Summary of Wills - Arbory 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.Some 85% summarised [428/475]

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 A 10      STANLEY      Charles                  [full]Ballaceigan;Rcvr Genl;ch John,Mary + charles,edwd,cath (married);wife elizth [parker];
1750-1 A 11      CRELLIN      Ann         STOLE        d 18 mar 1750;husb robt crellin;son richd in england;son henry;ellinr henry's wife;hens dau anne + ellinr + 2 sons;son john exec;codicil sworn by neighbours margery cubon, marg crejean;
1750-1 E      w  CUBON        John                     (simon) d 30 apr 1750;dau margt; 3 children john, joney margt;wife margt
1750-1 E      d  MOORE        Thomas                   d 1 feb 1749/50siblings  robert wm samuel isabel catherine;nichs tyldesley husb of cath;wm bridson husb of isabel
1750-2 A 32      COMISH       Dorothy                  2 gdaus margt & joan christian;son robt christian exec
1750-2 E      w  KINLEY       John                     d 18 sep 1750;bro thomas kinley;sis mary;son thomas;24 jun 1760 thos & mary ack from nephew thomas
1751-1 A 13      CURGHEY      John                     bro david;bro thomas;sis elinor;bro william;step mther margt curghey execx husb henry; witt john kennagh, elinor bridson als looney;
1751-1 A 14      TAGGART      Margaret                 d 24 mar 1751;son john;gdau margaret;other gdau jane;dau isable exec
1751-2 E      w  COOLE        William                  d 8 jul 1751;son john;dau jane;gchildren jon & elinr clague;s-i-l thomas waterson;james waterson other s-i-l
1751-2 E      w  KINVIG       Silvester                d 17 aug 1751;dau margt;son wm;wife alive
1751-2 E      d  QUIGGEN      Margaret    FARGHER als lowey  d 14 may;4 children john fargher, margt costean als fargher by former husb, wm & thos quiggin; other son charles fargher having had a contract;hen costean husb of margt; wm quiggin superv of thomas quiggin; john fargher abroad; john fargher mariner acks 31 aug 1752;
1752-1 A 14      QUINNEY      Averick                  [?didn't find];d 21 nov 1751;son wm (wife margt) exor;
1752-3 E      w  CAVEEN       John                     d 30 oct 1752;son john;dau mary to live in house adj patrick cannell's + to have uppper end of west garden as long as she remained unmarried;son thomas;dau cath;dau ann;dau mary excx
1753-2 A 40      CORRIN       Ann                      [full]sis Elizth Corrin,Alice,Jane (execx);bro Richd (shop wch is between Henry Moore & myself)
1753-2 A 41      CUBON        Ann         NELSON       [full]husb john;son harry,younger son (?john);sis-i-law isabel Nelson als Bridson;mo Ann Nelson als Crebbin;husb john exec;witt cath clague als cubbon,jane corrin;thomas + john nelson supv;
1753-3 E      d  CUBBON       John                     orphan;mother ann cubbon als nelson;d april last;only bro henry; father + thos kneale suprv
1753-3 E      w  JUCKE        Henry                    d 6 june 1753;dau jane + her husb caesar;dau joney;dau ann;wife alive
1753-3 E      d  KEGG         Ellinor                  dau wm keig & isabel parents dead 1732; died in her minory about 16 years ago;2 bro john & thos + sis margt bridson als keig; bur reg an Elinor Keig orphan 18 dec 1737
1754-1 A 12      COSTEAN      Ellinor     KEGG         d 23 jan;sons john & henry;gson wm;son thos;dau annd-i-l christian;gdau elinor
1754-2 E      d  TAGGART      Catherine   CUBON        d 1 apr 1754;2 sons wm john taggart;dau alleged to have contract;wm absent
1754-3 E      d  CARRAN       Mary        CAVEEN       d 24 jun 1754;siblings john thos ann cath caveen;cath absent;john karran widower
1754-3 E      w  COMISH       John                     d 12 oct 1754;son john;son wm (his part of mill after his mothers decease); younger sons thomas & robt;wife isabel alive;robt underage
1754-3 E      d  CORRIN       John                     d 25 apr 1754; 5 children john robt cath jane ellinr;elinor absent;widow alice
1754-3 E      w  COSTEAN      William                  dated 24 jul 1754;sis margt costain;sis eliz costain;mother cath costain exex
1754-3 E      w  CUBBON       William,snr              of ballabeg;gson john cubon;gson wm comish + john comish;gdau cath comish (house & garden crott houlding);gson robt cubbon;d-i-l cath cubbon als juke;s-i-l wm comish + ann comish his wife;son wm who had agreement 
1755-1 E         COOILE       Margaret    CARIN        [bur 18 Jul 1756];d 15 sep;ch ann,joney - ua uncle Richd Carin;husb john 
1755-2 A 36      SHIMIN       Joney       CUBON        date 29 mar 1755;nephw john carin the younger;;neice elinor carin;sis margt cubon execx;chidren of her ceceased sis christin carin als cubon;
1755-2 A 37      KINVIG       Catherine                friend edward costean excr
1755-2 A 38      KELLY        Jane        CUBON        son robert;dau isabel;gdau cath vondy dau of sd sabel;sis joney;margt dau of widow juke wife of john juke decd;maidservant jony duckan;gson wm son of eldest son john;son john ;husb alive;dau cath execx;john kelly father of exctx
1755-2 E      d  COOILE       Catherine   CORKISH      d 28 sep 1754;4 children henry richd joney patrick;pat under age;husb patrick alive + agreement between pat and his children
1755-2 E      d  HARRISON     William                  d 24 apr 1755; of colby;4 children wm charles john james wm at age;
1755-2 E      d  TAUBMAN      John                     of ballacredjeen;d 25 apr 1755;5 children eliz john thos isabel jane; margt other dau now wife of thos cooile having had a dowry;isabel + jane underage;inventory has his carpenters tools
1755-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Henry                    d 29 oct 1755;son thomas;wife alive
1755-3 E      d  GAWN         Ellinor     MADDRELL     d 19 may 1755;3 children mary, margt, william;thos quine husb of mary [#315 m1737];hugh moore husb of margt [#2203 ?marr c1749]
1755-3 E      d  QUALTROUGH   Edward                   d may 1755;only sister esther qualtrough - husb willm kinley
1756-1 A 9       MADDRELL     Mary        Kneale       d 25 dec 1755;sister's dau wife of wm Faragher of kk german;husb alive; margt madrell her bro's dau;
1756-1 A 10      COSTEEN      William                  d beg dec 1755;son henry;son thomas;dau ann;d-i-l christian costean + her dau eleanor costean execx
1756-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Thomas                   d 26 nov 1755;2 children richard & john; both underage wm clark uncle superv;wife alive
1756-1 E      w  SCARFE       Catherine   CLAGUE       2 sep 1755;w/o richard;son richard ;dau anne
1756-2 A 27a     KERMOD       Jane        WATERSON     widow;neighbour wm cubon wife margt. + dau cath cubon;sisters christian & margery;step dau margt kermod - husb of margt richard
1756-3 E      d  BRIDSON      William                  d 26 jun 1756;6 children john, nichs, wm margt ellr cath john camaish husb of margt
1756-3 E      w  COMISH       Henry                    d 15 jul 1756; son henry;wife alive;daus isabel elinor,isab underage
1756-3 E      dg COOLE        Catherine                widow;s-i-l john shimmin wife jane via deed of gift;
1756-3 E      w  GELL         Joney       LOWEY        son wm who is married;dau cath;3 daus joney anne jane;thos gell husb of jony,thos cubon husb of ann, wm corrin husb of jane;wm gell & margt his wife
1756-3 E      w  MOORE        Isabel      CARRAN       d june 1756;son robt;richd son of robt;gdau eliz tyldesley dau of nich;gdau mary bridson dau of wm;son robt;son saml;wm bridson husb of isabel;
1756-3 E      w  TYLDESLEY    Mary                     widow,eldest son richd;son william;gson ewan christian john christian;dau ann harrison;gdau anne mary harrison;gdau jane harrison;dau elinor sherlock;gson wm clague;dau ann harrison exec; wm harrison husb of ann;
1757-1 A 9       QUIGGIN      Isabel      LOONEY       d 6 feb 1767;dau ellinor;gdau margt dau of ellinor;son wm;husb alive;son thomas exec;husb wm;ellinor 'natural' dau of isabel wife to henry quayle by 25 feb 1761, exec thomas dead
1757-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Isabel      WATERSON     d 16 may 1757;husb alive;son john quayle;joney kneale dau of harry kneale when she came to 17;dau ellinor
1757-2 E      w  WATERSON     Elizabeth   KNICKELL     d 4 may 1757;dau isabel;father alive; has siblings;husb john waterson;
1757-3 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  d 3 oct 1757;d-i-l joney quayle;son wm philip; gson john coffee
1758-1 A 10      CUBON        William                  d 11 jan 1758;3 children robert, catherine, margaret; son thomas exec & superv;witt john & thomas cubon;
1758-1 A 11      COOIL        Patrick                  d 1 nov 1758;gdau jony coole, bro's dau cath coole,2 dau joney & margt;;gdau eliz clague als coole;gson thomas coole, tc's 2 daus cath + isabel;gsons patrick & ricard coole;son pat exec
1758-1 A 12      COSTEEN      John                     d last day oct 57;dau elinor in lieu of her gfather's goods;son wm,witt cath comish, isabel costean als moore
1758-1 A 13      CANNELL      John                     jw dated 1752 john & margery cannel;only dau margt quinney als connell; one wit wm curghey dead;wife alive; ?fam 1304, dau Margaret ?428 (though Cath in rev?)
