Summary of Wills - Arbory 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 A 23      QUIRK        Thomas                   8 mar....
1700-1 A 24      CUBBON       Margaret    CALLIN       18 apr ;husb john;son william corrin;dau jane corrin;dau isable cubbon
1700-1 A 25      QUILLIN      Jane                     3 feb ;widow;gson john quillin;2 daus ellin & mary;s-il geo harrison;ellen hingly als quillan claims what is due by her fathers will
1700-1 A 26      QUIGGIN      Aymee       QUALTROUGH   8 apr 1700;dau isable quiggin;husb alive;other child wm dau emmy
1700-2 E      w  COMISH       James                    date 20 aug 1700;wife ellen cubon;witt john creer, margt cubbon als crellin
1700-2 E      w  LOONEY       Ellen       CRELLIN      abt 10 may 1700;dau jane;son john;husb gilbert
1700-3 E 530  w  KEIGG        Mary        crichart ?   dau catherine,husb thomas;2 daus eliz & cath;dau eliz exec
1701   A 29      COMISH       Alice       CLAGUE       dated 18 mar 1701/2;husb john comish;dau marjery;supv william cluag
1701   A 30   w  NORRIS       Nelly                    [full];husb wm exec;sis's son wm kageen(ballasalla);names john creer(+wife),wm Qualtrough(+wife + son),cath shimmin,isabel cubbon,wm keig;pledges Mr Henry Norris,james madrell
1701   A 31      MOORE        Thomas                   10 dec 1701;sons john,thomas;dau alice;wife alice cubon
1701   A 32      BRIDSON      Isable                   wife to henry of ballaglonadated 4 apr 1701;3 children all under age
1701-1 E      w  CUBON        Catherine   QUAILE       date 18 sept 1701;son wm,dau ann clark;dau isabel clark;husb davy cubon; former husb willm clark;children of this marr under age; 17 may 1723 cath cubon wife of wm bridson recvd from father david cubon
1702-1 E 051  d  Waterson     Anne        Cubun        d 7 june 1701 - only child Elizabeth Quirk
1702-1 E 052  w  Crellin      Ellen       Cowley       d c. 26 May 1702 - eldest son Syll Crellin (who has children), son Robert; d-in-l eliz crellin als cubon, sister Isabel at Duglas
1702-2 E 094  d  Caveen       John                     d 3 Nov 1702 ; 2 children Willm & Christian
1702-2 E 094  d  Moor         Jo                       d 12 june 1702, 3 children Isabel, Joney & Jo
1703   A 12      CUBBON       Jane        Shimmin      d c 10 Feb 1702/3;mother alive, step-dau's Ann Clark, Catherine Cubon,Elliner Cubon;Isable Clark (not spef); Bro's son Robt Shimmin; bros unspec; child on her bearing; wit Thomas Cubon, Wm Quail;
1703   A 13      CUBON        Margaret    Cottingham   d 3 feb 1703;son william (underage), 3 uncles Dan Nidderagh, John Cottingham, Thomas Quinney; inv
1703-1 E      w  CORRIN       Alice                    widow , bro John Corrin, sis Jony Corrin, cath corrin her bro's dau
1703-2 E 226  w  QUIGGIN      William                  d 14 sept 1703; dau isabel (houses in castletown), dau Amy son Wm
1703-3 E 271  d  NORRIS       Catherine   MOORE        d 3 Nov 1703, only child elizabeth, next rel Revd Mr Cosnahan [?8833] & capt Charles Moor, husb Henry Norris; Mrs Margt Moor + []to maintain admx during minority; Mrs Margaret Moor on behalf of s-i-l Wm Cooper enters a claim [?m Mal 16811203 or ?#9310]
1703-3 E 274  d  COWLE        Anthony                  supposed to be dead; half sister Anne Keigg;actually castletown ?
1703-3 E 274  d  MADDRELL     Ellin       Clague       d 4 nov 1703 (inv states 15 nov); next reln Rich Clague, Wm Catherine & Anne, Tho William jnr ,Ellin, Isabel, & Anne Clague; Jo Maddrell husband ,son Henry & dau Christian Maddrell
1704   A 4       CORRIN       John                     d 31 dec 1704; dau cath,unm, but she is dumb  bro john corrin
1704   A 5       GEYLL        John                     c 28 nov 1704; of ballakilpatrick;eldest son ?;son william +2 sisters ; 3 youngest children [], eliz & ann;wife alive;all children under age;inv
1704-1 E 290  d  CUBON        Jane        QUINEY       d 8 Apr 1704; bro Thomas Quiney, sis Isabel Kegg als Quiney; husb alive
1704-2 E 308  w  CORRiN       Dorothy     CUBON        d 14 Aug 1704; sisters son Edward Goldsmith, husb john corrin
1705   A 31      COrrIN       William                  c 12 Apr 1705; 3 dau ellinor, jane,
1705   A 32      HARRISSON    William                  wife eliz, gdau alice costen;son william;youngest dau catherine;3 children william mary catherine; wit thos costen , wm quooil;
1705   A 33      WATERSON     Anne        cubon        husb william, dau ann waterson, son john
1705-1 E 437  w  LOONEY       Thomas                   d 17 oct 1704; sis Jane Looney, bro Jon Looney, wife 2 children - Jo Quaille of Ballatrollag supr; the childrens step father thos cubon by 1708
1705-1 E 438  w  CUBON        John                     baroole, d 6 june 1705; 6 grandchildren john robt tho ellen nich & wm quaile, john + robt at age; recpt 10 aug 1728 robt & wm ack from John, thomas 27 feb 1729, 20 june 1730 Jo Farrant husb of Ellen
1705-2 E 519  w  Costen       Isabel      corrin       d 24 Oct 1705, dau Isabel costen, son willim costen, sister eliz corrin, bro willim corrin; was intending to marry Nicholas Quaile
1705-2 E 520  d  Kewn         Elizabeth   corrin       d 1 nov 1705 2 children Jo & Margt Kewn; husb; uncles Tho and Wm Corrin; husb had 2 children by former wife; husb Henry april 27 1719 Margt Kewn paid
1706   A 30      CUBON        Jane        SHIMMIN      20 apr 1706;son wm,her sis mary;bro nicholas;b-i-l robert gellin
1706-1 E 607  c  corrin       Margaret    costene      [full]
1706-1 E 609  w  GEYLL (gell) Jony        TAYLOR       d c 3 may 1706;youngest dau anne other eliz,d-il-l jony geyll als lowey,anne costen als keigg,eldest son william;20 oct 1718 robt quaile husb of eliz gell 
1706-1 E 610  d  CUBON        Alice       BRIDSON      d 24 june 1706; 2 children by ye latter husband john bridson - robert & thos(both in minority),2 daus by former husb  dorothy & nelly maddrell
1706-1 E 611  d  CUBON        Jane                     d 15 jan 1705/6 ; 2 children jane & thomas under age husb sworn as no relation appeared
1706-2 E 668  w  CLARK        Dorothy                  d-i-l unnamed,gson thomas cubon half of what his father is indebted for, gdau jane, son wm,husb alive
1706-3 E      d  CORRIN       Thomas                   d in eng 3yrs ago;only bro henry corrin
1708   A 11      COSTEAN      Christian                25 jan 1707;gson ro costean;gdau alice costean,son robt costean,mention dorothy comish,wit tho cubon, wm kinvigg;oct 18 1736 robt costean acks leg
1708   A 49      FARGHER      Philip                   c 10 nov 1708; wife margt costean; sis ellen quirk als fargher; mentions Mr Parker, nicholas corrin in rushen, christian corrin, wm karran in marown
1708-2 E 108  d  JUKE         Jony        corjeag      ?error jony + als;d 22 apr; only child catherine Juke , husb alive
1708-2 E 108  w  SHIMMIN      John                     d 2 may 1708; dau jony cubon als shimmin, pledge Jo Waterson rushen & david cubon Arbory
1708-2 E 109  w  NELSON       Isabel       Goan (Gawne hus Thomas Nelson, Nelly Comish widow, 4 children  isabel may john thomas; step dau isabel; 22 oct 1725 Isabel & Mary only surviving admrs pd by father
1709-1 E 181  w  CORRIN       John                     heir Ann Waterson; half heifer to excr Isabel Quail, also Catherine & eliz waterson, gilbert waterson
1709-3 E 241  jd QUARK        John                     sons of John Quark of cross-wilkin, being out of island above 16 years supposed dead, sister Mary Fox, husb Jo Fox
1709-3 E 241  jd QUARK        William                  see john
1710-3 E 379  w  CLUAIG       Nicholas                 d c 5 sep 1710 wife ann kneale, bro robert cluaig, bro william,father alive,2 children one 'upon her bearing' feb 27 1710 wife to nurse youngest child for 1 year for which court will award reasonable satisfaction 7 may 1719  wm cubon relict's husband
1710-3 E 382  d  KEIGG        Elinor      WATERSON     d 5 feb 1710/11 only child Anne  under age, next rel Jo Waterson her uncle, husb alive
1711   A 19      BRIDSON      Catherine                [full]
1711-2 E      w  CORRIN       William                  d c.24 sept 1711, of colby, eldest son john, 3 sons abroad william thomas & henry, wife isabel, gdau jane callister at Ballacraiggen , dau majery
1711-3 E      d  CUBON        John                     6 nov 1711,of Ballacrejeen dau unm Ellin Cubon 'at age', bro Robt cubon  + wife (never named) agrrement between bro + sister re division of flax crop and weaving looms
1711-3 E      d  MADDRELL     Charles                  3 jan 1711/12; 4 children john catherine, jony matthew all excpt matthew at age, wife alive, pledges James maddrell & son Robt Maddrell; 4 mar 1724 jony maddrell 
1712-1 E 615  d  BRIDSON      Catherine   quayle als cubon d 3 mar 1711/2; only son wm cubon
1712-1 E 616  d  STEVENSON    Richard                  son late major steven d. about 10 years ago; Major s. relict Alice S als heywood, 4 sisters mary, jane, catherine & margaret
1712-1 E 617  d  ROBINSON     Samuel                   d 21 jan 1711/2;2 sons Thomas + Samuel, Thomas a long time of island (26 yrs according to mother's decree) and not heard of, pledges John Waterson schoolmaster + Robert Radcliffe of Red gap.
