Archdeacon Will 1808, #128, Lezayre, of Elizabeth Brew als Crebbin,, wife of James Brew of the Kelly, made 1807:

"In the name of God. Amen. I Elizabeth Brew otherwise Crebbin, wife of James Brew of the Kella in the parish of Kk Christ Lezayre, being sick in body but of sound mind and memory, do make my last will and testament in manner following: First, I commend my soul to the most merciful God hoping that the merits ... and death of my Savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness . . . I bequeath and leave to my son Thomas Brew those three parcels of the quarterland of Balla-mannagh lately purchased from William Kissack and Joney his wife with the bleach mill ... together with the other buildings and edifices thereunto belonging and all . . . together with all my lands and premises in and about Balla Cubeiagh with the tuck mill, houses, buildings, edifices, machinery . . . situated in Lezayre . . . I will and leave to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of William Corkill of L... the said house and ... in Ramsey and ... in Ramsey aforesaid during her natural life and after her decease . . . my said son Thomas Brew and my daughter Jane Brew their heirs . . . I bequeath to my daughter Jane Brew aforesaid the sum of one hundred fifty pounds British, a feather bed, bedding, cow and the desk in the room above the parlour, one ... of the said one hundred and fifty pounds immediately after my decease and the other half thereof after the decease of my said husband. I leave to my daughter Esther the wife of John Coultard one guinea and will the desire that her sons John and James now at one house are to be maintained those till they severally arrive at the age of fifteen years. I bequeath to my daughter Margaret the wife of John Clucas one guinea. To her daughter Elizabeth one guinea, to her daughter Margaret two guineas and to her daughter Esther one guinea. I will to my son William Brew one guinea and to his wife one guinea and to their son William a dozen sheep. I further leave to my son Thomas the feather bed with the blue and white check, and the desk in the factory. To my daughter Elizabeth one of the feather beds in the room above the kitchen. To my sister the wife of the Revd. John Clague a guinea to buy a mourning ring. To my daughter Elizabeth the black silk gown and coat and the rest of my bodily apparel equally between my said daughters Elizabeth and Jane. To poor old Jane Garret forty shillings. To Mrs. Davies of K Andreas two guineas. And lastly, I bequeath and leave all and every the rest, residue and remainder of my goods, chattels, credits and effects whatsoever to my affectionate husband James Brew, whom I also constitute and appoint sole and whole executor . . . also bequeathing and leaving him all my purchased lands of Airrey Killen quarterland and intack land together with that other premises of intack land called Christian's Close and Jane's Croft situated in Lezayre aforesaid. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this twenty-sixth day of November one thousand eight hundred and seven. [signed] Elizabeth Brew. Witnesses: Daniel Stephen & Patrick Caley.

At an Ecclesiastical Court holden in the House of James Brew of the Kelly Esquire, February 23rd, 1808. . ."




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