Summary of Wills - Bride 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-2 A 62      COWLE        John                     d 29 Mar 1700;ch Margt, Bahee, Wm (exor);step-dau Jony Tear(long flatt at Cregs Kill? in lieu money due her;wife alive;names debts owing = owed
1700   A 63      GOLDSMITH    Bahee       KNEALE       [full]d 2 apr 1700;husb danl(money out of ballamoar)sis ann;gch wm lace,margt lace;names jane goldsmith als lace;bro wm kneale(croft at the bridge) exor 
1700-2 A 64      Cowle        Bessy       Corrin       m/c Wm Caskill + Cath Cowle dated 14 July 1694;dau Cath [Caikill] als Cowle exex;
1700-2 A 65      COWLE        Catherine   CHRISTIAN    [?names to be rev]ch Samuel Christian, John Christian, Margt, Cathrine(exex), ;gch Sam Christian,Christian Christian, Margt Christian, Cathrine, Jon + Anne Castill? [?corkill ? corlett?], Margt Kneale
1700-2 A 66      GOLDSMITH    Catherine   Castill      [?names to be rev]d 14 Jan;names Anne Kneale as Castil, Catherin Christian als Castill, Catherin Christian, Christian Christian;gch William Castill, Mary Castill;dau-i-law Jony Corkish als Castill;ch Michel Castill + Wm Castill jt exors;
1700-2 A 67      KELLY        John                     d 2 Mar [?1699/1700];ch Bahee, Margt,Bessy , Christian - Wm McNaMeer supv;wife Margt als Howland;pledges Mich Howlan + Wm Caistill; Court states as no provision for youngest child he is jt exor with rest of ch;1710: Bahy + Margt discharge mo re goods;
1702-2 E 118  w  KAUGHIN      Thomas                   d 3 aug 1702;son tho(eldest - houses),wm;wife ann als quark exex;dau isabel,jony
1702-2 E 119  w  MARTIN       William                  dau mary,ellin,christian exex
1702-3 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Jony        SAIL         d 9 feb;only ch danl next of kin mo side wm,mart + margry (w/o thos sail)sail;husb alive;inv
1702-3 E      w  GOLDSMITH    Daniel                   bur 14 may 1703;names kath(d/o ewan christian);son-i-law john lace (h/o jane) exor
1702-3 E      w  KENEEN       Margaret                 d 21 jun 1703;sis christian,elixth jt admxs
1702-3 E      w  TEAR         Margaret                 d 24 jun 1703;dau cath kaighin,jony exex;husb will crenill;
1703   A 35      JOUGHEN      Ann                      d 26 dec 1703;sibs cath,margt,danl;sis-i-law cath cowle;bro wm's dau margt + cath joughin;aunt margt cormoad;bro wm exor;
1703   A 37      MOORE        Nicholas                 dated 7 nov 1699;'worn with age';son ewan,nicholas(ballavare);1745: some later problems re land petn by cha moore s/o nicholas
1704   A 20      CHRISTIAN    Catherine   KNEALE       [full]
1704   A 21      KNEALE       Christian   [christian]  dated 1 Feb 1704;ch Dan Kneale, Ann(had m/c + fully paid),Christian, Wm, John (+ wife). Ewan (exor);gch Margt Kneale; Wm Joughin claims agt exors of Cath Xtian als Kneale
1704   A 22      CASEMENT     Ann         kneal        d 30 Dec 1704;ch Jony(eldest dau), Bahy, Bessy + Christian jt exexs;bro Wm
1704   A 23      CORKAN       Amelia                   d 3 Dec [1704];ch Daniel, Philip - ua;husb exor;
1704   A 24      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    twatch       d 23 Nov 1704;ch Wm,cath,Dan,Bahie exex, John;son-i-law Ewan Cottier;claims agt exors of Margt Xtn als Twatch
1704   A 25      COWLE        Arthur                   dated 29 Nov 1702;Jon Kaighin obo himself;Arthur Cowle + wife Eliztabeth als Kinread obo dau Jane Cowle;to marry at Kk Bride by 30 Nov;Cowle to settle half estate;Kaughen obilges himself to be worth 40s;witt Ewan Christian x, David Christian x;;1704: accepted as will of Arthur Cowle + son-i-law John Kaighin exor
