Summary of Wills - Andreas 1750-1799

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1750-1 E      d  CORLETT      John                     d 21 apr 1750;ch simon,bahee,isabel,jony;john kneal h/o bahee ;wife alive;[part of will missed from film];john kneal resigns exor to sisters but they to provide for wifes son john kissage now abt 5yrs old [?illeg bapt And 17431125];
1750-2 A 37      CASEMENT     Thomas                   d 1 Jan 1750 [?1750/1];ch Christian(unmarr), Thos(exor)
1750-2 A 38      CREBBIN      John                     [full]
1750-2 E      c  LACE         Margaret                 m/c thos lace may 1740 [NSS May 1740 24]husb Thos exor
1751-1 E      d  TEAR         Ann         SAYLE        d 27 jan 1750/1;ch John,elizth,joney + marjory;pledges Phillip Cottier Lezayre + James Tear andreas
1752-1 A 26      WATERSON     Mary                     d 23 oct 1751;husb wm exor;dau margt,jony(if she comes herself to Island);gdau margt crow,cath crow;sons john,wm;names cath sayle Ballachurry;additiional testimony by witness that husb to have benefit of land then decend to issue of daniel crow by margt his wife(d/o mary)
1752-1 E      d  KANEEN       William                  d 12 jan 1752;only dau cath ua;wife alive;thos lace next of reln supv
1752-1 E      d  KEWN         Silvester                d 11 jan 1752;8 ch John, Philip, William, James Bridget, Margt. Joney and Elliner;all at la
1752-2 E      d  CANNELL      Elizabeth   COTTIER      d 21 dec 1751;only dau jane;husb john
1752-2 E      d  KNEEN        Ann         TEAR         d 6 jun 1752;sons danl kneen(by former husb),thos kneen by latter husb ua;inv
1752-2 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Charles                  d 12 feb 1752;ch George, Philip + Samuel (ua); by 1765 philip mariner in RN decd ;dec of settlement 13 dec 1739 re ch of Cath Radcliffe his wife;ch uncles Wm kneale + John cleator;
1753-1 A 16      WADE         Ann         Brew         bur 20 nov 1752;un-named husb + ch;sis esther;dau bahee (not eldest);mo + mo-i-law alive;aunt alice brew;1764 daus alice + esther ack from aunt esther lace  als brew;
1753-2 A 53      RADCLIFF     Isabel      SAYLE        made 29 mar 1753;d 30 mar;sis margt (+ other sibs);husb stewn [stephen] radcliffe;deposition by joney christian that isabel left 30s + another 30s to sis margt  vizt thos sayle's wife;
1753-2 A 54      KINRY        John                     made 16 mar 1753;dau cath,margt, joney (margt + joney exexs) ;un-named gson;son john;wife joney;
1753-2 A 55      CHRISTIAN    Joney       SKINNER      d 10 feb 1753;dau jony + cath;son wm,john,gilbt;dau-i-law mary christian;un-named sis;husb john exec;1776 joney mcylcarane als christian acks
1753-2 A 56      TEAR         Thomas                   made 23 feb 1753;dau alice (her mo dead),margt;names wm fargher overseer of alice + margt;dau ann exex
1753-2 E      w  LACE         John                     chk bk;made 17 jan 1751;capt john lace;dau joney (when she goes to Regaby),jane;son wm;son-i-law john kneal h/o ann;wife alive
1753-2 E      w  LAWSON       Richard                  made 25 may 1753;son david,james;dau margt,cath;
1752-3 E      d  JOHNSON      John                     d 19 sep 1753;only dau margt admx; - ua gfa john johnson;pledge christopher johnson(ramsey) + james radcliffe(sumner andreas);wife ann als crebbin;undated[?1766] petn by margt d/o john Johnson decd that wishes to marry underage, needs guardians approval so nominates 2 who agree;
1754-1 A 25      RADCLIFF     Philip                   [full]
1754-1 A 26      CORMODE      Catherine   GARRET       d 20 dec ;ballaquane;son john;dau cath;sis margt;husb danl exec;bro-i-law john cormode;
1754-1 A 34      COWN         Margaret    LEWN         ?check out of sequence = 14 ?
1754-2 A 49      RADCLIFFE    William                  [full]d 4 apr 1754;made 21 may 1752;gson ;philip radcliffe;gdau ann radcliff;gdau mary;gson charles radcliffe;only son thos exec;wife alive;names wm lawson
1754-2 A 50      CORLET       Thomas                   d April 1754: dau Joney (a minor), step dau Catharine Cowle, wife Catharine Corlet, John Corlet son of 1st wife of Thomas (& of age by 1767); John Corkill is son in law of wife Catharine (the stepmother of son John) 
1754-2 A 51      McNAMEER     John                     [full]
1754-2 A 52      FARGHER      Catherine   TEAR         d 20 feb;son philip (eldest),wm (both ua)husb wm;sisters ann,alice;aunt margt
1754-2 E      d  KINLEY       Averick     KINREAD      d 12 apr 1754;only son saml
1754-3 E      w  KINREAD      Philip                   d beg aug;son john (land described),thos (exec);neighbour thos lace;wife joney
1754-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Jane        LACE         d 20 may 1754 - died soon after husb wm;neice jane lace;names wm lawson,ann radcliffe,wm radcliffe,jane kneen,cath quay;bro henry lace;nephew danl lace exec;
1754-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Margaret    BREW         d jul last;ballakelly;daus margt + esther;son thos (exec),philip,wm (ramsey),john;names mary kneale;sis joney brew;husb philip (decd);1763:john mcnameer h/o margt
1755-1 A 17      MARTIN       John                     d 26 dec ;Knockadoony;son john (to send bros to be coopers),philip,nicholas;dau ann;wife joney;names cath lawson money due by former wife's will;wife was exex of her mo Ann;ack by gilbt kermod
1755-1 A 18      KENEEN       Alice                    d 12 [];names Philip quay,jane radcliff;son wm quay (a child) + joney kewin execs;john h/o joney kewin;inv
1755-2 A 50      RADCLIFFE    James                    [full]d 26 feb 1755;belfast;dau margt,ann,ellen;son wm
1755-2 A 51      RADCLIFFE    William                  d 26 feb 1755;dau margt (not 20),ann;son wm;wife alive
1755-2 A 52      QUAY         Philip                   made 21 Feb 1755;ch Cath, Alice - Jon Sayle + Dollin Cain to be overseers;bro-i-law John Cain;wife exex
1755-2 E         TEAR         Mitchell                 perished by sea on coast scotland beg mar 1755;sibs wm,philip
1755-3 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Mary        CHRISTIAN    d aug;son thos,john (exec),james;dau ann + un-named 2nd dau;
1756-3 E      w  KINRY        Ann         CREBBIN      d 6 jul;sons ewan + thos(ua);sis mary quark;husb alive
1756-3 E      d  RADCLIFFE    Philip                   ophan of Philip Radcliffe (ep will 1754) + Margt Radcliffe (ep 1754)d 7 Nov;sibs by fa's side William, Thomas, William, John, Margaret + Esther  (all except Wm to share in mo's goods - [2nd marr of philip]);1763 John Mcnameer h/o margt Radcliffe sis of Philip
1757-1 E    d    COWLEY       Catherine   KNEEN        d 25 nov 1756;5ch john,christian,wm,thos + cath ua unc + aunts wm thos christian + cath & esther kneen supv;husb john;inv
1757-1 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Margaret                 d 9 oct 1756;sibs john,thos,joney + ann radcliffe;ewan knry h/o joney;john tear h/o ann;
1757-2 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Alice                    d 1 may 1757;daus joney + ann;son john exec
1757-2 E    w    SKINNER      Daniel                   d 9 jun 1757;son danl,wm,ewan;wife alive
1757-3 E    d    CaMAISH      Stephan                  perished by sea end sept 1757;3ch isabel,margt + stephen;wife alive
1757-3 E    d    CORMOADE     Thomas                   perished by sea 20 sept 1757;sibs john,bridget + ellinr
1757-3 E    d    KEE          Patrick                  perished by sea end sept 1757;sibs john,wm,danl (h/o dorothy),elizth + alice
1758-1 E    d    BREW         Philip                   d 4 mar 1758;ballaclucas;ch alice,marjory + margt ua uncle john brew of the gilcagh;wife elizth;inv sale; in petn widow mentions 7 head of cattle;
1758-1 E    d    TEAR         Joney       CAMAISH      d 7 oct 1758;2ch wm + jane,james (eldest had mc);wm corlet h/o jane
1758-2 A 70      TEARE        Daniel                   d beg apr;dau joney (ballaquayn);youngest dau cath,margt,elinor;sis Alice (a potato butt)
1758-2 A 71 s    WADE         Ann                      made 1746: articles of marriage between Wm Brew & Anne Brew als Teare and their dau Ann Brew  &  Ann Wade and son James  Wade
1758-3 E    w    CAMAISH      John                     d 1 oct 1758;dau cath curlett als camaish;wife joney als Morrison execx;names thomas teare, wm skinner;claim by alice camaish;[joney radcliffe als mcylvorrey m And 17351118]
1758-3 E      w  LACE         William                  d 29 aug 1758;ballavarry;dau Margt,joney,margery;names Mrs Allen'wife ann exex;1768: wm radcliffe h/o marjery
1758-3 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 20 may 1758;'natural born idiot and cripple';only sis joney w/o danl skinner;
1759-1 A 18      KELLY        Catherine   Mylecharane  [full]d 12 nov 1758;son patk kelly;gdau cath callow;dau isabel (w/o Ewan Callow);son thos Mcyllechrane
1759-1 A 19 dg   RADCLIFFE    James                    'in my old age';son wm
1759-1 A 21      RADCLIFF     Ann         KNEALE       d 21 jan;son wm;dau ann,elinor,margt (execx)
1759-1 E    d    CLEATER      Margaret    KNEAL        d 14 nov 1758;3 ch wm,robt + danl (ua);son john under sentence of excommunication;inv
1759-1 E    d    COWLE        Thomas                   d 2 feb 1759;4 ch thos,chas,joney + margt all ua uncle chas cowle;wife bahee als teare;inv (inc 2 bowles rice);1760 son thos late deceased
1759-1 E    d    SAYLE        Andrew                   d in minority 15 yrs ago;goods left by joney kaneen als cowle (1735);sibs danl,ann + margt
1759-1 E    d    SAYLE        Joney       RADCLIFFE    d 13 dec 1758;4 ch thos,danl,margt + ellinor;danl lace h/o ellinr
1759-2 A 75      CORLET       Joney                    d 3 Apr 1759: brother John Corlet; Isabel Kneen & Joney's uncle John Kneen
1759-2 A 76      KANEEN       Daniel                   d 9 apr 1759;wife joney;son michael;gdau margt kaneen;gson wm kaneen;dau christian cannell (w/o charles cannell kk michael),dau esther lace (w/o peter lace);son danl (heir) exec
