Summary of Wills 1660

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Archd will 1660 #1 Patrick

of Ellen Quayle als Radcliffe, died 24 January 1659: dau Margret Quayle, dau Ann, dau Sara, 5 children Thomas Quaile, Edmund Quaile, Margret Quaile, Ales/Alice Quaile & Ellen Quaile, husband Thomas Quayle, Alice & Ellen are apparently underage. "19 7bris 1660: Wm Killip entereth his claime agst ye [executors] of Ellin Quayle als Radcliffe for xxxx and Craveth ye Law" SEE ALSO Archd will 1661 #79 Patrick of Thomas Quayle, died 22 Feb 1662/3: daughter Margaret, son Edmund, son in law William Hutchin, brother William Quayle, eldest son, dau Ellen, 3 children Edmund & Alice & Ellen are exec. William Killip is to watch after Ellen who is underage (& of age by 1675). Dau Sarah Quayle (?wife of Wm Hutchin)

Archd will 1660 #2 Patrick

of Margr [?Margery] Knickle, died 27 January 1659/60: Ann Quirk, Katherin Quirk, Ellin Knickel, brother, sister Coonye Knickle

Archd will 1660 #3 German,

of John Quirk, died 13 March[?] 1659/60: Mother & sister

Archd will 1660 #4 German

of Robert Killey, died 29 October 1659: dau in law, 2 sons Patrick & Thomas Killey; debts due from ye execr of Jo:Gill & Bahee Tear his wife a cow in calf; from Bahee Teare als Cubbon 8 qts of wool;

Archd will 1660 #5 German

of Catharine Cottier als Lace, dated 12 February 1659/60: husband Patrick Cottier; cousin John Cayne; cousin Patrick Gell; maid Ann Quirk; Margrett Elleson

Archd will 1660 # 6 German

of Ann Woods als Norris als Fletcher died 15 April or August 1660: son Thomas Norris; land at Kentraugh, son Thomas Woods; son George Woods, dau Ann Norris (md xxxxx Crayne), dau Katharine, dau xxxx[?Katharine] Stevenson als Woods, grandchild Alice Cannell

Archd will 1660 #7 German

of Catharine Cowin als Booy als Corrin: husband Mallony Cowne; son in law William Kaighan, dau Ann Cowne, Jony Lowny, Hugh Shimmin, Gilbert Kaighan, son in law & daughter; dau Bahie Booy; John Chrisxxxx husband to Bahie Boyd

Archd will 1660 #8 German

of Patrick Gell, died 17 March 1659/60: master Captn Stevenson, dau Mally Gell (of age) & son John Gell (?John underage) execs; wife alive

Archd will 1660 #9 German

of John Carran orphan, died intestate: bro Thomas Carran, sisters Jane & Margaret Carran

Archd will 1660, German, dated 10 Aug 1659:

"German: In as much as William Cowper gott an order to Impannell a Jury of Inquirie as touchinge some goods that was due to Richard Bridson, disceased, Henry Caine hath deposed before we Jurors that he was one of them that was at the decidinge of the goods and Ayles Rattcliffe; and that the said goods claimed by William Cowper came to Sir William Cosnahans house and is there to this day, for ought they know; all is done by Course of Law, as wittnesse our hands this 10th of August 1659. The names of we Jurors: [signed their marks] Henry Thomasson his mark X, Donold[or Donoll] Lace his mark X, Oats Gell his mark X, Tho: Gawne his mark X. 4th May 1660: This was delivered in Court to be recorded ye day and year abovesd."

Archd will 1660, Bishopís Court, 9 May 1660:

"Bipps: Court May 9th 1660: Thease are to require and injoyne any three of the ministers on the North Side of this Isle, to convene themselves upon the 15th day of this instant May by the hour of tenn of the clock at the furthest in the aforenoone of the same day of which number, pson[parson] Sir Robt: Parr is to be one, for the ordaineing of Mr Henrey Harrisonn Deacon and priest for wch this shall be your warrant, given under my hand and seale of Armes the day and yeare above written. [signed] James Chaloner." There are about 4 other pages relating to this ordination. Robert Parre, John Harrison, Edward Credloe, and John Huddlestone met per above warrant.

Archd will 1660: Curia Tertia 3rd August 1660:

Defuncts: Katherin Waterson, Jane Moore als Stevenson

Archd will 1660 #10 German

of Catharine Quirk als Wattereson, dated 12 Jun 1660 at top: sister in law Isabel Quirk; sister Alice Waterson, Ratcliffe Clucas, William Crellin, John[?] Gell, Isabel Quirk, mother Katherin Cobbin, brother Thomas Waterson, brother John Waterson, husband Hugh Quirk

Archd will 1660 #11 German

of Isabel Knickle als Currey, dated 4th March 1656/7 at top, proved 3 August 1660: brother Randolph Currey, daughter Ellin, Cllin Casement, Cillnester[?] Keuroish, dau Ellin Knickle is exec

