Summary of Wills - Andreas 1700-1749

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not always made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1700-1 E      w  RATCLIFFE    Catherine                d 15 jun 1700;son john(the elder), john (the younger),philip;dau cath(jt exec with john the elder);
1700-2 A 49      TEAR         William                  [full]
1700-2 A 50      TEAR         Margaret    GAWN         [full]
1700-2 A 51      SKINNER      Ewan                     [?bur]bur abt 5 Dec 1700;ch Jony, Nelly, Ann, Gilbert (exor);bro John;son-i-law John Sayle
1700-2 A 57      CROW         Alice                    d 7 Mar 1699;son John Goldsmith exor;names Christian Gawn, Philip Teare
1700-2 A 59      CREBIN       Ann         MARTIN       [full]bur 16 mar 1699;husb wm;names kath crebbin;unnamed dau(dead by probate) + son exor
1701-3 E      d  WADE         Joney       COWLE        d 27 Apr ;only unm ch Alice admx;husb alive
1702   A 40      Keey         William                  bur 23 Jan 1702;ch unnamed eldest son, Jony, Margt, alice;sis Alice;wife Alice als Brew jt exex with Jony;claims
1702   A 41      LACE         Alice                    d 5 Jan 1702;ch Patrick;gch Wm Clater, jony Clater, Ann + Alice Clater;son-i-law Stephen Clator + his wife Cath execs;names Bahee Keey;
1702   A 42a     kenneen      patrick                  d 18 Sep 1702;ch unnamed son(half crop etc), Alice, + 2nd unnamed dau;wife alive + jt exex with daus;sis Isabel (his wife to pay her 7s for her part of a cow);1704: sisters Isabel + Christian Kenneen ack from Patk Kenneen + his wife  pd 24s due to their sister Margt ;Isable Keneen acks from wife of Patk Kneen;
1702-1 E 064     Wade         Jane        Cormod       bur 1 May 1702;ch John;sis Kath;names Jane Xtian als Wade;husb Philip Wade exor
1702-1 E 065     Tear         Daniel                   [signigicant loss]d 28 Nov [?1701];ch John(at age) + Jane jt exors;wife alive - goods in her hands pledges Michell + Tho Cowle
1702-1 E 066     Kelly        Isabell     Kneal        d 29 May [?1702];ch Isabel + Alice Kelly jt admxs - eldest dau Alice supv;husb alive;inv £1 2s
1702-1 E 066     Kenneen      Christian   Kelly        [significant loss of lh corner]d 9 Jan ;3 ch [],[] and Alice jt admrs;
1702-2 E 116  w  SKINNER      William                  bur abt 5 jul 1702;son dan,wm;dau cath,ann;ballavarry;wife elizth als tear exex;ch ua
1702-2 E 117  d  sail         mary        lost]        [rh margin lost]bur 22 sep 1702;son wm,philip exor;gch jony;dau jony
1702-2 E 118  d  christian    charles                  ?under bride - no par given but refered to as native kk bryde(xd thru);d london 6 mnths ago;sibs jo:,isabel(w/o robt moor),alice(w/o wm kewley) jt execs
1702-2 E 123  d  CURLETT      Jane                     [will torn]d kk braddan march last;sis ellen curlet ua jon skinner sworn supv;
1702-3 E      w  JOHNSON      John                     bur 6 may 1703;ch margt(eldest),jony,john,xtopher,edw,mary;wife alive
1702-3 E      w  LAWSON       Bahee       KEWIN        bur 8 jun 1703;dau nelly,jony,bahee;gch jony lawson;son james(pottles of corn to be paid in rye + barley),edwd;husb ricd exor
1702-3 E      d  LAWSON       rach: ?     KEWISH       d 10 mar 1701;next relns sis jony + margt kewish both ua;uncle wm
1702-3 E      w  McNAMEER     Daniel                   bur 19 may 1703;friend john crinnell;dau jane + cath
1703-2 E      d  KINLEY       Mary        COWLE        d 24 sep;ch John(off island),sam(a servt at hire) + ann(sick);husb John
1704-2 E      w  BASTON       William                  d 24 apr 1704;step son John Kinred; Dan Dowan's wife next of kin on mo's side; wife cath;
1705   A 56/7    SAYLE        Isabel      TEAR         [full]
1705   A 60      TEAR         Gilbert                  [full]
1706   A 12      TEAR         Stephen                  [full]
1706   A 13      KISSACK      Robert                   [full]
1706   A 42      WADE         John                     d 11 dec 1705;sons philip + john;names cath tear als brew;
1707   A 13      LACE         Thomas                   [full]d 15 apr 1706;son stephen,wm;bro danl;wife cath
1707   A 14      TEAR         John                     [full]
1707   A 40      CAMAISH      John                     d 18 jan 17??;daus bahee (eldest - lands), ellin;wife alive;fa alive + his sister to look after him; pledges Wm Camaish + Phil: Quirk
1707-3 E      w  COWLE        Joney       LAWSON       d 1 jul 1707;ch donald(eldest),john,jony;husb john exor;youngest ch still at nurse;
1708   A 26      WADE         Daniel                   d 10 jan 1707;son michael;wife alive;son john heir ua;other ch;land ballough part of ballachirm
1708   A 27      TEAR         John                     [full]d 7 sep 1708;dau joney;ch john(heir)jony,thos,cath,ann(ann brew als tear);john + jony by prev wife;
1708   A 60      KNEEN        Marjery     CAINE        d 26 oct 1708;dau mally(wade als kneen);gch jony wade;son edmond exor;husb alive
1708   A 63      JOUGHIN      William                  d 1 feb 1708;ch (unmar) john,margt,joney,ellin,alice + cath;wife alive
1708-1 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Alice       MARTIN       d 3 may 1708;sis-i-law bahee martin;names cath christian,margt saile,lettice tear;;nephew john martin;bro john, henry martin;mo-i-law isable kneale;only son thomas exor - two bros supv;husb wm;1727: Tho acks from fa Wm
1709   A 10      camaish      Joney       SAILE        d 10 apr last;husb john camaish ch bahee, ellinor (ua);1714: Philip brew h/o bahee acks from john sayle
1709-3 E      d  GOLDSMITH    Philip                   perished by sea 10 aug 1709;ch christian,margt,isabel,John + Philip;wife alive;inv