1758-1 E      d  CLAGUE       Richard                  orphan;death fa john clague lib 3 1737;died in minority 24 sep 1741 - sibs wm john & ellinr
1758-1 E      d  CUBON        William                  of ballacry d 26 oct 1757;2 children wm isabel +eldest son thos who had a dowry
1758-2 A 50      BRIDSON      Catherine   KNEALE       husb nich;dau cath waterson;gdau eliz;dau deborah (left the room of the loft in case she is widowed);dau jane;son john heir to ballavarkess;gchildren emma quayle, tho bridson, wm waterson; man servant john cubon, serv margt carine; gdau cath waterson;bro wm kneale;sons in law wm waterson, john quayle;dau Cath waterson exec;  m  And 19 JAN 1713; Wm + Cath Waterson ;John Quayle + Jane Bridson (but no marr ?)
1758-2 A 51      KINLEY       Richard                  deed of gift;son thos;wife alive dated 14 sept 1749;
1758-2 A 52      BRIDSON      Alice                    bro (step added then x'd thro) wm kinvigg;bro wm bridson
1758-2 E      d  COMISH       Thomas                   orphan;decease of father john lib 3 1754; died in minority apr 1757;3 bros john willm robt; robt underage
1758-2 E      w  CUBON        John                     d 30 apr 1758; of arronnag;4 children john thomas cath margt;son robt has land houses etc;robts bro  henry;margt cubon widow to be given shelter at no charge;wife cath cubon;some children underage but no reltn appeared; cath cubon married thos kinley by 1761
1758-2 E      d  QUIGGEN      Thomas                   d 22 jun 1758; widow cath enciente ; father wm quiggin;
1758-3 E      w  CALLIN       Margaret    CAINE        d beg jul 1758;husb wm alive;son wm john, dau alice her husb john juke
1759-1 A 9       QUINNEY      Margaret    CANNEL       d 3 feb 1759;dau elinor,son & heir john;son wm;mother alive,maid cath killey, maid cath shimmin 'if she return to mservice next may';husb wm;kinsman ceasar killey
1759-2 E      d  COOILE       Catherine   CAVEEN       d 16 apr 1759;only son Wm
1759-2 E      d  CORRIN       Joney       CLAGUE       d 30 mar 1759;2 children robt & joney;john kinvigg husb of Joney;[full]
1759-2 E      d  COSTEAN      Jane        HARRISON     d 5 jan 1759;2 children thomas costean + alice corrin als costean;dau Jane (now decd) but survived her mother; husb John
1759-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Jane                     d later half apr 1759;bro Thomas's dau Jane & son john;s-i-l joney costean;sis alice'sson Robt;sis Alice;father alive;mother dead;petn which says witness John Quayle in a dying condition;
1759-2 E      d  STANLEY      Elizabeth   Parker       died 7 jan 1759;3 children John, Charles & Mary, + Cath wife of John Allen (who rcvd dowry), charles & mary at lawful age guardians their brethren John Allen & John Stanley;
1759-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Ellinor                  d 22 apr 1759;siblings wm & cath clague;james radcliffe husb of cath
1759-3 E      c  CORRIN       John                     marriage contract between John Corrin,snr of Ballagawn in fav of gson John Corrin,jnr & John Costean + wife Eliz of Ballachrink for dau Catherine dated 8 jan 1754; [=SSS May 1759 86]
1760-1 A 19      CUBBON       Jane        KERMOD       dat 1 nov 59; son robt;son richd,son wm; her in law margrett cubon;gdau margt williams,daus jane & deborah;husb robt
1760-1 A 20      COOLE        Philip                   wife alive;son patrick
1760-1 A 21      WATERSON     Margaret                 husb patrick;sons john, thos,dau isable, elizabeth
1760-1 A 22      CORRIN       Eleanor     CLAGUE       son wm, richd;gdau cath bridson;dau elinor
1760-1 E      d  CREER        John                     d 7 jan 1760;3 children thos, cath elinor;cath & elinor underage;wife margt
1760-1 E      d  QUIGGEN      John                     of arrestine; perished by accident in parish of Patrick 3 jan 1760;2 sons wm & thomas
1760-2 A 60      JICK         Alice                    d 12 feb 1760;henry waterson & richd clague (no affinity stated)
1760-2 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     d 25 sep 1759;sibs wm & cath;james radcliffe husb of cath
1760-3 E      w  CLARK        Thomas                   of arronag;wife jane als corrin;dau jane;s-i-l daniel waterson [fam 439];gdau Jane moughtin;dau ellinr Clark als moughtin;s-i-l patric moughtin [fam 2199];son john clark;;mention hugh McAwee; dau Cath exec;'and the crop wholly to be distroyed in the house as formerly';
1760-3 E      w  SHERLOCK     William                  d 9 oct 1760;s-i-l john clague (the 'irish cow')dau jane;wife eleanor als clague
1761-1 A 7       MOORE        Margaret                 dau eliz moore exec;rich corrin husb eliz corrin als moore
1761-1 A 8       GICK         Eleanor     BRIDSON      dau elinor;gdau jane creer (under age);son christopher;son wm
1761-1 A 43      CLAGUE       John                     d 1 apr 1761;wife alive;son john (herring & fishing gear);son thos
1761-1 A 44      COSTEAN      Thomas                   dau jane;son john (loom & gears);wife alive;alice corrin als costean claims;
1761-1 A 45      COOLE        Isabel                   d 17 feb 1760;sis joney;sis joney's dau cath taggart;everyday clothes to anne quayles als bridson; bro patrick coole's dau eliz +son henry;;john taggart's dau cath + youngest son wm; anne cowle als bredry ?;father alive
1761-1 E      d  COMISH       Joney       MOORE        d 13 May 1760;children gilbert & cath;thos kinley husb of cath being disordered in his senses, gilbert abs;
1761-1 E      d  KINVEG       Robert                   Mariner;left about 23 years ago;no acct for 16 years but thought died of coast of Africa 15 years ago;only sister Ellinr; robert hutchin husb of ellinor
1761-3 E      w  COMISH       Christian   WATTERSON    d 10 aug 1761;eldest son wm;gson wm son of wm;gson john comish son of John Comish decd & her dau Isabel;john comish's bro wm;gson robt comish s/o john & isabel;dau isabel exec;rich Quayle husb of isabel; [Isable Comish = John Comish Mal 06 OCT 1734 ]
1761-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Edward                   d 4 sep 1761;eldest dau jane;dau catharine;youngest dau anne not yet of age;wife Jane alive;children underage uncle Thomas Costean
1762-1 A 10      CORLET       Jane        COSTEAN      d jan 1762; son wm (crop of garden);son robt;
1762-1 A 11      CLARK        John                     d 10 jan 1762;wife's kinsman patrick kermoade;isobel cubon w/o wm cubon of aronnag;nephew john clark;niece jane w/o daniel waterson;niece cath w/o henry clague;wm clark her half brother;wife elinor
1762-1 A 12      QUALTROUGH   John                     dat 14 jul 1760;son wm (right of Kentraugh mill);daus eilnr & alice;sons wm & henry,dau cath;john cashin husb of elinor
1762-1 E      d  HARRISON     James                    orphan s/o wm harrison goods due by death of fa (ep lib 2 1755);bro's by former wife  wm + chas harrison , john harrison s/o wm by later wife (john ua - mother alive)
1762-1 E      d  HARRISON     John                     s/o jane harrison als corkish by later husb wm harrison goods due by death of mother 1745 died in minority 9 years ago;bros wm charles harrison + sis cath corkish (dau of jane by prev m.) cath abroad;husb john
1762-2 A 48      JUKE         Margaret    KEIGG        d jan 1762;dau jane;dau joney;dau anne exctx
1762-2 A 49      CLAGUE       Margaret    STEvENson    son john;son henry;dau margt;husb richd;margt underage;has something rel 1816 will jane harrison exectx
1762-2 A 50      MOORE        Thomas                   [full]d 24 mar 1762;ch robt,sam,wm,isabel + cath ;wm bridson h/o isabel,nicholas tyldesley h/o cath
1762-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Catherine                d 10 june 1762; bro's john & thomas;bro john's dau; mother cath clague execx
1762-3 E      w  CORRIN       William                  sis elliner corrin;bro richd (mentions land largaugh glan colby + purchased lands left by mother in ballagarmin) mentions colby miln;'she the sd ellinor corrin is to quit her right in thr house room in the big croft mentioned to her in her mother's will";father alive;b-i-l john bridson + wife jane;john clague husb of ellinor
1762-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Elizabeth   CHRISTIAN    d end jun 1762;son john quayle;dau margt;thomas costean son of sd john quayle's wife;g dau jane quayle eldest dau of daniel callin;dau catharine exectx
1762-3 E      d  SCARFE       Ann                      d 1 may 1762;spinster;only bro richd
1763-1 A 17      MOORE        Catherine   COMaISH      of ballacross;d 20 nov 1763;dau anne w/o wm kneale;dau isabel w/o thomas costean;son john;daus cath & jane, sons robt & john;dau ellinor exectx
1763-1 E      dg COSTEAN      Catherine   Corrin       dg dated 12 apr 1762; thomas costain + cath of ballajack  with son richd