1759-2 A 77      CORLET       John                     d 7 Apr 1759: Dau Ellinor Corlet, dau Elizabeth Corlett; dau Mary Corlett (exec)
1759-2 E    d    CAMAISH      Joney       MCYLWORREY   d 21 dec 1758;dau joney radcliffe (by former husb + w/o danl skinner)
1759-2 E    w    CORLET       Catherine   CLEATER      d 23 may 1759;son thos (+ his wife);ch john,wm,cath + ellinor;gdau cath corkill;dau isabel;gson john kissage;son simon;dau joney execx
1759-2 E      d  GARRETT      Catherine   CRAINE       d 26 apr 1759;sibs andrw,wm,esther,john + joney;husb wm;[m And 17561218 ?no ch]
1759-2 E    w    KEIG         John                     d 21 may 1759;wife margt (?2nd wife);son thos (heifer left by his mo),john;philip + jane ch by later wife ua;inv
1759-2 E    d    KEWIN        James                    d 30 may 1759;8 sibs john,phil,w,bahee,ellinr,joney,dorothy + margt;john clark h/o joney
1759-2 E    d    RADCLIFFE    John                     d 14 may 1759;4 ch philip,thos,john + joney;inv
1759-2 E    d    TEaRE        Isabel      KNEALE       d 10 mar 1759;ch john + ellinr,isabel had dowry
1759-3 E      w  CAINE        Patrick                  d 22 aug 1759;dau joney(close charen);wife exex;pledge wm cannell(ballaugh),john gill smith
1759-3 E    w    KANEEN       Alice       CLEATER      d 13 aug 1759;gat-e-whing;nephew john cleator jnr;bro john cleator snr;husb john dead;dau cath ua uncles john cleator,danl tear + robt cannell;1763 cath at la chooses wm radcliffe of ballaradcliffe;1770 david christian h/o cath;inv
1759-3 E    w    KEWIN        Joney       KNEALE       d 1 Jul 1759;ch John(her right in Archdeacons close), Bahee(Robins Croft), Wm(5), Philip(10s), Joney(10s), Dorothy(10s)Ellinor(exex); pledges John Kewin + John Radcliffe(both Andreas)
1760-1 A 38      LACE         John                     [full];d 1 feb 1760;Ballaseir;dau christian;gch john+ joney cormoad (c/o john);son john;gson charles lace,wm lace,joseph lace;dau margt (w/o wm kneale);gch margt + jane kneale;son arthur;wife alice sick (also died a little before john)
1760-1 A 40      KANEEN       Joney       LAWSON       d 4 feb 1760;son michael;dau-i-law margery,joney;gdau margt kaneen,cath kaneen,joney cannell;dau esther w/o peter lace,christian w/o charles cannell;son danl;1770 bahee oldest dau michael;
1760-1 A 41      TEARE        Philip                   d 4 January 1759: son Thomas Teare, son Paul Teare, dau Joney Teare, son Philip Tear, son Nicholas Teare, son Daniel Teare, son in law Thomas Corlet; son John Teare, dau Alive, wife Catharine Teare als Sayle
1760-1 E      d  COWLE        John                     mariner,left 20 yrs ago no acct;sibs chas cowle,margt scarf als cowle admrs
1760-2 A 70      CHRISTIAN    Patrick                  d mar 1760;s/o danl christian ballacoary;bro wm (wife nelly),thos;sis cath;unnnamed young sister;
1760-3 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Philip                   perished by sea on hm princess louissa aug 1757;bros george + saml
1761-1 A 60      SKINNER      Ann         SKEALLY      d 22 nov;parents john + maevel[?mabel];dau bahee;husb christopher exor;names others
1761-1 A 61      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    BREW         [full];d 16 nov 1761;husb john;sis isabel,bahee;
1761-1 A 62      CHRISTIAN    Alice       TEARE        d 18 May 1761;names many but no relationships given - inc Ellinor Tear, Ellinor Tear junr, Margt Tear, Alice Tear, James Tear, Joney Tear(exex), Cath Kneale, John Kneale, John Corlet
1761-3 E      w  KIPPAx       John                     dated 20 jul 1756;Brington Huntington;archdeacon of Mann;unnamed sons (ell settled);dau mary exex;wife alice als milne;alice + mary appt John Quillin (castletown)as attorney (PoA notes that Rev Danl Gelling acted as curate of Andreas)
1761-3 E      d  QUARK        John                     d 22 oct 1761;ballayockey;sibs danl,edmd,mary christian als quark(w/o danl);inv
1761-3 E      w  QUARK        Mary        CHRISTIAN    d 29 oct 1761;sis bahee crow als christian exex;names joney skillicorn als brew,margt christian;
1762-2 A 65      LAWSON       Catherin    QUIRK        d jan 1762;ch bahee,ann,margt,james,john (pt of martin's chappell);husb david exec
1762-2 A 67      RADCLIFFE    Philip                   [full];son Tho, son John
1762-2 A 68      RADCLIFFE    Joney       SAYLE        dau Joney, son Wm, son Sam, dau Xtn, dau Esther, son Jn, sis in law Xtn Clark
1762-2 A 70 jw   LACE         Jane        CHRISTIAN    [full];danl + jane als christian;ch jane,cath,esther,mary,christian + alice;dau elizth w/o danl gelling,ann (eldest - ballavodan);danl's bro charles + wm
1762-2 A 71      FARGHER      Philip                   d end apr past;cassmullin;gdau joney s/o son thos;gch patrick' s/o  Wm;gson philip s/o wm,john s/o thos;
1762-2 E    d    TEARE        James                    d 3 may;2 ch James + Isabel
1763-2 A 68      CRAINE       Esther      KILLIP       [full]d 17 feb 1763;son andrew(+his son),john, wm;dau joney,esther exec;names wanton's wife of Douglas,jane + esther radcliffe;husb dead;wm crebbin h/o esther;dispute between wm crebbin + arthur + wm craine
1763-2 A 69      GARRET       William                  d 4 mar 1762;son john(lands from Corlish yarg),phillip,wm;dau ann + wife joney als christian jt exexs
1763-2 A 71      WADE         Daniel                   [full]
1764-1 A 13      LACE         John                     d 25 nov 1763;wife joney;son michael;dau esther(w/o john tear);names land in lezayre;other ch dan,john + margt
1764-1 E      w  CLARK        Christian   RADCLIFFE    made 24 jun;names cath tear,joney radcliffe,christian radcliffe,philip radcliffe,elizth kewn;sis-i-law eleanor radcliffe als tear;bro wm exec
1764-2 A 53      JOHNSON      John                     d 16 apr 1764;gson john johnson;names thomas christian m to dau-i-law to give unto gdau margt johnson + little beast;gdau margt johnson exex ua uncle edwd johnson her step fa thos christian;1773 john johnson died before fully paid 
                                                         appointed mo elinor christian sole exex who acks from edwd christian h/o exex margt johnson;inv
1764-2 A 54      TEARE        Eleanor     SKINNER      d 1 feb 1764;son gilbt;dau cath(w/o wm killip) exex
1764-2 E    d    QUark        edmund                   mariner departed 30 yrs ago sibs daniel quark & mary christian als quark
1764-2 E    d    QUIRK        Mary        QUIRK        d 10 jun 1763; 3 ch john joney & ann 2 y ua;john quirk uncle;husb wm
1765-1 A 31      BREW         Joney       TEARE        d 2 Feb 1765: sons Steven & Phil Brew; sis Cathrine wife of Jn Garret; sister Esther; husb Steven; also James Wade & James Dowan overseers of children
1765-1 E      d  CORMOADE     Bahee       CORLET       d 4 apr 1764;only son danl
1765-1 E      w  KNEAL        William                  d 12 nov 1764;bridge;son john,wm exor(dead 11 nov predecd fa court decrees john only bro
1765-1 E      w  KNEALE       Catherine   TEARE        d midsummer last;son john,wm exor;wm survd testx but now ded - bro john
1765-2 E      d  BREW         William                  d 23 jan;only dau esther w/o daniel lace;
1765-2 E      w  LACE         Alice       BREW         d 25 may 1765;names esther w/o danl lace,jane sayle w/o thos sayle exex;nephew wm brew;bro's gch (vizt c/o john cowley ballaugh);stepson henry lace
1765-2 E      d  SAYLE        Ann         CRAINE       d 3 jun 1765;ch thos + joney(w/o john radcliffe who accepts  5 from thos + fa-i-law philip sayle)
1765-2 E      w  TEARE        Ann         RADCLIFFE    d 20 oct 1764;eldest dau Ann;dau alice;sons dan + john;husb john;uncle james radcliffe supv
1765-2 E      d  TEARE        Catherine   CLEATER      d 8 apr 1765;only dau cath(w/o John Sayle) admx
1765-3 E      w  KNEEN        Thomas, jnr              d 6yrs ago Island Granada (deposed by Edwd Christian Ramsey);s/o thomas exec determined to voyage coasts of africa;bro Danl;1783 fa dead widow cath exex
1765-3 E      d  TEARE        Alice                    d 4 feb 1765;spinster;nephew philip + wm faragher jt admrs - too young their fa wm
1766-1 A 28      CORMOAD      Joney       CREBBIN      [full];made 7 apr 1760;son thomas (philip cowle's croft),danl,wm;dau eleanor
1766-1 A 29      COWLL        John                     [full];d 12 jan 1766;names john sayle (east smeal),nicholas tear;nephew arthur brew;mary kinry execx
1766-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Marjery                  d beg Aug [?1765];husb dan christian;ch Dan Lace, Wm Lace(+ wife),Bahe Lace exex;names Wm Christian(+wife),Margt Christian;
1766-2 A 76      SAYLE        John                     made 13 nov 1765;(board of loft then unnailed to beams);wife joney als joughin;fa danl sayle;bro danl sayle;bro-i-law thomas quirk;eldest child margt but wife pregnant (son john);bros danl + wm sayle supervisors;parents of joney sayle als joughin were john +  joney als crenilt;1772 john corelett h/o joney sayle;inv
1766-3 E      d  ELLISON      Philip                   left island 10yrs ago + shortly afterwards perished by sea;sibs john + lucy
1767-1 E    d    BREW         Ann         TEARE        d 2 oct;only dau esther w/o daniel lace
1767-1 E    w    TEARE        William                  d 22 Sep 1765;dau ellinor(yarn in house), John(exor)
1767-2 A 55      GARRETT      Christian   GOLDSMITH    [full]d 27 feb 1767;dau May (w/o wm kneal kk bride),son John,Joseph,ewan;gsons wm lace,joseph garret;dau isabel (w/o john lace) exec;names jane garret;husb dead;1769 Mary garret als Wilson w/o John Garret now residing Ellan Foot (Mary Port) Cumberland acks from John Lace
1767-2 A 56      CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   [full]d 14 apr 1767;ballacorrey;son thomas;dau-i-law Ellinor christian;dau cath execx
