Summary of Wills - Andreas post1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1800   A 61      SKINNER      Christian                dated 2 jul 1800;sibs margt,bahee,ann;mother christian als garret exex
1800-2 E         HOWLAND      Ewan                     made 23 aug 1800;son Wm (heir at law),patk,john;daus margt,joney + isabel;wife margt
1800-2 E         RADCLIFFE    George                   d 11 nov 1800;cronk[];sons wm + patk admers;other ch charles (heir at law), jane w/o john goldsmith,cath w/o wm kneal had marr setts;
1801   A 47      CORLETT      Eleanor                  d 14 feb 1801;widow;ch john,wm, thos,edmond,elinor harrison als corlet,cath (exex)
1801   A 49      RADCLIFF     Philip                   [full];
1801   A 51a     SKINNER      Ann         dowan        [?bur]jdeed of sett daniel + ann als dowan to son Andrew (court apr 1801) accepted as will of Ann - andrew skinner sworn [?should be Lezayre as went thro High Bailiff]
1802   A 76      RADCLIFF     John                     dau and wife of Jn Harrison; gson Tho Radcliffe; gdau Mgt Radcliffe; nephew Tho Radcliff (guardian is Tho Radcliffe); grandchildren sons of Jn Harrison; dau in law Ellinor Radcliffe; son in law Jn Corlett & Alice his wife
1802-1 E         TEARE        Catharine   CORMODE      decld 15 may 1797;4 daus;son john,thos,danl;husb danl
1803   A 74      RADCLIFFE    Jane                     d 14 apr 1803;ballaradcliffe;dau mary w/o alez bonneyman (kk braddan),jane w/o john radcliffe (kk andreas),esther (w/o wm sayle andreas),margery radcliffe;son thos;dau ann kneale w/o wm kneale kk andreas exex
1803-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Jane        SPRAINGER    d 10 mar 1803;w/o charles;croganne;ch charles,wm,john,jane + ceasar + ann ua
1803-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Patrick                  d 9 mar 1803 (in andreas);only ch george ua;wife off island (wife + child in Liverpool);wm radcliffe uncle by fa side appt guardian;bros charles + wm
1804-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Catharine                dated 14 apr 1804;unnamed ch;son john (wife jane),wm;gdau jane d/o john;dau margt;names thos radcliffe (+wife);husb john exec
1804-2 E         LENNIHAN     Elizabeth                d 19 sep 1803;4ch philip,john,isabella + elizth ua;husb john;thos bannin uncle on mo's side superv 
1804-2 E         RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 8 may 1804;ch isabella + margt;pledges john + wm radcliffe both andreas
1805   A 59 dg   GARRETT      John, snr                dated 11 dec 1800;ballnagenny;son-i-law wm cowle
1805   A 63      KNEALE       Catherine   radcliffe    dated 2 apr 1805;Regaby Beg;son wm(eldest),john,thomas,charles,robt,george,edwd;dau ann;fa george dead;husb wm exor;john goldsmith balladoole lez + john tear smeale to be guardians
1806   A 68      KINREY       Margaret                 dated 30 dec 1805;niece margt lace(w/o wm tear),judith lace,eleanor lace exex(w/o john cleator);nephew wm lace(wife);
1806-1 E         LAWSON       Isabel                   d 6 jun 1806;dau isabel crellin als lawson(w/o wm);bro charles ,john + arthur (all decd)
1806-2 E         JOUGHIN      Charles                  d 27 aug 1806;ch William, James, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, Isabella + Esther (several ua);wife ann;estate insuffient for debts
1807-1 E         CHRISTIAN    William                  depart Island 18 yrs ago;sibs Thos,elinor,elizth + jane;
1807-1 E         CURPHEY      Isabel                   d dec 1806;husb danl;ch  William, Thomas, Charles, John, James + Jane; some ua; pledges + guardians  uncles(mo side) john tear + Wm garret
