Summary of Wills - Bride pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1655   A 026  w  Mylchreest   Catherine   KNEAL        (007)names Phillip Kneale(+ his son John  - john's qte to remain in her husb;s hands till he went to tender?), john camaish, hugh + ann cowle, mark kneal;;sibs christian, margt, philip;husb raneld Mcylchrist exor;
1655   A 030  w  Christian    Anne        LACE         (008)d 26 may 1655;ch donold(eldest son), wm, ewan, kath(exex);husb donold christian;sis-i-law jony kaighen (husb + jony were witnesses - court thus vois will + make 4 ch admrs - last 3 ua);inv
1655   A 038  d  ARTHUR       Nicholas                 [recorded 1655] d 25 dec 1648 - decree dates 25 jun 1648[see german wills];ch Rich, Sandy(?=Alexander) + dorothy - next of kin supvs;wife alive;inv + debts etc;
1662   E 520  w  COWLE        Daniel                   headed 1662;ch Jo?, Catherin + Ellinor (jt exexs);wife Ann yllera(my part of house + croft);inv
1663/1 A [32) w  COTTER       John                     dated 8 dec 1665;only son Wm exor - tuition to John Corkish + John Kneale (both refuse);wife alive; mother alive(offers my part of croft after mo's death to proposed tutors of child)
1663/1 A [33) w  cowle        Christian   CRENILT      dated 24 Nov [?1665];husb John Cowle;ch Margt + Cath jt exexs - ua - wants John Christian + Charles Cowle supvs;sis Jony Crinell, Mally Crinnell;sis-in-law Jony Cowle;
1663-4 E 676  d  HOWLAND      Thomas                   d 31 Aug 1663;Christopher Howwland the younger son (at lawful years) to be admr - bro John sworn overseer; wife Christian als Goldsmith;inv states eldest son John denied executorship and passed all his right to mother
1663-4 E 688  d  ?cormode     Anne        HOWLAND      dated 28 [] 1663;gch Donald Xtin? ;dau Margt Cormode, Ann Cormode exex; names Wm Howland; Wm Howland claims for a [] part of goods
1663-4 E 688  d  ?kneale      jony        cowle        d [] Mar;youngest son John Kneale exor
1663-4 E 688  d  Quark        Margaret    Christian    bro Wm Xtin; only child Charles Quark exor - ua; husb Charles Quark - next of kin on mo's side to be overseer?
1685-1 A j71  w  HOWLAND      William                  dated 25 Apr 1686; dau Margt exex; cousin Danl Christian;wife alive;son-in-law Wm Joughen;godson Wm Howland;servant Wm Christian; names Michell Howland, Wm Howland
1685-1 A jq46 w  HOWLAND      Catherine                d 21 Mar 1689;sibs Margt, Wm(exor);due wages from Ewan Christian
1667   A      w  COTTER       William                  dated 24 Apr 1668;heir to pay the 5 for land in Andreas;ch Wm, Jony, Kath + Ann jt execs;wife alive
1671-2 e 810     COTTER       Wm                       d 12 Nov 1671;orphan;mother admx (by will of father who gave tuition to John Kneal + John Corkish? - his will in Arch will)
1675   A         COWLE        Christian                ch Kath, Anne + Christian(ua) jt exexs;husb Patrick; unnamed bros + sister (one sis Christian named);mentions lands + her part of intacks
1683-1 E      d  KAIGHIN      Margrett                 orphan; sis Cath + Ellen jt admxs - at age - goods in father's inv 1665?[poor photo]
1684-3 E 151  d  COWLEY       William                  d 15 nov 1684;orphan;gfa Wm Christian admr - see annexed m/c;goods in mo's + fa's will
1689-1 E 114  w  QUANE        John                     dated 30 [] 1689;bro Mitchell Quane; master Capt Wm Christian;names Dan Key, Margt Key, Wm Corkish, Jony Corkish, Mally Corkish, Mark Corkish, Dan Corkish, John + Wm Corkish exors; names some debts owing to him;
1692-1 A      w  CORKISH      William                  d 30 Jan 1692;ch Wm(his part of land), Isable(?bracketed X..X - later stated to be an idiot + that his goods should be little enough to bring her up), Will + Margt (last 3 jt execs);wife alive;bro Mark, John;nephew John Corkish; Court appoints Mark Corkish + Cha Cowle(in right of wife) + Mich Caistell(in right of wife); Gilbt Howland also sworn in right of his wife [part of page lost on my photo]
1694-2 A      d  KNEAL        Stephen                  d 2 may;fa wm kneale admr according to agreement between him and next relns made on death of his mother + annexed to her will 1673. If stephen had any goods by own industry decreed to next relns viz c/o Jony Cowle + daughters of Mark Cowle
1699   A         CHRISTIAN    Catherine   KERUISH      [full]d 14 nov 1699;gson wm christian,wm corcheen,wm cowle,unnamed s/o gilbt crain;dau isable + cath;son wm;serv michael howlan claims wages;husb alive
1699   A      w  CHRISTIAN    Jony        COTTER       d 23 jan;ch saml, john, patt,margt(+ 2 ch), kath(+ ch),christian;sis cath cotter;mo-i-law alive;susb saml; Patk Kneale obo son Wm + dau-i-law Kath als Christian claim 8 as part of a m/c[full]

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