Summary of Wills - Andreas pre1700

These are summaries of some wills for which a fuller transcription was not made - they were done in course of other research and are given here in case other researchers find them useful - [full] indicates a full transcription is available.

See index page for explantion of abbreviations etc.

Year  court       Name                      als          My Notes  
1623   E 004     COTTER       Stephen                  d 9 nov 1623;unnamed wife exex but she renounces and Christopher Cotter appt
1623   E 005     CHRISTINE    Katherine   DAUGHERTIE   d 30 Oct 1623;son Finlo exor
1623   E 005     COTTER       Jony                     d 12 Dec 1623;names Thomas + Maly Skaly? execs;Danold Cotter supv;inv notes children's pt of corn
1623   E 005     KENEEN       Gilbart                  d 19 Dec 1623;ch Henrie, Katherine , Hohn + Bahie Kenene execs
1623   E 006     COWL         Katherine   CHRISTINE    d 29 Dec 1623;names John + Gilbert Christin;ch William Cowl + Ba[?Bahie - lost rh margin] execs; court decrees exors eldest brother + [] supv;a Patrick Cowle signs inv
1637   A j132 w  TEAR         William                  dated 21 Sep 1637;wife Kath als Camaish;unnamed sibs; sis Isable exex;inv
1637   A j133 w  Teare        Jony        CRINILT      [indexed as Crinilt]dated 27 Sep 1637;ch Isable, Wm, Michell(her pt of Carret's Croft + Loughan-y-Teare), John - last 3 supvs - next of kin on mo's side supvs; inv
1644   e 281     TEARE        Wm                       [lh margin lost on film]dated 12 Jun 1643;names John Calley + his [mother ? brother] 12d betwixt them,margaret Caly? + sister;names John Teare exor; inv 1 2s
1653   A      w  christian    Issabel     TEAR         husb Wm Christian;fa-in-law Michel Christian;bro-i-law John Christian;bro Wm Teere; sis-in-law Jony Kee;ch John Christian(elder son), Wm Christian - Wm Tear supv;1656: inv includes a legacy left to Isable by her bro Michell
1654   A      w  TEAR         Michael                  dated 1 Aug 1651;[about to leave Island] sibs Wm Tear exor (+ to have custody of any goods due by death of father and mother until my possible return), Isable
1655   A 109  w  KNEAL        John                     (036)(page 34)dated 25 jul 1655;bro maloony;names wm bastin(4 couple of house roof due to him);dau margt, jony kneele;wife jony teere;inv
1655   A 114  w  FARRANT      William                  (037)(page 36)dated 30 nov 1650;sibs john, christian;wife cath cleater;names john kneele(my working tools);inv
1655   A 120  w  Martin       Alice       taylor als C (038)(page 37)d 15 sep 1655;ch john(had been a soldier but not on island at present);sibs james, ann crye;husb john martin;names margt + john quarke(described in inv as john quark's 2 ch);
1655   A 121  d  MARTIN       William                  (39)d abt 12 yrs ago in ?england;next of kin edwd quark(sis's son) + Christian martin his bro's dau
1655   A 122  w  KISSAGE      Thomas                   (040)(page 38)dated 30 oct 1655;wife marft croat? exex;sis jony;2 unnamed daus(eldest married to Tho Kinley);son james