1767-2 E      w  CHRISTIAN    John                     d end jul 1767;sibs gilbt,cath(w/o john radcliffe),wm,joney(mcylcarane als christian);fa alive;wife cath als tear exex;names Dan Christian ardonan(40s from mortgage money on land he lived on when redeemed);1781: dan christain acks robt corlet h/o cath corlet als christian als tear;
1768-1 A 30      LACE         Daniel                   [full] Deemster;wdr (wife Jane Christian)dau Anne (eldest + exec),Jane, Catharine, Esther, Mary, Christian & Alice [?bapt];dau Eliz w/o rev Dan Gelling;bros John, Charles & William
1768-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    John                     no account above 30 yrs sis joney + eliz;stephen corlet h/o joney;[full]
1768-1 E      d  KNEALE       Ann                      d 19 jan 1768;spinster;sibs john,mary + cath kneale
1768-3 E    d    CRENILT      Margaret    SAYLE        dog dau cath cowin als crenilt (w/o thomas)as only ch that has staid to to assist me;other ch  elizth w/o john cottier lezayre,margt w/o john carin rushen,maichael crinilt
1768-3 E    d    KNEALE       William                  d 20 sep 1768;ballabeg;ch tho,philip + margt
1768-3 E    d    LACE         Esther      BREW         d 6 oct 1768;ch wm,patr,danl,jane,anne + mary all ua next of kin danl,john + alice wade;husb danl;inv
1768-3 E    w    skinner      Joney       RADCLIFFE    d 28 jun 1768;sons wm (heir,pt of boat + new nets),daniel, John;dau joney,isabel;husb danl exec;ch wm + danl at age;[full]
1769-1 A 24      KEIG         Margaret    CORKISH als crye  d dec 1768;names james radcliffe (+ wife);son philip keigg ua;dau elizth corkish;dau ann (owed some of her fa's goods),jane keigg execx;james radcliffe h/o cath radcliffe als corkish dau of margt supv;
1769-1 E    d    LAWSON       Edward                   mariner,left island 19 yrs ago + account died coast of Guinea abt 18yrs ago;sibs patrick,david,john + joney (w/o anthony lawson);pledges wm mcnemeer + james lawson (both andreas)
1769-3 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Ellinor                  d 30 Jun 1768;ch Margt(her part of Crot-ne-voagh), Wm;husb Wm exor;servt maide Cath Cleater;names Wm Lace(+ dau), Danl Lace(+ dau Elinor), Rich Christian(+ dau Elinor)
1769-3 E      d  CLEATER      James                    d 11 aug perished by sea at herring fishery;ch james,john + ellinr - all ua uncle + aunts wm,margt + alice cleater;wife jane
1769-3 E    d    CLEATER      John                     d 11 aug perished by sea at herring fishery;ch john,james,cath,ellin (or alice) + wife pregnant;guardians William, Margt & Alice Cleater;wife margt[full]
1769-3 E    d    RADCLIFFE    John                     d 21 may 1769;admin Wm Cubbon sumner general
1769-3 E    d    TEARE        James                    perished by sea 4 Aug 1769 (herring fishery);only bro john
1770-1 A 22      KEIG         Philip                   d 27 nov 1769 at house of bro-i-law james radcliffe of andreas;only sis jane by fa + mo's side;bro wm 6d (would strive for 6d if not left anything),thos,john;half sisters by fa's side elizth (of ballaugh),isabel (maughold);half sisters by mo's side elizth + ann corkish (both in england);exec bro-i-law james radcliffe + wife cath;
1770-1 E    d    CRAINE       Joney       CORLETT      d 25 dec;only ch philip ua unles wm + danl corlett;husb philip;agreement between uncles + fa;inv
1770-1 E    d    MARTIN       Philip                   perished by sea at herring fishery 12 aug 1769;sibs john + anne
1770-1 E    d    QUIRK        John                     perished by sea 11 aug  1769;7 ch wm,john,patr,danl,math,robt + jane;5 later ua;wife alive;inv
1770-2 A 53      SKINNER      Marjery     cregeen      d 25 March 1770: eldest son Wm, dau Mgt (md Tho Radcliffe 1772, Andreas), dau Joney, 4 daus; 2 youngest dau Cath & Joney; Mary Crejeen of Jurby; husb Wm Skinner; youngest son Wm; dau Ann; son Daniel; Joney is underage
1770-2 A 54      WADE         Catherine   cowley       d 15 apr 1770;son philip (lands ballavartin),michael,james (h/o ann),john;husb james;names joney w/o edmond crow;husb + son john execs
1770-2 A 55      KNEEN        Mary        corlett      d easter sunday;dau joney quaggin als kneen(w/o thos),mary; exexstep-son john kneen
1770-2 A 56      FARAGHER     James,snr                d 23 dec 1769;ch cath (w/o danl cormoade + her son john),james;
1770-3 E    w    HARRISON     Isabel      CALLISTeR    d 15 jul 1770;dau ann;bros thos + wm;husb ewan exec;thos + wm guardians of ann kinley ack;
1770-3 E    d    KEWIN        Thomas                   d 20 sep 1770;wife esther ch thos + elizth ua but no reln appeared;wife pregnant  - posth dau elinor ;later philip kewn + john kneale two of next relns excepting matths + jane kewinhis sibs who are young and weak of judgement) sworn;inv;1779 thomas chooses uncle john moore as guardian;agreement in 1780 re land rent + concerns in ramsey;1777 petn that widow esther squandered
1771-1 A 21      CRENILT      Isabel      cottier      d last day dec 1770;step dau joney crinilt;dau elizth crinilt,cath crinilt;son thomas,wm,daniel;husb daniel ch ua uncle john cottier + wm cottier;acks + inv
1771-1 E    w    MOORE        Charles                  made 15 oct 1770;ballacamaish;son charles,john,wm,ewan(last 3 to be sent to trade);wife joney als camaish;dau joney (land in close chirrim),esther
1771-1 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Joney       SAYLE        d 12 jan 1771;ch Philip, Alice, Anne, and Thos Radcliffe ua;uncles (mo side) Philip Sayle, Thos Sayle & John Teare;husb john;dispute (re land manured marle-clay);1791: john kinry h/o ann 
1771-2 A 70      TEARE        Catherine   sayle        d 30 feb 1771;son john,danl (his dau ann),philip,paul,nicholas,thos tear her dau  wife of thos corlet dau joney w/o wm cowley
1771-2 A 71      CHRISTIAN    John                     d 14 apr 1771;son richd;son-i-l wm cleator;john tear s/o philip (his loom);dau christian;wife averick jt execx
1771-2 E737 d    LACE         Daniel                   d 5 may ? 1771; ch margt + cath by former wife,danl,ellinr,wm,john+ewan by latter wife;4 latter ua richd lace h/o margt + john kneale h/o cath guardans;wife alive;danl lace chooses wm radcliffe kk andreas supv;1784: thomas christian junr slegaby h/o ellr(at age nov 1775)
1771-2 E746 d    CROW         John                     d 8 may 1771;sis margt,cath,mary + anne;cath + anne off island;inv
1771-2 E752 w    RADCLIFFE    William,snr              d 13 may 1771;made 28 june 1769;son samuel (close-y-vator nr craig),wm (eldest) exec;daus christian + esther,joney w/o thos kneale
1771-2 E756 w    TEARE        Daniel                   made 13 may 1771;names thomas kinread,john tear snr smeal,john tear junr,daniel kneen;sis alice tear (w/o wm +dau jane);godchild joney c/o patrick fargher;wife mary als kneen(land dowyn);dau cath sayle als tear(w/o john kk michael)exors - to put a decent stone on his grave;
1771-3 E      d  CORMOADE     Daniel                   d 3 aug 1771;sis bahee + cath;
1771-3 E      w  COWIN        Thomas                   d 16 aug 1771;dau anne,cath (both ua uncles john howland + wm cowin supv);wife cath als crinilt exex
1772-1 A 23      COWLE        Daniel                   of Kiondroghad andreas but now ramsey;neice jony w/o wm craine leodeat (sons patk + wm christian from prev marr),cath christian widow ballakie kk bride(son wm),isabel w/o andrew craine ramsey;names mathias kewn + sis jane;gch of sis
                                                          joney who was married in regaby + her son patk kneale;nephew john kneale regaby;names james wade;only now living bro charles cowle ramsey exec#24 = Petition of John Kneale re: Will of Daniel Cowle (his Uncle) that danl in illhealth fell under influence of bro charles
1772-1 A 25      SAYLE        John                     d 12 feb 1772;sis bridget w/o thos harrison;names alice w/o thos sayle the craig(son john),margery christian;wife cath als kneale exex
1772-2 A 69      JOUGHIN      Isabel                   d 14 mar 1772;bro-i-law Ewan Howland (h/o Margt als Joughin [#18253]);mo Joney;sis Joney exex
1772-2 A 70      JOHNSON      John                     d beg mar 1772;jane christian d/o uncle thos,margery christian d/o uncle danl;half-sis margt w/o edward christian (of kk onchan);cousins john + thos christian;mo elinor christian exex
1772-2 A 71      SAYLE        John                     d 2 apr 1772;son danl;gsons john + danl sayle jnr;names john radcliffe,margt radcliffe;gdau anne sayle;dau briget sayle;wife dead as 7 due to dau margt from her mo + 3 to anne;margt + anne exexs
1772-2 A 72      CORMODE      Mary                     d 20 apr 1772;names mary kewn;bro wm cormode (+ his ch);names joney cormode,margt d/o danl cormode,elinor cormode,joney d/o bro john cormode;dau joney christian exex
1772-2 E      w  CAMAISH      John                     d 2 may 1772;declrd 1 may;gson charles moore(curraugh lezayre - his sibs  john,ewan,wm,joney);wife bridget als sayle exex;only dau joney moore;1785 wm lace h/o joney moore acks from charles
1772-2 E      w  Cowley       Nicholas                 made 5 nov 1771;names cath sayle a beehive,charles cowll s/o john cowll little press;two ash trees in n of garden to be sold to pay for coffin;danl christian exor but refuses in open court prin creditor wm radcliffe appointed but later relinquishes to danl;petn by wm radcliffe that intitled to land by sale + mortgage
1772-2 E      d  JOuGHIN      William                  d 28 nov 1771;then surviving daus joney + issable(d since death of fa - her will sis jane exex);petn by ewan howland 'his fate' to have m. margt joughin eldest d/o wm + wm's son called john  went abroad but no news complains that joney has sole admr esp as he + wife had a contract bargain + wants joney to put in inv. john d on coast of guinea - danl kaneen swears both went to liverpool abt 6 yrs ago - some time after wm joughin shipped himself on board a small sloop belong to mason & mart ? merchts bound for guinea and died there not worth 5s at time of death;