1712-1 E 618  d  ROBINSON     Bridget                  d 7 may
1712-1 E 621  mc COMISH       Jony                     inc marriage contact of dau Catherine with William Shimmin of Kk Malew dated 8 june 1705 ; endorsed 9 jun 1712
1712-2 E      d  CORRIN       Marjory     CUBON        d 4 feb 1711/2;ch patr coole, philip coole + margt + cooney coole jt admrs;husb henry (colby);inv incs part of boat nets etc
1712-2 E      d  KINVIG       William                  perished by water 27 aug 1712;only son john admr;wife alive;admr ua gfa, mother + aunt sworn;inv 6; lists various parties who have part on inv inc John woods who has christian waterson's part, others robt waterson, john waterson, Wm kinvig,john clark;1722: john Kinvig gfa acks Jane clark relict John Clark(aranack) 3 in his hands
1712-2 E      d  WATERSON     Henry                    d 4 oct 1712;dau christian, ann, marjory, margt + jane jt amrs (all at age);wife alive; pledges their bro John waterson;
1712-3 E      d  COMISH       John                     d 20 nov 1712?;ch isabel + wm jt admrs - next relns Wm, Henry + cath comish overseers;wife alive;note that one sheep gifted to isabel omitted + by 1717 increased to ten;wife christian als waterson acks some meatcorne for maintaining children;1724: isabel at age
1713   A 26      CRAIN        Match                    ?wrong parish; d 21 feb 1712; dau ann corrin;half given to son [lost in binding]corrin + isabell his wife now to go to ann;mentions rights in allystyne
1713-1 E      w  CLOAG        Thomas                   [full]d 2 [] 1713;sis ann quiggin als cloag,cath;bro wm;niece margery comish
1713-3 E 146  w  PARR         John                     [full]dated 18 Jul 1709 - however unwitnessed;Deemster;son Thomas(London),Robt;dau Dulcibella, ann bridson + Isable Norris daus by former wife had settlements;gdau [],ann bridson;wife Jane exex;decree;dispute with Mr Henry Norris in right of wife Isabel Parr re dowry;
1714   A 9       CAIN         Mable                    d 4 mar 1712; only dau katherine;bro Wm cain,sister margaret;wit george harrison, joh moore
1714   A 10      CUBBON       Margaret    keig         d 3 jan 1714/5; eldest dau catherine maddrell as cubbon;dau christian carine als cubbon;daua jony & margt exec;wit catherine waterson, christian quayle
1714   A 11      CORRIN       Catherine   cubbon       d 5 feb 1714/5;youngest dau anne,
1714   A 12      LOONEY       Gilbert                  d 4 aug 1714; on the borders of Balladool;wife alive  unnamed
1714-1 E      d  hINLEY       Edward                   d 2 years ago at Northampton, England;sibs john,margt cain als hinley(in ireland),ann;[full]
1714-2 E 269  d  COSTEAN      Mary                     d 10 Oct  1714; 2 bros Jo & tho. sister jane; inv in the mother's
1714-3 E      d  COSTEAN      Marjory     GELL         d 1 feb - only child John under age - supv uncles Gilbt, Henry Tho  + husband; in return of crops get tho, hen, will and Gilbt
1714-3 E      d  TAYLOR       Catherine   KILLEY       d 12 jan - only dau Margt
1715   A 13      MOOR         Alice                    d 9 apr 1715;widow;g dau ann;eldest son thos moor,gson john moor;son jon exec;with catherine claug, rich harrison
1715   A 14      WATERSON     Ann                      d 16 nov 1715;bro john waterson,goddau issabel moor,linnen to ann & jane moor;thos moor's wife, john moor's wife,s-i-l margt waterson,father alive,
1715   A 15      HARRISON     Mary        QUEELING     d 16 dec 1715; 3 dau jane eliz & mary;husb alive,3 other chldren  richard, wm george; richard & wm of age
1715-1 E      w  CLAGUE       Catherine   Costean      d c 3 may 1715; 2 dau Jony & ellin, s-i-l Margt cubbon, s-i-l Catharine Clague;2 sons wm & thos; husb alive
1715-1 E      w  ELLIOT       Elizabeth   Stevenson    d 1 Apr 1715; bro John Stevenson of Balladoole, sister griffith, Mrs Murrey of Angle st Dublin, sisters Katharine & Margaret stevenson; wit Katharine Hingley, Jane Corrin
1715-2 E      d  CUBON        Jane        BRIDSON      d 1 Aug 1715;husb alive; gdaus Jane & Catherine Cubbon, gdau Joney Cubbon, eldest dau Issabel Maddrell, son Giles (married)Cubbon,servant Margt Kinvigg ;stepsons John + David; dau Margaret; 3 sons Thomas, Wm & John Cubbon executors;
1715-3 E      w  HINGLEY      Ann                      d 14 jan 1715; sister in dublin; decd sister Isable norris, bro john; as only one witness to will a decree to bro John & sis Margaret (who was in Island last summer), note 1716 that her effects did not c over funeral costs
1715-3 E      w  NORRIS       Henry                    d 12 dec 1715;dau eliz; wife alive, Ralph norris claims for executrx
1716   A 21      COSTEAN      Alice       geyll (gell) d 22 jan 1716;husb alive,son wm costen + his wife,gdau ann;gson;daus ann and issabel exec,
1716   A 22      WATTERSON    William                  d  c 24 jan 1716;kinsman wm quaile +wife christian quayll als geyll,;gdau joney maddrell her mother kath waterson,2 dau jane & kath
1716   A 23      QUALTROUGH   Hugh                     d 31 dec 1716;son william,dau wife of rich corrin,wife alive;wit henry corrin ann corrin (husb & wife) but collab by ellin dougherdy who said he had forgot to exclude children, margt dau in ireland
1716-2 E      d  BRIDSON      Thomas                   d 20 july 1716; only dau cath cubon als bridson
1716-2 E      w  COstean      Mary        QUoole       ?error names; d 11 feb 1715/6; husb alive, children;4 children wm anne tho & mary
1716-2 E      w  KEIGG        William                  d 29 jul 1716;son + heir Wm, other children inc 3 youngest girls, wife alive, wm cubbon + John keig supervisors; two eldest daus Cath & margt sworn in court; memo gives names Wm, catherine snr, margaret,ellin, jane & catherine jnr - by 8 may 1724 Margt keig now married to Nich woods 9 may 1727  rich moor husb of Cath snr; 25 june 1728 ellin pd 
1717   A 20      CUBBON       Robert                   d c 12 mar 1716/7; of barrowl,joney, cath & jane if they be alive;son john,son david xec;wit ann clark, john cubbon
1717   A 21      hINgLEY      Christian                d c 18 feb 1715/6;widow;dau margery cain in dublin,son john;robt parr, cath kenish
1717   A 22      CARINE       John                     d c 21 apr 1717;son john,wife alive,eldest dau ellin,children ann, joney & phillip;4 children sworn
1717   A 23      McYLVOREY    Jony                     d  20 apr 1717;sis ellin,exc robt crellin & wife;wit rich corrin [] moor,
1717   A 24      CUBBON       William                  d 9 feb 1716/7 dau []lis cubon als clark,son nich;exec robt gelline
1717   A 64      LEWN         Amy                      d 15 jan 1717/8;sis issab quiggin,bro wm quiggin + wife ann,dau ellin,husb alive not named
1717-1 E      d  COSTEAN      John                     d 20 feb 1717 3 children wm isabel,anne
1717-1 E      d  CUBON        Catherine   BRIDSON      d 25 jan 1717; 2 sons wm & philip, wm at age, husb alive, uncle jo cubon
1717-1 E      d  QUILL        Jony                     d 20 april 1717,widow, 4 children rich, ann,john & ewan, only rich present
1717-2 E      d  COONILL      William                  d 19 oct 1717 bro john sis Margt
1717-2 E      w  WATERSON     John                     d 19 jun 1717; of colby,son & heir henry; 2 other children cath & ellin;wife alive;daus under age
1717-3 E      w  CORRIN       William                  d 15 june 1717 sisters jane & isable, wife alive, 2 children Rich and the child now on wife's bearing