1710   A 13      LACE         Henry                    seaman,absent for some year;sibs wm,john,thos + michal jt admrs;pledge thos cowle senr;
1710   A 14      KNEEN        Alice       Lawson [als Corlett?] [bur And 17101129 as Alice Kneen als Corlett]ch Edw Lawson exor, James Lawson; husb alive
1710   A 15      KNEAL        Ellin       skinner      [v faint on film]d 17 Dec 1710;ch Mary, Isabel, Ellin, Ann, Bahie; husb alive
1710   A 16      CRENILT      Catherine   cowle        d 17 Feb 1710/11;only child Daniel Crenilt - ua;husb Wm Crenilt exor; leaves care + tuition of Cathrine Cowle to her mother Joney Tear; names several ; husb agrees that child should have purchased lands at his decease;annexed note dated 1731 that Danl Crenilt who is most related to Cath Crenilt and acks stepmother Joney Crenilt als Tear for what ever goods fell due to Cath by death of her father Wm Cowle
1710   A 33      WADE         Jane        CHRISTIAN    d 1 nov 1710;only son robt at age;husb alive
1710   A 34      BREW         Margaret    WATLEWORTH   [full]
1710-3 E      d  BREW         John                     d 6 may 1710;4 ch Philip Mary William + alice
1711-3 E      d  KNEEN        John                     d 20 dec;only son daniel;wife alive
1712   A 24      FARGHER      Jony        MARTIN       d 14 mar 1712;son john + other child;sis cath;husb refuses children + goods aunt on mo side supv;1733 john only surv ch
1712   A 25      RADCLIFFE    John                     [full]d 12 dec 1712;ballakelly;eldest dau cath;ch philip,cath + margret;fa-i-law philip brew;wife alive
1712   A 28      MARTIN       Henry                    [full]d 22 apr 1712;sis-i-law isabel,joney;mo alive;bro john;wife cath (2nd marr to Wm Christian + dead by 1731);ch execs but one dead by probate;inv;1731 wm h/o dau Ann
1712   A 30      MARTIN       John                     [full]d 3 may 1712;dau jony(+ her daus);son-i-law John Tear;son John exor;wife alive
1712   A 39      LAWSON       James                    d 13 apr 1712;ch John(Crockannan? + caple vartin + pt Cannell's croft),richard(looms - to instruct youngest bo in trade),2 unnamed daus;
1713   A 46      LACE         Catherine   COWLE        [full]
1713   A 48      QUAY         Christian   howland      dated 29 oct 1713;4 unnamed ch;unnamed sibs;husb wm exor;
1713   A 49      WADE         Mally       KNEEN        d 12 jan 1712;son james (croft after husb's death);2 daus Jony + Alice
1713   A 50      LACE         Thomas                   d 27 jul 1713;bro wm,john,mitchell jt execs;unnamed aunt
1713   A 52      KNEEN        Jony        CASKILL      d 13 aug 1713;sis cath(dau marriad crebbin),marriad(dau bahee),christian(unnamed daus);mo-i-law alive;names others
1714   A 27      TEAR         Jony        LACE         [full]
1715   A 31      TEAR         Mary        kewn         [full]
1715-1 E         TEAR         Jony        KEE          dated 9 May 1715;husb John Tear;ch Daniel(her part of lands + intacks etc), James(had m/c), Jony Tear;, Alice (exex) gch Cath, James, John
1716   A 48      LACE         Jony        KAIGHIN      d 24 mar 1714;son andrew,john(had m/c);husb danl
1716-1 E      w  CLEATOR      Philip                   d 22 may 1716;son john,wm,philip;gch philip
1716-1 E      w  RATCLIFF     Isabel      KNEAL        d 22 may 1716;son wm;dau cath;witt cath radcliffe als keey, Nelly kneen als xtian;dau cath died a week afterwards;husb alive
1716-1 E      w  RATCLIFFE    Catherine                d 31 may 1716;husb thomas;dau cath(shaped clothes to be kept for her);names cath radcliffe als keey;nephew thomas radcliff;ch thos, john,cath,wm + david exors (sev ua)
1716-2 E      d  QUANE        Jony                     perished by water abt May 1716;sibs wm quane (in Ireland),anne tear als quane(w/o Wm);inv in will father Wm Quane (kk bride)
1716-2 E      w  RADCLIFF     Dorothy     GARRETT      d 20 jun 1716;dau jony;son wm,john exor;husb alive;fa Wm Radcliffe(pledge)
1717   A 73      LAWSON       James                    d 7 jul 1717;sibs john,richd,david,margt,jony;mo cath exex
1717   A 74      KNEAL        Margaret    JOUGHIN      [full] d 6 dec 1717;son wm;sis bahey joughin;dau mally kneal exex;names John Kneal + John Ratcliff taiors;witt Cath sayle als Mcylcrane,anne lawson als crenilt
1717   A 75      QUIRK        Catherine   cowle        [full]d 25 nov 1717;only ch john - small infact edmund cowle,john kneen + john joughin uncles by their wives,elin cowle,john cowle snr + john cowle junr supvs;husb mitchel (sons john cowle senr + john cowle junr);Child dead by june 1718
1717   A 76      JOUGHIN      Bahy                     names bahy cowle als joughin,jony garret als joughin,margt joughin,pat tear(+dau),john camaish(blind child);kinsman john joughin(son wm) exor
1717-1 E      d  BREW         Margaret    SAILE        d 17 feb 1716/7;unm son philip admr;wm kermod claims re goods due by m/c
1717-2 E      w  CURLETT      Richard                  d 8 jun 1717;ch bessy(in ireland - 50s + a new white blanket not sewn together),john(dau  cath),mary cain als curlet,margt exex;;1718 bessy now elizth mylrea als curlet;
1717-2 E      w  KNEALE       Margaret    COWLEY       d 20 jun 1717;names jony cowley,joney kneale als caine,ann kneale(?dau) + many more;unm sis ;
1718   A 24      WATTLEWORTH  Samuel                   [full]made 24 nov 1718;son henry, john (knockrushen), charles (assisted him in ministry);dau esther thomason als wattleworth, margt garrett;gch samuel, mary, jane thomason;sis margt christian als wattleworth
1718   A 25      WATTLEWORTH  Jane        BARTON       [full]made 10 mar 1718/9;bur German 17210807;widow rev Sam wattleworth;son henry(eldest),charles (exor);gson richd wattleworth;