1704   A 26      JOUGHIN      Margaret                 dated 26 Mar 1704;ch Daniel(half team etc, qtr of boat + nets), Cathrine, Ann, Margt (lst 3 jt exexs);wife alive
1704-3 E      w  JOUGHIN      John                     d 20 jun 1705;names John Goldsmith(his half of crop of croft in regard he took care of him),bahie Joughin, Mally Kneal ,Wm + John Cowle;unnamed youngest son + other son jt exors (Philip Crenilt, sumner, to look after their goods);
1706   A 46      JOUGHIN      Marke                    [full]
1706-3 E      c  CORLETT      Mally       LACE         m/c John Corlett + Ellinor Lace - dated 13 Jan 1699;William Curlet obo son John;Mally Corlet als Lace [now w/o Wm] obo dau Ellin Lace;to marry by candlemas;Wm + Mally to give half their lands (+ crop etc) - John to give them half of the lands that belong to him of his mother's inheritance - all lands to be in mutual enjoyment; Ellinor to accept as fully paid of that due by her father; young couple to join with Wm + Mally to pay 12 + feather bed to Wm's dau at her marriage;Witt Robbart Corlett, Michell Lacex, Jon Moore x,Da Lace; 
                                                           1709: some dispute re concealement of contract in regard to orphan of Wm Corlett's decd dau and parties to ack contract before deemster - Robt Casement (widower of Margt) complains - court requires the 12 to be paid to supvs of orphan Catherin Casement - John Corlet overseer to his sister's child Cath acks payment of his half
1707   A 17      CAMAISH      Catherine                d 17 mar 1706;bro Mark(?his ch wm,john) exor;names many
1707   A 20      PATTEN       Elizabeth   KEAY         [full]
1708   A 65      JOUGHIN      Ann         COULE        dated 30 jan 1708/9;son ewan exor;names joney christian,patk curlet,danl kneal;gch jane joughin(d/o margt howland)
1709   A 11      CORKILL      Catherine                dated 8 jan 1709/10;son edward (?edmund) mcnameer (out of island) + Cath Coole exexs;stepdau (?cath coole) states inv very small + Edwd has rcvd his pt
1709   A 13      COTTER       Margaret    christian    d 17 Jan 1709;dau-in-law Christian Cowle;gch Margt Cotter;names Anne Cotter, Anne Caiskill;ch Wm, James, Patt + John jt exors;
1709-3 E         KAUGHIN      Patrick                  d 23 Jun 1709;ch John(eldest son - his pt herring net + all gears belonging to fishermen), Mary, Wm (to be supported during time of apprenticeship when not imployed by his master);wife Cathrin als Cotter;noted owed 20s from Ann Quark als Cotter part of sd wife's portion; John + Margt + wife Cath jt execs(Cath gives exec to son John)
1710   A 17      CORKISH      Mark                     dated 31 Oct 1713;names Patrick Christian(a fowling piece + wife Kathrine a feather bed );bro Daniel Corkish exor sister Mary, Joney, Isable;nephew Christopher Howland, []ill Corkish; illegitimate child Christian Corkish;names debtors inc Mary Christian als Corkish; Claims
1710   A 20      COTTER       William                  d 2 Dec 1710; ch John(only son + heir - his part of corn due by death of Wm's father John), Margt - his cousin Sam Cottier junr to be supv;sibs John, Pat + James; wife Christian als Cowle exex;owed some wages from John Martin for mending his boat;
1711-3 E      w  Camaish      Christian   KNEAL        [note name reversed in index]d 25 oct 1711;ch john camaish(heir),wm camaish,cath camaish,christian camaish, anne camaish;bro wm kneale;husb john camaish
1712   A 38      HOWLAND      Mitchell                 dated 23 [?] 1712;son patk,john;dau margt,christian,cath (jt exex w/o Danl Christian);wife Cath (jt exex)
1712   A 33      QUANE        William                  [full]d 24 [May] 1712;gch mary Christian;ch an, wm, jane;wife bahe als costeen;1727 James Ratcliffe (andreas) obo wife mary als Christian;[bur reg bur 26 May smallpox?]