1718   A 4       DUKE         John                     d c 1 nov 1717; 4 children john, henry,william & jane; yougest dau katherine exec;wit john carine james mcboy
1718   A 5       CREDEEN      Jane                     d 16 apr 1718; sis ellin,son robt
1718-2 E      w  CUBON        Ann         CORRIn       d c 22 sep 1718; husb alive, dau catherine, 3 sisters;dau jane and the child then on her bearing;child john cubon noted as heir apparent
1718-2 E      w  CURGHEY      Gilbert                  d c 20 july 1718; wife alive, sister, 4 children none named; john costean and Wm duckan overseers;12 feb 1718/9 henry curghy one of excrs rcvd from bro wm ; widow has goods of edward & gilbert
1719-1 E      w  SCARF        John                     d  c 25 mar 1719;youngest son richard, dau ellin,son john,dau []n dau majery,dau mary; wit patrick credeen + john watterson (decd) - testimony that testator intended to get clark to sign after death of john;anne another dau having had a marriage contract;wm samsbury m to ellin, john & majory out of island; john stole husb to mary;ann corrin als scarfe; john stole shoemaker of ballisally
1719-2 E      w  CARINE       William                  d c.31 aug 1718; son henry,son richard, son john
1719-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Catherine                d c 9 may 1719; husb alive,son + heir unnamed, rest john, catherine isabel & ellin; cath & isabel at age
1719-3 E      d  HUTCHIN      Mary        GELLIN       d 27 jan 1718/9;2 children wm & paul;next rel on mothers side her bro Paul superv; husb alive;24 feb 1740 wm & paul ack to have rcvd legay from father
1720   A 13a     crellin?     Catherine   coonell      ?is this missing #15;dated 24 aug 1716;son wm calling,john crelling
1720   A 13      HARRISON     Richard                  ; father george, uncle thos crellin,3 sis jane, eliz & mary, bro george;wife mary harrison, dau christian; bro wm;
1720   A 14      CORRIN       Catherine                d c 25 apr 1720; sis ann corrin;ann lowey,son nicholas curlet
1720   A 16      COSTEAN      William                  d c may 1720; of ballakilpatrick, wife alive;gdau unnamed, son henry
1720-2 E      w  CORRIn       Henry                    d c 28 Oct 1720; wife exex, gdau Dulcibella;son henry - son henry to take care how the payment of Ballablack was made; attached is dog to son henry prior to marriage (which marriage appears to have been unhappy)
1720-2 E      w  QUAILE       Elizabeth   GEYLL (Gell) d 27 Aug 1720; husb alive, sis Ann;dau Joney, bro Wm; wit Ann Scarf + Jane Moor
1720-2 E      d  SHERLOCK     Alice       CREJEEN      d 26 may 1720,only son wm;
1721   A 10      KEWN         Henry                    d c 1 may 1721;wife alive,son john;childrn margt john & joney;john absent wife & children sworn; with []taylour, gilbert waterson
1721   A 11      GEYLL gell   Margery                  d 8 apr 1721;fa & mo alive to rcve what they were obliged to give in marriage contract;sister margaret;sis elis (alice ? elir ?) bro willms-i-l unnnamed;husb alive;memo to the midwife ;wit eliz curlet john claug
1721   A 47      QUAYLE       Nicholas                 made 10 feb 1721;dau cath;son robt;son-i-law wm corrin (?w/o dorothy);cath,robt + dorothy corrin execs;cath married but husb unnamed
1721   A 48      DUCKAN       Averick                  d 6 dec 1721;goddau mary gawn,husb alive,wit issabel maddrel,margt madderell
1721-1 E      w  CLARK        John                     d 28 may 1721;son john,son tho,wife alive,son wm,- excrs isabl, wm, jane, cath, + cath jeney (junr in later acct) & marjery; isabl eldest sworn; cath j & m appear under age; mar 11 1729 isable pd, 11 feb 1737 jane pd
1721-2 E      w  CORRIN       Mary        QUALTROUGH   d 8 sep 1721; shift to Corry Coole,dau elizabeth, sister in ireland, 2 children Eliz + richard; husb alive, wit ann corrin, Ellinor Waterson als Claigue, execrs under age father + wm Qualtrough sworn; codicil mentions a step-daughter; legacy to rich from aunt Ellen corrin; q prev wife Cath corrin as strnge divisn Anne corrin, Henry corrin, Alice Corrin
1721-2 E      d  DUCKAN       Ann         hINLEY       d 10 sep 1720;only sis Mabel Tear (her husb also alive); husb John alive
1721-3 E      w  QUIGGIN      Catherine   CUBON        d 28 oct 1721; husb John alive, sis Margt Quiggin; child now on her bearing; no reln on wife's side appeared in court
1722   A 13      COONEL       Ann                      dated 24 aug 1716;son wm calling,
1722-1 E      w  CORRIN       Elinor                   bur 3 may 1722;neph richard corrin her part of colby miln, nephew's son Wm, s-i-l Jane corrin, bro rich corrin, his youngest son richard,his dau jane, his daus Anne + Eliz; bros Wm & john
1722-1 E      d  CUBON        Jony                     died in Dublin
1722-2 E      w  TYLDESLEY    William                  [full];d c 25 jul 1722; of the friary, 2 daus ellinor & jane exexs;dau anne(youngest);3 sons richd, one in dublin;
1723-1 A 7       CANNELL      Alice                    d c 9 feb 1722/3;husb finloe cannell,son thomas,dau margery (land on which to build a house);dau elinor,dau anna;gdau margery; ;4 children margery ann elizabeth & alice execrs, ann + eliz absent
1723-1 A 8       CUBBON       Thomas                   d c 5 apr 1723; wife alice alive;eldest son richard,son john,rich + wm costean to share a heifer,son robert when he comes to age, bro thomas;sons john thomas wm & robt  exrs;robt under age, tho & wm absent; wit wm kinvigg, wm quayle
1723-1 A 9       WATTERSON    Joney       harrison     d c 30 mar 1728; given as als harrison in claim, dau margaret waterson,dau christian watterson als comish; 4 daus ann, jane, margaret & majery; wit robt parr, john clague;ann & jane abs; pledges jo costean, jo waterson
1723-3 E         CLAGUE       William                  d 7 aug 1723; son john,other child tho & alice;wife alive + alice sworn
1723-3 E      w  COONYLt      John                     ?name, d c 31 aug 1723 - no family named, acct implied a dead brother
1723-3 E      d  HARRISON     Nicholas                 d 27 apr 1723; 3 children cath, margt & tho; richd & wm harrison superv,wife alive - acct  gives her as Kartar harrison als woods, note attached 26 mar 1726 Catharine is dead
1723-3 E      w  MOORE        Catherine                d c 5 nov 1723; son henry,,son Robert (who has children)
1724-1 A 25      KEGG         John                     d c 20 jan 1719/20; dau elinor, dau ann;margaret crellin;wife bahy kegg;dau margaret kegg; wit john costean, william waterson;
1724-1 E      w  CArine       Jane        CLAGUE       d c21 may 1724; dau ellinor,son philip, dau anne, dau jenny,son john, gson patrick kermod,
1724-1 E      d  LAMPLAUGH    Richard                  d 11 feb 1723/4;no relation except Jo Stevenson of Balladoole who refused admin
1724-1 E      d  SHERLOCK     William                  d 6 mar 1723/4; only son wm
1724-2 A 116     CUBBON       Elizabeth                d c 21 feb 1724/5;son thomas,d-i-l margery cubon;dau jane;husb alive;son wm dau isabel; wit thomas moor, william kinvigg
1724-2 A 117  w  KEIGE        Jane                     d c 3 nov 1724; bros & sisters;mother [?name lost in binding];wit nich curlett, isabel gellin;
1724-2 A 118  w  KEIGE        Mary                     d 15 jan 1724/5; dau elinor;gson william credeen,son philip,dau mary;husb alive [name unreadable pos willm],son willm wit ann quiggin
1724-2 A 119  w  HARRISON     Elizabeth                d c 5 feb 1723
1724-2 A 120  w  COMISH       Elinor                   d c 21 feb 1723/4 dau ellinor,dau catherine,dau isabel,bro heny,;wit willm kige, isabel quiggin