1763-2 A 51      CANNEL       Marjery                  jt will john & margery;only dau margt quinney als cannell; marjery survived dau late w/o wm quinney by whom left 3 children john wm ellinor (wm ellin underage), john abs;
1763-2 A 52      KEIGG        John                     of arristine d 22 feb 1763;bro wm ;john quirk of castletown;bro patrick sis anne & esther;b-i-l john quayle
1763-2 A 53      keigg        patrick                  of arrestine;bro wm & wm's s-i-l john quirk;b-i-l john quayle [?h/o ann m arb 17390217]
1763-2 E      d  COSTEAN      Henry                    mariner son of thos costean;died on board his maj ship newark about 2 years ago;siblings rich thos & cath;
1763-2 E      w  CURGHEY      William                  dau cath, eliz;gdau eliz christian;gson john curphey;son william + dau margt christian exec
1764-1 A 5       COSTEAN      John                     dau alice corrin (6d);gson john costean, robt corrin jt exors
1764-2 A 40      WATERSON     William                  d 18 feb 1764;names hugh mcawee(boat they had);gdau joney radcliffe;dau margt(w/o john clark),elizth (w/o john cottier);son daniel,john,wm;names john quayle (s/o richd quayle);gch that lived with him john + elizth;;legacy left to john duckan by his mo fully paid;wife (elizth) exex;those that had legacies from their gfa were to go to spiritual records and cross them out
1764-2 A 41      PRESTON      Eleanor     LEWIN        dated 25 jul 1764;son john,wm;dau cath,elinor;house called the college to her son john's ch;dau-i-law elinor preston, deborah preston;gch wm preston,elinor preston;husb john exor
1764-2 E      d  CARIN        Margaret    CHRISTIAN    d 13 may 1764;only child wm ua but no reln on her side;husb wm ;later jane chistian aunt on mothers side sworn;dispute re wm & margt's father robt christian as not married year & a day; [?margaret m Arb 17380618]
1764-2 E      w  KEIGG        Esther                   bro william, his dau elinor + other 2 daus margt & anne;sis anne exec(her husb john quayle)
1764-2 E      w  KINLEY       Jane        CREERE       made at house of James Maddrell port erin;husb christopher;dau mary maddrell als kinley;son thos mariner if he should come to collect it;gdau ellinor maddrell;4 ch robert christopher & william kinley + dau mary ; james h/o mary;robert out of island
1764-2 E      w  QUALTROUGH   Margaret    NORRIS       gdau margt;3 gch wm john isable;dau esther kinley husb wm kinley
1764-2 E      w  STANLEY      John                     of Ballakaighen;bro charles (the estate);sis mary; god children grace allen dau of John Allen + sis cath, john cannell s/o wm,john corrin s/o richd, norris moore s/o rev john moore;maidservant joney duggan
1764-2 E      d  STANLEY      Mary                     Spinster, d 7 jul;sibs charles & cath;john allan h/o cath;
1765-1 E      w  COMISH       William                  dau isabel, son henry;isabel's dau anne; grandson son wm;son john;wife hannah
1765-2 A 63      CORLETT      catharine   CLAGUE       d 23 Mar 1765: dau Ann Cannell als Corlett (husb John Cannell)
1765-2 A 64      COSTEAN      cath        QUAYLE       d 10 dec;dau elizth,margt(4 gch in the house) exex;gdau cath, jony taylor(douglas - d/o elizth)
1765-2 A 65      INCH         william                  d 5 Feb 1765;sibs Margery,James,elinr,ann + Jane;fa James exor
1765-2 A 66      KINLEY       Ann         Kneal        DoG dated 26 mar 1763 to Hugh Callow (+ wife Elizth) of property 2d rent - they to maintain her - also involves Elinor Clague who als was to be maintained - court oct 1763 = SSS Oct 1763 61[full]
1765-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Margaret    COOILE       niece eliz w/o wm clague;
1765-2 E      w  COOLE        Joney       QUIRK        d 30 may 1765;sis jane;names richd s/o pat coole,elizth w/o wm clague;dau margt  ua+ husb pat execs;inv
1765-2 E      w  MOORE        Robert                   ballacross;cgann(w/o wm kneale),elizth(w/o thomas costean),cath,jane,robt,john,elinor exex
1765-3 E      d  CLAGUE       Ellinor     KEGG         4 ch richd margt cath ellinr + henry eldest already having settlement;;will gell h/o margt; phil lowey h/o cath;
1765-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Catherine   WATERSON     son wm;dau margt;gson henry waterson;son henry;
1765-3 E      d  GELL         Henry                    4 ch john thos wm cath;wife eliz
1765-3 E      w  McYLCHREEST  Esther      MADDRELL     dau margt; mother ellnr;robt maddrell uncle to child;1775 margtmcylchreest dau acks
1766-1 A 11      CLAGUE       Catherine                d 11 jan 1766;spinster;bro charles exor (dau cath);sis ann gready(ch amelia,elizth,cath,anne),joney read;niece isabel clague(son nich)
1766-1 A 12      CARINE       John                     d 7 jan 1766;ch john,wm,john,philip +ellinor co execs
1766-1 E      w  CRELLIN      Robert                   gdau ellinor;gson wm;son henry crellin;no prov for son john
1766-2 A 53      KEANAH       William                  d 20 mar;bach;father(land descended to him by gmo) exor
1766-2 A 54      McBwOIE      Carter      woods        widdow;dau margt;names isabel costean exex(w/o john
1766-2 E      d  MADDRELL     Elinor      HARRISON     son david;eldest son robt contract
1766-3 E      w  COMISH       Hannah      WATERSON     son john,dau isabel;sis eliz,ch wm, elinor;dau cath exectx
1766-3 E      w  CURGHEY      Catherine   HARRISON     daus eliz cath margt margt's eldest dau eliz;son wm
1766-3 E      d  KNEAL        William                  parish clerk;6 ch john wm robt anne anthony & thos;wife anne
1767-3 E      w  CREJEEN      mary        CURGHEY      d 7 aug 1767;dau ann a chaff bed ;gson robt son of wm ;names serv margt bailey;daus ann + jane;son wm
1767-3 E      d  CUBBON       Margery     CALLISTER    d 15 jul 1767;dau cath;gdau cath corcheen;dau ellinr,joney;gson richd moore;gda joney moore [richd moore + joney cubbon];son john exec
1767-3 E      w  JUKE         John                     d 29 may 1767;loom wife alive;son john;younger son richd ;dau jane;son wm a sailor abroad;other two ch richd + cath (cath made co-exec)[no bapt found for either];1789 john cubbon h/o ann,jane cubbon widow of thos cubbon + cath juke + richd juke discharge cath juke exec
1767-3 E      w  MOORE        Catherine   KEGG         d 3 oct 1767;son richd + his son john;dau ann w/o john kinvig;dau margt w/o john taubman;dau joney w/o john cannell;gson thos kinvig;gdau elinor d/o john kinvig;maidserv jane kelly;husb richd moore
1767-3 E      w  QUIGGEN      Joney       CUBBON       d 13 oct;3 daus margt jane isabel (all ua);son wm;husband john (named in inv);uncle john cubbon by mo's side
1767-3 E      w  SKEALLY      Ewan                     son ed;dau ann w/o thomas fargher;dau margt w/o wm clague exec
1768-1 E      w  CUBON        Ann         CLARK        dau joney,anne (+ other ch unnamed)
1768-2 E      w  BRIDSON      Isabel      MOORE        son john (to have husb wm's share of smith tools),dau cath + mary;husb wm;dau isable;john christian h/o mary
1768-3 E      d  COSTEAN      Thomas                   ag thos costean balayack + wife cath costain als corris - son richd costain dated 12 apr 1762
1768-3 E      d  KINVEG       Ann         MOORE        d 13 oct;4 ch thos john ellinor + margt 3 ua;uncles john taubman + john cannell;husb john;inv
1769-1 E      d  COOILE       Elizabeth   BRIDSON      d 1 aug;2 ch henry + eliz;husb pat;uncle to henry is thos kewn;inv
1769-2 A 45   w  KINLEY       Christopher              son robt(eldest),thos,wm,christopher (exec);dau mary
1769-2 A 46   w  GELL         Elizabeth   shimmin      gch john + cath gell;son john (eldest),thos,wm (ua);dau cath (execx)
1769-2 A 47   w  WATERSON     Daniel                   d 20 dec 1768;7 ch (unnamed + some ua);wife unnamed alive (house + croft)
1769-2 A 48   w  CUBBON       Richard                  d 12 jan 1769;dau margt,elinor;wife alive + other ch;
1769-2 A 49      McBOOY       Hugh                     john costean ballachrink execr
1769-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Mary        TEARE        ?undated;ch John(eldest son - had m/c), Paul, Phillip, Margt, cath; husb Richard exor
1769-3 E      w  TAGGART      Ann                      ch John,William, Elizabeth(exex);pledges John Bridson(Ballavaraish, Arbory) + James Taggart(Marown)
1770-1 A 15      QUAYLE       William                  d 12 jan 1770;3 daus;3 sons inc  wm (eldest),philip;wife joney execx;inv
1770-1 E      d  CAVEEN       Mary        CAINE        d 19 mar 1769;5 ch ellinor,cath,ann,john + richard all at age;john corris h/o anne [?marr have john corris=cath caveen ]
1770-1 E      d  DUCKAN       John                     d 26 jan 1769;2 ch john + anne
1770-2 A 41      CORRIN       Richard                  d 20 feb 1770;gdau cath bridson;dau jane;gdau eliz clague;dau ellinor;son-i-law john clague;gdau cath corrin;dau-i-law elizth corrin;son richd exec