1714   A 30      HOWLAND      Jony                     d 17 dec 1714;sis-i-law margt christian als howland;son wm exor;names wm christian weaver
1714   A 31      HOWLAN       Ann                      d 4 feb 1714;dau margt, christian;son patk,wm exor;husb wm;dau-i-law margt kneale
1716   A 55      JOUGHIN      Margrett                 d 11 feb 1715/6;ch cath,dan - jt execs;dau-i-law mary;gch margt,michael Saile,
1716   A 56      HOWLAND      Isabel      CORKISH      d 20 mar 1715/6;names margt corkish;dau-i-law christian howlan;son christopher exor
1716   A 57      CHRISTIAN                             d/o Ewan;d 18 *** 1716;sibs charles,joney,ewan;sis-i-law margt Christian;cousin john christian;names Jony Christian als cannan + others;fa + bro Ewan jt exors
1717   A 43      COTTER       John                     d 4 Feb 1716;ch John, Patrick, James (mother dead);gch Wm, Samuel; John + Patk jt exors;annexed acct of corn due to John Cotter s/o Wm Cotter decd by death of his gfa John Cottier given in by John + Patk Cotter overseers of sd John - other items in hand of his mo Christian Cowle
1717   A 44      CHRISTIAN    Ewan,senr                dated 6 nov 1716;cranstall;gson charles cowle;dau mary cry als christian(?h/o daniel),cath(in London in 1717),elizth,isabel exex;son ewan;son-i-law john cowle;1717: isabel cowle als christian (m/o charles);1717:mally cry als christian acks 10s that Ewan had left by sis Ann
1717   A 46      COWLE        William                  d 13 jan 1717;wife Joney Cowle dau Jane + Anne Cowle(both ua + jt exex with wife)stepson Wm Caskill;names Mitchl Joughin;bro John Cowle;witt Jon Corkish x, Tho Kaughin x;
1717-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Isabel      QUINE        d 3 sep 1717;son john(eldest),wm;dau margt;aunt elinor joughin;husb david;ch execs but ua;1750 george coule acks re wife margt;inv
1717-2 E      w  CROSS        Margaret                 dated 3 oct 1717;cousin bahey corkish als moore exex
1717-2 E      w  JOUGHIN      Catherine                d 16 aug 1717;sis margt;sis-i-law mary joughin;unnamed bro(+ ch inc dan,mark);cousin ann cotter;bro dan exor;witt jane christian,bahe christian als quark;
1717-2 E      w  KENNEEN      Isabel                   d 3 oct 1717;cousin dan christian,ewan christian,mark christian;names john kaneen + his sis cath;sis christian kaneen exex
1718-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret                 orphan;d/o Mr Ewan ChristianCranstall) + late wife Margt als McCullough d abt 14 yrs ago under age - aunt Mrs Jane o'Neal als McCullough admx(husb Hugh) - goods in mo's inv 1692 bk 3); some disput by Hugh O'Neal(Ireland) + Mr Ewan Christian(Cranstall) re amount of childs goods - Bishop wilson judges 7 (rather than 20) to be paid by Ewan Christian to O'Neal
1718-2 E      w  CORKish      Daniel                   d 18 May 1718;wife Bahee als Moore(brewing pan + croft called Barna giey's? );ch Mary Corkish, Kath Blackburn, Joney Corkish, Ann Corkish(youngest);many detors named; daus Christian, Bahy, Elizth + Anne jt admxs
1719   A 19      camaish      ann         cowle        d [] nov 1718 [bur 4 nov];son phil;dau margt cannell;dau-i-l ann camaish;gch margt cannell;names joney cannell;gch wm + phil camaish;son mark, wm (exec);witt john cleator + wm cowle
1719   A 42      KNEALE       Patrick                  [full] inc marriage contract son Wm + Cath cottier
1719   A 43      CASTILL      Michael                  d 16 dec 1719;son john,samuel (abroad);dau mary
1721-2 E      d  KNEAL        Jony        KAIGHIN      d 31 jul 1721;2 ch  ewan + dan;jony killip d/o prev husb also decreed jt admr as no m/c;danl out of island;?tho (?the) husb joney;inv;husb alive?john