1724-2 A 121  w  KINVIGG      William                  d c 20 feb 1723/4 (? day as dif to read);wife joney alive, children ellin, jo, robt; supv of Robt  jno Kinvig of castletown to sell land 22 oct 1736;pledges jon quaile junr of ballatrolleg; jo costean boallymoar
1724-2 A 122     KINVIGG      Isabel                   d 12 jan 1723/4;may quiggin,husb alive, son willm, dau catherine;4 children willm daniel, silvester & catherine exc (all of age);wit henry bridson, Ann quirk; pledges jon costean, henry bridson
1724-2 E      d  COMISH       Catherine                d 1 aug 1724; 3 children willm henry catharine, Wm Quoole + cath his wife + brother Henry comish to have crop;christian comish enters a claim
1724-2 E      d  KINVIG       John                     d 23 jul 1724; gson jo kinvig execr being under age next reln Wm Kinvig; childs mother also sworn; wife alive; in acct childs gfather Wm Costean
1724-3 E      w  CUBON        David                    d 25 nov 1724; 2 dau jane & jony;wife alive; jo kelly husb of jane cubon.Wm cubon of Ballabeg claims 20s
1725-1 A 16      MOORE        John                     d c 31 dec 1724; of ballablack,sons richard & john, dau anne; wife elinor;5 children thomas, henry, jane elinor & catharine; wife sworn who is deliver ye goods to ye four exec at age;one child under age;wit & pledges edw moore john clague
1725-1 A 17      KINVIG       Catherine                d c 25 mar 1725; gson steven kinvigg;d-i-l ann cannel,2 sons wm & john, husb willm; 2 dau elizabeth & catharine exec;wit gilbart waterson, john kewn
1725-1 A 18      KINVIG       Catherine,               d c 25 mar 1725; father william,sis-i-l ann cannel; 2 bro willm & john;sis eliz ;wit willim gell, isabel cluckas
1725-1 E      d  CAVEEN       Ellin       CUBON        d 22 dec 1724; dau christin Caveen; wm & cath other 2 children are married & have not appeared;wm acquits, cath quoole also acquits 
1725-1 E      d  COSTEAN      John                     d 1 feb 1724/5; dau jony costean exec who being in ireland b-i-l Mich curlet; 27 jul 1737 jony costean came to be paid
1725-1 E      d  KINVIG       Alice       QUAYLE       d 10 mar 1724/5; gson john kinvig; tho & jo clark next rels overseer; Margt clague claims lodgin etc 48s during 11 weeks sickness; 23 oct 1725 john kinvig rcvd from oseer
1725-2 A 106     NORRIS       Dorothy     FOX          dated 5 apr 1723;relict deemster thomas norris;cousin jane stevenson;son ralph;names mary shimmin;dau-i-law isabel norris als parr;gson matthew taubman exec;inv [full]
1725-2 E      w  HARRISON     George                   d 1 aug 1725;son wm a qtr of miln;wm sister elz & mary;son george other qtr of miln; 25 oct 1726 Wm cubon enters for his wife's marriage portion.
1725-3 E      d  CUBON        Marriot     CURGHEY      d 25 dec 1700; no decree found - 4 children john,wm, ellin & catharine ;2 sisters absent
1726   A 16      MOORE        Jane        costean      d 10 nov 1726; 
1726-2 E      w  CAVEEN       Thomas                   d 16 jul 1726;son wm,son john;gson thomas murphy ? (blotted and line dif to read);dau cath;dau christen
1726-3 E      d  CANNON       Isabel                   d 14 aug 1726; dau Hugh canon & isabel canon als shimin late of peel; next rel uncles robt, john & wm + aunt Eliz waterson als shimmin
1726-3 E      d  FARGHER      John                     d 9 dec 1726; son wm; bro Jo fargher rcvd a marriage contract; wife alive
1727-1 E      w  CURLETT      Thomas                   d 25 april 1727;2 children john & jane;wife ann corlett als quirk;children underage;john 2 sheep bought with his christening money.
1727-1 E      w  TYLDEsLEY    Elizabeth   WYBRANTS     [full]
1727-3 E      w  BRIDSON      John                     d 12 jan 1727;sons robt + john
1728   A 46      KEIG         William                  d 25 nov 1727;sisters unnamed;mother margaret keig;wit ann keig, john clague
1728   A 47      CUBBON       Catherine                d 7 dec 1727; bro rich cubbon,2 gdau mary & elix dau of John Kelley & [],dau joney; wit john quiggin, Jane clarke als waterson
1728-1 E      w  CUBON        Giles                    d 6 may 1728;son wm;
1728-1 E      w  QUIGGIN      William                  sis elizth cowley als quiggin;names patk curlett (ch henry,ann);wife exex
1728-1 E      w  WATTLEWORTH  Charles                  [full]
1729-1 A 28      GELL         William                  ? wrong parish; d 25 jan 1728; of Balla-kilpatrick, wife alive, only son unamed, 5 dau kath,jony, anne, jane margt, cath of age; in inv son named Hen
1729-1 A 29      COSTEAN      William                  d 9 feb 1728/9; of ballakilpatrick; son john costean,wife alive - catherine costean als waterson, mother dead (legacy to son john ?)four children  margt, jane, willm & henery, wit daniel waterson, Isabel cluckas; in decree John costean former wife's son;; feb 9 1729 henry gell supv of john son of Wm costean enters a claim for sd Jon for 22s
1729-1 A 30      WATTERSON    Elizabeth   dockon       ? note als in will, d c 25 jan 1727/8 ; bro john duckan , husb henry waterson; wit wm sherlock,wm hudgin; pledges jon costean, nich bridson
1729-1 A 31      COSTEAN      Ann         keig         d 14 apr 1729; isable clucas, dau elinor clucas, gdau elizibeth given purchased fold known as giarry-atchinin; brother's wife unnamed, only son henry costean; wit john quayle, john clague; ew 2 june 1730 jo fargher claims agt exrs of Anne costean als Keig
1729-1 A 32      KEGG         Bahy                     d 19 feb 1728/9;matth quirk, tho quirk (quick ?); neice eliz taylor; q by wit that something left to henry duke; wit john quayle, john costean (signed); pledge jon costean + nich bridson
1729-1 E      d  BRIDSON      Ellinor     CAIN         d 3 may 1729;3 dau isabel,jony & cath;husb Henry alive; m Mal 30 NOV 1700; ?Henry  bur Arb 6 May 1743 (his will mentions jony & isabel)
1729-1 E      w  BRIDSON      Robert                   d 24 may 1729; of Arronnock;excluded bro John Bridson, sister Elinor shimin;croft house to william cubbon,,sister Dorothy Karran,
1729-1 E      w  FARGHER      Elizabeth   KELLeY       d 27 apr 1729;son wm,son john,gson charles fargher;gdau margt fargher;mrs mary tyldesly widow,dau elinor clague,servant boy wm quayle,john son of thomas cannell,thomas cannell's wife;wit thos cannell,margt kinley
1729-1 E      d  GOLDSMITH    John                     d 1 mar 1728;only dau cath wife of Ewan Stephan of Jurby,
1729-1 E      jd KINVIG       Elizabeth                d 14 apr 1729; children john & margaret
1729-1 E      jd KINVIG       Thomas                   d 14 apr 1729; children john & margaret
1729-2 E      w  CREDJEEN     Jane        CREER        [bur 16 Sep 1729; 3 youngest sons john rich robt;other two william patrick;;husb robert alive
1729-2 E      w  CUBON        William                  [bur 13 Jul 1729; d jul 1729;wife alive,step dau ellin clague; children unnamed; jo & tho cubon with Robert sworn supv;in acct oct yet due to child that is living namely Margaret; funeral charges for child Joney died about [] weeks ago;17 oct 1738  jo & tho uncles acquited anne kinley als kneal of all inventory due to them by death of the sd children
1729-3 E      w  CORRIN       Ann                      relict henry corrin of colby;bro's dau Majery callister;debar nephew nicholas corlet; ?bur 5 Apr 1729
1729-3 E      d  KEIG         Jony        MADDRELL     d 7 jul 1729;2 children john & eliz; underage uncles John & matthew maddrell;husb alive