1770-2 A 42      GELL         Joney                    d 16 mar 1770;husb wm (quinneys land) exec;son john,richd
1770-3 E      w  HARRISON     Ann         KEGG         cousin john harrison jnr;husb edwd;cousin cath harrison;dau margt clague als harrison;sis margery harrison (her dau cath);gdau elinor clague
1771-1 A 8       READ         Joney       clague       d 23 dec 1770;dau elinor;husb alive;sis anne gready als clague;neice eliz crebbin als gready
1771-1 A 9       COOIL        Patrick                  d 5 jan 1771;youngest dau margt;eldest son thos
1771-2 A 51      CALLIN       William                  dated 9 mar 1771;dau alice w/o john juke [#391 m arb 17581206];wife alice;son john exec
1771-2 A 52      CARINE       Catherine   cubbon       d 16 mar 1771;son edwd;dau ellinor,margt (house adj henry crellin's house),jane;husb philip exec
1771-2 E      d  CUBBON       William                  d 15 jul 1770;only sis isabel
1771-2 E 686  d  WALSH        Joney       CORRIN       d 11 mar 1771;only ch john ua uncles + aunt rich,john + cath corrin;inv [m john welsh Arb 17690715]
1771-3 E      w  CORRIN       Richard                  wife alice;elianor kissack execx;names john kissack ,john kermode,ann kermode
1771-3 E      w  QUAYLE       Ann         KEGG         bro wm kegg;husb john [m arb 17390217 ?no ch]
1772-1 A 10      TAUBMAN      Henry                    [Full];dated 6 Jan 1772;bro Thomas,John  ;John's ch John + Cath;sis Eliz w/o Rev John Christian;sis Jane w/o Edward Gawne Ballacurry;sis Margaret Taubman;niece Cath Moore;nurse Elinor Clague;2 godch ch of Thomas Redfern + ch of Thomas Harrison; bro John Taubman + his wife Esther + 3ch John,Margaret + Christian (? ch's name differ from previous recital);sis Cath Moore w/o Rev John Moore;nephew John Moore s/o Rev John Moore
1772-2 A 52      TAUBMAN      Mathew                   [full];gdaus Cath + Margt Moore daus of Rev John Moore [#412]+ Eliz Christian (dau of Rev John Christian) ;son John (Ballastole);son Thomas;dau Margt;son Henry currently ill (prop in C'town);son & heir John;wife Eliz alive; dau Margaret
1772-2 E      d  CALLIN       Isabel      QUAYLE       d 25 mar 1772;only son wm ua uncle wm quayle guardian;later john quayle uncle by mo side sworn;inv;[m john callin Bra 17710420]
1772-2 E      de TYLDESLEY    Ann         STANLEY      dated 1 feb 1769;friary;deed to son + heir  thomas;widow capt richard;names property martelmoar purchased from mrs elizth stanley c'town ld rent abbeylands karrons croft etc
1772-3 E      w  CANNELL      Marriot     QUIGGEN      d 3 aug 1772;2 sons 'big boys';gch mary + cath;dau ellinor exex;husb thos;1778 sons richd + wm ack from thos crebbin h/o ellinor 
1772-3 E      w  CORLETT      Mary                     d sep 1772;husb exor
1772-3 E      d  CURGHEY      Margaret    QUAYLE       d 5 jul 1772;sibs chas,richd,nichs,ellr(w/o patr shimin) + margt quayle(w/o henry curghy) jt admrs all except nichs relinqish to husb henry for 4 each;nichs in ireland son henry
1772-3 E      de KARRAN       John                     dog by john + wife margt als preston [m Arb 17620124 margt comish als preston]  to richd cubbon ballabeg
1773-1 A 8       COSTEAN      christian                d 23 nov 1772;son wm (+ his son richd);gdau jane;dau-i-law jane costean;dau elinor exex
1773-1 A 9       CLAGUE       Isabel                   d 15 dec 1772;w/o richd exec;names margt d/o her husb richard + henry s/o her husb;names elizth crebbin als greaddey;bro thos two ch;
1773-2 A 42      STEVENSON    Richard Amb              balladoole;son richd ambrose;dau charlott,margt stevenson;wife margery [long will]
1773-2 E      d  KEANCH       William                  d 1 apr;only son wm
1773-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Paul                     d may 1773 in Jamaica (d in st kitts);youngest bro philip + 2 sis margt + cath;witt thomas quilliam + john cowley 'paul c called the witnesses into the cabin for this purpose';john coffee h/o margt;;fa richd costain;petn by philip that witnesses are sea farers about to dept
1773-3 E      w  HARRISON     John                     balla atta;d 20 jul 1773;son john abroad (if he comes for it);son + heir edw
1773-3 E      w  KINVEG       Joney       CORRIN       d 14 jun;dau jane w/o wm taylor;dau joney w/o john gawne;dau margt w/o pat coole;son john;gson john s/o john;dau ellinor + anne
1773-3 E      w  TYLDEsLEY    Nicholas                 d 1 may 1773;son wm;2 daus eliz cath;wife alive + dau ellinor;court agrees youngest dau ellinor already having had provsn made;inv
1774-1 A 18   jw BAILEY       Alice       corrin       wm + alice (of pairish christ rushen);mutual settlement
1774-1 A 19      BRIDSON      Elinor      LOONEY       d 25 nov 1773;son wm;,dau mary;husb wm
1774-1 A 20      MOORE        Robert                   d 14 dec 1773;ballacross;thos s/o bro john;jane, cath, margt dau of bro john;sis ellinor ;bro-i-law wm cubbon;john s/o bro john exec
1774-1 A 21      CANNEL       Jane        [cannell als d 18 nov 1773;sons charles + david cannell;son john cannel exec
1774-2 A 89      keig         ellinor     quirk        ?mal/arb [small leaf - no heading]husb wm;dau ellinor kewley ?(eldest);dau margt;names john cowley + thos quirk;son robt;dau ann execx
1774-2 A 90      MOORE        Margaret    cubbon       husb john (tuck mill);dau ann;gdau ann corrin;gson john (s/o richd corrin h/o eleanor);daus ellinor + jean (jane w/o john corrin) execx
1774-2 A 91      KEANAH       William                  d 9 feb 1774;dau joney (mo decd);son robt,henry (to be put to trade),john,thomas; names elizth cubbon;4 daus joney,cath,jane + elinor execx
1774-3 E      w  COSTEAN      Ellinor     clague       d 5 jun 1774;dau margt,cath;son john;husb john exor
1774-3 E      w  COSTEAN      John                     d 12 jun 1774;ballachrink;son wm;wife exex
1774-3 E      d  HARRISON     Christian                ?not in manx mus index - confusion with 1773-1 in rushen
1774-3 E         KELLY        Thomas                   d 18 oct 1774;wife exex
1774-3 E         KISSAGE      Henry                    d may 1774;dau cath,mary;son robt,edwd,john;son-i-law john comish exor
1774-3 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     d 29 jun 1774;ch john,cath(ua);wife exex
1774-3 E      w  QUAYLE       John                     d 1 oct 1774;late malew;bro-i-law edwd mylrea exor
1775-1 A 13      MOORE        Thomas                   dau Catharine, dau Anne, gdau Anne Quayle; dau Margaret exec (husb John Costean)
1775-2 A 46      CORRIN       John                     d end mar;ballagawn;son henry;bro robt;names thos s/o wm clague;wife exex
1775-2 A 47      DUGGAN       Catherine   cowin        d last day mar 1775;dau ann clague widow exex,elizth clague;gdau elizth dugan,jean kinley,elinor kinley;son john duggan
1776-1 A 23      CANNEL       Marjery                  bro thomas cannell;nephew wm cannell;mary cannell d/o john cannell;nephew john cannel + wife exec
1776-1 A 24   dg CANNEL       John                     c'town;only son wm (land described)
1776-1 E      d  WATTERSON    Henry                    d 3 Nov 1775;Colby;ch Henry, John + Cath jt admrs - other ch Joney(w/o John Cubbon) + Ellinor(w/o Robt Maddrell) having had m/cs;john = cath relinquish admin to Henry;wife alive (as Cath wants press after her mo's death)
1776-2 A 69      RATTCLIFFE   Catherine   CLAGUE       [full]d Mar 1776;husb James exor;ch Richard(Land except that purchased from Wm Corrin[SSS May 1756 87]),Cath(w/o Richard Harrison(Rushen) by 1807) Elinor (w/o John Key(Douglas) by 1807), Margery(w/o Wm Watterson by 1807),  Jean(w/o Charles Clague by 1807), Elizth Quain, Margt Bell
1776-3 E      w  CANNELL      Thomas                   d 21 sep 1776;arristine;son wm,richd;dau ellinor cannell als crebbin (w/o thos crebbin);gdau mary,cath + joney cannell;gson thos cannell,john + wm cannell;son john exec
1776-3 E      w  MADDRELL     Matthew                  rushen ?;d 25 jul 1776;son james,charles;dau margt taggart als maddrell;gson robt maddrell;daus eliz + joney execx;witt magery ronan als hutchin,ewan qualtrough;
1777-1 E      w  Gill         Catherine                d 28 sep 1776;dau cath;son james;names ann kelly;husb john exec;guardian john kelly;1794 john taylor h/o cath
1777-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Isabel      clague       son richd,wm;dau mary corrin execx;gdau jane moore;dau elinor moore;gson wm corrin;dau cath radcliffe;gdau jane d/o richd costean;
1777-2 E      w  JUKE         Ellinor     READ         aunt ann gready;chas clagues dau, thos clague's dau,ann clague;cousin ann gready;aunt alice quiggin;child on her bearing;cousins chas clague,thos clague,robt quiggin,john corrin + ann gready;husb henry exec;ann gready als clague
1777-3 E      w  CUBBON       William                  d 8 aug 1777;balley beg;son john(heir);dau jane (money in the friary);[will expressed in manks as from one statement]john shimin h/o jane
