Summary of Wills - Arbory post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 36      CUBBIN       Elinor      [moore]      inc  Articles of Marriage made 1797 between Thomas Gelling of Ballalewin, Malew on one part & Wm Cubbon (wife Elinor Cubbon als Moore) in behalf of dau Catharine Cubbon   
1801-1 E         CRELLIN      Elinor                   dated 26 feb 1791;gdau elinor crellin,jane crellin;son wm;dau ellinor may als crellin,ann exex
1801-2 E         KINVIG       Elinor                   lately deceased;ch Daniel, Wm + Richard - jt admrs
1801-2 E         KINVIG       John                     dated 9 Jul 1792;ch Danial(£10), Ritchard(£10), William(£10), Elizabeth£12), Thomas(3s), John(3s), Elener(3s), Margt (3s);wife Elenor exex; statement added 7 Aug 1801 by witt John Christian re making of will, other witt John Shimin now off island - noted also that by 4 Sep 1801 Elenor was dead + her exors are jt exors of this
1802   A 35      COMISH       Catherine                d 7 Dec 1801;ch Esther,Elizth, John, Jane Mason als Comish, Cath Harrison als Comish; gch Wm Southwell;names Ann Casement;husb Wm Comish exor
1802   A 38      HARRISON     John                     d 8 mar 1802.petn by charles + Wm harrison, next of kin that he left twin childer under age destitute and without friends - he died intestate. Wife died about 6 years ago.  Sumner charges ref to petition of Daniel cooile, charles harrison and William harrison -  charles + wm harrison, richard harrison, elinor harrison and elizabeth harrison and catherine Harrison and Catherine Costain witnesses
1802-1 E      jg KeRMODE      Elizabeth                patrk + elizth;land colby 4s,colby mill 8d to son john
1802-2 E         HARRISON     William                  d 26 aug 1801;erystine;son john admr;other ch thos,wm,jane + margt harrison + elizth cannell (widow thos;wife alive
1804   A 30      CURPHEY      Catherine                d 24 jan 1804;widow;ch wm,margt maddrell als curphey,john,henry,jane exex;gson john maddrell
1804   A 31      BRIDSON      William                  d 10 feb 1804; daus cath gell,mary cowen,isabel clague;son john,wm (exor);gson wm clague
1804-1 E      w  TAUBMAN      John                     dated 30 july 1803;ballacregeen;dau ann;3 sons james,edwd,matthew + child on wife bearing;wife exex;guardians to be sons john + wm by prev wife;all of former wife's ch 5/- ea;pledges john taubman + henry cubbon
1807-1 E      w  COMISH       Isabella    bell         jw henry + isabella;son henry;other unnamed ch [?m arb 17600802]
1807-1 E         KELLY        Margaret    fayle        d oct 1806;no issue;husb james [?marr]
1807-2 E         WATERSON     John                     ch Thos, Henry,jane(w/o Richd Clague), Wm, Robt,Charles(loom); wife Elizth exex
1809-2 E         CORRIN       Elinor      moore        d 30 May 1809;widow;ch Eleanor, Henry, Nich, John exor
1809-2 E         CRELLIN      Thomas                   dated 5 Feb 1809;ch John(eldest son - houses + croft after death of wife),Thomas, James, Elizth + Esther;wife Jane als Costain exex;some ch ua - + posthumous dau Jane jt exex
1809-2 E         CUBBON       Thomas                   d 29 Jun 1809;bach;father admr;
1809-2 E         PRESTON      Elinor      killey?      d 10 Jul 1809;dau Cath exex
1810-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Ann         kewin        d 22 Jan 1808;ch Wm (sworn), Ann(ua) jt admrs, susanna (already provided for);pledge Wm Bridson, Wm Mylchreest (both Malew)
1810-1 E      d  HARRISON     Elizabeth   waterson     d 25 Jan 1810;only ch Richard_Moore Harrison admr - ua;husb John Harrison admr + supv;claims inc £400 by Mrs Elizth Harrison + Revd John Christian + Robt Kelly (guardians of Richard Harrison)
1810-1 E      d  KISSACK      Elinor      bridson      d Jul 1809;ch John (sworn), Richard, + Elinor jt admrs;pledges Wm Hutchin, Wm Costain(both Arbory)
1811-1 E         CLAGUE       John                     d 10 jan 1811;bach;unnamed mother + sis cath(w/o math bridson)+ mary jt admxs;
1811-1 E      d  CUBBON       Ann         quayle       d 24 May 1811;ch John, Robt, Ann, Elizth, Isabella, Margt + Joney jt admrs - all ua - husb sworn;pledges John Shimmin, Wm Hutchin (both Arbory)
1811-1 E      d  KELLY        Ann         callister    d 15 Apr 1811;ch Wm, Henry, John, Ann, Margt(w/o John Stephen), Isabella + Elinor jt admrs;pledges Wm Cannon(douglas) + Wm Hogg(Braddan)
1811-1 E      d  MOORE        Robert                   d 23 Jan 1811;ch Samuel, Margt(w/o John Creer[#953]) + Jane(w/o John Lowee[#520]) jt admrs;pledges Thomas Moore, John Crellin(both Arbory)
1811-1 E         QUALTROUGH   John                     d 10 mar 1811;5 ch wm,joseph, jane(w/o thos qualtrough), margt (w/o wm maddrell)+ elinor(w/o john harrison) jt admrs
1811-1 E      d  WATERSON     Richard                  d 17 May 1811;only ch Wm admr - ua - wife sworn;pledges Wm Hutchin, John Shimmin (both Arbory)
1811-2 E         SHIMMIN      Ann         quirk        d 14 jul 1811;sibs thos,cath + mary(w/o john watterson) + ch of decd bros patk,john ,wm + jonah jt admrs;