1807-1 E         LACE         Daniel                   d 14 feb 1807;admx jane lace on basis of articles of agreeement[need chk agreement]
1807-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Joney       TEAR         dated 18 may 1805;widow george;son charles(+ch inc charles),wm (exor);dau jane(w/o john goldsmith);gson george radcliffe(s/o patrick decd),ann kneale + other ch of wm kneale (regaby veg);names bahee garrett widow;
                                                       ch of wm kneale - ann,wm,john,thos,charles,robt + george;inv
1807-1 E         TEAR         John                     dated 16 jan 1807;smeal;wife jane exex;son philip,thomas + john;gson thomas(s/o john - land croitt-y-crebbin purchd from danl lace)
1808   A 12      RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   made 12 mar 1806;son wm,thomas,john;dau jane gawne als radcliffe exex (w/o mark),elizth;names wm cleator(wearing clothes)
1808-1 E         RADCLIFFE    Charles                  perished by sea sept 1807;ballakelley;ch charles + jane; ua; wife cath;pledges wm radcliffe andreas + john moore kk bride; ch gfa charles radcliffe guardian
1808-1 E         RADCLIFFE    James                    dated Jun 1806;wife esther exex;names thomas fayle andreas;
1808-1 E    ds   SAYLE        Catharine                dated 11 dec 1806;widow of John(ballabane);son christopher(close clark purchd from late wm clark west nappin),thomas
1808-2 E         KNEALE       James                    d 8 jul 1808;5 ch cath, mary, ann, jane + margt;all ua;wife ann;claims
1812   A 1  jw   ALLEN        Esther      RADCLIFE     d 22 nov;husb thomas;ballavarry;son robt;serv eliz christian, mary radcliffe, wm radcliffe;names esther christian,jane kneale,jane christian;tenant wm radcliffe,
1812-2 E         CHRISTIAN    Esther                   declared 1805;husb John;ch Silas, John, Esther fargher, Margt Kinrade, Ann exex
1812-2 E         QUIRK        Philip                   dated 10 Jun 1811;names Margt (exex)+ Mary(d/o John Quirk), John(s/o John Quirk);bro James Quirk
1812-2 E         STEVENSON    Jane        tear         dated 12 Feb 1803;son-in-law John Clark(h/o Mary) execs
1813-2 E         GARRET       Catherine   [tear]       d 6 sep 1813;dau cath,mary,easter (+her 2 daus),eleanor (w/o John tear);son John (his sons john + thomas),james (exec)
1814   A 76   jw CHRISTIAN    Catherine                [v faint on film]dated 1813;jw Thomas + Catharine als sayle; being very old, feeble + infirm;names Jane Cammaish(w/i Wm Cammaish);Wm Sayle only bro to Cath (purchased land Thos Christian purchased from Danl Cry in 1760[NSS May 1761 24] called Croit-y-vaddy rent 2.75d + parcel of land purchased from Robt Cannell in 1771 [NSS Oct 1771 27] called Cowl Bracks croft rent 8.25d?) exor - Cath leaves clothes to Ann Corkill, Margt Cowle; noted that Thos decd + Cath now dead Wm Sayle appt exor [m And 17720509 no ch]
1814   A 77      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 17 Mar 1814;Curragh;names Elizth(w/o Charles Cormode) who now lives in the house with me;ch Charlotte Crellin(w/o deemster Crellin) exex - deemster Crellin declines exec + requests Charles Cormode apptd;petn by John Frissell Crellin + wife Charlotte that Thos Christian (Ballacurry) d sometime ago and appointed sd Charlotte exex - sumner serves on Danl Mylrea guardian of Thos Christian, Mrs Eunice_Ann Christian(Ramsey) + her sons John + Wm Christian;
1814   A 78      CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  dated 16 Mar 1814;Lowdist[Leodist]ch Esther, Elizabeth(not 21), Robt, Thomas, Wm(heir at law);son-i-law Thos Cowin, Philip Garret, Samuel Radcliffe;wife Jane als Radcliffe exex
1814   A 79      TEARE        Jane        Lace         dated 31 Oct 1811;ch John(husbandry gear but exc one cart), Philip, Ann(w/o Wm Christian Kk Bride), Jane(w/o John Sayle Andreas), Thomas(choice feather bed) exor
