl, margt, elin(had a m/c);names Patt Cally, Danill ? Cally;wife Kath als Corlet exex;Isabel Kinley owes proffits of mires? for last 3 yrs;inv;;wife refuses to stand by will by taking in charge the younger ch + court decrees half ch + goods upon Anthony Kinread viz ye eldest children by ye former wife
1670-2 E 428  w  cally        Elizabeth   KINLEY       dated 1658 [?is this copy of will of Michael Cally's 1st wife]d [] 1657;ch Ellin(eldest dau - third of a close in ?curragh, Callister's house + 10), Margt(youngest dau), Michael;husb Michael;father alive (John Kinly named as gfa to ch);inv 19 19s;1671: mortgaged lands in dispute
1670-2 E 429  w  CORLET       Margaret                 d 7 sep 1670;names wm corlet (6d), thos corlet (6d),tho corlet(intack rent 6d in possession of Wm Boddaugh snr), phill corlet exor;
1670-2 E 429  q  CORLET       William                  d 7 oct ? 1670;wife jony als stean(his half of team + gears);ch margt + alice jt execs - john cowley + ro corlett to be supvs;inv inc his part of roofs of house [?= tenant Bps demesne] - will inc list of debtors and critors
1670-2 E 432  w  COWLEY       Averick                  d 10 Apr 1670;names Katherine Steon;son John Cowley exor but relinquishes to Tho Kelly;inv 13s
1670-2 E 434  w  MOORE        John                     [top line obscured on film]son Gilbt(hei) ua,Joney, Jane + Aylis (lst 3 jt exexs);wife Kath als Stayne??;list of debts owing + owed inc to Joney Stayne of Douglas;Ann Moor sis to defunct
1670/1 E 605  d  Cowley       Averick                  bro's son Thom Cowley - inv being only qtr of a cow + he to pay 2s to Margt Kneenr
1670/1 E 605  d  HARRISON     Daniel                   d 21 Apr 1670;2 unmarried ch Tho(out of Island) + Margt jt admrs;Margt sworn but noted that her bro Wm has goods of son in Ireland;pledge Hugh Montgomery;inv
1670/1 E 605  d  SCARF        Philip                   d 17 Mar 1669;ch John, Ellin + Gilbt  jt admrs - next + kin + eldest son supvs;wife alive
1671   E 716  d  cottiam      Catherine   COWLEY       d 30 nov 1670;ellen, don, philip, kath, margt, john + ann Cottiam admrs - some ua;adam cottiam (a fello de se is left to ye temporal officers ye church being nothing concerned =  suicide 'felon from himself' ) 
1671   E 716     COTTIAM      Adam                     [see cath]
1671   E 717  d  KEwISH       William                  d 12 apr;ch gilbt, jony kewish admrs being unmarried but one in Ireland other at  ?service??; in absence Pat Kewish sworn
1672   A      w  CALOW        Ann                      d 18 mar 1672;ch patk, kath;son tho cowley;names don callow her half [lost];bro-i-law tho cowley;names philip cowley;dau jony + margt cowley jt exexs - tho cowley(bro-i-law) to be supv;husb alive;Will cowley sworn supy along with husb;claims by exexrs of jony curlett 1679: jony at age;
1672   A      w  KILLIP       Mally                    son tho corlett, john;gch (c/o tho)stepson wm cowley;names christian quayle;husb jo cowley exor
1672   A      w  QUAIL        Jane                     d 23 feb 1672;names earish coraad[? overwites] + dau jane corlett;husb ed comish (her share of croft during life then to wm corlett)
1672   A      w  stean        Catherine   COWLEY       [indexed as cath cowley]dated 1672;son robt stean;dau callaconney;stepson thom stean(to be good to her ch);names mally stean;husb John Stean exor;exor to pay John cowley what is due
1673-1 E 192  d  KEWISH       Margaret                 d 16 mar 1672?;sibs Pat + Ellin Kewish jt admrs; goods in fa's + mo's inventories
1673-1 E 197  w  Caine        Jony        CURLET       d 4 jun 1673;aunt Margt Curlett, averick, isable;husb james caine;names James Curlett (ballakeog + wife)
1674   A      w  COWLEY       Philip                   d 30 apr1675;dau averick, ann, margt, jony, ellin;son john, thos exor;gch jony, margt;gson will corlet
1674   A      w  CRAIN        Patrick                  d 20 feb 1674/5;son john(pt of intack called ellan-ny-goning - will boddaugh to have profit until john had been taughtt by him to be a weaver), thos exor;names jony boddagh, dan boddaugh(+ wife);inv 2 2s
1674   A      d  GAWN         John                     d 26 oct;sibs ro gawn, donll gawne, jony gawn, ann gawn + grace gawne admrs
1674   A      w  LOONY        Adam                     d 14 mar 1674/5;fa + mother alive;sibs daniel exor, cath;names john cowley(owes 10s 6d wch is to pay funeral costs);lists of debtors + creditors
1674   A      w  QUAYLE       Daniel                   d 6 apr 1675;son john(had contract);gson wm quayle;wife jony als kewley exex
1674   A      w  Tear         Jony        QUAYLE       [indexed as jony quayle]d 10 mar 1674/5;son tho(her half of crop etc - other half was left to him by father), wm tear(30s);dau jony(had rcvd all her share of fa's goods), ann tear exex (+ was unsatified with fa's goods [?= hadn't rcvd];gson tho tear;names wm quayle;1677: wm tear acks from pledges John tear + jo stean the 30s left by mo
1675   A      w  CRAIN        gubon                    d 9 feb 1675;dau ellin, jony crain, margt exex;gson michel macylcarane;unnamed bro in england;pledges john corlett ballacuage? + husb([of margt] michel mcylcarane; [some loss lh margin] wm creer ? claims a blanket due [] ellin
1675   A      w  KILLIP       Francis (fe              [part torn[] d [] dec 1675;son tho, wm,john,robt (lands after decease father);dau jane;names deemster christian's dau isable;husb tho killip exor;
1675   A      w  STEAN        Patrick                  d 1 dec 1675;sis isabel;bro wm steane;names rich lace(his dubled + briches + shoes + stockings);inv 15s
1675-1 E 631  w  kewish       Jane        CLARK        [?bal - top of page lost] unnamed eldest son(crop);husb alive;4 ch margt kewish, phill kewish, ellin, joney jt execs - some ua;
1675-1 E 632  w  KILLIP       Ann         QUAYLE       d 3 Nov? 1675;ch mary killip, jane killip, wm killip, tho killip;husb wm killip exor;names kath, ellinr quayle;
1675-1 E 633  w  CROSS        William                  d 28 aug 1675;ch michael, cath;bro mark;wife christian kneal exex
1675-1 E 633  w  crosse       Christian   KNEAL        d 17 sep 1675;wife to above sd Wm crosse;ch mich, cath jt execs;inv 13s?