1813-1 E         BRIDSON      Mary        keigg        d 23 Jan 1812;only ch Wm Bridson admr
1813-1 E         COMISH       Robert                   d 22 May 1812?;ch Isabel(w/o Richd Cannell), Elizth (w/o James Johnson)+ Ann(w/o Edwd Moore) jt admxs
1813-1 E         GAWNE        John                     d 23 Jun 1812;ch John, Thomas, Jane + Jony jt admrs
1813-1 E         HARRISON     Margaret                 [microfilm poor]wife Wm Harrison(BallaCallow?) exor;ch Wm(eldest),John, Thomas;mother alive
1814-1 E         CORRIN       Robert                   dated 10 Sep 1813;ch John(my part of heifer - wife had left him other half), Richard;gch Jane Corrin(d/o Richd Corrin);[son-in-law] henry Juke + wife Margt exors
1814-1 E         QUIGGIN      Thomas                   d 16 May 1814;names jane fargher(Arbory), John Fargher(Arbory) exor;
1815   A 31      CUBBON       Ann         moore        [full]made 2 jan 1815;widow;dau margt,elinor;names jane w/o richd radcliff;sis jane w/o john corrin;son john(+his 4 daus),richd + henry execs;rels summoned john cubbon,walker watterson + john duke;witt john waterson + cath duke
1817-2 E         McGAREY      William                  dated 23 Sep 1817;wife Mary als Brannaff; gch Mary McGarry;ch James,Wm?, Patrick, John(exor)
1818   A 25      QUALTROUGH   Catharine                d 4 jan 1818;son wm,richd,john;dau margt,jane,cath (exex w/o richd gell)
1819-1 E         KEIG         Margaret    harrison     d 15 feb 1819;ch john,wm,patk,paul,eleanor,esther[?bapt];
1825-2 E         COMISH       William                  ch John,Jane Heason, Eliz Clague, Cath Harrison(dwelling house bounded on north + west ,south by highroad from Ballasalla to Colby and by Rev John Harrison on south + Richd Costean on east - premises whilst unmarried - on marriage or death to revert to son John) exex;gch Robt Clague
1826   A 24      JUKE         Caterine                 dated 28 Feb 1784;spinster;neice Cath Cubbon exex (if she d to next of her kin on mo's side)
1826   E         BRIDSON      John                     dated 15 Aug 1825;ch Ann(youngest dau - any dividend from Castletown Friendly Soc), all goods - exex) - 6d to all others
1828-1 E         CANNELL      Elizabeth   Harrison     d 26 Feb 1828;widow (relict Thomas Cannell Earysteane)4 surv dau Cath, Elizth(w/o Wm Kinley), Eleanor(w/o Thomas Costain) + Jane agree to divide equally with Cath as admx; Wm Cannell claims £28 14s + half agricultural articles + household furniture 
1828-1 E         COSTAIN      John                     dated 13 Jan 1826;ch Thomas, Wm, Ann, John(houses + croft in Colby) exor; 
1828-1 E         COSTEAN      Margaret                 dated 28 Mar 1828;husb John;ch Thomas, John, Richard, Cath(w/o Richard Clague), Margt(w/o John Cubbon), Jane (w/o Wm Gawne), Esther(w/o Robt Moore - my part of intacks known as Thalloo Cottier) exex;gch Margt Moore, Ann Cubbon)
1828-1 E         WOODS        Thomas                   dated 10 Aug 1818;late capt 58th Reg of Foot, now of Balladoole; only son(+ heir at law) George_Augustus Woods(2 houses in Dublin- one in George's hil other Fisher' lane);dau Maria_Isabella (w/o Isaac Call of Taplow Hill, Bucks), Charlotte;wife Charlotte exex
1829-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Richard                  boat carpenter;wife Jane; ch James(eldest son - admr),Cath(w/o Wm Costain), Henry( (decd - widow Elizth), John(youngest son);notes debt (£6) due to John Radcliffe
1829-2 E         QUILLIAM     John                     dated 23 Apr 1828;Castletown + RN;recites that by deed dated 23 Apr 1828 [SSS Oct 1829 31] sold all lands in Ballacallin moar, Ballacallin beg + Ballakelly in Marown to Mr Thomas Moore(Garth, Marown) + Mr Thomas Clucas(Salbrick, Santan) in trust for benefit of my wife, mother, brother + sister + other branches of my family - remainder of estate left to wife Margaret Christian Quilliam exex; sumner summons Christian Quilliam (mother of Capt John Quilliam, Elizabeth Crane (only surviving sister) + Robt Quilliam (h/o Mary Quilliam decd another sister) being next of kin in Island
1830-2 E         COTTIER      Elinor                   balladoole;dau elinor bridson [w/o edwd m Arb 18180131,jane keeben ?[?jane careen w/o thomas m Arb 18190221],margt corrin ,cath qualtrough ;only son wm exor;names elizth moore
1831-2 E         COTTIER      Michael                  dated 31 mar 1831;son wm exor;names elizth comish als keig(w/o wm comish)
1834-2 E      w  CUBBON       Henry                    dated 2 Sep 1834;ch Henry(eldest son - dwelling house + garden upto 3yrds south of front of school house after death of his mother), Ann, Elizth, Eleanor, Cath, jane, John, Edward;wife Ann als Moore(remainder of schoolhouse + 3yrds in front across garden + my share of passage + dwelling house during her life) exex;
1838-1 E      w  WATTERSON    Charles                  dated 11 Aug 1834;Ballagelbert;ch Wm, John, Thomas, Isabella, Jane, Margt, Ann; wife Jane exex

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