1772-2 E      w  KINrY        Margaret                 d 4 may;gch marjery kaneen;names margt kannen;neice christian lace;son danlkaneen exor;witt danl cowle + mitchall kaneen
1772-2 E      d  TEARE        James                    d 18 nov 1771;ch wm + esther both at la
1772-3 E      w  KNEEN        John                     d 29 may 1772;wife margt;ch john,isabella;1824: ann widow john kneen junr decd acks
1772-3 E      w  TEARE        James                    d 22 jun 1772;son james.john exor;dau joney (w/o john kewin decd),cath;wife joney(all yarn or spinnning manufacture)
1772-3 E      d  TEARE        Joney       SAYLE        d 4 sep 1772;son john,james;dau cath joney had m/cs
1773-1 A 22      TEARE        Joney       crinelt      d 6 jan 1773;son john tear;dau-i-law mariod tear;joney d/o son wm tear;names elinor corlet;dau mary tear (balla-quaine's croft + debt thereon);son philip,wm (+his son wm);husb wm exec;son danl (eldest -   old croft + the loughan) - some dispute between danl + husb
1773-2 A 59      QUIRK        Bahee       lawson       d 24 feb 1773;son philip;dau-i-law isable quirk;son thos,james;dau joney execx;husb andrew;names joney corlet
1773-2 A 60      kanneen      William                  d 2 apr 1773;wife margt;names michael kanneen h/o majery,bahee k.,thos h.,margery h.,john h.,michael h. jnr,stephen h.,charles h.,cath tear;wm h. exec; court sd mich,charles + joney incomp thus john + stephen k. + john kneale h/o bahee kaneen gaurdians;majery kaneen widow + john quirk h/o majery ack
1773-2 A 61 dg   COWLEY       Mary        quark        widow (of nich)dau mary christian als callister w/o danl christian only child;john christian eldest son of mary cowley acks;1748 deed of attorney margt christian late of city of london appoints bro john christian curragh lezayre 
1773-2 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Alice       GAWN         d 8 mar 1773;ch thos + bahee,john(had setl)
1773-2 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d beg may 1773;son john (exor),thos;dau margarey,cath;wife alive
1773-2 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 7 may 1773;ballaradcliffe;son john,charles,thos;dau jane;wife esther
1773-2 E    d    SAYLE        Daniel                   d 28 apr;2 ch danl + wm, daus isabel w/o wm skinner + margt w/o thos quirk had settlements
1773-3 E    d    CHRISTIAN    William                  d 24 sep 1773;ch john,cath,elinor,jane + joney all ua uncles richd christian, philip tear  wm cleator;wife joney;1784 christopher looney h/o cath ack from step-fa wm christian;1791: john garret + elinor christian co-exors joney christian ack;inv
1773-3 E    w    CORLETT      Thomas                   d 16 jun 1773;son thos(6d),edwd(6d);dau joney(6d),margt(6d),cath(6d);wife anne;sons wm+ john exors;(some ch had marr setls)
1773-3 E    w    COWILL       Catherine   CROW         d 10 jul 1773;niece elizth crow;dau-i-law margt crow als howland ;names margt gill widow;eldest son robt,patk exor;husb danl;gson robt cowle
1773-3 E    w    HARRISON     Joney       RADCLIFFE    made 6 apr 1773;dau joney (w/o thos kneale),margot (w/o daniel cowle);gdau joney crinnoll;gson wm harrison,thos harrison;dau-in-law joney w/o john;son john exec
1773-3 E    d    KNEALE       Ann         CANNELL      d 17 jul 1773;ch john,wm,joney,hester,columb (had marr poryion)
1774-1 A 32      KNEEN        William                  d 20 nov 1773;son john,michael,danl;wife mary exex
1774-1 A 33      KEWIN        Catherine   KNEALE       d 5 dec 1773;gdau mary garrett;dau cath quilliam;son john garrett;husb john exor
1774-1 A 34      TEAR         Ellinor     TAYLOR       d 4 dec 1773;dau cath,margt,joney + bridget;gdau joney harrison;husb james exor
1774-1 A 35      TEAR         Catherine   RADCLIFFE    d 25 jan 1774;gdau cath wade;dau isabel(w/o danl wade),cat (exeex);son danl;gdau cath tear(d/o sd son danl)
1774-1 A 36      RADCLIFFE    Jony        CLEATOR      d 20 jan;dau joney(only ch jane christian);gdau jane radcliffe(d/o philip);son john,thos (exor)
1774-1 A 37      CHRISTIAN    Averick     CRAINE       dog dated 22 nov 1773 to son-i-law philip tear(h/o christian)
1774-1 A 38      TEAR         Catherine                d 10 dec 1773;sis margt kinry als tear(her dau joney),joney tear,bahee tear;fa james tear exor;names philip craine + others;mo dead
1774-1 A 39      SAYLE        cath        MCYLCARANE   husb Christopher ballachurry;son + heir Wm,john ;dau margt,isable;sons-i-law wm Radcliffe, john sayle;friend + kinsman Rev Thos corlett (vic lez);dau alice radcliffe,cath sayle,esther kneale;gdaus joney + anne kee;gson wm s/o wm radcliffe;son-in-law patrick kneale (h/o esther) exec;claims etc
1774-1 E    d    DUGDALE      James                    d 30 jan 1774;millwright;ch rich,mary,joseph,david (by former wife),saml,sarah + mary (by latter wife);5 last ua;wife sarah;inv;sale(most bought by widow)
1774-1 E    d    KNEALe       Joney       SAYLE        d 3 dec 1773;ch thos,phil,margt
1774-2 A116      RADCLIFFE    Margaret    [Skinner]    d 6 jan 1774;son thos;husb thos;sis joney;sis ann + cath skinner;godchild  ch of ewan skinner;fa wm skinner;bro danl skinner;christian w/o ewan skinner
1774-2 A117      CORKIL       Esther      CANNELL      d 13 feb 1774;son john,thomas (exec);dau-i-law margt corkill
1774-2 A118      BREW         Margaret                 d 6 mar 1774;esther w/o bro thos;sis joney w/o wm kneal;elinor w/o bro richd
1774-2 A119      SAYLE        Christopher              ballachurry;son wm;dau cath w/o john sayle;son wm;dau margt;son john;dau esther w/o patk kneal,alice w/o wm radcliffe;gdau anne kee,joney + cath kee;dau isabel;  michael lace h/o margt kee supv of ann + cath;james kennish h/o isabel sayle
1774-2 A120      KINREAD      Joney                    d 19 jan 1774;son john,thos exec;dau-i-law jane kinread;
1774-2 A121      LACE         Elizabeth                d 19 jan 1774;son danl;dau alice,margt w/o john kneale;husb thomas
1774-2 A121a     TEAR         John                     #dup#  follows after #121;d 22 feb 1774;bro nicholas;sis margt martin
1774-2 A122      KINREAD      Joney                    d 19 jan 1774;son john,thos exec;dau-i-law jane kinread;
1774-2 E    d    CAMAISH      Alice       TEAR         d 11 jan 1774;husb wm;brethren john,thos,philip,danl + jas teare admrs
1774-2 E    w    CHRISTIAN    John                     made 28 dec 1773;son-i-law john radcliffe(h/o cath);son wm(loom),gilbert;dau jony(w/o thos mylecharane);gch john,thos + wm radcliffe;gdau margt radcliffe;gson thos mylecharane
1774-2 E    d    COWLE        Joney       COTTIER      d 7 may 1774;dau margt (w/o thos tear) exex,ann(eldest had marr sett)
1774-2 E    w    SKINNER      Daniel                   d 16 may 1774;ch joney isable+ john  yearling left by decd mother;bro's dau bahee skinner;son danl;mentions tuck mill;wife lucy als ellison;ch wm + danl by former wife; [full] [prev wife joney als radcliffe]
1774-2 E    d    TEAR         Alice       GOLDSMITH    d 3 dec 1773;ch alice,cath + jane
1774-2 E    w    TEAR         Daniel                   d 8 may 1774;ballacunner;son-i-law danl wade;gdau cath wade;son danl;dau cath exex
1774-3 E    w    KNEAL        Andrew                   d 29 jul 1774;son john;dau cath;names wm quirk + wife mary;wife joney(her dau jane kinread) exex(down in andreas,curragh lezayre)
1774-3 E    w    KNEAL        Michael                  dated 27 apr 1767;abt to depart island;sibs adrew(exor),wm,patk,isabel(w/o john gawn),cath(w/o saml kinley),joney (w/o wm fargher)
1774-3 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Isabel      CAINE        d 1 aug 1774;son john,wm,james,charles,philip (stall an apprentice),thomas;husb john exec
1775-1 A 28      CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d 3 nov 1774;dau bridget(w/o thos lace;gdau cath christian;son john,thos (exor)
1775-1 A 29      TEARE        Mary        LACE         [Full];d 9 Dec 1774: 6 sons Jn, James, Dan, Phil, Charles, Wm; husb James Teare; dau Ann Tear; dau Joney (md John Martin); gchild Jn & Mary Martin; Charles & Wm ua
1775-1 A 30      DOwAN        Ann         sayle        d 12 jan 1775;dau margt cormode(w/o thos);names mary quayle,wm kneens poor girl  - a gdau to sis joney;dau ann decd;husb james + dau margt execs
1775-1 E    d    KANEEN       Daniel                   d 19 feb 1775;3ch margery,wm,isbl (ua) supv on fa side  john + anthony  lace + chas cowll;wife margt;inv
1775-1 E    d    KANEEN       Mary [?marg              d in minority july 1773;entitled under gmo Margery kinney als kaneen als brew ep 1772-2;sibs wm,margery + isab - same guardians as in danl kneen
1775-2 A 61      SAYLE        Thomas                   d 14 mar 1775;smith;gch wm radcliffe,thos sayle;dau margt w/o wm radcliffe,jane w/o thos kinrade;wife jane exex
1775-3 E    w    CRINALT      Mary        [kneen]      d 15 jul 1775;names joney crenilt,elizth crenilt;mo mary kneen;names cath kneen;husb danl;dau ann;son john;bro's child milchael kneen;uncle michael + wm knnen guardians
1775-3 E    w    KELLY        John                     d 11 aug 1775;son patk,wm (abroad);dau cath exex
1776-1 A 38      CORLETT      Stephen                  d 12 dec 1775;bro's son Danl corlett (croft - Croit-ny-errey);wife joney (answered in manks scummey lhiamys);names Wm freer,danl corlett, robt wade;nephews wm corlett,john corlett;wife joney corlett als christian;disputes with robt wade [m And 17380709 ?no ch]
1776-1 A 39      TEARE        Jane                     d 7 jan 1778;sis dau elizth + mary sayle;sis bahy sayle;bro john tear exor;patk sayle her sis son;names james allen
1776-2 A 88      SAYLE        Philip                   d 18 Feb 1776: son Philip, Thomas, gdau Ann (dau of Tho); gdau Ann (md Tho Radcliffe), Bahee (md Jn Lawson).1776 thomas radcliffe h/o anne acks