1777-3 E      w  QUIGIN       Isabel      cannell      d 20 jul 1777;husb wm (exor -lands in braddan);dau joney chooil(linen head clothes excepting furr or jough? hatt);sons thos,john,richard,robt;ch ua
1778-1 A 25      CANNELL      Patrick                  [full]
1778-1 A 26      CUBBON       Ann                      son john,henry (if he comes);sons thos + richd execs
1778-1 A 27      TAGGART      Robert                   [Full];dau elizth kennaugh als taggart  exex;john kennaugh h/o elizth;
1778-1 A 28      CUBBON       William                  d 12 jan 1778;son john,dau elinor waterson;gson thos coole;wm coole h/o dau margt exec;wife alive;petn by wm coole
1778-1 A 29      QUINNEY      William                  d 26 jan 1778;son john exec
1778-1 A 30      CLARK        Jane        corrin       dau elinor w/o patrick moughtin,cath w/o henry clague,jane waterson widow;son john clark exec
1778-1 E      d  CUBBON       Margery     karran       d 18 mar 1778 without issue;husb thos admr
1778-1 E      d  KEIG         William                  d 12 jan 1778;ch robt,ellinor(w/o james tenant m m Mal 17730425),margt (w/o richd harrison)+ ann(w/o wm waterson)
1778-2 E      w  CUBBON       John                     d 5 dec 1778;step-fa thomas kinley;bro henry;only son thos exor ua uncles robt,thos + henry cubbon;sis cath,margt;wife ann pregnant
1778-2 E      d  MOORE        John                     d 25 jul 1778;dau ellinor(w/o richd corrin),jane(w/o john corrin) jt admmxs,ann had m/c
1778-2 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   bach;d barbadoes WI on board ship Ann aug 1778;fa james
1778-2 E      d  TAUBMAN      Thomas                   bach;d coast africa abt 20yrs ago;sibs john,elizth (w/o john cubbon) ,isabel + jane
1778-2 E      w  WATTERSON    Elizabeth   shimin       d 22 jun 1778;dau margt(w/o john clark), elizth cottier(her eldest dau);gdau ellinor + ann waterson;son john,wm exor
1779-1 A 23      COOLE        Catherine   curphy       dated 18 nov 1778;husb patk exor;son wm;names margt cooile 'the girle that is with us in the house';dau jane ua
1779-1 A 24      HARRISON     William                  dated 5 apr 1779;ballacallow? [film faint];dau elinor;son wm,thomas;wife margt als quirk;heir not 14;inv
1779-1 A 25      CLAGUE       Henry                    d 6 apr 1779;dau jane(eldest),cath;bro-i-law philip lowey [h/o cath clague m Arb 17610203],wm gell;bro richard;wife cath als clarke exex;names philip quilliam;ch ua
1779-1 A 26      CUBBON       John                     d 11 mar 1779;arroney;son john(lands etc + large sermon book);dau cath,jane,elinor;wife exex;ch ua;inv pt returned by robt + thos cubbon
1779-1 E      d  CORLETT      Catherine                petn by robert corlett c'town + wm corlett Peel; fa Micheal d 27 dec 1732, admin to other 3ch nicholas, cath + jane (decree 1733) - these 3 soon after departed Isle + not heard of since;
1779-1 E      d  CORLETT      Jane                     see Cath
1779-1 E      d  CORLETT      Nicholas                 see Cath
1779-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Charles                  dau cath;her aunt cath clague;dau julia,son charles,dau ann [?=eliz],son henry [?not found];sis ann gready;wife ann
1779-2 E      w  CUBBON       Robert                   ballnyglioney;son john;gson henry cubbon son of john cubbon ;gch john + elinor [?=margt] ch of john;son robt;dau jane + ann
1779-2 E      d  Kennah       Thomas                   bachelor,mo jane;sibs john robt henry cath jane + ellinor;+ articles of agreement  betweenn all prev + margt cubbon re dispute over certain will supposedly in favour of margt cubbon who is now with child by thomas
1779-2 E      w  MOORE        Isabel      [cubon]      w/o henry;son thomas [? bapt],dau joney kelley als moore;gdaus mary cath kelley,gdaus jeane + eliz moore
1779-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Richard                  son john;gson richard quayle;dau elinor cubbin als quayle;gson john cubbin;gch richd + cath cubbin;s-i-l john cubbin;names thomas hudgin;step gdau ann comish;wife isable + her son robert comish by prev husband execrs
1780   A 31      JUKE         Jane                     w/o richard ballakelly;dau joney,cath;son henry,wm,john eldest son richard; dau [] juke execx
1780   A 32      QUINE        Mary        gawn         widow relict of thomas;sons john + wm (both if they come);son thos;dau ann clague;son richd,thos + matthew,daniel;sis margt moore;servant maid isable quine;matthew + dal execs
1780   A 33      INCH         James                    d 26 feb 1780;unnamed wife execx
1780   A 34      QUINE        Thomas                   son richard;dau margt keig als quine;sons mathew + daniel;dau ann clague als quine of c'town;sons john + wm ;son thomas;wife mary als gawn execx
1780   A 35      CLAGUE       Catherine   cubbin       widow;d 11 mar;gson richd clague;gdau cath clague,elizth clague;son thomas parish clerk;son john exec
1780   A 36      CHRISTIAN    Jane        kewn         d 22 mar 1780;husb robt;gson wm carine;dau jane clague w/o richard execx
1780   A 37      QUAYLE       Margaret                 malew;dau eliz fargher;gsons john fargher + moore quayle;gdaus margt clucas + elizth kinley,hester + margt quayle;gsons robt fargher + mark quayle;chaplain of st marks david harrison;son wm + son-in-law  thomas fargher execs
1780   A 38   dg CUBBON       Alice       clague       dau margt quayle als cubbon w/o philip (house 1d lords rent)
1780   A 39      KNICKLE      John                     d 28 feb;dau isabel knickel;wife margt
1780-1 E 795  w  MOORE        Esther      quayle als c son john quayle,michael quayle,wm quayle;gdau ann quayle d/o wm;gson thos costean s/o john costean + dau margt (exex)
1780-1 E 797  w  HARRISON     John                     poor film;son wm,paul,richd,thomas,john;dau jane,margt,elinor,cath,mary;bro wm;wife exex
1780-1 E 797  w  MADDRELL     Charles                  d 25 may 1780;six ch charles,wm,john,thos,nicholas + mary;wife exex
1780-1 E 801  d  GELL         Joney       hampton      d beg apr 1780;ch wm,jane ellinor ua husb wm;inv;1793 elinor acks from uncle wm fayle
1780-1 E 815  d  MOORE        Henry                    d 29 oct 1779;ch thos + joney (w/o wm kelly)
1780-1 E 816  se HARRISON     Mary                     widow ballakindry;gson richd harrison
1780-2 E 494  w  GAWN         Margaret    harrison     d 17 jul 1780;w/o henry;dau elizth (legacy due by death of alice ledwick c'town);son richd,wm
1780-2 E 495  w  CURGHEY      Margaret    hutchin      d 18 jul 1780;dau margt,elinor,deborah;3 gch jane cubbon,john kinvig + cath bridson;husb gilbt exec;witt margt gawne since decd
1780-2 E 497  dg MOORE        Richard                  whitestone;son-i-law john taubman h/o margt;
1780-2 E 500  w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   d 23 aug 1780;dau elonor;son thomas;wife jane exex
1780-2 E 502  d  SHIMMIN      Jane        cooil        d jun 1779;ch wm(off island),richd (lately dead),mathias + thos (ua);husb john;inv
1781   A 13      CUBBON       Margaret    daugen       widow;dau cath gill [16024];dau margt curphy [?w/o John no ch];gdau margt gill,gson henry gill;cousin henry moore s/o thomas moore;son thos exec
1781   A 14      CLAGUE       Ellinor                  friend + relation cath comish w/o john comish kk arb;
1781-1 E      w  GRIMES       Nathanial                d 20 jul 1781;bro-i-law john comish;wife margt exex [a nathaniel graham has mi is in defuncts marked |-
1781-1 E      w  Kinvig       John,snr                 ballnegreney;gdau margt kinvig;gdau joney coole,cath coole, joney gawne,jane gawne;dau margt coole,joney gawne;son richard,wm;other ch john,thos,ann shimin,jane taylor,elinor  taylor ;wife cat als quayle;pat coole h/o margt;john gawn h/o jony
1781-1 E      w  TYLDESLEY    Catherine   [quayle]     dau margt (not 16);son thos;husb thomas exec
1781-2 E      d  CORRIN       Alice       wattlleworth d 14 sep 1781;ch wm + elizth
1781-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Richard                  ?? is in defuncts marked |-
1781-2 E      d  CUBBON       Thomas                   d 20 jul 1781;only ch elizth (but d 5 aug) wife jane;pledges john juke + john comish both arbory
1781-2 E      d  JUKE         Esther      kelly        d 9 sep 1781;ch john jane + isabel; all ua;husb john;pledges philip quayle + john comish;john juke lso guardian;inv
1781-2 E      d  KERMOD       Isabel      bridson      d 9 aug 1781;ch henry,isabel + magt;john kneal h/o isabel;
1781-2 E      w  QUAGGIN      Rachel      karran       sis jane;mother majery exex
1781-2 E      d  TYLDESLEY    Richard                  d 13 jul 1781;capt rt;no one appearing except son thomas who alleges prin creditor;pledge wm corran shopkeeper c'town + john comish kk arbory;inv
1782   A 25      COOLE        William                  d 23 nov 1781;3 ch;wife margt