1814   A 80      MARTIN       John                     dated 21 Oct 1812;ch Charles, James, Thomas, Wm;wife Judith exex
1814   A 81      LACE         Joney       QUEAY        d 7 Mar 1814;ch John (eldest son - land - Crot ny doarlys + thoarlaghey after decease of husb), Philip, Joney;husb John exor
1814   A 82      TEAR         Catherine   kneal        dated 28 Oct 1806;husb John Tear(Ballawhane) exor; ch Wm, Philip, Robt, Thomas_Murray (none 20), Charles(eldest son), Jane(w/o Wm Craine), Ann
1814   A 83      KAY          Thomas                   dated 21 jan 1807;wife Margt exex(money in hands Andrew Skinner + James Thomson of Peel);
1814   A 84      CLEATOR      Margaret                 dated 22 Oct 1813;nephew Thomas Cleator, John Cleator;niece Esther Sayle als Cleator, Ann Tear als Cleator;cousin Margery Cleator, Wm Cleator junr, Ann Cleator, John, Benjamin, Elizth, mary + Ann Cleator;names Alice Clucas(Jurby, w/o Robt Clucas);nephew Wm Cleator exor;Sumner of Andreas charges John Lawson, Ann Lawson + Wm Cleator, sumner of Braddan charges Thomas Cleator, James Maxwell + wife Esther,; Sumner Ballaugh charges Thos Tear + wife Ann
1814-1 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     departed Island a considerable time ago - petn by John Christian (Ballacurry) guardian + supv of Debora Christian a lunatic sister to John + Thomas (also some time ago decd beyond seas)
1815   A 66      TEAR         Mary        RADCLIFFE    made 18 jan 1815;ballabane;son charles,wm,other ch;
1816   A 55      LACE         Jane                     dated 5 sep 1815;gch mary radcliffe(d/o dau joney),thomas radcliffe(s/o dau jane);son john;dau jane (w/o thomas radcliffe) exex
1816   A 57      LACE         Margaret    christian    dated 11 apr 1812;widow;names wm lace s/o late husb;son thomas lace;dau elizth (widow thomas lawson),jane, esther + ann lace exexs
1816-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Elinor      vondey       d 25 May 1816;ch Daniel + Elinor jt admr;husb Danl swornadmr in trust; pledges Philip Karran(Ramsey) + Wm Vondy(Kk Bride)
1816-1 E         KNEALE       John                     bach;fa Philip admr; there is a short unwitnessed will - bro Philip, Thos,sis Catrin;names Radcliffe Kewin; fa exor
1816-2 E         CHRISTIAN    John                     dated 27 Feb 1815;ch John, Silas, Esther Fargher(widow), Margt Kinread, Ann exex;
1816-2 E         CORLETT      Robert Sr                dated 1 Jul 1816;ch John(intack curragh-e-Phu[] formerly prop Margt Creer?), Robert(exor - rest of lands being part of Ardonan) gdau Jane Corlet(d/o Robt)Cath Corlet(illeg d/o of Robt junr);leaves 5 to Methodist missionary soc;
1817-2 E         HARRISON     Thomas                   d mar 1817;only surviving child Catharine admx; pledges Wm Radcliff + John Lace (both Andreas)
1818   A 45      TEARE        William                  made 31 Oct 1817;Ballakinnag;ch Wm(eldest son + heir, 2s 6d), John(15), Thomas(20)Esther(w/o Philip Teare of Andreas), Judith(not yet 21)wife Christian exex
1818   A 46      TEARE        Thomas                   made 12 Dec 1817;8 weaver;unnamed girls (1 ea to be paid after mother's decease), Phillip, Thomas (exor);names Morgan Radcliffe (his own weaver loom);Witt Thos Tear x, John Tear;
1818   A 47      CORLETT      Margaret                 dated 17 Mar 1814;sis Mary(+ her ch by John Sayle - John , Christopher, Philip, Daniel + Cath); names sis' son Daniel Thompson(lives in England); names Wm Radcliffe(Andreas) exor
1818-1 E         CORKILL      William                  d 2 Apr [1818?];ch Wm, Cath, Ann, Jane, Esther, Margt + Elizth jt admrs - Wm sworn