1730   A 9       DUCKAN       John                     [bur 10 Apr 1730;son john dukkan,debarred all others; with john dougherty, margrett kermod
1730   A 10   wc CRELLIN      Silvester                marr art dated 9 jul 1729 between dan colvin (s/o hugh + ann als kewish) + elinor (d/o sylvester + elizth als cubbon);[full]
1730-1 E      d  CUBON        Thomas                   [bur 20 Feb 1729/30;son thos marr contract 25 july 1726;dau jane;exec thos & thomas quiggin (? husb of  jane)
1730-2 E      w  CUBON        Catherine   CREJEEN      will dated 29 may 1724;son robert of ballacredgeen,dau ellinor,nephw robert cubon,to harry nelson son of  thomas at cregneash;
1730-2 E      w  SANSBURY     William,jnr              [bur 25 Apr 1730;wife alive;bars sisters;children underage but not named
1731-1 A 6       CLAGUE       William                  [bur ** Apr 1731
1731-1 E      dd BRIDSON      Nicholas,sn              [full];bur 16 Feb 1730/1;wife Jane alive; children Nicholas, Wm, Thomas, Ann Ennis als Bridson, Isable Bridson, Jane Bridson, gson John Heays; Nicholas is effectively cut out of will by a deed of gift
1731-2 A 38      QUAYLE       John                     [bur Mal 10 Jan 1731;bros Patrick & Thomas; wife Esther Quayle als Cottier (2nd marr to Thos Moore); sons Michael & William[full]
1731-2 A 39      COSTEAN      Thomas                   [bur 26 Jan 1731/2;snr of ballayiack;gdau elizabeth waterson of ballachooleloney in rushen, son thomas eldest son john; with pat quooil, john fargher (dead by court)
1731-2 E      d  CORRIN       Isabel      CALLOW       widow;deed of gift to s-i-l danl callister of rushen dated 13 aug 1730; ann corrin dau claims; ?bur  Rus 17 Apr 1731 as Isable Carin
1731-2 E      w  CUBBON       John                     [bur 2 Jun 1731;dau christian carin als cubon,bro wmgson john carin;daus jony & margret
1731-2 E      w  JUKE         Jony        CUBON        [bur 29 Sep 1731;husb alive john juke,son richarddau catherine
1731-3 E      w  DUKE         William                  [= bur 28 Jan 1732 as William juke];wife christian duke als carin;son john
1731-3 E      d  FARGHER      John                     [bur 8 Nov 1731;3 children cha, margt, john;wife alive, wm fargher uncle superv.;dec 29 1746 harry costain husb of margt aks from charles fargher 7; 25 mar 1763 john quayle 2nd husb of margt rcvd remainder from charles;kk pat 8 oct 1750 john fargher  acs 5 from charles
1732-1 A 19      MADDRELL     John                     dated 27 feb 1735;wife exex;unnamed 2 ch;inv;
1732-1 A 20      CREDJEEN     Patrick                  dated 23 feb,bur 24 Feb 1732; only son robert
1732-1 A 21      KINLEY       Christian   Caveen       [bur 27 Feb 1732;sis cath quoil;s-i-l mary kinley,mentions elinor bmoor widow of ballaclark;bros john & wm;only child, hub alive (john) pledge edw waterson schoolmaster castletow, tho radcliffe mason castletown,witt richd corrin hen moor - hm adds re house + croft in rushen rent 8d should be left only to child they honestly got and bore together; apl 11 1732 cath coole executrix + supv; july 2 1748 thomas kinley acks his goods from cath cooill
1732-1 E      d  KINLEY       Alice       BRIDSON      bur 9 Sep 1732;children robt + tho underage, uncles/aunts  jo, nich Richard , ann bridson, margt tear als bridson; husb alive
1732-2 E      d  HARRISON     William                  [bur 26 Sep 1732 'from arestine'];will has died 25 sept ;no legal will, 6 children anne, jane, john, wm, catharine , richd, all excpt ann underage, wife alive- margaret harrison als kneal;pledges wm cubon ballbeg, tho cannel arristeane; 30 nov 1737 jane acks from mother margt cowley als kneale;eod die jo h acks. ann acks 29 jun 1747 cath acks from st father wm cowley; richd acks;11 oct 1757 willm acks [see m/c SSS Oct 1731 34 tho dated 1714]
1732-2 E      d  KEIG         Isabel      comish       [bur 20 Apr 1732 + husb will d she 14 Apr , he 5 Sep; 4 children thomas ellin margt jo; next rels on both sides henry & cath comish & philip ellen & mary keig; jo kelly husb of cath comish, 
1732-2 E      d  KEIG         William                  d 5 sep 1732 - see isabel
1732-3 E      w  CUBON        Grace       KILLEY       [bur 11 Feb 1732/3]; dau isabel;mentions christian clucas
1733-1 A 19      CLUCAS       Phinlo                   [bur 1 Apr 1733]; eldest son william;wm's children - john thomas, phillip, william, jane;mentions legacy from wm's eldest sister ann;dau joney, younger dau isabel (+ implies more children), wife alive;4 children john ellinor joney & isabel; elinor & isabel absent john + b-i-l philip lowee husb of jony 
1733-1 A 20      NELSON       Thomas                   [bur 20 Feb 1732/3];dau isabel;wife dead dau - isabel had marriage contract;mary; mary + husb john cannell exec;wit william sherlock, patrick quirk x, wm kige x; thos quay husb of isabel
1733-1 A 21      COTTIER      Jane        Crellin      [bur 13 Nov 1732; husb alive;3 children thomas, tom & christian underage (sup dan colvin uncle);dan colvin + m-i-l eliz crellin enters a claim;24 sept 1746 thos cottier jnr acks from unle thos cottier of  kk pat 30s due to him by death mother + bro thomas;26 oct 1747 christian cottier of kk pat acks from danl calvin kk marown due by will of mother and bro wm cottier; 9 mar 1737 complaint from dan colvin that the 3 children thomas, tom & christian receve illusage from father philip and stepmother isabel
1733-1 E      d  CORRIN       Richard                  [bur 9 Feb 1732/3; 7 children alice, john jane, anne, henry, eliz & richard ;rich under age, henry out of island; of colby 
1733-1 E      d  CURLETT      Michael                  [bur 28 Dec 1732;5 children cath robt wm jane mich ; next of kindred joney snr & jnr curlet;husb alive ;jo callin husb of jony  jnr;;
1733-2 E      c  BELL         John                     d c 4 dec 1733 - marriage contract with ann waterson of kk rushen dated 11 dec 1718
1733-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Ann         WATERSON     [bur 14 Sep 1733; son charles, dau catherine;son john ; dau ann; daus cath & jony exe
1733-2 E      w  CLAGuE       Henry                    [bur 3 Sep 1733; son charles;wife alive, dau cath ;extx dead exrs cath and jony clague
1733-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Alice       Cubon (?CAIN [? bur 3 Oct 1733 (als Cubon); gdau joane; dau jean (sic); dau jony;joane dau jane
1733-2 E      d  COWLEY       Elinor      CLAGUE       [bur 8 Jul 1733;2 children henry ellin waterson (husb henry)
1733-2 E      d  CUBON        Elizabeth   BRIDSON      [bur 10 Sep 1733; only dau margt moore  als cubon 
1733-2 E      d  HUTCHIN      Marjery     KELLY        [bur 9 Sep 1733;wife of wm hudgin; 2 children john & david underage ; father wm hudgin; margt kelly sworn ovrrseer;11 dec 1749 david acks from father - david is lame
1733-2 E      w  PRESTON      Bahee                    [bur 29 Aug 1733; gdau alice dukkan, gdau cath preston, gdau ellinor cubbon, dau margaret
1734-1 A 14      KEIG         Elizabeth   LOWEY        [bur 6 Mar 1733/4;husb alive;son wm;gdau ellinor kegg;eldest son john;dau ann; 3 children patrick, esther & ann exec
1734-1 E      d  CUBON        Henry                    [bur 16 Mar 1733/4 ?d 16 march 1733/4;only dau margt moore als cubon; wife eliz cubbon dead (see 1733-2)
1734-2 E      d  CUBON        Jony        SHIMMIN      [bur 20 Sep 1734; 5 children wm cath isabel tho & henry ;henry underage
1734-2 E      w  KEIG         William                  [bur 7 Aug 1734; d 6 aug; son philip;2 daus ellinor & mary ;bur reg describes him as Wm snr of the lane