1722   A 47      PARR         John                     dated 11 Feb 1722;rector kk bride;to be buried in chancel or by N side of altar;cg elinor,ceasar,wm,john,james.robt charles,elizth;sis mary Christian ramsey;wife exex
1723-1 A 42      COWLE        Joney                    d 28 Oct 1725;Ballalary;sibs Cath,Mally,John,Charles;uncle Wm Christian;mother exex;noted Dan Christian Ballagarrey owed her 3s;
1723-1 A 43      COWLE        Patrick                  d 29 Nov 1723;disposed all goods in m/c to dau Cath Cowle - same m/c acepted will of Bessay Cowle als Cowin;Cath sworn;pledge Pat Cowle grenaby;
1723-1 A 44      CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   perished at sea 2 Nov 1722;ballafail;bro John, Wm + David jt admrs (last 2 out of Island);inv;mother alive;claims by Patk Tear, John Corkish;
1723-1 A 45      SAYLE        Mary        christian    d 4 Mar 1723;ch Bessy(third pt of goods etc + her fa's goods),Wm exor;names Joney sayle (her dau xd thru)
1723-1 A 46      McNEMEER     William                  [full]
1723-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ewan                     perished by sea 2 nov 1722;ch james, margt + jane (last 2 ua) + elizth(had m/c);wife alive
1723-1 E      d  COTTIER      Patrick                  perished by sea going for Scotland 2 nov 1722;ch Margt + Christian Cottier jt admxs - ua - uncle John Cotter supv;wife alive + jt overseer (John Cotter returning goods as mo to maintain ch) ;1741: John Cowle h/o overseer (?2nd hhusb of Patk's wife) 
1723-2 E      w  CORKISH      Margaret    COWLE        d 19 sep 1723;son john(eldest - purchased land);other ch wm(instructed in bakers trade by James dawson Cooltrain still due 10s)mally (exex), harry + cath;husb alive
1723-2 E      d  CORKISH      William                  perished at sea 2 nov 1722;ch jony,margt + isabel - all ua uncles Mark + Wm camaish supvs;wife alive
1724-2 A 164     CAMAISH      Christian   lace         d 28 jan 1724;dau isabel, anne goldsmith,christian;son philip goldsmith (fa dead),mark camaish (ua);later husb john camaish;gch bessy,isabel,mally garrett;seems some problem with paying legacies (book crossed);2nd husb had ch by prev wife
1725-2 A135      CHRISTIAN    William                  dated 20 mar 1724;capt wm;unnamed ch;goddau ellis parr;rector + son jon parr;wife jane exex;ua ch danl + jane;danl garret obo isabel,charles + margt christian claim
1725-2 A136      LACE         Elizabeth   CHRISTIAN    d 24 jan 1724/5;son charles,philip exec;dau-i-law ann lace;gdau christian lace;dau chrisn (cranstole)
1725-2 A 138     CROUGHAN     William                  dated 15 Mar 1725;ch Alice, ann, wm,danl, Margt + Cath jt execs - all except alice ua - uncle Tho Croughan supv; ;mentions tinker's tools to be kept if one of sons should enter that trade;wife(house in Kk Michael town during life, + the swine to do with as she please);inv + m/c Wm Croughan + ann Kelly;dated 26 Feb 1712 by wch ch + wife due half goods of her fa Dollin Kelly at his decease;
1727   A 28      LACE         Isable      KERRUISH     d 10 jun 1727;dau isable lace als kerruish(eldest),cath,joney,?jane;son-i-law danl lace;husb wm(her pt fishing boat);gch wm,dal,ewan,cath + isabel lace;son wm + ewan(douglas) jt exors
1727   A 44      HOWLAN       Cathrine    CRINELL      d 24 dec 1726;son john;dau cath;husb wm exor
1727-1 E      w  MOORE        Arthur                   d 11 may 1727;ballacowl;ch jony,isabel,charles,margt,arthus(heir) - some ua;wife jony als kee ;1734: jo quine h/o jony;1729 widow remarried(jony cowle ?)+ complaint from ch's friends - dau bahee (w/o wm corlet) + uncle john moore supv;1739: james lawson h/o isabel
1727-2 E      d  MOORE        Nicholas                 account funeral expenses nicholas moore (orphan) s/o ewan moore d 12 jun 1725;bro ewan + charles admrs