1655   A 124  w  BLACKBURN    Ewan                     (041)(page 39)ch marriet, ewan exor;inv 1 goose!
1655   A 130  w  mcnameer     Margaret    JOUGHIN      (043)(page 41);ch christian, cath, wm exor;
1657   A 379  w  TEAR         John                     [torn] dated [] 1656;names John Teere senr + junr (all title I have to land) - jt exors; names Marke Teere
1658   A      w  TEAR         Mark                     (63)[not margt] dated 16 May 1658;wife Jony Crenilt;sibs Henry, Bahee, John; illeg dau Ann Tear; ch Bessie - wife pregnant (if boy to be called John); John Creer junr + bro Henry Tear supvs - goods in their hands + those  of their 2 sisters; 1671: Wm Skinner h/o Bessie - James Tear pays money due to Bessie, Isabel Tear also pays, Alice Tear also pays what was due by death of  Bessie's father; Jony Crenilt dead by 1673 as Collum Crenilt acks what was due to his son Wm Crenilt by death of his mother
1670/1 E 606  d  RATCLIFF     Philip                   d 30 nov 1669;ch Wm, Mally + Kath + 2 sons who are at age to be supvs of the 2 daus ua;noted that eldest son is married;
1671   A      w  TEAR         Jony        KEEY         dated 2 Dec 1681;ch Will(eldest son - her pt of gears, crop etc), 3 unnamed daus(some ua tho Jony at age), James(youngest son) - names Stephen Keey supv; husb dead by probabte
1672   A      w  TEAR         Alice                    d 12 Apr 1673;unnamed gson(her pt of corn if heir); unnamed 4 daus jt exexs with her son Jon Ratcliff;sibs Bahy Teare, Henry Tear;bro's son James; Nelly Cowle (w/o John Cowle) one of exexs;
1672   A      d  TEAR         William                  [loss rh margin]d 8 Nov 1672; [bur reg 13 Nov 1672 as Wm Teare (Lord)] court appts 4 unmarried ch Jony(eldest dau), Ja[mes], [], Ann  - Jony + Wm supvs (both relinquish admin - Wm had m/c - debts exceed estate with publication in sheading churches that debts be claimed quickly as Admrs underage - next of kin Capt: John Sayle (fa's side)+ Stephen Kee(mo's side) appted to assist young heir
1678-1 e 281     RATCLIFFE    John                     d 11 Jan 1677;ch John, Ann, Wm, James + Bahee jt admrs - next of kin (fa's side) Wm Ratcliff + Cath Ratcliffe supvs;wife alive;inv - wife has custody of goods + children - signed Wm Ratcliff + Ellin Carrett [?is she wife]ack 4 Mar 1702/3: Dan Curlett and [lost - Bihee Curlett marks as well]] ack 5s from bro Wm Ratcliffe due by death of fa Jon Ratcliff;1719: Wm Nidderaugh + wife Ann ack from bro Wm Radcliff (on obverse John Nidderagh + wife ack
1678-1 e 288     Crebbin      John                     dated 2 May 1678;ch James(croft), Willm + Jony - jt exors - uncle Wm Crebbin + aunts husbs John Quirk + Tho Christian;list of debts owing to him;wife alive;1686: Wm acks from supvs
1678-1 e 288     KENEEN       Jane                     dated 6 May 1678;names Margery Currey, Margt Keneen, An Corlett;mother alive;unnamed sis-i-law;bro John Keneen exor;
1678-2 E 348  w  COTTER       John                     d 16 sep [1678];ch Christian exex, unnamed youngest dau(purchased lands during her life then to return to Christian - also use of little house he built during life);sibs Philip(son Philip), Jony;wife alive;wants Robt Cotter + John Lace to be supvs of youngest dau;names several inc John Lace (the youngest of Ballaseer), WmKneal (Ballaleaney);Dan Cowle obo wife sworn
1678-2 E 349  w  Cowle        Charles                  d 6 aug [1678];unnamed sibs inc Arthur;unnamed wife + unnamed child jt execs; wife refuses to stand to will - Dan + Jony Cowle(abroad - to be sworn next court) decreed supvs;inv 3 10s;noted that San Cowle + Tho Curlet put in pledges Patt Cowle(andreas) + Arthur Cowle)Kk Bride)
1678-2 E 353  d  KELSoE       Robert                   d 17 Nov 1677;unmarried ch 'if any there be' or otherwise admrs - no goods other than possessed at death being an alien;Mr Francis Allen appeared by order John Lelsoe s/o Robt that debts contracted here surmount his estate and Mr Allen to compound with creditors
1681-1 E 334  d  TEAR         William                  d 1 Mar 1680[1680/1];2 ch Wm + Bessie jt admrs - 2 aunts + uncle supvs;;wife alive ;inv noted in Arch reg
1684   A      w  TEAR         Jony                     d 22 Nov 1684;nephew Tho Tear;names James Quirk(+ dau), Amy Corcan exex;inv 1 15s;
1684-1 A      w  lace         Jony        TEAR         [?jony Lace als tear as son Dan ]d 10 Apr 1685;unnamed eldest son(her pt of crop), Jon + Mary jt execs - her bros Philip + Jon supvs;husb alive;father alive;1696: son Dan Lace now at full years acks father for goods due by death mother, brother + sister; annexed note that Dan Lace costs for his wife
1684-1 A      w  TEAR         Jony                     bur 30 Mar 1684;unnamed sis, sis-in-law;bro Gilbt(+ dau Jony) - jt execs;pledge Patk Tear;inv 12s