1718   A 26      KNEAL        Margaret    GAWN         d 18 dec 1718;son john cormoad,daniel kneal (exor);dau mariad quay als cormaod;step dau joney cormod als kneal;[full]
1718   A 27      TEAR         Daniel                   [full]
1718   A 29      KINLEY       John                     d 10 dec 1718;son sam admr;wife cath als kissack + agreement that Saml will surrender all household goods except the Viol & the gun and both share debts etc
1718-1 E      d  KNEAL        John                     d 24 dec [1718?];soldier, Ireland;sibs dan, henry + wm , cath Bridson als Kneale jt execs - all absent mother Christian sworn;inv small parcel land 2.5d rent in Bride + Lezayre;mother sent £4 13s 4d to purchase his exemption (£1 10s was a legacy from his fa)
1719   A 16      TEAR         William                  [full]d 17 feb 1718/9;son john,patk,wm,thos;dau jane,margt (mo dead),margery;
1719   A 41      CHRISTIAN    Margaret    howlan       d 10 feb 1718/9;husb richd;dau mally,bahey;son john exor
1719-1 E      w  QUARKE       Edmond                   dated 3 feb 1715/6;Ballajouhan,Andreas;son John(+ half 2 daymothy hay called Mack Sailes meadow to run as inheritance);bro John Quark, Danl (to be overseer of ch);gch john,wm + danl Quark, esther quark;dau isable;wife margt als saile exex
1720   A 24      RATCLIFF     Jane        [TEAR]       [full]son james his sis mary christian;husb john;son richard + his sis alice execrs;thos ratcliffe h/o one of execrs; 
1720   A 56      TEAR         Patrick                  [full]d 6 feb 1720;wife joney;son john(not 21),wm;dau joney;bro thomas;neighbour wm quirk;ch uncle thomas tear supv
1720-1 E      d  KINREAD      Anne        CHRISTIAN    d 8 apr [1720];son thos admr;dau averick kneal als kinread had m/c;agrmt wm kneal ballaleany to bro thomas re parcels of intack (close ny knappin, clos-y-vair) 
1720-2 E      w  SAYLE        Alice       WADE         d 19 sep 1720;dau cath(eldest),joney;son john(heir),christopher;husb exor;names ann kneal
1721   A 25      TEAR         James                    [full]
1721   A 26      SKINNER      Nelly       TEAR         d 23d Mar 1720;4 (?) ch John Wm bessy daniel Xtian ?  all ua;fa alive; [can find wm bessy + daniel (john pre 1711 ?)
1721   A 55      BREW         Ann         CREBBIN      [full];
1721   A 56      CLARK        Joney       CORLeT       d 18 jan 1721/2;sis Mally Keuish als Corlet(£40);niece Katy [Cath] Kevish;nephew Edwd Lawson,J[] Lawson;serv maid Joney Goldsmith;husb wm exor;james Lawson + edw Lawson ack;James McHood h/o Ellin Mchood als Kewish (Lezayre) acks £40 from uncle Wm Clerk;
1721-1 E      d  BREW         Mariot      GARRET       d 19 oct 1720;2 ch wm + cath brew; son John had mar contract 1706/7;1721 Philip Brew Senr (?husb)& his son Wm Brew 
1721-1 E      c  KINREAD      Thomas                   = Old Deed And #106 (agreement Tho Kinread + Wm Kneal re goods of mo Ann Kindred als Christian and accepted as will Tho Kinread
1722   A 23      SAYLE        Philip,senr              d 23 apr 1722;ch philip,margt(w/o Wm Moor),thomas,John (of the craig),joney (jt exex with wife Joney);bro wm;son-i-law james tear;pledge James Tear tailor + philip sayle dispute - left to umpires - detailed arbitartion
1722   A 24      TEAR         John                     [full]
1722   A 44      QUARK        Daniel                   niece Mary Christian als quark, isabel crain als quark;reln (c/o John Quark) dal,wm,john + edmond quark;names esther quark,john quark(ballavrghy);sis margt,ellinor;leaves 30 shillings to buy two pool bath [? poolvash ?]  stones, one for his own grave, and his brother  Edmondís grave;sis-i-law Margt quark als sayle, Ballayoughy, exex;1723 Isable quark w/o john cain acks from uncle dan quark;
1723-1 A 29      SKINNER      Catherine                headed Kk Andrews 24 Apr 1723;bro Wm(+ dau),Dan Skinner(exor)
1723-1 A 37      KNEAL        Margaret    CANNELL      d 22 dec 1723;husb john;son Philip radcliffe(unmarried),thomas radcliffe (croft to return to him after decease husb);dau jony radcliffe(to have no part of croft);gch john ratcliffe
1723-1 E      d  KEE          John                     d 1 Jun;ch Jony(by a former wife), Cath + Susan (ch 2nd wife + both ua) jt admxs; wife alive;inv 19s 7d
1723-2 A 105     BREW         John                     [full];
1723-2 A 112     LAWSON       John                     d 25 oct 1723;son james(eldest - to pay his gmo £3[?31] 10s that was in mortgage),john(2nd),richard;wife Cath als tear pregnant + exex;Richd Lawson,David Lawson + Bahy Lawson + Dan Kaneen agreed to give John Lawson's wife 20s to maintain ch;1725: Widow of James Lawson claims £31 10s [?is this the mortgage] agt execs of son John;
1723-2 E      d  KINREAD      Thomas                   d 26 jul 1723;only sis averick kneal als kinread (w/o Wm) admx;illeg dau Margt Kinread to be rewarded at discretion of charity of exex (Thos considerably indebted illeg dau to get 40s)
1724-1 A 57      WADE         John                     d 20 dec 1723;heir unnamed;2nd child daniel;wife pregnant ?;bro michael;wife's fa daniel kneal;
1724-1 A 59      CORLETT      Joney       brew         widow;son john,danl,thos,stephen(jt exec with joney);if Philip Brew's execs redeem croft then money to her execs otherwise son John to continue there;dau joney;1755: Wm Freer (snr+junr) execs of Jony Freer als Corlet ack from John 
                                                           Curghey(h/o Isabel Brew d/o Philip Brew (andreas) 10s due from will Philip Brew (1708) belonging to his sis Joney Brew (=joney Corlet als brew m/o Joney Freer als corlet)
1724-1 A 64      TEARE        Mally       KNEAL        [full]