1676 a E 068  w  CORLET       Catherine                d 22 sep 1676;husb thomas;sis joney;mother alive;bro john + thos exors;names margt cannell;inv 2 8s
1676/1 A      d  CLERK        Cathrine                 d 14 feb last [dated at top 5 mar 77];bro? wm clerk jt admr( ua ) along with her mother Ellinr Mcylvorrey - inv in husbs will in lib [16]73; mother is maintaing the ch (?of Cath) under yrs + bestow a gt pt of her goods on ch other they would have perished 
1676/1 A      w  CRENILT      Philip                   [rh corner missing];lands for 8yrs to younger child isable crenilt then to his eldest dau Ann;dau margt + cath crenilt jt exexs;inv;wife Bessy Parr - her inv inc - as is a note sworn by John Corrag + Wm Boddagh that she was in no state to make a will but church devised her 4 small children admrs with uncle Sr Tho Parr supv - thus Ann + cath crenilt ordered on Sr Tho Parr + wan Kewn, Margt + isable crenilt on Bessy Crenilt + Wm Corlet
1676/1 A      w  McNAMEER     Catherine   tear         d 24 apr 1677;bro john tear(was loaned 5);mentions house she + husb lived in being built upon their own charges  in the croft of her brothers  should not be restored until the 5 fully paid (witness asked how come so much money - advanced in 2s 3s etc + mounted up);mother dead;ch cath, wm, dan + joney macnameer execs;husb alive; 
1676/7 A      i  SKALY        Thomas                   inv;noted that goods in hands of widow issable tear;
1677-1 E 205  w  CORLET       Robert                   d 2 apr 1677;ch Robt + other unnamed; wife margret thompson exex;
1678/1 A      w  CAIN         Catherine   KILLIP       d 11 may 1679;ch james, john, dollin, tho (exor);inv
1678/1 A      w  COWLEY       Patrick                  d 6 may 1678;wife(lands for 5yrs then to eldest son);ch tho(coopers tools), jony, margt (their mo dead);bro wm; dau ann cowley exex - ua;wife cath als corlett;stepson thos calie;inv;claims inc robt stevenson obo exrs Philip Cowley;1680: margt at age acks stepmo cath corlet what was due by death of mother Ann cowley  - also Jony + margt Cowley execs of Ann callow claim agt exers of Patr Cowley;1681: tho cowley at age 14 ;annexed section of 1671 will michael cally (mentions his former wife eliz kinley)  in which money from mortgaged lands was to be paid to children by former wife)
1678/1 A      w  KERMOT       Jony        COTTIAM      d 2 apr 1679;names thomas bodaugh, wm stean(6d ea) - these are witnesses;ch john kermott, margt kermott (jt execs) - their father dead - if ch die then land to return free to the Bodaughs who had rest of rent;
1678-1 E 267  w  stean        Bahy        KELLEY       d 19 may 1678;ch phil stean(her pt gears etc),cath stean, john,wm,thos ;names isable cain, isabel caine(w/o Tho Stean);husb finlo stean exor;wants Jo Cowley + her bro Wm Kelly(jurby) overseers of ch;inv 2
1678-1 E 269  d  CORLET       William                  d 28 Mar 1678;ch Dan(sworn), Isable, Bessie, Jony + Grace admrs - some ua;wife alive;inv includes money due from? exors of Robt Corlett
1678-1 e 270     MACYLoREY    Richard                  names Finlo Carrett(5s due from him for wages), John Quayle(3s wages), exors of Jony Curghey, Finlo Stean, Jony Stean, Wm Corlett, Tho Corkan;master Wm Stean exor
1678-1 e 271     QUALTERAUGH  Jony        STEAN        only dau Catherin Qualteraugh (shaped clothes + linen);husb John exor
1678-1 e 274     KILLIP       William                  d 4 Mar 1677;ch Tho, Robt, philip, Anny, Will + John jt admrs - all at age - Wm junr declrd admr half of goods by vertue of m/c ; Wm Gawn + obo wife relinquishes his pt of admin, eldest son John + Wm are to be satisfied in contracts notwithstanding both jt admrs - inv;wife alive claims 2 by her m/c;annexed m/c [lh margin parly lost in binding]m/c dated 9 [lost] 1673;[copy exhibited as will dated 14 Feb 1673/4 transcribed at request of prties concerned - appears to be post marriage]contract of Wm Killip senr and Katherine Cannon re his son Wm Killip and her dau 'as wee can best rember [] sett down' - 
                                                               appears to be double m/c contract agreed whatever goods sd Kath Cannon brought with her she could disposes of , what goods sd Kath had of Wm Killip senrs her husb goods then that excepted out for use of young couple -
                                                               if Kath survived husb then young couple to maintain her;if no issue then sd wife  nor exors to have right in intack due to Wm junr by his mo's will;witt John Killip, Tho Killip, Tho Killip (all x); 12 [mar?] 1677/8 witts of above sd Wm Killip junr + second wife Jony Carrett  that was concluded upon at same time - Wm Killip senrto give half  goods besides former contract + also settled on  young couple issue the close called Kinley's Close; witt Tho Cowley, Wm Killip
1678-2 e 324     CORLETT      Jo                       dated 16 Jun 1678;3 firlets of meal to poor of Ballaugh + 1 boule corn to poor of douglas to be given them at ye cross of Douglas';wife Margt als Parr;sibs Wm;uncle John Corlett;ch Thos(eldest son), Wm + Ro jt exors;? if wife pregnant;his uncles Wm + Tho Corlett to be supvs of ch;then follows a latin decree dated 8 Jul 1678:  Wm Corlett Ballaterson + Tho Corlett Broughjeag  appt supvs - there is a note that the reason these two appointed is that the next of kindred are poor and cannot secure the tuition of the children - 