1776-2 A 89      CRAIN        Joney       cowell       leodest;son wm christian;husb wm;sis isable crain (w/o andrew crain),sis cath christian (of kk bride);maidserv elizabeth mylevoirrey;3 nephews james,wm + john crain; son patrick christian exec
1776-2 A 90      SAYLE        Mary        curphey      d 1 feb 1776;gdau margt sayle (d/o son wm);dau issable skinner als sayle (w/o wm);sons wm + danl (jt exec with isabel)
1776-3 E    w    COWELL       Charles                  d 18 aug 1776;ch wm,john,ann + jane;eldest son charles;wife isable execx
1776-3 E    w    DOUGHERTY    William                  made 12 mar 1770;dau margt (land in lez);son danl,edmond,wm;wife margt als joughin execx
1777-1 A 29      BREW         John                     [full]
1777-1 A 30      SAYLE        Jane                     d beg dec;widow;gson thos sayle;gdau jane radcliffe;dau margt w/o wm radcliffe,jane w/o thos kinread;son wm exec;jane d/o wm
1777-1 E    d    CAMAISH      Bahee       sayle        d 27 dec 1776;only ch joney moore als camaish (widow) admr
1777-2 A 39      QUARK        John                     [full]
1777-2 A 40      CROSS        William                  bur And 17770409;d 9 apr 1777;son wm;dau joney;wife elizth als tear exex;joney ua uncle patrick cross supv;son wm sues;inv
1777-2 E    w    LAWSON       David                    d 5 may 1777;son wm,john;dau bahee,margt,anne;names thomas fargher exor
1777-3 E    w    FARGHAR      James                    d 2 aug 1777;dau ellinr,joney ua,ann ua;son gilbt,thos,philip exor;wife anne
1777-3 E    w    SAYLE        William                  d 31 aug 1777;ballacurry;sis margt,isable(w/o james kennish);bro-i-law patk kneal;his illegitimate ch joney sayle(1784 acks from wm clucas psm);wife joney als quayle exex;bonds willed to ch of wm radcliffe + of john kee;chas s/o wm acks + john,joney,cath,anna kee + michl lace h/o margt kee;
1778-1 A 64      CORMODE      Cathrine    FARAGHER     d 13 feb 1778;husb danl (snr);dau joney,margt, elinor fargher;son danl,john
1778-1 E    d    KINREY       Mary        keig         d 25 apr 1778;husb thos admr
1778-1 E    d    KNEEN        Margaret    cowle        d 27 apr 1778;ch danl,james + ann all ua uncle chas cowle supv; husb danl;inv
1778-1 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Ellinor     TEAR         d 14 mar 1778;dau marg admr;other ch joney,ellinor + cath had marr dowry
1778-1 E    w    SAYLE        Catherine                dated 16 mar 1778;dau aver (w/o richd kneale),cath (w/o thos christian),joney (w/o andrew joughin) + margt (w/o wm camaish);son wm exec;names cath quirk,john quirk;god child cath sayle;
1778-1 E    w    SAYLE        Catherine                expressed 10 jan 1770; niece esther radcliffe;names wm kneale, margt kneale, joney kneale widow (the roof of the house);niece christian w/o thos corkill;joney w/o bro  wm sayle;nephew wm radcliffe (+ his son wm);margt + ann d/o John radcliffe;thos kneale h/o joney kneale agrees to be exec
1778-1 E    d    WADE         Esther      brew         d 10 may 1778;no issue;husb james admr pledges phlip wade(his son) + philip sayle
1778-2 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Cath                     spinster sis to thos d 28 feb;see thos
1778-2 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d 26 feb 1778;bach;sibs john + margery jt admrs
1778-2 E    d    CORLETT      Thomas                   d 14 may;ch thos,edmond,cath + elinor,john + wm had m/cs
1778-2 E    d    KNEAL        Margaret                 d 16 oct 1778;ch john,wm,margt + mary ua;husb john;inv
1778-2 E    d    LACE         Esther                   ?missing from film - marked in defuncts
1778-2 E    w    RADCLIFFE    Esther      [quark]      dau ann (w/o wm cleator),mary (w/o gilbert tear),esther (w/o thomas allen) + jane (w/o pat christian);son john,charles radcliffe (legacy by his fa);god daus jane + ann radcliffe
1779-1 A 49      BREW         Ann         MARTIN       [full]
1779-1 A 50      JOUGHIN      Charles                  dated 3 dec 1778;dau cath,anne;gch joney(d/o son andrew),charles(s/o andrew((bees);son andrew exor;john joughen h/o anne;wm craine h/o cath
1779-1 A 51      STEPHEN      Ellinor     vondy        dated 16 nov 1778;w/o wm now of kk andreas;dau esther,elinor(w/o thos grahams) exex
1779-1 E    d    CANNELL      Margaret    bell         d 18 jun 1778;only ch christian cannell;husb thomas
1779-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Margery                  spinster;bro john
1779-1 E    w    KNEALE       Esther                   bro john,sis joney (decd ? ),bro wm, names mary kneen, joney mcnameer,mary christian;bro columus execr
1779-1 E    d    KNEALE       Joney                    d 16 apr;bros columb, wm + john;
1779-1 E    w    KNEENE       Catherine   tear         d 13 dec;husb john [m And 17780228]
1779-2 E    w    BREW         Joney                    made 5 aug 1779;d 17 aug;son wm;4 little ch;2 dau anne isabel;dau margt;son richard if wm will not come for it;husb alive;1806 wm gell h/o jane brew; 1824 thos stehen h/o margt brew;isabel cleator als brew widow
1779-1 E    w    KNEENE       Catherine   tear         d 13 dec;husb john [m And 17780228]
1779-2 E    w    BREW         Joney                    made 5 aug 1779;d 17 aug;son wm;4 little ch;2 dau anne isabel;dau margt;son richard if wm will not come for it;husb alive;1806 wm gell h/o jane brew;1824 thos stehen h/o margt brew;isabel cleator als brew widow
1780   A 57      RADCLIFFE    Margaret    CLEATOR      declrd 6 nov 1777;grandniece joney d/o nephew john cleator,grandnephew wm cleator;nephew john cleator craig exec
1780   A 58      CREBBIN      Barbara     Crowe        d 1 feb 1780;ballacrebin;son john,andrew,mathias (if he comes),james;neice margt crowe;husb john exec;1788 mathias supposed to be dead (his son john claims);
1780   A 59      LACE         Charles,snr              d 13 mar 1780;ballacrebbin;son charles (close homm);gson charles;gdau ann + mary;wife mary als brew exex;1790 son charles dead widow jane;
1780   A 60      RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   liverpool,joiner;bro john ratcliffe mason kk andreas,bro james;sis ann,judy;names john elton liverpool cooper;witt wm sayle + james crebbin both shoemkrs liverpool
1780-1 E 845  w  CRINoLT      Daniel                   dated 12 apr 1780;son wm (heir);daus jony,cath,margt; son-i-law john kneale;gch elizth kneale;wife joney exex
1780-1 E 849  w  COWLE        Joney       kneen        d 12 may 1780;names john s/o danl wade,mary w/o wm quirk,wm tear's poor girl jane tear,edmd quark,jony crinolt;bro thos kneen,stephen kneen,john kneen decd (+ wife margt, dau isable);step daus joney radcliffe als cowle (w/o wm) + cath cowle exexs
1780-2 E 692 dg  TEAR         Nicholas                 to sis margt martin [see earlier petn] dated 12 nov 1777
1781   A 39      LACE         Ann                      widow of wm ballavanny;dau ellinor w/o thomas corlet,jane w/o john tear of smeal,margery w/o wm radcliffe,mary allen,gson thomas allen,ggndson thomas allen;gch ann cain w/o thos callister + her sis mary,mary d/o wm radcliffe,gson wm corlet; daus ellinor,jane,joney margery;acks from thomas allen,thomas callister h/o ann cain,thos kewn h/o mary cain + wm corlet
1781   A 40      RADCLIFFE    William                  made 15 mar 1781;wife joney als tear;son wm (eldest - qtrlands andreas + lez),thos;dau joney,margt,anne;sis-i-law margt tear;man serv ewan cowle;guardians john cleater,philip tear + thos radcliffe;court names uncles thos kneale + thos corkill
1781-1 E    w    HOWLAND      Margaret    kneale       dated 11 may 1786;widow patk (kk bride)to son + heir ewan (only child) - lands inc knights croft(4d lords rent)
1781-1 E    w    KEE          John                     dated 11 apr 1781;dau cath,ann,margt,joney (w/o michal lace);bro's son john kee;son john exec
1781-1 E    w    SAYLE        John                     ballabaane;made 5 jun 1781;wife cath  (meadow adj barne craigey recently purchased) exex;ch john,wm,thos,christopher,cath,elizth + jane;
1781-1 E    d    SKINNER      Margaret    caley        [?bur]d 29 nov 1780; no issue;husb wm
1781-1 E    d    STEPHEN      William                  late of whitehaven;d 10 may 1781;fa wm admr
1781-2 E    d    JOUGHIN      Catherine                d 14 aug 1781;spinster;bro wm;sis joney w/o wm corkill exex;nephews john + wm corkill;niece joney corkill;court decree names sibs john,wm,joney
1782   A 53      BREW         William                  made 25 nov 1781;sis's dau esther radcliffe;bro-i-law robt kneale;sis christian(w/o wm kneen);mo alive;fa thomas exor
1782   A 54      BREW         Margaret                 d 25 dec 1781;dated 17 nov 1781;widow,ramsey;son james;dau leonora (w/o wm cry [#4293]),margt(w/o john caley),ann,jane;son arthur + 2unmard daus execs;arthur in business in london
1782   A 55      KNEALE       Joney                    d 12 mar 1782;son john,thomas,wm,joseph + james;dau mary;husb thos exor
1782   A 56      CORLETT      Ann                      made 3 jan 1781;dau cath;names wife wm radcliffe,esther corlet;son john exor
1782   A 57      SAYLE        John                     dated 2 jul 1781;dau mary,elizth;son patk,james,john (jt exor with elizth);wife bahee als tear(field called lough drugaig);patk lace h/o elizth
1782-1 E    dg   CLEATOR      Mary        cowle        dated 9 dec 1777;philip + mary als cowle to dau joney
1782-2 E    w    KEWIN        Elizabeth   RADCLIFFE    d sep 1782;husb philip exec;dau elizth,joney
1782-2 E    d    LACE         Daniel                   jt decree danl + margt entitled to goods by death of fa john lace kk andreas 1761;d 16 mar 1782;sibs john,michael,esther(w/o john tear)
1782-2 E    dg   LACE         Joney                    dated 8 mar 1782;relict john lace kk andreas;son john (3 parcells of land the leany voar,south gate + kewleys gate in lezayre + other land
1782-2 E    d    LACE         Margaret                 see daniel