1724-1 A 66      CANNELL      Mally       ?cain        d 24 nov 1723;step-dau ann cannell;dau margt kelley exex;husb alive; unnamed sibs
1724-1 A 67      CHRISTIAN    Richard                  undated;ch John(Loom), Bahy,Mally exex;
1724-1 A 68      LAWSON       James                    d 28 jan 1723/4;fa-i-law John Cormoad;bro Ned Lawson(son Ned);son Anthony,John (other child);wife alive(can mortgage Lagg ny shure);bro Ned lawson supv;John Cormoad claims 29s 10d from James Lawson who gave him Crott-y-cowle
1724-2 A 157     QUIRK        john                     d 24 Nov 1724;bro Philip Quirk,Pat Quirk exor;nephew Wm Quirk;niece Cat Quirk, Jony Quirk,Alice Quirk;sis-i-law Nelly Quirk
1724-2 A 158     CHRISTIAN    John                     d 29 nov 1724;ballalane;names ann camaish (choice of 3 english crooks),mary camaish;only son Gustavus ? Christian exor
1724-2 A 159     INCH         Daniel                   d 23 dec 1724;names mally casement als thomason;gson wm lace;dau ann;unnamed gch;wife [Alice] exex;dispute between alice + gson wm lace [see NSM May 1726 74]
1724-2 A 162     TEAR         Daniel                   [full]
1725-1 A 59      CHRISTIAN    Joney       CREBBIN      d 21 mar 1724;gson john christian;son john,wm,danl;dau jane exex;gdau joney,cath christian;husb philip;witt ann wade als kneal;jony kynry als radcliffe
1725-1 A 60   c  CANNELL      Patrick                  m/c John Cannel + Elizth Cottier = NSS May 1726 #13;son John Cannell exor
1725-1 A 61      CREBBIN      Ellin       BODAUGH      d 1 mar 1724/5;dau joney cormoad als crebbin;;gch john + danl cormoad(snr), danl [?cormaod]jnr,john crebbin;husb john exec
1725-1 A 63      KILLIP       Alice       garrett      d 20 mar 1724;dau isable (eldest - crot-mcsayle),joney (crot y nollan),cath (meadow in jurby);son wm(heir);names widow cath cleator;husb exec
1725-1 A 64      BREW         Philip                   [full];
1725-2 A 124     CASEMENT     Margaret    quark        d 3 Dec 1725;gson John Casement;son John(+ wife), Thos(exor);dau-in-law Christian Casement
1725-2 A 126     RATCLIFF     Margaret    LAWSON       [full]d 9 feb 1724/5;eldest son unnamed,dau mary;3 youngest james,tho,as + dollin;husb wm
1725-2 A 129     QUARK        John                     made 16 mar 1724/5;son john(heir - timber + dails for new house),edmond,wm danl;dau mary;wife margt als brew; ox called cormod's ox to be sold (plow team inc cow + ox);cousin esther quark;serv maid margt quark,serv man john quark;aunt margery;ch wm,danl,edmond + mary execs all ua;inv;claims inc john kneal gravestone 3s 4d;
1725-2 A 131     SAYLE        William                  d 31 jan 1725;wife margt als kelly;unnamed ch
1725-2 A 132     RADCLIFF     Catherine   SAYLE        [full]d 23 jan 1725/6;only ch charles (ua);thomas ratcliffe heir;nieces cath sayle,mary woods;bro john sayle + his sister cath garret als cowle overseers;husb wm
1726   A 27      TEARE        Philip                   [full]d 12 jun 1726;bro john tear ballachoan,wm tear,patrick tear, james tear;sis bessy martin knockadoony,alice,cath lawson als tear
1727   A 26      RATCLIFFE    John                     [full]d 4 jan 1726/7;son james (brick kiln);dau alice (has ch),son richd
1727   A 41      CORMOAD      Ann         TEAR         [Full]
1727   A 42      CORMOAD      John                     [full]
1727-1 E      w  RATCLIFF     Alice       HARRISON     dated 6 may 1727;son thos,michael,ewan,philip,john exor;dau alice;husb alive
1727-3 E      de TEAR         John                     d 26 aug 1727;(harry);ch danl + alice;
1728   A 17      LACE         John                     d 16 apr;gson jon lace;sis baghey lace;son john exor;
1728   A 63      SAYLE        John                     dated 20 jan 1728;dau jony,bahee,cath (exex);son mitchell,wm,john;gdau cath sayle;john cowle(drummer) owes him 3s + other debtors
1728   A 66      KERMAD       Jony        BREW         d 22 nov 1728;sis margt brew;bro philip brew'only ch gilbert;husb wm;other legacies inc cath vondy; [full]
1728-1 E      d  KENEEN       William                  d 24 may 1728;ch wm + cath;wife alive
1728-1 E      d  TEAR         Catherine   BREW         d 6 mar 1727/8;son patk tear admr (other ch married)
1729-1 A 70      LACE         Jane        GOLDSMITH    d 31 jan 1728/9;son wm(house + garden north side lough);dau-i-law margt lace;son thomas;gson thomas lace;dau cath,margt;husb john exec [full]
1729-1 E         TEAR         Catherine   CHRISTIAN    bur 23 May 1729;BallaConner,widow;ch danl(a qtr of crop), Alice + Cath(jt exexs);left her son Michaels Clothes + shoes to her son - daus due a qtr of crop by death of father
1729-2 A 119     KANEEN       Margaret    cowle        d 16 jan 1729;son wm,danl;gch margery kelly (ua);dau margery,cath(exex);1741 margery kelly acks both gmo legacy + bed due to her by death of aunt kath
1729-2 E      w  CREBBIN      Elinor      RADCLIFFE    d 14 oct 1729;son edwd christian(£3 15s in land called philles Cowle's croft - if he come to Island);dau margt exex;names robt christian,james radcliffe;husb john
1729-2 E      w  LAWSON       Kathrine    KANEEN       d 19 sep 1729;son david,richard;dau bahee (profitt from herring nets),joney;names james + bro john lawson
1730   A 19      GAWN         Joney       kneen als KE made 8 mar 1729;dau mary kneen (house + pt balladonnell)joney,elinor (w/o john crebbin);son john kneen(+son)
1730-1 E      w  CREBBIN      Margaret                 d 16 may 1730;sis mary crebbin,ann,joney;brethren john + andrew crebin;fa john exor (unless he remarries)
1730-1 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Margaret    KILLIP       made 19 may 1730 [whit tues];husb philip;mo joney;will on death(child)bed ;only ch wm ua;ch uncle robt killip supr(his fa wm acts);inv;ballakelly
