Archideaconal Wills 1826 Maughold #48, Daniel Looney

(from MM / LDS 0106244 ) - courtesy of Averil Roper

[The Last Will and Testament]  We [of]  Daniel Looney of the Crow
         Creen in the parish of Maughold and    Isabella  Looney
         alias, Cashion  ^ My  wife ^ do [Jointly] declare this to writing 
         made the  13th  Day of  January  in the year   1825   
         to be our Last will and testament.   [We] 
First  We Commit Our Souls to God and our bodies to Christian burial  -
Item   We Leave and bequeath unto our late Daughter  Esters 
          two boys namely  Robert  &  John  Quayle   the sum 
          of Thirty Pounds british Equally between them 
          the said money to be paid them by our Son Robt  -
          Looney   When the afforsd.  Robt  &  John  Quayle  have  
          attained the age of  Twenty One Years and if in case
          Either of them dies before he have attained Twenty one 
          years :  then the Surviving boy is to have the Thirty 
          pounds and further that if in case the afforsd   Robt
          &  John  Quayle   both die before the age of Twenty  
          one years  then  the afforsd.  Thirty pounds is to be 
          paid  Unto our Daughter  namely  Jane,  and her 
          daughter  Namely  Jane  Calley  Equally between 
           them  -  
Lastly    We leave unto  Each Craver the Sum of one Shilling
Lastly    We Nominate Constitute  ^ and  appoint ^  the last Survivor of 
              us   Daniel  and  Isabella  Looney   the one  Unto  the 
              other  ^ to be^ Whole and Sole  Executor  or  Executrix of all 
              the Rest of our Goods and effects moveable or unm -  
              oveable of what nature or Kind soever
                       Witness  present
              Ewan  Christian   my X mrk  } Jur             Daniel  Looney  my  mrk X
               John  Kerruish                                          Isabella  Looney  alias  Cashion  my mrk X

At a Chapter Court holden in  Ramsey
on the   13th  day of  Novr.   1826
Daniel  Looney  having departed this life
Isabella  Looney   the Survivor is sworn
Executrix in Court in form of Law and  
hath given Pledges for the payment of  Debts  
and Legacies, namely  John  Looney  of the
Parish of  KK  Maughold  and  Thos.  Corlett
( Mason )  of the town of  Ramsey
                                          Probatum  est

                                       [ Thos.]   Cubbon 

Daniel Looney m Isabella Cashin m Mau 1769-03-30
JOHN bapt Mau 17700114
MARGT bapt Mau 17751231
ROBT bapt Mau 17730314
WILLIAM bapt Mau 17790117
JANE bapt Mau 17890809 - illeg dau (with Ewan Caley) bapt Mau 1807-12-13
THOS bapt Mau 17850220
ESTHER bapt Mau 17920506 - m Robert Quayle Mau 1818-12-05
MARY bapt Mau 17820317


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