1734-2 E      w  MOOR         Elinor      GELL         [bur 16 Sep 1734; son thomas moor;dau ann bridson, dau jane;dau katherine kelly;sister isable gawn;son harry moor + dau ellinor exec
1734-2 E      w  PARR         Jane                     [bur 19 Sep 1734;widow, [full]
1734-2 E      d  QUINNEY      Dan                      [bur 12 May 1734; d 9 may;3 children wm jo mary 
1734-2 E      w  SHIMMIN      Isabel      MOORE        d 26 nov 1733;wants to be buried malew; mentions ann christian als scarff wife of patrick christian;step son john shimin;son john duckan; husb thomas shimin; john duckan at poolvash
1734-3 E      d  LEWN         Henry                    [bur 4 Sep 1734; will has died 24 aug ;only dau ellin preston als lewn 
1735-1 A 17      KINLEY       Margaret                 [bur 2 Mar 1734/5; son robert;only dau margaret
1735-1 A 18      COSTEAN      Ann                      [bur 4 Mar 1734/5; sis joney costean;neph Wm coole (the croft in arristeane then to their son wm or dau ann); exec Wm
1735-1 A 19      PARKER       Catherine                [bur 2 Dec 1734; widow of ballacagin;dau eliz stanley,dau cath parker;gson edw stanley;gdau cath stanley,s-i-l charles stanley
1735-1 E      w  BRIDSON      Jane        BELL         [bur 4 May 1735;dated 14 may [];son john,wm,thos,nicholas;dau ann,isabel,jane brew exex (w/o robt);gch ann bridson,john hoags?[?quay]
1735-1 E      d  CANNELL      Finlo                    [bur 26 Feb 1734/5;3 dau magery alice anne all at age;pledge their bro thos & john cannel
1735-2 A 46      KINVIGG      William                  [bur 16 Sep 1735;will has 16 december;eldest som wm;wife dead;son daniel,son sil;dau cath
1735-2 A 47      COSTEAN      Margery     CUBBON       [bur 24 Feb 1735/6;will has died about 23rd feb;eldest son robert (no children yet);dau alice;dau marjery, jony,younest son edw, dau isabel;son thomas;dau christian,son john;husb robt alive;some of children underage
1735-2 E 045  d  BRIDSON      Richard                  [bur 24 Aug 1735;3 children wm mary richard;next rels jo + Nich bridson overseers;wife alive
1735-2 E 048  w  KINVIGG      Jony                     [bur 7 Sep 1735;d 6 sept last;widow ballaglonneh;only son robert;s-i-l sylvester kinvigg & wife elinor kinvigg execs;;witt wm cubon, kath nelson
1736-1 E 232  d  KEWN         Margaret    GELLIN       d 5 may 1736; only dau jane kewn who being [crossed out] with her father Tho Kewn
1736-2 A 39      QUALTROUGH   Jane        KELLY        [bur 31 Dec 1736;eldest son wm;dau alice elinor;3 children hen, alice & elinor;husb jon; 30 oct 1762 hen q acks from john cashin husb of his sister eleanor; father dead
1736-2 A 40      DAUGHERTY    John                     [bur 1 Jan 1736/7;d 28 dec;margt curphey maidservant;neighbour john duckan;wife alive
1736-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Margaret    CUBON        [bur 17 Aug 1736; d c. 27 Aug;of colby; son john clague (sheep known as bal-ny-greneh sheep);son henry,thomas,richard (sheep belonging to er by executorship of John Kinvigg of bal-ny-greneh;niece alice corrin,sons wm & richard exec
1736-3 E      d  CUBON        Robert                   [bur 18 Dec 1736;4 children wm tho cath isabel;cath absent
1736-3 E      w  HARRISON     George                   [bur 9 May 1737; d 7 may;sister jane craine als harrison;sis eliz cubbon als harrison;sis mary harrison;only bro wm harrison;
1737-1 E      jw STEVENSON    Jane                     [?bur 15 Mar 1736/7 (= Kath ?)
1737-1 E      jw STEVENSON    John                     [bur 5 Jun 1737
1737-2 A 55      SHERLOCK     Ann         HINLEY       bur 27 Nov 1737; m Rus 17170809; husb William; ch joseph, alice and ann
1737-2 A 56      COSTEAN      Isabel                   [bur 15 Dec 1737; dau of robt costean of balla gliony d 14 dec; mother alice, bros + sis marjery exec
1737-2 A 57      QUALTROUGH   Catherine   HINLEY       [bur 25 Dec 1737 as Kath Q als Higley;son william,dau ann;son john;husb wm
1737-2 A 58      KERMOD       Ann         CARIN        [bur 1 Jan 1737/8;husb alive,dau margaret;dau ellinor;4 children son patrick exec; pat not capable in regard of his years thus father 
1737-2 A 59      KNICKELL     John                     d 19 jan 1737/8;son john of 1st wife;son john by present wife;dau margt + husb patrick cannell;gdau ann cannell
1737-2 A 60      CLAGUE       Margaret    QUAYLE       d 25 jan 1737/8;husb alive,dau isable;son tho,s-i-l ann gradey ?;
1737-2 A 61      SANSBURY     William                  d 28 jan;of ballafaddah;dau kath carin douglas,dau ann moor gson john wilson (in recompense for goods due him by death of mother Jane Wilson als sansbury);wife alive
1737-2 E      w  CAVEEN       John                     [bur 22 May 1737; d 19 may;wife averick caveen als waterson alive, dau anne who is at age;witt wm cubon, dorothy comish; 
1737-3 E      d  CLAGUE       John                     [bur 9 Dec 1737; parish clerk;4 children ellenr wm john & rich; thomas + Alice uncle and aunt overseer; wife alive;tho clague abroad,richd cubon husb of alice clague sworn; note 20 jun 1774 wm & john clague recvd of john leece husb of elinor leece als clague exc to Ellinor sherlock their proportion of inv of john clague: MI says age 44
1737-3 E      d  COrIN [?corr Jane        KEWN         [bur 2 Jan 1737/8 ;3 children richd jane catherine
1737-3 E      d  QUALTROUGH   John                     [bur 4 Jan 1737/8;;2 children esther & edw qualtrough;wm & anne Q uncle & aunt overseers;wife alive;posthumous chld added to execs;bro Wm qualtrough enters a claim; wife margt
1737-3 E      d  QUIRK        Patrick                  [bur 27 Dec 1737;2 dau ellin & margt;wife alive
1737-3 E      d  ROBINSON     Samuel                   son of rev mr sam robinson late vicar of arbory died ireland about 12 years ago;jo robinson shoemaker in kirkcubright sole admr; sold certain houses in Ramsey to Tho Lace
1738-1 A 39      COSTEAN      William                  [bur 20 Apr 1738;of ballachrinck;only son john;wife alive other children cut off
1738-1 A 40      McBOY        Bahee       TEAR         [bur 15 Feb 1737/8; husb james;niece catherine kelley;witt tho moor, cath cooile als cowley
1738-1 E      d  KEWN         Robert                   died 4 sep 1699;dau Ann Moore als kewn
1738-2 A 82      CLUCAS       Isabel      COSTEAN      [bur 6 Jan 1738/9; of ballakilpatrick;eldest son wm clucas;dau joney lowey;gdau elinor clucas;s-i-l ann clucas;daus elinor & isabel;childrem john elinor & isable execs
1738-2 A 83      CANNEL       Mary        LEECE        d 2 Jan ;[?bur 4 Jan 1738/9 as Mary Cannell als Cannel arestine]; of arestine;3 unnamed sons(eldest gears + land, youngest 9 a piece); husb thomas exor;1753: Thomas Cannell the survivor of youngest sons acks from father Thos 9 + 4 10s due by death of bro Henry, John Cannell acked 4 10s due by death of bro Henry
1738-2 E      w  CLAGUE       John                     [bur 25 Aug 1738; d c 24 aug2 children thos & isabel; wii averick clark als caveen; rich cubbon
1738-2 E      w  COMISH       John                     [bur 11 Aug 1738; dau cath his right of the miln and lands; gson john son of John;sons john & gilbert; dau margery;;s-i-l robt crellin;wife joney exec; exectx being sick for some years
1738-2 E      d  KEwNEY       Ann         CALLIN       [bur 12 May 1738 as Kewney]; d 9 may; only child joney under age uncle Wm Callin; gfather wm callin snr  + father (husb ?) wm kewney obliged themselves to give joney 40s as ann's effects swallowed up by funeral costs.