1783   A 32      WADE         James                    declrd 30 nov 1782;gson peter wade[#27508 s/o john];son philip(dau cath #4218),james(dau cath #18109),john,michael(ballaleigh) exor;names jane caley
1783   A 33      CLEATOR      Jane        [?kneen]     dated 20 jul 1781;son john,james(exor);mo alive;sis christian sayle;dau elinor
1783   A 34      CORLETT      Alice       teare        dated 13 jan 1779;husb thomas (nr the craig) exor;son john(resid heir),thos,philip;dau margt
1783   A 35      HArrISON     Joney                    d 20 jan 1785;dau jane,joney,alice,jane (feather bded thick not yet made but sd dau to mix old feathers with some new that were in the house);son john,thos (exec)
1783   A 36      BRew         Easter                   dated 5 nov 1782;cronkbeg;dau judy;son thos;3 daus christian,margt + easter;gdaus easter radcliffe + jane kneal;names eleanor brew w/o richard ;husb thos
1783   A 37      SAYLE        Daniel                   d 14 mar 1783;unnamed ch ua;wife jane;uncles thomass sayle + john radcliffe supv;
1783   A 38      CORKILL      John                     made 25 mar 1783;dau elizth('new ground');son-i-law mark skinner;gch cath;wife exex
1783   A 39      KNEEN        Thomas                   dated 28 feb 1782;wife cath;names jane cleator
1783   A 40      SAYLE        Patrick                  made 8 nov 1782;sis mary;,elizth(exex)bro john;mo alive
1783-1 E      w  CANNELL      Thomas                   bur 3 june 1783;declrd 30 may;wife margt exex
1783-1 E      w  COWLL        Margaret                 son thos(if he come),john;dau isabel(w/o danl sayle),elizth;husb danl exor
1783-1 E      w  CRINILL      Joney       COWELL       declrd 13 may 1783;son wm;dau joney,cath,margt exex;son-i-law john kneale(h/o elizth + dau elizth)
1783-1 E      w  KANNEEN      Margaret                 made 24 may 1783;names thos radcliff peel,john mcnameer,danl tear ballacunner,wm radcliff knock-e-chree,Isable w/o danl wade,john cormode balnalough,bridget w/o wm garrett,ester w/o john christian,margt crow,joney kaneen + others;wm lace ramsey + cath tear andreas execs
1783-1 E      w  KNEeN        Joney                    made 26 may 1783;sis margery kneen,isabel,anne martin;son patrick kaneen [chk?] exec,names philip quayle,danl howland,margt kaneen,ann cowle;
1783-1 E      w  KNEEN        Thomas                   made 20 jun 1760;being determined to go a voyage to sea towards coasts of africa;bro danl;fa thomas;in 1765 'not certain if alive' and will filed; 1783 thos kneen snr dead
1783-1 E      w  LACE         Christian                declrd 19 oct 1782;sis-i-law isabel lace;names judy cormode;wm + joseph lace jt exors
1783-1 E      w  RADCLIFF     William                  d 22 jun 1783;ballakelly;son charles,wm,robt,wm,bella,anne,mary,robt + betty;dau jane execx;wife alice
1783-1 E      d  TEAR         Ann         KNEAL        d aug 1782;two ch wm + esther;wm had settlement;
1784   A 114     LACE         John                     d 12 dec 1783;balneseur ?;son wm,joseph jt exors
1784   A 115     TEARE        Philip                   d 10 jan 1784(will made 9th);dau joney,ann,margt;son wm + john exors
1784   A 116     CORMODE      Daniel                   d 15 feb 1784;dau Margt,joney;son-i-law Wm quark;son-in-law Philip Fargher;son john,daniel;names mary corlet,john kneal of the Bridge
1784   A 117     TEARE        Alice                    d 17 jan 1784(will made 14th);dau joney,ann,margt;sons wm + john exors
1784   A 118     GARRET       James                    d 26 jan 1784;son-i-law daniel tear;names philip tear;3 gch;son patrick;wife married als faragher + patk jt execs
1784   A 119     KNEAL        Margery                  d 10 jan 1784;sis ann,isabel;names margt kaneen;patk kaneen exor
1784   A 120     CREBBIN      Catherine   LAWSON       [1st on mm film] made 25 jan 1784;widow;ramsey;names margt camaish, ellinor cleator;niece ? cath killip;son charles crebbin exec
1784   A 121     BREW         Richard                  dated 31 jan 1784;four little children;mentions flatt of land ballavastine to be sold;son wm if he comes;dau margt + isabel exexs (also supv ua ch);1824: richard brew acks from thomas stephen(h/o margt brew) + from isabella cleater
1784   A 122     BREW         Jane                     d 7 feb 1784;dau ellinor,jane;decd fa philip brew(legacy was in hands of mo);ch upon her bearing;husb john exor;
1784   A 123     KNEALE       Margaret    radcliffe    [full]
1784   A 124     CORKILL      Esther      LACE         [full]
1784   A 125     McKISSAGE    Ann                      made 18 feb 1784;husb gilbert;gdau mary(d/o james tear);dau cath tear,jeane kinread;son ross,quailley,robt;husb + robt(ua) jt exors;gilbert dead by probate son-i-law mathias kinread appt
1784   A 126     KNEALE       John                     made 28 feb 1784;legaby voar;son john(exor),thos,wm;dau jane
1784   A 127     KNEALE       Joney       LACE         [full]
1784   A 128     NEMEER       John                     [full]
1784   A 129     McKISSAGE    Glbert                   declared 4 mar 1784;son quayle,robt,ross,john;dau cath(w/o james tear);son-i-law mathias kinread + son robt jt exors
1784   A 130     CANNELL      Robert                   d 18 mar 1784;son john;dau cath clarke,mary;wife marriot (jt exor with mary)
1784   A 131     McNAMEER     William                  made16 mar 1784;d 24 mar;dau joney;son john,wm(jt exor with mo);six children;1788: danl ,joney + john dawson(h/o elinor) ack;1790: john acks;1803 margt acks;1807 stephen camaish h/o isabel acks
1784   A 132     SKINNER      Daniel                   d 16 mar 1784;sis anne,joney,cath(w/o wm moore);names thomas radcliffe sister's son(thomas h/o ann);bro wm skinner junr exor;
1784   A 133     CHRISTIAN    Bahie                    [full]
1784   A 134     CHRISTIAN    Catrine                  d 1 mar 1784;names mary christian,mary lace,callom kneale + wife;niece j w/o john cleater execx
1784-1 E    d    BREW         Elizabeth   tear         d 16 feb 1784;ch robt patk thomas
1784-1 E    d    christian    john                     d 26 mar 1784;ch john wm thos elinor jane + elizth;john + elinor la;wife jane;inv
1784-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    William                  d 16 may 1764;son wm;s-i-l danl howland[ h/o margt];names thos casement;wife cath; exex
1784-1 E    d    CORLETT      Edward                   [full]
1784-1 E    d    COWLE        Bahee       teare        d 17 mar 1784;ch charles joney margt;wm kaneen h/o joney
1784-1 E    d    COWLE        Jane                     spinster;d 4 dec 1783;mo isable;sibs charles wm[?bapt] john ann
1784-1 E    d    COWLL        Daniel                   d 24 dec 1783;ch robt + patk;robt marr contract dated 30 jan 1758;
1784-1 E    d    KNEALE       Thomas                   d may 1784(but claim states 21 june);wife died in childbed 2 yrs ago;6 ch john,thos,wm,joseph,james,mary (all xcpt mary ua);bro-i-law josheh garret,philip kneale;sis of wife esther radcliffe;wife's bro-i-law thomas corkill all sworn guardians;claims;inv
1784-2 E    w    CLEATER      Ann                      dated 2 sep 1784;ch Wm,thomas,John, Charles, Margaret, Jane, Esther + Ann ;husb Wm;Thos Allen + Wm Radcliffe in will as guardians
1785   A 62      KNEALE       Isabel                   dated 9 feb 1780;dau margery (w/o patk kneale + ch john,wm,patk,isabel),isable cowle;gch jane cowll,charles,john + ann cowll,ann, isable + jane kneale,wm lace;son patk exor;dau isable dead by 1791 her exor son john;gdau jane cowll dead by 1791
1785   A 63      CORMODE      Ellinor                  dated 10 jan 1787;dau cath(w/o danl tear),bahee w/o patk cormode exex;husb patk;gch eleanor cormode,elinor tear;names christian krmode
1785   A 64      JOUGHIN      Ann         joughin      dau Alice [md Patrick Brew]; son Philip; dau Ann [wife of Philip Faragher]; husb John Joughin; son John
1785-1 E    d    BASTON       Catherine   KINREAD als CALLISTER 1785 petn by William Kinread of Killey-brickey (Lezayre) - Wm Baston d 1704 (wife Catherine Baston als Kinread ) dispute over land boundary + discovery that he should  be heir to more (Cath Baston his gmother but no will/decree issued between 1704 and 1731 ) decree names Wm + Ann kinread gch;
1785-1 E    d    LACE         Peter                    d 27 may 1785;2ch wm + christian;
1785-2 E    d    LACE         Charles                  d 16 nov 1785;2ch charles + isabel (ua);uncle Wm Lace + gfa Wm Radcliffe supv;wife Ann who petns for release of income;
1785-2 E    w    RADCLIFF     John                     d 26 may 1785;dau esther (ua);wife margt execx;bro thos;fa alive;uncle thos radcliffe supv
1785-2 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Joney       wade als COWLL d 15 mar 1785;6 ch john wade (by former husb);William, Daniel, Philip, Thomas and Margt radcliffe;husb wm;
1786-1 E    d    CORLETT      Jane        killip       d 16 dec 1785;husb wm admr
1786-1 E    w    LOONEY       Catherine   [christian]  made 6 may 1785;widow formerly douglas;sis elinor christian,jane christian,joney;aunt cath crebbin;mo alive;bros wm + robt christian;uncle john crebbin;sis-i-law ann christian;bro john christian exec
1786-1 E    w    TEARE        William                  made 29 nov 1784;ballakinnag;nephews wm + john tear;neices joney,ann + margt tear all ch decd bro philip;wife margt exex;petn states d 9 aug 1786, sumner charges wm clague of onchan (?next of kin),john clague + thos kaighin both of douglas
1786-1 E    w    TEARE        William                  d 14 may 1786;dau alice (alis) gawn als tear,cath,elizth garret als tear,jane exex;son wm;names edmond crow;jane not being competant  wm garrett (as reqsted in will) + bro wm tear maughold appointed guardians;inv 
1786-1 E    w    WILSON       Henry                    mariner, whitehaven;bequeathed to ann w/o wm sayle (7 from sale house penrith i9n trust for natural son henry ua),fa henry;sis sarah sail,sis ann sail;witt wm kneale + john sayle;petn by john sayle + wife sarah