                                                              12 Apr 1679: note by Bishop that Thomas + Wm very refractory - threatens with prison and 'William Gell keeper of my prison is also required not to suffer them to stir  out of the same till the yield all due obedience' - noted that Margt Curlet complainant many and long vexations since June last - neither  would yield to persuasion my keeper further required to demand all due fees etc'.another Latin obligation + english note gives John Curlet Ballacuigy (BallaKeoig in inv]decd - inv 26 + 58 in monies;1688: Thos acks from mother Margt Mcylrea w/o Daniel Mcylrea;1693: Robt Curlet acks - also Wm Curlet acks 1687;
1678-2 E 336  w  McNAMEER     Averick                  d 13 Oct 1678;sibs Ed, Rich, Hugh + Jo Macnameer;names Jony Tear, Cath Faile, Tho Faile;Cath + Jony Macnameer jt exex - John ear + Edward Mcnameer supvs
1679/1 A      w  CAINE        Daniel                   d 18 jan 1679;ch wm(looms),james, averick, john,mar:, ellin(if she did not marry or remain in house other 3 ch [?unmarried ch] should be joint);dau-i-law jony;wife alive
1679/1 A      w  CORKIL       Mally       KILLIP       d 14 feb 1679;names jane killip, mar: killip, ellin corlett, mally stean;sis cath, bro wm,tho killip;mother alive;husb gilbt exor;inv 2 2s 2d
1679/1 A      w  CRY          Thomas                   d 7 feb 1679;unnamed son + heir;son tho;wife(estate for 7yrs);2 youngest dau cath + margt(lands in strife);3 dau jony, cath + margt jt exexs - tho killey + dan gouldsmith to be overseers;added note that owed 10s from Isabel Cry which he left to be bestowed on his mother's funeral, owes 20s to Margt Carrett, 40s to isabel Steane,orphan;inv 3 cows(2);1689: jony cry at age acks stepfa dollin caine;1690: cath at age acks stepfa dollin caine;1703: margt at age  acks stepfa dollin caine
1679-1 E 046  mc cottiam      Jony                     m/c margt kermode + john keig;dated 9 dec 16777; jony cogieman obo dau margt kermode;john keig obo himself;to marry sunday next at ballaugh;jony to settle half estate - young couple to pay 20s to her son john kermode;witt daniel boidough, mary cowle, robt boidough;cottiam in decree
1679-1 E 047  w  TEAR         John                     d 4 jul 1679;ch john,mitchell (ua), thos(heir), jony + isabel; (jt exexs)wife alive;owes 5s to hugh macnameer + to child? of ed macnameer from death of averick macnameer;inv (with note that son tho waqs in Ireland);
1679-2 E 123  d  CRENILL      Philip                   decree dated 19 Nov 1679 recites that Phillip Crenill + wife of Ballaugh both dead and that Sr Thomas Parr as next of kin was charged with tuition of children (court dated 13 apr 1673) and has her goods - complaints raised about his treatment and as he is refactory about answering charges to enter into bond 10 which if he refuses to be sent to St Gernmas prison. [not sure why included unless relates to Wm Crenilt]
1679-2 E 124  d  Crenelt      William                  d 29 dec 1678?;only son john crenilt admr
1680/1 A      w  CAIN         Adam                     d feb 1680;dau-i-law jony cain als cluage;son james,john,philip + dollin jt execs
1680/1 A      w  CASEMENT     John                     d 23 apr 1681;dau joney(married),christian exex
1680/1 A      w  CORLET       Margaret    CARRET       d feb 1680/1;ballaterson;dau elin,mallie,ann;son wm;bro john carrett;husb wm exor
1680/1 A      w  COWLEY       finlo                    d 20 jan ;wife cath als quaile;son wm,john(ua) + dau alice execs
1680/1 A      w  KELLEY       William                  d 12 dec 1680;son wm;dau jane(w/o wm cowley),jony cross als kelly,ann quayle als kelly;son-i-law michl cross,gdau mar: quayle;tho kinred overseer son wm;wm + mar execs;wife alive; Alice at age 14 aug 1693
1680-1 E 182  d  KNEEN        John                     d nov;son john admr
1680-2 E 230  w  CORLETT      Jony                     dated 4 may 1680;sis bessie;only dau jony;husb john exor; names john lace(+wife),cath corlett
1680-2 E 231  w  Corlett      Alise                    decree dated 19 jul 1682 [at Lezayre but subheading Ballaugh] - alise corlett orphan d shortly after decease of father Patk Corlett - sibs thomas + Jony corlett jt admrs - inv in fa's 1658 [not sure what relationship to prev Jony corlett i- ? misfiled]
1680-2 E 233  w  CRAINE       Catherin    CHRISTIAN    dated 14 jul 1680;bro john christian(6d if he came for it), Paull christian;goddau isabeal stean;names jony craine, isable christian, hu cannell, wm cowley;only day isable craine exex;husb alive;inv
1681   A      w  CLERK        Thomas                   d 7 apr 1682;wife conie;ch wm(6d - in ireland), patt, george, nicholas,john + else (last 3 jt execs) - brethren daniel + nicholas moore (kk bride) supvs
1681   A      w  CORLET       John                     d 16 mar 1681/2;ch wm,ann curleod exex
1681   A      w  COWLE        Bessy       corlet       d 6 apr 1682;bro daniel corlet;husb john;ch john, daniel exors - ua - uncle dan corlet supv;whatever was due from her mother[?decd];1707: john acks from father;1709: exor john cowle acks wm mcylrea [?relationship]re 22s
1681   A      w  KILLIP       Jony        KAIGHIN      [rh margin lost]d 6 jan 1681/2;5ch unmarried - wm, wm repeated], jane,[], tho;husb john exor
1681-1 E 305  d  CASEMENT     Elizabeth                d abt 3yrs ago;sis joney (w/o tho cowley)+ christian casement jt admxs - christian passed admrship 'by delivery of a straw in court' to bro-i-law Tho Cowley
1681-2 E 391  w  LOWIE        Margrett                 d 10? sep 1681;ch adam,margt;names jane cottier, mally cottier exex(w/o wm cannell);inv
