Summary of Wills - Arbory pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

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Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1639   e 008     STANLEY      Jo                       d 12 dec 1643;ch elizth, margt, ann, charles, mary + james jt admrs - elizth (eldest dau at age)
1640   e 199     COONILL      Hugh                     d 5 sep 1640;son John Coonill admr  - next of kin (fa's side) Tho + Margt Coonill supvs;wife alive;inv
1640   e 199     QUIGIN       Thos        Cubon        d 4 Oct;sibs Rich + Issable quiggin admrs - they relinquish to genl sumner? - debts exceed estate;
1645   e 367     Curghy       Katherine   CORRIN       [lh margin lost in binding + not always easy to read]witnesses Tho Cubon + Wm Curghy's depostion re handfasting bargain between Nicholas Curghy + Ann Crogirt? - noted that Edward Curghy was bro of Nicholas Curghy and husb of Kath Corrin and both promised their goods at the latter day - annexed note that Ann Crogirt hath consented that her child Nicholas Curghy to have half debtless goods of Edward Curghy after his death wth half the exorship provided the child lives otherwise Ann to have full benefit; inv;
1650   e 552     KEIGE        William                  [some loss of lh margin][displaced from some comments re inv]dated 16 Apr 1650;ch Jony, Wm (half house + half croft between them);bro Nicholas;wife exex
1659   e 073     KNAKLE       Jo                       d abt 17 yrs ago;orphan;sibs wm, richd, alis ?+ mrgrtt knakle admrs;1658: gilbt kerran h/o alis? 
1663/1 A         CUBON        William                  s/o Thomas Cubon (warden in Kk Arbory); mo Ann als Kegg;sibs Christian, John(exor); witt Henry Kegg
1665   e 282     KEIG         Jo                       d 1 Apr;ch Mary,Jno,Ellin admrs - next of kin supvs;wife alive;inv £1 10s
1671-1 E 647  d  Looney       David                    d 24 Feb 1670/1;sibs Gilbt, Wm + John Looney jt admrs - all at age + sworn
1671-1 E 700  d  Crideene     Margaret    kinley       d 5 May [1671]ch Christian + Mary admxs - next of kin on Mo's side John Steane, Christopher Kinley + (on fa's side) John Cubon supvs;inv 13s;note that Henry Qualtrough paid 3s 2d to John Cubon money remaining out of church collection for deceedent;1689: Finlo Shimin h/o Mary Credeen acks Jon Steane 11s 9d + 5s from wife + exors of Christo Kinley
1671-2 E 778  w  CORRIN       William                  dated 22 Oct 1671;wife exex (but as no provision in case she marries again ch jt execs);ch Wm(eldest son), Cath + Ann - some ua;mentions rent of croft in Kk Christ[?Rushen] for 6yrs paid by Daniel Cotter; + other debts owing to him; Dan Cotter claims for 15days work
1671-2 E 780  w  CORRIN       George                   dated 20 Oct 1671;wife isable als Quail (the croft - purchased land - if she sells it the heir is to have it first);first wife Christian Bridson(5s to her exors + also 5groats + 1d for burial);names Alice + Elizth Corrin jt exexs - uncle John Corrin supv
1671-2 E 780  d  SHERLOGUE    William                  [?also 588]d 20 Oct 1671;sis Jony + Kath Shurlogue jt admxs
1674/1 E      d  Costen       Mary                     [on same page as isable craij
1674/1 E 308  d  CRAij        Issabel                  [full] inc m/c son robert kewn + margt croghan;
1674-1 E 309  d  Costen       Mary                     d 27 Dec last;ch Wm, Cath, Joney, Thos?  and Ann Costen jt admrs - next of kin mo's side supvs;husb alive; inv £1 11s;pledges John Costen + Wm Clague
1674-1 e 311  dg CUBON        Christian   CROSSE       deed of gift dated 27 Oct 1671;Christian Cubon als Crosse in consideration of my old age, want of sight and not able to help myself gives to son-in-law John Kinvigg and dau Elizabeth half a half a qtr rent 8s by reason non of my relns near me; Witt Jo Corkill x, Tho Stoale ? - annexed m/c John Kinvigg + Bessy Cubbon dated 19 Nov 1663;Christian Crosse gives half of land to her dau Bessy - if Fin Cubon does not come for it  she gives her half of the land bought by her husband, rest at her death - couple to maintain her if necessary; Witt Jo Cubon x, Jo Quaile x, Wm Hogg ? x, Jo Knackill. Wm? Kenvig x, Robt Kenvigg x