1738-2 E      w  QUAYLE       William                  [bur 28 May 1738;d c 26 may;wife elizabeth alive;only son john quayle;dau kath; witt harry juke, kath kinvigg
1738-2 E      w  SANSBURY     Christian   CAVEEN       [bur 6 Aug 1738;d c 10 aug;dau catherine carrine als sansbury;g son wm;dau ann moore exec;
1738-3 E      d  MADDRELL     Hen                      [bur 4 Jul 1738 son john(youngest),thomas;dau ellin gawn als madress,margt stole (w/o wm);[full]
1739-1 E      d  KNEAL        William                  being out of the island about 20 years; no account of him;only sister Anne kinley als kneal sole admr;husb richard kinley;pledges jo queeling, nich bridson
1739-1 E      w  WATERSON     Gilbert                  [bur 27 May 1739;dau elizabeth;dau hannah had rcvd her share at death of mother;gdau jane callister;gson john callister;dau kathrine & husband thomas callister execs
1739-2 E      d  KERMOD       William                  [bur 30 Jul 1739;4 children patrick, ellinr, jane, margt; 3 dau underage; uncle philip carin & danl kermod overseers; mother Ann kermod d 1737; 15 jan 1761 john comish husb of ellinr kermod; rich scarfe husb of margt kermod ack from bro patr kermod; 6 apr 1761 jane kermod acks
1739-2 E      w  SPROWEL      Isabel      CREER         dated 20 jan 1738 isabel sprewel deceased;sister 6d; henry quayle of kk arbory exec
1740-1 A 17      COSTEAN      Henry                    [bur 31 Mar 1740;of ballakillpatrick;;dau eliz costen( she was mentioned in will of grandfather wm costain); wife katherine alive;only son wm; dau mary a minor missed thus made co exec
1740-2 A 95      COTTIER      Philip                   [bur 17 Nov 1740 d 12 nov 1740;son wm(eldest),henry;dau cath,elizth[;ch ua supv uncle wm corrin + aunt marg corrin [full]
1740-2 A 96      COSTEAN      Marriot     DUCKAN       will 4 feb 1739; 3 dau mary, alice,isabel;young jon costean; eldest dau kath;son jon
1740-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Thomas                   [bur 25 May 1740;of colby;d 23 may;niece alice comish;children 6d except youngest son richard
1740-2 E      w  COSTEAN      Robert                   [bur 6 Jun 1740; of ballaglioneh;d 28 june;bro thomas;bro john;mother dead;youngest bro edward;married as 'coat his wife made; sis christian,sis joneyfather alive
1740-2 E      w  CUBON        Catherine   BRIDSON      husb william,son wm,peggy gaue ? matt maddrell's dau;;dau ann comish,ann's eldest son wm 'when at age';mentions elizth cubon;witt margt moore als cubon, margaret comish als caveen;
1740-2 E      w  QUAYLE       Hugh                     [bur 22 Aug 1740;son john exec,daus ? isabel, ellinor,alice
1740-3 E      jw CUBON        Jony        nelson als KINNISH children henry nelson, elizabeth green als nelson;dau isable taubman als cubon; jony died husb rob d following year
1740-3 E      jw CUBON        Robert                   only dau isabel taubman als cubon (husb john) [see 1741];
1741-1 A 43      SHIMIN       Nicholas                 [bur 15 Apr 1741; d 14 ap;wife jony shimin als cubon;wii christian quayle als gell, anne cubon als madrell;
1741-1 A 44      COSTEAN      Robert                   of ballagionach;eldest son & heir John;son edward,thomas,dau christian,,d-i-l ann clark;dau marjery,dau joney,dau alice exec; 5 oct 1744 john costean ack from thos cubbon (? husb of alice); 5 oct 1744 marjery acks
1741-1 A 45      CARRAN       Catherine                d c 8 feb last;son john;sisters da catherine;sis jane curlet als costean;witt jane clark, willm callin
1741-1 A 46      CLAGUE       Alice       COSTEAN      d 7 ap 1740[?1741];late wife of William ( arbory ?regaby ?);son john clague;dau Elinor ;eldest dau catherine;all children execs and underage; wm clague father
1741-1 A 47      QUAYLE       Catherine                dau ellinor, isabel,alice;witt john corrin, alice clague; alice clague dangerously ill 
1741-1 A 48      CORRIN       John                     of coalby;bro rich corrin,sis anne corrin (mill & mill house)sis eliz corrin,sister jane corrin;sister alice ;witt william cashin, cath scarfe als clague
1741-1 A 49      CARRAN       Dorothy     MADDREL      d c 6 mar 1740; expressed same in hearing of Anne costean since deceased & margt callin als cain;;sis ellinor shimin als maddrell,only son william carran
1741-1 A 50      CARRAN       William                  d 14 mar 1740/1;only son william; witt wm callin, eleanor shimin als maddrell
1741-1 E      d  COTTIER      Isabel      CORRIN       d 12 apr;2 children henry isabel;both under age next rel wm corrin & margt corrin; john cottier & thos cottier uncles on fa sid; pledges nich bridson ballavarcus, robt shimin; inv + costs for her + phili
                                                           p cottier- 2nd wife of phil; robt cubon taylor
1741-1 E      d  COTTIER      Thomas                   died abt 4 years ago;minor
1741-1 E      d  MOOR         Ann         SANSBURY     d 15 jun;5 children edward, jane,ann & catharine (?twins), John; all under age;henry carin uncle;husb thomas;inventory;three children died following her
1741-1 E      d  QUAYLE       Ann         CUBBON       d 25 jan ;only dau cath quayle under age uncles thos & wm cubbon;husb robt
1741-2 E         BRIDSON      John                     d beg may;2 daus unendowed Alice & elinor
1741-2 E      d  CUBON        Robert                   d 10 mar;only dau isabel taubman
1741-2 E      w  CUBON        William                  d 5 jul 1741;wife margt cubon als kewney;dau cath duke als cubon;exectx being old john juke to act
1741-2 E      d  JUKE         John                     of ballakelly;d 15 apr;unm dau catharine;
1741-2 E      d  kewn         john                     dated 4 nov 1741;d abt beginning june; 5 children henry, nicholas margt ann isabel; only margt & ann of age, wife alive; none of his relations appeared
1741-2 e      d  Kewn         john                     d beg jun 1741; 5 children henry nicholas margt ann isobel;magt & ann + wife sworn ;inv john kewn ny brady
1742-1 A 16      STEVENSON    Richard                  dated 6 aug 1741;balladoole;bro major john stevenson;sis jane,elizth,dorothy;mo jane exex[full]
1742-1 A 17      MADDRELL     Margaret    COwLE        of borders of balladoole;d 16 dec;dau elinor;dau alice now in dublin;gdau margaret gawn;husb john madrell;witt margt madrell, anne gelling
1742-1 A 18      KEIG         Robert                   d abt beginning of march last;son john,son wm;gchildren;3 children ann easter & patrick execs;pat absent
1742-1 E      d  QUIGGIN      Ann         CLAGUE       d 10 mar;only sis catherine wife of patrick corlet execx; pledges cuthbert bridson & willm shimmin of kk arb
1742-2 A 67      READE        Thomas                   dau catherine,gdau jane carrin (?corrin),son ralph;3 hildren ralph cath alice execs; alice absent
1742-2 A 68      GELL         Marriot                  d 26 dec last;4 sisters catherine, ann joney & jaine;bro william;mother joney gell als lowey
1742-2 E      w  CLAGUE       Ellinor     KNICKEL      dated 5 may 1742;son tho;gson wm clague;exctx  dau alice cubbon;witt cath quooil als comish,elinr clague;richd cubon husb of alice
1742-2 E      w  KERMOD       Ann         GELL         dated 4 aug 1742; sons wm & richd;dau jane cubon extx - janes son robt, dau anne, other sons of jane ricd wm;robt cubon husb of jane
1742-3 E      w  CAVEEN       Catherine   CANNELL      in defuncts 'a pauper';d 27 sept 1742;dau anne;dau mary;husb alive;4 children thos, mary,cath,ann;witt joney clague als raid,cath curghey als harrison;cath caven abroad, acks 3 may 1749 from sister mary
1743-1 A 20      CUBBON       John                     d 16 july;eldest son john;youngest son william;bro thomas;dau catharine;wife ann;5 children john wm ann joney & jane;witt wm callin, ann kewin dead;children at lawful years
1743-1 A 21      BRIDSON      Henry                    d 20 apr 1743;dau joney;dau isabel exctx
1743-1 A 22      COOILE       Elizabeth   CUBBON       son patrick + his children thos & eliz cool;3 daus joney margt catherine;husb patrick; dau margt nihol exctx;wit cath costean als corrin, margt quiggin als loowey
1743-2 A 78      MADDREL      John                     d 14 jan 1743;gson john maddrell;gdau mary gawn;dau alice now in dublin;gdau mary wife of thos quine;dau elinor + gdau mary exec
1743-3 E      w  CLAGUE       Catherine   HIGWILL      d beg aug;gson john harrson, john's bro richd harrison;s-i-l joh harrison;maid eliz cregeen; husb alive; gdau elinr harrison execx; cut off dau Anne in Dublin; exectx to pay her sister Margt;with cath coole als caveen, isabel credgeenellinr harrison gdau sworn exctx
1743-3 E      w  KEWN         Thomas                   MI age 81;d latter end of may;gdau margt & jane christian,'what books he had';dau jane christian als kewn execx; her husb richd;witt isable cubbon als harrison, mary maddrell as kneal
1744-1 A 10      CAVEEN       Averick     WATERSON     dated 19 feb dau margt comish;margts eldest son john;dau ann gell execx;husb wm gell
1744-1 A 11      CARIN        Christian   CUBON        d 22 mar;eldest son john carin,dau elinor;sons philip robt;wm;husb john;wm carin sick
1744-1 E      d  HARRISON     Ellinor     CLAGUE       d abt 11 years ago;4 children elliner, john, richd margt;margt under age,richd absent; hsb john harrison;had no goods saving a right in some intacks in malew & arbory.