1682 ? A      w  CORGEAGE ?   Averick                  d 14 apr 1683;son john, thos corlett exor;states margt cannell was paid excpt for a blanket;
1682 ? A      d  CORLET       Isabel                   [rh margin lost on film]d 29 nov ?;bro john + sister [] corlet;mother alive;father decd [goods in his inv]
1682 ? A      w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 7 apr 1683;son john, thos(exor)
1682 ? A      w  Craine       Thomas                   [damage + loss rh top corner]d 9 mar 1682;ch wm, ann + john jt execs;wife alive;son-i-law robt corlett(had 17 of contract)
1682 ? A      w  KEWLEY       Patrick                  dated 11 feb;son wm;bro wm (clennaugh - daus margerie + margt, + 2 youngest sons);wife cath als stean exex;declared Wm Norris (Crossabie) owed his 20s but execs might accept 15s - also 50s due from? sd Norris to dau ales was all unpaid as he never medled with any part of it;ack ales kneale als moore was exex to mother and acks 3 10s;wm quayle (+ rest exors Donald quayle) claim 7s;
1682 ? A      w  SKINNER      Ellin                    d 23 jan 1682;ch ellen(her part of roof of house [?tenant in Bps demesne], john(+ wife), james, africk, margt(in Ireland), wm exor;gch cath caine
1682 ? A      w  STEAN        William                  d 29 nov 1682;unnamed son exor - ua danl maclrea to be supv; estate to father + his wife until child aged 20yrsl;names john cowley  + bro [?whose] ralfe;
1682-2 E 574  w  MACNAMEER    Richard                  d 20 Sep 1682;ch Edwd(lands), Ann - jt execs;wife alive
1683-1 A      w  BODAUGH      William                  [damage + loss rh top corner + margin]d 12 nov 1683;son dan, wm + robt(to have benefit of close-e-valie) jt exors, tho(owed corn out of callisters croft);declared that when married wife godds left by her former husb to his ch were left in the house;names several;
1683-1 A      w  COMISH       Edward                   d 30 jan 1683;bro hen;wife exex (whole roofe of his houses [?tenent bps demsne]- Nicholas Thompson to see his wife righted if any oppres her);names wm corlett(his breeches, drawers, dublet etc), jony kneen;
1683-1 A      w  CORLET       Christian                [damage + loss rh top corner]d 30 jan 1683;son-i-law wm corlett;husb thos kinred (2 parcels of intack);gch cath corlett, wm corlett, [] gawne;sis bahie corlet;dau el[] corlett (4th pt execship), averick kinred (shares rest with gch averick gawne)
1683-1 A      w  COWLEY       Marriot     CAIN         d 13nov 1683?;master wm corlet;husb alive;son wm exor;unnamed dau;unnamed dau-i-law;unnamed gch
1683-1 A      w  Kermott      Bessy       CRENILT      [indexed as bessie crenilt]d 29 jan 1683;husb thos kermott;son charles exor - ua - next of kin(mo's side) Amy Corrin ? supv;
1683-1 A      w  McYLVORY     Margaret                 [some loss lh margin in binding]d 21 apr 1684;son pat killip, wm killip exor, thom killip;gson hen killip;dau bahie(her son daniel corlet);gdau jony corlet, [] corlet,margt ? killip
1683-1 A      w  STEAN        Isable                   d 1 nov;dau averick exex;names elin corlett;
1683-1 E 648  d  CAINE        William                  d 13 May;sibs john,james,averick + margt caine jt admrs - averick sworn;inv 1 13s (sheep + 1/3rd part cow)
1683-1 E 648  d  KINRED       Issabel                  d 6 feb;sibs wm,joney, jane kinred jt admrs - all at age;
1683-1 E 655  d  gawn         Catherine   corcan       d 11 nov;only ch Philip Gawn - ua uncles John + Thos Corkan both off Island thus gfa Wm Corcan sworn supv;husb alive
1683-2 E 711  w  CARRETT      Ann                      d 14 oct 1683;son dan kneal, pat craine, john craine exor;stated that Tho Cowley should have the benefit of the lease before anyother if the exor dit sett it.
1683-2 E 712  w  CORLETT      Ann         Keey         headed 1683;3 ch (10s ea);sis mar: keey;husb john corlett exor;names cath christian;
1684-1 A      w  Cayne[CAIN]  Philip                   dated 14[?16] mar 1683/4?;wife alive;bro john,dollin;unnamed son + heir;nv 2 
1684   A      w  COWLEY       Margaret                 [poor copy]d 15 Jan 1684;ch Michael + Alice Clark(exex);husb alive;pledges exex's fa = Tho Corlet(brooghjarg)
1684   A      w  PARR         Charles                  parson charles parr;wife mary als garrett;ch jane,mary,ellinor + henry(house in douglas after decease of wife + books if at age 21 he can use them);bro John + Henry supvs;eldest dau sick + next in Ireland;
1684-1 A      w  CANNEL       Margaret                 d 31 Mar [1683?];names alish[Alice] Cannell(Kk Michael), ann corlett, gilbt corlett(his daughter(s?)), John Corlett, Dolly Mcaller? , finlo quaile(his wife),Wm tean(+ wife);John Corlett exor;
1684-1 A      w  CORLET       Thomas                   d 7 apr 1683;son john (parcel of lands bought in his mo's goods - wife gives consent), wm, thos,mally, Ann - last 4 jt execs - 2 at age;witt Finlo quaile x, An Co[??]r x;inv
1684-1 A      w  KELLEY       Ann                      d 14 Mar [?1684/5];headed 1685;ch Philip, ?wm ?john;husb exor + to take charge of the 4  children;inv
1684-1 A      w  Stayne       Isabel                   [stean in defuncts]dated 12 apr 1683?;sibs Thomas, John(now in Ireland),Elliner Teare?, Danl teare(her part of Close in Curragh called Close bane);sister's children;uncle + 2 aunts Thomas, Joney = Margt Stayne; mother Ellin Crayne als Corlett exex;stepfa Patk Crayne;inv in fa's will;pledges Wm Curlett + Tho Curlett