1685-1 E 260     TEAR         Jony        CANNELL      [in defuncts noted as Jony Cannell but Jony Tear in will]d 30 Mar;bro John admr(he resigns to son-in-law Jon Tear); inv 7s 6d
1685-1 E 266     tear         Alice       INEVORREY    d 1 Jun 1684;mo-in-law Mally Kaneen;names Ellin Calstrop, Ann Brew(a petticoat + shift to cut her off);bro's wife Ann Tear;unnamed dau-in-law;husb Wm? Tear (her interest in croft) exor
1685-1 E 267     TEAR         Catherine                [rh margin lost]bur 21 Jun 1685ch John Cowle(fa dead), Cath Tear;husb Jon Tear;noted that if both ch die land to pass to her [] Dan Tear
1686-1 E 423  d  LAWSON       Anthony                  d 21 Mar 1686;ch Edwd + James jt admrs - supvs on fa's side Wm Cowle + Mary Cowle;Jon Kinley obo wife also sworn supv; wife alive;inv 16s 3d
1686-1 E 423     TEAR         William                  d 20 May 1785;sis (by mo's side) Christian IneNameer admx; inv in mo's will
1686-2 E 512     christian    Mally       TEAR         d 28 Sep 1686;names Kath Tear(her sunday garb)bro John Tear, Wm Tear; husb Richd Christian exor; names Jony Tear, Margt? Curlett, Mary Christian
1689-2 A      w  CAMAISH      James                    [full]
1690-1 A      d  BREW         John                     [full]
1690-1 A      d  Crenell      Philip                   d 29 dec;orphan;Bessy Crenell sole admx;inv with mo's will
1690-1 E 330  w  TEAR         John                     bur 29 Jun 1689;unnamed eldest son had m/c but only 20s thus exor, unnamed younger son
1692-1 A      w  COWLE        Bahy                     d 25 Mar [1691?];only ch Tho Kneal admr - at age;
1693-1 E      d  Kelvy        Jane        HARRISSON    [full]
1696-1 A      w  CARRAD [garret] Alice    CRINILT      [full]
1696-2 A      w  BREW         Catherine                bur 12 jan 1696/7;son richd mcbooy;son wm kissage;names james brew,joney brew, mrgt brew, alice brew, margt cannell,alice kneal,nelly clator,margt saile,wm brew;margt wattleworth,john martin
1696-2 A      w  SAIL         John                     d 16 mar 1697;names thos sail, thos saile's wife;alice sail, john kneal; fa + mo alive;names jony kenneeen, kath tear,john cowl;wife alive
1697-1 A      d  carrad/CRINILL Anne      crennel      bur 18 dec 1696;husb john crennell;dau jony(the younger supv),kath;son john;?are there two daus joney?
1697-2 A         INCH         Henry                    d 9 Oct 1697;bro Daniel Inch, Richd;son Henry(lands in mortgage + house);wife Cath Corlet exex;names James Brew
1699   A      w  CALLISTER    Gilbert                  d 2 Feb 1699;unnamed ch + unnamed wife(exex)
1699   A      w  SAIL         Joney       TEAR         [note names rev in index]d 8 jan 1699;husb phil saile;sis jane;bro james teare;sis ann;godson john saile;names ann clark;4 ch Phill: Bahee, Margret, & Will;supvs james tear + jane tear;jan 1709/10 phil acks,feb 1714/5 margt sayle acks;inv;1719 wm moore + wife margt & philip  ack from fa due to death of bro wm;
1699   A      w  TEAR         John                     d 28 Dec 1699;ch Dan(his pt of land in Down), Wm, Jony, Isabel, Alice, John - 1st 4 jt exors - Witt James Tear, John Tear
1699   A      w  TEAR         Jony        MARTIN       d 15 Nov 1699;ch Dan(her pt of land in Down - some land to be redeemed), Wm, Alice, John, Jony, Isabel, Dan - last 3 + Wm jt exors;husb alive
1699-2 E 352  d  CAMAISH      John                     d 18 Jan;ch John + Wm jt admrs - uncle John Christian supv;wife alive:1706: inv + account given in by Mally Christian als Radcliffe who was wife to John Camaish - she is also referred to as Mally Radcliffe [a Mally Christian m Edwd Christian Mau 17010829]
1699-2 E 353  w  CAMAISH      Daniel                   d at lammas last;heir Wm Camaish;sis Kath, Jony + Mary Cammaish;list of creditors inc 3s from widow + exors of John Camaish - witts Mally Ratcliff + Kath Cammaish; pledges Phill Kneale + Wm Camaish
1699-2 E 353     Kneal        Christian   CHRISTIAN    d at michelmas last;bro Phullip;names Mally Kinry;ch Kath Kneale, Phillip + Mally jt exors; - comment that his Phillip made a double marriage and matched his ssi Mally then she left him her part of the Geary + husbandry gears;inv 30s
1699-2 E 354  w  wade         Jony        RATCLIFF     d 22 Aug 1699;husb John wade exex;gch Robt Wade, Jane Wade;names Wm Radcliffe(+ dau)
1699-2 E 355  d  ratcliff     Nelly       KINREAD      d 29 Sep ;ch Thomas Ratcliffe (who declrd in court never rcvd 6d) admr; inv 2 10s
1699-3 E 164  d  cubon        Catherine   SAYLE        d 6 Jan;only ch Elizth Cubin admx;husb alive;24 Feb 1700: Elizth ack fully pd by father
1699-3 E 164  d  TEAR         Alice       xtian[christ d 15 Oct; ch Ann, Daniel and Thomas Tear jt admrs - next of kin mo's side Jon Xtian + John Kinry supvs;husb alive

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