1728-3 E      d  CASEMENT     Margaret    CROW         d 13 dec 1728;bro's ch wm,bahee,wm jnr + anne crow
1728-3 E      d  KNEEN        Robert                   d 2 jan 1728/9;ch john,danl + mary - all ua aunt anne kneen;wife alive;accts also give thos corjaig as supv
1729-1 A 72      PARR         Robert                   rector kk bride;ch John, Robert, Thomas, Humphrey, James, Jane, and Dorothy Parr ;wife dorothy als humphrey exex;bro [?in law] rev john humphrey guardian;son james also dead by 1737[full]
1729-2 A 120     HOWLAND      John                     d 4 jan 1729[?1728/9];son wm;dau anne;wife exex
1730-1 E      d  McHood       Elinor      KEWISH       d 16 may;ch edwd,jo + cath - wm + cath kewish supvs;husb james
1730-3 E      d  COWLE        Ann         CAMAISH      d 22 nov 1730;dau dorothy, cath;
1730-3 E      d  COWLE        Ann         CAMAISH      d 22 nov 1730;dau dorothy, cath;
1731-1 A 22      Crenilt      Catherine   Goldsmith    d 1 mar 1730/1;son philip;dau bahee,christian (w/o james mchood),elizth(exex - land called close barregh curragh);son-i-law john tear [full]
1731-2 E      d  KERRUISH     Isabel      KAIGHIN      d 24 mar 1730/31;ch wm,jo,dan,ewan,robt;husb alive
1731-2 E      d  LACE         margt       KERRUISH     d 10 oct 1731;only dau cath kneale als lace admr;
1731-3 E      d  CALEY        Christian   CAMAISH      d 5 jan 1723;bro jo + mark(half bro);husb alive
1732-1 A 46      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    JOUGHIN      d 21 mar 1731;son thomas,wm,david;dau margt,mary,eliz,isabel;son-i-law john tear
1732-1 A 47      Christian    margaret    mcylrea      d 23 feb 1731/2;son david,wm(if he comes),john exor;names cath christian;maidserv christian saile;dau-i-law dorothy christian
1732-1 A 48      KELLY        Margaret    howland      d 16 mar 1732;dau margt,elizth,christian;gch christian kelly,wm curphy;son pat;kinswoman margt kneal als howlan;dau bahey curphey exex
1732-1 A 49      TEAR         Thomas                   d 6 apr 1732;ch margt(eldest),thos,jon,ann;wife margt als kneal exex
1732-1 E      d  CAMAISH      Mark                     d 26 apr 1732;ch michael,isabel, margt,ann + eliz - uncle Wm Camaish supv;wife alive
1732-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann         CAISKILL     d 12 may 1732;ch samuel,tho jt admrs, wm + christian lewing had m/cs
1732-2 A 73      CaMISH       Michael                  made trinity day 1732;d 8 dec;dau dority(croft exex),cath(bottinmoora jt between daus),bahee;son-i-law wm howland;gch cath + ester howland;wife dead
1732-2 A 74      LACE         William                  d 20 nov 1732;son wm(in ireland),philip(douglas - his mo dead)),danl;dau-i-law isable lace als keruish;gch (in house) danl,ewan,isable + jane lace;gson wm lace(kerrowdooe) exor
1733-1 A 55      CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d 14 mar 1733;wife cath als howland;son wm (eldest);ch ua mitch + ann;dau margt;son danl,thomas
1733-1 A 56      CORMOAD      Mally                    [full]
1734-1 A 31      CORMOAD      John                     d 25 mar 1734;ballakimain;dau jane brew als cormoad;son daniel;bro danl (kk andreas);gch wm,saml,esther caskill;some debtors named inc john cowle cobbler andreas;son-i-law wm caskil + dau esther als cormoad execs;one witt thos christian is cousin german to exex ;philip brew h/o jony
1734-1 A 32      CORKISH      John                     d 16 apr 1734;son henry (pt qtr land balla conder in cranhall ?),john (eldest);dau mally kissage als corkish,cath)(jt exec with henry)
1734-1 E      d  CORKISH      Margaret    COWLE        d 1723;no will found'ch john,harry,wm,mary + cath;ewan kissage h/o mary; (note will later founf ep 1723-2) + to take precedence