1786-2 E    d    KINLEY       Samuel                   d 26 mar 1786;ch john,wm,cath,alice + jane
1786-2 E    w    RADCLIFFE    John                     made 20 oct 1786;son charles,john exec,other unnnamed ch
1786-2 E    w    REDHEAD      Isabel                   ch James + Elizabeth;names jane kneen;husb Isaac exec but he paases exc to his fa Robt + James Brew;
1787   A 61      CORLET       Joney       CHRISTIAN    dated 18 apr 1786;john christian her nephew's son;wm + joney christian c/o sd john christian;widow lucy skinner [lucy ellison widow danl m and17710427];  names danl corlett + margt corlet his bro's wife;thos s/o thos + joney moore;cath + ann d/o sd thos moore [18142 thos moore + joney radcliffe]; james quirk blind man;joney quirk d/o wm quirk;nephew john christian (exec)
1787-1 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Gilbert                  dated 18 may 1787;son wm(croft cronk glass curragh),john,wm + thomas (last 3 jt exors);dau joney,esther(w/o philip radcliffe);ballacross lease to wife;
1787-1 E    se   HOWLAND      Margaret    kneale       dated 11 may 1786;widow patk (kk bride)to son + heir ewan (only child) - lands inc knights croft(4d ld rent)
1787-1 E    d    LACE         Thomas                   d 25 jan 1787;ch michael + alice(w/o patk lace),margt kneal(decd  - her ch john,wm + margt kneal);petn patk lace german;inv + sale;petn michael lace kk andreas debts exceed effects wants to sell small intack in lezayre;claims etc
1787-1 E    d    TEARE        William                  d beg feb 1787;ch daniel,wm,philip,john + mary (w/o john corkill in decree);petn danl tear (eldest) + wm corkill(w/o mary)
1787-2 E    d    JOUGHIN      William                  d 29 oct 1787;bach;fa Andrew
1787-2 E    w    KANEEN       Joney       JOUGHIN      w/o daniel;dau margt (w/o edmon kneale),joney (w/o thos christrey),cath (w/o robt moore)
1787-2 E    d    KINLEY       Margaret    cammaish     d 12 jul 1787;husb john
1787-2 E    w    MYLREA       William                  dated 21 oct 1783;archdeacon;dau lucy (had marr contract);dau cath;son danl;sons thos + wm received legacy from uncle;sons james + basil (money from sale of lands);wife elinor als gell (lands in german,kk patk + peel
1788   A 44      KNEALE       Richard                  [?bride not andreas]crosby bride;dau joney,margt,cath (w/o john caistel);wife ann;son richard
1788   A 45      CORMODE      John                     decd 28 dec 1787;dau cath,ann,margt,elinor;son thomas;wife ann execx;petn by andrew craine ramsey + john + joney cormode re fa  john;
1788   A 46      COWLE        Ewan                     son john (for his apprenticeship)dau margt;wife margt execx
1788   A 47      SAYLE        Joney                    d 18 apr 1788;bro in law thomas cammaish + wife cath exec
1788-1 E    d    KINREY       Catherine   RADCLIFFE    d 1 mar 1788;only ch cath (ua) husb thos
1788-1 E    d    MYLREA       William                  bach (s/o rev wm mylrea) ;formerly of Liverpool d 14 nov on his passage from coast of guinea to the west indies [ie slaver];mo ellinor; sibs Daniel, Thomas, James, Basil , Lucy Quayle als Mylrea (w/o john) + Cath;petn by john quayle c'town + bro revd dan mylrea (andreas)
1788-2 E057 w    CHRISTIAN    Mary                     made 4 feb 1788;son thos,patrick;dau margt (+ son charles joughin to go to trade),anne (+ her son danl christian to go to trade), mary + ann daus of cath garrett (dau of her husb);jony d/o wm quirk;james quirk s/o andrew;dau ann's ch - robt,thos ann + jane;dau cath garrett;husb danl
1788-2 E060 d    CORKILL      Joney       JOUGHIN      d 18 dec 1787;3 ch wm,joney w/o john caine) + ann (w/o hugh calcot)
1789   A 62      COWLE        Isabel                   widow;d 26 dec 1788;son charles,wm (went abroad);gch john + jane cowle;sis margery kneale w/o patrick;serv mary kneale;names elizth + sarah tear;son john exec
1789   A 63      COTTIER      Margaret                 sis joney w/o arthur lace (sons arthur + wm,thos [fam #38043]);bro wm cottier + sis esther execs
1789   A 64      RADCLIFFE    Philip                   [full];
1789   A 65      WADE         John                     d 14 dec 1788;wife ellinor;unnamed ch some ua
1789   A 66      JOUGHEN      John                     son Phil; dau Joney wife of John Corlet; dau Cath; dau Ann wife of Phil Fargher; dau Alice wife of Patr Brew; eldest son John
1789   A 68      FARGHER      Ellinor     tear         late andreas now bride;made 18 oct 1788;names alice callow;gneice cath + margt sayle;gnephew john sayle;neices cath sayle w/o william sayle ballalargey + isabel christian w/o william christian ballakey;
1789   A 69      RADCLIFFE    John                     [full];
1789   A 70      FARGHER      William                  made 20 feb 1789;dau cath;;sons philip + wm;wife joney;son thos + dau cath execs;thos ua;inv
1789   A 71      SKINNER      Ewan                     d 1 feb 1789;dau christian,ann;3 ch from home - john,margt + bridget;;son wm exec
1789   A 72      KILLIP       John                     [full]d 26 mar 1789;
1789-1 E973 d    BREW         Arthur                   d nov 1786;philadelphia penn north america;bach;sibs james,leonora,margt,ann,jane;inv
1789-1 E997 d    SAYLE        Daniel                   d 25 apr 1789;ch danl,thomas,wm,james,philip(ua),ann,joney + elizth;john heir had settle;inv
1789-1 E1003w    LACE         Charles                  d 25 oct 1788;dau ann,jane,mary,elizth;son john,wm,,charles(eldest);wife jane exex;some ch ua
1790   A 39      CLEATER      Margaret    LAWSON       dated 19 jan 1789;son john,james;dau alice (excx)
1790   A 40      CORMODE      Bahee                    dated 24 jul 1794;bro patk;sis margt callow;names elinor + cath cormode;patk cormode jnr exor
1790-2 E    w    SKINNER      William                  d 16 aug 1790;dau jony,anne,cath;son wm exor;thos radcliffe h/o ann;wm moore h/o cath
1791   A 57      RADCLIFFE    William                  [full];
1791-1 E    w    CORLETT      Esther      CALLISTER    made 8 jul 1789;son wm;dau cath,anne;husb wm exor
1791-1 E    w    CREBBIN      John,snr                 made 11 dec 1788;balacrebbin;son john(carpenters tools),andrew,mathias(abroad if he comes - his sons john + thomas),james;john + andrew exors;other named bequests;1792 james crebbin acks from liverpool
1791-1 E    w    HARRISON     Ann                      dated 11 oct 1790;sis mary;cousin cath harrison,alice harrison;names jane knox;fa exor
1791-1 E    d    SAYLE        William                  d feb 1791;bach;mo cath;sibs thomas,christopher,elizth + jane;bro john + sis cath(w/o patk christian) having relinquished rights
1791-2 E    w    CHRISTIAN    Joney                    d 28 oct 1791;ballachurry;dau anne,jane;son robt,thos,david,danl (exec) (mentions legacy from her mother) excr tender yrs uncle patk christian;inv; (only 4 ch mentioned in decree david + danl missing also in will 'her four children));patk christian asked to be discharged (pledge his fa dal christian)
1791-2 E      w  GARRET       Philip                   d 24 oct 1791;fa john;bro ewan;mo judy garrett exex
1791-2 E      d  KNEALE       Catherine   CHRISTIAN    d 27 oct 1790;ch john,cath + isabel;other ch patk + joney had mar contrts;husb stanley
1791-2 E      d  KNEALE       John                     d 21 may 1791;ch john,wm,margt;inv
1792   A 48      BREW         Ann                      w/o patk;son thomas mylecharane,john mylecharane;dau ann w/o danl corlett + jane mylecharane
1792   A 49      RADCLIFFE    William                  [full];
1792-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d 14 may 1792;spinster;sibs john(off island),danl,wm,cath
1792-1 E      w  CORKILL      Catherine   COWLE        made 19 aug 1791;dau elizth(new lands in downs quarter),cath(w/o mark skinner (exor)- dau joney);names elizth w/o danl wade[?=dau elizth]
1792-1 E      d  KINLEY       Catherine                d 20 mar 1792;ch john,wm(off island),cath,alice + jane
1792-2 E    w    LACE         Isabel                   d 16 oct 1792;ballasear;son joseph (his fa dead + she was exec with his bro wm lace);gch charles + isabel lace;gdau margt lace;names judy cormoade,ann lace,margt knean;son wm (exec)
1793   A 68      LACE         Arthur                   d 12 dec 1792;son arthur,thomas,wm;wife judy exex- wife judy dead by probate - son wm exor
1793   A 69      LACE         Joney                    see arthur;d 1 dec 1793;son thos(h/o isabel),arthur,wm(h/o judy) exor
1793   A 70      MOORE        Patience    CLARK        w/o charles (ballacamaish);son charles,wm,robt
1793   A 71      KERMOD       Catherine   lawson       made 2 feb 1793;son nicholas,wm(decd?),james;dau-i-law jony kermoad als brew;nich + james exors
1793-1 E335      KERMODE      Gilbert                  dated 9 sep 1791;son james(eldest),nicholas;wife cath als lawson exex;cath dead by probate her sons james + nicholas exors;petn by james + nich(mariner) that som 15yrs ago their bro wm was on board a privateer and some money was deliverd by mr wm lees of liverpool to mr wm callow douglas thence to james brew guilcagh and after gilbts decease wm not having been heard of for 14yrs obtained money
1793-1 E337 d    DOWAN        James                    d 1 apr 1793?;only ch james too tender yrs;wife mary admr
1793-1 E338 d    SAYLE        Thomas                   d 29 jul 1792;ch john+margt(admrs),thomas + joney had mc
1793-2 E    w    CORKILL      William                  declrd 24 jun 1793;dau jony,ann;son wm exor
1793-2 E    d    RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   d 30 jul 1793;bach;fa Wm
1794   A 64      KNEEN        Elinor      cormoade     dau isabel;nieces judy's & margt's children;son-i-l stephen kneen
1794   A 65 jw   LAWSON       John                     wife bahee als sayle;
1794-1 E    w    DAUGHERTY    Margaret                 contested will - pages of court proc.