1684/1 A      w  CAIN         Philip                   dated 14 mar 1685;wife alive;bro john,dollin;unnamed son + heir;
1684-1 E 051  d  TEAR         Thomas                   d 17 mar [1683/4?} son thos + dan(ua) jt admrs;wife alive - wife dead by 29 may 1685 thos appt supv of younger bro by mo's will but finding himself incapable consents to Tho Tear jnr [of the Bollaugh] to take the goods into his custody
1685-1 E         CLARKE       William                  out of island for more than 18yrs + not heard of for 8yrs + believed dead;bro patk + geo;goods 20s;[rh margin lost on film admrs 'are' sworn]
1685-1 E 253     CRAINE       Patrick                  d 29 Apr [?1684];bro John Craine admr;inv 16s 6d
1685-1 E         CRENILT      Margaret                 d 10 may;orphan ua ;sis ann, cath + issa crenilt jt admxs;goods in fa's + mo's inv
1685-1 E         Curlett      John                     d 15 may ;orphan ua;bro phill + thos curlett jt admrs;goods in mo's inv (3s spent on funeral); father alive
1686-2 E         KELLY        Margaret                 d 4 dec 1686;ch don + eliz kelly
1686-2 E 501     KILLIP       Phillip                  d 1 jul last;only dau Ann Killip admx;wife alive;inv 6 2s
1686-2 E 501     QUAYLE       John                     d 21 jun last;ch Margt, Jon + Wm admrs - all ua - Fin Quayle, Tho Carrett + Cath Quayle supvs(Margt + Jony Quayle to be sworn);wife alive
1686-2 E 502     lowney       Jonie       QUAYLE       dated 10 Oct 1686;ch Robt + Danl jt exors;husb alive(her pt of crop) - exors deliver to husb;inv 4s 6d
1686-2 E 503     cottiam      Kathrin     COWLEY       [names reversed in index]dated 20 jun 1686;ch Jane(all linen);husb tho Cottiam (jt exec with Jane)sis Margarett;names Jony Kinred; 1688: Jane acks father
1687-1 A      w  GAWN         Ann         CHRISTIAN    dated 12 Mar 1687;son wm(eldest son - tuition to husb),wm(younger son ?2 Wms),tho;?other ch - ua as wants bro Wm Christian supv;names Margt kneen, Margt Kelley;mentions former husb + lands from him;husb alive;inv
1687-1 E         BODAUGH      William                  d 30 apr;only ch wm - ua next of kin Tho, Robt, daniel? + john? bodaugh supvs;wife alive
1687-1 E         MACNAMEER    Mariod      COWLEY       d 3 jun ;son edward;dau anie? exex;
1687-2 A      w  CLERK        Alice                    d 28 dec 1687;nephew wm clarke;bro george, john, nicholas,patk,wm;cousin grace clarke;neighbours Philip mcylvorrey + Tho Cowley;mother cooney clarke exex;goods in fa's inv
1687-2 A      w  CORRIS       Dollin                   dated 16 feb 1687/8;unnamed bros (inc James);names Phill Curlet (Broughjarge);unnamed only ch - James + Wm corris supv;inv - Mally Corris als Corlett [?wife] anotes that 2s 8d to be added
1687-2 A      w  COWLEY       Gilbert                  d 26 dec 1687;wife margt als Karrett[?garrett];ch philip, jane, john(+wife) exor;gch gilbt cowley
1687-2 A      w  STEPHEN      Catherine                d 12 jan 1687;son wm kewley, gilbt moor;unnamed dau-i-law'dau jony moor, alice moor exex;inv 1
1687-2 E         QUAYLE       John                     d 20 feb;orphan ;half-bro thomas quayle admr;inv 6s + parcel of land to be valued
1687-2 E 656     quayle       Katherin    KEWLEY       d 23 Oct? 1687;only dau Joney quayle exex;names Christian Freer(jt with dau  all her flax + wools);kinsman Patrick Kewley;names Wm Cowle, Thos Corlett
1688-1 A      w  CORLET       Daniel                   d 26 Feb 1687;stepson Adam Kelly;ch Ann(parcel of land  called Callister's croft in lieu of 40s due by death of mother), Tho(crop etc)Joney + Jane jt exexs(inc a parcel of land held of Will Gawne of Jurby 3yrs paid for but not yet expired) ;wife Ann Corlett als Cowley;mentions holds a small parcel of Tho Corlett(Corvalley, Ballaugh) but has only 1 yr to run;exexs ua + sibs Tho + Ann Corlet supvs;
1688-1 A      w  SkEALY       Margaret    COWLEY       dated 12 mar 1687/8;ch margt, john;husb John Skaley exor;inv 2s 6d
1688-1 E 744     KELLY        Issabel     CRAINE       d 4 Nov 1688;ch Kath + Elin jt admxs;husb alive - no next of kin appeared for goods thus husb to take charge;
1688-1 E 745     CRAINE       Ellinor                  d 17 Feb 1688;next of kin - Wm Quayle, Jo,Mary + Kath Quayle,ch of sis Jony Craine, Margt + Kath Quayle (ch of sis Ann Craine) + exors of John Craine  jt admrs;Wm Quayle + Thos Killip(h/o Margt Quayle) sworn
1688-2 A      w  CORLET       Isabel      Kneale       [full] inc marr contract
1688-2 A      w  CORLET       Isabel                   d 19 Dec 1688;sibs Wm Corlett(+ his wife),John(+ dau Elin) + Mally jt execs;names Ann Craine, Alice Corlett, Ann Cowley
1688-2 A      w  CORLET       Jane        CALLISTER    d 20? Nov 1688;husb John Corlet exor but resigns to children;unnamed ch some ua - Elinor (at age) sworn with pledges Adam Callister + Tho Curlett but later gives back exorship to father;inv; 1699: Margt + Wm (execs) ack sister-in-law Jony Curlet als Cottier
1688-2 A      w  crain        Elin        CORLET       d 13 dec 1688;husb Patt Craine;son-i-law Thos Craine + wife execs;gch (c/o Tho Craine);ch daniel (+ ch),john(if he comes),thos teare(+ wife + son),Ellen Teare;stepdau margt;sis Cath,Joney Craine;inv 4 ;1687: Thos Craine claims agt execs of mo what is due by death of sis Jane
1688-2 A         stephen      Isabel      CAIN         [indexed as Isable cain]dated 20 feb 1688/9;ch robt, joney + other unnamed ch;husb tho stephan exor - court add dau cath as jt exec
