Abstracts of Letters of Administration granted at Chester

This page gives a summary of the key information contained in letters of administration granted at Chester (which included Liverpool) - their form is a printed document with names + dates to be filled in as appropriate, the key entries are given here




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1729 July 30

Robert QUAY, late of Liverpool, mariner

Robert Quay of Kk Lonan (father) ;
Philip Cottaman of Liverpool


1736/7 Jan 26

Daniel COWIN, late of Liverpool, mariner

Elizabeth Cowin of Liverpool, widow
Anthony Hallsall of Crosby, Clerk



In the name of God Amen I John Clague of Liverpool in the county of Lancaster mariner being in good health and of sound disposing mind and memory blessed be God for the same doo make this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say.

First it is my will and mind that all my just debts funeral expences and the charge of proving this my will be paid and discharged out of my personal estate.

Then I give my brother Thomas Clague tenn pounds and then as to the rest residue and remainder of my real and personal estate ready money securities for money household goods, plate and effects of what nature kind soever & which I shall dye possessed of, or be anyway intitled unto at the time of my death I doo thereby give devise and bequeath the same unto my loving wife Mary Clague her heires and assignes foever and to and for her own life and behoofe

and lastly I doo nominate constitute and appoint my said loving wife Mary Clague sole executrix hereof revoking and makeing void all former will or wills by me heretobefore made.

In witness thereof I the said John Clague have hereunto sett my hand and seal this twentyseventh day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty one

John Clague

Signed sealed published and declared by the said testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of

Alice Sanderson
Ann Stopard
Jas Sanderson

1746 Mar 25

William QUILLIAM, late of Liverpool, mariner

John Quilliam of Douglas, Clothier;
William Quilliam of Liverpool, mariner ;
Ferdinando Curphey of Liverpool, ship carpenter ;
George Calveley of Chester, gentleman


1753 Jan 23

William TOBIN, late of Liverpool, mariner, died coast of Africa on board the Elizabeth (Capt Hayes commander)

Sarah Dougharty wife of Henry Dougharty (of Liverpool) natural and lawful cousin & next of kin;

John Winterbottom of Liverpool, weaver;
Patrick Mcquire of Liverpool, mariner ;
Adam Waddle of Liverpool, mariner

effects under 5

1757 Nov 1

Thomas CUBBIN, late of Liverpool, mariner

John Cubbin of Kk Arbory, yeoman only brother ;
Thomas Huddleston of Liverpool, grocer
William Crebbin, of Liverpool, merchant

power of attorney from father Thomas Cubbin (states Thomas was a bachelor) to John Crebbin, witnessed John Taubman + Wm Lidderdale 22 Oct 1757

1777 Dec 17


Jane Bridson

Will of William Bridson 1775

In the name of God Amen

I William Bridson being in good health and memory make this my last will & testament as follows - Item I give & bequeath unto Jane Bridson spinster all my effects whatsover goods & death wages privaledges & whatsover else may to me belong & this I avouch to be my last will & testament and all others null & void signed by me this twenty sixth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy five

William Bridson
Chistopher Barber
Margret Bibby
Catherine Wiiliams x

Liverpool Dec 17th 1777 Jane Bridson within named, was sworn in common form before me as executer Robert Brerton surrogate Probate issued 19th of same

1778 Feb 23

Hugh CURPHEY late of Liverpool but died in Cheasapeake Bay in North America, mariner

Elizabeth Curphey of Liverpool, widow;
Francis Holt of Liverpool, ironmonger;
James Hanton of Liverpool, cooper


1793 June 8(#44)

Thomas CUBBIN, late of Liverpool, mariner

David Cummins of Liverpool sailmaker ;
David Rees of Liverpool, dealer in earthenware;
Edward Williams of Liverpool, corn merchant;
William Salthouse of Liverpool dealer in earthernware;
John Sugden of Liverpool victualler ;
Thomas Harrison of Liverpool watchmaker


1802 Sept 13 (#525)

Thomas CUBBON, late master of Brig Tyrone of Liverpool bachelor

Thomas Cubbon of Kk Maughold , clerk , natural and lawful father
Nathaniel Rimmer of Liverpool, sailmaker;
Thomas Harrison of Liverpool, merchant


1803 Aug 19 (#905) John BRIDSON, late of the ship Elizabeth belonging to the port of Liverpool, mariner, bachelor Thomas Bridson of Kirk German Isle of Mann, fisherman
William Corlett of Liverpool victualler
Robert Bridson of Liverpool, mariner
effects under £100
1805 Oct 29 Paul BRIDSON, late belonging to the ship Ceres of Liverpool, mariner, bachelor Robert Bridson of Liverpool, mariner
Edward Jones of Liverpool, coal merchant
bond for effects under £20

1809 Feb 11 (#67)

William KEWLEY, late of Liverpool and belonging to merchant ship Phoebe, mariner

Catherine Kewley, of Seacomb, cheshire, widow;
Alice Audley, widow, of Seacombe;
George Webster of Seacomb, broker

effects less than 100

1811 Oct 1 (#1262)

Ratcliffe KELLY, late of merchant ship Polly, of Liverpool, mariner, bachelor

Catherine Kelly of Peel widow (mother + next of kin);
John Kelly of Liverpool draper ;
Henry Wright of Liverpool, mariner


1835 Oct 29

James KERMODE, late of merchant ship "Pretty Lass" of LKiverpool, mariner, bachelor without parents living

Edward Kermode of Liverpool (brother + only next of kin);
John Crain of Liverpool, porter
Henry Bride of Liverpool, paver

died 24th Feb 1835; estate under 40

1837 Oct 9

William CUBBON, late of schooner "Pretty Lass" of Liverpool, master mariner, bachelor

Thomas Cubbon of Onchan, blacksmith ;
Thomas Quayle of Liverpool, joiner;
Thomas Maddock, of Liverpool, plasterer

died 6th Feb 1836; estate under 20




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