1782   A 26   dg KARRAN       Margaret    preston      widow;s-i-l richd cubbon + elinor his wife [?fam 483]; [?margt karran als comish als preston]
1782-1 E      w  COSTEAN      Richard                  d 2 sept;dau margt w/o john coffee;gson thomas costean;wife elinor;john costean fa of thomas ;inv inc consideration of a marriage contract with Cath Corrin
1782-1 E      d  CRELLIN      Robert                   d 23 oct 2 ch richd + robt both ua; wife ath;john crellin gfa to children
1782-1 E      w  KEWNEY       Jane                     daus jane, joney + ellinor;dau cath;son john,robt + henry;john callister h/o jane
1782-2 E      w  CARIN        Phillip                  dated 10 feb 1781;now of c'town but late of arbory;dau elent,margt,jane;son edwd exor
1782-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Jane                     d 21 aug 1782;ch thos + elinor
1782-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Joney       crebbin      dated 22 jun 1782;gson richd juke(to send him to school),thos costean;son john;dau jean duke als costean exex(h/o john)
1782-2 E      d  JUKE         John                     d 19 aug 1782;ch john,jane isabel all ua uncle richd juke(santon) by fa side, wm kelly(arbory) by [blank ]side guardians;inv;petn states wife esther als kelly died a year previous;ch ack in 1800
1782-2 E      w  MOORE        Ann         nelson       d 29 aug 1782;husb john moore whitestone arbory; exorson john(eldest);dau elinor;sis in law ellinor moore + jane moore;names margery kermode;mo mary nelson;ch ua uncle henry watterson supv
1783   A 18      QUINE        Richard                  d 16 mar 1783;of c'town;2 bros john+ wm,danl (rights to a certain house recently purchased by him from thos quayle situate in west st) danl paying unto his bro matthew quine;bro thomas;sis ann clague als quine w/o thomas [2395],bro mathew exec
1783-1 E      jw BARROW       Samuel                   dated 6 feb 1783;saml + rachel als brice ?;ch john,thomas, richard,mary,sarah,hannah
1783-1 E      d  CARINE       William                  d 25 feb 1783;only ch wm carine under 21 chooses uncle john carine as guardian
1783-1 E      w  Corrin       Catherine   COSTEAN      dated 17 jan 1782;dau cath crelling als corrin
1783-1 E      w  HARRISON     John                     d 4 may 1783;colby;wife marjery exex
1783-1 E      d  TYLDESLEY    Thomas                   d 5 may 1783;ch richd,thos,margt all ua uncle(by mo's side) robt quayle castletown + wm clague c'town a reln by fa side;uncles stanley tyldesley + wm corrin uncles by fa side later sworn;inv - 187;petn by robt quayle merchant that tt's afairs very confused
1783-2 E      w  CARINE       William                  bach;uncle philip carine;aunt elinor carine;uncle richard clague's 2 ch;uncle john carine exec;wit margt cubon x;margt coole x
1783-2 E      w  CUBON        Jane                     son robt,john;dau ann cubbon;gdau elinor cubon d/o john;dau jane excx
1783-2 E      w  FARAGHER     Isabel                   2 daus margt + eliz;gdau jane lowey;husb charles;son john;gson john fargher;gdau cath fargher
1783-2 E      d  KNEALE       Ann         MOORE        widow;d apr last;6 ch john wm robt anthony thomas + ann 
1784   A 56      CUBBON       John                     d 19? jan 1784;dau elinor,margt;son henry,richd,john;wife alive (some ch ua)
1784   A 57      GAWN         Mary        quiggin      dated 5 jan;dau isabel , jane (1s each ? if marr),cath,margt
1784   A 58      CoRRIN       Robert                   son john,richd,dau cath crillings als corrin;
1784   A 59      CostaiN      John                     son john,richd (cow called stripper) (richd's children un-named);dau cath,Margt;gdau Cath + Margt qualtrough;
1784-2 E      d  CARIN        Elinor                   d oct 1784;spinster;bro john,philip + robt;
1784-2 E      w  KINLEY       William                  d 17 oct 1784;son-i-law wm preston;dau elizth,cath,elinor;wife esther exex
1785   A 31      JUKE         Catherine   kelly        dated 14 mar 1783;widow;son richd;dau ann cubbin,jane cubbin,cath exex
1785   A 32      CURPHEY      Gilbert                  d 18 dec 1784;son-i-law thos bridson (w/o deborah);dau margt(w/o robt cubbon);gson john kinvig(loom - s/o richd kinvig);dau elinor kinvig exex
1785   A 33      COSTEAN      Ellinor     quill ? als  Thomas Costean son of John Costean of BalleyYack; Elinor Coole dau of Wm Coole; John Costean of Bwoalleymooar exec & John's wife
1785   A 34   ag QUIGGIN      Elizabeth   quayle       dated 19 feb 1785;thomas + elizth als quayle late arb now peel;married 20yrs no issue;pledges john mylchreest schoolmaster peel,john mylchreest cooper kk german
1785   A 35      GEILL        William                  d 1 apr 1785;ch john,wm,henry,jane,elinor,richard(if he comes for it);wife exex
1785   A 36      CALLOW       Elizabeth   killip       son thomas,hugh;dau margt;husb hugh + thos jt exors
1785   A 37      GELL         Ann         clarke       d 15 mar 1784;dau ann;other ch 6d;husb wm exor
1785-1 E      d  COMISH       John                     d 25 Jul 1784;bach;sibs Wm, Elinor(w/o Wm Shimmin), Cath(w/o Henry Costean), Isabel Kelly als Costean jt admrs
1785-1 E      w  COMISH       William                  d 1 Jul 1784;late of Friary;ch Elinor, Wm, Henry,John(heir)exor - reliquishes to his mother Ann
1785-2 E      d  CLAGUE       Thomas                   a minor;entitled by death of fa;decd; his mo mary cubbon als clague + sibs richard henry john william + margt clague;robt cubbon h/o mary
1786   A 27      CUBBON       Catherine   duke         dated 14 feb 1785;widow;ballabeg;names margt cubbon als lewn widow douglas;stepson wm cubbon(+ his dau cath),john cubon(his dau cath);names wm cubbon son & heir to john cubbon;bro nicholas duke;names jane duke,john cubbon(dau elizth);stepson john cubbon exor
1786-1 E      w  HARRISON     Edward                   s-i-l magery harrison als keg widow;;d july last;;bro dau cath harrison;gdau elinor clague;gson john clague;names wm gell;bros son john harrison;elinor h. d/o of sd john h.eliz h charles h.'s dau;dau margt w/o richard clague
1786-1 E      d  HARRISON     John                     bach;pet by elinor h. + edward h her son;son john was shot in america 4 oct 1784 and entitled to considerale effects seamans wages + prize money;edw is only bro
1786-1 E      d  JUKE         Richard                  ?have bur Arb 1786; rj of kk arbory  d 9 apr;6 ch john wm henry jane cath + joney
1786-1 E      d  TAUBMAN      Margaret    MOORE        d 15 June 1786;8 ch John, Thomas, William, Henry, Richard,Elizabeth, Jane and Salisbury Taubman + Cath already married;henry Taylor h/o Jane [Arb 17851001 ?no ch];husb John;inv
1786-2 E      d  COSTEAN      John                     d 16 aug;bach;sibs richd,cath w/o henry qualtrough + margt w/o henry clucas
1786-2 E      w  CURGHEY      David                    son richd;dau margt,elizth;son john (loom);dau cath;wife alive;pledges john taubman + ann shimmin
1786-2 E      w  JUKE         Henry                    d 26 sep 1786;dau jane + cath; (not yet 21)bro john;wife's fa alive;wife margt
1787-1 E      d  BRIDSON      John                     d 2 mar 1786;child jane kneale als bridson admx(other ch cath + ann had settlements)
1787-1 E      d  CANNELL      John                     d 12 feb 1787;ch thos,john,wm + joney(w/o heny waterson) (2 other ch mary + cath had marr setts)
1787-1 E      d  Comaish      Margaret    CLARKE       d 15 apr 1787;ch wm + margt comish als grimes(another ch john had marr sett) [w/o gilbt ?marr]
1787-1 E      d  FARGHER      Bridjet                  illeg d/o thomas faragher (ballacaraghen ne howin? - will san 1774) died nearly 20yrs ago having gone to america but no news after strictest enquiry;inv
1787-1 E      d  FARGHER      Thomas                   petn by patk quayle malew,patk cowley kk german + thos callin kk marown that legacy to illeg dau bridget was to fall to them if bridget did not claim
1787-1 E      w  KARRAN       Marjery                  ?too light to read;d beg may 1786;son gilbert (? his dau jane,isabel);dau elinor;gdau elinor;gson paul quiggin;dau cath
1787-2 E      w  BRIDSON      John                     ballavarkess;wife jane [?jane bridson als kinley m mal17851130 ? is this 2nd m or son]
1787-2 E      w  JUKE         Catherine   CUBBON       d 13 sep;son john;dau margt w/o wm kissag execx
1787-2 E      d  QUIGGIN      Isabel      KARRAN       d 26 nov;only ch paul ua;husb wm 
1788   A 19      CAVEEN       Catherine   cubbon       dau margt + elinor; [?bapts ?mary ?cath]gdau cath caven d/o john;sons john,thomas,wm,mathew;husb thos
1788   A 20      WATERSON     William                  [full]
1788   A 21      CLUCAS       William                  bealavere rushen;dau ann clugas;gdau elizth clucas;gtgson james clugas;son richd,james 
1788   A 22      RADCLIFFE    James                    [full];d 11 dec 1787