1688-2 E 783     BODDAUGH     William                  [poor copy] d 7 Nov;under age ;goods in fa's + mo's invvs;next of kin on mo's side admrs
1688-2 E 818     cowley       Jony        CASEMENT     d 15 sep [1687];dau Margret Cowley, Ellinr Cowley, Cath ?[name corrected] (her part Close-e-valey),Patrick(rest of land); husb Tho exor;
1689-1 E      w  CORLETT      Thomas                   d 24 nov 1689;son thos,finlo,wm(eldest);2 unnamed dau exexs;3 ch at age sworn supv of ua ch;wife christian freer;
1689-1 E      d  CRAINE       Nicholas                 d 16 dec ch wm + John admrs; dau jony + margt craine supv left share in hands of bro nicholas;wife Jony;19 Mar 1704/5: John Craine (eldest son) acks from stepfa Wm McNameerack dated 15 apr 1714 nicholas craine acks from step-fa Wm McNameer for goods due from fa Nich Craine
1689-1 E      d  CURLETT      Christian   FREER        d 17 Oct;ch wm,thos,finlo,alice + cath - all at age;goods inc on fa inv
1689-1 E      d  KEWISH       Patrick                  d 26 nov;ch philip + elinor jt admrs
1689-1 E      d  KILLIP       William                  d 17 dec;ch wm,mary admrs - supv mally killip;wife alive
1689-2 A      w  ?corlett     Ann         kelly als COWLEY [rh margin lost + stained]d st andrews [?day or parish - lost in stain];three sons (hen kelly , adam mentioned);dau jane,joney;step-dau ann corlett(due 15s 6d by death of mo);son adam kelly (at age) + 2 daus joney + jane corlett execs - supv hen, john + thos kelly supv of child ua;[? is she ann kelly als corlet als cowley - only referred to as ann cowley]
1689-2 A      w  CRAIN        John                     d 17 feb 1688/9;ch wm(crop, team etc + herring nets), patk, ann + jane jt exexs - Wm + ann at age supvs;wife(fishing boat);aunt ann craine(whatever should fall due to him by her death);names john corlet(Broughjarge), danl corlett;1707: deposition by John Curraige (a servt in house when wm craine's mo went there) that left no part of goods to jony nor with wm but took all away with her ;
1689-2 A      w  FREER        Jony                     d 18 dec;names patk clearke exor
1689-2 A      w  McYLVORY     Adam                     d 26 jan 1689;unnamed eldest son - 3 other ch Wm, isable + bahy;wife exex
1689-2 E      w  CANNELL      John                     dated 9 mar 1688;debts last yrs rent to Phill cannell old moar 20s 3d,half yr to new moar John Cannell 11s 3d;capt heywood 8s for half tythe Ball Knock;serv John Boddaugh;bro' son thos cannell;wife exex; dau cath;
1689-2 E      w  Carrett      John                     d 1 oct 1689;neice Mally Caine;bro-i-law wm corlett (+wm corlett jnr);wife margt corlett als craine;niece ellin christian exex;names wm + john corlett;deemster christian owed him wages for shearing;
1689-2 E 117  w  CLARKE       doniell[daniel]          dated 4 jul 1689;ch Kath, Patt?; son-i-law Robt Lowny;wife Aalis als Thompson exex
1689-2 E      w  CLARKE       Thomas                   d 20 feb 1688;son james(working tools) exorwife alive;2 daus [one name not clear on my copy][bottom margin lost
1689-2 E      w  CORLETT      Malley      KILLIP       d 4 sep 1689;2 unnamed daus;son philip(land);husb wm exor;mentions close clarke(mortgaged unto others);unnamed bro(+2 daus)
1689-2 E      d  CRANE        Finlo                    d 11 sep;son don admr;inv 12s
1689-2 E      w  Kinrade      Thomas                   dated 14 sep 1689;gch wm culett(intacks in Ballaugh);bro's dau ann kinrad(his pt intack Lezayre);wm + ann execs - ann at age,wm corlett f/o wm sworn;inv 2 16s
1689-2 E      d  Kinread      Jane                     d 19 jan;ch ann,john,philip + cath - some ua;husb alive
1689-2 E      d  QUAiLE       Jane                     d 10? Aug;unnamed ch admrs who surrender to husb;
1690-1 A      w  CORLET       Alice       CRAIN        d 9 nov 1690;[? should be alice crain als corlet] son wm;dau ann craine,bess,margt craine (bess + margt had portions);gch margt craine;
1690-1 A      w  Crain        Alice       CORLET       d 9 nov 1690;[indexed as alice corlet als crain son wm;dau ann craine,bess,margt craine (bess + margt had portions);gch margt craine;
1690-1 A      w  Kneen        Jony        Quayle       d 18 jan 1690/1;[note names reversed in index]step-dau margt kneen;husb thos kneen exor;inv 11s
1690-1 E      d  COWLEY       John                     d 20 nov 1689;only son philip - at age;
1690-1 E      d  KEWISH       Robert                   d 24 nov;only ch ann ua - uncle Philip Kewish + Jon Killip + James Cain sworn in behalf wives;wife alive;inv 7;1712: John Quayle h/o Ann acks
1690-1 E      w  LACE         Joney       KARRAN       [note names rev in index]d 30 jun 1689;sis-i-law wife of Philip Cottiman;bro Patt,Finlo Karran (tuition of child) exor;sis ellin Karran;only ch john lace;
1690-1 E      w  LACE         Richard                  d 11 jun 1689;wife jony als karran;only son john jt exec with jony;wife dead by probate she left tuition of ch to Finlo Karran
1690-1 E      d  THWAITE      Grace                    d 24 may 1690;only son Philip carrett 
1690-2 A      w  KEIGG        Margaret    KERMOT       d 29 apr 1691;husb john keig;ch  john(eldest son), tho, bessy - jt execs - ua uncles tho  john kermot
1690-2 A      d  STEAN        Jony                     d 17 Jan 1690;only dau Margt Corlet admx - at age;inv 12s
1690-3 E      d  GAWNE        Dollin                   d 7 sep 1690;dau Christian,Ellinr,Bess (jt exex with wife);names tho + Philip Corlet;
1691-1 A      w  BODAUGH      Jony        CRAIN        d 26 dec 1691;dau joney;dau-i-law alice,margt cottier;son daniel craine;husb +  dau margt ( son daniel is xd thru)execs;