1731-1 A 20      TEAR         Jane                     made 13 mar;dau bahee goldsmith;dau alice;neighbour joney kneale;son wm;s-i-l john kneen h/o ann  shoemaker to teach wm;cousin cath comaish,cousin joney tear;dau-i-l kath clater;son dan;bahee ua;debts exceed goods [full]
1731-1 A 21      COWLEY       Jony        kinred       jt will dated 20 jul 1727;with husb nicholas senr;dau isabel;son nicholas (land etc to descend to his ch but if no issue then next of kin ch of robt cowle + john sayle(his dau barbary) by isabel + averick);jony has dau averick;gson john cowle
1731-1 A 21      COWLEY       Nicholas                 see jony
1731-2 A 54      KNEEN        John                     d 26 dec 1731;shoemaker;ch danl,john;wife ann als tear exex;names bahee goldsmith;debtors etc inc john garrett h/o cath als kneen;alice sis of bahee goldsmith,cath cleater w/o danl tear,[full]
1731-2 E    d    RADCLIFF     Jony        KINRY        d 29 sep;ch james,christian ua;ch uncle john kinry supv;annex: husb philiip to have charge
1732-1 A 39      CRENILT      William                  d 29 mar 1732;bro john ;fa danl (decd);sis joney;names margt w/o john joughin(+dau);mo lettice als tear exex
1732-1 A 40      QUANE        Bahee       COSTEAN      declrd beg feb;ballakinney;gdau (w/o james radcliffe);dau ann tear als quane exex;
1732-1 A 41      MARTIN       Bahee       SAYLE        dated 1 feb 1731/2;gdau bahee tear;dau joney (in ballaquane);dau-i-law elizth martin;james+alice tear (ch in Ballaquane);names james fargher(wife poor woman);son john martin(knock y doonee) exor
1732-1 A 42      KNEAL        William                  declrd 15 jul 1732;ballacoary;wife christian als howland;heir john;ch danl,phil,cath + edmand exors;wife's dau margt casement;wm kneal eldest bro overseer ua ch
1732-1 A 43      LACE         William                  decld 5 jul 1732;nephew patk kneal ballaleaneh exor;wife alive
1732-1 A 44      COOIL        Catherine   imeer        d 25 mar 1732;dau cath,bahee cooil exex
1732-1 A 45      KNEALE       Philip                   d 3 apr 1732;ballevarry;gson john lace exor ua (s/o wm lace);1732 costs (inc funeral) pd to isabel kneal overseer of ch of patrick ? kneal exex of Wm Lace Fort;1759: david cain h/o bridget lace,thos corlet h/o elinor lace,wm sayle h/o margt lace, john tear h/o jane lace, joney + margery lace ack ann lace relict wm lace re legacy from death bro John lace s/o wm lace late of ballavarry
1732-2 A 70      WADE         Philip                   d 1 nov 1732;dau alice;names philip s/o john harrison;step dau cath cowley (that will now void);only son james (exec)
1732-2 A 71      SKINNER      Gilbert                  d 3 Dec; dau Ellinor;s-i-l John Christian, s-i-l John Tear;gchild the heir;1762 dau Elinor Teare als Skinner widow of John Teare Ballavane acks
1732-2 A 72      BREW         Philip                   d 16 dec 1732;bro William Brew , sister Isabel Curghey;uncle John Brew ;sis margt + bahee brew
1732-3 E      d  RATCLIFF     Thomas                   d 24 nov; y vair;7 ch john,jony,jane,tho,ann,philip,margt - next relns philip ratcliff + philip kinry supv;wife alive;no relns fa side, eldest ch just at la, youngest posthumous;widow very poor
1733-1 A 50      QUARK        William                  dated 25 jul 1728;ballayockey;upward of 16 yrs of age designed to go to England bound apprentice to go to sea;uncle richard brew;bros allege later will but not in court docs
1733-1 A 52      McYLCARANE   Margaret    CALLISTER    d jan;names jon mellycarane an illeg s/o husb;sibs ellinor, jane,thos callister;sis-i-law jane callister;names majory cry + others;son edwd;dau isabel;husb john exor (dead by probate - edwd exor ua supv John Callister;1734: husb john will named john cowley + thos callister supv - exors of john cowley surrendered to moth cath cowley als mcylcarane + uncles thos + wm Mcylcarane;1738 widow of thos callister agrees to pay widow cowley - sphepherd is to have 3rd part of sheep for herding of them
1733-1 A 53      McYLCARANE   John                     [see als Margt 1733] illeg son john (by isabel kinread);wife's illeg dau isable gawn;wants friend Wm Corlet as supv;son edwd exor;bro-i-law thos callister to be supv;1733: john cowley (of the Close)  dead widow cath;1748 edwd acks from james cain h/o jane callister;john was exor will margt myylcarane als kinred [in 1726]
1733-1 A 54   dg WADE         Jane        CALLISTER    dated 23 dec 1732;ballavasten;late husb philip;dau kath cowley;son dan cowley if he comes to island;
1733-2 A 92      CORKILL      William                  [full]
1733-2 E    w    lawson       joney       kenneen      d 7 oct;husb edw;son patrick & his wfe;son james;son richd;daus ann bahee (40s contract money owing her in the maghyr moar)
1734-1 A 24      CHRISTIAN    Isabel      CASHIN       d 20 apr 1734;ch isabel(mortgaged money in Cottier's close),thos(lands);husb Richd;sis Grace Kewley;names joney sayle, jo christian,christian fayle,john sayle;sis-i-law margt christian; ch ua [page missed from my copy]
1734-1 A 25      LACE         Thomas                   d 2 apr 1734;son thos(eldest),john ua;neighbour joughin;uncle john lace snr;bro arthur lace;stepfa john kneen;names thos killip;wife ann als killip exex;inv;problems in that debts outwiegh legacies
1734-1 A 27      MARTIN       Elizabeth   TEAR         d 12 may 1734;knock-y-doonee;bros john,wm,james,pat tear;sis cath lawson als tear(+ dau cath);husb john (see will 1755);nephew john lawson;sis-i-law jony tear als sayle;1735:bahee tear claims £5 legacy bequeathed by her gmo bahee martin als sayle.
