Will Paul Bridson (Douglas),1820

transcribed by Michael Bridson from Original: MM GL 739


In the Name of God Amen I Paul Bridson in the Isle of Man merchant being of sound and disposing Mind Memory & Understanding thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last will and testament in manner following. As it is my Wish and desire that the whole of my property and Effects should be equally divided amongst my Children and as the greater Part of such Property consists of Lands and Houses which cannot be equally and easily divided amongst them I do hereby order and direct that my executors hereinafter named do in the first Place so soon after my Decease as they in their Discretion shall think most advantageous and advisable sell and dispose of the whole of my Estate Messuages Tenements Lands Hereditaments and Premises & all and singular other my real and personal Estates and Effects whatsoever situate in the Isle of Man or elsewhere for the most money and best Price that can or may be had or gotten for the same and after Payment of my just Debts and funeral Expences which is in the first Place to be done I give devise and bequeath the Balance of such Sale or Sales and the Remainder of my money Bills Bonds Notes and Securities for Money unto and to be equally divided amongst my dear Children Thomas Ridgway, Mary Ann, William, Sarah, Alice, Paul, John, James, and Hugh Bridson Share and Share alike, and I do also order and direct that the Share of such of my children as may be under the age of Twenty one years at the Time of my Decease, of and in the Monies aforesaid shall be placed in the public Funds of Great Britain by and in the Names of their Guardians hereinafter mentioned and the Interest and Dividends arising therefrom or a sufficient Part thereof, shall be applied and disposed of for and towards the Maintenance and Education of such of my said children until they severally and respectively attain their several and respective ages of Twenty one Years of days of Marriage provided such Marriage be with the Consent and Approbation of their Guardians at which time Time my said Children shall severally and respectively receive from their said Guardians such proportion or Share of my said Property and Effects as may be then due and owing to him or her for Principal and Interest - And in Case any or either of my dear children should happen to depart this life before he or she attains the said Age of Twenty one Years and unmarried I do order and direct that on such Event the Part or Share of such deceased Child or Children shall be equally divided amongst the Survivors And lastly I do hereby appoint nominate and constitute my said Children Thomas Ridgway, Mary Ann and William Bridson Executors of this my Will and I further appoint my Friends Joseph Ridgway of Ridge Mount in Lancashire and John Spittal of Douglas Esquires Guardians of my Children as under the age of Twenty one Years and I do hereby revoke and make void all former and other Will or Wills by me at any Time heretofore made In Witness whereof I the said Paul Bridson have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the eighth day of September one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. _______

Signed sealed published and )
declared by the said Testator )
as and for his last Will & )Paul Bridson {seal}
Testament in the Presence )
of us who at his Request in )
his presence and in the )
Presence of each other have )
hereunto subscribed our )
Names as witnesses )
Matw. Harrison )
John Hepburn )
JJ Heywood Jnr )



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