1691-1 A      w  KERMOD       Thomas                   d 13? nov 1691;bro john kermod;bro-i-law patt crow;names john keig(+ children), thomas corlett(+ son john);wife(parcel of land at patt brews in Jurby);son charles exor - thomas corlet + bro John kermod to be overseers;1702: charles acks
1691-2 A      w  CORLET       Margaret    CHRISTIAN    gdau jane cannell(5 due out of flatts of ballatersin);dau averick;gson phil corlett;son thos(6d),wm(jt exec with averick);son wm arrived as witnesses were about to leave - she chided him for staying so late - he charged that his moiety of execrship should descend to his children by 1st wife;witt jon corlett + willm corlett; disputed by thos;dispute between child resolved by arbritration;1706: jony cannel acks from cath curlett widow + exex of thos corlett -
                                                            jony has to petition for money now at age - receives 7
1691-2 E      d  CURLETT      William                  d 14 jun;only bro richd
1692-1 A      w  CORLET       John                     d 3 feb 1693;nephew john corlett;unnamed ch by former wife;wife exex
1692-1 A      w  COTTIAM      Jony        KELLY        d 5 feb;dau jony,mariott;son wm(exor),gilbt
1692-1 A      w  COWLEY       Thomas                   d 22 dec;dau margt;nephew tho corlett;wife ellin [als] crain exex;bro john;witt wm cannell,tho teare, ann quayle als cowley;names averick kindred als cowley (owes her 1s 6d);son-i-law tho cowley
1692-1 A      w  COWLEY       Thomas                   [corner missing - family name missing]d; 20 mar 1691;gch tho crow;son john cowley;dau jony cowley exex (thos quayle sworn obo her)
1692-1 A      w  QUAYLE       Phinlo                   d 8 nov 1692;son pat(eldest),john(looms);dau margt;wife ann als cowley;
1692-2 A      w  TEAR         Alice       KEWN         d 14 mar 1692;dau ellinor;husb daniel tear exor
1692-2 E      w  CAIN         Averick     KEWISH       d 28 oct 1692;sibs john,james + elin;husb philip kewish exor;witt eliz mcylvorrey x,alice cain x;
1692-2 E      d  COWIN        John                     d 29 sep 1692;only ch john - next of kindred fa side supv;wife alive;'note the former wife's childrens goods are yet to be d[?]
1691-2 E 491  d  Killip       Ellinor     Carrett      d 7 Jun ;ch William (at age + sworn) Thomas, Margt, Nicholas, Ellin, Kath, Ewan + Jas? Killip jt admrs - some ua;husb alive;ack by Wm that fa has had benefit of lands that came by mother during his life and has taken charge of youngest ch
1692-2 E      mc KILLIP       John                     wife Averick exex;m/c dated 20 jan 1686;john killip + wife Averick obo dau mary;Gilbt Moore (with consent mo Cath Moore als Stewan? + uncle Jo: Quaile);to marry;Killips to give half estate;Gilbt to give to Killips half of his tenmt Ballateare ? during their life;witt jo Quaile x,will killip x, caesar Wattleworth
1691-2 E 492  w  KELLEY       William                  d 18 feb 1690/1;ch Gilbert, Maryad, William exor;wife alive;;names Joney Kinrad;gch Philip Kelly;
1692-3 E 756  w  McYLREA      William                  d 27 Jan ? 1692;wife (purchased land in Jurby from - Kermott for her life then to son Robt) exex;ch Robt, Thomas, Danl;
1692-3 E 762  d  KILLIP       John                     [poor copy of inv + note by quest]d 29 Dec;two sons Thomas and Jany ? Killip;inv 1 12s; 
1692-3 E 762  d  TEAR         Christian   CANNELL      d 5 Feb ;ch Thomas, Ellin + Kath jt admrs - ua  next of kin on mo's side Patt Cannell, Adam Cannell + Wm Cannell supv;husb alive
1693-1 A      w  BODAUGH      Mary        COWIL        d 3 jan 1693;son wm,danl;dau-i-law bessie;husb thos exor
1693-1 A      d  KILLIP       Elin                     [poor copy]d 18 dec;only ch ellin;husb alive;pledges mylecarane sen, gilbt moor, charles shimin + patk cowley for richd clark + john clark;inv states goods of Ellin Woods, Bahy Killip w/o Cha Shimmin;inv signed by Elin woods (?child)
1693-1 A      w  QUAYLE       Ann         COWLEY       d 17 jan 1693;dau ellin,margt (exex);son patk
1693-1 E 027  d  CORLETT      Daniel                   d 29 apr ;posthumous child ellinr admx - wm + bessie curlet sworn;note that Bessie Corlet is mother to Daniel and gave 30s as a support (paid by Dan Tear of Sandhill? jurby) inv 8 13s
1693-2 E 084  d  QUAILE       Finlo                    d 3 Oct;only son Thomas admr;wife alive;inv 1 10s
1693-2 E 085  w  McYLREA      Ann         CHRISTIAN    [faint]d 2 Aug 1693;son-i-law Jon Cannell;ch Thomas(+ son Thomas + daus),Jaine, Ann(4 silver spoons),a third unnamed dau, Daniel, Robt exor;gch Jony Bridson,unnamed gdau of Kk Bride, daniell, Ann Mylrea; bro Patrick;mentions purchased meadow in Jurby left in husb's will to pass as inheritance
1693-2 E 088  w  tere         Elin        KINLEY       d 3 oct 1693;ch alice, cath, ellin(her part of Cannell Close - for life ), Jon(eldest son - her part of purchased Ball=na=Coolley Close 2d rent );sis Issabel;sis-i-law Ann (w/o John Cowill);husb Thomas Tere exor;inv 13
1694-1 A      d  CURLET       Elizabeth                d 14 feb;only ch margt gawn -ua (next of kin un named) ;husb alive;wm gawn (?husb) paid 10s for bringing up child;court gives 10s to next of kin - in inv(all xd thru) 10s due to will corlet's child with dan corlet [? diff to read]
1694-2 A      w  CORLET       Jony        COWIL        d 17 apr 1695;hus tho corlett;mo-i-law mally daughertie;bro dan(+wife);dau isabel(eldest),ann esther,jony + mally (last 4 jt exexs) - cousinn john cowill to be supv;