1794-2 E    w    LAWSON       James                    made 1 feb 1794;son john;dau isabel, gdau mary tear;wife isabel als moore
1795   A 66      CORKILL      Isabel                   made 7 dec 1792;w/o thomas exec;son john,thos,wm;dau ann
1795   A 67      TEARE        James                    d 1 dec;declrd 13 oct 1792;ballaquane;son john,james,danl,philip,charles exec;son-i-law john martin;dau ann;1803: john tear h/o ann tear
1795   A 68 ds   CORMODE      Daniel                   made 15 jun 1793;to son wm
1795   A 69      KILLIP       William                  declared 20 dec 1794;son john;wife cath;dau anne,ellinor,joney + jane
1795   A 70      CHRISTIAN    Ann                      d 8 jan 1795;son thos,john;dau jane,marg;john + jane execs
1795   A 71      SAYLE        Elizabeth   corlett      made 6 jan 1795;son thos ,james,philip;dau joney,anne,elizth ;philip + 3daus execs;court says philip + joney weak in intellect ;inv
1795   A 72      QUIRK        Isabel      sayle        made 4 dec 1794;son john;dau-i-law ann tear;husb philip exec
1795   A 73      COTTIER      William                  made 13 apr 1784;sis joney (w/o arthur lace),esther + margt exexs;margt dead by probate;petn of widow cath als skinner that exec esther witholds her property
1795   A 74      KANEEN       Daniel                   dau margt w/o edmon kneal;dau joney w/o thomas christney;cath w/o robert moore;son wm
1795   A 75      CLEATER      Ann                      d 25 feb 1795;son wm (meadow land fair-roie),john (if he comes for it);names s/o danl lace decd pauper;dau margt exex
1795   A 76      TEARE        John                     made 29 jan 1795;dau elinor;wife margt;son-i-law john radcliffe exec
1795-1 E      d  CRAINE       Philip                   d 20 feb 1795;son philip
1795-1 E      d  HARRISON     Thomas                   d 31 may 1795;only ch ann (too tender yrs);wife elinor
1795-1 E      d  KANEEN       William                  d abt 5 yrs ago;bach;next of kin james brew
1795-1 E      d  KARRAN       John                     d 8 oct 1794;ch wm,john,james all ua;wife isabel
1795-1 E      d  SAYLE        Thomas                   bach;d 27 jan 1795;in radcliffe petn states goods in hands sis elinor widow but she is not named in decree; sis mary lace als sayle + ch of decd bro danl(joney,margt,jane, elinor,ann, + isabel);petn by wm radcliffe stepfa to ch;inv
1795-2 E      w  RADCLIFFE    John                     declared 3 mar 1795;bro charles;names gilbt teare, patk christian;sis esther;names thos radcliffe,wm cleator jnr,thos cleator,john cleator,ann cleator,jane lawson,esther cleator;wm cleator snr exec
1796   A 51      KANEEN       Michael                  ballagane;son danl,thos,michael,charles,stephen,wm;dau bahee (w/o john kneal),joney,margery (w/o john quirk) (execx);names alice cleatter;wife margery;
1796   A 52      MYLREA       Elinor      gell         dated 9 jul 1794;widow of archdeacon mylrea;son thomas(house bellown),basil,danl(clerk);dau lucy quayle als mylrea;gdau cath d/o robt quayle(her mo dead)
1796   A 53      TEAR         Ann         brew         dated 31 aug [yr lost];w/o john tear jnr smeal exor;dau jane ua;son thomas(to send to trade)
1796   A 54      WADE         Isabel      tear         made 4 jan 1796;son daniel(abroad - if he comes),james,michael,john;dau cath;husb danl exor;john cowle h/o cath [ m And 17921218]
1796   A 55      KNEALE       William                  dated 11 jan 1796;bach;bro john;nephew james kneale;nieces mary+anne kneal(d/o bro columbus);names mary kneen;bro columbus exor
1796   A 56      CORLETT      Thomas                   dated 19 sep 1795;son philip;,thos(if he comes);dau margt(w/o philip brew) exex
1796   A 57      CASEMENT     Joney                    commitd writing 7 jan 1796;mo mary;sis eleanor,margt exex;bro robt(+wife)
1796   A 58      RADCLIFFE    Philip                   d 9 mar 1796;son thos(ua);dau margt;fa alive;wife eleanor exex
1796-1 E      d  KERMOD       William                  departed Island 20 yrs ago + no acct rcvd for last 19yrs - parents dead only bro James alive (court appts him admr)
1796-2 E    jw   RADCLIFFE    Thomas                   thomas + Ann;son james,wm,thomas (exec);gdau ann radcliffe;
1797   A 78      QUARK        Elizabeth                dated 9 may 1796;son wm;dau dorothy + mary exexs;john cormode h/o mary
1797-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d june 1797;ch wm,john,thomas + jane
1797-1 E    w    CASHIN       Elinor                   son wm (mill + ballacamaish + balla chrest patrick in kk christ rushen);dau jane's son wm harrison;dau jane;names anna cashin;dau sussana sayle;john s/o wm cashin + christiana sayle;husb alive
1797-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Thomas                   d june 1797;ch wm,john,thomas + jane
1797-1 E    w    CORMOADE     Patrick                  dau elinor,cath;2 gch;names poor of parish james quirk,thos christian,wm kneale,danl lace's son + wm corkill's dau;wife bridget execx;charles tear h/o ellinor (guardian of gch);wm sayle gfa + guardian of infant son of john sayle decd acks;1811 gson wm sayle acks from guardian chas tear;
1797-1 E    d    RADCLIFFE    William                  mariner hm ship blenheim;d jul 1796;mo joney;sibs thos,joney, margt + ann;john tear h/o joney
1797-1 E    d    TEARE        Philip                   d hm ship invincible (impressed);next of kin decline to sue - court appnts creditor john calvin ramsey
1797-2 E      w  WADE         John                     dated 17 Sep 1797;ch John, Thos, Esther - some ua - Daniel Radcliffe half-bro to testator along with Joney supv;wife Joney exex;names Joney d/o Wm Corkill; [Danl c/o Wm radcliffe + Joney Cowle #18206]
1798   A 60      BREW         Thomas                   made 19 may 1794;cronk-beg;dau christian kneen als brew;margt radcliff als brew,esther kneal als brew (+ 3 ch)son thos;bro richard;dau joney wade als brew (w/o john)execx
1798   A 61      KEWIN        John                     d 18 jan 1798;ballajockey;mother joney kewin als tear (house in ramsey) exex (too infirm dau joney appt);bro james;sis margt,elinor,joney
1798   A 62      KEWIN        Philip                   dated 16 jan 1798;advanced in years late of andreas but now residing sulby lezayre;wife esther als broadford (intack #215 bought oct 1762)dau elizth w/o wm myllecharane,joney w/o wm kewin
1798   A 63      KNEALE       Margery                  made 15 feb 1798;regaby veg;w/o patrick;son wm;gson wm;dau isabel;gdau isabel kneal;isabel camaish who resides with us;dau isabel;son patrick + dau isabel execs
1798   A 64      CoRMODE      Isabel                   w/o danl;made 22 mar 1797;daus isable,esther;son danl exec;1818: james dugdale h/o esther acks danl cormode lare decd (h/o mary);paul quirk h/o isabella
1798   A 65      LACE         William                  [full]
1798   A 66      cormode      daniel                   made 6 jul 1786;son thomas,danl exec;dau isable,esther,cath
1798   A 67      TEAR         William                  made 25 mar 1798;son wm (the curragh),philip (qtr of boat);wife margt
1798   A 68      KNEALE       Stanley                  son thomas;wife ann als christian ;mortgafe wm howland + wife bridget als curphey;wife ann execx
1798   A 69      SAYLE        William                  made 5 apr 1798;son thos (lands),charles ,john;daus esther charlotte,hannah;wife ann execx
1798   A 70      WADE         Daniel                   d 22 apr 1798;sons danl,james,michael,john;dau cath w/o john cowle;wife alice execx
1798   A 71      GARRET       Margaret                 decld 5 feb 1798;names joney, margt  (execx) + cath cormode,ann fargher
1798   A 72      SAYLE        Margery     tear         dau ann;son john;husb james
1798-1 E    d    CAIN         John                     perished at sea 12 apr 1798;ch john + thomas ua;wife jane;pledges wm fargher andreas,thomas fayle ballaugh
1798-1 E    d    CHRISTIAN    Catherine   HOWLAND      d 4 apr 1798; sibs wm,elizth,danl(decd - dau ann (w/o saml cowle));pledges patk kneale andreas,patk kneale bride
1798-1 E    d    CORMODE      John                     perished by sea 9 apr 1798;ch thomas,john,jane,bahee(w/o thomas fayle) + ann;pledges gilbert + wm fargher andreas;inv;1799 thomas caley h/o ann
1798-1 E    d    CORMODE      Joney                    d 11 mar 1798;ch john,margt,joney + cath(ua);inv + sale
1798-1 E    w    KNEEN        John                     dated 10 may 1798;dau margt;names thomas gawn(son john);names mary gawn,thomas gawn,stephen kneen,danl gawn,joney w/o thomas quaggin;stephen kneen + wife isable exec
1798-1 E    d    lord         Margery                  d nov 1797;son john,henry(decd - ch henry + james ua - mother judith);petn by john lord patrick notes a house in peel mortgaged to thomas mylechrane now decrept;inv
1798-1 E    d    SAYLE        Joney       SAYLE        d 3 aug 1797;ch john,wm,joney (w/o thomas mylcharane)
1798-1 E    w    SKINNER      Lucy        ELLISON      [?bur]made 27 jan 1798;son james (money in cronk y chree);names joney christian;son danl (dau margt) exec
1798-1 e518 d    McKissack    John                     bach;departed 1788 for foreign parts;not heard of;sibs ross ,quayle ,robert ,cath + jane;james tear h/o cath ,mathias kinrade h/o jane 
1798-2 e782      bannan       catharine                d dec 1798;ch john, william,thomas,charles,mary,elinor + cath; all ua except john;son john + fa thomas + uncle john lennaghan supv;pledges thomas radcliffe + charles joughin;inv including lease 15 guineas
1798-2 e775      christian    daniel                   d 24 sep 1798;names john christian (hom) + jc's son john,john sayle;gch thomas,jane + ann christian (c/o of son patk) exec with thomas sayle + charles cowle guardians
1798-2 e780      crebbin      judy        castil       dated 24 jul 1798;hus wm exec
1798-2 e761      fargher      william                  d 13 apr 1798;ch ann,jane ua mo ann sworn;pledges wm + patk fargher both andreas;inv sale;petn by ann that estate insufficient
1798-2 e781      kneale       catharine                d 15 sep 1798;ch margt,mary + jane;hus john admr + supv ua ch;pledges wm fargher + robert kissack both andreas
1798-2 e778      kneale       margaret                 d 18 jul 1798;w/o edmund exec;dau margt (eldest),elizth,ann (not 21);1809 jane kneale acks from thomas vondy h/o sis margt ;1817 ann kneale + elizth radcliffe als kneale ack
1798-2 e787      sayle        john                     inv only
1799   A 71      RADCLIFFE    Elizabeth                [full];
1799-1 E    d    BREW         Arthur                   d abt 2yrs ago;no next of kin appeared;prin credr james brew gentleman
1799-1 E    d    LAWSON       John                     fell over board at herring fishery july 1798;petn by creditors danl corlett + danl tear;ch john,ann +esther; uncle Patk kneale (h/o alice) andreas,wm callow maughold cousin;inv,sale etc
1799-1 E    jw   SAYLE        Thomas                   crogga;dated 29 mar 1799;jt will wife alice;dau elinor (w/o thos corlet brecin lez ? - son thos,john,robt,wm,james),jane(w/o john corlet birrag - dau elizth),jony(w/o john corlet kella - ch john,thos,wm);sis mary quay jurby(her dau cath);son thos (heir + exec);petn that will not probated tho been thru court by death of rev wm clucas
1799-1 E    w    KNEALE       Patrick                  declrd 2 may 1799;wife alice exex;son john,danl
1799-2 E      w  KEWIN        Judy                     d 1 jun 1799;sis margt cormoad (son charles);mo alive;bro james;sis ellinor caine exex w/o wm;1822:john cormoad husb margt acks
1799-2 E      w  LAWSON       Bahee       SAYLE        decld 7 aug 1799;john lawson her son's son;ann lawson son's dau;jane lawason als cleater;dau alice kneale + sons john kneale + danl kneale

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