1734-1 E      w  KENNEN       Donald                   ?=danl kanneen;d 20 jun 1734;names several inc richd lawson miller;son-i-law john sayle exer
1734-1 E      w  KINLEY       Samuel                   d apr 1734;son wm(eldest),saml;wife exex
1734-2 E      d  KILLIP       John                     d 9 nov 1734;son tho admr;dau Esther Killip(w/o Tho Caine) had a m/c;wife cath;
1735   A 58      COWLE        Bahee       CHRISTIAN    d 7 dec 1735;gch arthur + james brew,margt brew;son john exec, unnamed dau
1735-1 E      w  KENNEEN      Catherine                dated 15 May 1735;sibs Marjery,Wm (+ wife Margt), Daniel(+ wife), Wm Keneen exor;names Marjery Kelly, Bahie Kelly
1735-3 E      w  TEAR         Jane        QUANE        bur 15 Sep 1735;husb Wm Tear (intacks in Kk Bride);ch Wm Tear(eldest son - exor),Jony Tear, Philip Tear(in Ireland), Michael(youngest son);maid Alice Crenilt;names Mally Quirk, Mary w/o [] Radcliff,;1751: Philip Tear acks from bro Wm;Jony Tear dead by 1750;
1736-1 A 17      LAWSON       Edward, sen              marriage contract dated 13 sep 1728 (court may 1729 = NSS May 1729 23)ed lawson + wife ann als crinnell obo son edw;eleanor cowle obo herself; accept as will of edward + ann
1736-1 A 18      TEAR         Daniel                   [full];
1736-1 E 260  d  LAWSON       Elinor      LACE         d 18 dec 1735;only ch wm ua no relns on mo's side;husb david;inv inc six kishons of putadoe at 3d per kishon;1769 wm acks fa david
1736-2 A 47      LACE         Daniel                   dated 3 dec 1736;son andrew(if he comes);gson john lace(s/o andrew to be set to trade);dau alice;all ch except john sayle satisfied;son capt john exor;1742:cath christian als moore acks from john lace re alice lace
1736-2 A 48      LACE         Alice                    d 30 oct 1736;sis isable(dau margt);names cath,mary christian + many others;friend capt john lace exor;
1736-2 A 49      Harrison/Kinry    Jane   Milican ?    d 22 dec 1736, husb alive, dau margery lace als christian; wit mary ratclif, ester lace, pledge thoms radcliffe  belfast, edmd kewin miller; ? bur as Jane Kinry
1736-2 A 50      CLEATER      Jony        CAIN         d 4 jan 1736;ch john+joney(jt execs),mary,cath,isable,steven,phill;dau-i-law mary;husb alive
1736-2 A 51      kneen        mary                     d 29 dec 1736, bro Jon Kneen wife mary, his son jon, sister elinor + her  daus joney, isabel & catherine; cath wife of thos corlett + her dau catherine
1736-2 A 52      CHRISTIAN    anne                     d 17 feb 1736;dau mary;son-i-law edwd byttle (h/o bahee) exor
1736-2 A 53   dg KNEALE       Christian                dated 1 jul 1731;
1736-2 E      w  KANEEN       John                     d 2 jul 1736;son wm,danl(2 youngest),john(heir);names john sayle;wife exexone pledge Richd brew her bro
1736-2 E      d  LAWSON       Edward                   d 14 aug 1736;miller;ch james (admr),richd,bahee + ann (last 3 had m/cs)
1737-1 A 27      CREBBIN      John                     d 3 nov 1736;crot vinvey Vodey ?,ballahirrim;dau joney;decd wife eleanor als boddagh;son-i-law john cormoad;nephew john crebbin liverpool;1740 john crebbin now in court where stated 'looked upon to be gch of john crebbin late sumner' (by nich cowley + tho radcliffe)
1738-1 A 61   w  CORMOAD      Isabel      CLARK        d 19 Feb 1737/8;husb daniel (Baftain's land during life);only dau Cath Dawan exex;names John Cormoad (+ his bro Wm), Margt Cormoad, jane corlet als Corkil,Phil Brew (jurby), Margt Killey (Ballameinnagh);exex ua James Tear + Patk Clerk sworn;costs;petn
1738-1 A 61.1 s  DOWAN        James                    re catherine dowan  dau of deceased stephan dowan; James + Dan Dowan overseers only child of decd bro Stephen - Cath Dowan (see will Isabel Cormoad)
1738-1 A 61.2 a  CORMOAD      Daniel                   agreement dated 29 Nov 1738 daln cormoad + wife isabel relict Stephen Dowan with James Dowan (uncle + supervisor of Mary Dowan now decd - 9s spent - any rights surrendered to Danl whilst has tuition of Mary's sister Cath
1738-1 E      d  CORMOAD      Ann         CLARK        d 29 jan 1737/8;ch pat,margt,jane + bahee;inv inc fa's goods due to ch
1738-1 E      d  JOUGHIN      John                     d 12 mar 1737/8;dau jony unendowed admx;
1739-1 A 21      RADCLIFFE    Catherine   KNEAL        [full]made 17 mar 1738;eldest son george,philip + samuel;husb alive;mo alive
1739-1 A 22      TEAR         Joney       KNEALE       d 20 apr ;[full];son john;dau ann,alice,margt,cath,joney;husb thomas;inv (3 daus ua)
1739-2 A 86      Kinrey       Jony        Rattcliffe   d 9 Dec 1739;dau margt,joney,alice,marjery;son ?unnamed,philip(born after will made);husb exec;hhusb poor circumstances;philip radcliffe uncle
1739-2 E      w  CLARK        William                  d 9 aug 1739;names ewan kerruish,mary looney als clark,margt + elinor skillicorn (last 3 acked bt Margt skillicorn who stated margt + elinar daus),dan looney,joney quayle als kerruish (kinswoman) + several others;wife christian (her bro wm + philip radcliffe);margt skillicon + mary looney are widows
1739-2 E      d  RADCLIFF     Catherine   KNEAL        will produced in court (arch wills) was actually revoked - new decree ch george,philip + samuel admrs all ua uncle Wm Kneal, John Cleator + Wm Goldsmith h/o Margt + christian the aunts;george in tuition father, philip in gmo;inv settled Oct 1753!;petn by George that needs original deed of settlement was not proved but remains lodged in episcopal registry as part of adm of his mother - needs court to release deed.