1694-2 A      w  Craine       Bahy        sayle        [names reversed from index] d 2 dec 1694;son wm;dau bahie,(+ one unnamed),margt;gdau cath kelly exexhusb tho crayne;poor sister isable sayle;
1694-2 A      d  GAWN         Philip                   d 1 aug;next relns 2 uncles by mo side in ireland ;goods in hands wm corcan;goods in mo's inv;allowed fa 1s 1d for funeral
1695-1 A      w  KILLIP       William                  d 14 nov 1695;son wm(eldest);eldest dau(unnamed) exex; wife jony als stean;bro thomas;sis-i-law margt stain;names robt stain;hugh shimmin + robt killip to be supvs;ch other than heir jt execs;1712: robt kilip(an exec) acks from stepfa duncan corlett;1711: ellinor killip (exex) + husb philip killp acks mo + stepfa; [see old bal deed #35 for 1683 m/c of wm + joney]
1695-2 A      w  CORLET       Elin        gawn         [bur Bal 16960327] bur 15 mar 1695/6;dau ellin(fa dead),christian(exex),bessie(poor crippled - to be maintained by Christian);gson wm 
1695-2 A      w  COTTIAM      Ann         KEWLEY       bur 1 apr 1696;dau jane,margt + majorie jt exexs;husb alive
1695-2 A      d  KNEEN        William                  d 14 feb;2 unmarried ch thomas + jony admrs
1695-2 A      w  TEAR         Daniel                   [bur Bal 16960405] d 5 apr 1695;2 ch by former wife;unnamed younger ch;wife's bro philp crenilt;wife margt als crenilt;
1695-2 E 260  w  CoRLETT      Alice       COMAAS       d end jul [?1695];ch jony, wm + ellinr jt execs;husb alive;names cath tere als quarke
1697-1 A      w  KILLIP       Thomas                   d 2 dec 1697;names michael quaile(all right to land,house);godson thos teare;sibs john,wm,robert + amey;bro-i-law wm gawn;michael quaile + patt stewan jt exors
1697-1 A      w  KILLIP       John                     [bur Bal 16980316]d 15 mar 1696/7?;dau jane;other unnamed ch;wife margt exex
1697-1 E 477     FREER        John                     d23 May 1697;ch Jony, Margt, John;wife (lands during life then to son + if he dies to eldest dau);wife Ann als Clarke;mo-i-law Alice Thompson;inv
1697-1 E 478  w  TEAR         Katherine   crane als QU [poor copy very faint]ch Pat Crane (acks from step fa Tho Tear), Wm Crane;husb Tho;[unreadable ?dau] exex
1697-2 A      w  KARRET       Phinlo                   [bur Bal 16990302] bur 2 Mar;son ewan exor;2 unnamed ch in Ireland,philip,cath;unnamed son + heir;dau jony;son-i-law henry kelly;names John Corlet broughjarg who owed 2s;inv 3 16s (named as philip in inv)
1697-2 E 509  w  CRAINE       Daniel                   d 23 Sep 1697;unnamed eldest son + heir[?finlo in another ref] ;youngest ch Jony - other ch some ua - Wm + Ann jt execs ;bro-i-law John Kelly, Adam Callister(to be overseer of ch);wife alive
1698-1 E      w  CURLET       William                  [poor copy - will correct /check][bur Bal 16990430] d 28 apr;son-i-law Mr Thomas Christian + dau sarah 16;dau Ellin?,mary;names thos + wm curlett;10s due to gdau? Mappy craine by death of mo;
1698-1 E      w  McMEERE      Catherine                [bur Bal 16980603 as w/o wm Cally] bur 3 jun 1698;names cath corkil, wm corris(+wife),wm kneen,wm steen;sis-i-law jony mcMeer;sis jony;mo (cath)+ father alive;bro danl, wm exor (relinquishes to husb);husb alive;bro wm claims obo sibs + parents for blanketts,barraells, a rackentree + some vessells; [?was cath just married and these were household goods]
1698-1 E      w  McYLCARANE   William                  [bur Bal 16980521]bur 21 may 1698;names thos craine snr,nichs caley,wm steane, ann cowleywife alive;unnamed son + heir(right in intack lezayre called Kappagh);bro Michael(shared in kappagh);1703: michael acks from sis-i-law Cath Mcylcaraine als caley
1698-2 E      w  COWLEY       Catherine   CORLET       [poor copy - tbd checked ][bur Bal 16990611]d Jun?Jan?;dau cath,ann;son thomas,john,wm;gch jony,wm;Son Thos + 2 dau jt execs;John cowley claims for a horse bequeathed him by mother Ann cowley;
1698-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Patrick                  displaced is ack dated 14 Mar 1704 Jo Corlet acks from bro Thomas Teare 3 due after death of Corlet's wife (belongs Jony Corlet als Steane 1700 bal + also the 4t pt of all the small things mentioned in will of Patt quayle to Wm Quayle my eldest son
1699   A      w  BODAUGH      Thomas                   [bur Bal 16991211] d 2 dec;son danl,wm exor
1699   A      w  CORLET       Daniel                   d 4 dec 1699;son wm;dau jony,ellinr exex
1699   A      w  CORRAIGE     Catherine   NORRIS       bur 15 feb 1699/1700;sis jony;names jony corlet;husb john exor;unnamed infant;
1699   A      d  KINLEY       Christian                d 29 jan;only son Robt Stean
1699   A      w  MOORE        Mary        KILLIP       d 9 feb 1699;husb gilbt moore (if he die without issue);names jony killip,ellin quayle,gilbt caine,widow killip(dau ann,jane);names Ellin woods (20s due by death of her mother);sis bahee exex(with john killip + wm Killip) but to have nothing to do with corn but husb should have it and the children of the house might stay with him;wm killip ua + jony killip sworn - child ellin woods in hands supvs - pledges for Gilbtb moore, charles shimin, Nich + John Clark
1699   A      w  STEAN        William                  [bur Bal 16991231] d 30 dec 1699;son thos(heir),john,wm;dau ann;wife ellinr
1699-2 E      d  CURLET       John                     d 15 aug;ch john,cath

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