1821   A 46      CRELLIN      Catherine   kneale       dated 11 Feb 1821;ch James + Henry Crellin (5s ea);names Charles Sayle(my dau's husband) exor + residuary legatee
1821-1 E         HOWLAND      Margaret    christian    dated 7 Jul 1820;ch William(£30), Isabel(£30, feather bed + all her shaped clothes);husb William Howland exor - annexed codicil that ch to possess money when they reach 24yrs; 5 Mar 1835: Wm + Isabella both ack recpt of £30 (Wm 'x', Isabella signed)
1821-1 E         TEARE        Judy                     dated 13 Mar 1820;ch 4 unnamed sons inc  Daniel( + his dau Elizth), Wm (+ dau Judy);unnamed daus-in-law;husb Daniel exor
1822   A 45      corkill      Thomas                   [not corlett as in BL]];ch John, Wm, Thomas, Ann exex; names Robert Quine;gch Wm_Henry Corkill, Eliza_Jane Corkill + Mary_Ann Corkill
1824   E         MARTIN       William                  d Sep 1824;Knock-e-donney;ch John, William, Thomas, James, Robt, Edward, jane + Mary jt admrs - some ua; debts etc
1824-2 E         TEARE        John                     dated 28 May 1824;Close-e-kee;leaves 100 for poor + 50 to the schoolhouse on KerrooGarroo; names Margt Kermode(w/o John Kermode), Margt d/o sd John Kermode, Elleor Tear als Kermod (w/o Thomas Tear), Charles Cormode;nephew Robert Corlett(+ dau Jane, Ann), John Corlett, James Kewin;names Elinor Cain(widow of Wm Cain), Ann + Jane d/o sd Wm Cain, Ann Radcliffe(d/o John Radcliffe, Andreas);Ann Radcliffe + Ellenor Tear(exex) to have all household furniture 
                                                           + as much turf as I nornally cut provided they live together;names Thomas Cowley, John Cowley, Wm Cowley, Charlotte Kewin(d/o Radcliffe Kewin); Ellenor Cain + Wm Cain h/o Ann Cain ack;John + Robt Corlett ack, John Cormode (h/o Margt) + dau Mary Cormode ack;1829: Isable Kewin widow James Kewin acks
1825-1 E         CHRISTIAN    Edmund                   declared 4 May 1825;wife Margt als Quayle exex
1825-1 E         CHRISTIAN    William                  [?bur And 18240907]dated 20 Feb 1824;ch Wm(Close-na-moall + loom + bed), John exor;wife Elizabeth;dau-in-law Cath
1828-2 E         GARRETT      Patrick                  d 10 Oct 1827;wife Margt admx;petn mentions holds mortgage on lands of Robt Howland who cannot discharge until admin given
1828-2 E         KNEALE       John                     dated 4 Jun 1825;Leacherroo;wife Ann exex;ch Ann Woods als Kneale(had m/c), Isabella Quine als Kneal dcd(+ dau Jane), Patrick(heir), Cath Morrison als Kneale
1828-2 E         KNEALE       Thomas                   dated 15 Dec 1823;Regaby;ch Thomas,Danl, Euan, Edward, james(decd but ? if issue), Jane, Ann(100 when 24 or marries), John exor
1830-1 E         BREW         James                    wife Mary als Cowell admx;will rejected by consent of Ellinor Brew + Mary
1831   A 17      Christian    Margret                  dated 20 Mar 1829;Ballayockey;ch Robert(lands in Andreas purchased from Wm Quayle - Thalloo Kewin + also my share of meadow called Daniel Garrett's meadow - to be possed after decease of father),Cornelius(my share of house in Ramsey called Speed's house + all Baking? interests - also my half of garden on east side of Thomas Sayle's house),William,Susan + Margt (jt exexs), Daniel (to pay sisters out of estates of Ballayockey + Ardonan) - also exor in trust 
                                                           (along with son-i-law John Goldsmith), unnamed daus a mourning dress; 5 to stewarts of Methodist Ramsey Cct; husb Daniel (estate during his life);codicil dated Feb 1831: states house in Ramsey purchased by late husb Daniel called Speed's house; in acks Cornelius of Jurby and names exors as Daniel Christian + John_William Goldsmith
