Archdeacon Will 1808, #143, Lezayre, of James Brew of the Kella, Lezayre:

"In the name of God. Amen. I James Brew of the Kella in the parish of KK Christ Lezayre ... uncertainty of his transitory life do make my last will and testament in manner following: First, I do commend my soul to God and body to Christian burial. I bequeath grant leave and devise to my son Thomas Brew ... parcels of the quarterland of Balla-Mannagh lately purchased by me from William Kissack and Joney his wife with the Bleach Mill buildings and edifices thereon ... and to the same appertaining and all its water, water course, machinery and appurtenances to the same belonging, together with all and every ... mill houses, buildings and lands to the same belonging in and about Balla Cubbenagh, and the edifices, machinery ways ... easements and appurtenances thereunto appertaining ... before mentioned said several premises being situate in Lezayre aforesaid. And together with the mortgages ... purchased lands and lease of and relative to those enclosures of land situate in Lezayre called the Close Mooar. To have and to hold unto the said Thomas Brew his heirs and assigns the said several lands mills mortgage securities purchased land and lease before expressly mentioned forever commencing from immediately after my decease subject to and with this special proviso and condition that he my said son Thomas, his heirs executors administrators and assigns shall and will immediately after my decease pay and discharge the mortgage now incumbent on the house and concerns belonging to me in Ramsey now in the ... of William Taylor the present tenant thereof, And also pay and satisfy unto my daughter Elizabeth the wife of William Corkill the sum of one hundred pounds British within six months after my decease. I further will and leave to my said son Thomas my part of the boat Happy Go Lucky. I bequeath and leave to my said daughter Elizabeth the said house and concern in the town of Ramsey before mentioned ... natural life ... bequeath to her lawful issue if any such survive her decease my will and desire is that the said house and concerns shall immediately upon the decease of my said daughter without leaving obtain her lawful issue as aforesaid even so and become the ... right title and property of my said son Thomas Brew. To my daughter Jane Brew in equal and joint proportions I have to Jane and Elizabeth their respective heirs and assigns soever ... of the mortgage thereon to be always understood to be ... in the manner before directed. I ... and leave to my said daughter Jane Brew half a dozen of silver table spoons now in my house, feather bed, bedding ... and the desk on the room above the parlour. I leave to my daughter Esther the wife of John Coultard ten guineas. I bequeath to my daughter Margaret the wife of John Clucas two guineas. To Elizabeth Clucas her daughter three guineas. To her daughter Margaret Clucas six guineas and to her daughter Esther Clucas three guineas. I bequeath to my son William Brew a guinea as legacy. To his wife a cow and to his son William Brew junior the quarter of my Boat May ... and the said legacy to be understood in lieu of the ... bequeathed unto him by my wife late deceased. To poor old Jane Garret the sum of two pound ... of this ... To my servant John Cowley my common wearing suit of apparel. To the school of Sulby in Lezayre aforesaid the sum of five pounds British to be laid out at interest and the interest thereof to be paid to the Master of the said School for the time being forever. And lastly I bequeath all and every the rest residue and remainder of my goods chattels credits and effects whatsoever to my said son William Brew whom I also constitute and appoint sole and whole executor and ... legates of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 31st December one thousand eight hundred and seven, 1807. NB, I further will and desire that my son Thomas Brew is to pay for and take in the card notes in my name in ...[Circ]ulation among the ... in further consideration of the provisions by me made for my said son in the before written will. [signed] T. Brew. Witnesses: Patrick Caley & Dan ... At a Chapter Court holden at Lezayre 28th Jun 1808, the executor is sworn and ... in form of law and hath given pledges..."





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