1789   A 25      Quayle       isabel      comish       dated 23 may 1783;widow; isable quayle otherwise comish;son robt comish (grenaby mill);[?m richd quayle arb 17580415 - ?no ch]
1789   A 26                                            number not used
1789   A 27   a  QUILL        William                  between wm quill + eldest son john (concerns ballagarmick rent 2s 3 halfpence);daus jane + margery
1789-1 E 716  d  QUIRK        Philip                   d apr 1789; ch jane,isabel,elinor + ann ua;wife ellinr;thos quine kenaa uncle pledge + guardian;other pledge john goldsmith lezayre;disputed estate inv claims
1789-1 E 736  w  CRELLIN      Elizabeth   CURGHEY      d 22 apr 1789;son thos(house at cronk),dau cath;husb john
1789-1 E 740  w  CRELLIN      John                     d 26 apr 1789;son thos (house at cronk),dau cath
1789-2 E      w  CAVEEN       Elinor      QUAYLE       6 ch thos,john,ralph, 'as also to' cath,elinor + margt creech;some ch ua;husb john
1789-2 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Robert                   d 4 feb 1789;only dau jane clague als christian exex(w/o richd)
1789-2 E      w  CORKISH      Richard                  d 13 aug 1789;colby;half-bro charles morrison;jane kneale als bridson exex(w/o wm)
1790   A 23      QUILLIAM     Henry                    d 8 dec 1789;son john,wm,thomas,henry (jt exor with jane);dau jane (ua)
1790   A 24      COMISH       William                  dated 3 dec 1786;dau elinor;son john;wife exex
1790-1 E      w  COWLE        Charles                  d 12 may 1790;robt kenah exec
1790-1 E      d  CUBBON       John                     d 25 apr 1790;ch thos,john,richard (off island) + majory
1790-1 E      d  KINLEY       Thomas                   d 15 apr 1790;next of kin cousin german thomas kinley admr but surrended to wife cath;pledge thomas kinley rushen + wm quayle arbory [?2nd husb of cath comish m 1760 - her will 1797 - m arb 17600203]
1790-1 E      w  QUINEY       Ann         BRIDSON      d 26 jul 1789;dau margt,anne,cath;son john (eldest),thos,henry;some ch ua;husb john
1790-2 E      w  CLAGUE       John                     d 6 jun 1790;blacksmith colby;wife elinor;dau elizth;son john(herring nets),joseph,richard(house etc + to give land to elizth to build house on smithy or where dunghill was) exor
1791   A 29      KILLEY       Catherine                dated 3 dec 1790;ronag;dau jane,margt;son wm,thos,john;gson jamey;husb john exor
1791   A 30      MADDREL      David                    dau margt,ann;wife isable exex;names thos vondey
1791   A 31      MADDREL      Robert                   d 3 apr 1791;son john;dau eliz + Margt;wife elinor;1793 John gell acks from mo-in-law Elinor;
1791-1 E      d  CLAGUE       William                  d 11 may 1791;ch margt + elinor ua;uncles richd clague + john kneale;wife margt
1791-1 E      w  CLAGUE       William                  d 8 may 1791;ballagawn;sons wm,richd + thomas,robt,john;wife elizth als coole exex;nv;wife's half sister margt coole;gdau cath clague
1791-1 E      w  GAWN         William                  dated 6 mar 1788;dau cath exex(w/o hugh callow)
1791-1 E      w  KINVIG       William                  d 20 may 1791;son thomas(upper house where elizth kennaugh dwells),wm(eldest - loom),john,richd;dau jane;wife margt als juke;some ch ua
1791-2 E      w  COMISH       Ann                      dated 11 jun 1790;relict wm;son john;names cath,thomas c/o thomas costain(h/o dau elenor) exor
1791-2 E      w  CUBBON       Elinor      QUAYLE       d 20 aug 1791;dau elinor(eldest),cath; son thomas,richd,john,wm exor
1791-2 E      w  KINVIG       Richard                  d 1 jun 1791;dau anne,elizth,margt;son thomas,richd,john,wm;wife elinor als curghey exex
1792   A 22      QUAYLE       Margaret    christian    w/o john;d 22 jan 1792;son john;god dau margt hutchen d/o henry;husb john exec
1792   A 23      CUBBON       Margaret    ad[]rs ?als [kelly]  w/o thos;ellinor d/o richd cubbon;sis cath gell w/ wm gell c'town;thos s/o jno curghy;john cubbon s/o robt (field called creggan as left to him by loving husb before by a will);elinor w/o john curhy her sister's dau execx;;to pay unto margt kelly when she comes of age (she has sibs)
1792   A 24      CLARK        William                  son john,thomas,mathias;dau elizabeth + cath;wife execx some ch ua;
1792-1 E      d  COMISH       Gilbert                  d 7 Jan 1791;ch John admr,other unnamed ch relinquished admin
1792-1 E      mc COTTIER      Margery     WATTERSON    mc dated arb 1792  magery cottier als watterson (rowany Rushen) on behalf son Michael Cottier + Cath Carran als Watterson (arb) dau Ellinor;
1792-1 E      w  GELLING      Ann         QUALTROUGH   dated 18 sep 1791;ch John, Robert, Edward, Cathrin, Anne, Elezebeth and Isabel (2s 6d ea);husb edwd exor;
1792-1 E      w  MOORE        John                     dated 20 feb 1787;vicar arbory;Wife Cath(house in c'town called lawrence's house + life interest in KnockDarragh) exex;ch cath(150), Margt(150), Charlotte(150), John(Knock Darragh), Thos, Norris + Henry (10 ea - money to come from 'improvements ar vicarage);pledges Norris Moore esq C'town + Thos Taubman brewer c'town
1793   A 34   w  COMISH       Catherine   clarke       dated 26 oct 1792;dau jane comish execx
1793   A 35   dg CLAGUE       Richard                  dated 11 oct 1791;son henry
1793   A 36   w  HUTCHEN      Elinor      kinveg       son gilbt hudgin;dau elianor kinveg;dau margt lewin als kinveg;son joseph hudgin,wm hudgin,robt hudgin,richd hudgin;husb robt hudgin
1793   A 37      HARRISON     Edward                   Mr E H balla Adda;son + heir John_Edward (pt of Colby Miln),james;dau ann[?bapt];wife margt als nelson;pledges wm nelson c'town  + richd corrin
1793   A 38      WATERSON     Elinor      bell         widow colby;son-i-law wm taggart [?#28241 h/o cath but ?bapt];gdaus cath cubbin;gdau elizth watterson,elinor watterson;dau elinor maddrell als waterson;son henry waterson;dau judy cubbin als watterson ;son john watterson;son + heir henry waterson
1793   A 39      CLAGUE       William                  wife elinor als cannell; (crott charrey + houses church st);5 daus mary,jane,elizth,elinor + anne;son wm (to purchase carpenters utensils);son michael [?bapt]
1793   A 40      WATERSON     Isabel      shimin       son charles;daus ann + margt;dau isabel execx;husb [?john] alive
1793-1 E 235  d  KISsACK      William                  d oct last;[1792]ch richd + elinor,john having had a settlement
1793-1 E 236  w  CRAIN ?carin John                     ballacrain;bro robt now in liverpool,bro philip's daus esther + ann;serv margt coole;many mortgages + some other names
1793-2 E      d  CORRIN       William                  d 18 nov;bach;fa robt
1793-2 E      w  CUBBON       John,jnr                 made 8 jun 1793;bro-i-l john kermott;sis cath cubbon;sis elinr kermott als cubbon;bro thos,wm;fa jno;
1793-2 E      w  KILLEY       Jane        DUKE         d 12 jul 1793;husb ceasar exor; sis ann cottier + jony kelly
1794   A 39   jw COMISH       Elizabeth   kissack      john + elizth als kissack;son john (eldest),richd,thomas;dau margt qualtrough
1794   A 40      CUBBON       Thomas                   john cubbin eldest s/o robt cubbon decd (+ other sons thos + robt);richd cubbon (+son robt);philip quayle's ch (cath,christian,thos + richd);henry s/o john cubbin;elinor quayle als cubbin;elinor curphy als kelly w/o john execx
1794-1 E      d  CUBBON       William                  d 29 mar 1794;sibs john,ann + jony;nephews + nieces thos clague,elinor clague,wm caveeb,john caveen,thos caveen,math caveen,margt caveen + elinor caveen;
1794-2 E      d  CANNELL      John                     bach;late on board ship Helen of Liverpool d on coast of guinea;fa john
1794-2 E      d  COOIL        Richard                  d 21 mar 1794;without issue;fa thomas cooil
1794-2 E      d  CUBBON       John                     d 17 sep 1794;bach;fa robt
1795   A 39      CUBBON       John                     [bur Arb 17950110]d 16 jan 1795;son robt;wife jony als coole;ch wm,jane shimmin,elizth kennagh,cath exex
1795   A 40      GAWN         Joney                    [bur Arb 17950131]d 29 jan 1795;husb john;son john,thomas;dau joney(w/o john cubbon #978),jane exex
1795-1 E      d  CAVEEN       Matthew                  [bur Arb 17940828];d 28 aug without issue;fa thomas
1795-1 E      d  MOORE        John                     d 20 mar 1794;ch thos robt wm richard jane elinor cath jony and ann moore
1795-2 E      w  CORRIN       Elizabeth                crott;dau elizth costean;gdau charlotte costean;dau-i-law cath corrin;gdaus margt + ellior corrin;dau jane;dau margt mceravey;husb richd
1795-2 E      d  COSTAIN      Ann         KERMODe      [bur Arb 17950809];d 9 aug 1795;ch richd,thos,john,wm,elinor + ann;all ua;husb john;1796 agreemnt whereas john costean married to ann d/o patrick patk kermode ..