1831   A 18      KNEALE       Ann                      dated 5 Dec 1823;Regaby;ch Thomas, Daniel?, Jane, Hugh, Edward, James(decd + ch), Ann(not 21), John exor
1831   A 19      KILLIP       Ann                      dated 18 Feb 1829;names sis's son John Brew, sis's husb Wm Cormode(+ ch Daniel Cormode, John Cormode, Mary Cormode(w/o Wm Cowle(Jurby) + her child Daniel Tear), William Cormode);names Philip Joughin;friend + companion Cath Quirk exex(all land, houses etc purchased from John Cleator)
1831   A 20      KNEALE       Catharine                dated 14 Jan 1831;nephew/neice [?gch?] Esther Kneale, Thomas Kneale, Daniel Kneale, Margt_Jane Kneale (all ch of son Wm), Jane Kneale, Esther Kneale, Ellin Kneale (all ch of son John); 'to my nephew my son William Kneale by a child Cathrine Kneale';ch John(+ wife Elinor), Wm(+ wife Cath), Cath, Ann, Jane;son-in-law John Kinnish + Daniel Cleator jt exors
1831   A 21      TEARE        William                  dated 7 Sep 1826;ch Elizth, Jane; gch Wm + Eleanor Corlett;sis Alice Corkish;wife Margt(house, gardens + croft to be at her own disposal) exex
1831-1 E         LACE         Judith      skinner      [note name Cath used in will by error as noted by court]husb Wm; ch judy,esther, ann ,jane christian als lace + wm;judy,esther + ann (w/o john cottier) jt exexs
1832-2 E      jw CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   dated 12 Oct 1827;jw Thomas + wife Margt ;unnamed ch by 1st wife;mutual execs;
1833-1 E       d FARGHER      Thomas                   bro-in-law W Quirk admr in trust
1833-1 E       d GARRETT      John                     wife Cath admx;
1833-2 E       d HOWLAND      William                  petn by Jane Qualtrough(widow, Andreas) that died considerably indebted and that widow + family have been making away with his effects - several claims (Jane claims 7);Thos Kneale a creditor sworn admr;sale of goods raised 19 3s wch gave about 5s 6d in  to creditors; 
1836   A 47      KNEALE       Patrick                  made 7 mar 1836;regaby beg;bro wm (regaby beg);nephew wm kneale (regaby beg)+his son thomas;ch of late nephew charles kneale (john,charles,thomas,cath + isabella);nephew john kneale,george kneale;niece ann kneale w/o patrick kneale
                                                            ballalheaney  (+ his ch thomas,ann + cath);names jane kneal w/o john kneale lezayre; 1844: John C. Cowels bro-i-law thomas kneale (draper ramsey) acks 50 to his wife ann kneal als cowell
1836-1 E         LACE         Jane                     [1st on mmfilm] dated 12 nov 1828;formerly ballacrebbin,now ramsey;gch charles + elizth lace(c/o son wm decd);gdau jane quayle(liverpool);dau mary christian exex;dau-i-law ann lace(widow of son john);property + concerns in douglas;dau-i-law esther lace(her ch);dau jane radcliffe(5s 6d);
1837-1 E         BROWN        James                    Widow cath;ch David, John_Means, Walter, Robt, Wm + Richd - all ua - jt  admrs - Wm sayle + Philip Tear sworn admrs - seq of acks 1837: Wm , 1852: John_Mearns ack, 1853: Walter + david ack, 1857: Robt now at age acks
1837-1 E         KNEALE       Ann                      petn by bro John Kneale (regaby);d without issue;sibs John Kneale,Ewan Kneale,Jane (w/o Thomas Moore off island), tho + edward kneale;nieces Elr Hargreaves(w/o joseph hargreaves) + Ann James in right of decd father;capt john Corlett(kella) admr in trust
1838-1 E         SAYLE        Margaret                 admrs next of kin John Radcliffe, David Radcliffe + Wm Radcliffe(in right of decd mother Judith), Ann (w/o Thomas Corris), Jane(w/o Thomas Kneale), Isabella (w/o James Wilson), Margt(w/o Thos Sayle), Cath(widow of John Radcliffe) and Eleanor(w/o Thos Caley)

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