1674-2 e 421     KENVIG       Mariott     SHIMINE      dated 30 Jun 1674;d 12 May 1764;unmarried ch admrs;husband alive;inv notes Jane Kevig one of admrs is sworn
1674-2 E 422     CoSTEN       William                  [p 30]d 1 Aug 1674;2 unmarried ch John + Margt admrs;wife alive
1674-2 E 423     CUBON        John                     [p 31]dated 13 Sep 1672;Ballacraij;ch Thomas(exor - his mother dead),Jony; minister Mr Robinson;inv;annexed note headed in libro[in book] 1664 that exors of Jony Keanvigg als Cubon being a lawful age ack fully satisfied
1674-2 E 424     KEIG         William                  [p 32]dated 10 Nov 1674;ch Wm[? is this Sir Tho Parr;s son as 'his son Wm' appears within creditors], Henry + Margt (last 2 jt execs);names Catharine Crellin (relict of Sir John Crellin) + many more creditors;
1674-2 E 425     COMISH       William                  dated 12 Nov 1674;ch Wm(plow, plow gears, harrows etc) + Elizabeth (jt execs but Elizth refuses);wife alive (6d legacy);names Margery + Joany (cow betwixt then)[?daus];inv £2 8s
1674-2 E 425     CURGHEY      William, se              [p 33]dated 12 Nov 1674;Wm Curghey senr;acks debt to Anne Crickard;no exor named - court decress next reln but genl sumner to do;inv notes of Ballafave? - noted 18s 4d Lords rent due
1674-2 E 427     Costen       Margaret    Curghey      [on reverse of Wm Costen's will]dated 1? Nov 1674;husb Donald Costen;ch Thomas(half weaving looms etc), Jane, Jony (all 3 jt execs);gch Elizth Cubon;inv £2 0s 8d
1674-2 E 427     CUBON        Dorothy     Cotter       [p 34]dated 19 May 1674;ch Cath,Christian(youngest dau);son-ilaw Robert Comish + wife execs; inv £2 8s 1d;pledges Hen Keig + Jo Cubon
1675-1 E 574  w  LOWYE ?      Isabel      GELL         dated 4 Aug 1675;ch Ailice?, John - jt execs - ua next relns supv;sis-i-law Margt Waterson;names debtors + creditors;
1675-1 E 574  d  LOWYE        John                     d 20 Aug [1675];ch John + Alice admrs - next of kin supvs;
1676 a E 040  d  CALLIN       Jane        Norris       d 1 Oct 1676;sibs Wm Norris + 4 unnamed sisters jt admrs (some off Island); husband alive;
1676 a E      w  TYLDESLEY    William                  dated 10 feb 1675/6;gch elizth,henry, thurstan(exor);illeg son edward (to be put to trade)
1678-1 E 240  d  Corrin       Ellin       Waterson     d 8 Jan 1676;ch Alice + Wm - ua;husb wm (jt exec with ch);mo-i-law Alice Jordan;father Rich Waterson;haf-bro Thomas waterson;Aunts two daus;names Patr smith(+ wife + elder dau),Patrick Christian(+ dau Jane);next of kin complain agt Wm Corrin for ill usage of children - he has also a new wife and is seldom at home - wants the child now living (other dead + living child weak( to be put into tuition of mo's kindred
1678-1 E 242  d  SHIMIN       Isable      CREDGEEN     d 23 dec 1677;only dau Jony Shimin admx - ua Anny Credjeen (the dednts sister) + Cath Cubbon als Credjeen (the aunt) supvshusb alive;;inv £1
1678-1 E 243  d  CORRIN       Marriad     KEGG         d 26 Dec 1677;only son John Corrin admr - ua supvs (decnt's bros) Nicholas Krickard ? + Kohn Kri[lost in binding] ; husb alive;inv £3
1678-1 E 243  d  STANLEY      Charles                  headed 1 Mar 1677; d 3 yrs ago;orphan;only bro ('ex linea patris et Matris' [from fa + mo line]) Mr John Stanley admr;inv in fa's will
1678-2 E 314  w  credgeen     Margaret    CUBON        dated 15 Jun 1678;husb Patr Credgeen(corn of lymed ground + limestones);fa-i-law Richard Credgeen;sis's son John Moore;bro-i-law Thomas Moore;sis Alice, Ann Cubbon jt exexs;court states notwithstanding appt exexs goods apportioned 4pts to sisters + fifth to husb;
1679-1 A      w  BRIDSON      Nicholas                 son Nicholas, son William, wife Catharine Bridson als Joughin; grandchildren Jane and Wm Taggart; dau Ellin; dau Margery [Margery Bridson md Wm Taggart Sept or Oct 1670 Malew]
1679-1 A      w  QUALTROUGH   Ann         CORKIL       d. c. 14 November 1679: husb Henry Qualtrough; brother; sister; only child Catharine Qualtrough
1680-1 A      w  CUBON        Phinlo                    dau Ellin, son Thomas; wife Christian Cubbon [?als xxxx]
1681   A      w  QUAIL        William                  20 Jan 1681/2: grandchild John Clark; dau Catharine Quayle; son in law John Clark; dau Alice Quayle