1734-2 A 71      Quark        ann         COTTIER      d 14 dec 1734;dau joney quark,jane quark exex;gch patk,ann,danl,wm;son-i-law john christian;pledges john christian + ewan moore (parish clerk);dispute John christian ballaquark + mo-i-law anne quark re m/c - he paying bowle barley + oats to help sow land
1734-2 E      w  HOWLAND      Christopher              d 6 Jun 1734;only son Thomas(half crop, team, gear);dau Joney, Christian, Isabel;wife Christian als Christian exex - she has tuition of chilkdren; 1736: Christian delivers goods to son Thomas he being at lawful years
1736-1 A 22      HOWLAND      William                  [1st on rb530]d 15 dec 1735;son john,wm;dau christian,cath exex;gdau mary cottere;one witt margt kneal als howland on deathbed at probate
1736-2 A 54      CAMAISH      Jony        KAIGHIN      d 29 nov ;names isabel lace als kerruish,dan lace junr + others;2 unnamed gch;husb mark exor
1736-2 A 55      KNEAL        Margaret    GILL         d 27 jan;bro dau jane gill + sis dau isable quale execs - one sick other ua edm gill f/o jane + bahee quayle als gill m/o isabel sworn
1738-1 A [65.1]  Mcylvorrey   Thomas                   [unnumbered]d 16 Mar 1737;ch Thomas(5s), John(6s),Patrick(10s),unnamed youngest son(10s);wife Isabel exex' Patr Cormoad h/o Aunt of ch sworn overseer
1739-1 A 27      LACE         Daniel                   d 6 apr 1739;[full]son wm(eldest),danl,ewan;dau cath callow als lace,isabel(ua);wife isabel als kerruish;inv;servants margt corkish,margt crinnel;1749 george cannell h/o isabel, cath callow extx ewan
1739-1 E      w  CORKISH      Baheey      MOORE        d 13 may 1739;dau mary blackburn(in dublin),jony, elizth,bahey,ann cowle;son-i-law james dawson(peel)
1739-2 A 87      Kaughan      Jane        Cowle        d 24 Jan 1739/40;only son john;dau joney,bahey,mary(in liverpool);john + joney jt execs
1739-2 A 88      Kelly        Margaret    Christian    d 23 Feb 1739/40;husb david;nephew danl christian exor;;witt john howland + mary christian als curlet
1739-2 A 89      Christian    Bahee       Tear         d 29 dec 1739;sibs john,wm,cath(in ireland?)margt christian als tear,isable christian als tear;nephew wm,dan christian;husb wm exor
1739-2 A 90      Christian    Daniel                   d 16 dec 1739;ch jony(houses),daniel,christian jt execs;wife margt als cannell
1739-2 E      w  HOWLAND      Patrick                  d 21 Oct 1739;unnamed wife;unnamed gch(a sheep + lamb);ch John, Cath + Mary jt execs (Mary's goods to remain in hands of other 2 and be paid as occasion arises);owes 40s to son-in-law Wm Kneale in mortgage over house; Witt Wm Howland, Matth Curghy
1739-2 E      w  HOWLAND      William                  d 18 Sep 1739;ch Margt Cain als Howland(little chest + 6d),Patt(6d),Christian(6d), Wm(eldest son exor);gdau Anne Howland; Witt Jony Christian, Elizth Howland als Sayle
1739-2 E      d  LACE         Thomas                   native of Kk Bride;late commander Clayton Galley of Liverpool d Jamaica abt 1714; next relns Nicholas Kewley + Margt Quark als Kewley (son + dau of Jony Kewley als Lace sister to decd) jt admrs - Margt in Ireland - Nicho sworn - pledges John Kisack(schoolmaster, Douglas) + Thos Moore(hatter)
1740-1 A 52      CASTILL      Daniel                   d mar;sons unnamed eldest (ua), wm,john;wife mary als cowll;sis cath
1740-1 A 53      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 25 mar 1740;ballafayle;dau cath;wife dorothy; mentions fa's will;2 ua nephews
1740-1 A 55      COWLE        Catherine   CHRISTIAN    made 13 apr 1740;dau elinr,Elizth;son patk(aprentice fees 20s),james,john,charles;cousin jony cowl;hus john exec;sis isabel;1755 elizth now w/o wm saul
1740-1 A 57      JOUGHAN      Mary        CORKILL      d 4 apr 1740;son daniel,mark,james,wm;dau cath,ann;husb danl exec
