Episcopal Wills 1849 Braddan #2, of Thomas Redfern

(from MM GL767 / LDS 0106449 ) - the copy is very dark and some words unclear

I Thomas Redfern of the town of
Douglas Inn keeper and butcher do
make publish and declare this my 
last will and testament in manner
I direct all my just debts
and funeral and testamentary expenses
to be paid by my executrix herein after
named and after payment and
discharge thereof I give devise and bequeath
unto Charlotte daughter of John
Blake and Elizabeth his wife formerly
of Brigham in the county of
Cumberland in England but afterwards
of Bilbaloe in the parish of
Conchan and lastly of the town of
Douglas but both now deceased
All and singular my real estates
consisting of houses lands & premises
situate in the said town of
Douglas To wit those houses &
premises situate un James street
in the said town commonly
called and known by the name
of the Butchers Arms together
will all other the premises thereto
attached also all and singular
those stables & premises situate in
Post Office Lane in the said town
and which several houses
and premises were purchaseed by 
me from various persons at different
times together with all other []
real estates wheresoever situate []
or [] obtained to []
her and her heirs from [] []
and lastly I do herby nominate
and appoint the said Charlotte
daughter of the said John Blake
and Elizabeth Blake as aforesaid
whole and sole executrix and
residuary legatee of all my personal
estate of every description and 
denomination and wheresoever found
hereby revoking and making void
all wills by me hereunto made
as witness my name this third
day of August one thosand eight
hundred and forty nine
Thomas Redfern
witnessed by
Thomas Bridson
J C Bluett

At an Eccl Court held in Douglas the 26 Oct 1849
Thomas Bridson and J C Bluett the subscribing witnesses to the forgoing
paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Thomas Redfern
decd having made oath on the holy evangelists that the sd ? testator was
of sound mind memory and understanding duly signed and executed he same
as and for his last will and testament, Charlotte Redfern otherwise Blake the same
executrix there in named is thereupon sworn well and truly to fulfil and execute
the same, to pay all just debts legacies and funeral expences so far forth as the
goods and effects extend and the law bind her and to return to the episcopal registry
a full true and perfect inventory of the same with a complete account of
her acts and proceedings in the premises when there unto lawfully required
and to these ends she has given pledges namelt Saml Harris senr and Edw
Faulder who have entered into the usual bond & executed the same in
presence of the court
Probatum est
J W Corlett 

Buried Braddan 7 Sep 1849 age 50

The convoluted phrasing of the will was because he had married his deceased wife's sister - thus the marriage was questionable and he could not refer to Charlotte as his wife!

The first marriage was to Elizabeth Blake, 27 Oct 1822 at Kk Braddan (notice in Sun, 31 Oct 1822, described her as daughter to Mr John Blake of the Plough Inn).

The second, according to Manx Sun 31 Jan 1846 was at Leeds to Charlotte Blake.

There would appear to be no children from either marriage.

In 1841 census he and Elizabeth resided in James Street [presumeably at the Butchers Arms] ages for both given as 40.



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