1681   A      w  QUaiL        Catherine   KERMOD       Catharine Quayle als Kermode, wife of William Quayle deceased per will 1631 #24: dau Catharine; grandchild John Clark; grandchild Elizabeth Clark; dau Alice Quayle; John Coonill
1681   A      w  SHERLOCK     Jony        MADREL       24 Jan 1681/2: grandchild Isabel Costen; dau Joney Sherlock & dau Catharine Sherlock are exec
1682 ? A      c  COMISH       William                  m/c john comish + isable curghy;dated 1 Dec 1666;William Comish(Arbory) obo son John;Anne Caine(Santan) obo her daughter Isable Curghy;to marry at Kk Arbory before Candleman next;Comish to give half of his goods but reserves to his own disposition half of his gettings? during his life, his son is likewise to give have his gettings to his father + a third part of his daughter gettings after yt his owne fluxe be wrought;young couple to have half house but to maintain father;Cain to give a blanket + a sheet;Witt Tho Norris, Willm Kermot x, John Bodough x, John Kelly x, John Crellin; A later coventant between Wm Comish + Isable als Curghy dated 19 Feb 1677/8 after death of John in wch Isable + her dau Jane accept same bargain of half house etc but to maintain him in his sickness - accepted as will of Wm Comish ;James Comish obo himself + sister claims agt exors of father Wm Comish;inv
1683-1 A      w  KEGG         Ann         CUBON        d. c. 30 Nov 1683: dau Margaret Corrin; granddau Ann Kegg; 2 grandchildren Robt & John Keigg; grandchild Wm Keigg; sons Henry & William Keigg
1683-1 A      w  STEVENSON    Richard                  made 12 April 1683
1684-1 A      w  HINGLEY      Edward                   dated 16 feb 1684;son richard,john(in england),edwd(now in england),youngest son john;dau isable(in england),margt(in ireland),ann,wife christian als houlding;master major stevenson
1684-1 E 032  dg Tubman       Jon                      dog dated 13 May 1682 Castletown to dau Jaine - other unnamed ch debarred;accepted as will of both John + Ellinor
1684-2 E 096  d  CORRIN       Donald                   d 10 oct [1684];orphan;sibs tho, henry,isable jt admrs;goods in mo's will
1685   A      w  KEGG         Robert                   14 Nov 1685: wife alive; eldest son Wm; dau Margt Keggís eldest child
1685   A      mc BELL         Elizabeth   Callin als QUAY [full]Elizabeth Bell als Callin als Quay: made Dec 14, 1679, article of marriage: between Christian Corrin late wife of Wm Corrin of Colby, son Wm Corrin & Elizabeth Bell (als Callin) als Quay for her dau Margt Callin. Wm Cubbon & Henry Waterson act for Christian Corrin in the contract. Wm Corrin & Margt Callin to be married in Malew. Margt is the only dau of Christian Bell als Quay
1685-1 A      w  CUBON        Marriod                  ?1686; Marriod Moore als Cubbon: husb Jacob Moore; bro Robert Cubbon of Marown; children Wm & Elizabeth exec (both of age)
1685-1 A      c  CUBON        William                  William Cubbon of Ballacry: articles of marriage dated Nov 1630 OR 1680 between William Cubbon of Ballacry and Dorothy Cubbon his wife on behalf of son William Cubbon, and William Cubbon Ballabeg, Jane Quill als Cubbon his sister & John Quill of Castletown on behalf of kinswoman Elizabeth Corrin: Wm Cubbon junior & Elizabeth Corrin to marry 1 May;
1685-1 A      w  CUBON        Jony        TAYLOR       dau Ann Cubbon; stepdau Jane; dau Alice Maddrell, granddau Dorothy Maddrell; dau Elizabeth Cubbon & son John Cubbon exec; husb John Cubbon [Jn Cubbon md Joney Taylor 1 Jun 1658 Malew]
1686   A      w  CHRISTIAN    Paul                      wife alive; son William; 3 children Robert & Ann & John
1686   A      w  CREDEEN      Margaret                 Margaret Crejeen: grandchild Joney Shimmin; John Quay of Maughold; dau Mary Credgeen; Mary Cubbon; husb William Credgeen; son in law John Shimmin; dau Ann Credgeen
1686-1 E 400     KEGG         Jony        JUKE         dated 12 May 1686;husb Henry Kegg;ch Anne, John, Robt (+ wife), Jony; ch (except she cut off Robt + Ann from any further interest other than explicit legacies) + husb jt execs
1686-1 E 401     KEGG         Robert                   d 9 Nov 1685; inv £3 9s with note " the will is in Mr Wattleworth's book viz Arch Reg 16 Jan 1686" - ?under 1685 Arch ?