1744-1 E      d  HARRISON     William                  of ballacallow; d abt 25 nov;6 children willm, edw,john,jane,ellinr & mary;wm taggart husb of mary 
1744-1 E      w  JUKE         Christian   CAINE        d 13 may;son john;dau ann exectx;john's son john;husb john
1744-1 E      d  NICHOLS      John                     d abt 7 nov;bros wm & thomas;sis margt cannell as nichols;bros abroad;patrick cannel husb of margt
1744-1 E      d  QUAYLE       John                     ? error - relates to joney quayle
1744-2 E      d  HARRISON     Christian   Harrison     d 15 Dec 1744;4 children Richd Jane Elizbh and Margt Harrison;under age uncle Wm Harrison;husb alive [full]
1744-2 E      w  keynney      Jony        cubon        d beg sept 1744;son wm keynney;gdau joney; keyneey her father wm;gdau cath keynney;bro john cubon (married wife alive)
1744-2 E      w  MADDRELL     Margaret                 d beg june 1744;wm stoale's dau eliz her grandchild;dau margt stoal;dau joney curghey;gson edw gawn;son john maddrell exec
1744-2 E      d  QUAYLE       Jony                     d 20 jan 1743/4;;half sis cath quayle who is at lawful age exex;petn 
1745-1 A 8       WATERSON     Henry                    d mid feb;wife margaret waterson;maidservant margaret keig
1745-1 A 9       QUILL        Jane        JUKE         dated 19 feb 44/5 son william, dau ann;son rich,son henry
1745-1 A 10      JUKE         John                     d 23 mar;wife alive,eldest son john,hen.dau margt ;? if wife be with child,execs under agejane the aunt overseer;jony absent;17 nov 1749 john juke having come to 14 wants john kelly & wm waterson guardians;acks from aunts jony & jane juke;goods of hen & margt also committed to kelly and waterson 2 jul 1763 margaret juk acks;2 jul 1763 hen juke acks; child on mother died some years ago
1745-1 E      w  QUAYLE       Robert                   d 11 may 1745;dau cath quayle
1745-2 A 38      CUBON        Elizabeth   harrison     d end nov 1745;eldest son john;richd wm;dau jane;husb wm
1745-2 A 39      KNEALE       John                     wife cath, dau cath
1745-2 A 40      CLAGUE       John                     d 8 feb 1745/6; son william;dau isabel costean;dau elinor  exec; 6d to john karran's children if they strive for to get it;;witt philip coole, cath corrin als costan
1745-2 E      a  CLAGUE       Richard                  agreent with gson john harrison dated 1 nov 1743 ;treated as will at cc 23 oct 1745
1745-2 E      w  DAUGHERTY    Jony        CUBON        latter end of aug 1745;kinsman john comish with whom she lived; his bro Wm comish; isable comish wife of wm';mentions isable quayle; niece christian comish; in dispute john comish husb of isable christian and wm comish
1745-2 E      d  HARRISON     Jane        CORKISH      d 23 jul;3 children by wm harrison her last husb wm john chas; by former husb richd cath corkish;children by latter under age goods surrended to fath to whm Nichs ? corish surrenders his part of goods on account of the maintence of his share of he orphans
1745-3 A 60      MOORe        Thomas                   dated 2 mar 44/5;dau eliz, margt,susanna (an english shilling);son john moore curate of kk arbory exec
1746-1 E      d  COWLEY       Margaret    harrison als KNEAL d 24 apr 1746;children by former hsb john, wm richd,ann jane & cath harrison + children by latter husb patrick, thos wm cowley;3 latter underage;husb william alive;inventory; 26 june 1765 willm & thos cowley ack from father wm
1747-1 E      d  Keig         William                  nelly;d 25 nov 1746;both daus; ann wife of edw harrison & marjery keig;ann absent
1747-1 E      jw STEVENSON    Jane                     see 1737 joint will; she d 6 nov without making any other will;jane stevenson at present abroad
1747-2 A 37      QUIRK        Bridget                  dated 17 oct 1747dau eleanor, margaret;gdau eleanor
1747-2 A 38      CARRAN       Elizabeth   CUBON        date 17 nov 47;son john,robt,henry;husb alive;henry dies before court leaving only child wm karran
1747-2 A 39      CORLETT      Patrick                  d jan 47/8;dau alice kennaugh als corlet;dau ann curlot;son henry
1747-2 E      d  KELLY        Alice       KINRY        d beg may 1747;4 children john margt thos harry;john abroad, harry under age; pledges john duccan, tho quine cooper; inventoty + claims,jony taylor als corkish claims, margt kinvig als waterson claims
1747-3 E      d  CARRAN       Henry                    d 19 jan;only child wm;?widow with child;uncles robt john carran;expenses include coffin + one small coffin
1747-3 E      w  COTTIER      William                  of kk marown formerly arb being minded to go abroad left concerns in hands of uncle danl colvin,sister christian cottier;bro thos;will date 7 june 1740;feb 19 1747 testator having depted about 8 yrs ago and account made having dyed abroad; list of accounts by uncle re whole affair
1747-3 E      d  CUBON        Alice                    d 12 jan 1747;4 sons richd thomas wm robt,thos & wm absent
1748-1 A 30      CUBON        Alice       DUCKAN       d 14 mar 1747/8;sis marjery adams als duckan;;gdau elinr dau of hen curphey;sis margery;sis margery's dau cath;son wm;d-i-l elinr hen curphey's wife;son gilbert;sons henry edw execs
1748-1 A 31      KNICKEL      Elizabeth   KEIGGE       gdau joan knickel; dau []gy [lost on film], husb patrk cannell
1748-1 A 32      CUBON        David                    gson thos curphey;gson david curphey;gdau elinor curphey;mentions cath adams;2 daus cath & elinor;henry curghy husb of ellinor
1748-1 A 33      KEIGGE       Margaret    DOUGAN       [full];date 4 jan 1747/8;3 children hettey, eleanr & catharine;richd moore husb cath; wm duggan husb of catherine the younger together with ellinr clague sworn
1748-1 A 34      KILLEY       Margaret    WATERSON     date 26 feb 1747/8;neighbour wm cubbon;two sisters christian margery;sister jean kermod als watterson exec;
1748-1 E      d  KINLEY       Robert                   son of richd kinley;left island 10 years ago; died on hms biddiford man of war about 3 years since;only bro thos kinley;pledge james harrison curate of c'town now of douglas.
1748-2 A 119     QUAYLE       Robert                   [ful]
1748-2 E      w  HARRISON     Catherine   COATHER      widow dated 6 may; son john;dau jean;gdau ellinor parkert ;3 children wm edw mary
1749-1 E      w  COSTEAN      John                     of ballaghonney;2 daus;son wife ;thos costean uncle of children;26 may 1753 jury stated that houses and lands of john costean a minor at suit of thos costean gardian to be quite out of repair and gone to rack;
1749-1 E      d  CURGHEY      Ellinor     CUBON        d 20 oct last;5 children thomas, ellinor,john, david & wm curghey;2 latter underage;husb harry;17may 1750 john curghy being at lawful age choses father & gilbt curghy uncle
1749-2 E      d  TAUBMAN      Isabel      CUBON        d 17 aug 1749;7 children  margt, eliz,john,thos,jane isabel james; only margt of age;father john 
1749-3 E      w  KINVIG       William                  d 14 oct 1749;bro sylvester's dau  alice;sis cath; ?1748-3

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