Archideaconal Will Castletown #15, of Joshua Redfern

(from MM RB637/ LDS 0106243 )

In the name of God Amen
I Joshua Redfern of Castletown being of a sound
disposing mind memory and understanding
at the making hereof and considering the
uncertainty of this life do make this my last
will and testament in manner following
I commit my soul to God and my
body to be buried at the discretion of my 
executrix herein after named
I leave devise and bequeath unto my
nephew John Redfern of Liverpool sail maker
my late eldest brother's son the dwelling
house wherein I now live in Castletown
aforesaid with the back yard and offices
thereunto adjoining and belonging and
also the stable and yard adjoining situate
in front of the said dwelling house to hold
the said severally and respectively unto
him my said nephew the said John Redfern
from and immediately after the death of
Elizabeth my wife for and during his
the said John Redfern's natural life
upon his decease then the said several
premises shall fall to devolve and become
the property of his his eldest son upon him
paying unto James Stowell of Liverpool
aforesaid son of James Stowell deceased the
sum of thirty pounds British, but it is
my special will and devise that my said
wife shall remain in the quiet peaceable
and undisturbed possession of the said several
premises or the rents issues and profits
theoreof during her natural life.
I leave devise and bequeath unto the
Vicar and Wardens of the Parish of Malew
for the time being all that my small meadow
adjoining the rent of John Fan*man ? esquire
on the south west part of the quarterland of
Ballalough in the said parish of Malew
subject to the life estate of my said wife and
upon her decease then it is my will and
devise that the said Vicar and Wardens shall
sell the said meadow to the best advantage
by public auction or otherwise and the
proceeds thereof divide [] my poor
relations share and share alike save []
except an [] after [] [] that into
day, I leave devise and bequeath unto the said
Vicar and Wardens of Malew for the time
being the sum of five pounds British
part of the proceeds of the said meadow to be
by them put out on interest on landed
security for the use of the poor of Castletown
I leave devise and bequeath unto Elizabeth
my said wife thar dwelling house & shed
adjoining situate in Castletown aforesaid
opposite the castle gate and now in the tenancy
or occupation of John Shimmin stone cutter
as tenant thereof, upon these express conditions
that she will relinquish and give up
claim of one hundred and fifty pounds British
which she has on my property by deed executed
by me previous to my intermarriage
with the said Elizabeth
I leave devise and bequeath unto my
neice Ann Stowell of Liverpool aforesaid
widow of James Stowell before noticed the
sum of twenty pounds British and a
feather bed and bedding which said
sum and the bed and bedding aforesaid
are to be paid and are to be delivered unto
the said Ann Stowell after the decease of
my said wife.
I leave devise and bequeath unto Henry
Quayle of KK Santan all my wearing
apparel with the chest in which I
commonly keep them and I do herby
nominate constitute and appoint
Elizabeth my said wife whole and sole
executrix and residuary legatee of all the
rest residue and remainder of my real
and personal estate of what kind or
denomination whatsoever and whereever
hereby debarring all and any person or 
persons claiming or pretending to claim
a partof my said estate with six pence each
and I do hereby revoke and make void
all former will or wills legacies hereunto for
made and executed and I do declare 
this to be my last will and testament
I witness whereof I the said Joshua
Redfern have hereunto subscribed my
name and affixed my seal this seventh
day of August 1820 / twenty/
Joshua Redfern
Wm Dinwoody, John Cowen




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