1739-2 E      d  tear         Cath        sayle        d 20 Sep 1739;ch Elizth, Wm + Jony tear jt admrs - ua - next relns on mo's side Danl, Ester + Margt Sayle overseers;husb Wm (overseers surrender goods to him - one pledge is uncle Danl Sayle); 1771: Edmd Crow husb of Joney, Wm Garrett  h/o Elizth
1739-2 E      d  TEAR         Joney                    d beg May 1739;thre bros Wm, Philip + Michel Tear jt admrs 
1740-2 A 118     BREW         William                  [full];made 12 nov 1740;gilcagh;son john;ch philip,cath, joney,charles;wife marjery
1740-2 E      w  KINREY       John                     d lammath;son michael,thomas,john,philip,ewan;dau alice;gdau margt kinry
1740-2 E      d  LACE         John                     d beg 1739;ch elizth (had mc),daniel,wm,john,alice (last 3 abroad); thomas bro-i-law ?;
1741   E         cowley       henry                    [chk bk - not in index]made abt 2 years ago;son nicholas,wm;wm Cowley + Wm sayle to be overseers;wife cath; her bro John Kelly overseer;[see Eliz mcnameer 1749 ep ]
1741-1 E    w    CANNELL      Philip                   made 29 dec 1739;son john,wm;dau joney,esther (exex);gdau bahee;wife alive [full]
1741-2 A 141     BREW         Bahee       CAMISH       d about 25 April 1741: dau Cath; son Jn; husb; other children; sister Ellinor
1741-2 A 144     TEAR         Joney                    made 17 mar 1740;dau cath+ husb john exors;unnamed gch[full]
1741-2 E      d  COWLE        Catherine                d 24 jun 1741;sibs john + esther
1741-2 E    w    SAYLE        Bahee       COTTIER      d 14 jun 1741;son wm,john + thos (jt exors);dau margt;son-i-law john quark;names mary quark;
1741-3 E      mc CANNELL      William                  inc missing m/c  NSS May 1735 38;son-i-law John Kneale exor
1741-3 E      d  CORLET       Alice       KELLY        d 11 dec1741;son Thomas + John jt admrs (tho john at la but deemed too young);husb alive
1742-1 A 42      SAYLE        Esther                   dated 30 mar 1742;sibs daniel(+ wife),mary,margt exex;half-sis isable,jane sayle;pledge capt Edmd Corlet, John Killey smith
1742-1 A 43      LACE         William                  d 12 mar 1742;son wm(crot harry),philip;dau alice,jony(her uncle jack lace) exex (w/o gilbt kelly)
1742-1 A 44      RADCLIFFE    Richard                  [full] d 2 mar 1742;eldest sons john + james + 2 other ch;wife margaret als quark;uncle James [?radcliffe] supv
1742-1 A 45      LAWSON       Katherine   KNEALE       d 21 feb 1741;husb(fishing nett);son david,james;dau cath,margt;ch jt execs
1742-3 E    w    kANNEEN      daniel                   made 2 jul 1742;bro wm;bro-i-law thos kelly;wife jane exex (dead by probate - her admrs wm kelley + his sis joney)
1742-3 E    d    kANNEEN      Jane        KELLY ALS GELLIN d 14 nov;ch john (?) kelly,jony kelly jt admrs;son referred to wm
1743-1 A 53      QUIRK        Alice                    dated 2 Mar 1742;sibs Wm(20s due by death her fa), Eleanor, Cath(+ son +dau?);names debts inc Cath Clark w/o John Garrett;mother Joney Quirk als Kenread exex [but d before probate - her son Wm Quirk exor;1745: Cath Lawson als Quirk acks money left to her + ch;
1743-1 A 54      LACE         John                     d shrove tuesday;son danl,wm,thomas;wife margery als christian exex
1743-1 A 55      CLEATER      William                  dated 8 Jan 1742;noted that all land in Andreas + Jurby (qtrland + intack) other than half meadow Lough-ne-greagh(left to wife) to pass as inheritance;ch Stephen, John, william + 2 unnamed daus [?states the heir whoever it may be to pay his bros Stephen + John];wife Ann als Clucas gave consent + exex;bro John;names debtors;tho ch ua no reln on fa's side appears + wife sworn supv;1761: eldest son + heir Wm acks from mother, dau Margt acks;1763 Stephen + John ack;noted that dau Joney was lately decd;
1743-1 A 56      QUIRK        Joney       KINREAD      d 22 mar;dau ellinr,cath lawson als quirk;son wm exor;witt philip kneale,bahee quirk
1743-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Daniel                   d 30 Apr 1743;dau Cath,joney;names James Wade, Thomas Cowle;stepson Wm Teare exor;
1743-1 E    d    RADCLIFF     Jony        TEAR         d 20 mar 1742/3;ch philip,wm,christian,elizth (h/o philip kewin)
1743-2 A 85      CLEATER      Catherine                d 28 Nov [1742];only son John Cleator(+ wife Elinor -crop + also bakestone + swine-trough);dau Cath(eldest), Mariod, alice exex;names Bahee Cormoad;
1743-2 A 86      KILLIP       Joney       MARTIN       made 31 Dec 1742;ch Wm, John Kneen exor;sis Cath Christian
1744-1 A 26      LACE         Alice       BREW         made easter 1743;son philip radcliffe,wm lace;dau margt,cath exex(w/o danl tear);nephew wm;gch in ballacunner;inv [full]
