Episcopal Will 1803 Rushen - Isabel Keig, spinster

Includes the marriage contract of Robert Karran and Jane Lowee
Articles of marriage consented unto
concluded and agreed upon by and between
Isabel Keig (spinster) of the parish of Trinity
Rushen in the behalf of her nephew Robt
Karran on the one part, and John Lowee of the
aforesaid parish in the behalf of his daughter
Jean Lowee on he other part as follows.

First It is consented to & agreed upon that the said
young couple videlicet Robt & Jean shall
enter into the holy estate of matrimony
within one month ensuing the date herof
God and Holy Church permitting the same

Secondly It is agreed uon that the sd John Lowee doth
hereby promise to give the sd Robt Karran
the sum of four pounds as portion or Marri=
age Dowry with his said daughter Jean

Thirdly It is agreed upon that the sd Isabel Keig doth hereby
give the said Robt Karran her nephew half
of her effects mveable & immoveable what-
ever at present time. And if the sd Isabel Keig
die before said Robt Karran, he is to have the other half
of her goods money & effects moveable & immoveable 
whatever kind or nature

Lastley For performance of all which articles the parties
concerned do bind themselves in the penalty of
fourty pounds to be levy'd according to law in
testimony whereof they have hereunto set their
names and marks this 25th of Octr 1793.
Signed & deliver'd                 John Lowee my mrk
in presence of                     Isabel Keig my mrk
Thos Christian his mrk             Robt Karran my mrk
Thos Shimmin his mrk               Jean Loee my mark




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