1740-1 A 58      COWLE        William                  d 7 arl 1740;shelag;ch wm,charles,margt + jane?,danl jt exec with wife christian
1740-1 A 59      CALEY        Thomas                   [difficult to read as print thru from obverse]d 20 apr 1740;only ch john - john caley + john christian supv as per will;cousin john caley;bro-i-law jon christian;wife jane;witts sick + weak;inv
1740-1 A 60      CAMISH       Ann                      1st on film rb577
1740-1 E      w  MOORE        Ewan                     parish clerk (h/o ann cottier)
1740-2 A 119     LACE         Issable     KERUISH      d 24 jan 1740;son danl,ewan,wm;son-i-law wm callow cardal vegg;dau isabel exex;maid isabel corkish + other bequests [full]
1740-2 E      w  CAMAISH      Anne        CORKISH      d june;ch michael, isabel,margt,anne,elizth
1740-3 E      w  CORLET       Bahee       goldsmith    d 28 oct;dau mary;ch thos,elinr,elizth;husb john exor
1740-3 E      w  COWLE        Margaret                 dog dated 28 oct 1730; margt cowle wdw of john cowle the cregg + son john
1740-3 E      w  CROW         Alice       McNAMEER     marr contract  dated 12 feb 1739 wm corlet obo himself  + alice crow widow obo dau cath
1740-3 E      d  KNEAL        Bahee       cowle        d 14 jan;only son danl;husb mitchal + christopher cowle pledges
1741-2 A149      HOWLAND      Mary        [camaish als ?] d 2 jan 1741;son john camaish( gardens at church);son's stepfa john howland;dau elizth cammaish,jony,cath ;son danl an infant;husb john exor;4 ua ch - john camaish + betty camaish supv
1741-2 A150      CHRISTIAN    Joney                    d 5 feb 1741;dau isabel,mary (exex);names ann cowne
1741-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Catherine   christian    d 24 may 1741;7 ch cath,mary,jony,bahee,john,wm + dorothy - one ua;husb wm;1750 mary w/o john(admr) late decd acks;inv states b'callow;dau m
1741-2 E      w  KAIGHIN      Jane        GOLDSMITH    d 6 may 1741;sis margt,bahee;bro wm;husb danl
1743-1 A 57      QUARK        Ann                      d 23 Apr 1743;names Joney Cowll, Jony Christian als Corkish, Cath Quark + others;bro Pat Quark(in Ireland), Charles exor
1743-1 A 58      KERUISH      William                  d 20 dec 1742lbro robt,wm;fa wm + bro ewan jt exors
1743-1 A 59      KERUISH      Ewan                     d 6 mar 1742/3;fa wm exor;names john vaundy,dal joughin,margt joughin
1743-1 E      d  CLEATER      Ann         CASEMENT     d 30 Mar 1739;Christian Cleator als Crow (+ ch thos, Wm + Ann Cleator - exors John Cleator), John Cleator senr + Christian Cleator als Crow as extrs of Mark Cleator decreed admrs (Christian sworn)
1743-1 E      d  GARRETT      John                     d 1741 late of Kk Bride;relns refuse to administer - Capt Paul Bridson(Prin creditor) sworn - later surrendered to next reln see Lib Cauam 1745?;
1743-1 E      w  HOWLAND      William                  d 25 Apr 1743;ch Wm(his pt of houses + equal share in crop with his mother),Ann,Christian,Margt, Isabel;wife Margt exex;Wm at age some ch ua;
1743-1 E      w  KNEAL        William                  d 29 apr 1743;ch Wm(his pt of crop + sheep),John(youngest son - his pt of sheep that had his mother's mark on them);wife Cath exex(to have benefit + tuition till they come to 21;)
1743-2 A 87      KAIGHIN      Margaret                 d fortnight before May last 1743;names Margt Corkish, Dan Corkish,John Corkish(+ wife);wid tear owes 20s to be spent on her funeral;John Corkish exor;
1743-2 A 90      GOLDSMITH    William                  m/c danl joughin + Margt goldsmith = Old Bri **** 53 - accepted as will of Christian Kneale + Wm Goldsmith - Daniel Joughin h/o dau Margt (d./o Christian Kneale [Christian Kneale with consent stepson Wm Goldsmith (kk Bride) was one of parties to m/c]