1686-1 E 407     ARTHUR       Giles                    d 8 Mar 1685;ch Wm, James, Katherin, Jane + Ann jt admrs - 3 out of Island - wife admx + the daus in the Island gave consent; inv incs linen + flax + cloath at weavers - total inv £1 5s 3d inc 10yrds of shorestead  - 6s funeral costs
1687-1 A      dg HARRISON     Ellin                    deed of gift: dated 4 January 1675/6: George xxxx; sister; [hard to read]
1687-1 A      w  CRELLIN      Catherine   Harrison als TYLDESLEY  dated 24 Nov 1686: dau Mary Harrison; son Thomas Crellin; dau Joney Harrison; son George Harrison; Sir Thomas Parr; Mr David Murrey senr of Douglas; widow Crain; William Callister; William Cubbon; Nelly Clague Cath md 1) Wm Harrison & 2) Revd Jn Crellin 8 Dec 1662 Malew
1687-1 A      w  CRIKART      Ann                      Ann Curghey als Costeen (or Costeen als Curghey) als Crickart: grandchild William Costen; grandchild Ann Costen; son William Curghey exec; son John Costen (whose father is dead)
1687-1 A      w  CUBON        Christian   KELLY        d. c. 5 Feb 1686/7: daughter Ellin Cubbon; son Thomas Cubbon; son in law Patrick Credgeen; dau Margery
1687-1 A      w  COMISH       Peter                    d. c. 3 March 1686/7: wife Joney Kegg; dau Katharin Comish; 3 dau Ann & Alice & Catharin Comish exec (at least one child is underage)
1687-2 A      w  CAVEEN       Margaret    NORRIS       d c 22 Dec 1687: youngest son William Caveen; husband John Caveen; eldest son John Caveen
1689-2 A      w  KEIGG        William                  [?inv in Epis wills for 1699 - see comment against Wm Keig] - Willm Keigg saxanagh ?? - inv £2 8s inc half a cow
1690-1 A      w  CREDGEEN     Richard                  6 jan 1690;ch margt wm nicholas + donald;son pat;inv only ye house + garden
1690-2 A         BRIDSON      Katharin    JOUGHIN      [full]
1691-2 A      w  CORRIN       William                  dated 23 feb 1691;ne howin;wife margt callin;ch wm + jane;bro wm,richard;5 ch exors - ua mother sworn;agreement between hen corrin next of kin to ch and widow that she has benefit of land till ch at age;
1691-2 A      w  CUBON        Elin        QUAY         [rh margin lost in places]d 3 apr;order [] ballicraij to pay funeral expenses;till her son comes to island;inv 6s 4d in wm cubbon's hands
1691-2 A      w  KARRAN       Gilbert                  dated 15 apr 1692;wife + child exors - child ua wife sworn as next of kin relinquished - her brother tho Kinley [?not 100% readable]
1691-2 A      w  KEIGG        Catherine                [rh margin lost in places]dated 19 mar 1691;sis'dau now at robt taggarts;names john corrin (s/o ballagawne),elin comish;nephew henry rads[?bridson] exor]
1691-2 A      w  KEIGG        Margaret    CURLET       dated 21 mar 1691;husb wm keigg;dau in ireland;dau ann (in rushen);son wm exor;
1694-1 E 140  d  CUBON        John                     d 27 Apr 1694;only ch Elizth admx;
1695-1 A      c  CAVEEN       Jane                     d. c. 18 Nov 1695; Jane Leown als Caveen: Articles of Marriage made 28 xxx 1691 (right upper corner torn away): Articles of marriage concluded between [Catharine] Bridson [als Christian] als Quiggin in behalf of daughter Isabel [Christian] & [Henry] Leown with the consent of his mother Jane Caveen and his uncle xxxxx[Gilno Leown]. 