1796   A 26      CORRIN       Richard                  d 28 dec 1795;son john (teldesly croft) exec,richd (looms he was weaving with),wm,henry (to be put to trade);dau ellinor;wife alive
1796-1 E      d  HARRISON     Richard                  [bur Arb 17951201];d 1 dec 1795; ch john,elinor,jane,margt + cath
1796-2 E      w  clark        Margaret                 [bur Arb 17960621];d 21 jun 1796;w/o john; dau elizth,eleanor,anne;gson john quirk;dau cath;gdau elizth kissag;dau jane exex (w/o john taggart)
1796-2 E      w  CORLETT      Joney                    [bur Arb 17960813];d 12 aug 1796;widow;dau cath (+ch),jane clucas exex
1796-2 E      w  HARRISON     Margaret                 [bur Arb 17960827];w/o richd;dau cath + margt (croft in ballasalla now in posn charles quayle);son john (herring nets left by fa);eldest dau ellinor execx
1796-2 E      d  kEANEY       Catherine                [bur Arb 17960324];d mar 1796; ch wm, john,esther,margt + elizth all ua;husb robt;inv
1796-2 E      d  WATTERSON    John                     [bur Arb 17960607];d 7 jun 1795;ch charles,danl,wm,isabel,ann + margt;
1797   A 35      PRESTON      Deborah                  [bur Arb 17961106]made 1 nov 1796;w/o john exec;gson john preston;dau eliz corlett [?chk have elinr]
1797   A 36      COSTEAN      Jane                     made 20 dec 1795;son richard,dau jane ;husb wm
1797   A 37      CLUCAS       Isabel      gell         d 10 mar 1797;son wm;dau isabel;sis anne;son john;gdau esther;dau isabel + jane
1797   A 38      GAWN         Margaret                 d 28 mar 1797;sis isabel kinraid[? m john 1781];names jane gawn;sis cath callow execx w/o hugh [m 1791]
1797   A 39      MADDREL      Mary        [carine]     w/o charles;son charles h/o christian;gch mathew + margt (c/o charles);son wm;bro john carine;john woods + wife mary exec
1797   A 40      MOORE        Catherine                relict rev john moore;son norris,henry,dau eliz harrison;dau charlotte christian;gdau cath + ann moore ;mentions houses in c'town
1797   A 41      CORRIN       Alice       bridson      widow;colby;dau esther moore;names elinor moore;niece's sons richard  + john moore ;niece ellinor moore als kissack execx
1797   A 42   jw CREBBIN      Thomas                   thomas + mary als waterson;dau anne w/o thos cubbin [?marr]
1797   A 43      WATERSON     Jane        nelson       d 4 dec 1796;'ouldest son + daughter william childer the price of one pier of shues each of them';same to oldest dau  of john corrin;dau else [alice];son thos exec
1797-1 E      w  COMISH       John                     made 10 may 1797;c'town;dau ann casement;dau jane comish
1797-1 E      w  COSTEAN      Elinor                   ballakilpatrick;son richd (boat,net buoys etc, fa's clothes + those of decd bro);dau jane,eleanor,esther,margt,cath kermode (w/o wm);son john exec
1797-1 E      w  COSTEAN      Richard                  d 31 may 1797;son richd;dau jane,ellinor [?by prev mar],esther,margt;son-i-law wm kermode [husb of elinor decd by probate];inv;1799: philip clucas h/o elinor,john boyd h/o jane;1808:edwd tear h/o esther
1797-1 E      d  CUBBON       William                  ch ua;widow elinor refuses to sue;creditors (+next of kin) thos quine + john kinnin appointed;robt cubbon + john kennaugh uncles by fa side guardians;inc claims
1797-1 E      Mc CUBBON       William                  dated 4 jan 1792;art marr between thos gelling ballalewin kk malew + wm cubbon kk arbory obo dau cath cubbon;wm's wife ellinor als moore
1797-1 E      w  KEIG         Robert                   d 31 may 1797;youngest sons wm,patk + paul;daus ellinor + esther;son john (eldest - herring nets);wife margt als harrison execx
1797-1 E      w  KILLEY       Caesar                   d 25 jul 1797;bro thos;bro-i-law john graham;names cath corkill;henry s/o john kelly;wife cath als kelly ;'and if his wdw was to marry  half to revert to james quirk and ann his wife';petn by wm killey,john cubbon + wife alice,cath quayle widow 3 of next of kin that widow cath has illegally possessed herself of estate
1797-1 E      w  KINLEY       Catherine   COMISH       made 12 jan 1792;widow of thomas;dau margt w/o wm quayle alias cubbon exex;gson thomas kinney [looks like cath comish wdw john cubbon (will 1758) m thos kinley 1760 (no ch?)]
1797-1 E      w  QUILL        Margaret    [kelly]      d 28 may 1797;dau eleanor,cath,elizth,margt;son richd,henry;names mary cregeen;husb john exec
1797-1 E      d  QUIRK        Philip                   d 7 may 1797;only ch jane quirk;
1797-1 E      w  WATTERSON    William                  malew, weaver;d 31 may 1797;bros charles + danl (herring nets);sis ann kinvig [mar 1797],margt waterson,isabel waterson
1797-2 E      w  COOIL        Patrick                  d 14 sep 1797;son wm (horse + herring nets);dau jane
1797-2 E      w  COOIL        Thomas                   d 25 jun 1797;dau cath harrison als coole (eldest),jane cowen als coole,elizth + elinr execx
1797-2 E      w  CUBBON       Thomas                   d 18 jul 1797;son thomas (herring nets);dau jane;gson john karran,john cubbon;gdau jane cubbon (living with him),cath cubbon;wife cath
1798   A 33      BRIDSON      Thomas                   dau cath (bed etc + 40 in hands of edwd gawne kk rushen brewer);wife deborah;son john
1798   A 34      WATERSON     William                  Douglas: sister Mgt Waterson; Wm Craine cabinet maker; bro & heir Tho Waterson; sister Ann Shimmin (husb Wm Shimmin [?m Mal 17920125 ?no ch]); sis Elizth Poulston; sis Cath Gawn; mother Cath Waterson; wife Elizth; Mgt Quayle (wife Elizth's dau)
1798   A 35      QUALTROUGH   Henry                    d 4 mar;made 9 mar 1798;son john,richard;daus margt,cath,jane;son wm exec;wm gell + john kegg acks
1798-1 E      d  CLEGG        Thomas                   bach;late surgeon hm ship hawick d mar 1797 at stonehouse devonshire;natural + lawful fa thos empowers son john;pleges james quirk knockaloe, robt christian wine mercht peel;
1798-1 E      d  COSTEAN      Catherine                d 22 jun 1797;only ch cath camaish als costean w/o john 
1798-1 E      w  CUBBON       John                     d 13 jul 1797;coalby;ch john + elizth cubbon;left  1 guinea towards building of a preaching house to be built at coalby,in case the same should go forward;wife jane als kelly execx;bro thos cubbon + bro-i-law john kelly guardians
1798-1 E      w  HARRISON     Elinor                   d 6 jul 1797;husb john exec;dau elinor,elizth,ann + margt
1798-1 E      w  HARRISON     William                  d 9 may 1798;names mary harrison,paul harrison;2 nieces youngest d/o bro richd;nephew john harrison;
1798-1 E      d  JUKE         Jane                     d 26 may 1798;sibs richd,john,wm,henry,cath kewley als juke w/o james,joney quayle als juke;henry waterson h/o joney (?2nd marr);
1798-1 E      mc KILLEY       Caesar                   caesar killey + cath kelly
1798-2 e 677  w  graham       margaret    comish       d 18 jul 1798;bro john [?step bro #266];niece margt southwell,jane mason als comish; esther comish,elizth comish;nephew john comish (s/o wm);names cath clague als hutchin,thos hutchin,mary kelly als cottier,cath gell,cath tyldesley (+dau elizth);bro wm exec [?marr mathew grime + margt comish Arb 17730213 ?no ch]
1799-1 E 946  w  HARTLEY      Ann                      d 25 jul 1798;niece ellinor callow w/o thomas execx
1799-2 E      w  CANNELL      Ann                      dated 10 sep 1799;husb john;ch henry,margt cain als cannell,cath quirk als cannell,thos,hanna?,patk,richd,mary(exex)
1799-2 E      d  CANNELL      Thomas                   d coast of africa;formerly arbory but late a mariner on board "Neptune" of Liverpool(Williams cmndr);father John admr
1799-2 E      d  COSTEAN      Henry                    d 10 aug 1799;only ch cath comish als costean(w/o john) admx;

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