1743-2 A 90      KNEALE       Christian                see Wm Goldsmith
1743-3 E      d  Caiskill     Daniel                   d 6 Feb 1758/9;ch Daniel, Thomas, Ellinor jt admrs - all ua uncles John Caiskill + John Howland supvs;wife Dorothy;
1743-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     d 6 jul 1743;ch John, Patrick, Jane (exex);gson John Caley
1743-3 E    w    RADCLIFF     Elizabeth   SAYLE        d 21 jun 1743;husb philip; ch John (eld) [no bapt found],Jony, Wm, and Catherine
1743-3 E      w  SAYLE        Margaret    JOUGHIN      d 26 jun 1743;ch Wm(eldest son - her part of Quanes garden),Daniell(younger son - to be put to trade), Elizth, Margt - all jt execs;husb Wm;father alive;witt Isable Joughin x,Margrett Lace x;
1744-1 E      d  COWLE        John                     perished on coast of scotland 15 apr 1744;only ch wm ua aunt jane cowle overseer;wife alive;inv;1758: wm at age;ch gfa alive
1744-1 E      d  LACE         John                     perished on coast of scotland 15 apr 1744;ch lucy,ann both ua no relns fa side-gfa charles lace admr;wife alive
1744-2 E      d  tear         William                  d beg may 1744;sibs john,cath(in ireland - dau elinor cowle),isabel
1745-1 E      w  CLEATER      John                     dated 16 May 1743;dau-i-law Christian Cleator als Crow exex;
1745-1 E      d  GOLDSMITH    Margaret    MOORE        d beg Dec 1744;ch Thos, Ewan + Wm jt admrs;eldest son incapable - husb Wm sworn;inv 8 2s 2d;1773: Thos + Ewan ack fromhalf bros John + PhilGoldsmith exors of father Wm Goldsmith
1745-2 A 50      HOWLAND      William                  d 1 apr 1745;dau cath,esther,elizth,jony(posthumous);son danl,wm(loom);wife bahee als camish exex;inv
1746-2 A 43      KNEAL        Catharine   LACE         d 1 feb 1746;son wm(team beast of 'black cattle kind'),john exor;husb alive;names mary mcdonald(+hopes she would stay with sons)[full]
1743-3 E      w  CASEMENT     Jony                     d 5 may 1743;names john howland, margt howland,christian casement exex;sis ann + Eliz
1746-3 E    d    CORKIL       Catherine   QUARK        d 20 jan 1746;ch jony(marr contract) margt + isabel
1747-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 27 Mar 1742;ch John + Margt jt admrs - both ua uncles John Christian + Saml Christian overseers;husb Patk + Margt's father John Christian pledges;inv;1762: John Christian only surviving child (sis Margt d 1751)acks from uncles John + Samuel Christian  
1747-1 E      d  COWLE        Christian   COTTIER als  d 10 Jan 1746/7;ch John Cottier, Margt McAway als Cottier (w/o Wm)jt admrs
1747-1 E      d  GOLDSMITH    Jony        KAIGHIN      d feast St Andrews last;only child Bahee Goldsmith admr - ua uncle + aunt John Kaighin + Bahee Corkish als Kaighin supvs;pledges Danl + Wm Joughin
1748-1 A 87      CHRISTIAN    William                  [full]
1748-1 A 88      HOWLAND      Bahee       COWLE        dated 8 mar 1747/8;sis joney cotter;step-dau cath howland;names ann lace,margt howland,hester cotter;2ch james + jane;husb john exec;uncle danl cottier overseer
1748-1 A 89      CHRISTIAN    Samuel                   [full]
1748-1 A 92      CURPHEY      William                  [full]d 10 dec 1747;mariner;son mathias;wife Margt;wige pregnant?;supv uncle  Rev Nathaniel Currgy + his sister Mrs Elizth Robinson;
1748-1 A 93      GOLDSMITH    Margaret                 [full]
1748-1 A 94      HOWLAND      Esther                   d 15 mar 1747/8;bro wm howland;sis cath (eldest),un-named sis;mo alive;witt averick crain + christian howlan;
1749-1 A 26      CURGHEY      Dorothy                  [full - see under 1754]w/o rev Mathias Curghey

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