                                                           Isabel Christian + Henry Lewin are to marry by midsummer 1691. Catharine Quiggin mother of Isabel Christian to give Isabel the same proportion of goods equal to Isabelís sister Elizabeth Christian. Daughter of Jane Caveen is Ellen Karran als Leown with her husband William Karran . Signed by : Catharin Quiggin, Jane Caveen, Hen: Leown, Isabel Christian, Wm Karran, Ellen Leon, Gilnow Leon. Proved as a will on 18 Nov 1695
1695-1 A      dg FARRANT      Ann         CLAGUE       Ann Farrant als Bell als Clague: dau Ann Scarf als xxxxx is exec (her husb is sworn in Court), grandson John Scarfe, son William Bell [Ann Clague md Donald Bell 11 Mar 1654 Arbory, dau Ann b1654]
1696-1 A      w  CLERK        John                     d. c. 22 Novr 1696 : son Henry Clark, son Nicholas in KK Rushen, dau Catharine Clark exec [children of John Clark: Robert chr 9 Jan 1659/60 Arbory, Henry chr 28 Sep 1662 Arbory, Nicholas chr 11 Feb 1668  Arbory, Catharine chr 28 Jul 1665 Arbory; wife is Jane Costean]
1696-1 A      w  COSTEN       Henry                    d. c. 8 Nov 1696: wife alive, grandchild William Quooil, other grandchild Thomas Quooil, 3 daughters Isabel, Ann and Joney are joint executors
1696-1 A      s  MOOR         Thomas                   bro John ;Auntís daughter Mary Quirk ;Joney McNemeer his fellow servant ;Auntís son Robert Quirk father Robert Moore Witnesses: Edward Killey, Jane Quirk Pledges  Robert Shimmin and Edward Killey
1696-2 A      w  COSTEN       John                     d. c 27 March 1697; of Ballakilpatrick, ; wife Isabel Costen als Corrin, dau Isabel Costen, son William Costen
1696-2 A         TYLDESLEY    Thurstan                 [full]d c. 20 Jan 1696/7: eldest son William, 2 youngest children Betty & Thurstan, wife alive, Deemster Parr, sister Elizabeth, sister Barlow, brothr Henry Tyldesly, kinswomen Margaret & Alice Oates, Deemsterís 2 daus Ann & Isabel Parr, daughter Aymee, 5 children (Nelly, Robert, Aymee Betty, & Thurstan) are execs and all underage. Deemster Parr and mother are overseers
1698-1 A         STEVENSON    Richard                  [full] inc m/c dau
1698-3 E 090  d  KEIG         William                  [page is headed by inv for a Willm Keigg dated 7 Nov 1689 in an early hand v diff from that of the decree ? decree associated with an earlier Wm whose will is in 1698 Arch?];d 1 Nov last; [?1698 or 1699]3 ch Wm, Ann + Ellinr  jt admrs - Wm absent, Ellin in Ireland thus Anne sworn
1699   A      w  COSTEEN      Margaret    LOWeY        2 gchildren thomas ann quooile;dau joney;dau mary quoiil;3 daus isabel ann joney execx
1699   A      w  CURGHY       Elizabeth   COMISH       son gilbt dau ellen curghy ;dau nelly exec
1699   A      w  QUINYEE      William                  dau alice cubbon dau betsy son donald exec
1699-2 E      w  CAINE        Thomas                   d 16 Apr 1699 & buried in kk Malew ; at Ballacagen;eldest son Thomas, next son Mark;wife Catherine - later married Robt Radcliffe, aunts Catherine & Marjery Cain appointed as overseers;extensive inventory and account of land/houses at red gap;?more dispute in 1719 with Red Gap property to eldest son Thos; mentions son Mark + his aprenticeship to Mr Looney; son James and Mr Aldridge for teaching him his trade;son Richard Cain 
1699-2 E         COSTeN       Jane        DUCkeN       date 26 july 1699;husb thomas;two girls mary & jane;son john (oldest);execs thomas jane & mary
1699-2 E         Crellin      Mary        KEIG         d aug 1699; 3 children will, jo margt;under age;jo keigg uncle;husb alive
1699-3 E      w  CREDJEEN     William                  2 aug 1699;dau ann cluage;croft & boat;s-i-l john shimmin;gdau jony shimin
1699-3 E      w  KERMOD       John                     mc 27 jul 1690:wm costen & joney shirlogue on behalf dau isable; finlow clucas + joney corris obo son finlow; ?whose will ;d 27 may 1699;sis's dau at douglas;john coteen + wife dororothy cubbon exec

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