Archd will 1660 #12 German

of Jane Stevenson als Moore: dau Marie Stevenson, dau Jane, son James, she is pregnant, son & heir William Stevenson (underage), father in law & mother in law, Jane mentions a marriage contract bargain, father, mother, husband Robert Stevenson, children, father & brother James Moore overseers see also Arch will that mentions (Captn) Robert Stevenson: Archd will 1688 #5 German of Catharine Woods als Stevenson, died 10 Jan 1687/8: 4 children Thomas & John & Jane & Catharine exec; husb Capt. Woods; pledges Robert Stevenson & Richard Ellison; Capt Stevenson is bro to Catharine AND ALSO: Archd will 1688/9 #55 German of Ellinor Stevenson als Taubman: deed made 7 May 1662; proved as will Jun 1689; husb Robert Stevenson

Archd will 1660: 10 Feb 16xx, Michael:

Defuncts: Joney Kneene, John Cowley, John Carrett who died about 10th of March 1658/9 in German

Archd will 1660 #13 Michael

of Marriad Lanadgrxxxx[??] als Coreige, dated 10 February 1659/60: grandchild John Caine, daughter Cannellís wife; William Christian & John Caine; John Cordeige. The mother Margaret Lanadgr[?, or Sanadgrxxx, or ???] is sworn supervisor of the child John Caine.

Archd will 1660 #14 Michael

of Joney Fall/Fayle als Kneen, died 16 Dec 1659: Donold Quaile, dau Ann Fall, son John Fall, Ellin Kneene, dau Bessie [xxxx als] Fall (executrix) & her children, son William Fall, James Fall, James & Bessie Fall, Thomas Kellie,

Archd will 1660 #15 Michael:

"Jo: Carrett orphant depted this life intestate and ye Court having notice hath decreed his only sister Margr Carrett Administr. Decretum est et Solvit. Invent included in ye fathers Inventory Phillip Carret" "The goods of John Carret who is under yearsa, and is in the hands of his brother John Carret one of the supervisors as followeth: vizt, ye eitghth part of the sd child, and Jo: Carret doe acknowledge ye same before us whose names are underwritten. Witness my hand, Jo: Carrett his mark X, witnesses hereof William Cannon his mark, Patrick Camish." "These are to certifie whome it may concern xxxxxxx I Ellin Carrett of ye pish.[parish] of Kirke Michaell xxxxx my selfe to have received and hand of ye goods of John Carrett ye shume of 8s 10d and this I do acknowledge to be true, before those whose names are subscribed ye first day of Febar. 16x2. Witness my hand Ellin Carrett her mark. In presence and witness: Patrick Carrett, Robert Cannell." "illiam Cannan Henrie Charrad swoarne that xxxxxx Charrad reseaved the two parts of the goods of Jo: Charrad son to Phillip Charrad deseased which amounts to 1pound[?] 17s 9d. For Mr. Samml Ratcliffe or whomsoever else it may concerne these present."

Archd will 1660 #16a

Michael of John Christian, died 14 May 1660: son John Christian, son Mark Christian. wife Mary Counaighey SEE ALSO: Archd will 1660 #16b Michael of Mary Christian als Connaghey, died 12 March 1659/60: son John Christian, husband John Christian, son Mark Christian exec.

Archd will 1660 #16b Michael

of Mary Christian als Connaghey, died 12 March 1659/60: son John Christian, husband John Christian, son Mark Christian exec. SEE ALSO Archd will 1660 #16a Michael of John Christian, died 14 May 1660: son John Christian, son Mark Christian. wife Mary Counaighey

Archd will 1660 #17 Michael

of John Cowley, died 21 January 1659/60: son William Cowley, daughter Margaret, dau Ellin, John Cowley, John Killie, minister, wife Catharine Quaile, Jony & Isabel Cowley are execs. John Cowley & John Killey are sworn supervisors. William Quayle & John Carrett are pledges. 5 June[?] 1660: Mrgrett & Ellin Cowley execr of Christopher [?or Christian] Cowley entered their claimant against the execr of John Cowley for a blanket & a pot

Archd will 1660 #18 Michael

of Joney Lowan als Cowley als Cordeige, died 13 July 1660: son William Cowley, grandchild Joney Kerron, grandchild Katherin Cowley, husband Thomas Lowan, daughter Margarett Lowan, Katherin Cowley

Archd will 1660 #19 Michael

of Joney Caine als Shimmin, died 8 May 1660: daughter Catharine Caine, son John Caine exec & of age

Archd will 1660 #20 Michael

of Joney Lecke[?] als Leonard, died 8 March 1659/60: "Michaell 1660: The last will and Testament of Joney Leonard who departed this life ye eight day of March 1659: First she bequeathed her soule to God and her bodye to Christian burial. It shee left all her goods movable and unmoveable to her sonne Thomas Lecke[?] and constituted him Execotor. Testes: Patrick Cannell, mininster, Ellin Ratcliffe alias Cannell, jurati. 2nd of August 1660: The execr sworn. Probatum est. The Inventory of ye deceadant amounts to ye sume of 2s 10d. Pledges: Jo: Cannon Sumner according to law."

Archd will 1660 Ballaugh, 15 May 1660,

Defuncts: James Crayne, Ewan Killip, Donoll Quayle pauper

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