1744-1 E      d  KNEEN        Henry                    d end apr 1744;ch jane, christian jt admrs - ua - aunt Jony sworn;wife Cath;pledges Thos + James Radcliff
1744-1 E      d  TEAR         Ann                      d 10 may 1744;sibs ch - wm tear junr, james + alice radcliff,letice + mary tear,philip sayle,john tear;
1744-1 E      d  TEAR         John                     perished on coast of scotland 15 apr 1744;sibs james,wm + jane(w/o wm corlet)
1744-2 A 55      LAWSON       Katherine   TEAR         made 25 nov 1744;son john,james(+eldest dau),richard(needs taking care of);dau cath (fa dead) exex;neighbour wm tear;bro wm tear;
1744-2 E    d    LAWSON       Edward                   d 8 aug 1744;sons edwd + [?john];wife alive;inv
1744-2 E    d    RADCLIFF     Thomas                   d 12 mar;only son wm;pledges philip+james radcliffe
1744-3 E      d  CLARK        William                  left island 20yrs ago - no acct;s/o Thomas Clark decd;only bro John - surrenders to Margt Clark his bro's dau;;pledge patk clark,John Clark aforesd;
1744-3 E      d  CRENILT      Lettice     TEAR         d 12 jan 1744;only dau jony joughin als crennilt exex(w/o John)
1745-1 A 23      BREW         Margery                  made 3 mar 1744/5;gilcagh;dau jony,cath;son philip (exor),john[full];
1745-1 E      w  CHRISTIAN    Elizabeth   CASHIN       ch John,Mary (w/o Danl Lace) exex;
1745-1 E      d  CHRISTIAN    John                     d beg apr 1745;John Christian (Philip) - ch john,wm,thos,ann + jony(ua)
1745-1 E      d  LACE         Daniel                   departed Island 40 yrs ago presumed dead;heir of Ballaquane;next of kin Margt Crenilt d/o Patrick Crennilt + Isabel als Lace (sister of decd)
1745-1 E      w  TEAR         John                     d 25 dec 1744;y droghad;only dau cath (w/o Wm kneal) exex
1745-3 E    w    KNEAL        Averick     KENRED       made dec 1745;cousin margt quark als kenred(+child);son stanley exor;husb wm
1746-1 A 15      BREW         Grace       CAIN         d mar last;son wm,dau christian;sisters margt brew, joney brew;husb thomas
1747-1 A 14      RADCLIFFE    Charles                  d 10 apr 1747;fa wm;bro thomas;step-mo jane radcliffe + bro thos execs ;others named;inv[full]
1747-2 A 86      TEARE        William                  made in April about a fortnight before May;Ballakinnag;3 sons Michael(20s), Wm(had marr contract),Philip (exor) - their mother dead;mentions 3 parcels of intack viz Garret's Croft(12d reant), Knock-e-kneal (3d rent)+ Cowley's curragh(0.5d rent) with mortgage on them of £4 7s which he reserved out of Wm's contract money till he or his exors be paid consideration money; Nov 1755 bro Mitchel dead + his 20s split between his sibs 
1747-2 A 87      FARAGHER     Joney       QUIRK        d 26 dec 1747;son patrick (meadow in the lane),son thomas,son wm;names james fargher snr;
1747-2 A 88      FARRAGHER    John                     d 29 dec;of the Ayre;fa James alive;sibs James,philip,mariod,cath;step mother;wife marriod als crebbin alive;sis-in-law ellinor + ann;names wm crebbin,charles crebbin,daniel sayle;wife dead before probate;pledges john tear + thos radcliffe (ballaradcliffe)
1747-2 A 89      FARRAGHER    Marriod     CREBBIN      d 5 mar 1747;names mary w/o daniel sayle (cloth at tuck miln),charles crebbin,joney d/o john quark,mary quirk wm teare (e Derry),wm kneale columb's wife;bro's son wm crebbin exec (ua but Wm Kneale columb to act as guardian)
1747-2 A 90 ag   JOUGHIN      Bahee                    bahee joughin + son charles (profits of John sayle's estate of Larivane), son john c'town
1747-2 A 94      Kneale       joney       Martin       son richd;cath w/o dan tear;dau Mally
1748-1 A 78      SAYLE        Ewan                     d feb last;Craig;daus elinor,margt;son danl,thos (exec);wife alive
1748-1 E    d    KINRY        Philip                   d 17 feb 1747/8;ballakaneen;ch margt,thos,jony,alice + philip kinry (ua);inv
1748-2 A 132     KNEAL        Robert                   dau cath;sons john robt,patk exec;mo mary kneal als corkill alive;wife cath als corlet;;younger ch omitted - emond,wm + isabel;
1748-2 E      d  CORKILL      Jony        CRENILT      d may 1748;ch robt,jony,wm + john;all at age;claim by John Tear  for not keeping some houses on farm of Smeal and that fences in dire repair
1748-2 E    w    SAYLE        John                     d end may 1748;larrivane;son wm (not 21);dau cath,ann,joney,margt;wife cath als Moore exex;1769:andrew joughin h/o joney
1749-1 A 23      BREW         Margaret                 [full];d/o james brew Gilcagh;mo alice execx;
1749-2 E      w  RADCLIFFE    Mary        QUARK        only son john;sis cath;fa alive;husb wm;

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